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(L) Residents of the Campa Cola compound gathered after the Supreme Court verdict that gave them a breather till November 11. (Inset) Residents have hired the services of movers and packers to pack their luggage and shift elsewhere.

By Khushboo Panjabi


inety-six families living on the upper floors of Midtown Apartments in the Campa Cola compound at Worli may have got a small breather from the Supreme Court on Tuesday, but at Ground Zero, there is neither relief nor breathing. The atmosphere is sad and Continued on pg 8 «



By Vishnudas Sheshrao

fter the arrest of three civic officials on Tuesday in the Dockyard building collapse in which 61 people died and 30 were injured, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Engineers Association (BMEA) have been


Pics: Azad Shrivastav | ADC

protesting the civic administration’s decision to suspend their colleagues without an enquiry. They have now threatened to go on strike if their masters don’t stop making “scapegoats” of them. General Secretary of BMEA Sainath Rajadhyaksha, said that Continued on pg 8 «

Sushil Kadam | ADC

Protesters hold rail-roko at CST, CR services disrupted Passengers at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) were stranded for over eight hours after an organisation ‘Prahaar’, led by MLA Bachchu Kadu based in Amravati, staged a rail roko on Wednesday afternoon against their unfulfilled demands by the state government. The impasse was broken only after negotiations by from State Housing Minister Sachin Ahir and Additional CP Krishna Prakash late evening.

By Kainaz Choksey


ver 6,800 people belonging to Prahar Sanghatana including the deaf and dumb and physically-challenged people protested at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) for over six hours, thus congesting the station and inconveniencing commuters by their unique rail-roko protest, on Wednesday. Initially some of the protesters were holding a rally at the

Azad Maidan from 10 p.m. onwards to protest against the demands for pension facilities in hospitals for the handicapped. People across Maharastra from places like Nashik, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli and Manmad had traveled to Mumbai for the unique protest. After protesting at Azad Maidan, around 600 people protested at the CST from 2 p.m. onwards. Around 500 police personnel Continued on pg 8 «


MUMBHAI Vikas Sabnis

Teachers in a dilemma over Diwali holidays!




Both the graphs indicate ‘Gujarat’s progress’ sir! The first one is released by the UPA government in Delhi, and the other one is prepared by the Gujarat government headed by CM Narendra Modi.

OPINIONS What is your take on the BMC’s decision to make each dept responsible for the maintenance and audits of the buildings? Punit Bhavsar Working professional This seems to be a good idea as each department will make sure that the building is in a good condition because if anything goes wrong, it will be their loss. Varsha Ganesh Student This distribution of responsibility might make keeping a tab on the conditions of the buildings easier for the BMC.


By Yatin Ingle

ust as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and State Education Department seem to have nearly sorted out the adjustment of the Ganpati holidays with the Christmas vacations, another holiday issue seems to have arisen. After the State Education Ministry declared that the Diwali vacations for schools will begin from November 1, teachers and children across the city have been protesting. Both claim that since the holidays will begin from the first day of Diwali itself, they will not have enough time to prepare for the festival. Keeping in mind the celebration of the Ganesh festival and a demand made by the Maharashtra Navnirman Vidhyarthi Sena (MNVS), for the first time ever, the Education Department of Maharashtra had declared a four-day vacation from September 9 to September 12 for school students from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and private schools. However, the education department had asked schools to adjust these holidays with the Diwali and Christmas vacations. However, after the declaration, various Catholic and minority schools had called the adjustment

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

How can the edcation department be unfair to teachers? of the Ganpati vacations with the Christmas vacations unfair and soon after the state ministry and the BMC conducted a meeting with the principals of Catholic schools across the city and gave the schools permission to adjust the Ganesh Chaturthi vacations as per their requirements. Last month, the education de-

partment had issued a circular to all schools across the state stating that the primary section will have its Diwali vacation from October 24 to November 14 whereas the secondary section will have its vacation from November 1 to November 18. Parents and various associations, have however, requested the education department

Diwali vacations, which have been cut down by 3 days, will now begin on Diwali day thus giving teachers no time to prepare for the festival to have similar dates for the vacation of both primary and secondary students. Uma Dhere, a teacher from Hansraj Morarji Public School, Andheri, says, “The Diwali vacations will start on the same day as the festival. How can we teachers prepare for the festival overnight? How can the education department be unfair with us? Diwali is important and this change will more or less ruin the festival for us.” Another teacher, Uday Nare, says, “Every year, we teachers have to teach, check the examination papers and then start the preparations for the festival at the end of the day. But this year, even that seems impossible due to the unfair dates set for the Diwali vacations.” Teachers have also claimed that as the ministry has cut short the Diwali vacations thus creating an increased workload of paper assessments and the first semester results for teachers, since the declare results will have to be declared as soon as schools re-open. When the ADC spoke to N.B Chavan, Deputy Director, State School Education, he said, “We have received a letter from the teachers and a decision will be taken as per the protocol.”

Carnival walk to commemorate National Cerebral Palsy Day

Rashmi Iyer Student This seems to be a good idea because every department will feel more interested in keeping their work place safe and will be prompt in reporting any signs of danger. Amey Jaju Engineer The idea seems good but whether it will be done in the right way and on time is the question.

Suresh Raja Banker While this will take care of BMC buildings, what about other residential buildings in the city that are dangerous?

Readers wishing to participate in ‘Opinions’ may send us their name, day-time telephone number with a passport-size photograph to Your Subject line must be: opinion

The carnival walkathon organised by the IACP had fun elements like stick-walkers and mascots.

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana with children affected by cerebral palsy on the occasion of National Cerebral Palsy Day organised by the IACP.

By A Staff Reporter

children and adults afflicted with cerebral palsy. According to the IACP, continued efforts are required to make people aware of cerebral palsy, and the event held on Wednesday, is a step closer to this objective. “Such initiatives not only boost the morale of the children but also give them recognition for the determination and strength they display in going about their daily


n the occasion of the fourth National Cerebral Palsy Day, a carnival walk was organised by the Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy (IACP) on Wednesday, which was attended by over 350 individuals including children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, parents, volunteers and professionals representing several schools, centers and clinics


from all over Mumbai. The walkathon was organised with the intent of increasing public awareness on cerebral palsy and had the children dressed to the theme of nature. It was also a platform for addressing problems with regards to poor infrastructure, poor integration in main-stream schools, deprived accessibility of public places and venues, and the pitiable modes of transport for

lives,” said a member of the IACP. The walk that began near Bandstand, Bandra (West) and concluded at St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Bandra (West) covered a distance of 1 km. There was also an awards function that felicitated achievers with cerebral palsy across age groups who have excelled in their careers or educational and vocational fields. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana was the chief guest at the event.

If the boring has taken place in the wrong direction in a house or a factory, then it is advised to place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, facing South-West to the boring. by Dr. Prem Gupta (9820045774/9930318119,

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




Azad Shrivastav | ADC

The shape of things to come

The photograph above, seen from the balcony of an apartment in tiny Midtown Apartments in Worli’s now infamous Campa Cola compound, might be a perfect metaphor for Mumbai and everything that is wrong with it. In a little over a month from now, you will not be able to re-shoot this view from exactly this spot because it will not exist. The demolition men will have come in and gone. This apartment and 89 others like it are illegal. Yet, most of the owners who occupy these enviable homes are good people, ordinary people, who really believed that the problems that beset ownership were small. Many of them actually went around collecting information on these properties because they were putting life savings into them or taking loans to buy them. They had contacts in the civic body, so they made inquiries with them. They had contacts in Mantralaya, so they took advice from those quarters too. Many consulted lawyers for precedents. At no point did they feel insecure about the venture they were undertaking. The biggest point in their arguments to themselves is that such a thing as the demolition of solidly middle-class homes had not happened before, or if it had, they were unaware of it. So they bought into the Mumbai dream which is always to own a home in the city. That dream has now become a nightmare. For this month, they will look out and down and see the sea of slums

A perfect metaphor for the city, owned by everyone, but least by those who pay the taxes.

that exists check by jowl with them. Ringed by towering buildings, this blue sea is carefully nurtured by local politicians because they are a vote bank. The tower occupants do not vote so they don’t count. To the politicians, who of course live in the towers, it is important to encourage their ambitions, feed their resentments, care for their sense of entitlement and consistently protect their own ‘tower’ lives while ensuring that this sea of humanity does no more than lap at the gates. But in a way, the demolition of flats is going to bring about a sea-

change in the way we look at builtup property. How often have we heard cries of horror at suggestions that illegal buildings be demolished? Look how long it took for Pratibha Building on Warden Road to be demolished. Now we know it can be done. No excuses then for Adarsh Building, that towering scam-ridden scandal at Cuffe Parade which is still trying to get demolition orders reversed. Its contention is that it got all the permissions required. It is our contention that when the permission seeker is practically the same as the permission giver,

Next year on January 30, it will be 66 years since Mahatma Gandhi fell to an assassin’s bullet. There are millions who believe he reached his ‘sell by’ date a long time ago. Personally, we cannot resist the sheer appeal of pictures like this at an event to commemorate his birthday yesterday, perhaps because we believe that his principles have never been as relevant as they are now, when they are generally observed in the breach.

surely one can smell the rats now scurrying for cover. Property in Mumbai is practically sacred because it is so out of reach for most of us. So hearts will bleed when the walls come down. But then, we can start with other, similarly illegal constructions, preferably starting with the huge appropriations made by politicians, bureaucrats, even members of the judiciary. If I lived in a building which had even a whiff of irregularity hanging over it, right now I would be afraid – very afraid.

‘Swooning’ fans

Don’t blame us, that is not our description but that of a respected, mainstream business paper when reporting on the response to Narendra Modi’s address to participants at the International Advertising Association India’s Global marketing Summit held on Monday. Listen to them, as reported in the same publication. Subhash Kamath, managing director of BBH, “I was inspired…He spoke from a branding, advertising and marketing point of view far more insightfully than many ad gurus.” Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy, “I thought he was very inspiring….” Sam Balsara of Madison World, “A true marketing genius and a terrific communicator.” But even before Mr. Modi opened his mouth and inspired the men who supposedly inspire the rest of the country to aspire to buy, buy, buy, there was Srinivasan Swamy, president of the Association who seems to have already anointed the next prime minister of the country. “In what can be described only as pure gush, he welcomed the guest with, “I think the world is waiting for next year when we see

you in Delhi as the head of the government.” We should like to point out to Mr Swamy that the reason Mr. Modi is marching everywhere, pressing the flesh, glad-handing the public and delivering speech after customized speech is because he is not sure everyone sees him as ‘head of the government’ in Delhi. He still has a lot to accomplish beyond drawing ecstatic crowd responses and counting the numbers before that. If he ever does. After all, surely even advertising mavens know that you cannot believe everything you see in an advertisement. That’s why we have disclaimers.

Think about it

If you drop a piece of paper on the ground, especially at the Gateway of India, near CST and Churchgate stations, at Bandra Bandstand or one of the beaches, the odds are that those gentleman known as Beat Marshals appointed by the BMC will swoop down upon you and extort Rs. 200 from you. Nor is it of any use if you offer to pick up the piece of paper that you dropped. But tie up the city’s Express Highways with unruly mobs come to catch a glimpse of their current political heart-throb, pour into the restricted confines of the airport, shout and yell slogans, cause damage and generally break laws on public behavior left, right and centre, and you get a teeny, tiny smack on the wrist. This is what the authorities did when the BJP, which looks surer and surer of coming to power at the elections next year, beat drums and danced the bhangra at Santacruz when Gujarat CM Narendra Modi came to town on Monday.



May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world. Sacred Heart of Jesus thy kingdom come. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude the worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude the helper of the helpless pray for us. Say this prayer for nine times nine days. Your prayer will be answered by the eighth day. Publication must be promised. C-17967

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

CLASSIFIEDS May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy Kingdom come. St. Jude worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Amen C-18128


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world. Sacred Heart of Jesus thy kingdom come. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude the worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude the helper of the helpless pray for us. Say this prayer for nine times nine days. Your prayer will be answered by the eighth day. Publication must be promised. C-17968


I, Kishorchandra Mohanlal Parekh have changed my name to Kishor Mohanlal Parekh vide deed poll Affidavit dated 28-092013. C-18258 I, Eric Reginald, have changed my name to Eric Reginald Malachi as per Gazette No. X-29486. C-18259 I, Vittal Naganath Dhare, have changed my name to Vithal Nagnath Dhare as per Gazette No. X-33074. C-18260


I have changed my name from Lino Peter Sequeira to Lino Martin Peter Sequeira as per Affidavit. C-18278

C-18263 I have changed my name from Murgesh Sunderraj to Francis Sunderraj Peter as per Affidavit. C-18264 I have changed my name from Rukhsana Shekhar Sharma to Ruhee Shekhar Sharma as per Affidavit. C-18265 I have changed my name from Narang Tarachand Shah to Narangi Tarachand Jain as per Affidavit. C-18266 I have changed my name from Jaya Hari Totkekar to Smita Pundalik Dabholkar as per Affidavit. C-18267 I have changed my name from Shyla Prafulla Shetty to Shaila Vishwanath Shetty as per Affidavit Dt. 14th June, 2013. C-18268

Thank you Jesus Mother Mary Holy Spirit St. Jude St. Anthony for all the favours granted and your blessing on us. P.B.A. D.B.A. C-18254 Novena prayer to St. Jude. O Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent petition, in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Say three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s and Glory be. St. Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised). C-17969

I have changed my name from Dipakkumar Rameshbhai Dhanak to Deepak Rameshbhai Dhanak as per Affidavit. C-18269

CHANGE OF NAME I have changed my name from Anoyara Taherabox Ali to Anowara Khalil Sheikh Vide Affidavit dated 12-09-2013. C-18255 I have changed my name from Raina Khalil Shaikh to Raina Khalil Sheikh Vide Affidavit dated 17-09-2013. C-18256 I have changed my name from Anuwara Khalil Sheikh to Anowara Khalil Sheikh Vide Affidavit dated 12-09-2013. C-18257

I have changed my name from Sushil Kumar Kamalakant Singh to Sushil Kamalakant Singh as per Affidavit. C-18276 I have changed my name from Gopal Gururao Kalamadani to Gopal Gururao Kalamdani as per Affidavit. C-18277

I have changed my name from Taqdees Sajid Raiba to Taqdis Sajid Raiba as per Affidavit.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world. Sacred Heart of Jesus thy kingdom come. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude the worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude the helper of the helpless pray for us. Say this prayer for nine times nine days. Your prayer will be answered by the eighth day. Publication must be promised. C-17061

I have changed my name from Ashish Kumar Sushil Kumar Singh to Ashish Sushil Singh as per Affidavit. C-18275

I have changed my name from Suthar Bhartikumari Laxmanram to Solanki Bharti Vinod as per deed poll Affidavit AZ 057634 dated 1 / 10 / 2013.

I have changed my name from Shah Shaileshkumar to Shah Shailesh as per Affidavit dated 28th September, 2013. C-18262

Novena prayer to St. Jude. O Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent petition, in return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. Say three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary’s and Glory be. St. Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. (Publication must be promised). C-17970

I have changed my name from Panditrao Ramchandra More to Pandit Ramchandra More as per Affidavit. C-18274

I have changed my name from Suhas Bhau Vairkar to Suhas Bhau Wairkar as per Affidavit. C-18270 I have changed my name from Ramiah Sethu Dhanapaul to Sethu Dhanapaul Ramiah Nadar as per Affidavit. C-18271 I have changed my name from Nadar Rajani Raju to Rajni Dhanapaul Nadar as per Affidavit. C-18272 I have changed my name from Nair Sindhu Thankappan to Sindhu Savan as per Affidavit. C-18273

I have changed my name from Lino Martin Sequeira to Lino Peter Sequeira as per Affidavit. C-18279 I have changed my name from Mohammad Rajak to Mohammad Rajak Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18280

I have changed my name from Patrick Domnic Farel to Patrick Domnic Fereira as per Affidavit. C-18290 I have changed my name from Lily Patrick Farel to Lily Patrick Fereira as per Affidavit. C-18291 I have changed my name from Saileshkumar Iswarlal Panchal to Shailesh Iswarlal Panchal as per Affidavit. C-18292 I have changed my name from Mohd Iqbal Mohd Husain to Mohd Iqbal Mohd Husain Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18293 I have changed my name from Mohd Zohaib Shafique Ansari to Mohammed Zoheb Shafique Ahmed Ansari as per Affidavit. C-18294 I have changed my name from Shanesh Baliram Bhambhare to Shanesh Baliram Bhambare as per Affidavit. C-18295 I have changed my name from Sajjad Husain Kasamali to Sajjad Husain Kasamali Nimbahedawala as per Govt. of Maha.Gazette No.U- 35022. C-18296

I have changed my name from Sakura Khatoon to Sakura Khatun as per Affidavit. C-18281

I have changed my name from Fuzail Gulam Mohiddin Kazi to Fuzail Gulam Mohiddin Arai as per Affidavit. C-18297

I have changed my name from Abdul Rahim Abdulmutalib Allabux Bhandigiri to Abdulrahim Abdul Bhendigiri as per Affidavit. C-18282

I have changed my name from Mohammed Soaib Alam Nurool Hasan Shaikh to Mohammed Shoaib Noorul Hasan Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18298

I have changed my name from Mehmooda Begum Akhlaq Siddiqui to Mehmooda Akhlaq Siddiqui as per Affidavit. C-18299 I have changed my name from Mohammad Rajak to Mohammad Rajak Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18300 I have changed my name from Mohammad Mukhtar Alam to Mukhtar Ahmed Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18301 I have changed my name from Sakura Khatoon to Sakura Khatoon Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18302 We Shaikh Mohammed Ibrahim &Mrs. Shaikh Maymunisha have changed our son’s name from Shaikh Toufeeq to Shaikh Mohammed Toufeeq as per Affidavit. C-18303 I have changed my name from Dheeraj Kumar Mevalal to Dheeraj Mevalal Vishwakarma as per Affidavit. C-18304 We Fajaluddin Gouri And Jarina Fajaluddin Gouri have changed our minor son's name from Mohammad Tausif to Mohammad Tausif Gouri as per Affidavit. C-18305 I have changed my name from Fajaluddin to Fajaluddin Gouri as per Affidavit. C-18306 I have changed my name from Jarina Bano to Jarina Fajaluddin Gouri as per Affidavit. C-18307

I have changed my name from Miss.Bhartiben Bhagwanji Nagda to Mrs.Bharti Ajay Vora as per Affidavit. C-18283 I have changed my name from Abdul Ajij to Abdul Aziz Tarmohammad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-18284 I have changed my name from Cristina Anthony Dcosta to Christina Anthony Dcosta as per Affidavit. C-18285 I have changed my name from Virgenia Elma Anthony Dcosta to Virginia Elma Anthony Dcosta as per Affidavit. C-18286 I have changed my name from Mariamma Mathew to Jessy Shibu as per Affidavit. C-18287

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I have changed my name from Salman Degu Rebello to Saloman Degu Rebello as per Affidavit. C-18288 I have changed my name from Minakshi Mangesh Mane to Meenakshi Mangesh Mane as per Affidavit. C-18289


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Sena’s Arvind Sawant to take on Milind Deora

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




Sawant will take on Deora in the South Mumbai Lok Sabha constituency, putting behind hopes of BJP for fielding Abhinandan Lodha

Milind Deora

Arvind Sawant

By Prashant Hamine

behind any hopes of its ally (BJP) of possible swap of seat so that it could he Shiv Sena appears to have field Abhinandan Lodha, son of BJP firmed up the names of its MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha. Arvind Sawant had been the Sena probable candidates for the three Lok Sabha seats in Mumbai. MLC and is an active trade union According to Sena sources, the leader with a union in the MTNL. party has decided to nominate its This also effectively puts an end to former MLC and trade union leader another trade union leader and forArvind Sawant to take on Congress mer MP Mohan Rawale who had union minister of state for Commu- unsuccessfully contested against nications and IT, Milind Deora, Milind Deora in the 2009 elections from the Mumbai South Lok Sabha losing by a margin of 1.26 lakh constituency. In doing so, it has put votes.


The party is likely to renominate Gajanan Kirtikar for the Mumbai North-West Lok Sabha constituency. Kirtikar had unsuccessfully contested the seat against Congress sitting MP Gurudas Kamat in the 2009 elections. Sources reconfirmed the fact BMC standing committee chairman Rahul Shewale is tipped to contest the Mumbai South-Central seat. That has effectively put an end to the lobbying efforts of senior party leader Manohar Joshi whose pleas were firmly turned down by party president Uddhav Thackeray. Joshi had desperately tried to plead with Thackeray to let him contest the Mumbai South-Central seat. Initially he was denied the audience, but later was told by Thackeray to take the cue from senior BJP leaders like Ram Naik who recently announced he was no longer contesting future Lok Sabha polls and letting the young guard take over. Sena sources disclosed that party president Uddhav Thackeray has been personally visiting each of the parliamentary constituency areas, interacting with the grass root workers to gauge their mood and thereby short listing the probable candidates.

IDOL garners `36cr revenue

MU’s distance education institute makes record turnover since its establishment

By Yatin Ingle


hile the Mumbai University’s (MU) Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IDOL) had already made record admissions of 76,000 students, it has also reached the maximum turnover since its existence. Crossing last year’s turnover of Rs.15-18 crore, the institute made it to Rs.36 crore for the year 20132014. IDOL is an institute for students wanting to pursue their education through correspondence. The institute holds 14 traditional courses along with various certificate and degree courses. Despite criticism from various corners regarding the non-viability of the online admission process which did not reach all centers under the jurisdiction of MU, IDOL and university officials had gone ahead with the decision to have online admissions and appointed the Mahaonline portal to carry out the same. The online admission process was started in July 2012. This had given an opportunity to the students outside the city and the country to opt for correspondence studies. Every year at an average, 50 thousand students enroll themselves for

Manisha Mhaiskar, additional municipal commissioner.

