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A NOTE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Supporters and friends, This year was one of accomplishments and transition for Literacy Mid-South. The year was defined by our move out of our space at 902 S. Cooper into a new, smaller space. This physical move was far more symbolic than just loading furniture into a U-Haul. It represented our move to become the new organization built on the shoulders of MidSouth Reads and the Memphis Literacy Council. We have a new mission statement, revamped and decentralized Adult Learning Program, new programs like Smart Memphis and Write Memphis, and a goal that one day the community will no longer need us. We are grateful for the generous support offered to us during the 20122013 year. Our success can be traced to a strong board, excellent staff, dedicated volunteers, and loyal financial supporters. There is no time to savor the accomplishments of the past year as we look forward to expanded outreach and advocacy. Far too many people do not understand the impact that reading and learning have on individuals, families, and our society. Far too many people still don’t understand the importance of something as simple as giving a child a pen and paper and allowing them to write a story. And, far too many people think the challenges our community faces are too overwhelming. As I’ve seen personally in the last two years, we are making a difference! Please join us this year as we spread our message, expand our services, and make a significant dent in a seemingly overwhelming challenge. We’ve changed our organization. Now let’s change the Mid-South!

Kevin Dean Executive Director

Executive Director Kevin Dean speaks at a Smart Memphis Coalition meeting

A NOTE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR Friends of Literacy Mid-South, As we reflect over the past fiscal year I am reminded of how far we have come as an organization. With two core questions as our guide, we took several brave steps and initiated significant changes at Literacy Mid-South. We first asked ourselves how can we provide better service then asked how we can rethink our services to reach more of those in need. In an effort to both continually improve our services and get resources in the hands of more members of the community, we decided to go out and meet the problem. We accomplished this goal by decentralizing our adult program, encouraging and promoting collaborations among other non-profits in an effort to share and expand resources, and adding additional innovative programs to help those who learn in different ways, among other things. All of these changes are made possible by the hard work of our amazing staff, dedicated volunteers, dependable donors, and essential community partners. Each of these pieces is integral to the success of Literacy Mid-South and its students. It is the students, however, that deserve our focus and admiration. These individuals work tirelessly to make real change in their lives, thereby changing our community for the better. For every student who learns to read, or apply for a job, or pass his driver’s test, however, there are thousands more who need our services. Thank you for continuing to support Literacy Mid-South so we can support these students and the other organizations throughout the mid-south that work to give these individuals the tools and opportunities to change their lives. While we know our work is far from over, we look forward to continuing to move toward that community actively engaged in continuous learning. With your help, we will keep asking ourselves how can we provide better service and reach more of those in need in the mid-south. Whatever the answer, and because of your support, we will work tirelessly to help those who wish to better their lives gain access to the tools and support needed to be successful. We appreciate your ongoing support. Sincerely, Whitney M. Harmon Board Chair

Board of Directors 2012-2013 Whitney Harmon Chair Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Darlene Brooks Vice Chair Rhodes College Claire Ryan Secretary BCD Travel Fred Towler Treasurer International Paper Frank Armstrong Physiotherapy Associates Steve Berger brg3s

J. Patrick Blankinship, Jr. Methodist Healthcare/University of Tennessee Suzanne Bonefas Rhodes College Nora Boone Cricket Communications/Buckman Bryan Capooth Hilton Worldwide Amanda Clarkson University of Memphis Ashley Dacus Sowell & Co. Sarah F. DiNicolantonio Memphis Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association

Kevin Kern Elvis Presley Enterprises Beth Lee Wolf River Capital, LLC Rene Friemoth Lee The Bodine School Reginald Milton South Memphis Alliance Andrew Prislovsky Grenzebach Glier and Associates Marsha Roach Hilton Worldwide Joey Weaver Crew Training Internationa

ADULT LEARNING PROGRAM THE ADULT LEARNING PROGRAM AT LITERACY MID-SOUTH PROVIDES BASIC EDUCATION FOR LOW-LITERATE ADULTS. MORE THAN 250 TRAINED VOLUNTEERS PROVIDE PRIVATE AND GROUP TUTORING FOR ADULTS WHO WANT TO LEARN. VOLUNTEER TUTORS AND STUDENTS MEET IN 31 AREA LIBRARIES DURING THE WEEKDAYS OR WEEKENDS. THE ADULT LEARNING PROGRAM AT LITERACY MID-SOUTH DRAWS UPON MORE THAN FORTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN COMMUNITY LITERACY EDUCATION AND HAS RECEIVED AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN PROGRAMMING. OUR PROGRAMS SERVE ADULTS WHO READ ON A 6TH GRADE LEVEL OR BELOW. >>> In January of 2013, Literacy Mid-South decentralized the program, moving students and tutors to local libraries. Additionally, Literacy Mid-South overhauled the curriculum and benchmarks used and moved everything to an online platform. We adopted a new, more self-directed learning model for our students, which puts learning directly in their hands. Adults learn differently than children, and we encourage collaborative learning within small groups in which adults guide each other through learning, helping each student gain the tools he or she needs to better navigate their own world with reading. We have implemented this new model into our volunteer trainings, emphasizing the importance of empowering our students through literacy, not just telling them what we think they need to know. Each Literacy MidSouth adult student is now provided with a detailed learning plan, outlining their personal goals and placed in a small group of adults with similar goals, or enrolled in small groups to help them meet their learning objectives.

