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America Motivate. Activate. Celebrate.


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When you hear the word “America,” what comes to mind? Dear readers,


would argue that America means different things to different people. To some, America means liberty and freedom any time our human rights are challenged by someone or something wishing to impose their ideals. To others, America is a leading power, giving the world innovative discoveries, inventions, and manufacturing and agricultural capabilities. To many, America is a country that provides its citizens with an unbelievable quality of life - comfort, health, and safety. Few years ago, the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Survey discovered that on average Americans have a strong belief in the power of the individual. Compared to other nationals, Americans are more likely to attribute their success to hard work. Americans also tend to be much more optimistic and religious than people in many other prosperous nations. One way or the other, each person in our country has his or her own America – from important landmarks that symbolize our values, to places

Arina Bokas

Kids’ Standard Editor & Author of Building Powerful Learning Environments: From Schools to Communities

we call home, to experiences that shape us in who we are as people and citizens. Our March issue is about My America! Happy reading!


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Motivate. Activate. Celebrate

April 2020

Life in Motion Any regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. What are other benefits of being active? What gets you up and moving? Write about your favorite physical activity, sport, dance, or fitness routine. Why is it important to you? How does it make you feel? Share stories of athletes, dancers, and other people whose lives revolve around motion.

May 2020

Creators and Makers What is creativity? How can a creative mindset be developed? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Write about various activities that help you be MARCH 2020

2019-2020 Editorial Calendar

creative. Why do you enjoy them? What do you learn through them? Research various inventors and creators in any industry and offer your perspective on what helped them succeed in creating something important.

June 2020

Michigan Youth Project Issue




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By: Austin Loeffler, 2nd grade, Pine Knob Elementary, Clarkston


or thousands of years before the modern era, Arizona was home to many native americans. One of the most iconic images of the South West are the sandstone buttes that dominate monument valleys in this area straddling the border between Arizona and Utah. The most famous attraction in

Tennessee By: Mikayla Gray Bleber,

My Family Trip to Florida By: Eian Thompson, 2nd grade, Doherty Elementary, West Bloomfield

1st grade, Doherty Elementary, West Bloomfield


went to Tennessee with my family. We went to the Smoky Mountains. We went to Hickory Splash, which was in the Smoky Mountains. We stayed at a cabin on the mountain. One time when we went, there was some kind of festival — a lot of music, dancing, rides and food. There were even some dinosaurs that were robots. I love going to Tennessee; it is a lot of fun!


Publication INC.

Arizona is the Grand Canyon, the largest canyon in the world Spanish explorers first arrived in Arizona in the 1530s. The United States took control over the land after winning the Mexican-American War in 1848. Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. The size of Arizona is 113,990 square miles. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. The Arizona animal is a ringtail cat. The population is 7.172 million people.


y family went to Florida. It was a fun vacation. First, we went to eat at Taco Bell. When I got to my room, I watched Nickelodeons on TV. There was a pool outside, but the water was too cold. Later at night time, Justin, Paige and Kayden, my family members, came over and we played Nintendo. When everyone was too loud, my mom said we couldn’t play anymore because I played my games. Florida was fun, because it was

warm and I got to see my extended family and had a good time. www.KidsStandard.org


Diwali By: Arna Nakka, 1st grade, Doherty Elementary, West Bloomfield


iwali is one of the holiday celebration in America. Diwali is an Indian festival. During celebration, we light up candles and make fireworks. If you celebrate Diwali, make sure you don’t get burned by the fireworks. My family celebrates Diwali because Ram Krishna (God) comes back from 14 years from the forest. We decorate the front of our house and the doorstep with magical colorful powder. Many people don’t know about Diwali. Diwali is a great and fun celebration!

By: Katalina Kashat,

My Family Christmas Celebration MARCH 2020


1st grade, Doherty Elementary, West Bloomfield

n America, there are many celebrations. My family celebrates Christmas! In my house, we have many decorations. We go to church on Christmas Eve and make a big meal for everyone in my family. On Christmas morning, we wake up so early to open presents. Then we go to my grandma’s house, and my cousins also come to my grandma’s. We open more presents and eat a big breakfast. After we eat, then we play games with my cousins all day and go home at night time. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. 5

Publication INC.




