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Be inspired to make and create for your home

Issue Sixteen

For the Boys

Be inspired to make and create for your home

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Issue Sixteen 2014

Welcome It was one of our lovely customers who first suggested that we dedicate a magazine to the boys. Having sons ourselves her plea of needing more project ideas for the boys in her life resonated with both of us. As we reminisced on days gone by when our boys were young, we remembered that finding sewing projects for them was a challenge. In contrast, we could also find lots of projects for our daughters. So the decision was made and we began planning our ‘For the Boys’ issue. This once again, involved casting our minds back to when our boys were little and remembering their favourite toys. Janice smiled as she remembered the handmade clown that her son was very attached to and for me I fondly recalled my son's ‘blanky’ (a flannel wrap with crocheted trim that I had made when he was a baby) and his collection of friends on his bed; Teddy, Rooster and Pooh Bear. Then as they became older, we began making them quilts. And so the story continues to this day. It is our hope that amongst these pages you discover just the right project to make for that special little boy in your own life, and that they become some of his treasured childhood memories.

Warmly Lenna & Janice

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Such a BIG

Miracle in a such a Little Boy

My Funny Buddy I have always loved animals, real and stuffed. Once I became a mum, I looked for stuffed toys that were washable. Being an artsy crafty person, I decided to try to design my own and My Funny Buddy was born. ~ Lucy

Designer Profile My Funny Buddy business was born over two years ago when a craft shop opened in my neighbourhood. My daughter was two years old at the time and I had been meaning to make washable soft toys for her after dropping too many softies in dirty parking lots. Soon, I began sewing soft toys for the neighbourhood shop. However I realized that not only do I not sew fast enough to produce softies profitably, I also get a bit of performance anxiety when I make a toy for someone else.

Lucy Ferguson of My Funny Buddy

After doing some market research, I happened upon digital pattern sales in PDF format. That sounded right up my alley because I am good with computers, graphics and word processing. The idea that I could build it once and have it used by many was also appealing. A few months later, I was up and running on Etsy with only two patterns for sale.

“ My years of sewing & crafting have made me conscientious in other fields as well.” It takes me about a month from start to finish to produce a final pattern ready for sale. I’d like to get that time down. I typically work on one pattern at a time but I may change that process. The problem is I’m a procrastinator. Working on only one pattern before starting a new one pushes me to finish my pattern with the reward being a new project. I often find inspiration for my designs in cute fabric I’d like to use. Yes, I’m addicted to fabric. Some fabric is so nice I never want to cut it… you know what I mean, right?

Designer Project Photo

In the past, I actually wondered if crafting was a waste of time, and often asked myself “should I be doing something that helps me move toward a ‘real’ career?” Recently, I have realized that all the arts and crafts I did as a child and throughout my life have helped me in my careers and more importantly have given me a fun way to use my free time. I now have a deep respect for all crafts and how crafts can help children (and adults) develop real skills that can be transferred outside the craft world in unlikely ways. After years of crafting without an “undo” or “delete” button, I understood that having to follow craft instructions taught me to be careful, to think a plan through before jumping in. It’s the old “measure twice, cut once” saying. When you sew, you double check measurements before cutting or pay the price by wasting fabric. My most recent “real job” was working as a web programmer. Out of everyone in my department, I was the most careful, always testing code thoroughly to prevent release updates that broke things. My years of sewing and crafting have made me conscientious in other fields as well. Lately, I’ve also read that doing arts and crafts can have the same benefits as meditation. I believe it!

Requirements List 8” x 10” (20cm x 26cm) head fabric 10” x 24” (20cm x 62cm) body and ears fabric

4” (10cm) square black felt for facial features Fibrefill stuffing No 9-10 Crewel needle Black and white DMC embroidery thread Dressmakers pencil or water soluble marker General sewing supplies

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Handy Hint

My Funny Buddy Bear Pillow Designed by Lucy Ferguson Approximate Size 10” tall x 7” wide (26cm x 18 cm) NB a ¼” seam allowance has been used throughout this pattern Every little boy would love this bear pillow for naptime. He is quick and easy to make and safe for all age groups.

Suggested fabrics for this pillow project include: Cotton Flannel, Cotton Broadcloth, cotton blends, quilting cotton. Pre-washing and pressing fabric prior to cutting is highly recommended.

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Step 1 ~ Use the pattern templates provided to cut the following from your chosen fabrics A – HEAD cut 1 B – BELLY cut 1 C – BACK cut 1 – PLACE ON FOLD TO CUT D – EAR cut 4 (or cut twice on double layer of fabric, with right sides of fabric together) E – BEAR EYE cut 2 – from black felt F – BEAR NOSE cut 1 – from black felt Note: ¼” or 6 mm seam allowance is already incorporated into pattern pieces A,B,C and D

Requirements List 18” x 14” (46cm x 36cm) wool felt A fat ⅛th each of four toning border fabrics 3.3 yards (3 metres) ribbon 25” x 22” (63cm x 56cm) batting 25” x 22” (63cm x 56cm) backing fabric 17” x 13” (43 cm x 32cm) centre base fabric 8” (20cm) length binding fabric 10” x 20” (25cm x 50cm) fabric for garages Marking pen Freezer paper Rotary cutter, ruler and mat Walking foot General sewing supplies

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Car Caddy Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 24” x 19” (61cm x 48cm) NB a ¼” seam allowance has been used throughout this pattern Length is based on fabric 44” (112cm) wide

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Enjoy creating this car caddy for the little boy on the move. This project is ideal for travel. Simply store in a handbag and bring out when needed to occupy little hands who want to play. Step 1 ~ Using a lightbox or well lit window, transfer the rectangle shape from the pattern template page onto the dull side of the freezer paper. Cut out on the line. This template is for cutting out two inner ovals. Cut a rectangle 18” x 14” from your wool felt. Fold the felt in half, to measure 9” x 14”. Place the rectangle template onto the folded wool felt so that it is aligned 2” in from the fold and centred so that there is 4” at the top and the bottom. Use a warm, dry iron to press in place. Cut along the straight lines of the template through both layers of wool felt using a rotary cutter and ruler. The corners can be cut out with a small pair of curved blade scissors. Peel off the template then open out flat so that the rectangle now has two cut out inner ovals. The corners of the 18”x 14” wool felt rectangle are rounded using an old CD or saucer placed in the corners, trace around then cut out on the line.


