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The International Headquarters of the Sufi Movement Office of the Representative-General and the President of the International Publications Committee O Sufi, did you know that “inner realization” is like being on a ship with which one is sailing on the great waters of Love, Harmony and Beauty, guided by the compass of the Spirit of Guidance, and driven by the energy of Spiritual Liberty, heading toward the goal of the annihilation of the ego, where one may begin at last to realize that the sailor is a ray of the Divine Presence, sailing in the past, present and future on the waves of our illusions.

Desk of the Bayt-ul-Haram To the kind attention of: the Leaders in the Spiritual Healing Activity of the International Sufi Movement

Date: 16th of December 2009

Very dear friends,

Herewith I wish you a Happy Christmas with much “Light” and a very fruitful 2010 with many blessings and inspiration in your work. I have the privilege to repeat the words of our Master Hazrat Inayat Khan from Volume IV page 41 and 42: “The secret of healing is to rise by the power of belief above the limitations of this world of variety, that one may touch by the power of intelligence the oneness of the whole Being. It is there that one becomes charged with the almighty power, and it is by the power of that attainment that one is able to help oneself and others in their pain and suffering. Verily, spirit has all the power there is”.

With loving greetings, Sattva.

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