By: Audrey DeKoninck,

11th grade, Clarkston High School, Clarkston MI


he store was not large, but it felt endless when customers walked inside. It was like stepping through a portal to a different dimension. Warm lighting shone throughout the large room. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches were everywhere, protected by a thick layer of glass. There was no dust anywhere. It was as clean as could be. The sun bounced off of the glass and jewelry; they sparkled and shimmered. Wide-open, the door


Publication INC.

allowed the warm spring air inside. The sweet sound of John and Paul’s voices brought in customers as they walked by on the busy sidewalks of downtown. The Beatles played through the speakers most of the time. They were the jeweler’s favorite band. The store had been around for years. It had been his father’s store, and before that, it was his grandfather’s, and before that, it was his great grandfather’s. It was passed down from generation to generation. Too bad that he didn’t have any children. He wasn’t planning on retiring any time soon, so he had some time to think about who it would be passed

down to. Maybe I’ll give it to the young man who helps out when he’s home from school. He’s a good kid. He saw many faces every day, some familiar and some new, passing by or coming into his store. The bright display cases lured them in. It was a rich town, filled with people who were more than willing to spend their fortunes. Young boys buying heart-shaped necklaces for girls, mothers buying pearls for their beloved daughters, grandmothers getting their rings repaired. The most common customers were young men. They would walk in, skip to their step, eyes wide and filled with love, and ask where to find the rings. He would ask them how much they could afford, and then point to the display case that matched their price range. He would try his best to make sure they get exactly what they wanted. They often came back to the jewelry store afterward, to thank him. They would tell him about their


FICTION wedding plans, honeymoon plans, and even hopes and dreams for the future. Sometimes, they needed a different size ring, which they all laughed about. The jeweler felt a connection to these people, even if he only saw them once or twice. They made him love his job. Sometimes they came back different. The excitement was gone from their eyes, just blank looks. They would make small talk and ask if they could return the ring. He always tried to convince them to keep it for another time or another woman, but he would accept returns. The connection between them was different, and he was always worried. He had never seen someone further gone than them. Most continued on with their lives, but some didn’t. It’s rather sad, but he couldn’t do much else for them. “Hello! What can I do to help ya?” The jeweler’s voice boomed through the store, but it was warm and full of joy. He was a big man with a pure heart, and he was popular among all the townspeople. It took him a second to realize that the customer, who had just walked in, was the young man who helped out around the store. He must be back from college for the summer, he thought. It had been a month or so since he saw him last, but he looked older. He looked like a new person. “I’m looking for a ring. I want to propose.” The young man was straight to the point, very precise about how he spoke, but he couldn’t hide his excitement. The jeweler was excited for him, too. They continued to discuss what else he wanted, the type of jewel (“A diamond” he declared loudly), what size diamond, what cut, what metal for the band (“gold, to match the rest of her jewelry”), what size band. The jeweler gave his suggestions, and he agreed. They also talked about his plan. Next week, the young man and his girl were going to have a picnic at their spot in the park, with all her favorite foods. He was going to ask her when the sun was setting. She would say yes - he was sure she would. He was nervous about it, as evident by his shaking hands and bouncing leg, but he kept his head held high. An hour later they had found the MARCH 2020

perfect ring, size seven, gold band, a ½ carat diamond, round cut. The boy left, fumbling with the little black box he had put in his pocket. Days passed by. More customers came by and made purchases. An older man bought himself a new watch. A group of young girls bought matching necklaces. The sun sank down, slowly inching toward the horizon, and the jeweler began to close up the shop. He swept the leaves away that had gathered at the doorway. When he looked outside, he could see rain clouds approaching, and it was soon pouring. The wind whispered through the trees, gossiping and telling secrets. The thunder shook the whole building. The jeweler continued to close up, counting the money and organizing the orders that would be picked up tomorrow. The bell above the door gave a little ding! as a figure walked inside, dripping wet. He saw it was the young man who bought the ring last week and helped him around the store. “Back so soon! Was it the wrong size?” The jeweler approached him. The boy’s eyes were different. His excitement was gone, and his blue eyes had changed from the sea to the rain clouds above the store. “She said no.” The jeweler’s smile

disappeared. “I want to return it.” The young man set it on the counter separating them and turned toward the door. The jeweler didn’t know what to do. What can I say? I’m sorry? Nothing seems appropriate, he thought. “Hey!” The jeweler finally called out to him when he was half outside. The young man stopped and waited. “Be careful out there, alright? It’s dark and wet, you can’t always see the cars coming at you and they might not be able to stop.” The young man nodded and continued into the road, past his car, not caring that the headlights approaching him wouldn’t see him until it was too late. The jeweler called out to him again but he kept walking. The jeweler ran after him. It was hard for him to see with the rain gathering on his glasses. He grabbed the young man’s arm and pulled him away from the road as cars sped past them. They walked back inside the store. The jeweler flipped the sign to closed, but turned the lights and music back on. Paul’s piano came on, covering the sound of the rain pouring down. A quiet “thank you” from the whispering voice of the young man were the only words spoken and the only words needed.


