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ON THE COVER: Debra Butler of Debra Butler Design Studio recently completed this project on Olivia Street in Key West. She describes it as a tropical interpretation of mid-Century modern. Drop by the studio on Fleming Street in Key West or visit debrabutlerdesignstudio. com. Photo by ROCKY GONET/ Contributed

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Spring 2016 | 5

A pretty place (setting)

Formal or Keys casual – here’s how to set the table

By Kristen Livengood

Kimberly Flowers is like the Martha Stewart of the Keys. She’s been a local interior decorator for 20 years, styling the interiors and exteriors of Key Haven and Shark Key’s finest homes and most of the local galas. Before that, she styled Reba McEntire in Nashville, and spent time in South Beach and Tampa making homes magazine worthy. 6

| Home & Garden


OUTSIDE TABLE For casual events, like backyard get-togethers and barbeques, Kim says don’t be afraid to bring the indoors out. “Indoor furniture softens the mood, and adds more casual seating,” she said, adding a couch from inside her home to the round table rented from Prestige Party Rentals on Truman Avenue. She layers two linens and said even with a round table, rectangular linens will work. The oranges will bring out the colors of an orange chicken marmalade from the grill. She pulls natural colors with a vase filled with shells and antique oyster shuckers, and makes a centerpiece of palm fronds she found around the yard. “A little white spray paint on the fronds makes it pop in front of a natural background,” she said, adding the whole idea is to keep it simple.

INSIDE TABLE For a more formal dining event, Kim suggests skipping the linens … depending on the table. Her farmhouse table didn’t need a linen so she anchored the centerpieces with a table runner she sewed years ago. Table runners can also run across the table under the place settings instead of down the center. “There is very little table real estate so you want to keep centerpieces concise and elegant,” she said of the two candlesticks and antique, gold-plated cups she used to hold fresh lavender roses. “Your glassware and silverware will do all the work, this is the time you want your finest china showcased.” Kim mixes and matches her tableware. In one of her table settings, she’ll use silverware that has gold and silver accents and pair it with different style dishes with either gold or silver trim. She also recommissioned pieces like her 100-year-old saucers and used them as bread plates. “Formal tables are all about layering,” she said. “Use what you have.”

SIDE BUFFET The side buffet would be perfect for a girl’s night-in potluck. “You want to make sure casual gettogethers are easy and carefree because the focus should be on friendships,” she said. Here Kim repurposed her favorite wine bottles from Onlywood Pizzeria on Duval Street to hold flowers. “It’s a modern form of elegance to use the same items in repetition,” she said.

Kim’s top etiquette tips: • Silverware is simple, always work from the outside in. • Make fingers into a ‘b’ and ‘d’ – bread is on the left side and drink is on the right. • Once finished, send the used silverware away with the plate.



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Our proven track record of manufacturing durable, high-quality products has made us the world's leading brand. Trex promises our products will not rot, warp or splinter. While Trex may be a larger investment upfront, down the line it saves more green than wood. Plus it works wonders for your home's resale value. • Dosent's weaken, split, rot or splinter over time the way wood does. • Maintains its high quality and value for years to come. • Immediately boosts your home's value while enhancing its beauty. • Has proven to be a key selling point for potential buyers. • Offers industry-leading warranties.

Deck by Coral Construction

Deck by Coral Construction

Spring 2016 | 9

Homeowners have many choices. Weekly Staff report The wood plank tile is one of the hottest phenomenons in flooring industry that experts can remember. “It’s huge,” said Bruce McConaghey of Floor Factory Outlet in Key Largo. “I can’t remember such a popular trend in all of my years.” Combine it with the second trend — the color gray — and it’s a show-stopper. Keep reading for long-lasting flooring options for Keys homes. ‘Wood’ Tiles Local suppliers like Ivan Tile and Floor Factory Outlets, along with big box stores, all sell what’s known as the wood plank tile. Made of either porcelain or ceramic, it gives Florida homeowners the aesthetics of wood, with the durability of tile in this hot and wet climate. Gray Floors This trend started on the east coast — mimicking the weather-worn hues of places like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard — and has been steadily spreading west. It’s both neutral and modern whether the floor is tile or wood. Homeowners are embracing both the charcoal depths of the color, to lighter ash representations. Wide Plank Decorators and homeowners love the wide plank wood (or tile!) flooring. It suggests age, as if the floor has been repurposed from a barn somewhere and lovingly reinstalled. In fact, some manufacturers go as far as to give engineered wood a “rough hewn” look to add texture. Wide plank flooring works best for homeowners who want to emphasize a cozy and welcoming environment in their abodes.


| Home & Garden

Matte Finish Here’s the truth — shiny tile is no more slippery than matte finish tile. It just looks different. McConaghey said one is easier to maintain than the other. “Put it this way, if the person who cleans the floor is buying the floor, then they are going to pick matte,” he said. On the flip side, a shiny finish intensifies the color of the floor for homeowners who prioritize depth over mops. Large Format Tiles are getting bigger and bigger. It’s a spare look with clean lines, perfect for modern décor mavens. So, the 12-inch by 12-inch are out, and even a 16-inch by 16-inch tile is considered small these days. Homeowners are going as large as 2- and 3-square-feet. Plus, the large format tile means less grout to maintain. Of course, homeowners can go big by getting a poured concrete floor that is then scored to define sections. Engineered Flooring One last thing about flooring in Florida — get the engineered wood flooring. While solid wood flooring may have cachet in the Northeast, it’s a giant problem in the tropics because it expands and contracts causing it to pop off the sub-floor. Engineered hardwood flooring, on the other hand, isn’t a solid piece of wood but cross-layer construction of five to nine layers bonded together using heat and pressure. And, it can be glued to concrete.

BEAUTIFY ANY EXISTING CONCRETE SURFACE Have an award winning Keys artist, Ed Moran, design and resurface your concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our Concrete Resurfacing System Can Change The Look of Any Existing Concrete Surface, Preserve & Protect It STAMPED CONCRETE

• Concrete Stamping & Sealing • Limitless Colors & Designs • Stain, Mildew & Oil Resistant • Acid Staining & Sealing • Pool Decks/Patios • Driveways • Commercial Floors

Factory Authorized Dealer • Licensed & Insured SP#3136 • FREE ESTIMATES

ARTISTIC CONCRETE DESIGN CORP. For more information go to or call 305-923-0654


Hangit UP

1 -All of the CONTENT inside the frames should have some unifying theme. Examples include black and white photos, snatches of art that have the same color palette, fabric swatches, children’s drawings or even contact paper. Be guided by a favorite color, or subject matter, and just go with it. Don’t know if the pieces belong together? Heap them on the dining room table and spend about two weeks walking past the collection. If there’s a mistake there, it will reveal itself.

By Sara Matthis When it’s right, the picture gallery is fantastic. But just a tiny discrepancy can throw the whole thing off — creating a jangling disturbance — that ruins what the homeowner is trying to accomplish. Here’s the dirty little secret about creating a picture gallery: it doesn’t require highbrow art or fantastic photography. Sure, good art will make it better, but the picture gallery functions as a collective — creating a massive statement — that is bigger than its parts.


| Home & Garden

3 -The most critical part of the picture gallery is the ARRANGEMENT. Start by selecting the anchor piece of the picture gallery and choose a center location for it. The following two pieces of advice are critical: The center of the anchor picture should be 57 inches off the floor. (That’s eye-level for most adults; most homeowners make the mistake of hanging art way too high). Secondly, the space between frames has to be equal throughout the entire layout. The suggested space is 1 to 2 inches.

