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Mumbai Marathon 2014

Ethiopian Dinknesh Mekash, winner of the women's Kenyans Evans Ruto, Lawrence Kimaiya and Philemon full marathon is flanked by second position Kenyan Baaru, winners of the elite category, on Sunday. Gladys Kipsoi and Ethiopian Bizunesh Urgesa.


MUMBHAI Vikas Sabnis

I swear, I am a minister with a simple lifestyle from the AAP cabinet!

By Yatin Ingle


he State Education Department's recent decision to introduce 220 working days for schools might just mean that students will lose their Thursday or Saturday holiday. This is being seen as an injustice to the already over-burdened school kids. Currently, most schools have around 165 holidays in a year, comprising vacations, festivals and official holidays, Sundays, and Thursdays or Saturdays. On January 4, the State Education Department issued a GR stating that schools, presently having a working schedule of 195-200 days, excluding holidays, will have to notch 220 working days, excluding holidays. Earlier, the state government had introduced a five day

week for schools, to give the students and staff much needed rest, to reduce the cost of electricity, and other daily expenses incurred during school working hours. A student, who did not wish to be named, said, “It is going to be a hectic week if our Thursday or Saturday holiday is scrapped. We are used to a five day week and now we will have to attend school for six days. It gets very tiresome to be with books for six full days.” Significantly, the GR also states that strict action will be taken against schools not following the new rule. N.B Chavan, Deputy Director, School Education, said “ The decisions over the number of working days will be taken according to the Continued on pg 6 «

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Karan Singh, Rashpal Singh and Binning Lyngkhoi won Lalita Babbar, Vijaymala Patil and Jyoti Gawate, the Indian marathon event. winners of the Indian marathon.

Vishwanath Salian | ADC


Gold: `29,056  Silver: `44,678  US Dollar: `61.54 Temperature: 290C/200C  Humidity: 57%


Diagnosing behavioral changes through DSM-5

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Do you think the new found aggression in Rahul Gandhi will help the Congress during LS elections? Neha Shinde, PR Executive NO, its too late for him to bring out this aggression.


The Oyster & Pearl Hospitals in association with Miracle Clinic in Pune have introduced its restructured Department of Psychological Medicine & Research Department and will be one of its kind in India which practices DSM-5 (diagnostic and statistical manual for diagnosing behavioral and mental disturbance) By A Staff Reporter

Shreedhar Chavan NO, it is simply too long to bring out any effect on the masses now.

Abha Dhole Law student NO, other parties have been already aggressive and are now even cooled down with votes. He is too late for it now.


long with a change in lifestyle, human behavior is also changing. Stress and tension are increasing; eating and sleeping habits are changing, and more such things are are having a tremendous impact on our behavior. We constantly hear about the problems concerning the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social basis of behavior in mankind. Many people are confront with different kind of phobias; some have problems of being inattentive, confused, introverted, isolated and more. We tend to neglect these, considering them to be ordinary and do not take them as being medical problems. But doing so can prove critical. To cope with these critical issues, Oyster & Pearl Hospitals in association with Miracle Clinic introduced its restructured Department of Psychological Medicine & Research on January 18 at Oyster & Pearl Hospitals. It was introduced as a communicating device for analysis and

L to R: Dr. Amita Phadnis, Director, Oyster & Pearl Hospitals, Dr. George Varghese, MD, Vsolve Group, Dr. K.S. Kulkarni, HOD of Psychological Medicine & Research of ONP-Miracle Clinic Venture at the launch. administration of clinical and research work. The primary agenda promoted by the department is “The need in improving the quality

diagnosing behavioral and mental disturbance) published by WHO. The DSM-5 was launched recently in June 2013.

No serious casualties during Mumbai Marathon

Gauree More, Media NO, it would not make any difference because of the early start of the other parties.

Readers wishing to participate in ‘Opinions’ may send us their name, day-time telephone number with a passport-size photograph to Your Subject line must be: opinion

A sick participant being rushed to hospital during the Mumbai Marathon.

By Vishnudas Sheshrao


they are now stable. According to health officials at wo people suffered cardiac ar- Mumbai Marathon, “Around 3,000 rest and other 18 people suf- people were treated with minor infered due to exertion and juries including scratches and dehydration on Sunday during the cramps and 18 persons suffered seMumbai Marathon. Health officials rious problems during the Mumbai confirmed that all are stable and Marathon. would be were under observation Dr Vijay D'Silva said, “102 partictill they get normal. ipants with history of heart related Of the two persons who suffered illness had also participated in eicardiac arrest, one was a runner ther Half Marathon or Dream Run and another was a photographer. categories. They successfully comThey were rushed to Bombay hos- pleted the marathon and no one pital and doctors have confirmed suffered any problem.”


One should always face east or west while eating. But the head of the family should face east only during meals. by Dr. Prem Gupta (9820045774/9930318119,

of life of the patient comes first”. This department is one of its kind in India which practices DSM-5 (diagnostic and statistical manual for

Azad Shrivastav | ADC

Hardik Tanna Interior Designer YES, never too late to bring out this type of nature to win over the people.

RBI Governer Raghuram Rajan runnning the Half Marathon in Mumbai on Sunday.

Art In Action Afternoon Despatch & Courier




Pics: Vishwanath Salian | ADC

The cozy and earthy boutique, Mélange, on Friday, hosted the effervescent Leroy Parker, an artist and former Professor of Art from Lafayette, California, as he unveiled his latest collection of hand-painted apparel called 'The Five Senses.' Claudelle Monis went around the boutique, doing her own evaluation of the spectacular art turning into wearable apparel and spoke to the man himself in a free-wheeling interview.

Sangita Sinh Kathiwada, owner of Melange, with a kurta painted by Leroy Parker.

Standing out proud BUSY AT WORK: Artist Leroy Parker painting on the saree worn by singer Manasi Scott, at Melange on Friday.


lad in a pair of hand-painted jeans, shirt and jacket, artist Leroy Parker made for quite a picture, as he posed willingly and happily for photographers and spoke to journalists, keeping them in splits with his jokes and entertaining conversation. As promised, Parker got down on his knees, surrounded by tubes of

paint and his brushes, and painted the back of the kurta worn by lawyer, Jamshed Mistry. And if that wasn't enough, he picked up his guitar, and played and sang the famous song 'Summertime' for the cheering crowd. The showstopper for the evening, however, was singer Manasi Scott, who was clad in a beautiful saree

CREATING A MASTERPIECE: Leroy Parker hard at work on a motif, painted on the back of a kurta worn by lawyer Jamshed Mistry.

painted by Parker himself. This is Parker's first collection of apparel to be launched in India and comprises a mixture of apparel, including sarees, waistcoats, kurtas and shirts and is expected to range from between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the complexity of the painting and the amount of work on the piece.

SHEER DELIGHT: Leroy Parker posing with his trusty instruments.


f Leroy Parker crossed you on the street, you'd be bound to give him a second, third and maybe even a fourth look. After all, how often do you see a man in blue jeans having open mouths with tongues sticking out painted all over them? “This is just one of the motifs of my collection called 'The Five Senses', that deals not only with a person's ability to gain knowledge through his five senses, but also to understand how it all culminates in a deeper feeling,” says Parker. At a young age, Parker observed his older brother who loved to draw and paint, and would spend hours doodling. When he was done painting on paper, including the ones he made by cooking plants and pineapple tops, he started painting manhole covers and whatever else caught his fancy. Soon he took his passion for art to clothes. “It was the result of people laughing at the smears of paint on my clothes when I was done painting,” says Parker. “When I started transforming those spills and smears into art, people stopped laughing and started admiring my clothes,” he adds with a laugh. But painting is not about raking in the moolah for this former professor. It is all about worship. The concepts for Parker's masterpieces are not copies of anything he has encountered, but are products of his thoughts and the result of his morning meditation. That is why he does not paint on an easel, but spreads the surface he is working on, on the floor, kneels over it and paints as if he is worshipping it. Parker's work falls into the category of 'performance art' simply because he wants the wearer's personality to shine through the garment. “I leave a little bit of the garment unfinished. So, if the front is painted, the back will either be blank or will have the outline of motifs on it. That is because the wearer has to decided what he would like to have on the back, if he would like it left blank, or what colour he wants the motifs to be filled in with, thus allowing the piece to be truly personalised,” says Parker. If you think Parker's work ends once he's done painting a piece, you're mistaken. His process of painting is called 'AnticipatoryPreparatory,' which means that he paints in layers. Once he's done painting a piece or apparel, he tells the buyer that he will add another layer of meaning and design to it later. The apparel he works on, therefore, ends up in a riot of colours, with geometric shapes, nature and the human body being woven together into a whole.

04 THANKSGIVING O Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent petition, in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Say three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s and Glory be. St. Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised). C-31073


I have changed my name from Shabnam Banu Akhtar Hussain to Sayed Shabnam Banu Akhtar Husain Vide Affidavit dated 15-1-2014. C-31280 I, Ejaz Yusuf Sayyed, have changed my name to Aijaz Yusuf Sayyed as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No. U-39062. C-31281 I have changed my name from Nisar Ahmed Abdul Razak, to ‘Nisar Ahmed Abdul Razak Memon’ as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette No. (U-42942) Dated: 16/02/2012. C-31282

CLASSIFIEDS I have changed my name from Reshma M . Iqbal Shaikh to Reshma Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31307

I have changed my name from Neda Bagem Mohammed Ashpak Hasan to Neda Begum Sohrab Khan as per Affidavit. C-31324

I have changed my name from Shalan Umesh Jadhav to Saanvi Sudeep Shinde as per Affidavit. C-31341

I have changed my name from Kashiram Kanu Tambe to Kashiram Kanoo Tambe as per Affidavit. C-31357

I Mr. Jayantilal Kundanmal have changed my name to Mr. Jayantilal Kundanmalji Jain as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 28/12/13. C-31292

I have changed my name from Reshma Iqbal Shikh to Reshma Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31308

I have changed my name from Mansukhlal Parshotambhai Suhagiya to Mansukhbhai Parshotambhai Suhagiya as per Affidavit. C-31325

I have changed my name from Mohd Iqbal Mohd Hamid Shaikh to Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31342

I have changed my name from Nilofer Mohammad Attiq Pathan to Aditi Ajit Mhetre as per Affidavit. C-31358

I have changed my name from Iqbal Shaikh to Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31343

I have changed my name from Ruhar Khatun Mohammed Abdul Gafur Molla to Ruhar Bibi Ruhul Kuddus Gharami as per Affidavit. C-31359

I Mr. Shankarlal Hirachandji Surana have changed my name to Mr. Shankarlal Hirachandji Jain as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 28/12/13. C-31293 I Joshi Kirankumar Shaileshkumar have changed my name to Kiran Shailesh Joshi as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 17/01/14. C-31294 I Dineshkumar Dayashankar Sharma have changed my name to Dinesh Dayashankar Sharma as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 13/01/14. C-31295 I Reena M. Gopinathan have changed my name to Reena Gopinathan Nair as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 17/01/14. C-31296 I Mita Atul Khakkar have changed my name to Meeta Atul Khakkhar as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31297 I Meeta Atul Thakkar have changed my name to Meeta Atul Khakkhar as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31298

I have changed my name from Zakia Mohamed Kasam, to ‘Zakia Kasam Turak’ as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette No. (U- 53881) Dated: 19/12/2013. C-31284

I S Haritejas have changed my name to Haritejas Sureshkumar Iyer as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31299

I have changed my name from Shifat Salim Shaikh, to ‘Shifat Shaikh’ as per Affidavit Dated: 18/01/2014. C-31286 I have changed my name from Mohammed Yunusuddin to Mohd Younus Mohd Yousuf Shaikh as per Affidavit No. KK 525839. C-31287 I have changed my name from Anand Raghwanand Kanyakubj to Anand Raghwanand Gaud as per Maharashtra Government Gazette No. (X-22758). C-31288 I have changed my name from Riddhi Rajesh Nagwekar to Mukta Ramakant Dhamanaskar as per Affidavit. C-31289 I have changed my name from Abdullah Gani Ahmed to Abdullah Ansarul Shaikh as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette No (U-36343). C-31290


I have changed my name from Anitadevi Laxminarayan Singh to Anita Ajendra Chauhan as per Affidavit. C-31291

I have changed my name from Pindari Husain Harun, to ‘Memon Hussain Harun’ as per Affidavit Dated: 17/01/2014. C-31283

I have changed my name from Radhika Asif Pinzara, to ‘Radhika Ishwar Kalpatrai’ as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette No. (U-15083) Dated: 10/09/2009. C-31285

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

I Shashirekha Sureshkumar have changed my name to Sashirekha Sureshkumar as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31300 I Linganna Yelanna Bakuri have changed my name to Linganna Yelanna Kota as per Maharashtra Government Gazette No U-35099 dated: 19/09/13. C-31301 I Naina Prabhakar Pokale have changed my name to Nayana Pravin Shirsat as per deedpoll Affidavit dated: 02/01/14. C-31302 I Aasif Ismail Sidatar have changed my name to Asif Ismail Sidatar as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31303 I Rahul Raj Karla have changed my name to Rahul Raj Kalra as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31304

I have changed my name from Abdul Gaffar Gulam Ahmed to Abdul Gaffar Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31309 I have changed my name from Ghulam Ahmed to Gulam Ahmed as per Affidavit. C-31310 I have changed my name from Lalitkumar Nemchand Gandhi to Lalit Nemchand Gandhi as per Affidavit. C-31311 I have changed my name from Bharat Surendra Mishra to Bharat Surendra Pandey as per Affidavit. C-31312 I have changed my name from Javeed Mehmood Shaikh to Mohammed Javeed Mehmood Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31313 I have changed my name from Khan Feroz Ahmed to Khan Firoz Ahmed as per Affidavit. C-31314 I have changed my name from Tarannum Begum Feroz Khan to Khan Tarannum Begum Firoz as per Affidavit. C-31315 I have changed my name from Iqbal Inayatullah Qureshi /Iqbal Qureshi to Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi as per Affidavit. C-31316 I have changed my name from Azam Aftabalam Siddique to Ajam Aftabalam Siddique as per Affidavit. C-31317 I have changed my name from Sairabanu Badruddin Chauhan to Sairabano Ubedullah Ahmed as per Affidavit. C-31318 I have changed my name from Udaykumar Baban Bagwe to Uday Baban Bagwe as per Affidavit. C-31319 I have changed my name from Jeemitkumar Yogesh Gohel to Jeemit Yogesh Gohel as per Affidavit. C-31320 I have changed my name from Paramjit Singh to Paramjeet Singh as per Affidavit. C-31321

I have changed my name from Piyushkumar Mansukhlal Suhagiya to Piyush Mansukhbhai Suhagiya as per Affidavit. C-31326 I have changed my name from Fayyaz Ahmed Sagheer Ahmed Momin to Faiyaz Ahmed Momin as per Affidavit. C-31327 I have changed my name from Shahina Fayyaz Ahmed Momin to Shahina Faiyaz Momin as per Affidavit. C-31328 I have changed my name from Mohd Adnan Chawdhary to Mohd Adnan Choudhary as per Affidavit. C-31329 We Raz Dmello & Mitchelle Raz Dmello have changed our child name from Dmello Rhea Raz to Rhea Dmello as per Affidavit. C-31330 I have changed my name from Nitin William Luck to Nitin William Luke as per Affidavit. C-31331 I have changed my name from Nitin William Luck to Nitin William Luke as per Affidavit. C-31332 I have changed my name from Nanhoo Naddaf to Nanhu Naddaf as per Affidavit. C-31333 I have changed my name from Dagdu Shankar Bhosle to Dagad Shankar Bhosle as per Affidavit. C-31334 I have changed name from Mohsin Hamid Khan to Mosin Hamid Khan as per Affidavit. C-31335 I have changed my name from Ugamraj Dalichand Shah to Ugamraj Shanklesha as per Affidavit. C-31336 I have changed my name from A. Hafiz A. Rahman Shaikh to Abdul Hafiz Abdul Rahman Naikwadi as per Affidavit. C-31337 I have changed my name from Christopher Herman Patrick Mendez to Christopher Patrick Mendez as per Affidavit. C-31338

I Chandrakant @ Chandrakant Soma have changed my name to Chandrakant Mane as per deedpoll Affidavit. C-31305

I have changed my name from Vittalji Ladhubhai Chotelia to Vitthalji Ladhubhai Chotalia as per Affidavit. C-31322

I have changed my name from Prabhakara Shetty to Prabhakar Shetty as per Affidavit. C-31339

I have changed my name from Reshma Mohd Iqbal Shaikh to Reshma Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31306

I have changed my name from Shreeniwas Nagappa Sindala to Shreenivas Nagappa Sindala as per Affidavit. C-31323

I have changed my name from Kaliyan Arikrishnan to Arikrishnan Kaliyan as per Affidavit. C-31340

I have changed my name from Iqbal Ahamed Shikh to Iqbalahamad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31344 I have changed my name from Shamim Suhail Shaikh to Shamim Babu Suhail Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31345 I have changed my name from Sangita Rajkumar Chawla to Sangeeta Rajkumar Chawla as per Affidavit. C-31346 I have changed my name from Nalinkumar Pipalia to Nalin Pipalia as per Affidavit. C-31347 I have changed my name from Mr. Rizavanali Abbasbhai Musabji to Mr. Rizwanali Abbasbhai Musamji as per Affidavit dated 18/01/2014. C-31348 I have changed my name from Mrs. Shakera Rizwanali Musamji to Mrs. Shakeraben Rizwanali Musamji as per Affidavit dated 18/01/2014. C-31349 I have changed my name from Mrs. Faraha Bilal Seliya to Mrs. Farha Bilal Seliya as per Affidavit dated 18/01/2014. C-31350 I have changed my name from Pangal Vijeta Nayak , P.Vijeta Nayak and Vijeta Vamana Nayak to Vijeta Vaman Nayak as per Affidavit dated 16/01/2014. C-31351 I have changed my name from Brijesh Kumar Surendra Kumar Sharma to Brijesh Surendra Sharma as per Affidavit. C-31352 I have changed my name from Cheryl Faustine Miranda to Cheryl Postin Miranda as per Affidavit. C-31353 I have changed my name from Nitinkumar Vitthlji Chotalia to Nitin Vitthalji Chotalia as per Affidavit. C-31354 I have changed my name from Sheeja Girish to Sheeja Girish Pankar as per Affidavit. C-31355 I have changed my name from Rakeshkumar Jaglal Kanoajiya to Rakeshkumar Jaglal Kanoujiya as per Affidavit. C-31356

I have changed my name from Remya Sujatha to Remya Vijayan Panikar as per Affidavit. C-31360 I have changed my name from Mr.Javid Yunus Mehsania to Mr.Javed Yunus Mehsania as per Affidavit dated 18/01/2014. C-31361 I have changed my name from Shabbirbhai Gaffar Ghori to Shabbir Gaffar Ghori as per Affidavit Dt. 18-01-2014. C-31362 I have changed my name from Ku Subham Rajendraprasad to Singh Subham Rajendraprasad as per Affidavit. C-31363 I have changed my name from Mazaherul Haq Ansari to Ansari Mazharulhaque as per Affidavit. C-31364 I have changed my name from Mohammad Aslam Kayamuddin to Shaikhmansoori Mohammad Aslam Kayamuddin as per Affidavit. C-31365 I have changed my name from Ikbal Ahmad Umrawali Shaikh to Ikbal Ahmad Umrawali Farooqui as per Affidavit. C-31366 I have changed my name from Moiddin Sheikh to Mohiddin Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-31367 I have changed my name from Farizul Haque to Mohammed Farizul Hoque Mozumder as per Affidavit. C-31368 I have changed my name from Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzak Khan to Abdul Rehman Abdul Razzak Khan as per Affidavit. C-31369

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of Uddhav Thackeray over the controversy does not bode well for the party, as law Even before the Shiv Sena enforcement authorities have president Uddhav Thackeray already swung into action ties his sacred ‘Shivaband- against his own party legislahan’ on the wrists of his Shiv- tor against whom serious sainiks, the bond between his charges of indecent behavown men and women cadres iour with women corporalay in tatters over the week- tors is being levelled. end. What transpired in the The allegations of high four corners of the Mayor's handedness and vindictivechamber has now snow- ness against certain top leadballed into a major contro- ers is not new. Every other

SIMHASAN Prashant Hamine | ADC

Indifferent: Uddhav Thackeray

Cornered: Vinod Ghosalkar

is today. As there are more options available than before, and rivals ever willing to exploit chinks in the armour, such tactics of tying wristbands and making the cadres take a pledge of loyalty, speaks volumes of the leadership's desperate attempts to maintain semblance of a hold on whatever that is left of the party. Moreover, the delay in sorting out the matter by the leadership will only provide cannon fodder for the oppoNamdeo Dhasal nents on poll eve.

versy. Gone are the days when Shivsainiks used to address ladies as ‘Tai’ (sister). Today the alleged attempts to malign the character of some women cadres from within the party is a sad travesty of its past. Just as the party goes into poll drive for the Lok Sabha elections, the silence

cadre who has quit the party for one reason or the other in the past has always blamed the coterie around the supreme leader for their eventual exit from the party. There have been several leaders and unsung cadres who put in their blood, sweat and toil to make the party what it

poems, he championed the cause of the downtrodden to telling effect with the setting The true measure of his im- up of a more militant outfit, mense clout and popularity the Dalit Panthers. The other can be borne by the fact that leaders of the splintered Rethe BBC once aired the recita- publican movement were tion of his award winning paled into insignificance by poems. Through his fiery his ability to marshal support speeches, writings and by mere words. Tragically, his

Namdeo Dhasal

of Police. Once, there used to be this dreaded line often heard in the corridors of power against officers that they would be posted to Naxal infested Gadchiroli if they refused to toe the official line. That scenario seems to have once again come to haunt bureaucrats and officials, as the government, citing Supreme Court judgement, has once again empowered itself with the powers to hire and fire at will. The latest move should provide much needed ammunition for noted social activist Anna Hazare, who had been arguing in favour of a law that would regulate and determine the powers of transferring bureaucrats and officials. The Constitution and service rules did provide some safeguards against such arbitrary transfers by the political executive, with relevant checks and balances being put in place, like administrative tribunals and the court of law. The idea was then to allow certain degree of freedom to the officers to discharge their duties without the fear of being victimised. Words like ‘committed bureaucracy’ and the more recent one ‘compromised’ have left a question mark over the neutrality of civil services and employees in general.

failing health and life-threatening illnesses took a heavy toll on his ability to lead the agitation from the front. But by then, in recent years, things changed a lot for the better thanks to his more aggressive style of problem solving for the schedule castes. But one thing that he could not achieve was the unification of the various factions of the Republican Party of India. The alter egos of these leaders, and the ability of other major political forces to divide the formidable Republican movement, left Dhasal a sad man in the end. It was only because of his hard hitting style of writing that he was able to rise to the pinnacle from the dark dungeons of south central Mumbai where he was born, reflected in his award winning poetry composition ‘Golpitha.’ Other Republican leaders merely basked in the hallowed glow of Dhasal and grew.

Politicising Transfers So once again, the issue of who should have the powers to transfer a bureaucrat – that is a police officer, has once again come into sharp focus, with the state cabinet once again wresting away the powers from the Director General

BMC skips Mumbai Marathon

By Vishnudas Sheshrao


he clashes between the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) over the issue of interest sharing affected the performance of one of the biggest marathons in south Asia which was usually celebrated with much enthusiasm in the city. Though, Mayor Sunil Prabhu inaugurated Mumbai Marathon 2014, the official logo of the BMC was conspicuous by its absence on the official sign boards of the marathon. Since the beginning of the

Vishwanath Salian | ADC

Mayor Sunil Prabhu flagging off the Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai Marathon in 2004, the civic body was the official partner with the bank for the marathon. The BMC, its public representatives and officials used to take interest in the marathon. Every year, a day before the run, the civic body used to clean the entire route of the marathon, wash all the possible paths, paint zebra crossings and dividers, fill potholes and render all possible help. During the race, concerned ward officials used to stay on the spot to handle any untoward incident. This year, potholes were seen throughout the route

and also at the starting spot. Usually, the civic body used level the Dadabhai Naoroji (DN) Road, however there was no leveling this year. Even the zebra crossing and dividers were not cleaned or painted. Earlier, in 2012, the Standing Committee opined that since the civic body is partner of the activity, it should get some share in the interest. However, there was no consensus between the bank and the BMC over the issue. A senior civic officer who preferred anonymity said, “The civic body is no longer an active partner for the Mumbai marathon. Yet we


Indira Gandhi Bhavan, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Bhayandar (W). 401 101, Tal. Dist. Thane Tel. 28192828

RE-TENDER NOTICE NO. No. MNP/PWD/Tender/162/2013-14

Dt. 18-01-2014

TENDER NOTICE NO. 162 Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation Public Works Department are invited Tender for Different Types of Works. The Tender documents are available on MBMC website from 20-01-2014 to 28-01-2014 upto 12.00 p.m. & submit the tender duly filled on Submission date 29-01-2014 upto 12.00 p.m. hrs. Sd/Executive Engineer (PWD) Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation

Place: Bhayandar Date: 18-01-2014

MBMC/PRO/308/2013-14 Date: 18-01-2014

have rendered all possible help. We did all which was part of civic duty like regular cleaning of roads. However, we did not do extra work like painting of dividers and zebra crossings this year.” When asked about condition of DN Road, he said, “Routine pothole filling or leveling was done as per our schedule.”


PUBLIC NOTICE This Is To Inform That Max Cool Hvac Engineers Have Merged With Cool Pack Hvac System (P) Ltd From 1st Janurary 2014. For Any Objection And Claim Please Contact Abu Sajar Max Cool HVAC Engineers, Plot No.3, Shop No. 46/B, Santosh CHS, sindhi Society, CST Road Near Maruti Suzuki Showroom Chembur Mumbai 400071. Email address: & Te l :25 297 752 /53 Or On 9867606618 Within 15 Days In Writing Any Claim Or Objection After Notice Period Will Not Be Entertained. Sd/Directors Place : Mumbai Date : 20/01/2014.

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Uday Nare, senior teacher, Hansraj Morarji Public School All of a sudden, teachers have to incorporate the extra days into the current schedule. Even with the earlier rule of 200 working days, schools found it difficult to manage due to the holidays. Now we have to add 20 more days to the working schedule. We have no option but to scrap the Thursday or Saturday holiday.


