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Editorial By Yemi Akinsiwaju Yemi, is a Trustee and a director of Kidcare. He is also a director of the Eden Foundation and Valiant Corporation Ltd



ancient Chinese sage once opined that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. That idea is central to the story of Kidcare. The journey of many thousands of miles around the world touching the lives of hundreds of children, their families and their communities; bringing the love of Jesus Christ and the message of the Kingdom of God to heal hurting hearts began with one step ten years ago... one step of faith!

And ten years later.... the journey continues... with the vision ever expanding and the need for God’s empowering grace always growing. As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of Kidcare, it is an opportunity to express our profound gratitude to the ultimate source of the vision, our Heavenly Father. His heart towards children is revealed by the following words, “Allow the children to come to Me – do not forbid or prevent or hinder them--for to such belongs the kingdom of God” – Mark 10: 14b. Our desire is for Kidcare to be an unceasing conduit that invites and attracts children around the world into a closer relationship with Christ Jesus and enables them to experience the fullness of all the blessings and potentialities of the Kingdom of God that belong to them. Kidcare 2009

A very big Thank you to all Kidcare sponsors, coordinators, partners, benefactors, fundraisers, supporters and well-wishers. Your contribution has helped to impact young lives who will in turn transform their families, communities and nations. Thank you so much for your commitment to making a difference in the world. As you read this celebratory publication, I pray that it will infuse you with a sense of joy at what we have accomplished together and encourage you to renew or increase your support for Kidcare and its lifechanging work around the world. Our thanks goes also to Susie Djan, the founder of Kidcare, whose sensitivity to the heart of God has enabled Kidcare to be manifested as an outpost of God’s love and heavenly purpose on the earth. Her untiring commitment to the work of Kidcare and unwavering faith in God throughout the last ten years has been an inspiration to many people around the world. The best is yet to come!!

Editorial team Editor: Susie Djan Assistant Editor: Ray Djan Junior Proof Reading : Theresa Mc Farlane Design, Graphics and Layout: Ray Djan Junior Assistant Designer: Bernadette Gyebi-Ababio Contributors: Susie Djan, Rupa Panesar, Deborah Lashley Bobb, Pearl Lashley Bobb, Theresa McFarlane, Yemi Akinsiwaju Victoria Osei Bonsu, William Osei-Bonsu, Rev. Ray Djan, Rosemary and Malcolm Crow, Pastor David Annoh, Gladys Burwano, Grace Life Church Klerksdorp, Marietjie Myburgh, Timothy and Rebecca Faustino, Father Arnold Maringe, Robert Mudhumba, Asharina Djan, Ritta, Alfred and Jemba CAPTIONS: Cover Page: Happy children of Lubya Community School, in Uganda. Also on cover children in the Philippines and South Africa

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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THANK YOU to all who have gone on mission trips to see the work and to connect with the children and their families. THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have come and assisted in the Kidcare International Centre here in the UK. We appreciate all our mission partners abroad for their tireless work in their own communities. We have to make a special mention of Naa Adei Boateng, the director of Kidcare Ghana, for her hard work to see the work of Kidcare established in Ghana and also mention Reverend James Bwengye director of Kidcare in Uganda. I end as I started, by expressing gratitude to God, in the name of Jesus, for giving us the grace to serve Him in this way. I pray you enjoy reading this newsletter and may God bless you.

Buwenge Childrens’s home, Uganda

Thank you!

Merci. GRAZIE. OBRIGADO. The work is progressing Danke steadily and making a huge By Susie Djan THANKS be to God for giving us the privilege, provision and grace to do this work these last 10 years. Kidcare has visited 8 nations and over 35 projects for the poor in those nations in these years. We have travelled to, at the very least, 3 nations each year. We are currently involved in active partnerships in 7 countries outside the UK. These are Ghana, Ukraine, South Africa, Philippines, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. We still have our connections in India and we look forward to expanding to other nations in the coming years. Kidcare 2009

difference in the lives of many poor families and children. Dependable funding is needed to see this work expand. However, we know that God is with us and He will make a way.

On behalf of the children and families this work has touched the trustees and directors here at Kidcare wish to express a big THANK YOU to all our sponsors and benefactors who have given finance, time, service, prayers and gifts without whose contribution this work cannot go on. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all our mission partners in the UK and especially to True Vine Church, the home church of Kidcare, who support all fundraising activities for this work.

Susie Djan is the Chief Executive Director and founder of KIDCARE International. She is also a part time Senior Law Lecturer at the University of Greenwich specialising in Child Protection Law. She is an elder in her local church, and participates in various training programs outside the church. She is married to Reverend Ray Djan and has 4 children.

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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From Our Missionaries

It’s a question of Obedience

By Deborah Lashley-Bobb

Deborah is an Immigration lawyer who has a deep burden for poor children in other nations. Over the years we’ve been bombarded with appeal after appeal, perhaps becoming cynical and de-sensitized to the pleading eyes and stick-like bodies of suffering children in other parts of the world. And then of course there are the flies, always the flies. Just at the corner of an unblinking eye or wending their way towards the child’s lips seeking the last vestiges of yesterday’s morsel. Switching channels doesn’t switch lives, and the desperate poverty, the pain of real hunger, vacant eyes filled with suffering, without hope...remain. Yet from the depths of darkness, disease and distress, there have arisen those who, illuminated by God’s love, have captured something of His compassion. There are those who would do more than simply say “Be blessed!” and turn away, closing their eyes and stopping their ears to the plight of the poor. It is with such faithful men and women of God that Kidcare has entered into partnership in Uganda. Kidcare 2009

In September 2008 Susie Djan, Rosemary Crow, my 82 year -old mum Pearl and I left the spanking new at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 for Entebbe, Uganda. Brilliant sunlight and hazy, heat assaulted us as we descended from the aircraft in Entebbe and made our way to the minibuses that were to transport us to the airport terminal. Whilst the surroundings were certainly less salubrious than Terminal 5, I was struck by the sincere warmth of the airport staff and their willingness to serve. These were characteristics that I was to discover were quite common amongst many of the Ugandans that we met. On leaving the terminal we were met by Pastor James Buwenge and two of his associates. We drove for several miles along an excellent highway edged with orange-ish / red sand and ramshackle houses interspersed with shops and more prosperous looking homes. Fruit trees abounded and there were urchins in ragged clothing running in every direction. Every few miles or so there were taxi ranks, but not as we know them. These were motorcyclists and cyclists (known locally as (boda-boda) lounging around waiting for a fare.

The highway came to an abrupt end and we found ourselves being rocked from side to side as our driver negotiated her way between massive potholes whilst at the same time weaving through a tangle of traffic that lurched towards us from every side. People stared, mostly curious stares, but at times what appeared to be thinly veiled hostility. Eventually, feeling a little seasick, we arrived at our quarters, the Kasubi Lodge, a modest hotel which was to be our base for the next week or so. The sights and sounds had been somewhat overwhelming and it was good to have a cool shower before sampling the delights of the Kasubi Lodge’s cuisine. With military efficiency, Susie outlined our schedule for the coming days. We set about organising the many gifts, items of clothing and medicines that we’d brought and waited for Pastor James to arrive. I’d forgotten how very differently we manage time in the southern hemisphere.   The first school that we visited was Lubya Community a nursery and primary school in Namungona, on the outskirts of Kampala the capital city. Forget the images of brightly lit spaces with murals hanging and toys strewn around, the sound of noisy

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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chatter. Here they were undertaking the serious business of education. Perhaps forty little ones crowded into a darkened room obediently learning by rote. Time to create a little pandemonium! The team split up, Mum and I taking a group of four to five year olds. We quickly re-arranged the classroom into a less formal arrangement and set about giving a dramatic and interactive reading of “The Selfish Crocodile” - I thought it great fun! There was a lingering sadness as we left. The children were so young and yet there was not one toy in sight. No picture books, nothing extraneous to direct learning. It was a pattern repeated wherever we went, a harsh regimen of instruction and diligent study, early risings and studying late into the night. I began to appreciate that practically everyone viewed education as the sole route of escape from the cycle of poverty that they found themselves in. No education, no job, no job, no food. It’s as simple as that really! Wherever we went, there were opportunities to share the gospel, and when necessary we employed the use of words too. This first trip to Uganda forced me to rethink my financial priorities. I remember in those last days of the trip longing desperately for the luxury of my hairdresser’s salon and then stopping to think that actually, the cost of a simple treatment and trim would probably provide a decent meal for an entire school. Ooops..!   To those who faithfully support Kidcare 2009

orphans and children in Uganda, I would like to say thank you. Firstly on behalf of the recipients of your kind gifts, but also I thank you for your consistent giving that puts food on tables, clothes on backs and books in bags. It’s fine for me to fly in, do a whistle-stop tour and be on my way again, but your faithfulness is in no small way, a practical demonstration of this aspect in our Father’s character. My prayer is that the children and indeed their teachers would see beyond the gifts to the Divine Giver, and that touched by your compassion and love, their hearts would turn to the Father. Once again, thank you. My encouragement to myself and to you too is, let us abandon ourselves to the Father and see what He will do in us and through us.

