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Arirang Flight School (AFS) is the manifestation of the dream of Mr. Kihak Sung, Chairman of Youngone Corporation, to create a world class organization for providing quality and technologically advanced pilot training school to both domestic and international students. Having gained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) as a flight school in 2010, AFS has grown from strength to strength.

Our mission is to provide a professional training program where knowledge, skills, physical and human qualities are developed for a professional career in the aviation industry.

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our school, examine our aircraft and maintenance facility, and speak with our instructors, staff and students.

All of this is enhanced by our 15 years of experience as the leading business charter operator in Bangladesh. We are the only company to operate business class aircrafts in all segments. I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

FLIGHT TRAINING METHODS The curriculum for our Flight Training, including ground schooling classes, is geared towards imparting quality instructions driven by advanced technology. Our course materials are the same as JAA (Joint Aviation Authority) syllabus and obviously in line with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Administration) and CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh) standards.

Fitness Requirements Prior to your acceptance in any of the programs at AFS, you

• Review of your medical history

must possess a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate for PPL and a

• Hearing and vision tests

valid Class 1 Medical Certificate for CPL. All pilots are required

• Lung function and heart tests

to have this certificate throughout their entire flying careers. The

• Blood and urine analysis

certificates are issued by CAAB and medical examinations are

• General physical examination

done only by CAAB authorized medical facilities. As a guideline, a typical medical examination would include:

Language Proficiency Proficiency in the English Language is mandatory for the above courses.

Training Programs Our




Licensing (PPL) program includes everything that an aspiring pilot will




Our CPL program is perfectly tuned to produce highly skilled pilots who aspire to build a career in the commercial

require to launch a successful pilot

aviation sector. The CPL course includes

career in future. The PPL course

150 hours of flying with 70 hours solo

includes 45 hours of flying with 15

including 20 hours cross country solo

hours of solo including 05 hours of

flights, 5 hours night solo with 5 take off

cross country solo flights.

and landings and 10 hours instrument

GROUND : 12 Weeks FLYING : 45 Hours MIN AGE : 17 PRE-REQUISITE : None EDUCATION : SSC or equivalent in science (with Physics and Mathematics)

ground time. GROUND : 12 Weeks FLYING : 105 Hours MIN AGE : 18 PRE-REQUISITE : ppl EDUCATION : HSC or equivalent in science (with Physics and Mathematics)

This course develops your proficiency in the IFR environment and culminates with a successful instrument rating




Becoming a Flight Instructor is a challenging




specialized in creating new pilots. To


become a flight instructor, a pilot must

solo : 50 hours instrument time : 40 Hours PRE-REQUISITE : cpt

undergo a FI course after having CPL and IR rating. The course consists of 125 hours of ground training and 30 hours of flight training. GROUND : 06 Weeks FLYING : 30 Hours

our fleet

Cirrus SR 20 G3

Most of AFS flight training is conducted out of Hazrat Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong. However, some of the flight training also involves the use of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka as well as Cox’s Bazar Airport for cross country training.

Aircraft Name : Cirrus SR 20 G3 Max Speed : 165 KIAS Max Cruising Altitude : Seat Capacity : 04 Equipment : MFD, EFIS, A/PT, CAS, TAWS, Stromscope, GPS

17,500 FT

Cessna 152 Aircraft Name : Cessna 152 Max Speed : 110 KIAS Max Cruising Altitude : 14,700 FT Seat Capacity : 02 Equipment : ILS, GPS

The Flight School has taken lead to revolutionize cockpit and pilot training, realizing the vision of paperless flying and becoming the first Bangladeshi FTO to fly with iPads. The process makes

learning to fly much easier, more efficient and accurate. In order to enhance instrument flight skill levels of all student pilots, AFS has introduced the state of the art RedBird FMX full motion

flight simulator, the only one of its kind in Bangladesh. Special emphasis is provided on Jeppessen to make the trainee pilots highly professional and competitive in any airline’s environment.

Comprehensive ground, simulator and flight training on instrument procedures are given top priority to turn a trainee pilot into a professional aviator. AFS also puts great emphasis in

both physical and psychological skill development in order to build excellent psycho-motor skill capabilities of the student pilots through compulsory extracurricular activities such as

Golf, Gym classes, Rowing, Swimming and Hiking. AFS has top quality facilities at its own locations for this purpose.

Hangar and Maintenance


Located at the general aviation



work relentlessly and are an



experienced, trained and highly

integral part of the team that will

International Airport, Dhaka, the

skilled professionals who provide

transform you from a student pilot

modern hanger not only hosts the

exceptional support for all that is

to a top notch professional

maintenance facilities but also

required to maintain the very high

commercial aviator.

the state of the art ground school.

standards of training for the

The hanger is large enough to

student pilots. Extremely helpful

park our entire fleet of aircraft.

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Ground School The ground school facilities at

speed internet serviced through

AFS are not only modern, but also

AFS’s very own WiFi hotspots.

in line with AFS’ vision of

The facility also boasts a lavish







training. To begin with, the

equipped computer labs and a

classrooms are equipped with full

comprehensive library of not only



aviation books, but also other


books of interest to build the

sound interactive





whole facility is covered by high

student pilots level of general knowledge as well.

REDBIRD FMX simulator The Redbird FMX is a superior-quality, full motion, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Device With standard features that are anything but standard such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and of course an electric motion platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the

accomodation and other Accomodations are provided for student pilots at AFS’ own facilities at the Korean EPZ in Chittagong at additional cost. In the middle of a golf course, the 3 star facilities also boast a well equipped gym, lake, swimming pool, vast area of natural and manicured greenery and high

quality dining facilities. The taste for the lifestyle of a commercial pilot starts here for AFS’ student pilots.

Extra Curricular Activities With this in mind we make available to our students activities and experiences through various extracurricular initiatives that will foster personal growth and leadership qualities. All extra curricular activities that are compulsory for the student pilots are conducted at AFS’ own facilities including plying golf, rowing, swimming and hiking.

Flying Instructors AFS instructors come from a wide and varied range of professional aviation backgrounds – commercial airline pilot careers, corporate aviation and air force flying, to civil aviation careers.

Personnel All AFS instructors are fully trained and certified to international standards. With this experience, they have unparalleled commitment to benefit you throughout your training with AFS both on ground and in sky.

All AFS instructors are fully trained and certified to international standards. With this experience, they have unparalleled commitment to benefit you throughout your training with AFS both on ground and in sky.

Arirang Aviation Limited Arirang Hangar complex General Aviation Area Hazrat ShahJalal International Airport Kurmitola, Dhaka - 1229 Bangladesh Tel:

+ 880-197-xxxxxx, + 880-172-xxxxxx + 880-2-8901848, + 880-2-8901203 (FAX)


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