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Kingfisher, OK 73750 March 12, 2019

Page 2: Prom Dress Guide Page 3: KHS Photographers Page 4: Death of Luke Perry Page 5: Coming to Netflix Page 6: Play Rehearsal Pics Page 7: Play Pics 2 Page 8: Passing the Torch Page 9: On My Block Series Page 10: Prom Shirt Order Page 11: KHS B&W Photos Page 12: Cheer Form/BOE ************************ Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner Tomorrow Night (Wed., 13th) 5-7 p.m. Support Your State Champs! “I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire?

The Princess Who Had No Name by Kolby Gilbert/mh The wait for the unique play performed by the Drama Club of Kingfisher High School will soon be over. Mrs. Harris and her band of theater kids put on an incredible performance the year before, and there is no doubt that this one be will just as extraordinary. The amount of strength and effort it takes to show a class of over forty teenagers the ins and outs of putting on a play is insanely immense, and no one does it better than Mrs. Harris herself. Mrs. Harris has been teaching for around twenty-seven years now, and she’s learned a thing or two about turning shy, introverted kids into modern-day actors. I’ve personally seen these students offer up their valuable time to work on this production, and I can tell you that none of it is wasted. I truly recommend you come and see this play. Not a single one of these students benefit from you coming to watch because they are doing this solely to entertain you, the public. This play is filled with humor for all ages and the actors do a fantastic job at fulfilling their roles. Overall, the Kingfisher Drama Club has put both time and energy into this play and would be overjoyed to see all of your lovely faces sitting before them as they perform this fantastic show. You can come see The Princess Who Had No Name on March 28th 29th, and 30th at 7:00 P.M.

March 12, 2019

Prom is one month away. Time to secure your date(s) is running out, so gather up your courage and ask that special someone. Once you have your date, next up on your agenda will be to buy a appropriate dress. Here are the guidelines for prom dress purchases. Learn it. Know it. Live it. 

No plunging necklines

Length must be longer than fingertips when arms are straight down to your side

No cutouts in the front

1” (inch) or less of stomach showing is allowed

Slits must be longer than the fingertips when arms are straight down to your side

No excessively tight or form fitting dresses

If you have a question, ask the Mrs. Lorenz or Mrs. Leffingwell

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Policy Statement It is the policy of the Kingfisher School District to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, qualified handicap, or veteran status in its educational programs and activities. This includes, but is not limited to, admissions, educational services, financial aid, and employment. Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to Jason Sternberger, Coordinator of Title IX and Section 504 responsibilities, Kingfisher Public Schools, P. O. Box 29, 11th and Chisholm, Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750. Telephone 405-375-4194. Kingfisher Public Schools provide educational opportunities to disabled students age 0-21. These services are provided in accordance with public law 94-142, which requires an approved appropriate education for disabled children ages 0-21. Any person having knowledge of a disabled child and not identified or served, please contact Jason Sternberger, Superintendent of Schools, 11th and Chisholm, Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750 or telephone 405-375-4194. The opinions expressed in THE STINGER are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of THE STINGER staff, its sponsor, the administration or faculty of the Kingfisher Schools.

March 12, 2019

KHS Photographers Prepare for Competition Students and Staff Photographers in Dr. Johnson’s multi-award winning photography program are gearing up for their “run to Nationals,” by competing in the Oklahoma Camera Club 2019 Youth Photo Contest later this month. All high school students including public schools, private schools or home-schooled students in the state of Oklahoma are invited to compete. Each student may enter print and/or digital entries from six categories: Architecture, People/Animals, Landscapes/Waterscapes/Cityscapes, Photojournalism and Photographer’s Choice in Color and in Monochrome. A student may enter from one photo up to 16 photos. The state competition results will be announced on March 26th, 2019 at the Oklahoma Camera Club (OCC) monthly meetin. The winning images - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mentions (prints and in digital for each category) will all be displayed. A “Best of Show” print and a “Best of Show” digital will be highlighted as well. At the discretion of the OCC, some of the winning prints and digital images will be sent to the Photographic Society of America (PSA) National Youth Showcase Contest in mid April 2019 for another judging. These National PSA winners will be displayed at the 2019 Conference in Spokane, Washington. Best of luck to our Yellowjacket Photographers!