“I began to appreciate that practically everyone viewed education as the sole route of escape from the cycle of poverty that they found themselves in. No education, no job, no job, no food. It’s as simple as that really! ”

CAPTIONS: Top Left: Deborah reads to Kidcare Sponsored children of Standard Parents Primary, Uganda Bottom: Deborah gives a talk at school Assembly Buwenge Parents Primary, Uganda

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Reverend Ray Djan is a Development Consultant, a mentor and trainer in leadership. He is the senior Minister of True Vine Church, General Director and pioneer of True Vine Missions and the missions Director to Kidcare International.

Witnesses to the ends of the earth By Rev. Ray Djan

other words this kind of action forms part of the great commission. People hear you testimony better when they see your actions clearer.

Missions Director

“Go into the world and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, make disciples of all nations (people), baptizing them and teaching them to observe all I have commanded you and I will be with you till the end of the age” Matthew 28: 19, 20 “When the Holy Spirit comes He will endue you with power and make you My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth” Acts 1: 8


hese are two of the many key scriptures that have been at the heart of what we have done and continue to do as we travel to the many nations to which the Lord has sent us. Being witnesses or messengers of Christ, our message is of hope and presenting God’s heart. Social concern cannot biblically be divorced from the Christian’s walk with God and often times becomes the bridge over which we are able to be effective witnesses of biblical truths in practical ways to people. In

Kidcare 2009

In the two years since we produced our last magazine, I’ve had the privilege of going back to the various nations in which we work in such as the Philippines, Ghana and Uganda. It has been heart warming to see the work grow and some of the nationals we work with take a considerable amount of ownership of the work especially in Ghana. It is particularly encouraging to see pastors and leaders from different churches come together to support work that is fundamentally at the heart of God. In May 2008 I went on a mission trip to Kenya as part of my work training and develoiping church and ministry leaders. The trip gave us the opportunity to establish links with a ministry that takes care of orphans, and destitute people in a place called Saboti, not far from the city of Kitale in Kenya. Our initial discussions about their desire to form a partnership with Kidcare have been very positive and we have had several opportunities to send some financial support to them in their work. Most recently we assisted them with funds to enable them purchase seeds, fertilizer and other things so

they could plant crops which when harvested will go a long way to assist in the feeding of orphans, widows and other destitute people they support. In our partnership with True Vine Mission we have seen doors of opportunity open up for both ministries and we are prayerfully contemplating the way forward with the Lord’s leading. I am always happy when visiting our Kidcare sponsored children to see how they have grown and are getting on with their education. Whether visiting school children in Uganda or in London, I have found the children’s enthusiasm to receive the simple messages of God that I bring in their assemblies most heartening. I am encouraged that there will be amongst the next generation many who will also represent as witnesses God’s heart to their communities and not just in words but in their lives.   In conclusion we hold on to what Jesus said in Matthew 25: 40 that “whatever we do for the least of His brethren, we do for Him”. In all we do therefore, we must do it as unto the Lord for it is the Lord Jesus Christ we serve in everything! May He find us at all times faithfully doing His will and giving Him pleasure in who we are and in all we do.

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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From Our Missionaries By Pearl Lashley Bobb

Comment: Pearl is an 82 year old grandmother. She astounded every body we met that a woman of this age could come to mission. Everywhere she went, she had inspiring words of encouragement to give. She was a great support on this trip, assisting in our work in every way. She went everywhere and did not complain once about anything and was warmly received by every child and person she met. She was indeed a great blessing to all of us. May God continue to bless her and give her more years and strength.

M y visit to Uganda in September 2008 was quite an experience to see first hand the poverty most people are experiencing in other parts of the world. Yet, in this country others are doing extremely well. I was saddened to see so many young

“young children and the elderly seemingly homeless, begging on the streets and the worse thing was the fact that no one seemed to care”.

children and the elderly seemingly homeless, begging on the streets and the worse thing was the fact that no one seemed to care. The country appeared to be highly populated and there was rich vegetation, but somehow it seemed that the country was unable to meet the needs of the people. A lot of children and elderly people seemed to have been abandoned to begging

on the streets of the capital, and very poor in the villages. The input of Kidcare in so many lives to encourage Pastors, many of whom are poor and struggling is a great responsibility. It seems overwhelming, but I remind myself that with God all things are possible. My prayer is that God will continue to strengthen and empower this work together with all who support this work and that He will use this work to give glory to His name. I thank God too for Pastor James and the young man who dedicated so much of his time to driving us around. We enjoyed the hotel accommodation. The staff were polite and always so helpful. It was a good trip and I thank God for making it possible for I couldn’t have done it without Him. Thanks too to Susie, my daughter Deborah and our friend Rosemary for making the trip so wonderful. Most of all I loved being able to meet with the children and to have the opportunity to connect with them. Captions: Page 6. Reverend Ray Djan with twins in the Philippines. Below: Pearl with children at Kibetto village, Uganda.

My First Mission Trip To Uganda

Kidcare September 2009

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From Our Missionaries By William Osei-Bonsu. William is an itinerant minister, based in True Vine church UK who is currently taking a doctorate in Theology On Sept 24th 2007, I accompanied Pastor Ray Djan on my first mission trip. Our destination- Zamboanga Del Norte on the Philippine island of Mindanao. I had been invited to go on this trip based on two considerations: firstly as one of the Pastor Ray’s many sons in the Lord, it was to be part of my training; secondly, it would afford me the opportunity to see at first hand the work of Kidcare in Zamboanga. It also meant I would meet for the first time, little Ray Djan, the Philipino orphan boy Victoria (my wife) and I had been sponsoring.   On landing in Zamboanga, we were met at the airport by Rev Bonifacio Sembran and driven to our hotel. I could not fail to notice that virtually

every uniformed male (be they army, police or private security guard) either wore a sidearm or toted a rifle. This was a chilling reminder of an often volatile political climate, not made any more peaceful by the presence of Abu Sayaf rebels, who kidnap and hold foreigners for ransom. I wasted little time in getting acquainted with little Ray Djan, my sponsored child as well as the quiet and reflective Abu and his biological (and often mischievous) sister Bagdat. I also met Baby Susie (named after Susie, the director of Kidcare) and the rest of the orphanage which had been temporarily relocated to the residence of Pastor Bonnie. I had fruitful discussions with a teacher of the orphans who schooled them in various levels of academic work. Some of the orphans such as Abu and Ray Djan shyly displayed their grasp of mental arithmetic. Indeed, so challenged was I at the good work on the ground that I resolved to begin sponsoring an additional child when I returned to the UK.

On the final day which was Sunday, it was heart warming to witness the Kidcare sponsored ‘soup kitchen’ in action ladling steaming food to the needy people who came with their bowls and polythene bags. I was informed by Mammy Sembran (Pastor Boni’s wife) that this was a regular feature of church life every Sunday. It was with a little wistfulness that I packed my bags on the 10th and last day of our stay. 10 days earlier, I had jetted off to a world I had barely any knowledge of to share my Christian experience and had in turn been more impacted by the simplicity and depth of the commitment that these Philipino believers had to the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ.   CAPTIONS: Below, William with children in the children’s home in the Philippines. Page 9 Rosemary with children at the True Vine Kidcare School at Namwendua village. Inset Malcolm and Rosemary Crow

Jetting off to a world I hardly know

Changing Someone’s World By Rosemary Crow Rosemary and Malcolm Crow are retired teachers. They are trustees of Kidcare and their business, 21CC Fireworks partners with Kidcare.


y husband Malcolm (photo insert) and I live in Scotland and have been involved with Kidcare since 2001. In 2006 and 2008 I had the privilege of going to Uganda with Kidcare as part of a small team visiting Kidcare projects and sponsored children. On each occasion we spent time in both Kampala and Jinja where our sponsored children and our projects are situated. Coming from the affluent West, I think the over-riding impression one initially has is the incredible poverty of the people we were there to serve and the extent of the need for basic provision for these people. One could visit the affluent sectors and shops in the same country, but for the people with whom Kidcare works, having food for the day is often the main concern. The children whom we sponsor would not have the chance of education, clothes, shoes or any form of security if we were not there for them. The magnitude of poverty and need is enormous, a fact that greatly taxed Kidcare 2009

our oldest team member, Pearl, last autumn. She could not understand why no-one in government was helping to tackle poverty in order to provide basic human needs. She also made an extremely relevant point that although she had seen photos of previous missions she had not really appreciated the conditions, the extent of poverty, in which people actually lived. I emphasise this in order to encourage each of us to realise how blessed we are, even when we think we are not as comfortably off as we would like to be. We visited schools where teaching methods and discipline reminded me of those in UK schools 50 years ago – but the children want to learn, as education is seen as the only way out of poverty. The children were all so wonderful – they were so happy to see us and to perform for us, mostly songs they had prepared and they were amazing and a tremendous blessing. Sponsored children were given gifts from their sponsors and if sponsors were unable to send, the children still received. It was delightful to watch the joy of these children receiving their gifts but utterly humbling to have a child sink to

her knees to thank you for one boiled sweet. In each city we took our sponsored children to buy new shoes – what fun (and stress!) that was – 30+ children invading the equivalent of Clarks to be fitted and shod. Again it was incredible to hear the older children tell the younger that the shoes had to be bought too big – it would be another year before they would get another pair. Then we would take them for lunch – a special treat of chicken, chips, soda and ice cream – what an experience! Then time with each child to look at their progress (to ask if there were any issues they wanted to discuss). Many asked to be allowed to join the Kidcare programme as the ir living conditions at home were so bad.

