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4 Lifeguard Shortages Challenge the Aquatics Industry

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Lifeguard Shortages Challenge the Aquatics Industry By Michael Butson and Dr. John Tower


shortage of aquatic center staff, such as lifeguards, is an international issue. Regions, including the United States, Canada, South America, Australia and the United Kingdom, are experiencing a shortage of aquatic staff due to constraints brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Demand is now higher than ever for aquatic staff, but the applicants are just not available. Aquatic facilities and programs across the United States have been closed due to the inability to recruit and maintain lifeguards. Recently, NRPA has described several strategies being adopted in the industry to overcome lifeguard shortages. These strategies include employing retirees and teachers to work as lifeguards, as many teens have lost interest or found better paying jobs. Additionally, areas across the United States have increased the hourly pay for lifeguards from $8.50 to $10 and lowered the minimum age from 16 to 15 to alleviate a staffing shortage. There is a need for park and recreation agencies to consider the recruitment process to attract and retain lifeguards as part of their human resources (HR) strategy.

Many Australian lifeguard positions in the largely casual workforce remain vacant even though COVID-19 constraints are being lifted. According to Royal Life Saving 4

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Australian Capital Territory — an organization committed to the development of swimming and water safety skills for children of all ages ( — there is

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residual hesitation in the community to be engaged with individuals in the work setting. Lifeguards can be required to interact with unknown individuals as part of their responsibilities, so some people are reluctant to take on the role for health and safety reasons. The shortage of lifeguards puts pressure on aquatic and recreation centers (ARCs) and managers, causing ARCs to cancel programs and/or close temporarily. A pre-COVID-19 study sought to explain the recruitment and selection process and identify reasons for lifeguard turnover from the Victoria, Australia ARC managers’ perspective. Figure 1 identifies the eight steps in the recruitment and selection process used to guide this study. This study highlighted that a

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has increased lifeguard recruitment and retention issues.

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Figure 1: The Recruitment Process


Job Analysis

Job Job Description Specification

shortage of lifeguards existed before COVID-19. However, it is evident that COVID-19 has increased lifeguard recruitment and retention issues. The purpose of this article is to explain lifeguard turnover and how it relates to the typical career behavior of young employees, and provide suggestions to improve recruitment and selection of lifeguards.

ARC managers explained that the lifeguards’ working environment is a significant factor that creates high levels of lifeguard turnover. Turnover of Lifeguards Australian lifeguards were typically between the ages of 18 and 25, and usually mimicked the career behavior of young employees. Lifeguards worked casually or sporadically part time or full time, evenings, weekends, and/or during the summer while attending school or university. Royal Lifesaving Australia describes becoming a lifeguard as a “challenging but extremely rewarding career.” However, many ARC managers do not consider lifeguarding a career. Instead, many managers consider lifeguarding a temporary platform into alternative careers, typically outside of the aquatics industry. Prior research in the United States concluded that inadequate sala6

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Employer Branding and Promotion

Recruitment Shortlisting Methods

ries and inconsistent hourly wages cause high lifeguard turnover (tiny The wage for Australian lifeguards is not as much of an issue because they tend to be paid well above the minimum wage, usually at approximately $30 (AUD) per hour. However, there is a discrepancy in wages of approximately $15 (AUD) per hour within the aquatics industry in Australia. Managers in lesser-paying facilities; e.g., contract management rather than direct local government employees, believed lifeguards use a position to gain experience to eventually secure a position within a higher paying facility; e.g., local government management. This type of behavior is common among younger employees who tend to remain in a particular position if their wages surpass other alternatives. As a result, younger employees in Australia and the United States will usually only make tentative commitments to employment. Moreover, younger employees are less likely to view their employment as the most important characteristic of their lives and express less loyalty to an organization than older individuals. ARC managers explained that the lifeguards’ working environment is a significant factor that creates high levels of lifeguard turnover. ARC managers described lifeguarding as monotonous and unappealing. Lifeguarding is perceived as a job that only can be done for a short period. ARC management indicated that negative

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Selection Techniques

relationships with colleagues and a dysfunctional organizational culture had increased lifeguard turnover.

Recruitment and Selection Opportunities Researchers have long established that recruitment and selection practices can affect employee turnover. Employee turnover is costly, but costs can be minimized by improving HR processes. ARC managers in the study did not have a formal recruitment or selection process for lifeguards. These processes were often unstructured and did not follow a documented policy or procedure — for example, the steps in Figure 1. ARC managers should consider documenting and formalizing the HR recruitment and selection process of lifeguards. ARC managers also should consider implementing a realistic job preview (RJP). An RJP presents a realistic insight into what a job entails, showing both the positives and the negatives so applicants get a genuine feel for what skills are needed on the job and what a typical shift would be like. Arguably, RJPs are more important in the aquatics industry because ARC managers described the lifeguard role as “monotonous,” “boring” and “unappealing” — all characteristics that applicants should be aware of prior to the role to reduce turnover. Some ARC managers adopted a very haphazard approach to fore-

