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How to Get Discounted London Theatre Tickets The West End Theatre is one of the most popular terms when it comes to mainstream professional theatre in London. It also goes by the name ‘Theatreland’. It is associated with New York’s Broadway, representing the highest epochs of theatre. Tourists just love to attend this theatre, implying a visit to London is not over until one steps foot in the West End theatre. The biggest problem however, is the ticket price. It might be one of the reasons why most people associate the theatre with tourists. To get around the tickets question, a simple search on the Internet should reveal a few places to get these tickets at heavily discounted prices. It is possible to come across London theatre tickets on sites like Ebay, Craig’s list and other databases. Perhaps the person selling the tickets could not make it to the theatre due to some circumstances and therefore decided to give them out. It is also possible to come across coupons that allow visitors to purchase the coupons at a heavily discounted rate. Various corporate institutions might want to advertise and get recognized therefore, they offer people a chance to purchase tickets at substantially discounted prices. The corporate institutions normally cover a certain fee on the tickets, leaving buyers with even a smaller amount to pay. This is as far as Internet help goes when it comes to scoring cheap tickets to Theatreland. Another way to get the same tickets at the same price is through networking. There are numerous theatre lovers who for some reason or the other are unable to attend the show. These people are willing to sell off their tickets in a bid to recoup a bit of the cash they spent. Get to know some of these people and getting London theatre tickets will be as easy as pie. References: