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! y t i v i t AC There is a right way to use your punctuation marks and there is wrong way to use them. Let’s put our rules of Dos and Don’ts into practice.

Clause Comma

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In st ruc tors Page Punctuation Dos and Don'ts 1. X 2. ✔ 3. ✔ 4. X 5. ✔ 6. ✔ 7. X 8. ✔ 9. ✔ 10. X

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Read the Basher: Punctuation Dos and Don’ts below. Put a check mark ✔ in front of all of the Dos and an “X” in front of all of the Don’ts. Comma Cops _____________

1. Put commas in year dates.


2. U  se commas to set off anything nonessential that interrupts a Sentence’s main point.


3. U  se a comma if a subordinate clause comes before the main clause.


4. U  se a question mark at the end of an indirect question.


5. U  se commas in large numbers to set off thousands, millions, billions, trillions, and so on.


6. D  o use hyphens in compound adjectives, compound words, and some prefixes.


7. U  se an ellipsis when you run out of ideas on a subject.

___________ 8. U  se semicolons for complicated lists.

___________ 9. D  ouble quotation marks show where a quotation begins and where it ends.

___________ 10. Always put a space before a colon. Intro Comma Like us on Facebook for trivia, giveaways, and contests.

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