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A PRIL 2014

Giving Women a Voice

Kindred Sisters Volunteers: Lynn, Jennifer, Judy, Shewolf, Rainbow

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Our Mission: Kindred Sisters’ mission is to provide a forum of news, events, and ideas for, by, and about lesbians and their kindred sisters of all classes, races, ages, ethnicities, and abilities. Kindred Sisters, PO Box 141674, Gainesville, FL 32614

Kindred Sisters “Giving Women a Voice” April 2014

2014 Pride Logo Contest $200 Cash Prize for the design selected by PCCNCF for use as our official 2014 logo. This logo will appear on our 2014 t-shirts, website, Pride Program, and other promotional literature. The specifications are as follows: 11” by 12” maximum size Six colors maximum (including black) Submit finished color copy along with electronic file (preferably vector graphic) on CD or DVD ♦ Design should at least contain the words “Gainesville, FL” & “Pride” & “2014” ♦ Design should be visual representation of Pride 2014 theme: “Pride is ‘Family’” ♦ ♦ ♦

All designs become the property of Pride Community Center of North Central Florida and must be submitted to Pride Community Center at 3131 NW 13th St, Suite 62 by 7:00pm on May 8th. For questions about the logo contest, please e-mail

Cover: This month’s cover artist prefers to remain anonymous, but she says she captured this amazing photo last month at St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Komodo Dragons are the “heaviest known species of lizard and can weigh up to 200 lbs.” They are carnivorous and may “eat almost their entire body weight in one meal”!

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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e d a r e u q s a M Merriment A Community Event for Social Justice Friday, April 4th 9pm to midnight in the basement at the Hippodrome State Theatre (25 SE 2nd Pl) Pride Community Center of North Central Florida, The Alachua County Branch of the NAACP, and the North Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry are partnering to host this kickoff event for the City of Gainesville’s month long celebration of Jest Fest! “Celebrating April as Jest Fest! Month, Masquerade Merriment is an Official Jest for Laughs! Event”. This annual Masquerade Party will celebrate Gainesville and raise money for these three organizations working for social justice. A grand party, door prizes, a contest with prizes for the best costumes, hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar—a spectacular evening out! The tickets are only $30 in advance and $45 at the door. Tax deductible because you’re supporting three great nonprofit organizations. Tickets can be purchased at Pride Community Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Suite 62, on the event website at, or by contacting the Homeless Coalition or the NAACP. For more information contact PCCNCF at 352-377-8915 or by e-mail at

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Kindred Sisters — April 2014

FUN & GAMES NIGHT at the Pride Community Center What it is: An LGBT social night for players of Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, and other popular board games When is it: We'll be having our third get-together on Friday, April 4 at 7pm. Come join us. Meet new friends and have fun playing your favorite games. Info & Contact: Paul at 352-339-4589 or

Protect yourself from STDs and HIV! Visit the Pride Community Center to get your FREE condoms. Regular, non-latex, and even female condoms are available. PCCNCF, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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Five Good Reasons for Lesbians to Use Sex Toys by Kathy Belge

"We don't need sex toys," you might say. "My partner is a great lover." If she's great, she might be even better with a little help from technology. Certainly sex toys aren't for everyone, but if you're thinking you might want to introduce sex toys into your lesbian sex life, here are a few reasons to do so. \ Sex Toys Can Make Good Sex Even Better Having a satisfying sex life means being willing to try new things. Even good sex can get boring if you get into a rut and do the same thing every time, over and over. Introducing sex toys is one way to "spice things up" and add a sense of newness and adventure to your love life. You won't use sex toys every time you have sex. If you do, then you might be falling into a different kind of rut. But try adding a vibrator, dildo or a butt plug to your routine and see where your imagination takes you. \ Sex Toys Can Make Masturbation more Satisfying Some sex toys are made for use with couples and others can be used with a partner or alone. Many women find that the easiest way to reach orgasm by themselves is with a vibrator. Other toys to try by yourself are Ben Wa Balls, dildos, the rabbit habit or gspot stimulators. \ Sex Toys Are Made for Sex That's right, sex toys have one purpose and one purpose only: to enhance your sex life. And that's a good thing. The people who design sex toys have done so because they found them to do things that body parts can't do, or can't do as long, or can't do as well, or maybe can't do as often or as efficiently. Take advantage of technology. \ Sex Toys Allow You to Do Things You Wouldn't Without Them For example, you may be able to penetrate her with your fingers. That's great. But if you're using a dildo with a harness, you can penetrate her and use your hands on other parts of her body. \ Sex Toys Are Great for Phone or Skype Sex You wish she were there to touch you. But she's not. She's somewhere far away. Let her describe all the things she wishes she were doing to you, while you do it to yourself. excerpt from Page 4

