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October/November 2019 Double Issue Volume 62



FASHION: East Meets West



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Dear Readers, As we officially wave goodby to the winter blues and welcome the warm arrival of Spring/Summer 2020 fashions, it looks like it’s going to be a strong season for all. Design mavens are adding their final details to robust infused fashions for the upcoming children markets. Bright and bold seems to be the recurring theme to bring in the warm styles for SS 2020. Flip through the pages to see the new and inspiring trends the industry has to offer this season. Don’t miss our twice yearly Fashion Snoops Color report bringing you Pantone Color blocks as well as innovations from the European Runways.


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Here’s to a fabulous market all around and happy shopping!

Caryn Salomon Publisher/CEO It’s A Kidsworld

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Color Trend Report

Fall/Winter 2020/21

COLOR FORECAST — by Nicole Yee + Ania Witkowski, Trend Editors, Fashion Snoops provides practical forecasting and trend information for fashion professionals.




· Pulsating in the energy, glitz and glam of urban nightlife. A time when the only light source streams from a buzzing neon fixture, luminous street lamp or glowing city skyline, this moving picture captures the after-hours of a hidden speakeasy. · Our young noir lead dresses to the nines in velvet, sequins and silk. A more tailored and less ostentatious take on the ‘80s, the aesthetic still drips in decadence with a nod to rock’n’roll. · Expect to see new interpretations of special occasion from crushed velvet matched sets to bedazzled cardigans to animal print and satin dresses. CARBON SOLDIER 10 | IT’S A KIDSWORLD




· Humankind exploring the ways in which people are different from other species— their creativity, humor, play, and psychological growth. · Emphasis on the intrinsic nature of beings, Kind delves into processes like art therapy · Playful and experimental, this new movement of psychological retreat and exploration manifests itself in apparel that hugs, comforts and excites the wearer through tactile materials, soothing color palettes and demonstrative details. · Expect to see oversized fits, materials that warm and soothe and details that spark emotion.







Color Trend Report BARN OF MONKEYS






· Interconnectedness of humankind · The expression of joy, love and creativity · Hues inspired by moods that evoke emotion · Humor and play inspire design · Soft, cuddly materials · Patterns and graphics that spark happiness · Tactile details like pom poms, googly eyes and fur · Key materials include boucle, teddy bear faux fur, shearling and mohair · Clothes that comfort and stimulate







· Curated with sculptures, installations, art museums and hotels, the oasis of awe-inspiring structures feels like it could only exist in the future as there is nothing in this world to compare. · Staying true to the clean lines of the island’s architecture, silhouettes are stark and straightforward with daring proportions, modern functionality and a touch of Tokyo street edge. · Outerwear is key, updating proportions of classic peacoats, adding new layers to trench coats and new materials to denim jacket silhouettes. · Crisp shirts are layered and tucked into a variety of wide-leg, cropped or baggy pants.







Color Trend Report LOTIE KIDS




· Nestled in the mountains · Rustic cabin tucked into the woods · The smell of campfire and pine trees · Crackle of the fire · Cold, crisp air and cozy, warm tents · Corduroy, fleece and textured knit · Modified utility and basics · Chunky sweaters, durable denim, comfortable basics · Quirky patterns add a whimsical feel for baby and toddler · Earthy color palette with vibrant pops





· Quiet country cottage · Early morning light · Vintage treasures · Cracked paint, overgrown gardens and hidden paths · Inspired by still life paintings · European sensibility · Cozy materials like brushed wool and super chunky knits · Classic details like wooden toggles and pom poms · Patterns and graphics add newness · Sweet details create a charming aesthetic





· Classic ‘90s prep returns · Minimal patterns include stripes · Clean color blocking · Primary colors are key · Polos, rugby shirts and easy knit tops · Gender neutral style · Logo and message driven graphics and embellishments






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Retail Review

FRANKIE’S ON THE PARK IAKW speaks with this decade old tween go-to store to find out their secrets to success! express her individuality through her own fashion choices, give back to her community and be a star in the Frankie’s world!

Where are you located and who are the owners? Chicago and Santa Monica – I am the owner – Lisa Rolfe Burik What type of retail shop are you? Tween lifestyle experience How do you differ and stand out from other retailer stores? We offer a highly curated mix of products in a boutique setting, aimed at girls ages 8-14 (and their Moms too!), specializing in special occasion dresses (we have a dedicated Dress Shop Within Shop in our Chicago flagship store). We offer special experiences, photo shoots, charity events (see below), etc., where every girl can


What was the inspiration for opening your store? How did it start and how many years are you in business? We’ve been in business for 11 years – the concept was inspired by my oldest daughter, Frankie, who from a very young age expressed herself through fashion and there was nowhere in our hometown of Chicago to shop for a girl like her! I also wanted to use the business as a way to give back to the community in ways that involve our girls, teaching them that they can give back to others through something as fun as fashion!

What are some of the most important categories for your store? What are the best selling items and top brands that you carry and how do you find them? Special occasion dresses – Zoe Ltd, Un Deux Trois, David Charles, High quality, trendy everyday wear – Aviator Nation, Me.n.u, Gifts and Accessories – Wildflower phone cases, Stoney Clover, Made With Love and Kisses, Bari Lynn. Is any of your merchandise personalized? What are some of the typical occasions that people come to you for gifts? Yes – we do a big custom camp business and semi-custom party dresses Do you have an e-commerce website? When did your company begin selling on the internet? What percentage of your business is now from internet sales compared to brick and mortar? Yes – – growing every month! How important is social media to your company? What do you do to make your store stand out on social media?

“I also wanted to use the business as a way to give back to the community in ways that involve our girls, teaching them that they can give back to others through something as fun as fashion!”

Instagram is very important for girls to be the stars of our Frankie’s story - we have almost 20k followers. How do you reach your core customer base? Emails, personal outreach, social media, pop-up stores. How have you managed to keep your company updated and relevant? My background is management consulting (not retail!), so I’m always asking questions about this crazy retail business and not afraid to try new things. But always within a business frameworkthis is not a hobby!

huge part of the mission of Frankie’s. For example, we have hosted a Fashion Show at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago supporting University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital – every year we have 150+ models walk the runway in Frankie’s fashions (patients and non-patients alike) which raised over $1 million over its’ inception! We also do annual Dress Donation Events at

Children’s Hospitals from Coast to Coast! How has your store evolved over the years? Keep switching things up! How do you hope to see it evolve in the future? Keep being a place for girls to grow up and feel a part of our mission!

Have you seen your business change over the years? How? Yes - more competition from online shopping. Social media as a way to communicate directly with end consumer the tweens themselves! And personalized experiences have become more important as a way to differentiate. Any news about new merchandise, or special events? We do a lot of charity events – giving back in ways involving our girls is a


Influencer PWR

POWER OF INFLUENCERS “In-flu-encer: A person or group that has the ability to influence the behavior or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative.” —Cambridge Business English Dictionary©

Symonne Harrison


Instagram: @symonneharrison: 340K followers YouTube: 40K subscribers | TikTok: 428K followers


Instagram: @simplysashaanne: 30K followers YouTube: 40K subscribers | Twitter: @simplysashaanne Facebook: Sasha Anne | Company: @itsybitsyteenywee Sasha Anne

does have a large social media following and has the ability to engage and reach a large number of people. SASHA ANNE There is no specific number in my opinion but once you hit 10k, you can get sponsored posts. I would say as long as you stay dedicated to building a brand that benefits others and that you are passionate about, your influencer status will come naturally. 3. How long did it take you to gain that many followers? SYMONNE I began my Instagram public profile a little over a year ago in July 2018. SASHA ANNE Oh my goodness. It took me years! I started when I was 17 and have been working diligently ever since to build my brand and develop my voice over social media that resonates with others.


he INFLUENCER is   creating an unstoppable surge in marketing trends. We are seeing everything from fashion to toys being promoted by those with the most“followers”. IAKW speaks with two popular influencers to find out how they made they way into this ever-popular industry. 1. Do you consider yourself an influencer and what does that mean to you? SYMONNE I do consider myself an influencer. Being an influencer means that you have an audience of people who respect you, trust you and look up to you as a role model. I really take being an influencer seriously. I use my


platform to encourage and motivate my followers to be themselves and approach life with a positive mindset. SASHA ANNE I do consider myself an influencer. To me, an influencer is someone who uses social media as a positive platform in order to inspire and empower others. 2. How many followers does one need to be viewed as an influencer? SYMONNE I don’t think there is a specific number of followers to be viewed as an influencer. I believe that an influencer

4. What steps did you take to become an influencer? SYMONNE I created my Instagram account when I was moving from Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. I wanted a place where I can post about my daily life, LA adventures and acting updates for my family and friends. My following slowly began to grow and I began to network with people all over the world. I’m very grateful for each and every one of my followers. I am so thankful for all my supporters and each one means

“Being an influencer means that you have an audience of people who respect you, trust you and look up to you as a role model.”-Symonne Harrison partner with a brand that I believe in their products and gift some lucky winners some fun items! SASHA ANNE I do have giveaways now and then on my YouTube channel. I am having a huge giveaway soon so stay tuned! The giveaway needs to stay in the guidelines of YouTube rules so I have my giveaways on this site called

Symonne Harrison

the world to me. SASHA ANNE There are so many influencers out there and it was overwhelming for me when I was first starting out. I felt so intimidated by everyone. First and foremost I had to distinguish myself from the crowd. I needed to focus on what made me unique and different from everyone else. I wanted my social media pages to reflect who I am and what I want to promote/put out there. As someone who was bullied in middle school for being so quiet and shy, it is my goal to help my followers find their voice. 5. What do you do to currently bring yourself more followers? SYMONNE I try to give my followers a glimpse into my life. I want them to get to know me and become my friend. I work hard to spread positivity, post consistently, share nice pictures, and make my page a place where people can feel uplifted and happy. SASHA ANNE I attend all the fashion events. Since my focus is being a beauty influencer, I am consistently researching the new products and attending events such as Beautycon LA and NY in order to promote myself and my brand. As a result the followers come naturally.

6. Do you ever have personal contact with your followers? SYMONNE I try my best to get to know as many of my followers as possible. I try to go LIVE on my Instagram and guest my fans. This gives me the chance to put a face with a username and meet my fans through the live chat. Also, with my parents approval, I try to answer some direct messages as often as I can. I also have attended fan meet and greets and I have loved getting the chance to meet some fans in person. I also have a P.O. Box and love getting letters from my followers. It means the world to me to interact with my fans and get to know them personally. They are the sweetest and I love them all. SASHA ANNE I love reading all my dms and comments on my posts—they are so sweet! And I try to go through my dms everyday and respond to as many as I can.

8. Where does your style come from? Who are your inspirations? SYMONNE I have always loved fashion. I truly just love putting outfits together and have my style express my personality or mood of the day. I don’t really feel pressured by trends or anything like that. I just like to do my thing and put outfits together that I think are cute. SASHA ANNE My style is feminine, chic and edgy. My style inspirations are teen Carrie Bradshaw, Emma Roberts and Barbie! 9. Why do you think your followers continue to follow you and take your advice in suggesting products or brands? SYMONNE I think my followers continue to follow me because they like my positive messages and they know that I bring them real moments from my life. I am so grateful for each follower. I try hard to Sasha Anne

7. Do you offer any giveaways? How often do you have them and how do your followers get involved? SYMONNE Yes, I love offering giveaways to my followers. It is so much fun to give away some of my favorite things from some of my favorite brands. I try to offer the giveaways every couple months or as often as I can


