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Planning a Fun Highland Games Edinburgh Group Event The Highland Games have been an important part of Scottish culture for over 900 years. Over the years, the games have given Scottish clans the chance to compete for the honor of the big win. The Highland Games that take place in different areas around the world continue to attract top athletes each year as well as thousands of spectators. Although most people are not prepared to compete in the Highland Games, anyone can participate in the Mini Highland Games event in Edinburgh. Planning a Special Group Event Men and women who have always wondered what it would be like to participate in the Highland Games can plan a fun group event. The Highland Games Edinburgh offers plenty of fun and excitement for groups of six or more people. Groups can travel to the beautiful Edinburgh location to compete in the mini games with their family, friends or co-workers. Everyone will have a great time finding out who has the skills to win popular games like Tug o' War, Tossing the Caber and The Haggis Malt Challenge. How the Games Work To make the Scottish experience authentic, the Mini Highland Games staff wears traditional highland dress. Instructors take the time to teach participants about the different events and provide them with friendly coaching advice. All of the different events are designed to be fun and entertaining so people of all fitness levels can feel free to participate in the games. The entire event lasts 2-3 hours depending on how many people are participating in the games. Participants are divided into small teams and spend around 20 minutes at each different event. Each team receives a scoring pack so they can keep score throughout the games. The team with the highest score wins the games and can enjoy bragging about their accomplishment during the Prize Giving Ceremony.


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