Book Review

Cute Quilts for Kids by Kristin Roylance Mother to six, chef to many, and taxi driver to more than she can count, Kristin Roylance loves anything that has to do with fabric...other than laundry! “My true loves and accomplishments are my family and quilt designing. I enjoy learning from those around me, and hope that a few people may be able to learn something useful from me, as well.” Kristin

Time for tea … Make a quilt that's functional and fun, and sure to be loved for years to come! Babies and toddlers will be tickled to have these bright, colourful designs highlighted by dimensional elements for little fingers to explore. Motifs range from butterflies and ladybugs to dinosaurs and rodeos. Choose from nine adorable patterns that give traditional designs a fresh look. Learn basic appliqué and embellishing techniques as you make engaging quilts using ric rac, ruffles and more.

These projects are easy enough for beginners and enticing enough for experts alike.

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Requirements List 50” (125cm) background fabric 70” (175cm) length backing fabric Twelve fat quarters 15” (40cm) binding fabric 60” x 80” (153cm x 205cm) cotton batting Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Walking foot General sewing supplies

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Handy Hint

Floating Squares Quilt Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 41” x 61” (105cm x 155cm) NB a ¼” seam allowance has been used throughout this pattern Length indicates fabric 44” (112cm) wide Sew this quick and easy quilt in just one weekend. Showcase a range of fabrics or use off cuts for a scrappy look. Ideal for beginners, this quilt incorporates simple cutting and piecing techniques, yet will impress all those who see it. Step 1 ~ Press all your fabrics before commencing. Cut four 5½” squares from each of your fat quarter fabrics. Cut five 2½” lengths from your background fabric and four 1½” lengths. Cross cut these lengths to make thirty five 2½” x 5½” rectangles and twenty four 1½” x 5½” rectangles.

This quilt can be easily modified. Reduce the number of squares to make a cot size quilt, or increase the number to make a larger single bed size quilt. Adding a border is another easy way to increase the size.


Let’s get Crafty Requirements List 10” x 8” (25cm x 20cm) navy blue wool felt to make one whale and one fish

10” x 8” (25cm x 20cm) purple wool felt to make one whale and one fish 6” x 5” (15cm x 13cm) orange wool felt to make two starfish 8” (20cm) square of freezer paper Craft fabric glue Paper clips One strong round magnet DMC embroidery threads Eight small lightweight buttons 25” (65cm) stick or dowel

Gone Fishing

25” (65cm) kitchen twine or similar Optional—Silver fabric paint Sequins to embellish.

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Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate size: Fish and Whale 3” x 4” and Starfish 2” x 2” Requirements will make two of each Go fishing for a whale, a fish or a starfish. A quick and easy craft project that will keep the little ones amused for hours.

Step 1 ~ From the template provided transfer the fish, whale and star fish onto the dull side of freezer paper, using a lightbox or well lit window. Cut out each shape on the drawn line. Step 2 ~ Iron the freezer paper onto the felt using a dry iron and cut out on the line. Peel off the freezer paper and reuse the template again. Repeat this process so that you have four felt shapes cut out of each. Step 3 ~ Place pairs of corresponding shapes on a table. Position a paper clip that has been opened slightly in the centre of the starfish, and at the mouth opening of the whale and fish. Spot glue around the inside of the shape and then layer the two pieces together with the paper clip enclosed so that it is showing at the mouth. Let the glue dry well before commencing to the next step.


Little Boys play hard

get dirty act silly

Love Big

Video Demonstration Blanket Stitch

TIPS FOR WORKING BLANKET STITCH Blanket stitch is a versatile embroidery stitch often used in conjunction with fusible applique. It is worked around the raw fabric edge to secure the shape in place. It can be worked in a colour close to the fabric used or in a contrast colour so that it becomes a decorative feature. Black is commonly used for a contrasting effect.

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Requirements List 7” (18cm) length of wool or cotton fabric for each 6” x 17” (15cm x 44cm) rectangle of wool fabric for Stegosaurus plate Wool roving or fibrefill for filling

Freezer paper Matching thread Small sharp scissors Two black beads with matching strong thread. General sewing supplies

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Dino and Stego Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 16” x 6” (41cm x 16cm) Length is based on fabric 44” (112cm) wide Sew these delightful dinosaur characters for a special little boy. They are sure to become his new best friends. They are made from wool fabric and are filled with wool roving to make them extra soft and cuddly, perfect for play and bedtime. Step 1 ~ For both the dinosaur and the Stegosaurus, copy the template patterns provided and join the two body sections A and B together. Transfer this shape and the leg gusset shape onto the dull side of the freezer paper using a lightbox or well lit window. For the Stegosaurus only, join the tail plates C to D. Cut out each shape on the drawn line. Using a dry iron, press the body shape onto a double layer of felted wool fabric. Cut out on the line. Place the leg gusset shape on the fold as indicated iron to secure then cut out. Repeat this process for the Stegosaurus’ tail plate.


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