Influencer PWR

“My followers need to be themselves, don’t give up and follow their passion and dreams.”-Sasha Anne Symonne Harrison

and being my friend. SASHA ANNE My followers need to be themselves, don’t give up and follow their passion and dreams. 11. What social media platforms do you use regularly? SYMONNE I use the following social media platforms re g u l a r l y : I n s t a g ra m : @symonneharrison, Yo u t u b e : S y m o n n e H a r r i s o n , T i k To k : @symonneharrisonofficial SASHA ANNE I n s t a g ra m , YouTube and Snapchat. I try to use Twitter more regularly too. 12. What social media platforms do you use to promote products? SYMONNE I have used both my Instagram and YouTube to promote products. SASHA ANNE Instagram and YouTube.

notice each person that comments on my posts. They take my advice in suggesting products or brands because they trust me and know that I only endorse products that I truly love. SASHA ANNE I think my followers are drawn to authenticity, so I try to be as genuine as possible in what I post and the brands I showcase. 10. What do you want your followers to know about? SYMONNE I want my followers to know they inspire me daily. I feel like each of them is a true friend of mine. Their likes, comments, DMs, fan edits, fan pages all make me smile each day. I want to thank my followers for supporting me, loving me


13. Do you have different accounts for your private life and when you promote? SYMONNE I do not have different accounts for my private vs my public life. I am very open with my followers and my followers get to see the real me every time I post. Whether my post is about me having fun at the pool, or attending a red carpet event, or me promoting my favorite charm bracelet, my posts are genuine and a peek into my day. SASHA ANNE Nope. Only my main account @simplysashaanne and my brand @tsybitsyteenywee. 14. Are all your posts to promote certain brands? SYMONNE No, my posts are

mostly more about my daily life rather than brand promotions. My Instagram page is my social media platform where I can connect and reach out to my followers. I love opening up my life to my followers so we can form a great relationship. The love and support they give me inspires me to continue to post great content. SASHA ANNE No. It would say in the caption if the post was. 15. What are your favorite brands to promote? SYMONNE I love promoting any brand that I truly enjoy using products from. In the recent months, I have partnered closely with: A Hint of Sparkle, Petite and Pretty, Yoobi, Charm It, Lip Smackers, BlastZ and many others. I genuinely love these products from these brands and I love sharing them with my followers. SASHA ANNE My favorite brand to promote is Urban Decay Cosmetics because I have had a relationship with them for a while and they are so good to their customers and influencers. 16. How many brands do you promote? SYMONNE There isn’t a set number of brands I promote. I promote brands that I love using and want to share with my followers. SASHA ANNE I don’t have a specific number but I just started promoting Petite n Pretty. They just made me one of their brand ambassadors which is amazing because I love the brand. 17. How many times do you post on your social media platforms? What is the socially acceptable amount of times to post? SYMONNE I generally post every couple days on Instagram. I try to post a couple times a month on YouTube. I like to post daily on TikTok. I think everyone has their own social media preference and should post whenever they have good content and as often as they feel comfortable

Sasha Anne

posting on their platforms. SASHA ANNE I try to post 3 times a week on Instagram and I post once a week on YouTube. I would say just stay consistent. 18. Do you put time and consideration about the flow of your feed and if the colors coordinate? SYMONNE Honestly, I don’t think there is a perfect rhyme or reason or handbook to what is the right or wrong way for a feed to look. I just post what I like on a given day and bring people a reason to smile that day. SASHA ANNE My social media manager likes to try and put time and consideration about the flow of my feed and if the colors coordinate. I agree that it looks aesthetically pleasing but I also want to be unique. I don’t think that every page needs to have a “theme”. 19. Where do you go from here on social media... where do you expect it will lead you in the future? SYMONNE I will continue to just keep doing me.

“My posts are about loving yourself, being who you are, paying it forward and living your best life.”-Symonne Harrison No matter the number of followers you may have, at the end of the day, as long as you stay true to yourself, the right people will love you and

continue to follow you. You can’t let the number of followers define you. SASHA ANNE I will continue posting makeup transformations, tutorials and giving advice on my YouTube channel and continue to expand my brand. In the future, I see myself being the face of my company, continue being a beauty influencer and promoting myself across all platforms of social media as well as continuing my videos.