Adult Learning Program student receives his first library card

The Numbers*

Adult Students Served: 468 Active Volunteers: 253 Volunteer Hours: 17,543 Percentage of Adult Students Showing Progress: 97% *as of June 30,2013

Four of our staff became certified by Pro Literacy 2013

SMART MEMPHIS COALITION SMART MEMPHIS IS A MAJOR LITERACY MID-SOUTH INITIATIVE TO PROVIDE TRAINING, RESOURCES AND VISIBILITY TO A COALITION OF NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, BUSINESSES, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND INDIVIDUALS WHO WORK TO IMPROVE THE LEARNING SKILLS OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS IN THE MID-SOUTH. SMART MEMPHIS ALSO DEVELOPS HIGHLY VISIBLE COMMUNITY LITERACY EVENTS AND HOSTS A BI-ANNUAL LITERACY SUMMIT TO DEVELOP LOCAL EXPERTISE AND KEEP LITERACY AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE COMMUNITY’S PRIORITIES. >>> Built on the shoulders of Mid-South Reads, Smart Memphis Coalition provides a deeper level of service to providers by offering new services. We realize that a large portion of the organizations and their staff must come together in a meaningful, productive way to develop more capacity in their organizations and programs to begin to make progress towards Memphis as a “Reading Community.” The next five years will focus on building programs throughout the city that are capable of serving more adults and children and doing it better, especially with limited resources. The backbone of education and literacy infrastructure

Knowledge Quest received $5000 worth of iPads and technology donated by Literacy Mid-South

Vernetta Anderson facilitates a Smart Memphis Coalition meeting

Cash + Pro Bono Consultant Grants Awarded To:

The Numbers*

Literacy and Education Organizations Served: 98

South Memphis Alliance

Nonprofit Professionals Trained: 158 Local Tutors Provided With Continuing Education: 268

in the Mid-South is now the growing network of providers that Literacy Mid-South has helped to build and support. The first goal of the Smart Memphis Coalition is to build the capacity of programs to more effectively serve their constituents. Our Smart Memphis Coalition serves a unique role as a clearinghouse for information and resources and as the facilitator for communication and collaboration between providers.By focusing on outreach, training, volunteer referrals and advocacy, Smart Memphis Coalition is developing solid solutions for struggling service providers in the Mid-South.

Knowledge QuestFirst Book Mid-South Operation Hope Hope Works DeafConnect of the Mid-South

Value of In-Kind Donations To Local Nonprofits: $897,000

Vance Avenue Youth Development Center

*as of June 30,2013

Young Adults Education Center

Arrow Academy

our financials Literacy Mid-South, Inc. Statements of Activities

Years Ended June 30, 2013 and 2012

UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Support United Way Service funding Business organizations Government Grants Individuals Fundraising Investment income

Year Ended June 30, 2013 $


82,833 291,225 22,652 151,235 80,648 168

Year Ended June 30, 2012 $

118,018 234,160 20,000 156,173 74,406 25







Expenses Program Services Management and general Fundraising

398,028 203,608 19,971

324,965 163,438 26,690








Literacy Mid-South donated books and supplies to South Park Elementary

Books from Birth and WKNO stopped by our Read Across America Kickoff

Staff member Stacy Early is overwhelmed by boxes during our big move




Advisory Board 2012-2013 Rhamy Alejeal Poplar Insurance David Barker Adult Learning Program Volunteer Mary Lou Brown Commercial Appeal Reuben Brunson RocketFuel Judy Card First Regional Library System Carley Cianciolo Booksellers at Laurelwood Andy Falkoft ServiceMaster Carolyn S. Head Southwest Tennessee Community College Pamela Kelly Law Offices of Pamela Kelly Austen Onek WREG News Channel 3 Susan Ratner Ratner Law Firm

The staff held their annual retreat at Graceland

Staff 2012-2013

Kevin Dean Executive Director

Jeanne Williams Finance Manager

Alfred Garrett Director of Adult Programs

Stacy Early Training and Placement Coordinator

Marilyn Rabinowitz Director of Community Initiatives

Erica Nason Operations and Special Events Coordinator

Amanda Wheeler Community Relations Manager Jeff Rhodin Partnership Development Manager Vernetta Anderson Training Services Manager

Caitlin Dempsey AmeriCorps*VISTA Philip McDermott AmeriCorps*VISTA

Jamie Rugel Celtic Crossing Teri Sullivan WKNO Sridhar Sunkara Launch Memphis Anne Townsend Adult Learning Program Volunteer John Wright UPS

Alfred Garrett and Stacy Early pack up a classroom for our big move

The “Flash� promotes Super Gala on Good Morning Memphis

Our Volunteers Aaron Fowles Adam Nelson Adrianne Allen Adriene Holland Adrienne Beall Alan Sefton Alfred Powell Alicia Howard Alison Ponder Allison Campany Allison Clay Allison Howard Amanda Clarkson Amanda Cruz Amanda Rast Amanda Wheeler Amy Stock Andrea Davis Andrea Sander Angela Hughes Angela Polk Ann Bendall Ann Poteat Anna Bess Sorin Anna McCabe Anne Brunson Anne Townsend Anne Webb Anthony Kirkendhall April Branch April Jones Arris Murphy Asan Tejwani Ashley Dacus Ashley Green Ashley Jackson Ashli Blow Asiyah Kurtz Barbara Dittburner Barbara Radford Barbara Ware Barry Powell Belinda Hardy Betsy Carnesale Betsy Wiseman Bradley Roberts Bradley Thompson Breya Walker Bryant Jones Bryce Smith Cailey Wagner Caprice Allen Carmen Kreider Carter Chapell Cassandra Brittmon Chandley Crawford Charles Allen Charles Clark Charlie Hines Charlotte Maloney Cheri Halton Chris Tepedino Christine Oliver Christine Tague Christopher Tepedine Chuck Harris Cissy Greene

Cliff Jowers Connie Candebat Corry Franklin Cristy Boothe Curt Mayhew Cynthia Austin Cynthia Kirkpatrick Dan Snider Danian Jerry Dare Estok Dave Pope David Barker David Stone Dawn Hayes Dawn Inman Debbie Hayes Debbie Herr Deborah Rogers Debra Anderson Debra McRae Deepti Chouhan Delois Daugherty Dennis King Derek Wilcox Devotion Adolphin Diana Duncan Diana Kabakoff Diane Dodge Diane McFarland Dolores Farmer Donna Hoffman Dorothy Jean Owens Earnestine Gainwell Edgar Goo Elanor Bledsoe Elise Yeates Elizabeth Mosby Emily Ruch Emmye Walker Eric Elms Erica Reed F A Coyle Francella Joiner Gerald Studebaker Gina Ennis Ginger Shackelford Gladys Lowe Gloria Towns Gloria Williams Harold Jenkins Heather Doherty Hope Martin Ian Hall Isaac Braxton Jack Harvey Jackie Middlebrook Jacqueline Palmer Jaime Cowart James Drummond Jane Dalton Jane Hampshire Janet McClure Janice Ousley Janice Stubbs Janie Bates Janis Fabok Jean Eubanks

Jean Fourmy Jean Handley Jeanne Larkin Jeanne Williams Jeff Dittburner Jeff Peacock Jenna Kaufman Jennifer Fortune Jennifer Pugh Jenny Pulis Jeremy Houston Jerrold Graber Jesse McCabe Jestine Carter Jewell Paige Jim Britt Jim Dorman Jim Kunz Jo Clift Joe Brooks Joe Mendoza Joe Pipkin Joe Woodard Joey Darnell John Buffaloe John Conroy John Potts John Stevenson John Wade John Wright John Young Jolecia Flournory Jon Oberhausen Jonathan Cox Jonathon Cole Jonte Washington Jorja Frazier Josie Smith Joy Almond Joyce Jones Juanita Williams Judith Hicks Julia Oberhausen Julie Chinn Kat Garcia Katherine Baran Kathleen Motl Kathryn Leake Katie Hiler Kay Due Kelsey Hensley Ken Wallace Kim Davis Kimberly Lehew Kimberly Parker Kit Ravenel Kynis Douglas Latiesha Boyd Laura Greinke Laura Wiggins Lauren Crabtree Lauren Crabtree Leah Fitzpatrick Lee Chase Lee Curbo Leeta Parker Leigh Witherspoon

Tutor trainer Vicki Murrell provides instruction at new volunteer orientation

Leo Alessi Leslie Hogan Lillian Dykes Lily Arango Linda Davis Linda Rahija Linda Selph Linda Swift Lisa Johnson Lisa Word Lorean Jones Lorean Sims Lou Langley Louise Bowens-Brown Lucy Kellison Lucy Townsend Maggie Boatman Maggie Watters Margaret Cardwell Maria Bibbs Mark Tanenbaum Mary Blair Mary Castelli Mary Cline Mary Curtis Mary Gibson Mary Ingram Mary Lou McCaa Mary O’Connor Mary Pullen Mary Turner Meera Shah Melanie Rudd Meredee Taylor Michael Dockery Michael George Michael McCloskey Michael Rhodes Michele Miller Michelle Charbonnet Michelle Montgomery Mike Deaderick Nakisha Ross Nancy Gilliam Nancy Gillian Nancy Howell Neil Sanford Nicole Taylor

Niketa Reed Nisha Yun Noel Fulton Norma Brown Olivia Suryo Paige Williamson Pamela Batts Pamela Lake Pamela Strayhorn Pat Glover Pat Primrose Pat Taylor Paul Slayden Phillip McDermott Prince BoBo Prudy Stevenson Rebecca Brown Reva House Rita Ivory Robert Fagley Robert Heath Robert Wiener Robert Wiseman Roberta Mills Ronnie Sneed Rosemary Shinnick Roshanda Leggins Royale Johnson Ruby Jones Sallie Johnson Sally Stover Sam Stringfellow Sandra Harris Sandra Huesers Potier Sandra Tanenbaum Sandy Smegelsky Sara King Sara Ralston Sarah Butts Sarah Piazza Saudi Richardson Scott Hill Serafina Ginley Sharmika Harris Sharon Fields Sharon Todd Sharrion Smith Sherrie Anderson

Shirley Cole Shirley Thompson Sonia Gordon Sophia Dorsey Stephanie Glanzer Stephen Thompson Steve Jones Susan Hopson Susan Inman Susan Kelly Susan Nelson Susie Howe Suzanne Bonefas Tamatha Smith Tammy Jones Tanika Brown Taylor McPherson Terri Nilson Terri Peacock Terry Digel Thomas Garner Tiajuana Nickelberrry Tina Magueyal Todd Doyle Tom Ewart Tom Martin Tony Rallings Tonya Wallace Twyla Gibbs Vanessa Morrow Vicki Hoeglund Vicky Hawkins Vikki Murrell Vince Boberski Virgina Phillips Vivian Donelson Wanda Griffin Wanda Page Wayne Shannon Whitney Baer William Gabriel William Roberts Wilma Taylor Winter Wicks Yolanda Everett Yvonne Barnard Zopalla Brown

Our donors Leah Adams Devotion Adolphin Marie Alam Mark Aldredge Walter & Suzanne Allen Michelle Amen American Snuff Co. Sharon Ammons Anonymous Foundation Anonymous Anonymous Jose Andrade & Fernanda Botelho Frank Armstrong

july1 june30 2012-

Care Corporation Faith Barcroft David Barker Thomas Barnett Alicia Bartusch George Barzizza Rick & Melissa Bateman F.S. Bauer Carol Beachey & Donald Voth Neal & Rosetta Beckford James and Ann W. Bendall Jonathan Bennett


Jan Boudreaux Mandy Bowen Claude & Faye Bowers Latonia Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Ray Brakebill Linda Branim Charlotte Bray Melissa Bridgman Dr. & Mrs. Maury Bronstein Darlene Brooks Leigh Brooks AndriaBrown Mary Lou Brown

Executive Director Kevin Dean accepts a check for $5000 from the UPS Foundation

Joyce Arnold Megan Arvalo Sydney Ashby Candi Ashley Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. Stewart Austin Autozone Xiaoxiao Bai Rick Bailey James Baker Mollie Baker Ryan & Ashley Baker Lauren Bangasser Bank of America Foundation Baptist Memorial Health

JessicaBernard Emily Besh Adam Black Mary & Allen Blair J. Patrick Blankinship & Jonathan Hancock Darbi Blencowe Elsie Bloodworth Blue Bell Creameries Wight Boggs Tony Bologna Larry & Andrea Bonds Booksellers at Laurelwood Nora Boone P. E. Boone Susanna Booth Cristy Boothe

SherylBuchalski William Buck Lynette Buck Raina Burditt William Burtch Lynn Calzada Brad Camp Bryan Capooth Dr. Roseanna Capooth Judy Card Cargill Cotton Molly Carr Maureen Carter Heath Castile Erin Caudill Mary Ceed Shirley & John Chatman

