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April 2019

Newsome Creek Watershed Action Group Puts Focus on Spring


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Located on the beautiful Shuswap

south of Sorrento coming down from Black By Barbra Fairclough Mountain where the 2009 wildfire occurred. On March 28th large clumps of soil It has a total catchment area of 18km2. sloughed from the sides of the ravine on (Newsome Creek Erosion Report) Newsome Creek and blocked the stream At a community meeting on January 22, flow. Subsequently a tree fell into the creek. The soil clumps remain in the creek and the 2019 at the Sorrento Memorial Hall hosted by the CSRD and Newsome Creek Action stream flow is adapting around it. Mark Group, ten speakers presentHemmingson of the ed details and addressed Newsome Creek Waterquestions from the over 80 shed Action Group attending. (NCWAG) says the curAt this January meeting, rent situation is very dyTerry Langlois, Team Leadnamic. er Utilities, CSRD spoke to NCWAG is a group water turbidity and boil waof concerned citizens after advisories that have been fected by the damage imposed as a result. done by Newsome “On most normal days in Creek. Their focus is Sorrento turbidity is about .2 “To ensure repairs are NTU (Nephelometric Turdone to properties, roads bidity Units). During freshet and water resources in it might rise to .8 NTU. the Sorrento area of BritVery rarely does it go over ish Columbia by advo1. In an event (freshet) on cating for quality waterNewsome Creek the turbidished management”. ty is above 10 NTU.” Mark Hemmingson Further stream bank eroof the NCWAG says it is sion continues to be very important people realize likely especially in spring the connection between 2019 when higher stream the turbidity they see in Fallen soil clumps in Newsome flows are anticipated. the water and the issues Creek blocking steam flow. Tree NCWAG website sumassociated with it. straddling Newsome Creek fell Newsome Creek Wa- from east side to the west side of marizes concisely the issues revolving around water intershed originates on the Newsome Creek clinging to sides of the ravine. take. flanks of Black MounPhoto Credit - Mark Hemmingson tain and covers the area (Continued on page 3)



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Come visit us at our on the water boat show!

April 12th - 14th and April 19th - 22nd Call and ask about our boat show incentives! Phone: 250-955-2424 or Toll Free: 1-800-668-2628 Hours: 8:00 am—5:00 pm Open Tuesday to Saturday

Website: Email:

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Newsome Creek Watershed Action Group continued (Continued from page 1)

‘The Markwart Water Intake is located 520 metres off shore at a depth of 23 metres, and the pipe is about 10 inches in diameter (300mm). At 23 metres deep the lake water is cooler and more stable, therefore it’s cleaner and better suited for the intake and pumping equipment. In this part of Shuswap Lake there is a current moving west to east, which has been confirmed in a study by Larratt Aquatic Consulting done in 2015; Source Assessment of the Sorrento Shuswap Lake Drinking Water Intake. It’s this current that pulls silt from the mouth of Newsome Creek 550 metres to the intake. While this may seem like a long way from shore, water results in the Spring freshet (2018) have indicated an undeniable correlation between outflows from the Newsome Creek and turbidity in Sorrento’s water supply.’ The provincial Snow Supply and Water Supply Bulletin issued March 1, 2019 states: “At this stage in the season there is no elevated flood risk present in the current snowpack across the province….. While snow is one significant aspect to seasonal flooding in BC, weather during the freshet

season also plays a key role, and flooding is possible in years with near normal snowpack.” The NCWAG works hard to keep the public informed as much as possible through their website. Phase one is the completion of the mitigation work report. Regarding the next steps it states: “Kerr, Wood, Leidal Consulting Engineers have been retained to do an engineer’s assessment which they are currently working on and will focus on the area below Highway 1 where erosion is threatening homes and workshops. In this first phase the purpose of the assessment is to create an “engineer approved work plan”. Phase two will follow and includes the initiation of the mitigation work to address issues surrounding the erosion of the ravine effecting homes along Caen Road. A representative from the CSRD confirms the engineers report is expected to be complete on April 11th. The NCWAG meets regularly and the next meeting for the NCWAG is scheduled for Tuesday April 16th, 6:30 pm at Sorrento Centre. For further information please visit


South Shuswap


250.463.2611 250.955.0534

Fax : 250.955.0515 E-Mail: Mailing Address: 7320 Estate Place, Anglemont, B.C. V0E 1M8

C.E.O.: Jan Wojciechowski Publisher: Tracy Wojciechowski Editor: Jo Anne Malpass Assistant Manager: Catalina Montgomery Writer/Co-Editor: Barbra Fairclough Freelance Writer: Jerre Paquette AD DEADLINES: April 24 & May 22 EDITORIAL/ CLASSIFIED: April 28 & May 26 DELIVERY: May 10 & June 7

Balmoral Intersection Priority with Chamber of Commerce By Barbra Fairclough The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has been discussing potential safety improvements to the Balmoral Intersection with the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce. A representative from MoTI confirms they are currently in design and assessing various options to improve the safety performance at this intersection. A statement from the ministry says, “We have committed to come to the community to present these options, which we expect to occur later this spring.” Karen Brown, Executive Director, together with the South Shuswap Chamber Board of Directors, is in close contact with the ministry and looks forward to their response.




APRIL 2019

The Director’s Scoop News of Note from the CSRD

Paul Demenok Director, Electoral Area C (South Shuswap)

Cell: 250-517-0810

Join the South Shuswap Housing Society This is a call for volunteers; for people who would be interested in helping to make their community more livable. The South Shuswap Affordable Housing Society is a new non-profit organization that is in its infancy. It was formed in response to identified housing needs in the South Shuswap. These needs include: • Housing for Seasonal Workers - as noted in the Shuswap Economic Development Plan and the Shuswap Labour Market Plan, there is a need for low cost affordable housing for seasonal workers in the tourism and agricultural industries. The lack of seasonal housing has hurt the local economy, and has hindered local businesses from fully implementing their business plans. • Affordable Housing for Low Income Individuals and Families - the rental housing market in our area has a vacancy rate of close to 0%. There simply is no affordable housing for rent in Area C or Salmon Arm. This discourages people from moving here and hurts our local economy. • Transitional Housing for Seniors - many people are forced to leave the South Shuswap as they age as there is a lack of independent and assisted living facilities in our area. While these needs are not necessarily new, there is a renewed interest in housing stimulated by major advances in Federal and Provincial housing support programs. There are opportunities to obtain funding to support new housing developments. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires local partnerships and collaborations as driven by a local non-profit housing society. If you would like to contribute to this collaboration, please join the South Shuswap Affordable Housing So-

ciety. To do so, please email a note expressing your interest to Our next meeting will be on Thursday May 9th at the Sorrento Centre at 6:30 pm.

Become a Community Driver

This is a call for volunteers; for people who would be interested in donating their time to help others with their transportation needs. Currently, public transportation services in the South Shuswap consist of a once weekly BC Transit bus that runs into Salmon Arm at fixed times and along a fixed route. It is relatively expensive and not very convenient. It is also very rarely used. A new non-profit society is being formed to implement a better approach to public transportation for South Shuswap residents. The concept is to utilize grants to purchase an electric vehicle charging station, and an electric vehicle. Volunteers would act as drivers for a door-to-door service that would run during weekdays, in daylight hours only, for residents needing transportation assistance to get to various destinations. All rides would need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance. A suggested donation schedule would be posted in the car for rides to various destinations. Suggested donation amounts would be kept at very reasonable levels. The vehicle would be fully insured for multiple drivers, and all drivers would also be covered by director’s insurance. As this is a non-profit service, there is no requirement for drivers to have any sort of special drivers permit. Riders and drivers would be required to agree to a code of conduct, and riders would agree to share the vehicle with others, as needed. Routing and timing would be established in advance as calls are booked. Local businesses would be favored over those distant. Operational costs would be fairly low as there are minimal maintenance and operational costs with an electric car. It’s projected that donations would cover all annual operational expenses. With a group of 10 or more volunteer drivers, the time commitment would be 1 day or less every 2 weeks. A cell phone would be dedicated as the reservation number and a volunteer would answer calls and set up scheduling of rides. The new society would be incorporated and would establish its policies and operations. If you would like to volunteer to be a driver, and a member of this new non-profit society to help those in your community who need transportation, please send a brief email to to indicate your interest. A meeting will be called in the near future. • Tree Removal • Extra Tree Service • Danger Tree Assessment • Clean Up & Chipping • Pruning & Hedging • Contract & Utility Line Tree Service

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Community Roots Run Deep at Tappen Co-op Recognizing Local Business Supporters of South Shuswap Scoop

By Barbra Fairclough Since its inception, the Tappen Co-op has been here to serve the community. Over the years it has evolved and changed to meet the needs of members and customers. Today it is a convenient and friendly stop for groceries, liquor, mail and fuel. Tappen Co-op (Co-op Granite Trading Association) is located on the Trans Canada Hwy just east of the Sunnybrae CanoePoint Road and was incorporated in 1915 with a purpose to supply Tappen farmers with provisions. It was originally located near the rail line (east of its current location) so that goods could be delivered by rail directly to the store. This served as a critical supply link to the community. Roads were sparse. Later when the highway was built, and provisions could be delivered by road, the Co-op moved to its current location. General Manager Andy Munro says over the years many co-ops have amalgamated and become quite large, but Tappen Co-op remains one of the smallest co -ops around and is truly here for the community. A life time membership is $10. You can enjoy cash back perks from your member share equity, based on what you spend in the store. Munro says, “We like to issue patronage when we can.” Most of the staff are long term employees and they know customers on a first name basis. In many cases they will even remember your Co-op number that you use to make purchases. There is always a ready smile for customers. In December 2016 a liquor cooler was installed and for two years now, the Co-op has also been a liquor outlet. You can

stock up on cold beer or local wine and beverages. Whatever your choice of spirit, this fully stocked liquor store has everything. Munro says it has helped with extra sales especially through the fringe months. Patrons who come in for liquor usually end up picking up a few convenience items also. You are bound to find what you need at the Co-op. Convenience items like milk and bread and other dairy items are always in stock. Fresh baking, dairy, meat and cheese and a large selection of convenience and grocery items that feature co-op brand products and local suppliers are all available. The self serve gas bar has diesel and gas and essential fluids to maintain your vehicle. You will be able to find seasonal items as well. Things like marshmallows, sunscreen, propane cold drinks, insect repellent and hot dogs, etc. All summer long, you can be well stocked. The Canada Post Office is located at the Co-op. The post office, like the Co-op, has early history here. The Tappen Siding Post Office opened July 1st, 1892 and

Tappen Coop- today

Tappen Co-op in original location near railway. Photo Credit: Granite Trading Association

closed in 1897. It reopened in August 1911 as The Tappen Post Office. Tappen is the name of the subcontractor involved in construction of the CPR rail line in this location in the late 1800’s. Five days a week from nine to five the full service postal outlet has everything you will need. Remember to stop by during the busy Christmas season to post your letters and parcels. The famous Ice Cream Bar has a wide selection of flavours and sizes served in bowls or cups. Last July and August, the hard-working scoopers at the Co-op scooped 21,553 cones. Munro says that he anticipates when Margaret Falls opens again that this number may see a jump up as more people come for a day trip to see the falls. The Tappen Co-op is always donating to local charities and events. Carlin Market, The Tappen Sunnybrae Firehall Halloween event and others. Munro says they are happy to support the community with donations. Whatever reason to stop at Tappen Coop, you will always find helpful staff and a willing smile so drop in and see what is in store. The Tappen Co-op is part of the community and welcomes your business. Check out Tappen Co-op on Facebook or online at



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South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce By Karen Brown

Form Rentals Available

COMPLETE CONCRETE CENTER Practical legal advice for People like you 533 Nicola St., Kamloops

250.374.6226 and at Shopper’s Plaza in Sorrento

• Renovations,

New Construction & Repairs 5”, 6” & Fascia Gutter • Custom Gutter Systems for Snow Load • Heat Trace Installation • Continuous


