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Recap fromlast week EP – Cost Benefit Analysis Benefits


• Development of: - research skills - independent study skills - planning skills - critical thinking skills • Opportunity to research an area of interest in depth • Strengthen your university applications • Can supplement your core subject knowledge

• Loss of breadth in the FS programme • Time commitment: - 30 hrs over summer - 2 hrs per week FS time - + 2hrs pw self-study - a day or two at half term? • Could be tough for those on four subjects or for those who need every precious hour for three

• Gain an A* by Christmas


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A bit moredetail 1.

You get marks for being independent

“what is being assessed is thelearner’s ability to plan, manage, carry out and review a project” – Edexcel Specification I ssue2, pg 8 e.g. – “Theresearch question is ..developed with limited guidance” vs “some guidance” vs “a lot of guidance”


So, within reason you can manageyour own time • •

“can I do moreover theholidays and thereforeless in termtime?” “can I do less / nothing over thehols and work morenext term?”


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A bit moredetail 3. You need access to subject experts, but your supervisor may not beone “it is not essential for thetutor/assessor to bea specialist in thechosen subject area” – Edexcel Specification I ssue2, pg 8


You must beorganised

I f you arenot naturally well organised then theEP could encourageyou to develop a lifechanging skill! Marks: 17%- Applying organisation and planning skills to meet objectives 22%- Research – obtaining and selecting froma rangeof sources 44%- Achieving theplanned outcome– e.g. thedissertation 17%- Presenting and reviewing


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What you MUST do: 1.

Start Project Activity Log – record last weeks introduction, any discussions with your tutors and this weeks session. You must record all meaningful activity on this.


Download theProject Proposal Formand start to fill it out (draft needed by July 4th)


Start drawing up a plan for when you will bedoing what


Decideon filestorageand management system


I f you know you aregoing to beaway on 13th July, find someonein thegroup who will bethere who is prepared to escort you to Southampton University library over thehols. Also block out 6/7 4 – 5pmif possible


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FileStorageand Version control


You should beableto access your school mydocuments folder fromany PC(maybe problems with Macs) back Extended_Project@kes

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Choosing your topic •

Your titleprobably will evolve

Your titleshould taketheformof a question

Your topic should: • Interest you • Relateto subject areas you havesomeconfidencein • Havesomeelement of disagreement • Havean ethical / philosophical dimension

If you aredoing an artefact or a performance, bravo. Encore. PleaseseeDr Leaman or myself. Notethereis still therequirement for research and a literaturereview


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Choosing your topic Your topic should avoid being •

Too ambitious

Too vague

Too esoteric

Completely uncontroversial

Too similar to any work donein your coresubjects


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Previous titles haveincluded… What arethehistorical, philosophical and socio-economic implications of theUK government attempting to reduceits debt?

What aretheethical issues related to pre-symptomatic testing for variant CJD?

TheHuman Rights Act: Should it stay or should it go?

I s thegovernments decision to abolish primary caretrusts correct?

To what extent weretheBritish to Blamefor the problems concerning theuprisings in I reland in 1916-24? Was “theGreat Moderation” moredown to luck than economic policies?


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On what grounds should thegovernment prohibit theavailability of a drug on theNHS? Why did theinternational body fail to prevent the Rwandan Genocide? Did therecent recession sharecharacter with How havescientific advances influenced modern previous recessions, and if so could it havebeen day attitudes towards death? predicted? Areself-help schemes thebest approach to adopt for slumsettlements in thefuture? How does theUK government implement climatechangepolicy? How trueis thestatement that theRoman republic’s destruction was madeinevitable by its political system?


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Potential Supervisors Mr Culver Dr Leaman Dr Purves Mr Herklots Mr Schofield Miss Parkyn Mr Giles Mr Piggott Mr Tofts Dr Gamblin Mr Jones gtp… ljh… ajs… rhkp…. ceg… glp… tht…. sdg… pdj….

Potential subject experts: Anyone


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Dissertations •

6,000 words minimum

Fully referenced

Structure:  Abstract – 200  Introduction - 800  LiteratureReview – 1,850  Discussion – 2,750  Conclusion / Evaluation - 400  Bibliography  Appendices


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Literaturereview •

Your final bibliography is likely to referencebetween 20 – 50 sources

Your sources should in all instances includeacademic papers and published books

Your sources may also includeweb documents, newspaper articles, television interviews, and radio programmes (R4 an excellent source) but theseshould probably bein theminority

You should beawareof bias and reliability of sources and comment on these


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Referencing •

You MUST keep a noteof theauthor’s nameand dateof publication of all your sources as you comeacross them(you’ll never find themagain!)

Whereyou quotedirectly you must also notethepagenumber

For newspaper articles keep a noteof author, title, newspaper name, date

You will beissued with referencing guides in theAutumn term


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h arc h ese searc r rs e 6 h hrs r th – 4 g 9 th – Au g 10 Au


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Record keeping •

Keep a noteof everything you do on your Project Activity Log. I t is easier to deletethings than attempt to retrospectively record your progress.


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Next Steps •

Remember the5 actions needed

Wewill next meet 4/7 – possibly in 2-3 groups

By this timeyou should havea draft project proposal

You can then (if not beforethen) beassigned a supervisor

Thoseon DaleFort pleasediarise6/7 4pm– 5pm

Remember you arein control. Get started but do ask questions


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EP Presentation 2  

NDC presentation

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