Appliance and Air Conditioning

2 -The FRAMES themselves must also have some type of unifying theme. Most homeowners choose a basic black, others opt for a transparent edge and a wide white mat (that looks nice in those white, designer living rooms). They don’t have to ALL match, in fact it’s good to include one that’s a bit different if your gallery design can handle it. Finally, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Ikea has very reasonable, simple frames for sale but the true thrifters head straight to the resale shops and then the hardware store for cans of spray paint.

4 -Arranging the picture gallery sounds easy, but the actual METHOD for hanging the pieces is a little more difficult. Some advocate cutting out pieces of butcher paper the same size as the frames and taping them on the wall, moving them around until the arrangement is pleasing. Here’s a shortcut: measure the wall space you intend to fill, then mark it out on the floor with masking tape. Start arranging the frames inside that area until it looks right. Stand on a chair to look down on the entire arrangement for better perspective. Then start transferring the design to the wall with a hammer and nails.

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space efficient ranges at 24 and 30 inches with both gas and electric options. These ranges include features like spacesaving drawers for pots and pans, multi-function ovens with settings suitable for proofing dough and slow cooking. Powerful compact cooking can also extend to cooktops. For instance, ILVE also offers a 15-inch Gas Griddle Cooktop that works with accessories like a steam cooker, bain marie warming basin, cutting board and griddle top dome to cook eclectically and with flair in a tight space.

Small Kitchen Hacks Space-saving solutions for Conch homes Contributed Too often, the kitchen is the first room of a home to suffer the consequences of tight living quarters. But there’s no need to forfeit big-scale cooking in a small-scale kitchen. Ditch the compromises and maximize the space you do have to make your kitchen work for you, and all your culinary aspirations.


| Home & Garden

• Cut the Fat Do a top-to-bottom inventory of your kitchen implements to assess what you need and what you can discard or donate. When was the last time you made a Bundt cake? Do you really need that clunky pan? Sleek newer designs of certain appliances tend to take up less space than their clunky, older counterparts. They also offer more multifunctionality. For example, blenders that come with food processor attachments can help you de-clutter your countertop. A periodic audit of your kitchen can keep things running smoothly and efficiently. • Space Efficient Appliances New appliance options designed for compact kitchens can help ensure that limited space is not a deterrent for those passionate about cooking. For example, Verona Appliances offer upscale,

• Creative Storage Your conventional storage options will only get you so far in a compact kitchen. Stretch your concept of storage to open up a world of new possibilities. Wall-mounted magnetic units can be a great place to store knives and spice jars, freeing up limited cabinet space. Corkboard added to the backs of pantry and cupboard doors is ideal for hanging light utensils, recipes and notes. Install magazine racks on the inside of cabinet doors to store pot lids or paper towel holders mounted to the side of cabinets to efficiently dispense rolls of garbage bags. The possibilities are endless. For happier cooking, give your compact kitchen a functional makeover.

For more information about products, visit, Article submitted by

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Spring 2016 | 15

Growing Good Plant sales fund important mission

By Hays Blinckmann The MARC House Plant Store is not just a nursery, but also a community epicenter. This nonprofit nursery funds the Monroe Association for ReMarkable Citizens (MARC), an agency that has aided adult citizens with developmental disabilities in the Florida Keys for 50 years. According to manager Mike Roth, the plant store is well known among hoteliers, landscapers and local homeowners for its diverse and extensive collection of plants, flowers, trees and pottery. The staff provides knowledgeable help for all your garden needs with native and tropical plants. They can help create a beautiful butterfly garden, guide you in picking the right palm, and offer the largest selection of orchids in Key West. It also sells handcrafted pottery and fountains of all sizes.

The nursery’s biggest source of pride is the sea of orchids flourishing throughout the space. From the Vanda orchid to the fragrant Catalaya, orchid specialist Rochelle Eannarino has been caring and cultivating the orchids for more than a decade. Orchids can be daunting but Rochelle will help. “Orchids are easy; all you need to know is how to care for them,” she said.


| Home & Garden


“We are full service garden center. From fertilizer to orchid arrangements, we will help people get the most from their garden,” said Mike, who takes joy in his job.