BMC’s Health dept. to begin hospital bldgs audit By Shwetha Kannan


ollowing orders issued by civic chief Sitaram Kunte that states that various BMC departments will have to carry out structural audits for the buildings they operate from, the health department plans to start structurally auditing its hospital buildings from next week onwards. There are three major BMC hospitals and 16 peripheral hospitals in the suburbs and extended suburbs under the BMC along with five specialised hospitals for tuberculosis, leprosy, ENT, eye care and infectious diseases. There are 162 dispensaries and 27 maternity homes run by the BMC. The struc-

MSEDCL blames losses on open access by pvt. firms By Prashant Hamine


the correspondence courses in IDOL. From the year 2005-2006, the institute started crossing the enrollment number of 50 thousand students, now reaching the record admission numbers of 76,000 students. Dr. Harishchandran, Director, IDOL said, “We charge the lowest fees to students giving them the opportunity to pursue their studies even if they are working or have

taken a break. The institute has also brought in online fees payment procedure which helps the students abroad to seek education from the institute”. When asked Dr. Harsihchandran about the turnover, he replied, “Whatever turnover has been made, it will be for the welfare of the students and bring out new facilities for studies and for the institute”.

tural audit is going to be conducted for buildings that are more than 30 years old. “We are likely to begin the structural audits next week. We first need to find out the number of hospital buildings that are more than 30 years old because in case of some hospitals like Sion, KEM or Nair Hospital, some of the buildings in their premises are recently built and hence need not be audited. These numbers will be known to us by this week. After that, we will appoint a third party structural auditor and the audit will begin in the next week,” said Manisha Mhaiskar, additional municipal commissioner.

tate-run power utility Maharashtra State Energy Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL, Mahavitaran for short) has expressed dissent over the penchant of some private power companies to resort to Open Access in power trading blaming them for the Rs.1,728-crore loss it had to suffer last year. Sources in Mahavitaran yesterday disclosed that these companies first try to stall due power tariff hikes and then cry foul over sudden financial burden. Open access system allows large users of power typically having connected load of 1 megawatt (MW) and above to buy cheaper power from the open market. The idea is that the customers should be able to choose among a large number of competing power companies instead of being forced to buy electricity from their existing electric utility

monopoly. It helps large consumers particularly the sick textile, cement and steel industrial units by ensuring regular supply of electricity at competitive rates and boost business of power bourses. Mahavitaran sources added that attempts are made to bypass the provisions of law related to open access. It argues that these private players do not have the priority of welfare of the consumers but eye the easy money out of the Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) and line up the pockets of the private players. This it argues will affect the residential, agricultural and small scale industrial sector. The state power utility has argued that isolated cases in faulty power usage by agricultural pumps are being held out against it. Sources added that Mahavitaran has always adopted transparent method by floating tender bids for power purchase.

Remembering the Mahatma


Afternoon Despatch & Courier



Vishwanath Salian | ADC

Pics: Azad Shrivastav | ADC

(Top left): Gandhi Jayanti saw street-children at the Gateway promoting non-violence and abuse against women. Organised by the students of K.J. Somaiya College and Bhajan Sandhya, the performance – a tribute to Bapu – sent out a clear message: ‘When you kill a girl, you kill others.’ (Top right & below left) Citizens affiliated to over 100 social organisations from Dadar, Matunga, Sion, Wadala and Hindmata at a peace rally at Dadar. (Below, right): Propagating Ahimsa and Gandhian values, Maharashtra Samiti, a social organization, at a ‘Social Thought Murder Protest March’ voice protest against Narendra Dabholkar murder at Portuguese Church, on Wednesday.

Politicos push for cluster development in Thane By Kaptan Mali


ollapsing buildings leading to the death of several people has given the political fraternity in Thane an opportunity to show its concern towards those affected, particularly people living in dilapidated buildings, by pushing for cluster development in Thane. When Lucky Compound collapsed in April this year killing more than 60 people, the Chief Minister had assured citizens about cluster development in Thane. However, no efforts have been made by the government till now. According to local politicians, there was a plan made for cluster development to regularise dilapidated and il-

legal structures in Thane and redevelop them. However, since the government has taken no decision regarding this plan till now, local politicians are demanding that illegal constructions and dilapidated buildings be done away with if lives must be saved. The major political parties in the area, The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Shiv Sena have planned an agitation to safeguard people and provide safe residential accommodation to those residing in dilapidated buildings that have received demolition notices from the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), and now face the fear of being rendered homeless. NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad

with thousands of people participating, if the decision on cluster development is not made in time. On the other hand, Shiv Sena MLA Eknath Shinde has declared a protest rally to Mantralaya on October 3, for the demand of cluster development in Thane. Shinde said, "When the state can make changes for regularising Lavasa, then why doesn’t the state government make changes in the rules and clear the way for the cluster development in Thane?" has threatened to go on a hunger strike from October 4, demanding a decision on cluster development by the state government. He has also planned a protest march from Thane to Mantralay,

A file picture of the building that collapsed in the Lucky Compound in Mumbra in April this year (Left) NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad.

There are 1,075 dilapidated or unsafe buildings in Thane. Of these, 332 are legal while 743 are illegal.


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Actress Rozlyn Khan molested in front of her building after which the accused tried to spit at her

By Zuber Ansari


36-year-old man has been arrested by the Goregaon Police for allegedly molesting a Bollywood actress and struggling model in front of her building on Tuesday night. The accused, who has been arrested, even tried to spit at her after committing crime, but failed to do so when he noticed the crowd surrounding the victim. On the day of incident, Rozlyn Khan was walking with her sister towards her car which was parked outside, when the accused, Kafeel Abbas blocked her way and touched her inappropriately. He then started abusing her by saying that that she has inappropriate pictures on the internet and should not consider herself to be clean. After this, he even tried to spit at her. Appalled at his behaviour, Khan called out for help after which she called up the police control room. Hearing her cries, the building watchman and several residents assembled to help her. Looking

at the crowd surrounding Khan and him, Abbas walked into the building. Shocked at his move, Khan asked the watchman how the man was allowed to enter the premises when she was informed that he was a resident of the same building. According to Senior Police Inspector, Goregaon Police station, Arun Jadhav, after receiving a call from the control room, officers from the Goregaon police station went to the spot and took down Khan’s statement. The officers also asked Abbas if he would like to clarify his stand, but he refused to come out.

They later asked Khan to file a complaint after which they arrested Abbas. Meanwhile, Khan said, “I was on my way to a meeting and my sister had come to drop me off till my car as usual. However, this guy suddenly touched me inappropriately and when my sister tried to defend me, he also threatened her. Apart from this, he used inappropriate language with me and even tried to spit at me but he failed do so when he realise that people had assembled.” Although the entire incident was captured on the CCTV cameras installed outside the building, I am still thinking twice about living here since he also resides in the building,” Khan added. “Abbas has been booked under Section 354 (A) and was produced before the court on Wednesday. He was remanded to police custody for one day. We are still trying to verify if he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident,” Jadhav said further.

Four killed in avoidable Expressway accident By Tariq Khan


ailure to follow lane discipline on the part of a tempo driver on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway killed four passengers in a Maruti Alto car after it was sandwiched between an SUV and a truck when the four vehicles were trying to enter the busy Urse toll naka, midnight on Wednesday. While the passengers of the car were killed on the spot, rescuers had to cut open the metal of the mangled car to retrieve the bodies. According to officers from the Talegaon-Dabhade police station, the incident took place on the Pune-bound lane around 2 am when vehicles had slowed down and queued up outside the toll-

booth. “The toll booth has separate lanes for light and heavy vehicle. The tempo driver suddenly broke the lane designated for heavy vehicles in a bid to enter the one used by light vehicles, which was moving faster. He hit a Toyota Innova from the side which suddenly came to a stop. However a Maruti Alto (MH12-FQ-9691) coming from behind could not brake in time and collided with the Innova. This led to a truck (KA-27-A-154) behind the Alto to hit the smaller car that sandwiched between the two larger vehicles”, said an officer from the state highway traffic police. The accident was apparently captured on the CCTV cameras installed at the toll booth. The Alto occupants – all Pune res-

idents – advocate Satish Manuel Poharkar (49), Rajesh Ramlakhan Tripathi (40), Rajesh Bhalwankar (45) and Anil Vasudev Chavan (46) were killed on the spot due to severe head injuries and heavy bleeding. While Poharkar and Bhalwankar are residents of Kothrud, Tripathi and Chavan live at Chinchwad and Sinhagad Road respectively. The four were involved in real estate business and were returning from Mumbai after concluding a business deal. Additional DG (state highway police) Vijay Kamble said, “We had always been telling motorists to follow traffic rules and lane discipline. Accidents will come down drastically if people exercise patience and restraint while driving.” Azad Shrivastav | ADC

TOO BIG TO HANDLE… A 6½ft rock python was rescued from Mahim Causeway by a team of Nitin Walmiki, Jenil Kekani and Mayur Jattar, at Lalbaug, on Wednesday. The reptile was later handed over to the officials of the forest department.


Arvind Sangle case investigation moves a step further The police have found that the money needed for the crime was deposited in the bank account of the accused’s wife Meanwhile, the crime branch is desperately trying to seek further police custody of Dhanawade and nvestigations into the threaten- another accused, who are reing and extortion case of Arvind manded to police custody till OcSangle have led the police to the tober 3. The police strongly fact that the money needed to believes that more such crucial carry out the crime was deposited facts can come to fore in a while. Apart from Dhanawade, two in the bank account of the accused more accused, identified as RamKiran Dhanawade’s wife. According to sources in the das Rahane and Vinod Ghogle, crime branch, around Rs.45, 000 were arrested in the same case. The were deposited in the bank ac- trio accused is booked under a count of accused Kiran stringent act of MCOCA. The arrests of the trio accused in Dhanawade’s wife. This money was deposited by an unidentified per- this case had brought to the fore son affiliated to the fugitive gang- the shifting loyalties of gang members, as two of the three accused ster Kumar Pillai gang. At around 10 am on August 18, initially belonged to gangsterDhanawde, who was released on turned-terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s bail from an old case, had barged faction, before moving to Pillai’s into Arvind’s house at Vikhroli and faction, said the police. In February, Dhanawade was remade the latter talk to Pillai on his cell phone. Arvind, MNS Legislater leased on bail and would meet RaMangesh Sangle’s brother, was hane and Ghogle during their then threatened by Pillai and the court hearings. It was at this time latter had demanded Rs.75 lakh that Ghogle instructed Dhanawde to extort money from Arvind. After from him. The police is searching the Dhanawade’s arrest, the police unidentified person who had de- successfully nabbed Rahane and posited the money days before Ghogle, who were cooling their Dhanawade had barged into heels inside the Arthur Road Arvind’s house, said an officer prison. privy to the investigations.

By Neel Shah


Man commits suicide at Vakola Although the reason of suicide is yet unknown, friends claim that joblessness could have led to the suicide By Zuber Ansari

around 2.30 pm his mother panicked when he did not come out of 34-year-old man allegedly his bedroom. She called her neighcommitted suicide at his resi- bours and the police and opened dence in Santacruz by hanging the door with duplicate keys. himself from a ceiling fan on They were shocked to find Wednesday. The reason for com- Deepak’s body hanging from the mitting suicide is not clear yet. The ceiling fan. PSI Deepak Shinde of Vakola police said that the family was pretty stable financially so there Police Station said, “We have has to be some other reason for the registered an ADR in the matter. suicide. He was the only child to We are taking statements of his his parents. He committed suicide friends. A post-mortem was carminutes after he wished good ried out at Cooper Hospital and the body has been handed over to night to his parents. Deepak Gavankar resided with his parents”. According to statements given to his parents in Aram Society, Vakola. He was unmarried and the police the police by one of his friends, he said that Deepak’s parents are both was hunting for a job from quite retired. His mother was an officer some time. He had earlier quit two jobs and was currently searching in Reliance. The police said that being the for a job in a multinational comonly child, Deepak was very close pany and he might have taken the to his parents. He never showed extreme step due to depression any sign of depression. Deepak over joblessness. “We have recovered two mobiles was an expert in softwares. On Tuesday night, as usual he phones and a laptop which he was took his father for a walk and then using. As per his phone records, returned home. He also had dinner the last call was made to his female with his parents. Deepak’s mother friend. We did not find any told the police that he usually got suicide note from the spot”, PI up late by around 10 am but on Jitendra Pawar from Vakola Police Wednesday late in the afternoon at station said.



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Protesters hold rail-roko at CST, CR services disrupted from Government Railway Police (GRP), Railway Police Force (RPF) and the Mumbai police team were deployed at the CST station. On Wednesday, the representatives of Prahar Sanghatana were supposed to meet State Home Minister R.R. Patil along with a memorandum of their demands but since he was unavailable, Minister of State for Housing Sachin Ahir was deputed by the state government to mediate. At around 7:30 p.m., a meeting took place between Bacchu Kadu, MLA from Amravati who was heading the protest along with Sachin Ahir. Kadu has been invited to meet the Home Minister at Mantralaya on Thursday at 4 p.m. According to Kadu, “If the demands are not met, they will continue to protest tomorrow.” According to Manav Kamble, a member of the Prahar Sanghatana, “The handicapped in India which comprises of a population of 2 to 3

Azad Shrivastav | ADC

Continued from pg 1 «

Scribe thrashed by CM’s bodyguard

On Wednesday, a TV9 reporter was thrashed by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s security personnel during a special programme conducted on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti attended by the Chief Minister. Ramraje Shinde was attacked by the chief minister’s bodyguard at 1:40 p.m. Following which, an NC has been registered by Marine Drive police station. According to Rameshwar Suple, Senior Police Inspector, Marine Drive police station, “An NC has been registered under Section 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation) under the Indian Penal Code.

scholarships, good educational facilities, medical facilities and no special transport facilities for commuting at ease is given to them. According to Bacchu Kadu, “On February 5, we had met the chief Farmers participating in ‘Apang Shetkari Andolan’ stop a train during a protest rally at minister and were assured that the the CST, on Wednesday. demands will be fulfilled. We had per cent as per the Census in 2011, nual income of Rs.1,55,000 crore even protested in Dehu near Pune are not given enough representa- generated from Maharashtra, 3 per by way of a rastaa roko andolan. But tion and not adequate facilities are cent of it is supposed to be allocated nothing worked yet again. So we for the handicapped. But instead had to protest at CST station today given to them.” Kamble added that the total an- the handicapped are not getting to fulfil our demands.”

For children, a nightmare that goes on and on and on... Continued from pg 1 « frustrated, and children and youngsters who have lived there all their lives are the worst hit. Meanwhile, the packing goes on steadily as the new deadline, November 11, looms. As for celebrations in what is the most festive season of the year, there is no question of any at all. Divya Malhotra, a housewife in her thirties, has been living there for the past 22 years with her family and two children. On the verdict of the Supreme Court, she says, “I am not happy. It has only created confusion. And we are frustrated.” She had packed her family possessions to transfer them to a friend’s garage. Now she is unpacking and completely bewildered about the path she should take. She has been living with her in-laws while her own parents live in Delhi. The complication is that her son is studying for his Grade 10 exams in Mumbai – naturally. What is worrying many people is the prospect of buying a home in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country and also because this impacts many other decisions, mainly to do with the futures of the children. Arsh Malhotra (16), Divya’s son and a student of the Aditya Birla School in Tardeo, is unable to concentrate on his academics. He said yesterday, “The Boards are approaching; concentration level has come down to nothing and there is a lot of pressure we are facing.” Loaded with his backpack, he was moving out of his home to go to a friend’s place to study. Normally, the residents celebrate every festival, Holi, Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Diwali and New Year, with great vigor and enthusiasm. But for the past five months, the compound has been sad and quiet. Neither do children come down to play in the garden, nor will Navratri commence this Saturday with light and colour, music and dance. Sitanshu Parikh (18) a Grade XI student, is both angry and bitter, another thing that worries the adults. He sees the decision to demolish the illegal flats as a betrayal and is already talking about going abroad. Several other resident families have already left. Pradeep Kastiya (50) has been living in the society for over 25 years, and in fact, he was the third occupant of his building. “Hard”, he says, “It’s so hard and tough for the family. I hope the authorities can see the human side of this; I have two daughters and am not in a state of mind to answer them. The only option left is to leave Mumbai and go back to Jaipur.”

That is where the extended family lives. Congress MP Milind Deora and Minister of State for Housing Sachin Ahir on Tuesday visited the Campa Cola compound. Did they offer comfort? Residents said that they were trying their best to see even now that the 96 families don’t lose their homes. You could see that not a soul believed these platitudes. The media at times have added to their problems. Nandini Mehta (40), whose husband and his brother have flats on the 10th floor and 12th floor of Midtown building, is livid about the way certain newspapers showed pictures of the family “celebrating” when the first reprieve was given five months ago. In fact her girls are so traumatized that they can barely face the pressure of looming examinations. Daughter Niriksha says, with tears welling up in her eyes, “I have been going and studying at my friend’s place, because the 40 days relief is no relief for us, it’s actually a death penalty which all of us are facing.” While the children are traumatized, domestic help from the neighbouring area are also worried about the welfare of these families. Chandrabhaga Daulat Masavkar (60), who has been working for the last 25 years with Divya Malhotra, is in tears. They are the only people she is working with. Another resident, Vidya Srinivas, a teacher who lives on the 19th floor, says “There are senior citizens staying here, where will they go? Buying a house in a city like Mumbai now is out of our budget.” The residents are so depressed that many of them have stopped going to their places of work. What is causing them sleepless nights is that many of them say that all they can afford is a one BHK, depending upon where it is located. Atul Hiravat (38) holds two flats, on 16th floor of Midtown where he stays with his wife and two children, one a teen, the other six years old, and the other on the 6th floor of Orchid building where his parents are staying. He has lost both flats and the entire family is shattered. He said, “I have to take care of my entire family including my old parents. The rent of a one BHK flat in Prabhadevi is costing me Rs 55,000 and my 13-year-old son has been asking me, “Papa where are we going to live, as we don’t have a house to stay in.” Almost all the families spoken said their children have been badly affected, are now very quiet and prefer to escape out of the compound to stay with friends whenever they can. Almost all the young ones still hope for a miracle.

Disrusption in railway services According to A.K. Singh, Public Relation Officer, Central Railway, “Sub-traffic including Harbour line stopped at CST on platform numbers 1 to 6 by the protestors from 4.40 p.m. to 5 p.m. At least four services were cancelled and 15 services were delayed by 10 to 15 minutes. The Rail-roko was also reported near Masjid station between 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Stop making us scapegoats: BMC engineers Continued from pg 1 «

But action was taken against engineers and not against administration the general trend to suspend engi- officials. The BMC engineering unit, also neers without any inquiry or giving them a fair chance to justify them- knows as engineering cadre, is large, selves, started during the period of with a total staff of 3500 engineers in the current Municipal Commissioner its various departments. There are at (MC) Sitaram Kunte. At present, he is least a dozen such departments inaway doing a course in Mussoorie cluding City Engineer, Planning and and the show is being run by acting Design (P&D), Building Proposal (BP), Road, Traffic and Bridge, Mecommissioner Rajeev Jalota. Rajadkhyaksha said, “The civic ad- chanical and Electrical (M&E), Storm ministration should guard its own Water Drain (SWD), Water supply employees from the police. There is a (Hydraulic), Water Supply Project provision to set up an inquiry and in (WSP), Sewerage Operation, Sewercase the civic employee is found age Planning (SP), Sewerage Disposal guilty, the most stringent action can Project (SDP) and Solid Waste Manbe taken. This includes suspension. agement (SWM). These departments are responsible But it is unfair to suspend civic employees without any inquiry and even for planning and design of civic let the police arrest them. This will do buildings, hospitals, memorials, nothing but hamper the morale of dams, water pipelines, quarters of employees, roads, bridges, storm other employees.” In a letter to the Municipal Com- water drains, gardens, preparing missioner, Rajadhyaksha has criti- maps and plans of civic and civil cised the “double standards” of the buildings, studying outlines of procivic administration in suspending posed buildings and granting them engineers without enquiry but set up permission, providing regular water one in the case of an Assistant Com- supply and removing garbage from the city. missioner (Gardens). After the Dockyard building colHe said, “After retirement, former Municipal Commissioner Subodh lapse, the BMC administration has Kumar, who was not entitled or eligi- started taking the dilapidated buildble for use of a red beacon vehicle, ing issue very seriously and has asked his predecessor for one vehicle. started issuing notices to all dilapiHe was given one on the say so of his dated buildings, civic as well as prisuccessor, but there was no written vate. This issue has been pending for a or official permission. When the issue came to light, Kunte hurriedly sus- long time, due to multiple reasons inpended an engineer in charge of the cluding vested interest of officers, pogarage, just to divert media attention. litical leaders and developer and In another incident, the G/N ward availability of alternate accommodaAltaf Manzil building collapse, only tion for residents. As part of this new alacrity, the engineers were suspended. In the Dockyard building collapse too seven civic body has served a notice to engineers have been suspended, Shivaji Market near JJ flyover as it has been declared a dilapidated building. without inquiry. “ He explained that engineers are re- All markets owners and offices have sponsible for carrying out orders and been asked to vacate building in a not authorized to make policies or week time. But even this has been make decisions. In all the three cases done due to an outcry about the mentioned earlier, the fault was at building in the media. Additional Municipal Commisthe decision making level so senior authorities are equally responsible. sioner (Markets) Manisha Mhaiskar

All eyes on Sharad Pawar MMRDA ropes in S. Korea as ordinance on corrupt for Virar-Alibaug corridor netas withdrawn T

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




By Prashant Hamine

By Suyash Padate


Sharad Pawar that the dramatic U-turn is an embarrassment for the government because it showed that the decision to introduce the ordinance was made in a hurry and without thinking it through. The NCP and two other allies have sought an explanation on why the Congress-led government rushed a controversial ordinance on convicted lawmakers, only to take a backseat at a cabinet

he Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Korea, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of the eastern regions of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The region covers parts of the 126 km long VirarAlibaug Multi-Modal Corridor which was recommended in the comprehensive transportation study conducted by MMRDA and funded by the World Bank. Speaking after signing the MoU with AHN Si Kweon, Assistant Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Republic of Korea, MMRDA Assistant Metropolitan Commissioner Ashwini Bhide stated that the VirarAlibaug multi-modal corridor will trigger urbanization along the route and a plan for the region is necessary for orderly development. She added that the Korean model of land use development had faced similar constraints as are being faced in India and could be suitably modified and used in developing the eastern MMR. The Korean team will share their best practices with MMRDA planners and work

Ashwini Bhide out a master plan. The plan, development models and funding pattern will be submitted to the state government for approval within a period of one year. The entire cost and study will be carried out by the Korean government which involves the training of MMRDA officials. The study will enable the MMRDA to approach global funding agencies like the World Bank and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to fund the project.

Pic: Manoj Singh

ll eyes are trained on NCP chief Sharad Pawar and on his next step after he said that they are not Rahul’s followers but his allies. Expressing its displeasure over the flip-flop, the NCP has said that any cabinet decision should be discussed with the UPA’s allies. The Union Cabinet yesterday evening decide to withdraw the controversial ordinance on convicted lawmakers in the wake of its criticism by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who dubbed it as complete nonsense and said that it should be torn up and thrown away. According to sources, during the Cabinet meeting, Sharad Pawar made the point

meeting, sources added further. After the Cabinet meeting Pawar said, “I have expressed my opinion”. Significantly, prior to the Cabinet meeting, NCP leader D.P. Tripathi said that the Congress vice-president should know that they are not his followers but allies. He also rejected the notion that the ordinance was brought in to save RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. He said, “We will go by whatever decision the Prime Minister takes in the Cabinet. It is wrong to say that the ordinance was brought in to save Lalu Prasad.” However, the Congress has maintained its stance that it was collective wisdom and feedback from across the country that forced the government to withdraw the ordinance.

GUIDING SPIRIT: MP Supriya Sule with youngsters during a Yuwati Mela to give guidance to young party members in Thane on Wednesday.

AWARDED: Olympian Mary Kom was awarded the fourth ‘ONE India Award’ at the Rangsharda Auditorium at Bandra on Tuesday. Seen in the picture (from left): Sunil Deodhar (veteran BJP leader and National Convener North East Sampark Cell), Onler Karong (husband of Mary Kom) along with BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari and Ashish Shelar (Mumbai BJP President).

SIO directs Home Dept to initiate inquiry against PIO The SIO has directed the inquiry for not providing information sought by 7/11 blast accused By Philip Varghese

was arrested by the ATS (AntiTerrorist Squad) in 2006 on n an interesting develop- charges of playing a vital role ment, the State Informa- in 7/11 Mumbai local train tion Commission (SIO) has blasts and is currently lodged directed the Additional Chief in High Security Cell at Secretary (Home) Maharash- Arthur Road. tra to initiate disciplinary inAccording to the Siddiqui’s quiry against Public case, he made an application Information Officers (PIO) under the Right to Informaand submit a report within tion Act (RTI) seeking a copy one month in a case related of the prison manual, police to not providing information manual and details about sought by 7/11 Mumbai local cases registered against jail train blast accused Ehtesham staff and police personnel Siddiqui. across the state. Advocate Shahid Nadeem Ehtesham Siddiqui hails from Jaunpur District from Ansari, who represents Ehteeastern Uttar Pradesh, who sham Siddiqui in the case


said, “Siddiqui’s RTI Application was transferred to I.G. Prison, Pune. The I.G. Office Pune did not give a reply, due to which Ehtesham made the first appeal under the RTI Act to first Appellate Authority (Pune), I.G. office of Prison. No order was passed by first appellate authority. Therefore, Ehtesham filed second Appeal under RTI to State Information Commission. The second appeal was decided on August 21, 2012 and State Information Commission directed the Public Information Officer of I.G office Pune, (Prison) and Home Depart-

ment to provide the information sought by Ehtesham, State information commission also directed the both PIO to give explanation before commission on September 11, 2012. However, both the PIO of IG office and Home department didn’t appeare before the commission and therefore the state information commission called them on phone and directed them to appear before commission for explanation. Again, we failed to be present before the State Information Commission.” Advocate Ansari added,

“Therefore the State Information Commission passed an order under section 20(2) of RTI Act 2005 and directed the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Maharashtra to make a disciplinary inquiry against PIOs and after taking departmental action, submit a report within one month.” According to Advocate Ansari, Siddiqui used Right to Information Act (RTI) as a weapon to obtain the minutest details of the information pertaining to train blast case. till date he has made total “1785 RTIs application to various departments of the state

and central government to get various type of information, among them more than 400 RTI application were directly related to 7/11 Train Blast case, in May 2013 he filed more than 100 Application and replies received from that RTI Application used in MCOCA court during his deposition as defense witness under section 315 of Cr.P.C. The RTI allegedly contains details of his false implication by ATS in 7/11 and also false implication of other accused,” Ansari said.


Tension, fear and loathing — Modi magic or a myth?

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Ponder awhile... “My occupation now, I suppose, is jail inmate.” — Unibomber Theodore Kaczynski

End of the road for a joking, successful politician


S many as 45 persons have been found guilty in the Rs.900-crore fodder scam case in Bihar. And among them is a top politician and former chief minister of the state – Lalu Prasad Yadav. A political leader who cracked jokes and also sometimes bulldozed his way through tough Opposition is now in jail. The quantum of sentence will be announced by the court today. The offence attracts a three to seven year jail: Even if Lalu Prasad Yadav gets only three years, he will be disqualified and lose his seat in Parliament. His friend – the Congress – did its best to save him. Lalu Prasad Yadav has been quite useful to the UPA government in Parliament. He was always there ready to defend the government whenever it found itself in distress. Evidently his assistance was reciprocated all the time. And when the Supreme Court passed an order that a convicted member of Parliament with a twoyear jail term would be disqualified and loses his seat, the UPA cabinet met in a hurry and promulgated an ordinance providing for necessary amendments to avoid disqualification. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, however, spoilt it all by describing the ordinance ‘nonsense’. The ordinance meant for saving Lalu Prasad Yadav is certain to be withdrawn. Lalu Prasad Yadav who has been convicted will be in jail for at least three years. Evidently his political career is finished. And without him, his party in Bihar will fade away.


VER since Narendra Modi’s very successful rally in Delhi last Sunday, a new political game has started being played in this city’s murky corridors of power. Let us call it arithmetic. Congress politicians play it openly, BJP politicians play it furtively and us hacks play it in fits and starts in newsrooms across Delhi. What the game basically involves is calculating how many seats Modi’s magic is going to be able to materialize in the next Lok Sabha. And, it has become the most important game in town, so important that I would go so far as to say that there is no other game being played in Indian politics at the moment. So even in the week that Rahul Gandhi did his little drama about tearing up his own government’s ordinance and ‘throwing it away’, wherever I went, I seemed to meet people who talked only about Modi’s prospects.



A.R. KANANGI Associate Editor

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that they have lately taken to praising Rahul Gandhi. It stunned me to hear colleagues and fellow travelers describe his ‘nonsense’ press conference as a historical event, up there with his grandmother breaking the Congress Party and his great grandfather coming up with his ‘Kamraj plan’. Some of these worthies have written paeans in praise of Rahul in their columns in which they make the tricky point that Rahul is rebelling against the ‘old guard’ of the party of which he is a high

Arithmetic game When I talked to Congress friends to get their reactions to the rally in Rohini that nobody had expected to be so huge or so enthusiastic, I found that they embroiled me immediately in the arithmetic game. Conversations went like this. “You see no matter how popular Modi is personally you must remember that the BJP has no presence in southern and eastern India. And, then remember that in Bengal there is no chance that either the Marxists or Mamata can go with him. In U.P. neither Mulayam nor Mayawati can go with him…so one way or another UPA-III is a reality already.” When I talked to BJP politicians they were more circumspect when they played the same game. They said that they realised that Modi had made a huge difference to the BJP’s chances of winning in 2014 but were worried that he may not be able to help them cross the 200-mark which is the barest minimum needed for him to become prime minister. Conversations usually go this way. “We have to win more than fifty seats in U.P. if we are to cross that 200-mark and there are no signs yet of this happening.” As for conversations in news rooms, suffice it to say that they are variations of these two themes doused heavily with secular, leftist sentiments on the ineligibility of Modi to be prime minister of India on account of his 2002 record. Secular, leftist hacks are so terrified of Modi making it

ON THE SPOT Tavleen Singh official. What they overlook is that the ‘old guard’ is his own mother and that it is she who appointed the prime minister to rule at her grace and favour. In any case, what Modi has managed to achieve is to cause deep confusion in political Delhi and cause so much anticipation, tension, fear and loathing that even officialdom has begun to be afflicted by the Modi factor. Last week I met an official who said to me, in so many words, that he believed the ‘horrible mess’ created by UPA-II could only be resolved by Modi becoming prime minister. He added that in his view, UPA-III would be a disaster. For those unfamiliar with the ways of Indian officials, let me add that it is very unusual for officials to express political opinions in such clear terms. They say a week is a long time in politics so three weeks is an aeon. Three weeks ago I wrote in this column about my impressions of Modi’s first political rally in northern India, which was in Jaipur on September 10. I wrote that this rally reminded me of political rallies in the 1977 elections when an unspoken con-

sensus seemed to form among voters across north India to remove Indira Gandhi from power in order to punish her for the Emergency. Is there now a consensus to remove Congress from power and install Modi as prime minister? Is it too early to tell? I leave it to you to work that out because it is dangerous for journalists to make predictions. What I will say is that I was stunned by the size of Modi’s rally in Delhi and even more stunned by how responsive his audience was. They laughed at his jokes about the shehzada. They cheered when he said the prime minister of Pakistan should not think he had the position or the right to insult the prime minister of a country of 125 crore people. And, they listened carefully when he spoke of how power plants capable of producing 22,000 megawatts of additional power were lying idle for want of fuel while ‘even in the Prime Minister’s own home they used generators.’ They listened even more attentively when he talked of the need to create millions of jobs for a country filled with young people and how to do this India needed a new dream, and a new resolve that by the time of India’s 75th birthday as a modern nation this country must become a better place.

National mood Somehow nearly all these things were missed in the reports that appeared in the next day’s newspapers that appeared to have been written by reporters who watched the rally on television. So there was undue attention paid to whether Nawaz Sharif had compared our Prime Minister to a village woman or not than to what Modi said about the political and economic mistakes that had brought India to a situation in which the national mood had become one of despair. Was this deliberate? I am not sure and so I am prepared to attribute the poor reportage of Modi’s most important public rally so far to the confusion that currently defines political Delhi. It is as if political leaders and political pundits are no longer sure how to analyze what is happening. So they substitute analysis with calculations as if by doing this they might discover what is really happening. In doing this they appear to have missed the groundswell smashing up against the gates of Delhi.

The Mind & Meditation “R



EASON and logic have not solved our human problems, and we are going to find out if there is quite a different approach to all the problems and travails of life. We shall come upon something that is beyond reason; for reason has not solved any of our political, economic or social problems; nor has it solved the intimate human problems between two people. It becomes more and more obvious that we live in a world that is going to pieces, that has become quite insane, quite disorderly and a dangerous place to live in. Up to a point we must reason together, logically, sanely, holistically; then, perhaps, beyond that point, we shall be able to find a different state, a different quality of mind, not bound be any dogma, by any belief, by any experience and therefore a mind that is free to observe and through observation see exactly "what is" and also find that “there is energy to transform it." The above quote is full of deep insights

and practical guidance on how to walk the path to spiritual enlightenment. In this quote, I am pointing out the fact that first you have to notice that something is amiss. That, I know is putting it lightly. Without going into the long list of problems that plague us today, I think it would suffice to say that things are quite a mess, both within

MATTER & SPIRIT and without. Recognizing this, we see the need for change, and thus embark on our spiritual journey. For this journey, I do not rule out the value of logic and reason. In fact, logic and reason have a role to play in bringing us to a certain point of understanding and maturity, unfortunately though they cannot bring about the transformation within us, which would lead to compassion, joy and freedom.

This transformation that is alluding to above, is the freedom from duality. The freedom from the false sense of separation, and logic and reason, which belong to the thinking apparatus, are unable to carry us to this state. Duality lies in our thinking itself, and although logic and reason can give us clarity of thought, it cannot go beyond that. Here he then indicates that what is needed is the power of direct observation. Direct observation of things just as they are, reveals the false in the false. This seeing of the false (separate self ) in the false (dualistic thinking) requires energy. This is the energy of acute awareness and swift intelligence. It is not seeing via logic and reason, it is perceiving directly that "which is", in all its complexity, from moment to moment. This my friends is meditation. If you want joy, compassion and wisdom…. then meditate. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




As tribute to Mahatma, govt must placate aam aadmi ON the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti a thought came to my mind that people of India should follow the path shown by our Mahatma. Nowadays, everything is going against the Mahatma’s principles and there are scams, bribes, illegal constructions, price rise of fuel and commodities taking place everywhere. Inflation is cutting people’s expenses and burdening the common people. On this good occasion, the government should think of introducing some reprieve for the common man by reducing the prices of essential commodities so that they can survive and take care of their family members. Our people and Government only remember Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday and not the deeds he has done for the country and his struggle during the freedom struggle. People should emulate

occasion it will be truly a tribute to our great Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his birth anniversary. — Murugesh Iyer, Thane


FITTING HOMAGE: To honour Gandhiji aptly, the people of our nation should emulate his good thoughts, words and deeds and adapt noble principles too. his good thoughts, words and deeds and his noble sacrifice for the country. We got freedom due to the ideologies and thinking of our great Mahatma Gandhi. I wish that on this great occasion Govt should introduce some

good programs for the benefit of common man and also introduce more conveyance facilities like more local trains, share-an-auto system, many buses in the area where there is no conveyance etc. If the government does on this

star player is not touring India. As we all know India’s favourable pitch conditions, lopsided crowd support THE selectors have done the right and home umpires all spoil the thing by picking Yuvraj Singh in the show in India during One-Day and squad for the ODIs and T-20 T-20 matches. Captain Michael matches against Australia on home Clarke was Tuesday ruled out of turf as the ‘Prince’ of Indian cricket is not only in top form but shape as — Jamshed Irani, Mumbai Australia’s tour of India with his long-standing back problem needwell. Yuvraj is the best cricketer our ing further treatment. Australia are due to play a seven-game series in AFTER getting freedom from the India, which will be coached by British, our Supreme Court has Steve Rixon. South Australia’s Callately started delivering landmark lum Ferguson has been called up to verdicts to free the common man replace Clarke. Add to all that now from the clutches of power hungry even captain is missing and the Inunruly politicians. Yet another mag- dian fans are cheered up not by the nificient verdict on the ‘Right to Re- performance of the Home team but ject.’ If people start rejecting all the in the absence of a key player. Wincorrupt and selfish candidates, we ning matches in India is not so easy might end up getting good and use- under all these circumstances and it is good news for Team India before ful leaders, at least in the future. a being bowled in the series. It is a known fact that LETTER OF all political parties do THE DAY — C.K. Ramani, Sion have goondas to their credit as “leaders” and as of now, in WELL CHOSEN: Yuvraj Singh is in top many places, voting thrives only on form and is a brilliant cricketer. Selecting goondaism. No law stops a politihim for the encounters with Australia will cian from goondagiri. Common, certainly bear fruit. law-abiding, innocent and decent country has ever produced when it man ultimately suffers. Hence, this APROPOS ‘Lalu to appeal comes to the shorter version of the law will be the best option. in High Court: family alleges ‘congame and it is great to learn that he spiracy’’ (ADC, Oct 1), finally the — Laxminarayanan B., Mumbai is in top gear at the moment and 1996 fodder scam in the then rearing to have a go at the Aussies. Bihar, now Jharkhand yielded re   Form is temporary but class is sults and the big fish, no other permanent and Yuvi has proved AS a voter for last five decades, I person but the then CM, Lalu time and again that he is the best all welcome the landmark verdict of Prasad has been indicted. Alrounder the world of cricket has at Supreme Court to empower the votthough the family of Lalu and his the moment. He fought fatal cancer ers to reject all candidates by supporters are trying to cover this from the jaws of death and cricket is punching a ‘None-of-the-above’ up to make the public at large to bread and cheese for this excep- (NOTA) button on the EVM. The believe that it is a conspiracy to tional cricketer who is a delight to verdict will force the political parnail a former CM of a state. Howwatch when he is in top gear and ties to field the candidate with clean ever, the findings of the IAS offilooks so at the moment. image and without any criminal cer Amit Khare, reveals something different, as he found during the — S.N. Kabra, Goregaon background with the fear that if the NOTA counting is more than 50 per investigation that there cent, then there will be re-election were plenty of administrative which may hamper the chances of wrongdoings like disposing off vital documents like the bills, the THE Congress have observed that the deserving candidate who will be vouchers etc of the fodder issue. their popularity is waning these hoping to win the election on merit. This IAS past few years. Suddenly, they find Since the average percentage of the officer caught the Bihar federal themselves saddled with a new voting across the country is not competitor not only for the party more than between 40 to 50 per officials red-handed for but also the family. Narendra Modi cent, where more than half of the the illegal handling of the finanis pulling the carpet from under people do not vote due to corrupt cial matter at that time. I sincerely their feet. Urgent remedial meas- and tainted and inefficient politihope that this would set the ball ures were required to salvage the cians, the Supreme Court verdict of rolling and would be a forerunner scenario. So, they used their favorite NOTA will give boost to higher votof many such convictions of zero and converted him into a ing percentage. other illegal politicos, who are sithero. Rahul walked in to a press ting cool in this country. — Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai meet and declared that the ordi— Bikram Banerjea, Mumbai nance was fit to be torn. This was to convince the gullible public that he    has a mind of his own even if it AS in the past we feel happy when a

Yuvi deserves to be back

means that he has to defy his mother. All those who voted for the ordinance sided with him so easily thus clearly telling the Prime Minister that it is time for him to go and for Rahul, the modern thinker, to occupy the throne.

Beginning of a New Era

IF Mahatma Gandhi were alive today he would have perhaps given a ‘QUIT INDIA’ call to Congress Party and its shameless politicians who have managed to ruin this great country in six decades. The British Raj had given way to ‘Looters Raj’ thanks to Congress and UPA. Before Independence, all our leaders who should have ruled us were sent to jails. After Independence, almost all our politicians who should have been sent to jails were chosen as leaders! What a tragedy! Only Mr. Narendra Modi can

save the Indians from our current wretched situation. The sooner he becomes the prime minister, the better it is for our nation and people. — Lakshman Sundar, Vashi


ON the backdrop of Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s letters to State ministers not to harass minority youths in the name of terror, and the 144th Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhiji’s following thought is most relevant. He had said: We must get rid of the miasma of religious majority and minority (vide page 26 of Journalist Gandhi - Selected writings of Gandhi, compiled by Sunil Sharma, published by Gandhi Book Centre, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Mumbai- 400 007). — K.G. Acharya, Andheri

R.I.P. filmmaker Rajiv Patil

It’s no landmark judgement

I WAS profoundly shocked about the sudden demise of Marathi filmmaker Rajiv Patil on Monday in a Mumbai hospital following a heart attack. He has given immense pride to Marathi movies. He had an aesthetic talent to make his films look larger than life. The maker of award winning films like ‘Jogawa’, ‘Savarkhed-a gaon’, ‘72 mile a pravas’ and many others. He was known to be a sensitive filmmaker and with his unique style of writing he chose subjects that had social messages, winning over the hearts of millions of people. His passing away has created a void in the Marathi film industry. It is a great loss to the industry and no one can take away his contribution. May his soul rest in peace!

INSTANTANEOUSLY, subsequent to the verdict in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case the defence lawyer vociferously condemned the death sentence and even claimed that he would not file an appeal against the judgment if no rape occurred after this death sentence. His utterance is indeed a daring challenge. It is atrocious to observe that death sentence has not caused any preclusion as is obvious from a spurt in the number of rapes subsequent the verdict. When thousands of crime cases related to women are pending in courts, it is futile to expect a decline in rape cases. Justice must be meted out without any delay. The impact of punishment on society and the victim is lost if judgment is given years after the crime.

— Probir Kumar Bose, New Panvel

— K.V. Raman, Malad

Lalu deserves to be sent to prison

The whole thing is a sham!

Good news for Team India

INDICTMENT JUSTIFIED: There is no conspiracy against Lalu Prasad. He has committed a crime and his conviction is right by all means. FINALLY, the irrepressible Lalu gets his due even if it is after 17 long years. Our slow moving judiciary had given him a long enough rope which he made full use of by not only making his presence felt in Parliament, but also being the railway minister who will be remembered for introducing earthen cups for tea at the railway stations. However, he will remain unparalleled for one single smart action of his — pulling his wife from her kitchen

and ‘goshala’ and putting her in the chair of the chief minister of his state and running the government by proxy for the full term, something no one has done anywhere in the world! On the positive side, he converted our railways into such a profitable organisation that academicians from the MIT and Harvard were keen to listen to him on his model of administration. ‘Samosha mein Alu and Bihar mein Lalu’, and ‘Lalu Chalisa’ will take a long time to be forgotten. If only he had refrained from unlawful activities, he would have continued to bask in glory, but then... — Dr. V. Subramanyan, Thane


I’M happy with the present trend of sanctimonious crooks going behind bars, but I can’t help recalling the words of Sir Alexander Kirkland Cairncross: “A trend is a trend is a trend But the question is, will it bend? Will it alter its course Through some unforeseen force And come to a premature end?” — Phiroze B. Javeri, Mumbai





 Intrepid British archaeologist Lara Croft

has made perhaps the most important archaeological discovery in history: an orb that leads to the mythical Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, the orb falls into the hands of Jonathan Reiss, an evil scientist who deals in killer viruses and hopes to sell the secrets of the box as the ultimate weapon. Recruited by British Intelligence to get the orb back from Reiss, Lara recruits Terry Sheridan, a British marine turned mercenary (and her former love interest) to help. The two embark on an adventure that spans continents in an attempt to regain the orb... HBO, 9 p.m.



 Celebrations are happening at Kalavati’s hideout. Meanwhile Tara and Mrityunjay come back from the pagphera ceremony. Tara gets a nightmare of Kalavati. Further Tara finds a thief entering the house? Will Tara catch hold of the thief? Who is this thief? Life Ok , 8.30 p.m.


 In tonight’s episode we will see, Pabbo’s guruji warns her that

Madhu’s kundali will affect the men in her life. On the other hand Madhu gets unveiled as the new heroine for RKs film. Now what will Pabbo do? Color s, 8.30 p.m.


 Vidur after becoming Mahamantri says that since Dhritrashtra

is blind he cannot become the king. Dhritrashtra angrily exits the darbaar, Pandu & Gandhari follows him. Dhritrashtra feels that Pandu to be a reason for this. Vidur suggests that Pandu should be the king of Hastinapur. Star Pl us, 8.30 p.m.


 Malik invites Blue to a sex party to help him get over Keira. Chardonnay’s concern for Jason’s health grows after visiting a retired player. Keira longs for Blue after realizing that she doesn’t have the same feelings for Luke. Big CBS Love, 9 p.m .


 Ancient alien theorists like Erich von Däniken believe that,

thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials landed on Earth, where they were hailed as gods and helped shape human civilization. But what proof could possibly exist for such an encounter? Proponents of the theory point to two types of evidence: ancient religious texts and physical specimens such as cave drawings, stone sculptures and pyramids. Is your curiosity piqued? For more earthly evidence of extraterrestrial encounters, tune in to Ancient Aliens, Hi stor y, 11 p.m .


 At the heart of Australia Zoo is a passionate and inspiring team, unified by their love of animals, which carries forward the late Steve Irwin’s amazing legacy for wildlife conservation and


Madhubala, Colors, 8.30 p.m.

welfare. Capturing every rescue, every operation and every animal saved on film; STEVE IRWIN’S WILDLIFE WARRIORS highlights to the world the pioneering work of the Australia Zoo and its committed staff. Ani mal Pl anet, 9.30 p.m .


 As the modern world becomes increasingly sophisticated and

mechanised, we grow further removed from the way things are made and how things are done - from the miraculous feats of engineering which underpin life in the 21st Century. As we reveal in HOW DO THEY DO IT?, our comfortable modern way of life relies on a great army of clanking, buzzing giant robot slaves hidden from view, in factories, down mines, up mountains and beneath the ocean. It relies on the problem-solving genius of engineers and the vision of industrial designers who are constantly striving to make things faster, cheaper and better. HOW DO THEY DO IT? is about engineering and scientific miracles and the people whose ability to solve problems make them happen. Discover y, 8 p.m.


 Discovery science reveals the innovation and fire-packed

power of the world’s most elite fighting units in WEAPONOLOGY. Discover y Science, 10 p.m.


 Jackie Chan plays an ex-singer-turned-fortune-hunter, who's


 A very honest, simple and prestigious young man named

Vishnu lives with his parents in a Bombay city slum. Everyone including his parents and people around his neighborhood hates his site because of the way he looks, he makes his living by working as a sales man but due to the lack of confidence and education his status could not be raise. He is quite shy and spend most of the time by himself. Then one day he spots a young woman named Mohini and is attracted to her at that very moment, he keeps on staring at her most of the time and sometimes blushes by himself. A young man named Sameer later marry Mohini and is settled with her. Enraged and fed up of life at this stage Vishnu prays everyday to god so that he can be an invisible person. One day his wish came through and he decides to territorialize and punish his perpetrators namely his parents and Mohini and her husband. He gets into the... Fil my, 9 p.m .


 Thakur BhanuPratap Singh (Amitabh Bachchan), a helpful per-

son is loved by all. His younger son, Heera (Amitabh Bachchan) falls in love with Gowri (Soundarya), an IAS aspirant who rejects him, as he is illiterate. He decides to earn a living and come up the hard way. He establishes a bus service, which becomes a great success and starts a charity hospital as per his brother’s wish. His enemies mix poison in the sweet given to Thakur to ruin the family and blame Heera for it. Heera fights against them and brings the truth to light. M ax, 9 p.m .


 A young woman in Paris is about to divorce her husband when

she discovers... he’s dead; and all their money is gone. She meets a mysterious man, who tells her that the money was really his, and he wants it back, seemingly convinced that she’s hiding the cash. Meanwhile, more people end up dead... Starring Mark Wahlberg, Thandie Newton, Tim Robbins. Zee Studio, 10.30 p.m.  Matt Whitlock, the police chief of Banyan Key a small town



P.M. 2.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 2.30 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon-Ek Baar Phir 3.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3.30 Ek Ghar Banaunga 4.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 4.30 Diya Aur Bati Hum 5.00 Ek Veer Ki Ardaaz-Veera 5.30 Mahabharat 6.00 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon-Ek Baar Phir 6.30 Ek Gahr Banaunga 7.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 7.30 Saraswati Chandra 8.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 8.30 Mahabharat 9.00 Diya Aur Bati Hum 9.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai…. 10.30 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera 11.00 Mahabharat P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 4.30 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00

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Armour of God, Star Movies, 9 p.m.

near Florida, is separated from his wife, Alex, a police detective based in Florida. Matt’s been having an affair with Ann Merai Harrison, a woman who’s separated from her husband Chris and who says that she has cancer. When her doctor tells her of a new treatment that’s expensive, Matt gives her the nearly half a million dollars that he seized from some drug dealers. When she turns up dead evidence points to Whitlock. He tries to figure out what’s going on but apparently it appears he’s been set up. So he has to try and find the money especially now that the Feds are asking for it before the evidence exposes him. Pi x, 9 p.m .


 In Mumbai, Sid Mehra is, in the words of his father, an arrogant, spoiled brat. He lives with a doting mother and a father who pays his expenses and credit card bills. Sid takes his college finals then starts work at his father's business; he lasts less than a week before walking out. At a graduation party, he's met Aisha, newly arrived from Calcutta, set on becoming a writer. He shows her the city and helps her refurbish a rented flat. He asks if she'd like to progress from friend to something more; she says no - he lacks ambition and isn't her type. Will her words, his exam results, a confrontation with his parents, and a break with his friends be enough to wake Sid up? Bu4, 9 p.m.

9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00


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P.M. 2.00 Jai Ho 2.30 Champions League Twenty20 13 h/ls 3.30 NKP Salve Challenger Trophy 13 h/ls 4.00 Jai Ho 5.00 Liga Bbva 13/14 h/ls 6.00 Champions League Twenty20 h/ls 6.30 Jai Ho 7.00 2 Wheels 7.30 Champions League Twenty20 2013 h/ls 8.00 Liga Bbva 13/14 h/ls 8.30 Superstar Football 9.00 Inside Grand Prix 2013 9.30 Superstar Football 10.00 Champions League Twenty20 2013 h/ls


The Recruit Inglorious Basterds Gone in 60 Seconds Armour of God Men in Black II Titanic Armour of God HBO

P.M. 2.25 5.25 7.15 9.00

Armageddon ATM Motorway Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 11.20 Starship Troopers A.M. 8.10 Beowulf 10.45 Source Code P.M. 1.00 3.30 6.00 8.40 10.30 A.M. 8.00 10.30


DDI (Main Channel)

P.M. 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.10 4.35 5.00 5.05

8.00 Gaj Raaj 9.00 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warrior 10.00 Animal Planet’s A To Z 11.00 Natural Born Hunter


P.M. 2.00 The Vampire Diaries 3.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 4.00 Just for Laughs 6.00 The Vampire Diaries 7.00 The Ellen Degeneres Show 8.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.00 Lost 11.00 Rookie Blue

8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by an evil cult. Her finace, an old friend of Jackie's, turns to him for help - as the kidnappers intended... lots of cooool, Jackie style action and laughs. Star Movies, 9 p.m.


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The Mummy Returns Honey I Shrunk The Kids Defiance Honey I Blew Up The Kid The Truth About Charlie Defiance Honey I Blew Up The Kid

PIX P.M. 12.15 The Forbidden Kingdom 2.10 The Tower 5.20 Rocky Balboa 6.30 Total Recall 9.00 Species 11.15 Out of Time A.M. 7.05 Valkyrie 9.20 Rocky Balboa 11.15 Lake Placid: The Final Chapter P.M. 1.20 4.25 6.40 9.00 11.35 A.M. 9.10

P.M. 1.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.30 8.00


Tom and Jerry Tales Oggy and the Cockroaches Kid Krrish Adventure Time Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Oggy and the Cockroches Henry Raja Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Johnny Test Adventure Time Gon Tom and Jerry Kids Show Roll No 21 Ben 10 Tom and Jerry Tales POGO

Chhota Bheem Marathon Mr Bean Chhota Bheem Marathon Gol Mol Gongol Chhota Bheem Hagemaru

The Truth About Charlie, Zee Studio, 10.30 p.m.



Mother India Chor Machaaye Shor Saugandh

Yeh hai Jalsa Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch HumKahein

CVO P.M. 2.00 Apradh: Feroz Khan 5.30 Khel Khilari Ka: Dharmendra 9.00 Ghar Ka Chiraag: Rajesh Khanna A.M. 9.30 Nigahen: Sunny Deol

FILMY P.M. 12.00 Dharti: Rajendra Kumar 3.00 Holi Aayi Re: Shatrughan Sinha 6.00 Khoobsurat: Sanjay Dutt 9.00 Gayab: Tushar Kapoor A.M. 9.00 Robbery at Bangkok: Rajsekar

B4U P.M. 12.00 Aag: Govinda, Shilpa Shetty 3.00 Jungle: Fardeen Khan 9.00 Wake Up Sid: Ranbir Kapoor A.M. 8.00 Aar Ya Paar: Jackie Shroff

All programmes on this page are as per the official schedules of the various channels. Afternoon is not responsible for any last minute changes.

P.M. 1.30 2.30 3.00 4.30 5.00 5.30 7.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 A.M. 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00


Benaam Badsha Itihaas Love Ka Tadka RAscals Koi Aap Sa

MAX P.M. 1.00 Aadmi Khilona Hai: Govinda 5.30 Rana The Don 9.00 Sooryavansham: Anupam Kher A.M. 7.00 Fatu: Amitabh Bachchan 10.30 Main Hoon Bodyguard: Vijay, Asin P.M. 2.40 6.15 9.00 A.M. 8.40 11.20

ZEE TALKIES P.M. 12.00 Yedyanchi Jatra:: Bharat Jadhav 4.30 Khabardar: Makrand Anaspure 7.00 Dhoomdhadaka: Mahesh Kothare 9.30 Navra Maza Navsacha: Sachin, Supriya

Gayab, Filmy, 9 p.m.

9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00 A.M. 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00

Chhota Bheem Pokemon Takeshi’s Castle Sunaina MAD

Thomas and Friends Kumbh Karan Chhota Bheem Hagemaru

DISNEY CHANNEL P.M. 2.00 Doraemon Bhaag 3.00 Chhote Meow 4.00 Doramoen Kali Khopdi Ka Khazana 5.00 Doraemon History ki Mystery 6.00 Doraemon 8.00 Best of Luck Nikki 8.30 Disney Q S 2! 9.00 Shaket Up 9.30 Best of Luck Nikki 10.00 Slokk 10.30 Disney Q P.M. 2.00 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.30 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.30


Kiteretsu Splatalot Randy Cunningham Iron Man AA American Dragon Jake Long Phineas and Ferb Ultimate Spiderman Hulk R Troopers

pg 16-17 See what products we’re recommending for a smokey eye look

pg 18 We tell you what we like about these new floral watches from Guess

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The Terrible 10 The way women stay away from particular kind of men; men have a directory as well. Priyanka Singh tells you about 10 types of women most men won’t want to marry


omen go on and on about their ‘type’ and waste no time in categorising a man into a ‘not my type’ category. Most will not marry a guy who is not ‘settled’, a guy who is still hung up on his ex, a narcissist and someone who doesn’t believe in monogamy. Similarly, men have a checklist too. When it comes to getting married, there are a specific set of women that most men will steer clear of because of various reasons. Here is a list that is unpopular among the male species:

Miss ‘Pushy’ >> Being the pushy type will only drive him further away!

You must have heard men saying, “We like independent women who can make their own decisions.” However, Miss Pushy goes overboard and transforms independent into bossy. While many men find their woman taking the reins in her hands quite hot, after some time, this very trait starts to drive them up the wall. There is no boss and both of you are the supporting bases of an establishment called a relationship. Men don’t want to feel like students all the time, with you correcting and reprimanding their every move.

Miss ‘Player’ Playing games is fun. But, as people age, their tolerance level for this decreases. Especially men. It just becomes another knot on a head full of curls. A man will only invest a certain amount of time and patience in these games. After that, he will get tired and drift away from you. While playing hard to get will pique his interest in you initially and draw him in, once he’s hooked, he will just want a clear answer and not your so-called hints. If Miss Player doesn’t wrap up her game and give in soon, she has lost him forever. !

Miss ‘Modification’ There are so many of these around. They are the so called Continued on pg 14 «

! "(' "(' (# " ! % '+ ) !'& & ! "* +"( ! "! ' '"* % & "" (&

' +"( * + )" & "( "! +"(% &' " (&' ) & ' #


" ,"! & "# ! ! ! * ! "(' * ' '/&



!' '" % ' ! * % !' "% ' '

'" % &' '+ +"( ! "

" * !

+ ! '& ! ' '+ ! # !! % ! * (! ( "%



Afternoon Despatch & Courier


>> Even if you’ve been betrayed before, there’s only so much of your suspicion and jealousy that your man will be able to handle

Miss ‘Let Me teLL MY Mother’ Hello, mamma’s girl! Honestly, Indian men appreciate the fact that a women is close to her family. It makes them think that she will also gel with his family smoothly. However, her affection for her mother starts getting creepy when she tells him that she told her mother about their first kiss. No man wants to take permission from her mother for every little thing that they do, or then her calling her mother after every hour. This is also a clear indication that if they get married, her mother will have an uncomfortable clout over the daughter and so, over their relationship.

Miss ‘GossiP MonGer’ First things first: Men enjoy gossip. They might deny it tooth and nail, but they have a good time chatting about vivid details about... ahem... a lot of things. They will enjoy her chatty nature and that she has information on about everyone, but then it’ll start getting to them. They’ll wonder why she has an abnormal amount of interest in others’ lives which will only lead to them having a petty impression of her. No man likes marrying a petty woman who takes pleasure in other people’s miseries.

Miss ‘i KeeP CoMPArinG’ She will keep comparing her life or their life with others. She will not prioritise what they have and the assets of their relationship. Continued from pg 13 « seers who fall in love with the personality that they are going to ‘create’ out of a man, his future avatar and not the present version of him. However, she will claim that she loves her man as he is. And then, timidly (or not) but determinedly, she’ll start this ‘transformation’ by changing the colours of his tie, then move to his wardrobe, his music taste, and then finally, the people that he mingles with. Eventually, one day he’ll realise that the reflection staring back at him in the mirror is not actually him anymore and that’s when Miss Modification will be out of his life.

Miss ‘Possessive’ Once bitten, twice shy. Most of Miss Possessive’s suspicious jealousy comes from this phrase. She always doubts him, is on the edge all the time and ends up making him feel claustrophobic. While it’s advisable to be careful since you have been burnt in the past, creasing your forehead every time you see a woman’s name flashing on his phone screen is a bit much. When a man first comes across this woman, she is the classic damsel in distress. Men love to be, or rather try to be, a knight in shining armour and think that they will give her the emotional security that she is craving. However, Miss Possessive will continue to panic about the silliest issues and will not think twice before bombarding him with accusations. After all, how long can a man carry the burden of something that was done to her by someone else? He’ll leave and she’ll be back to having a universally harsh and unfair opinion about men.

Miss ‘You Are MY Life’ Before you ask her to make sandwiches for you, she will be ready with them and a glass of fresh juice to wash the sandwiches down. Miss You Are My Life has nothing else to do in her life but take care of her man. In the initial period, a man will be touched by her dedication toward him and think that he has found the selfless elixir of his life. But, as

days pass, her dedication will become suffocating and he’d want her to give him some space. A woman must have something going on for her. A man should never be the centrepiece of her life. In fact, you should always be the protagonist of your life. This self-respect will make your man respect you which is very important in a relationship.

Miss ‘Where’s MY DADDY?’ We honestly feel sorry for Miss Where’s My Daddy, because in reality she is looking for

a father figure to enter her life and not a boyfriend or a partner who’s an equal. Her search for romance and a lifelong partner is just about filling the void of a dad that she perhaps never had, or a gaping hole in her bank account, in case there is a prefix of sugar attached to her definition of daddy. While most men might like this trait initially, with their partner looking up to them for everything and asking for their approval all the time, they will finally want to date a real, mature woman who is not stuck in her teenage years trying to find her daddy in you.

>> A little gossip is fine with your man, but make sure you’re not a gossip monger or he’ll head for the door in a hurry

>> Men like their women to be independent, but not too bossy

Instead, she will crib about what they don’t have. Whether it is his salary, a flashy car, their house, their lifestyle — every conversation with her will be reeking of comparison and jealousy. She will drive her man mad and make him feel like rotten garbage or good for nothing.

Miss ‘AM i overWeiGht?’ Going to lunch or dinner with her is as bad as eating alone, because most of the meal she’ll be looking at you gorging on your favourite food. Otherwise, she’ll be picking at her soup, while her man will already have finished the last bite of his third course. When he meets Miss I Don’t Eat, he thinks that at least she’ll never become overweight. But then, better sense prevails and he realises that eating alone is no fun and giving her the same answers to repeated concerns over her weight is more than he can handle.


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‘I want to act with Ranbir Kapoor’


they’ve killed off darcy!!!

Actress Manjari Phadnis, known for her girl-next-door performance in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, recently donned a desi look for the comedy Grand Masti. Now, she is back with another film titled Warning 3D, where she plays a hydrophobic. Rohit Pramar caught up with her to talk about the film, her role and more >> Manjari was last seen in Grand Masti and will be seen next in Warning 3D

Are you surprised at the success of Grand Masti? Not really and that’s because of Indra Kumar. He is the same man who gave us films such as Aashiq, Dhamaal and Masti, so I knew that this film would do well. Besides that, I found the script hilarious. I was in splits when I read it and I knew that I had to do it! It’s a fantastic comedy. Are you open to doing more comedies? Definitely! I have grown up watching comedies and rom-coms. I want to do films that make the audience laugh and smile. How did Warning 3D happen? I received the script for the film but somehow it slipped my mind and I forgot to read it. It was a month later when I met Shilpi Das who happened to be the casting director. She suggested my name and we reconnected. Tell us about your role in the movie. I play Sabina Sanyal. She was a wild child in school, but has now changed. She’s a doctor and is very sorted in life. She knows what she wants. But, the most defining thing about her is that she is hydrophobic. When she was young, her best friend drowned and that’s an important part of her character. How was the entire experience shooting for the film? It was adventurous. We were in the middle of the sea shooting for 14 hours daily. It would take us at least an hour via boat to travel to the middle of the sea. Most of the film is shot underwater and there was a special team of people working above and onshore.

>> We’ll miss Colin Firth in the series, since the demise of his character, Mark Darcy


ridget Jones’ fans, you’re not going to like this one. Author Helen Fielding has killed off husband and father to Bridget’s children, Mark Darcy in her new book, Mad about the Boy, releasing October 10. Before you throw your hands up in the air, take a look at what other women in the city are saying about it:

“The thought of Mark Darcy dying and Bridget becoming a widow at the age of 51 is just heartbreaking! Helen Fielding’s decision to cut off Mark’s character is intriguing enough to make me want to buy the book the moment it releases. But, I doubt I’m going to like what’s inside!” — Rachana Vaidya, student “I

think Helen is following the new trend of killing important characters (ref: GoT). But, letting the plot out before the release is sure going to affect her readers. I’m sure most fans are disappointed and don’t want to pick up the book.” — Samreen Samad, fashion writer

What’s next for you? I am currently shooting for Wah Taj. There is only one song left to shoot. I can’t tell you much about the film since the promotions will start only next year.