        !" #  $  %  % &'    '   %      (# (  )* 

 + , ' (* '$ -./  

Dr Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist This decision is an injustice to the students! It will build in mental and physical pressures upon the students. The Education department should think before implementing such GR's which will affect the students health mentally and physically. A petition should be filed against this decision of the education department Continued from pg 1  protocol of the departments and the government.� In 2009, under the Right to Education (RTE) scheme, it was stated that a school


                 ! "  #$ %& ' (    ) * ) +    , ,  )     -( -    .  -   /01, &2

Father Micheal Pinto, Principal, St. John Baptist High School and Junior College, Thane The quality of education to be given out during these extra added days is important and necessary. Teachers should make best use of these extra days and provide quality education to the students.�

Arundhati Chavan, President, Parents Teachers Association (PTA), United Forum “This decision of the education department will demotivate the studentsfrom attending the schools. Everyday 10 periods are conducted and school is carried out for around six hours per day. Adding more days will create a very difficult situation amongst the students as well as the parents.�

STRESSING KIDS should have a 220 days working schedule, excluding the holidays. Till then, schools were following the earlier schedule of the state government with 200 school working days. Finally, a new GR has been brought out by the

education department, which states that from the current year 2014, the implementation of 220 days will have to be carried out by the schools The GR states that the state government will be taking a strict action upon the schools which will not follow the rule.

Uma Dhere, Teachers Union leader This is an unfair decision by the state government. All of a sudden, the government wants us to start a 220 day working schedule. This decision is creating difficulties for school managements, teachers, apart from the suffering students. Moreover, if at all we are unable to comply, we will be punished! It's not the right decision!



Kindly refer to the Tender Notice No. 29 (2013-14) published in Daily Punya Nagari & Daily Afternoon on 09-01-2014. For the work Sr. No. 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 in above mentioned tender notice the submission date was 18-012014 up to 1.00 p.m. is extended Date 21-01-2014 upto 1.00 p.m.The tender will also opened on same say. Other conditions shall remain unchanged. Sd/Executive Engineer Water Supply Department Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation MBMC/PRO/Advt/309/2013-14 Date: 18-01-2014

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Original Agreement for sale dated 11/09/1983 executed between M/s. Joshi Enterprises and Shri, K. Subramanyam in respect of Flat No. C/14; on 3rd floor, (Govind Apartment) Govind Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., G. Gupte Road, Joshi Wadi, Dombivli (West), Dist-Thane, and registration receipt no. P/1547/1983 dated 19/09/1983 in respect of Agreement dated 11/09/1983 executed between M/s. Joshi Enterprises and Shri. K. Subramanyam are misplaced and not traceable. The complaint is lodged to Vishnu Nagar Police Station under missing registration No. 1343 dated 23/12/2013. The present owners of the flat are Shri. Vinesh Vishram Bhanushali & Mrs. Jayshree Vinesh Bhanushali, who have purchased the said flat from Shri. K. Subramanyam vide Agreement to Sale dated 03/04/2000 registered with Sub-Registrar Kalyan-3 under No. PH1454/2000 dated 03/04/2000. Shri. Vinesh Vishram Bhanushali & Mrs. Jayshree Vinesh Bhanushali intend to sell the said flat. If any person has any objection for the sale of the said Flat as well as finds above mentioned original registration receipt no. P/1547/1983 dated 19/09/1983 in respect of Agreement dated 11/09/1983, he/ she/ they shall inform the same in writing within 14 days of publication of this notice at below mentioned address. If any objection is not received within given period, my client Shri. Vinesh Vishram Bhanushali & Mrs. Jayshree Vinesh Bhanushali (Present Owners) will complete the procedure of sell of the above mentioned flat. Date: 20-01-2014 Smt. Beena M. Sansare Advocate A/5, Sanyogita Society Pt. Deendayal Road, Anand Nagar, Dombivli (West), Dist-Thane.

PUBLIC NOTICE This is to inform all of you that my client Shri. Pramod Vasant Thosar & Shri. Manoj Vasant Thosar intend to purchase Flat No 12 on 3rd Floor, alongwith Terrace in “Bhagirathi Niwas Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.� situated at Jaihind Colony, G. Gupte Road, Dombivli (West), Dist-Thene from Shri. Vilas Tatyasaheb Bhosale. Shri. Vilas Tatyasaheb Bhosale has purchased the said flat from Land Lady and owner of building Smt. Sumitrabai Keshav Salvi through Power of attorney Holder Shri. Deepak Jaysingh Salvi vide Agreement for sale dated 31-10-1999 registered with Sub Registrar, Kalyan-3 under No. PHO/4006 dated 05/11/1999. If anybody is having any right, title, lien, charges, interest mortgage or any type of charge over the aforesaid Flat No. 12 of Shri Vilas Tatyasaheb Bhosale. Please inform the undersigned within 14 days of publishing of this notice. If we do not receive any objection within 14 days, my clients will proceed further for purchase transaction in respect of the abovementioned Flat. Place: Dombivli Date: 20-01-2014 (Smt. Beena M.Sansare) Advocate A/5, Sanyogita Society, Anand Nagar, Pt. Deendayal Road, Dombivli (West), Dist-Thane.

Brothers in crime! LTT touts questioned by

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Duo dupes gullible flat buyers and issues bounced cheques when victims demand money back

police and crime branch

By A Staff Reporter By Zuber Ansari


he Mumbai Police is investigating a unique case of cheating complaints against two brothers Rajat Dhal and Rakesh Dhal based in Andheri. who have been accused of allegedly cheating, committing frauds, staying in rented apartments and then selling locked flats to several people. According to police, 10-15 police stations have received written complaints against the duo who would sweet talk people to trust them and because all transactions were through cheques, no one doubted their sincerity. However, after a certain period of time, when the victims would visit the place to check its status, they would be shocked to find out that it belonged to someone else. According to the complaints received, the duo would return them their money through cheques, which would bounce. All the victims in the case, who have found it difficult to file an FIR against the accused, have approached the court. The matter came to light only when the victims approached Crimeophobia, a criminology firm owned by one Snehil Dhal. Snehil then investigated the matter and found 43 such complainants. Speaking to the ADC, Snehil said, “There are more such complaints against the two. I have found only a part of the fraudulent operations. I am sure there are over 100 such victims. We are probing further.” Assistant police inspector (API) of Amboli police station Amar Patil said, “Yes there is a complaint against these brothers in our police station and I had called them for interrogation. However, they did not accept that they had taken money from the complainant. That's why the complainant has moved court against them.” One of the victimc, San-

jesh Dhal who has been a committee member at the Iskcon temple, Juhu was allegedly duped off two flats. Dhal said, “The two accused were staying in my apartment at Kandivali on rent. Once when we were out of town, they sold my property after forging documents. We knew each other well, but are not related and the two used my name too. They sold my two properties and I have filed a case in the court against the two. The court has ordered a police inquiry into the case too. They have duped many more people.” The Dhal brothers have also purchased jewellery from shops, but have not paid the full amount. They bought diamond jewellery

The matter came to light only when the victims approached Crimeophobia, a criminology firm owned by one Snehil Dhal. Snehil then investigated the matter and found 43 such complainants.

for Rs.4.6 lakh but the cheque which they issued bounced. Abhishek Jian of Amaze jewellery shop at Andheri said, “The cheque bounced and I filed a case against them. They later made a part payment, but are yet to pay the full amount. The case is going in the court. I too found out that they have cheated many people.” Kantikumar Mistry (58) said, “I came in touch with these two through an agent, as I wanted to buy a flat at Kandivali. The duo took me to a flat and I liked it also. I had my two properties in Pune and Vikhroli. I sold both the properties and gave the money to the two for the house. They made us stay at Shalimar lodge at Malad saying that the possession was delayed. I had to stay with

my family for over a month at the lodge and at last found that I was duped. They gave me a cheque which bounced. Now I am staying on rent with my family.” Another victim, Dharmendra Hiranandani was duped in a similar way, where he paid Rs.15.5 lakh but the accused failed to provide him with the house which they had shown him. Hiranandani said, “When I visited the flat, it was already sold to someone else. They then paid me by cheques which bounced. I went to the court and they again paid me an amount. I was paid Rs.10 lakh, but am yet to get the balance.” Meanwhile, the two accused shifted to Andheri last year on rent. They got two flats on rent and try to clear part payment of the dues to avoid getting into trouble. The duo also allegedly tied up with a major project in Dombivili and took lakhs of rupees from people, but the project was never completed. The duo then paid money to certain people, but are yet to pay many of them. When we spoke to the duo, they claimed that they were repaying everyone. Rakesh Dhal said, “We do not have any cases against us. Yes, we may be having one cheque bouncing case against us, but we have paid the rest of the people.” Rajat Dhal said, “These are all false allegations against us. We have paid all the people we have dealt with. We don’t have any cases against us. I have all the documents to prove that I have returned the money to all the people. Hareshwar Pimple, senior police inspector of Kandivali police station where around eight complaints have been filed against the Dhal brothers said, “Since the complaints are in writing and there is no FIR, I will have to check the complaints with the despatch department and then investigate. If required, we will call the complainant in this matter.”

Emraan’s son may go abroad for chemotherapy By A Staff Reporter


ctor Emraan Hashmi's four-year-old son, who was diagnosed with firststage cancer and underwent a surgery, is likely to go for chemotherapy sessions abroad. Ayan had a successful surgery on January 15 and is recovering after a malignant tumour was removed from his kidney, reports PTI. "He is likely to be dis-



charged on Monday. As the surgery was successful, they are likely to go abroad for treatment...for chemotherapy," sources said. Apparently, cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who had earlier been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung and underwent chemotherapy in the US, has given reference to the actor for his son's treatment abroad.


he Mumbai police and crime branch probing the brutal killing of 23year-old Esther Anuhya, have so far interrogated most of the taxi and rickshaw drivers of Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT). They are now questioning ticket touts, who they consider to be the most troublesome people at the railway station. The reason for this, according to the police, is that the touts – in order to purchase tickets at the earliest, which they can sell in black later – come to the railway station

between 5 am and 5.30 am, at least two hours before the ticket windows of LTT open. These touts are well connected with the Government Railway Police (GRP) and often have a criminal background, said the police, adding that they take advantage of the early morning, and sometimes misbehave with passengers. On other other hand, being residents of the slums opposite and adjoining Tilak Nagar and Chembur – the touts might have noticed an untoward incident on the morning of January 5, when Anuhya

suddenly disappeared after alighting from the train. “Anuhya's post postmortem report has not yet reached us,” said Nishikant Tungare, Senior Inspector, Kanjurmarg police station. “Due to this, it is not yet confirmed whether she was raped before being killed,” he added. On January 5, Anuhya's father S. Prasad had lodged a missing person's complaint at the Vijayawada railway police station. On January 8, Prasad came to Mumbai and lodged a missing complaint at the Kurla railway police station.

Minor raped and suffocated to death 20-year-old rapist had offered the 12-year-old a lift on his bike Suresh Golani

The accused Rahul Gajanan Tumbda being led by sleuths of Valiv Police, yesterday.

By Suresh Golani

According to the police, the girl – a Standard VII stuess than 12 hours after dent of a nearby Zilla the body of a 12-year-old Parishad school – had mysschool girl was recovered teriously disappeared while from an isolated farm situ- returning home from ated in the Sharja-Mori vil- school on Thursday, Janulage near Vasai in the ary 16. After a frantic search Kaman Taluka on Sunday, to find the girl failed, her sleuths of the Valiv police parents registered a missing have claimed to have solved persons compliant at the the case. Valiv police station on The culprit has been Friday. identified as a 20-year-old Even as the Valiv police village youth who allegedly launched a search operaraped and brutally mur- tion and also informed their dered the child after offer- counterparts across the reing her a lift on his bike. The gion about the girl’s disapaccused identified as Rahul pearance, they received Gajanan Tumbda (20) has information from local vilbeen arrested and booked lagers about the body of a under Sections 302 ( Mur- girl lying in a semi-nude der), 376 ( Rape) and under condition at a farm on SunSections 4 and 8 of the day morning. A police team stringent Prevention of reached the spot and after Children from Sexual Of- confirming the body was fences Act, 2012. that of the missing girl,


a special investigating team led by PI Rajendra Mohite and API Rani Puri, immediately swung into action. A sniffer dog squad led the police team inside the village, raising a strong suspicion about the involvement of a local native who was apparently known to the girl. Following further investigations the police zeroed it on Tumbda, who was last seen with the girl. After rounds of sustained interrogation, Tumbda confessed to his crime. In his statement he admitted that he offered the girl a lift on his bike and forcefully took her to the crime spot where he brutally raped her and suffocated her to death by firmly blocking her nose and mouth.



Afternoon Despatch & Courier


AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny to fast if party does not fulfil its assurances given to people


Consumer forum orders developer to compensate flat buyer PTI

By A Staff Reporter


isgruntled AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny on Sunday met anti-graft activist Anna Hazare at Ralegan Siddhi and discussed about the style of functioning of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the party. "I visited Anna today and apprised him of the situation and the party's changing stance (on promises made by the Chief Minister)," Binny told PTI yesterday. "I have asked Kejriwal that assurances given to the people of Delhi should be fulfilled. He should let me know by January 26 and if I am not satisfied, I will sit on an indefinite fast from January 27," he told reporters after visiting the Saibaba Temple in Shirdi. Binny, who had called Kejriwal a 'dictator' and accused his government of cheating people, however, maintained that he would not join any other political party, including BJP or Congress. "I will stay in AAP and talk about party's policies and points. If AAP

AAP leader Vinod Kumar Binny paying obeisance at Saibaba Temple in Shirdi on Sunday. sacks me, I will still demand i mplementation of its policies," he said. He alleged that AAP took decisions behind closed doors, but posed before the people as if these decisions were taken before the people. When asked about the notice served to him by AAP, he said, "I have already sent my reply to their

JUSTICE DELAYED... ...After nearly 13 years, HC acquits man jailed for stealing Rs.90 By Our Correspondent


early 13 years after being sentenced to seven years in jail for stealing Rs.90, a man has been let off by the Delhi High Court saying the "possibility of mistaken identity cannot be ruled out". Khalid Qureshi had moved the high court against an April 9, 2001 order of a trial court holding him guilty of robbing two men. The trial court had sentenced him to seven years of jail and also imposed a fine of Rs.10, reports PTI. "It appears that the prosecution has not presented true facts. No independent public witness was associated at any stage of the investigation. "Khalid Qureshi was not arrested at the spot. Rather he was apprehended after a gap of about one or two hours of the incident. Possibility of mistaken identity cannot be ruled out," a bench of Justice S P Garg said. Allegations against Qureshi were that on January 30, 1999 he along with his associate Jeetu Chaudhary robbed Puran

Singh and Jagannath Das of Rs 50 and 40 respectively. Jeetu was acquitted by the trial court which was not challenged by police. In his statement, complainant Puran Singh had said that on the day of the incident, he and Das were coming back from the market when they were robbed by two men. He said the robbers ran into nearby forests following which the two victims asked the security guards at the house they worked at to accompany them into the forests, where they caught hold of Khalid. Jeetu was arrested later on the basis of Khalid's disclosure statement only to be acquitted after the trial. The bench noted that "apparently, on the same set of evidence, the prosecution story was not accepted and it resulted in acquittal of co-accused Jeetu Chaudhary". It also noted that Singh and Das gave differing statements about the events following the incident. It was also not clear when did the police enter the scene. The prosecution witnesses also gave contradictory statements on the exact amount of cash recovered and the weapon used by the accused. Das was also not sure if the currency notes recovered from Khalid's possession belonged to him, the bench said.

notice and I have not taken any wrong step. I have not abused anybody but raised my voice about people's problems like water, electricity and protection of women. If such things are offences, I will keep doing them". He said that AAP was formed to solve common man's problems and not for positions like chief minister.

Gold worth `1.81cr seized from nine passengers

By A Staff Reporter


flat buyer has received not only her full claim amount, but also some extra amount of cash, after the Thane District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum passed an order against a Kalyan-based real estate developer on Saturday, January 18. The order was passed by the President of the Thane District Consumer Redressal Forum president Umesh Jhavalikar and Member N.D. Kadam after a complaint by Shobha M. Deshmukh who had booked a 850 square feet flat sold by M/s Pushkaraj Builders & Developers owned by one Ravindra P. Zunzarrao, in Swamiraj Apartments for Rs.19 lakh, reports PTI. She had made a payment of Rs 16.40 lakh in instalments between 2007 and September 2011, including the one taken as loan from a bank, which amounted to 85 per cent of the total cost of the flat. The agreement for the same was also made on March 30, 2010 and it was agreed that possession of the flat would be given within 18 months. However, as per complaint to the Thane District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, when she got in touch with the developer for taking possession, there no response at all even after she sent him a legal notice.

Hence, she made a claim to the Forum, she sought possession of the flat, transfer documents and 21 per cent interest on the amount she paid so far as well as additional Rs.2.50 lakh towards compensation and legal expenses. M/s Pushkaraj Builders & Developers did not bother to present and its case even after the Forum served notice to M/s Pushkaraj Builders & Developers as well as got it published it in newspapers. Therefore, the case was decided on 'ex-parte basis' based on documentary evidence and documents placed before the Forum, it said in its order. In its order issued on Saturday, January 18, the Forum ordered that the complainant should make her balance payment of Rs 2.60 lakh to M/s Pushkaraj Builders & Developers within 60 days and the developer should hand over a completed flat, in every sense of the term, with all formalities within 30 days of the receipt of payment, or else pay a penalty of Rs 1,000 per day of delay. The real estate developer was also ordered to pay a compensation of Rs 3 lakh towards losses, mental trauma and legal expenses to the complainant within three months, or else pay an interest at the rate of nine per cent, until the amount is realised, the Forum's order stated.


By A Staff Reporter


ustoms sleuths detected nine cases of smuggling at the Mumbai international airport and seized 7.3 kg of gold valued at around Rs 1.81 crore on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, a senior police official said. In separate cases, nine air passengers, who are all Indians, were intercepted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport after they landed from different flights arriving from Dubai, Singapore, Sharjah and Bangkok on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday, reports PTI. Gold in the form of jewellery, rods and bars collectively weighing 7.3 kg was seized, the official said. Three of the nine accused, who possessed gold worth more than Rs.20 lakh each, were arrested, while the rest were allowed to go. However, they would be called for questioning as and when required, the officer said.

GETTING READY FOR LS POLLS... President Pranab Mukherjee along with Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar during the inauguration of new facilities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and IEP in Animal Husbandry in Baramati, Pune on Sunday.

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

CITY BRIEFS Medha Patkar open to contest LS polls on AAP ticket

Even orphans find it tough to enroll as voters

SOCIAL activist Medha Patkar, who announced 'active support' to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) recently, on Sunday said the option to contest upcoming Lok Sabha polls on AAP ticket was open to her while indicating that some leaders of her National Alliance of People's Movement (NAPM) may also take the political plunge. She also said certain Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leaders are also actively considering contesting elections on AAP ticket in Madhya Pradesh, Patkar told PTI in Indore.

Motorola told to pay `50,000 for faulty handset

MOBILE handset manufacturer Motorola has been ordered by the district consumer forum to pay a compensation of Rs.50,000 to a local resident for deficiency in service and unfair commercial practices. Thane District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum gave its ruling on a consumer complaint filed against the Gurgaon- based Motorola India Pvt Ltd. The judgement was given by Forum President Umesh Jhavalikar and member N.D. Kadam on Saturday. The complaint was filed by one Ramesh Shah, a resident of Vasai. Shah purchased a Motorola handset (Motoming-A 1,200) for Rs 10,200 from a local dealer, Sanghavi Infocom, on April 13, 2008.

German Bakery: Order reserved against ATS

BOMBAY High Court has reserved its order on an application filed by two witnesses in the 2002 Pune German Bakery bomb blast case seeking protection from officers of state Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS). A division bench of justices V.K. Tahilramani and P.N. Deshmukh will soon pass its order on the application of the witnesses alleging that they were coerced into giving false statements against lone convict Himayat Baig, before the trial court. The two witnesses had filed the application soon after Baig made an appeal in the High Court against his conviction and the death penalty awarded to him by a sessions court for carrying out the blast.




The Juvenile Justice Act is silent on this issue; no help from government

By Prashant Hamine

phans like those whose parents do not care for them and t is not just the transgen- some whose parents are no der community that faces more. He added that the law problems in enrolling does provide for the comthemselves as voters, even or- plete rehabilitation of the orphans who turn 18 years of phans. age are finding it difficult to Speaking to the ADC yesenroll as voters. Be it applying terday, Chinmay Bhandari for a passport, ration card, who works for NGO Citizens enrolling as voters, adult or- for Accountability in Goverphans are at their wits end to Total Number of furnish proof of their resiOrphan Children dence and nationality. Mahain India: 20 million rashtra ranks third with 16.17 (according to SOS Children’s lakh orphan children in India Village India) behind Uttar Pradesh (47.56 lakh) and Bihar (22.47 lakh). Uttar Pradesh: 47.56 lakh Sadly, even the Juvenile JusBihar: 22.47 lakh tice (Care and Protection of Maharashtra: 16.17 lakh Children) Act of 2000 and its West Bengal: 15.19 lakh amendment in 2006 are silent Madhya Pradesh: 15.23 lakh on this specific problem that these children face when they Total Number of Voters: grow up. 7,99,19,274 (EC data as However, there is good on September 13, 2013) news round the corner for Male Voters: 4,22,71,042 these orphans according to Female Voters: 3,76,48,232 Advocate Rajendra Anbhule who has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India over this specific problem. nance (CAG) amongst orSpeaking to ADC yesterday phan children in Pune he disclosed, “the Maharash- revealed, “at the point of time tra government has filed an when these orphan children affidavit before the apex are picked up by the authoricourt stating that it will pro- ties, the police keep the Navide government documents tionality column blank. Later like ration cards, passport, on as they grow up and leave PAN card and other govern- the care of the orphanages ment documents. It will take they find it extremely difficult a couple of months to take ef- to get official documents like fect”. Anbhule stated that ration cards, passport, PAN there are categories of or- cards and other such docu-


ments. A Government Resolution (GR) of July 2012 does guarantee them 1 per cent reservation in employment and a certificate declaring their status as orphans”. Aditya Charegaonkar, himself an orphan from Pune who now works as programme coordinator for Pratham Infotech, admitted to the problem being faced by orphans like him. “The Juvenile Justice Act is silent on this issue. Beyond offering some vocational courses for adult orphans who leave the care of orphanages, there is no help from the government. For all government documents you need proof of residence and nationality. If your local corporator is kind enough, it is a blessing in disguise. Most organisations do not treat the letter issued by the orphanages. Even the orphanages seldom help out adult orphans once they leave the orphanages. Since we have to live in rented accommodations, we do not have permanent addresses. Besides that the owners of the accommodation also seldom help us out with address proof”. When asked for his reaction, Election Commission of India's Chief Electoral Officer for Maharashtra, Nitin Gadre pleaded helplessness at the problems faced by orphans when they try to enroll as vot-

Milind Deora supports cut in power tariffs By Prashant Hamine


ow, Union Minister of State for Shipping, Milind Deora has lent his support to his party colleagues, and MPs Priya Dutt and Sanjay Nirupam, over their demand for a cut in power tariffs. Speaking to newspersons yesterday, on the sidelines of the Mumbai Marathon, he remarked, “I support Nirupam and Dutt on the tariff issue in principle. There should be a White Paper on the issue”. The Shiv Sena, in a sarcastic remark stated that now the Congress vice-president, will in two days, declare the same stance

pointed for the reduction of tariff rates is not on the cabinet meeting agenda. Sources, however, added that the issue could be taken up at the last minute as well. Official sources disclosed that the Rane committee in its report, has recommended a 10 to 20 per cent cut in power tariffs for residential, industrial and agricultural consumers. (White Paper) and the state As per the report, if the progovernment will follow suit in posal for a 10 per cent cut in declaring a white paper”. power tariffs is accepted, it will Meanwhile, government mean a burden of Rs. 3,444 sources disclosed that the crore on the state exchequer. meeting of the state cabinet is And if a 20 per cent cut is acdue to be held on January 20. cepted, it will mean an burden However, the report of the of Rs. 7,054 crore on the state Narayan Rane committee ap- exchequer, sources added.

ers. “We are bound by the EC rules. There have been court cases over the issue alleging that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants getting enrolled as voters, hence we seek proof of residence. The Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) need proof of residence while accepting enrollment forms. At present the destitute peo-

ple are enrolled as voters after the Booth Level Officer (BLO) verifies the place of their usual residence, three times. Maybe if some NGO can make a representation to us we can forward the same to the EC with a recommendation that the norms of enrollment for destitutes be applied for orphans as well”.

Public Notice in Form XIII of MOF A (Rule 11 (9) (e)) Before the Competent Authority New Sultanabad Mansion Co-operative Society Ltd. Behram Baug, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai - 400102.. …..Applicant/s Versus............. (1). Mr. Hasanali Raje Jalal 101, Sultanabad Bhavan C.H.S Ltd, Behram Baug Road, Oshiwara Village, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai-400102. (2). Mr. R.B Rupani. 101, Sultanabad Baug, Meher Baug, Jogeshwari( West), Mumbai 400102. (3). Mr. Raje Jalal Maknojia. 101, Sultanabad Baug, Meher Baug, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai - 400102. (4). M/S. Mazda Construction Company. through its Constituted Attorney Mr. Hasanali Raje Jalal 101, Sultanabad Baug, Meher Baug, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai 400102. (5). M/S. Bhaktawar Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd. Meher House, 15, Cawasji Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400001 (6). M/S Maredia Enterprises. 1404, Arcadia, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021.


(1)Take the notice that the above application has been filed by the applicant under section 11 under the Maharashtra Ownership flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) act, 1963 and under the applicable rules against the Opponents above mentioned. (2)The Applicant had prayed for grant of unilateral Conveyance of land for admeasuring 377 Sq.Mtrs, bearing CTS No 356 / 3, Plot No 09, of village Oshiwara, Taluka Andheri within the Registration District and Sub-District of Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban in favor of Applicant. (3)The Hearing in the above case has been fixed on 05.02.2014 at 3.00 p.m. (4)The Promoter / Opponent/s and their legal heirs If any, or person / authority wishing to submit any objection , should appear in person or through the authorized representative on 05.02.2014 at 3 p.m. before the undersigned together with any documents, he / she / they want/s to produce in support of his /her objection / claim / demand against the Above case and the applicant/s is / are advice to be present at that time to collect the written reply, if any filed by the interested parties. (5)If any person/s interested , fails to appear or file written reply as required by

this notice, the question at issue /application will be

decided in their absence and such person/s will have no claim, object or demand whatsoever against the property for which the conveyance / declaration / order is granted or the direction for registration of the society is granted to the applicants or any order / certificate / judgment is passed against such interested parties and the matter will be heard and decided ex-partie. By Order: SEAL

For District Deputy Registrar, Co - Operative Societies,Mumbai City (3) Competent Authority U / S 5s Of The MOFA, 1963.


