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Introducing... BLESSING EZEAGU as the Face of Kujevoice 2018


July-September 2018

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6 Basic Things You Need To Improve Sales

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...For the people! INSIDE: Our Redesign of Kuje stadium to meet future demands

Functions of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria T:


‘Kuje Annual Culture ll Day For A r Tribes: Ou Plan’ THE RE CULTU E ISSU

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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

In this edition, you’ll know about how...

Our elders have spoken in 7 one 19 voice (for the first time) 07 Introducing... Blessing Ezeagu as Face of KUJEVOICE (2018/19)

After a pain-staking search for someone to be the face of Kujevoice Abuja for 2018/19, Blessing Ezeagu finally became the lucky one selected. She will be the face you’ll now see in our magazine promotions, public awareness campaigns, product advertisements, special guest during our magazine tours & visits to people, events and places around Kuje. All you need to know about her is on page 7. Who is eligible to apply? An eligible candidate for FACE OF KUJEVOICE must be: 18 years and above at the time of applying. Able to communicate fluently in good English. Single with no any criminal records.


Celebrating our ROADFILLERS ...and their heroic act

KujeVoice Abuja is partnering with the Nigeria Police Force to help protect lives and properties in Kuje and around Abuja. Be a good citizen, always!


Sustainable Living:

Any administration that will redesign Kuje Stadium in order to develop talents and link them with international sporting organisations, will remain a legacy in the council that will never be forgotten by the youth.

Lighter Mood:

of saving us all from accidents

FCT POLICE EMERGENCY NUMBERS: 0803 200 3913, 0806 158 1938, 0705 733 7653, 0802 894 0883


DON any ’t call of num these b for ers fun!

Ezekiel Ajah who has been in Kuje for the past 10 years believes in giving selfless service to all irrespective of tribe and religion.



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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Meet Kuje’s voluntary

Road fillers

Interview by Isaac Ballie


...and how their heroic act is saving us all from accidents

also to prevent accidents. That’s how we Introduction: decided to do it as it will also make us y name is Abdulrahaman earn a living from the support of generous Abubakar and my brother motor owners around Kuje. here is Abubakar Sadiq For how long has this been going Mohammed. We are from Zaria in Kaduna State. We came to Kuje, on? We’ve been working on this road for just like any other settler, to look for our the past 2 years now. All daily bread. through the year, When did you we make sure we decide to start come out when the road work necessary before maintenance the damage get and why? serious. When we How do earlier came, you protect we were doing yourselves menial jobs like during the loading blocks road work? and my brother Well, the combined it with Abdulrahman and Sadiq way we protect driving then. doing what they know ourselves after But when he had best, filling potholes getting all our an accident with equipment to the car, he had any work site, is to make sure motorists to concentrate understand where we are working. fully on this job. My brother Abubakar Because we have been doing this for more brought the idea that we should help than 2 years now, most motorists know us repair the main road after seeing how bad it has become for motorists and

L-R: Abdulrahman Abubakar (left) and Sadiq Mohammed

and what we do. What do you actually do on the road and how do you make sure the repairs will last long? Anytime we are on a spot, we always encourage drivers to climb on the filled spot so that it will press down and last longer. Sometimes, it takes up to a week before that spot will go bad again. So basically, we work almost every day of the week as the holes go bad again. This road work that you are doing, do you get financial help from the government, private organisations or individuals? Government? No. Maybe in future they will want to do something. We only get help from generous individuals around town. Those who understand the importance of what >>> Cont’d on Page 5

Let’s celebrate & support them KujeVoice Abuja is hereby calling on all well- meaning individuals to support and encourage our roadfillers for the good work they are doing on our roads. Where others will see opportunity to beg, they just work on the road. Show your support to them so they will be encouraged to continue the good work they are doing all through the rainy season and beyond. Thank you. - Publisher


KUJEVOICE PAGE 5. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Data compiled by: Isaac Ballie

<<< Cont’d from Page 4

we are doing. Is this the only thing you do or are there other sources you earn a living? Yes, for now, this is what we do. But sometimes we also get jobs from people whose roads leading to their houses are not motorable. They call on us, especially during rainy season to give us work. What are your current challenges and what do you think will make the work easier? Truthfully, we need a lot of assistance when it comes to what we are doing. Most of the equipment we use are usually rented. And when we don’t have enough cash to go out, we just look for menial jobs around the neighbourhood to do.

First is for the drivers to be cautious of what we are doing on the road, because we are like traffic wardens in the middle of the road. Most of the equipment we use are usually rented, even the bikes we take to any spot on the road for work. If we can be assisted with a wheel barrow, that will go a long way to reduce our stress as most time lack of cash to move or hire equipment hinders our work. How do you understand that a particular section of the road is bad realizing where the work area is and where you are staying at the moment? First, we know after calculating the number of days that we worked on a particular spot and then imagine that it will not be motorable. And whenever we

go to check, we’ll see that it has gone bad. Secondly, when we go out, we are mostly approached in town here by Taxi drivers who know and understand the situation of the road because they use it more than once daily. They also tell us where it has gone bad and we will then plan on how to fix it. What really brought this idea, is it that you have bicycle, motorcycle or car of your own that made you to do this so you can also help yourselves? We don’t even have a bicycle to call our own. Whenever we go out, it is always on a commercial bike. And after the work, we take another bike back home but sometimes private car owners help us back to town too.


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PAGE 6. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Talking Drums

Wetin else you do in 2018 wey better pass dis useless bicycles wey you buy to force us ride in dis hot afternoon sef?

I don finally get my permanent voters card. And I dey ready for 2019!!! ...What of you?

