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Welcome to Kents Hill Infant Academy

“The teachers and leaders of the school endeavour to ensure that children are engaged a lead their learning and every child is encouraged to challenge themselves in their next ste

“At Kents Hill Infant Academy, we are dedicated to creating a happy, secure and stimulati human beings.” Mrs N. Smith—Deputy Headteacher

and enthused in their learning as well as providing the best possible education. Children are empowered to eps.� Mrs G. Thurston—Headteacher

ting environment in which all members of the school community can grow in self-esteem and develop as

Welcome to Kents Hill Infant Academy “I started volunteering at KHIA when my

child was in the school and, due to the fun, friendly and welcoming staff and children, I have continued to support ever since! A truly inspiring school!�

A KHIA adult volunteer

Growth Mindset

At Kents Hill Infant Academy, we believe that developing children to have a during their time with us and for skills learned at school, but throughout th

To build independence and put children in charge of their own learning, we assess: what skills they already know; what new ones they are aiming to le

a growth mindset is key to their success of being a great learner. Not only heir lives in all skills they are developing.

e have developed a unique skill bar tool which enables children to selfearn; and what they have learned.

“What a fabulous school you have.

We cannot be more pleased. You are all always so helpful and friendly and really supportive.�

Year 1 parent

Welcome to Kents Hill Infant Academy

Zones of Regulation We know that every child and every day is unique and so children experience a range of emotions daily. We support the development of these emotions by following the Zones of Regulation to help them thrive, not only academically, but socially too.

When a child is finding it difficult to manage their emotions, we follow a therapeutic approach to support their ability to self-regulate these feelings.

“The Zones is a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach used to teach others to self-regulate their needs as well as their emotions and impulses in order to meet the demands of the environment and be successful socially.� The Zones of Regulation [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 October 2020].

Wellbeing and our Learning Mentor On days that we do not feel our best, are the days that we need someone to turn to. Mental and physical wellbeing is so important to us at Kents Hill Infant Academy and to support this, we have a dedicated Learning Mentor who oversees the wellbeing of children throughout the school. We also have a sensory time at the start of the day, to support children settle into the school day. We are a school that practises mindfulness to help with mental wellbeing.

Welcome to Kents Hill Infant Academy What are the staff like?

The teachers are really nice and they make learning really fun!

Year 1 child

I like my school. My friends are here and everybody is nice to me.

EYFS child

She looks after me and helps me whe what I am doing!

Year 2 child

when I feel sad en I don’t know

He is very funny when he reads us stories! I always have fun when I am learning.

Year 1 child

When I go to after school club, we do lots of fun activities and eat lots of delicious food!

Year 2 child

Welcome to Kents Hill Infant Academy “I love lunchtime! The food is

always really tasty and I play lots of games with my friends too!�

Year 2 child

How we learn... Our school curriculum follows the ‘Significant Learning Model’ of Dee Fink. This enables us to match the teaching of academic skills with lifelong learning which we believe is essential to ensuring the very best future for our children and to prepare them for the modern world. Equally, in the Early Years we use a balance of ‘in the moment planning’ model based on the work of Anna Ephgrave and adult led tasks. This ensures that we meet the needs of all of our pupils.

Kents Hill Infant Academy Address: Kents Hill Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 5PS Tel: 01268 792 500 Email: Web: Facebook:

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