Stacy Chick Church of the Holy Communion Gina Cianciolo Rosemary Cianciolo Ebony Clark Rhonda Clarke Amanda Clarkson Chris Claude LaRose Coffey Stephen Cohen Jonathan Cole Shawn Cole Jan Colgate Bianca Collymore Commercial Appeal Kristy Conger Wanda Conney Larry Cooney Ronda Coop Charles Cooper Holly Cooper Phoebe Copeland Diane Copley Laura Cornell Michael Correia Valarie Cowles Patricia Cox Sylvia Cox John Crews Crew Training International Carla Crockett Craig Croone Molly Crosby Ashley& Kevin Dacus Daily News Publishing Company Teresa Dalle David Dando Gloria Davis MariluDavis Geoffrey Day Rob Day Bill & Terri Dean Kevin Dean Patrick & Gabe Dean Dell Lynn Diebold Joe & Sarah DiNicolantonio Michael Dockery Dollar General Foundation Jasmine Dorsey John Douglas Judith Douglass StevenDouglass Wayne Dowdy

Anthony Doyle Jeff Dreifus James Drummond Kay Due Ben Duke Allen Dupont Dorothy Dyer EBIZ Solutions Edward & Hillary Efkeman ShawnElbel RandyEngel Allison Espey Lawrence Evans RobynEvans Ciaran Faherty Tamara Farmer FedEx Ground Memphis Linehaul Fredrika Felt Norma Fernandez Susie Field First Tennessee Bank Donna Fisher DanielFlick Joliecia Flournory AshleyFoxx Shelley Fragale Ricky & Renee Frazier Bill & Juanita Freeland Harry Freeman Carol French Julie Furxhi Matthew Gant Sharon Gardner Rod Gary Janet Gerber Germantown Women’s Club Marsh Gibson Joanne Gikas Lynn Glascock Katherine Godoy Goodlett Foundation Dana Goodwin Linda Goodwin-Parkinson Victoria Gore J Richard & Karen Grant CaroleGray Piper Gray Ralph & Genie Gray Heather Grosvener Bettie Gustafon Ken Hall Jean Handley Irene Hansen Andrea Harano

Our donors Mike Harless Whitney Harmon Lee Harness Linda Hartig-Hill Jane Hayden Belinda Hawkins Randall Hawkins Debbie Hayes Peggy Hayes Betty Haynes Carolyn S. Head Bob Hendrix Debi Hendrix Scott Heppel Jeanne Hermann-Petrin Hermitage Chapter DAR Diane Hertensten Joanna Higdon Hilton Worldwide Carol & Buddy Hodge Katie Homes Charlene Honeycutt William Hooker Roderick & Alison Hori Linda House Jeremy Houston Alicia Howard Janette Howard Dave & Amy Howe Hayley Hudson AmberHuett Annelle & Joseph Huggins Marilyn Hughes Tavarski Hughes Jennifer Hust Rebecca Hutchsion HenryHutton Tom Hutton Hyde Family Foundation Kathy Ingram International Paper Katherine Irish Shirley Jack Diane Jalfon Julia James Brian Janz Kari Jarrell Daisy Jefferson Earnestine Jenkins Cathi Johnson Dr. & Mrs. James Johnson Florine Jones TeresaJordan Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Association – Memphis Chapter

july1 june30 2012-

Deanna Kaufman Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation Angeline Kern Pat Kerr Kifani, Inc. Curt Kitrell Kraft Foods Rosie Ring Susan Kingston Curt Kittrell PhillipKolbe Lisa Krull Joe Kyle Labor Ready Bill Lagrone Nicole Lambert Meagan Lambert Janis Lange Cathy Lantrip Charles & Mary Beth Lawing Kye & Beth Lee Rene & Roland Lee Samuel & Moriah Lee Timothy & Leslie Lee Thomas Lee Wanda A. Lenoir Virginia Lensing Lauren Lerner Katherine Levenhagen Lichterman Lowenberg Foundation Michael Link Janie & Michael Lowery Carla Lucas David Luiken John & Jessica Lukens Nenad Lukic Susan Luscomb Margaret Macdonald Malco Theatres, Inc. Shannon Maltby Lon Magness Gerald Marsini Leigh Martin Linda Martin Alexander Marwitz Scott May Walter May Kirby May Curt & Kathy Mayhew Mary Lou McCaa Sharon McCall Paula McCalla Joseph & Amanda


McClusky Marena McDonald Andre McDermott Eugene McDermott James Philip McDermott Pamela McFarland Shawn McGhee James McNaughton Jane McNaughton Mr. & Mrs. Logan Edward Meeks Memphis Book Club Merck Partnership for Giving Joan Messmore

Daniel Murrell Gail Murry Sally Navarra William Neal Dusty Nelson Terry Nelson Lytle Nichol ArthurNienhuis Helen Norman Olu Ogun One Club Challenge Andrea Orchik Max Ostner Margaret Owen Judy & Fredrick Palmer