“Hearing that is awful! I'd be very unhappy with that! I love Mark Darcy and the heartache, heartbreak and romance of Bridget Jones that comes with him in the picture.... killing off his character is very, very sad! I’m not sure whether I’ll read it now that I know!” — Divya Palat, theatre personality

Of late, Bollywood has been flooded with several talented young actors. Is there anyone you would like to work with? I would love to work with Ranbir Kapoor. I definitely want to work with Imran Khan again. I know Ayushmann Khurrana, he is a friend of mine. He is very talented, so I’d like to do a film with him too. Then there’s Sushant Singh Rajput and Varun Dhawan as well.

“I’m not sure why she killed him, or how I feel about it, but I hope it adds something to the story. It will be sad to read an entire book without his presence — it won’t feel the same!” — Gargi Bansod, student





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You like wearing… a) Ornate and embellished outfits. b) Cargo pants and a t-shirt. c) A flirty, printed dress. d) Cool shorts and a racer-back. e) A sarong and flipflops.

& SENSIBILITY Shutterstock

Your personality and preferences can help you zero in on the perfect scent for you. Rhea Dhanbhoora helps you find what perfume you should buy


o one knew more about signature scents than the sensual Marilyn Monroe, who was once quoted saying that she wore “five drops of Chanel No.5” in bed. Perfume can speak volumes about your personality, so obviously, your personality can help you pick the perfect scent. Celebrities have perfumers to help them get their ultimate, signature scent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own. Whether you’re the sort of person who enjoys a cool summer breeze or a walk by the beach, someone who wants to kick back with a glass of whiskey or indulge in a few glasses of wine — your habits, likes and dislikes can point you towards your perfect scent. Take this quiz to find yours.

priyanka chopra

sonam kapoor

What’s Priyanka thinking? Part cowboy and part biker chick, this combo doesn’t work! The shirt is too casual for that tight leather skirt and her hair and makeup are too perfect for this to be a wild child look. But, the worst is yet to come… those stilts! They look cheap and tacky.


anushka sharma

At first glance, this dress looks pretty nice. It’s bright and flashes the right amount of skin. But, on closer inspection, we aren’t kicked about the way it drapes across the petite Anushka. It looks ill fitting on top and the actress doesn’t look comfortable. Her makeup is also very boring.

What’s happened to her sense of style? Wasn’t she one of the better actresses around? Well, that’s a distant memory now. Sonam tries a bit of fusion with her decidely preppy dress and Indian earrings — but it comes across as con-fusion. It’s time to get a stylist, love.


archana kochhar

The dress is actually nice. It fits her well and the drape flatters her figure. We actually love the simple long chain that makes the actress look slimmer and taller and the pop of colour it lends to her look. In fact, everything is fine… except those shoes. Even her feet are trying to escape them!

Your drink of choice is… a) Anything infused with honey. b) A glass of whiskey. c) A glass of wine. d) A citrus based drink. e) A refreshing cocktail. You would define yourself as… a) Sensual. b) Adventurous. c) Flirtatious. d) Cheerful. e) Breezy.

Oriental: The secrets of the East enthrall enough for you to want to be enveloped in heady musky scents such as Oud, vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

don’t let that confuse you from the woody base with musky vanilla and heavy patchouli touches.

mostly cs

Floral: Your perfect scent is a bouquet full of flowers. You’re feminine, romantic and love embracing your girly side. Try picking scents that have notes of jasmine, rose, lotus, chamomile and lavender. our pick Pleasures by Estée Lauder: We know you can find yourself a rose perfume, so we’ve picked one of the most feminine, popular romantic scents that ever existed. It has black lilac, baie rose, white lily violent leaves and a heady floral scent that’s not too sweet.

our pick Oud Wood by Tom Ford: The perfume has cardamom, Chinese pepper, vetiver, vanilla and amber along with musky oud notes.

Aquatic: Do you love the sound of waves and think there’s nothing better than the smell of the sea? Then you’re going to love the scent of seaweed with little hints of tropical fruits and ocean breeze. our pick Cool Water by Davidoff: Were you thinking of anything else? The perfume will remind you of ocean breezes, the sea-water and has a delectable, vetiver, and sandalwood base.

Woody: You love earthy adventures and the forest is your favourite place. You’re fond of animals and veer towards pine, cedar and sandalwood scents, along with musk and patchouli with a little leather thrown in.

our pick Gucci by Gucci: Sometimes, picking a classic is just the right way to go. This woody fragrance has notes of guava, but

Your favourite colour is… a) Red. b) Brown c) Pink. d) Yellow. e) Blue.

1. crEam concEalEr A cream concealer is a must before you start applying eye makeup. We love this one from Clinique because it’s especially formulated for the eyes, is easy to apply and dries quickly, so that you can concentrate on your smokey eye look. price `1,030

mostly Ds

Citrus & fruity: You’re very similar if you like things with a tang or a hit of sugar and if summer is your favourite season. You’re one of the two types here; although your personality is lighthearted and easygoing, you’ll either like the pungent scent of lemon and lime or the sweet scent of apples, plums and peach. our pick CK One Summer 2011 by Calvin Klein: It’s hard to find a scent that’s both citrusy and fruity, but we believe we’ve found the

« 5 WAYS TO ROCK: SMOKEY EYES Want to add a little oomph to your look? Rhea Dhanbhoora tells you how to rock smokey eyes 1. lip talk Remember to keep your lips understated when going for a smokey eye look. Focus on either your eyes or your lips — not both. Pick a soft pink or a pretty shade of nude and try not to overdo the lip gloss. Let the attention stay on your eyes.

2. primEr Primer keeps your eye shadow from settling into the creases of your eyelids and helps it stay on. We love the Lancôme Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base as it evens out the colour on your lids and is great for women on the move. price `1,500


tulsi kumar

We’re all for trying out different colour combinations, so the yellow and medicine pink isn’t what’s bothering me particularly. It’s that big chunk of black at the base of her salwar. No actually, it’s everything. A major fail from top to shoeless bottom.

perfect, womanly scent for you. With tangerine notes, mixed with rhubarb and lemon — it’s citrusy, fruity and fresh without being too childish.

mostly Es

mostly Bs



Your idea of a perfect date includes… a) A dance date. b) A trek. c) A romantic dinner. d) A walk in a park or garden. e) A date by the beach.

mostly as

2. look likE a jEwEl Stay away from dark brown and black unless you’re young or can pull off looking like a raccoon midway through the night. Deep purples, golden browns or even navy blues are much better options for this style.

3. EyE linEr You need eyeliner that stays on for long as well as enhances your look. Maybelline’s Drama Gel eyeliner does the job perfectly. You can pick your shade according to what smokey eye look you’re opting for. We love brown & gold swirl in particular. price `450

3. wEll-pairED For a dazzling look, pair smokey eyes with romantic, beach waves or an elegant updo. Anything too tight or too straight will make you look a little scary. If you’re aiming for a fun look, keep your hair down or gently pulled back for a more classy look.

4. powDEr shaDow Whether it’s brown, grey or dark green, Chanel’s Quadra Eyeshadow quads have it all. Pick up the Mystere quad for the perfect, dark, smokey eye look. price `3,800

4. kEEp it warm When it comes to the rest of your makeup, keep it warm. Bronze and nude tones along with hints of gold are your best bet. If you opt for bright blushes or deep pink hues, you’ll look a little bit like a clown. A barely there look is best to make your eyes stand out. A light pink blush works too.

5. Black mascara Exaggerated lashes add a little oomph to your smokey look. Opt for YSL’s Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking tube of mascara. It’s available in a deep black shade that will add some life to your lashes. price `2,400

5. sculpt your Brows The most important thing about smokey eye makeup is keeping your brows well-shaped. Untended brows can throw your entire look off and make you look unkempt and as though you’re trying too hard. Make sure to wax, tweeze and pluck in order to get a clean, sculpted look.

>> Mila Kunis fabulously carries her smokey eyes with subtle overall makeup


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

WAnt to quit your joB And freelAnce? We tell you WhAt you should keeP in Mind I started working at my first job two months ago. However, suddenly I feel as though this job is not for me. I want the freedom to work when and how I want and am fascinated by the idea of freelancing. However, all my friends have been telling me that I should wait for a while. I’m quite confused. Could you please clear the air about what becoming a freelancer would mean and how I could get started? — Aarti khanna, Mumbai central dear Aarti, Since this is your first job and you’ve only been working for two months, I suggest you listen to your friends and stay away from freelancing at the moment. One of the biggest things you’ll need as a freelancer is contacts — something that only being in the industry will get you. So, if freelancing is your goal, work towards it by continuing at your job and steadily building up your network of contacts. Also, remember that you can never compare freelancing to the stability of a salaried job. So, when you do make the switch, you need to be ready to deal with that as well. I would also like to add that it seems to me that it might be a slight dissatisfaction with your current job that is making you think of an alternative. Maybe you’ll adjust over time, or maybe another job will prove more satisfactory. Consider all this before you decide to freelance. I work in a male dominated office. A few girls and I were recently hired at the company and while it’s an amazing place to work at, we are slightly bothered by the toilet facilities at our work place. We have two toilets, both of which are unisex. While we’re okay with that, we would prefer better facilities such as bins and a basic medicine kit for those times of the month. Both my boss and the HR are men and I am quite embarrassed about approaching them regarding this. What do I do? — khyati kumar, Andheri dear khyati, No matter how embarrassing it may seem, there’s only one, easy way out here — you have to talk or mail your boss or HR about your problem. If you’re really nervous about going on your own, you can always take the other girls that have been hired with you. Just because your boss hasn’t realised the situation exists, doesn’t mean that he won’t understand. Simply tell him what all of you exactly need and we’re sure that he’ll make sure such provisions are made. Also, you don’t even need to explain your situation in detail. Just telling him that you need proper bins and a medicinekit in the toilet for emergencies should be enough. We’re sure he’s smart enough to understand what you’re talking about. send your questions to before Wednesday

Picture imperfect From long work hours that make you lose beauty sleep to eating junk food that makes you break out, there are a number of ways your job could be making you ugly. Dev Goswami urges you to take this quiz to see if your job is contributing to your beauty woes Shutterstock



>> Having a bad hair day at work? Well, your job could be responsible for it. Take this quiz to find out


oes your job leave you with no time to care for your skin? Is the general environment at your office, stressful? If your answers are yes, you needn’t look far to know why you’ve been breaking out or getting dark circles. Answer these questions to find out whether your job is making you unattractive. Are your work hours so demanding that you’re not able to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night? a. Yes. b. No. When you’re at work, does it get so hectic that you end up skipping meals and not drinking water for long periods of time? a. Yes. b. No. Do you constantly rest your face on your hand when you read at your desk? a. Yes. b. No. Do you keep moving between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned

areas of your office? a. Yes. b. No. Would you say that you’re almost always on the phone because of your job and so, your handset is constantly pressed against your face? a. Yes. b. No. Is the font on your monitor so small that you have to squint to be able to read properly? a. Yes. b. No. Would you describe the working environment at your office as stressful? a. Yes. b. No.

Mostly As If you haven’t noticed dark circles, saggy eyes or breakouts as yet, you will soon in the near future. Your job and the way you work are harming your looks. Stressful conditions at work and long work hours do not leave you with enough time to take care of your skin. But, don’t blame everything on your job! Your behaviour matters too. Stop pressing your face against your hand or the phone — this will cause wrinkles and/or breakouts. Skipping meals or eating junk food will also harm your skin and waistline. Also, do not forget to drink water — hydrated skin is one of the prerequisites for beautiful skin. Similarly, avoid moving between cold and hot areas as it dehydrates your skin. Mostly Bs You do not have to worry about your job making you ugly. Even if work is stressful and you work long hours, your answers indicate that you know exactly how to take good care of your skin. As long as you continue doing that, we can guarantee that your job won’t affect your looks.

« STUFF WE LIKE: FLORAL WATCHES Guess WAtches’ MidniGht GArden collection Guess has introduced a new range of cute watches that are sure to earn you some envious stares. The designs are unique and though the strap covered in violet flower and petal motifs might take time getting used to, it gets a thumbs up from us. The pieces in the collection showcase intricate rose-inspired motifs and are available in colours such as wine red and emerald green. You can choose between two strap options — a glittery, leather strap and a double chain linked bracelet, both of which come in black. For those who prefer it subtle, the collection also has a model with a solidcoloured strap and a floral dial. Where Guess stores and leading lifestyle stores Price `8,900 onwards


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Property quandary

>> Before you buy a new house, make sure you know common real estate jargon

The next time you visit a property dealer or call a contractor to get work done, don’t have a confused expression plastered across your face as they dole out a list of complex terms. This article will ensure that you know the jargon, says Dev Goswami

PSF: Per Square Feet Let’s start off with the most confusing one: the area of the house, which not only decides whether it’s value for money, but also if it is enough for your needs. Confusion arises because you think the builder is talking about the carpet area (the actual liveable part of the house), but he is talking about the super built-up area which includes the carpet area, wall width, balcony area and the area of all the shared facilities (such as the building’s corridors, swimming pool and club house) divided by the number of occupants of the building. Built-up area includes the carpet area and wall width.

OC: OCCuPanCy CertiFiCate This is a certificate issued by the municipal corporation stating that the building has been completed as per plans and that utilities such as water and electricity have been provided and the fire department has approved the building and its fire fighting capabilities (presence of fire exits and extinguishers). Legally, you cannot move into a new home unless the OC has been granted.

FSi: FlOOr SPaCe index FSI is the proportion between the total floor area (built-up area) of the building and the gross area of the plot on which the building stands. So, an FSI of 2.0 would mean that the total floor area of the building is twice the area of the plot. This stops very tall buildings from being constructed on tiny pieces of land. In Mumbai, the FSI is usually capped at 1.33, though in some cases the government grants extra FSI.

eC: enCumbranCe CertiFiCate EC is not something that you’ll have to

deal with when buying a new house. But, if you’re buying a house secondhand or selling yours, you’ll need an Encumbrance Certificate. The certificate is a record of all the transactions that have been done on that particular house/property. Whether it’s reselling (transfer of ownership), gift, will — all records are maintained with the government and the EC will give you a full history. Apart from needing the EC while you’re buying/selling properties, banks too demand the EC if you’re taking a loan with your home as collateral.

nOC: nO ObjeCtiOn CertiFiCate Ideally, you needn’t be bothered about this. But, it is important that you do not get confused between NOC and OC. An NOC is merely a confirmation that the building’s plan are in order with the current rules and regulations and that the municipal authority has no objection to the commencement of construction. An NOC is important for the builder and not so much for you. So, if you’re buying a house, it is the OC that you should be looking for and not the NOC.



f you’ve been house-hunting or have done so in the past, we’re pretty sure you’ve had this experience — you walk into the house, which the builder promised was 2,000 square feet, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem that big. It probably isn’t. So, did the builder lie to you? Not exactly. Confused? It’s all got to do with the difference between super built-up area and the built-up area. And those are not the only terms that can be confusing. That’s why we bring you a glossary of important realestate terms that you should know:

« STRANGE 7: BIZARRE BABY PRODUCTS There are some outrageously absurd baby products in the market these days. Priyanka Singh brings some jaw-dropping ones If necessity is the mother of all inventions, then who’s the daddy? Someone with a lot of inane time! Some inventions can prove to be saviours — think diapers and baby bottles, but some can only be categorised as plain absurd. Here comes a list of some of the most bizarre baby products.

baby HangerS

Hand SHaPed PillOwS

The way you hang your clothes? Yeah, just like that. After all, there is hardly any difference between the two, right? We aren’t against parents wearing these baby keepers to be close to the child, but using it to hang them on the door or the wall? Unacceptable.

If these creepy looking hands can freak us adults out, imagine how your baby will feel when they are around them!

baby PerFume

baby butt Fan

Are you trying to say that your baby stinks? Well, that means that you need to take the baby for a warm bath! Not spray perfume over him or her.

Plain, old air is just not enough anymore. You not only need a fan for your baby, but also a separate one for your baby’s butt.

baby wigS

Because you think that your baby is just not cute enough. No? So then, why would you trouble them with artificial hair?!

birtHing dOll

Your child wants to know how he or she came into this world? Don’t worry, because there are dolls with detachable placentas available to explain the process. We don’t know if it’ll solve your child’s query or not, but it will surely haunt him for a few days.

baby knee PadS: Overprotective parents, we’re looking at you. Who knew developing was so dangerous? Then again, would you like to crawl around on hard floors all day? Your kneecaps will get bruised, wouldn’t they? But wait... babies are born without kneecaps and have fleshy and cushioned knees designed for crawling. Got our point?

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Finance & flames Shutterstock

Even if you and your partner are deeply in love, you could breakup because of financial incompatibility. Rhea Dhanbhoora helps you check whether you both are a money match


« SOS: SOLVE OUR SITUATION! Think you can fix our readers’ complicated problems? Read on...

Gynelle Alves


I am 17-years-old and in college. I am quite a popular student and have a boyfriend, Tommy, who I have been seeing for quite a while. Everyone knows we are a couple even though he goes to a different college. This is because he usually comes to pick me up and he hangs out with my gang in our canteen.

>> He’s spent all their savings on a new outfit while she was planning on saving it for a rainy day. No wonder she’s upset!

A couple of months ago, Bobby joined my college. He came mid-term from Dubai.


into the relationship, if you’re in for the compromise on your fancy villa or long haul, loans, debt and borrowing upgrade from a motel. But, ensure you’re from friends is something the two of you not always the one who is compromising. need to discuss your stance on.

our dream vacation is watching the sunset on a luxurious beach, while you and your partner enjoy spa treatments. You’ve always wanted a sea view apartment and all your friends already own luxury cars. You’re halfway there yourself — but you can’t live in the lap of luxury as you’d like to, because your partner is lagging behind. If you’re willing to compromise on your chosen lifestyle, we admire you. But, most relationships go bust because of financial incompatibility. Avoid the heartache later and discuss these topics with your partner at the earliest.

Do you save most of your salary or spend it all the minute your cheque clears? If one of you is a spendthrift while the other is constantly thinking of setting money aside for a rainy day, chances are fights are going to break out. Try to reach a compromise if you can, because saving money is never a bad idea.

The friend deal

SpliT down The middle

Imagine if your friends want to spend a weekend at an expensive resort while his are penny pinching to organise one of the cheapest house parties imaginable. Having a divide in the sort of company you keep can cause a rift in your relationship.

Picking up the bill on date night, paying for expenses if you’re living together – it can all become a little too much to handle midway through a relationship. Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to this and divide things equally as far as possible.

Begging & Borrowing

dream vacaTionS

If you hate taking loans but your partner is buried neck deep in debt, you have a problem. While you don’t have to disclose all your financial habits early

If you are in a relationship, you’re probably planning vacations together. So, unless you’re okay with never going on a couples holiday, you need to

Save, Save, Save!


If one of you prefers the convenience and affordability of public transport and the other can’t handle it, it’s going to be a little tough to maintain a relationship without any fights.

I am in a long term relationship and really happy. However, because of my work I constantly have to attend big parties and invariably, I get asked out on occasion. Sometimes it’s a familiar face, other times it’s by random men. How do I politely turn someone down without being rude? — nadia Sheikh, colaba

This is my BOYFRIEND Tommy.

Oh. Hey! Hi!

daily life If a `500 lunch isn’t a big deal for you but cuts a deep hole in your partner’s pocket, you may need to re-assess your relationship. Sure, compromising on where you eat is fine for a little while, but in the long run — he’s going to get tired of spending on expensive Italian and you’re going to resent his cheap dosa lunches.

They got on really well. It’s been a month since I introduced them. Now, everytime Tommy comes to pick me up...

houSe hunTing This can be extremely stressful if you can’t agree on a budget, location or even size! If you want to live in luxury and he wants to save, live in a cheaper location and thinks a one-bedroom house is big enough for the two of you, it’s going to be a while till you buy your dream home.

« DEAR GRACE, I HAVE A PROBLEM... dear grace,

He always tries to be friendly with me. He is a nice guy and I did not want him to get the wrong idea. So, as soon as I had a chance, I introduced him to Tommy.

message across. You can say, “Sorry but I’m dear nadia, Since you’re often at these events because in a relationship and I’m not looking for anything. But, I’ll see you around.” You need of work, make sure the guy asking for your to balance the rejection with a hint of number isn’t just looking to make a work niceness to not come across as snooty. And contact. However, if it’s a random guy, it’s guys, if you’re reading this – get the hint best to be honest and say, “Sorry, I am next time ok? flattered but I’m not looking for anything.” When it comes to a familiar face, you need to be slightly more subtle but send a strong Send your questions to

Bobby is waiting!

“And, it is like Tommy is walking Bobby home, not me! They only talk about boy stuff. It’s like I’m not even there. Help!”— Jenny a) So, from thinking two boys are interested in you, you now think that no boys are? Well, the only person to exclude oneself is usually oneself! Find something of mutual interest to talk about. Join in! b) Find someone else to walk home with. Tommy will soon get the hint. c) Talk to Tommy. I bet he does not even realise that he is ignoring you. Introduce Bobby to more people. LAST WEEK: Mr. Freeze should pick Option A: The problem here is not just you not being able to sleep, it’s also the fact that you have not found your own solution. Just get two quilts. His and hers! Sure, it’s not as romantic but it’s the only practical solution.

Send your solutions to

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Rajat Rawail’s eviction from Bigg Boss

TV TATTLE School meet

Cartoon Network’s latest School Contact Program Go Active Move It Movement engaged Delhi students with non-stop fun experience involving an action-packed day in schools loaded with games, contest, prizes and more! Ben 10 made a surprise visit at Air Force Bal Bharati School, in Lodi Road today and entertained kids with a special performance. Cartoon Network’s Go Active Move It Movement will be conducted across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Coimbatore and Amritsar from July to October 2013.

