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ACT Expo 2014 & NGV Global 2014

May 8

All Aboard!

NGV Global is hosting the Gala Dinner and awards ceremony for this week’s 14th biennial conference and exhibition aboard the Queen Mary this evening. Buses depart from the Hyatt at 6:30pm. NGV Global is at Booth 1401.

Like a Discounted AFV? Wondries is handling national sales through the NJPA. —Page 3

NGV Global Roundup OEMs, high horsepower applications and the world’s biggest NGV populations at Wednesday session. —Page 4

Propane-Diesel Dual Fuel Alliance AutoGas founder Blossman is taking propane to heavier vehicles with a new dual fuel offer from Prins via BL Energie USA. —Page 8

Great Show! Chief ACT Expo organizer Erik Neandross, Argentina-based NGV Global executive director Diego Goldin, Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance president and outgoing NGV Global chair Alicia Milner, and Australia-based NGV Global business director David Perry at yesterday evening’s reception. Neandross is CEO of Santa Monica, Calif.-based Gladstein, Neandross & Associates. Milner confirms that Agility Fuel Systems chairman (and Westport emeritus) Mike Gallagher will take over as NGV Global chair, and that NGV Global 2016 will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Toyota Ratchets It Up in Hydrogen Toyota’s Ed La Rocque and Geri Yoza with the company’s brand new hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle, making one of its first North American appearances, at Booth 635.

Lightning Goes Heavy Hydraulic hybrid driveline available now for Class 7 and Class 8 vehicles. —Page 9

Leggett & Platt ACT Expo first-timer offers CNG and propane upfits, and three breeds of hybrid. —Page 16

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Toyota is stepping it up in hydrogen, bringing its brand new fuel cell concept vehicle to ACT Expo, and disclosing a new pact with infrastructure provider FirstElement Fuel. FirstElement was last week designated for nearly $27.6 million from the California Energy Commission to build 19 hydrogen fueling outlets, two of them to be based wholly on renewables. Toyota pledged to support the Newport Beach-based company with a loan of at least $7.2 million. “FirstElement will work to develop an integrated and

reliable network of fueling stations across California in target market locations approved by Toyota, and consistent with the California Fuel Cell Partnership Road Map,” Toyota said. CEC has designated Linde for $4.25 million for hydrogen stations in Oakland and San Ramon, the latter to be a public access station adjacent to the Toyota San Francisco regional office and parts distribution center. Toyota is at Booth 635 . CaFCP is at Booth 732.

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Fuel your success with the longest range CNG fuel system available. We are the leading provider of highly-engineered and cost-effective natural gas fuel systems for heavy duty commercial vehicles. Our latest innovation takes the lead with the longest range of any Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel system on the market.

BEHIND-THE-CAB MOUNTED 155 DGE FUEL SYSTEM Features include: Over 600-mile range | Our system does not protrude below the frame rail and allows for additional side-mount packaging for a maximum of 275 Diesel Gallon Equivalent | Only 31-inches of frame rail space required | Excellent accessibility to internal components for ease of service | Recessed and integrated Fuel Management Module (FMM) available on either street/curb side or both | Faster fill times with improved FMM gas flow dynamics | Includes ignition disconnect fuel caps | Pressure Relief Devices (PRD) optimize safety | The only natural gas fuel system company with OEM validation | Utilizes four Hexagon-Lincoln cylinders sized 26� x 80�.

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SCAQMD Is Counting On You

Since 1988, and continuing today, SCAQMD’s Clean Fuels Program leverages innovative publicprivate partnerships to bring forward an evolving portfolio of progressively lower-emitting vehicles Dear ShowTimes readers and ACT Expo Attendees: and fuels. These vehicles and fuels not only bring As ACT Expo 2014 draws to a close, I want to practices for using alternareduced emissions and cleaner air, but thank you for your participation in this impor- tive fuels, including electric, can also provide improved fuel econtant event, which has been co-sponsored by the hydrogen, CNG and LNG. omy, greater security in energy costs, South Coast Air Quality Management District Each attendee received a digiand enhanced community image. since its inception four years ago. tal “Alternative Fuel Toolkit” It’s my hope that by bringing As Chairman of the SCAQMD, the regional as a takeaway. If you manage together more than 3,000 people air pollution agency for much of Southern Cali- a fleet and missed this unique representing fleets, technology comfornia, I am counting on your knowledge-sharing workshop, you can contact panies, fuel providers, policymakers and more, the 2014 ACT Expo has to help us increase use of clean vehicles and clean SCAQMD at (909) 396-3214 provided many opportunities for all fuels. This is a vital part of our strategy to bring or for more clean air to the region’s 16.5 million residents. information. attendees to learn more about the William A. Burke During the Expo, participants have had a As the Expo ends today, latest clean technology options availunique opportunity to find out how alterna- I encourage you to take full advantage of the able, so we can all benefit from a clean transtive fuels and technologies can work for them informational workshops throughout the day portation future. Sincerely, through hands-on product demonstrations, to ask questions, get answers, and acquire the William A. Burke, Ed.D. networking opportunities, informational ses- best contacts, information and assistance so that Governing Board Chairman sions, off-site tours and best-practice success your fleet can reap the benefits of a customized South Coast Air Quality Management District stories. This is important because each fleet has clean fleet strategy. unique circumstances and one type of fuel or vehicle may be a better fit than another for your operations. For the first time this year, SCAQMD sponsored an Alternative Fuel Toolkit Workshop for The authors of BSR’s Transi- truck operators can take now to reduce their clitioning to Low-Carbon Fuel: A mate impact. Eric Olson and Ryan Schuchard local governments, fleet managers and employBusiness Guide for Sustainable of Business for Social Responsibility will explain ers, designed to help fleet managers learn best Trucking in North America are how the Transitioning report fits with the internahosting a Future of Fuels ses- tional organization’s just-launched Business in a Climate-Constrained World initiative. sion this afternoon beginning at 3:30. The Future of Fuels session is in Room 201B. The Future of Fuels session will cover the steps