Chelsey Porteous Anna Powless Michele Price NancyPrillaman Andrew Prislovsky Charlotte Quarles Mr. & Mrs. Bill Quinlen Susan & Robert Quinn Marilyn Rabinowitz Dabney Raburn Dixie Race Lynda Raiford Kimberly Randle Jane Rebholz Mary Reed

The Literacy Mid-South staff celebrate Read Across America Month

Katrina Meyer Mid-South Con Elizabeth Miller Tara Milligan David Mirvis Carl Moerbe Katie Mooney Delores Moore Andrew Moore Kevin Morgen Kathy Mooris Marian Morrison Bryan Mulroy Erin Murphy Dan & Vicki Murrell Cody Murrell

Mel Park Adam Palkovic Teri Peacock Jeanette Peeples Don and Karen Pentecost Kimberly Perry Evelyn Perry Ada Person Tamara Pfund Mike Philipps Wally Phillips Cliff Plunk III Marilyn Pickering Plough Foundation Mary Polatty Jayne Pool

Regions Bank Melissa Reynolds Kimberly Richardson Kimberly Ring FeliciaRobinson Michael & Tobie Robison Kal Rocket Stacia Rosatti Charles Rugel Jamie Rugel AngelaRussell Cynthia Russell Perveen Rustomfram Claire Ryan Linda Safford Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sallis

Our donors Julia Sanford Kitty H. Sansing Glenn & Mollie Saxon Lila Saunders Mollie & Glenn Saxon KarenScott Kaitlyn Schroeder Andrea Schultz Scripps Howard Foundation Larry Sefton Elizabeth Senhausen Susan Senogles Jack & Tricia Seubert Jacqueline Seward

july1 june30 2012-

Anna Bess Sorin Jennifer Spain Taryn Spake John Sparacio David Shannon Sparks Craig Stewart Jason Doyle Stewart Lea Stewart John and Anne Stokes MacKenzie Stonis GladysStrickland Teri Sullivan-Elmore Suntrust Foundation Dr. D. Parker Suttle Robert Svoboda


Fred Towler Anne Townsend Eugene & Angela Tribbitt Kathleen Trocheck Uncle Donald’s Restaurants, LLC Underground Art United Way of the MidSouth University of Memphis UPS Foundation Claire Valine Pam & Bob VanDoren Neil Van Uum Joanne Van Zandt

JeanneWilliams Connie Williams Kristy Williams Mary Williams Thomas Williams Page Williamson Tina Williford Gary Wilson Macon Wilson Betsy Wiseman Barry Wolverton Amy Worrell Mr. & Mrs. Kent Wunderlich Mary Lou Yandell Nicole Yasinsky Lindsay Yeoman Linton & Kathryn Young Janet Zimmerman David & Nancy Zummak

IN-KIND Donors:

Local nonprofit leaders gather free school supplies donated by Literacy Mid-South

Sew Memphis, LLC Sarah Shepson Barbara Shaibu Brian Shinnick Rosemary Shinnick Orlo & Karen Shroyer Barry Shullkin Dr. & Mrs. William Shurley Manjaap Sidhu Dana Skelley Sandra Smegelsky Smith & Nephew Josie Smith Ronnie Smith James Smith Nancy Somodevilla

Gary Taylor Sloane Taylor Asan Tejwani Sarah Terry There Was Eden Thigh High Jeans, LLC Amailia Thomas WendiThomas William Thomas & Garnett Hutton Thomas W. Briggs Foundation Jo Anne Tilley Katie Timms Janet Tippin Mrs. William Todd

Linda Vance Cary Vaughn Brennan Villines Debi Vincent DonnaWaggener Robin Wallace Lisa Walker Joey and Carmen Weaver Anne Webb Mr. & Mrs. Greg Weidenhoffer Alex & Karen Wellford Leah Wells Katherine Whitfield Whole Foods Market John Wilbourn

Peter and Jessica Abell ABSOLUT Vodka Alchemy Memphis Arcade Restaurant Athens Distributing BBQ Shop William Bearden Bed Bath and Beyond Blue Bell Creameries, L.P. Bluefin Edge Cuisine Booksellers at Laurelwood Nora Boone Latonia Boyd Mary Lou Brown Buster’s Liquors Casers Entertainment Commercial Appeal Jessica Cox Celtic Crossing Children’s Museum of Memphis Chuck Hutton Chevrolet Kevin Dean Quitman Deloach FedEx Customer Valued Team FedEx Express FedEx Ground Memphis Linehaul First Book Mid-South Flashback Friends for Life