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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Eating Dirt by Woody Blue

I am in a continual struggle to find good food. Earlier in life I thought I could get it at the grocery store. With a package of ground meat and a box of hamburger helper, I would conjure up a ‘home-cooked meal’ on a hotplate. Many years later I became a vegetarian. I shunned meat and animal products. I again found my vegetables at the grocery store, which I visited every other day to get the ingredients for elaborate salads. Brown rice and tofu were staples in my diet. My digestion improved and I could get through meals without being interrupted by gas pains, despite the amount of beans and legumes I ate. I was a vegetarian for 23 years. Towards the end of that time, I craved eggs and cheese every day. My energy spiked and failed throughout the day. A nap was scheduled into every day between 2:00 and 3:00. I gained weight slowly and relentlessly. I decided to go to nutrition school. They had me experimenting with various diets and I was challenged to eat meat again. This time I didn’t go to the grocery store. Instead I went to a friend who made me a bone broth made from a cow that had been raised on pasture. My body responded immediately as I drank a small bowl of broth. My energy level was strong. My brain got clearer. My hunger was satisfied. All this happened within 15 minutes of ingesting healthy meat after 23 years. I became an omnivore, incorporating meats Page 6

and saturated animal and plant fats into my diet. My weight stabilized. My menopause symptoms stabilized. I only occasionally needed a nap. I continued searching for ‘good food’. I learned to avoid factory-farmed meats and eggs, vegetables raised with pesticides and herbicides, pasteurized dairy products, and processed foods. In the past several years, fingers continually pointed to the need for fermented and cultured foods in my diet. Superficially, the world of fermented and cultured foods looks like a row of sparkly jars filled with sauerkraut, kefirs, cultured cheeses, yogurts, brews and varieties of fermented vegetables. But taking a microscope to those jars leads to the world of bacteria and microbes, creatures living in an underground world, thriving in mostly anaerobic environments. They sour the milk, age the cheeses, convert sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. What they do in the jar on the shelf is what they do in our gut. The bacteria that thrive in the jar of sauerkraut are digesting our food before we eat it. They are also reproducing. When we eat sauerkraut our digestive systems need less energy to break down the food into nutrients and they supply our guts with lots of healthy bacteria. All this is done under the watchful eye of the enteric nervous system which monitors the bacterial activity as well as maintaining pH levels and mucin protection, and sending messages to immune cells when known pathogens enter the area. It’s quite a system. Better than NASA. Kindred Sisters — April 2014

Peering through the microscope, we focus on the microbial world. A microbe is any microorganism that can’t be seen with the naked eye, mostly anything smaller than a tenth of a millimeter. It is the microbes, single-celled animals that are doing all the work of maintaining life in all its forms on planet earth. Getting sucked into learning about this world involves learning a new language and curious ways of perceiving the world. Everything boils down to absorption, conversion and maintaining the natural cycles of nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, oxygen throughout the soils and atmosphere. We humans and our gut bacteria are part of all that. Maintaining the health of our bodies helps maintain the health of the world. Supporting healthy plants and animals keeps these cycles working more efficiently. Healthy soils full of bacteria will give us healthy food. The bacteria lives in symbiosis with plants. Legumes are one example of the fascinating world I’ve been studying. Legumes are plants that are able to convert the nitrogen in the atmosphere into a ‘fixed’ form that can be taken up to produce healthy fruit and seeds. They can’t do this without bacteria, so they have to entice the bacteria to themselves. They do this Kindred Sisters — April 2014

