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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Vol. CXXXIII, No. 26

MORE ON THE INSIDE Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office investigating death of infant on Oct. 25 See Page 4


Belleville School Board Trustee Jacho arrested on drunken-driving charges By Kevin Canessa


police report and dashcam video of the Oct. 21, 2020, arrest of Belleville School Board Trustee Erika Jacho reveals a disturbing picture of the trustee’s behavior as police officers did their best to keep her calm and perform their duties. The Observer made several calls to the Belleville Police Department and sent several email requests for copies of the report but we were unsuccessful. However, on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 28, we received a PDF copy of the arrest report and a copy of the dashcam video from a

concerned citizen. According to the police report: It all began when an off-duty Belleville officer reportedly spotted a woman sitting, slumped over the steering wheel, inside a running

Mercury mini-van that was parked in front of Michael’s Roscommon House at 531 Joralemon St., on Oct. 21, at 51 minutes past midnight. (It should be noted up front that it was determined she had not been a patron at Mi-

Kearny seeks input from residents & businesses on 2020 Master Plan By Kevin Canessa


he Town of Kearny wants — and needs — your input on its 2020 Municipal Master Plan. And if you participate in the town’s survey, you could walk away with a $100 gift card to your favorite Kearny business. The town’s Business Administrator Stephen Marks is handling the survey. Municipalities in New Jersey are required to update

their comprehensive master plan every decade to guide land use and zoning decisions and regulations as well as to guide capital improvements and infrastructure investments. “The best community planning efforts have a robust community planning process which includes public opinion surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups and even community meetings or ‘charrettes,’” Marks said. “While it is challenging to conduct public meetings

during a pandemic/public health emergency, the Town of Kearny is making its best effort to solicit public input. “In addition to a public opinion survey, the Town of Kearny will be following up with stakeholder interviews of local elected and appointed officials, local business owners and community leaders, and those who are active in local civic, community, cultural, recreational and religious groups, clubs and organizations.” See SURVEYS, Page 16

chael’s that night.) The off-duty Belleville officer, who reportedly first noticed Jacho asleep at the wheel, brought with him an off-duty Kearny police officer, to try to help the woman. The Kearny officer then opened the driver’s side door to the vehicle to turn it off — and remove the keys — for the safety of all in the area. Both said they were concerned because she “tried to drive off,” according to the report. Police were then dispatched to the area where they first ran a registration check of the vehicle, which reportedly came back to Jacho’s Ralph See JACHO, Page 19

UNICO honors Columbus

Photo by Barbara B. Goldberg

Kearny UNICO members along with Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos and members of the Town Council honored Christopher Columbus on Oct. 10. Chapter President Annamarie Latushko spoke as did Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos and Michael Perrone, president of the Belleville Historical Society. Perrone restored the statue in 2019.


See Page 14


The Observer |

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Following COVID-19 spike, HRHC offers important tips By Kevin Canessa


he Hudson Regional Health Commission reminds Hudson residents to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during these fall and winter months by

following these tips: • Please continue to wear a mask, frequently wash your hands and practice social distancing. • Masks should be worn whenever you will be near people who are not members of your immediate family. • You should consider

wearing a mask and distancing in your home if you are having guests who do not normally live with you. • If you have been identified as a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, you should quarantine at home and wear a mask in the home if you live with

others. • Download the COVID Alert NJ app on your smart phone. COVID Alert NJ is New Jersey’s free and secure mobile app that anonymously alerts users if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Collecting for the hungry

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


The Observer |

KPD: Lots of pot taken off the streets By Capt. Tim Wagner Kearny Police Department


significant amount of pot was taken off Kearny’s streets in thanks, largely, to a traffic-enforcement detail. On Oct. 26 at 9:55 p.m., Officer Anthony Oliveira was performing traffic enforcement at Bergen Avenue and Belgrove Drive and pulled over a Honda Civic whose driver failed to stop before making a right at a red traffic light. The officer also noticed a swaying object hanging from the rearview mirror that presented a view obstruction. Backed up by Officer Jose Castillo, the two smelled raw marijuana in the car and interviewed driver Luis A. Santiago, 20, of Newark, and passenger Adryan P. DaSilva, 20, of Bloomfield separately. Based on the marijuana odor, marijuana remnants on DaSilva’s clothing, the results of their interviews and certain observations made of the car and its occupants’ behavior, the officers searched the Honda uncovering two plastic bags of marijuana, a rolling tray and cigarillo cigars inside the passenger compartment. From the trunk, officers seized a backpack full of marijuana: 216 grams in a large vacuum-sealed bag; 118 grams in a Ziploc bag; 28 grams in a sandwich bag; 44 grams in a Ziploc bag; DSE brand THC cartridges labeled “Sweetartz,” “Strawnana,” and “Grape Gas;” Medibles gummy candy containing 300 mg THC and labeled “Trolli;” Stoney Gummies brand cotton candy gummies containing 350 mg THC; and $261 cash. Ownership of all of the

contraband was attributed to Mr. DaSilva. He was charged with possession of marijuana over 50 grams, possession with intent to distribute, intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school and 500 feet of a park, and possession of drug paraphernalia. DaSilva was then lodged in the county jail. Driver Luis Santiago was issued traffic summonses for turns at a controlled intersection on red and obstruction of windshield and was then released. On Oct. 22 at 1:27 a.m., Officer Anthony Oliveira’s interest was piqued by an Audi Q5 when said car reportedly was driven through the stop sign at Woodland Avenue and Devon Street before coming to a brief stop halfway through the intersection. After pulling over the Audi, Officer Oliveira smelled marijuana coming from within. Oliveira searched the passenger area, finding a Ziploc bag of marijuana, a black bag containing size-varied sandwich bags of marijuana, three large Ziploc bags containing smaller individual bags of marijuana labeled “Zour Cake,” “Joker,” and “Dragon Ball Z,” and two partially-smoked marijuana cigars. Ownership of the marijuana was attributed to Katherine B. Vallejo, 18, of Newark. She was charged by summons with possession of marijuana over 50 grams, possession with intent to distribute, intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school and possession of drug paraphernalia. Vallejo was later released. Driver Roberto N. Vallejos, 18, of East Newark, was ticketed for disregard of a

stop sign. On Oct. 22 at 4:33 p.m., Det. Mike Andrews and Officer Kyle Plaugic stopped Phillip D. Biet, 19, of Kearny,

on Patterson Street, as he was entering his vehicle. The detectives were looking for Biet after receiving notification from Elmwood Park police that their court issued a warrant for his arrest stemming from an incident where he allegedly pointed a handgun at a person. Biet was arrested without incident and later turned over to Elmwood Park Police. On Oct. 23 at 9:13 a.m., Officer Michael Ore was dispatched to a shoplifting at BJ’s Wholesale Club. A store manager reported

that Luciano Yuelling, 36, of Newark, tried to leave the store wearing a $20 BJ’s sweater for which he had not paid. The manager confronted Yuelling and demanded return of the sweater. Yuelling returned the sweater but allegedly became agitated and threated to beat up the store manager and the cops. Yuelling then fled the store. Yuelling was formally advised by store management on Oct. 19 that he was no longer welcome at BJ’s, and Continued on the next page

Mayor Michael Melham and the Township Council Present:

BELLEVILLE TOWN-WIDE GARAGE SALE ONLY TWO DAYS! Saturday, November 7 & Sunday, November 8 from 8AM - 5PM - no early birds! 1. 1 Elmwood Ave. 2. 18 Elmwood Ave. 3. 20 Campbell Ave. 4. 24 Campbell Ave. 5. 72 Campbell Ave. 6. 438 Dewitt Ave. 7. 253 Greylock Pkwy 8. 305 Greylock Pkwy 9. 309 Greylock Pkwy 10. 338 Greylock Pkwy 11. 519 Greylock Pkwy 12. 119 White Oak Ter 13. 8 Beech St. 14. 55 Beech St. 15. 60 Overlook Ave. 16. 33 Floyd St. 17. 147 Floyd St. 18. 187 Linden Ave. 19. 197 Linden Ave. 20. 269 Little St. 21. 430 Union Ave. 22. 487 Union Ave. 23. 165 Tappan Ave. 24. 121 Malone Ave. 25. 11 Division Ave.

26. 292 Division Ave. 27. 40 Preston Ave. 28. 24 Tiona Ave. 29. 94 Nolton St. 30. 95 Passaic Ave. 31. 229 Passaic Ave. 32. 26 Moore Pl. 33. 35 Newark Pl. 34. 106 Liberty Ave. 35. 90 Jefferson St. 36. 54 Plenge Dr. 37. 227 Plenge Dr. 38. 597 Joralemon St. 39. 53 Fairview Pl. 40. 13 Mertz Ave. 41. 32-34 Reservoir Pl. 42. 139 New St. 43. 59 New St. 44. 58 New St. 45. 37 New St. 46. 14 Mt. Prospect Ave. 47. 129 Mt. Prospect Ave. 48. 139 Cedar Hill Ave. 49. 61 Cedar Hill Ave. 50. 57 Cedar Hill Ave.

51. 199 Holmes St. 52. 5 Lloyd Pl. 53. 53 Rossomore Pl. 54. 101 Ralph St. 55. 15 Valley St. 56. 24 Bayard St. 57. 171 Belleville Ave. 58. 74 Clinton St. 59. 81 Clinton St. 60. 18 Bridge St. 61. 29 Parkview Ave. 62. 27 Parkview Ave. 63. 47-49 Continental Ave 64. 14 Riverdale Ave. 65. 104 Fairway Ave. 66. 111 Fairway Ave. 67. 197 Fairway Ave. 68. 275 Fairway Ave. 69. 135 Smallwood Ave 70. 89 Harrison St. 71. 141 Brighton Ave. 72. 2 Canella Ct. Apt 2 73. 114 Sanford Ave. 74. 50 Lake St.

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The Observer |

Continued from previous page that his presence there in the future would be considered trespassing. That incident had been documented in a police report filed by Officer Mat Lopez. Officer Ore located Yuelling on Passaic Avenue just south of the BJs property. He arrested Yuelling on charges of shoplifting and trespass. Yuelling was ordered held at the Hudson County Jail, South Kearny, to await court. On Oct. 26 at 8:09 a.m., police dispatch received a call of a man in his 30s wearing blue pants and a blue bandana trying to enter vehicles parked on Kearny Avenue. Dets. Mike Gontarczuk and Jonathan Dowie utilized the Town CCTV system at police headquarters to find the man near the intersection of Kearny Avenue and Dukes Street (or is it Duke Street, Karen Z?) The detectives watched via camera as the man pulled on the door handle of a Toyota pickup truck. The man then walked out of camera range and

his location was lost for a short time. The detectives mounted up and located the man a short time later at Kearny Avenue and Liberty Street, where he was peering into a parked vehicle. Det. Gontarczuk followed the man on foot as he made his way to Chestnut Street, where he pulled on the door handle of a Nissan. The detectives then apprehended the man, later identified as Ivan Rodriguez, 37, of Harrison. After completing their investigation, the detectives charged Rodriguez with criminal attempt (burglary) and transferred him to the county jail. On Oct. 26 at 4:26 p.m., Dets. Dave Bush, Mike Andrews, Cesar Negron and Officer Kyle Plaugic were surveilling the first block of Chestnut Street due to multiple complaints alleging drug dealing in the area. The detectives’ attention drew to 42-year-old area resident Carlos Cruz, who reportedly was on foot and looking up and down the street repeatedly.

As the detectives watched, 35-year-old Bloomfield resident Jason A. Macchia arrived in a GMC Jimmy. Macchia allegedly handed Cruz a black bag in exchange for cash and then drove off. Dets. Andrews and Negron approached Cruz on foot finding that the black bag he was holding contained five “Stoner Patch” bags of 500 mg THC edible candies. In his jacket pocket, Cruz also held three MDMA (Ecstasy) pills. Det. Bush and Officer Plaugic followed Macchia as he drove away. They pulled over his SUV in a gas station at Passaic Avenue and Belgrove Drive, and placed him under arrest. Macchia was charged with possession and distribution of marijuana, distribution within 1,000 feet of a school and 500 feet of a park and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was later transferred to the county jail. Cruz was charged with possession of MDMA, marijuana and drug paraphernalia and likewise held at the county jail.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

HCPO: Infant death under investigation The death of a newborn baby in Kearny is under investigation, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office said last week. “There is an investigation that is open and ongoing related to an infant death that occurred in Kearny on Sunday, Oct 25, 2020,” Jennifer Morrill, a spokeswoman for HCPO said on Friday, Nov. 30. “The cause and manner of the death are pending with the Regional Medical Examiner.” As of the time this newspaper went to press, Monday, Nov. 2, 2020, no other details of the incident were made public by the HCPO. It is vitally important for readers to know that only the HCPO may release information on this case. Though the Kearny Police Department is assisting the investigation, the KPD is not permitted to discuss the case with the media. In regard to potential crime-related stories, The Observer only reports information given us by authorities. We do not and never will report information any other way, including and especially anything written on social media. “Our community is and will be affected for some time ahead. I ask that we refrain from social media gossip and pointing fingers. I ask the community to open your hearts and pray for all those involved,” Observer Co-owner Lisa Feorenzo said. —Canessa



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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Charged with HIV-med theft