Germantown Community Theatre Golf and Games Family Park Goner Records Jennifer Greenlaw Grove Grille Whitney Harmon Hilton Worldwide Huey’s Restaurant Marilyn Hughes Imagine Vegan Café Indigo International Paper Donald Juengling Lindsay Krosnes Lane Music Majestic Grill Malco Theatres, Inc. Medtronic Memphis Brooks Museum of Art Memphis Drum Shop Memphis Pizza Café Memphis Redbirds Mercury Valet Midtown Massage Sherry Misner Molly’s La Casita Mulan Asian Bistro Muse Rochester Neely Nexair Oak Hall Orpheum Theatre Pavo Salon and Spa Pepsi Kate Pera Pink Palace Family of Museums Playhouse on the Square Red Robin Rhodes College Kal Rocket Rendezvous Sekisui Side Street Bar and Grille Jack Simon Bryan Smith Bear Tess Texas De Brazil Tsunami Underground Art Tim Vimonnimit Barry Wolverton Yarbrough’s Music Zest Special Events

tributes In Honor: M. Lynn & Judith Atkins Dr. & Mrs. Charlie Cooper Ashley & Ryan Baker Ashley Dacus Billie Canon Taryn Spake Linda Davis Donna Waggener Wyman Dorough Rick & Melissa Bateman Judith Drescher & David Lindstrom Curt Kittrell Elizabeth Drummond James Drummond Madison & Chloe Duke Ben Duke Jim Edleman Mary & Allen Blair R&y Engel Ashley Dacus Dr. Veronica F. Engle Florine Jones Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gayden Page Williamson Heather Grosvenor Diane Jafon William Halliday Memphis Book Club Chris Hawk IIAP Debra Herr Jan Boudreaux Carol & Buddy Hodge Elsie Bloodworth Anne Holzemer Bettie Gustafon Mary Kyle Joe Kyle

Naomi Burch Wendi Thomas Wyman Dorough Rick & Melissa Bateman Margaret Ann Fagan Eikner Dan & Vicki Murrell Dennis Freel& Bill & Juanita Freel& Marilyn Gordon Mr. & Mrs. James W. Bendall Jim Harbor Vicki Murrell

Beth Lee Dave & Amy Howe James Philip McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Ray Brakebill Marsh Gibson Walter May Mary Reed Stella Menke Lauren Lerner Courtney Miller-Santo Mary Catherine Polatty Dan Murrell Vicki Murrell Dan & Vicki Murrell Harry Freeman Jeanne Hermann- Petrin Charles Sallis Sophie Nweeia Irene Hanson Susan Ratner Susan & Robert Quinn Claire Ryan Susan & Robert Quinn Scott Sauer IAAP Betty Sheppard Mary Reed Dennis Stephens & Susan Murrell Dan & Vicki Murrell St. Agnes Upper School Geoffrey Day Tasha Kawell Margaret McDonald Janice Van Dyke Marilu Davis S&i Wallace Julie Kinney Emerson & Griffin Yandell Mary Lou Yandell

In Memory:

Evelyn Hornell Mr. & Mrs. James Bendall Samuel Howard Brad Camp Mary Jackson Dan & Vicki Murrell Frank Jeannie Jan E. Hayden Jill Lahti Roderick & Allison Hori Susan Senogles

Nona Lattimore Mr. & Mrs. James Bendall Betty Park Mel Park Katharine Phillips Mr. & Mrs. James Bendall Eddie Reves Mollie & Glenn Saxon Bill Schoolar Curt & Kathy Mayhew Mark Sledge Robin Lewis Wallace

A Peabody Elementary student reads Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Peggy Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. James Bendall Linda Swift Joyce Arnold Judy Card Kay Due William S. Towles Charlotte Quarles Mary Lou Watkins Mr. & Mrs. James Bendall Ping Xue Dan & Vicki Murrell

tributes Frank Armstrong Whitney Harmon The Baldwin Family Glen & Shelley Thomas, Lyndon & Colin Chris Ballard Julie & Larry Sefton Ashley & Ryan Baker Ashley Dacus Tom Barnett Ashley Dacus Steve Berger Whitney Harmon Jon Berry Laura Cornell J. Patrick Blankinship, Jr. Whitney Harmon Kim Blankenship Philip McDermott Suzanne Bonefas Whitney Harmon Nora Boone Whitney Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Ray Brakebill Philip McDermott Darlene Brooks Whitney Harmon Colleen & Mike Butterick Roseanna & Wayne Capooth Bill & Carol Cahill Roseanna & Wayne Capooth The Campbell Family Betsy Wiseman Lassie & Luke Capooth Dorothy Dyer Bryan Capooth Whitney Harmon Carolyn Carnesal Betsy Wiseman Amanda Clarkson Whitney Harmon Nancy Clayton & Marcus Watson Ashley Dacus Scarlett & Chris Cook Ashley Dacus Ashley Dacus Whitney Harmon Sarah DiNicolantonio Whitney Harmon Elizabeth Drummond James Drummond Mr. & Mrs. Martin Edwards Pam & Bob VanDoren Mr. & Mrs. Mel Espey Philip McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Fred Fairhead Pam & Bob VanDoren