March 12, 2019

Luke Perry’s Death

History of Dr. Pepper

By: Frida Gonzalez/mh

By Jayden Burleson/mh

Most people know Luke Perry from the classic 80’s tv show, Beverly Hills 90210 or more recently from the CW hit series, Riverdale. Luke had a stroke on February 27, 2019. He wasn’t in good condition right after the stroke his brain was swelling. They don’t know what type of stroke Luke had just yet. After the stroke Luke just seemed to be getting worse and worse so they took him to the hospital. A couple days after he had his stroke he passed away. He passed on March 4th, 2019. He died at age 52. His kids and wife and ex-wife were there with him at the hospital when he passed. Many people are reaching out to them. The cast of Riverdale all posted amazing and sweet pictures of Luke and amazing words to say. Also some of the cast of 90210 reached out and posted as well. They announced that they will be making another 90210 that would be this summer. Luke didn’t know if he was going to be in the show. Riverdale is only on season 3 and they said they were doing another season. How could they do it without Luke, which is Archie’s dad in the show?

Dr. Pepper is among the most popular sodas. It was created by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton in 1885. Dr. Pepper was first nationally sold in the U.S. in 1904, and is currently also sold in Europe, Asia, South America, New Zealand, South Africa and South America. It is manufactured by the Keurig Dr. Pepper company. Dr. Pepper is a caramel colored carbonated soft drink, and it also comes in a variety of flavor options and styles. The Dr. Pepper Company is the oldest manufacturer of syrups and soft drink concentrates in the United States. As the years go by Dr. Pepper will for sure remain a power house caffeinated beverage that is loved by many .

More Dumb Lawsuits By Thomas Smith/mh We have established before on how people can abuse their power and just sue anyone for any minor transgression, like simply even looking at someone the wrong way. It turns out we haven’t even scraped the bottom of the barrel. This one is well heard of but for the wrong reasons, One day a lady orders a coffee from McDonalds and she spills it on herself then sues McDonalds. Well, it turns out that McDonalds actually had their coffee so hot that it did end up disabling her from the serious burns. This was also when companies started the whole bad lawsuits thing so people would not be on their side. On a less serious note, a woman sues a store for tripping over a toddler running around in their store, a more confusing thing was that the toddler was her son. A man sues Microsoft for not deleting his history quick enough, after further investigation done by the FBI it turned out he was trying to delete hoe to make bombs in his search and he also had some of the materials to make bombs, he was arrested. This was a few more lawsuits that were for the most part serious, but were over all dumb.

March 12, 2019

Opening Day of Deer Season By: Mason Snider/kk Every year on October 1st or the first weekend of October My family and I go up to my family farm in Helena, Oklahoma. We normally stay in an old farmhouse and hangout there when we aren’t hunting. When we go up there we have about 6 hunters so, we have different spots around Nash and Jet, Oklahoma. So, that we always have a spot too hunt. Someone always gets one eventually through archery season, it just depends on who gets lucky. We have been doing this for ten years and it is a tradition that will continue in my family.

Clash Royale By Kevin Velarde/kk

New Movies and Shows Coming to Netflix

Clash Royale is a game that involves many differBy: Frida Gonzalez/mh ent types of cards; form common all the way to legendary cards. It is a very interesting and good game. Back in 2016 it Here are some highly anticipated movies and shows coming to was a very popular game and many people in different grades would play Netflix in the coming months. it. People would trade accounts for money and to get new accounts with brand new cards. Then a new version came out on July 25, 2017 and you Disney's Christopher Robin would not see that many people playing Clash Royale anymore. That’s Immortals when it died. The Jane Austen Book Club Shadow Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams On My Block Season 2 24 Hr. Roadside & Emergency Service Alignments Most Beautiful Thing Oil Changes Tires The Dirt Amy Schumer Growing 816 N. Court Kingfisher, OK 73750 Burn Out Office: 405-375-4862 Toll Free: 1-800-346-7116

With Locations In: Alva, Woodward and Clinton

I’m most looking forward to On My Block season 2. The end of the last episode was amazing but sad also the ending with a big plot twist and cliff hanger to the story. Making everyone anxious and wanting to find out what happens next.

