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All-in-One Tree of Alexander Labadie Alexander Labadie 1630 - 1663

Jean Baptiste Descomps Labadie 1660 - 1704

Jacques DE LACELLE 1670 -

Pierre Labadie 1702 - 1782

Antoine Louis Labadie

Marie Angelique DE LACELLE

Angelique Campeau

Pierre Chesne

Antoine(Didine) Labadie

Jeanne Bailly

Marie Chesne

Charles Chesne

Josette Labadie

Marguerite Labadie 1734 - 1765

Jacques Montboef Godfroy

[4] Claude Solo 1732 - 1759

[4] Claude Solo 1732 - 1759

Jacques Boutin

Joseph Bourdeau

Marie Loise Clermont

[3] Margurete Solo 1761 - 1793

Jacques Godfroy

Marie Loise Chapoton Clothilde

Jean B. Sanscrainte

Gabriel Godfroy

Catherine Couture

Jean Baptiste Sanscrainte 1754 - 1794

Therese Douarie

Catherine Sauvage

Marie Louise Bourdeau

Charles Chesne

Pierre Solo

[2] Agathe Chesne

Catherine Cloutier

Robert Navarre

Jean bapt. de St Martin

Francis Romain Dit Sanscrainte 1786 - 1861

Michelle Cusson

Marie Louise Navarre

George McDougall

Robert Jr Navarre

Marie Louise dit Mersac

Marie Louise Dogon

Thomas Chabert dit Joncaire

Jacques de St Martin

Pierre Roy

Louise Lothman dit Barrois

[3] Margurete Solo 1761 - 1793

Jean Bpt. Solo

Antoine Adhemar des St Martin

Pierre Chesne

Jean Bapt. Solo

Marie Josephe Bourdeau

Marie Lothman dit Barrois

Marianne Navarre

Marie (Ojibwa-Chippewa)

Daniel Joncaire

Marguerite Leguny

Ursule Morandere

Alex Campeau

Miami (Indian)

Madeleine Roy

Jean Cuillerier

Catherine Trotier

[1] Jean Bapt. dit Beaubien

Antoine Cuillerier dit Beaubien

Mary j. Beaubien

Angelique Gerard

Claude Thomas Gouin

[1] Jean Bapt. dit Beaubien

Claire Gouin

Pierre Toussaint Chesne

Marianne Cuillerier dit Beaubien

Jean Marie Beaubien

Marianne Lothman dit Barrois

Judith Gouin

Catherine Joncaire

Philippe (the Chevalier) Joncaire

Francois Fontaine

Philippe Joncaire

Therese Campeau

[2] Agathe Chesne

interpreters at detroit some family conections:  

interpreters at detroit some family conections: Some of The following Genealogies are from the Legends of Le Detroit as for their accuracy I...