Kujevoice Magazine Issue III Cover (C. 2018) Printed and Published by: Kujevoice Magazine Issue IV (C. 2018)

Block 434, Senior Staff Quarters, Behind Kuje Stadium, Kuje, Abuja Kujevoice Abuja is a media and public relations arm of B.I.K.WORLD (RC. 020139). A registered company of Isaac Ballie (Founder/CEO), who is in charge of production and marketing and also coordinate the activities of the team, made up of veteran journalists: Cecilia Kafran (Editorial) and Patrick Emoukhare (Communications). MISSION: ...To be the number one magazine of choice in Kuje Area Council sharing information on the activities of the government, inspiring people, events and places. Articles sent to KujeVoice Magazine are subject to the magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right to edit. All pictures are from Google images, except otherwise stated, and are used for illustrative purposes only. CONTRIBUTORS: Hon. Usman Haruna, S.A. Media to Hon. Chairman, Kuje Area Council. Nimrod Koce, Head, Information Dept. Kuje Area Council. T.K. Photos, Photographer, Kuje Area Council For information and enquiries, please contact: Patrick Emoukhare, Head of Communications. 0802 847 0780

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Publisherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Note


elcome to another edition of your most authoritative voice of the council, Kujevoice Magazine. In this edition on culture, we met some of the nonindigent tribal leaders that have contributed immensely to the development of Kuje area council over the years. And for the first time, they spoke in one voice, soliciting for unity among all tribes living in Kuje. Furthermore, we are also introducing an annual culture day fetival for all tribes in Kuje as a medium to celebrate our cultures together as one. You must have seen the roadfillers, who almost every week, take the responsibility of filling potholes on KujeAirport road. We are featuring them so all residents, especially road users, can

all celebrate their heroic act which is saving us from accidents. Face of Kujevoice is another new concept we have developed to celebrate our young ladies as models so we can create opportunities for them in the highly profitable modelling carrer. This is a platform where we use images and likeness of the winner in our magazine promotions, public awareness campaign and advertising. Council Diary continues with the activities of the honourable chairman in the last quarter. You can also see the previous editions for more of his achievements in project executions and visitations, etc. Kuje stadium is an asset for this council and that is why we have redesigned the complex to make viable in order to meet future demands of Kuje people and sporting

talents that abound here. It is a community centre of value if it will be developed and effectively managed. Most relaxation centres in Kuje are avoiding luxuries to reduce running costs. And that is really affecting sales. So, in that regards, we have developed 6 basic things the centres need to improve sales and get more customers. In lighter mood, we met Mr. Ezekiel Ajah who has been in Kuje for the past 10 years; he strongly believes in giving selfless service to all irrespective of tribe and religion. It is a must-see writeup. Have a wonderful time as you go through this issue which is completely made for you to see what is happening around you in the council. Until you see us again, enjoy.

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Model 2018 KUJEVOICE PAGE 7. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

e... h t is u g a e z e Blessing

Face of kujevoice magazine 2018 Interview by Isaac Ballie


Name: Ezeagu Blessing Place of birth: Zaria State of Origin: Enugu Status: Single Hobbies: Singing , dancing and reading. What I like about Kuje: “The environment. A lot of space.” My worst habit: “Hissing. I just keep doing it on any issue without control. And mostly when I am angry.” Who I would like to spend a day with in your life? “Tiwa Savage, even if it’s just once in my lifetime.” What I would love to be in life? “I like law and the way lawyers work, I’ve always wanted to be one. But circumstances is making me consider journalism.” My favourite food: “Fried rice and chicken.” Other talents I would love to have: Playing football and dancing.

My favourite sports/games: Basketball and Table Tennis. Favourite city to visit in the world: “Paris. I just love to be in that city.” My greatest interest in life: “I would love to act in a movie.” What I value in other people? “Some it is their walking styles while others it is about their character.” Favourite attribute I love about myself? “It must be my smile. I love smiling because I do smile a lot.” What I would like to change about myself? “My walking steps. And my legs, I have some funny set of legs I don’t like.” My favourite quote: “Not all that glitters is gold.” My dream in life: “To be a broadcaster with Aljazeera TV, reading news to the world.”

. s ea r c h is o n ..

For our next Face of kujevoice 2019?

Let people celebrate you and whatever you believe in as our next FACE OF KUJEVOICE for 2019. This exclusive contest offers youa the chance to win over N100,000 in cash and gift prizes. And your photos will be used in all our promotions, public awareness campaigns, product advertising, etc. REG And as if that’s enough, you will always be our special guest during IS T ODAYTER our visit to people, places and events around Kuje Area Council. SEND & Enter to win at YO


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Spotlight KUJEVOICE PAGE 8. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Functions of traditional rulers in Nigeria By Victor Usifo, @usifovictor


he role of traditional rulers in community development includes civil administration and providing socioeconomic well-being for the community they rule. In addition, traditional rulers are valuable because they could influence subjects at the grassroots positively to support any sitting government or vote one out. As you are aware, development means growth, change, improvement, progress, etc. Functions of traditional rulers The functions of traditional rulers in community development includes the following. • chair meetings of council of elders of the community. • give advice to local government officials for development of their locality. • make sure law and order prevail in the community • custodians of culture of their domains. • use traditional religious beliefs to punish bad behavior and encourage goodness. • supervise chieftaincy matters and confer titles to deserving citizens. • settle land and marriage disputes and award damages. • assist local government to sensitize the people to pay tax. • encourage subjects to gain financial freedom. • educate the populace to perform their civic duties. • get support of subjects for local council chairmen. • support good governance of local, state and federal governments. The functions of traditional rulers in community development involves ruling their kingdoms or domains to bring progress and economic freedom for subjects. They are the voice of the grassroots to the three tiers of government. Because of the positive functions they perform in their communities, every government should give traditional rulers the respect and support they deserve.

...Because the words of our elders, are words of wisdom By Isaac Ballie & Patrick Emoukhare

Kuje has become a home to so many people from different parts of Nigeria. And one thing that is keeping all in line with the laws of the land is the fact that someone among the tribes (non-indigenes) is chosen to lead and guide their activities in Kuje Area Council, and that someone is also a member of Kuje Council of Chiefs, recognised by the local government council and the Gomo of Kuje. So, in the light of this, Kujevoice met some of the tribal leaders to tell us how they have been preserving their culture, protecting the interest of their people. Some of them have been in Kuje for more than 30 years.


he chairman, in a public function recently, admonished all residents of the council, FCT and Nigeria at large to be their brother’s keeper and shun vices that could jopardise efforts of the government in maintaining a peaceful and sustainable environment for citizens to realize their life objectives. He further urged residents of FCT, particularly non-indigenes in Kuje Area Council to be prayerful and supportive as leaders find lasting solutions to the myriad of challenges confronting the nation. That such a time in our lives, calls for introspection and

Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima

Executive Chairman, Kuje Area Council

continuous prayers for our nation. And also ponder on the teaching of all religions by exhibiting good characters at all times. That we should also extend a hand of fellowship and build block of unity and understanding to break the solidity of our personal, cultural and tribal differences so that we can make Kuje and Nigeria a place to live and grow peacefully with our families and neighbours.