A Lyndhurst man was charged last week for his alleged role in stealing prescription HIV medication from the pharmacy of the East Orange VA Medical Center, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced. Wagner Checonolasco, known as “Wanny,” 33, of Lyndhurst, was charged by criminal complaint with conspiracy to steal government property, specifically HIV medication. Checonolasco had his initial appearance by videoconference before U.S. Magistrate Judge Cathy L. Waldor and was released on $250,000 unsecured appearance bond. According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court: From January 2018 through November 2019, Checonolasco conspired with another person to steal prescription HIV medication from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in East Orange. The conspirator, who was employed as a pharmacy procurement technician at the VAMC pharmacy, placed large orders for HIV medication, purportedly on behalf of VAMC. After the

medication was delivered, the conspirator stole it. Checonolasco and the conspirator met, frequently, at the conspirator’s residence so Checonolasco could purchase the stolen HIV medication, which he then sold. Checonolasco and the conspirator conspired to steal $7.85 million in HIV medications. The charge of conspiracy to steal government property is punishable by a potential penalty of five years in prison and fine of a $250,000, or twice the gross gain or loss from the offense, whichever is greater. Carpenito credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge George M. Crouch Jr. in Newark, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Northeast Field Office, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Christopher F. Algieri, with the ongoing investigation leading to the charges. The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole F. Mastropieri of the Health Care Fraud Unit in Newark. — Canessa

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Lyndhurst FD hosts virtual fire-safety events

Recently, over 1,000 students from Pre-K through third-grade had virtual presentation during National Fire Prevention Week. The Lyndhurst Fire Department has always had an extensive fire prevention program and prides itself on its efforts. Amid the pandemic, the LFD spent a week filming firefighters to ensure the department’s message was heard, despite these challenging circumstances. ‘It is our hope that you watch this video with your children and practice fire safety often,’ Fire Chief and Police Lt. Paul Haggerty said. Search Lyndhurst FD on Youtube to see the video.






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Thoughts & Views EDITORIAL

No matter what happens this week, may there be peace & calm


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

his is the week we’ve all been waiting for, whether we say so out loud, or in the privacy of our hearts. By the time you read this editorial, it will either be Election Day 2020 or perhaps a day or two thereafter. Each of us has a stake in it all. Some of us will be delighted by the results, others will not. But this is the United States of America. And since 1865, the word “united” has generally been true of our country. Yet lately, “united” is not a word often associated with America. Understandably. No matter where you fall on the spectrum. But never has there been a time where as a nation, we must remain united to every and all extent possible . We must remain a peaceful nation. We must remain a calm nation. And we must do so today, no matter which man wins the White House for the next four years. There has been a lot of talk about civil unrest developing, depending on the election results. We can ill afford this. With the pandemic seemingly taking another hold on our local towns, our state and the entire country as a whole, unity has never been more important. Perhaps ever. So as the Election of 2020 nears its end, we plead with everyone, not just locals, but people everywhere, to stay calm and to honor the results of the vote, whatever they may be. Let’s set the tone here in West Hudson, South Bergen and Essex counties. Let’s show the rest of the nation that we get it. Let’s show the entire world what we’re made of. We will all be better off for it in the long run.

Mujeres Valientes helped me get through having breast cancer To the Editor: I am Colombian and now live in Kearny. I had just moved to this town when I was reading The Observer newspaper, and I found out about the support group Mujeres Valientes. It caught my attention since in my country, I had lost two loved ones to cancer. One Friday, I arrived at the Senior Center in East Newark and I asked for Emma Quintana, and she greeted me herself. I explained why I was there and from that day on, I stayed in the group. I was a volunteer for four years, participating in all the events that took place. One night, I discovered that what was happening to me was not normal. I called the hospital. I went in to take all the exams and expecting the worst, I faced it alone without saying anything to my children or my sister. In August, they gave me the sad news that my results were positive. I felt like my world was ending and I had to say something to my children and my sister, On Sept. 4 2016,

LETTER TO THE EDITOR I was operated on at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark. Afterward, I continued to work until now, because I think it is a way to give thanks to God for allowing me to continue to share my life with my family and friends. I can also make them aware that when you feel something that isn’t right in your body, you should go see a specialist because we have to trust doctors who take care of our health. That is why I have a Facebook page where when I can, I give information where we will be and where the free exams are being given for those who do not have insurance — because diseases do not discriminate. While we are living, we should continue to give thanks to our Creator and keep on fighting to save as many lives. Ligia Corchuelo Kearny

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In Memoriam Mary A. Tortoreti 1942-2016

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The Observer on Social Media

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Observer |

Harrison musician appears on ARS By JoAnn Barton Special to The Observer What a wild last week it has been. Applause Radio Show (ARS) welcomed many guests who required special broadcasts, including a young act from Harrison. On Wednesday, Oct. 28, we welcomed author Patrick Oster and we talked about his new horror/mystery book “The Obituary Writer.” Oster has written many books and was a writer for Bloomberg News for several years. He started to branch out to writing novels when he found himself reporting for Gannett News in Mexico, hence his first book was born, “The Mexicans.” From there, he began writing mystery novels. His new book is somewhat true to life except for murder of course, but some nuances relate to his life as a writer. All his books are available on Amazon. If you are interested in sitting down and writing a book, Oster gave some great advice for those wanting to do so. He has a publisher, but he has also published his own books as well. If you have always wanted to write a book and did not know where or how to begin, Oster was more than happy to help. Entertaining icon, actress/ singer Lucie Arnaz also stopped by to say hello. I knew before she would come on ARS she would be a beautiful human being and I was correct. She was so kind and spoke to our many callers from Canada, California, Chicago and other areas in the country. She happily enjoyed speaking with all of them. Arnaz, the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz is a phenomenal talent on her own and has been her entire life. She has been acting from an incredibly early age and had the best teachers — her mother and father and all the other legends who appeared on all of Lucy’s shows. What a great school to

attend. As an actress who performed in front of live audiences, her singing talents have brought her on many journeys on Broadway and her own concerts and cabaret acts. We also know her father Desi Arnaz was of Cuban descent and I asked her if she was bilingual. The only reason I asked is because while preparing her promo for the show, I found music that she has done in Spanish. It’s beautiful and sounds like Spanish is her natural tongue but she said, “no, I don’t speak Spanish at all,” but amazingly she sings it with perfection and beauty. Arnaz and many others in the entertainment world are missing their live performances, to be able to be with fans and do what they do best -- making people happy and just work. She has been raising awareness on the RESTART program. It’s relief for all in need because of COVID-19, but especially for those behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. She also is


lending her voice on expressing the importance of voting. We had a lovely conversation and it felt as though we had known each other forever. I will surely cherish our conversation. Her mother may have been one of the masterminds behind “I Love Lucy,” but I now love Lucie Arnaz even more than I did before. If you want to hear her versatility in her vocal talent abilities, please go to YouTube and enjoy.


Now, ARS did three special broadcasts over the weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 31, Bobby Lugosi (Bobby Zier) joined us. Lugosi is not a relative to the infamous Bela, but his love of Bela, “Dracula” and the classic black and white horror movies has inspired him to start a YouTube channel where he reviews classic horror movies. A very enthusiastic and dedicated young man Continued on the next page

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The Observer |

Collecting for cancer in Kearny

Women for others

The North Arlington Woman’s Club recently hosted a town-wide food drive to benefit the Queen of Peace Food Pantry. The club collected over 2,000 pounds of food, more than 1,000 more pounds that was collected in June. They filled shelves so the food could sustain those in need for the coming months. Seen the attached photo of some of the club members who volunteered that day.