More than new laws, political will needed to fight corruption

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



Ponder awhile... “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Narendra Modi now the supreme leader A

T the national executive meeting of the BJP held yesterday, speaker after speaker attacked the Congress and particularly Rahul Gandhi. And the main hero of the party – Narendra Modi – made a fiery speech and took up point by point the observations made by Rahul Gandhi at the AICC session, a day earlier. Whatever the leaders of today say in their speeches at party meetings is poll oriented. The first attempt to destroy the image of the opponent and then go on about the party's agenda for the development of the country. As they go about this exercise, they make scathing attacks to throw mud at the opponent. For instance, the Congress thought it would be useful to throw some mud at Narendra Modi by digging up his past: They said this leader was once a tea vendor. And one of the Congress speakers said the party would allow him now to sell tea at the AICC session. Narendra Modi, referring to this remark and said the BJP which believed in Democracy – unlike the Congress which believed in dynasty rule – would be happy if a the vendor becomes prime minister. It looks like Narendra Modi is an expert at throwing jibe after jibe against the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi. He said she did not make Rahul Gandhi prime minister nominee because she knew he would fail. And he went on to ask if a loving mother would ever like her son to fail. At the national executive meet, it also become apparent that the party has accepted Narendra Modi as the 'supreme leader'. While elaborating what was his 'idea for India', Narendra Modi used the letter “I” all the time. It became clear that the party will let Modi to conduct the poll campaign as per his perceptions. Even BJP's veteran leader and prime ministerial aspirant, L.K. Advani, has now accepted Narendra Modi as the leader. He was seen congratulating Modi wholeheartedly after his speech.


AWS, more laws and yet more laws. It is a mistake to believe that corruption has spread into the innards of what we call the system for want of laws. This hydraheaded animal cannot be tamed by adding further to the existing plethora of anti-corruption laws. Rather than make fresh laws, implementation of the present lot itself would act as a salutary deterrent against corruption. While saddling the statute book with a slew of new laws, an essential prerequisite to fight corruption is completely forgotten. Unless the men and women in the political and permanent executives, in the police and the CBI, are themselves sincere in stamping out this growing evil, no fresh laws will succeed in slaying the dragon. Therefore, the mechanical response of Rahul Gandhi to enact more laws following his party’s humiliating defeat in the recent Assembly polls is unlikely to be of much help in averting its repeat in the coming parliament polls. Rahul, it may be recalled, had also made a pitch during the Lokayukta debate in the Lok Sabha in 2011 coinciding with the Anna Hazare fast in New Delhi. Indeed, he wanted to accord the proposed Lokayukta a constitutional status. Yet, that brief intervention by the heir apparent did nothing to alter the popular perception about his party. Without mincing words, it is no exaggeration to say that more than any other political party corruption and criminality is identified in the popular mind with the Congress, though, it must be acknowledged, Behn Mayawati and her BSP and Mulayam Singh and his SP are trying very hard to beat the Grand Old Party at its own game.

Re-branding Congress uphill task amid daily scams


F following the hammering in the Assembly polls, the UPA leadership showed dispatch in passing the Lokayukta Act, it is now engaged in framing a slew of other so-called anti-corruption legislations. There is no mistaking an effort to steal Kejriwal’s thunder. The proposed laws include the Prevention of Corruption Act (Amendment) Bill, the Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials Bill, Whistleblowers’ Protection Bill, etc. All these laws have but one objective, that is, to alter the public perception about Rahul Gandhi and his party. Clearly, the Congress’ latest ‘hope of the nation’ has persuaded himself that if Kejriwal has conquered a large swathe of the public opinion by embracing the anti-corruption platform, he too can do the same by trying to project himself as the anti-graft champion. We beg to differ.

Aping Kejriwal will not help Congress



A.R. KANANGI Associate Editor

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OR proof, go no further than the actual response of the Congress within days of Rahul’s public pitch against corruption. Yes, the Maharashtra Government did re-visit the decision to reject the Adarsh inquiry commission report. But how? By deciding to proceed against everyone else other than the politicians, including four former chief ministers, Hon’ble Home Minister Shinde included. It was as if they were mocking at Rahul who had endorsed party MP Milind Deora’s plea for a re-look at the Adarsh report. Again, just when the Congress’s talking heads on the nightly television believed they had gotten hold of a new stick to beat the BJP with following the return Lokayukta-in-


dicted B. S. Yeddyurappa, came the news that two of the most notorious Congress legislators in Karnataka were inducted into the State Cabinet. The induction of D. K Shivakumar, involved in the mining scam, and Roshan Baig, facing grave charges of land grab and more, knocked the bottom out of the Gandhi scion’s attempt to re-brand his party. Also, remember Congress can hardly carry conviction on fighting corruption while it sups with the fodder scam convict Lalu Yadav. Though one can hardly fault Rahul for trying to ape Kerjrial in order spruce up the image of his party, it does seem an uphill task. For one, Kejriwal began on a clean slate. Rahul has a huge baggage of his own and his party’s. People are not so gullible. Nor is public memory so short that they would easily forget Bofors, HDW submarine scam, Captain Satish Sharma, 2-G, Coalgate, ISROgate, Adarsh, etc. etc. The list is endless. The point is that by hurriedly getting the Parliament to enact these laws in what is most likely to be its last session before the elections Rahul can hardly alter the public mood.

Support from groves of academe


ESPITE a long and unremitting campaign to demonize Narendra Modi, his image remains undiminished, especially after the recent petition challenging the SIT clean chit was thrown out by an Ahmedabad court. So, it came as no surprise when two leading academics of Indian origin stood up in defence of the Gujarat Chief Minister. Writing in the 4th January issue of The Economist, easily the world’s most respected weekly, Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagriya, professors at the prestigious Columbia University, New York, said: “Your leader on Narendra Modi, the frontrunner to be India’s next prime minister, repeated accusations that have been thoroughly investigated and found to be without basis by no less than a Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court. You said that Modi refuses to atone for a ‘pogrom’ against Muslims in Gujarat, where he is chief minister. But what you call a pogrom was in fact a ‘communal riot’ in 2002 in which a quarter of the people killed were Hindus — 170 of them from bullets fired by the police. By contrast, the more numerous 1984 killing of Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s assassination was indeed a pogrom, directed OWEVER, one unlikely scenario could exclusively at the Sikhs. With not a single make a difference to the Congress’s for- charge against Modi standing up to the SIT’s scrutiny, it is absurd to ask him to atone.” Coming from the widely respected economists, one of whom a contemporary and a personal friend of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the strong rebuttal of the magazine’s unwelcome reiteration of the Congress’s charges should serve to deflate that campaign of calumny. Incidentally, in a recent public debate with the Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Bhagwati and Panagriya got the better of him, establishing that growth ought to take priority over distribution of poverty.

Instead of aping him, get Kejriwal to lead Congress



Reason behind Jayanthi’s sack

Virendra Kapoor tunes. Which is this. Having propped up a minority AAP Government in Delhi, how about inviting Kejriwal to helm the Congress campaign in the parliamentary poll. If the heir apparent were move aside — he can afford to do that, can’t he? After all, he is only in his mid-40s — and invite Kejriwal to take on Modi frontally as the leader of the UPA, he might put some life in the Congress’s campaign. It is another matter that Kejriwal might forfeit his USP but the Congress may well avert a total wash-out. In parenthesis one may add that even in the current arrangement Congress props up the Kejriwal Government in Delhi in the expectation that AAP would do what it cannot do, that is, stop the Modi juggernaut from reaching triumphantly into Delhi at the end of May. In other words, what it hopes Kejriwal to do while being outside the party, it can do it better by formally inducting him into the party as its third most important leader after the mother and son duo. Kejriwal can be the new Manmohan Singh of the Congress Party. And thus its saviour. An impossible scenario, did you say? Well, who would have thought the Congress, which Kejriwal abused in the harshest of terms as a criminal and corrupt enterprise before the Delhi poll, would prop up an AAP ministry? Politics, after all, is the art of the possible. Wouldn’t Congress try and prevent its humiliation by inviting Kejriwal to lead it at the national level now that he is doing so in Delhi, having virtually forgotten his commitment to investigate the corruption scams of the Sheila Dikshit Government?


T was widely known in the corporate circles when the Environment and Forest Ministry was with the DMK that project clearances had to be negotiated with the designated point-person of the concerned minister. Even if most decisions to grant or deny sanction were taken on a priori basis, handing over the sanction letters was solely at the discretion of the minister in-charge. Unless the matter was settled with the minister concerned, his office would not part with the sanction letter. Notably, even when the Secretary, Environment and Forests, was of an unimpeachable integrity, the DMK bosses could milk the system. Now, come to the recent removal of Jayanthi Natrajan as Environment and Forest Minister at the instance of Rahul Gandhi, though she tried to make it out as if she had opted out herself. As brought out by a section of the media, some 70 to 75 sanction letters were kept by Natrajan in her own house. These were handed over to the new minister, Veerappa Moily, only a day or two after he had taken over. No-one has bothered to ask why these sanction letters were not given to the parties concerned.

Just one question


N Amethi, where AAP’s Kumar Vishwas has decided to challenge Rahul Gandhi in the coming Lok Sabha poll, the Congress workers tore AAP banners, disrupted their meetings, and put up posters calling AAP an ‘anti-national party’. Or, to be precise, a party of desh drohis. In Delhi, as you all know, the same Congress supports the minority AAP government. It does not make sense. Do ‘anti-nationals’ in Amethi become patriots in Delhi?

Afternoon Despatch & Courier





SUNANDA PUSHKAR’S mysterious death is quite disturbing. Her interview to The Economic Times lately, related to Shashi Tharoor’s dalliance with the Kochi Franchise of IPL a couple of years ago, showcases that she had accepted to being a ‘scapegoat’ in order to save Shashi Tharoor. She does not seem to have minced her words when she spoke about Tharoor and some of his ‘crimes’. The authorities concerned should take serious cognizance of her statements including all facts about Tharoor’s alleged involvements and how deftly he is taking undue shelter in the Congress and brazenly using his political clout. His role in the government is not significant and all that one keeps hearing about him intermittently, is his expansive relationships with different women and the frequency at which he is able to ditch one and switch over to another regardless of the country and culture. He seems to be immersed in enjoying a luxurious life at the cost of tax-payers. This country cannot brook such despicable people in responsible highoffices and he should be asked to go once for all. This will alone serve as a precedence and prevent recurrences of such magnitudes.

— T.M. Uday Shankar, Mumbai

THE other day, the Twitterati revealed something intriguing involving a national minister’s private life, that too with an extremely attractive Pakistani journalist called Mehr Tarar. Soon after this, we came across the “sudden and unnatural death” of the minister’s beautiful Kashmiri

Threat to city’s greenery THERE are about 1,000 trees in Goregaon, Kandivali, Malad and Dahisar that have been cut for the benefit of builders. The BMC has received the request for chopping down these trees, making this another threat to Mumbai’s green belt. The BMC has apparently granted the permission for the removal of these treeson the condition that the builder transplant them or plant new ones at different locations. This is childish! How many builders will honour this agreement? And does the BMC have a system to check this? In some cases, it is seen that trees are poisoned and have died a slow death. We won’t realise it now, but our coming generation is facing another huge natural calamity. Because of our mistakes, our grand children will suffer. — Yogesh R. Bhavsar, Dahisar

The true seat of power YOUR diarist’s short piece entitled ‘Aston Martins and CCTVs’ (ADC, Jan 18) is a brilliant example of satirical writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. On a more serious note however, the sorry episode involving the Ambani’s Aston Martin and the individual driving it, neatly illustrates where the true seat of power lies in this country. Our media, and particularly the news channel superstars, are always ready and eager to take on the high

wife, Sunanda Pushkar, which took the nation by surprise. This couple was married for a little more than three years and their married life appeared peaceful. Sunanda’s sudden and abnormal death has stimulated a volley of queries particularly about the cause and the conditions. The media reveals that the marital relationship between Tharoor and Sunanda had soured to such an extent, that they were found to be arguing on a flight. It is indeed a tragedy however, that by the end of the day, Sunanda had no other alternative than to lay down her life. I hope that the facts will reveal who the culprit is behind her tragic end. May her soul rest in peace.

— Bikram Banerjea, Mumbai

THE death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Union minister of State for HRD, Shashi Tharoor, is an extremely sad development. Nothing can be said with any degree of certainty until the investigation is complete, and the three doctors who have carried out the autopsy, offer their opinion beyond their initial finding that the death was ‘unnatural’ and ‘sudden’. Until we know more on the subject, it is only right that the family’s right to privacy in their extreme grief is respected. However the details emerging from a very public Twitter spat, involving Pushkar and a Pakistani journalist, points to how complex human relationships can get, with just suspicion, capable of driving people to extremes when deeply personal emotions are involved. It is fairly established that depression is not taken

seriously in our country. Also, the use of social media to bring into the public domain such matters of heart can be very tricky. The one lesson we can draw from the sad episode is that depression is a

SHROUDED IN MYSTERY: Sunanda Pushkar’s death in controversial circumstances, clearly indicates that something very drastic was bothering her and that her husband’s extra-marital affairs might have pushed her towards suicide. serious psychosomatic condition that needs to be addressed at once by experts. — Bhagwan Thadani, Pune

THE cross border social network firing between two mature ladies over a twinkly eyed minister is not good for ‘Bai’ lateral relations and is more embarassing than amusing. Tharoor, Sunanda, and the Pakistani journalist, involved should have conducted themselves sensibly and not washed their dirty linen in public. Every marriage has some ups and downs and one should try to solve issues instead of confusing them.

and mighty, and powerful politi- their “unconditional” support to the cians, right up to the Prime Minis- government run by the fledgling ter. Yet, without exception, they party in Delhi. — Vineet Phadtare, Borivali have all maintained a discreet silence on this accident and refrained from any follow-up. Even political parties, who are normally quick to LESS than 20 hours of her announcing her intention of going alone in the Lok Sabha polls, the ‘behenji’ seems to have landed herself in trouble with the opening of the Disproportionate Assets case against her. The best way for her to wriggle out of the imbroglio is to declare forthwith her unconditional support to the UPA II and her readiness to fight the polls jointly with the “secular” conglomerate.

The way out

— Jorhat Singh, Kandivali

SILENCE: Our media is always ready and eager to take on the high and mighty, but this time, they have all maintained silence on the accident. use such incidents to score brownie points, have suffered collective amnesia. Yeh hai hamaara Bharat mahaan. — Firoze Hirjikaka, Colaba

Hot and cold? IN relation to the AAP, the Congress seems to be blowing hot and cold. On the one hand, the “secular” party never fails to severely criticize the AAP on various counts. But on the other, they continue to reiterate

Commuters also responsible IT was sad that a Ghatkopar college girl met with a serious train accident and lost both her hands. At the outset, my sincere sympathies to her and her family. In Mumbai, the suburban trains are the lifeline of lakhs of Mumbaikars and the number of suburban train commuters has always been only increasing every year. As such, accidents have also become so routine and happen despite precautions and safety measures by the commuters and the railways. But, what I am most concerned about is the lack of basic amenities and post-accident facilities even at major railway stations. These have been repeatedly

everything was normal in her life. Her death in controversial circumstances clearly indicates that something very drastic was both— Altaf H. Ladiwala, Bandra ering her and her husband’s extramarital affairs might have pushed    her towards suicide. Beauty and brains are terms I WROTE the following, a few which come to our mind when we hours before Sunanda passed think about Sunanda. She was a away, as an update on Facebook. successful businesswoman operWhen we saw Shashi Tharoor get- ating from Dubai and other parts ting married (his third marriage) of the world. She was too young to in 2010 to Sunanda Pushkar, die and I extend my heart felt thought infidelity’s answer was condolences to her son and famhaving a wife like Sunanda ily. Her death should be investiPushkar (she being a rare combo gated by the appropriate of beauty, brains, appeal and atti- authorities and the guilty should tude) What else does a man need? be punished. — S.N. Kabra, Goregaon But alas men will be men. Shashi, of all the places, reached    Pakistan, thanks to technology. Can’t blame him though. He is so THAROOR-TARAR-TWITTER and suave, intelligent, 29 years in UN and now a politician. What an ora- tragedy! What a deadly combination this proved to be! Whenever a tor! And above all else, as the 45third ‘woh’ springs up from year-old single Paki journalist nowhere,invariably the ‘patiadmirer puts it, ”He has a mespatni’ pavitra relationship stands merising voice.” It’s difficult for ruined, and Sunanda’s case apany woman resist him. As the pears to have only conformed to great writer Sahir Ludhianvi that pattern. The Pakistani jounalrightly put it many decades ago, ist, Mehr has apparently injected “Jab bhi ji chahe nai duniya basa ‘zeher’ into the happy married life lete hain log. Ek chehre pe kai of Tharoor, who missed the top chehre laga lete hain log.” — Chandrakant Kotian, Vikhroli post in the UN by a whisker. Having known that he was married to    Suananda, this Tarar ought to have discontinued her tweets, beTHE nation is in a state of shock cause no wife tolerates the intruat the tragic death of Sunanda sion of a third person in her life. Pushkar, more so after the tweetThe much married minister also ing controversy a day before, should have stopped his ‘affair’ where she seemed depressed even if it was only for intellectual AND even contemplated filing for reasons. Whatever it was, the a divorce from her husband, black Friday saw the deaths of two union cabinet minister Shashi women - a Suchitra and a Tharoor. Beautiful Sunanda was Sunanda! — Dr. V. Subramanyan, Thane full of life and one thought that

Meanwhile, lover-boy politicians should now be careful as even a sneeze is under a scanner these days.

stressed on by passengers’ associations, commuter bodies and even in a directive from the High Court. But, the authorities have not taken any positive action. However, we cannot blame only the railways. Commuters should also be careful. It is better to reach a destination late than catch a moving train and risk accidents. Aren’t one’s limbs

and life more important? It should also be understood that the modern rakes are advanced and gather speed soon after they start, unlike the older rakes which gained speed only after some time. Hence, trying to catch the train once it has started to leave, is a grave risk. Commuters should also be responsible. — S. Krishna Kumar, Dombivli

RIP Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin THE sad demise of spiritual leader Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin due to cardiac arrest in Mumbai today, has shocked not only the country but several other nations where he is known for his good leadership, harmony and philanthropy at various levels. Born in Surat, he was the leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community after succeeding his father Syedna Taher Saifuddin in 1965. Under his leadership, the community has achieved remarkable social, economic and educational success across the world. Thousands of Dawoodi Bohras from all over India and from around 40 nations converged at Mumbai to pay their last respects to their beloved leader. He will be remembered for many years for his contribution towards the community and nation. May his

UNFORGETTABLE: Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community, will be remembered for many years for his contribution towards the community and nation. soul rest in heaven with the Almighty’s blessings. — Mohsin M. Darvesh, Jogeshwari


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vyaakrNaacaa AByaasa [ 10vaI saazI vyaakrNa 10 gauNaacao Aaho. gauNaacaI ivaBaagaNaI KalaIlap`maaNao samaasa 2 gauNa Vaak\p`caar 4 gauNa vaa@yaacao p`kar ³vaa@ya$paMtr´ 2 guNa laoKnainayamaanausaar ilaha 2 gauNa 10 gauNa samaasa ³2 gauNa´ sau$vaatIlaa AapNa samaasaacaa AByaasa k$yaa. Samaasaacao Anaok p`kar AahotÊ pNa 10vaIlaa daona p`kar AByaasaayacao Aahot. 1´ iWgaU samaasa 2´ dM\vadMva\ samaasa ³tIna ]pp`karasaiht´ Samaasaat daona Sabd ek~ yaotat.]da barovaa[-TÊ cahapaNaIÊ Aa[-baabaaÊ pMcaartI [%yaaid iWgaU samaasa iWgaU samaasaat pihlaa Sabd saM#yaa Asatao va dusara Sabd samaUh dSa-ivatao. ]da. baarBaa[- baara BaavaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa i~dla tIna dlaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa dM\vad\Mva samaasa yaa samaasaat daonhIU Sabd samaana djaa-cao Asatat AaiNaÊ vaÊ AqavaaÊ ikMvaaÊ [trÊ vagaOro yaa SabdaMnaI yaa saamaaisak SabdaMcaa ivaga`h kolaa jaatao. dM\vad\Mva samaasaacao tIna ]pp`kar 1 [trotr dM\vadM\va samaasa ³AaiNaÊ va´ 2 vaOkilpk dM\vadM\va samaasa ³AqavaaÊ ikMvaa´ 3 samaahar d\MvadM\va samaasa ³vagaOro´ KalaI baroca samaasa va %yaacao p`kar ]dahrNaasah daKivalao Aahot to AByaasaa. prIxaot f@t samaasaacaa p`kar AaoLKayacaa. %yaacaa ivaga`h k$na ilaihNyaacaI garja naahI. ËmaaMk saamaaisak Sabd saamaaisak ivaga`h samaasaacaa p`kar 1 pMcailaMga paca ilaMgaacaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 2 pMcaËaoSaI paca kaosaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 3 dSaidSaa dha idSaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 4 pMcap`aNaa paca p`aNaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 5 Satp~o SaMBar p~aMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 6 AazvaDa Aaz idvasaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 7 i~kaoNa tIna kaonaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 8 YaTkaoNa saha kaonaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 9 SatpavalaI SaMBar pavalaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 10 caatumaa-sa caar maihnyaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 11 pMcapaLo paca paLyaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 12 saPtrMga saat rMgaacaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 13 pMcamauK paca mauKaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 14 pMcaartI paca Aar%yaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 15 catuvao-d caar vaodaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 16 itmajalaI tIna majalyaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 17 pMcavaTI paca vaTaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 18 saPtah saat idvasaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 19 caaOGaDI caar GaDyaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 20 navarMga na} rMgaacaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 21 navarsa na} rsaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 22 pMcaamaRt paca AmaRtaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 23 i~kala tIna kaLaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 24 ~Omaasa tIna maihnyaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 25 navara~ nava ra~aMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 26 caaOrsa caar rsaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 27 navaga`h nava ga`haMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 28 saPtsaUr saat saUraMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 29 i~Bauvana tIna BauvanaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 30 navanaaqa na} naaqaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 31 saPtpataL saat pataLaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 32 YaiD/pu saha Sa~UMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 33 dSaa&a dha Aa&aMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 34 AYTaMga Aaz AMgaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 35 i~dova tIna dovaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa 36 baarBaa[baara BaavaaMcaa samaUh iWgaU samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\Mva samaasa ËmaaMk saamaaisak Sabd ivaga`h idvasa AaiNa ra~ 1 Ahaora~ 2 icaKlaa paaNyaat icaKla AaiNa paNyaat 3 ta[-Baa} ta[- AaiNa Baa} 4 puZUnamaagaUna puZUna AaiNa maagaUna 5 AMgaaKaMdyaavar AMgaa AaiNa KaMdyaavar 6 &anadovanaamadova &anadova AaiNa naamadova 7 ta[-baa[ta[- AaiNa baa[8 prkrpaolakM prkr AaiNa paolakM 9 Aa[-baabaa Aa[- AaiNa baabaa 10 SaMKiSaMplao SaMK AaiNa iSaMplao 11 AajaIAajaaobaa AajaI AaiNa Aajaaobaa 12 kaLI saavaLI kaLI AaiNa saavaLI

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laalaAMijarI GaagaraAaoZNaI bahINaBaa} ra~Midvasa nadInaalao caarapaNaI daorKuMTa AajaUbaajaUcyaa KDkadgaDatUna sauKsvaasqya }napa}sa hatataoMDaSaI Pitp%naI maayalaok$ saasaUsaunaa palanapaoYaNa BaImaaja-na ÌYNaaja-una p`Snaao<aro cahapaoha vaRxalata SabdaqaA&garIba

laala AaiNa AMijarI Gaagara AaiNa AaoZNaI bahINa AaiNa Baa} ra~ AaiNa idvasa nadI AaiNa naalao Caara AaiNa paNaI Daor AaiNa KuMTa AajaUcyaa AaiNa baajaUcyaa KDkatUna AaiNa dgaDatUna sauK AaiNa svaasqya }na AaiNa pa}sa hataSaI AaiNa taoMDaSaI pit AaiNa p%naI maaya AaiNa laok$ saasaU AaiNa sauna Paalana AaiNa paoYaNa BaIma AaiNa Ajau-na ÌYNa AaiNa Aja-una p`Sna AaiNa ]<aro caha AaiNa paoho vaRxa AaiNa lata Sabd AaiNa AqaA& AaiNa garIba

vaOkilpk d\Mvad\Mva samaasa ËmaaMk saamaaisak Sabd 1 pacapnnaasa 2 lahanamaaozyaa 3 pMcavaIsa tIsa 4 caZ]tr 5 daonaADIcaSao 6 [kDoitkDo 7 Aalyaagaolyaa 8 dhabaara 9 vaIsabaavaIsa 10 AanaMddu:K 11 pMQaravaIsa 12 AQaa-AiQak 13 sa%yaasa%ya 14 Qamaa-Qama15 ]ccanaIcata 16 doNaoGaoNao 17 ]laTsaulaT 18 iBaxaUba`ahmaNa 19 PaappuNya 20 nyaayaanyaaya

ivaga`h paca ikMvaa pnnaasa lahana ikMvaa maaozyaa pMcavaIsa ikMvaa tIsa caZ ikMvaa ]tr daonaSao ikMvaa ADIcaSao [kDo ikMvaa itkDo Aalyaa ikMvaa gaolyaa dha ikMvaa baara vaIsa ikMvaa baavaIsa AanaMd ikMvaa du:K pMQara ikMvaa vaIsa AQaa- ikMvaa AiQak sa%yaa ikMvaa Asa%ya Qama- ikMvaa AQama]ccata ikMvaa naIcata doNao ikMvaa GaoNao ]laT ikMvaa saulaT iBaxaU ikMvaa ba`ahmaNa Paap ikMvaa puNya Nyaaya ikMvaa Anyaaya

samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa ËmaaMk saamaaisak Sabd 1 baarIksaarIk 2 vaoDIvaakDI 3 saamaanasaumaana 4 QaaMgaDiQaMgaa 5 saamasaUma

ivaga`h baarIksaarIk vagaOro vaoDIvaakDI vagaOro saamaanasaumaana vagaOro QaaMgaDiQaMgaa vagaOro saamasaUma vagaOro

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

vaaDvaDIla kaMdamauLaBaajaI japtp va`tvaOklpo gaULpaNaI vaoNaIfoNaI hLdIkuMkU rMgaIbaorMgaI saafsafa[navasasaayaasa halaApoYTa KDopaDo kagadibagad naavalaaOikk halacaala jaaitQamadoKBaala harfulao ]QaarpaQaar Paa}sapaNaI DaLBaat maIzaimarcaI

vaaDvaDIla vagaOro kaMdamauLaBaajaI vagaOro japtp vagaOro va`tvaOklpo vagaOro gaULpaNaI vagaOro vaoNaIfoNaI vagaOro hLdIkuMkU vagaOro rMgaIbaorMgaI vagaOro saaf safa[- vagaOro navasa saayaasa vagaOro halaApoYTa vagaOro KDopaDo vagaOro Kagadibagad vagaOro naavalaaOikk vagaOro halacaala vagaOro jaaitQama- vagaOro doKBaala vagaOro harfulao vagaOro ]QaarpaQaar vagaOro Pa}sapaNaI vagaOro DaLBaat vagaOro maIzimarcaI vagaOro

samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa

vaakp`caar ³4 gauNa´ p`%yaok pazacyaa maagao vaak\p`caar idlaolao Aahot.ivaVaqyaa-MnaI %yaacaa kaLjaIpUva-k AByaasa kolyaasa vaak\p`caar laxaat yaotIla. vaak\p`caar ilaihtanaa %yaaca kaLat %yaa vaak\p`caaracao $paMtr kravao.]da: raomaaMicat haoNaoraomaaMicat Jaalaa. AayauYya saaqa-k haoNaoAayaYya saaqa-k Jaalao.p`Snapi~kot pazavar AaQaairt vaak\p`caar kMsaat idlaolao Asatat. %yaaKalaI Aqa-yau@t vaak\p`caar kMsaat idlaolao AsatIla.kMsaatIla yaaogya vaak\p`caaraMcaa idlaolyaa vaa@yaat ibanacaUk ]pyaaoga k$na vaa@yao punha ilahavaIt. 1 vaa@yaat kaoNata vaak\p`caar basatao to AaQaI SaaoQaavao. 2 vaak\p`caar SaaoQalyaanaMtr vaa@yaat ]pyaaoga krtanaa maUL vaa@yaatIla AQa- kaZUna %yaa izkaNaI vaak\p`caaracaa ]pyaaoga kravaa. 3 vaa@ya vyaakrNa dRYTyaa inadao-Ya Asaavao va vaak\p`caar AQaaoroiKt kravaa. p` kMsaat idlaolao vaak\p`caar %yaaKaalaI idlaolyaa vaa@yaaMmaQyao yaaogya %yaa izkaNaI vaap$na tI vaa@yao punha ilaha. ³khr krNaoÊ hOraNa krNaoÊ mana Ba$na yaoNao´ 1 maulao ivanaakarNa mau@yaa p`aNyaaMnaa ~asa dotat. ] maulao ivanaakarNa mau@yaa p`aNyaaMnaa hOraNa krtat. 2 Sahrat saQyaa isamaoMTcyaa jaMgalaacaa Aitrok Jaalaa Aaho. ] Sahrat saQyaa isamaoMTcyaa jaMgalaacaa khr Jaalaa Aaho 3 naaigaNaIcao SaahNapNa eokUna mauMgyaacao mana ]caMbaLUna Aalao. ] naaigaNaIcao SaahNapaNa eokUna mauMgyaaMcao mana Ba$na Aalao.

[trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa vaa@yaacao p`kar ³vaa@ya$paMtr´ ³2 gauNa´ [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa vaa@yaacao $paMtr krtanaa vaa@yaacyaa rcanaot badla kravaa pNa vaa@yaacaa [trotr d\Mvad\vM a samaasa Aqa- badlata kamaa nayao. vaa@yaaqaa-laa baaQaa na AaNata rcanaot kolaolaa badla mhNajao vaa@ya$paMtr. vaa@ya $paMtramauLo Aqa- kayama tr zovaayacaaca iSavaaya navaIna vaa@ya samaasaacaa p`kar DaOladar va pirNaamakark Jaalao paihjao. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa vaa@yaacao p`kar caar vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 1 ]d\gaaraqaI- vaa@ya 2 p`SnaaqaI- vaa@ya vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 3 ivaQaanaaqaI- vaa@ya 4 Aa&aqaI- vaa@ya vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ]dahrNaadaKla vaa@yao paha vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 1 kaya ]kDlao hao kala ra~I² ³ivaQaanaaqaI- vaa@ya´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa kalaI ra~I AitSaya ]kDlao. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 2 Apmaana kolyaasa kuNaalaa raga yaot naahIÆ ³ivaQaanaaqaI- kra´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa Apmaana kolyaasa p`%yaokalaa raga yaotao. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa p` KalaIla vaa@yap`caar kMsaatIla saUcanaop`maaNao badlaUna ilaha. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 1 tumhaMlaa ~asa haotaoya kaÆ ³]d\gaarvaacak kra´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ] iktI ~asa haotaoya tumhaMlaa² vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 2 tumhI kuzotrI pDlaa Aahat ²³p`SnaaqaI kra´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ] tumhI kuZo pDlaat kI kayaÆ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 3 ra~I vaacata vaacata JaaopI gaolaIsa. ³Aa&aqaI- kra´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ] ra~I vaacata vaacata JaaopI jaa. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa laoKnainayamaanausaar ilaha ³2 gauNa´ vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa laoKnainayamaanausaar vaa@yao ilaihtanaa vyaakrNa dRYTyaa vaa@yao Sauw k$na vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ilahayacaI Aahot yaa vyaakrNaacaa tumhI [ 9vaIlaa AByaasa kolaa Aaho. vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa 1 malaa ]igaca ~asa do] nakaosa vaOkilpk d\Mvad\vM a samaasa ] malaa ]gaIca ~asa do} nakaosa. 2 naIsagaa-nao GaotlaolaM ho vaLna Aaho ] inasagaa-nao GaotlaolaM ho vaLNa Aaho. samaasaacaa p`kar 3 p`aqamaIk SaaLot trTacyaa caT[var basaUna iSaklaao. samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa ] p`aqaimak SaaLot trTacyaa caT[-var basaUna samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa On Wednesday: Algebra samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa samaahar d\Mvad\Mva samaasa

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While Housing finance companies (HFCs) can consider stamp duty and registration charges while disbursing home loans, banks cannot. Thus there is no level playing field in terms of the loan offerings made by Banks and HFCs. Further, with stamp duty and registration charges spiraling, home buyers are being additionally burdened. So should the RBI reconsider its policy? Mayura Shanbaug reports on the pros and cons of the situation where the real estate sector as also the home buyer continues to feel the heat from all sides...


ill February 2012 banks were permitted to include stamp duty and registration charges as Loan to Value (LTV) given to home buyers, thereby reducing the burden of upfront payment on the buyers. Thereafter the RBI has disallowed stamp duty and registration charges for banks to be included in LTV. Now a demand is growing strong that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should reintroduce the incentive and help the struggling sector. Already the Ready Reckoner (RR) rates in Mumbai Metropolitan Region ( MMR) have been increased by 20% by the state government from January 1st this year, sending the already pressurized and beleaguered real estate sector in tizzy. The hopes of a stay or roll back was partially met by the government with the 20% hike in RR staying put even for the luxury sector which was raised to 50 %. The state government has set up a target of Rs.20,000 crores this fiscal from duties collected from stamp duty and registration charges. Analysts and market experts have ever since gone into overdrive to suggest ways and means of boosting the sector and increase sales numbers with various sops either by government or by developers . “The inclusion of stamp duty and registration charges by the RBI was to boost home loan products back then,” says Ram Sangapure, General Manager, Central Bank of India. “The resultant was banks came out with new products to lure customers for the various housing products that they launched something like a

teaser loans. RBI felt that there is a systemic risk to banking sectors if the practice continues. After that the RBI decided not to allow cost of stamp duty and registration to be included in the total disbursed home loan amount,” Sangapure explains the reason behind apex bank's decision. However, situation for housing sector has gone from bad to worse in the following years, with the overall demand for housing in the city plunging by double digit and inventory going up by the day. As per the recent report from Knight Frank the total unsold inventory under-construction and ready property is close to 130,000 units in Mumbai which clearly speaks for itself. But the government has steadily increased the RR rates every year. In 2013 the government had hiked Ready Reckoner rates by 30%. “Increase in Ready Reckoner rates affect property prices in multiple ways like higher stamp duty, increase in fungible FSI cost, increase in TDR costs, etc. If the stamp duty rate increases, cost of the properties would definitely increase,” says Shobhit Agarwal, Managing Director – Capital Markets,

Jones Lang LaSalle India. “However, the magnitude of impact would vary according to the increase in rates (which in turn depends upon the location) and proportion of the costs that the developer wants to pass on,” says Agarwal. On the reintroduction of the RBI scheme Agarwal says, “The option was in practice a few years ago, so a re-application of it cannot be ruled out. If re-applied, this can definitely provide ease to buyers as the upfront contribution from the buyers pocket reduces.” Pankaj Srivastava, COO, Maitreya Realtors & Construction feels RBI should be made aware of the concerns of the builders segment and the determinately effect it has. “As the industry needs some impetus to revive the sluggish market, and the recent hike in RR rates and the other steps taken by RBI is having a detrimental effect on the industry,” he says. Srivastava believes that there will be an adverse impact on the sales with the increase in the ready reckoner rates. “This is largely because various statutory and legal charges which are payable by the buyer of

the house is calculated on the basis of ready reckoner rates, which is fixed by the government for the particular area. This has surely led to increase in the property cost,” he says. Ironically stamp duty rates in Mumbai are the highest in the country. With the new RR would have a severe impact on cost of properties. A recent report indicates that buyers of flats in luxury properties that exceed 4,000 square meter, or one acre of plot with a common gymnasium, clubhouse and swimming pool, would have to shell out an additional 15% as stamp duty. “The increase in property prices will be in the range of 10 -25% depending on the amenities provided by the developers. In case of high end property the increase will be close to 25%,” says Rajiv Raj, Co-Founder & Director – CreditVidya. “In view of the recent hike in stamp duty which will bring additional burden on property buyers RBI may have to look at including the stamp duty and registration cost which was earlier permissible as a part of the property value,” feels Raj. “This will help to marginally increase the sale of property which is been affected due to high prices and low demand,” he says.

However, the Housing finance companies (HFCs) are already considering stamp duty and registration charges as the part of LTV. Thus there is no level playing field in terms of the loan offering made by Banks and HFCs. “It is empirically seen that when stamp duty and property rates are moderate, the number of transaction have gone up,” explains Rajiv Raj. The “State government should work in getting reasonable stamp duty to boost the sluggish property market,” he says. Raj feels since RBI has kept the rates unchanged in last fiscal policy, few leading banks have reduced the interest rate of home loans.”Further reduction in home loan rates is expected which will encourage end user to buy properties,” he adds. Echoing similar sentiments, Shobhit Agarwal says, “While buyers are facing a problem of unaffordability, the high cost of land, construction materials, labour and finance are providing limited flexibility to developers in terms of pricing their product.” “I believe a product (requirement) – price (affordable) matching exercise is warranted to improve the absorption and boost the sentiment,” he says. However, Ram Sangapure does not foresee that RBI would relax or re-introduce the scheme again for the very reason that they have stopped it. He pointed out that in spite of the sluggish market the data released by the RBI for the last two quarters shows good growth in home loan portfolio up to Rs1 crore. He also believes that RR rates hike will be absorbed in the system. “I don’t see much effect of the increased ready reckoner rates on the price appreciation as the appreciation that has to happen in the last few quarters has not happened due to sluggish demand and the prices are stagnant for the last six months,” says Sangapure. “The price appreciation that has to happen will happen in mid segment on the lower side and will not be more than 5%.” he concludes.


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is an investment expert and a Director at Altina Securities.

Second-Hand Market To Cross `1,15,000 Cr By 2015 MUMBAI | MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2014

Economic slowdown creates higher demand for second-hand goods and machinery

Invest In Index Stocks


n the new calendar year volatility in the stock markets appear to have eased a bit. The level of uncertainty that prevailed in the markets last year also is easing out. At the global level the US economy is showing signs of recovery while in the Euro Zone economies which were shrinking are now stabilizing. On the domestic front most of the factors that contributed to the uncertainty have been addressed to and clarity appears to be emerging. The twin deficits, the fiscal deficit and the current account deficit appear to be under control. The rupee which had seen a steep depreciation in the month of august has also stabilized. What is still a concern is inflation and that too food inflation, but the data released last week shows a cooling down of food inflation. Now what remains as a major concern is the outcome of the general elections which will determine the direction of the stock markets. Till some time back the markets were betting on only one of the two parties gaining majority – i.e. the NDA or the UPA but with the success of the Aam Admi party the uncertainties have increased with fears that the Aam Admi Party may split votes which could then allow a third front to assume power and which could lead to the stalling of reforms. Nevertheless, still the uncertainties clear and clarity emerges investors should focus on quality blue chip stocks as and when these stocks show a temporary decline. It would be prudent for an investor as of now to focus on the stocks that are part of the index. (Nifty). In the private banking sector the stocks that can be considered for building a long term portfolio are ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Indus Bank, and among the pubic sector banks State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank appear good buys. Yes bank is not part of the Nifty but nevertheless appears a good long term investment In the two wheeler segment Bajaj Auto and Hero Corp are good bets while in the four wheeler segment Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki are investment grade stocks. In the Information technology sector TCS, Infosys, HCL Technologies and Wipro are good long term investments, but they have witnessed a sharp run up in the last few months and could be considered on corrections. In the pharma sector stocks that are worth considering are Sun Pharma, Lupin Labs, Dr. Reddy Lab, Cipla and Ranbaxy. Here too purchases could be considered on corrections as most of these stocks have seen a sharp appreciation. In the Refinery segment – Reliance Industries and Bharat Petroleum are safe bets while in the Power sector, NTPC. Power Grid and Tata Power also appear safe bets. In the oil and gas exploration sector, ONGC and Cairn India could be considered for investment while in the mining sector NMDC and Coal India are good long term investments. In the Cement sector, ACC, Ambuja Cement and Ultra Tech could be added to the portfolio while in the steel sector Tata Steel and Jindal Steel are good bargains, In the mortgage finance – HDFC is an excellent long term investment and same is the case with ITC in the cigarette segment while in the FMCG segment Hindustan Unilever is a good long term investment. L&T and BHEL could emerge long term winners in the Engineering sector. There are many stocks which do not form part of the index both in the large cap as well as medium cap segment which also have potential to generate substantial gains to investors but since the markets may operate in a range till clarity emerges, building a portfolio of blue chip companies at corrections would be rewarding in the long run.


By A Business Reporter

ith economy slowing down and cost of capital remaining high, the volume of India’s second hand and recycled market including consumer products, automobile and industrial raw material & machinery, is likely to grow up to Rs 1,15,000 crore in 2015 from the current estimates of Rs 80,000 crore, According to an ASSOCHAM paper,when it comes to consumer items, the rise in income may not be commensurate to the rise in aspirations and the insatiable aspirations are leading them to the second-hand market to fill the gap. “Whether consumer goods like electronics, durables or automobiles – used cars, or the industrial machinery in the capital goods sector, the options of retrofitting and re-usage are being considered more actively than ever before”, said D S Rawat, Secretary General ASSOCHAM, adding that high interest rates, risk aversion and subdued investment appetite have led to this state of ‘second hand’ culture. The second-hand market (used good market) in the country is estimated at around Rs 80,000 crore including the automobile segment. While releasing the paper Rawat said, India’s second-hand market (used good market) was worth about Rs. 60,000 crore in 2011, it went up to Rs. 69,000 crore in 2012 and to Rs. 80,000 crore in 2013 and is expected to touch whopping Rs. 1,15,000 crore by 2015 with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 15%. "With the current economic slowdown, majority of household look for cheaper alternatives for everything. Nearly 45 % of the respondents said buying second-hand goods from reliable platforms is worthwhile," said respondents who bought their household goods from second-hand trade store. “Needs have multiplied but income hasn't," said majority of the respondents justifying their choices. For a largely floating community of

young professionals in metropolitan cities unwilling to compromise on their lifestyle needs. The second-hand market offers a more convenient and financially viable means of shopping, adds the paper. “Brand buy-backs, exchange schemes, online platforms and mobile marketplaces offer smart and convenient options for consumers keen to ‘trade in to trade up’, alleviate financial strains and/or quell environmental and ethical concerns,” it adds. Rawat further pointed out that it's not just incomes that are driving second-hand markets. The product cycles are smaller and durability is coming down, which has also given a fillip to second-hand markets. Now, shorter life cycles of products, the replacement demand has gone up, and low-cost new products and second-hand markets have become substitutes, added Rawat. The entire second hand market is slowly moving from a highly fragmented business to a more organised avatar, said Rawat. Till eight-ten years back, the second-hand market in the country was primarily driven by local specialized second-hand zones like Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, Daryaganj in New Delhi etc. The demand for second-hand consumer durables, especially the lower priced items like mobile phones, seems to be dipping. Although the demand for textbooks, tablets, DVD, and other high-end handsets remains robust, there are some product categories that are still going great guns like second-hand text books etc, adds the paper. Women are more likely to buy secondhand books, luxury goods items, apparel while men are more likely to buy secondhand CDs, DVDs, used car, motorbikes etc., adds the paper. In making a choice between buying new or used, 18-24 year olds are the most likely to opt for secondhand DVDs and CDs as a first choice, while the over-55s prefer to buy these new. Most dealers across major cities also

said that sales of second-hand products in categories such as refrigerators, ACs and washing machines are definitely lower than what they used to be, especially for the past one or two years, adds the paper. The used-car market in India is highly fragmented; only 20% is organised. There are authorised dealers such as Maruti's True Value, Hyundai's Advantage and Honda's Auto Terrace etc who have easy financing options. But higher prices, due to warranty and quality checks, are a deterrent and many invariably opt for the unorganised segment. However, this segment is likely to grow with more players likely to join the potential market. Mercedes, Audis and BMWs continue to be favourites amongst the category of second-hand luxury cars while Skoda and Volkswagen cars are most the sought-after in the slightly low-end brands, adds the paper. Growing aspirations of the middle class and the dream of owning a car have fuelled second-hand car sale and spurred the growth of the used car market. While the organised trade accounts for 20 % of the total volume of sales, the unorganised trade accounts for the remaining 80 %. The paper further pointed out, there's low organised second-hand market for consumer durables in India, ASSOCHAM experts say 25-30% of the product lines in each of these segments get upgraded every year, and the shorter product cycles translate into increased replacement demand. While fridges, washing machines etc. witness moderate demand, LCD TVs seem to be selling like hot potatoes, adds the paper. The paper further pointed out, the market typically consists of second-hand dealers coordinating with showrooms and picking up items junked by customers as part of an exchange offer by a retailer. Dealers further said that with the hike in petrol prices has also added to the growing interest of people in the used car market instead and people are coming out to look out for better deals instead of investing double the amount on a new car.


MFs Launch Schemes Targeting Europe Afternoon Despatch & Courier



By Dominic Rebello

fter lying dormant for the last few quarters, the European markets are now showing signs of growth, that has prompted the MFs in India to launch new schemes that will target companies based in Europe. The schemes are mainly targeting the investment opportunities in the developed countries arising due to the growth witnessed in the last few quarters after a prolonged recession. The major European Indices are CAC 40, DAX and FTSE 100 amongst others. The recently launched schemes are Religare Invesco Pan European Equity Fund, Deutsche Asset Management India and JPMorgan MF. These theee fund houses have launched their overseas fund of funds which will invest in the European market. Religare Invesco Mutual Fund is an open ended fund of funds scheme, which seeks to generate capital appreciation by investing in 'Invesco pan European Equity Fund'. The new fund offer will close on January 29, 2014. "Diversification is the key and one of the basic building blocks for solid portfolio...Given the low correlation between Indian and European equity markets, the new fund will help investors achieve diversification by investing in European equities," Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Religare Invesco MF, Saurabh Nanavati said. "We believe, growth is slowly coming back in Europe. The new fund will provide investors' an opportunity to invest in European companies, which are available at compelling valuation," he said. Nanavati also said the fund house plans to increase its feeder fund offerings in the future.

PRAMIT BRAHMBHATT is CEO of Alpari Financial Services (India)



ast week, not much action was seen in the currency market. USD/INR pair traded range bound as on one side the local equities traded strong for the week and closed on a positive note on weekly basis after falling for two consecutive weeks, also the foreign fund inflows in the bond market, helped the Rupee to appreciate and on the other hand, dollar index traded strong as a run of mixed U.S. economic data left the market uncertain about its future direction which forced the Rupee to trade weak and eventually it closed near its previous close. The

Religare Invesco MF has an average assets under management of Rs 13,706 crore by the end of December quarter of this fiscal. JPMorgan Europe Dynamic Equity Offshore Fund was launched last Friday. It is an open ended FoF that will invest predominantly in JPMorgan Funds — Europe Dynamic Fund, an equity fund, which plans to invest in an aggressively managed portfolio of European companies. The fund will be benchmarked against the MSCI Europe Index. According to a Deutsche AMC note, the economic scenario in Euro-land, comprising 18 European countries, suggests that the fiscal drag is easing, while early indicators are signaling strong improvement in growth. “Corporate earnings are significantly below previous peak, offering a lot of recovery potential. Compared to the US equity markets, cyclical adjusted Euroland company PEs are at low levels. These indicators seem to suggest a potential upside for Euroland,” said the note.


Reliance MF announces change Reliance MF has decided to enable the demat facility for daily dividend option and weekly dividend option under dividend plan / direct plandividend plan appearing in the SID and KIM of the following schemes with immediate effect: Reliance Liquidity Fund, Reliance Liquid Fund Treasury Plan, Reliance Liquid Fund - Cash Plan and Reliance Money Manager Fund.

HDFC MF Launches New Scheme HDFC MF has launched a new plan named as HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series II


Scheme Name ICICI Prudential Exports and Other Services Fund- Growth Templeton India Ultra Short Bond Fund- Super IP- Growth HDFC Index Fund - Sensex Plan LIC Nomura MIP - Cumulative ICICI Prudential LTP - Growth Religare Invesco Overnight Fund- Growth IDFC G Sec Fund - Short Term - Reg- Growth SBI Magnum Balanced Fund - Growth

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6 M% 31.71 5.45 7.32 4.97 5.38 4.69 7.14 9.99

1 Y% 42.25 10.04 8.4 8.37 9.58 9.74 10.92 8.62

3 Y% 17.97 9.9 4.44 5.91 9.57 8.54 7.25 7.3

*Note:- Returns calculated for less than 1 year are Absolute returns and returns calculated for more than 1 year are compounded annualized. NAV as on January 17, 2014.

- 36M January 2014, a close ended capital protection oriented scheme with the duration of 36 months from the date of allotment. The new fund offer will be open for subscription from January 08, to January 22, 2014. The face value of the new issue will be Rs 10 per unit. Global Stable Equity Fund announces change ICICI Prudential MF has announced that the unit-holders / investors can now invest through the STP facility under ICICI Prudential Global Stable Equity Fund, with effect from January 20, 2014. It has been included in the existing list of target schemes, whereby the investors can transfer a specified amount subject to a minimum of Rs 5000 and in multiples of Re 1 from the designated source schemes into the scheme on a specified date. This facility is only enabled for monthly frequency and the specified date shall be the last day of the calendar month.

Birla Sun Life MF announces change in key personnel Birla Sun Life MF has announced that Hitesh Zaveri, Milind Bafna and Kunal Sangoi have been designated as the Key Personnel of Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company (BSLAMC). Nishit Dholakia, Fund Manager has ceased to be in the services of BSLAMC and accordingly also ceases to be Key Personnel of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund announces dividend ICICI Prudential MF has announced dividend under the following plans/options of ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund. The record date for declaration of dividend is January 21, 2014. The recommended rate of dividend (Rs per unit) on the face value of Rs 10 per unit will be: ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund - Direct Plan - Dividend: Rs 1.31 ICICI Prudential Midcap Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend: Rs 1.31

Currency Market Turns Rangebound

trading range for the spot USD/INR pair is expected to be within 61.00 to 62.00. It is recommended to be cautious and Buy USD/INR Futures on dips with the appropriate stop loss as the Rupee is expected to depreciate against dollar. Pivot Point for the Pair is at 61.65 and below is the Support and Resistance levels. The US Dollar strengthened against majority of its counterparts as improvement in Retail Sales, PPI and ISM manufacturing once again fuelled expectations that US economic recovery is sustainable, signalling additional tapering of monthly monetary asset purchases in the upcoming FOMC meeting, scheduled for January 28 - 29. Nonfarm Payrolls, released last week, questioned the strength of US labour market, forcing the US Dollar Index to 29 Jan 14 USD/INR

1st Support 61.4317




close negative on a weekly basis. Fewer economic indicators were scheduled to release this week, though majority of the released economic numbers signalled improvement of US economy. The positive economic releases helped market players to forget the disappointment generated by Nonfarm Payrolls last week. Should the scheduled figures continue to paint a rosy picture of US economy, the expectations surrounded by the additional tapering in near term can once again gain momentum which can further strengthen the US Dollar. Euro region currency witnessed negative news this week as the strongest nation in the region, Germany, witnessed a downtick in their GDP numbers last Wednesday. The preliminary Real GDP figure of Germany for the year 2013 grew by a meagre 0.4%, the slowest pace in


1st Resistance 61.8867





Nature Equity Debt Equity Debt Debt Liquid Gilt Balanced

10 Ways to

Break any bad habit so you can have a healthy life


The dangers of going bare down there




last four years as against the market expectation of 0.5% rise. The Euro region currency weakened after this release. GBP weakened against US Dollar for the week as market players feared housing market bubble due to nearly six year high home sales data released last week. Although, BoE Members, in their testimony against parliament, revealed that this isn't an issue to worry about as they are observing housing market details closely. The Great Britain released its Retail sales figure on the last trading day of the week which signalled an improvement of 2.6% as against the previous release of 0.3% rise which helped pound to gain some support. Japanese Yen once again weakened against the US Dollar, helping the USD/JPY to posts its record level for the month of January last week. Moreover, BOJ Governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, said that Bank of Japan would continue adhering to lose monetary policy until the price target achieves, signalling further weakness of Yen.

Walk this way!

Do you have a Type A personality?