HRH, Abubakar Haruna Jibrin Gomo of Kuje

is royal highness, Haruna Abubakar Jibrin is the Gomo of Kuje. All tribal leaders in the council were installed by the Gomo and that automatically made them members of the Kuje traditional council. According to a palace source, Gomo is a man of peace with utmost sincerity in uniting all residents as he always emphasises on the importance of peace and unity to his chiefs, traditional rulers, indigenes and other residents in Kuje Area Council. Kuje is a peaceful city with great opportunity for law abiding citizens to live and lead normal lives, irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliations. He is a royal father to all residents, indigene and non-indigene alike.


KUJEVOICE PAGE 9. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

HRH Igwe Anthony U. Okoma Eze-Ndigbo 1 of Kuje Area Council

BACKGROUND I come from Ikem Infite Nando in Anambra East Local Government in Anambra state. At the age of 72, I am happy to inform you that I am the first Igbo man to enter Kuje. I followed the development by the Nigeria railway company in 1972 to this place. PRESERVATION OF IGBO CULTURE Before, other tribes donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hold any meeting here in Kuje until we started doing our own. We always hold meetings within every family, village, local government and state level. This is what we are known for. And we do not speak English during these meetings. Even if a graduate or professor is in our midst, he or she must speak in Igbo language. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE As my people elected me their leader, we always coordinate ourselves through my office to distribute whatever is given to tribes in Kuje, sometimes be it in politics or employment or land. These are usually shared among other tribes in Kuje like Yoruba, Hausa and others. We make sure it is given to our people that deserve it. And all these are only given to our people who are regular members in any Igbo meetings in Kuje. In the meetings also, we always discuss personal situations of our people that need

assistance and we usually make contributions to assist them. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE We always tell our people to be law abiding and not to be involved in stealing, fighting or inciting violence. They should live in peace with the indigenous people we met in the land and also to concentrate fully on their businesses and they should do it well because that is what our people are known for all over the world. And for those who are just coming to Kuje and do not know how things are done here, kindly meet fellow Igbo man or woman and make the necessary arrangement to join any meeting. That is the only way we as one, can recognize and assist ourselves.

Ishaku K. Garba

Chief of Southern Kaduna People in Kuje BACKGROUND I am the leader of the Association of Southern Kaduna People in Kuje Area Council. I am also the Chairman of Council of Chiefs of all ethnic communities in Kuje. I came to this council in 1979 and the Gomo of Kuje installed me as Chief of Southern Kaduna People in Kuje in December, 1999. I was born in 1960 in Jaba LG and I am from Dofan village. I started my secondary school here in 1980 to 1986 before I started work in the council in 1990 and I have always been with the council. PRESERVATION OF OUR CULTURE Our people of Southern Kaduna discovered that our culture has a lot of similarities with the Gbagyi people and that is why we live in peace and happiness with each other over the years. Preserving our culture is the sole purpose of all our

tribal associations and cooperatives. We encourage our people to be at their best in all situations and avoid the temptation to engage in negative vices. We also use the cooperative savings to assist members by giving out loans for trade purposes. And for those who still engage in negativity in Kuje, we have a panel which are given the powers to make sure they handle the situation and punish offenders. This is the mandate of the traditional council in Kuje to all settlers. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE We advise our people to desist from stealing, fighting or making other form of trouble. We told them to make sure they are not in trouble with the Police and Courts of law. And that is why our eyes are on ground whenever there is job opening and employment opportunity, so they can also benefit. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE My message as a leader of my people in Kuje is that they should know that doing good things to others always bring good reward. Religiously, they should have the fear of God by trusting Him for all benefits they get in life.

Spotlight KUJEVOICE PAGE 10. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Alh. Aliyu Abubakar Mai-Rake Sarkin Hausawa in Kuje

BACKGROUND I have been here in Kuje for about 37 years now and I came from Jakusko local government in Yobe state. I am a merchant and I am known all over Kuje as the sole distributor of sugar cane. Apart from buying and selling, I’m also a farmer. PRESERVATION OF HAUSA CULTURE Alhamdullahi! Honestly, we are seeing the progress of our people as regards their business and improved way of life. And as the leader of the Hausa people in Kuje, we normally sit and hold meetings in which we settle any grievance with other people. And

we are getting all the necessary support now, not like before. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE To be truthful, we the Hausas here are plenty as such we also have so many issues within us. But by the grace of Almighty Allah, we always hold meetings to solve them. We will decide on a solution that will be good for both parties. This is done in order to keep the peace and also to live in peace with other tribes in Kuje here. Even if it is something that has to do with the government of the day, the police or among us, I always meet with authorities to make sure it didn’t happen again, or caution whoever is involved. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE To all my Hausa brothers and sisters, and other tribes in Kuje let us join hands to make sure we all enjoy life here, let’s live together as one and not allow religion or tribe to differentiate us, we are all one before Almighty Allah. I will also like to advice all our commercial motorcycle riders, especially the Hausas among them, to always obey the law. These days, any time a motorcycle rider is killed or machine stolen, it is always a Hausa person. I have advised them to stop working at odd hours. I will also extend my appreciation to the DPO, SSS and other security units in Kuje for their prompt response to security challenges.