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Click on over to to see how to get discounted vehicles, with no need to bid, via the NJPA-sanctioned National Automotive Fleet Group. NAFG was formed by the Los Angeles area’s Wondries Group, which won the National Joint Powers Alliance bid to supply as many as 210,000 vehicles per year – including alt fuel vehicles – to government fleets. Fleet buyers for tax-supported entities “don’t have to go to competitive bid,” says Wondries’ Clarke Cooper, “because it’s already been done for them.” Discounts are substantial: “On a Tahoe it’s over $10,000,” Cooper says. Through the NAFG website, he says, “You build your own vehicle.” Data on all possible available options is updated every day by the OEMs. The single order-to-delivery system covers Clarke Cooper of Wondries has sold more NGVs than light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, anyone – close to 20,000, he reckons, including this dedicated-CNG Crown Victoria police car for the City in all 50 states. of South Pasadena – on show at SCAQMD’s Booth 339. And the best thing? “You never have He’s being frisked by converter Mark Gilio of to talk to a car salesman,” Cooper says. A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems (Booth 346).

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OEMs See More Awareness of Natural Gas “This is a pull-through market. Customers are asking us for this and we’re trying to respond,” Volvo’s Frank Bio told attendees at yesterday’s NGV Global 2014 plenary, echoing the sentiments of other OEMs that are actively developing natural gas products. There’s greater awareness and education at the retail and fleet level of natural gas as an option, they said. T.J. Reed of Daimler’s Freightliner Trucks (Booth 1405) said a big change has occurred in the last five years. Customers are sophisticated, and the industry is working together to remove obstacles. It’s no longer about just vehicles, tanks and infrastructure but about integration, reducing weight, improving aerodynamics, and getting more fuel on the vehicle – all of which are immediate developmental priorities for Freightliner.

GM’s Dick Kauling said its dedicated CNG van and bi-fuel 2500HD pickup truck are seeing uptake. Pickups, in particular, show total cost of ownership savings. “The more you burn, the more you get ahead,” he said. “This is an indication of where we see the market.” Reinhart Otten, representing Audi, noted the need for increased focus on sustainable energy exploration. His company has built the world’s first industrial power-to-gas plant capable of storing 6 MW of electricity in the natural gas grid. Audi and its related international brands have introduced 14 CNG vehicles in the last 15 months. India’s Tata Motors, the country’s largest OEM, has been associated with CNG for 20 years. Its small micro-cargo vehicles are popular, said Prashant Banerjee. The country’s 1.8 million CNG vehicles on


The 2015 bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala, billed as ‘the industry’s only manufacturerproduced full-size sedan in North America that can run on both compressed natural gas and gasoline,’ will have a starting price of $38,210, including an $825 destination charge, GM said Tuesday. The bi-fuel CNG-gasoline Impala will be available in the fourth quarter for both fleet and retail customers. GM is at Booth 1128.

the road today represent only a 2.8% share of India’s fuel used – but it’s growing. One barrier for CNG in his country: with Type IV cylinders

Road Vehicles, Yes – Ships and Trains Too Big trends in three transportation sectors – marine, rail and heavy trucks – are fueling growth in the international natural gas market. That was the key message from speakers at yesterday’s NGV Global 2014 International Market Update. In the marine sector, regulations requiring a 90% reduction in sulfur emissions are driving opportunities for LNG, said Alicia Milner of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance. Following a recent survey of 22 ports in the critical ECAs (Emission Control Areas), 75% said they expected to offer LNG fueling within five years. Thus there’s significant investment in LNG infrastructure at ports. Advancing technology for locomotives and tender cars is pushing an uptick in LNG rail pilots with Class 1 railways. And on key highway corridors, the opportunity is in the heavy truck sector. Speakers led the audience on a round-theworld summary of NGV statistics. About half the world’s NGVs are operating in the Asia-Pacific region, said Emirates Gas VP Fazal Ali Khan. Iran leads the region with about 3.5 million NGVs, followed by Pakistan with 2.7 million. Khan outlined a program to produce a “mother-daughter” fueling station demo in Dubai using natural gas and biomethane from a sewage treatment plant to fuel local government fleets. In South America, Argentina leads with about 1.7 million NGVs. Brazil is next with 1.4 million 4

vehicles, according to Diego Goldin of NGV Global (South America). “With new shale gas reserves, we have enough fuel for the next 500 years,” he said. Lennart Pilskog of NGVA Europe urged the industry to adopt consistent naming conventions for fuels. Acknowledging the current unrest in Ukraine, he explained that Russia supplies about 30% of Europe’s gas – about half of it via Ukraine – so the potential for disruptions, should they occur, only amount to about 15% of Europe’s total gas supply. While the majority of China’s roughly 2 million NGVs are CNG, Brenda Smith of Safety & Gas Advisers (Asia) said the excitement there centers around LNG. The current market stands at about 100,000 LNG vehicles and 1,100 stations. By 2025, it’s predicted to top 700,000 vehicle and 7,500 stations. 

LNG Blossoms in China China’s LNG industry is experiencing exponential growth. Last year saw a 72% increase in the number of filling stations – about 400 were built – and the industry is projected to grow seven-fold by 2025, managing director Brenda Smith of Safety & Gas Advisers (Asia) said here yesterday. The drivers are severe air pollution, enhanced availability, competitive prices, government-driven

disallowed, he said, the use of heavier CNG cylinders compromise payload and require reinforcement that adds to cost of vehicles. China likes CNG too.

programs, and locally made vehicles, engines and supply equipment. “Almost every component needed for vehicles and infrastructure is being made in China,” she said. “It wasn’t, eight or ten years ago.” China’s air pollution is infamous. Despite national emissions standards, local governments can adopt more stringent standards – and that’s what some cities, like Beijing, with its 10 ppm sulfur standard – have done. LNG itself is readily available with 100 existing small scale production plants expected to increase production to 50 million m3/day by this summer. Imports grew by 27% in 2013. Despite some price fluctuations in 2013, payback is a big selling point: 11.3 months. It’s also spurring some carelessness with handling of the gas, leading to methane venting. “We’re urging them to be more cautious to recover methane,” Smith said.