Atul milk, Reading right and much more


Brand “Hug” Versus Brand “Shrug” JAGDEEP KAPOOR is CMD of Samsika Marketing Consultancy

« BRAND GYAN Use The Customer Service Prescription Of Applying Down To Earth Commonsense


ever throw the rule book at an erring customer. Remember, he is a flesh and blood person who has come to you for help. Don’t treat him like a mannequin by reading the fine print in the policy book. Try to accommodate him as much humanely as possible, keeping a balance between the company’s interests and other customers’ interests. This does not mean that you should ‘hug’ a customer who has broken the rules. But don’t ‘shrug’ him away either, just because he has made a mistake. My Practical Customer Service Prescription, calls for a common sense in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. It may be accidental. It may be innocent. Or it may even be deliberate. The fact of the matter is that customers sometimes break the rules. And this could affect the company’s interests as well as the interests of other customers. But it is important for the Customer Service Professional to deal with the situation in a common-sensical manner. Rather like a wayward family member who has strayed and needs to be brought back to the right path. Under no circumstances should the customer be hauled up as if he had committed a heinous crime and made an example of with a police-like attitude. My practical Customer Service Prescription is a down-to-earth way of serving a customer, keeping in mind a realistic environment and understanding, even appreciating, the customer’s compulsions in behaving in an errant manner. Finally, the Customer Service Professional must help the customer amicably resolve the situation through a pleasant Brand Experience. An exemplary instance of my Practical Customer Service Prescription was witnessed during a Jet Airways flight. It was in those days when everyone was wary of terrorism raising its ugly head and unidentified baggage was looked upon with suspicion. Security dictated that passengers identify their baggage before check-in. But a lady with two tiny tots forgot to do this and the flight had to be delayed so that she could comply with flying regulations. It would have been easy for the airline’s ground staff to harangue her about her lapse. After all, the flight was delayed and both the company and the other passengers were affected! But keeping in mind that the passenger had accidentally forgotten to identify her baggage, the airline staff was supportive and did not admonish her. As a result of the airline’s attitude, the other passengers too understood her problem. The result was one grateful passenger who will be loyal for life. An instance of an innocent lapse occurred during a bus tour in Great Britain that wound


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

its way through the Great Lake district of Wordsworth and through Shakespearean country at Stratford upon Avon before going on to Oxford, Cambridge and parts of Scotland and Wales. The system was quite simple. After the guide took the passengers through the tourist spots, they were allowed a little time to explore on their own before reassembling at the bus and recommencing their journey. During one of the stops, a couple fairly advanced in age, set off through the winding streets of the charming town only to discover that they were quite lost after a while. Meanwhile, at the bus, the guide and the driver were getting impatient to restart the journey because they were going to be off schedule. All efforts to trace the couple proved to be futile. Finally it was decided to wait for an additional twenty minutes and make up for the lost time elsewhere on the journey. Here it must be said that the tour company stood to lose its impeccable on-time record and the other passengers would be short changed twenty minutes of their tour time. But they all understood the innocent nature of the innocuous incident, knowing fully well that the couple was always on time. When the couple finally arrived breathless from their sojourn, there was a sigh of relief all round. They were all relieved that the couple was safe and sound. And secondly they were happy that the tour could continue with, rather than without, the couple.

The bus driver and the guide were accommodating, adopting a common sense – as opposed to ‘no nonsense’ – approach to customer behaviour. This helped defuse the situation and the tour recommenced on a happy note. Contrast this innocent breaking of the rules with times when customers deliberately flout the norms. Like in the case of Universal Studios in Florida where customers have the option of a regular or an express pass to go for rides. Despite paying regular rates, there are several customers who try to jump the queue and avail of the rides before their turn. Here the Customer Service Professional must be firm. He should explain to the erring customer that if he is in a hurry, he could always avail of the express pass or opt for a ride which has a shorter queue. But with a regular pass, he must wait his turn. Both the company’s interests and the interests of the other customers must be explained to the erring customer in a polite but firm manner, using common sense to defuse the situation – but keeping in mind the need for imparting a pleasant Brand Experience. As you can see, when confronted with a customer who through accident or design breaks the company’s rules or flouts the guidelines, the Customer Service Professional must first and foremost be practical in resolving the issue. Just throwing the rule book at the customer or shrugging your shoulders to indicate that there is nothing you can do in the situation is wrong. The Customer Service Professional should bring the wayward customer back in line with kindness and understanding and help him work within the rules and regulations of the company.

Copyright © 2013, All rights reserved. Jagdeep Kapoor can be contacted at

RAGHVENDRA NATH MD Ladderup Wealth Management



inally some amount of sanity has returned in the prices of gold internationally in the last 2 years. On Sept 6, 2011 the gold had touched historical high of $1921/oz. probably the period between 2008 – 2011 have shook the faith of the most staunch opposers of the yellow metal. The frenzy for buying gold had also caught up with the Governments, Financial Institutions leave alone ordinary individuals. Everybody hoped that this rally would continue well into the future. The experts on the subject were forecasting of 50-60% gain over the next 3-4 years. All this happened on the back of global uncertainty, where the doomsayers were having a field day predicting widespread recessions, disintegration of EU, bankruptcy of governments and so on. People completely overlooked history where a number of countries have defaulted in last 50 years but the world is still growing and stable. With all these fears receding somewhat the gold prices have gradually come back to more reasonable levels. The present levels of gold between $1250 – 1300 /oz match with the longer term trend. In the Indian market however the gold prices have remained almost stable through sheer coincidence. When the gold prices were declining sharply in last 2 years, the Indian Rupee(INR) was almost matching that sharp decline. The raising of the custom duty to 10% further cushioned the fall. So while the international price of gold has fallen by almost 35%. The domestic prices have just fallen by around 10%.


hat would you call a person who failed approximately 1799 times in accomplishing a single task? The answer is “Thomas Alva Edison”. In his pursuit to develop the perfect filament for the incandescent bulb, Edison struggled for 18 months trying everything from bamboo, animal hair, even the whiskers from a friend’s beard, until he finally found the right filament. What motivated Edison to persevere through his “failures?” After about a 1000 failures, when Edison was asked that same question, he answered, “Well, what failures? I know several thousand things that won’t work”. Thus, Edison’s definition of the word “failure” was very different than that of most people, and that is probably why he was ultimately a “success”. True leaders, innovators, and philosophers have a very progressive view of failures. For them “failure” is not merely the opposite of “success”. Properly understood, each failure becomes an essential stepping-stone on their road to the pinnacle of ultimate success. Henry Ford believed that, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. Soichiro Honda, Founder, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., said, “Success is 99% failure”. Thus, to true leaders, successes are strangers and even minor failures are true friends

The people who invested 5 years back may not have seen major appreciation in the last two years but they are still sitting on fantastic returns on their investments. There is a large section of investors who got on to the bus very late like always, who have not seen any appreciation in their investments. It would therefore be a good exercise to understand where could the gold prices go from here. Gold, in India, has always held a special place in wealth creation. One cannot imagine a wedding without gold ornaments. Besides, gold buying and gifting is part of all major festivals. Indian culture provokes investment in gold in phased manner like Makar Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Akshay Tritiya, Guru Pushyamrut. Indians have been known to invest a large portion of their wealth in Gold historically and even now. For women, Gold has never shimmered brighter. They have turned out to be smarter investors as opposed to others who thought that equity market was the only way to make money. The long term growth of gold leaves no doubt that it is a good investment choice. Just 62 years back, the price of Gold was Rs. 99 in 1950. Essentially, a 290 times increase in one’s life time. However, not everyone invests for a lifetime. So while, one can preserve the family jewels, most people accumulate wealth so that they can enjoy it. Typically in India, selling of gold is an activity of last resort. We can therefore look at investing in gold from two perspectives - Accumulation as a hedge against the worst and investment for short to medium term. The trend for the last 88 years suggest that Gold rarely lost value when invested for reasonably long period of time. However, only 25% of times gold gave a return of more than 7% over any 10 year horizon. So while the last 5 years have been fantastic for the gold, it’s not the same story if one looks at the historical prices. You would be amazed to know that 290 times mentioned earlier translates into a return of just 9.6% compounded annually. So much for the mathematics. Essentially, gold as an asset to accumulate should be a choice only because gold is a store of value. Expecting superlative returns from gold in long periods of time may not be appropriate. Since ancient times gold has been regarded as a store of value. Not so long ago, even the coun-

tries’ currencies were pegged to the amount of gold reserve that each country had. In every time, when people see uncertainties in economies they rush towards gold. In economies facing hyper inflation gold has been the only savior. One of the key reasons for the sustained increase in price of gold in last few years has been the global uncertainty. It is highly unlikely that any other metal would replace gold in terms of popularity & preciousness. So if capital preservation is the only consideration you have, gold will always remain one of the best investment choices. Let us look at gold as an investment for short to medium term, I mean 3 to 5 years horizon. Suddenly, over the last two years almost every financial expert has been recommending investing 15% to 20% of wealth into gold. Probably these recommendations are also driven by the fact that all these financial experts were rampantly recommending equities for the last two decades and therefore have gone grossly wrong.

Historically whenever an asset class gives supernormal returns in a short period of time, the ensuing period is always one with average or below average returns. Lets look at these two charts


Even if the long term price trend of gold continues to remain up, the gradient of the trend would be much more gradual. Otherwise, gold would head towards a bubble like situation which would result in a drastic fall hurting many. The long term average of a 5 years investment in gold has been 7% p.a. in the past. Therefore, a reasonable expectation for the next 5 years cannot be more than this number. This could be especially true as we have witnessed one of the biggest rallies in gold prices in the last few years. Therefore, any investment in gold should be compared with other asset classes in terms of

(Based on“Pillar X: Learn From Failures” of Award-Winning Book, The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence: A Lean Approach to ImprovingProject Results)

Here you will find a practical approach to self-motivation and higher conscious existence as a corporate employee, an executive and most importantly as a powerful human being. Is the Author of Pillar X: Learn From Failures

as they are continuously providing feedback that helps them become better leaders. It is obvious that leaders do not fail intentionally, but always aim



is a Senior Journalist, Author and Industry Analyst

A Spate of Positive News


Leadership Lessons From Failures ADIL F. DALAL



for success in all endeavors. However, they are cognizant of the fact that when they take risks, even calculated ones, failure could be a likely outcome and they need to accept it and learn from it to make better decisions in the future. Just imagine Edison being employed today in any corporation, trying to develop the next level of technology which would save millions of lives. How many failures would management have allowed him before ultimately firing him? Would the current climate of Wall Street demands of “instant wins” be conducive to breakthroughs and lifechanging innovations? The answer is obvious. So how can leaders create a culture of “rapid innovation” by utilizing the wisdom gained from failures? The answer is to understand the failures modes

and the cultural mind-set to addressing each of the failure modes. True leaders classify failures based on their root cause. There are three basic modes of failures are, 1. System-level failure, 2. Process-level failure, and 3.Human-level failure. A “system-level failure” mode is defined as the failure caused by the gaps in overall constitution, strategy, organizational culture, expertise, corporate readiness, or a gap in organizational or project leadership. To find the root cause of system-level mode of failure, the question to ask is:“Why Did It Fail?” A “process-level failure” mode is defined as the failure caused by gaps in, inadequate resources for, lack of documentation of, lack of capability within, or lack of foolproof methods to implement

expected rates of return. For instance, currently even fixed deposits of best banks are giving a return of 9% p.a. I think we can clearly divide people into two lots. One who had sufficient investments into gold and therefore, are gloating over their wisdom. The other lot is of wannabes, who could not invest earlier and therefore, do not want to miss the bus any longer. For the first lot, there is no point in investing more in gold as you already have enough. Look at diversifying in other asset classes which can give better returns in immediate future. The wannabes should hold on to their patience. While they have definitely missed one of the most lucrative periods of price rise, they should not rush into buying in one go. They will get opportunities in the next 3 years to buy at existing prices or even lesser. At best, such people can invest small amounts regularly so that they don’t miss the next big rally. Whenever that happens. any process. To find the root cause of process-level modes of failure, the question to ask is:“What Caused It to Fail?” A “human a level” failure mode can be defined as the failure caused directly or indirectly by human error, supervision, negligence, inability, or by any kind of unnecessary human intervention. To find the root cause of human level mode of failure, the question to ask is: “Who Caused It to Fail?”. Leaders also believe that merely investigating failures is not enough; it is critical to learn lessons from the mistakes so we never have to repeat them. They utilize the lessons learned process to examine each failure from the systems, processes, and human level of failure modes. There are two different approaches followed in failure analysis. 1. Reactive, and 2. Proactive. A reactive analysis uses the “who” approach with a primary focus on the human-level mode of failure. When a failure occurs, managers generally initiate “who caused it?” analysis, punish the guilty and quick-fix or Band-Aid the problem. This is the easiest approach to take and thus prevalent in most organizational cultures. This is also the most damaging approach to take as it inhibits organization from achieving sustainable, long-term results.

To be continued...

news heavy week went by but the Nifty remained more or less listless. To begin with WPI inflation number came in at 6.16 which was well below 7% and well below what the market expected. This was the greatest piece of good news in a long time regarding inflation show that inflation has begun moderating. Of course the downward trend needs to continue for a few more times before we can uncork the bubbly. But for the moment it is certain that RBI will keep rates unchanged during it January monetary policy review which is good news for the market. Coal India also declared a hefty dividend of 29% and the Government which holds 90% stake will get a whooping Rs. 18000 crore from this special dividend. The spectrum auction has received an enthusiastic number of bidders. All in all it will help the Fin Min raise enough money from both spectrum auction, special dividends like that of CIL and divestment of stake in Axis Bank, ITC, Hind, Zince, etc. Chidambaram seems to have has his fiscal math in place and now he is even talking of a fiscal deficit of lower than the 4.8% of GDP which he had promised. This will go down well for the markets. Apart from macros, the earnings season has well and truly kicked off with good to excellent results. IT bellwether Infosys came out with better than expected earnings. Another rising star HCL Tech turned in yet another set off stellar numbers for the third quarter. Axis Bank, Bajaj Auto, ITC were other companies who declared a decent earnings while TCS the largest Indian IT company also did what it was expected to do – show a healthy topline and bottomline growth. However, markets were able to just about scale around the 6300 mark on the Nifty, with no clear directional bias. One will have to wait and see whether this sustains throughout January or if there will be a correction. But the general sense is the markets will keep moving in the range bound manner between 6150 and 6350 on the Nifty. While the market may not do much there will be stock specific actions. Amongst the stocks that will continue to perform are of course the defensive like Infosys, HCL Tech, TCS, Sun Pharma, Lupin, Gleamark, etc in the IT and Pharma pack. Outside of these there are some others like Delta Corp, Cox & Kings, LIC Housing Finance that have already begun an upward move. All these could be bought at dips or even at current prices for an upside of anywhere between 20 to 30% in the medium term. There are a whole host of names in Pharma like Cipla, Ranbaxy, Aurobindo etc. to name a few which are also good buys. All in all a smart investor is bound to make money in this market.


Afternoon Despatch & Courier




















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Intraweek Support and Resistance Levels Based on the “Pivotal Point” theory of Techincal Analysis PP Points indicate the level where the trend is likely to change during intra-week.




Afternoon Despatch & Courier


« TOP VIEW Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1. — Warren Buffett


Hold Long Positions With Stop Loss At 15 DMA NSE India : CNX Nifty — Daily Market Report for: Monday (January 20, 2014) By Dominic Rebello


The Nifty fell substantially on Friday (January 17, 2014) a net 57.25 points (0.91%) and closed at the 6261 point level. The market opened down at the 6306 points level. It then rose sharply into the green and registered the day’s high at the 6327 points level at 9.33 a.m. The index then declined into the red and turned into a range bound movement until 2.40 p.m. It then declined sharply into the red and registered the day’s low at the 6246 points level at 3.03 p.m. The index then rose and turned into a range bound movement until closing at the day. The Nifty witnessed a choppy session and moved in a range of 81 points. Sentiment was bearish and amongst the 50 Nifty stocks 32 were losers, while 18 stocks closed in the green. Some buying was seen in oil & gas, FMCG and auto stocks, while substantial selling was seen in IT, realty, technology and banking stocks. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Volume: Volume (Qty shares) increased 2.46%. This change is small and indicates a moderate participation by investors.

Market Breadth: Overall Market Breadth on the NSE was negative. Amongst all the traded stocks, 381 were gainers, 1086 were losers and 55 remained unchanged.

Slow Stochastic Indicator: The Slow Stochastic Oscillator has risen in the neutral zone. The Slow K line in the Stochastic Oscillator is above the slow D line (positive if it continues). RSI Indicator: The RSI is above the 40 level but is now declining (negative if it continues).

MACD Indicator: The MACD is above zero and is turned flat (positive if it rises). It is above its 9-day Average (positive). ADX Indicator & DI Lines: The +DI line is above the –DI line but both lines are converging (negative if it continues). The ADX is flat while the Market Index is falling. No signal here.

Support Levels: For short-term traders the immediate main support is at the 5958 points level. The next support is at the 5877 points level. Resistance Levels: The immediate main resistance is at the 6372 points level. The next resistance is at the 6424 points level. Pivot Point Analysis: For intra-day traders the support and resistance levels are calculated according to the pivot point theory and are: Pivot point = 6278 (This is the level where the trend is likely to change during intra-day). Support (1) = 6230. Support (2) = 6198. Resistance (1) = 6310. Resistance (2) = 6359.

OUTLOOK FOR TODAY: On Japanese candlestick patterns the index has formed a second consecutive and long black body candle on higher volumes. The body of this candle is below and outside the body of the previous black body candle. Further, the index has dropped below its 5 day moving average. All these indicate a negative bias. However, the index is above its 15, 25 and 200 days moving averages and all the averages are also positively trended. Further, the 5 days moving average is above the 15 days moving average. Moreover, the velocity parameters too are positively trended. All these indicate a positive bias. Investors are advised to hold long positions but with a strict stop loss at the 15-day average at the 6240 point’s level.

Work with strict stop losses on all positions

MOVING AVERAGES (TREND INDICATORS) The index: Has dropped below its 5-day average (at 6283) Negative. Is above its 15-day average (at 6240) Positive. Is above its 25-day average (at 6235) Positive. Is above its 200-day average (at 5940) Positive.

Overall Market Strength/Weakness: The indicators and oscillators discussed here are indicating a strong market but with a negative bias.

Disclaimer: Investment recommendations made in ‘ADC’ are for information purposes only and derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. ‘ADC’ or the analyst/writer does not accept any liability for the use of this column for the buying or selling of securities. Readers of this newspaper who buy or sell securities based on the information in this newspaper are solely responsible for their actions. ‘ADC’ and/or its affiliates and/or employees and/or the author, his company or his acquaintances may have interests/ positions, financial or otherwise in the securities mentioned in this newspaper.

Target Rs. 2505

Results were in line with estimates. The CC revenue growth, at 2.1%, was impacted by seasonality and the India business. International revenues grew at 2.9% in CC terms. Consistent high revenue growth over the past few quarters reflects effective demand generation initiatives and efficient execution. Margins have come in slightly lower QoQ due to the rupee and additional S&M expenses. The management has maintained its optimism on the demand scenario, backed by higher clarity and no delays in decision making by clients, and timely scale-ups. Based on the interactions with clients, management expects FY15 growth to be better than FY14, which is enthusing. We expect FY15 USD revenue growth to be 15.5% (16% in FY14E). We have been maintaining our positive view on medium term demand growth, over the past few quarters. In the past several quarters, TCS has reported industry - leading growth rates with sustained margins. We revise PT to Rs.2505, based on FY15E estimates. The stock has risen sharply in the recent weeks. Looking at the limited upside, we maintain ACCUMULATE. Valuations: The global economic scenario has improved, especially in USA. In Europe also, the scenario may not deteriorate further. TCS continues to maintain an optimistic outlook on demand. We maintain our positive view on the stock. Our target valuations for TCS are at a premium to those of peers. In the past several quarters, TCS has reported industry leading growth rates with sustained margins. We increase our PT to Rs.2505 based on FY15E earnings and maintain ACCUMULATE, post the recent rise in the stock price.


Target Rs. 550

YES Bank reported 3QFY14 PAT of INR4.2bn (growth of 21.4% y-y) vs our expectation of INR4bn. The 3% PAT beat was largely driven by a big MTM writeback offsetting lower NII. NIM remained flat q-q despite a marginal core spread improvement. On asset quality, slippages were lower compared to 2Q, while provision coverage dropped to 78% excluding countercyclical provision made during the quarter. Valuation Methodology We arrive at our TP of INR550 using a threestage residual-income valuation method that assumes the following: 1) 18.7% CAGR for interest-earning assets over FY13-17F, 13.9% CAGR over FY17-25F and a terminal growth rate of 4%; 2) average ROE of 20.1% over FY14-25F and a 18.5% terminal ROE; and 3) discount rates ranging from 17.1% (current cost of equity) for FY13-17F, 12.8% for FY18-25F and a 10% terminal rate. At our TP, Yes bank would trade at 2.1x FY15F ABV and 12x FY14F EPS. We are building in capital infusion of USD350mn in FY15F. MSCI India is the benchmark for this stock.


Target Rs. 454

Order book expansion, a key positive… NIIT Tech’s 3QFY14 results delivered a positive surprise on EBIDTA margin despite a miss on revenues (owing to weakness in hardware business). However, fresh order intake for the quarter was strong, which was key positive. NIIT Tech cited lowering focus on India business (~11% of revenues as on 3QFY14) and continued tapering of hardware revenues (4.6% of revenues as on 3QFY14 vs 11% as on 1QFY14). Management guided for shift in focus towards developed markets (North America), core verticals (BFSI, Travel) and ramp up growth service lines (Infrastructure management services). Maintain BUY Valuation and View: We expect NIIT Tech’s USD revenues to remain soft in FY14E. This is due to weakness in hardware revenues owing to the gradual completion of PFR component in CCTNS contracts. However, we expect ramp up in growth trajectory in FY15E aided by new deal wins in focus areas. We model 4/8% USD revenue growth for FY14/FY15E. We see strong scope for margin expansion in FY15 aided by improving revenue mix, traction in high margin contracts (AAI deal) and lower hedge losses. We model EBIDTA margin at 16/17/17.6% for FY14/FY15/FY16E. We expect 12.4% EPS CAGR predominantly aided by margin expansion. BUY with TP of Rs454/sh. Please send all business and corporate related mails to


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Liability To Pay Compensation Is Based On A Statutory Provision MANOJ ASWANI

is VP at MyInsurance


I own a second hand car which was previously owned by my Company. Now, after completion of the Lease Period, the same has been transferred to my name. Now, I have been able to get my name changed on the RC but the Insurance Policy still has my company’s name. The vehicle though has been successfully registered in my name. In the meanwhile, I met with an accident on 30th December, 2013 and the car need a repair of Rs 1.5 lacs. Now my car insurer is refusing to pay the claim. Please help. —Rosesh Singh, Worli According to the rule, as soon as the sale deed is done, there is a Form 29 and a Form 30, which needs to be submitted to the Insurance Company even before the Registration Certificate is submitted for a name change. Thus, even if you file a claim and get the claim, the cheque will be disbursed in the previous owner’s name, in this case in your company’s name. However, a new order from the Supreme Court has mentioned that Insurance Companies Are Liable to Pay Even If There Is a Change in Vehicle Ownership. The law states that you can do a Third Party Claim as long as the vehicle in insured but whether or not you

By Manoj Aswani

Plan Summary LIC New Jeevan Anand is a Non-Linked Guaranteed Return Plan with Whole Life Coverage as well as Bonus Facility. In this plan, premium needs to be paid for the entire policy tenure. In this plan, premium needs to be paid for the entire policy tenure. The Basic Sum Assured along with vested Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Addition Bonus would be paid to the Life Insured on survival till the end of the Policy Tenure as Maturity Benefit and the policy continues. The life coverage continues till the end of his life.

Key Features  This plan is an endowment cum whole life plan  Maturity Benefit is Sum Assured + accrued Bonus and the Life Cover continues till death  Death Benefit after Policy Maturity is only Basic Sum Assured  Death Benefit before Policy Maturity is Sum Assured on Death + accrued Bonus  Sum Assured on Death is defined as higher of 125% of Basic Sum Assured or 10 times the Annualized Premium  Simple Reversionary Bonus is payable on maturity or earlier death  There is an Additional Benefit of Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider  Large Sum Assured rebate is also provided

can do a claim for your own car damage is an area of consideration. It states that “The liability to pay compensation is based on a statutory provision. Compulsory insurance of the vehicle is meant for the benefit of the third parties. The liability of the owner to have compulsory insurance is only in regard to third party and not to the property. Once the vehicle is insured, the owner as well as any other person can use the vehicle with the consent of the owner. Section 146 of the Act does not provide that if any person uses the vehicle independently, a separate insurance policy should be taken. The purpose of compulsory insurance in the Act has been enacted with an object to advance social justice” However, this is applicable ONLY in cases of Third Party Claim. If your claim is a Third Party liability claim, you can go ahead with the claim proceedings but if the same is for your own car damage, the same cannot be payable as the Registration Certificate and the Insurance Copy is of different names. In fact, even if the RC is in the old owner’s name, but your Insurance Policy is in your name, you can still get the insurance claim based on the sale deed and the Form 29 and Form 30 submitted along with the same.

I have 1 LIC Plan wherein I have paid premium for the last 2 and half years. However, I plan to discontinue the same. Someone told me to do the policy Paid Up. In that case, how much Maturity Benefit will I get and how much Death Coverage? —Kapil Mantri, Prabhadevi First and foremost, you need to specify the name of the plan without which it is almost impossible for us to be of any help. Now, assuming that you are talking of a Traditional policy, the usual Surrender Value that accrues ONLY after at least 3 years’ premiums have already been paid and not otherwise. If 3 years’ premiums have not been paid, then the

policy does not accrue a Paid Up Value and hence has no Surrender Value. Now, as per the formulae, Surrender Value= 30% of total premiums paid – 1st Year’s Premium. Thus, if you have paid an Annualized premium of Rs 100, then AFTER completion of 3 policy years, the policy accrues a Surrender Value: Surrender Value= 30% of total premium paid less 1st year’s premium = 30% of 2*100(since 1st year’s Rs 100 is not considered) = 30% of 200= Rs 60. Since this is an insignificant figure as compared to Rs 300 that you have paid as premium, it doesn’t make any sense to discontinue any plan without any reason or rhyme. Thus, it would make MOST sense to continue the plan till the end than surrender the same mid-way. Also, after you have discontinued the plan, your Life Cover will cease to exist and hence there will be no Life Cover. The Maturity Benefit will be there but only the Paid Up Value provided you pay for AT LEAST 3 years and not before that. I am a LIC Insurance agent since the last 2.8 years (34 months). I was not able to sell any 12 or 36 policies as per the norms. Whether the LIC will terminate my

license? How LIC will cancel the agency? Is the Agency code gets automatically cancelled after first year for not selling any policies? Will LIC issue any letter for cancellation? Please clarify my doubts. —Sujata Kaur, Chembur According to the rules of LIC, you need to do at least:  1st year- Minimum 6 lives and Rs 50000 FPI  2nd year- Minimum 6 lives and Rs 50000 FPI  By the end of the 3rd year, you need to do a Minimum 36 lives and Rs 3 lakhs FPI cumulatively in the last 3 years. If the above conditions under "Minimum Business Guarantee" or MBG, your license would get terminated via a letter from the HO. However, the same can be reinstated by the Branch Manager in the 4th year after license expiry. But even in the 4th year, if you are unable to do the MBG or at least 12 lives or Rs 1 Lakh of Premium, then your agency would get permanently terminated. However, if you have time, it makes most sense to continue the plan by doing the MBG so that your renewal commissions are continuously on. (The author is Vice President at, insurance comparison website in India. You may write to him at


An Endowment Cum Whole Life Plan

Benefits: Death Benefit –Death Benefit – In case of death of the Life Insured,  Before the end of the Policy Term, the Sum Assured on Death + accrued Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Addition Bonus are paid to the nominee as Death Benefit and the policy is terminated. The Sum Assured on Death has been defined as higher of 125% of Basic Sum Assured or 10 times the Annualized Premium  After the Policy Term, only the Basic Sum Assured is paid as Death Benefit whenever the Life Insured dies and the policy gets terminated thereafter. Maturity Benefit – On survival till the end of the Policy Tenure, the Policyholder gets the Basic Sum Assured + accrued Simple Reversionary Bonus + Final Addition Bonus as Maturity Benefit and the policy continues to provide Life Coverage to the Insured for the rest of his life. Income Tax Benefit Life Insurance premiums paid up to Rs. 1,00,000 are allowed as a deduction from the taxable income each year under section 80C. The Maturity Benefit is also tax free under section 10(10)D subject to fulfilment of all terms and conditions.