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Chick-fil-a By: Emily Walters, 10th grade, Clarkston High Schoolo


hicago, Illinois was a land of new things for Sheila. New people, new stores and most importantly, new restaurants. Chicago was filled with smaller, independent restaurants that served the iconic Chicago food, but also had many chains. Included in this category, was the greatest one of all, Chick-fil-a. While there were Chickfil-a’s in Michigan, where Sheila lived, her mom never was willing to make the drive to them.When Sheila and her family travelled to Chicago for Spring Break, there was a Chick-fil-a a few blocks away from their hotel. It was her top priority to go; she needed Chick-fil-a. Sheila and her sister, Cassie, begged their parents to make the walk down the crowded Chicago streets to Chickfil-a. They reluctantly agreed, and Sheila quickly pulled out her phone and opened Google maps to get directions. They pulled on their coats — Chicago in April was still pretty chilly — and started their journey down the hotel elevator. They walked against the wind down the street, only to realize after five minutes of struggling, that the map had steered them wrong. “C’mon, Sheila! I’m getting hungry, and with you in charge of directions, I doubt we’ll ever make it,” Cassie scolded her. “Gimme a break, Cassie! It’s not like you’d any better.” Sheila stopped walking and stepped off to the side of the sidewalk to try and figure out what had gone wrong. She re-entered the address to Chick-fil-a, and they headed back the way they had just come from. After ten minutes of wandering around Chicago, Sheila looked up to realize that they had somehow made it on the same street as the Chick-fil-a! It was just a few blocks down, and they would arrive at the holy land. Soon, however, they realized that a few blocks in Chicago meant stopping every fifty feet to wait for the “walk”


Publication INC.

light to turn green, and the hopeful twominute walk turned into another ten minutes. But, before she knew it, Sheila’s dream had come true, and there she was, standing in front of Chick-fil-a. The excitement she felt made it seem like she had been waiting for this moment her entire life. As they shuffled through the turnstile doors, the heat and multitude of smells hit them like a wall. Sheila, Cassie, and their parents waited impatiently in line among all of the regulars, walking to and from work, and escaping the bitter cold that the wind created. Sheila stared at the menu like it was a piece of art in a museum, worth millions of dollars, trying to decide what to get. The line moved forward as people

acquired their food, and finally it was their turn to order. Sheila stuck to her comfort food — chicken nuggets — and ordered the iconic fries as a side. She added on a Dr. Pepper to drink, then stood off to the side while the rest of her family ordered. Before she knew it, her order was up, sitting there perfectly, waiting for her to pick it up. As she balanced the poise tray and walked to the table they had chosen, she noticed everything placed precisely in front of her. It was truly a dream come true. To Sheila’s dismay, her tray was empty not even ten minutes later. All of the excitement in the past hours had dwindled away, and she was ready to move on to more adventures in Chicago.



Home By: Cara Borgerson, 10th grade, Clarkston High School


e've gotta get home. We pedal harder and faster. The wind whips my hair into my sun kissed face. The air swirls and howls, spinning the dried leaves and roadside trash around our feet. A loud rumble, accompanied by a rattling boom, screams across the dark sky in the distance. We brace ourselves for what’s coming. Pat... Pat...Pat. It’s starting. I duck as the cool water begins to pour down on us. “Let’s take cover!” I yelled over the noise to my friend. “No! We can make it!” she cries back. I sigh to myself and keep pedaling down the street that’s now becoming a raging stream. My silver bike slips as the water comes between the ground and my summer-worn tires. The sweet