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Penske Steps Up NGV Maintenance Pennsylvania-based Penske, which introduced its fleet of CNGfueled Freightliner trucks for leasing at ACT Expo in Washington, D.C. last year, is finding things friendly in California, where it’s been awarded grants totaling $525,000 from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee in nearby Diamond Bar. The money “will help offset the company’s costs to modify its existing locations in Southern California and enable it to provide maintenance services on trucks with engines that run on natural gas,” Penske says. Penske (Booth 933) will get $75,000 each toward the upgrade of facilities in Santa Ana and Vernon to be completed by year-end, and in Carson, Fontana, La Mirada, Los Angeles and Sun Valley for completion next year. The seven California sites will be in addition to NGV-capable Penske maintenance facilities in Baltimore, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, and in Davenport, Iowa; Neenah, Wisc.; and Pottsville and Wilkes-Barre, Pa. More than a dozen others are being retrofitted too. Penske also has customer onsite NGV maintenance locations.

“We have over 200 natural gas tractors in the fleet,” says Drew Cullen, VP for energy and telecom services. Counting contract maintenance, some 300 NGVs are supported. Approximately 85 of the Penske CNG trucks are available for short-term rentals, where they help customers decide where natural gas might best fit their operations. Penske Truck Leasing reported late last month that it’s has been named a back-to-back winner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Award. The firm conducted a SmartWay program workshop here on Tuesday. Penske Northeast region field maintenance VP Bob Douglas is slated to speak at the MediumDuty Electric Vehicle End-User Case Studies session

Penske introduced its fleet of CNG-fueled Freightliner trucks for leasing at ACT Expo 2013.

beginning at 2:30 this afternoon. In addition to its natural gas vehicles, Penske provides Staples, an operator of 100% battery-powered trucks by Smith Electric Vehicles, with commercial fleet maintenance services, supporting nearly 60 electric trucks.

Hexagon Lincoln Racks Up the Orders Hexagon Lincoln (Booth 767) has just publicized $15 million worth of recent new orders for its Tuffshell brand lightweight Type IV CNG fuel cylinders. The firm is expanding production at its plant in Nebraska and says it will fulfill

most of the new orders by year-end. The Hexagon Lincoln Nebraska plant expansion comes in addition to a new factory, for tanks and onboard CNG fuel system assemblies, planned by the Agility Hexagon, LLC joint venture announced

Kim Henning and Dave Myers with new stationary storage model.


here Tuesday. (Agility Fuel Systems is at Booth 1145.) “It has always been the premise of Hexagon Composites that compressed natural gas is a great solution for transportation and storage of natural gas, and the marketplace continues to affirm this position,” says Hexagon Lincoln parent Hexagon Composites. Engine technology is improving, as is the infrastructure situation, with new fueling stations able to accommodate Class 8 truck fast-fills, the company says. “Most importantly,” states the recent Hexagon Lincoln orders announcement, “CNG prices are still the lowest available at the pump.” “When you consider unlimited hold times with no fuel loss, along with the ease in operation of CNG technology, it makes sense to see the market growth,” says Hexagon Lincoln CNG automotive products VP Chet Dawes. Late last year Hexagon Lincoln

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disclosed an agreement with OMB Saleri to use a new, “Miami” brand solenoid valve to help speed CNG fueling – “specifically to suit the unique requirements of the heavy duty truck CNG vehicle market.” “The Class 8 CNG truck application has unique requirements. Large capacity cylinders and fast filling capability are critical in this environment and these are specifically the areas where the OMB ‘Miami’ valve shines,” said Dawes. The OMB Miami is “the first solenoid valve solution which addresses the specific needs of the CNG powered heavy duty truck application in North America,” Hexagon said. “With this new product offering, filling speeds are not negatively impacted by the added safety of an electric solenoid valve.” Hexagon Lincoln (Booth 767) is showing a new stationary storage module using a 26.7-inch-diameter Tuffshell compressed natural gas cylinder. “This lightweight container makes it easy to move, stack and store natural gas at your filling station,” the company says.


REINVENT. WHAT IF THERE WAS A TRUCK THAT ACHIEVED GREATER FUEL ECONOMY WITH LESS OPERATING COSTS? AND A LIFT TRUCK THAT PRODUCED ZERO EMISSIONS? WHAT THEN? WOULD YOU BE IN? WOULD YOU REINVENT YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? YOU CAN. At Hino Trucks we’ve reinvented the whole idea of a truck - a medium duty, a Diesel-Electric Hybrid, and a truck acclaimed by the industry and owners alike. It’s the result of 6 generations of Hybrid technology and almost half a billion dollars a year in R&D. It delivers right to the bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint and it’s available now. As a Toyota Group family member it’s the perfect match for zero and low emission Toyota Lift trucks.

WE REINVENTED. YOUR TURN. * Toyota offers zero emissions lift trucks, however, the lift trucks pictured do not represent zero emissions lift trucks


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Propane Dual Fuel for Heavier Trucks Blossman Services and Canada’s BL Energie have formed a joint venture – BL Energie USA – to develop, certify, market and sell propane-diesel dual fuel systems for heavy duty Class 7 & 8 trucks. The technology, from Prins in the Netherlands, can displace enough costly diesel to reduce overall fuel costs by 17% to 20%, the companies say. If successful, the new JV will help bring propane autogas to a new class of vehicle. “We are offering an alternative to carriers interested in converting new or existing trucks to propane autogas,” says BL Energie Canada president Yvon Boisclair. His firm

has converted more than 150 Class 7 and Class 8 diesel trucks with Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and Caterpillar engines since setting up shop in 2009, he says. The BL Energie USA joint venture intends to provide both U.S. EPA- and California Air Resources Board-certified conversions. Blossman, BL Energie USA and Prins are exhibiting with Alliance AutoGas at Booth 923.