Music show

Standing true to its theme of ‘Mega Artists, Mega Hits’ the last season of Unplugged brought prodigious possibilities like Rahman for the first time on world television; Sunidhi Chauhan’s performance which was another stellar one backed up the sentiment; the ever-charismatic Lucky Ali also made his comeback on the show. Now all set to take their fans on a new musical high, MTV presents Season 3 of the hit music series starting November 2013. MTV Unplugged Season 3 promises to be exclusive, intimate and personal through a LIVE gig format experience to audience, each episode will feature one renowned artist who is all set to regale the audience with his vocals – Bollywood director, actor and singer Farhan Akhtar with Farhan LIVE, Bollywood singing superstars Sonu Niigaam, Mika and KK, Indie rockstars Pentagram and The Raghu Dixit Project and the next gen superstars Arijit Singh and Benny Dayal; all in all, a great mix!

Top show

With Zee TV’s historical magnum opus Jodha Akbar having scaled an impressive viewership, the show is rapidly racing up the viewership charts and finding its place amongst the top-rated shows on Indian television. It is, in fact, the highest rated historical costume drama on television. It is evident through the show’s success that audiences across the country have loved Zee TV’s interpretation of one of history’s most intriguing chapters. The show presents viewers with Akbar’s journey from being Akbar - the Warrior to Akbar the Great and the role Jodha played in this transformation.

Popular show

Asit Modi produced laugh riot Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has maintained its position in the top ten shows across channels. This family entertainer has loyal viewers and come what may, they would watch their favorite show at 8.30 pm. “There are families who even put their mobile phones on silent when it’s time to watch Taarak... “This was the target of the show - to make something for families. From grandchild to grandfather, everybody enjoys it together. In fact from 7.30 to 9 pm, all shows must cater to family audience because it is the time when all members get together. Showing war or negativity brings in unhappiness. We aim only to distribute joy”, says Asit Kumarr Modi.


By Sandeep Hattangadi

fter Hazel Keech’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house, the other contestant who is set out free from the reality game in its second week of eviction is actor-producer Rajat Rawail. In the very first week of the grand season of Bigg Boss Saath 7 on Colors, contestant Rajat Rawail proved to be very entertaining. However, the actor took a U-turn owing to the much-witnessed home sickness and subsequent health issues. Rajat talks about his journey in the Bigg Boss house. He says, “Bigg Boss has been like a reality check for me. Before being part of the show, I was of the perception that sustaining in the house is not as difficult as it is staged. But just two weeks of experience has changed my prospect altogether. Staying away from your family with a bunch of people whom you barely know, is once in a lifetime experience”. When asked Rajat about his motive of coming to Bigg Boss, he says, “Prior to Bigg Boss, I had never been a part of any reality show. So, I just wanted to get a first-hand experience and my motive has always been to entertain the audiences of all age-groups. In fact, I was in full-form in the first week but due to some health issues and homesickness, I couldn’t manage to stretch myself in the show. I got extremely depressed after I broke out into tears remembering my daughter Gehna, when I was asked to make a wish in the wishing wall”. Talking about the tasks given to the house-mates, Rajat says, “No task is easy and it really acquires lot of physical and mental ability. The task whereby I had to stand for hours took a toll on my health. Moreover, the quantity of food offered to everybody is not justified. For instance, my appetite might be completely dissimilar from Pratyusha’s appetite, yet we are offered the same amount of food, which I did not find morally apt. So in my opinion, one should not compromise on the basic amenity like food”. On being quizzed about his most favorite contestants in the game, the actor frankly said, “I have known Armaan Kohli for more than 10-15 years, and what the audience is getting to see him is his mini version. Yet, I just admire the way he takes a stand for the truth. Other than Armaan, the other genuine people I found on the show are Tanisha Mukherjee, Sangram Singh and Elli Avram”.



Keerti Nagpure is an Indian television actress. She started her career with Star Pravah’s Olakh. She was discovered in Star Pravah Talent Hunt - Star Hunt, following which she was offered the lead role in Olakh. She essayed the role of Vibhavari Talvekar in the show. Keerti is known mainly for her popular role as Siddhi in Balaji Telefilms’ serial on Colors TV, where she played the female protagonist. Keerti has also featured in a Marathi film Zaalay Dimaag Kharab. Now she will feature in her best roles in the SONY TV series Desh Ki Beti Nandini which starts every Monday to Thursday from October 7 at 9 pm. Sandeep Hattangadi spoke to Keerti at the press launch of her show. Here is what she had to say:

What is your character sketch in the show? I play Nandini, a strong selfless and socially aware girl. She is a Delhite with the strength and softness of an Indian woman who can move mountains. She is a 23 year old compassionate girl who works for a wedding planning organisation. She is the sole bread winner of her family which consists of her retired father, housewife mother, an unemployed brother and a college going sister. She is deeply patriotic and strives to solve the societal problems in her area.

How does your character progress? A political family comes in her life and she is thrown into politics and the family thinks Nandini is the right mix of a socially aware middle class girl People have mostly dogs or cats as and they groom her to lead the country and their pets but here is one actor in the thus further their ambition of ruling the industry who has crows as her pet! We are country. talking about actor Adaa Khan. When asked Adaa, says with a smile, “I have seen few crows Does she have a love coming in my window for the last couple of years interest? and feed them every day”. Usually people don't like when a crow sits in Rajvir Raghuvanshi their window or balcony. But for Adaa that is not the case. “Initially they used played by to visit me as guests but now they are a part of my family. And the amusing part is that the crows don't have food from anybody’s hand but I feed them regularly with my hand and they will not eat food from anybody else”.

Bird love

Rafi Malik is a young, wealthy and powerful scion of a politically powerful family. He has lived most of his life outside the country and doesn’t know the happenings in the country. He is passionate about music and has no political ambitions. He is creatively inclined. Opposites attract.

Who are the other characters in the show? Sujata Sehgal plays Gayatri Raghuvanshi, Suhasini Mulay plays Ambika Raghuvanshi, and Manoj Chandila plays the role of Abhay, the Raghuvanshi’s family political advisor. Are you inspired by some real life characters? Nandini is a normal girl next door whom we see around regularly and I have observed such girls and learnt from them and the writer producer director Rashmi Sharma and Pawan Sharma have given me a lot of inputs to essay the character. Keerti sure is a high flying character!


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The planned expenditure is running at around 4-5% ahead of last year. We deliberately front-loaded it. Now we are planning a compression in the non-planned expenditure. All this will play out over the year. We don’t look at it like a still photograph. Things will even out over the year and I am confident we will remain below the red line of 4.8 %.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram on plans to trim non-plan expenditure to meet the fiscal deficit target BROKERAGE RECOMMENDATIONS Kotak Securities calls a ‘Buy’ on Elgi Equipment CMP: Rs. 79

Markets Bounce Back, But…

NSE India: CNX Nifty — Daily Market Report for: Thursday (October 3, 2013) (Based on the activity of the previous trading day) by Dominic Rebello

REVIEW OF THE PREVIOUS DAY: The Nifty rose moderately on Tuesday (October 01, 2013) a net 44.75 points (0.78%) and closed at the 5780 point level. The market opened up with a gap at the 5756 points level. It then declined sharply into the red and registered the day’s low at the 5700 points level at 9.35 a.m. The index then rose back into the green and turned into a range bound movement until 3.03 p.m. It then rose sharply and registered the day’s high at the 5786 points level at 3.28 p.m. and then turned into a range bound movement until closing at the day. The Nifty moved in a range of 86 points. Sentiment seemed bullish and amongst the 50 Nifty stocks 28 were gainers, while 22 stocks closed in the red. Substantial buying was seen in realty, banking and capital goods stocks, while selling was seen in oil & gas, power and metal stocks.

The indicators and oscillators discussed here are indicating a weak market but with a neutral bias.

Suppor t Levels: For short-term traders the immediate main support is at the 5692 points level. The next support is at the 5561 points level.

Resistance Levels The immediate main resistance is at the 6123 points level. The next resistance is at the 6223 points level.

Pivot Point Analysis: For intra-day traders the support and resistance levels are calculated according to the pivot point theory and are: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Pivot point = 5756 (This is the level Volume: where the trend is likely to change during intra-day). Volume (Qty shares) increased 3.40%. This change is small Support (1) = 5725. and indicates a moderate participation by investors. Support (2) = 5670. Resistance (1) = 5811. Market Breadth: Resistance (2) = 5841. Overall Market Breadth on the NSE was positive. Amongst all the traded stocks, 767 were gainers, 554 were losers and 52 remained unchanged. OUTLOOK FOR TODAY: On Japanese candlestick patterns the index has formed Slow Stochastic Indicator: a doji pattern. This indicates indec isiveness amongst investors. The next candle formation will confirm whether The Slow Stochastic Oscillator has declined and has the bias is towards the buy or sell side of the market. entered the over-sold zone. However, the 5 days moving average has crossed below The Slow K line in the Stochastic Oscillator is below the the 200 days moving average, Further, the index is below slow D line (negative if it continues). the 5, 15 and 200 days moving averages and all the RSI Indicator: The RSI is above the 40 level and is now thre e averages are declining. Moreover, the velocity parameters too indicate weakness. All these indicate a rising (positive if it continues). negative bias and the possibility of a decline unfolding. MACD Indicator: Investors are advised to avoid buying at present levels. The MACD is above zero but is declining (negative if it Work with strict stop losses on all positions continues). It is below its 9-day Average (negative). ADX Indicator & DI Lines: The +DI line is below the –DI line and both lines are diverging (negative if it continues). The ADX is falling while the Market Index is rising, which indicates that the present up trend is decreasing in strength.

Moving Averages (Trend Indicators) The index: Is below its 5-day average (at 5820) Negative. Is below its 15-day average (at 5881) Negative. Is above its 25-day average (at 5727) Positive. Is below its 200-day average (at 5840) Negative. Overall Market Strength/Weakness:

Disclaimer: Investment recommendations made in ‘ADC’ are for information purposes only and derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. ‘ADC’ or the analyst/writer does not accept any liability for the use of this column for the buying or selling of securities. Readers of this newspaper who buy or sell securities based on the information in this newspaper are solely responsible for their actions. ‘ADC’ and/or its affiliates and/or employees and/or the author, his company or his acquaintances may have interests/ positions, financial or otherwise in the securities mentioned in this newspaper.

Target Rs. 92

Concall Highlights: We interacted with the management of EEL to get a perspective on the overall business environment unfolding in domestic as well as international markets. Following are the key highlights of our interaction. Company has been experiencing sluggish domestic business growth currently due to challenging economic environment. We highlight that the demand for compressors is highly correlated to the industrial, infrastructure and mining growth. With slowdown in industrial Capex, infrastructure spending and mining activity we anticipate shrinkage in demand for compressors. However, management has stated that the demand from waterwell segment has been relatively strong and has negated the drop in sales from other areas. We note that from historical perspective, water-well segment has been an important driver for the domestic compressor demand in India. Over the last few years, company has successfully increased market share in other segments such as mining, construction, cement, power, transport etc which are currently experiencing a slowdown. We highlight that the company has reported 16% YoY standalone revenue growth (at Rs 2.2 bn) in Q1FY14 mainly driven by the water-well segment. However, we believe that the growth in standalone revenues in 9MFY14 would be lower than Q1FY14 mainly due to slowdown in industrial growth. While domestic market for air compressors has been turning increasingly challenging, exports sales is expected to report recovery largely on account of rupee depreciation which has made sourcing from India attractive. Global players having Indian subsidiaries have also been ramping up production from Indian entities to benefit from lower cost of production. We believe that this augers well for company’s business. Valuation and Recommendation: At current price of Rs.77, stock is trading at 16.7x P/E and 8.0x EV/EBITDA multiples on FY14E earnings. We remain positive on company’s strong brand franchise in domestic market and consistently increasing geographical diversification from long term standpoint. However, we do not foresee immediate pick up in the domestic demand and continue to maintain cautious stance. We maintain ‘BUY’ recommendation on company’s stock with DCF based unchanged price target of Rs 92.

India Infoline calls a ‘Sell’ on JSW Steel CMP: Rs. 750

Target Rs. 641

JSW’s performance over the last two years has been challenging due to the regulatory measures undertaken by the Government to curb illegal mining. Expectations of a faster reversal in iron ore output increased after the Supreme Court (SC) cleared the category ‘A’ and ‘B’ iron ore mines to resume operations in Karnataka, subject to necessary conditions. However, most of the mining lease agreements have expired in the past 18 months. As per the SC order, mining can resume only after they renew leases and secure statutory approvals; these mines may take anywhere between 6-12 months to resume production. We believe the impact of resumption of these mines would only be felt in FY15. However, this would not be able to boost production as it would replace the iron ore dumps to be used in FY14 and iron ore bought from other states. We expect the utilization levels at Vijaynagar to remain low at 81.5% in FY14 and 86.5% in FY15. Profitability of the consolidated entity would decline in FY14 as raw material costs would decline only marginally and lower profitability operations of Ispat would be merged. Iron ore costs remain flat due to the tight iron ore situation in Karnataka and the decline in global coking coal has been offset by the weaker rupee. We expect blended EBIDTA/ton to decline from Rs7,110 in FY13 to Rs5,998/ton in FY14 on account of the merger of the high cost operations of Ispat. Higher interest costs would further impact the company’s earnings. We expect pre-exceptional profit to increase 16% yoy in FY14 to Rs15.4bn and 25% yoy in FY15 to Rs19.3bn. In FY14, net debt is expected to increase by 41.4% yoy to Rs296bn with the merger of Ispat and a capex of Rs50bn. Net debt/equity too would jump from 1.2x in FY13 to 1.71x in FY14. In addition to the stretched balance sheet, we are also concerned about the foreign debt exposure (40% of total debt exposure) and ~US$1.6bn of revenue acceptances. JSW is set to be an underperformer in the near term due to the above challenges. We believe the recent rally in the stock should be used to exit the counter and downgrade the stock from Market Performer to Sell with a revised price target of Rs641. Challenges persist; Downgrade to Sell: JSW’s performance over the last two years has been challenging due to the regulatory measures taken by the Government to curb illegal mining. Expectations of a faster reversal in iron ore output increased after the Supreme Court (SC) has cleared the category ‘A’ and ‘B’ iron ore mines to start operations in Karnataka, subject to necessary conditions.

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Unfair practices in pharma sector under CCI scanner  Mutual Funds garner Rs 24,000 cr from investors in Aug  Godawari Power & Ispat to set up 1 MT steel mill in Chandigarh  Govt hikes tariff value on imported gold; cuts on silver  Ford India sales up 51% in Sept  Fund mop-up via preferential allotment hit 8-month low in Aug.

Survey Predicts Disappointing Diwali Sales Ahead

In the midst of rising inflation, fewer employment avenues and dwindling earnings

By A Business Reporter


hile retailers and shopping malls are anticipating good festival sales this season, with some projecting growth in sales of over 20% as compared to last year, a just released survey by industry body reflects another picture. According to a survey conducted by industry body Assocham, “rising inflation, fewer employment avenues and dwindling earnings seem to have taken a toll on the spending capacity of middle and lower income families in India, with a sizeable among them slashing their festive budget by a staggering 40 % this Diwali�. “Over 72 % respondents from middle and lower middle income families would be forced to slash

their Diwali expenditure by 40 % and on an average spend nearly 25 % of their monthly salary on Diwali.“ The revision in interest rates by banks has also sent most Indians’ EMIs (equated monthly instalments) soaring, thereby eroding their monetary power, it added.�Even gold, the much sought after item during the festive season, is in the range of Rs 30,000 per 10 gm compared to Rs 22,000 last Diwali,� Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat said. However, the high income group remains unaffected from the rupee fall and double digit food inflation, the survey said. Out of the 72 % respondents, 57 % said they will buy only on sale or discounts, whereas 12 % will buy fewer gifts and the rest 2 % will buy a group gift.

However, only a small portion of them feel that festivals are the time to splurge, even as discounts remain the biggest attraction for most buyers. Besides, 76 % of the respondents said their monthly grocery bills had jumped to about Rs 7,000 as against Rs 4,000 in the last 12 months. Prices of vegetables and bakery products have also risen in the last few months. Obviously, this will affect the Diwali celebrations, the survey said. The survey, which was conducted over the last two months in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Dehradun, saw Delhi-NCR topping the chart in curtailment of festive budget. It was followed by Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai, respectively.

CAD Ratio To Remain Over 4% For This Year By A Business Reporter

has primarily been attributed to gold imports which increased from ndia’s current account deteriorated $9.1 billion in Q1 FY13 to $16.5 bilin the first quarter (April – June) of lion in Q1 FY14, increasing by more FY14 over Q1 FY13, with current ac- than 80%. Various measure have count deficit increasing $21.8 billion been introduced by the government from $17.1 billion in Q1 FY13. This to curb these imports in the month increase in deficit has been attrib- of July, which include increases in uted to steep rise in imports (primar- customs and import duty, limitaily gold imports) and a decline in tion on banks buying gold and reexports leading to widening of trade strictions on NBFCs. Growth in the services receipts deficit. As a proportion of GDP, CAD rose to 4.9% in Q1 FY14 when com- moderated to 2.1% ($36.5 billion) in Q1 FY14 as compared with 6.1% pared with 4.0% in Q1 FY12. Merchandise exports contracted ($35.8 billion) in Q1 FY13 while by 1.5% during Q1 FY14. Modera- services payments registered a detion in demand for imported goods cline of 5.5% ($19.7 billion) as by countries abroad on account of against a growth of 19.3% ($20.8 bilrising economic uncertainty and lion) in the corresponding quarter limited consumption spending, has of the previous year. Capital account showed a net inimpacted export flows from India. In contrast, merchandise imports flow of $20.5 billion in Q1 FY14 on recorded an increase of 4.7%. This account of increase in foreign direct


ECGC: Business Commencement Day


he Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. held its Second Business Commencement Day Commemorative Lecture last week at the Y. B. Chavan Centre. Saumitra Chaudhuri (Member, Planning Commission & Member, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister) spoke on “Managing the External Sector: Raising Exports towards more Balanced Trade.�

(Left to right) : Saumitra Chaudhuri (Member, Planning Commission & Member, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister) delivering the Second Business Commencement Day Commemorative Lecture of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd. Present on dais are N. Shankar (CMD of ECGC) along with S. R. Rao (Secretary, Minister of Commerce & Industries, GOVT of India). The function was held last week at the Y. B. Chavan Centre.

investment and loans availed by banks. While net FDI surged to $6.5 billion in Q1 FY14 from 4 3.8 billion in Q1 FY13, net portfolio investment registered a marginal outflow of $0.2 billion, primarily led by the debt component of FII investment. Banking Capital increased to $10.3 billion in Q1 FY14 as against $9.4 billion. “While the government has targeted 3.7% for the year, there has to be substantial improvement in the current account to help this materialize. The lower growth in GDP and stable inflation will tend to depress the denominator while a weaker rupee will exert pressure on the numerator. We still are looking at a CAD ratio of over 4% for this year unless the trade deficit improves rapidly� says CARE Ratings in an analysis of the numbers.


A high-level panel headed by Economic Affairs Secretary Arvind Mayaram will finalise by the month end its report on the definition of FDI and FII, aimed at removing ambiguity on the two types of foreign investment. “The Committee is likely to meet after October 15 to give a final shape to the definition of FDI and FII. The report is expected to be finalised by month end,� a government official said.

Currency Derivatives Turnover Falls 19.6% In Aug

Marking a second consecutive monthly decline, the currency derivatives turnover on the country’s three bourses plunged by 19.6% to Rs 5.97 lakh crore in August. The three stock exchanges - NSE, MCX-SX and USE - had cumulatively recorded a currency derivative turnover of Rs 7.42 lakh crore in July, which was down 42% from the preceding month, as per the latest data compiled by market watchdog Sebi.

Sebi Suggests Stricter Auditing Of Cos Financial Reporting

A Sebi commissioned study has called for stricter auditing of companies’ financial reporting to ensure that management discretion is minimised and corporate earnings are not manipulated. The study, conducted by independent experts for Sebi’s Development Research Group, found that executives manipulate their companies’ finances to meet performance targets.

Implementation Of New Norms For Life Insurance Plans Extended

Insurance regulator IRDA has extended the deadline for implementation of new individual product regulations for the life insurance industry by three months to December 31 to enable insurers to cope with the system readiness. After detailed examination of representations from insurance companies, it has been decided to allow the launch of products under the new regulations during extended period, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) said in a circular.

MC Refuses To Take View On Appointment Of Expert

In a blow to Reliance Industries, an oversight panel headed by oil regulator DGH refused to take a view on appointing independent international experts to validate reasons for the fall in gas output at the firm’s KG-D6 fields. The Management Committee headed by Director General of Hydrocarbons R N Choubey refused to take a view on appointment of renowned reservoir consultants Ryder Scott, DeGolyer and MacNaughton (D&M), Gaffney, Cline & Associates (GCA) or Netherland, Sewell & Associates to ascertain if RIL’s claims of fall in reserves are actually true or the firm was hoarding gas by producing less, official sources said.

Jet-Etihad Deal Gets Sebi Green Signal

Jet Airways’ proposed sale of a 24% stake to Abu Dhabi-based Etihad has got Sebi’s go-ahead after both carriers revised their deal to comply with conditions set by the markets regulator. After studying the revised deal structure, Sebi was of the opinion that the Rs 2,058 crore transaction would not trigger a mandatory open offer for purchase of shares from public shareholders and Etihad would not be considered a promoter entity in Jet Airways. — Business Desk with inputs from PTI

                            ! "#       $   # % &   ! "#   ' % ()  * (+,-  


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Where do babies come from?