MARCH 2020

and relaxing smell of rain encircles me. A loud crack of light splits the grey and purple sky in front of us, startling me out of my peaceful daze. My nose is red like a fresh poppy on a bright summer day. My fingers begin to look like pruney raisins. My clothes are clinging to my body as I frantically pedal on. We aren't going to make it. The raindrops fling into our eyes when our wheels speed up the water-coated street. We look at each other and silently agree to look for shelter. “Keep looking, we’ll find something,” my friend demands over the loud smacks of the drops. We ride, desperately searching for a safe place to stop. I see a large oak tree in the distance; its leaves dancing in the gusts of wind. “Maybe we can hide under that tree!” I suggest, excited to get shelter from the pelting droplets and loud crashes from the stormy sky above. We whiz over and hop off our bikes, running under the protection of the tree, soaked. The thick

branches and dense leaves block all the water and allows us to rest. We sit for a long time in silence, scared, intrigued, and watching the sky as the storm rages on. After what seems like forever, we decide it's almost time to leave. As the rain falls into a soft sprinkle and the threatening grey masses roll away, we determine that we should leave the comforting branches — waterlogged, but ready. We jump back onto our bikes, going faster and faster as the bushes and trees become a blur. My dark wet hair warms as the rays of the summer sun beam down. Finally, we see a house in the distance. My house. We coast straight up the driveway and leap off our slippery bikes. The green grass sways in the summer breeze, catching the sunlight on the dew, just right making it look like thousands of sparkling crystals are in my backyard. The trees are lush with new life and the insects are buzzing about. We made it home.


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American Cars

By: Xavier Abell, 4th grade, Springfield Plains Elementary, Clarkston


Ford started in Michigan in 1903. Henry Ford was the founder. The first Ford ever produced was in the first year, and it was the Ford quadricycle. But the first Ford car that went into mass production was the Ford Model A. The Ford quadricycle had no cover and no protection. It was basically a motorized bike with two seats. Now, the modern day Ford cars, like the Ford GT used for racing and the Ford Fiesta, are used as rally cars. Ford is famous for all kinds of races, such as rally car racing, drag races, and desert races.


One of my favorite car industries is Tesla. Tesla was founded in San Carlos, California in 2003. There are many models, such as the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and the newest one, the 2020 Tesla Model Y. Tesla has no engine as it runs on a battery. It is an electric car company, and Tesla is friendly to the environment, unlike gas cars that release gasses and cause global warming. My favorite model is Tesla Model A. It has a base price of $50,000. It looks simple and has two electric engines — if one engine breaks down, you can go on with the second one. It has a fifteen-inch touch screen. And it has a very strong glass roof that can handle the weight of two African elephants. There is a lot of storage space. Tesla offers an autopilot, which means you can drive without touching the steering wheel. And the Model 3’s acceleration is excellent with its top speed of 162 m/ph.


Corvette is one of my favorite sports car companies. They make aerodynamic cars that go hundreds of miles an hour. Corvette was founded on June 30 1953. The most recent made Corvette is the new mid-engine Corvette. This means that instead of the engine being in the front, it is located in the middle of the car. There are different kinds of Corvettes, like the Corvette Stingray, Corvette ZR1, Corvette Coupe, and many more. The rarest Corvette is the 1963 Corvette Z06; it is one of the rarest American cars. There are only 63 of 1963 Corvette Z06s in the world. Another rare Corvette is the 1971 Corvette ZR2. Only 12 were ever produced! They are worth a fortune today and look amazing.


Another really big car company in the United States is Chevrolet. It was founded on November 3 1911 in Detroit, Michigan; now it is part of “GM,” standing for General Motors. Chevrolet cars are gas cars, except for one model, which is electric — the Bolt. Chevrolet also has a sports car called the Camaro. The Camaro has a top speed of about 200 m/ ph. It is one of my favorite cars. 10

Publication INC.



The Model T


By: Sahasr Medisetty,

1st grade, Doherty Elementary, West Bloomfield


he Model T is a brand of a Ford automobile that was made in 1900. It was the first automobile mass produced on assembly lines with completely interchangeable parts, marketed to the middle class. The Model T was only available in Black when it was built and was first made with a gasoline engine with 4 cylinders. Later, it was built for fusion hybrid. The Model T was an important car because it was affordable and made it possible for people to travel from place to place. It helped families stay united. For that reason Model T changed Americans’ lives.

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Publication INC.


Slavery By: Maryann Stach, 5th grade, Deerfield Elementary School, Rochester Hills


he first slaves in America were captured in 1619 on the White Lion ship. Soon enough the ship decided to dock at Jamestown. Jamestown was the first official American Colony named after King James I. After this, slaves were used for labor, such as plantation cooking and other sorts of things. The owners would never pay the slaves a penny; just would give them housing, which was usually a shed or shack. In just a flash, there were also indentured servants. What is an indentured servant? Let's say you had very little money and could not afford a trip to a colony. You really needed to go because you lost your job and you were guaranteed employment in this other colony. Many people became indentured servants when the people for whom they worked paid for their trip. Yet they were


Publication INC.

expected to pay back in time. They had to work for these people for about seven or so years, depending on how expensive the trip was. Indentured servants would usually get the harder jobs since they were only working for about 7 years or so, while on the other hand slaves would be working for the owners for their whole lifes.

