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CONTACT INFORMATION Feel free to contact us if you are interested in writing for or contributing to the magazine. Also, we are looking for local musicians and artists to display their talent. If you would like us to publish your shows please send us a sample of your work or email us a link so we can check out your stuff. Please invite us to your gigs!

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Email or call Michael: 415 508 4005


Here it is, the first issue. To be honest, there were times when I felt that it would never see the light of day. Starting a magazine ain’t as easy as it seems kids, especially when it is created spur of the moment. But with the help of my great staff and friends it was completed, albeit a little bit delayed, but we still feel confident over the material. For most of us, this is the first foray into the world of publication. So this issue is the prototype, the first spike in the tracks. It will only get better from here.We are going to do our best in providing information and access to all the music and arts being overshadowed by the shallow and the mainstream. We will be selective on what makes it onto our pages, but trust that it will be quality. Pretentious, sure, someone has to do it. The late great Frank Zappa once said, “Rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.” Well, there is no better time than now to change that. Stick with us as we expand out and in doing so, you will expand as well.


6 ........Contributors 7........Timeline 8. 9........Reviews 10. 11. 12........Artist Spotlight: Alice Robertson 13. 14........The Scene: Sean Lennon, Kamila Thompson, Women & Children

16. 17........Visual Stimuli: Pandamonium! 18. 19........The Scene: Mods & Rockers 20. 21.........Interview: Tony Balbinot 22. 23........Artist Spotlight: Ilarious 24. 25. 26........The Scene: Pride 27.......Interdigitate!

CONTRIBUTORS Kiki Kornblatt...

Is all things photography, design and layout for this magazine. Kiki has a habit of making people laugh, picking up accents on accident, causing calamities, going on photo-safari’s and cooking food. Her goals for this summer: sleep under the stars, go on a few road trips, get unaddicted to iced tea and readdicted to sweet tea in the Midwest.

Alice Robertson ...

Is a fresh new artist on the scene who enjoys going to local shows. Check out her art starting on page10, and you will see that while she has her feet on the ground her head is in the stars.

Alyssa Danielle Monet Boisson...

Is a Graphic Communication student at Cal Poly but is originally from Reno, Nevada. She enjoys reading, ideas, climbing trees, art and music. Especially live music. She dislikes lined paper and is currently obsessed with hummus, footnotes, paris and beatboxing.

Emmanuel Gentinetta...

Is a traveller. He sees the wold as a blend of colors and expression through the last boundary of language communication - the written word that here lies before you He strives to push his limits of travel outward, then inward, and outward once again in polished form in an attempt to make others travel to new perspectives by entering into the avenues of his color-word-color-meshed mind.


Is passionate about finding the color and beauty in all that surrounds her. She likes to weave through life with creative movement: dance, yoga, pure imagination, exploration and love.


As a young boy ilarious only selectively smiled, scared that smiling might be a limited resource. Broken into years later on a sunny afternoon, the outburst of the buildup of years of voluntary young stoicism were simply ilarious. A few months ago, ilarious picked up a blank journal and a few markers. Today he smiles and draws, walks and draws, smiles and walks. The trick, he says, is to keep smiling.

Chris Kornblatt ...

Is a connoisseur of tea, expensive beer and soft sheets. He longs for walks to the tops of mountains and is searching for that lovely lady that will accompany him rock climbing.

