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elcome to Nalai Farm Ltd. You have found the place to buy pork at its best! Hilltop Pork Products is a wholesale on-farm meat store. We are specialists for pig breeding, selling of piglets and pork products. We grow and sell specialty Pork Products for butcher shops, restaurants, and consumers across Kenya. We invite you to browse through our profile to learn more about our products and services. You can order a whole or half animal and

we will grow it to butchering weight for you. In addition, we also do breeding for sale to farmers. It is here that your pork is raised by us as a family, totally free of antibiotics, hormones, growth promotants, or animal by-products. The pigs’ diet consists of grains including locally grown corn, soyabean meal, and supplement enriched with minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

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Our Vision

To become a global farm that specializes in pork products with a capacity and competencies to offer products and services that meet the needs and wants of our consumers.

Our Values

We are focused on creating and adding value. • We ensure transparency in our business: what you see is what you get. • We cherish integrity, matching words with deeds. • Client service first: excellent flexible professional service. To provide pork products to a global market in ways • Results oriented: we focus on achieving tangible that satisfies unique needs of modern consumers. results that impact on our clients business. • Team work: combining own and client capabilities for the best results.

Our Mission

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Our Pork Cuts 1



Leg Roast

Easy Carve

Leg Steaks

Ho ck

Mini Roast


Leg Roast


L o in



Loin Steaks


Te n d e r l oin

Pork Fillet

Rolled Loin

Buttery Steak

Loin Chop

Loin Rack

Spare Ribs

Rolled Belly

Be lly


U.S Style Spare Ribs

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2 6

F o re qu a r t e r

1 Forequarter Roast

Easy Carve Shoulder

Scotch Fillet Roast

Forequarter Chop

Scotch Fillet Steak

4 5 Mis c e l la n e o u s

L o c a t ion g u id e

stir frying


Stir Fry





Our Pork Products 1


Po r k pr o d u c t s

pork Head

Pork Snout

Pork Heart

Pork Liver

Pork Ears

Pork Feet

Pork Tail

Pork Kidney

Pork Tongue

Pork Testicles

Pork Spleen

Po r k pr o d u c t s

Pork Stomach

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Pig Breeding


t Nalai Farm we also specialize in Pig breeding. You can buy pregnant sows from our firm at very competitive prices. Our superior breeds will guarantee you healthy piglets. We also sell piglets from between 6 weeks to 3.5 months to other farmers

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Our Farm

Farm Tour

One of the most rewarding experiences for us at Nalai Farm is taking time out for visitors who would like to visit our farm, ask questions, meet the pigs and see just exactly how we approach the breeding and raising of healthy animals. From the echoing crunch of Boar’s munching on walnuts to viewing regular pigs in a modern barn environment, we welcome visitors to give us a call and plan your next farm visit. Consider signing up to our mailing list and keep yourself informed of our upcoming events! Farm Tours Take Approx 0.5 hours where you will see: • A full walking tour of our farm as we explore and talk about our pigs. • Visit the all the pens and learn about these pigs • Walk through our fields and crops and learn about feeding and keeping pigs healthy!

Family / Individual

We welcome small groups to our farms – bring along your family, or better yet, organize a block party and bring some of your neighbours – a great way to spend some time, bringing adults and kids together to learn about modern farm practices. We do not charge a flat rate at this time for family tours, but your donations are greatly appreciated at the end of the tour.

School / Educational tour

We take great pride in helping younger kids to learn and become more aware of the sources of their food, and the relationships we have with the animals we eat. We are constantly amazed at the insightful, inspiring questions that children ask us. Contact us today to arrange your next school visit!

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NALAI PORK PRODUCTS NALAI FARM P.O. BOX 4949, 01000,THIKA. Cell: +254 0720 849056 Email:,

‘we were pork, we are pork, we will be pork’. Nalai farm | 8

Nalai farm Profile  

Company profile for a Pig farm

Nalai farm Profile  

Company profile for a Pig farm