What do you tell a very young child who asks ‘where babies come from’? Should one avoid taking about sex to a very young child? Depending on the age of the child, you can say that babies grow from an egg (ovum) in the mother’s womb (uterus), pointing to your own abdomen, and taken out of a special place, called the ‘vagina’. There is absolutely no need to explain the act of intercourse and lovemaking as very young children will not understand the concept.

MUMBAI | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2013 father’s sperm unites with the mother’s egg (ovum) and then the baby (fetus) begins to grow. Most children below the age of six will accept this explanation. Age-appropriate picture books on the subject can also be used as teaching aid. Answer child’s question in a very matter-of-fact manner and you will find that he/she is satisfied with a little information at a time. Never avoid answering the question as it will give the wrong message that a healthy talk about sex is dirty or wrong and it will unnecessarily heighten the curiosity of the child which will lead him/her to seek out information from the wrong sources like pornography and ill-informed immature friends at a later age.

The difference lies in whether the woman/man is ‘heart-oriented’ or ‘body oriented’. A heart-oriented person feels the need to have a heart-connection with one partner, with whom he/she grows in love. Such a connection pre-supposes sexual exclusivity as the heart-oriented person commits his/her self completely to growing together in one relationship. On the other hand, the body-oriented person seeks a relationship merely for one’s own pleasure. The thing about self-pleasure is that there is no satiation point. The more you have, the more you want. We are all at different levels of evolution. The Dr. Rajan B. Bhonsle animal instinct or the auto-sexual urge keeps us at the self-pleasuring level. But as we grow M.D. (Bom) Consulting Sex Therapist & Counsellor and evolve and live our higher human instincts, Why do women like to have physical we find in us the capacity to extend beyond relationships with more than one man? It ourselves in love for the other. Dr. (Mrs.) Minnu R. Bhonsle I hope this sufficiently answers your query. puzzles me. Kindly explain. You have generalised all women. It is not so in Ph.D. Consulting Psychotherapist & Counsellor  Heart To Heart Counselling Centre runs the case of all women. In fact, ‘one man Certificate courses in Counselling & Sex woman’ describes most women. But yes, there Education at 10 Jerbai Baug, Byculla (E), are many exceptions, which is so in the case of Mumbai-27. Tel: 22184528 / 9821093902. However, you can say that when a man and a men too. You will find men who are staunchly Email: woman marry and love one another, they like to monogamous, and also men for whom be close to each other. Explain them that the polygamy is a way of life.


Monogamy versus Polygamy

What the cards say: Time for hard work Path: Plan and move ahead. Don’t procrastinate or be lazy Ally: Virgo will be objective. Avoid Scorpio who will encourage coloured perspectives Card for the week: Tarot key no. VII The Chariot. The card encourages you to be ambitious and push hard to get what you want. The key to success is a never say die attitude. Be on top of your situation

What the cards say: Experiences make you see things differently Path: Be open to change. Don’t hold on to the ego. Expand Ally: Your ally this week is Aquarius. Avoid morose Capricorn who will pull down your spirits Card for the week: Tarot key no. VIII Strength. Tame the beast within to gain ascendency. Your conflicts and pain dissolves as you let go of preoccupation with the ego

What the cards say: Some negative results Path: Introspect. Don’t blame others Ally: Water sign Pisces show you compassion. Stay away from Aquarius who could rock the boat for you with radical ideas Card for the week: Tarot key no. IX The Hermit will guide you to the path of wisdom. Just try to connect with his energies

What the cards say: Good times roll in Path: Lighten up and take things lightly. But don’t go wild. Don’t be indulging in self pity but try to see things as they are Ally: Libra will give you warmth. Avoid Aries who could fan your impulsiveness Card for the week: Tarot key no. XIV Temperance which says that balance and healing is at hand

What the cards say: There is light at the end of the tunnel Path: You will be taken care of. Don’t hesitate to make the right decision Ally: Taurus will help you become clear in your thinking. Stay away from Scorpio who will make you insecure Card for the week: Tarot key no. X the Wheel of Fortune. Things are bound to work out for you

What the cards say: The sun is shining and new opportunities emerge Path: Be at ease and confident. Don’t worry or be unhappy. You will be looked after Ally: The water sign Pisces will show you compassion. Don’t tangle with carefree Sagittarius Card for the week: Tarot key no. XIX The Sun. It indicates positivity and hope, good news and resolutions

What the cards say: You need to follow your heart and pursue the love of your life Path: Look at the ego that keeps you away from love and know its uselessness. Don’t hesitate. Strike when the iron is hot Ally: The sign Virgo will put you at ease. Be careful of Cancer who could make you more clinging Card for the week: Tarot key no. VI The Lovers. Love can bloom provided you make the right choice. Seek love, not protection of the ego. Harmony will come from inner peace. Choose with care

What the cards say: Differences could make you wary Path: Patience. Don’t expect everyone to be like you. Don’t think that you have all the answers Ally: Capricorn will offer good advice. Avoid Virgo and their nit picking ways Card for the week: Tarot key no. XX Judgment. You need to make the right judgment and understand people on their terms not yours

What the cards say: Enjoy the peace Path: Accept and flow. Don’t question divine grace Ally: Cancer gives you joy. Avoid Aries they could make you hysterical Card for the week: Tarot key no. XIV Temperance. The right combination will work out. Balance and coordination, healing and resolution

What the cards say: Do what is required. Even if it means biting the bullet Path: New perspectives and new ideas will ease the way. Don’t be hidebound but keep an open mind Ally: The sensible Taurus will co-operate avoid Gemini and their changeability Card for the week: Tarot key no. XII The Hanged Man. Surrender to the Divine will and let go. You will be looked after

What the cards say: Victory will bring an aftermath Path: Give but don’t expect rewards. Don’t be arrogant and feel that you are better than all Ally: Seek advice from a Scorpio who will know to calm you down. Don’t go to Gemini or all your secrets will be out Card for the week: Tarot key no. XX Judgment. The right judgment is necessary if you are to make the right decision. Make your own decisions. Please don’t get influenced by others

What the cards say: Take strategic decisions Path: Look beyond the here and now. Don’t be worried. Have faith Ally: Take help from Libra who will give you balanced advice. Avoid

arrogant Leo Card for the week: Tarot key no. V The Hierophant. The master of the masses and social wisdom. This card asks you to connect with your outside world and understand tradition and conformity

3-9 October y

Thursda to y Wednesda

For consultation and Tarot workshop on Self Development, Healing and Meditation with Dr. Roopa Patel, contact Jumana on 9892943044 or 9821111261 email

‘Mythography’ by Rithika Merchant at Art & Soul

Afternoon Despatch & Courier





ITHIKA MERCHANT deals with creating mosaics of myths that question received histories that are available throughout culture. An inherent feminism exists in her decoration undermining the minimalism of modernity that views a woman just as a muse. Her art education has been in Eu-

At Cymroza Art Gallery

Arkay | ADC rope. Born in Mumbai, she now lives in Barcelona. He uses a lot of symbols she suggests varied developments from a single source. An intriguing thing in the paintings are the streaks of white on the faces. In every painting, we see this. Look like she does not want to show other meanings and hide the real features of the face. Like in all myths, imagination plays a big part in her works. There are many imagined forms not a related to reality in any way. Perhaps there is a greater cerebral than emotional touch. Finally, the concepts are quite intriguing. The exhibition is at Gallery Art and soul. Exhibition which begins on Friday will go on till October 24th.


EENA SINGH who is showing her paintings at the Cymroza Art Gallery from tomorrow. About her paintings, Neena says: “Painting gives me an authentic voice. Painting is the only mediamen which allows me to express what I want.” Neena Singh has won awards not only in India but also in Europe. In the exhibition which is titled ‘Ethereel Epiphanies’, Neena creates

abstract images. There is no fixed forms, no pre-conceived colours. There is evidence spontaneous visualisation. Painting is done in freedom. The overall impression one gets is a well-balanced creativity. And the overall impression one gets is quite satisfying. The exhibition will go on till October 12. Contact: 91-2223671983.

Rambhan Dongare’s show at Pradarshik Painting by Rithika Merchant: She is suspended in a moment of bliss, unclear and selfish she refuses to return. At that moment clarity returns in the shade of the sun – she remembers the boon is to be consumed as her promise to selflessness.

Prabhu Joshi’s show


IMERSIONS’ by Prabhu Joshi at Jehangir Art Gallery Prabhu Joshi is a self-taught artist – based in Indore. His latest series of paintings which are on view at the Jehangir Art Gallery is all about nature – not just nature abounding in greenery. Perhaps some of his works have nothing to do with things as they exist but they are concepts. In a painting we see in the distance a mountain with ice and clouds and way below a bright scenario. The exhibition is till October 7. Mobile: 09425346356.


SOLO graphic exhibition by Rambhan is on at the Pradarshak Art Gallery at Khar. The artist gives us glimpses of village life – with people’s everyday life, with their preoccupations, with men and women dressed in bright dress. The men and women have sombre faces. In any case, there is no elec-

tricity in the village. We see a lantern hanging above in a home – not a sight in today’s India. The artist’s visualisation is good and he definitely has an eye of colour. The exhibition will go on till October 12. Contact: Tel. 26462681. Mobile: 9820460587.


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ACROSS: 7 Fee for great sin worked out for the parson's benefit (6,8) 8 A clergyman tours around to make an emphatic statement (4) 9 Exposed to some degree of danger (5) 10 A dim sort of girl (4) 12 A pie hour arranged to promote good feeling (8) 14 Entirely at home with Dorothy's dog (2,4) 15 Shop girl putting her clothes on for all to see? (6-7) 17 A number relaxed and stopped (6) 18 Plant late rose in disorderly fashion (8) 20 Bird or birds ascending (4) 21 Did some pressing (5) 22 Moves up quickly to do a turn (4) 23 Having learnt with experience one becomes so (6,3,5)

DOWN: 1 Is it anxiously awaiting salvage operations? (7,5) 2 In America, the heartless teacher used to be behind the iron curtain (4) 3 One of those attached to a body in parliament? (6) 4 Council gal nodding off in bed and breakfast? (5,3,7) 5 Made by a cricketer but, when transposed, a golfer will do it (3,5) 6 Mad artists perhaps use those who create scenes (10) 11 "Bury me with confidential


Each colour in our code represents a letter. When you have cracked the code you will be able to make up seven words. The clue to first word is given to help you get started. The Clue: Cardboard box






MATH PYRAMID 632 notebook!" demands broker (12) 13 They enable supporters to rise above the head (10) 16 Railway man due for retirement

from the diehards? (3,5) 19 Son wed, perhaps, presents required (6) 22 Band with a Russian (4)

SOLUTION TO TUESDAY’S CRYPTIC CROSSWORD ACROSS: 4 Llanero, 8 Okapis, 10 Redolent, 11 Sleeping, 12 Benign, 13 Platinum, 14 Earaches, 17 Swept out, 20 Accident, 22 Plight, 24 Infantry, 25 Turgenev, 26 Innuit, 27 Ash-tree. DOW N: 1 Ukulele, 2 Speed-trap, 3 Ustion, 5 Ladybird, 6 Nolan, 7 Renegue, 9 Argumentative, 15 Condoning, 16 Hortense, 18 Walnuts, 19 Entrain, 21 Coffin, 23 Gigot.


ACROSS: 1 '___ de Triomphe' (3) 4 Runabout,e.g. (3) 5 Castor and Pollux, e.g. (5) 8 Heir, at times (3) 9 Evidence (5) 12 "Raw" reversal (3) 13 Firmament (3)

The goal of Math Pyramid is to fill the given pyramid with numbers such that the following three rules are satisfied. 1. A cell value must be sum or difference of the two cells below 2. A row cannot have duplicate numbers 3. A number cannot be less than 1 or more than the grid size



DOWN: 1 Earn an Obie, maybe (3) 2 Uncooked, not ripe (3) 3 Like lettuce (5) 6 And not, neither (3) 7 Kilimanjaro weather (5) 10 Acorn, eventually (3) 11 Pan-broil (3)


The goal of Hidato is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from first to the last number in the grid. The first and last numbers of a puzzle and a some other numbers are already filled in. TUESDAY’S SOLUTION


Place numbers into the puzzle cells in such a way that each row and column contains each of the digits from 1 up to the size of the puzzle (4,5 or 6). Like a Sudoku puzzle, no number is repeated in any row or column. Each bold-outlined group of cells contains a hint consisting of a number and one of the mathematical symbols + x - /. The number is the result of applying the mathematical operation represented by the symbol to the digits contained within the domain. The solution to each puzzle is arrived at logically and is unique. TUESDAY’S SOLUTION

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MOON : Moon in Leo till 9.35 p.m. TITHI : 13th Bhadrapad Krishnapaksha NAKSHATRA : Purvaphalguni RASHI : Sinh (Leo) M.T. LUCKY COLOUR : Variegated and Light Brown LUCKY NUMBER : 3

BIRTHDAY FORECAST: Financial matters will come under control. Work conditions will continue to be favorable. You will come across good work offers or receive material benefits. Be quick in taking a decision, for you can strike a good deal. Those looking for a new house will approve a plot of land. They may decide to invest in it and later construct their house. The married will enjoy conjugal bliss. Health will need attention. Those suffering from chronic cough or cold may need medical attention. BABIES BORN TODAY: Well built, attractive, independent, healthy and long-lived. Well educated, honest self-confident, influential and powerful. A career in administration, government or independent industry or business is best suited.






ARIES (March 21 - April 20): You will feel energetic and may decide to bring about some changes in the way that you work. The flow of work will be smooth and promising. If you try to understand what is behind the feeling of resentment shown by your partner, the answer will be clear and the problem will be solved. A loving gesture will from you would help.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20): The time has come for you to make some important decisions and take a tough stance. A fresh business proposal is worth considering. Someone you can trust should handle financial aspects as you are too blunt or generous which can harm your interests either way. If you have been having problems in a personal relationship, you may seriously consider a period of separation. Seek proper help or advice.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Payment materializes and money issues are resolved. Financial gains are foreseen through trading or commission. The employed can look forward to news of an increment or promotion. Those keen on going in for higher studies or research will get all the help and support that they need. Spontaneous outings with friends are better than planned ones. Love life is troublesome. Avoid seeking a solution because you will only succeed in confusing the issue further.

CANCER (June 21 - July 21): At a business meeting for a new project you should be prepared for making a few adjustments. With some quick thinking and a few compromises you will win a contract with additional benefits. Those who are appearing for an interview will be successful. The married or those already committed in love are cautioned against secret liaison, for this could create serious rift in old relationship.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): You will come across fresh ideas for work or business that will fire you with enthusiasm. Start planning moves to implement your scheme, for you may actually have a winner at hand. Do not listen to hearsay. Have no fears and go ahead for success is assured. The best of intentions could be misread if not put across properly. You may be accused of just that today. Do not try to clarify your position just go ahead and what your heart tells you to do.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21): You will finally see outcome of all effort you have put in to what was entrusted to you. Rewards will be there in due course. Work wise you are in demand because of a positive attitude. This will give you a boost in your professional life and friendships. You are held in awe but a lot of people close to you. Do be level headed and manage such demonstrations of affection tactfully.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): New opportunities offer better prospects for growth in your career. There could be some more lucrative inquiries from overseas, which are worth considering. Students will receive good news concerning a training program or their selection for a cultural event. Those in love have a strong bond and share intimate moments of togetherness in each other’s company. Domestic affairs run smoothly.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Work routine might seem boring. There may not be many opportunities to express your creativity and sincerity seems to be missing. You will get down to serious thinking about your future. Start with joining a training program me to give a boost to your career. You may decide to do some home decorating with your mate. Redoing your home may add freshness and help to improve the atmosphere.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 December 20): Meetings go off well. Be patient and consider all factors before arriving at any decision. An advance payment is likely. There may be something that crops up at work that you need to resolve. Although this may be tricky you will manage to settle the issue. Even Though the views of family matter to you do not hurt someone who genuinely cares for you and is also willing to wait for you.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): You must tackle important work personally. This way you will be happy that things are moving ahead according to your plans. Sudden journey is likely. Success in your current venture will give boost to your career. Continue to work in your present job or business that is poised for growth. Keep relationship cordial both at home and at work. At a social get-together you will be very much in demand.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): A good time is indicated. You win acclaim as well as financial gains for work done well. You will feel much more positive and optimistic about the future. An important journey will be fruitful. This is something perhaps you have been planning for a long time. You will feel happy and content in your relationship. Doubts or fears about the past are overcome. Love on a journey is likely.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20): There are problems at work. You are not looking at the situation for what it is as a result you find it tough to resolve the matter. If you care to listen to the viewpoint of others with patience and understanding it will not be difficult to sort out issues. Keep a check on your temper if you want deal with certain issues in relationships. Use patience and tact with a loved one who is upset.




ACROSS: 3 Sweets especially in the U.S. (5) 8 Unit of magnetic induction (5) 10 Served in the juices obtained from roasting (5) 11 Self addressed envelope, in short (3) 12 Popular German name - "Sulak" anagram? (5) 13 Indonesian island (7) 15 ____ child dreads fire? (5) 18 Resv. Bank of India (3) 19 Make ready for use again (6) 21 Blew up or cursed (7) 22 Member of the Conservative Party (4) 23 A discredit as on reputation (4) 24 Bill surely, but not a cash memo? (7) 26 Church services on nine successive days (6) 29 Voice of America (3) 31 Persona non ___ : person who is not acceptable to certain others? (5) 32 They are told to people in whom we have trust? (7) 34 Rajasthan city famous for its Muslim pilgrims (5) 35 61 in Roman numerals (3) 36 Guilt (5) 37 Very small (5) 38 Gives out or pours forth (5) DOWN: 1 The Son of God, according to the Bible (5) 2 Distinctly, without doubt (7) 4 South Africa's Hashim ____ (4) 5 Crudely painted (6) 6 All-rounder Pathan (5) 7 Natural grease of sheep wool (5) 9 U.S. Govt. Uncle ___ (3) 12 Hindu deity (7) 14 TV Guide abbreviation (3) 16 A gun carried over the shoulder (5) 17 "Stars" broken as old time rulers? (5) 19 Get better (7) 20 Bit, burnt or smarted? (5)


SUDOKU 1967 Sudoku is a number placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid such several given numbers.To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes.


Difficulty Level 


Today’s clue: X equals T

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another.

21 Costa ___ : costal region in NE Spain? (5) 23 Bright red color (7) 24 Up the creek (2,1,3) 25 Summer and Winter Games org. (3)

27 Hades - "scour" anagram? (5) 28 Day's march (5) 30 Give off a foul odor (5) 32 Bench or pew (4) 33 Executable file extension (3)

SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS: 4 Fiasco, 7 Twice two, 8 L-plate, 10 Adobe, 13 Rias, 14 Dell, 15 Moor, 16 Jet, 17 All's, 19 Saar, 21 Precedent, 23 Plea, 24 Tick, 26 Dry, 27 NDTV, 29 Lick, 32 Gere, 33 Newly, 34 Secure, 35 Ask for it, 36 Stolid. DOWN: 1 Strad, 2 Nicol, 3 Pele, 4 Folio, 5 Ails, 6 Cutter, 9 Parsec, 11 Def, 12 Blare, 13 Rosette, 15 Mlc, 16 Jat, 18 Leaner, 20 Ankle, 21 Ply, 22 Div, 23 Priest, 25 Ccl, 28 Dread, 30 Iwere, 31 Kyoto, 32 Gull, 33 Naff.

IRREGULAR SUDOKU 1786 To solve an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, every digit must appear once in:  Each of the vertical columns  Each of the horizontal rows  Each of the regions

Afternoon Despatch & Courier





































YESTERDAY’S SOLUTI ON: Nobody believes the official spokesman... but everybody trusts an unidentified source

Afternoon WORD MINE










How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed. Today’s ratings: 11 average; 15 good; 17 outstanding. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: abhor, bath, bathe, bather, berth, betroth, BETROTHAL, blather, both, bother, breath, broth, brothel, earth, hale, halo, halt, halter, hare, harlot, hart, hate, hater, hatter, heal, hear, heart, heat, herb, herbal, hero, hole, hotel, hotter, lath, lathe, lather, loath, oath, other, rhea, that, theta, threat, throat, throb.




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T20 cricket helps me take good care of my family: Pollard

Mumbai Indians' Sachin Tendulkar walks back after dismissal during the Champions League T20 match against Perth Scorchers at Ferozeshah Kotla in New Delhi on Wednesday.

By Kushan Sarkar

NEW DELHI: Kieron Pollard's approach towards life is very similar to his cricket uncomplicated. While cricketers across the world love to make right noises about how much they love playing Test cricket, the 26year-old Mumbai Indians all-rounder is very practical about choices he has made and firmly stands by it. "You make decisions in life. The point when I started playing toplevel cricket to this day, T20 is the cricket that I have made my name in. I don't have any regrets having played only 24 first-class matches till date. It is a business as well and I have to look after my family and live as well," Pollard told PTI in an exclusive interview here.


MI SHOW THEI R MI GHT Rohit Sharma, Dwayne Smith power Mumbai Indians to semifinals of CLT20

By Chandraboli Mitra


Apart from being a star performer for MI in IPL, Pollard has played for Somerset in England, Big Bash in Australia, Bangladesh Premier League and the Caribbean Premier League. But does the tag of T20 freelancer hurts him, Pollard gave a pointed reply, "If people want to call me T20 freelancer, that's their opinion. I can't do anything about it. If I try to change everything, I will be trying to change the whole world. For me, it's just a matter of what I am supposed to do and that is playing whatever format I get to play." The giant of an all-rounder felt that his stint with Mumbai Indians has made him a better cricketer. "Four years with Mumbai Indians has been a learning experience for me. The best part is that players come and go in other teams but at Mumbai Indians, the core of the team has been same for the last four years. We have enjoyed each other's success," said Pollard, who has played 85 ODIs and 37 T20 Internationals for his country.