TIMELINE:Upcoming Shows 8/10

Friday RX Bandits, Fall of Troy, Maps & Atlases Trilogy Theater Victorville CA All Ages



8/18 Saturday


Rock The Bells McCovey Cove Lot San Francisco CA 18+


9/15 - 9/16 Saturday and Sunday-

WednesdayHorrorpops, The Briggs, Steve E Nix & The Cute Lepers The Alpine Ventura CA All Ages


Tuesday- Indubious Frog & Peach San Luis Obispo CA 21+

Monday- Immortal Technique The Alpine Ventura CA All Ages

Friday- Aggrolites Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo CA 21+

Friday- Beastie Boys The Warfield San Francisco CA 18+

Treasure Island Music Festival San Francisco, CA All Ages



9/21 Friday- Tiger Army Ventura Theater Ventura CA All Ages

SundayDel The Funky Homosapien, Devin the Dude, Bukue One Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo CA 18+


TuesdayPeter Bjorn and John, Clientele The Warfield San Francisco CA 18+

Monday 11/05 Henry Rollins Rio Theater Santa Cruz CA All Ages


SaturdayLA Weekly Detour Music Festival Los Angeles CA 18+




Artist: Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down Album: Phantom Punch Label: Astralwerks

The fourth album by this Norwegian pop-folk wunderkind, Phantom Punch, is a large departure from the lounge vibes that his previous album, Duper Sessions, set out. With this album, Sondre lets his folk standards rest a bit as he takes on the wounded pop genre and this time around fully utilizes the raw talents of his band. Anyone with a tempered ear is going to hear his success in this task. What he produces is an example of what pop music would sound like if it were wrested from the hands of the Bud Lite-drinking demographic and given a chance to evolve. Most of the songs clock in around two minutes but don’t feel constrained or rushed, taking the old cues from the Beatles and Beach Boys and leaving the audience filled with a melodic jones. As with the last three albums, there are still some rough patches, such as the occasional weak lyrics and a few songs suffering from bubblegum-itis. At twenty-five he has much more room for improvement, but its clear he is on the right path. All and all, a good listen. – Michael B. Other albums to check out: Faces Down, Two Way Monologue

Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff Album: Return of the Magnificent Label: BBE

A follow up to 2002’s The Magnificent, (makes sense, right?) Return makes use of the same formula; new and old artists make guest appearances throughout the album, from Posdnous of De La Soul and Big Daddy Kane to Jean Grae and Rhymefest. Produced solely by Jazzy, Return is more of a concept album than its predecessor, with intermittent skits of Jeff driving to Florida to pick up his son with only an FM radio and cell phone for company. Nothing entirely ground breaking will be heard here, but thats not to say that what is presented isn’t quality. Songs like Hold It Down and Jeff n Fess prove that Jeff is still the master of the often replicated tranform scratch, which he created. And The “Beat Generation” sound hasn’t changed much but does now and then sweep towards euphora-hop, a style and flow used by groups like Five Deez and Nujabes. This is definitely an album to pick up if you want to experience the true sounds of hip hop, not the glam and glitz, top 40 crap leaking out of our radio and televisions. – Michael B. Other albums to check out: The Magnificent, Hip Hop Forever,Vol. 2

{REVIEWS} Artist: RJD2 Album: The Third Hand Label: XL Recordings

RJD2’s first release under the XL label this will have anyone coming into this album expecting to hear hip hop beats or a bit of turntablism surprised to find both of them absent. Instead RJD2 comes fresh with synths, live instrumentation and his voice. That’s right, RJD2 lays down the vocals for the entire album. And surprise number two, they aren’t that bad. The music fits them perfectly. This is RJD2 stepping out of the role of producer and into the light of the artist. All the tracks were created and recorded in his basement, which definitely adds a feel of closeness and affection to each of them. Try throwing this album on while you work or as background music for a get together. It instantly adds atmosphere to a room and does wonders for conversation and creativity. – Michael B. Other albums to check out: Deadringer, Magnificent City- RJD2 & Aceyalone