Our feet take the Good News to the lost, encouragement to believers; our hands give His gifts to the poor; our hugs show His love; our hearts and attitudes release blessings to them, whether financial or spiritual. Truly “We cannot change the world but we can change someone’s world” – in Jesus Name.

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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by Theresa McFarlane, Kidcare Executive Administrator

Theresa has worked with Kidcare as its chief administrator since its inception 10 years ago. She is Sociology Lecturer and a retired police woman. I would like to wish all the trustees, coordinators, workers, sponsors, benefactors, staff, volunteers, churches and organisations working with Kidcare Happy 10th anniversary! I can’t believe how far God has brought the ministry and how God has held its administration in His mighty hand through many long and difficult trials. Where would Kidcare and all who work with it be without the boundless grace of our God? I rejoice that there is now one young lady going to university, others are in teacher training colleges, and technical colleges because Kidcare , through the hard work of its leaders and with the help of faithful coordinators and sponsors paid for all their needs right from nursery school.  I thank God for all those who have paid employment due to the existence of Kidcare.

How can you support Kidcare? Adopt a children’s home Adopt a feeding project Adopt a school Support our income generation projects Support poor pastors & their families Fundraise for Kidcare Email us today for more information at or call + 44 (0)20 3417 572 +44 (0) 7521 011105

many have felt led to offer their money, gifts and abilities to assist in the work. I have now spent more time working in the ministry of Kidcare than I have ever done since it’s inception in 1999. I cannot begin to express I thank God for all those who went on the many mission trips and served the joy I have had working in the office. There is a new kind and ministered the love of God to those who were in need. I thank God of insight in to how God works for every soul that has been saved by when you see work being done in His name up close and God as a result of their contact with personal. For example much Kidcare. I thank God for every piece needed money for the last misof land and every bit of real estate sionary trip in September 2008 that Kidcare has acquired in the course of its work and those who are came in at the right time and in 2 Corinthians 8:7 the right amount practically at benefitting from it. the last minute! I believe there “But as you abound in everything, in faith, is so much more in store for utterance, knowledge and in all earnestness...  The leasing of Kidcare’s first office Kidcare International and I can’t in May 2008 was a turning point see that you abound in this grace wait to see what God is going to and brought a great deal of new (of giving) also. do. I certainly pray that I will be exposure. It has made people who able to be a part of it. would otherwise never have heard of Kidcare aware of what we do and Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Lessons learnt on this journey

“God is everywhere!”

John 13:34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

By Susie Djan (Founder of Kidcare International)

Patience and perseverance in prayer is non negotiable. Meditating on His word, asking and thanking God for everything, in Jesus name must be second nature in this business God sees our attitude as we work with everyone we connect with, at all levels and in all situations. Regular heart examining chats with God must take place. God is showing us more about His character and His love through all the experiences we come across Things can be seen from a different perspective and we can be more understanding, accepting, forgiving and gracious. God is everywhere! He is awesome and beautiful! He really loves the poor, the widows and the fatherless. He cares! He fills their hearts with joy and peace and causes them to sing, dance and laugh in spite of their poverty. There are truly amazing people out there, hidden, sincere, self –sacrificing, doing great things for their fellow man because of their love for God. We can learn a lot by observing and talking with such people God’s presence is always there when one feels isolated in this challenge. This work can sometimes be frustrating, perplexing, lonely, and very time consuming. The joy of the Lord is always our strength. God is our strength and a very present help at all times. His grace is sufficient for us in our weaknesses. God is our provider and we must always trust in Him, committing everything into God’s hands. Take each day at a time, doing what one can do each day and thanking God for His grace


This publication has been priced at £5. However in many nations, it is freely distributed so that we can adequately inform all KIDCARE partners of our activities. You may be aware, printing costs can be substantial and can take up valuable money that could be used more directly for the benefit of the children. Our desire is to maximise the use of funds for the children’s benefit and miniNE mize avoidable administration costs. VE








Kidcare September 2009

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As a result, we would ask that you consider making a contribution towards the cost of the publications if you have not paid for this magazine. Any sum you donate towards this will be appreciated. Kindly write cheques to KIDCARE International (write ‘newsletter’ at the back of your cheque). Thank you and God bless you for your financial support.

R A DU ebr LL ati n 20 MO 09 is ng sue 1

Autu m


kidcare Kidcare International

1999 KIDCARE is launched on Saturday 17th April 1999. Starts as a missionary project of True

Vine church trust and operates under that charity’s registration. By the end of December 1999, Kidcare has 16 girls and 8 boys sponsored to school in Uganda and 3 boys and 4 girls sponsored to school in South Africa with 62 toddlers being looked after in a nursery school.

September 1999, True Vine Church Summer fete was organized which raised nearly £2000 – the beginnings of Kidcare fundraising activities October 1999, Kidcare take a team from the London Metropolitan Police to a South

African township. They are chief superintendent Simon Foy, borough commander of Lambeth accompanied by Chief Inspector Dalton McConney, Lambeth Borough Liaison Officer.

November 1999, Kidcare buys property, renovates this property and starts a children’s home in Uganda.

November 1999, Kidcare starts the work of partnership with a ‘street boys’ project,

know as the Atamalang Home for boys and provides tuition for these boys. This work continues to date.

November 1999, Kidcare partners with Bweyogerere Pentecostal school in Uganda to help build the school and boarding home and to sponsor children to school. This work continues to date. January 2000 Kidcare partners with the Lesang Bana crèche/ nursery school to provide children in a squatter township with day care services. This work continues to date.

December 1999, True Vine church in conjunction with One World Week organisation did a fundraising Cultural celebration of which proceeds were given to Kidcare

2000 A Durbar with cultural dances welcome Kidcare to the township of Joberton

Klerksdorp in South Africa with Mayor and national television interview.

February 2000, Kidcare visits India and connects with Harvest Ministries for India and the Rose of Sharon’s children’s home.

2000, Kidcare supports 18 children from the poor village of Idoome, to go to school. This work continues to date. In 2000, Kidcare started its visits to school assemblies and youth clubs in the UK. This work continues to date.

June 2000, Kidcare is introduced to the work of International Needs in Ghana

and visits a project for liberated slave girls (Trokosi). The support for this work continued for 3 years.

December 2000 sees the work of Kidcare highlighted in UK national Television and in local newspapers when a representative of the S. African Police, Captain Clara Mojaki (who was then a Kidcare co-ordinator in S. Africa) on the invitation of the British Metropolitan police came to visit London to exchange ideas on the community policing of youth in a multi-cultural setting.

November 2000, Kidcare visits and starts assisting the ministry of Harvest

International to feed over 100 destitute children in Mafikeng, South Africa. This projected was supported for two years


May 2001 Kidcare visits Potchefstroom University, South Africa and meets with Professor Madodei Zibi, the Vice president of the university to discuss poverty and child abuse in South Africa May 2001, Kidcare meets with the Mayor of Klerksdorp, South Africa and local officials and councilors in the town chambers.

September 2002 Kidcare visits the slums of Mathare in Kenya

2002 Above: Happy Kidcare sponsored child in the Philippines

April 2003, Kidcare visits the island of Mindanao in the Philippines and partners

with Pastor Boni Sembran to assist orphans, a feeding project and poor pastors. This work continues to date. 2003, Kidcare offers support for victims of atrocities in Gulu and Lira in Northern Uganda 2003, a temporary partnership with a church in Denmark afforded the Kidcare mission director a visit to Denmark in aid of supporting orphans in the Philippines.

December 2003, Kidcare representatives made the first trip to Rovno in Western Ukraine to visit two orphanages.

December 2003, the first Kidcare Concert (Making a Difference) held in the

centre of Croydon in the United Reform church performed by young talented musicians from the Brit school and other schools. The first of several concerts to raise money for the poor 2003 Kidcare supports the building and teachers allowances for a nursery and primary school for poor children in Uganda, called Lubya Community School in Namungona. This work continues to date.

2004 July 2004, Kidcare takes a team of 19 (mainly youngsters) to Uganda on a mission trip July 2004 Kidcare supports poor children in another Ugandan school- Standard Parents Primary. This work continues to date.

CAPTION: Left Page - A youth team from UK visits Uganda


Kidcare summer fair in July 2005 organised at the Glenbrook Primary school in South west London Special guests were the local fire brigade! 2005, Kidcare starts a feeding project in Jouberton township, South Africa – House of Bread. This work continues to date.