MARC House clients work alongside the experienced staff cultivating 10% of the nursery’s offerings from seeds and clippings.

MARC Plant Store 1401 Seminary St. Key West 305.296.9556 Open 9-5 Mon.- Fri., 9-3 Sat.

Locals look forward to the plant store’s special seasonal events. Every October, the MARC House Plant Store hosts a “Pumpkin Patch” — offering thousands of pumpkins for purchase as well as games and activities for the local schoolchildren. And come Christmas, they offer the freshest and largest Christmas trees available on the island.

From left to wright. The Vanda Orchid Nursery sales supports adults with mental disabilities. In addition to greenery, MARC Plant Store also sells the garden ‘art’ to accompany it — beautiful pottery to showcase the plants.

Rosi Ware, the chairwoman of the Key West Garden Club, has been shopping at The MARC Plant store for years. “The MARC Plant Store is a vital part of the Key West Community, representing all that is good about the island,” Ware said. “It has the best quality plants — many grown by MARC house clients — and the most knowledgeable staff on the island who help turn your garden into a tropical oasis.” Shopping at the MARC Plant Store gives back to a larger part of the Keys community, but also creates the best gardens in the neighborhood.

Spring 2016 | 17

Another Fine Job by

the Fazoli Brothers

New Concrete and Fiberglass Swimming Pools Remodeling and Resurfacing Call Today for a Free Quote (305) 849-8063 • Marathon Lic# CPC1457751

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PC 606

By Sara Matthis

FAIRY LIGHTS Add some glow to the garden


| Home & Garden

ost homeowners tend to neglect lighting the exterior of their home unless it’s a special occasion — such as a party or Christmas. Perhaps it’s an issue of cost — it’s no simple matter to hardwire the backyard for year-round lighting. But there are some semi-permanent solutions to give the garden a warm and welcoming glow to make ordinary nights seem special. Tiki Torches These are by far the simplest method for lighting a garden and incredibly affordable, too. For less than $5 a piece — possibly less at a discount store such as Big Lots — homeowners can have an instant source of light. Naturally, they are not meant to last a lifetime, more like a season. Make sure to pick up an extra bottle of lantern oil to refill the fuel canisters (Northern Lights, $16) and some extra wick cord. The torches should be scattered around the yard at different heights. Give some thought to placement, though, for safety reasons.

Habitat for Humanity of Key West & Lower Keys Accepts Tax-Deductible Donations and Sells All Items Up To 80% OFF Retail! Furniture • Housewares • Hurricane Shutters • Doors • Cabinets • Artwork • Flooring and Tile • Books • Plumbing Fixtures • Windows

Jar Lanterns Mason jars make more suitable lanterns in the Keys than their flimsy and rain-susceptible sisters, the Oriental paper lantern. A case of jars cost about $10 at Ace Hardware. With a bit of copper wire ($5 from a craft store) and a pair of pliers, it’s possible to fashion an easy hanger. Again, position the lanterns at different heights, but these look good grouped together to highlight a garden feature, such as a favorite tree. Fill the lanterns with either LED faux candles or votives. (If the lanterns are left out, make sure to regularly empty the rainwater that may accumulate.)

Solar Lights A few years ago, this wasn’t such a great investment. But today’s solar-powered garden lights are very efficient and long lasting, not only in terms of the amount of light they produce but also in longevity. Prices range from $10 each to almost $50 each for brand names such as Hammacher Schlemmer. Again, placement is key. For the brightest output, place the solar lights where they will receive the most direct sunlight during the day, but also provide the needed illumination such as walkways. The solar lights have a built-in stake and photo sensor to activate the light at dusk.