Blossman Gas president and CEO Stuart Weidie with Bart van Aerie, CEO of Prins, and Yvon Boisclair, president of BL Energie.

Alliance AutoGas Membership Tops 90 Alliance AutoGas, the brainchild of Blossman Gas president and CEO Stuart Weidie, said last month that it has chalked up fuel cost savings of $32 million while displacing the use of 18.6 million gallons of gasoline since its inception in 2009. Alliance AutoGas has more than 90 members including propane supply companies, vehicle conversion outfits, and technology partners in 43 states. “With over 150 vehicle platform certifications obtained, Alliance AutoGas has been quietly switching thousands of U.S. fleet vehicles to run on autogas,” the organization says. Alliance AutoGas claims 280 fleets serviced, 6,200 vehicles converted nationwide, and more than 220 million miles driven by those fleets. “There is now a national conversation about propane autogas, which provides an immediate, very practical solution,” Weidie says.


Todd Stinnette of Alliance AutoGas/Blossman with T3MR fuel management dispenser

Alliance AutoGas for Networked Propane Sales Alliance AutoGas made its T3MR fuel management dispenser system for propane available to fleet customers effective May 1. The new T3MR includes a durable card reader, data management and real-time communications capabilities, and an ultra low-emission Stäubli (Booth 861) fueling nozzle. Fleet managers get “comprehensive userfriendly reporting,” Alliance AutoGas says, “and a highly available data and processing function utilizing a widely used and accepted payment platform.” “The fleets associated with Alliance AutoGas will now have the option of not only having access to real-time management data but also the security that vehicle operators will be using the safest autogas nozzle in the world – the Stäubli which emits only 0.4 cubic centimeters of fuel when disconnecting,” said Alliance AutoGas founder (and Blossman Gas president and CEO) Stuart Weidie. Weidie will provide details on the new T3MR propane autogas dispenser at the Propane Vehicle Conversions session beginning at 2:30 this afternoon. Stäubli’s ergonomic pistol-grip GPV14 propane autogas fueling nozzle

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Lightning Hydraulics for Heavier Vehicles Colorado’s Lightning Hybrids has been quietly testing a heavier version of its fuel-saving hydraulic hybrid driveline, suitable for Class 7 and Class 8 buses and trucks. Early installations include an 81-passenger Thomas Built Saf-T-Liner bus in Toronto and, with trials to begin this summer, a Tata BS III vehicle operated by BMTC, India’s Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corp.

Lightning Hybrids’ sales VP Dave Brosky, marketing director Bonnie Trowbridge, and CEO Tim Reeser

“Previous hydraulic hybrids available no batteries to wear out, and vehicle brake life from the company are medium duty deliv- is dramatically extended as more kinetic energy ery trucks and shuttle buses,” Lightning is captured as compared with electric systems. says. “This new system moves Lightning Lightning Hybrids (Booth 829) has named Hybrids’ offerings into the heavy duty Dave Brosky, formerly of Bosch Rexroth, as vehicles with other large bus and truck sales VP. He is based in Detroit. chassis options, such as Gillig and New Flyer, in the works.” “Pilot systems have been in major international fleets since summer 2013,” Lightning says. “The fleets are pleased with reliability and efficiency results and are planning to purchase more of the hydraulic hybrid systems in the next quarter.” Lightning claims fundamental advantages for the hydraulic Lightning’s dealer in India is preparing to install a Lightning hybrid, which stores energy in hydraulic hybrid driveline in this 12-meter (39 feet) bus a high-pressure device called a manufactured by Tata Motors, to be tested by Bangalore hydraulic accumulator. There are Metropolitan Transport Corp.

Freightliner is a proud sponsor o F t h e 2014 ACT EXPO

Find a truck for your business at Competitive financing available through Daimler Truck Financial. For the Freightliner Trucks dealer nearest you, call 1-800-FTL-HELP. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Freightliner Trucks is registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Copyright © 2013. Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company.


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Luxfer Branches Beyond the Tank VISIT BOOTH #1134

“We now make more than just cylinders,” says Luxfer business development director Mark Lawday. But Luxfer (Booth 557) comes to ACT Expo 2014 as a much larger CNG cylinder manufacturer too. The firm has three plants in North America now, one of which is for making a new line of Type IV all-composite CNG tanks. Luxfer is marketing its new Type IV CNG cylinders as G-Stor Go. Its Type IIIs are offered under the name introduced last year, G-Stor Pro. The initial G-Stor Go Type IV tanks are 22 inches in diameter, with 26 inches in diameter for Class 8 truck applications in development. Type III CNG cylinders have metal liners, almost always aluminum, with a full high strength fiber overwrap, almost always carbon, often with glass fiber for impact resistance. Type IV tanks, aka all-composite, have polymeric liners and a full high strength fiber overwrap. Luxfer will manufacture its G-Stor Go Type IV tanks at the former Vexxel Composites in Brigham City, Utah – where the production capacity is 4,000 cylinders per year. Luxfer will apply its own designs. “We purchased Vexxel so we could hit the ground running with Type IV production,” Lawday says. G-Stor Pro Type IIIs will continue to be

Luxfer’s new quarter-turn valve and G-Stor Go brand Type IV CNG cylinder

produced in Riverside, Calif. and at the Calgary facility acquired when Luxfer took over Canada’s Dynetek Industries in September 2012. The Dynetek acquisition also brought the Dynecell line of hydrogen fuel tanks (and a Type III cylinder factory in Germany). Beyond the fuel cylinder, Luxfer is showing a new quarter-turn valve for bulk CNG transport applications – like the products it offers through the Luxfer-GTM Technologies joint venture – a glass bulb pressure relief device (PRD), a solenoid valve for both 5,000- and 10,000-psi hydrogen tanks, and expansion-compensating neck blocks and mounting straps for the new Type IVs. Luxfer has no plans to expand to onboard CNG cylinder assemblies, as offered by companies like Agility Fuel Systems (Booth 1145) and Trilogy Engineered Systems, which is exhibiting here with Kenworth (1157). “We are dedicated to supporting people like Agility and Trilogy in the marketplace,” Lawday says.