Continued from previous page to what he does, you can find out more at Dusty Old

Movies on YouTube. I always enjoy having our favorite celebrities on the show, but I always

Photo by Barbara B. Goldberg

Two weekends ago, Lisa Feorenzo, Observer co-owner, collected money on Kearny Avenue in support of Mujeres Valientes, a support group for those with breast cancer, those who have defeated it — and also family members of those with the hideous disease. There was also a special ceremony at Kearny Town Hall featuring Emma Quintana, the group’s founder, Mayor Al Santos, members of the council and others.

welcome and appreciate new, great talent. In this case, five young men from the Hudson County area

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started a singing group called ALLIN. They met at their vocational school and all found that they had something in common: music. The five members include, Edgar Caicedo, CJ Martinez, Jacob Melendez, Gil Gabinete and Harrison’s own Luke Reyes. We debuted their new song “Remind U,” and it is in line with mainstream radio. It has a great hook, and their harmonies are fantastic. We just might have a new boy band coming out of Harrison. The following day, they were to perform on Facebook Live’s Music for a Cause as they participate in raising funds/awareness



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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Javerbaum Wurgaft

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Observer |

Sports & Recreation WITH

Jim Hague


Once again, Kardinals are a soccer power

Not the first year rookie Harrison grid coach Jackson expected When Jonathan Jackson was finally elevated to the position of head football coach at Harrison High School last August – incredibly becoming the eighth head football coach the school employed in the past decade – Jackson assumed that it would be just a bit easier of a transition. After all, Jackson was an assistant coach under former head coach Brian Capriola last season. Jackson was also the head freshman boys’ basketball coach and was the strength and conditioning coach as well, so Jackson was more than familiar with the territory. But the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic didn’t allow Jackson to take over as head coach until August. In fact, the 26-year-old Jackson didn’t even know if he wanted the job in the first place. He needed some coaxing and prodding from others to put his name into the hat when the interviews began. So Jackson was given the opportunity in August, had his first Zoom meeting as head coach with his team – and then had to endure a two-week shutdown mandated by the NJSIAA until midSeptember.

“Once Sept. 14 came, we had to get the ball rolling,” Jackson said. “We didn’t have time for conditioning. We couldn’t do anything. Not to make excuses, but we knew that we were going to have some challenges.” Things got worse before they got better. Just as the season was set to kick off in early October, six members of the team simply walked away. “They simply stopped showing up,” Jackson said. “I told them that they should hand in their pads.” Jackson could have panicked. The rest of the Blue Tide could have done the same and quit as well. “It helped me figure out the kids who wanted to be here,” Jackson said. “It gave me the opportunity to give the younger kids a better look.” Jackson wasted little time and started moving people around. “We had three sophomores who became starters on our offensive line,” Jackson said. “By the time we get to our offseason, we will have kids in the weight room with some experience. Those kids will get the chance to See VIEW, Page 11

Photo by Jim Hague

The Kearny boys’ soccer team is once again strong, evidenced by the Kardinals’ 7-1 record. Front row, from left, are Carlos Zapata, Michael Reis, Matheus Ferreira and Emanuel Valentin. Back row, from left, are head coach Bill Galka, Max Silva, Alan Castillo, Matthew Brun, Pablo Pedroza and Daniel Velazquez.

the team lost 14 seniors to graduation from last year’s team that finished 17-3 and went to the semifinals of the Once again, the Kearny NJSIAA North Jersey SecHigh School boys’ soccer tion 1, Group IV tournament. team is one of the best in “That was unusual,” Galka New Jersey – although the said of the massive loss to latest state ranking doesn’t graduation. “This year, we’re show that. heavy with underclassmen. The Kardinals now own I think the COVID (coroa 7-1 record, after a solid navirus COVID-19) made 5-1 victory over previously things difficult because we undefeated Waldwick last couldn’t get a look at the Saturday. The Kards’ lone younger kids in the summer. loss came two weeks ago, I wish we had more time to a 2-1 setback at the hands see what we had. We had to against Hudson County foe make cuts after just a few Union City. days of practice.” But the Kards have outGalka said that he made an scored some of their oppoinventory of the players he nents in downright devastathad coming back from last ing fashion, winning games year’s junior varsity squad. by outcomes of 15-0, 13-0 and “We had a good idea of the 10-0. kids who we could move up “You can’t complain with from JV,” Galka said. “We the results,” veteran head have three sophomores on coach Bill Galka said. “This this year’s team. We were comes without having a real preseason. We’ve been find- trying to find some consistency with the younger kids.” ing out about ourselves as Leading the returnees is the games go on.” senior goalkeeper Matthew The Kardinals have posted Brun, who has been solid in the solid record, even though By Jim Hague

net for three seasons. “He’s bigger and stronger this year,” Galka said. “He came in pretty fit and it showed. He’s kicking the ball better and handling the ball better. He stepped up in a big way to become a good leader for us.” The two center defending backs are both juniors in Daniel Velazquez and Alan Castillo. Velazquez is the younger brother of the late Adrian, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in Delaware two years ago after finishing his freshman season playing for RutgersNewark. Daniel Velazquez even wears the No. 17 jersey number that his older brother donned while playing for Kearny. “There’s definitely a resemblance between the two,” said Galka, who made sure that there was a memorial to Adrian placed at Harvey See LYNDHURST, Page 10


The Observer |

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

but they have stepped up and are doing very well,” Galka said. Continued from Page 9 The Kards have a lot of talented performers in the Field after his passing. “It’s midfield. great to have Danny followJunior Jeremy Klinger is ing in his brother’s footthe center midfielder who steps.” played considerable time Castillo is a solid defender with the varsity a year ago. to pair with Velazquez. Klinger has five goals thus “He has a good presence far this season. in the air,” Galka said of Junior Dalton Davila is Castillo. “He’s good and another player who sees aggressive and wins a lot time in the center of the of balls. They have a good midfield. partnership back there and Junior Aiden Mansilla has help to shut the opponents been a nice addition, scordown.” ing three goals and adding Senior Emanuel Valentin seven assists. Photo by Jim Hague and sophomore Michael “He’s very skillful,” Galka The Kearny boys’ soccer team has enjoyed major goal scoring firepower Reis are the other two start- said. “He has a good left from forwards Miguel Rodriguez (left) and Juan Rojas (right), who have ing defenders. foot.” combined to score 24 goals thus far in just eight games. “Both are new to varsity, Juniors Alan Antonelli, Angel Tovar and Joao Capobianco have shown promise at the midfield slots. “It’s still a work in progress,” Galka said. The forward line has been outstanding. Junior Juan Rojas has exploded onto the scene, scoring 13 goals and adding six assists. “We heard he was pretty good,” Galka said of Rojas. “Now we’re getting to see

it.” Senior Daniel Antunes is another solid player upfront. Senior Miguel Rodriguez has been another pleasant surprise. He has tallied 11 goals and added eight assists. “He’s improved since last year,” Galka said. “He’s stronger than last year. He is a nice target up front. We’ve been able to score some goals.” The COVID-19 has eliminated the Hudson County Tournament this season, so there is no chance for a local showdown with neighboring rival Harrison, but there will be a state sectional tournament, one that the Kardinals have to be considered a contender. “We’re just trying to get through the season without getting shut down again,” Galka said. The Kardinals had a game with perennial state power Clifton on Election Day at noon, as well as regularly scheduled Hudson County games with Dickinson and Memorial before the state tournament.