Slavery was succefully abolished on December 8th 1865 in America. In simplest terms, the 13th Amendment states,�Neither slavery nor involentary servitude,exept as punishment as a crime were to part, we shall exist within the United States or on place to a subject that Slavery or involentary servitude shall not be permitted�.



The America’s Bald Eagle

When Was the Bald Eagle Discovered? The Bald Eagle discovered about a million years ago by a bird scientist also called an ornithologist.

By Amy Surowiec, 4th grade, Deerfield Elementary School, Rochester Hills

How many Bald Eagles are living in Michigan? There are 800 pairs of Bald Eagles right now living in Michigan


hy is the Bald Eagle the national Bird? The Bald Eagle was chosen June 20th, 1982 as the emblem of the United States of America because of its long life, great strength, and majestic looks. Also, then it was only known to live in the United States; the eagle represent freedom.

Where are Bald Eagles in America? Bald Eagles are found in North America and Alaska. That means that they are very rare animals, and you can purchase one for $467.


Holes by Louis Sachar

By: William Cicchella, 6th grade, Avondale Middle School, Auburn Hills


n the book Holes by Louis Sachar, a young teen named Stanley does a “terrible crime.” Now he

MARCH 2020

is at a correction camp, digging holes. Unbeknownst to him, they’re digging to find buried treasure, put there by the infamous outlaw Kissing Kate Barlow. Throughout the book, Stanley faces many challenges, which lead him to clues of where the buried treasure is located. When Stanley finds the treasure, he realizes that the treasure belongs to him all along. The author depicts Stanley’s main character trait as loyal. To start, Stanley is loyal because he wants to take Zero (his best friend) home with him, when Stanley was absolved. He doesn’t want to leave his friend behind. “ He couldn't just leave him here. Zero gave him a thumbs-up. ‘I can't leave Hector,’ Stanley said. ‘I suggest we go,’ said his lawyer with a sense of urgency in her voice.” Another example of Stanley being loyal is when he took the blame for stealing the sunflower seeds. Even though he didn’t steal them, his friend Magnet stole them from Mr. Sir’s truck, now Stanley has to face the punishment. ‘So, tell me, Caveman,’ said Mr. Sir. ‘How did

my sack of sunflower seeds get in your hole?’ ‘I stole it from your truck.’ ‘You did?’ ‘Yes, Mr. Sir.’ ‘What happened to all the sunflower seeds?’ ‘I ate them.’ ‘By yourself.’ ‘Yes, Mr. Sir.’” The third and final example of when Stanley presents himself to be loyal is when he could have died when he crashed, but he still tried to help his friend Zero anyway. “The truck lurched forward. Stanley jerked back against the seat and tightly gripped the wheel as the truck accelerated. His foot was pressed to the floor. The truck went faster and faster across the dry lake bed. It bounced over a pile of dirt. Suddenly Stanley was slammed forward, then instantly backward as an airbag exploded in his face.” Stanley did this because his friend Zero ran away from Camp Green Lake, where he was being bullied by the administrator. Although Stanley faced many challenges that were risky for him, he proved to be loyal to his friends. Something everyone can gain from this book is to be loyal to the people that depend on you and the people you depend on.


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Statue of Liberty By: Bennett Crane, 5th grade, Pine Knob Elementary, Clarkston.


he Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest symbols in the world because of what it symbolizes; the statue means more than one might think. The Statue of Liberty enlightens the world and stands for freedom. Originally, it was made to stand for friendship with France. To most of the world, it is a sign of freedom and is still known as Lady Liberty. The statue was built by Fredric Auguste Bartholdi in 1875 in France and was sent to New York City in 350 pieces. It took four months to put it back together. For a long time, the statue's pedestal housed military families and people used to be able to go up to the torch and crown. The height of the statue from the base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch is 305 feet and 6 inches.

The Statue of Liberty enlightens the world and stands for freedom.


Publication INC.