Luxfer-GTM for New CNG Fuelers The Luxfer-GTM Technologies joint venture has mounted the first public display of new mobile fueling units for CNG. The GTM1350-R and G-Pak both employ aluminum-lined, G-Stor Pro brand Type III cylinders from Luxfer, packaged and plumbed by San Francisco-based GTM in Tulsa. The GTM1350-R has a CNG capacity of 46,000 standard cubic feet of fuel, approximately 335 DGE (diesel gallon equivalents). It has an onboard booster pump and dispenser, all on a compact trailer that can be towed by a standard, three-quarter-ton pickup truck. “There is nothing on the market today that can carry this much CNG behind a pickup truck while dispensing high pressure CNG,” said GTM

Technologies president Michael Koonce. The GTM1350-R is fitted with Luxfer’s proprietary glass-bulb PRDs. It has half-inch fullflow ball valves on each cylinder. The result is fast filling and fast discharging (as much as to 75,000 scf per hour) – “unmatched,” says GTM, by traditional steel or Type IV all-composite tube trailers. The Luxfer-GTM G-Pak uses similar technology for a package that can be carried on a pickup truck. G-Pak variants are offered for both CNG and hydrogen fuel. The CNG capacity of the G-Pak 3 is 21 DGE at 3,600 psi. Hydrogen capacity is 6.3 kilograms at 5,000 psi. The new G-Pak can be carried by a pickup, and the new GTM1350-R mobile CNG fueler can be towed by one.


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US Hybrid for Global Sweepers for New York US Hybrid is talking up a follow-on order of hybrid electric street sweepers for the New York City Department of Sanitation. “The recent order for seven vehicles – with twenty in the pipeline and additional option for eighty – is the result of a successful two-year demonstration and validation period, in which six integrated street sweepers were operated throughout New York City,” US Hybrid says. The hybrid drive sweepers, manufactured by Global Environmental Products, are ready now for commercial deployment, US Hybrid says, with an optimized design that’s quieter and more operator-friendly. The US Hybrid powertrain in the Hybrid Electric Street Sweeper is said to reduce fuel consumption by 50% while providing a 60% reduction in GHG emissions. The sweepers have a Cummins ISB diesel engine charging a 120-kilowatt lithium ion battery pack. The drive yields 120 kilowatts (approximately 60 horsepower) of traction power. “US Hybrid’s proven powertrain technology will provide New Yorkers with clean, quiet sweepers that will dramatically reduce

street-level emissions,” said US Hybrid president and CEO Dr. Abas Goodarzi. “US Hybrid focuses on niche applications that will be most benefited by hybrid technology,” Goodarzi said. “The street sweeper’s low speeds, curbside presence, and power demand make it an optimal application to showcase the fuel savings and Michael Matkovic and Spiro Kattan of the New York City GHG reductions that our prod- Department of Sanitation, Global Environmental Products president and CEO Walter Pusic (center with arm upraised), ucts provide.” deputy Sanitation commissioner Rocco DiRico of New York, The firm’s powertrain compo- and US Hybrid president and CEO Dr. Abas Goodarzi, at top right. nents are designed and manufactured at a new US Hybrid facility in Torrance, hydrogen fuel cell at Booth 1756. It’s said to be Calif. They are installed by Global Environmen- about half the size of the 120-kilowatt cell on tal Products in San Bernardino. which it’s based, the PureMotion 120 by UTC “We are committed to further develop- Power. US Hybrid took over the UTC busiing advanced electric hybrid technology,” said ness last year, and has continued Federal Transit Global president and CEO Walter Pusic. Administration-supported work on better fuel US Hybrid is also showing a 150-kilowatt cells for buses.

ALL TANKS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL THE HEXAGON LINCOLN ADVANTAGE • 50 years fabricating advanced filament-wound composites • 20 years building Type 4 CNG tanks


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Parker RunWise via Big Truck Rental

First Hybrid Technology Widely Available in the Rental Markets Parker Hannifin (Booth 1151) is promoting an arrangement with Tampa-based Big Truck Rental allowing customers to test its fuel-saving RunWise hydraulic hybrid driveline in an Autocar refuse vehicle before committing to purchase. “RunWise will be the first hybrid technology widely available in the rental markets,” Parker says. “Our partnership with Big Truck Rental gives municipalities and fleet managers the opportunity to test and experience the significant savings and environmental benefits of the RunWise-equipped trucks and learn how their fleets can benefit from hybrid technology,” said Parker Hannifin hybrid drive systems GM Shane Terblanche. The Autocar E3 equipped with RunWise technology is available through Big Truck Rental to municipalities and waste management companies on a rent-to-own basis. “RunWise global commercial truck customers have already surpassed

one million miles of operation with reduced fuel consumption by up to 50% and reduced maintenance costs,” Parker says. “Our customers have been asking for a technology that can reduce operating costs while providing an environmental benefit,” Big Truck Rental president and CEO Scott Dols says in the Parker announcement. “Parker RunWise is the premier cost-reducing technology on the commercial market and we are excited to address our customers’ needs.”

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Parker Supports CNG

Dispenser, Regulator Introduced Here Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo division unveiled a new gas regulator for medium and heavy duty vehicles and a new highflow CNG dispenser for fleet and industrial applications here yesterday. The new gas regulator, Parker says, couples the highest flow rates in the industry with the lowest low-pressure operating parameters, effectively increasing the usable range of CNG vehicles by 10% to 15%. The unit features an integrated heat exchanger and thermal shielding of internal components with PTFE seals. Together they allow continuous operation even in extreme – minus 40F to 135F – ambient temperatures. Right, Parker Veriflow’s industrial bulk CNG “The regulator system offers sta- dispenser. Below, The ble, reduced pressure delivery and machined-body version control of natural gas throughout of Parker Veriflow’s new the full range of extreme engine regulator for CNG vehicles. It’s available with a cast and environmental operating con- body too. ditions,” Parker says. Parker Veriflow introduced an industrial bulk CNG dispenser it said is the only entirely integrated fuel dispenser on the market. The robust unit features best-in-class certified components from Parker, an ANSI NGV 4.1- and CSA 12.5-compliant design, and ANSI/NGV- and 4.2/CSA 2.52-certified hoses, “all designed to work together, ensuring time savings, exceptional durability, minimal downtime, safety, and consistent, reliable service.” “Breakthrough features,” Parker said, include four times burst pressure-rated components, ball valves with 100,000 full cycle life for reduced maintenance and minimized downtime, and an integrated design resulting in 15% to 20% fewer leak paths. The new Parker dispenser has a high-strength stainless steel frame with integrated hanging hardware for fueling hoses, and advanced diagnostics and monitoring using low-power electronic components. Parker is at Booth 1151.


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Kenworth’s CNG Foursome – and a Paccar Pair Kenworth Truck has brought no fewer than four CNG-fueled Class 8 trucks to ACT Expo 2104. Three have the new 11.9-liter, up-to-400-horsepower ISX12 G engine from Cummins Westport, and one has the 8.9-liter ISL G – of which more than 20,000 have been sold. “Leading the way,” says a pre-show release, is the new Kenworth T680. “The new natural gaspowered Kenworth T680 offers fuel-saving aerodynamics and cost-efficient natural gas to provide excellent operating cost benefits,” said Kenworth vocational marketing manager Alan Fennimore. Kenworth is showing a CNG-powered T680 with the ISX12 G engine in at Booth 1157. The truck will be available for sale later this year. Kenworth is also exhibiting a T660 extended day cab and a short hood T800 roll on/roll off, also in a CNG configuration, and also powered by the ISX12 G. A CNG-powered Kenworth T440 pickupand-delivery vehicle with the 8.9-liter ISL G Cummins Westport (Booth 1150) rounds out the ACT Expo display. Trilogy ES back-of-cab and rail-mounted CNG

tank arrays may be seen on the T680 and T800 trucks, respectively, and there’s a rail-mounted rig by Agility on the T440. Agility is at Booth 1145. Fellow Paccar company Peterbilt is showing two heavy duty natural gas trucks at Booth 357: the aerodynamic, on-highway Model 579 and the all-purpose vocational Model 567. Both of the CNG-fueled vehicles are powered by the 11.9-liter ISX12 G. The new 579 and 567 “will provide our natural gas customers with the industry’s most Questar Rebuild3 Final.pdf 1 7/30/12 7:00 PM innovative, advanced vehicles with new state-ofthe-art CNG systems,” said Peterbilt sales and marketing director Robert Woodall. Peterbilt is featuring a back-of-cab cylinder


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CNG-fueled Class 8 trucks at Peterbilt Booth 357

array by Quantum (Booth 1833), with Quantum’s Q-Lite brand Type IV cylinders for a capacity of 123 diesel gallon equivalents.

LA Metro’s SLEB to Fight NOx LA Metro is seeking companies willing to convert six currently idle 42-foot low-floor buses with dated hybrid electric drives to SLEBs – Super Low Emission Buses. The agency is open to any and all suggestions that will allow it to reduce nitrous oxide emissions to the neighborhood of 0.05 grams per brake horsepower or lower – today’s limit is 0.20 grams per bhp. “Our stated goal is to experiment with new technologies that can further reduce emissions,” says John Drayton, vehicle technolLA Metro wants to bring six NABI hybrids back as NOx-fighters. ogy manager at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. From a technology point of view, “It’s open-ended,” he says, noting that the six 42-foot North American Bus Industries vehicles with gasoline-fueled series hybrid drives by the now-defunct ISE were themselves experimental vehicles. “This is a great platform for a small firm to jump in and try different things,” he told Fleets & Fuels, noting that there may turn out to be multiple awards so that multiple approaches can be evaluated. Bids are due June 3. —Fleets & Fuels, April 17 Twitter @ShowTimesAFV • • Convention & Trade Show News • May 8, 2014



