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COVER STORY GRANDMASTER GARY AMEN Soke Gary Amen is on a mission to make the martial arts honorable again!

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The year is rapidly coming to an end. 2011 was a great year for the MASTERS HALL OF FAME and 20102 looks to be even better! We have some surprises coming for you in the next few months. I’m sure that you will enjoy them. Once again, I want to thank my team for the outstanding job that they do. Happy holidays to all! Hanshi Daniel Hect CEO, MASTERS HALL of FAME Visit us at www.MASTERSHALLOFFAME.ORG



I’m not a big fan of MMA movies. Usually the plots are thin, the action is over exaggerated and the acting isn’t that great. I must say I was pleasantly surprised viewing Warrior. Basicaly, two estranged brothers try to reconcile with each other and their father. This is a martial arts movie that is not about the martial arts, but family and forgiveness. I think this is what makes this movie stand out above the rest. There are cameos by real MMA fighters (Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson, Nate Marquart, and eric Apple). However, I was amazed at the performance of Professional wrestler Kurt Angle. He really made me believe he was a reall MMA combatant and not a WWE wresler. Telling you the plot here would kind of spoil things. Go see this film. It is well worth it? GO SEE THIS MOVIE!



It’s June 17, 2011 at the Castro Valley Center of the Arts in Castro Valley, California. Martial arts stars are out tonight to attend the Living Legend’s Roast of Kajukenbo Sifu Mark Gerry. Guests include James Lew, movie star and legendary performer; Ernie Reyes Sr., sixty four years young and one of the legends of sport karate; Harry Mok, stuntman, actor, producer, director and writer; Nicole Gerry, Miss California Model of the Year 2010; Cynthia Rothrock, sport martial arts icon and movie star; Frank Dux, inspiration for the movie “Bloodsport”, an actor, producer, director and writer; Eric Lee, the living legend, world renown kata champion, and author of martial arts instructional book and DVDs; Sonny Sison, actor, stuntman, choreographer, director and producer. Art Camacho, award winning action film director and action choreographer for the likes of Steven Seagal, and kickboxing champion and actor Don Wilson among others. These Roasts are such great events because they bring people together to show our respect for one another. Men and women liked Ming Lum, Al Novak, George Baker, Jamie Cashion, Jimmy Willis, Dan Tosh, Robin and Janis Taberna, Robert Parham, Bob Machimeir, Mark Stoner, Dana Stamos, and so many others attend such events. The show starts out with a bang! Mark Gerry, dressed like Elvis Presley, sings Your Cheating Heart. He does a great Elvis impersonation and the audience loves it. What a way to break the ice! Then one by one the special guest are announced and Roasters, Miss California Nicole Gerry, Sonny Sison, Harry Mok, Frank Dux, Ernie Reyes, Art Camacho, James Lew, Eric Lee, Cynthia Rothrock, are introduced. You know this super star lineup is ready to roast Mark Gerry over some pretty hot coals. The Master of Ceremonies, Jeff Applebaum, a professional comedian and class act, entertained us while introducing the evening’s acts, which include some very talented martial arts demonstration teams and some beautiful dancers, including Mark Gerry (who also loves to dance). Tracie Soder opens for the performers with a challenging fitness routine. Then comes Team Internationals, the Long Beach International team and they perform spectacular feats of martial arts prowess, with proper technique and

beauty. Next was the always flawless kata performance of Todd Dunphy.


Up next, the Ernie Reyes demo team. This performance, including drums and karate, is truly a creative masterpiece of style by the 7:00

Hall of Honors because of jealousy, hate and pride. I refuse to hate, I refuse to have pride and if anything I always congratulate other

We are all born with a gift. A gift of choices, where we are always put in a situation where we have a choice to do something. Martial arts plays a big role in journey of life for it helps us build discipline and patience. When we live life, we live to learn and show others what to be or what not to be.

people’s success. Till today I still speak with some of the old masters still alive such as Professor Jonathan Stewert, Master Earl Woodberry and a few others in the martial arts world.

My name is Shindo – Ki Rodriguez and I am an actor, film maker, writer, author and martial artist. I have practiced the arts now for 19 years and I have learned so much about myself and what the true essence of what martial arts is suppose to be. Martial arts is the way of peace. To be able to go out there and help yourself and help others as well.