March 12, 2019


March 12, 2019

March 12, 2019

The Momo Hoax By: Gina Tarango/kk The latest trend people are terrified of is the called the Momo figure they have been seeing all over Instagram or Youtube and on Snapchat. Momo pops up watching Peppa pig on Youtube kids sometimes too. Little kids have been talking about it too. People are terrified of their kids being exposed to this figure. Momo is a sculpture from Japan or something like that. She has huge eyes and a creepy smile and a pale white face. It supposedly sends anonymous texts on WhatsApp, even though there isn’t any actual evidence of any children being harassed by Momo. It’s all just another internet hoax. Kids are still terrified of the figure whether it is real or not. Is Momo dangerous? But if it’s making people more cautious about what they see on the internet, that’s a good thing. The sculpture itself is called “mother bird”. The urban legend is that it sends texts to people to have them hurt themselves and send photographic evidence to prove they are really hurting themselves. Supposedly, there have been some kids that have committed suicide because of this thing. Its terrifying to think kids are taking their own lives over text or because this thing is telling them to do stuff leading up to killing themselves. It is not funny but it is really nothing to be terrified about. It’s all a hoax, but nowadays, kids believe things they see on social media.

Dolphin Tale 2 By: Chance Cowdery/kk

Did you know that teenage boys (age 1217) tend to earn less weekly than sameaged girls, but save more per week. A Proud Supporter of Kingfisher High School

Dolphin tale recently came to Netflix this month. I watched it once. It’s a tale about a dolphin who is lonely and the people try to help it feel less lonely since Winter, the dolphin with no tail, loses her friend Panama. Panama was an old dolphin, about 40-years old. Then they found another one named Hope. She is a small dolphin. Sawyer, Winters favorite human, helps her a lot during the movie. He encourages her to please behave and to play. Bethany Hamilton makes an appearance in the movie. Hope is scared of Winter when she sees her and Winter freaks out and slaps her. People are scared what Winter will do to Hope so they attach the tail to Winter to see if Hope is okay with it. Hope does freak out at first and then gets used to her. Winter and Hope become friends and grow together and Sawyer is proud of Winter. Everyone is happy they worked things out and they don’t have to close down the aquarium after all. It is a good movie.

March 12, 2019

On My Block

Dolphin Tale

By: Gina Tarango/ge

By: The Chance Cowdery/ge

On My Block season 2 is coming on March 19. It is supposed Sawyer Nelson is 11 years old and to be good and I am excited to watch it. I liked season 1 a lot and I can- he failed school and he had to do summer not wait for season 2 to come out.. school. His cousin named Kyle he was leaving to go the army. Sawyer didn’t want to Monse, Cesar, Olivia, Ruby and Jamal are good characters. I have him leave and they had a going away like them a lot and the first episode of season 1 Ruby got shot and party for Kyle and Sawyer wasn’t too happy. Kyle left to the next Monse was trying to help Cesar escape the consequences of his beef day and Sawyer had his first day of summer school. with a guy from another gang. On his way to summer school he passed the ocean he saw Latrell meant to shoot Cesar but he shoots Ruby and Ruby is a dolphin struggling with a fish net. The Clearwater Aquarium hurt badly at Olivia’s 15th party. It is sad to have the show end off like came to the ocean the owner of the aquarium is Clay Haskett. He that and to think what will happen next to the bunch will be dramatic. I had a daughter named Hazel Haskett she helps around the Aquarihope Ruby is okay and Cesar doesn’t get hurt. Olivia will be traumaum. Sawyer wanted to see how the dolphin was doing so he snuck tized from the experience. Jamal is too worked up on Rollerworld and in to the aquarium. Hazel caught him and she told him “I’ll show to figure stuff out with Ruby’s grandma. It is nerve racking to think you the dolphin if you’re quiet.” what will happen next. I hope everything is okay with them. Doctor Clay said that Sawyer could stay and help with I hope Monse ends up with Cesar even though he is with winter which is what they named her. Sawyer’s mom didn’t know Olivia. I didn’t really like the series at first but it got good and I like it a he was working there and she found out and told him he couldn’t lot. go back. Kyle had an accident and he hurt his leg. Sawyer mom finally came to see the dolphin and how happy it made Sawyer to be at the aquarium. She told Sawyer he could stay at the Aquarium. Kyle finally came home and got to visit winter. They had a carnival to save the Clearwater Aquarium. They raised enough money to save the aquarium and to save winter.