20. Do you see yourself being an influencer as a lifelong career? SYMONNE Being in the public eye as an actress and YouTuber brings a lot of social media interest. I love

what I do. I am honored to be considered an influencer and I take that role seriously. If that continues for a lifelong career I will be very blessed. SASHA ANNE Yes, absolutely. 21. What is one message you would like to share throughout your feed? SYMONNE I love to spread positivity and love throughout my feed. My posts are about loving yourself, being who you are, paying it forward and living your best life. Social media can be difficult when people use it to hate on others and I don’t allow that on my page. I encourage my audience to chase their dreams, believe in themselves, and support one another. SASHA ANNE People should be able to express themselves the way they want and if you find something your passionate about, it will be easier to express yourself. Everyone is passionate about something. It can be as simple as a lip gloss.




It’s A



March/April 2019 Double Issue Volume 60







East Meets West

CHINESE FASHION MEETS NY FASHION WEEK Zaozao Wang - An emerging “Fashion Easta” in the US children’s market is truly a force to be reckoned with. Her influence, background and years of experience in the Chinese fashion world is well respected. was neither sufficient nor efficient. She came to the United States to further her education at Columbia University Teachers College in 2013.

Born and raised in China, Zaozao was a straight-A students with strong interests in the performing arts. She worked as a professional MC and a teacher specialized in Chinese-English interpretation for three years. That was when she realized that criticism and teacher-oriented system

After her graduation, Zaozao started the ZAO Learning Center and dedicated herself to the training of children models/actors with bilingual language skills. She gradually developed her “Art it up -- Integrate art into language education” approach, which made her a guest speaker at the 2018 Harvard China Education Forum. She aimed at sending her talented students into the mainstream modeling industry in the United States. With her diligent training and recommendation, her students have been represented by many top agencies, such as Shirley Grant, Zuri, Teri B, CT kids etc. Those talented kids have make appearances on TV series — Orange is the New Black, New Amsterdam; movie After Young; print modeling for brands – Zara, Colgate, J. crew, Target, Spyder, Gap, Carters, the Children’s Place, Matalan Kids, Halabaloo, Les Tout Petits, Rae Benson; TV commercial – Invisilign, Mega House, Drezadore; fashion show – Macy’s Prom Fashion Show and Back to School Fashion Show. Zaozao has collaborated with many designers who are New York based as well as Indonesian to present amazing and adorable kids fashion shows on the runway of New York Fashion Week.

Zaozao also serves as the Co-Organizer and consultant for the MoXingXiu International Children’s Modeling Competition. She is taking the top American children models to Chengdu, China for the finals this October. There will be about 100 children models (from China and the United States) competing together at the New Century Global Center -- the world’s largest building in terms of floor area. The contestants will be grouped into 3 different age groups – 3-6, 7-10, 11-16yrs old. There will be GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE trophies presented at the award ceremony for the winners. The winners will be offered the opportunity to go to Paris Fashion Week or New York Small Boutique Fashion Week as a special guest model.


East Meets West

Name: Angelina Zhou Age: 6 Email: Comments from Coach Zaozao: Angelina is the youngest and probably the one who loves the stage the most out of three siblings. She is a very diligent young lady who would keep practicing on the side even though I would tell her to take a short break. She takes instructions well and voluntarily adds on her own personality into which allows her to really own her walk. You can’t help but love her sassy walk and facial expressions on the runway. Being the versatile kid she is, Angelina just participated in a film as a main character back in China during the past summer. And believe it or not, she is also a very good singer! What do you love most about fashion?

Fashion is such a creative and new way of expressing myself. I always like shopping for new clothes and trying on outfits to find the best one that really shows who I am.

What are some of your hobbies and interests? I enjoy dancing, drawing, modeling and competitive/non-competitive singing (I get trophies!!!) and making people smile. I also love meeting and making friends with fellow cast members when I’m shooting a movie.