with their root hairs that send out a chemical invitation to bacteria. The bacteria move towards the plant and sit on the root hair. When the root hair is full, it curls up and ‘invites’ the bacteria into a corridor, called an infection thread, which leads to the underlying tissue. Here the bacteria build a home, referred to as a node on the root stem. In the node they multiply and transform themselves into bacteroids. A bacteroid’s only function is to convert nitrogen gas to a usable form for the plant. They lose all the other functions of bacteria. They are plant slaves. It takes a lot of energy to convert inert nitrogen gas to ammonia. The plant supplies the carbohydrates and oxygen. The bacteroids make the conversion, which feeds the plant nitrogen. Once the plant flowers and dies, the nodules deteriorate. Bacteroids can’t survive without the plant but a few of the original bacteria never morph into bacteroids. These bacteria wait till next growing season to find a plant. The nitrogen-fixing legumes are soy, peas, alfalfa, clover, peanuts, vetch, kudzu and some beans. They have bonnet shaped flowers and red nodules on their roots. The redder the better. They feed the soil; the soil feeds the plants; the plants feed the animals; the animals feed us; we feed the earth. It doesn’t matter what color or creed you are; Mother Earth is only concerned with your organic and inorganic elements. We’re all part of the ecosystem. The smallest of us, single-celled microbes, deserve our deepest respect, being pure environmentalists. Honor the product of their labor… our healthy food. Woody Blue is a holistic health counselor specializing in massage and nutrition. You can contact her at 352-375-0539 for more info. Page 7

The Old Lady and the Purple Dragon by Julie Ford

“WOMAN WHO SWIMS WITH MANATEES” Manatees terrify the Old Lady. Even though she knows perfectly well that they won’t – can’t!- hurt her, their sheer size makes her tremble whenever she is near them in the water. One time when she was swimming in the Crystal River a young manatee approached her. She knew he was a youngster because he was only about five feet long, whereas adults are much larger. This was a lovely creature. Young manatees are not grey like adults but a luminous white, and this one fairly glowed in the light that filtered down through the surface of the river. The youngster was curious and came close to inspect this odd invader of his underwater world. He seemed friendly so the Old Lady stretched out her hand to touch him. She had been told that “They like being touched because people have these wonderful things on the ends of their flippers called FINGERS. Manatees are covered with algae which can make them slightly itchy, and their flippers are useless for scratching.”

Photo courtesy of Shoog McDaniel. Contact:

This little guy loved being scratched! He kept swimming closer and closer so the Old Lady could keep on scratching his hide. As she scratched and petted he became increasingly playful, pushing against her as he swam. They started rolling in the water together and playing like he was a little dog. She was giggling through her snorkel until she could hardly breathe. He just couldn’t get enough!

When the Old Lady was exhausted she slowly swam back to the boat where she collapsed on the deck in the sun and laughed out loud with delight from the experience. She was thanking God for sending her this marvelous creature when she suddenly realized: yes, God sent the manatee for her delight… but God also sent HER to the manatee for HIS delight! He wanted petting, and she wanted to pet him, and they both got what they wanted and needed. Yes, God gave us dominion over the animals… but He also gave us to the animals for our mutual love and joy. Read my blog! Page 8