The Notebook By: Ryan Crow/mh The Notebook is a romantic drama movie made in 2004. It’s about a guy named Noah who is reading a notebook about how he fell in love and got married. He reads it to his wife that has dementia and can't remember Noah is her husband. She loves the story that Noah is reading to her. The story is very interesting and good. They fall in love and there are lots of conflicts. Before she goes back to Noah she actually gets engaged to another very rich man. She spends a couple nights with him and realizes how special they are and that she still loves him. They go on a cute boat ride and on that boat ride they see ducks everywhere on the creek. Later it starts pouring down rain so they run into Noah's house and kiss and do other stuff. Her mom likes the man she's engaged to better than Noah. Noah actually sends her letters for a whole year but Allie’s mom hides the letter and later on in the movie she gives them to Allie. This is a very good movie that I suggest everyone watches. I've seen it so many times now and I'm not even close to getting tired of it, now it's on Netflix.

March 12, 2019

Sizes Small to XXXX-Large

Turn in order with money to Ms. Friday by March 14, 2019

March 12, 2019

March 12, 2019

Board of Education Report March 4, 2019 The Kingfisher Board of Education met in regular session at 7PM on Monday, March 4, 2019 with all members present. President Mark Squires called the meeting to order and asked Superintendent of Schools Jason Sternberger for “honors and recognitions.” Supt. Sternberger announced Bree Taylor having been selected as an Academic All-Stater, the first for Kingfisher since about 2015. He also noted the Boys Basketball Team advancing to the state tournament where Harrison Themer will perform the National Anthem, and the many successes at local shows for the FFA. He also praised the KHS Choir program for advancing to state competition. The Board approved encumbrances including one for 7 Chrome Laptop Carts (210 computers) which brings the Heritage and Middle Schools to having 1 laptop for every two students. Mr. Sternberger also noted spending about $20,000 on heating and air conditioning equipment at the Heritage School. He also said the Gross Production Tax income for last month was down about $100,000 but, despite that, the district is still on track to finish the year with a carryover of around $5 million. He said it also looks like income will permit the district to replace all of the teacher’s desktop computers which are more than 5 years old. The Board approved preparing to seek bids for the new softball/cheer building which will be paid for through a continued increase in the Building Fund from local tax dollars. The Board also heard Supt. Sternberger discuss ideas concerning capital improvements for the district which continue to favor a new middle school. He said more complete ideas will be available at the next Board meeting and it appears a bond election to finance the construction will not result in any tax increase. The Board is finalizing a “School Climate Survey.” They also discussed the recent district “Report Card.” Mr. Sternberger said it appears the cards throughout the state were on a true bell curve with about 50% of the school receiving a letter grade of “C.” The Kingfisher Schools received a letter grade of “B.” He added he does not believe the card is an “accurate reflection” of what the Kingfisher Schools do in all areas, not just the ones that were measured and he commended the faculty and staff for excellent work. Supt. Sternberger gave each Board Member a “Financial Disclosure” statement which they are required to complete and a total of their individual development points, also required. Although not a resignation, Mr. Sternberger said Mr. Wood will be stepping down as Girls Basketball coach to concentrate full time on administration. With no executive session, the Board voted to hire two science teachers, Mrs. Julie Rother and Mr. Steven Rempe. The Board adjourned at 736PM.

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March 12, 2019  

The KHS Stinger is the only student generated weekly newspaper in Oklahoma.

March 12, 2019  

The KHS Stinger is the only student generated weekly newspaper in Oklahoma.