Artist: !!! Album: Myth Takes Label: Warp Records

As I scroll through all the artists I’ve recently added to my music library it looks like some kind of petting zoo gone awry. A Band of Bees, Dodo Bird, The Gerbils, The Unicorns, The Finches…you get the idea. So a band with a name made completely out of punctuation really stands out. Usually I’m not a fan of consecutive exclamation points. When I see ‘!!!,’ memories of the grammar slaughter, also known as middle school IM conversations, come creeping back. I try to keep an open mind, even though the exclamation isn’t even in my topthree list of punctuation marks1. !!!2 is known for their new spin on funk. Their new album, Myth Takes, is a delightful party where disco, funk, electronic and rock all dance together. All the tracks are united by something subtly thrilling that makes me think that this might be the perfect soundtrack for a heist. Myth Takes is the first album I’ve heard in a while that struck me as being art in every single way. The sound is original, the lyrics beautiful, the album artwork amazing. All the songs flow together perfectly. Listening to it is an experience in itself. It’s fun, insightful, and strange in a merry-go-round meets dark comedy kind of way. Despite my fear of dance floors, the beats are so compelling and harmless at the same time that I found myself dancing in my house, especially to “Must be the Moon,” track three. “A New Name” is so convincingly disco that it’s hard to believe it was made in this decade. If you haven’t purchased a real-life, hold-it-in-your-hands, fiddle-with-the-plastic-wrapping, stick-it-in-your-CD-player album in a while, consider this one worth the trip to the record store. It boasts the kind of drug-induced album art that will keep you captivated on your couch until the very end of track 10, “Infinifold.” This track will be a favorite among nondancers. It’s sad, catchy, and beautiful in a way that only comes from depicting the raw truth of real life. – Alyssa Boisson 1 1. Elipses 2. Comma 3. Hyphen 2 Yes. That’s the band’s name. It’s pronounced “Chk Chk Chk,” although you can also make that fun clicking sound with your tongue.



“Art is what you get away with,” were the words I caught thumbing through a magazine. I thought about the meaning of Warhol’s quote and was reminded of a fourth grade substitute teacher art class. She instructs to look in the mirror and draw what we see – or rather, what she sees, as she demonstrates step-by-step expression with a dry erase pen and a white board. Outlining the model “oval” face our fourth grade class inherently possesses, I don’t hesitate to finish what I have left to complete the assignment, and frustrated at my deviance, the teacher proceeds to take my pink pearl eraser and eliminates my pencil drawing in it’s entirety – leaving the remains of fragmented erasings, waiting to be swept away. I am horrified to see my drawing replaced by her circular eyes, triangular nose and set of matching triangular lips she depicted on the white board--but I drew it again as soon as her back was turned. I suppose that’s what I got away with.

I’m reminded from that day that every person has something different to teach you. Resultantly, I’ve learned to trust and know what’s true to myself as best I can. I’ve lived the amount of life I’m willing to please people for no reason than their benefit – so I’ve been working on that. The common ground I share with most people are designs we make both inwardly and out. Experience. It’s difficult for me to share my work with people because it’s me – the fear of being alone I suppose. Often I’m forced to let go of my ego and take a compliment every once in a while – as well as criticism – and understanding that a person might enjoy what I draw for different reasons but they relate to it. Through the pre-pubescent sketches of bleeding hearts and weepy tear ducts, I’ve found what I’ve most enjoyed is what I’ve done for other people. What I create unique to myself can go beyond what I’ve known these past eighteen years, and I’m flattered to hear a stranger look over my shoulder wanting to share themselves with me for no reason than to just do it. I look forward to what I create in hope that I give in the same abundance I receive from friends and family – and all self-righteousness aside, I’ve found there’s no better way to live than to surround myself with people who are willing to listen and understand. – Alice Robertson