Sum Assured (in Rs.) Policy Term (in years)

Premium Payment Term (in years) Entry Age of Life Insured (in years) Age at Maturity (in years) Payment Modes


100,000, in multiples of 5,000

Max. No Limit





Equal to Policy Tenure -


Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly and SSS

Discontinuance of Premiums If the premiums are not paid within Grace Period, the policy lapses and all benefits cease. However, if at least 3 years’ premiums have been paid, the policy acquires a Paid Up Value for a Reduced Sum Assured but the policy would be eligible for any future regular additions. The policy can however be revived within 2 consecutive years from the date of first unpaid premium.

Riders – There is an Additional Rider available with this plan: Riders


Accidental Dismemberment Benefit


Critical illness


Accidental Death, Disability and Dismemberment Benefit Waiver of Premium

Family Income Benefit

Accelerated Sum Assured


No No No

Surrender Benefit The policy can be surrendered only after it accrues Cash Value after at least 3 years’ premiums have been paid. This percentage will depend on the policy term and policy year in which the policy is surrendered and specified as per the table mentioned. Loan Loan can be availed under the policy provided the policy has acquired a surrender value and subject to the terms and conditions.

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Ajaya: Roll of the Dice By Anand Neelakantan

 The Lowland By Jhumpa Lahiri And the Mountains Echoed By Khaled Hosseini

InfernoBy Dan Brown Sycamore Row By John Grisham 

 The Oath of the Vayuputras By Amish Tripathi

The Kill List By Frederick Forsyth 

 The Cuckoo's Calling By Robert Galbraith

 The Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi  The Secret of the Nagas By Amish Tripathi


 David and Goliath By Malcolm Gladwell

 I am Malala By Malala Yousafzsai

 The Art of Thinking Clearly By Rolf Dobelli

 Reimagining India By McKinsey & Company

 Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography By Sir Alex Ferguson  The One Thing By Garry Keller 

Manorama Yearbook 2014

The Secret: Hero By Rhonda Byrne 

 Sita: An Illustrated Retelling By Devdutt Pattanaik  The Decision Book By Mikael Krogerus


 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck By Jeff Kinney 

Children’s Yearbook & Infopedia 2014

Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades By Rick Riordan 

 Wimpy Kid Box Set By Jeff Kinney

The Fault in Our Stars By John Green  

Illustrated History of India

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 Mahabharata (Set of 3 Books) By Anant Pai  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Do it Yourself By Jeff Kinney

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A Legacy Driven Life (Live a Legacy to Leave a Legacy) by Adil F. Dalal is a revelation. It is very much unlike the writing done by those seeking to relocate us to a better plane in life by passing the baton of knowledge gleaned from reading some of the millions of pages already printed on this vastly nebulous subject. Here is the benefit of direct personal experience.


hose who try to get us to shift gears, and thereby rearrange and tidy up our emotional baggage, will have delved into (we must be fair to them for their efforts) volumes of psycho-babble to get to what they feel is the crux of the matter. Only tragedy is that there is too much variety in this so-called concept of matter, that they seem to be addressing some of the 'ills' that they perceive in our methods. There is a pre-supposition that we are somewhere unfit and that their book is the perfect panacea. Other authors seek to teach us how to out-guess and out-manoeuvre our detractors in the office arena – assuming we are embattled. A war to end all wars becomes their prescription, wanting us to leave a trail of the vanquished in our wake. Rarely do we come across a person who has been in a situation in corporate life, copes with the less than perfect circumstances and yet does his best because he remembers that it is what he endorsed and signed for on his appointment letter. And then he decides to do even better than the best for his organisation – only to end up riding the crest of the career wave where there is no turning or even looking back as an individual or as an employee. A Legacy Driven Life is a near distillation of all that it takes to attain a similar scale of success, it is his legacy for all us readers, in corporate or private life – the principle of living a legacy and thus leaving a legacy. It is a very unslefish and egoless work and does not seek to impose some sort of drill and then ensure you are conscripted and driven to march to success. The author, in very friendly prose, provides classic examples of people who identified what was their core principle in life and then lived their days standing by and standing tall for what they believed in. Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks – the non-white woman who refused to vacate her bus seat for a white passenger, Nelson Mandela – who freed not

I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.

just the non-whites from the abhorrent scourge of apartheid, but also the white South Africans from their time-warped mindset, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilee, Albert Einstein, who all made changes in history of mankind by first initiating the changes within themselves. What a Legacy these persons of humble origins have left behind! Visualisation is the beautiful device that the author suggests we employ, assuring us that it will help us reach the pinnacle. He emphasises that it is the power of visualisation that has been responsible for all the successes on the planet, and with the several

examples and the references cited, we are inclined to believe him. Visualisation works on the brain very miraculously, and helps us plan our goals and persist in our efforts in order to realise them. Early in the book, there is the fascinatingly uplifting poem, Invictus by Willaim Ernest Henley, who faced terrible deprivation in health and economic situation, even a leg being amputated, to turn the tables on fate. The first two stanzas of this valiant sounding poem go like this: Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole,

We can triumph over every problem


hat's Your Excuse? Making the Most of What You Have by John P. Foppe is very rightfully on this page. Foppe was born without arms, but overcoming adversity, has managed to distinguish himself as a professional speaker, motivating thousands with his high-impact presentations on attitude control, personal growth, and performance improvement to business houses and organisations

across the globe. He has received special blessings from the Pope at the Vatican which took note of his selfless service at raising thew morale of all those who feel handicapped by life's crippling circumstances, and are unable to see a better and manageable future for themselves. He recalls his mother's reaction on first seeing him: As the nurse gently placed me into her arms, Mom pulled back

To continue with the reassurance, the author introduces to five persons or personalities, who overcame life's threatening odds to make a mark for themselves and more importantly, for others. They are shining examples of fortitude: Rob Bryant, Tom Cunningham, Sherry Unwala, Billy Billimoria and holocaust survivor Izzy Gesell. They are selfless enough to tell us they were inspired by other role models. Tom Cunningham, who is an instructor from the Napoleon Hill Foundation, while sharing information about himself, happily talks about Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs, and has spoken all over the world reaching out to millions via YouTube. There is also reference to W. Mitchell who after suffering 65 per cent burns in a motorcycle later went on to fly his own plane, which crashed, leaving him paralysed from waist down. He remains unfazed and has done sky diving and river boat rafting. The author says: In order to successfully live and leave your legacy, to convert your dash into infinity : 1) Know the purpose – Pursue it! 2) Winning is a habit – Cultivate it! 3) There will be resistance — Face it! 4) Passion is a requirement – Show it! 5) Sky is the limit – Reach for it! Simply great stuff, inspiring and invigorating. The author is the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions, with award winning book, The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence, and is a keynote speaker, executive coach and the host of See2B Talk radio. A Legacy Driven Life by Adil F. Dalal Pinnacle Process Solutions, International, LLC This book can be acquired online through Amazon

the blanket and saw the slick spots where arms should have been. All she could say was, “Thank God, he has legs!” Later on, Foppe learned about options for dealing with various situations: Sleeping in, a passive choice of a person so overwhelmed that he or she just doesn't know what to do. Caving in, where the emotional capitulation leaves one paralysed. Tuning in is where an honest evaluation helps see the

hurdles along with the solutions.Digging in is where you have chosen to deal with your circumstance in order to move ahead. Instead of sleeping in or caving in, Foppe tuned in to understand his situation, and then dug into pursuing the solutions. Read this and overcome your handicap, mental or physical. What's Your Excuse? by John P. Foppe Thomas Nelson Publishers. Available on Amazon, ebay





 Deuce Bigalow is a less than attractive, down on his luck aquarium cleaner. One day he runs into a male gigolo who asks him to look after his precious fish while he is away on business. However, he wrecks the house and needs quick money to repair it. The only way he can make it is to become a gigolo himself, taking on an unusual mix of female clients. He encounters a couple of problems, though. He falls in love with one of his unusual clients, and a sleazy police officer his hot on his trail. Star Movies, 11.05 p.m.



 In tonight’s episode we will see, Aaliya breaks down in her room, after breaking her marriage with Zeeshan. Zain happens to see her crying and enters her room to console her. Further, the entire family comes upstairs to check on Aaliya when they see Zain taking Aaliya in his arms. Ghulam, upon seeing this is shocked and suffers a heart attack. Colors, 9 p.m.

 Tara tries to convince Mrityunjay that Radha is alive but he doesn’t believe her. Tara goes to Kaka’s house to find out the trust, but the police head to the Shekhawat residence to arrest Tara. Will the police arrest Tara for a murder she has not committed? Li fe OK, 8.30 p.m .


 Sandhya tells inspector singh that she will not cut her hair, inspector singh challenges her to prove herself now. Sooraj is happy and relieved that Sandhya did not cut her hair. The squad gears up for the first important task i.e. the hurdle race. Sandhya develops pain in the back and legs and struggles to do the task practice. Sandhya shares her issues with sooraj and sooraj realizes that Sandhya might be pregnant. Sooraj feels dual emotion of happiness and guilt because due to him now sandhyas training will suffer. Sooraj tells Sandhya about her possible pregnancy. Star Plu s, 9 p.m.


 Discovery science reveals the innovation and fire-packed power of the world’s most elite fighting units in WEAPONOLOGY. Di scover y Sci en ce, 10 p.m.


 There can only be one winner. In a supreme test of endurance, skill and courage, six men journey to the most remote parts of the world to live with indigenous peoples, to train with them and to take part in their ancient sporting festivals. They are some of

Beintehaa, Colors, 9 p.m.

the toughest events in the world. From wrestling deep in the Amazonian rainforest to bullock racing in India and pig fighting on the Nicobar Islands, the six must play by local rules. But their experiences are much more than a sporting challenge; the adventurers enter the very heart of local societies, becoming part of them and performing all the rites and rituals, however dangerous they may be. Do they have what it takes to gain the respect of the tribe, to really become one of them? D iscover y, 10 p.m.


 WILDEST AFRICA takes one on a breathtaking journey to explore its incredible array of wildlife and the people who inhabit one of the world’s most diverse landscapes. Tune into the show as it delves into the heart of this valley and discovers what makes it such an amazing geographical phenomenon. An ima l Planet, 8 p.m .


 A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of America’s nascent pro-football league in 1925. Dodge Connolly, a charming, brash football hero, is determined to guide his team from bar brawls to packed stadiums. But after the players lose their sponsor and the entire league faces certain collapse, Dodge convinces a college football star to join his ragtag ranks. The captain hopes his latest move will help the struggling sport finally capture the country’s attention. Welcome to the team Carter Rutherford, America’s favorite son. A golden-boy war hero who single-handedly forced multiple German soldiers to surrender in WWI, Carter has dashing good looks and unparalleled speed on the field. This new champ is almost too good to be true, and Lexie Littleton aims to prove that’s the case. A cub journalist playing in the big leagues, Lexie is a spitfire newswoman who suspects there are holes in Carter’s war story. Zee Studi o, 10.30 p.m.


British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country. Once they were being challenge by a brave king name Raja Azaad Singh, one day he happen to confront them and take them over to Lady Elena where some justice was being thought to them but they turn back and attack Azaad Singh on his back and he was wounded on his left arm. He contact Dr. Harry and was again attack but this time he sent away his wife and new born baby son by putting a mark on his arm. Fearing that the baby may fall into the British arm his mother decides to leave him into an orphanage. Later on the boy grows up and was called Mard with intelligence to protect his own country, a woman name Jamuna and her husband brought him up. On a chance encounter he happen to meet up with beautiful and charming Ruby on a mischap and later on found out it was Dr. Harry's daughter, on a strange incident both Ruby and Mard falls in love. But her father had other plans for her to marry ... Zee Ci nema, 9 p.m.


Facing bankruptcy, Louisiana fishing boat captain John Sanders and his faithful first mate Emery Broussard have little choice but to return to the career they left, underwater oil drilling, when Sanders' ex-wife, Kelli, offers to pay them well for their help with a massive underground reserve under the Atchafalaya River. Meanwhile, Police captain Dale Landry has a more serious problem on his hands: A killer bull shark has swum up the Atchafalaya and is attacking people. As Sanders, Emery, Kelli and company begin diving, they encounter a pack of predators who threaten to be far more dangerous than the shark. A trio of



P.M. 2.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 2.30 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.. 3.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha 3.30 Diya Aur Bati Hum 4.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 4.30 Saraswatichandra 5.00 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas-Veera 5.30 Ye Hai Mohabbatein 6.00 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon-Ek Baar Phir 6.30 Ek Ghar Banaunga 7.00 Saath Nibhaana... 7.30 Saraswati Chandra 8.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 8.30 Mahabharat 9.00 Diya Aur Bati Hum 9.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai…. 10.30 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera 11.00 Ye Hai Mohabbatein P.M. 1.00 3.00 4.00 4.30 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00



Afternoon Despatch & Courier

P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 4.30 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00

Leatherheads, Zee Studio, 10.30 p.m. criminals led by Ice is already diving in search of a secret cache of money, and will stop at nothing to locate it. HBO, 9 p.m.


Azad(Anil Kapoor), a mob enforcer who rescues the lovely Seema (Meenakshi Seshadri) from a brothel against the orders of both his boss and a rival gang leader. He vows to help her become a singer, and enlists Dhiren (Govindra) to help her, but things become complicated when both men fall for Seema--and the gangsters decide they want her back. Filmy, 9 p.m.


Raghunath Namdev Shivalkar and his best friend Dedh Footiya struggle to find work in Mumbai. They decide to run a pav bhaji stall.But fate steps in when Raghu accidentally kills a customer who turns out to be the brother of a notorious gangster, Fracture Pandya and end up in the Mumbai underworld. Vitthal Kaanya, a rival gang lord, offers Raghunath and Dedh Footiya protection and later hires them both as hitmen. Raghunath becomes a respected hit man, with Dedh Footiya as his accomplice. With Raghunath in his gang Vitthal Kaanya hits a peak in the Mumbai underworld. He is protected by a politician who uses Raghunath for his needs. While BabbanRao relies on Raghunath, there are some others who despise Raghunath, and are just waiting in the sidelines to see when Raghunath makes an error. Raghunath does so, and hence becomes an embarrassment for BabbanRao. Soon Raghunath is on the run, both from the police, and BabbanRao's... Max, 5.30p.m.

5.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30

10.00 10.30 11.00



P.M. 2.00 Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2.30 Doli Armaano Ki 3.00 Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3.30 Pavitra Rishta 4.00 Qubool Hai 4.30 Ek Mutthi Aasmaan 5.00 Jodha Akbar 5.30 Bh se Bhade 6.00 Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6.30 Pavitra Rishta 7.00 Ek Mutthi Aasmaan 7.30 Sapne Suhane... 8.00 Jodha Akbar 8.30 Do dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9.00 Pavitra Rishta. 9.30 Qubool Hai 10.00 Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10.30 Doli Armaano Ki 11.00 Jodha Akbar

6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30

10.00 10.30 11.00 P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 8.00 8.30 9.00

Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Firangi Bahu Haunted Nights: Kaun Hai Who? Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti… Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi Niyati Firangi Bahu Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali. Aakhir Bahu Bhi toh Beti Hee


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah.. FIR Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah… Baal Veer Taarak Mehta… Chidiya Ghar

5.00 5.30 6.00 7.00

8.00 9.00

10.00 11.00

Food Factory American Digger Wild India Human Body: Pushing The Limits World’s Strangest Inside The Human Body Last Man Standing Destroyed in Seconds


P.M. 2.00 Aliens 3.00 Dinosaurs 4.00 Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 4.50 Dark Matters 5.40 How It’s Made 6.00 The Gadget Show 7.00 Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 8.00 How It’s Made 9.00 Time Warp 10.00 Weaponology 11.00 Tech Toys 360


Boston Legal Castle Suburgatory Two and A Half Men Boston Legal Castle Koffee with Karan Suburgatory Two And A Half Men Boston Legal Almost Human Castle


Switched At Birth Ellen Degeneres Show Crazy Hidden Camera Just for Laughs Switched At Birth The Mentalist The Big Bang Theory Happy Ending Being Erica Switched At Birth The Mentalist


Britain’s Next Top Model NCIS Maximum Exposure The X Factor 90210 30 Minute Meals Maximum Exposure Jamie’ 30 Minute Meals Rules of Engagement 90210 Britain’s Next Top Model NCIS


Maharana Pratap Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Ekk Nayi Pehchaan Main Naa Boolugi Boogie Woogie Kids Championship Crime Patrol: Dastak Main Naa Bhoolungi Ek Nayi Pehchaan Desh Ki Beti Nandini Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara Maharana Pratap Bade Achhe Lagte Hai Crime Patrol

P.M. 2.30 News in Marathi 3.00 Katha Sarita 3.30 Daivacha Ha Khel Nirala 4.00 Mazi Maye 4.10 Bheti Lagi Jiva 4.35 Sansar Maza Wegala 5.00 News in Marathi 5.05 Aatmabhan 5.30 Suraksha 6.00 Krishi Varta 6.30 AMAM 7.00 News in Marathi. 7.15 Bharat Ek Khoj 8.00 News 8.15 Samachar 8.30 Pavitra Bandhan

P.M 1.40 3.58 6.43 9.00 11.05 A.M. 8.55 11.14 P.M. 12.29 2.17 4.11 6.22 9.00 10.50

Being Erica, Zee Cafe, 9 p.m.


P.M. 2.00 Best of Savdhaaan India 6.30 20th Annual Life of Screen Awards-Ab Life Hog Ok 7.30 Gustakh Dil 8.00 Devo Ke Dev Mahadev 8.30 Ek Boond Ishq 9.00 Do Dil… Ek Jaan 9.30 Tumhari Paakhi 10.00 Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai-Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10.30 Savdhaan India P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 5.00 5.30 7.00

7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00


Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu Rangrasiya Beintehaa Madhubala Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki Bani – Ishq da Kalma Comedy Nights with Kapil Sanskaar: Dharohar Apnon Ki Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu Madhubala Beintehaa Rangrasiya Uttaran Bani – Ishq da Kalma Balika Vadhu


P.M 1.30 Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali 2.00 Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai 2.30 Firangi Bahu 3.00 Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani: Film. Balraj Sahni 6.00 Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Jljhi Niyati

9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00

Ek Boond Ishq, Life OK, 8.30 p.m.

Jeanie Aur Juju Lapataganj-Ek Baar Phir FIR Taarak Mehta


P.M. 2.00 Tu Tithee Mee 2.30 Eka Lagnachi Tisari Goshta 3.00 Honar Suun Me Hya Gharachi 3.30 Juluni Yeti Reshimgathi 4.00 Fu Bai Fu 5.00 Tu Thithe Mee 5.30 Honar Suun Me Hya Gharachi 6.00 Eka Lagnachi Tisari Goshat 6.30 Home Minister 7.00 Tu Tithe Mee 7.30 Radha Hi Bawri 8.00 Honar Suun Me Hya Gharachi 8.30 Juluni Yeti Reshimgathi 9.00 Eka Lagnachi Tisari... 9.30 Saregamapa 10.30 Juluni Yeti Reshimgathi 11.00 Honnar Suun Me Hya...


P.M. 2.00 3.00 3.30 4.00 5.00

6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 10.30 11.00

Wild Recon Predator’s Prey Natural Born Hunters Equator Animal Planet’s Most Outrageous AP Safari Untamed and Uncut Wildest Africa Wild Recon Predator’s Prey Natural Born Hunters River Monsters


P.M. 2.00 Earth Machine 3.00 Dual Survival 4.00 My Shocking Story

5.30 6.30 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 10.30 11.00

P.M. 2.00 3.00 3.30 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

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P.M. 2.00 Masterclass: Sanjay Manjrekar 2.30 Believe 2013 3.00 Carlton Mid ODI Series 4.00 Masterclass: Akram 4.30 Believe 2013 5.00 Carlton Mid ODI 6.00 Jai H0 6.30 Masterclass: Akram 7.00 Star Power 7.30 Switcyh Hit 8.00 Believe 2013 8.30 Masterclass: Ganguly 9.00 Jai Ho 9.30 Switch Hit 10.00 Believe 2013 10.30 Jai Ho P.M. 1.30 Australian Open 2014 4th Round 5.30 Liga Bbva 13/14 6.00 Aus Open 2014 Day 8 7.00 Premier League 9.00 Serie A H/ts 9.30 Superstar BPL Hlts 10.00 Liga Bbva 13/14 10.30 The Football Reivew 11.00 Australian Open 14 h/ts

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Afternoon Despatch & Courier


The latest new show to start on Zee Marathi is ‘Asmita’ which is about a girl who is a detective who handles cases personally and is the first of it’s kind on Marathi prime time. Mayuri Wagh plays ‘Asmita’ and we spoke to her about her exciting new show. Mayuri has been a part of comedy reality shows like ‘Comedy Express’. Here is what she said.


How different is your show from other detective shows? There is a strong relation to family bonds and coworkers and how Asmita relates to her parents and her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, etc. and how Asmita forms her own team of detectives. The show discusses how a simple girl takes up this profession and the stress she has to go through to becoming an accomplished detective. She has a law degree but she opts for a profession different from others. What made you accept this character? Asmita Agnihotri’s character is so different from the other female characters one sees on television today and is the first of it’s kind on general entertainment channels. Also, I like thrillers and detective shows myself which is what made me

By Sandeep Hattangadi


ofia and her family take to the high seas for a royal vacation in the first-ever 'Sofia the First' prime time special, 'Sofia the First: The Floating Palace', premiered on Sunday, on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on Saturday, January 18. The undersea adventure, in which Sofia is magically transformed into a mermaid, features a special appearance by Princess Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' and also introduces a new character named Oona, a young mermaid. The serial takes Sofia and her family on an extraordinary journey to Merriway Cove, where Sofia meets a young mermaid named Oona.

accept this serial.

How did you like working in this serial? I have just started shooting for the show and it’s an enjoyable experience with a producer like Sangeet Kulkarni and the director and the writer who are so talented and a channel like Zee Marathi. I also vibe well with Mugdha Godbole Ranade, who too is a part of the serial.

How did you prepare for this character? I have discussed elaborately with the creative team of the serial as to how the character will speak, walk and her lifestyle and the various nuances she has to her character. Do you have any favourite detective serials or cop dramas?


Ruslaan Mumtaz and Sangeeta Ghosh, the lead pair of Sony Entertainment Television’s 'Kehta Hai Dil…Jee Le Zara’ have a huge fan following. The actors recently got a taste of their popularity when the channel organised a mega engagement activity ‘Sony Mahotsav’ for the loyal fans in Jalandhar during the festival of warmth and joy, Lohri. The actors were quite overwhelmed with the love and appreciation they received from their fans in Jalandhar. One such fan was Nancy Dutta, a London resident who travelled all the way to Jalandhar only to catch the glimpse of the duo. When this loyal fan got the news of her favorite 'jodi' visiting Jalandhar, in a split second she made her decision and packed her bags and landed there. Sony Entertainment Television made her dream come true by giving her a life time opportunity to meet her beloved stars. Amazed by this sweet gesture Ruslaan Mumtaz exclaimed, ‘As an actor, I really respect and love my fans a lot. They play a very important role in my life. I always wanted to talk and interact with my fans who have showered me with love and appreciation.”.


Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world and we all know that. When actress Gulfam Khan recently visited the place she was amazed to experience it. Talking about her experience Gulfam says, “My husband was instrumental for this trip. He had discussed and planned everything. This was my first trip to the Taj and definitely I want to visit it again. The most striking factor for me of Taj is the colour white. I feel white is showing the outer simplicity of the structure which is so sober and subtle and when you enter inside it is completely gorgeous and electrifying.


Yes. I like 'CID' very much and have followed it regularly and have enjoyed each episode of the show.

Do you have any role models or inspirations? My parents who supported me in all my endeavours and in the entertainment industry. I have no one specific as my idol but whoever does good work, I try to learn from them and imbibe their qualities in myself. Are you open to reality shows? Yes. But if it’s a dance based reality show, I will accept it since I am a very good dancer.

And films? I have not had any good offers yet but I am waiting. Elementary, dear Mayuri!

Devoleena Bhattacharjee who is playing Gopi Bahu in ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ is always seen in sarees in the show but she is a regular girl in real life and wears clothes which any girl her age would wear. She hardly gets holidays but she managed to go on a short trip to Kerala with some friends. She says, “It was my first visit and I came back rejuvenated. I love places which are near nature and are not crowded. It was a welcome change from my hectic daily soap schedules”.


Sonic brings to its viewers, a whole new world of action, adventure and excitement with the popular Manga series 'Idaten Jump'. The show will pump up the adrenaline in you as the little Sho Yamato, along with his friends, shows his love for mountain biking in this new serial starting on January 20, 2014, Mon-Fri at 6.30 pm! 'Idaten Jump' is a popular series that revolves around a young boy.

Adventure show for kids

sea monster, Sofia – with a little help from Princess Ariel – must find a way to save her and create harmony between their two worlds. The simulcast of the premiere of the made-fortelevision movie 'Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess' on Disney Channel and Disney Junior reached out to more than 4 million viewers. Fuelled by the popularity of Sofia, Disney Consumer Products currently has a line of Sofia branded products such as puzzles, scooters and will soon be launching an interestAfter helping Oona untangle During their adventure, ing range of ‘back to school’ her fin from a net, Sofia's mag- Sofia learns that mermaids merchandise such as school ical amulet transforms her mistrust humans and are bags, colouring equipments, into a mermaid too, allowing angry that her family's floating stationery sets and will launch her to explore the underwater palace is in their cove. When Sofia bicycles, rainwear and world with her new friend. Oona is captured by a horrible footwear as well.

POGO superstars Chhota Bheem and Chutki and Cartoon Network icons Tom & Jerry and Kris walked the ramp with Ali Asgar as one of the most awaited fashion events took off at the Lalit Intercontinental this weekend. After two years of its conception, the second edition of India Kids Fashion Week, a joint venture by Events Capital and Craftworld Entertainment saw children walk the ramp, emerging as rock stars through their fierce attitude and innocent smiles.