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First Step Makes a Good Friend By: Arnoldo Garcia, 6th grade, Avondale Middle School, Auburn Hills


woosh” I shot a flying soccer ball through the air and into the net. I hit the upper 90! I was thrilled and very proud of my shot. “Oh yeah! My shots are getting stronger and better,” I announced with enthusiasm. Another soccer ball was kicked but not in the net. I looked back, and I saw a boy my age, looking straight down at the rough grass with a gloomy look on his face. Man, poor kid, I thought. He’s missed all of his shots and doesn’t even know how to pass the ball accurately to another player. I then ran to the back of the line and felt the cool breeze hit my face. After a boy in front of me shot, I got ready to take another shot but I just couldn't get the kid out of my head. I felt very badly for him. He doesn’t


Publication INC.

have any friends and he needs help. I end up taking the shot and barely scoring. Soon after, our soccer camp coach asked us to come into the middle of the field. He discussed with us the next drill. He told us to pick a partner and start the drill. I saw the kid with no partner, and he looked pretty lonely, so I made my decision to be his partner so that I could help him. “So, what’s your name?” I asked. “It’s Michael,” He answered with a soft voice. We both backed up and started passing the ball around. I looked up and saw the boy struggling; there was fear in his eyes as if I were going to tell all my friends how bad he was. I think I should help him with his passing skills. “First, look where you are going to pass the ball. Second, angle your foot to where you are going to pass the ball. Third, pull your foot back and kick the ball with power and hit the ball in the middle with the inside part of your foot,” I declared. As we practiced, he seemed to get the hang of it. After the drill, everyone walked down to the cafeteria. It was a long walk. We had to walk over the bright green hills

and walk on the brown dusty ground. When I got my lunch, I finally looked around and saw Michael sitting alone. I took my lunch and sat next to him. “So what team do you play for?” I asked. “I play for the Nationals,” he replied. “What team do you play for?” “ I play for Liverpool,” I answered with a confident voice. “So what video games do you like to play?” I questioned. His face lit up with joy like if he won a million dollars as soon I asked the question. “I like to play Pokemon!” He announced. “Me, too; I love pokemon!” I replied with joy. After the long journey back to the pitch, our coach showed us the next drill. This time, I wasn’t the one going to Michael. Instead, Michael came to me. I saw that he was less shy and less down on himself. As the day went on, Michael and I became great friends. As I look back on this day, I know that this experience taught me to be helpful and take the first step to make new friends. Today, I’m changed because of this experience. In the future, I hope to stay kind, helpful, and a good friend.


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MARCH 2020


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AMERICA By: Bennett Crane, 5th grade, Pine Knob Elementary, Clarkston

We look at our history Look at our presidents We have Washington This is America, our home All who seek freedom Come to our home We have the statue‌ It stands for liberty It sands for freedom You are welcome You are welcome to our home

TENNESSEE By: Brandon Parcha, 12 th grade, Clarkston High School

Staring out the window And taking long naps Is finally currently over As I breathe in the air I see a black bear The smoky mountains are like no other 18

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The tree tops resort Trees grow from all sorts While the river rumbles and roars Outside of this place is a tourist escape That will fill up your every desire Whether it be a night out Or a walk through a route Tennessee goes all out Up in the hills On top of a mountain

Down the hills And nearby a fountain The sounds of the birds An incredible nature This is a time to savor The time will come where you lose all the fun But that’ll be a day so later Experience it here While the sky is clear Tennessee has beautiful nature www.KidsStandard.org


No Debt, No Worries By: Emily Valencia, 8th grade, Clarkston Junior High School


very year, colleges and universities earn millions of dollars through their athletes who carry a heavy academic workload and constantly train. However, college student athletes don't receive any of the money they earn for their schools. The NCAA prohibits schools to directly pay their athletes. As a result, many students struggle financially. In order to reduce college student debt, the NCAA should allow universities and colleges to pay their athletes. First, many college students are in during or after college. We must take care of our younger generation in order to further succeed as a nation. According to NBC News, “As many as 44.7 million Americans have student loan debt.” This issue reveals that society can be selfish in the business and education industry. It seems as if schools don't care if