Sean Lennon, Kamila Thompson, Women & Children Downtown Brewing Company San Luis Obispo, Ca April 28th & Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, Ca April 29th It’s been a long, hard that Sean Lennon has tra24 road scene versed, both musically and in personal life. But with last year’s release, Friendly Fire, it seems he has finally made some higher ground. And anyone who caught either of these shows can attest to that. Being the last two gigs of the tour, I was expecting to receive road bitched performances from Sean and his tour mates, but instead my ears and eyes were filled with heart and groove. Sounds tacky, I know, but when are the descriptions of emotions not? Anyways, there was not a moment of wavering throughout any of it. Kamila Thompson, a beautiful British troubadour opened both shows. Backed by an acoustic guitar and heady voice, she quickly set the mood and caught our attention. I would have liked to have seen a longer set from her, but it seems she doesn’t have as much material as the others, her debut album should be out by the end of this year. Next came Women & Children, a band hailing triply from France, New York and LA, eclectic no? It can be heard in their music. I struggled with my mind the duration of both nights trying to come up with a fitting description for their sound. Only the cliché connections came to me, Mazzy Star, Blonde Redhead, The Velvet Underground, then after an exhaustion fueled dream, it came. Neil Young rafting down the Mississippi delta with a patch of Psilocybin. Maybe, maybe not, lets just end that tangent by saying I was impressed. Especially with their keyboardist and singer Cheryl June Serwa who gave her all while being very pregnant. The group ended their set with the song My Bad, which featured Sean Lennon and Kamile Thompson on backing vocals. Sean came out promptly afterwards looking sharp as usual in his trademark suits and gave a solid set, taking what was great about each song and expanding on it. We even got a revamped version of Mystery Juice, from his debut album Into The Sun, which really showed Sean’s progress as an artist. – Michael B.

Kamila Thompson

Kevin Lasting of Women & Children

Left: Sean Lennon Below: Fans wait outside Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo Bottom Right: Kamila Thompson and Sean Lennon accompany Women & Chiildren at Great American Music Hall


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Pandas... Kicking ass and taking names.

Location: San Luis Obispo, Ca Date: July 5th, 2007 Event: Bike Happening Theme: ’merica, What’s It Mean to You? More Information:

Mods & Rockers, Downtown Brewing Company San Luis Obispo, California, May 5th Celebrating the culture, image and sound of the Mods and Rockers of early-mid 1960’s England, this bike,fashion and rock show went down in unsuspecting San Luis Obispo. It quickly became apparent that not many know the history of these two subcultures or their influence on music and culture in general which is still seen today. I won’t drop the entire history of it all here, finding it out on your own is a bit more fun, so I’ll get right to the show. But first let me say that there was a brief moment of emptiness of my coverage of this show, so I apologize if there is anyone I missed. So, after the viewing of all the bikes, Tres Gatos a groovy trio started the night off with a tight set, bringing the crowds inside where the true soul of the event would be found. A little bit punk, rockabilly and kitschy 60’s horror/sci-fi, they proved that eclecticism is indeed our friend. Definitely added some light heart feel to a show that some passerby thought would be “ a hole with burnt out biker gangs.” Ah, good old SLO folk. After the cats and a short intermission we had the fashion show. If the music was the soul of the event, then this definitely was the loins.

Representing the legendary Ace Cafe in London

18 Rockabilly models lounging between acts

Tres Gatos kickin’ the show off

Tony Balbinot of The Cadillac Angels plays with an empty pint glass

See pictures for more on that. The Cadillac Angels, a group hailing from Santa Barbara and true torch bearers of the Roots and Rockabilly sound, put a dirty boot and well greased hair slap through our ears, bringing us back to what we were really there to celebrate. The energy and stage presence that Tony Balbinot, band leader, exudes is something that just isn’t seen anymore these days. Jumping around the stage and into the crowd, rocking out with the models, and playing slide guitar with someone’s empty pint glass. That was what going to a rock show is supposed to be about. Topping the night off was Slim Jim Phantom, drummer of the Stray Cats and several other slick rock groups. The man is an icon, so his being on stage was enough. But yes, his music was solid, as expected and his band mates Rory Justice and Dan Edwards were much more than just support, each being well known in the Rockabilly scene. What more can I say other than this was a top notch show. There were definitely moments when I felt the unity of an era gone by. And the urge to grow out a pompadour. – Michael B.