Super Host Training Now Available Through the South Shuswap Chamber The South Shuswap Chamber is now a Training Provider for the newly revamped Super Host Foundations of Service Quality and Destination Ambassador Programs. A full breakdown of the course and available training dates can be found at: Foundations of Service Quality - This course is a practical introduction to customer service skills including communication etiquette and teamwork; business case and return on investment (ROI) of customer satisfaction; service recovery and problem solving. It is ideal for people who are entering the workforce for the first time or after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a customer-facing role. The course is 6 hours and includes a certificate. The regular fee is $75 but Chamber Business members will pay $45. Non chamber members will pay $60. Destination Ambassador Program - This program is a fun and interactive half-day classroom course that covers key topics that make for memorable visitor experiences: • The role of local ambassadors in the visitor experience • The importance of tourism and how it benefits your local community • Different visitor profiles and reasons they visit your area • Products and services your community has to offer visitors • Where to access information and how to provide helpful service to others This half day course with certificate is regularly $75 but

Chamber business members pay $45 and for non Chamber members the cost is $60. To register for either of the above courses call 250-5153276 or email: This initiative is strongly supported by the CSRD and Shuswap Tourism. New Board Installed at South Shuswap Chamber Annual General Meeting The South Shuswap Chamber held its Annual General Meeting last month at Cedar Heights Centre. The following Board was installed at that meeting: • Terry Barker, Shuswap West Developments • May Calow, South Shuswap Health Services Society • Lynn Ewart, Sotheby’s Realty • Mark Lane, Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum • Michelle Mackay, Mackay Marketing • Denise Menzies, SASCU Credit Union • Craig Russenholt, FINZ Resort • Rob Shakespeare, Shakespeare Measure & Design • James Smith, Aquatech Marine • Tim Van Den Heuvel, Eagle Bay Mercantile • Karen Walters, High Country Tree Farm / Rustic Wedding • Jordie Wiens, Balmoral Chevron & Store Many thanks to outgoing Directors Cal Cosh, Brad Long and Steve McLean for their commitment to the Chamber and service to community. Shuswap Literature Now Available for Summer If you didn’t have the chance to attend the Tourism KickOff Breakfast hosted on (Continued on page 7)

APRIL 2019 (Continued from page 6)

April 4th to pick up your Shuswap literature for 2019, be sure to call Stephanie at Shuswap Tourism 250-8335906 and she will see that you’re supplied for the summer. If you are wanting just a small amount of maps, vacation planners or guides for your personal use, then visit any of the tourism kiosks after May 1st, when we will have all 9 kiosks stocked and ready for our visitors and local community.


The visitor services kiosks can be found at: • Sorrento Blind Bay Park • Sorrento Village Strip Mall • Squilax Race Trac Gas • Balmoral Chevron & Gas • Balmoral Road Mailboxes (at Blind Bay Road) • Pebble Beach on Blind Bay Road (in front of Blind Bay Hall) • Eagle Bay Mercantile Store • White Lake Community Hall • Sunnybrae Park

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1200 Montgomery Place Chase, BC

The Honorable Carla Qualtrough visits Sunnybrae Seniors Hall By Barbra Fairclough The Honorable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility was welcomed by Cam Capozzi, President, Sunnybrae Seniors Society on March 27th. Minister Qualtrough was on a tour of the Interior of BC. After spending the morning in Kelowna, she made her way to the Shuswap for a stop in Sunnybrae at the Sunnybrae Seniors Hall. Minister Qualtroughs’ visit was in support of the increase in funding for the New Horizons Grant for Seniors. Sunnybrae Seniors Society was approved recently for a New Horizon Grant for Seniors that will enable an upgrade in the hall security system. This will improve access for members. Ed Graydon, Area Manager for Graydon Security was on hand. Graydon Security has been working with the Seniors Society to find a suitable fit for the needs of the hall security and will be completing the security installation. Minister Qualtroughs’ visit was brief but those attending had a chance to ask questions and engage in a conversation with her. Capozzi says “What a wonderful surprise and we are always grateful for the government funding. I know our members were very appreciative for the Minister to take the time to visit our rural hall.”

Paul Demenok, Area C Director, CSRD; Honorable Carla Qualtrough, MP; Cam Capozzi, President, Sunnybrae Seniors Society; Photo Credit: Barbra Fairclough Ed Graydon, Graydon Security





APRIL 2019

APRIL 2019



Audit Finds Federal Aquatic Invasive Species Program Failing Media Release, Mel Arnold, Member of Parliament for North Okanagan- Shuswap, is calling on the federal government to initiate immediate responses to an audit released today examining aquatic invasive species (AIS). The audit was performed by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development and examined the federal government’s measures to prevent aquatic invasive species from becoming established in Canadian waters. “Although we have known for some time that there are significant gaps in the federal AIS program, especially for British Columbia, the Commissioner’s report released today has exposed the government’s mismanagement and neglect of their duty to protect our waters,” said MP Arnold. “It is clear that the federal government is failing in their responsibility to lead the management of aquatic invasive species nationally and their timelines for closing these gaps stretch to 2022- this is unacceptable.” In her report, Commissioner Julie Gelfand concluded that the federal government “had not taken the steps required to prevent invasive species, such as the zebra mussel…, from becoming established in Canada’s waters despite commitments to do so over the years.” While the report states that “swift detection and action are critical to keep a species from becoming established,” the audit found that the government “did not systematically collect or maintain information to track aquatic invasive species or the extent of their spread.” Canada’s previous Conservative government ratified commitments under the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (2010) and

United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015) to prevent, control and eradicate invasive species. The previous government also introduced the Canadian Rapid Response Framework for Aquatic Invasive Species (2011) and the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations (2015)- Canada’s first national AIS regulations. However, the Commissioner’s report found the current federal government “had done limited enforcement of the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations” and had failed to “prevent contaminated boats from entering Canada at the key international border crossing points.” In response, the federal government committed to deploy 7 new fishery officers to the Central and Arctic region and to the Quebec region, but none to Western Canada or British Columbia. The Okanagan- Shuswap region’s popularity with boaters from across the continent carries risks of an introduction of an AIS such as zebra mussels that attach to watercraft and watersport equipment. In 2013, the Okanagan Basin Water Board esti-

mated that an introduction of invasive mussels in the Okanagan alone would cost the region $43 million a year to just manage. The Commissioner’s report was introduced in Parliament as the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans approaches a study proposed by MP Arnold to examine the federal government’s AIS program, how the program is resourced and how those resources are applied to AIS activities across Canada. “While the Commissioner’s audit confirms existing gaps in the federal AIS program, I hope the upcoming committee study will determine what resources currently exist for AIS activities and how those resources are allocated,” said MP Arnold. “We must determine how federal resources are shared across Canada and how to reboot the national program to ensure Canada can achieve our upmost to prevent the continued spread of invasives, especially zebra and quagga mussels, across Canada.”



APRIL 2019

Volunteerism: Impact on the Future of our Children

Shuswap Septic and Site Preparation Septic Design & Install Septic Repairs, Inspections & Location All types of Excavation Steven Rogers R.O.W.P. 250.803.3456

Darla Crown

250.804.3987 6188 VLA Road, Chase BC Village Yard Entrance

By Jerre Paquette Leigh Robinson lives, works, and volunteers in the Sorrento-Blind Bay area. She is the Coordinator & Sorrento Preschool Manager for the NORTH & SOUTH SHUSWAP COMMUNITY RESOURCES (NSSCR), whose Vision and Mission statements clearly describe the volunteer parents’ commitment to all the children of the area: Our Vision is to provide a network of programs and services to enhance the lives of children, youth and families living in the North and South Shuswap. Our Mission is to build on existing programs and services and to develop other programming to bridge the service gaps for children, youth and families in the North and South Shuswap. Like all the volunteers dedicated to providing services for the areas they live in (and often beyond), she is dedicated, enthusiastic, and skilled. Without her and her volunteer colleagues, a lot of kids in the area would be without opportunities to join active, safe, and fun community teams and groups— the very groups that provide our kids with their foundations for the future. Back in 2007 when she, her husband Dave, and her two daughters Sequoia and Rayne, moved to Blind Bay, Leigh quickly became a volunteer on behalf of the local children—she’s clearly not one to waste time when it comes to kids. Her family was the only one on her block with children, so she had to discover how to make connections and get involved. She began simply by attending meetings held in the community; conversations among the parents at those meetings often turned to speculations about what could be done to help get their kids more active and more involved in the community. And that led to the creation of pro-

Leigh Robinson - North & South Shuswap Community Resources Association

grammes that would utilize the existing activities in the Sorrento/Blind Bay Park. She traces both her interests in volunteerism and groups for kids to her own childhood experiences in Girl Guides. When she and her family moved to Blind Bay, there was no Girl Guides organization for her girls to benefit from, unless they were driven all the way into Salmon Arm and back. In 2011, Leigh and one other leader volunteer started a Girl Guides “SparksUnit” (for 5-6-year old’s) in Sorrento. They started with 7 Sparks; today they have 31 girls at three different levels in Girl Guides (Sparks, Brownies, and Guides), and they have 7 adult leaders. There’s no looking back, now. And there’s the evidence for the power of groups and volunteers for kids—out of them come the community leaders. Girl Guides is not the only contribution Leigh and her colleagues have offered to Sorrento/Blind Bay. I spotted the fastball pitcher in Leigh right after meeting her: “You’re a pitcher, aren’t you!” I said; “Oh yeah,” she replied. Then she shifted the conversation to the success of the local all-girls’ fastball team development: (Continued on page 11)

APRIL 2019



Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Department Wins Award are members of the CSRD Fire Prevention By Barbra Fairclough The 2018 Columbia Shuswap Regional Team. Members also work as part of the District Fire Department of the Year was awarded to the Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Department, under the leadership of Fire Chief Ryan Gray. The Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Department continues to attract new recruits due to their professionalism and high standing within the community. The department has the second highest call volume and the strongest roster in the CSRD. This fire department demonstrates its commitment to training both locally and (L-R) Marc Zaichkowsky – Tappen Sunnybrae regionally, and their members fully parDeputy Chief, Rhona Martin – Board Chair and ticipate in the initiatives undertaken at a Electoral Area E Director, Paul Demenok – Electoral Area C Director, Ryan Gray – Tappen Sunnybrae regional level. Members are participatFire Chief Photo credit: CSRD ing as regional training instructors and



(Continued from page 10)

“In 2015, we started an all-girls’ fastball team right here in Sorrento. It was kind of a put-together of interested girls and their parents from Blind Bay, Sorrento, Salmon Arm, and Chase. The parents in Salmon Arm and Chase loved the beautiful park we had in Sorrento, so they didn’t mind driving the distance to make fastball in the area a reality for their girls for the very first time.” In that same year, Leigh and the other parents led their all-girls team to second place in the regionals! For the next two years, the volunteer parents’ group was able to field a complete team of 14-yearold fastball girls; this year, 2019, they hope to field yet another team in that age group as well as a team of younger girls. Girls’ fastball in Sorrento appears to be entrenched—just one of the many legacies of volunteers serving in the Shuswap. Our gratitude and appreciation to them all!

There is no “I” in Team, but we sure are glad there is “u” in our volunteers!

Structure Protection Unit Team that is deployed to wildfires across BC. Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Department was an early adopter of the Junior Firefighter Program and the department is a member of the CSRD Fire Services Chaplaincy and Critical Incident Stress Management Teams. Their assistance and dedication in helping coordinate the work on upgrades to their fire hall helped to ensure the project ran smoothly, and despite their many obligations, the members are always willing to go above and beyond for the good of their neighbours and all residents of the CSRD. Congratulations Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Department!



APRIL 2019

Shuswap Hospice Society recognises Blind Bay Bunch

Spring Turf Booster

Includes: Power Rake Turf Cut, Core Aeration & Premium Granular Fertilizer

Shuswap Solstice Challenge Cancelled Shuswap Solstice Challenge Organizing Committee After much consideration, we have made the decision to cancel the Shuswap Solstice Challenge this year. Unfortunately, after months of communication with a number of government stakeholders, we were recently informed that land usage permit approvals cannot be guaranteed prior to the race date. We've looked at alternative routes and reducing the length of the challenge but this was not the race experience we wanted to create. Cancelling at this time will avoid the potential for any costs incurred by participants for last minute cancellation fees (rentals, travel, or accommodation) and allow alternative plans to be made. Race organizers and volunteers have worked hard to put this race together so it a has been a real disappointment for us as well. We would like to thank you all for your interest in the Shuswap Solstice Challenge. You will be notified of any future race information. Of course, all registration fees will be reimbursed.