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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WhatÊs Happening? April: Pride Awareness Month Pride Awareness Month, otherwise known as “PAM,” is an annual month-long series of events focused on highlighting the culture and lives of the individuals that make up the LGBTQ+ community at the University of Florida. PAM hosts socials, forums, speakers, and performances aimed at celebrating our community while also fostering awareness, acceptance, and ally-ship. Apr 1, 6:30pm: Bi The Way Join Intercultural Engagement, Pride Awareness Month, and Jewish Awareness Month as we come together for our annual Breaking Bread Initiative featuring Amy Andre. As a bisexual, biracial, African-American Jew, Amy explores the intersections and margins of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religiosity in her work as an author and public speaker. Food and refreshments will be served. UF, Ustler Hall. Apr 2, 10-3pm: Paint Your Orgasm What does your orgasm look like? Join Pride Awareness Month 2014 to Paint Your Orgasm on the Reitz Union North Lawn. There will be 500 FREE white t-shirts available to express your sexuality and artistic abilities (or lack there-of) with an abundance of colorful paint and paint brushes! No artistic skill is required! There will be TONS of PIZZA, COOKIES, and WATER/SODA! Do you know your HIV status? There will also be FREE HIV (saliva swab) testing and safe sex kits available at the event! A limited number of early admittance Drag Show tickets will be available at this event on a first come, first serve basis. They are FREE. They will allow you to enter the Drag Show starting at 6:45, instead of 7PM with the rest of the general audience. Be playful, be messy, and feel the freedom to express yourself! Apr 3, 5:30pm: Take Back the Night GatorWell Health Promotion Services, Strive UF, LGBT Affairs at the University of Florida, Alachua County Victim Services, and University of Florida Police Department Office of Victim Services unite to end all forms of sexual and relationship Page 10

violence and support survivors. Stand up and speak out against sexual violence by joining the community for an evening of awareness raising, education, and personal stories. Together, we have the power to end sexual violence! The event will kick-off at the Plaza of the Americas at 5:30pm. The march starts at 6pm and will bring us back to the Plaza of the Americas for a Rally and Open-Mic portion to start at 7pm. Seating will be limited on the Plaza, so for your comfort, please bring a chair or blanket. We have a rain plan: If it rains, please meet us at 6pm in the Computer Science and Engineering Building, room A101. Apr 4, 7pm: LGBT Fun & Games Night A monthly LGBT social night for players of Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, and other popular board games. Come join us. Meet new friends and have fun playing your favorite games. Info & Contact: Paul at 352-339-4589 or Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Apr 4, 8pm: The Menagerie Revue Join us for a night of classic Burlesque, offered to you by the finest dazzling dames Gainesville has to offer. A sparkling revue of classic striptease and sultry aerials will be followed by soulful live music from talented jazz group JazzCannon. Enjoy custom drink specials and the beautiful vintage atmosphere of The Library, 112 SW 1st Ave. DRESS TO IMPRESS. Semi formal or formal attire required. Tickets: $12/adv, $15/door, $18 if out of dress code. Apr 4, 9pm: Masquerade Merriment See pg 2 for details. Apr 5, 8am-noon: Peaceful Paths Garage Sale In preparation for our move, we are cleaning out closets and making way for the supplies needed for the new Expansion Campus. Join us at the outreach offices, 2100 NW 53rd Ave, Gainesville.