July 2006, Kidcare purchases a minibus for Uganda-Kidcare June 2006, Kidcare publishes its website October 2006, Kidcare becomes a registered not for profit private Limited company October 2006, Kidcare takes up partnership with Rhema church in South Africa as its co-ordinators for its work in South Africa. This work continues to date. October 2006, Kidcare starts its support for the Emmanuel Disable Project in Hartsbeesfontein in South Africa. This work continues to date.

CAPTION Left: Poor village children in Uganda get a school. True Vine Kidcare, Namwendua

2007 March 2007, Kidcare obtains its own separate charity registration under the charity commission April 2007, Kidcare partners with Pastor David and Galina Annoh of the Tabernacle church in Dnipropetrovs’k. Ukraine and Kidcare Ukraine is established. This work continues to date. July 2007, Kidcare team visits refugee camps in Northern Uganda, Gulu and Lira July 2007, Kidcare extends its support to poor villages in Uganda, from Idoome to Kibetto, Namwendua and supports village churches and schools. This work continues to date. October 2007, Kidcare purchases land and rents a home for needy children in Ghana. 2007, Starts the +zone bible studies club in the UK. This work continues to date.

2008 CAPTION Right: Kidcare Ukraine visiting schools in the Ukraine

September 2008, Kidcare’s sends one of its sponsored children to the University of Makerere to study BA honours degree in Education November 2008, Kidcare partners with Just cards, 4 Little1s to sell items to raise funds for the poor. May 2008 –June 2009, Kidcare rents a premise which becomes the Kidcare International Centre. September 2008, Kidcare invites volunteers from several churches to assist in the administration of Kidcare at the KI centre. June 2008, Kidcare in partnership with True Vine Mission start a Kidcare Project in Kenya ans purchased seedlings for farming November 2008, Sells books, cards and toys in a Kidcare shop partnering with other charities such as Justcards. Income generation project starts. November 2008. Start of income support project for poor pastors and their families in Philippines – furniture project December 2008 Joint fundraising between Christians in Action and True Vine Church to raise money for Kidcare

2009 May 2009 Kidcare celebrates 10 years with concert, joint celebration service and BBQ June 2009, Kidcare starts work in Zimbabwe July 2009, Kidcare moves office to Sutton Business Centre, (SBC House), Wallington, Surrey. CAPTION Right page: Children looking after children in Kibetto village, Uganda

The Way Forward

Embark on… ...

a scholarship programme for poor children who need assistance in Further or Higher education.

... support for families and youth in UK by provision of

Parenting forums, family conferences, Advisory and Support Services, Children’s ministry programmes looking for open doors of partnership as and when.

Expand our … for organisations, churches and

individuals whose emphasis is support for poor families and children by training, donating financial and other resources, providing when/if asked leadership and spiritual oversight.

...relationships with partners in the UK and world-

wide to join hands to assist the poor. Specifically praying for new partnerships with businesses, schools and churches.

...partnerships with projects as and when in

Efficiency… central management, office admin-

istration, training, research, publicity and marketing.

... administrating our prayer network for the poor and those workers on the field assisting them.

different nations.

... support for poor pastor’s families. ... support for medical assistance for poor children and families.

...income generation projects for the poor. for children’s homes and foster care for children in poor nations.


is a Christian charity founded in April 1999. We are UK based with partners and subsidiary branches in different nations. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of children, strengthening families and contributing positively to as many communities as we can both in the UK and around the world. Kidcare’s international programme places special emphasis on those living in poverty.

Letters Letters Letters From Lesang Bana, (Children’s creche in township, S. Africa) Dear Kidcare, We would like to thank you all at Kidcare for your generosity from the bottom of our hearts at Lesangbana Kidcare. We really feel loved and appreciated. We also would like to thank you for your prayers and support you really are our heroes. Without you Lesang Bana Kidcare wouldn’t be where it is today. Most of all I am very humbled for you believing in me. That really gives me courage and the drive to make Lesang Bana what it is supposed to be, to care love protect all the children regardless of their background. Since the fence of the yard has been done, new doors are being opened for us. We managed to get a swing from Social development. We are also working toward putting in more toilets and I have been attending workshops on how to apply for a social grant and developing a site to start gardening so that we must get vegetables from the garden. With the grace of the Lord we hope to see Lesang Bana Kidcare grow from strength to strength. We are also very grateful for the help we are getting from Rhema. It shows us that Lesang Bana is not alone. Thank you, we love you, Gladys Burwano, Co-ordinator and Proprietor of the Lesang Bana Nursery School

From the co-ordinator of House of Bread , Feeding programme in township, S. Africa. Dear Kidcare sponsors,

Rebecca Faustino Founder of House of Bread

Kidcare 2009

We have been doing well with the children since the year began improving as time goes by. I am glad to say that God is at work in this place. As we have been giving the children food for the soul, we have been teaching them about the Gospel. We have also embedded teachings about salvation, the fruit of the Spirit and who Christ is into their lives. The children have also shown improvement in their health in general and in behaviour. Some of them are calm and show respect towards each other. The parents of the kids have even started to notice the difference with their behaviour in general. Rhema Ministries has been buying the gas each month, and have built a concrete shelter. We have continued to do great work with the help of Pastor Morgan. He has been an important pillar of support with a great impact in the development of the children’s standard of food and the teaching of the Gospel. This work has really touched the community. Please for the children that God will place His mighty protection over them all. Thank you for all your support. God bless you all. Love Timothy and Rebecca Faustino

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 18

Letters Letters Letters The youngest Kidcare missionary Dear Kidcare Readers,

Asharina aged 7, with orphan, Rayjan in Mindanao, Philippines

Ever since I was a child at the age of two, I have been traveling around with my parents on Kidcare mission trips. My first trip was to Uganda. I have seen poor and unfortunate children in countries such as South Africa, the Philippines, Kenya, and recently this year to Ghana. Since I started secondary school, I don’t often get to go as much as I did because it would mean I miss school. When I go, I love to play with the children in the homes and I have made many friends. I like to join the children when Kidcare takes them for treats at restaurants. I have seen people living in huts made from sticks, mud and sometimes just hay. In some very poor places in South Africa the houses are made from anything they can get like tins, and cards. They have very little in their homes and it is usually one room. They are very poor. I have seen little girls having to fetch unclean water from the river or from long distances. Young boys walking in the streets begging for money for food. A lot of them have torn and very dirty clothes and no shoes. It makes me feel sad and very sorrowful that other children have to suffer so much. But with your help we can put some of this poverty to an end and put smiles on those children’s faces. Lastly I would just like to say I am very privileged to be a part of the Kidcare mission teams. Happy 10th birthday Kidcare. From Asharina Djan (11years)

By Ritah, Kidcare sponsored child from Uganda

Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 19

Letters Letters Letters From Lubya Community School, Uganda Dear Kidcare Sponsors, We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. These warm greetings come from the entire staff of Lubya Community Infant School- Namungoona. We thank the Lord who has enabled you in everything you are doing for the children. We also thank you for every visit you pay to us in a year, it is really wonderful. We appreciate you and your team for the lunch you gave to the whole school and visiting every class to talk and teach the children songs and read them stories. We thank Kidcare for the textbooks you bought for the school, the gifts you gave to us plus the moneys you gave

r Pastor, ye, Senio ctor of g n e w B and Dire d James Reveren f Christ Ministry so Disciple anda. Ug Kidcare

the teachers to increment our salary. We thank you for bringing grandmother Pearl to visit us. We thank her for the support she is giving to the young generation. We thank the Lord who has kept her and given her strength so that she can continue to serve at her age. We really loved her encouraging words. To her daughter Deborah we thank her for the spiritual words she taught these young ones as it says in the Bible that, “Christian love must be seen in action.” She is doing it really. We are very grateful to you for bringing Sister Rosemary again to us. We are grateful for the words of comfort and hope she brings each time she comes. May the Almighty continue to give you love, peace, joy and strength in your work. And also bless all the families of those who support this work. Yours faithfully, Nabbosa Marjorien (Headmistress) & Rev. James Bwengye (Kidcare Director, Uganda)

From Kidcare Sponsored child, Uganda My dear sponsors, I am blessed to write to you at such a time like this in Jesus name. I hope things are going well with you there. Likewise at these ends, though there are always certain hindrances, but by the help of God, everything becomes OK in the end. Really, I am so grateful for the sponsorship given unto me right from primary level up until this college level. It’s really tremendous because it’s coming to 10 years. Actually I know it’s not easy for you, but really I appreciate God who has enabled you to do so. Mammy Susie has been visiting us in Uganda with many visitors, up to our school indeed. It’s so encouraging and now I feel I am not ignored, discriminated, under looked, because of being an orphan but only that God really He cares about me. She always brings words of wisdom. Actually, you have been a blessing to our family and up to date you are a blessing to my lifestyle. Thank you for the fina ncial help you have given me towards my education. It is so great, and great and great. Because it has been going on for a long time now. If it was somebody else, they would have given up with me because at every level I reach, the fees increase. But I thank God who has made you to continue to support me in all areas whether pocket money, book, pens, clothes and all other things mention but a few. Sincere appreciation from Robert Mudhamba (Robert is currently taking a course in engineering in a technical college) Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 20