MARCH 2020

one is in debt or needs to pay off a loan. Young adults may need assistance in order to be financially independent. Being paid to be an athlete in college will help many with financial deficits. In addition, the majority of college students agree that student athletes should be paid to play. CNBC reports that “An overwhelming 80% of all students and 83% of athletes agreed that college athletes should be paid.” College students took the survey, which means that they understand the difficulty in paying off student loans. To do so, many would have to get a job. However, the demands of academics and sports would make this impossible. Being paid would help athletes pay off any debts and start preparing them for a life after college. We should care about the college students and athletes in our nation because they are our future. Even further, many college students, including student athletes, have made commitments to take care of their families. For

example, Jadeveon Clowney, american football player for the Seattle Seahawks, informed ABC News, “Yes, having to take care of my family, it would have made a difference if I'd have gotten paid [...] If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college, I would have probably stayed in college." Clowney's experience as an unpaid college athlete was not favorable. In fact, he dropped out of college because he was not receiving enough income to support his family. Being part of a family means that one has financial obligations. Some college athletes that have families cannot support them because they don't have time to get a job between sports and education. Not only are unpaid athletes risking their families but they are also risking themselves. Being an NCAA athlete, one must train continuously and prepare for excessive workouts and games. The risk of getting injured is high. Since 2005, the NCAA requires schools to certify that athletes have a specific minimum level of insurance. The result is that athletes have high out-of-pocket expenses. If the NCAA allowed schools to directly pay athletes, they would be able to pay medical and injury bills, therefore reducing debt. Some may argue that college athletes get paid with tuition and board. However, they ignore the fact that students have additional expenses such as food, clothes and transportation. Also, schools receive a lot of money from sports, what happens to the profit? Marvin Williiams, professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks, states, “You go to Chapel Hill and try to go to a Carolina-Duke game, good luck trying to find a ticket. It’s nationally televised. There’s so much money that goes behind just one basketball game. I do think the players from both sides should definitely see some type of benefit.” College dropout rates have increased due to financial difficulties. Every day, more and more student athletes struggle to get by while studying and playing sports. College student-athletes deserve a chance to succeed without debt, and without worries.


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Kids’ Standard’s Camp “Writing through Learning & Learning through Writing” Using critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication will builds confidence.

Academic CAMP Reading, Writing , Playing , Painting, Movements, Maker Projects, & STEAM

Starts July 6th - Ends July 31st Monday- Thursday 9AM- 12PM 12PM-4PM WEEKLY FOR 1/2 DAY: $120 WEEKLY FOR FULL DAYS: $220

4 weeks 1/2 day $450 & 4 weeks full days $850 $20 discount applies for the second child Sign up by March 15TH you will receive $20. discount Please note that this camp will involve a walking trip to depot park in downtown. Students will be divided in groups of four and have a high school mentor assigned to each group and a leading teacher.. Students Name: ______________________________ Grade (going to): ___________ School Attending: ________________________ Guardian: ____________________________ (relation) ___________________ Contact telephone number:________________________ Email Address: ________________________ Tel:___________________ Week attending: _________________________ Morning-_________Afternoon___________Full day_________ Person will be picking up (If it’s different from the above person): ________________________________________

Location: Clarkston United Methodist Church on 6600 Walden Rd, Clarkston Please make the payment Online at http://kidsstandard.org/academia

Email this form to info@kidsstandard.com for more info contact Maggie at 248-410-3976


Abraham Lincoln By: Will Seidel, 5th grade, Pine Knob Elementary, Clarkston


hen I think of Abraham Lincoln, I think of a great man and a great

president. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest Presidents in American history. He helped end slavery and stopped America from breaking

MARCH 2020

apart in the Civil War (1861-1865). He also was the first president to be murdered in office. President Abraham Lincoln was faced with an extraordinary challenge during his two terms as Commander in Chief of the United States: reuniting the shattered halves of the Union. This was his sole purpose in fighting the Civil War; nothing more nothing less. John Wilkes Booth’s

reason behind killing Lincoln was political. He did not want slavery to end. Lincoln was shot by Booth at Ford Theater, and many doctors tried to save him. The doctors thought he died several times. On April 15, at 7:22 am, the 56-year-old President was pronounced dead. Lincoln put his life on the line for his people. He was a great president.


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PA R E N T ’ S C O R N E R

My America

Maggie Razdar Publisher/Founder


he American Dream is that all people, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, may attain their own version of happiness. We achieve the American Dream through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work – not simply by chance. The idea of the American Dream has deeper roots. Its principles trace back to the Declaration of Independence, which states: “We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” This country’s foundation seeks to give people freedom through their unalienable Rights. In a society based on the principles of Life, Liberty, and Happiness, Americans can live their lives to whatever capacity they want. America grew mostly as a nation of immigrants. Of course, America sits on the original lands and waters of vast Native American nations, many of whom are still around today. Since America became a country, many people came here in an attempt to find Life, Liberty, and Happiness, but a lot of people were also forcibly brought here as servants and slaves. The American