The Slim Jim Phantom Trio

Rory Justice and Dan Edwards of the Slim Jim Phantom Trio


Tony Balbinot of the Cadillac Angels May 3rd, 2007

SOUL SONIC: So let me first say that there is cool, then there is you guys, the very definition of it. TONY: laughs Thanks pal. SOUL SONIC: How long have the Cadillac Angels been playing together? TONY: This configuration, only about a year. SOUL SONIC: Where are you guys based out of? TONY: I live in Santa Barbara CA, Steve lives in Fresno CA, and Alex lives in Los Angeles CA. SOUL SONIC: So when you were growing up, first getting into music, who and what inspired you? TONY:Well, the opposite of what ever was popular, except for CCR. I didn’t like Hendrix, I mean I thought he was a good musician, he just didn’t appeal to me. I kind of got lost with that whole psychedelic thing, it just didn’t click–strike a cord with me. I was more into Scotty Moore, who played guitar with Elvis, Link Wray, Duane Eddy, people like that. SOUL SONIC: What do you do before a show or what do you do out there on the stage that gets you energized for a performance?

TONY: I sometimes think about different clubs around the country that I like to play. I try to put myself there where the energy comes almost immediately, where there is just a good vibe in the room. There are a lot of places you play were there just isn’t that and you just have to work it out. SOUL SONIC: What are you listening to right now? If I were to turn on your stereo, mp3 player, who would I hear? TONY: You’d hear the Leroy Brothers from Texas, who aren’t around anymore. The Blasters and definitely Link Wray. SOUL SONIC: Thanks for your time and the great show you provided us with, its going to stick with me. TONY: No problem man, anytime.






Unless your eyes and ears are shut towards culture, you’ve heard of the gay pride celebrations that happen each year all across this groovy planet of ours. The biggest and best of them all, of course, is San Francisco’s two day Pride festival and parade which has been going strong since 1970. Half of the city is taken over by hundreds of thousands of people in support of the gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyle. If you were dropped in the middle of it all without a clue as to what was going down, your first guess would be Mardi Gras or Carnival. Colors, laughter, music is everywhere. We tried our best to cover everything we could in the two days, getting it all is next to impossible. Here is what we saw and experienced. Peace and pride for all, gay or straight.

June 2007, 22nd - 24th

PRIDE: San Francisco’s Weekend


EMMANUEL’S EXPERIENCE First you are over at one stage and you are dancing, and it’s people dancing side by side, – all just one world one love, everyone’s jumping in synchronized bliss, some looking into each other’s eyes, others softly play with their hair, maybe even a little tap on the ass. The music is never too fast, because everyone has found a beat. And as I am going to leave, through the crowded streets of vendors, I hear a music that starts to pull me to my left. It is telling me to go half a block forward and one block to the left. And I do. And there’s this stage in the middle of the street, under a wonderfully sunny 4 p.m. San Francisco sky. Two dj’s are spinning up at the top; just flowing, as if their beat were coming out of their hands and everyone were moving to that beat. Everyone can see the dj in their peripheral vision: he’s running the show, and everyone’s having a time of greatness. Half of the street is in the sunlight and the other half in the shade, which adds a smile to the mix of people who want to be here in their different realms. Everyone is in a different state of mind, but all are having a great time. I hop on to a small stage, maybe like a foot and a half off the ground. Eight people are up on there. And I jump up just to see what is going on around me and as I look at all the people I think, “I want to dance with somebody, somebody here who is exactly my style.” I just had that feeling, I didn’t

