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Artist / Illustrator Services: Mural design and application, character design, illustration for print / web, apparel design, album artwork, live painting, canvas commissions, street art workshops, print designs Selected Clients: Walt Disney, Guitar Hero, Fracture Skateboards, Monster Energy Drink, Fabric Nightclub, Avalaan, UnderTheHat Clothing, Fox Racing, Extreme, Barnardos Selected Press Features: The Evening Standard, The Independent, Front Magazine, K-Mag, Hip Hop Connection, Diesel:U:Music, Vice, Lodown, Pyro Radio, Nuts Television T: +44 (0) 7990 820 293 E: W:

Marker pen on 8ft X 4ft wooden panel. Painted live at ‘The Light’, London. 2009

Collaboration mural with DBO, Inkfetish, Sinna1 & Mishfit. Brighton 2010. Opposite page - A-Z print design. Adobe Illustrator 2011

Various murals 2008 - 2012

Various murals 2008 - 2012

Mural Commission, Plymouth 2011

theLIVINGroom installation at The O2 Arena 2012

theLIVINGroom installation at The O2 Arena 2012


Neon - Spray paint and ink on canvas, 2008

Together - Spray paint and ink on canvas, 2008

We Are All In This Together. Laser etched plywood. Edition of 10. 2011

Top: Running Into Strangers. Spray paint and ink on canvas 2012 Bottom left: Dirty Dishes 2009 Bottom right: twister. Ink on canvas 2011.

Wooden Women. Ink on wooden effect wallpaper 2012

Drawing Pins - Spray paint and ink on reclaimed bowling pins. 2009

Love. Print design. Adobe Illustrator 2010

Birds On The Wire. Adobe Illustrator 2011

Opposite Page: Totem Pole 2011 This Page: Pizza. 2010

This Page:23 Of My Friends Opposite: Brush Strokes 2009

Decks designed for Fracture Skateboards, 2009

Apparel designs for various brands 2006 -2010 Top row: UnderTheHat, 2nd row: Fracture , 3rd row: UnderTheHat, bottom row: Avalaan

Hand painted 12� Mickey Mouse figurine commissioned by Walt Disney Asia. 2009

Mens Ked’s shoes designed for Arts Projekt. 2010 Opposite top- spray paint and ink on various cans Opposite bottom- Look Left. Print design 2011

Projection designed for Fabric Nightclub, London. Displayed on a large wall inside the venue. 2009

Coffee tables designed in collaboration with Stuart Melrose. 2011

Crowded. Biro on paper 2011

Painting the crowd live at The European X-Games, 2012. Over 5 days I drew 200 members of the crowd and the athletes competing in the games directly onto the walls of ‘The Loop Bar’ in Tignes.

This page: Correlated. Print design 2012 Opposite: Infinite Spirit. Print design 2012

This page: Hand painted VW T4 campervan. Spray paint and ink. 2012 Opposite: The Road. Biro on paper. 2012

This page: Squares. Print design 2012 Opposite: Guitar. Print design 2012

For further information and to follow my latest projects To let me know your thoughts Thanks for reading. all images Š Kev Munday


Kev Munday Portfolio  

portfolio of art and illustration work by UK based artist Kev Munday. Street art, graffiti, urban art, art on canvas, live drawing, vector i...

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