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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


The Observer |

backer, flanked by Galindo and Ryan Rodriguez at linebackers. Continued from Page 9 Mendez and freshman Justin Langley (5-10, 150) mature a little and be in the are the cornerbacks, with weight room for a couple of Castillo and Flores at the years.” safeties. The 20 or so youngsters The Blue Tide had last who showed the patience week off because Hawand the perseverance to thorne went through remain deserve a world of COVID quarantine, but will credit. Jackson agrees. return to action this week “Those kids are tremenagainst equal sized teams dous for sticking it out,” Ridgefield, Manchester ReJackson said. “I can’t thank gional and Lodi upcoming. them enough for getting “We were a little banged through it with me. I came up,” Jackson said. “We from a tradition where you needed a little time to heal. don’t beg kids to play footHaving the week off was a ball. If they don’t want to good little breather. I think be there, fine. The easiest it was beneficial in a way.” thing to do is to quit.” So 2020 hasn’t turned out Photos by Jim Hague So Jackson weeded out to be the exciting first year The Harrison football team has suffered through a winless campaign in 2020, not what rookie head coach Jonthe softhearted ones and that Jackson anticipated. stuck with the hard minded athan Jackson anticipated, but thanks to senior Anthony Mascellino (left) and junior Jake Mulrenan (right), “It has definitely been a Jackson has realized who he can and cannot trust. fellows. big learning experience,” “I got to see the young played another position. running behind a young ofDefensively, the Blue Jackson said. “I learned kids get the nerves out,” “He’s the ultimate team fensive line,” Jackson said. Tide utilizes a 4-3 defense about Xs and Os, but I Jackson said. player,” Jackson said of Senior Chris Mendez (5-8, with a lot of the same perlearned about my coachAnd Jackson got to see Mulrenan. “He saw the 170) heads a young receivsonnel. Aguilar and senior ing staff and how to handle his young offensive line team move the ball better ing corps that features Sammy Diaz (5-10, 170) are players.” mesh together, his lineback- without him at quarterback, junior Jayden Galindo (5-11, the defensive ends, with And he learned who he ers and secondary work so he asked to move.” 170) and sophomore Brian Joey Rodriguez and Gomez could trust moving forward. well together. With that, Mulrenan Castillo (5-8, 170). at defensive tackle. Sometimes, coaching foot“Most of them are became a wide receiver. “I give them credit, Mascellino returns to his ball just isn’t all it’s cracked sophomores,” Jackson said. Junior Ryan Rodriguez (5-11, because they’re out there, starting spot at middle line- up to be. “We’re going to have some 175) moved over to call the giving it their all,” Jackson nice pieces coming back. signals. said. We’re rebuilding it back “Jake wants to win,” JackThe offensive line feaup.” son said. “Ryan has stepped tures senior Daniel Aguilar One of the most hearten- into the role well and has (5-10, 190) at tackle, junior ing stories of the Harrison transitioned into the role Joey Rodriguez (5-10, 240) saga is that of junior Jake pretty well.” at tackle, junior Caleb Mulrenan. The 6-foot-1, The running backs are Gomez (5-11, 190) and Dr. Prakash Dr. Hector 170-pound Mulrenan startseniors Anthony Mascellino sophomore Ali Jomar (5-10, J. Doshi Aguilar ed the season as the Blue (5-11, 195) and Sergio Flores 280) at guard and sophoSIGNS OF OBSTRUCTED BOWEL Tide’s starting quarterback, (5-5, 150). more Angel Pina (5-6, 180) Treatment for intestinal obstrucIntestinal obstruction or blockage but noticed that the team “They trying, but they’re at center. tion depends on the cause of your is usually the result of colon cancer would be better served if he


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The Observer |

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Lembo: Lyndhurst’s version of ‘Johnny Football’ the award as the top college football player in the nation. “When he played for It’s a nickname that Johnny Texas A&M, I watched him Lembo was familiar with for all the time,” Lembo said. “I a long time. definitely looked up to him, When Lembo was nine because we did a lot of the years old, playing youth foot- same things.” ball in his native Lyndhurst, So when Lembo arrived at someone gave him the moni- Lyndhurst High School, the ker of “Johnny Football.” name remained. After all, Lembo was a “For sure, he’s ‘Johnny quarterback much like the Football,’” Lyndhurst head more famous signal caller football coach Rich Tuero who was known by the same said. “That’s what we call name, namely Heisman Tro- him. He runs around and phy winner Johnny Manziel, slings it.” who as a freshman at Texas But Lyndhurst’s version of A&M in 2012 became the Johnny Football had to wait first freshman to ever win his turn before he got his By Jim Hague

opportunity to run around and throw it for the Golden Bears. That’s because there was an older quarterback in front of him, namely his older brother, Anthony. Anthony Lembo was the starting signal caller for the Golden Bears during their dream season of 2019, leading Lyndhurst to 11 victories and its first NJSIAA state sectional championship in 36 years. The elder Lembo also started at safety for the Golden Bears last season. He intends to be a defensive back in college at Stevenson University in Maryland once

HONOR YOUR Do you want to honor a local veteran? If so, publish their name in our forthcoming Veterans Day special section this November for only






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Photo by Jim Hague

Lyndhurst junior quarterback Johnny Lembo.

NCAA Division III football returns after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. All along last season, Tuero planned on having the younger Lembo as the heir apparent at quarterback this season. “No doubt about it, we knew that he was our next kid,” Tuero said. “He got his work in last year to get ready for this year.” It helped that the younger Lembo watched every move his older brother made during his stint as the starting quarterback. “He was basically my role model,” Johnny Lembo said of Anthony. “I wanted to be like him. We worked out together and went out and threw together. He taught me where to throw and how to read defenses. I look up to him. I saw the work he put in every day to get where he was. He was grinding every day. He had a goal in mind and knew what he had to do. He became a leader. He wanted that ring and he got it. I look up to him.” So when the time came this season to take over the position, Johnny Football was prepared. “Last year was a learning experience for me,” Johnny Lembo said. “So I was ready this year.” Tuero was certain that the younger Lembo was ready.

“The one thing he has is confidence,” Tuero said. “During the summer, he showed me video of him working out. He knew this was his shot. He was groomed for it.” Now a junior, the kid known as Johnny Football just needed the opportunity to prove himself. “Johnny has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the history of Lyndhurst football,” Tuero said. “He can run. He can move. He’s elusive. He gets out of the pocket and throws it well. His vision is awesome. He’s getting better in his decision making.” Last week, with the Golden Bears facing Manchester Regional, Johnny Football had his chance to prove his worth. He rushed for 153 yards on the ground and scored a touchdown. He threw for 70 yards and connected on two touchdown passes and one two-point PAT conversion. More importantly, Lembo led the Golden Bears to a 3326 victory. And for his efforts, Johnny Lembo has been selected as The Observer Athlete of the Week for the past week. Lembo earns the honor almost a year to the date that his older brother was also See ATHLETE, Page 14

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Obituaries JOHN M. KOLESAR

John M. Kolesar of Kearny died at home surrounded by family on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020. He was 92. Born in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, John served eight years in the Army and then the Air Force during World War II and the Korean War. He was awarded four medals for his service. After leaving the military, John became a member of the Kearny Fire Department, where he served proudly for 30 years. He was predeceased by his wife Bernice (Manley). John is survived by his children Sharon Kolesar Reilly (Pete), John Nelson Kolesar (Thara) and two grandchildren Mackenzie and Mason. Services were private and

John’s ashes will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. In lieu of flowers, kindly consider a donation to the Tunnels to Towers organization.


Margaret “Marge” Schoendorf died peacefully in the beautiful Poconos on Oct. 29, 2020. She was 82. She had a beautiful life that sadly ended with dementia. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend a visitation for Marge at the Armitage & Wiggins Funeral Home, 596 Belgrove Drive, Kearny, on Wednesday, Nov. 4, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Interment will follow at Arlington Cemetery, Kearny, where

there will be a graveside service at 11:30 a.m. Marge was a lifelong resident of Kearny. She is survived by Gordon Marr and her family and friends from the Grace United Methodist Church. In lieu of flowers, kindly consider a donation to Grace Methodist Church, 380 Kearny Ave., Kearny, N.J. 07032.


Always quick with a loving smile and helping hand, Tom Ostroman died suddenly on Oct. 24, 2020, in Fairfax, Virginia. Born in 1944 in Kearny,

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Tom was a longtime resident and business owner of industrial metal business Arlington Surplus for 40 years. Tom and his wife MaryAnn currently resided in Morristown and Naples, Florida. From the open roads on his Harley to the sandy beaches of Aruba, Tom brought smiles and laughter to old friends and new. Tom is survived by his adored wife, MaryAnn of 52 years; his daughter Kimberly DellaTorre; his son Thomas V. Ostroman; and cherished

All obituaries must be submitted by email by 10 a.m., Mondays, to obituaries@ Payment is due at submission. grandchildren Alexander Thomas, Dylan Joseph, Jordan Elizabeth, Matthew Phillip and Dominic Thomas — who lovingly knew him as Pop-pop. He is also survived by Frances Ostroman (brother) and sisters Therese Rutan and Annette Ostroman and his brotherin-law Robert Kellinski. He was predeceased by Marie Palumbo (sister) and John Ostroman (brother). A memorial Mass planned for 10 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 4, at Assumption Church in Morristown.

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The Observer |

other guys on the team depend upon him. I know he’s learning from it.” Continued from Page 12 And the rushing yardage is not the way Tuero the Observer AOW. Anwants Lembo to perform. thony Lembo earned the “We still want Johnny honor in the Nov. 27, 2019 to throw the ball first, but editions of the Observer. he sees a green field and The younger Lembo takes off,” Tuero said. “He knows he has not condid a great job with the quered the position just run game.” yet. “I know I’m not really “I throw too many ina running quarterback,” terceptions,” Lembo said. Johnny Lembo said. “When “I’m learning from my I heard that it was 153 mistakes. I’m still learning yards, I said, ‘Wow, that’s a lot. Every play I’m out crazy.’ But if they need me there, I’m still learning. I to run, I’ll run. If they need go back after every game me to do anything, I’ll do and watch things on film.” it, as long as we get the W.” Tuero knows that Lembo Tuero likes what the has a long way to go. younger Lembo brings to “He’s not even close to the table. where he has to be,” Tuero “He has a great set of said. “I tell him every day tools,” Tuero said. “His that he has to get better. I passion for the game and tell him he can’t be a pouty loyalty makes him a cut quarterback when things above. His loyalty to me, go wrong, because all the his loyalty to the coaches


and loyalty to his teammates is incredible. He’s a true student of the game. He’s so passionate about everything. His entire life, he watched Anthony be the man and I think he said, ‘I want that one day for me.’” Lembo knows that his brother always has his back. “We definitely have a good relationship,” Johnny Lembo said. “He texts me every day and watches every game. He lets me know that there’s way more to learn when there’s way more to put in.” And the nickname will remain. “Hey, if they give me a jacket with ‘Johnny Football’ on it, I’ll wear it,” Lembo said. Somehow, someway, the order for such a jacket has already been placed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Athlete of the Week correction

In last week’s Athlete of the Week feature, a wrong head shot of Nutley’s Nick Polewka appeared. So this is the real Nick Polewka. The Observer and sportswriter Jim Hague regret making such an error.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


The Observer |

Could long-term blackouts and outages become the new normal?

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(StatePoint) While you may take electricity for granted in today’s world, you might not in the future -- that is, if current trends continue. As a new report highlights, the U.S. electrical workforce is aging out and not being sufficiently replaced -- a trend which could have potentially devastating and far-reaching impacts nationwide. The report’s authors say that the time to fill the pipeline of new electrical workers and invest in training and retention is now. The “Dark by 2050” report, available at, was released by Klein Tools, a familyowned and operated hand tools manufacturer, and The Accelerate Group, a Midwest-based strategic consulting and innovation firm focused on accelerating large civic change initiatives. The report indicates that if current trends and projections continue, by 2050, the U.S. will need an additional 462,183 electricians to meet demands. However, without this major infusion of qualified electricians into the marketplace, maintenance, repair and construction of critical electrical equipment

will severely suffer and cause damaging effects on nearly every facet of everyday life. Between 2030 and 2040, multiday power outages -- and their rippling impacts -- could indeed become the new normal for the majority of U.S. residents, leaving everyone from teachers and students to hospitals and fire departments in the dark for prolonged periods. “There was a time we all thought the future would be filled with space-age technological advancements,” says Mark Klein, co-president of Klein Tools. “As it stands, instead of having flying cars, the U.S. could one day soon face challenges associated with shortening the duration of power outages and their very serious trickle-down effects.” Various factors have been linked to the decline of the workforce, including a stigma surrounding blue collar professions, a lack of trade advocacy in high schools and a societal push toward four-year colleges steering young people away from skilled electrical work. Efforts are being made however to address this growing skills gap. For example, Klein Tools has partnered

with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers as well as vocational-technical organizations across the country in order to help students prepare for a career in electrical and other skilled trades. It is also a founding partner of SkillsUSA’s National Signing Day, an event aimed at recognizing and rewarding students who pledge to pursue skilled trades careers. In addition, the manufacturer provides discounts for trade schools, and its representatives regularly make guest teaching appearances. To learn more about these initiatives, visit “Electrical professionals play a critical role in delivering safe, reliable power to homes, businesses, infrastructure, public services and institutions. What’s more, they are essential to a cleaner future of expanded renewable energy, greener buildings and more electric vehicles,” says Klein. “But unless we see a significant investment in recruiting and training in the field, we won’t have a workforce able to keep up with our nation’s growing electrical needs -- or sustain life as we know it.”