‘Consumers’ need protection under Clinical Law



Afternoon Despatch & Courier


There’s opposition, and quite expectedly too, from the medical fraternity to a tighter Clinical Establishment Law, writes Gajanan Khergamker

him his wife’s life. Dr Kunal Saha, from Ohio had travelled to Kolkata with his wife, Anuradha, in 1998 from the US. She had died after contracting a rare skin disease which was treated by the Advanced Medicare and Research Institute (AMRI) hospital. The Apex Court ordered three doctors, who attended to her, to collectively pay Rs 25 lakhs as compensation. Anuradha, a child psychologist and graduate of Columbia University in New York, contracted toxic epidermal necrolysis while in India but was badly diagnosed and given an overdose of steroids. Just earlier this month, an RTI application filed by the daughter of a deceased patient revealed that the doctor, who had treated her mother, had not renewed her licence with Maharashtra Medical Council for over 20 years. Such cases are making the headlines now more than ever. And, with “The Maharashtra act should have the patients getting more aware of a charter of patients’ rights that their rights, even the medical should be prominently displayed in council and the government each clinical establishment as a bodies are cracking the whip on condition for registration,” a press negligent doctors. release by Jan Arogya Abhiyan (JAA) stated. The Centre had drafted the Clinical Establishments Act in 2010, which was passed in some union territories. For Maharashtra, the state gov- Just last month, the Maharashtra ernment appointed a committee Medical Council issued notices to under the chairmanship of Maha- 21 doctors, including four from the rashtra Medical Council chief Dr city, for violating the Medical CounKishor Taori to work on issues pe- cil of India’s (MCI) code on self-adculiar to the state. But healthcare vertisement. According to Section 6.1 of the activists feel the committee is too lopsided with more doctors being Medical Council of India’s code of represented than civil society mem- medical ethics, a doctor cannot adbers. Many cases of medical negli- vertise for himself/herself individugence have come up in the last year. ally or with other doctors. And, the doctors who were served And, many negligent doctors had to face the music for negligence as notices were found violating these norms. Cardiologist Dr Mahesh well. It was just a few months back in Shah, cosmetic surgeon Dr Parag October last when an Indian doctor Telang, dermatologist Dr Shaila in America was awarded a record Shenoy and gynaecologist Dr compensation of nearly Rs six Makrand Masrani were the four crores by the Supreme Court for a city-based doctors who were served case of medical negligence that cost notices by MCI.

cal trials were received till August 2013.

Picture for representational purposes only


ill sometime back, not many in India were aware of their rights when it came to medical negligence. Doctors in India are attributed divine status. And, questioning the doctor on his method of treatment was a rare occurrence. But, more and more people are now aware of their rights and are beginning to question doctors about medication prescribed, procedures etc. A 19-member high-powered committee is presently drafting the Clinical Establishment Law for Maharashtra before the forthcoming budget session. And, citizen groups have come forward and demanded that the law be made more patientcentric instead of it being focused on doctors; this, despite the Indian Medical Association opposing the law.

SC rules no new clinical trials sans mechanism The Supreme Court had later passed a ruling which said that no new clinical trials should be allowed for new drugs till a mechanism is put in place to monitor them. The bench had also asked the Centre not to allow clinical trials for untested medicines. The Centre had admitted that 2,644 persons had lost their lives during clinical trials of 475 new drugs from 2005 to 2012. The government has now decided to tighten regulation of clinical trials by mandating that ethics committees that clear clinical trials will not only have to be registered but also accredited. For this, it has put together a three-member committee to identify experts who’ll form the accreditation council.

Jan Arogya Abhiyan urges charter of patients’ rights

State Medical Council issues notices to 21 doctors

State govt takes efforts to nab doctors flouting norms State-wise too, the government is taking efforts in ensuring doctors flouting norms are not let off that easily.

Rapped doctors give unconditional apologies

were completely irrelevant. Like, for instance, one of the clinical trial for the use of drug Tadalafil Reportedly, the doctors in question in pulmonary hypertension (otherhave given their unconditional wise used for male erectile dysfuncapologies to the MMC. According to tion), out of the nine subjects, seven the MMC, doctors found flouting were women and one was a 17the rule can invite punishment year-old boy, all belonging to poor ranging from a warning to cancella- backgrounds. tion of their registration. Just a few months back, the In 2011, in Indore, a reply to an Supreme Court expressed its conRTI application filed revealed that cerns about drug trials being peraround 40 doctors and 18 hospitals mitted on humans without were found flouting clinical trial comprehensive rules to regulate the norms from both private and gov- approval process in India. ernment hospitals. It was revealed The court had asked the Health that doctors, in a bid to make Ministry to justify its approval for money, were using patients from 162 global clinical trials in India. A poor families for clinical trials that total of 1,122 applications for clini-

State wise too, the government is taking efforts in ensuring doctors flouting norms are not let off that easily. In August last, a doctor from government-run Sion hospital was sacked for running a private practice of his own during his official shift at the state-run hospital. That apart, six other doctors from staterun hospitals have been served show-cause notices for the same reason. India, unlike other developed countries, has a long way to go in the sphere of medical negligence. Patients have only recently started realising their rights and asking for what they deserve. The government too is trying to bring out some order in the medical field one at a time and hopefully in time, evolve norms beneficial for both patients and doctors. With inputs from Prerna Pandey

Readers keen on seeking help on drafting RTI applications may write in to or call Gajanan Khergamker on 022-22841593 for any assistance on RTI or to have their findings / issue featured on this page

By Philip Varghese


ven as the public debates on the issue of hazards of cell-tower radiation, an organisation has written to the Prime Minister seeking to protect public health and to formulate a regulatory body for cell tower installations and to monitor radiation levels. According to the petition by Surakshit Vatavaran Charitable Trust, “Whereas on May 31, 2011, World Health Organization (WHO) has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a class 2B, a possible human carcinogen, and called for further investigation, and there are concerns in Indian public about cell towers which transmit the radio frequency electromagnetic fields being in close proximity to thickly populated areas, the absence of a single point regulatory

Addressing concerns over cell tower radiation body to provide information to citizens on cell tower installations in their localities, their compliance to fire, legal and other local norms, the number of antenna installed in those towers and the power emitted by them. Whereas unlike many European countries, India faces unique challenges due to high population density in urban areas and multiple service providers in each of the service areas, this issue requires more scientific investigation and solutions to be developed which are acceptable to all stakeholders. Meanwhile, there are concerns and local protests from concerned citizens located next to cell towers demanding the removal of towers/ re-locating them. Such an ap-

proach may not help as the network connectivity and operations will be adversely impacted by removal of such cell towers. The telecom technology has helped to transform lives of millions of people in India (especially rural areas which had little connectivity before) and the telecom sector has been key component of India’s GDP growth in past decade. So, we need to find solutions for safe use of this technology which is practical and feasible for all stakeholders rather than demanding arbitrary removal to towers.” The petition has demanded that the Prime Minister request the government to create a regulatory body to map the location details of

existing and proposed cell towers, their operational details (like number of antenna, power transmitted by the antenna etc.) and make such information easily accessible to all citizens and to address concerns from citizens in a fair and systemic approach, rather than making the citizens to approach multiple government departments. “This regulatory body should have mechanism to seek and obtain inputs and views from general public and telecom operators. This regulatory body should also have powers on guideline setting, monitoring and enforcing the radiation levels. Scientific studies should be carried out to determine if there is any long term health effects due to

cell tower radiation in India. As a precautionary measure , create a policy framework to avoid unscientific proliferation of towers, especially near thickly populated areas. Also, provide and enforce guidelines to avoid locating cell towers within close proximity of schools and hospitals and near thickly populated areas. Where towers are located very close to densely populated areas explore the possibility of relocating the towers or reduce the power transmitted. Since reduction of power might require additional towers to be installed to ensure signal coverage, this might involve additional investment cost for service providers and hence, suitable relief measures (like tax breaks/ other mechanism) be provided by government so the service providers are able to recover these additional costs,” the petition reads.

Will Kejriwal be the 2014 game changer?

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


By Santosh Bhartiya


RVIND KEJRIWAL won the Confidence Vote in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Won the Confidence Vote in the sense that the Congress was left with no alternative but to support it and the Bharatiya Janata Party was left gazing helplessly at Arvind Kejriwal seated in the Chief Minister’s chair. In fact, the BJP had believed that there was anger against the policies of the Congress, they had Narendra Modi with them, they had been in a 15-year exile which would end in 2013 and Dr. Harshvardhan would become the new Chief Minister of Delhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party was in a state of such over enthusiasm and extreme self belief that it just didn’t depute all its leaders for campaigning in a planned manner. Their self belief had increased to an extent beyond limits only because of the wrath against the Congress, and the crowds that had gathered at Narendra Modi’s rallies and meetings. Due to these spectacles they wore they could not see that the anger of the people of Delhi was as much at the Bhartiya Janata Party as it was at the Congress. It seemed to the people that the BJP had not discharged its role of opposition properly and correctly. Neither did it do so in Delhi, nor did it do so against the Government sitting at the Centre inside of Parliament. On the roads of Delhi the BJP was seen only in a ritualistic man-

ner. It did not oppose the Congress policies anywhere. It could not oppose those policies anyway, because its own its economic policies and those of the Congress are the same. The BJP’s complaint is just that – which Narendra Modi says in his meetings – the Congress has not implemented its open liberal economic policies, and they (the BJP) will implement them properly. If people had known that Arvind Kejriwal would get so many seats, then it is certain that that Kejriwal would have got more seats than a clear majority required. If Anna Hazare had campaigned in his support in Delhi, then too Kejriwal would have got a clear majority. But Kejriwal’s misfortune was that even those who were with him in their hearts, were not prepared to give him more than 12 to 14 seats. The entire media proved to be unsuccessful in this matter. Legislators proved to be unsuccessful. Congress and BJP strategists were ‘defeated’ on this issue. ‘Defeat’ was something that even Kejriwal’s associates tasted. When Yogendra Yadav got a survey conducted in Delhi, he gave the Aam Aadmi Party 47 seats. These 47 seats became a weapon of publicity for Kejriwal. In fact, Kejriwal used everything that he could for publicity and campaigning. He made extensive use of Yogendra Yadav’s credibility and his Institute, without disclosing that Yadav was a leader of this very party. Those people who saw Yadav’s

NOTES FROM NEW DELHI analysis of the elections on various TV channels, kept in mind only that image of Yadav. That is why where the media, which had said a maximum of 12 to 14 seats would go to the Aam Aadmi Party, was unsuccessful, I believe that Yadav, who

Kejriwal’s misfortune was that even those to whom he was dear, were not prepared to give him more than 12 to 14 seats. said 47 seats for the AAP, also failed, as only 28 seats went to the AAP. But getting these 28 seats is not important. What is important is the anger of Delhi, the difficulties which the people of Delhi have been facing for the last 60 years. They were not heard either in the Congress, nor were they heard in the Bharatiya Janata Party. The people were also angry with such parties which registered their presence in

the Delhi Assembly by winning just two or three seats. That is why Mayawatiji’s Bahujan Samaj Party was wiped out in the elections percentage-wise in Delhi and in numbers was wiped out totally. Actually, the entire base of the Congress slipped away and went to the AAP. This is the first time in Delhi that people living in the slums did not take money, there was a lesser quantity of liquor distributed in the slums. Usually it is considered that slums and unauthorised colonies are the trump card of the Congress, where a night or two before the elections, liquor is handed out, money is distributed, and the votes come to the Congress. This did not happen this time. This time people themselves asked Kejriwal to come and hold meetings. People themselves gave their support to Kejriwal. They made Kejriwal a weapon for their anger against the political system. This weapon was a weapon of the people, which they used in the elections. The story after this is even more interesting, because neither the media nor election analysts nor those conducting pre-election surveys recognised that Arvind Kejriwal was becoming a symbol of the people’s anger. One thing becomes clear from this and that is that all analysis, all surveys are like leaves in the wind or to put it crudely, bullshit. They are there to make fools out of people. It was the same case with seats in Rajasthan. Nobody had imagined that


Vasundhara Raje would get so many seats. It had been accepted that because of Ashok Gehlot, Raje would come to power, but that she would come to power with so many seats, nobody had even considered. Kejriwal carried out his entire campaign the way a students movement is carried out. He ‘instigated’ the youth in the same way. He called workers from all over the country in the same way. Many workers from all over the country came voluntarily. They came to Delhi and stayed on facing difficulties. For some the stay was good. But they all worked equally. And the way the workers worked to create an atmosphere in favour of the AAP in Delhi, was something unique – something which the people had forgotten. It was prior to the decade of the nineties that such campaigns were carried out. Political parties had workers. But now political parties no longer have dedicated workers. Political parties alleged that by giving money to people – Rs.2,000 daily – Kejriwal lured people to campaign in his favour. Actually, they could not understand why the youth had come out to campaign in favour of Kejriwal. Why were people coming from overseas to campaign for him? We kept seeing Kejriwal in the form of an over zealous election warrior. But that very over enthusiasm of Kejriwal gave confidence to the people of Delhi that this was the person who could be used as a weapon for their anger.

New equations and challenges in Bihar Santosh Bhartiya


NEW political equation is forming in Bihar. For many years, Ram Vilas Paswan’s and Lalu Yadav’s parties had stood by each other and they had an alliance. Even after Lalu Yadav went to jail, Paswan stood by him. But people who returned from jail after meeting Lalu Yadav related how he was not very satisfied in the context of Paswan and how it seemed to him that he may perhaps have to think again about Paswan’s seats for the coming Lok Sabha elections. In fact, in the last elections, Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party could not win even a single seat. But at some places his candidates put up a good performance. Perhaps Lalu Yadav sees himself hemmed in by trouble. For the next 11 years, he himself cannot fight elections. And with the kind of indications the people of the country are giving, it seems people may not give much preference to his family members either. In Lalu Yadav’s family, there are three people who can take Laluji’s place after reaching the Lok Sabha. The first is his wife Rabri Devi, who has been the Chief

Minister of Bihar and the Leader of the Opposition as well. The second is his son Tejashwi and the third is his elder daughter Misa. News has emerged that there is some competition between Lalu’s sons Tejashwi and Tej Pratap. In the Rashtriya Janata Dal and in several other parties, no person other than a family member can become President. The environment and prevailing feeling is such that the seniormost leader always fears that if somebody other than a family member becomes the party President, he or she can hamper or put a stop on their politics. It is because of this that Lalu Yadav wants to re-establish himself in Bihar. In this process, he talked regularly to various leaders of the party throughout his stay in jail. These talks did not remain secret and all the news began reaching Paswan. Finally, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh said before the press that Paswan seats will be decided only when he names his candidates. Amongst all the news, a bewildered Paswan found this most insulting. It was from here that he decided to separate from the Rashtriya Janata Dal and go it alone in the Bihar elections. Lalu Yadav forgot that he and Paswan were together not only for seats, but this togetherness was also an indication of the unity between the backward classes and the Dalits. Lalu Yadav is no longer a leader of the entire backward classes. The most backward classes have gone to Nitish Kumar. Similarly, Ram Vilas is no longer a

leader of all the Dalits. A large section that was with him has now gone in the name of Mahadalits with Nitish Kumar. Yet despite this, amongst backward leaders Lalu Yadav is still the tallest. After this, along with Kumar, follow many other leaders. Amongst Dalits, unquestionably Paswan is the tallest leader in Bihar. Without paying at-

that if Paswan came together with him, there would be no problem over sharing of seats with Paswan. He wanted Paswan to come along with him on an ideological basis as well as on the basis of strategy. On one side, Rajnath Singh, Narendra Modi and various other big leaders of the BJP were trying to cast a rope on Ram Vilas, and on the

Amongst Backward leaders, Lalu Prasad Yadav is still the tallest. Among Dalits, unquestionably, Ram Vilas Paswan is the tallest leader in Bihar. tention to this, because of stretching and pulling at seats, Lalu Yadav began the break up between his and Paswan’s relationship, i.e. the relationship between the backward classes and the Dalits. It was here that Nitish Kumar stepped in and established direct contact with Ram Vilas. He did not keep secret or hide at all his eagerness to reach out to Paswan. He said

other hand Congress people were talking about an alliance with Paswan. Paswan said how can we fight against corruption if we take Lalu Yadav along with us? If Rahul Gandhi can publicly tear up an ordinance — which was to become a law — against corruption, then how can the Congress take Lalu Yadav along and move in the country? However, no charge of corruption

has been proved against Lalu Yadav. The case is still going on in the lower courts. In our country, till the Supreme Court gives a final decision, it is not deemed a decision. Out of the Congress people who would meet Paswan, some would talk only about a tie-up or alliance between the Congress and Ram Vilas and some would talk of an alliance between Paswan, Lalu Yadav and the Congress. Paswan also spoke to Kumar about discussions on conceptual issues and Kumar immediately gave Paswan a positive response to questions. Paswan feared that if there are any differences between Kumar and Sharad Yadav — as was the news put out from time to time by JDU leaders — his entire efforts would be wasted. Therefore, he took the initiative from his side and established contact with Sharad Yadav as well. And in all these events, the General Secretary of JDU, K.C. Tyagi, came forward in the beginning itself and on the one side prepared Kumar about the possibilities of new equations and on the other side he explained to Sharad Yadav the future benefits of this alliance. In fact, Tyagi believes that Paswan represents a gentle face of the Dalits in the country, a face which can also become aggressive, but there is also a face of Ram Vilas Paswan which, apart from the Dalits, can appeal to non-Dalits too. And in his talks with him, Paswan never showed any fanaticism, therefore, Paswan could become a big ally for the future.


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ACROSS: 1 8 9

11 12 14 15

17 18 20 21 23 25 26

Each colour in our code represents a letter. When you have cracked the code you will be able to make up seven words. The clue to first word is given to help you get started.

Provided what was necessary as an impresario did (6,3,4) What you need if the well's gone dry ? (3,6) She has a part in a winning back aren't rebate (5) In we go for a duck (6) Quietly tell boy off for having a beergut (3-5) Fair island lass she could be (4) Say I'd go after a government subsidy (5,3) Cleaner be marked out (8) Comic comb? (4) Colours, which is normal (8) Cite, as an example of the modern era, Mussolini (6) Listening to playwright's baloney (5) It's up to a cafe, perhaps, to provide hot drink (1,3,2,3) The fun you can have in the high street? (8,5)

2 3

4 5 6 7 10

13 16

Reasonable method of navigation (4,3) How one might hang on in the role of the reaper ? (4,4,5) Cheapest means of getting a reputation for helpfulness ? (8,3) In which you add on, all (4) Can it see it needs filling ? (8) Class of some silk stockings ? (3) Noble child looked sweet (7) Spin with a goat taken in by a diner maybe (4,3,6) Find riding gear and Robert's odds and ends (4,3,4) On the road it's enough to make you see red (4,4) Push contraption into large, wild




MATH PYRAMID 693 animal (7) 19 Where there's some hope for those that are good, perhaps (3,4)

22 Don makes a legendary lover (4) 24 Would an owl have the wit to do this, by the sound of it? (3)

SOLUTION TO FRIDAY’S CRYPTIC CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Mine detector, 8 Lion-cub, 9 Toehold, 11 Coldest, 12 Rehouse, 13 Later, 14 Native duo, 16 Insistent, 19 Tease, 21 Naughty, 23 Ewe lamb, 24 Enforce, 25 Openers, 26 Beyond repair. DOWN: 1 Moonlit, 2 Nuclear, 3 Debutante, 4 Tutor, 5 Chekhov, 6 Orotund, 7 Bloc alliance, 10 Does one's best, 15 Title role, 17 Shuffle, 18 Scherzo, 19 Theresa, 20 Amateur, 22 Yield.

ACROSS: 1. ___ gratia artis 4. Enter the Dragon, star 5. 4 ac's opposite! 7. Away from WSW 8. Statistics, in short 10. Computer hookup (Abbr.) 11. Yards: abbr.






The Clue: Request earnestly



The goal of Math Pyramid is to fill the given pyramid with numbers such that the following three rules are satisfied. 1. A cell value must be sum or difference of the two cells below 2. A row cannot have duplicate numbers 3. A number cannot be less than 1 or more than the grid size




DOWN: 1. Balmy plants? 2. -- judicata 3. French pronoun 5. Penn and Connery 6. Explosive, for short 8. On the ___, sneakily 9. Dollop

The goal of Hidato is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from first to the last number in the grid. The first and last numbers of a puzzle and a some other numbers are already filled in. FRIDAY’S SOLUTION


Place numbers into the puzzle cells in such a way that each row and column contains each of the digits from 1 up to the size of the puzzle (4,5 or 6). Like a Sudoku puzzle, no number is repeated in any row or column. Each bold-outlined group of cells contains a hint consisting of a number and one of the mathematical symbols + x - /. The number is the result of applying the mathematical operation represented by the symbol to the digits contained within the domain. The solution to each puzzle is arrived at logically and is unique. FRIDAY’S SOLUTION

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TODAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FORECAST










: : : : : :

Leo 4th Paush Krishnapaksha Purvaphalguni Sinh [Leo] M. T. Variegated and Light Brown 2

BIRTHDAY FORECAST: Financial matters will come under control. Work conditions will continue to be favorable. You will come across good work offers or receive material benefits. Be quick in taking a decision, for you can strike a good deal. Those looking for a new house will approve a plot of land. They may decide to invest in it and later construct their house. The married will enjoy conjugal bliss. Health needs attention. Those suffering from chronic cough or cold may need medical attention. BABIES BORN TODAY: Well built, attractive, independent, healthy and long-lived. Well educated, honest self-confident, influential and powerful. A career in administration, government or independent industry or business is best suited. ARIES (March 21 - April 20): More work is coming your way with extra benefits but this could mean that you are compromising on a lot of important things in your life. Delegate works to people you know can be trusted and plan your strategies well. You will feel more confident and secure this way. Try not to offend near and dear ones and do not get carried away by hearsay or else it could affect your relationships.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20): You have been toying with the plan of starting your own venture instead of carrying on with the way life is right now, Work on an idea and present it to a few friends you can trust. Impulsive investments are also a bad idea at the moment. You need to keep a tab on your money right now. The recent behavior of a friend may have been distressing causing hurt without meaning to Perhaps the person is disturbed and may need some help.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): A leisure pastime could lead to great achievements and could propel you into the limelight. You stand to benefit from short term deposits. You will realize the fruits of your labour and see the results of hard work. You are sure to get rewards in much sooner than you expect. Whatever your plans for today might have been they are likely to undergo a change whether you like it or not. A lot of has to do with what your mate partner or beloved has in mind.

CANCER (June 21 - July 21): Your diligent efforts to recover your dues are successful. Chances of gains in speculative deals or shares also exist. If you are employed you have every chance of earning some additional income which will help to take care of extra expenses which could turn up. If you are seek external demonstration of love from your mate or beloved that will not be forthcoming. But your love ties are very strong.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): Your expectations are quite high. Initiate negotiations for better terms, which will be favorably considered. Some changes for all-round gains are implied. You can seek the advice of an expert for a decision, but do not delay the signing of an agreement. You might not be given a second chance. You can find a few tender moments with your beloved in an otherwise busy hectic schedule of work and family responsibilities.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21): You are likely to get a brilliant new opportunity at work. Make most of all that is coming your way. You will be very much in demand in your area of work. Be amiable with those you work with, as you may need their help sooner or later. D o not let insecurities of others spoil your day. Be wary of those who are not your true friends but jealous elements.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): You will have a busy day at work. A business meeting will have beneficial results. Some news you receive today will be encouraging and lead to gains. At a social gathering you will be very much in demand. Happiness in the family set-up is assured. Demands from love ones are never ending but you need to know where to draw the line. Love and romance may not be on the agenda today.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): You will get a chance to explore a venture that could lead to considerable monetary gains. Work proceeds smoothly even though you seem to be doing a lot of things at the same time. Give trust and understanding and you will get back the same from the one who loves you deeply but may find it difficult to express at times.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 December 20): In your dealings with others be alert and keep your options open. Do not take work that does not interest you or are not familiar with. Avoid renewing an old association about work. There could be deception. Try not to worry too much about it. Keep a low profile. Minor tensions at home will be overcome with tact and understanding. Rash decisions or outburst will not solve the issue.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): An agreement can easily be arrived at provided you shed your intransigence and be in a positive frame of mind. It will prove to be of mutual interest and both will benefit by it. Businesswillbegoodbutifyouareperceptive and explore new sources things can happen much faster. You are now keen to improve your life style and reach a higher standard of living,whichwillrequirecloseco-operationof your mate who has a better idea of fun.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): It is a good time to make new investments. If you get a good offer for business deal, accept it at once for otherwise you can lose out. You will have a strenuous day at home and work. You are saddled with more responsibilities. Remember you cannot please all and still remain cool. Your plans for the future about love will have to be put on hold. You may be disappointed but it is the best thing to do right now.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20): A quick decision at work will save you a lot of money and also earn you a good reputation. Good news of a sanction will also materialize. You will be able to achieve much of what you want to do. Learn to relax and enjoy the good things that life has to offer. Dreams can come true and happen if you really try hard enough. If you love someone, be the first one to express yourself. The response will be worth the gamble.



QUICK CROSSWORD 4872 ACROSS: 1 A subway system (5) 6 A strap for holding a saddle (5) 9 Nightmare or a bad dream (7) 10 ___ Brava : region in NE Spain ? (5) 11 Inflexible (5) 12 Ill-behaved children (5) 13 Brutish or feral (7) 15 Young lion, for example (3) 17 Bible book abbr. (4) 18 Coded message (6) 19 Concerned with the law (5) 20 Reach a point at which no more improvement, profit, or benefit can occur ? (3,3) 22 A friend or a comrade in arms (4) 24 James Bond for one, Nick Carter for another ? (3) 25 Caresses, pets (7) 26 Dexterity (5) 27 Criminal (5) 28 Fermentation agent (5) 29 ___ rays : X-rays ? (7) 30 Extend a subscription (5) 31 Former South African paceman Makhaya ___ (5) DOWN: 2 Eats away by constant friction (6) 3 Mr Batra who directed "The Lunchbox" (6) 4 Out __ _ limb (2,1) 5 Indian spicy food preparation (5) 6 Shorten (7) 7 Egyptian goddess (4) 8 Coterie (6) 12 Wild flower (5) 13 Joists, girders (5) 14 Neurological disorder (5) 15 Cool, freeze or ice (5) 16 Calls out like a donkey ? (5)


SUDOKU 2058 Sudoku is a number placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid such several given numbers.To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes.


Difficulty Level 


Today’s clue: K equals G

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another.

18 19 21 22

Christmas ditty (5) Capital of Uttar Pradesh (7) Each (6) Arrival or coming (6)

23 25 26 28

Reduce (6) A musical instrument (5) A tender spot (4) A craving for something (3)

SOLUTION TO SATURDAY’S QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS: 3 Lukas, 8 Audit, 10 Defer, 11 Mer, 12 Nerve, 13 Amnesia, 15 Enact, 18 TTG, 19 Gnomes, 21 Fade out, 22 Keep, 23 USSR, 24 Miracle, 26 Nausea, 29 Roy, 31 Sores, 32 Mansion, 34 Esbat, 35 Sag, 36 Etude, 37 Resin, 38 Ysaye. DOWN: 1 Mummy, 2 Wiretap, 4 Uvea, 5 Advent, 6 See no, 7 Hence, 9 Den, 12 Nigeria, 14 Std, 16 Amuse, 17 Tsars, 19 Gujarat, 20 Skins, 21 Femur, 23 Ulysses, 24 Messes, 25 Con, 27 Aorta, 28 Seedy, 30 Logic, 32 Many, 33 Ias.