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

WhatÊs Happening? Apr 6, 11-4pm: Viva Europe 2014 Come explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Center for European Studies at the University of Florida at our free, family-friendly festival. Eat, drink, dance, sing, make crafts, and listen to authentic European music. All that and more at Viva Europe 2014 - a day-long celebration of the cultures of Europe - brought to you in downtown Gainesville at the Bo Diddley Plaza, 111 E University Ave. Apr 7, 3-5pm: HIV/AIDS & Safer Sex Seminar! Need to brush up on your knowledge? Want to learn more about being safe? Come join us for a two hour talk and seminar on safer sex. Topics include the history of HIV, dispelling myths about HIV, STD testing procedures, laws regarding HIV, safer sex techniques, and up to date information about STD's. We hope to see you there. PCC, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Apr 8: Remember to VOTE! in Gainesville City Commission Run-Off Election Apr 8: Gainesville Girls Rock Camp Fundraiser Blue Highway Pizza will donate 10% of the bill of every table that mentions Girls Rock Camp to their server. Blue Highway locations: 13005 SW 1st Rd, Gainesville; 204 NE Hwy 441, Micanopy. Apr 9, noon: Alachua Women Build Fundraising Luncheon We would be delighted for you to join us for our 7th Annual Fundraising Luncheon at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall. This year's theme is "Building Women". We will honor three of our dedicated volunteers: Maureen Johnson, Rachel Roy and Paige Parkhill. Dot Maver, Ph.D. has kindly agreed to be our keynote speaker and will talk about the importance of empowering women - the foundation of our mission at Alachua Women Build. Dot is the Executive Director of the River Phoenix Center for Kindred Sisters — April 2014

Peacebuilding in Gainesville. Please RSVP to to reserve a ticket. Tickets are a $25 donation to Women Build, which can be done via Paypal "Donate" ( women-build/). Special thanks to Nationwide whose financial support for the luncheon will mean that every dollar donated will go straight toward building House #8. Women Build is a national effort to build homes that are funded AND constructed by women. Our Women Build project empowers women to learn new skills and take leadership roles in construction while building a home for a hardworking family in need of safe, affordable housing. Apr 9, 11:45am: The Q Word LGBT Affairs Lunch Series and PAM Present: What does Queer mean to you? Come learn about the history of the word and discuss its status as a reclaimed identity and term. In which contexts is it acceptable? How widely is it still used as a slur? Should we be using it at all? As always, lunch will be provided! UF, Peabody Hall. Apr 11: Day of Silence The genesis of the Day of Silence, held annually in late April (date varies each year), was a class project at the University of Virginia in 1996. Assigned to create a non-violent protest event, students devised the Day of Silence to call attention to the situation of GLBTQ youth who are silent about their sexual orientation because of fear of harassment from classmates and lack of support from instructors and administrators. Apr 11, 10-2pm: Campus Earth Day Join the Office of Sustainability for UF's Campus Earth Day celebration on the Plaza of the Americas. There will be food, drinks, crafts, art, entertainment, Dr. Machen's State of Sustainability address, and our annual Champions for Change awards ceremony. Pledge to turn over a new leaf this year and make a difference in how you impact the environment. We hope to see you there! Page 11

WhatÊs Happening? Apr 12, 9am-3pm: Spring Sustainability & Natural Foods Gala Food begins at 10am. $1 admission, $1 per food sample. Come tease your palette with a tasty selection of local wild and organic foods prepared for you. Crones’ Cradle Conserve, 6411 NE 217th Pl, Citra, FL. 352-595-3377, Apr 12, noon-11pm: Swallowtail Farm Country Fair 2014 Pure Energy Solar International will be bringing their TOWER OF POWER, a mobile solar array, to help us power the festival with sunshine. Food/ drink provided by Swamp Head Brewery, Humble Pie Gainesville, Off The Griddle, Jersey's Creamery, & more. Plus, live music! Lots to do for the kids. Workshops: Wild Medicinal Plant Walk, Beekeeping 101 & Honey Tasting, Baking With No Measuring Spoons, The Art of Juicing, & Primitive Fire Starting. Demonstrations: Pottery Making with Rudolph Clay Studios & Wool Spinning with Ewephoric Fibers. Rain Date: April 26th.