Chief Samuel Ijoko Adi Gede of Kuje

BACKGROUND I am from Benue state and Igede by tribe from Oju LG. I was turbaned by Gomo of Kuje in 2008. I worked with National Oil in Marina, Lagos. I was later transferred from Lagos Airport to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in 2010. I worked there for another 2 to 3 years before the federal government came with the privatization scheme in which staff were told to choose either to stay or go voluntarily, which I did and by God grace, I never regretted that decision. PRESERVATION OF IGEDE CULTURE As a matter of fact, we always make it a point of duty for every Igede family to speak our language to their children, especially children who are born outside. At least, starting from the basic, greetings are imbibed

in them and they pick other ones as they grow. And another way is through our New Yam festival; an event we celebrate every year here in Kuje which we showcase our cultural activities to show every Igede person, especially children born here, how it is done back in the village. During the event, we invite all the families to bring all their children and show them our cultural attire, music and dances as we celebrate the festival. We also have a particular market in the month of September during the new yam festival. The first market day in September is the Ihygile market and it usually falls on either 1st, 2nd to 5th day of September. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE What I do primarily with any useful information is to alert my people anytime there is a seminar or an avenue for job creation

and employment. And in our meetings, we always find out if any member has vacancy or work to let our people know so that they can apply for such jobs. Peace can never be neglected in any growing community, so without peace, there will be no development so that is why in our tradition, it is an offense for somebody to steal if found out that family will be blacklisted. No position will be given to any member from that family and that is why our people are very transparent in what they do and everywhere they go. You hardly see our people in high ranking government jobs found wanting in criminal and inappropriate financial situations. That is why we hold our heads high because we don’t celebrate criminality in our villages. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE My advice to my people is that they should continue to be good ambassadors, because they come from a very transparent and cultural background where criminals and all forms of criminality are not condoned. They should continue to be good with people wherever they are working as our people are known to be trustworthy whereverthey are found. We also try to make them know the benefit of being honest and disadvantage of being a criminal which everyone know the repercussion.



ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Oba Olu Abdulsalam Oba Yoruba of Kuje

BACKGROUND I have been on this throne since 2007. I am from Ondo State and born at Ajowa Akoko in the year 1947. PRESERVATION OF YORUBA CULTURE As a Yoruba person, we always move with our culture, everywhere we go. So, there is no way, we throw away our culture. As we give birth to children, we always make sure they speak our language right from the beginning. A typical Yoruba person don’t rely on English or any other language. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE In Kuje Area Council, we, the non-indigent leaders should be carried along by the government. Sometimes, we hear about employment after it is done. Nobody gives us that credit and honour to our contribution to the development

of this council. And that’s what happens also during election. And you know our people from Yoruba land, if one is not educated, there is the other option of learning a handwork. Most of our people here in Kuje have their handwork, they are job seekers as they create the work in every area of life you can think of. My people here believe that charity begins at home. Our families don’t allow our children to be idle, that is giving them the chance to roam about. And mostly when they go out we always put our eyes on the type of friends they keep. We encourage families not to allow the children mingle with outcasts. Most of the way we control our children is through their parents at our tribal meetings. And this has been working for us since time immemorial. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE I hereby advise them to be of good behavior always and anytime they go on social outing, they should not overdo as now you have social media everywhere. Moreover, they should be their brother’s keepers and live in peace with others. Kuje is our new home now as most of our children are born here so we all have to join hands to make Kuje the area council of our dreams.

Alh. Momoh Jimoh Omeiza Ohinoyi Enebira of Kuje

BACKGROUND: I’m the chief of Igbira people in Kuje Area Council. And it is about 21 years now since I have been on the throne. I was born at Okene in 1960 and came to Kuje in 1997 as a merchant. Before I came to Kuje, I was doing the business of buying and selling in Kogi, supplying ministries with goods and any other services that was required then. PRESERVATION OF EBIRA CULTURE We usually organize monthly tribal meetings for our people and that is where we encourage them to make sure our customs are transferred to their children born outside the place of origin. We also let them know about what we hear and see happening in the country by sending messages to all our subjects here. In some instances, we use our traditional music and movies in cassette and CDs to make sure our children born in Kuje still speak and hear Igbira. We also have our traditional dancers like the ELA who usually come every year to perform traditional songs and dances in Kuje. PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE In that aspect, we have some of our older people who have established themselves here and we use

them to help train some of the younger ones by taking them as apprentices within their line of work. Whoever has interest in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and mechanical works, tailoring and so many others, we act as surety for some of them who lack financial resources to pay for apprenticeship or joining the military and para military organisations. We, as leaders here, send recommendation letters to the recruiting agency with the influence of the Gomo of Kuje on behalf of our people. When it comes to criminality, we always tell our youth to stay out of trouble, and we use our tribal leaders in every community association to pass the message. That whoever is involved in any violence, nobody will come to their rescue. MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE My advice for the people is to watch whatever they say when they are in the midst of other Kuje people and understand the kind of people they move around with, or do business with. It is better to live in peace with one another.

Council Diary KUJEVOICE PAGE 12.

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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima inspecting the rehabilited Munu water project which was earlier constructed to serve the people of Rubochi ward.

water projects: Improving community lives by providing clean water The central Fugal Pump that will power the Munu water project with a surface tank reservoir with maximum capacity of 250,000 liters of water.

A running tap from the newly rehabilitated Munu water project at Rubochi ward.

Hon. Abdullahi Danladi Galadima, Chairman, Kuje Area Council inspecting the Munu water project at Rubochi ward.

Council Diary

KUJEVOICE PAGE 13. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Hon. Abdullahi Danladi Galadima, Chairman, Kuje Area Council during flag-off of the road construction of Kayarda-Pasali bye pass.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Linking communities and access to better lives

A tractor at work on Kayarda-Pasali road

Another part of the Kayarda-Pasali road under construction

Hon. Abdullahi Danladi Galadima, Chairman, Kuje Area Council and other officials during the inspection of the bridge linking Kayarda and Pasali road.

Hon. Chairman, Abdullahi Danladi Galadima and some officials inspecting the culverts under construction on Kayarda-Pasali road.

Sustainable Living KUJEVOICE PAGE 14.

ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Our redesign of Kuje stadium a centre for arts, sports and cultural promotion

Instead of the stadium to continue as an open toilet complex for Okada riders and passers-by, or a driving school learning field, we can redevelop this structure to serve as a magnificent community centre for arts, sports and culture where exhibitions, talented youths and cultural events will be promoted, nurtured and pushed into the international arena for personal growth and the progress of our community, thereby turning the complex into an avenue for improving internally generated revenue for the council. By Isaac Ballie Reconstruct facility: By using the Public Private Partnership strategies, so many structures in this redesign model will be achieved. If we take a cue from Emirate Stadium in London for Arsenal FC, King Power Stadium for Leicester City FC, etc. It is not impossible to have FCMB Auditorium or Firstbank Council Tower in the complex after an beneficial sponsorship deal with Kuje Area Council.





8 3


4 7 Revenue generation structures: Our redesign is a concept that will change Kuje stadium into a selfsustaining arts, sports and cultural center which income will be sourced from sponsorship deals, hire and rental payments for the following structures -

1. Corner shops 2. Council tower 3. Auditorium 4. Football field 5. Lawn Tennis/Basketball courts 6. Library/Museum exhibitions 7. Recreational tours/visits


Sustainable Living


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Five Most popular sports with high Return On Investment

D Develop and nurture talents: Kuje is blessed with abundant talents in arts (visual/ performing) and sports. These talents can be organised, developed & nurtured in a structured programme by the council and sponsored into international arena.


16 15



10 9

Create link with promoters: The Internet has made it simple to connect with professional scouts, agents and clubs anywhere in the world. We can complete the programme by making sure our talents are heard or seen all over the world.

Structures and facilities: 1. Green area/children playground 2. Locker rooms/halls 3. VIP car park 4. Main gate with security post/

Conclusion: Any government that is people-oriented, ready to serve and protect the interest of its citizens, should consider these investment opportunities in the world of sports today and balance it in its long-term goal. Seeing the prospects

ticket office 5. Football field 6. General car park 7. Main office block/ meeting halls 8. Seating area with extension for Museum, library, conference & meeting halls 9. Corner shops block one

and growth recorded in global sports trade patterns today, it has become the occupation for so many youths around the world, aside music and movie making. The sporting industry in Nigeria will be one of the biggest employer of labour in the future, but only if commitments and

ifferent sports are played all over the world as hobbies, careers or as a part of fitness regimes. Some sports have grown to be more popular than others, attracting billions of fans, so this list is based on participation, TV viewership and rights, prominence in the media, global spread, and salaries at the top level. 1. Football - Estimated fans: 3.5 billion viewers. Regional Popularity: Europe, Africa, Asia, America. Average player earnings: $75,000 per week. 2. Lawn Tennis - Estimated fans: 1 billion viewers. Regional Popularity: Europe, Asia, America. Average player earnings: Over $2 million per outing. 3. Volleyball - Estimated fans: 900 million viewers. Regional Popularity: Europe, Australia, Asia, America. Average player earnings: Over $300,000 salary. 4. Table Tennis - Estimated fans: 850 million viewers. Regional Popularity: Europe, Africa, Asia, America. Average player earnings: Over $25,000 per outing. 5. Basketball - Estimated fans: 400 million viewers. Regional Popularity: America. Average player earnings: Over $2.3 million per contract.

10. Second gate with secuirty post 11. Council tower 12. Auditorium 13. Open court (for basketball, volley ball, lawn tennis, etc) 14. Third gate 15. Indoor court 16. Corner shops block two 17. Corner shops block three

dedication from todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sports authorities are focus on the present development and potentials. So, recapitalizing on the global investment opportunities is this industry, will not only be an advantage for the government, but also for the talented youths in Kuje area council and Nigeria at large.

Sustainable Living KUJEVOICE PAGE 16.

ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Central part of the complex showing open space for Auditorium and council tower.

Kuje Stadium as it is today J

By Isaac Ballie ust a massive fenced space of about 40 plots of land without gates, undulating open field with grasses and uncompleted structures. A place where budding football teams in Kuje come out everyday to train. It has also become an avenue where driving schools teach learners how to drive and passers-by and Okada riders come to use as toilet.

Inside view of the second exit/entry points

Outside view of the third exit/entry points

The main crowd stand and extension space for redesigned museum, library and comference halls.

Side view showing proposed space for corner shops

Proposed covered area showing second entry/exit gate in the background

Google satellite image from the sky showing the stadium complex surrounded by residential houses in the Senior Staff Quarters area of Kuje Area Council.

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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Our challenges at Gudaaba building materials market â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Alex Chukwujindu

God that the transformer installed by the AEDC will soon be commissioned any moment from now. What can government do Alex Chukwujindu is the CEO of A.A. Chukwujindu Nigeria Ltd. And also, the for your association to bring chairman of Gudaaba Building Materials Dealers Association, Kuje. In this interview the market to international with Kujevoice magazine, he barred his mind on the activities of his association in standard? We want the government to this important market and some challenges affecting their operations. assist our members by giving us By Patrick Emoukhare facility for soft loans. Security is another issue and will need hen did the work or roofing purposes. their support. An ultra-modern building What is your major problem culvert at the entrance is material market now as the chairman of the another issue so that goods start operations association? can be brought into the market in Gudaaba? The main challenge we easily by our numerous trucks. We started gradually in 2010. have now is the culverts at the Any advice for your The association was eventually main entrance to the market. members and those who would formed in the year 2017 to cater Over four years now, vehicles like to join the business? for its members and the market bringing goods to us find it community. My advice to our members extremely difficult to enter. We and those who want to join What other business is in the could have constructed the Alex Chukwujindu us is to do business with market apart from building culvert ourselves but we and the sincerity and honesty and also their culvert where lorries materials? other associations within the to build good relationship with bringing woods can use. We have timber dealers with market could not reached an customers within and outside agreement. So, for this reason, Another challenge we have timber logs of assorted types Kuje area council. that are either used for furniture the timber dealers constructed here is electricity supply. Thank



end of year: When krizah & friends celebrated 2017 AT DeArena Sunny of Roses Cosmetics, (a division of BoldMax Nig. Ltd.) in Kuje main market was the first man to be at the event.

Obinna & Abdulazeez handled security.

911 Squad also thrilled the audience

The main act, Krizah during his performance at the event.

MC Zurathan performing at the event.