Holiday Tributes and Memorials:

Martha & Larry Feldmann Ralph & Genie Gray Mr.& Mrs. Jere Fones Pam & Bob VanDoren Yvonne Fournier Dana Skelley Marsh Gibson Philip McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Mackie Gober Pam & Bob VanDoren Mr. & Mrs. Fred Grinder, Anne & Edward Karen & Alex Wellford Mr. & Mrs. Bayless Guenther Lynda Raiford Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hatzenbuehler Pam & Bob VanDoren Carolyn & Scotty Heppel Ralph & Genie Gray Mona Hoover John & Kelly Greenway Bear & Tripp Horne Ashley Dacus Eula & Rob Horrell Ralph & Genie Gray Mona Hoover John & Kelly Greenway Dr. Yeh Hsueh Dan & Vicki Murrell Mr. & Mrs. George Johnson Pam & Bob VanDoren David Jones Ashley Dacus Mr. & Mrs. William Carrington Jones Karen & Alex Wellford Kinon Keplinger Ashley Dacus Kevin Kern Whitney Harmon Tom Laury Ashley Dacus Bill & Karen Lawhorn Roseanna & Wayne Capooth Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ledbetter Karen & Alex Wellford Beth Gunn Lee Whitney Harmon Rene Friemoth Lee Whitney Harmon Margaret Lovell Whitney Harmon Charles & Sharon Martin Roseanna & Wayne Capooth Carolyn Mawwing James Drummond

Paul Matthews Julie & Larry Sefton Scott May Philip McDermott Keenon McCloy Diane Jalfon Mr. & Mrs. Claude McCord Thomas Williams Andrew McDermott Philip McDermott Eugene McDermott Philip McDermott Charles McLarty Teri Sullivan - Elmore Dachelle McVey Teri Sullivan – Elmore Robert & Gloria Meriwether Whitney Harmon Stella Merke Lauren Lerner Anne Miller Mr. & Mrs. Kent Wunderlich Reginald Milton Whitney Harmon Lancelot L. Minor Julie & Larry Sefton Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moore Pam & Bob VanDoren Mr. & Mrs. Ed Morrow Annelle & Joesph Huggins Dan & Vicki Murrell Harry Freeman Susan Murrell Dan & Vicki Murrell Ike Munn Ashley Dacus Quintor Nelson Ashley Dacus Jennifer & Austin Nichols Betsy Wiseman Alice Nishiwaki Molly Carr Scott &d Karen Nyhart, Sarah, Rachel & Michael Rachel Baddorf Judy Parker Pam & Bob VanDoren Mr. & Mrs. Lou Paris Annelle & Joseph Huggins Nora & Andy Papanicolaou Ashley Dacus Kate Patrick Philip McDermott Jean Phebus Philip McDermott Andrew Prislovsky Whitney Harmon

Peter & Toni Pugh Ashley Dacus Susan Ratner Susan & Robert Quinn Marsha Roach Whitney Harmon Claire Ryan Whitney Harmon Susan & Robert Quinn Glenn & Mollie Saxon Ashley Dacus Mamie & Bart Shannon Ashley Dacus Kate Joyce & Kara Shuck Ashley Dacus Eve & Lew Siegel Claire Ryan Linda & John Sowell Ashley Dacus St. Agnes Upper School Faculty & Staff The Efkeman Family Kim & Terrance Strohkirch Ashley Dacus Fred Towler Whitney Harmon Kathy & Mike Trawick Ashley Dacus Jerad & Kristina Walter Ashley Dacus Lynne Tyler Julie & Larry Sefton Jules & Ann Wade Joe Kyle Wagner Family Betsy Wiseman Joey Weaver Whitney Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Greg Weidenhoffer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hendrix The Weirich Family Betsy Wiseman Dr. & Mrs. Larry Whitlock Pam & Bob VanDoren Mr. & Mrs. Preston Wilson Pam & Bob VanDoren Mitzie Wright Ashley Dacus Ashley Burkers & John Zelasko Ashley Dacus

In Memory:

Eileen Kyle Joe Kyle Dorothy K. Walsh Roseanna Capooth

Literacy Mid-South Annual Report FY 2012-2013  
Literacy Mid-South Annual Report FY 2012-2013  

Our annual report for 2012-2013 is now available online