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dream has a very complex history. I am a human being. I am an American, an Iranian, a Canadian. I chose to become an American citizen, but I do not have to choose among these identities, despite those who insist that I do. I believe that we all are just human beings and that we can become all we want to be. I have lived in a half of a dozen of states in the U.S. and in three different countries. I was born in Iran and moved to Canada in my teenage years; there I studied at one of the country’s top educational institutions, McGill University. Later, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, for my job, and a year later, to New York to open my own business. Having lived in so many places and speaking three languages make me very familiar with many diverse cultures; this gives me good internal and external perspectives on the U.S. I see the American Dream being realized when America encourages prosperity, peace, and opportunity. Geography, economy, and politics are all factors that can encourage or discourage the American Dream. The higher education here is the best in the world. If you’re talented and intelligent, the U.S. is the best place in the world to live. The system is stacked heavily so that talented individuals can rise to the top quickly. That opportunity is what attracted me to the U.S. I quickly learned the game and opened my own business after only a year living in Boston. Many immigrants that come to this country bring a very ambitious mindset. We want to get a better education, have access to more opportunities, and make a better life. At the same time, there are many people born and raised in the U.S., who live in poverty. They have a hard time escaping it despite the country’s foundation in Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Many people who move to the U.S. create their own means of success. We hear them amplifying their voices with

enthusiasm and we enjoy reading their life stories. Immigrants are going after opportunities that they probably wouldn’t have had in their birthplaces. Why is this the case while so many natural U.S. citizens are struggling? Is this country not teaching them to soar, to reach for opportunities? What about the American Dream? There are many things of which Americans have lost sight. For example, the American culture encourages sports to the point that schools prioritize having top teams so they can bring schools money. Where is the mindset of investing in education? There are many things Americans don’t know about their own community and the rest of the world. With all our talk about being global leaders and having everyone follow us, we don’t seem to know much about our supposed “followers.” Other countries and cultures often have very different takes on history: it’s not all about us. The world is more complicated than that. Despite all these challenges, US is a beautiful country that has some of the most beautiful, giving and kind people. In America that I love, we have come to a new day. I think that Millennials and Generation Z will be the changemakers for this country. What makes me hopeful about the America’s future is my optimism for the next generation. We’re really seeing a massive shift in how younger people think in terms of being aware that, ultimately, we are all just one human race with imaginary borders between us. Social media have forced younger people to grow up more quickly, which has its negatives. One of the positives, however, is that we have a generation who is aware of its power and is quipped to use it. These kids don’t just lock themselves in a room and blast music; they spring into action and make a real change. I am honored to work with the young people in our community. I am excited to see where they will take us!



The Importance of Being Thankful

By: Alexander Hill, Financial Education Intern, MSU Federal Credit Union


n this day and age, people often give and receive in many different ways, be it gifts during the holidays or for your birthday. But sometimes we forget to say thank you. Expressing thankfulness is an important skill to practice and you would be surprised what a little “thank you” can do!

Being thankful with others

When it comes to playing nice with others, thankfulness is very important.

Being thankful towards others helps them feel appreciated and lets them know that you value the effort they took to do something for you. Letting someone know you appreciate them is a great way to brighten their day and makes them more likely to do nice things for you again in the future. Someone might not notice when you forget to be thankful, but they’ll always notice when you remember to thank them.

Being thankful toward yourself

This can be a little trickier, but being thankful toward yourself is also very important! Oftentimes, we tend to compare ourselves to others and we end up focusing on lists of things we don’t have. This can be very disheartening, and can even lead to poor financial decisions in the name of being part of the “in-crowd” or trying to have the same stuff as all your friends. Thankfulness helps by reminding us of the stuff we do have. When we

take the time to count all the great opportunities life gives us, it’s a whole lot easier to feel satisfied. Wealth is just as much a feeling as it is a status. We can all feel wealthy without being millionaires and owning everything. As Oprah once said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Tips for being thankful

Besides the usual “thank you,” there are many ways we can express our gratitude. For instance, if someone is kind to you, you can return that kindness to them or even pay it forward, which means doing something nice for someone else in the hopes that they will then do something nice for someone else in response. Whatever the gesture and however small it may be, the important thing is that you express gratitude to help keep the cycle of kindness going! Source: https://www.brainyquote. com/quotes/oprah_winfrey_163087

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My America, March 2020  

Read the stories and views of k12 studnets about "My America"

My America, March 2020  

Read the stories and views of k12 studnets about "My America"