"inside" with an eccentric group of outspoken inmates, each with her own story and her own fascinating ways of dealing with prison life. PCCNCF, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Apr 19, 7:30am: Strides for Pride You will not want to miss the 3rd Annual Strides for Pride 5K Run/Walk sponsored by Citi benefiting JASMYN in Riverside Park in Jacksonville. Register today! JASMYN is turning 20 this year and we will be celebrating 20 years of SUPPORT, ADVOCACY, PARTNERSHIPS and HARD WORK for LGBT Youth at every event! Apr 26, 9pm: VERY Queer Variety Show! Calling all time-travelling queers to bring performances from your favorite moments in queerstory. All acts from all time periods are welcome! Burlesque, drag, comedy, poetry, dance, music, performance art, all that and more! Time Machine will be provided. You can contact us at Location: TBA

Apr 18, 6:30pm: Feminist Friday Fun. Feminists. Friday. Meet for dinner at Southern Charm Kitchen, 1714 SE Hawthorne Rd, Gainesville.

Apr 30: Beltane

Apr 18, 7pm: “Orange is the New Black” Night The Pride Community Center of North Central Florida is hosting “Orange is the New Black” Night. Settle into the center’s comfortable couches as you watch Piper Chapman and Alex Vause on our big screen TV. Snacks are proved and a two dollar donation is requested. ORANGE is the NEW BLACK follows Piper Chapman as she trades her designer jeans for an orange prison jumpsuit. Starring Taylor Schilling as Piper, a Smith graduate whose decade-old love affair with drug smuggler Alex (Laura Prepon) leads to her arrest and year-long detention within the walls of a women's penitentiary. Piper leaves behind her fiancé Larry (Jason Biggs) to serve her time

AA Meetings in Gainesville LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings on Sundays at 7:30pm at Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St.

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Ongoing Events

AA Meetings in St. Augustine LGBT AA Meetings held at 7pm on Saturdays at Flagler Hospital in the Alicia room. Confidential HIV & STD Testing - FREE 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month at 5-7pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Gainesville Area NOW Gainesville Area National Organization for Women (NOW) hosts Feminist Friday Happy Kindred Sisters — April 2014

WhatÊs Happening? Hours, regular planning meetings, and occasional protests, rallies, programs and tabling events. Please see their website,, for more details. Find their flyers at Wild Iris Books & on Campus. Gainesville Area Women’s Network GAWN is the friendliest networking in town. Supportive women gather for lunch, to network & learn from each other & guest speakers. Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Sweetwater Branch Inn. 352-215-1621, Interweave A group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender individuals & their allies. Meets at 6:30pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, 4225 NW 34th St. Potluck, presentation, & discussion. "Just Us" Created for professional women 35+ to meet & mingle. Meets the last Saturday of the month at different restaurants, mostly in Volusia County. Join us for fun & food. "No mess, no men, no fuss, it's "Just Us". Contact Dee, Lesbian Readings & Potluck We have a good time together! Come and eat good food, bring something you have written and want to share, and/or come and listen to others read. Some womyn come just to the potluck, some just to the readings, and some to both. It's a lovely, connected evening with a small group of womyn as we share our stories and food. Time: 6:30 - Potluck; 7:30 - Readings. Place: TBA. Contact: Madeline 352-335-3138. PFLAG Gainesville PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meets monthly (3rd Tuesday) at 7pm to realize our goal of moving equality forward. United Church of Gainesville, 1624 NW 5th Ave. 352-340-3770, Kindred Sisters — April 2014

PFLAG Ocala Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6-8pm at the Ocala Public Library (Room B). FMI 352-857-1739. “Sister Song” - Women's Choir All are welcome; no experience needed. Rehearsals every Wednesday at 7pm at Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St Ste 62. For more info contact Ruth at 352-538-4927. Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County LGBT Democrats & supporters meet monthly on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6pm at the Alachua County Democratic Hdqtrs, 901 NW 8th Ave #A-3. Transgender Gainesville Discussion Group Meets on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. Trans* Movie Night Join Spectrum and PCCNCF on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. What the Animals Tell Me Every Wednesday at 8:30pm Flash Silvermoon hosts a live internet radio show for animal lovers. Listen to the live stream or check the archives later: Youth Discussion Group PCCNCF hosts a weekly “Youth Discussion Group” for GLBT youth between the ages of 14 & 18 years old on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. FMI call 352-377-8915

Don’t forget to inform us of your up-coming events!! Just email

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Kindred Sisters — April 2014

HIV/AIDS and Safer Sex Seminar!