Viewpoint KUJEVOICE PAGE 18.

he influence of western culture and religion in our lives in Nigeria today has reached a level that if nothing is done to curtail its dominance and growth, our traditional culture as we know it will soon be a thing of the past. And that is why we need to introduce a cultural day in Kuje where all ethnic groups in the council will come together under one umbrella and be part of the festival to showcase the best of their music, dances and masquerades with people from other lands. Traditional institutions which are the custodians of our cultural heritage has over time been the source of our pride and composure as they help in controlling the way we live and associate with others in every society; in manners that promote respect for elders and obedience of cultural norms in the land. A benefit every government is now enjoying in any civil society. But in today’s world, our music, attires, dances, languages play second fiddle as intermarriages, modernization and introduction of western values and religion has taken over or minds and become the first we consider, in our daily scheme of things. A cultural event day in Kuje Area Council which Kujevoice is developing a plan to execute in the near future, will be an avenue where all tribal leaders in the council will prepare their subjects to present music and dances of their people to others in the land. The significance of this event will reiterate the fact that culture remains the bedrock of people’s existence, and the hope in identifying with our cultural heritage and introduction of what it used to be in the past for our children, especially the ones born in

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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Kuje annual culture day for all tribes: Our plan

By Isaac Ballie

Some of Nigeria’s popular traditional attires, dances and instruments.

Photo source: Google Images

Kuje that are only exposed to western lifestyle and modernization. The day will be an opportunity for people of different ethnic backgrounds to come together as one, irrespective of tribal differences and challenges happening across Nigeria, to understand the importance of every one’s decision to reside and make Kuje another home. This will provide important social and economic benefits to the council when publicity

about the event will focus make the world to focus on on Kuje and how a local Kuje Area Council and its government is bringing potentials in agriculture, land unity and diversity into a for industrial development programme that promotes and education, thereby peaceful coexistence of creating an economic its residents, opportunity for our highlight cultural people as businesses Did you importance and jobs will be every society know that... created by these must embrace organisations. The local to strengthen For this event to government local languages be a success, the can capitalize as a means of Gomo of Kuje, on the event to communication, HRH Abubakar beliefs and values. send a strong Haruna Jibrin and message of our The local his palace chiefs, belief in a united government of Kuje government and prosperous can capitalize Area Council and all Nigeria? on the event to Council of Chiefs send a strong members in Kuje, message of our must come together belief in a united and in partnership to ensure the prosperous Nigeria, behind council invest in this laudable the backdrop of our current venture to make Kuje the ethnic and communal security greatest council in FCT and challenges. This move will Nigeria at large.

Council Diary


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima while flagging off the construction of 1.5 km, Pegi-Dafara road by the Pegi Estate Development Association in collaboration with his administration.

The new Kuchiako main market along Pegi road under construction by Kuje Area Council.

Hon. Chairman, Abdullahi D. Galadima during his inspection visit to the new Kuchiako main market.

PHOTO: Isaac Ballie

Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima and some officials of the council during his inspection of the new main market.

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Social Circle



ISSUE 4. July - September 2018


basic things you need

sales improve to

By Isaac Ballie


Constant power supply:

keeps changing bar tenders, you are sending a message to the customer that you are operating the business in crisis mode and so the bar tenders find it difficult to stay for long. Many centres have lost so many customers because of this style of operations.

Whatever you have to do about constant power supply in your place, please do. You can either invest in solar or generating sets as alternative source of power supply. When customers know they can enjoy electricity in your place at any given time to charge mobile phones, laptops, powerbank, rechargeable lamps. They will frequent the relaxation centre for that purpose and also to enjoy your drinks and other menu. This is aimed at making them enjoy 2 things for the price of one. You can re-adjust the price per item if you want, and make sure they are aware of the little difference.


problem customers always have with most relaxation places, especially in some big hotels around. If you are getting your supply daily, make sure ice blocks are readily available before you order. Drinks that are not cold are not even enjoyable under any weather. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow your customers to start changing brands just because you do not have it.

3 2

Cold drinks/ different brands: Lack of cold and different brands of drink is another

Opening a relaxation centre in Kuje today is not an easy business to start, let alone maintain. The competition is now stiff as owners devise so many means to get and keep customers. Some even offer personalised services to selected customers in order to gain permanent loyalty, but in most cases, it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t count. You have to provide the five basic things customers want so they will be comfortable coming your place, again and again.

Consistent & friendly bar tenders:

Customers mostly build trust and confidence in some bar tenders after seeing them consistently over a period of time. And this trust is the basis they rely on whenever they go out to relax. So when your place

Audio and visual system:

There is no way a relaxation place will be busy with customers without either a musical or visual entertainment. People mustly go out for one reason or the other. Some are just to be alone while others go to hang out with friends. Many do go out to watch football >>> Contâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d on Page 21

Social Circle


<<< Cont’d from Page 20

matches with other customers as it is usually said, ‘watching football is better with other fans.’ So no matter how small the screen or speakers are, make sure there is audio and visual entertainment around your place. After a sip or two, the next thing in the mind of drinkers is to look out for something to watch or hear.


POS/Mobile banking:

ATM wahala is something most customers can never escape from in Kuje. I keep every other appointments aside whenever I am going to the ATM, either at Skye bank, FCMB or Firstbank. Because I never know when it

When it comes to keeping records on people, events & places in Kuje Area Council...

will get to my turn and the story is just the same for almost everyone. So as part of your transaction model, make sure POS is available or your account number is close by and the phone line which receives the alert. Most places with POS enjoy patronage from customers who believe

...Only ONE

Assorted meat and grills:

This is my best part in the whole set up. And I know so many people will agree with me. From peppered meat, pepper soups and grilled fish. This delicacies are always in high demand. So, if you open a bar and no pepper soups in your menu, you are in for a big surprise as most customers drink to also eat something. Healthwise, it’s not even adviseable to just keep drinking without eating something light.


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

magazine is born to do just that!

in the cashless policy of our government. It makes your dealings easier and much simpler as money is exchanged digitally for services rendered physically. Find out from your bankers.

One name, endless discoveries!

First-ever Area Council Magazine in FCT

Lighter Mood KUJEVOICE PAGE 22.

