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Handmade for Christmas Special Issue

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Special Issue 2013

Homemade for Christmas


What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace. Agnes M.Pharo As the spirit of Christmas works its way into our hearts for another year, we show our appreciation and love by giving gifts. Giving is the essence of Christmas, and giving a gift that is handmade with love can express thoughtfulness, kindness and gratitude to that special someone. It is wonderful that we can share the joy of our skills to make Christmas that little more special for our family and friends. It is also the time to share with children the joy of creating. Now the countdown to Christmas has commenced we begin to feel that time is running away from us, that there are not enough hours in the day to do all we have planned. With this in mind, we decided to compile a collection of handmade projects that are achievable and kind on the budget. Our special Christmas issue emerged “jam packed” with ten delightful projects that are all quick and easy to make. A variety of decorating ideas has been included to add some festive cheer to your home this season, or to give as gifts for family and friends. Whether your passion is hand embroidery, patchwork or working with felt, we have something for everyone. There is even a folded star technique that will amaze you. We wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that our special Christmas issue has inspired you to create and make something special for a loved one this year.

Warmly Lenna & Janice

Inside this issue: App Instructions Welcome Little Felt Snowman Christmas Stitchery Fold a Christmas Star video Printables to Enjoy A Christmas Star Mug Mat Etsy Find Book Review Rustic Santa YouTube Project Patchwork Stars Let’s Decorate Christmas Button Trees Blogger Inspiration Fabric Finds Let’s Create Love, Hope Peace and Joy Handmade Goodness to Buy Inspiration Find Cone Christmas Trees Christmas Screensaver Online Class to Try Pinterest Finds On Sale Grab a Bargain Christmas Designs to Stitch Christmas Tags Newsletter Back Issues We Need Your Help Subscribe Copyright Disclaimer

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Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Requirements List 5” x 6” (12cm x 15cm) cream felt for body 5” (12cm) square felt for vest 4” (10cm) square for hat 1” (2cm) felt for nose Off cut of wool fabric for scarf DMC embroidery threads to match felt colours and scarf, black for face Two black seed beads 5” (12cm) length of string for hat Fibre fill stuffing Two twigs for arms 12” (30cm) Feature ribbon for hanging No 9-10 needle Water soluble marker

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Little Felt Snowman Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 2½”x 4” (6cm x 10cm) Note: Template shapes are actual size and all Whip stitch is worked using 1 strand of DMC embroidery thread


“Snowmen fall from Heaven one flake at a time” Author Unknown

Make this cute little felt snowman to decorate a door handle or hang him from the Christmas tree. He will bring a smile to all who see him.

Step 1 ~ Pin the templates provided onto your chosen felts. Cut out using a small, sharp pair of scissors. Step 2 ~ Place the twigs onto one of the body shapes and position for the arms. Secure the arms in place by working over the top of each twig with DMC embroidery thread (2 strands). Do not pass the needle through to the right side.


Requirements List 8” x 10” (20cm x 30cm) background fabric DMC embroidery threads #3875 red/ brown #4145 variegated brown # 930 Antique blue # 3829 gold #934 Avocado green #822 cream #646 Beaver gray Star button Water soluble marker No 9 Crewel needle Embroidery hoop

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‘ Twas the Night Before Christmas Stitchery


Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 3½” x 5 ½” (9cm x 14cm)

Step 1 ~ Trace the design onto the right side of your background fabric using the water soluble marker and a light box Step 2 ~ Work the main tree trunk using Back stitch. Work the branches using a combination of Fly stitch and Straight stitch. (2 strands, #934) Work the rooftop using Back stitch, and the chimney using 3 Straight stitches. (2 strands, 3857) Work the cottage walls using Back stitch. (2 strands, #3829) Work the outline of the door and windows using Straight stitches, add two Straight stitches for each window pane. (2 strands, #930) Work the smoke trail using Back stitch. (2 strands, #646) Work the outline of the hills and the path using Back stitch. (2 strands, #4145) Work the snowflakes using French knots. (3 strands, 2 wraps, #822) Sew the star on top of the tree. Step 3 ~ Press the embroidered panel face down into a towel, this will prevent your stitches from being flattened. Frame as desired.


Video Demonstration How to Fold a Christmas Star

This Christmas Star is folded using two squares of fabric the same size. I used two 5� squares in this video. The stars are raw edged and simple to achieve for that country Christmas look. The stars can be embellished with buttons, bells - anything that you have in your craft stash. They can be sewn around the outer edge on the sewing machine (pin to secure before sewing), or simply stitched together with 2 strands of embroidery thread and a Running stitch. A pre-cut charm pack is ideal for this project. Use a piece of ribbon and a button to make an easy hanging star, or sew the stars to a length of cord to make a decorative garland. Choose stars of different sizes and colours and embellish with bells or timber ornaments. Let your imagination be your guide, as this is an quick and easy project.