have to look all over the world, I just had to look on this street of San Francisco, today, to make today a great day. And sure enough, I look around and see this beautiful girl, completely my style. I jump off the stage and start going toward her. When I am about ten feet away, I am able to make eye contact. She’s dancing, and I am dancing. I go up to her and I smile. All she does is smile, and we just keep dancing. Minutes later we’re still just dancing, glued to each other. We start to kiss. And I guess I should note that all she is wearing are jeans, and on her small yet sizable breasts she has two little black xx’s. We dance – we dance – for about twenty minutes, and I find out her name is Bree, and mine was E. We dance some more – another twenty minutes – just in bliss, both digging the sunlight of course. And she asks me, “Are you fluid?” And I say, “Fluidt.....” I’m thinking she’s asking about the dancing, and I say, “Fluid. Yeah, I’m pretty fluid.” And she says, “ I’m fluid also. Do you want to meet my boyfriend? He’s fluid too.” Now this word is flowing through my head, and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, and I look over and there’s the guy, next to me, smiling at me. His lip is pierced, and he’s been dancing next to me all along. He has long blond hair and he just puts out his hand and gives me a high five and a “What’s up, man?” He’s dancing with another chick; everybody’s having a great time, still one world, one love. I danced with her for another twenty minutes. Her boyfriend takes off with the other girl and everybody is smiling, on a sunny day in San Francisco. I feel proud about making the move to go dance with this girl; I learn a lot about myself and a lot about others, and about what pride means to them and to me. To me it’s about spreading love. What does it mean to you? What are you proud of? – Emmanuel G.

Kiki 1. Jesus, Etc. – Wilco 2. Baby, It’s Fact – Hellogoodbye 3. Unplayed Piano – Damien Rice 4. Ta douleur – Camille 5. Read My Mind – The Killers 6. Zap Zap – Cut Copy 7. Sweet Avenue – Jets to Brazil 8. Leaving So Soon – Keane 9. Girl Sailor – The Shins 10. Secret Smile – Semisonic

Alyssa 1. I Was Born A Unicorn – The Unicorns 2. Come on Petunia – The Blow 3. Hat and Rabbit – Page France 4. Horny Hippies – Dodobirds 5. Snails – The Format 6. Curuncula – Psapp 7. I’m From Barcelona – We’re from Barcelona 8. Who knows what the question is? – The Bees 9. Can’t Sleep – Fourth of July 10. Softly – Sibylle Baire

Emmanuel Michael

1. World Hold On – Bob Sinclair 2. If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix 3. Keep Control – Sono 4. I Like The Way You Move – Bodyrockers 5. This Modern Love – Bloc Party 6. Like Eating Glass – Bloc Party 7. Hello – Oasis 8. Hang Around – Subsonica 9. If Not Now When – Electrelane 10. Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head – Gorillaz

Amsterdam – Peter Bjorn & John 1. Fa Fa Fa – Datarock 2. Myth Takes – !!! 3. Seven Caged Tigers – Stone Temple Pilots 4. Phantom Punch – Sondre Lerche 5. Valhalla – K-OS 6. Fit But You Know It – The Streets 7. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead – Gorillaz 8. What U Hear – Zion I feat. Del tha Funkee Homosapien 9. Annie Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd 10. 1.Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John 2. Wanderlust – Bjork Alice 3. Innocence – Bjork My British Tour Diary – Of Montreal 1. 4. Dia 36 – Os Mutantes To Sheila – Smashing Pumpkins 2. 5. Little Yellow Spider – Devendra Banhart Shoot The Runner – Kasabian 3. 6. Good Women – Cat Power Sleep – Godspeed You! Black Emperor 4. 7. K-Hole – Coco Rosie Dudley – Yeah Yeah Yeahs 5. 8. Strangery – Portishead Beat My Guest – Adam and the Ants 6. 9. The Sporting Life – The Decemberists We Used To Be Friends – The Dandy Warhols 7. 10. Oscilations – Silver Apples Black and White Town – Doves 8. Flames – Vast 9. Rebellion – Arcade Fire 10.

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Kornblatt Soul Sonic Magazine  

Personal project with friend who desired to start a local music and arts magazine Layout, feature conception, photography, contributions edi...

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