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ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

All about me:

I give selfless service to all irrespective of tribe, religion – Easy Interview by Isaac Ballie & Patrick Emoukhare

Ezekiel Ajah alias Easy, is a foremost socialite in Kuje. Ajah who has been in Kuje for over 10 years is also a philantropist that loves people irrespective of tribe or religion. In this interview with Kujevoice Magazine, he disclosed his childhood dream and others. INTRODUCTION I am Ezekiel Ajah and I have been in Kuje for the past 10 years. I am now 44 years old and from Enugu state. I started as a medical practitioner when I came to Abuja but I had to change the business immediately to properties and media. In media, we cover occasions and we have a studio. TAKE ON NICKNAME People, mostly my friends shortened my name from Ezekiel to Easy. Mostly because they say I am an ‘easy going’ person. And I think it’s because names usually follow people and their character. Again, my principle is ‘we don’t have to hustle in life, just take whatever you see.’ Give selfless service to all irrespective of tribe and religion. That’s why I am popularly known as ‘EASY’, because you don’t rush for things in life, God is always there to take you to wherever you are made to reach.’ PHILOSOPHY IN LIFE With God, life is very sweet but without Him life is somehow confusing as many things happen as it is not supposed to be. With the economy going bad every day. It’s only with God that you can manage whatever you have and be happy with yourself and whoever you see and can help. CHILDHOOD DREAM Actually, as a child, I thought of becoming a great man after my secondary education, a great business man because of

“marriages Most of today’s end in crisis because it was based on material things. But any marriage that is made in Christ always have peace and understanding”

the trading I started when I was in the primary school then. I was into shoe making just to help myself. ABOUT TODAY’S MARRIAGE My take on today’s marriage is how everything ends on material things. Marriage is about locating the bones of your bones, whom God has assigned for you. And most of today’s marriages end in crisis because it was based on material things. But any marriage that is made in Christ always have peace and understanding. We have to tolerate everything we see in marriages these days. We need a lot of tolerance. YOUTH JOBLESSNESS This area has also touched me as a person. I always encourage people that, ‘even if you have done your national youth service, you need to attach yourself to any work, for whatever talent God has given to you by starting to make something out of it before the main things you want will come up.’ People should not wait for employment, going to site and cannot

do anything. Only to put on shirt and trousers, it will not help one in any way. Any small thing you start will lead you to big ones, then government will locate you. Just be hardworking. FAVOURITE FOOD I like Oha soup with Akpu. I also like Ogba too when it is also mix with Okporoko. It is very delicious. FAVOURITE MUSIC My favourite music should be any Christian music because I am a gospel singer and I was once in the choir. In fact, a band leader in a Catholic church. BOARDING SCHOOL For me, except if the school is very discipline. Because most of our children get corrupted in the boarding schools. I have seen more than 90% of students I know get corrupted. When you talk of girls’ school, there is the issue of lesbianism. In my experience, I think boarding schools should be mix with boys and girls because I feel it is better. Boarding school is like training your children outside, we shouldn’t train our children outside. Let the school be with fear of God and also discipline. SCHOOLING ABROAD It depends on how one looks at it, if the father has citizenship there, it’s okay but sometimes these children go only to come back as drug addicts or become nuisance to their family and the society. One of my boss had that experience, his son who earlier went to study medicine came back as a musician. That happened because their lifestyle there have taken over his sense of judgement, doing all sorts of things known with musicians. In the situation where they are studying and living there with their parent, it is always better and encourageable. TAKE ON FASHION I like traditional wears. But occasionally, it’s better you wear simple English wears to make one look younger.

Council Diary


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

ADMINISTRATION: Improving party dorminance by providing support for better service delivery.

Executive Chairman, Kuje Area Council, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima with Deputy Controller of Prisons, DCP Innocent Onoja during a courtesy visit to the chairman at his residence.

Kuje Area Council chairman, Alh. Abdullahi D. Galadima presenting an official car to Hon. Godwin Z. Poyi, APC Party chairman, Kuje chapter to enable him pilot the affairs of the party better around Kuje Area Council.

Chairman Kuje Area Council, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima and the APC Party Chairman, Kuje chapter, Hon. Godwin Z. Poyi during declaration of interest of Sen. Jibrin Usman Wowo for Senate 2019 in Kuje Area Council. From left: Federal Commissioner, Dr. Aliyu Daniel Kwali, Chairman Kuje Area Council, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima and the technical Director, National Population Commission, FCT Alh. Bello Suleiman during the flag-off ceremony of 2018 population and housing census.

Left: Chairman of Kuje Area Council, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima during handing of official vehicle to the Speaker, Kuje legislative assembly, Hon. ??? and (Right) Vice Chairman, Hon. Samuel T. Duda at the secretariat recently.

Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s World

All you need to know about women who are making a difference in other peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives

KUJEVOICE PAGE 24. ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

First Lady kicks-off Vaccination Against Measles campaign in Kuje Area Council By Isaac Ballie


ecently, Federal Ministry of Health flagged-off the Vaccination Against Measles campaign all over the country and here in Kuje, wife of Kuje Area Council chairman, Hajiya Amina Abdullahi Galadima officially kicked-off the programme at Kuje Primary Healthcare in Kuje for residents of the council. We will follow up on the progress and achievement recorded in the next edition.

Wife of Kuje Area Council chairman, Haj. Amina Abdullahi Galadima during the flag-off of the Vaccination Against Measles campaign at Kuje Primary Healthcare in Kuje.

Hajiya Amina Abdullahi Galadima delivering her speech at the event.

Haj. Amina Abdullahi Galadima and supervisory councillor on Health, Hon. Halidu Salihu at the Kuje Primary Healthcare.

Council Diary


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

GOOD LEADERSHIP: Promoting peace and building a trust-worthy administration

Kuje Area Council Chairman, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima during a visit to Hon. Danladi Etsu Zhin

Kuje Area Council Chairman, Alh. Abdullahi D. Galadima (right) and his Bwari and Kwali counterparts, Hon. Joseph K. Shazin, (middle) and Hon. Musa Diko during a retreat at Kaduna.