EW DELHI: Riding on skipper Rohit Sharma's blistering half-century, Mumbai Indians cruised into the Champions League Twenty20 semifinals with a crushing six-wicket victory over Perth Scorchers in their must-win final group match here. While Rohit bludgeoned his way to an unbeaten 51 off 24 deliveries, Dwayne Smith also played a blinder as he smashed a 25-ball 48 at the top to enable MI achieve the target with as many as 40 balls to spare. Mumbai were required to chase the target in 14.2 overs to make it to the last-four stage of the tournament, and they did it in 13.2. Rohit smashed three boundaries and four sixes while putting on a solid 65-run stand for the fourth wicket with Kieron Pollard (23) off just 37 balls. Earlier, some fine bowling by Nathan Coulter-Nile and Pragyan Ojha helped Mumbai restrict the Scorchers to 149 for six at the Feroz Shah Kotla ground. In reply, opener Smith gave Mumbai Indians a rollicking start even as veteran Sachin Tendulkar disappointed the full house once again, getting out without scoring big when he was caught at the deep square leg by Sam Whiteman off Jason Behrendorff's bowling. But that did not affect the in-form Smith, who sent the Scorchers' bowlers on a leatherhunt, smashing boundaries at will. Though Glenn Maxwell (10 off seven balls) got out cheaply, Smith continued in the able company of Rohit. The duo put on 38 runs together for the third wicket in just 2.2 overs and took the team past fifty in only 32 balls. It was the experienced Brad Hogg, who finally got the prized wicket of dangerman Smith as Behrendorff took a brilliant catch at the boundary. Rohit, however, was unmoved by his partner's dismissal

Rohit Sharma celebrates with Ambati Rayudu after their team's victory over Perth Scorchers in the Champions League T20 match at Ferozshah Kotla in New Delhi on Wednesday. and continued to play his shots with ease. He along with the hard-hitting Pollard made sure that Mumbai runrate didn't drop. Rohit and Pollard stole 14 runs off the ninth over, bowled by Hogg before the captain hit Joel Paris for two fours and a six in the next over to take 17 and help Mumbai Indians reach a commanding 117 for three at the half-way stage. Rohit brought up his half-century in 23 balls with three fours and four sixes. Though Pollard did not stay till the end, by the time he was dismissed the damage was already done. In the end, Ambati Rayudu hit two sixes to finish it off in style. Earlier, Sam Whiteman scored a quickfire 32-ball 51, studded with six fours and two sixes, besides putting on a crucial 34-

ball 58 run stand for the third wicket with Hilton Cartwright to help Scorchers set Mumbai a 150-run target. For MI, Coulter-Nile was the pick of the bowlers with figures of three for 19, while Ojha chipped in with two for 17.

Mitchell Johnson was left out. The Scorchers began cautiously after they were put in to bat by MI. Of the two openers, Ashton Agar was the more dominating, while skipper Simon Katich gave him good support. The two took their time to counter some tight bowling from Harbhajan Singh and Coulter-Nile. Agar patiently waited for the loose deliveries to hit boundaries before striking two consecutive fours off a Rishi Dhawan's over. The Scorchers reached 50 in the ninth over with all wickets intact. Even though the bowlers managed to bowl a tight line and length, they failed to take wickets. It was left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha, who gave MI the breakthrough by seeing off both the opening batsmen in his very first over. After being hit for a four off the first ball of the 10th over, he knocked off the stumps of Agar before bowling Katich with the fifth ball of the over. Agar scored a 40-ball 35 with the help of six fours, while Katich's 13 came off 19 balls. The duo shared a 55-run partnership for the opening wicket. The two new batsmen -Cartwright andWhiteman -- accelerated the scoring. Cartwright scored a valuable 20-ball 28 studded with four hits to the fence before Coulter-Nile, who returned for his second spell, saw him off. Whiteman, however, continued to play his strokes, hitting two fabulous sixes, even as wickets kept falling at the other end.

Wanted to become a soldier, became a cricketer: Dhoni

NEW DELHI: Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni aspired to be a soldier but says, destiny intervened to make him a cricketer. "Since childhood I wanted to join the Army. Seeing the soldiers, I thought that one day I'll be the same," Dhoni told 'Aaj Tak' while spending a day with the Parachute Regiment in Ranchi. In fact, Dhoni, who has led India to both the Twenty20 and the 50 Over World Cup trophies, said the uniform helped him overcome his fear of height. "The uniform is something special. Maybe this is all in uniform, that I was not afraid," he said.



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IN BRIEF Nishad, Aditi to lead state teams

MUMBAI: Pune’s Nishad Dravid and Aditi Mutatkar have been selected to lead the state men’s and women’s teams for the West Zone Badminton Championships, to be held at Chhatisgarh on October 6 and 7. The junior girls and boys’ teams will be led by Nagpur’s Rasika Raje and Vighnesh Devlekar. Former state player Mangrish Palekar has been appointed the coach of the teams. THE TEAMS: Men: 1. Nishad Dravid; 2. Subhankar Dey; 3. Mayank Gole; 4. Nigel D’Sa; 5. Prashant Bahatare; 6. Abhishek Kulkarni; 7. Sudhanshu Medsikar; 8. Harshad BhagwatReserve. Women: 1. Aditi Mutatkar; 2. Rasika Raje; 3. Varada Dixit; Mansi Gadgil; 5. Riya Pillai. Junior teams: Girls: 1. Rasika Raje; 2. Revati Devasthale; 3. Ahillya Harjani; 4. Vaishnavi Bhale. Boys: 1. Vighnesh Devlekar; 2. Kabir Kanzarkar; 3. Sushrut Karmarkar.

Junior Soccer Championship to kick-off from Saturday

MUMBAI: The fifth edition of the South Mumbai-Milind Deora Junior Soccer Championship organised in association with English football club Queens Park Rangers (QPR), which has attracted over 5000 children from 130 schools and is the brain child of MP Deora, will kick-off on Saturday. The Championship would also serve as a talent hunt for 30 talented youngsters who will be shortlisted for a coaching clinic that will be conducted exclusively by the Queens Park Rangers (QPR) coaching teams from UK. From this training camp, two of the most talented youngsters will be selected for a three-tofour week long training stint at the Queens Park Rangers in-house academy in London. These 5000 children will be participating in different teams in the under-10, under-12, under-14 and under 16 categories, in both boys and girls groups.

Patil, Kothari strike thrice

MUMBAI: Vijay Merchant XI’s medium-pace and spin combination of Shreyas Patil (3-48) and Karsh Kothari (3-15) respectively played decisive roles in bowling out Dattu Phadkar XI for 140 to secure a nine run first innings lead at the 28th Sportstar Trophy MCA U-19 Selection Trial Tournament third round day two. Phadkar XI, for whom Gaurish Jadhav remained unbeaten on a watchful 47 off 125 balls at number seven, hit back by restricting their opponents to 134-8 in the second innings at Karnataka SA ground on Wednesday. In the other third round tie at Oval Maidan, Khandu Rangnekar XI led by 10 runs in the first innings against Vijay Merchant XI. Vijay Gohil displayed all-round ability with 30 (94 balls, 6x4) at number nine for Merchant XI, in addition to his six-wicket haul on the first day. Salman Khan topscored with 52 off 95 balls and hit six boundaries. Rangnekar XI lead by 92 runs with one day left in the three-day event.

Gartside from Bolton Wanderers to visit city tomorrow

MUMBAI: Philip Gartside, Chairman of the Bolton Wanderers Institute of Sports, UK, will be in Mumbai to celebrate its unique partnership with St. Angelo’s Oce international football. St. Angelo's and Oce are a leading IT-training organization in India and have ventured into sports education. There will be an exchange of flags to mark the launch of a ten-day residential football development camp for children at the Reebok stadium in UK. He will be presenting his vision for India, the upcoming football talent hunt and more specifically about the soccer camp at a special function organized at Hiranandani Garden, Powai.



Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara pose during the Champions League T20 match between Mumbai Indians and Perth Scorchers in New Delhi.

UBAI: Iconic batsman Sachin Tendulkar believes defending champions India are favourites to retain the ICC Cricket World Cup title in 2015 and exuded confidence that the trophy will remain in the subcontinent. With exactly 500 days to go before the first ball is bowled in the World Cup 2015 on February 14, Tendulkar hoped that Mahendra Singh Dhoni's side will successfully defended the title and make India only the third country after West Indies and Australia to win back-to-back titles. "Along with India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are also good sides. I am partial towards India and want them to do well. That

would be really exciting. It will give so much happiness to the entire nation," he said. "That is something I would want, along with a billion plus people who will also be expecting the same thing to happen," added Tendulkar, who along with Pakistan's Javed Miandad is the only player in the history of the game to play in six World Cups. Tendulkar retired from ODI cricket in December 2012 as the leading run-getter with 18,426 runs. India, which leads the ICC ODI Team Rankings table by a distance, has been drawn in Pool B and will open its campaign against Pakistan in Adelaide on February 15. India's other matches in the

Brathwaite takes Windies A to 283/6, Zaheer gets a wicket S

HIMOGA: Zaheer Khan got his name in the wickets column but it was a patient 82 by opener Kraigg Brathwaite that helped West Indies A reach a decent 283 for six in 90 overs after opting to bat in the second unofficial four day 'Test' here. Brathwaite along with middle-order batsman Asad Fudadin (63) added 117 runs for the fourth wicket to ensure a position of safety for the visitors at the Jawaharlal Nehru College of Engineering ground here. Fudadin joined Brathwaite in the post lunch with West Indies A in a not too comfortable position at 98 for three. While Brathwaite faced 202 deliveries hitting 13 boundaries, Fudadin faced 107 balls hitting seven missed in quick succession that saw fours in the process. Both were dis- the Caribbeans reduced to 215 for

five before Leon Johnson (36) along with Chadwick Walton (30) scripted another recovery act with a crucial 68-run partnership for sixth wicket. It was pacer Mohammed Shami who got rid off Walton when he nicked one to glovesman Uday Kaul behind the stumps. For India A, leftarm spinner Bhargav Bhatt (3/76) was the most successful bowler while Zaheer (16-5-44-1), Shami (1/59) and Perveez Rasool (1/71) got a wicket apiece. It was a mixed day in office for the Indian bowlers as they got a few wickets in quick succession but also had toil hard during partnership. Brathwaite was more intent on defending most of the times although he did hit a few boundaries.

Colabawala stars in Laxman backs India to win ODI series against Australia URGAON: Former Test bats- tralia series at home will be a man VVS Laxman believes good test for them. I think India Woodpeckers’ win G the current Indian cricket team is the favourite to win the series. is hungry for more success and They have the fire power to do UMBAI: Burge Colabawala won backed the hosts to triumph it," Laxman told reporters at an both his singles ties including M over Australia in the upcoming award function here last night. the decider to lead Wodehouse Gymkhana ‘Woody Woodpeckers’ into the quarter-finals with a thrilling 3-2 win, in the BSAM World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust Mumbai Snooker League 2013, at the Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana. Colabawala gave ‘Woodpeckers’ a significant 2-1 lead by winning the third singles tie against Arjun Tejwani of Khar Gymkhana ‘Challengers’. But Amandeep Kohli, who lost to Mayur Sanghvi in the opening singles tie, avenged his defeat by prevailing over Sanghvi in the crucial fourth singles tie to force the decider. Colabawala, playing with a +40 handicap, held on to a significant lead in the end to beat Deepak Khubchandani 112-86 in the fifth and final tie. ‘Woody Woodpeckers’ will meet Bombay Gymkhana ‘Phantoms’ in the quarter-finals. After Rahil Patel shocked state junior and sub junior champion Ishpreet Singh Chadha in the opening singles, ‘Phantoms’ rallied to beat Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana ‘Achievers’ 3-1 with Siddharth Parikh winning both his singles ties to seal it for the winners.

limited-over series. "There are lot of talented cricketers in the Indian side who are eager to perform. The upcoming Aus-

India will be playing Australia in a seven-match ODI series preceded by a T20 encounter at Rajkot on October 10.

Bharat Khadare rejoiced with the tricolour after he defeated Sami Amin from Egypt by submission using rear naked choke in the featherweight category bout of the Super Fight League encounter held recently.

first round are against South Africa (in Melbourne on February 22), Qualifier 4 (in Perth on February 28), West Indies (in Perth on March 6) and Ireland (in Hamilton on March 10) and Zimbabwe (in Auckland on March 14). Tendulkar, who is also the highest run-getter in the history of ICC Cricket World Cup with 2,278 runs from 45 matches, hoped India players will quickly adjust to the conditions in Australia and New Zealand. "Well I think most of our guys have been to Australia. They know what to expect, (as) they have played there already," said the 40-year-old, who was part of the squad that toured Australia in 2011-12.

Uttam Chandrana passes away

MUMBAI: The grand Old man of Indian Table Tennis, Uttam Chandarana is no more. The 95-year old veteran who often turned up at his favourite venue, Hindu Gymkhana passed away today at his Tardeo residence. For the past several years, Chandarana used to live alone with only a visting cook preparing food for him. Chandrana represented India twice in 1950 (Budapest) and 1956 (Tokyo). He won the national title four times in 1943 (Hyderabad), ’48 (Colombo), ’49 (Hyderabad) and ’54 (Baroda). He also won the men’s doubles six times with different partners and the mixed doubles titles twice. He was regular at the Hindu Gymkhana even when he was well into his nineties and often played a game of Billiards or Snooker, besides spending time with his friends. Only three years back, he had even participated in an Open Billiards/ Snooker tournament at the Gymkhana. World No. 3 Dhruv Sitwala always used to play a game or two with him, admiring his interest in sports at this ripe age. Only few months ago, he played Table Tennis for a while and showed his consistency in the game, during the Gymkhana’s home tournament. He had preserved about 200 trophies won by him, in his house. His father M.S. Chandarana played cricket at the national level, taking part in Triangular and Quadrangular tournaments with great players like C.K. Nayudu and Mohammed Nissar.

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IN BRIEF BCCI to decide on home series title sponsors today

MUMBAI: The newly constituted 26-member BCCI marketing committee headed by Amitabh Chaudhary would meet here today to decide on new title sponsors for the international matches organised in India for next six months. The BCCI had invited new bids from corporate houses after existing series title sponsors - telecom major Airtel decided against renewing their association with the Board. The bids - for matches to be held from October 1 this year to March 31, 2014 - are to be opened, evaluated and sponsorships awarded today at 12 noon, the BCCI had announced. Airtel had won the rights as series sponsors for all international and domestic matches played in India from September 1, 2010 to March 31, 2013 for a consideration of Rs 3.33 crore per match.

HI congratulates Rani for winning Young Achiever’s award

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil [second right] takes on the Napoli defence during the Champions League Group F soccer match between Arsenal and Napoli at the Emirates Stadium in London.


ARIS: Arsenal did not let down Arsene Wenger on what was his 17th anniversary as manager, easing to a 2-0 win over Napoli and taking a huge step towards the Champions League knockout stages. First-half goals by record signing Mesut Ozil and in-form Frenchman Olivier Giroud, his sixth this season and coming a day after his 27th birthday, gave the Gunners their 10th successive win yesterday. While they took a firm grip on their group with six points from two games, London rivals Chelsea got their campaign back on track, after an embarrassing opening home defeat to Basel, with a 4-0 rout of Romanian side Steaua Bucharest. Elsewhere Barcelona have a firm grip on their group with maximum

Deepika in Rd of 32, India eye bronze in compound mixed team

NEW DELHI: Ace Indian archer Deepika Kumari won her first two recurve individual elimination round contests to advance to the Round of 32 while the compound mixed team eyes for bronze after losing in the semi-finals in the World Championships at Belek in Turkey. The compound mixed team of Abhishek Verma and Jyothi Surekha Vennam produced an impressive performance to beat higher-ranked teams Denmark and Korea before losing to Russia in the semi-finals. The Indian duo, who qualified at 11th, first beat Denmark (who qualified sixth) 150-147 and then accounted for top team Korea -- who was third in the qualification -- by a good margin of 153144. But the Indians lost narrowly (147150) to Russia in the semi-finals last night. Deepika, who qualified at 10th, won an easy first round contest over Anete Kreicberga of Latvia 6-0 (29-24, 26-20, 29-28) before getting the better of Polishwoman Wioleta Myszor 6-2 (24-22, 25-28, 29-24, 27-24) in the second round tie wherein she was in control.

points after a 1-0 win over a gallant Celtic, who played the last half hour with just 10 men as captain Scott Brown was sent off. Barca have a two-point lead over AC Milan, who face them next in a double header, after the Italian side salvaged a 1-1 draw in Amsterdam with a Mario Balotelli penalty four minutes into stoppage time. Barca's Spanish rivals Atletico Madrid displayed the grittiness that their coach Diego Simeone displayed during his playing career to come back and beat Porto 2-1 away and top their group on six points, leaving them unbeaten on the field of play this season. Arsenal hold a three-point lead over both Napoli and last season's beaten finalists Borussia Dortmund, who beat

Marseille 3-0 and will provide a stern test for Wenger's men in the upcoming double header. Wenger, though, was in raptures over his side's performance against Napoli. "The first half was amazing, absolutely fantastic. Everything was in there. All that you dream to see when you come to watch football," Wenger said. His Dortmund counterpart Jurgen Klopp had to watch his side win from the stands because of a UEFA ban, but he was delighted with what he saw as two goals from Polish striker Robert Lewandowski and another from Marco Reus saw them to an easy win. "It was a great game, Marseille are a strong team and you have to give it everything you have against them. "My team were prepared to stick

their foot in the door and make sure of the win." Chelsea recovered from an early blow of Fernando Torres limping off with Brazilian Ramires playing the major role by grabbing a double, although German international Andre Schurrle was the player to take the eye. "I think we are going to do it. I think we are going to qualify," said Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. "This result today is important, because if you don't win, you are a bit under pressure." Chelsea next face two games in succession against Schalke, who will go into the first match top of the group thanks to impressive young German international Julian Draxler's secondhalf goal that saw off Basel 1-0 in Switzerland.

Delhi uncertain to host Queen’s Baton Relay for 2014 CWG N

EW DELHI: Uncertainty loomed large over Delhi hosting the Queen's Baton Relay of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland as the Indian Olympic Association has sought the deferment of the event from October 12-13 to another date on the ground of lack of security. The Queen's Baton Relay, to be launched on October 9 at Buckingham Palace, London, where Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II will place Her message to the Commonwealth into the baton, was to be held here on October 12 and 13 as Delhi was to be the first stop for the Baton as the host of the previous Games. But fearing that the security for the QBR will not be enough due to Durga Puja festivals, the IOA acting chief Vijay Kumar Malhotra has written to 2014 Glasgow organisers to defer the event to a later date. But the Glasgow authorities are yet to reply on Malhotra's letter. "October 13 is Vijaya Dashmi and so it will difficult to make large scale security arrangements on October 12 and 13 for the Queen's Baton Relay. Most of the

NEW DELHI: Hockey India congratulated women's team striker Rani Rampal for winning the TiE Aspire Young Achiever's award. Rani, who was the vice-captain of the Junior National team in the recent seventh FIH Junior Women's World Cup, played a crucial role in India's bronze medal-winning feat in Germany and was also declared the best player of the tournament. The individual award in the Junior World Cup was the fourth time Rani had received any such recognition in an international tournament and is the only Indian female player to be nominated as FIH Best Young Player of the Tournament at the women's hockey World Cup in 2010. Rani was nominated to the Asian All Stars Team and FIH All Stars Team, both in 2010. She was also the top goal scorer in the FIH World League Round 2.

Afghanistan just one win away from ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

MUMBAI: Afghanistan is just one win away from direct qualification to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 after defeating Kenya by eight wickets in the first of their two ODIs in the crucial, final round of the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League (WCL) Championshipat Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Wednesday. Hamid Hassan returned match figures of four for 19 as Kenya, opting to bat first, was bowled out for 89 in 37.5 overs. In turn, Nawroz Mangal belted three fours and four sixes in a 60-ball 52, and Mohammad Shahzad scored a 41-ball 33 as Afghanistan achieved victory for the loss of two wickets inside 18 overs. The win moves Afghanistan to within striking distance of the crucial second spot in the competition, only one point behind the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

TOP 3 ARTICLES READ ON Queen's Baton Relay had toured Mumbai in 2010 before its final journey in Delhi. security apparatus will be deployed for the Durga Puja festivals," Malhotra told PTI. "We need tight security arrangements for such an important event like Queen's Baton Relay and our country's name is at stake if we don't provide enough security for that. It is also the view of the government and Delhi Police. So I had written a letter to 2014 Glasgow organisers to defer the event to another date but I have not got a reply till now." Malhotra said that he has called

a meeting of senior IOA officials to take a decision. According to the itinerary, the Queen's Baton Relay is to reach Delhi on October 11 and after two days' stay here, will be taken to Dhaka on October 14 and then to Islamabad on October 16. Over a period of 288 days, the Baton will cover more than 190,000 kilometres, touching each nation or territory in the Commonwealth family before making its way back to Glasgow for the Opening Ceremony on July 23, 2

schools go on ganapati vacation article_91044

Dr L H Hiranandani passes away article_90877

Early morning launch for book on 'Lalbaugcha Raja' -lalbaugcha-raja/article_8665


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