Who are your favorite designers?

Abercrombie & Fitch, JUSTICE, Polo, Zara, H & M, and Juicy Conture.

Who have you been styled by?

I have been styled by my mom mostly.

Who are your favorite influencers?

Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, BlackPink, and Taylor Swift are the leading influencers in my life.


Name: Chloe Fan Age: 3 Email: From Modeling Coach Zaozao: Chloe is a little jasper - cute but very mischievous. I had to literally hold her down in my first class. And her signature “kiss” pose at the end of each and every runway. Let’s be honest, it’s the “WOW” reaper at every fashion show! Chloe was so fearless on the September 8th Small Boutique Fashion Week. She walked all the way to the end of every runway, stared at the cameras for a full 10 seconds, where I had to literally call her back! What do You Love Most About Fashion? Rainbow colored clothes and dresses.

What are Some of Your Hobbies and Interests? I am interested in reading and singing.

Who are Your Favorite Designers?

Halabaloo and whoever designs for Disney Princesses. :)

Who Have You Been Styled By?

My mother and designer Ms. Halla

Who are Your Favorite Influencers? My mother and Ms. Zaozo


East Meets West Name: Joanna Chen Age: 14 Email: Comments from Coach Zaozao: Joanna is one of my best students – talented, diligent, polite, sweet and considerate. Even though she is an excellent Latin dancer, practicing with high heels could be very hard (fashion-loving gals you get this) She is tenacious, never once asking for a break during the practices. No one can stop a driven kid from being successful. With restless practice and active participation in many model competitions and pageantry, Joanna grabs everyone’s attention as soon as she steps onto the runway. Congratulations to her winning the title of “the best female model (age 1418)” for Moxingxiu International Modeling Competition New York Division! What do you love most about fashion?

I love how people can express themselves through the clothes they wear and gain so much confidence just by feeling great in what they wear.Fashion is a form of art that allows people to feel good about themselves and look their best. I love how diverse and unique clothes can be from person to person based on their culture, religion, or simply their own style.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Some of my interests are drawing and painting, photography and videography, and dancing. I’ve been doing competitive Latin dance for 4 years and have earned multiple awards and medals. Drawing and painting has always been my passion since I was a little girl and I have earned awards from multiple art contests.

Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, and Elena Velez. I’ve also walked for brands like Cabriolle, Stardust, and Macy’s.

Who have you been styled by?

I have been styled by Stacie Fitzgerald

Who are your favorite influencers?

Some of my favorite influencers are Jane Kim, Megan Markle, and Zendaya Coleman.


Name: Kimberlee Hu Age: 7 Email: From Modeling Coach Zaozao: Kimberly was a very sweet and hard working student in my class. She was extremely shy and nervous in my first class. But she didn’t just give up. after participating in almost every modeling competition out there Kimberlee has turned into an eye catching model on the runway now. She used to be too shy to even introduce herself, however, now she is confident model who can proudly present herself in front of a full hall of people. What do You Love Most About Fashion?

I love fashion because it is about reflecting my personality through what I wear. There’s something about the right pair of pants or a fabulous pair of shoes that can bring out a confidence that you never realized you had.

What are Some of Your Hobbies and Interests? I like to dance, draw study science and I want to be an artist.

Who are Your Favorite Designers? Halla Elias from Halabaloo.

Who Have You Been Styled By? Stacie Fitzgerald

Who are Your Favorite Influencers? You Tuber JOJO


East Meets West

Name: Olivia Fan Age: 4 Email: Comments from Coach Zaozao: Olivia is the big sister of Chloe Fan. Even though she is only 4 years old, she takes her responsibility as a big sister very seriously. She consistently helps me to teach her sister how to pose in their own “sister lunges”, which is surprisingly efficient! I always refer to her as my little teacher’s assistant. For the first class Olivia was the only who waved and said “hi” to me as soon as she stepped in. Her genuine smile and openness left me a very strong and positive impression. And if you do interview with her, you be able to stop laughing. She will be very successful tv personality in the future. What do you love most about fashion? I love to wear cute skirts and dresses.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I am interested in all kinds of make up, dancing and singing.