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Landi Renzo USA Branches to Class 8 Dual Fuel Systems on Pre-EGR, 12.7-Liter DDC Engines Landi Renzo USA, the North American EPA OUL/outside useful life approval of the DNG system late last year. arm of Italy’s world-leading supplier of gaseous fuel systems for light duty vehiFreedom has one Landi-Baker CNGcles, is branching to Class 8 trucks with a diesel dual fuel truck in hand and has purdual fuel system installed by partner Baker chased the gliders to potentially convert Electromotive. another nine. The firm is looking at dediLandi (Booth 1345) and Baker are placcated CNG vehicles too. In light duty vehicles, Landi recently ing trucks with factory re-manufactured Detroit Diesel engines with Freedom secured U.S. EPA certification of its Transport of Illinois. The CNG-diesel CNG-gasoline bi-fuel conversions of vehicles are Freightliner Coronado glid- Landi Renzo USA is supply dual fuel conversion gear for trucks 2015 Ford F-250 and F-350 pickups with ers fitted with pre-EGR, 12.7-liter DDC like this Freightliner Coronado with pre-EGR, 12.7-liter Series the 6.2-liter engine. It has U.S. EPA and 60 Detroit Diesel engines. Series 60 engines. California Air Resources Board certificaThe engines are installed by Dave Syverson “We make it brand new and then we dis- tion of its dedicated-CNG Ford E-450 cutaway Truck in Albert Lea, Minn. Baker in turn installs place up to half the diesel fuel,” he told Fleets & chassis with 6.8-liter engine for 2014. the Landi Renzo dual fuel hardware – dubbed Fuels. Baker has used CNG cylinders from 3M Landi, a Qualified Vehicle Modifier for Ford DNG, for dual fuel CNG – and Baker-designed (Booth 1429) and Quantum (1833) for the dual fuel vehicles, noted last month that National Energy CNG cylinder assemblies. Freedom Transport vehicles. Equipment, its sole official distributor for the The multi-vendor set-up “allows us to Landi Renzo hardware includes an ECU capa- Canadian market, has likewise been named a produce an OEM-level truck using an after- ble of interfacing with diesel electronics, pressure Ford QVM, with Transport Canada accreditamarket strategy,” says Baker Electromotive regulator, fuel injectors, fuel pump actuators, and tion. Landi is also the proprietor of the Baytech chief Skip Baker. accelerator pedal interfaces. Landi secured U.S. line of NGV conversion systems.

A-1 Logs 3,000 Conversions A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems (Booth 346) has just completed its 3,000th vehicle conversion. “Not many folks out there can display those types of numbers, and we think that really shows the depth of experience we have as an upfitter,” A-1 sales and business development manager Will Gutilla told Fleets & Fuels. The 3,000 A-1 vehicle is a CNGfueled, Ford E-450 cutaway chassis shuttle bus with 6.2-liter engine and

five Type III fuel cylinders. A-1 works with numerous gaseous fuel system and fuel tank suppliers, Gutilla says, noting that approximately 70% of its business is CNG, and 30% propane autogas. “This is definitely a proud moment for our company, as we are also preparing to hand out 20-year service awards to several of our employees who have been with us since the beginning,”

Fresno, Calif.-based A-1’s 3,000th vehicle is a CNG shuttle bus for Sun Metro, converted at A-1’s new facility in Elkhart, Ind.

said A-1 chief Mark Gillio. “That’s who this is really all about,” he said – “these guys who

have dedicated so much of their time and energy in making our operation a success.”

Odyne Plug-Ins via Valley Power Systems

Matt Jarmuz, sales director


Odyne Systems (Booth 851) is talking up two new California Energy Commission-funded contracts for its plug-in hybrid systems on commercial trucks in the California market. Wisconsin-based Odyne will partner with Allison Transmission’s California distributor, Valley Power Systems, Inc. of City of Industry to install its system in both new trucks and retrofits. Valley Power will integrate new hybrid systems on commer-

cial truck chassis under a contract administered by Calstart, and retrofit five existing medium- and heavy-duty work trucks under a $776,000 contract with EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute. The Odyne hybrid system displayed here features a 28-kilowatthour Johnson Controls Lithium-ion battery, Remy HVH250 motor, Deere inverter, and Allison transmission. With more than 8 million Class 4

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to 8 trucks operating on the nation’s highways retrofitting trucks to plug-in hybrids is the fastest way to save fuel and cut emissions, says Odyne’s sales director Matt Jarmuz. “We can more quickly reach those fleets”. Valley Power’s depth and experience with Allison transmissions and engagement in the California truck market made it a great choice for this unique production opportunity, Odyne said.


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Leggett & Platt Runs the Alt Fuels Gamut Work truck upfitter Leggett & Platt CVP is at ACT Expo for the first time, advising customers of a full range of gaseous fuel and hybrid drive offerings at Booth 1651: CNG for Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles, propane autogas, and hybrids: electric, plug-in electric, and hydraulic. Leggett & Platt CVP’s new sales and marketing manager is Brad Wagoner, who cut his alt fuels teeth on compressed natural gas. But, he told Fleets & Fuels, “In many cases that’s not the only application that’s going to work. “I want us to be a fuel-neutral company,” Wagoner says. “We want to be able to provide everything to

the fleets so they can make an educated decision.” Leggett & Platt installs CNG systems from Landi Renzo-Baytech (Booth 1345) for Ford and GM vehicles, CNG systems for Chrysler-Dodge vehicles from NatGasCar, CNG systems for Ford Transit Connect vans from Altech-Eco, CNG systems for

Leggett & Platt CVP is showing this Ford van with Landi Renzo USA conversion hardware at Booth 1651.

Leggett & Platt CVP’s new sales and marketing manager Brad Wagoner.

Ford trucks from Westport (1045), and propane autogas systems from Icom North America (Booth 823) – which it notes holds U.S. EPA certifications for more than 600 vehicle platforms. Leggett & Platt’s three hybrid offerings are hybrid electric upfits using equipment from XL Hybrids (445), plug-in hybrid electric upfits with equipment from Indiana’s Echo Automotive, and hydraulic hybrid conversions

Powertrain Integration’s ‘P thon’ Engine Squeezes Out the Power and Savings Snaking in with a new name for a powerful product is Powertrain Integration, which is promoting its 8.0-liter propane engine – now dubbed PIthon – at Booth 928. “Pythons are strong, powerful snakes that constrict their prey,” says company president Robert Pachla. PIthon squeezes every bit of power, every penny of savings out of operators’ precious fuel and maintenance dollars.” PIthon fills a “huge gap for big block engines in the medium-duty on-highway market,” the manufacturer says, adding, “PIthon-equipped vehicle weights average approximately 500 pounds less than comparable diesel chassis, which enables users to increase their payload by an equivalent amount or possibly save more fuel.” PIthon powers the new propane-fueled Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp S2G truck that was in yesterday’s 16

ride-and drive, and is being offered as on option on the Saf-T-Liner C2 Propane school bus by Thomas Built. Both have fuels systems by CleanFuel USA (Booth 932), as do FCCC MT-45 vans with 6.0-liter Power Train Integration engine – 1,000 of which are being deployed by UPS this year. CleanFuel USA is at Booth 932 and FCCC is at 1401. Powertrain Integration operations manager Brad Shantry is speaking at the Propane Vehicle Conversions session beginning at 2:30pm today. Powertrain Integration is emphasizing propane as it’s picked PIthon as the handle for its 8.0-liter engine.