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Continued from Page 1 As an added incentive to take this public opinion survey, those completing the survey may enter into a drawing to win a $100 gift card/gift certificate to their favorite Kearny business, or have a donation made to their favorite local charity. Each survey and drawing entry may only be taken once per person or per e-mail address. This survey will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. “Your time and participation is greatly

appreciated,” Marks said. “Your individual answers are confidential and will remain strictly anonymous. We would like to reach as many residents and businesses as possible. Please feel free to share this survey and forward to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The survey will be available through Nov. 30, 2020.” Marks says he’s already gotten well over 400 responses in just the first few days of the survey, but he is hoping to reach at least 1,000 people by the month’s end. The survey may be found at www.surveymonkey. com/r/37YH5BN.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Respectful flag retirement in Belleville

233 Kearny Ave., Kearny


Michael Symeonides

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American Legion Post 105 hosted a flag retirement ceremony on Oct. 24. With Post 105 legionnaires, veterans from throughout the community and from other organizations, members of the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Squadron 105 and friends of the Post in attendance, over 50 flags were retired in the scripted ceremony. Throughout the year, American Legion 105 collects flags which are due to be retired. The ceremony took two-plus hours, with Legionnaires and SALs standing guard over the fire until it was completely out, as per regulations.

Students of the Month named at Franklin School in Kearny

Whether the way back means beginning a college education closer to home than you originally imagined, embarking on a new career or coming back to finish what you started, Bergen will help you get there. • No. 1 in New Jersey for Associate Degree Grads • Credits Transfer to Four-Year Colleges • File FAFSA and Unlock Tuition-Free Programs • Get Right to Work with Programs in Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Manufacturing

Winter December 28 - January 15 Spring 1 January 19 - May 11 Spring 2 February 9 - May 11 Spring Flex I January 19 - March 13 Spring Flex II March 22 - May 1

All winter courses and most spring courses will take place through remote learning in the interest of health and safety. Bergen will offer a limited number of practice-based classes in-person as well. Visit to review Bergen’s pandemic response.

Register Now for Winter & Spring Classes! •

The following are Franklin School, Kearny’s, Students of the Month for October 2020: Alejandro Jimenez, Arjun Desai, Isabella Martinez, Isaac Santos, Jocelyn Resto, Elmer Gomez del Cid, Eliza Gutierrez, Afiha Maliha, Destiona Blackmon, Brandon Lescano, Pedro Grinan, Yihuan Zhuang, Akshara Pakeerathan, Thiago Galeas, Arwen Georgina Sanchez Colorado, Giancarlo Torres, Naomi Yang, Sidney O’Blenis, Carter Correa, Olvin Jimenez Mendieta, Damaris Novay, Marwa Laghzaoui, Caiden Gillman, Marley Lizardo, Rodrigo

Amarante, Omarion Hawkins, Mia Lavayen, Arjun Desai, Alyanni Vega, Mia Iglesias, Mia Torres, Jas Barrantes, Ramon Rosario Perez, Eyad Bono, Ignacio Longa Lugo, Aiden Wilder, Alexa Baisre Cruz, Allison Stancu, Sherry Manaois, Zoriah Rodriguez, Olivia Hipolito, Gianna SalazarVelez, Ryder DeRisi, Isabella Osorio, Kailyn Rivera, Derek Munoz Beltran, Genesis Martinez, Evan Monzon, Nathan Gonzalez, Emma Polanco, Rayon Edwards, Layena Abdelkrime, Lia Castellanos, Kelly Ferreira, Samuel Quiroz, Elias Marino, Tobias Sela, Cayden Janeira, Benjamin Gordon, Isabella Cordova Velez, Ayvah Quiles, Arianna Carrera, Daniell Evangelista

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


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Maintenance Engineer - Part-Time

The Lyndhurst Public Library has an opening for a Part-Time Maintenance Engineer. Black Seal License is required. Duties include cleaning and maintaining the Library building. Light electrical, plumbing, and carpentry skills needed. 24 hours per week. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send, fax, or email resume by 11/23 to: Donna Romeo, Director Lyndhurst Public Library 355 Valley Brook Ave. Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Fax: (862) 214-2845 25W03


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KEARNY Arlington Section, 2nd fl. 4 family home. 1 BR. DR. LR. EIK. $1,400/month. H/HW in25W03 cluded. no pets/smoking. Available November 1st HARRISON 2 Bed- (201) 998-7268 25WO3 room, Kitchen, LR, 2nd Floor Utilities Seperate. $1,600/mth 1 1/2 mth KEARNY 3 Rooms. 1 Bedsecurity. Call or Text after room. Heat, H/W Cooking 2 pm couple preferred. gas included. Near TransWalk to PATH. Call 973- portation. No smoking/ Pets. 1.5 months security. 900-0486 25W03 (201)997-3757 25W03


HARRISON 218 Grant Ave Harrison. Studio, Kitchen 1 Bed and Bath. $850/mth plus 1.5 mth security. Utilities Seperate. Available Nov 1st or Dec 1st (973)704-4246


KEARNY One bedroom apartment for rent in Kearny. No pets. Please call 862 485 2013 24W03


territories & building

PET CARE BY BARBARA No Need to Worry Dog walking - Cat sitting Drop in Visits Along with other small pets. If they need medication 24W03 or special attention, Rest assured I will care for your Pet as if WAREHOUSE they were my own. IN KEARNY NJ Call for Packers, Sorters, Cutconsultation ters $11/hr to start. Overtime On Saturdays References on request (954) 856-5812 if wanted.

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Looking for Truck Helpers for a liquor warehouse in Elizabeth Nj. Must be 18 years & older & able to lift 50 lbs & knowledge of a hand cart. Hours are Tues thru Friday 6:30am til last delivery. Please apply in person with valid ID & Social Security Card to: Onset 283 Main Street West Orange, NJ 07052 Ask for Michele Rivera 973 -325 2227





Auto supply entry level position stock,.driver, counter person. NJ drivers license minimum 3 years. Bilingual/English. 973-344-0204



KEARNY 1st Floor 3 BR, 1 1/2 bathrooms, LR. DR. laundry, backyard, 2 car parking . Beautiful NY skyline view. $2.000 + 1 months security. Available January 1st. (201)9374396 26W03

KEARNY On Kearny Ave. 5 rooms, 2 BR’s, 2nd fl. No pets. 1 1.5 months security. $980/month Utilities Seperate (201) 401-0488.