Poetry Corner

When? April 7th, 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Right Through My Memories

Where? PCCNCF on 13th Street

by Constance Leona Wagner I see the clouds floating by, reflected on my glass top table, Slow puffs…. Like Merlin’s breath… Blowing dreams right through my memories. I sit listening to the birds calling.. from the gulls, To the Hawks shrill plea….. We are made from illusions of someone’s thoughts…. Constant theirs may be... Created by their own reality.

PCCNCF Volunteers! Come join us for a two hour talk and seminar on safer sex. Topics include the history of HIV, dispelling myths about HIV, STD testing procedures, laws regarding HIV, safer sex techniques, and up to date information about STD's. Need to brush up on your knowledge? Want to learn more about being safe? We hope to see you there.

In the Spotlight Edna St. Vincent Millay Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950), an American poet and playwright, expressed her bisexuality in both her life and her work. She achieved fame early on as the pretty, petite "It Girl" of poetry, a characterization that always followed her. She published a volume of poetry in 1920, A Few Figs from Thistles, which garnered her much attention for her descriptions of free and cavalier female sexuality. Later, in 1923, Millay won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Once at a cocktail party, Millay discussed her recurrent headaches with a psychologist who asked her about her attraction to women. Millay exclaimed, "'Oh, you mean I'm homosexual! Of course I am, and heterosexual too, but what's that got to do with my headache?'" excerpt from

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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Kindred Sisters — April 2014

MORE about APRONS From wikipedia I learned that Masonic Orders used aprons and looked at some 1772, 1790, 1800, which are a pocket with a flap, highly decorated with embroidery or painted images. Skulls, Eye of God, and worn differently according to your degree of attainment. Agathe von Trapp, the grandmother who hated nazis, made black aprons for her family to wear in protest. Nazis had a program designed to keep women in the kitchen, and a slogan (kinder, kooken, coochen) is bad translation, but having KIDS, COOKING and staying pregnant, was their concept. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY. That’s all in my lifetime. Wow. Wearing NAZI paraphernalia is known as “nazi chic”, sometimes done for shock value, or sometimes showing admiration. Go figger. THE HOUSE WIFES APRON was an essential part of her hygiene and identity until mid-1960s (exactly when I came out hmmm) and is lately having a comeback “retro chic”. NOW about this FEMINAZI term, and my choice of it. A few years ago there was a guy in a meeting who called ME FEMINAZI for wanting something my way. JERK IN EXTREMIS. I stopped going to that meeting, but eventually felt that I should not be run off by the bully. He was still there and now ranting about the kids on his school bus. I was able to disengage from control of his behavior and focus on getting some good out of the meeting. I watch him, hope for improvement, but know that he is intimated by WOMEN and CHILDREN. And doesn’t know it. ALL BULLYING will have the cell phone advantage we are watching on a worldwide stage. ANYWAY: It has occurred to me to call him: JOHN THE FEMINIST, to freak him out. STRANGE ARE THE WAYS of US FEMIN ----NISTAS. by Rainbow Williams

Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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COMMUNITY RESOURCES Civic Media Center (CMC) 433 S Main St, 352-373-0010 CodePink -- Women for Peace, 352-468-2101, Crone’s Cradle Conserve Retreat 352-595-3377, Flash Silvermoon - Wise Woman’s Fest, 352-475-2432 Gainesville Area AIDS Project (GAAP) 352-373-4227 or Gainesville Community Alliance (GCA) Gainesville Iguana Gay & Lesbian National Hotline 1-888-843-4564, Human Rights Council (HRCNCF) 352-372-5192 or LGBT Youth Support Group National Center for Lesbian Rights Peaceful Paths Domestic Violence Hotline 352-377-8255, 1-800-393-7233