Christmas is not so much about opening presents as opening our hearts.

Requirements List 8”x 14” ( 20cm x 35cm) main body fabric 5”x 7” (13cm x 18cm) hat fabric 1 ½”x 32" (4cm x 80cm) strip arms legs 3”x 5” (3cm x 13cm) face fabric 7” x 14” (18cm x35cm) Sack fabric 2" x 30” (5cm x 75cm) calico hair/beard 2 teabags Blush/ small paint brush Fibre fill 8" length twine for sack DMC embroidery thread # 3857 No 9- 8 crewel needle Fine 01 Permanent brown Pigma pen ¾ cup rice Two feature buttons Small brass bell Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Turning tool General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Rustic Santa Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 4½” x 9” (12cm x 23cm) NB a ¼” seam allowance has been used throughout this pattern

Step 1 ~ Use the templates provided to trace one head shape and one hat shape onto the wrong side of your chosen fabrics. Fold each fabric in half and then sew on the drawn line, leaving the bottom edges open. Cut out each shape with a scant ⅛" seam allowance. Turn through to the right side easing out seams. Stuff the head with some fibrefill. Step 2 ~ Fold the arm/leg fabric lengthwise, right sides together and sew down the raw edge. Trim back seam allowance to a scant ⅛".

Crosscut this strip into two 7 ½” lengths (arms) and two 8" lengths (legs). Sew across one end and then turn through to the right side using a turning tool. Push out the corners of the sewn end and then knot 1" from the end to form the hand and feet.



Requirements List Makes Five Patchwork Stars Ten 5" (13cm) squares of each fabric Machine sewing cotton to match fabrics Manila folder No 9-10 needle Fabric glue pen 1 yard (1 metre) Ric Rac or ribbon for hangers 10 small buttons General sewing supplies

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Patchwork Stars Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 3� (8cm)

Add some handmade style to your Christmas tree with these decorative patchwork star decorations. Choose contrasting fabrics and your favourite ribbon or Ric Rac.

Step 1 ~ Cut out the star pattern and then glue to the manila folder. Cut out each diamond template on the drawn line.

Step 2 ~ Place a diamond template onto your chosen fabric and cut out a fabric diamond Âź" bigger than the cardboard template, this does not have to be accurate. You will need six of each fabric.


Requirements List Buttons, assorted sizes Brass picture wire Gold beads Wire cutters

Shop Requirements


Christmas Button Trees Made by Janice Kellaway Approximate size 2” (5cm)

Step 1 ~ Each button Christmas tree has three or four buttons that are the same size for the base, and ten to twelve buttons for the ‘tree’. Go through your button collection and source out the colours of your tree and base. The tree should include a selection of button sizes ranging from small to large.


Step 2 ~ Cut a piece of wire approximately 12” in length. Fold in half and start threading at the cut end, with the loop at the top. Starting from the smallest button on the top of tree, thread the wire into the buttonholes in order finishing with the base buttons which should be the same size.

Step 3 ~ When you have threaded all the buttons on the wire, twist the wire to secure and trim the ends with wire cutters. Push the buttons to the base, enclosing the secured wire. At the top of the tree, give the wire a twist to secure the buttons tightly. Pinch the top of the wire together so that you can thread a bead down. Twist again to hold in place and now your little button Christmas tree is ready for your big tree.


Requirements List 10” x 24” (25cm x 60cm) Wool or cotton batting, felt or fabric DMC embroidery thread—red and green 21” x ½” (53cm x 1cm) decorative braid 15 small brass bells Fibre fill stuffing No 9 Crewel needle Water soluble marker General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Cone Christmas Trees Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Sizes large 3½”x 7” (8cm x 18cm) medium 3” x 5 ½” (7cm x 14cm) small 3 ½” x 4” (8cm x10cm)

These primitive Cone Christmas Trees are very easy to make. I gave my tress an old antique look by dabbing my wadding with a tea bag before commencing. Use your imagination to decorate them as you please using a variety of braids, ribbon, bells and embroidery stitches. For a completely different look make them up in felt or your favourite fabrics. Step 1 ~ Cut out your template pieces. Arrange these onto your wool wadding, pin and then cut out. Fold each cone shape so that the side seams are aligned, pin. Sew the side seams and then turn through to the right side. Step 2 ~ Embellishing your trees ~ Large tree - Use the water soluble marker to draw a spiral pattern from the tip of the cone down. Work a large Feather stitch along this line using 2 strands of red DMC embroidery thread. Draw a second spiral in between your rows of embroidery. Pin the decorative braid along this line and secure in place with a matching thread.



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Kindred Stitches Magazine Handmade Christmas Special Issue (preview)  
Kindred Stitches Magazine Handmade Christmas Special Issue (preview)  

Special Offer Just $2.99 US Inside this issue: 10 original projects to make and an additional 17 others to try. * sew a lovely felt snowman...