I wrote a book called A Windy Journey in hopes that I can reach the younger generation to encourage them to fulfill their goals. I also had tried to reach out to the older generation to encourage them to keep teaching the younger generation the right way. I also hope that one day there can peace in the world and set aside the difference because when we think about life and the martial arts were made for all of us to share and enjoy.

Some people think that just because you are a martial arts actor, you are weak and incompetent. There is a difference between doing the art in the movie and outside the movies. I prefer to practice martial arts not to believe that I am better than everyone else, but to go out there and improve myself. I would like to be able to see other people out there and establish a friendship with them without having to worry or get backstabbed.

Every day I choose to get up and follow my goal and dreams. I choose to do the right thing and go out there to spread my message of peace. The moral of this story that I am trying to say is that we are all teachers. We have good teachers and bad teachers, but I encourage people to be good teachers.

Because I am a brown belt, I have been told that I am nobody and that I should not make movies nor act in them, but I can proudly say that since a yellow belt, I had to ability to go out there and teach people. I went out there to help others better themselves and not make a fatal mistake they would soon to regret. So for me it does not matter what my haters think. If a martial artist has to hate on another or has to go out there and lie about their credentials then they are not true martial artists. I have had confrontations including at Master Goldberg’s

- Article by Shindo Rodriguez



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Every so often, you meet an outstanding martial artist who is a real class act. Grandmaster Gary Amen is one of those people. He wants to bring honour and respect back to the martial arts. He sat down with us and gave us his insights on a few things. This is what he had to say.

MHOF: Hello Soke Amen. You are one of the most experienced and respected Martial Artists today. Please tell us how your journey into the martial arts began. SGA: When I was 6 years old, I came across one of my neighbors who was my age, and his dad was in the Army’s Special Forces. He was teaching his son Jujitsu and other styles. He met me and asked me if I would like to learn, so I could be a good partner for his son. I did that with them for 8 years. It was hard because the dad kept going back and forth to Vietnam, but his son and I kept training with the older brother, who knew a lot. I started at my first school in the early 1970s, with Grandmaster Andy Apo, who was an amazing instructor, one of the best I’ve been trained by. I also later studied with another amazing instructor, Master Fred Kenyon. MHOF: In today’s world, it seems as though everyone tries to be better than everyone else, but you seem to just try to be better than you were the day before. How do you keep that perspective with all that you have accomplished? SGA: I always try to think that I’m a white belt, that I can still learn more. I have an open cup. I respect people’s age and experience, more than their degrees. There are so many styles out there—I can’t learn them all, but I can study them and take the best parts of each one, incorporating them into my style, Grandmaster Amen’s Warrior Academy. Over the years, I have learned so many things from my students that have made me much better. I have been inspired by their willingness to learn and their commitment. I want to thank God because he gives me the drive to do what I’m doing right now. I am thankful I’ve never been seriously injured, so I can still practice my martial arts. I plan to continue practicing until the day I can’t stand up anymore. And then I’ll still be teaching. MHOF: This year, you were inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame. Tell us about your experience that evening. SGA: I met so many new people, so many great people with experience in martial arts, including you, Dr. Parham. I got to meet people in person, after speaking with them over the phone for years, like William Snyder and Monua Cary. I greatly enjoyed seeing again my Grandmaster Frank Dux as well as my friends Dana Stamos and Conan Lee, and I enjoyed meeting Cynthia Rothrock. I want to thank my brother Alfred Urquidez for inducting me into the Master Hall of Fame, as well as Dan Hect and Dr. David Dye for putting the event together. I also greatly respect Dana Hect, for all of her hard work that night and beforehand. For me, the evening was all about the people, with all of us celebrating the spirit of martial arts. I was honored to get my award, but more important was spending time with people I respect and look up to. They inspire me to keep teaching and training. It’s wonderful to be around so many people who have the same passion as I do about the martial arts.


MHOF: Describe your personal philosophy on the martial arts. What does it mean to you personally? SGA: Martial arts is my way of life. It helps me feel alive, helps me reduce stress. It has helped keep me out of trouble over the years. I has saved my life many times. For example, when I was hit by a fast-moving car while walking, I jumped on the car, and the impact of me hitting the windshield caused me to fall off the hood, and I automatically rolled. It was a hit and run. The doctor was amazed that I had only minor injuries. I trained at my black belt class that night, because I was preparing for another black belt degree. If it hadn’t have been for my martial arts training, I would have been under the car and I know my injuries would have been much worse. I try hard to live by the ideals of the martial arts: honor, respect, humility, and honesty. Without those qualities, I would be lost. MHOF: Tell us about your new organization and its purpose. SGA: The International Martial Arts Council is new. Right now, we are recognizing people who may not have Sifus and instructors anymore because they have passed away or no longer have a governing body for some valid reason. These people are still leaders in martial arts, doing great tournaments, great work, and keeping the martial arts alive, but they need a “home” so to speak. Right now, we are honoring people whose names are known, established and well respected. We are also creating bylaws for the council, an official seal, and a constitution. All styles and all organizations are included. Because we see so many fakes and inflated ranks on Facebook and in tournaments, we want to be the “gold seal” that states “you are the real deal.” It’s out of control. For example, I have seen a 17-year-old girl with 8 degrees. I’ve also seen a 28-year-old grandmaster who has only been in the art for 20 years. I saw a black belt who’s been in the arts for

only a year. The most ridiculousness thing I saw was a guy on Facebook who boasted 58 tenth degrees, 2 fifteenth degrees, and 28 Ph.D.s. How ludicrous is that? And unfortunately, too many unsuspecting people believe them. With the Council, we have the opportunity to fix the inflated belts and recognize legitimate people who should be recognized, who don’t get enough recognition. These people deserve our honor and respect because they continue to share the gift of martial arts with others, making a difference in their lives.

MHOF: What is your ethos in life? Does it stem from what you have learned in the martial arts? SGA: Martial arts has helped me become more humble. I have more confidence in myself, and I apply that in everyday life with my coworkers, wife, and family. I know who I am, and I know what I can do. Many times, I’ve encouraged people to use the martial arts to build their own confidence, so that can transfer to other things, like doing well in school. I’ve met so many wonderful people who come to my classes, talented and gifted people as well as those who struggle with learning the martial arts. All of them have succeeded in fulfilling their goals with martial arts, learning to develop talents and not give up. MHOF: Your repertoire is truly amazing. Tell us about some of the highlights of your martial arts career. SGA: I am proud of the many demonstrations I’ve been involved with over the years. For example, I once broke a 12inch-thick railroad block with a back kick at a demonstration in front of Navy Seals. I once did a pinkie break on national television for Jerry Lewis’s Muscular Dystrophy telethon. I once did a demonstration on base with a 4-year-old boy who was an amazing and gifted boy, who did forms and breaking as good as most adults—the Admirals and Generals were amazed. As far as teaching, I’ve taught so many types of people, from three-year-old preschool classes to adult Navy Seals. One of my students grew up to be one of the top Blue Angel pilot. I am proud to have taught active and retired Navy Seals and other Special Forces for about twenty years on and off base in the Coronado area of California.

MHOF: What would you like to say to those young and upcoming martial artists who strive to walk in your path? SGA: Keep training. Never stop. Have an open cup. Respect everybody. Always finish what you start. You are so lucky to start at an early age because you can learn so much more at your age. You are like a sponge. If you do these things, you will finish your goal and become a black belt. You will become one of the warriors. I am sure you can use that knowledge to help enhance whatever you choose to do with your life.



For more information visit WWW.THELEGENDOFLIONMAN.COM

3 Ways Martial Arts School Owners Can Tap Into The Power of Social Media By Grandmaster Richard Hackworth

Over 75% of consumers use social media in some form, so if you're not using it to promote your school then you may be missing out on a big opportunity. Getting involved doesn't have to be complicated. Here are three easy things you can do to get in the game. Start a blog about your school. Blogs are easy to create and easy to maintain - with tools like wordpress or blogspot, you don't even need to consult a webmaster. The key is to create high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. Keep it consistent and keep it real. Other than that, just have fun with it! Some suggestions for blog posts include: * Safety and self defense tips and insights * Special offers or give-aways * Post a photo and bio of your "Student of the Month" * Photos and bios of your staff members and yourself * Humorous anecdotes * Interviews with employees, customers or partners

Check out these examples of martial arts school blogs:

14 Start a Facebook page. Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world (along with Google). To get started, simply create a Facebook page where you can post updates, link to your blog articles, and receive feedback from your customers. As you post relevant content and interact with customers on your Facebook page, your fan base and your student count will grow. I know, you're thinking... "I already have a facebook page and it isn't doing anything!" Well, the truth is that 97% of martial arts school owners are doing it WRONG! They are using a personal page to promote their school. NOT the right way to do it. Look at these examples of great martial arts school facebook pages. Do you want to promote your own martial art organization or product? Then check out these examples for ideas. Post videos on YouTube. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video must be worth 1,000 pictures (and 1,000,000 words)! Plus videos get priority in search engine results and allow you to show a little personality. Start with a company overview or a product demonstration and build your video library from there. You can see my personal youtube channel at If you implement these social media elements in your martial arts school marketing, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the raving fans waiting for you. Want more students? Start using social media today!

To your health, wealth and success! Richard Hackworth

About the author: Richard Hackworth is a multi-school owner with over twenty years in the martial arts teaching industry. He is the host of the "World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows" and one of the world's leading Korean martial arts experts. He can be reached via his website at

Order them online at


In this new feature, we will profile some of the current events and happenings of alumni of the Masters Hall of Fame. In the coming months, we will offer direct video links for interviews, techniques and more!


2011 Alumni Andre “Chyna” McCoy is in preproduction of his new film “BAYNE”. The character is a half-wolf and half-vampire. From some of the production photos I’ve seen, this looks like it’s going to be a sure hit! Chyna has a long career in Hollywood and actually has two films coming out next year, “Red Herring” and “Kung Fu Hero”. Visit this youtube link for some behind the scenes of the making of “BAYNE”

KICKING IT OLD SCHOOL A new radio show called “Kicking it Old School” will commence in January with hosts Hanshi Dan Hect and Hanshi Eddie Morales. They will speak on various topics involved with the martial arts, from belt testing to MMA. Hanshi Hect is the CEO of the Masters Hall of Fame and Hanshi Morales is the Publisher/Editor/Chief of Martialforce Magazine ( Look for more information in the next issue of Masters Hall of Fame magazine.



Taimak, the star of the timeless film “The Last Dragon”, is hard at work writing, directing and producing his film “I’ve Seen Things”. I’ve been fortunate to witness the trailer and a few selected scenes. This is going to be an awesome film when it is completed. Visit the movie website to keep informed of everything that is happening with this project. Taimak is an alumnus of the inductee class of 2009.

DON WILSON FIGHTS FOR CHARITY A living legend, Don “The Dragon” Wilson returned to the ring (well, cage) to raise money for a handicapped Children’s Charity in Kachastan. Don has a huge heart and put on a great exhibition with Kash Gill (who stepped in as a last minute replacement). “The Dragon” is now marketing TRADITIONZ brand of Shirts. Visit the website at

If you have something newsworthy, please email it to

A Few Words With

By Robert Parham

When we think of the epitome of martial arts films, we usually think of “Enter The Dragon”. I have never met Bruce Lee, but I’ve been fortunate to meet his daughter Shannon as well as obtain Bruce’s autograph from a collector. I’m also very fortunate to get to know Grandmaster Jim Kelly. Earlier this year I met Grandmaster Bob Wall. That almost completes the lead cast, with the exception of John Saxon. I caught up with him as he was doing his book tour at Travis Air Force Base in California. He said some remarkable things about Bruce Lee and his other co-stars. He said a few words directly for the Masters Hall of Fame Magazine.

“I’m here in Fairfield talking to Robert from the Masters Hall of Fame…I’m happy to learn that you are in the martial arts. I try to keep up but I actually don’t get out very much, I work out in my back yard gym and to keep it up all the while, I’m 75…I think it helps you to keep moving around and getting better and keeping your brain in charge. So I’m appreciative in hearing about the Masters Hall of Fame and I’d like to get to know more about it!” 22

Masters hall of Fame Issue 6  

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