Who are your favorite designers?

Halabaloo and whoever designs for Disney Princesses. :)

Who have you been styled by?

My mother and designer Ms. Halla

Who are your favorite influencers? My mother and Ms. Zaozo


Name: Queenie Lin Age: 6 Email: From Modeling Coach Zaozao: Queenie started out as one of my most shy students in my class. It took me almost 2 hours to get her name clearly pronounced…from her own mouth. If you meet her today, you wouldn’t believe this at all. She has changed so much. She has attended many modeling competitions and pageants from New York, New Jersey and even to China. All to gain experience and build her sense of confidence. And yes, she has made it! If you attend fashion week you see that she radiates confidence on stage with her powerful walk and gaze, as well as her sweet smile. She’s unforgettable! What do You Love Most About Fashion? Fashion expresses who I am and helps me be more confident.

What are Some of Your Hobbies and Interests?

My hobbies include modeling, drawing and playing the piano. I am also interested in learning to swim and dance in the future.

Who are Your Favorite Designers?

I’ve walked the Small Boutique Fashion Week for the brand Cabriolle. I also love many Chinese brands that we have bought my evening gowns from.

Who Have You Been Styled By?

My mom, Ms. Zaozao and Stacie Fitzgerald

Who are Your Favorite Influencers?

My mom said I’m too young to follow influencers!


East Meets West

Name: Serena Ngai Age: 8 Email: Comments from Coach Zaozao: Serena is a very talented and sweet girl. She was one of my very first group of students. Luckily with her mom’s unconditional support, she went to almost every modeling competition, casting and show out there. I have witnessed her journey from a shy and nervous girl gradually transformed into a confident super star on the runway. And now, she can dazzle really any kind of runway. I have to say Serena has an impeccable fashion sense. She always looks put-together, trendy and almost runway-ready in my class. What do you love most about fashion?

I can wear pretty clothes and walk on the runway confidently. And also, I made lots of friends through modeling competition and fashion events.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love dancing and modeling. I won the “National Junior Teen Talent Queen” in July at the East Coast USA Pageant with my jazz dance. I walked twice on Small Boutique Fashion Week for four different brands.

Who are your favorite designers?

I’ve modeled for Cabriolle, Les Tout Petite, Halabaloo and U.NA U.NA. For my daily wear I always wear Balenciaga and LV.

Who have you been styled by? Stacie Fitzgerald

Who are your favorite influencers? You Tuber JOJO


Name: Tristan Lew Age: 5 Emails: From Modeling Coach Zaozao: Tristan started off as a very mischievous boy who couldn’t focus on the needed practice. He constantly bargained back and forth with me about how many times he should practice his runway walk. I believe the 2018 Moxingxiu competition for New York division was his first time on stage. He was wearing the same yellow suit as the most recent competition. But boy, he was quite nervous back then. However, after Alex (his plus-size-model daddy) contributed some funny ideas about the poses and Wincy (his personal stylist aka mommy) persistently took him to every competition and show, he won the title of “the best male model” for 2019 Moxingxiu New York division with the same suit. And, with a way more confident walk. Tristan will compete in Chengdu, China as the representative of the top model from New York. Besides this, he was recently part of the traditional Chinese clothes fashion show with us, which has won the first place for the 2019 Global Talent Show. What do You Love Most About Fashion? It is beautiful and awesome.

What are Some of Your Hobbies and Interests?

I like modeling competitions, singing, watching TV and tablets and playing video games.

Who are Your Favorite Designers?

I have no idea. I wear whatever my mom tells me to. So… ask my mommy, it would be a better idea. ;)

Who Have You Been Styled By?

I have been styled by Stacie Fitzgerald and Miss Zaozao.

Who are Your Favorite Influencers? My mommy and daddy, of course.




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Makes It’s Rounds to Visit Some Great Manufacturers at the August NY Children’s Club


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