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Kim Sandford -

Brief: To create a naturals packaging range for a new range in Body Shop. I then used the concept of natural to make all products as sustainable and eco friendly as possible.

Packaging - Type - Photography - Crafting

Kim Sandford -

Brief - Live brief from a DJ who wanted a logo and branding for himself. He wanted a fresh modern look for the logo of which could be used across medias along with packaging for a CD to send out

Branding - Type - Print

Kim Sandford -

Brief - Brand photographer Anthony Hock and create a publication exhibiting his work; simplistic and modern layout to show of the photographs.

Branding - Layout - Type - Photography

Kim Sandford -

Brief - Collaborative brief for Fedrigoni to create a publication promoting their range of paper and its abilities. This brief allowed us to experiment with print processes and techniques such as embossing/lasercutting and other finishes.

Type - Layout - Print - Finishes

Kim Sandford -

Brief - Live brief for a denim company come up with a strong story/concept to brand the company with of which can be applied to a denim range. I wanted to use the idea that there are two cultures fised together with the swedish O, and base my idea on fusion and science.

Brief - A self initiated brief to create a logo and imagery for an insert for a young fashion magazine, dedicated to new trends and what the editors of the magazine would chose within the world of fashion.

Branding - Ideas Generation - Type

Branding - Photography - Type

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a few samples of my work so far within my degree