IRREGULAR SUDOKU 1877 To solve an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, every digit must appear once in:  Each of the vertical columns  Each of the horizontal rows  Each of the regions

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SATURDAY’S SOLUTION: Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment

Afternoon WORD MINE










How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed. Today’s ratings: 30 average; 35 good; 40 outstanding. SATURDAY’S SOLUTION: beyond, bindery, body, bony, BOYFRIEND, briny, byre, defy, deify, deny, dyer, dyne, ebony, edify, fiery, finery, foyer, irony, obey, yonder, yore





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ELBOURNE: An injury-hit SerenaWilliams crashed out of the Australian Open against Ana Ivanovic, denying her an 18th major title and the chance to win a rare calendar-year Grand Slam. Williams won the first set but Ivanovic, capitalising on her poor movement and high error-count, took her first ever set against the top seed and then raced through the decider to win 4-6, 6-3, 6-3. The shock result robs Williams of the chance to join Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on 18 Grand Slams, and draw nearer to Steffi Graf’s Open-era record of 22. It also puts paid to her bid — talked up by her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou — to win all four Grand Slam titles this year, a feat last achieved by Graf in 1988. Williams’ departure provides a giant opportunity to those left in the draw, including Ivanovic, defending champion Victoria Azarenka and Li Na, who beat Ekaterina Makarova to reach the quarterfinals. Afterwards, the American world number one confessed that she was on strong medication for a back injury and nearly pulled out injured before her thirdround win over Daniela Hantuchova. “I almost pulled out. I’m such a competitor. I mean, I probably should have,” Williams said. She added: “I made a tremendous amount of errors, shots I missed I normally don’t miss, I haven’t missed since the ‘80s. I’m just not used to missing those shots.” Five-time champion Williams has a chequered recent record at the

NAILED: A visibly distraught Serena William after her loss to (left) Ana Ivanovic who celebrates the victory. season’s opening Grand Slam. Last year, she struggled with an ankle problem before going out in the quarter-finals. In 2012, she was shocked in the fourth round by Makarova and in 2011, she missed the tournament with a long-standing foot injury. Her last victory at Melbourne Park was in 2010. Williams was on a 25-match winning streak and at 32, is coming off one of her most successful seasons when she won a career-high 11 titles, including the French Open and US Open. But she appeared unperturbed by the latest setback and gave credit to Ivanovic, now in only her

Shiva qualifies for Sochi Games L

A PLAGNE (FRANCE): India’s sole luge athlete, Shiva Keshavan has qualified for the Winter Olympics to be held in the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi from February 7 to 23. Keshavan received a letter from the International Luge Federation on Friday, informing him of allocation of the Olympic berth. The letter also mentioned the remaining mandatory participation in one World Cup and 20 official training runs post January 1 this year. Having already completed his World Cups, Keshavan is now preparing for the 20 official training runs. The Sports Ministry has been bearing the cost of the mandatory training and races leading up to the Winter Olympics for the athlete, given the suspension of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). “I am looking forward to taking part in Sochi. I would like to thank the sports ministry, the international luge federation and the IOC for all their support. This also would not have been possible without all my well wishers and sponsors,” Keshavan said. Asia Cup gold medallist Kesha-

van is currently training at the Olympic track in Albertville, France and this will be his fifth Olympic appearance. An accomplished Winter Olympian, Keshavan set a new Asian speed record at 134.3 km/h and won gold medal in Asia Cup 2011 at Nagano in Japan. In 2012, he retained the Asian title by winning the Gold Medal at the Asia Cup in Nagano and setting a new Asian track record at 49.590 seconds. He, however, had to be content with the silver medal in the same event in 2013. Due to the suspension of the IOA from Olympic fold, the three Indians — Keshavan, Nadeem Iqbal and Himanshu Thakur — will be taking part in the Sochi Games as Independent Athletes under the banner of the IOC. The logjam is expected to end when the IOA holds fresh polls on February 9 but that would be two days after the Sochi Games start, meaning that athletes would have to take the field under the IOC banner. Iqbal qualified for the quadrennial event in cross country skiing while Thakur will compete in Alpine skiing.

second Grand Slam quarter-final since winning the 2008 French Open. Ivanovic, the former world number one who is resurgent under new coach Nemanja Kontic, will now play either up-and-coming Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, 19, or Australia’s Casey Dellacqua. China’s Li was irresistible in her 6-2, 6-0 win over Russian 22nd seed Makarova as the two-time finalist reached the last eight in just under an hour. The 2011 French Open champion will next play fellow veteran Flavia Pennetta, who is also 31 and exactly one day older than the Chinese number one. Italy’s Pennetta beat erman Angelique Kerber 6-1, 4-6, 75. “At least she’s one day older than me, so I’ll play an older player,” quipped Li. “So nobody will talk about my age.”


Paes advances in mixed, men’s doubles; BopannaQureshi bows out M

ELBOURNE: It was a fruitful day for veteran Indian star Leander Paes, who sailed into the quarter-finals of the men’s doubles with Czech partner Radek Stepanek, besides making the second round of the mixed doubles with Slovakia’s Daniela Hantuchova at the Australian Open. Fifth seeds Paes and Stepanek hit 25 winners en route their 6-3 6-2 win over unseeded pair of India’s Yuki Bhambri and New Zealand’s Michael Venus in the pre-quarterfinal, which lasted 65 minutes. In his mixed doubles first round match, Paes, partnering Hantuchova, got the better of Ajla Tomljanovic of Croatia and Australia’s James Duckworth 7-5 4-6 10-7 in an hour and 26 minutes to set up a second round clash against Mahesh Bhupathi and Elena Vesnina. Eighth seeded duo of Bhupathi and Vesnina of Russia crossed the first-round hurdle in their mixed doubles match with a 6-7(3) 6-4 10-5 win over Spanish pair of Arantxa Parra-Santonj and David Marrero in a 92minute contest. However, seventh seeded India’s Rohan Bopanna and his Pakistani partner Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi endured a shocking defeat against the 12th seeded duo of Treat Huey and Dominic Inglot.In the men’s doubles prequarterfinal, Paes ended the dream run of young compatriot Bhambri in just 65 minutes. Paes and Stepanek broke the serve of their opponents three times and served notice of their intent as they look to win the Australian Open title for the second time.

Trideep Rai inspires ONGC to Savio Cup M

UMBAI: Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Uttarakhand underlined their supremacy over Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Chennai by posting a convincing 70-52 win in the men’s final of the Savio Cup AllIndia Basketball Tournament at the Don Bosco Recreation. Inspired by the brilliance of Trideep Rai, ONGC who trailed 15-20 in the first quarter fought back gallantly and dominated the remaining three quarters to turn things around. Rai from a quick counter converted a basket on the stroke of half-time to put ONGC ahead at 31-29. Thereafter, Rai continued to work his magic on the court and with good support from the temperamental Yadwinder Singh and the versatile Vishesh Bhrugavasnhi, he ensured ONGC emerge triumphant at the floodlit Don Bosco High School courts, Matunga, late on Saturday evening. The Chennai team showed plenty of promise at the start and also gained the advantage till almost the end of the second quarter. However, they were unable to carry the momentum into the second half and with ONGC applying pressure, the

The ONGC men’s team, winners of the UPL 9th Savio Cup All-India Basketball Tournament. They defeated IOB 70-52 in the final. IOB side caved in rather tamely. Rai was ONGC’s leading scorer with 22 points, including three threepointers. Yadwinder Singh (19), Vishesh Bhrugavanshi (13) were the others who made decent contributions towards the win. For IOB only P. Rikin (12 points) and P. Venkatesh (10) managed to get going.

The Uttarakhand outfit went home richer by Rs 1.25 lakhs, the winner’s cash award and the champions trophy, while IOB received the runnersup cash prize of Rs 65,000. Results – Men’s final: ONGC 70 (Trideep Rai 22, Yadwinder Singh 19, Vishesh Bhrugavanshi 13) beat IOB 52 (P. Rikin 12, P. Venkatesh 10). Half-time: 31-29.



Kohli sparkles with ton but India humbled by Kiwis

Three quick wickets hurt us badly: Dhoni


By Chetan Narula


APIER: Virat Kohli’s exhilarating hundred went in vain as New Zealand staged a dramatic turnaround to pull off a thrilling 24-run win in the first cricket one-dayer against India to take a 1-0 lead in the fivematch series. Set a formidable target of 293, India seemed on track for a facile win with Kohli (123 off 110 balls) anchoring the chase with his 18th ODI century before pacer Mitchell McClenaghan’s threewicket burst 11 balls changed the complexion of the game completely. From a comfortable 224 for five, the Indians were all out for 268 in 48.4 overs with McClenaghan being the wrecker-inchief with a match haul of 4/68. Earlier, electing to bowl after winning the toss, India’s inconsistent bowling effort helped New Zealand pile up 292 for seven. For the Kiwis, apart McClenaghan, Corey Anderson shone bright with an all-round effort, scoring 68 runs off 40 deliveries before knocking off two wickets in his 10 overs of medium pace bowling. Tim Southee (1-43 in 9.4 overs) and Adam Milne (1-40 in 7.3 overs) gave Anderson good support, even as the latter walked off mid-way in the 41st over with a side-strain. After being put in to bat, half-centuries from Anderson, Kane Williamson (71) and Ross Taylor (55) helped the hosts

TON UP: Virat Kohli raises his bat after scoring a hundred. reach 292/7 in their allotted 50 overs. However, the brightest star of the match ended up in the losing side. Kohli, who scored his a first hundred in a losing cause while chasing, found no support from

other batsmen, none of who managed to reach even the 50run mark.Openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan started with great caution. Southee bowled two maiden overs first up as the batsmen took time settling down.

APIER: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni admitted that his dismissal along with centurion Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja tilted the match in favour of New Zealanders in the first ODI which they lost by 24 runs. “We were in the game, right till the end, but the wickets of Kohli, Jadeja and myself hurt us. It was important that one of us carried on till the end. We could have targetted the runs at the end but we ran out of overs,” Dhoni said at the post-match presentation ceremony. The skipper said that some of the batsmen played well but more important was to finish off the game. “We had good time to prepare ourselves. I think a few of the batsmen played well today, but it is important that if you get a decent start, you push on to get a big score. It is a little easier in India to do it, but here you have to work for it as new ball is difficult to handle. If one gets out its important that it should be a good ball,” the skipper said. Dhoni however had words of praise for his bowlers who kept the New Zealand score under 300 despite going for a few runs initially. “I think overall, it was a good decision to bat first. It had to be backed by good bowling. We didn’t do well in first three or four overs, but then we came back well.”

BRIEF SCORES: New Zealand 292/7 in 50 overs [Kane Williamson 71, Corey Anderson 68*, Mohammed Shammi 4/55] beat India 268 all out in 48.4 overs [Virat Kohli 123, Mitchell McClenaghan 4/68] by 24 runs.

Australia beat England by 7 wickets Maharashtra’s Atitkar almost S

YDNEY: David Warner made 71 and Shaun Marsh was unbeaten on the identical score as Australia beat England by seven wickets in the third one-day cricket international today to take a winning 3-0 lead in the five-match series. The win heaped more torment on England who were beaten 5-0 in the five-Test Ashes series and now face defeat on a similar scale in the shorter form of the game. Nathan Coulter-Nile took 3-47 as Australia restricted England to 243-9 after the tourists batted upon winning the toss and Warner and Marsh carefully managed a run chase that saw the home side win with 10 overs to spare. Captain Alastair Cook, who again had to search for explanations for a poor England performance, said his team had fallen 30 to 40 runs short of a competitive total on a sound batting pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground. “The first 10 overs we played alright and then we did what you can’t afford to do, which is keep losing wickets and it’s very hard to build momentum,” Cook said. “Everyone got 20 or 30 and you need to go on. The last match we got a big score. Someone gets 100

bats Bengal out of Ranji semis I

or 80 and you get 300 plus and that’s what we needed.” Cook said it was hard to compete against a hugely confident Australian team that is performing well in all aspects of the game. Brief scores: Australia 244 for3 (Marsh 71*, Warner 71) beat England 243 for 9 (Morgan 54, Coulter-Nile 3-47) by 7 wickets.

NDORE: Middle-order batsman Sangram Atitkar hammered a listless Bengal attack into submission with an unbeaten 168 as Maharashtra took a mammoth first innings lead to set sights on an innings victory by stumps on the second day of Ranji Trophy semi-final. After their batsmen were bowled out for a paltry 114 — their lowest score in the current season, the Bengal bowlers fared no better as Maharashtra scored an imposing 455 in their first innings. This is incidentally is the highest score conceded by Ashoke Dinda and Co this season.After taking a massive 341run lead, Maharashtra bowlers came out all guns blazing as they reduced Bengal to 16 for one in the five overs. Bengal batsmen need another 326 runs to avoid innings defeat which looks imminent at the moment after left-arm seamer Samad Fallah again dismissed opener Koushik Ghosh (9), as Arindam Das (7 batting) remained at the other end. In a single match, Bengal have scored their lowest total and

conceded their highest runs which is not a statistic that will please their fans. The Maharashtra batsmen led by Atitkar showed a lot of positive intent on the day as they took apart the Bengal bowling scoring theirruns with ease. Brief scores: Bengal 114 & 16/1 vs Maharashtra 455.

Vinay Kumar leads Karnataka fightback MOHALI: R Vinay Kumar led Karnataka’s remarkable comeback as they bowled out Punjab for 270 in the first innings of their Ranji Trophy 2013-14 semi-final at PCA Stadium in Mohali on Sunday. Punjab slipped from 223 for four to 270 all-out as Vinay Kumar registered a five-wicket haul. Karnataka captain R Vinay Kumar led his side’s fightback with two wickets to pull back Punjab. Brief scores: Punjab 270 (Manan Vohra 51, Jiwanjot Singh 74, Yuvraj Singh 42; R Vinay Kumar 5 for 27) vs Karnataka 39 for two.

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IN BRIEF Rodman checks into rehab center

WASHINGTON: Dennis Rodman has checked into an undisclosed alcohol rehabilitation center to treat his long-time struggle with alcoholism, his agent says. Darren Prince declined yesterday to say which facility will treat Rodman and how long he will be there. Rodman recently returned to the United States from his latest trip to North Korea. He later apologised for comments he made in North Korea about a detained American missionary, saying he had been drinking and was under pressure as he organised an exhibition game there. He also sang “Happy Birthday” to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the start of the friendly game. “What was potentially a historic and monumental event turned into a nightmare for everyone concerned,” Prince said. “Dennis Rodman came back from North Korea in pretty rough shape emotionally. The pressure that was put on him to be a combination ‘super human’ political figure and ‘fixer’ got the better of him. “He is embarrassed, saddened and remorseful for the anger and hurt his words have caused.”

Portugal beat SA in women’s table tennis in Lusofonia Games

PANAJI: The sporting action at the Lusofonia Games in Goa began today with Portugal blanking South Africa 3-0 in the women’s table tennis competition at the Paddem ground, here. Portugal’s Motha Joana defeated Tavares Ruth of Angola 3-0 in the first match to begin the campaign on a wining note. Joana’s teammate Andrade Raquel overcame some jittery moments before prevailing over Somalinha Maria 3-2 in the second game to put her country ahead 2-0. Portugal’s Sampos Marta dished out an emphatic performance in the next game to beat Albino Isabel 4-1 and win the tie 3-0. The Lusofonia Games, which was declared open yesterday, has 12 Portuguese speaking countries participating in it. The events would be held across six stadiums in Goa.

Pallikal to face Annie in Qualifying final; Ghosal bows out

NEW YORK: India’s world No.12 Dipika Pallikal defeated England’s Emily Whitlock in straight games to march into the Qualifying final of the Women’s JP Morgan Tournament of Champions. However, world no.15 Saurav Ghosal lost a hard fought battle against Simon Rosner of Germany in his opening round of the PSA World Series event. Ghosal went down 12-14 16-14 11-4 9-11 5-11 in 101 minutes against world no.13 Rosner at Grand Central Terminal. Pallikal, the highestranked player in the qualifying draw, beat Whitlock 11-6 11-8 11-6 in the first qualifying round of the WSA Gold event at the Princeton Club. The Chennai girl will now face Hong Kong’s Annie Au for a place in the main draw for the third year in a row.

Pakistan push Sri Lanka hard for series-levelling win

SHARJAH: Pakistan grabbed the prized wicket of Mahela Jayawardene to press their advantage for a series-levelling win over Sri Lanka in the third Test in Sharjah today. Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal removed Jayawardene for 46 near stumps on the fourth day after an exciting tussle between the bat and ball as Sri Lanka finished at 133-5. They now lead by 220 runs with five wickets in hand and a full day's play to retain their 1-0 lead.

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Men’s runners miss course record by a whisker, Dinknesh steals honours among women By Neil Joshi


UMBAI: The favourites may not have made a mark and besides there was an absence of last year's winners during this year's Mumbai Marathon, but the dominant Kenyan brigade proved to be quite a handful in the 42.195kms for Evans Ruto to ultimately triumph and finish on top of the podium on Sunday. Ruto finished with timing of two hours nine minutes 33 seconds, falling short by one second to create a new course record and surpass last year's winner Jackson Kiprop of Uganda. Lawrence Kimaiyo and Philemon Baaru [both Kenyans] finished 12 and 25 seconds behind the winner. The women's event saw an evenly contested field with Kenyans and Ethiopians battling out till the wire with Dinknesh Mekash grabbing top spot with a finish of two hours 28 minutes eight seconds. Her compatriot Bizunesh Urgesa stood third while Kenyan Gladys Kipsoi finished secondbut . In what was slated to be a perfect cool morning for the marathoners, ended out taking quite a pinch from the runners. The men's racewitnessed a good contest on a relatively sombre marathon morning as the pacersetters tryiedo beat last year’s timings. Michael Mutai of Kenya and Soyekwo Kibet of Uganda took the lead in the initial stage till they reached the sea-link which is considered to be one of the crucial stages of the race which proves to be vital in providing results and separating the chaffs from the grain, so to say. Ruto and Haulu Mekonnen [Ethiopia] took a fair lead to head the pack on the way back to the finish line. However, the pacesetters got back in to the groove and urged the entire lot to accelerate further. But, The elite runners look a determined lot as they negotiate the Bandra-Worli Sea Link during the Mumbai Marathon on Sunday.

By Neil Joshi


UMBAI: It was a tardy effort by the Indian contingent as almost all the runners lagged behind in pace during the full and the half marathon feeling the heat as they drew closer to the finish line. Karan Singh pipped India's top runner Binning Lyngkhoi and other experienced runners like Elam Singh and Ram Singh [retired midway] to clock two hours 24 minutes and eight seconds. It was good news in the women's run with Lalita Babbar successfully defending her title and bettering her last year's performance by more than three minutes for an overall impressive performance. Babbar was rewarded with an additional one lakh rupees as she broke the Indian course record. Babbar, who is predominantly a track and field athlete, said that despite winning two marathons in Mumbai, she wants to concentrate on the forthcoming Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. “This is my only full marathon for the year. My main priority is competing in the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. The run will help me in my training. I had decided prior to the race that I will make every bit of ef-

Azad Shrivastav | ADC


the sturdy windy conditions at the sea-link resulted in a significant time loss and also added the fatigue factor to dampen what was to a quick start. It was towards the end on the Marine Drive around the 38 kms mark when Ruto, Kimaiya and Baaru decided to step on the gas and give it a final push. With the last kilometre on the anvil, a few finesprints by Ruto was sufficient to put him on the winning course. Ruto who like most Kenyan runners belongs to the farming community, said the win wasn't expected but added that he knew if he lasted with the main lead team he would be in a position to challenge the group. “Back home I train in the mountains and that is what makes us good runners. We concentrate a lot on the endurance aspect of the sport. We thought in this event, we could have got better timings, but what stopped us was the windy conditions on the bridge. I wanted to beat the course record but then probably next year,” said Evans Ruto. Dinknesh Mekash who stood second last year's run, not only fared better in her timings but also came back strongly to secure the number one position. However, many of the runners like Mekash felt that the morning was relatively on the windier side and as the day progressed, the warm conditions prevented them to secure better timings. “I trained for long periods at Addis Ababa, so that helped me a lot. I thought my timings could have been a little better if last year's winner Valentine Kipketer would have been here. That would have pushed me a little harder,” said Mekash. Results: Mens - 1. Evans Ruto, [2:09:33], 2. Lawrence Kimaiya [2:09:45], 3. Philemon Baaru [2:09:58] all Kenyans. Womens – 1. Dinknesh Mekash, Ethiopia [2:28:08], 2. Gladys Kipsoi, Kenya [2:29:53], 3. Bizunesh Urgesa, Ethiopia [2:30].

Indians feel the heat, performance takes a beating Lalita Babbar defends her title, Karan Singh wins men’s marathon fort to break my previous best and I was successful in doing so this year. I will be focusing on the track and field events,” said Lalita Babbar. Like her, half marathoner, Sudha Singh also defended her title but couldn't improve her timings of 2013. The Asian Games gold medalist in 3000m steeplechase said that her concentration was on just completing the race and followed the instructions of her coach. “I needed to increase the miles on me. My coach said I needed to increase my mileage. So it was basically for practice,” she said. Kavita Raut who bagged silver in the 10000 metres in Guangzhou and finished second here said she wanted to complete the race faster but later the wind conditions and the heat made it difficult to sustain that pace. Karan Singh, who is a havaldar at the Army Sports Institute, Pune won the full marathon “I started off well. But I couldn't keep among the Indians on Sunday.

up the pace and I slowed towards the end,” she said. Third placed runner in the full marathon, Jyoti Gawate, echoed a similar sentiment, “I feel the race starts quite late and should start an hour early instead of 7:20 am. If it was an hour earlier you can expect better timings,” said Gawate. Karan Singh who won the race said he was eager to improve his timing but was surprised with his performance as he finished first. “I finished fourth last year. I thought if I ended third, I would be satisfied with my performance. However, first is good. I just wanted to follow my seniors in the race -Elam Singh and Binning Lyngkhoi. I over took them around the 38 kilometre mark,” said Karan Singh who trains at the Army Sports Institute, Pune. Binning also said that there would be significant improvement among the runners if the races were preponed as it would improve timings enabling more records being broken. “The heat was quite a lot after the windy conditions. If the weather is similar it helps us throughout the race,” he said.



UP AND RUNNNING ON THE SEA-LINK: A motor cycle rider leads in the leading bunch of marathon men.

All Pics On Pages 31 & 32 By Vishwanath Salian, Azad Shrivastav & Sushil Kadam


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IN BRIEF Tanmay downs Hardik in a thriller; Chinmaya sparkles

MUMBAI: Tanmay Rane overcame Hardik Panchal’s spirited challenge in a thrilling boys under-14 singles semifinal of the All India Balkan-Ji-Bari Dilip Sampat Memorial Inter-School table tennis tournament here today. Tanmay, who started impressively and was up 2-0 before Hardik fought back to take the tie to the wire. The decider, too, was tensely fought before Tanmay triumphed 712, 12-10, 9-11, 5-11, 11-8. Tanmay takes on Jash Mehta for the title. Jash made the grade by beating Sanket Godbole 11-3, 1311, 11-7. Lefthander Chinmaya Somiya has been in terrific form this season, having won all the titles at stake, including the state championship and is all set to add another title to his rapidly growing collection of crowns. He has made the final of the under12 event with a fine win over Dev Shroff in straight games at 11-7, 11-3, 11-3. The southpaw was never in any sort of trouble and was in firm control right through the rather one-sided match. Dyuti Patki made the girls u-16 singles final with a merited 115, 11-6, 11-6 victory over Rhea Dabriwal. She takes on Antara Jaggi in the final. Results: Girls U-16 singles (Semifinals): Dyuti Patki bt Rhea Dabriwal 11-5, 11-6, 11-5; Antara Jaggi bt Cheshta Shetty 13-11, 11-8, 11-8. (Third Place ): Chesthta Shetty bt Rhea Debriwal 11-5, 118, 11-5. Boys U-16 singles (Semifinals): Parth Gogare bt Vrishabh Ajmera 11-3, 11-4, 11-7; Nachiket Paterl bt Tanay Narvekar 11-4, 11-9, 8-11, 11-4. (Third place): Tanay Narvekar bt Vrishabh Ajmera 11-6, 11-8, 13-11. Girls U-14 singles (Semifinals): Vidhi Dhoot bt Pranjal Shinde 11-8, 11-6, 115;Manushree Patil bt Mahika Kudtarkar 11-7, 1210, 14-12. (Third place):Pranjal Shinde bt Mahika Kudtarkar 1-5, 11-3, 11-4. Boys U-14 singles (Semifinals): Tanmay Rane bt Hardik Panchal 11-7, 12-10, 9-11, 5-11, 11-8; Jash Mehta bt Sanket Godbole 11-3, 13-11, 11-7. (Third place): Hardik Panchal w/o Sanket Godbole.

CRWR storm to victory over Dadar XI TERRIFIC EFFORT: Their faces drenched in sweat, this group of runners tremendous effort is mirrored by their determined looks.

UP AND DOWN: Even as the marathoners are going downhill on their way in Sunday's marathon, a group of Mumbaikars are avidly taking part in the Dream Run or is it Dream Walk in what is an uphill climb!

GOING DOWN ON BENDED KNEE: One of the runners rhythm is upset as a female photographer hits the ground to capture a pitcure of the elite group of runners.

MUMBAI: Central Railway Western Region (CRWR) stormed to a facile 2-0 win against Dadar XI in a Second Division match of the Mumbai District Football Association (MDFA) league at the St. Xavier’s ground, Parel. Sai Nadu and Aniket Chavan scored the goals for the winners. After a barren first half, Central Railway played better in the second session scoring twice during this period. First in the 48th minute Sai Naidu hit the target, before Aniket Chavan doubled the lead four minutes later. Earlier in a Third Division clash played earlier, Narain Youngsters scored an identical 2-0 win against Charkop United. Opportunistic striker Aditya Bhagwe netted both the goals for the winning side. Results – at St. Xavier’s ground, Parel – Div-II: Central Railway (Western Region) 2 (Sai Naidu, Aniket Chavan) beat Dadar XI 0.

CHAMPS: Don Bosco Matunga ‘B” team made history of sorts by beating Arya Vidya Mandir Juhu via a lone goal in the MSSA Inter School Football tournament for the IInd Division. It was a particular joyful moment for coach Naresh Solanki seen in picture who has been with the team for the last six years. Krishna Karkera notched the winner for the ‘B’ team who annexed their first-ever title and for that they should be grateful to coaches Leslie Machado and Mohan Pillay.

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