2019 is around the corner

Continuous Voters Card Registration Still On Going!!! It is your only ticket to vote in 2019 Registration Holds 9am - 3pm Week Days, Excluding Public Holidays

Executive Chairman, Hon. Abdullahi D. Galadima with Hon. Ishaku Shaban Tete, immediate past chairman of Kuje Area Council exchanging pleasantries at Shabanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residence.

Lifestyle Digest KUJEVOICE PAGE 26.

ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

Poem by Shadrack Daniel

Where are we going?


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midst bountiful yet we are wishing. Down the gallop we sink, Yet we fail to see. On the firm ground we slide, Even at our door mouth we walk for mile, To acquire that which is ours, To the extend we toil in tears. I’m left with no other question than to ask where are we going? To the promise land we say here we go, To have all in galore. But after thousand years we are still walking, With sore on our knees still praying. We keep asking when will the good days come? We are left with no choice but stare at our doom. Does good days come just on lip? When a single promise we can’t keep. I am left with no option but to ask where are we going? Everyone aims for good, Yet sacrifices we are not ready to offer, Everyone thinks wealth lies in gold, A stone we all craft after, Other resources we ignore, Never thinking about when the stone is gone. Do we expect good days single minded? Will our prayers be answer while our heart is tilted? I am left with no other question but to ask where are we going? We sing arise O’ compatriots, To who we call when I see hatred. Direct our noble course, To who we appeal when from our lips comes out false. To serve our father’s land, How do we serve when greed has clothed our hand? We conclude so help us God, How do God interven when we all craft after gold? I am left with no choice but to ask where are we going? How I wish our word matches our action, Within a think we could build that mansion. The path to the longing land would be shorter, We would no longer be just dreamers. Haven’t heard that its flow with milk and honey, No doubt it will be cozy. Oh! What a would be funfill, Because the desire of all will be fullfill. And I will no longer ask the question where are we going?

By Isaac Ballie

Did you know... in football

...Brian Deane scored the first English Premier League goal?


rian Christopher Deane ( born February 7, 1968) is an English football coach and former player whose most recent position was as the manager of the Norwegian side, Sarpsborg 08. Deane scored the first goal in the FA Premier League for Sheffield United against Manchester United after 5 minutes into the game on August 15, 1992. In the same game (Inset) Brian Deane at Sheffield United and he scored a second after 50 recently during a chat with the Press minutes from the penalty spot as Sheffield United went On 16 January 1993, Deane scored on to win 2–1. Deane went on to say a hat-trick against Ipswich Town in a of the goal, “I found out I had scored 3–0 league victory, making him one the first goal at half-time but it didn’t of the first players to score a hat-trick really feel like a big thing at the time.” in the Premier League. During his playing career, he He also played in The Football played as forward from 1985 until League for Doncaster Rovers, 2006. Deane also played for Leeds Leicester City, West Ham United United and Middlesbrough as well as and Sunderland before finishing his playing top-flight football in Portugal playing career in 2006 with a brief and Australia for Benfica and Perth spell back at Sheffield United. Deane Glory respectively. was capped three times by England.

The moment when Brian Deane scored the first EPL goal in history against Manchester United in just 5 minutes into the game.

Lifestyle Digest


ISSUE 4. July - September 2018

in technology

...that Tim is the father of world wide web?


ir Timothy John Berners-Lee, (OM the Order of the British Empire. While Tim KBE FRS FREng FRSA FBCS), also is widely respected in the academic circles, known as TimBL, is an English he still remains unpopular to most people engineer and computer scientist, best around the world. Even with the fact that known as the inventor of the World Wide he gave his invention free to humanity. Web. He was born on June 8, 1955 in Every major mass media organisation London, United Kingdom. has put products on the Web. Millions Tim graduated from The Queen’s of small and medium scale comapanies College, Oxford in have also established Tim Berners-Lee: A computer scientist 1976 and married to themselves online, who device protocols and code for the Web Rosemary Leith since including 2014. KujeVoice “The Web as I envisaged it, we have In 1989, he joined Abuja, due to CERN, a high the straight- not seen it yet. The future is still so powered European forwardness much bigger than the past.” particle physics lab in of the Geneva and proposed technological It is even more flexible than any other media a new project he access to it using data. as users can navigate among millions of ondubbed the World The Web has Tim Berners-Lee at CERN Lab screen information. Wide Web. A system emerged as the eighth To most of the human race, though, even that allows global linking of information major mass medium, joining books, people who rely solely on the Web services modules in user-determined sequence. magazines, newspapers, records, movies, everyday, Tim Berners-Lee is not yet a Working with four software engineers and radio and television, as many mass media household name like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, a programmer, he had a demonstration up organisations deliver expanded editions Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark and running by Christmas, same year. and programmes to people all over the Zukerberg, Amazon’s Josh Bezos, Google’s He had received several awards including world using computer or mobile screens. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, etc.

in nigerian history

...that the present Suleja was formally known as Abuja?


committee became the recommended known as the location for the new ‘Aguda Panel’, Federal Capital. led by Honourable The present Suleja was Justice Akinola Aguda, formally known as Abuja, was commissioned to a sparsely populated go round the country town with a population and visit some of the of about 500,000 people; world top capitals with it was completely rural a view to gathering with little or no useful information and infrastructure until data that would assist Honourable Justice Akinola the enactment of them in their search Aguda Decree No. 6 of of a suitable location 1976. So, the town for the new Federal Capital with two originally known as Abuja was major points of reference; a region later renamed Suleja, while the that is sparsely populated and that is name “Abuja” was reserved for centrally located. The Panel received the capital-to-be. memoranda from interested individuals/ The submission of the organisations as well as from the then 12 recommendations of the State Governments of the Federation. Aguda Panel on December 20, And the region now known as Abuja 1975 to the Federal Military met these requirements and hence Government, headed by Gen.

Murtala Ramat Mohammed, led to the enactment of Decree No. 6, of 1976, the Federal Capital Territory Act, and this became the blueprint for the re-location of the new Federal Capital from Lagos to Abuja. And in order to realise the objective of developing Abuja, the new Capital City, into a masterpiece on the African continent, the Federal Government established the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) as the sole agency vested with the responsibility of planning, designing and developing the city.

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