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Check out our store’s inventory on Facebook! Facebook/habitatrestorebigpinekeyflorida 30320 O/S Hwy. • Big Pine Key 305-872-2883 All Proceeds Go Directly to fund Habitat’s Mission to Build and Repair Homes, Communities and Hope!

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WE CAN BUILD ANYTHING! by: Advanced Construction Corp.

Complete Tiki Hut and Chickee Hut Builder We build New, Repair and Rethatch! State Licensed Thatching Contractor Lic. #CYC000002 - Se Habla EspaĂąol


We also build Decks & Pergolas

Locally crafted furniture, paddle boards, and boats Inspired by our Tropical Island Lifestyle Custom Design and Free delivery in the Lower Keys

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Eco-Friendly Upgrades Products offer environmental benefits for the home

By Hays Blinckmann

wning a home in the Keys usually means remodeling or rebuilding the house from scratch. Nowadays, we need to think more than ever about our impact on the environment … but also the environment’s impact on us. Keys’ buildings face battles against heat, wind, bugs, saltwater and energy efficiency. Finding products that are environmentally friendly, but also useful and economical, is important. Here are a few products that Key’s homeowners are utilizing more and more. Odorless Paint What is a VOC? VOC means a volatile organic compound, but just because its middle name is “organic” doesn’t mean it is safe. VOC is the term used to measure the organic chemicals in the air both inside and outside our homes, some natural and some man-made. With the paint industry producing more than 12 billion gallons of paint a year, paint is thought to be the No. 1 man-made VOC in our environment. Now, there are alternatives to VOC pollution such as Benjamin Moore’s Natura Waterborne Interior line of paints. Natura is a 100 percent acrylic paint that provides the “green promise” with zero VOC and zero emissions. Also, Natura is certified as asthma and allergy friendly and, best of all, virtually odorless. It is no different that regular Benjamin Moore paint in consistency or color palette. It was voted the 2015 Product of the year by Benjamin Moore consumers and costs about $55 per gallon. Available at Ace Strunk Hardware or


| Home & Garden

Woodless Wood From decking, to house facades, to outdoor furniture and fencing, finding a durable, economical, maintenance free, insect resistant, environmentally friendly wood is next to impossible. But maybe we don’t need wood. Resysta material is a composite of rice husk, salt and mineral oil that has no wood particles. It has the look and feel of tropical wood but is completely water-resistant. Thus, it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as sun, wind, rain and salt water without rotting, graying, splintering, swelling or cracking. And it is slip resistant. The easy care and the fact it is 100-percent recyclable, make Resysta material an environmental and economical choice especially with its 25 year warranty. The German company is based in Miami, with representatives throughout South Florida. Visit

Recycled Countertops Countertops are a great way to incorporate an environmentally friendly material into your home. Eco by Cosentino is one of the leading recycled countertops available at any Home Depot. The material is manufactured from 75 percent recycled material such as glass, mirror, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. The benefit to the homeowner is its low porosity giving it a very low rate of water absorbency making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The hard and compact surface is also resistant to scratches and harsh chemicals. It comes in the same variety and colors as other non-green brands. This product promotes sustainability for our environment as well as our kitchens.

BRING YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE TO LIFE. KEY WEST 1109 Eaton St. 305-294-5900 Proud dealer of:

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Spring 2016 | 25




Doing a Remodel or New Construction? Visit Our Large Showroom in Marathon Great Deals on Tile and Stone

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An important message from the Florida Keys Contractors Association

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Protect Yourself, Your Home Ask your contractor • Do you have a Monroe County License? • Do you have general liability and workman's comp insurance? • Are you familiar with Monroe County Building Regulations? • Will you pull a permit if my work requires it? • Have you done this type of work before? • Are you self performing the entire project? • Will you supply releases of liens for your subcontractors & suppliers?

Work that requires a licensed and insured contractor Aluminum • Landscaping • Masonry • Roofing • Shutters • Windows & Doors • Seawalls & Docks and more...please call for more information.

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IT CAN BE REPAIRED! Roller Maintenance Track Maintenance Security Pins Door Alignment Security Locks & Handles

’s Andy


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FKEC Members Can Earn Up to $500 in Rebates FKEC has allotted $75,000 to fund a new residential rebate program which will end once those funds are depleted. Members can obtain rebates (up to $500 maximum per member) for completing qualifying, energy efficient equipment improvement options. The rebate program begins March 1, 2016.

Rebates Available for: • Central A/C Rebate • Ductless Mini Split A/C Rebate • Room A/C Rebate • Solar Water Heating (not for pool heating) • Insulation Rebate • Window Film or Solar Screen Rebate • Caulk/Weather-stripping Rebate • Cool/Reflective Roof Coating Rebate To find out how you can obtain a rebate contact us at • 305-852-2431 •


4 ways to tap into the décor trend Contributed Minimalist Nordic design is taking over the home décor scene in 2016. Scandinavian-inspired design principles — featuring white, simple color schemes and use of natural materials — provide attractive options for creating a balanced, beautiful home. The Nordic movement, which evokes the simple, minimalist homes of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland, is enjoying new popularity as Americans seek to balance work life with home life, and create spaces where they can unplug, unwind and relax. Nearly 77 percent of homeowners reported neutral tones, such as those embraced by Nordic design, make a room feel more tranquil, according to a recent Sherwin-Williams survey. Here are some tips to steer your space clear of clutter and embrace the minimalist beauty of Nordic décor for a balanced and bright 2016. • Start with a clean slate Selecting the right hue of white paint on your walls can create the foundation for Nordic design. Take a cue from colors inspired by natural, fine-textured stone. For example, Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster is a natural, flattering white suited especially for a harmonious atmosphere in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.


| Home & Garden

Nordic décor is defined by a neutral base pallete, pops of color, lots of natural light and geometric designs.

For more help planning your painting projects, visit your local Sherwin-Williams store or Article from

• Turn on the light As in Nordic countries, the winter season's long, dark months create a craving for daylight and its positive impact on mood. During these months, take advantage of the daylight you do have by letting window light shine in through a sheer curtain for an ethereal effect in your space. When the sun goes down, create the effects of daylight in your home décor. Incorporate shiny and reflective elements, like a large beautiful mirror hung on the wall, to reflect your interior lighting and give the illusion of a more spacious atmosphere. Use shiny metallic elements such as copper, the metal of the moment, in a living room lamp or for pendant lighting in a white kitchen. Hang paper lanterns in a bedroom to add movement and lighten up the space in a fun and interesting way.

ARTIC TEMP, INC. Sales, Service & Installation


Covering All The Keys


9699 Overseas Hwy., Marathon (across from the airport, corner of 97th Street)

• Embrace natural tones Nordic design is all about using natural, live-well tones to create environments where we can feel serene. To achieve this look and feel, use earthy, natural materials, such as Carrera marble, to bring an element of sophistication to a countertop in a kitchen or bath. Choose birch or maple wood grains for cabinets and furniture to add balance to lovely light stone grays and blush petal pinks, and create a refreshing, yet uncomplicated atmosphere.

• Get sharp with geometrics and details Complex shapes, angles and patterns in vibrant colors are also present in Nordic décor. Use a boxy picture frame or multilevel open shelving units to offer symmetry and provide a focal point in your space. In a home that celebrates simplicity, there's always room for a bit of whimsy or a pop of color. Even small details can make a big statement: a zebra-striped pillow on a couch or bed; several multicolored candleholders lined up in a row on a dining room sideboard; or redpainted counter stools in a winter-white kitchen.

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Gail’s Island Realty is located at 309 Sadowski Causeway on Key Colony Beach. We do vacation rentals through the middle Florida Keys specializing in Key Colony Beach and in Sales and Property Management.

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