Letters Letters Letters From Marietjie Myburgh, SAVF Regional Manager, North West Province, South Africa. Dear Kidcare sponsors We herewith wish to thank you for the contributions you make which we receive monthly from you. We sincerely appreciate this donation because it enables us provide for the boys schooling. 8 kids took their education serious and passed their grade. We received money from the National Lottery with which we bought a vehicle and also erected another dormitory for the children. We plan to have the small children sleeping in the original bedroom and the older children in the new one. For the past few months we have had 16 children staying in the shelter, whilst we only have places for 12 to sleep so this is an important improvement that should take place. We needed the vehicle urgently. Not only can we do purchasing, deliveries, pick –ups marketing and fundraising, we can also transport children to various places. We have also erected a small hut at the gate for the 24 hour security which we had to hire in order to counter criminal activities at night. We have also erected two offices, one for each manager and the social worker. The original office has been converted into a clothes and food store. At the end of 2008, we arranged a big Christmas Party for the shelter kids, together with children in foster care whom are attended to by SAVF family care. This was a big success. 200 children attended. Each child received a present and all had lots to eat! They played, sang and thoroughly enjoyed the event. God bless you Yours sincerely Marietjie Myburgh

‘...Really, I am so grateful for the sponsorship given unto me right from primary level up until this college level.’ Robert

By Jemba Kidcare sponsored child from Uganda

Kidcare 2009

page 21

Letters Letters Letters

How can you support Kidcare? *Sponsor a Child *Support our College Fund for needy school leavers *Become a Kidcare Benefactor *Introduce us to schools, clubs, churches or businesses Email us today for more information at

By Alfred. Kidcare sponsored child from Atamalang Centre south Africa

or call us today at + 44 (0)20 3417 5727, Reception Tel.: + 44 (0)20 8669 0011 Cell/Mobile No.: + 44 (0)75 2101 1105


Communicating with your sponsored child by emailing them or writing to them means a lot to them. If you are writing to them, please send all letters via Kidcare offices in the UK, and please omit your own personal address and telephone number. If you wish to add a small parcel, for e.g. colour pencils, book, balloons, etc. please supply add a donation towards overseas postage. We will ask that you do not write or send money or gifts directly to your child. Communicating to your sponsored child has been made a lot easier if you have access to the internet. Please visit our website at and click on the SPONSORS LOG-IN button on the right hand side and register. You can write a letter to your child online, which will be delivered to your child via email through the co-ordinator. Thank you. Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 22

NOTICE BOARD OUR OBJECTIVES KIDCARE is committed to: Supporting poor children, youth and families by providing for their social, educational, economic and spiritual development. Assisting in the development of children and families generally in relevant ways. Working in partnership with individuals, churches, schools and other organisations to positively influence the lives of children. Being financially accountable to all sponsors and benefactors, and further, dispensing funds for the intended purpose.



ARERS Please help u s to support the pastors/ co-ordinators KIDCARE many of who m have pressing and have the needs ir own childre n’s school fee and other fam s to ily financial pre pay ssures. Some good people of these need transpo rt, a car, moto cycle. For som rbike or bie a motor bike or van would assist them w not only ith their work , but can help them with an provide income. Man y would have burden lifted a huge off their shou lders if their ch sponsored to ild ren are go to school. For others, a tion towards co ntributheir living exp enses (rent, fo be much app od) will reciated. Do contact K IDCARE today if you would know more ab like to out this or se n d in a gift do to KIDCARE w nation riting on the ch eque ‘Pastors Care’

ONEY RAISE M D N A P PS AIL SHO LINE SHO T N E O R R G U ADIN ISIT O E. ALL LE ATURED HERE. na in V R a A h C G ID in K l E o FOR K ARE F e to scho cations r U u t E a r H e T t li IN care d onates i CH publi K A / E t T a O . G Kidcare d y ip with www.bu partnersh SITE



een bsite has b e w e v ti c eftera ative and in tion on our mission a Our inform rm t Visit us a gives info the world. d updated. It n u ro a rojects forts and p


intern e r a c id .k www

s memo EATURES:hich show w , ry SPECIAL F e ll a ations. a photo g different n in *There is rk o w r u s whether es in o g donation ers can in rable scen iv g f o system ing ord *A secure ular stand g re y b r o ff ill usually as a one-o l. PayPal w a P y a P ia v one e of the now be d percentag ll a m s ry ation fee take a ve s administr it r fo n o ti dona

SION churchNEW MIS G IN K inistries, E E m S r e h K t U o arities, S IN THE tner with hools, clubs, ch r a p to PARTNER to g c is seekin together arities, s h E k c R r A , o s C w ip ID h K s. s to n fellow d familie inesses, s n ia t a u is b r n h re d C d n es, ns a t chil e asrganisatio s that will benefi port som or p u s to NGOs, o t c for proje e a commitment ision of finances v r fundraise ak r basis fo h the pro rtners m la g a u u P g ro n re h t io a s k Mis wor can or on t is unique and IDCARE’s ver they e en n e h pect of K w our involvem vice r e ip s h r s r ners. If y la t e r u n a t ic r p t r a r a p u p o h a c ll lease con f time. Ea experience for a p o , E d R io A r C e ap ing ith KID a reward partner w to e k provides li ion would cussion. organisat dis arrange a to s u t c ta

Kidcare 2009

TO MAKE A DONATION If you wish to give fin ancially to Kidcare

please address cheques

to ‘Kidcare International’

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

Page 23

Reports, Kidcare UK “ I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits...”

Sponsor A Child I assumed the position of Sponsorship Administrator for Kidcare International in March 2008 and it has since been a rich and dynamic learning experience. Part of my remit has been to communicate regularly with our sponsors and benefactors whose support of our children in the various orphanages and homes around the world has been crucial to the work of Kidcare. I also liaise between our Head Office here in the UK and our respective Project Managers across the continents. Also, it is my duty to ensure that the communication between our sponsored children and their sponsors flow effectively. This year we have had to review the performance of some of our children who are struggling academically; most of whom have agreed to seek technical/vocational training. Many children have moved on to secondary schools and further education colleges and vocational schools. This is a great achievement for these children considering the backgrounds they came from. One young lady, Veronica Nambi, is now in Makerere University studying for an Education degree. We have 4 children who have finished their schooling in the last 2 years and are now working as a secretary, hairdresser, shop assistant and a plumber. One young man who has also recently finished Teachers Training College. The sponsorship programme continues to thrive with over 80 children sponsored on a one to one basis (i.e. sponsored by individuals here in the UK) and over 600 children being supported in orphanages, nursery and primary schools. A big THANK YOU to all our faithful sponsors. We hope that more people will come alongside us to sponsor this worthy cause so that the lives of more children will be transformed for the better.

by Victoria Osei Bonsu, Sponsorship Adminstrator

Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 24

Chair’s Report – Kidcare UK This year has been a time of tremendous change for Kidcare, but it has forged through with purpose and direction notwithstanding much change both externally, and internally. As a result there have been some exciting advances in some areas. Kidcare welcomed to the Board new Trustees, recognising the need for greater levels of expertise and assistance at a time of exciting growth and opportunities. As a result we have been delighted to add to our company Janice Barnett, Janice Martin, Yemi Akinsiwaju. Former trustees have been reincorporated back as trustees i.e. Malcolm and Rosemary Crow and Rebekah Cannon. The Corporate membership has also been increased. Furthermore in order to excel at every level of operation we have renewed a commitment to work and pray together, to consider Chair of Kidcare International relationship, vision, and faith for the tasks ahead.

By Rupa Panesar

Rupa is a solicitor and currently a The running costs of the new Kidcare Offices UK mean that there is short term pressure on funds, but plans are practitioner in criminal law. As the chair of the Kidcare Board of Trusts to raise the profile of Kidcare UK, and its UK activities she offers invaluable advice on quesand to raise the bar on publicity and presence in the tions of policy and direction. local community. Kidcare trusts that this will allow interest and offers of donations to help fund not just the Centre but to increase the operational effectiveness of its projects aboard.

