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account manager role at Aon and, at the same time, developed the brokerage’s retail industry practice before moving into the multi­national role in 2015. When she was appointed to the leadership position, Serpico didn’t have a team behind her or a defined plan for how to build the unit out, giving her the chance to create a value proposition for the firm as it considered the different advantages it could offer small, middle-market and large clients. “Fast-forward five years, and we now have client councils globally, we host the Aon Insights Series globally, and we have a

risks, from the pandemic to geopolitical developments and climate change. Because of the unique ways in which these risks impact every business, Aon has focused on keeping clients and their needs central to its insurance and risk advice. “We need to treat every client individually, and we need to understand their business and make it about them,” Serpico says. “Aon has all of these resources that we can bring to a client, but it needs to matter to them, [and that changes]. What mattered to the client at the beginning of the pandemic is dramatically different than what matters to a client

“We’ll continue to strengthen our client relationships and earn their business every single day” multinational value proposition,” she says. “We have teams who are totally focused on this, and it has been so rewarding and, quite honestly, so fun to build.” Serpico calls this experience the highlight of her career and credits the success of the multinational unit to the team she put in place. In doing so, she kept a strong focus on diversity, including geographic diversity and diversity of thought, as well as diversity in race, gender and age – there were no barriers to bringing in people who would best serve clients and the organization. “Sometimes, making an unconventional choice for those leadership roles has served us extremely well, and I think it’s created a spirit among the team of, ‘Wow, there’s opportunity for everyone here,’” Serpico says.

Innovating for clients Aon’s launch of a multinational client segment couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Multinational businesses are currently facing a plethora of emerging


during a difficult property renewal, when they want to meet our reinsurance team to talk about alternative solutions.” Conducting bespoke risk analysis for each client is crucial in this environment, especially as new exposures come to light, including reputational risk, intellectual property and an evolving cyber landscape. Considering the challenges ahead, Serpico predicts that Aon’s focus on clients will only deepen. “When you keep that singular focus of ‘What am I doing to help a client?’, it’s about identifying those emerging risks and unmet clients needs, having the best talent in the industry, understanding their business, having product and industry specialization, and having the very best subject-matter experts across the spectrum of risk, retirement, and health so that we can bring everything to the forefront on their behalf,” she says. “That’s how we’ll continue to strengthen our client relationships and earn their business every single day.”


120 Countries in which Aon operates

50,000 Number of employees globally

$125 billion Risk premium Aon places annually

$11.1 billion Total revenue for 2020

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