casting the needs of their lifeguard workforce. Forecasting involves estimating the size and composition of the workplace required to meet an organization’s objective. When done well, forecasting will identify several key concepts important for the aquatics industry (e.g., predictability and capacity to accommodate turnover; the suitability of full-time, part-time and casual roles; and annual or cyclical fluctuations in staffing). Currently, there is no assessment of current workforce capacity, demand or supply forecasting processes. These processes are important in an effective HR forecasting procedure. Improved HR forecasting will enable ARCs to avoid short- and long-term gaps in aquatic staff. ARC management could consider forecasting options, like using statistical methods and historical trend analysis, to predict needs. For example, forecast-

ing may show surges in usage during the warmer summer months, exemplifying the need for a greater workforce during that time period. ARC managers are not engaging in a traditional job analysis during the recruitment and selection process. Proper job analysis helps ARC managers to determine knowledge, skills and attributes (KSAs) and specific lifeguard roles and responsibilities required by their ARC. Our study found that managers compare with other facilities to determine the KSAs required by lifeguards. ARC managers reported no need to complete a job analysis because they believe the roles and responsibilities of a lifeguard are consistent and do not change from one ARC to the next. This approach suggests that all ARCs are similar, yet it is likely that each ARC has its particular characteristics that impact its staffing needs.

For the most part, lifeguard participation in the job analysis process is not a widely recognized component of the recruitment process. Current lifeguard participation and contribution to a job analysis is essential to obtain accurate and important data about their responsibilities. Engaging lifeguards in the job analysis contributes to “employee voice.” Employee voice gives current lifeguards opportunities to express authentic ideas, concerns and perspectives. Thus, current lifeguards can influence decisions and processes in ARCs through their feedback. Providing lifeguards with a voice at the job analysis stage is vital for instituting a happy, productive and engaged workforce because they can see their role is respected and valued. A further value of this process may help reduce unnecessary lifeguard turnover. Employer branding is the practice Employee turnover is costly, but costs can be minimized by improving human resources processes.

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Organizations that consider factors beyond monetary value improve the overall recruitment and selection process and reduce employee turnover.

of promoting a business or organization to prospective employees. Employer branding describes an employer’s reputation and the offerings and value to employees. Many Victorian ARC managers did not adequately consider the impact of their center’s image on the recruitment and retention process. ARCs adopted one of two distinctive employer branding and promotion approaches that reveal a significant wage gap in the aquatics industry. Government ARCs assumed that sizeable monetary reimbursements would entice the best lifeguard candidates. ARC managers from commercial and not-for-profit facilities accepted the inconsistencies in lifeguard wages. Consequently, they focused on training opportunities, free memberships and award programs to attract the strongest candidates. ARC employer branding and promotion efforts should emphasize non-monetary factors, focusing on the importance of psychological values, innovation values and application values. Employer branding and promotion generally consist of innovation opportunities, feelings of confidence and self-worth, and, typically, growth, learning and the ability to practice one’s knowledge and skills. 8

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Organizations that consider factors beyond monetary value improve the overall recruitment and selection process and reduce employee turnover. Shortlisting candidates involves creating a “short list” of applicants that ARCs want to invite to the next step of the recruitment process. Currently, ARCs are shortlisting against the quality and content of the application, candidates’ age and availability — failing to consider important KSAs. Our study identified the KSAs sought by ARCs that include communication, reasoning, conflict resolution and problem-solving. We recommend not dismissing the current practices, but instead, adding stages to create a multifaceted shortlisting framework. For example, ARCs should explore past experiences to match candidates’ KSAs with the needs of the ARC. Furthermore, ARCs should explore candidates’ personal qualities and determine if these have an appropriate fit within the organization. Appropriate fit can be determined during the shortlisting process or when implementing selection techniques. Recruitment decisions should not be based on the results of one selection technique alone. ARCs need to combine two or more selection

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techniques to assess KSAs. Importantly, ARCs use multiple selection techniques to assess candidates (e.g., telephone pre-screening, group interviews and reference checks). However, only around half of the study participants completed work sample assessments. During work sample tests, applicants complete a nominated set of physical tasks like those required in the lifeguard role (e.g., a cardiopulmonary resuscitation scenario, a bone fracture or a spinal injury emergency). ARC managers who did not use work sample assessments considered them to be impractical and time-consuming. When ARCs omit work sample assessments from their recruitment and selection process, they miss an early opportunity to assess those practical skills and abilities required by lifeguards. The work sample assessment also provides a further opportunity to provide candidates with an RJP in their potential new working environment. Arguably, an ARC’s most crucial asset is its workforce, including gym attendants, customer service staff and pool lifeguards. These individuals put the material resources (e.g., financial and physical) into use and convert them into aquatic and recreational programs and services. Worryingly, a shortage of pool lifeguards is causing significant disruptions across the aquatics industry. The findings from our study indicate that a focus on the HR processes of forecasting, job analysis, employer branding, shortlisting and selection with a rigorous RJP may improve lifeguard recruitment and retention and reduce lifeguard turnover. Michael Butson is a Ph.D. student at Monash University (michaelcbutson@ Dr. John Tower is Honorary Research Fellow at Victoria University (

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NRPA offers the premier certification program in swimming pool operations: the Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) certification. The AFO program provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training for pool operators on operations, mechanical systems, water chemistry,


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