This is at present a small charity and not subject to the risks inherent in larger organizations. Nevertheless the Trustees have introduce a system for identifying risks and ensuring steps are taken to reduce those that presently exist. Kidcare has adopted a ‘culture’ of effective management of risk and re-assess whenever a significant risk event occurs. In respect of funding, this is Kidcare’s strongest on-going need and Kidcare will need to negotiate the impact of the economic downturn in the economy, just like many charities. The need for funds is now, more than ever for capital for communities to become self sufficient. It is our hope and prayer for a budget which will release capital funds for regeneration and expertise in this year for Kidcare as it grows in its operational effectiveness. This is a very exciting time for Kidcare. Having child like faith, Kidcare echoes the heart call expressed by Martin Luther King when he said, “ I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self centred men have torn down, other centered men can build up”. In closing, I ought to honour the leadership of Kidcare, and the relentless energy and vision of the Chief Executive Director, her sacrifice, her vision, and her belief that God is with her, and with us. I am also grateful, and acknowledge the invaluable help of the Board of Trustees who continue to support, advice and uphold Kidcare; True Vine Church (for thier prayers and fundraising support), without whose help Kidcare’s work would be a lonely venture. CAPTION: Top Left. Children of Kidcare sponsored primary school, Lubya Community: Middle:- Veronica Nambi, the first Kidcare sponsored child to attend Unviersity. She is currently taking BA Education Honours Degree at Makerere University Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 25

Reports, Kidcare-UK

Kidcare International Centre & Office: KIdcare moved into offices in May 2008. This was a momentous move for Kidcare as up until then, all its operations took place from a study in the Director’s home. This office has posed quite a challenge to Kidcare financially as very few people actually give moneys directly towards Kidcare’s administrative set up. However a few benefactors have been willing to offset part of the cost of the rental and office expenses. The first location of the centre was extremely attractive as it was in the centre of town and situated at a spot where most traffic could not fail to see the Kidcare signage. Along with the office came a big shop floor and a basement. The shop floor was utilized by selling Christian cards, books, together with some children’s toys. The cards came from JustCards and the toys from a business known as 4little1s. These were given on a sale and return basis which benefited Kidcare as there was not the capital to engage in any such business. Kidcare 2009

Top: The Kidcare Centre (shop and office) at Purley

The shop started in November 2008, and there had always been a steady flow of shoppers into the shop and visitors who just want to know more about the work of Kidcare. The running of the shop came to an end when Kidcare moved to its present office in Wallington in July 2009. These are modern serviced offices which is to the benefit of Kidcare. NEW KIDCARE OFFICE ADDRESS: KIDCARE INTERNATIONAL, SBC HOUSE, RESTMOR WAY, WALLINGTON, SURREY SM6 7AH Tel 020 3417 5727

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 26

KIDCARE +ZONE This programme was established in 2007. It aims to encourage children from the ages of 3 to 14 years to know more about the bible outside Sunday school classes & to memorize bible verses through interactive resources for children and by engaging in various fun activities. children are motivated by certificates and prizes. Children who participate receive literature and support from mentors/assistants. In the summer of 2008 the +Zone held its first Summer Camp at the premises of Christians in Action, Addiscombe. It was indeed a wonderful experience of Faith, Fellowship and Friendship. The participants had much fun learning so many things such as baking fruit crumbles, bread and pizza, carpentry (making fridge magnets), art & craft, the value of dance and drama as a form of worship, as well as how to lead exemplary lives as Christians. currently THREE

churches participate in this program.

Left: John Prescott, the Kidcare financial administrator, sitting at his desk in the new Kidcare offices situated at SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey.

UK Schools And clubs Support

We continue to visit school assemblies to educate children in the UK about how other children live in other parts of the world. This is usually Reverend Ray Djan’s remit which he does ever so well. Schools visited in the last two years are the Parish

Church Infant and Primary schools in Croydon and Smitham Primary School in Coulsdon. Smitham Primary school held a mufti day and raised moneys for books in Uganda. A children’s Sunday school group in Purley Baptist Church saved pocket money to assist village schools in Uganda. Dulwich College for boys also had various sports challenges and raised over £500 for Kidcare. CAPTION: Left, Children from East Dulwich Kumon, raise funds for Kidcare.. See story on page 28 Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 27

Reports, Kidcare-UK

Fundraising Activities Kidcare fundraises in the UK to support our projects and the to raise funds. Summer of 2007 - a barbecue and sports day at Glenbrook primary school to raise funds for the children’s home in Ghana. Christmas of 2007 - ‘an Xfactor dinner party and show’ which took place at Clapham Youth Centre. May 2008 - a gospel concert ‘MAD’ concert or ‘Making a Difference’ concert by youths from a musical college known as the BRIT school speared headed by Daryl Djan.

Cheryl Djan and Charlene Haley, Star fundraisers

CHRISTIANS HAVE GOT TALENT SHOW 2008. Christmas in 2008 was special as two churches True Vine Church and Christians in Action teamed up to have a fundraising dinner and talent show. East Dulwich Kumon Students raise money in National Mathathon. Students of this study centre did sums as part of a national Mathathon in order to raise money for charity. The Mathathon took place from the 4th – 7th of June. This fun event was one of many activities organised by Kumon to celebrate its 50th anniversary. A big well done to Justine Rae Infante, a six-year old student who raised £115.00 and to all the children who took part. True Vine Church tuck shop were small purchases go along way to sponsor children to school. This is organised by Cheryl Djan and Charlene Hayley and other youth members of the church.

Kidcare 10th Anniversary Concert 2009: This was to celebrate 10years

of Kidcare’s work. This took place on Saturday 16th and 17th of May. The concert on the 16th was a huge success. The Sunday service was hosted in partnership with Christians in Action Church and True Vine Church. The Sunday schools from both churches came together to portray songs, plays and mimes which showed God’s love for justice and the poor. In all over £3200 was raised that weekend!

Above: Kidcare receives a cheque from East Dulwich Kumon,presented at the town hall by the mayor and a Kumon student.

Praying for Kidcare

‘Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints’ Ephesians 6:18 We believe that prayer is the lifeline for any Christian ministry, because prayer enhances our dependency on God. It gives us God’s wisdom and perspective on things; strengthens us and brings God’s divine intervention on the scene in the way He wills. We realise that the real objectives of KIDCARE can only move on by the power of prayer. We have had three Prayer meetings to pray for the work of Kidcare in the last year. We have not been able to produce our regular prayer bulletin but with more volunteers assisting Kidcare, this will be done. Thank you and God bless you for the time you give to pray for the work of Kidcare. Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 28

UK Mission partners CHURCHES

True Vine Church is Kidcare’s home church and continues to provide considerable financial and human resources for this work. Without this church base, this work will be impossible.

Carnoustie Christian Fellowship in Carnoustie, Scotland has faithfully backed our programme of youth development and supported 3 youngsters for several years now.

Christians in Action church, Addiscombe in

South London support by joint prayer meetings with True Vine church and joining in several fundraising events.



ACG-Consulting is a privately owned professional and successful E-commerce W eb Design and Development Company based in South London, specializing in Branding, web design, programming/ software development, internet marketing and security, hosting and supports for websites and email. This company designed and currently hosts the Kidcare International website, email accounts and gives ongoing technical support. (http://www. Contact: Andre & Sarah Gordon

East Dulwich Kumon

Kumon aims to make maths and English more enjoyable for as many children as possible. East Dulwich Kumon support Kidcare in fundraising whenever possible. Contact: William & Victoria Osei Bonsu Kidcare 2009

21CC Fireworks (21st Century

Celebrations Fireworks) are a specialist firework company with a thorough knowledge of pyrotechnic products and services, who enjoy a good reputation for creative excellence in fireworks and pyrotechnics. http://

www.21stcenturycelebrations. com/ Contact Malcolm & Rosemary Crow

Just Cards Direct imports and

sells handmade greetings cards from Africa and printed cards from around the world. The business was established in February 2007 and sells ‘just cards’ – meaning that they not only sell cards but that they also help to provide justice, dignity and hope for the disadvantaged. For every card bought through this site a donation of 10% of the value is given to Kidcare International. Visit their website. Contact: Anne Horrobin

Aramat Homes

A ministry to young adult men providing homes for stability, where they can develop and become responsible men in their communities. Contact: Betram & Haley Jones


They are business accountants and compliance consultants for firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). They provide Accounting services for sole traders, partnerships limited companies and charities & Compliance support services for regulated firms. Harvine is committed to making a difference in the global community and has identified KidCare International with this focus. Harvine is committed to contributing £1 out of every £10 received in client fees to Kidcare and another charity. Please see links below for further information. http://www.harvineconsultantsltd. Contact: Harold Adjei Twum


-KIDCARE UK STAFF (2007-2009)

TRUSTEES Rupa Panesar (Chair Lady of Kidcare) Susie Djan (Chief Executive Director) Ray Djan (Missions Director) Cecil Addy Rebekah Cannon Janice Richards Malcolm Crow Rosemary Crow Yemi Akinsiwaju Janis Barnett CORPORATE MEMBERS Martin Richards Peter & Jean Pauls Henry Martindale Theresa McFarlane Evans MacDonald William & Victoria Osei Bonsu Kwasi & Naa Adei Boateng ( Kidcare Ghana Directors) ACCOUNTANTS Andrew Thurban & Co. STAFF Theresa McFarlane (Executive Administrator) John Prescott (Financial Administrator) Victoria Osei Bonsu (Sponsorship Administrator and +Zone Director) Patrick Quao (Financial Assistant) Cheryl Djan (Fundraiser) Charlene Mathison (Fundraiser) Pamela G - Ababio (Administrator) Rita O’Connor (Administrator)

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 29

Reports, Kidcare ABROAD


Kidcare partners with GRACE LIFE CHURCH, formerly known as Rhema Church of

Klerksdozrp. This partnership is one of the most effective of Kidcare partnerships. Rhema Grace Life Kidcare has the backing of the leadership of the church (with Senior Pastor Paul Heine). The administrative accountability and regular reports is the work of the church’s extremely competent administrator, Shirley van der Merwe. The day to day oversight of the work is executed compassionately, tirelessly and faithfully by Pastor Morgan Mahlaulo.