KEARNY Modern 2nd Fl. 3 BR, LR, DR, Large EIK 2 baths, carpet & H/W floors, C/A, laundry hook 25W03 up, 1 parking space utilities seperate. No pets. No KEARNY smoking. $1,900/month. Newly renovated, 1 month security. Avl. hardwood floors. Laundry onsite. HT/HW included. Now. Text or leave message. (201) 755-4511. 2 BR start at $1,375 26W03 1 BR start at $1,200 Jr. BR start at $ 1,150 (201) 289-7096 26W12

KEARNY Large 1 Bedroom apartment on the third floor. Can be used as a two bedroom if needed. H/W floors throughout. Utilities not included. Close to PATH and train. Cats and small dogs OK. Available December 5th (201)618-5337 26W03 KEARNY 132 Midland Ave. 1 BR, LR, Kitchen. HT/HW included. $1200/ month. (973)634-8873 or (973)465-0166 . 26W03 KEARNY 2 BR. LR.DR. $1,500 + 1 Months security. No pets. Call after 5pm - 917-362-0212 Available December 1st 26W01

KEARNY Kearny Arlington Section. Large modern 3BD, 2 full baths LR DR large EIK 1700 sq.ft. Central A/C. Access to laundry room W/D hook up,1 parking space on driveway,1st floor .Utilities included. No pets. No smoking Asking $2,450/ month. 1 1/2 month security. Must see. Avl December 1st. Contact, text or voicemail. (201)7255116 24W03


LYNDHURST 1 BR. $1,495. 3 BR $1995. No Pets. Available Now (973)760-4877 25W03

LYNDHURST 2nd floor. 15 year old home. Hardwood floors/central air throughout. Master bedroom with walk in closet. private master bathroom. Second bedroom wall to wall closet. LR, DR, kitchen W/dishwasher and stove. Washer/dryer hookup in apartment. Private side entrance on quiet dead end street. one mile of all public transportation. $2100 + 1 months security Call Henry Sheves (201) 320-5339 25W03

LYNDHURST 3 BR. 2 Baths. EIK. 1 car garage. plus more! $2500 + 1 months security. Utilities separate. No Pets/smoking. Available January 1st (914)882-4062 26W03

18 11

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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N.ARLINGTON 2nd floor. New 2 BR. LR. DR. EIK. w/ Laundry room. $1700, Utilities separate. No Pets/smoking call (973)900-1852 25W03

NORTH NEWARK 1700 sqft. Semi equipped restaurant. High volume traffic. Mount prospect ave, $3000 Monthly + 3 months security call for details (973)309-5773



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N.ARLINGTON 2 BR, LR, Kitchen, Dishwasher, refridgerator, W/D, No pets. No Smoking. Near Schools & Transportation. Avl.Now. (201) 9985070 26W03 NORTH ARLINGTON Studio apartment $1,100/mth Heat/HW supplied. Single or couple preferred. 1st floor in garden apartment complex. Laundry on site. Parking available. Close to trans and shopping. No Pets. Call between 10am-7pm only. (201)997-2341

KEARNY Professional space on Kearny Ave. 1 1/2 months security. 900 sq.ft. Proximity to PATH & Bus lines. Avl Now. (201) 889-3118 23W04



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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Continued from Page 1 Street address. It was at this time police were able to finally wake Jacho up, the report says, and they also asked her if she needed medical attention. She reportedly responded, “No, I do not have any medical issues and I do not need medical assistance.” At this point, the report says, Jacho started laughing and police first were able to smell the odor of alcohol on her breath. Next, police say they asked Jacho for her driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. They say she looked around the vehicle briefly, and then, while laughing, she reportedly replied: “No, I am OK though, thanks.” Around the same time, police say they asked her to exit the vehicle multiple times — and she finally did. After she got out of the car, a sergeant asked her if she would perform roadside field-sobriety tests. She replied “yes,” and then, as she was walking to the sidewalk to perform the tests, she stopped, still in the street, believing she had reached the sidewalk. Once she finally got to the sidewalk, police say Jacho was unable to perform the walk and turn test. After several attempts at the test, police say they ultimately stopped it for her own safety. She was then asked to perform the one-legged stand test. When a sergeant demonstrated the test to her and asked if she could perform it, she reportedly replied, “Why should I do that? What did I do wrong?” When police told her they wanted her to perform the test because they believed she was under the influence, she again refused and was to be placed under the arrest for suspicion of drunken driving, the report says. Now you might think the story ends here — but it’s only the beginning, really. After Jacho was handcuffed, police say she repeatedly asked what she did that was wrong. She also refused, police say, to allow them to search her, which is, of course, customary following an arrest. Instead, she requested a female cop search her, which is not out of the norm. At this point, the report says, she made it difficult for police to put her into the back seat of a radio car for transport to police headquarters off Washington Avenue. After about five minutes of a small struggle, one additional officer was required to get her to relent and to get into the car’s back seat, police say. Once she got into the car, one of the Belleville officers on scene asked a bartender at Michael’s whether Jacho had been drinking there during the course of the night. Police say the bartender had no idea who she was. En route to HQ , Jacho could be heard on the video


The Observer | screaming, “This was a disgrace,” and it was “very sad” she was under arrest. Once at HQ , Jacho could be heard, on the video, refusing to get out of the radio car for about 10 minutes — and whilst this was happening, she could also be heard demanding the police officers call Councilman Vinnie Cozzarelli to come to her assistance. This did not happen. After continuing to refuse to exit the vehicle, police then reportedly told Jacho she’d be escorted out physically if she didn’t comply. After they got her out by force, the report says, Jacho reportedly made it difficult to walk and to get her onto an elevator by pushing against the cops escorting her. Jacho also allegedly continued to make it difficult for police to search her, so Belleville police had to call Bloomfield police where a female officer was on duty. Even when the female officer arrived, Jacho still refused the search, the report says. Throughout the course of the incident, it could be heard on the video and the report states that Jacho repeatedly uttered, sometimes using profanity: “I am so disappointed in you,” “I am not afraid of the chief,” “You guys are so disgusting,” “This is so, so sad,” “Call Vinnie (Cozzarelli.)” “I pay your salaries and you don’t have a college degree,” “Ask Michael Melham the mayor.” She also said, paraphrasing: You only have jobs because you took a test, got lucky, knew someone and got hired. She has lived in Belleville since she was 11. She was going to sue the Belleville Police Department. She knows the law and has a degree in criminal justice. She was too busy for the law and wouldn’t speak to the officers anymore because “they were below her.” She knows who is and isn’t paying taxes in Belleville. The cops involved were “a disgrace to the police force.” Later, the report says, Jacho reportedly refused to submit to an Alco test. She also repeatedly demanded officers call Cozzarelli. Police did allow her to make calls to Cozzarelli, ultimately, but after ringing four times, he never answered and she reportedly left the councilman a voicemail message at that point. After numerous attempts to get Jacho into a holding cell, she finally relented and immediately fell asleep. She was ultimately charged with driving under the influence, driving under the influence within 1,000 feet of a school, refusal to submit to a breath test, failure to exhibit a driver’s license, reckless driving and parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. The Observer reached out to both Cozzarelli and Melham seeking comment. Cozzarelli responded but declined since the case is to be heard in Belleville Municipal Court. Melham did not respond.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020


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