Pride Community Center of North Central Florida (PCCNCF) 352-377-8915, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville Pride Student Union 352-392-1665 #326 or Rainbow Families (Gay Parents Group) 352-284-4541, Shake Rag Art & Culture Center 882 North State Road 21, Melrose FL 352-475-5551, St. Augustine MCC Church 904-824-2802, Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County 352-373-1730, PO Box 223, Gainesville Survivors of Anti-LGBT Victimization (SAV) 352-264-6760, 1-866-252-5439 Trinity Metropolitan Community Church 352-495-3378, UF Office of LGBT Affairs 352-392-1217, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 352-377-1669, 4225 NW 34th St, Gainesville Wild Iris Books 352-375-7477, 22 SE 5th Ave Suite D, Gainesville,

Subscription Form Kindred Sisters subscriptions are $25 a year (more if you can, less if you can’t). Send this form & payment to Kindred Sisters, PO Box 141674, Gainesville, FL 32614. Name(s): __________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________ State:____________ Zip:______________ Telephone:_____________________ Email:______________________________________ This is a (select one):

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EDITORIAL POLICY ♥ We encourage all women to submit art, articles, poetry, announcements, etc. for publication. Any submission longer than 650 words may be printed in two or more parts. ♥ We print a variety of view points on topics of concern to our community members. Remember: KS is not responsible for any content or opinions printed unless it specifically states the article is by “Kindred Sisters.” All other opinions voiced or statements made are solely those of the author of the article. ♥ We are willing to withhold your name from publication upon request, but please include a contact name and/or telephone number. ♥ We print most things “as is.” It is the responsibility of the women submitting to get permission to use anyone’s name or event. We also reserve the right to edit or reject any submission. ♥ Anything submitted to KS for publication may be used on the website as well.

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Classifieds FOR SALE: FURNISHED Park Model with large lot for sale in Apache Junction, AZ, a Women's resort. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living room, dinning area, and kitchen with many cabinets. Double pane windows with 90% sun block screens. Central air/heat, large shed, covered carport with sun screening; electric cart included. Asking price $87,500. For more information call Maria at 480-288-2741 or email to FOR RENT: Cozy house in NE Gainesville bicycle ride to downtown. Enjoy two bedrooms, two bath, office space, shed with electricity. Quite neighborhood, AC/heat, dishwasher, lovely yard surrounding house with native FL shrubs and flowers. Contact Rent: $850 FOR RENT: House to Share in Melrose. 3 bedroom, two bath, furnished house on one acre of fenced-in Azalea-covered yard a short walk to Lake Sante Fe with access to small beach, dock, and fishing deck. House is well kept, has one adult woman and one small, very quiet, Shitzu female dog, and yard is maintained. House is split floor plan with bedroom and bath at each side of house. 3 separate entrances, three patios, and large pole barn for storage of some items if needed. Rent could be $850, possibly all inclusive to right person. Extras might be, utilities, TV, Internet, furniture, cleaning services, lawn care, etc. Would need to negotiate with person first. No additional pets, no smoking, and no heavy scents, please. Call Shewolf (Jean) for details or more information. 904-521-5975 cell (10am to 10pm). House is located 15 minutes from east Gainesville on west side of Melrose; easy commute to Gainesville, Palatka, Waldo or Starke. Page 20

FREE Confidential STD Testing! On the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month at 5:00 - 7:00 pm at the Pride Community Center 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville Kindred Sisters — April 2014

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May 18: TBA The Wimmin’s Movie Night has changed its name to Women’s Sunday Movie and date from the first Sunday of the month to the third Sunday of the month. Since the third Sunday in April is Easter Sunday, the next Women’s Sunday Movie will be on May 18. The time remains the same at 4:00 pm. All women are welcome! Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville.

Kindred Sisters - April 2014 Issue  
Kindred Sisters - April 2014 Issue  

April 2014 issue of Kindred Sisters Magazine, a lesbian/feminist publication.