Pastors Ray and Morgan Mahlaulof in South Africa.


Kidcare supports this project which looks after disabled children in a poor township in Hartebeestfontein, South Africa. The leader there, Sophie Tay runs this project form a garage. There is a great need to move this project into better facilities. By the end of 2008, 15 children were attending the centre on a daily basis. Sophie is appealing for funding for food, study aid books and transport to bring the children to the centre. Kidcare’s current support assists in paying the care-givers a monthly allowance. In 2009, Kidcare visited this project and with the support of Grace life - Kidcare we were able to provide through the auspices of the Rotary Club in South Africa, brand new wheelchairs to several poor disabled children, teenagers and elderly people.


Kidcare has supported this project for the last 10 years. It is a home to ‘street boys’. On a visit this year to the shelter, Kidcare was impressed to see how the home is very well managed. The home is kept very clean, orderly, and the children are well provided for. The children were happy to see the Kidcare team and showed us their work, did a show for us consisting of a play, dances, poems and various recitals. They are truly very talented youths and it was such a joy to see them well looked Above: Wheelschairs donated to after, disciplined and exhibiting their talents. On this trip, the Emmanuel Disability project Kidcare bought new shoes for all the boys. Our partner in this project by Rotary Club in partnership is Marietjie Myburgh a director of SAVF (South African Women’s with Kidcare S. Africa Federation) and Tom Smit who manages the centre impeccably. Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 30

TH AFRICA … Right top: new fence purchased for Lesangbana creche in township Centre page: Happy boys at the Atamalang home.


Kidcare’s support for this project started in 1999. This is a school in a poor township area catering for children of poor families. In the last two years, Kidcare has raised funds together with two schools in Croydon, namely Smitham Primary School, Parish Church School and with our partners in South Africa Grace Life Church to fence the nursery school. This was finally done in 2008. By the end of 2008 Lesang Bana had 33 children attending on a daily basis. In 2009, Kidcare visited the school and bought them a calor gas heater. This is because the classroom is very cold during the winter (May – August) and both the teacher and nursery assistants suffer. There are plans to further develop the school as funding is provided.


Kidcare continues to support poor children in the township to school. In the last year with our partners Grace Life, this support has extended to poor families with children. Appropriate help is given to the family. Emily has been sponsored by Kidcare for the last 10 years. She lives with very elderly grandparents who are being supported by Grace Life church to help her finish her schooling.


The Kidcare feeding project known as House of Bread continues under the able hands of Timothy and Rebecca Faustino in Extension 20 of Jouberton Township. They also have an assistant who helps. Over 60 children regularly come over three afternoons a week to have lunch and participate in a bible club. This ministry takes place from the compound of Rebecca’s home in the township. Various works have been done to her home such as a strong cement foundation on the ground to cover the dust, roofing and a side cover to protect the children as they eat. Kidcare 2009

Above: Susie assists Rebeccah and Timothy in the feeding project.

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Reports, Kidcare ABROAD

IN THE PHILIPPINES Kidcare together with Connections

Trust in the UK continue to support the children’s homes both in Gatas and Dipolog which are under the oversight of Pastor Boni and Odette Sembran. The feeding project is growing bigger and bigger as many poor families come for a free meal on Sundays. On average the feeding can sometimes be as many as eighty people being fed on a Sunday after church. Kidcare also supports 10 poor Pastors and their families. The gratitude of the pastors we support is overwhelming. Late last year, Kidcare initiated and funded a furniture project as a means of income generation. This was to make the pastors self sufficient. Here students, pastors and skilled car-

penters are employed to make various forms of furniture for sale. Capital sent by Kidcare assisted in purchasing various assets needed to start the project. Supporting poor families with capital for income generation is an effective means to empower the poor to help themselves and Kidcare would like to encourage as many readers to support our efforts. Please Help.

Above: the children of the Gatas home in the Philippines Left: Income generation for pastors in the Philippines. Furniture project

& India... KIDCARE sponsors have periodically given financial support to the work of a children’s Home and poor pastors in India through the work of Harvest Ministries for INDIA in Trivandrum, Kerala,

India. Kidcare’s support in India, so far has not been as extensive as our work in other nations. However we continue to give prayer support and donations periodically towards the support of the children in the Rose of Sharon children’s home and the work of Harvest Ministries generally. For more information about the work of Harvest Ministries visit their website

Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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“This new work in Zimbabwe started in June 2009. Kidcare met with and initiated discussions with Father Arnold Maringe of St. Michaels Mission of the rural villages of Mutare in Zimbabwe. Mutare is the fourth largest city in Zimbabwe, with a population of approximately 189,000. It is the capital of the Manicaland province. Kidcare has donated financial support for the school fees of 50 children in this area and is committed to the continual support of their education.”

By Father Arnold Maringe

Centre page: School in Zimbabwe which needs repair. Above: Father Arnold with children. Kidcare sponsors 50 children to school in Zimbabwe.

In the Mutare area, there are an estimated 1200 pupils inclusive of primary and secondary who do not go to school in. They have no school fees, uniforms and there is generally an adverse shortage of food. We try as best as we can to give them moral support and attend to their physical needs. We would like to provide the families of the poor with relevant information on how to get their children educated and other legal issues. At the moment our mission house needs repair to damaged classrooms; we need benches, tables, stationery, primary and secondary textbooks. We would love to have a photocopying machine and a computer room. There is great need for financial support in these areas. We wish to renovate our existing school building with a roof, windows, doors and 2 other classrooms. The local people will go to the river and provide pit sand, water and general labour. Please help! Sponsors preferably groups (Churches, clubs, businesses, etc) are invited to support this worthy cause. Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Reports, Kidcare ABROAD Support for schools

Kidcare supports primary schools and their boarding homes. These are Bweyogerere Pentecostal, Standard Parents Primary and Lubya Community School all situated in deprived areas outside the capital. Other schools assisted are schools in the villages of Namwendua and Kibetto in Jinja in partnership with True Vine church after land was bought in these areas in 2006 and 2007. Several children are sponsored to the above schools and gifts are given by way of books, toys, funding for the schools and support for teachers’ salaries. Most of these schools house the village churches on Sundays and other community projects when the school is not in operation. Kidcare would like to encourage our readers to consider donating towards Kidcare’s work to support villages and schools in poor areas.

IN UG Left : Children at True Vine Kidcare nursery school, Namwendua village, about 1 hour away from the town of Jinja

Medical Provision

In 2008, Kidcare also donated drugs to a local clinic in Kampala. Dr Chui Akwirino received these drugs and committed to dispense them freely to the many who could not afford to pay for these medicines. Kidcare continues to support the medical fees of children and very poor sick dependents. School clinics also receive supplies

Gifts of medical aid are presented.

Kidcare 2009

Kidcare Children’s Home, Buwenge

Most of the children who stay there now have come from the war torn area of Northern Uganda, and are doing well. Kidcare Sponsors donate on a monthly basis and this takes care of thier schooling as well..

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Reverend James Buwenge

Our work is co-ordinated by Reverend James Buwenge, Senior Pastor of Disciples of Christ ministry in Uganda. His task is a big one as he has to co-ordinate the care of all the needs of the children from Nursery – University, including the Kidcare home. He also co-ordinates all the communication with the village pastors above. He is responsible for finding schools for these children, advising the children, seeing to their medical needs, arranging for the children to travel to and from school during holiday times, the administration of letters and school reports to and from sponsors in the UK. His services are invaluable to say the least. He has repeatedly stated that due to the increase in prices in Uganda, he is finding things very difficult to manage financially and pleads for more financial resources. This is an area of great concern to Kidcare whose sponsors often give a fixed regular amount each month which hasn’t changed in the last 10 years. Please consider assisting as a benefactor to the work of Kidcare in Uganda.

Support for poor families

Kidcare gives donations to poor families to support their income and assists in providing capital to help their businesses. E.g. bicycles, buying farm lands to assist in the production of food. Kidcare also assists by supporting needy pastors in various ways

Kidcare 2009

Centre: Children of Lubya school Above: Books for schools in Uganda, moneys donated by children of Smitham Primary school, Coulsdon, Surrey

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Reports, Kidcare ABROAD


The Shiloh Home

The work in Ghana is managed by a team of trustees under the leadership of Kwasi and Naa Adei Boateng. In 2007, Kidcare International Ghana (KIG) was registered as a non profit limited company to Kidcare International UK. Kidcare UK bought land in Ghana that same year and rented a 6 bedroomed property to house needy children. Kidcare Uk continues to pay this rent. The home is located in Gbestile a village near the Michel camp in Tema in the district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The quiet village of Gbetsile, with its half rural and half urban feel, offers different challenges from those slums where most of the children have come from. A home was set up in January 2008 and 11 children were taken in and provided with all care in an atmosphere of Christian love. In line with Kidcare’s policy of reuniting children with family and where necessary returning them into their care, 6 children were reunited with their family members. Early 2009, the Social welfare authorities granted permission for the KGI to operate a home for needy children. Life at Shiloh continues to be pleasant, and the home is slowly becoming a part of the Gbestile community. In spite of the needs, the Shiloh has experienced Gods provision in tremendous Kidcare 2009

ways. It continues to receive visits, gifts, prayer, cash, food and other forms of support from benefactors and partners in Ghana and the UK. KIG is currently working with the District branch of the Social welfare to take on more needy children. Kidcare has invited Rev. McDonald Essandoh Resident Pastor ICGC, Miracle Temple, to take on the responsibility of assisting with the spiritual needs of the children and staff of Shiloh. Rev Essan doh visits Shiloh regularly as he develops a more compre hensive program to enhance The children the spiritual development of the Shiloh of our children. Children are Home with their slowly developing life skills ‘mother’ through being encouraged to Mrs Emelia do housework and strict Amegashie. personal hygiene. The children continue to enjoy adequate medical care. In line with Kidcare policy, all children are enrolled in schools and have been registered on Ghana’s National Health Insurance Program. This ensures that any sick child has access to medical care in a government hospital. All five children attend schools. Plans are currently underway to develop a programme of extra mural activities to engage the children outside school hour. Shiloh needs the following: • a new gas cooker ( approx. cost;200 gh or £90) • bicycles for school • Extra tuition at home(50 NC or £20 monthly) • Furnishing and equipping library • Assistance to purchase furniture. *Prayers for Kidcare trustees as they embark on projects on 2 kidcare lands for the development of the communities and enhance the lives of poor families and children. Thanksgiving points • Children at Shiloh are happy and healthy • A spirit of peace prevails at Shiloh and children relate to each other as brothers and sisters • All the needs in our report have been provided for( deep freezer, bunk beds, water tank) • ICGC continued support of Children at Shiloh.

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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Naa Adei Boateng Director of Kidcare International, Ghana.

es of Kidcare

e ectors/Trust Board of Dir


WHO’S WHO IN KIDCARE GHANA (KIG) Directors of KIG: Kwasi and Naa Adei Boateng Trustees of KIG: Mrs. Margaret Safo, Mr. Kwame Opoku, Ms Abena Bonsu, Mr. Joe Appiah, Mrs. Susie Djan Secretary: Mr. Niifio Kotei Special Advisors Rev. Ray Djan, Rev. McDonald Essandoh Mrs. Cynthia Kotei

Report by Pastors David & Galina Annoh of the Tabernacle church in Dnipropetrovs’k and Kidcare Directors in the Ukraine

In April 2007 Kidcare Interna-

-tional expanded its work to the former Soviet Union’s Republic of Ukraine. The desire was to connect with people in Eastern Europe to assist with their work for orphans, families and children within their communities. Kidcare Ukraine (KCU ) started operating from April, 2007 in Dnepropetrovsk, a city located in the central part of Top : Gifts of computers to Ukraine. During this period we have made visits to school presented by Kidcare Ukraine. children’s home, schools, organized worship night concerts Top right: David and Galina Annoh to reach the youth. In March 2008, the government of Ukraine implemented a new law to facilitate the closure of orphanages and encourage “Foster families” so we are now concentrating our efforts in the school visitation and youth outreach. Our city Dnepropetrovsk and our region have the highest number of cases in drug addiction, drug trafficking and Aids infection in Ukraine. This is mostly among the youth between the age of 13 and 25. Twice in a month we are allocated 2 academic hours to teach in the schools. We provide them with godly principles pertaining to sex before marriage, the marriage union, abortion, safe homes, career advice etc. We also encourage them to stay in school, avoid substance abuse and gang involvement and make positive choices that strengthen themselves, their family and their community. Early this year, Evgenia Miroshnik, KCU representative, in charge of the school project, related that during one of the classes on abortion they showed a documental film called “the Silent Scream”, on how an abortion is performed by doctors. Almost all the girls lamented that they wished they had been better informed. Our goal is committed to caring and inspiring transformation in the life of the youth to the glory of God! Kidcare 2009 ‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16 page 37

KIDCARE FINANCIAL REPORT Kidcare International is and has always been a body that is financially stable. As yet we have not been able to generate a reserves or investment account. The means of building this cash reserve will be investigated. We do tend to operate on ‘if funds are given then the project will be supported policy’. Gift Aid for the charity is a great boost to its income. Being both a company and charity means yearly accounting to both Companies House and the Charity Commission here in the UK which we dutifully comply with yearly. OUR CHALLENGES: - We are still challenged to increase our income by raising benefactors’ numbers.

Problems sometimes occur with people discontinuing their regular donations to Kidcare due mainly to redundancy at work or losing their jobs. The greatest challenge has been to fund all our children now going into secondary schools and a few who have had places in colleges and are moving into university. Also the present inflationary prices in poor nations has been met with a cry form our co-ordinators all over for more money to support projects. There has also been a strain on our financing due to our move into an office from May 2008 and the increase in allowances for support staff. This move however was essential for the effective administration of Kidcare. The present office now supports administrative volunteers, our filing, computers and printers and also receives visitors. Additional costs though come in the form of rent, utility bills , production of newsletters to keep our sponsors and benefactors informed. These are areas where there is a great need for sponsorship.

The figures below compares the 12 month period April 2008 - March ending 2009 and the 18 month period October 2006 - March 2008 NOTES:

1/04/08 to 31/03/09 £


54275 54109

56179 55192

CHILDREN’S EDUCATION (school fees, clothing, support for nursery and primary schools, teachers allowances, books and requirements)



PROJECTS ( children’s homes purchase of land, feeding projects, support for pastors families, medical costs, nursery and primary schools, income generating)



STAFF COSTS 7634 ADMINISTRATION COSTS;- 12519 Office equipment and supplies, printing, newsletters, postage, correspondence, Rental, Business tax, utilities, bank international transfer cost and other fees

2542 10219


25905 3985

24462 3272



Kidcare 2009

16/10/06 to 31/03/08 £

1. 2008/09 covers a twelve month period whereas the previous year, 2006/08, show figures over an eighteen month period.

2. There was a 45% increase in donations in the last year matched by an increase in expenditure. Education expenditure remained around the same over the two periods. Expenditure on projects increased by 44% in the last financial year. 3. Increase in staff costs were due mainly to the short term employment, of a part time administrator and payment of some volunteer expenses. They were needed to man the new Kidcare office/centre in 2008. Their short term employment came to an end in February 2009. 4. Increase in administrative costs were also due to the opening and operation of the Kidcare Centre/ Office in 2008. To cut down on administrative costs in this financial year, 2009 -2010, Kidcare has moved office to our current location and left some utility providers. 5. We continue to seek financial support specifically donated to meet adminstrative costs as these costs are necessary to see the machinery of Kidcare running. Thank You.

‘Let the children come me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

page 38

Finally- A slideshow by Susie Djan ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. For He laid the earth’s foundation on the seas and built it on the ocean depths.’ Psalm 24: Encaptured in these words are the glorious dominion and majesty of God. I see a slide show in my mind’s eye being played out capturing vivid pictorial scenes. Images of land in South Africa, undulating from horizon to horizon; of the rich red soil and luxuriant vegetation of the rural villages in Uganda; of the splendour and diversity of the palm trees swaying on the hills on the islands of the Philippines; of the grandeur of buildings in Europe and dizzy heights of sky scrapers in New York; of the brilliance of the Niagara falls in Canada, the beauty of the coastal beaches of Ghana, and the serenity of the river Nile; of the faces of peoples of all colours, tongues, big and small, young and old. Truly the earth is the Lord’s! Laced in this slide show of beauty is also the reality of human suffering and knowledge that many eyes fail to see the beauty that I see and can only see hopelessness. The story is the same whichever part of God’s earth one is in. Alcohol, crime, unemployment, drugs, HIV, disease, perversion, hatred, deceit, lust, greed and poverty savage the lives of families. The Lord’s earth has not been abandoned to rot in The very vulnerable suffer most. darkness. So another slide show comes to mind. Scenes being enacted of light shining in darkness and salt preserving. Men and women from all walks of life, rich or poor, young and old, in all areas of God’s earth being agents of deliverance, healing, freedom ‘In Him (Jesus Christ) was life; and being empowered for change. Their biggest resource these people say is that Christ has equipped and the life was the light of them with His grace and love to care enough to help men. And the light shines in those worse of than them. I have seen this over and over again. This confirms to me that there is a God the darkness’ John 1:4,5 who cares and would never leave the earth He has made without His presence. We have a mandate – to show in some way, the light of God and not to loose our saltness. What a partnership! Yes truly the earth is the Lord’s but in partnership with Him we can see light overcome darkness and make a new slideshow of hope for many.

Kidcare 2009

‘Let the children come to me; for to them belongs the Kingdom of God.’ Luke 18:16

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If you have an enquiry about KIDCARE International, would like further

information about specific aspects of our work, or would like to help us in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact us at:

Kidcare International SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7AH

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Kidcare International is a non profit private company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital (company registered in England no. 5968235). Kidcare is also a registered UK charity Registered under the Charity Commission England and Wales no. 118180).

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