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using gear from Lightning Hybrids (829). Wagoner himself is a veteran of BAF Technologies, which was acquired by Westport last summer. Among its consolidation moves, Westport conversions of Ford F-250 and F-350 pickups to CNG-gasoline bi-fuel operation in Canada will be handled by Leggett & Platt in Oakville, outside Toronto.

XL Hybrids: A Million Miles Customer fleets have driven more than a million miles using the new XL3 hybrid electric drive from XL Hybrids, the Boston-based company says. It’s a “major milestone for both the company and the industry,” XL said, noting that customer fleets are now logging more than 200,000 miles per month.

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“There are very few alternative fuel companies that can claim such a fast uptake of their technology.” “There are very few alternative fuel companies that can claim such a fast uptake of their technology,” said XL president and founder Tod Hynes. “The fact that one million miles was reached so quickly indicates our customers are taking full advantage of the reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions they can achieve with our innovative hybrid electric powertrain. “The nation’s largest corporate fleets are accelerating deployment of our technology, including The Coca-Cola Company and FedEx,” Hynes said. “More global brands are ordering new XL Hybrid

Clean Cities Find your local coalition and the benefits of partnering with us at the Clean Cities website (

Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Discover the relevant information, interactive tools, and calculators you need to choose the petroleum reduction solution that works for you at

XL Hybrids has just added PepsiCo to its list of big name customer fleets.

powertrains for their fleets, so we expect to rev up even more industry milestones in 2014.” XL (Booth 445) says that its technology reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. With one million miles achieved, XL customers have effectively saved 18,000 gallons of gasoline, the company says, and, with fewer fueling stops, 184 hours worth of driver productivity. XL Hybrids, which hit the market in 2010 with a bolt-on kit for converting GM vans to hybrid electric operation, now offers upfits for Ford vehicles and for larger vehicles, with kits for cutaways and strip chassis vehicles, as well as for vans. “Our clients tell us that once they install XL Hybrids’ powertrain, their operations teams embrace the new technology immediately,” says XL sales and marketing VP Jay Sandler in the million miles announcement. “They rave about the fact that no additional training or infrastructure is needed.” “Best of all, they see savings on fuel costs right away and begin meeting sustainability goals at a faster rate.” Compare vehicle models back to 1984 and learn fuel-saving tips to minimize fuel use, reduce emissions, and save money at the federal government’s official website for fuel economy information.

Visit us at booth 729 ACT_Showtimes_D2_04-15-14.indd 1

4/18/14 7:55 AM

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HHP Summit in New Orleans in October

Interested in moving larger volumes of natural gas quicker? Chart Industries (Booth 1451) With faster payback on your infrastructure investment? APG, supplied the 67,000-gallon LNG fuel tank for the Harvey Energy, Clean Energy, Galileo, GE, Hexagon Lincoln, InoxCVA, which was launched this past Luxfer-GTM, Shell, Westport, and Xebec are among the January. The offshore supply vessel will be the first U.S. flag companies here who are interested too. Likewise ACT Expo organizer Gladstein, Neandross ship to operate primarily on LNG fuel. New Orleans-based Harvey & Associates (Booth 670), which is hosting HHP Summit Gulf International Marine has a 2014, the third in the series, in New Orleans October 7-9. charter contract for Harvey Energy Natural gas for marine, mining, rail and energy exploration and at least two additional sister ships with Shell (Booth 1551). and production will all be covered. “We’ve seen here this week how the North American natural gas boom has been good for road vehicles,” says Erik Neandross, CEO of GNA. “But it’s likewise prompting an historic shift in how trains and ships and mining vehicles are fueled, as well as the large powerful engines that make more efficient oil and gas production possible.” Chart Industries – exhibiting here at Booth 1451 – is a Presenting Sponsor of HHP Summit 2014, along with Caterpillar and Pivotal LNG. “Decision-makers in all of these sectors are coming to understand that they can save money and reduce emissions by replacing or offsetting diesel fuel with natural gas,” Neandross says. “And,” he adds, “they understand that they can best learn how at the HHP Summit.” A Call for Abstracts has been issued, with responses due July 2.

The Next NGV Global? Come to the NGV Global closing ceremonies starting at 4pm today and find out, comrade, where the next world natural gas vehicles meeting – the 15th Biennial Conference and Exhibition – will be held.

Rio was perhaps our favorite!


Past history: 2012 – Mexico City 2010 – Rome 2008 – Rio de Janeiro 2006 – Cairo 2004 – Buenos Aires 2002 – Washington 2000 – Yokohama 1998 – Cologne 1996 – Kuala Lumpur 1994 – Toronto 1992 – Gothenburg

EDTA in Indianapolis in Two Weeks

The Electric Drive Transportation Association is hosting EDTA 2014, the national electric transportation conference and expo, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis May 19-21.

NGVs in Brussels in July

NGVA Europe and the international NGV Communications Group are getting ready for the Fifth International NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops at the Kart Expo center in Brussels, Belgium July 8-10. www.ngv2014brussels

Plug-In 2014 in July

The Electric Power Research Institute is hosting Plug-In 2014 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., July 28-30.

North American NGVs in November

NGVAmerica has slated the 2014 North American NGV Conference & Expo for November 10-14 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Mo. Cohosted by NGVAmerica and the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance. NGVAmerica is at Booth 856.

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