By Barbra Fairclough The Blind Bay Bunch were acknowledged for their financial contributions at the AGM for the Shuswap Hospice Society at the Prestige Inn in Salmon Arm on March 25th. The Blind Bay Bunch was formed in Spring 2005 by Alvina Cameron. As a cancer survivor, Alvina and the Blind Bay Bunch’s first mission was to walk in Salmon Arm’s Relay for Life to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Since then, the Blind Bay Bunch has grown its membership and has expanded its community outreach under Arlene Smith’s leadership. Through friendship and enthusiasm, the Blind Bay Bunch puts on annual pancake breakfasts, garage sales, 50/50 raffles, a dinner/ dance and more to help raise funds for local charity organizations. Currently chaired by Pamela Smith, the team has raised approximately $25,000 for the Shuswap

Hospice Society and over $90,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society (Southern Interior Rotary Lodge)! Smith says the Blind Bay Bunch is a casual group of ten women who are dedicated to raising funds for these two important organizations. With enthusiastic members joining the group, they are looking forward to their fund raising to include projects in Blind Bay. The spring fundraiser Dragon Flies and Daffodils Dinner and Dance (formerly the Spring Fling) is dedicated to raising funds for Shuswap Hospice and the Canadian Cancer Society. This year the dance is on Saturday April 27th 5pm at Duffers Den. Jennifer Dies of the Shuswap Hospice Society says the donation they will receive from the Blind Bay Bunch this year will go toward the training that supports hospice volunteers. Each hospice volunteer receives thirty hours of training.

Back Row Left to Right: Kasey Lewis, Donna Irving, Heather Hargreaves, Arlene Smith, Michelle Mackay Front Row Left to Right: Dee Lewis, Pamela Smith, Sandra Massie Missing:Debbie-Howe Smith,Jennifer Workhoven, Fay Begin Photo Credit: Olivia Mackay

APRIL 2019



Eight Kilometers of Community Spirit that bring us all By James Clark and Barbra Fairclough together but it's at Four years ago, events like the LitBarbra Fairclough ter Pick-Up and approached James our Halloween Clark late on a SatCelebration where urday afternoon a true sense of about the idea of docommunity can be ing a litter pick up seen in full view. in Sunnybrae. The It’s where our idea clicked. A contributions all Community Volunteers for the Sunnybrae Community Litter Pick Up community anfocus on the comnouncement was munity of Sunnybrae. It's been great to see the growth in this To add to that it's also just a treat to get to made only a few hours later at the Sunnyevent with strong collaboration between brae Coffeehouse that the litter pick up know the neighbors! the Sunnybrae Community Association, was happening the very next Saturday. We have seen in some years, dense In the week that followed, an applica- Sunnybrae Seniors Society, Tappen Coroad-side disposal of garbage. With heavy tion was made and approval was granted op, the Tappen Sunnybrae Fire Departuse by residents and visitors alike, it's befor the very first Adopt-a-Highway Sunny- ment, Millar College of the Bible and the come a significant effort to ensure respect brae Community Litter Pick Up. It was for Sunnybrae Bible Camp. th of “place” and of the environment. This year on March 30 we had the an eight km section of Sunnybrae Canoe Thank you Sunnybrae for coming out largest turnout of volunteers ever. As well with your enthusiasm and contribution to Point Road from Hwy I all the way to as local residents, it included the students make Sunnybrae a better place to live. Herald Park. of Millar College and a barbeque at the It was clear from the strong turn out Thanks also to our community partners and enthusiasm this first year that it struck Sunnybrae Bible Camp. Food was gener- who share the load with organizing and ously provided by Tappen Coop. a chord with residents. execution. See you next year! Throughout the years there are times

Book Online or 250.675.2315

250-675-3255 f i n z r e so r t . c om

2001 Eagle Bay Rd. Blind Bay



APRIL 2019

Seniors Lounge in Sunnybrae is Becoming Active Hub

BLINDS SHADES SHUTTERS Free In Home Consultation


E Cordless Operation

Until April 24

Cheryl: 1.855.851.1644

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Better at Home is funded by the Government of British Columbia

Shuswap Better at Home • • •

“A little extra help for seniors to remain confidently in their own homes.” Light Housekeeping • Friendly Visiting • Snow Shoveling Light Yardwork Minor Home Repair • Transportation

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Staff, Volunteers and Contractors have been carefully ve ed and trained for your security. Central Intake


By Catherine Malone Sunnybrae Seniors Society has many new weekly programs to offer seniors this year, making the Sunnybrae Seniors Hall a popular gathering spot. The Society was established in 1984 to develop recreational activities, entertainment, and programs for the senior citizens in the Sunnybrae/Tappen Area. The society operates programs at the Sunnybrae Seniors Hall situated right across from the beautiful Sunnybrae Park (3585 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road) and has amazing views of the lake. The demographic in the Sunnybrae area is now well over 60% senior. Our current membership ranges in age 50 to 95 years. Here is a sampling of what is in store down at the hall. Our Sit & Be Fit Program at 1pm Tuesdays and Fridays is one of our most popular programs and our members are really enjoying it. It will continue in April starting on the 2nd with the exception of Good Friday. This program goes a long way to support our members with quality of life and the ability to ‘age in place’. Monday mornings, our lounge at the hall is open for Pool and Games where friends gather regularly for socializing and activities. Painters and Crafters meet here at the same time. Games, Pool & Cards is also every Wednesday at 1pm. One of the most popular programs has been the Nail Clipping Service. April is the last month for this due to our volunteer nurse and aesthetician leaving. Programs stop during the summer months when everyone is busy and resume again in the fall. The Nail clipping Service

however is something we would like to offer year round so we are interested in hearing from anyone who may like to volunteer their services for this very important program for seniors. With the strong continuing interest among our members in hosting a Cyber Seniors Program in Sunnybrae, we have two up coming fundraisers. Our ‘Huge Garage Sale’ on May 4th and 5th, and our ‘Strawberry Social and Silent Auction’ on June 16th. Moneys raised at these two fundraisers will assist in covering costs of the hall going online with Wi-Fi and internet and will assist in the purchase (donation) of a Wi-Fi enabled laptop and printer. With this new internet capability, we can offer help to seniors in filling out online forms, writing a business letter, or simply searching information on the internet. We hope to have this Seniors computer learning program in place by Fall. A recent grant from New Horizons for Seniors will go towards an upgrade to the security system and will be changing entry to a monitored key FOB system. With this new secure entry system all members will receive a key FOB so they can have ready access to the hall. Whenever the hall is not booked, they will be able to come down for casual enjoyment and play pool, shuffleboard, cards, etc. We have a strong focus on bringing more access to the hall for our members. So, if you would like to volunteer or to inquire about activities/membership/ fundraisers, send an email to Visit the Sunnybrae Seniors Group on Facebook.

Comfort Music for the Soul Submitted by Wendy Dean You are invited to join the Sorrento Glee Club Choir at its spring concert May 4 for a very special musical journey. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we serenade you along the Moon River, sing a Lullaby of Broadway, delight in a medley of John Denver songs, look in on Lennon & McCartney and sing John Newton's words to Amazing Grace. This is a concert you won't want to miss!

The Spring Concert is sponsored by Sorrento Drop In Society. Our Director of Music is Darla Crown and our Conductor is Melany Dyer. The concert is on Saturday May 4 at 7:00 pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall. Light refreshments by donation. Tickets $10 are available from choir members or call 250 804 3987 Get tickets early and we'll see you all there. It's a date!

APRIL 2019


First Responders

First Responders needs YOU! By Sandra Reutlinger The snow is finally gone and we can see green on the lawn! Snowbirds have returned home, it's time to get out the garden gnome. New life is being born and the colours of Spring adorn. It's time for something new and South Shuswap First Responders needs YOU! Have you thought about joining up with a volunteer group that serves our community? 911 calls happen a lot and we serve a larger area than you might have thought: Sorrento, Notch Hill, Tappen and Sunnybrae; White Lake, Blind Bay and Eagle Bay. Now is a good time to come to some meetings and check us out. We provide the training and equipment necessary to become a licensed Emergency Medical Responder who then attends medical emergencies to provide care and support until the Ambulance arrives to transport the patient. We also train volunteers to dispatch the calls from 911 to our Responders. Although this is not a hands on job but rather talking over the radio, it is vital to providing the medical service. We work together as a team and have bi-weekly meetings to hone our skills. Meeting dates are: April 17th at the Sorrento Fire Hall and May 1st at Sorrento Elementary School, 7:00pm. You'd be welcome to join us to get a feel for things. Check out and/or give us a call for more information: 250-833-5060.

The South Shuswap


@shuswapscoop #shuswapscoop




APRIL 2019

Arts Council for the South Shuswap become a vendor, email: Music in the Bay 2019 Are You Wanting to Taking Shape Become a Destination Planning is already well Ambassador for the underway for the 2019 Music Shuswap? in the Bay live music series. The South Shuswap The 2019 lineup is now set Chamber of Commerce is for this summer’s waterfront now a Super Host Training concert series that takes place Provider. One of the highly on Centennial Field (at the popular courses being offered corner of Centennial Road is the Destination Ambassaand Blind Bay Road). Each dor Program. week, the music begins at Travellers are finding that 6:30 pm. there is nothing more valuaThe Arts Council is workble than speaking to the loing with Peter North, Presentcals to diser for the cover the annual region’s Roots n best places Blues Festo eat, play tival in and take in Salmon the local Arm. The culture. Arts CounThat is cil Board where you together The Paperboys one of the bands for as a DestiMusic in the Bay 2019 with Peter nation have put Ambassador can come in! together a diverse slate that is Cost for the half-day course sure to please the crowds this is $60 and many training summer: dates are available through• July 4 Mbira Renaissance out April and May. To RegBand ister, 250.515.3276. • July 11 Shawn Lightfoot More information can be Band found in the Chamber News • July 18 Kutapira on page 6 of this issue. • July 25 The Paperboys Shuswap Artisan • August 1 The Lion, Bear, Market Continues to Offer Fox Shoppers Amazing • August 8 Kenny ‘Blues Local Artwork Boss’ Wayne Now that winter is over, • August 15 Tonye Aganaba are you looking for something • August 22 Judy Brown new for your home? Shuswap Band Artisan Market is bursting • August 29 Cannery Row with the look of Spring! Be At this time, organizers are putting an all-call out for sure to stop by today (hours Tuesday to Saturday 9 to 4) at vendors who’d like to take the field each week. The fee 1204 Notch Hill Road, Sorrento. Pick up something for the season to be on the grounds is $150. With a total lovely for your home and step of 9 weeks of live music, this next door to Steamers Coffee is definitely great value. For for a tea or coffee to celebrate more information on how to your new ‘find’. Submitted by Karen Brown

No Ductwork Required We can retro fit your home in one day (Google Mitsubishi Mr. Slim) … OR … We can use existing duct work (Google Mitsubishi Zuba) Happy Tenants Great for suites - completely independent systems.

BC Hydro HRRP Rebate

With replacement of a fossil fuel source central system

With Ductless Split Installation

Mitsubishi provides heat down to - 25ºC

For information and references go to

No Ducts . . .

Full Financing Available (OAC) 1.877.663.8287

Glenn Petznick

. . . No Problem

250.517.0340 Design & Sales

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Summer KickOff Community BBQ & Party June 27th Watch for a new community gettogether, the Summer Kick Off Community BBQ & Party on the grounds of Sorrento Centre to be held Thursday June 27th from 4:00 to 8:30 pm. The community, its halls, non-profit organizations, service providers including the CSRD and others, will be on site to meet and greet the public and to share how they contribute to the community. Sorrento Lions will have the BBQ’s out for dinner. Arts Council for the

South Shuswap will arrange the live music concerts. Kids’ activities will also be provided. This will truly be a multigenerational celebration of our community and what there is to see and do in the South Shuswap! If you’re looking to do some volunteering, this is the prime opportunity to learn more about what’s out there and who might be looking for some help! If you would like to get involved in the planning of this special event, call Karen: 250.515.3276. Full details for your non-profit to take part in the day can be found:

Donkeys Looking Forward to Pats and Snuggles By Chris Harris After a very long, cold winter here in Turtle Valley we are pleased to announce that the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge will open its gates to visitors beginning on the weekend of April 20th and 21st from 11am – 3pm. We are excited for our donkeys and mules as they get their first visit with this year’s guests. They miss the hugs and scritches over the winter season and will be especially pleased to receive lots of attention. We will also be open the weekend of April 27th and 28th from 11am – 3pm. Starting May 3 through to September 15th we are open 5 days per week Friday through Tuesday from 9 – 4. We are closed Wednesdays and Thursdays for routine donkey health and farrier services as well as yard maintenance. Entrance fees apply. A Special Outing For Mother’s Day One of our favorite annual events is the sale of hardy but beautiful exotic lilies that grow well in our area. Please join us for our 7th ANNUAL SPRING LILY SALE which will be held on Mother’s Day, May 12th from 9am to 4pm. We are pleased to offer for sale a few of our most popular varieties from


prior years plus spectacular new varieties that we know you will love. This year we also will be featuring tasty desserts from our soon to be best selling Green Pastures Cookbook. These favorite family recipes have been shared by our wonderful Friends of the Donkeys. Special thanks go to Jill Goward, one of our long-time volunteers, who entered all the recipes. Her comment was that she “gained 20 pounds just typing them in”. All proceeds from the sale of these cookbooks will go toward the Green Pasture Project which will enable us to install a second water well plus the irrigation system and pasture expansion that will give our donkeys access to fresh, nutrient-rich grass for the summer months. What a special treat – Tea or coffee, a yummy dessert and beautiful lilies to plant and enjoy for years to come. For information about the Donkey Refuge including special events and activities please check our website Hug A Donkey If You Can ….Your Heart Will Be Happy!

Warming the Grills!! By Dawn Clarke It goes without saying that White Lake Fire Department has a big commitment to the community and planning for their biggest fundraiser of the year is now underway. An event, not only popular with the residents of White Lake but also a function that attracts people from other local areas, is now being planned to ensure another successful Mother’s Day Breakfast. Celebrating its 38th year, the Department is working hard gathering great prizes for the raffle from area businesses, inviting local crafters for a small Craft Fair, and making all the members ready for cooking, serving and welcoming everyone to the White Lake Community Hall for the event. Sunday, 12th May, 8am-11am is the date for your diary and more information on the event will be available in the May Scoop.

PAVING • Excavating • Grading 40 years experience

Everett Loberg 250-833-2905 Located in Magna Bay



APRIL 2019

Friendship and Fitness Keep Dragon Boaters Active By Barbra Fairclough Dragon boating is for the ‘young and young at heart’. The only prerequisite is the desire to learn a new skill, the wish to make new friends and the want to enjoy the kinship of fellow paddlers. In 2011 a small group of paddlers from Blind Bay, Sorrento and North Shore communities in the Shuswap started talking about forming a paddling club. This first year over 100 paddlers signed up and after the introductory lessons a core group of 80 paddlers gave life to the new GT Dragon Boat Society. Since that time, the society has evolved with many more new paddlers joining as well as some retiring. Many new members are experiencing dragon boating for the first time. The dragon boats are conveniently located dock side at the Bayside Marina Grill in Blind Bay, an easy access point for all users. Some members are interested

who is interested to come out and give it a try. The GT Dragon Boaters support local community with an annual Food Bank drive, and they make up the Environment Crew at the Roots and Blues festival in August every summer. The paddlers will be out in their team colors on April 13th from 10-2 pm at Blind Bay Village Grocer (2798 Balmoral Rd) for their Annual Sign Up Day. Bring a friend and come down to sign up for the complimentary water paddling lessons and let yourself have a feel for being out on the water enjoying fresh air and exercise. It is a great chance for new The GT Dragon Boaters Ready for Action friendships and a continuation of Photo credit: David and Kathleen Irvine good times out on the water. compete. The 55 PLUS Games which are Men and women of all ages are invited in Kelowna this year are also popular with to join. Answers to frequently asked quescompetitive paddlers. tions can be found at https:// The paddlers enjoy the social aspect of Phone 250getting together and they welcome anyone 803-6864. in casual paddling in beautiful Blind Bay and others love the competition that Dragon Boat Festivals offer. Salmon Arm Dragon Boat Festival as well as Vernon and Kamloops festivals are well attended by members who like to

APRIL 2019



Engaging Community at Eagle Bay By Cathy Wolf The annual general meeting of the Eagle Bay Community Association (EBCA) was held March 28 with a delicious potluck dinner that followed. As is the tradition in Eagle Bay, members come together each spring to renew their memberships and interest in events of the district. This year, President Al Houston reflected on our success over the past year and our work going forward. Al highlighted our New Year’s Eve Celebration, Valentines luncheon, monthly coffee houses, shed parties, Mother and Father’s Day pancake breakfasts, Eagle Bay Day, the Harvest Supper, and the Hamsters Dinner Theatre. In addition, he reviewed our work with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) in advancing the revitalization of our community hall outdoor area. Focus groups and budgeting will take place this spring and it is hoped that final approval will be granted by the CSRD once the budget for the project has been determined. The Rick Hansen Foundation has also provided us with a report on accessibility at the hall and we are now in a position to seek further grants that will address accessibility issues. Our craft groups, quilting group, garden club, darts aficionados, and fitness enthusiasts continue with their weekly events. Our library is busy and well attended. Activities and events continue to thrive due to our tremendous volunteers and their contribution to the well-being of our community. This year the EBCA will focus on increasing our membership and continuing to welcome volunteers. The meeting highlighted the importance of community voice and a renewed commitment to building a strong communication network. Through engaging with the CSRD, and such groups as Emergency Preparedness, the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce, and the South Shuswap Arts Council, we can ensure that our community is responsive and open. The EBCA will also be striking a committee that draws on community members to participate in building both capital and operating budgets that support sustainability of the organization. Interested community members were

Directors Henry Schnell, Jane Dale, Inez Jorgensen, Wanda Parker, Alan Rendell, Cathy Wolf, Paul Wolf, Al Houston, Al Shirley (missing)

invited to join in this work by contacting any member of the Board for further information Paul Demenok, Director of Electoral Area C of the CSRD was also present at the meeting and brought forward three opportunities for community voice through proposals regarding the South Shuswap Affordable Housing Society, the South Shuswap Transportation Society, and the Curbside Garbage and Recycling Collection survey. More information on all three initiatives is available by emailing Paul at Memberships for 2019 are now available at a cost of $20.00/ family and $10.00/individual. We hope you contact Jane Dale at or stop by the Eagle Bay Mercantile Store to pick up your membership. Don’t forget to also get your tickets to the Hamster’s Dinner Theatre, May 24 and 25th starting at 6:00 and the matinee, May 26 starting at noon. Jane also has those tickets at $25.00/person.



APRIL 2019

Culinary Producers Bring Best for Keg Barrel and Plate By Barbra Fairclough Local culinary producers came to showcase their expertly made products and speak directly with their consumers on March16 at the second Keg, Barrel and Plate event. This popular event was sponsored by the Blind Bay Community Society (BBCS) at the Blind Bay Hall. The hall is located at 2510 Blind Bay Road in Blind Bay and is home to the Reedman Gallery. Agnes Nykiforuk, President of the BBCS says profiling local producers this time of year, gives them an opportunity to get out and increase the awareness of their products before they get busy with summer. It’s a perfect venue for a small local producer to reach interested consumers. Patrons came with friends and curiosity, and enjoyed tastings offered by sausage makers, cheese producers, distilleries and wineries, breweries and more. Nykiforuk, worked with directors of BBCS in the planning and the execution of the event and says, “The whole event seemed to flow really well.” Nykiforuk confirmed that turn out was brisk. The hall filled with patrons sampling their way through, visiting each vendor. The St. Patties Day theme added a light hearted note and patrons had an enjoyable time. The Keg Barrel and Plate event is the BBCS’s largest fundraiser of the year. Nykiforuk and the BBCS would like to thank the visitors, vendors and the volunteers who participated as well as Blind Bay Village Grocer for assistance in ticket sales. The growth and interest in this event is testament to community interest in our local producers. If you would like to know more, please contact Agnes at 250 253 5200 or email to

Rita Cakov and Bill Nykiforuk greeting patrons at the Keg Barrel and Plate Event on March 16th Photos credit: Barbra Fairclough

L to R: Lindsay Hodgson, Laura Schumi, Cathy Hodgson getting to know local producers at the Keg Barrel and Plate event at Blind Bay Hall

APRIL 2019

Eagle Bay Fire Department By Peter O’Brien It has been a very quiet and very nice start to the year in Eagle Bay with no callouts to report to the end of March. This is the time of year that brush fires start very easily as there is little or no moisture yet in the grass and brush after winter. The spring marks a most dangerous time for wildfires, despite all the melting snow and moderate temperatures. In the last two days of March there were 2 large brush fires just west of Chase and 2 grass fires east of Kamloops. A large percentage of all wildfires take place every year between the months of March and May. The public typically assumes the danger comes in the summer, when temperatures rise and more people are camping or holding cookouts, but a number of factors undermine that bit of conventional wisdom. Wooded areas are often covered in dried leaves and other debris left over from the long winter. In the first months of spring, the absence of an overhead canopy means that more sunlight can reach down through the bare limbs to heat up all that kindling. The fall and spring are also times when people are more likely to be clearing land or performing yard work. Everyone needs to be safe. So what can the public do to prevent a forest fire? A lot of it comes down to common sense. Be cautious. Have water with you and clear the area of any other fuels that could potentially catch fire. Cigarettes, cookouts and sparks from machinery represent smaller percentages of spring wildfires, but the danger is still serious. We welcome anyone interested in joining us to contact Chief Alan Rendell at 250-517-0429. He will be happy to answer any questions and give you a tour of our facility. Practice is every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. for 2 hours. All equipment and training is provided. You can keep up to date on lots of fire related and Fire Department information on our Facebook page. You can find us under Eagle Bay Fire Department.





APRIL 2019

Blind Bay Painters Group Project There was plenty of work to By Louise Barber do on the farm and in the early Congratulations to our years large supplies were winner Mary Pakka who has brought in by barge or the fercorrectly identified the ‘time ry ‘Stephanie’ which was traveller’ photo in the March Scoop. Mary received a book based in Sicamous. Jessie prize provided by South Shus- lived her whole life on the property and when her parents wap Historical Society. and brothers passed away she The photo of the lady is leased the hayfields, sold cattle Jessie Herald of Sunnybrae and kept up a and the lake large vegetaphoto is ble garden. Herald ProIn 1976 she vincial sold the farm Park. Jesto the provinsie was cial governborn on Dement for cember 27, Jessie Herald - Herald Park much less than re1905 in Medicine al estate companies were offerHat, Alberta. Jessie’s father, Dr. Dundas Herald was look- ing. She was able to keep 200’ ing for a dryer climate for his strip of land which comprised of her home and barn and after asthma and he found just the place in 1906 on the shores of her death that piece of property also reverted to the provinthe Shuswap Lake in Sunnycial park. Jessie passed away brae. It was a property comDecember 11, 1994 at the age prised of 160 acres and Dr. Herald brought his wife and 10 of 88…16 days short of her 89th birthday. She had lived month old Jessie to settle on on the property for 88 years. the land and begin farming. They had chickens, cows and We can all be thankful Jessie loved the area and made it pospigs and cultivated the fields with hay. Two younger broth- sible so that future generations could enjoy the beauty of this ers followed Jessie, James provincial campground includBarclay and Arthur Dundas. The three Herald children were ing the fishing, boating, swimhome schooled by their father ming, bird watching and many who taught them the basics of outdoor activities including the nature trails to Margaret Falls. reading and mathematics.

Can you answer one of the following questions? Where is this building and/or what was it used for? Hint: Location is somewhere in Sorrento

Send your guesses by e-mail to or call 250-253-5776 by March 31 for your chance to win a history book. Winner will be announced in next month’s Scoop

izer knowing what the “total By Betty Schriver picture” was about. Two of They are at it again. The Blind Bay Painters traditionally these collaborations were done present a “group project” at their and one was donated to the Blind Bay Hall and the second annual art show scheduled for was then donated to NOBIS the Canada Day weekend and this year, the project promises to (North Okanagan Brain Injury have an interesting twist. Each Society) for their auction and benefit. Just recently, they creparticipating artist will paint something that represents “The ated an installation of 20 paintDevelopment of the Shuswap”. ings done by 20 different artists What does that mean? Well, it in all mediums from oil, acrylic, can mean a number of different watercolor, glass that responded things and each artist will render to a historical painting presented at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery, their interpretation of it. The group project is always where the focus was on light. With this new theme, “The Dea draw to the annual art show. velopment of the Shuswap”, it The collaboration of the group paintings often creates a greater will be exciting to see what the artists come up with next! display than any one painting The Blind Bay Painters Analone can. The compilation of many varied pieces with a com- nual Art Show and Sale will be mon thread of unity is a beauti- on Jun 29 – July 1st (Canada ful thing to see. Day weekend) at the Blind Bay In past years, the group pro- Hall. Mark your calendars and jects have all varied. They’ve check out this year’s collaboraused a common reference photo tion! where each artist painted their interpretation of the reference. They’ve had each artist painting a grid component of one section of a total painting that was all put together with Grid Painting collaboration by Blind Bay Painters only the organdonated to NOBIS Society.

APRIL 2019



Notch Hill Natter By Anna-Marie Eckhart Hello from the Natter. Well wasn't that a party! At least that is what the atmosphere felt like at the Notch Hill Hall Spring Market Event that was held in March. Lots of people, lots of smiles, lots of laughs, and lots of good food. Just what a hall should be, a social hub! The Notch Hill Town Hall would like to thank, The Shuswap Market Group, hall volunteers, the pioneers and the locals from our community for coming out and supporting our Fundraising event. The hall is currently Fundraising for a replacement battery for our AED~ Artificial Electronic Defibrillator. The cost of the battery is $400. Please help us make this happen by supporting our next two free family community events being held at the hall June 15~ Heritage Day, and July 7th ~ Show ‘n Shine with guest Shuswap Vintage Car Club. In keeping with community minded events, the Notch Hill Town Hall has teamed up with two great partners. The hall is now a Member of, and is being sponsored by the RJ Haney Heritage and Museum of Salmon Arm. This sponsorship will enable the NHTH to apply for Grant funding applications. In March the NHTH also became one of the newest Members of the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce. Two great partners working together for the good of our community! The NHTH held their annual AGM April 1st. This event was held to elect a Board of Directors, welcome new Memberships and renewals. These are all volunteer positions and they are all greatly appreciated and needed to keep the hall open for business.

Notch Hill Hall Spring Market Event in March

Planning and organizing is well under way with the hall Entertainment Committee. We are currently asking for volunteers to dress in their heritage costume wear and participate in our Heritage Day Event ~June 15th. Also needed is a Heritage dressed Bride, Groom and Minister to act out a non denomination Wedding in our little white Church. Please contact me if you are interested~ Anna-Marie 250 835-8455 / Upcoming Events at the Notch Hill Town Hall: • May 6th ~ General/ Entertainment Meeting 7pm, 1639 Notch Hill Road Sorrento. All welcome • June 15th ~ Heritage Day 10~2pm , Free Family event. • July 7th ~ Show' n Shine 10~2pm Guests Shuswap Vintage Car Club, Free Family Event. For Hall and Church rentals please contact Marianne at 250 835-4721 or Sheila at 250 803-5206 . Please visit and Like our Facebook page at The Notch Hill Community Hall.



APRIL 2019

Think Music, Think Local


10:30 am Sunday Worship SASCU Rec. Center Rm. 101 (west side) Phone for Information 250-675-3841 or 250-832-5908 e-mail:

band work to his Dawn Clarke Supporting the local music scene in name. Harry any area is a key to the success of artists. ‘HotLips’ EisenLocal music offers a lot more than peo- berger, with many ple sometimes think. Bear in mind some years of playing in of the biggest names in music today all Ontario and Northstarted out in the local scene. The belief ern BC, uses his that unless a band is on the radio it is not rhythm guitar and Island Fogg, new band logo worth listening to could not be further harmonica to really from the truth. Local band, Island Fogg, bring their music to designed to reflect local connection is a typical example of a group of talent- life. Gary Shogren, ed musicians that delivers a session of having played in several rock bands in music that covers the genres of classic Alberta, is the lead guitarist whilst Arnie rock, pop and country. A combination Anderson on bass guitar completes their of sounds that can make any party or professional line-up. Rick on lead voevent become a fun time, albeit dancing cals, backed up by Harry and Gary on to an upbeat number, or listening to that harmonies as needed, gives all their song that we all know, and remember. songs a familiar feel. Together this proAs in any business, music or othervides a depth to their songs and guaranwise, identity and awareness play a big tees music second to none. role in determining Whether it is performing success and the local at a public, corporate or music scene is no exprivate event, Island ception. After getFogg always tailor their ting together a few performance and music years ago, Island to the audience. WhethFogg has, for 2019, er it is good ol’ Rock designed a new idenand Roll, Country or tity for the band Pop, Island Fogg delivwhich reflects its ers a medley of songs to place in the South suit all tastes. Lead voBand Members [left to right] Gary Shuswap. In addicalist Rick Ryan-Lewis Shogren, Rick Ryan-Lewis, Arne tion, a new presence comments, “As a band Anderson and Harry Eisenberger on social media is we work hard to ensure being developed and we meet audience expeca ‘Meet the Band’ event is being orgatations…….Beatles melodies, Jimmy nized. Planning for ‘An Evening with Buffet songs, an Elvis number, or maybe Island Fogg’ is currently underway, that favourite ‘first dance’ number from where not only will there be an opporthe 80’s…….they are all in our tunity to hear some great music, but also ‘songbook’” to help support the community. These As spring and summer festival and activities are in addition to their current event seasons are fast approaching, Isgig schedule for the year which takes land Fogg is keen to ensure local musithem all around the Shuswap area and cians are not forgotten when events are into Kamloops. being planned and organized. InforIsland Fogg showcases the talents of mation on the band and a demo of their four veteran performers, each with indi- music can be found on their Facebook vidual music experience. Lead vocalist page, and for availability and bookings: Rick Ryan-Lewis, playing rhythm guitar and keyboard has 35 years of solo and

APRIL 2019



Sunnybrae Community Association By James Clark performer sign-up at 6:30pm and the show kicking-off at The Community of Sunnybrae celebrated a fantastic turnout 7:30pm. of volunteers on Sat 30th March for the annual Sunnybrae ComThe Sunnybrae Seniors Society will be hosting another munity Litter Pick Up. As part of the Adopt-a amazing dinner from 5:30-7:00pm with reser-Highway program it continues to receive vations recommended. $10 gets you a delitremendous support from the Community. cious dinner, with a bargain of $12 getting you With 75 volunteers in attendance, this year’s both dinner & Coffeehouse entry. Reservations event extended its reach from the highway to Recommended – Call: 250 835 8800. With last Bastion Mountain and over to Heralds Provinmonth’s very successful attendance it is hoped cial Park. A celebratory BBQ marked the end that this collaboration between the Sunnybrae of the event and was enjoyed amidst Spring Coffeehouse and the Sunnybrae Seniors Sociesunshine. A huge thanks goes out to the whole ty will continue to support in fundraising efcommunity for joining in support, including forts and future contribution to the Communithe Sunnybrae Seniors Society, the Tappen ty. A big thanks to everyone for taking part! Co-op, the Tappen Sunnybrae Fire DepartLast but not least, the Sunnybrae Community ment, Millar College of the Bible, the SunnyAssociation’s Annual General Meeting will brae Bible Camp and the Sunnybrae Commutake place on Wednesday 25th April at 7:30pm. nity Association. Drop in for announcements on this year’s upSaturday 13th April brings the second last coming events, to find out more about volunSunnybrae Coffeehouse of the season and we teering in the Community, board of directors Maggie Davis - April 13 feature are extremely excited to welcome our feature elections and of course, coffee & treats with act, Maggie Davis. Heading through the hills your neighbours! from Revelstoke, BC, Maggie’s music is a beautifully soulful We hope everyone is enjoying the Spring season. Stay tuned collection of originals and unique covers, delivered through for more updates across our other platforms: Sunnybrae Comguitar and deep, whisky vocals. It’s the kind of stuff that stops munity Association on Facebook and you in your tracks! As always admission is $3 with doors/



APRIL 2019

Why the Seed Swap Matters Seed Swap 2019 All Season Vacation Rentals in Seymour Arm

Photo: Jerre Paquette

250-804-6818 ● 360-663-4441 Your hosts are . . . Blair Donison and Leeann Herechuk

CLIFF WENGER F i v e S t a r r e a l e s t a t e t e a m



Desert Cove 40+ 820-8 Ave Vernon Area



2bdrm, 2bth 1400sqft, Nicely maintained home with upgrades, includes all appliances, private back yard.

Full Access To Recreation Center

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By Jerre Paquette On March 9th, I had the wonderful experience of roaming around the concourse at the Splatsin Community Centre’s “Seed Swap Event” in Enderby along with over 2000 visitors looking to buy seeds, plants, food, and a variety of gadgets and trinkets from some 90 farm and farm-related vendors. Part of the reason for the large turnout is that this was the Seed Swap’s 25th anniversary! As their Facebook page relates, “the first Seed Swap was hosted by Gabriele & Wolf Wesle and June Griswold” back in 1994, when small sites served them well. With burgeoning community interest, the Seed Swap now calls the Splatsin Community Centre its new home. I have too many exchanges to share here, but I thought my chats with Heidi Gowan (a visitor at the event) and a volunteer named Linda serve perfectly to reflect the perspectives of so many I talked with. HEIDI INTERVIEW Jerre: Heidi, what attracts you about a Seed Swap event? Heidi: Seeing all the local farmers, what’s available, educating my kids about how the community works and where their food comes from. And just getting away from winter! J: What’s the Seed Swap saying to the kids—what are they learning from this? H: My kids have always grown up on naturally grown fruits and vegetables and meats. And they love the connectedness in these kinds of events. They’ve gotten to know a lot of people who value good food, and their health is just increasing every day as a result of this kind of education—and I just know they’re going to take what they’re learning here into their adulthood! J; What’s the impact of all this on the rest of the world? H: Well, it just happens I work in the school system in the middle school and we’ve just been doing some studies on food and dynamics of what corporations are doing to our food systems compared to what we’re doing with our own local system and our own selves. If we can create a ripple effect going from one person to others, making a good choices about what they have chosen to do to put good food in their system, hopefully our whole community will return to the more traditional ways of growing, buying, cooking good food, not depending on the big (Continued on page 27)

APRIL 2019 (Continued from page 26)

corporations who are NOT making the best decisions for ourselves or the rest of the world. J: Hmm. So, you’re speaking of all the good things that are happening at the seed swap as metaphors for living a good life. Yes? H: Well, that’s right. If we start with the best seeds, the base foundation, I feel like this kind of community event can return us to the best way of living together. Yeah, the Seed Swap really is a metaphor for the importance of starting with the seed, caring for it, and it has an impact on everything else we ever do both as individuals and as a whole community, the whole world. Wow! I really do think that. LINDA INTERVIEW Jerre: Linda, you’re a volunteer, right? Linda: Yes, that’s right. It shows that we’re real-


ly excited about spring. Maybe it’s the Seed Swap that actually brings it on for the whole community (laugh)!… I think it brings everyone together and it shows all the resources that our farmers work so hard to provide and it excites so many people. J: How does this help farmers? L: You know—when you join a group like this and spend some time just looking and wandering around, you’re bound to go away having learned even more than you already know as a farmer. I think events like the Seed Swap are kind of the first step in saving the whole world! If you didn’t make it out this year, keep an eye out for the date of next year’s event by staying in tune with their website (https:// or on Facebook (Shuswap Seed Swap).See you there in 2020!




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Sorrento Food Bank Donation Submitted by Cathy Spalding

Pictured here is Ange Inskip of Carlin School and Tina Hysop, manager of the Sorrento Food Bank, with the donations from the Carlin School Spring Concert. Collected were 160.8 lbs of food and $161.90 in cash donations. Thank you so much! Phone: 250-955-0019 Email: 7684 Squilax-Anglemont Rd., Anglemont, BC



APRIL 2019

Copper Island Health & Wellness Centre Mammograms Save Lives


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Chase, BC

By Bette Walmsley If you are a woman aged 40 to 74, it’s important that you stay up to date with screening, as it is estimated that one in eight women in BC will get breast cancer in her lifetime. Mammograms are the best method for detecting breast cancer early. Early detection of breast cancer offers more treatment options and a better chance of survival. Research has shown a 25 per cent reduction in deaths from breast cancer among women who screen regularly. Women ages 40 to 74 without a family history of breast

cancer can have a mammogram every two years. While women ages 40 to 74 with one first degree relative (mother, sisters or daughter with breast cancer should have a mammogram every year). A doctor’s referral is not needed. BC Cancer Mobile Mammograms will be held in Blind Bay on Friday, June 28th & Saturday, June 29 from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Blind Bay Market Place in the parking lot across from Copper Island Health & Wellness Centre. To book your appoint Call 1-800-6639203 and ask for Blind Bay location.

Easter Baskets - Have you bought your raffle ticket yet?

Win a Family Easter Basket (value $150) donated by Blind Bay Village Grocer. Tickets are 3 for $5 or 8 for $10. Win a Deluxe Easter Basket (value $300). Donations by Frankies Pizza, Loonie on the Lake, Home Restaurant, Canada Post Sorrento, Nature’s Bounty, Blind Bay Country Market, Cork & Cap Wine, Pedro Gonzales and private donations. Tickets 3 for $5 or 7 for $10 Tickets available at Copper Island Health & Wellness Centre where the baskets will also be on display. Open Tuesdays 10am -2pm and Thursdays 8am to 2pm. 250-675-3661.


APRIL 2019



Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre Society Summertime Walk-In Experiment

By Marilyn Clark To better provide primary health care to visitors to our area, we have locum physicians at the clinic for walk-in care during the six busiest weeks of the summer, July 15 to August 23. This is made available through a Ministry of Health Rural Locum Program. Dr. Celeste Just will be here for the first two weeks of that time; Dr. Terry Clare from July 29 to August 16 and Dr. Jim Petzold, August 19 to 23. We are looking forward to this trial and count on our residents to understand that the walk-in service is only for that six-week period. Otherwise appointments are necessary. Our Annual General Meeting is Tuesday, May 14 at 7 pm at the Community Health Centre, located above the Pharmacy accessed from the rear lane. Everyone is welcome to come and join us to celebrate our achievements over the last year. Theresa Smith, Nurse Practitioner, will speak on "The Changing Face of Aging". It is hard to believe that we have been providing primary health care locally for nearly six years. NP Theresa has increased her patient load by

50%. In the past our patients could expect same or next day attention when they called to make an appointment, but with 200 more patients, same and next day care has become same or next week care. Our goal is to provide care to as many of our area residents as possible without hindering the quality of that care. At some point we will have to limit new patients in order to ensure that service quality and timeliness don't suffer. We are very pleased that NP Teresa has been able to extend our patient base. Don't forget: immunization clinics occur on the fourth Monday morning of the month, except when a statutory holiday interferes. In April, that clinic will occur on Monday, April 29. Call Salmon Arm Health Centre to make an appointment: 250-833-4101. We are located above Munro's Sorrento Prescriptions in the heart of Sorrento; access is from the rear laneway. For appointments, call 250 803-5251. If you haven't met one of our jobsharing Medical Office Assistants, you are in for a treat! Have a very Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

7:00 pm

Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre

#1 – 1250 TCH, Sorrento


Guest Speaker Theresa Smith, NP “The Changing Face of Aging”



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APRIL 2019

Cedar Heights Community Association Where Neighbours Become Friends

Submitted by Shaunne Letourneau It was all coming up green at Cedar Heights in March. The tulips have poked their heads out of the ground. The Golf Course crew has been busy shoveling off the greens. The shoveling turned out to be a good lead in to summer fitness as it had to be done twice – because as soon as the greens were cleared we had a lovely March snow. St Patrick’s Day was celebrated twice at Cedar Heights Centre this year. First up was the Shed Party. Shed Party’s are becoming a very popular event at Cedar Heights. For the uninitiated, a Shed Parties is similar to a jam session but more organized. Everyone brings along whatever instrument they play, including drums, triangles or spoons. Some just bring their singing voices. The 90 participants came from far and wide – ok from Kamloops to Salmon Arm and spots in between. Becky McMahon, who played the harp, joined us. The illustrious Peter Blacklock organized the song selections around an Irish theme and had all the words on the screen so none of us

got lost! We sang all the familiar Irish songs from Black Velvet Band to Danny Boy to Galway Bay. But St. Patrick’s Day celebrating was not done. On March 18th Cedar Heights celebrated St Patrick’s Day again with a potluck supper attended by over 50 people. Everyone was granted honorary Irish status – as long as they were wearing green. To add to the festivities, Kent Walker piped the tables to the buffet. Barb Lane taught us a few phrases in Gaelic and the food was delicious. There were prizes for the greatest number of green pieces of apparel and even a Pot of Gold prize. As always, thanks go to the volunteers who made the event happen. April is going to be a busy month and is the beginning of our Outdoor Programs season. Registration for Golf, Pickleball and Bocce is April 13 from 9 am to noon. Our Program Coordinators will be available to answer your questions. If you play and are looking for others (Continued on page 31)

APRIL 2019

Members celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Photos credit: Barb Cotterill.

(Continued from page 30)

who like to play, come and find out more about the Bocce, Pickleball and Par 3 Golf. Registration for the season entitles you to unlimited play. If you haven’t played before and would like to try out Bocce or Pickleball, a free session is available. Not able to register April 13? No problem. Come to the Centre any Tuesday or Thursday between 1 and 3 pm and someone will be there to give you more information and register you in the program(s) of interest. A Cedar Heights Community Association Membership is required for registration in our Sports Programs and is available at the Centre during Program Registration Check the website for more details. Cedar Heights Centre is located at 2316 Lakeview Drive in Blind Bay. Want to learn how to play Bocce? Two clinics will be held April 25 from 9-10:30 am or 10:30-noon. The clinics are free and open to members and nonmembers. The maximum number of participants is 16/clinic. Sign up sheets will be available at the Centre starting April 7th. In addition to the clinics, the Spring Bocce Tournament will be held May 16 from 9-5 pm. Everyone is welcome. Check the website for more details. Spring is official here and we can finally get out in our yards. To help with the beautification of your yard, the Cedar Heights Annual Spring Plant Sale will be held Check the website for more details. on the Lower Level of the Centre. In addition to a selection of plants, look for garden art and other garden paraphernalia. Check the website for more details.





APRIL 2019

Business Scoop

Making Difficult Decisions


By Rob Marshall If you're in business, making tough decisions comes with the territory and often they spill over into your personal life, which of course has its own raft of difficult decisions. So, what can you do to make things a little easier on yourself? Here are ten things to consider when that next doozy of a decision comes along to haunt you and interrupt your sleep. 1.Don't get hung up on being angry or upset. The situation sucks, it's not as you would like it to be, but it is what it is. Get on with it, accept it and start with an open mind. 2.Ask yourself; why is this decision so tough? What makes it tough? Listen to your instincts. 3.Think about your level of investment in the situation. Is this current problem a result of past actions and/or events? Things you said or did? Things other people said or did? Now forget it all - the past is the past. 4.Don't leave making difficult decisions until late in the day; deal with them early in the morning when you are fresh and not jaded by all the crap you've had to deal with all day. Fatigue is the enemy of good decisionmaking. 5.Don't overthink challenges or situations-don't make them more complicated than they are, or they need to be. 6.Consider all your options and write them down. Write down the upsides and the downsides. Think of the con-

sequences of each option and don't focus on or jump to a quick fix. Quick fixes are rarely that in the long run. 7.Take stock of resources available to you to help you make the decision, both your own and those you can bring onboard to assist you. Think information, and more importantly look for people with relevant knowledge, experience or skills who might assist you. 8.Forget the past and look at each option as a fresh start based on moving forward. Which option has the best, or biggest upside? Imagine you have made a decision-what does that look like? What does it feel like? 9.Try to imagine what you would advise a good friend, or perhaps your son or daughter to do in the same circumstances. Pull yourself out of the picture, pull your ego out of the situation. 10.Once you decide on a course of action-once you make your decision, don't second guess yourself. Often your first, gut instinct will be correct. Life is full of tough decisions, but they don't need to control your life. Don't let every situation requiring a difficult decision become a burden; deal with it quickly, effectively and move on. Rob Marshall is the Executive Director of Community Futures Shuswap. For more small business tips and resources, visit

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Shuswap Overland Adventures

The Legend of the Lost Underground River of Gold By Jason Lutterman Over the years, I have explored the Shuswap and come to find many incredible hidden places, tucked away and overgrown, existing more in campfire stories than in common knowledge. Towers high in the mountains, homesteads deep in moss covered woods and caves so deep they sustain thick ice in the middle of summer. These secret places have been the result of captivating stories, told by offbeat grey-haired fellows who have either pointed to a spot on the horizon as they squinted into the sun or quickly scribbled down nonsensical lines on a piece of paper for me to follow. Now I have to hand it to them, if I listen hard and stayed persistent, I usually found them. One cave that was described to me just like that by a wonderful fellow who is no longer with us took six years of casually exploring the mountain to find. But I did find it! One story has had me in its grip since I heard it, the Legend of the Lost River of Gold. A cave located at the mouth of one of the Shuswap’s rivers filled with gold. The story follows a man named R. Roberts who had been trusted with the location of the cave by a homesteader who had been sent to fight in World War 1. Not wanting the location to be lost, he confided in Roberts and went to war, never to return. Roberts found the cave and cleared an entrance to explore it. What he found was a deep cave with many routes and passages that he feared getting lost in. He decided to head into Sicamous to assemble a team to explore the cave and

retrieve its treasure. He refused to take a single person to the site, only a skilled crew that he never managed to assemble. While many took interest in his story, he was unable to put together a team that was up to his standards. This is Kira Lutterman at Bearcat caves where the details of the story fade away, R. Roberts was never heard from again. Different versions dispute the events that unfolded after his visit to Sicamous but the most common belief is that he went into the tunnel and never made it out. The location of the cave is said to have been found by a man named Mundie McRae, known for his discovery of the lost silver bars in Slocan Lake in 1971. He passed away in the late 1980’s but not without documenting the location. R. Roberts homestead was built just North of Queest village less than 1 mile from where the cave entrance is documented. So maybe next time you’re going to hike a river trail or waterfall in the Shuswap, you add a gold pan to your pack and come home a local legend. Share with us what you find at Shuswap Overland Adventures on Facebook or Instagram

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APRIL 2019

Sorrento Lions By Judi Kembel Easter is coming and to celebrate, we will have a special meat draw on April 12th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Copper Island Pub and Grill on the TransCanada Highway in Sorrento. Ten hams for ten draws! Tickets are $1.00 each and good for all 10 draws. 50/50 draw will be at 7:00 pm. Our next big event is the Annual Easter Egg Hunt to be held on Easter Sunday, April 21st at 11:00 am sharp at the Sorrento/Blind Bay Community Park on Davidson Road, Sorrento. There will be thousands of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs distributed as well as numbered plastic eggs which, when turned in will be rewarded with a chocolate bunny. The Easter Bunny will arrive on the fire truck at approximately 11:30 am following the Easter Bonnet contest. Design your own bonnet and don't forget to bring your own basket for the egg collection. This event will be followed by our 5th Annual Garage Sale on May 25th, Father's Day Pancake Breakfast on June 16th, and the annual pancake breakfast and beer garden on Canada Day, July 1st. We will also be holding pancake breakfasts from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at the Sorrento Farmers' Markets on June 8th, July 13th, August 10th, and September 14th. If you have any items you wish to donate for the garage sale, please call Lion Wayne Kembel at 250-675-2616 and a pick up or a time for delivery to us will be arranged. A reminder that we do not accept large furniture, appliances, clothing or electronics. Our weekly meat draws at the Copper Island Pub & Grill on the TransCanada Highway in Sorrento will held every Friday from 5:00-7:00 pm and run until June 21st, 2019. All funds raised go right back into the community. We hope everyone will support this worthy and fun event. We always welcome new members. If you are over 19 years of age (male or female) and would like more information about becoming a Lion, please join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at the Sorrento Memorial Hall, 1150 Passchendaele Road, Sorrento at 6:45 pm or contact the Sorrento Lions club secretary Trudy Grigg at our email address: We would love to hear from you! Check out our website at .

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Shuswap Association of Writers Presents Café Lit Shuswap Association of Writers will be presenting Café Lit, Friday, May 10th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the Balmoral Room, Prestige Harbourfront Resort, 251 Harbour Front Drive NE, Salmon Arm. Meet and mingle with Word on the Lake festival presenters. There will be readings by Norma Charles, Gail Bowen,

Bill Stenson, Karen Autio, Brenda Baker, Anthony Dalton and Nancy Bell, and musical entertainment by Linda Kidder. This event is open to the public. Admission: $20.00 ($2.00 discount for SAW members). Refreshments provided, cash bar.

APRIL 2019



• Cedar Heights Community - Movie Night & Pizza

• • •

• • • •

- Apr 12, Old Man & The Gun(PG) / Apr 26, The Greatest Showman (PG) / May 10, Boundaries (14A) Doors open at 6:30 pm, movie starts at 7 pm. Sports Program Registration - Apr 13, 9Noon. FMI: South Shuswap Library - Whatchama-call-it Wednesdays . Amazing programs. Reg. at or call 250-515-4682. Max 20. Sullivan Jazz Combo Courtyard Concert - The Salmon Arm Secondary Sullivan Jazz Combo Band will be playing in the courtyard! Free concert. April 13 11am – 1pm. Early Years Fair Apr 15, 10am-12pm. FMI 250- 675-4818. South Shuswap Plant Swap - Dividing up the plants in your garden? Bring a plant, take a plant. Apr 23-27. BC SPCA Pet Adoption - Apr 11 at John’s Pampered Pets, 2417 Golf Course Drive in Blind Bay. Info on how to adopt a pet from the BCSPCA and start the process of finding your new beloved companion. GT Dragonboat Society Registration - Sat Apr 13 at Blind Bay Village Grocer. See ad on pg 19 for more details. Easter Basket Draw – April 16, 3pm at Copper Island Health & Wellness Centre. Dragonflies & Daffodils - Dinner & Dance Fundraiser April 27. 5pm. SLE Lodge. Shuswap Hospice & Canadian Cancer Societies. Auctions, door prizes, live music. Tickets Lindy’s Boutique, The Spa & SLE Office. FMI Seniors Computer Program – Tue, Wed until May 2, 10-11am & 11–12pm at South Shuswap Library, Blind Bay. FREE one-on-one tutoring for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, iPhone or Android. FMI, LASS at 250-463- 4555 or or register at Copper Island Health & Wellness Ctr 250-675-3661. EAGLE BAY COMMUNITY HALL Garden Club Outing - Apr 16, 10:30am at Duffer’s Den. Guest speaker Jenn Rozek. RSVP 250 -675-2125 Eagle Bay Coffeehouse - April 27 at 7:30pm, last one before the summer. Toonie or a Tune SORRENTO NimbleFingers Registration - Registration now open for NimbleFingers 2019! Aug 18-30 in beautiful Sorrento. Sip Sip Hooray - Sorrento Elementary Annual FUN-Raising event. Sat. Apr 13, 6pm at Shuswap Lake Estates Comm Centre. Dinner/Dance, Silent Auction, games, raffle baskets, door prizes, cash bar. Tickets: Blind Bay Village Grocer & Sorrento Elem School. South Shuswap First Responders - Have you thought about joining up with a volunteer group that serves our community? April 17th at the Sorrento Fire Hall & May 1st at Sorrento Elementary School, 7pm. and/or call 250833-5060.

• Sorrento Lions Annual Easter Egg Hunt - East-

• • • •

• • • •

• •

er Sunday, April 21. 11am sharp. Sorrento Blind Bay Community Park. Chocolate eggs & bunnies. Bring basket & design your Easter bonnet, Easter Bunny arrives by fire truck. Hot dogs & hot chocolate. Comfort Music for the Soul - May 4 at 7pm. Sorrento Memorial Hall. The Spring Concert is sponsored by Sorrento Drop In Society. A concert not be missed. Tickets 250-804-3987 Spring Concert - Sorrento Glee Club Choir, May 4, 7pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall. Special musical journey. Tickets from choir members or call 250.804.3987 Shuswap Affordable Housing Society - meeting May 9, 6:30pm at Sorrento Ctr. More info on pg. 4 Garage Sale - Sat May 11, 8 to Noon. Sorrento Drop In Society 1148 Passchendaele Rd. Fundraiser - new chairs. AGM Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre Society. May 14, 7pm. FMI See ad on pg. 29 5th Annual Garage Sale - May 25 Sorrento Memorial Hall, 1150 Passchendaele Road, 8am to 3pm. To donate items, call Wayne Kembel at 250 -675-2616 to arrange for pick up or delivery. No large furniture, appliances, clothing or electronics, please. TAPPEN / SUNNYBRAE Sunnybrae Coffeehouse/Dinner - Apr 13, Dinner at Sunnybrae Seniors starts at 5:30. Please reserve 250-835-8800. Coffeehouse next door. Doors open 6:30pm Band feature - Maggie Davis. Grant Writing Workshop - North & South Shuswap, April 16, 9am – Noon, Carlin Hall, 4051 Myers, Frontage Road, Tappen. Shuswap Community Foundation. FMI Country Breakfast - Apr 20, 8-11am at Sunnybrae Seniors Club AGM -Sunnybrae Comm. Assoc. - Wed. Apr. 25, 7:30pm. Find out about 2019 events. Claude Bourbon in Concert - Sunday April 28 at 7:00 pm at Carlin Hall. Fundraising Yard Sale - May 4&5, 9am – 4pm – Donations (with the exception of clothing or shoes) gratefully accepted. Drop-off at Sunnybrae Seniors Hall on May 3rd from 1pm to 7pm. Call/text 250308-6119 or call 250-835-4423 or email to make alternate drop-off arrangements. WHITE LAKE 38th Annual Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast Sunday, May 12, 8am-11am at White Lake Community Hall. Hosted by WLFD. NORTH SHUSWAP Comedy Night - April 14 8pm, at the HUB. Bust a Gut with Lori Ferguson Ford & guest. FMI (250) 955-2002 Celista Coffeehouse - NS Community Hall April 20. Coffee, treats and amazing music. Doors open 7pm. Open mic 7:30. Feature is Jeremy

• • •

• •


Kneeshaw. Volunteer set up at 6pm. Queen’s Birthday Celebration Paul Filek Top 40/Alt Rock/Pop and The Great Imposters West. April 20, 8 pm at the Hub. FMI (250) 955-2002 Works in Glass Easter Egg Hunt - Shuswap Lake Provincial Park in Scotch Creek. Sunday, April 21. Clues (photos of scenery surrounding glass eggs) posted 10 am on Works in Glass Facebook page. 24th Biennial Pig & Whistle - Lakeview Centre Anglemont. Texas Plains theme. Shows April 25, 27, 28, May 1, 3 and 4. Tickets at Ross Creek Store, Scotch Creek Market or call 250-955-0835 SALMON ARM Grant Writing Workshop - Apr 24, 9am - Noon. Salmon Arm Innovation Centre 220 Shuswap Street NE. FMI Shuswap Theatre Presents - Lend Me a Tenor April 26 to May 11. FMI see ad on pg. 20. Salty Dog Street Festival - Sat. May 11, 10am to 3pm Downtown. 4H Scavenger Hunt, Bike Decorating -11am, Pie eating contest 1pm. B.C. Largest Bike Swap! Music, food, fun, street musicians. Registration open for Word on the Lake Writers’ Festival now until April 30. Festival May 10-12. More details at http:// Follow us on FB and Twitter - #wolwriters Shuswap Storytellers gather on May 7 and June 4, 7 pm at Askews Uptown Community Room in Salmon Arm. Join us for an evening of listening and telling stories - it’s free. Info call Estelle at 250 546-6186 Café Lit - Shuswap Association of Writers. Fri., May 10, 7-10 pm. Balmoral Room, Prestige Harbourfront Resort, 251 Harbour Front Drive NE. Meet & mingle with Word on the Lake festival presenters. Readings & musical entertainment. Open to the public. Refreshments, cash bar. Live from the Met - Francis Poulenc, “Dialogues des Carmélites” May 11 at 9am. Salmar Theatre. FMI CHASE Chase & District Fish & Game Meeting Mon. April 15, 7:30 pm at the Creekside Center. Shuswap Trail Alliance to present an overview on plans for area trails Annual 3-D shoot - Chase and District Fish and Game Club Range May 11 & 12. Potluck dinner. FMI . Annual Spring Lily Sale - Mother’s Day May 12, 9am to 4pm at Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

For more events in the Shuswap check out

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APRIL 2019


To add an event email shuswapscoop@gmail .com or call 250-463-2611 shuswapscoop@ • Badminton - Wed. 7 - 9pm at Sorrento Elementary.

BYO racket. Non-competitive. FMI 250-675-2397 • Environmental sensitivities including EHS, MCS. Monthly Sharing & Support Meeting. FMI Una St.Clair at 250-675-5595 for meeting details. • Probus Copper Island - meets at Cedar Heights Community Hall in Blind Bay - 2nd Thurs./mo. at 10am. Coffee at 9:30. For details call Mike Murrell at 250 675-4495 • Salmon Arm Toastmasters - Thurs. 7-9pm Upstairs at Uptown Askews. FMI 250-517-8401 • Seniors Lunch - Last Thurs. noon at Duffers Den, Call to reserve 250-675-3661 • Shuswap Rock Club - First Tues of the month (Sept - June) 7:30 pm at Sorrento Drop in Society. Saturday workshops 12:00-4:00 pm fall-spring, Field trips spring-fall. FMI Pat, 250-675-2849. • The Shuswap Nature Hikers meet weekly on Fridays to hike the North and South Shuswap Trails. To join, contact or visit http:// • The Arts OnSite with Lady Nature - meets Mondays, 9am (May’til the end of Oct.) (writing, dancing, theatre, painting, drawing, composing music) create outdoors in the forest, somewhere near Sorrento-Blind Bay. Contact: or visit http:// • TOPS Sorrento #4369 - Wed. from 8:15 to 10:00 am at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. 2385 Golf Course Drive. FMI Gail 250-675-2849 • TOPS Sorrento #1856 - Thurs. weigh-in at 8:30am, meeting at 9am. Sorrento Place Clubhouse (Buckley Rd). Jacquie 250-675-2574 Blind Bay Memorial Hall 2510 Blind Bay Rd. 250-675-3139 Facebook: Blind Bay Memorial Hall & Reedman Gallery. Website: • Blind Bay Painters - Tues. 9:15am - 3pm; FMI: Gail Boden • Tuesday Night Blues Jam - 3rd Tues. at 7pm. FMI Chris Emery 250-675-2865 or • Talana Twirlers - Mon. 6:30 -7:30pm (new dancers) & 7:30 to 9:30 (mainstream dancing) Nancy Alison 250-803-9096 • Tues Night Blues Jam - 3rd Tues. at 7 pm. FYI Chris Emery at 250-675-2865. • Zumba - Weds. 7pm. FMI Agnes 250-253-5200 Carlin Hall 4051 Myers Rd. Tappen. To book call Marcha Adams 250-835-8577. • Beginner slow pitch jam Tues: 7pm to 9pm. • Intermediate acoustic jam Wed: 7pm to 9pm • Coffee House 1st Saturday - October-June, 7pm. Doors open at 6:30. • Singers - Thurs. 7 to 9 pm at the Arts Council for the South Shuswap-Carlin Hall lower level.

Come join the Coppertones! FMI Karen 250515-3276 Cedar Heights Community Association 2316 Lakeview Drive, Blind Bay 250-675-2012 • Mon - Co-ed Keep Fit 9am • Tues - Seniors theatre 1pm / Karate 7pm / Ukulele Orchestra 7pm • Wed - Co-ed Keep Fit 9am / Carpet Bowling 1pm / Crib & Canasta 1pm / Bridge 7pm • Thurs - Probus Club (2nd Thurs) 10am / Ladies afternoon out 1:30pm / Karate 7pm / The Shutterbugs Photo Club (3rd Thurs) 2pm • Fri - Co-ed Keep Fit 9am • Sun - Sorrento Evangelical Free Church - Adult study 9:30am, Service 10:55am • Snooker 1pm every day except Wed. • Summer Pickleball - check schedule online Copper Island Health & Wellness Centre 2417 Golf Course Dr. Blind Bay Market 250-675-3661 • Immunizations - 2nd Mon. Adults & Children. Book appt. w/health nurse 250-833-4101. • Volunteer on Duty - on duty Tues. 10-2pm & Thurs. 8-2pm to answer questions about help for seniors - (i.e) light housekeeping/yard maintenance, transportation for medical appointments, snow removal Senior Support Services. Visit or call 250-6753661 email • Foot Care - Wed. Call for appt. 250-675-3661. April 8, 12, 26 & 29. • Mobile Lab Services & ECGs Thurs. 8am-2pm. Extra Tuesdays: April 9, May 7, June 4, July 16, and Aug 13 Eagle Bay Community Hall 4326 Eagle Bay Rd. Hall rentals: 250-675-3136 • Quilting Mon.10-3 (Bring Lunch) 675-4531 • Crafts Wed, 10-2 (Bring Lunch) 675-4282 • Fitness Tues & Thur 9 to 10:15am 675-5098 • Garden Club - 1st Thur.10am, 675-5884 • Darts Fri. 7:15 pm. Alan: 675-5403 • Coffee House 4th Sat of the Month 7:30pm (except Dec & June -Aug) Performers always welcome! Gaetane 675-2178 Library (ORL) South Shuswap Branch Blind Bay Market. 250-675-4818 • Writer’s Nook - 2nd & 4th Wed. 10am-12pm. New members welcome: • Garden Club - 3rd Wed. 10:15am - noon. FMI Susan 250-835-2351 or Donald 778-490-5008. • Fireside Knitters - 1st & 3rd Fri. 10am - noon. Come join by the fireplace. • Page Turners book Club - 3rd Thurs, 10am • Children’s Programs - For a full list of story times, baby talk, colouring, craft days, and more check our website or stop by. Notch Hill Town Hall 1639 Notch Hill Rd. 250-803-5206 1st Mon. at 7pm (bank holiday 2nd Mon) Watch for special events all year. Shuswap Lake Estates Community Centre email: Web: 250-675-2523, Many more events on webpage • Mon: Line Dance (intermediate) 1-3pm, Sponge Ball 9-12pm • Tues: Ladies Bridge 1-4pm, Good Time Quilters 1st & 3rd, 9am-3pm, Sponge Ball 9-12pm • Wed: Line Dance (beginners) 10-11:30am, (Advanced) 1:30-3pm. Ballroom Dance 7-9pm. Lego Club 2nd Wed 6:30-8pm • Thurs: Play Group 9-12pm, Shuswap Pipers1-4pm • Friday: Sponge Ball 9-12pm, Youth Group (Gr. 5-7)6:30-7:30pm - (Gr. 8 & up)7:30-9:30pm, Scrappy Quilt Chics 9-3pm • River of Life Service: Sun. 10am (Sunday School 10:15am) Sorrento Drop in Society 1148 Passchendaele Rd. 250-675-5358 • Mon - Glee Club - 9:30am 804-3987/ AA at 7pm • Tues - Wheels to Meals 2nd & 4th Tues. 6754871. Snooker (men)1pm Rick 675-2829 • Wed - Five Crowns, 1 pm Ralph 675-5485, Snooker, 6pm 675-2829 - Shuswap Wood Carvers: 9am FMI Peter 675-2746. • Thurs - Quilting 10am Kathy 675-3605/ Snooker (men)1pm 675-2829 • Fri - Ladies Snooker, 1pm Sheena 253-0820 Sorrento Lions Club • Meet 1st & 3rd Thursday at 6:45pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall, 1150 Passchendaele Rd. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about the Lions to join us. We are always looking for new members. FMI Trudy Grigg, • Lions Club Weekly Meat Draws Fridays at Copper Island Pub 5-7pm Sunnybrae Community Hall 3595 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Rd. Hall Rentals - Vicki Green - 250- 835-2199, • Badminton Mon 7-9pm & Thur 2-4pm • Karate - Tues & Thurs 6pm • Coffee House - 2nd Sat - Oct to May • General Meeting 4th Wed: 7:30pm Sunnybrae Seniors Hall 3585 Sunnybrae Canoe Pt. Rd., Maddie Welch 250-803-8890 • Sunnybrae Painters/Crafters Mon 9:30am (except statutory holidays) FMI 250-803-8890 • Potluck luncheon - 3rd Wed, noon (except July/Aug) • Shuswap Needle Arts Guild meet 1st & 3rd Thursday, 10am to 4 pm (Sept. to Jun) FMI Jo (250)-832-9308 or Sharon (250)-832-4588. • Meet

APRIL 2019




$7 up to 25 words, 20¢ ea. additional word. $2 for box-around. Single column Classified Display Ads: $12.00 for the first inch, then $2.25 per 1/4 inch thereafter. Email ads to or 250-463-2611. Email money transfers for payment or mail cheque to 7320 Estate Place, Anglemont, B.C. V0E 1M8.


Serving the Shuswap & surrounding area

250-679-0001 24 HOUR SERVICE Assured Quality General Contracting Interior Renovations Drywall/Paint/Tiles (250) 517 8172


♦ Interior & Exterior Painting ♦ Spring Yard Cleanups & Yard Care We guarantee all our work & our rates are the most reasonable on the Shuswap. Call today for a free quote 250-852-2298

• Exterior House

Car Club - Join today 1949-59 Ford Mercury Association 614-905-2151


• • •

Cleaning Pressure Washing Gutters Yard Cleanup Dump Runs Seniors discount


Residential, Land and Recreational Properties We live in the area - give us a call today!



Full time & Part time positions available Please e-mail or call Corinne 250-833-6632

We are seeking an individual, on a part-time basis, to add to our staff as a wine server in our tasting room.

Shuswap Lake Provincial Park

• Must have experience dealing with the public, either in a lounge or in a retail operation.

is accepting applications for

• Experience with serving alcohol is an asset.

seasonal employment for the following positions: (must have drivers license) • • • • • •

Day/Night Park Patrol Janitorial Gate office Grounds keepers Store / T-shirt painting Kayak/Paddle Board Rentals

Please send resumes to

Cleaners required to clean vacation rental properties. “GREAT EARNING POTENTIAL” Must have own vehicle. To book an interview interested applicants should call 250-851-6833

Our hours of operation are 10:30 to 5:30 and we are open seven days a week from May to the end of October.

Drop off resume or send to No phone calls please.

Celista Estate Winery, 2319 Beguelin Road, Celista, BC. Funkerbellies Is looking for a cleaner. The position is for before or after open hours. To book an interview interested applicants should call 250-371-7003

Summer Cleaners Wanted Saturdays/Sundays/Some midweek work. North Shuswap & Blind Bay areas. Student's OK. Vehicle is a bonus. Top dollar paid. Contact Jay Simpson:

Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning PRESSURE WASHING

Call now for Free Estimate Bryan 250-517-8172



Pre-spray, Clean & Rinse Method Leaves no Residue

Sun Beach FunkerBellies Zorboratic

Toll Free: 855.431.4313 Toll Free Fax: 888.377.4313 Shuswap Piano Tuning and restoration. Call or text 250-517-7717




1920’s Weber Piano. One family owner. Fair condition $600 250-679-8030. Chase

Celista Cleaner required to clean vacation rental property Potential to make $50 per hour Must have own vehicle To book an interview interested applicants should call 250-371-7003

HELP WANTED Cashiers Assistant Cook Prep Cook Food safe & experience an asset Please submit resume at Ross Cr. Country Store, 6929 Squilax Anglemont Rd. Magna Bay or email to



APRIL 2019

WANTED Wanted - to buy old wood windows, doors, ladders, crocks, suitcases, furniture, tools, trunks, tubs, signs, antlers, pumps, taxidermy, advertising, barrels, scales, farm & cowboy items. 250-577-3357, Pritchard

OLD Beams, OLD Wood, OLD planks & Shiplaps For RESTORATION of HISTORIC Log Home In White Lake Joe Riegler 250-835-2239 rieg ler@telu s. net Yard / Ga rage S a le... Advertis e here! 250.463.2611 shusw apscoop @ gmail. com


• Arts

Council for the South Shuswap Karen Brown 250.515.3276 •Blind Bay Community Society Phone: 250-675-3919 Email: • Blind Bay painters - Betty Schriver 250-675-2249 - • Blind Bay Garden Club - Susan 250835-2351 or Donald 778-490-5008 •Carlin Country Market, Heather 250-835-4422 • Carlin Elementary Middle School PAC, Heather 250-835-4422 • Chase Fish & Game Club Helen 250-679-8019 • Copper Island Seniors Resource Services (CISRS) - (beside Spinnaker Cafe) 250-675-3661, email: • CRIMESTOPPERS 1-800-222-8477 • CSRD Area C Director - Paul Demenok, Cell: 250-517-0810, email: FIRE DEPARTMENTS • Eagle Bay - 4445 Eagle Bay Rd., Chief Alan Rendell, 250-517-0429, • Sorrento Hall #1 1164 Passchendale Road, Chief Gary Hoult, 250-675-3555, • Sorrento Hall #2 - 2505 Greer Rd., Chief Gary Hoult, 250-675-4441, • Tappen/Sunnybrae - 3732 Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Rd., Chief Ryan Gray, 250-835-8696 TappenSunnybraeVFD@ • White Lake - 3607 Parri Rd. Chief Bryan Griffin, 250-835-4500, • Fire Services Coordinator - Sean Coubrough, 250-833-5955 FIRST RESPONDERS - Debbie Edwards; • GT Dragon Boat Society Susan Eisenberger, 250-803-6864 HEALTH SERVICES • South Shuswap Health Services Society Sue McCrae 250-675-3661, • Sorrento Health Centre – 250-803-5251 • Sorrento Health Centre Society – Marilyn Clark, 250-675-2449 • Lions Club - Email: / Web: Sorrento

Lions Club - Lions e-Clubhouse and South Shuswap Community Resource -, Leigh 250-515-4682 ROAD MAINTENANCE - Acciona Infrastructure Maintenance Inc - 1-866 2224204. Vernon office: 250-503-3664. email: • Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) South Shuswap Leigh Schaffer 250-675-4818 • Shuswap Better at Home Wysteria 250-253-2749, • Shuswap Community Foundation 250-832-5428 •Shuswap Hospice Society 250-832-7099, 250-675-2568 (Sorrento) • Shuswap Lake Aero Modelers -1-866293-3851,, • Shuswap Theatre Society - & Shuswaptheatre/ • South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce - Karen Brown 250-515-0002, manager@ • Shuswap Volunteer Search & Rescue Luke Gubbles 250-803-1095, • Shuswap Tennis - Petra: 250.835.2202 or Dick: 250.574.4674, • Shuswap Waterfront Owners Association (SWOA), • Sorrento & Area Community Association (SACA) - Brenda Puetz 250-675 -2599 •Sorrento Minor Ball Geoff 250-804-6923, • South Shuswap Canada Day Committee - Tammy Packer 250.463.2495 • Ta’ Lana Twirlers Square Dance Nancy Alison 250-803-9096 • Victim Services - Guy Ramsay 250-679-8638 • White Lake Community Hall Society 3617 Parri Road, Thelma Materi 250-803-5231 • White Lake Residents Assoc. - (WLRA) email: / • White Lake New Horizons Seniors Club - Tim Hoy 250-835-2141 • North

APRIL 2019





APRIL 2019

 Standing Seam Metal Roofing  Prolock Metal Roofing  Metal Wall Cladding  Torch-On Flat Roof Systems  Custom Flashing


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South Shuswap Scoop April 2019  

Free community newsletter serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area.

South Shuswap Scoop April 2019  

Free community newsletter serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area.

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