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MAY/JUNE 2022 $12

YOUNG KSB Retires and kisses the game goodbye!

PHILAYE A big blessing to the film industry!

BUGZ GUTTA Leading the pack & Taking charge!

RIKO WITH AK Top Talk’N and chasing Atlanta at the same time!

ROVER Like you’ve never seen him before!







Just dropped a fire ass single that samples ”Naggin” by Ying Yang Twins! The Song is a certified bop but we already knew it would be! Drebae plays no games when it comes to bringing that heat!

rovo monty Is giving us a smooth ass dance floor track with “Fever”! The beat is one that’ll make you move and groove all over the club. The sound is very unique and a total vibe to catch.

Billiam B

Snapped on his single “100 Barz”! Every bar was better than the next and he brought it big time. We definitely love the energy that was put into this one.


Is a “Taurus” and always on your mind as he says in the new single! The singing voice on him is so nice and needed! The song is really good and we feel showcases his talent in a big way. It’s a banger!

Riko With a k

Let everyone know just how “Cocky” he is with the help of the highly talented Lil Kendra! This is a fun single that would make you feel it. The perfect kickstarter to get you ready for “Top Talk”!

MAR. Just got as nasty as he wanna be on the new single “Lick It Up”with no other than Sevndeep! This song is hot as hell and a hit! The collaboration definitely made plenty of sense and they both went hard as fuck!

002 | GÁBOR Magazine


is pulling up and he really “Hope He Can Fight”, that’s your new nigga of course! This song is a fucking masterpiece and was created by a talented ass sanger! Definitely a billboard worthy hit and it gives us that Blues feeling! Some good ole shit.


drops a track like only he could with “No Cap”! Now the beat is fucking crazy and reminds us of “Donk” by Soulja Boy so that made way for real! Lambo’s growth is immaculate and he continues to shine on every new track!

lawrence d.

has released some fire with “Wanna Be” and we ain’t lying! This is a great ass song and the feature from 2:19am set it off just right! This is what we expect from Lawrence and hopefully he continues to bring it like this every single damn time!


may not be from Atlanta but he’s definitely in that bitch to stay and he voices it all on the hot new track “Sorry Not Sorry” that features Telid and let’s just say we definitely felt the wrath of their madness! ATL is not safe after this fire ass track!

bugz Gutta

along with his niggas & bitches are getting money “Galore”! The first of 2 singles he released is full of nothing but heat, punchlines and bars as always! We fucking with this track cause it’s that hard hip-hop feel that we love and he delivers it perfect each time!

Bugz gutta

caught us all the way off guard with the Latin track! “RAPAPA” which features Salvie Da Bawdy is a breath of fresh air and something new coming from Bugz. This is a sound that we would’ve never thought would fit him and we love it!

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MAR. Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Aint_I_Emery

004 | GÁBOR Magazine

MAR. Shot by photographer @Aint_I_Emery wearing a Custom Coat by @hoodlvm $400; Glasses by @Saintchic $40; Earrings @Marni $280; Gloves @paulsmith $300

So we’ve been watching you and like what we see! Have you always been musically inclined? Thank you! I really appreciate that compliment and I’m really flattered. I have always been musically inclined and loved writing poems and lyrics to my favorite songs back in the day when they used to leave some beat at the end of the track. I would say I started at 13 years old. Who was some artist that inspired you ? Janet Jackson without a doubt, creatively and musically she is so versatile it’s incredible to have witnessed. Biggie, Missy Elliott, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, I loved Prince and Michael Jackson. They all have inspired me on some way.

You’re inspired by greats so on the rap side do you feel it’s important to write your own rhymes? I do. I think it is especially important to write your own lyrics in Rap - yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It will always be important to me. We love your image! Now image & music goes hand & hand so who would you say inspired your style ? Thank you. Image is something I tend to shy away from controlling. I just really do me, and try to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible. Aesthetically I would say people like Grace Jones and Lenny Kravitz inspired my style growing up. Today I get inspiration from people like Alton Mason and Zendaya. They challenge fashion constantly and I am obsessed with their style. A lot of people never bring up Grace Jones! We love to see it! So do you feel as if you’re underrated at times and should be bigger or shown more love? A lot of people never bring up Grace Jones but I speak her name! I think any completely independent artist would be lying if they said they didn’t feel underrated at multiple times in their journey as an artist. I definitely have my times where I feel underrated, but I do believe in my heart that my artistry and what I am bringing to the table is completely original and there is a space for it. I am so honored to have received the love that I have so far so that keeps me going. I’m a firm believer the world will know my name.

Do you like the way things are going for the gay rappers since doors are slowly opening? I think we’re busting doors down for sure, and I love it here! We just need more Record Deals! Not all deals are good. Would you take a deal over independent ? I agree. I would take the right deal. I don’t mind staying independent until the right person (or people) believe in what I do enough to put genuine support behind me. You dropped the EP “Begin”! How was that feeling ? “BEGIN” was a call to action not only to myself but other artists who’ve got something to share. It felt great to release that small body of work because it symbolizes a variety of my sounds. I’m currently recording the next album, and BEGIN has given me personally a lot to live up to. That’s great! So what can we expect outside of the new project ? I just dropped “Lick It Up” with Sevndeep which is an unplanned single from the project. There’s talks of a potential visual for that too. As well, I have some summer performances coming up! I opened for VINCINT at his DC show May 12th and I have some Pride events. I’m really excited.

That’s great! You’re really making major moves out here in these streets! Any last worlds? Follow Your Dreams. Peace & Love. 005 | GÁBOR Magazine

FURILLOSTAR Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Adamdaprince

006 | GÁBOR Magazine

Furillostar is a artist that’s always looking to get to the next level in his career! An individual we’ve seen hit ITunes Charts multiple times, collaborate with a lot of other independent artist and is willing to put in the work. He knows how this industry can be but it never stops him from going extra hard when it comes to his sound, image & brand. A respectable artist who proves the show don’t stop for nothing but it must go on! What got you into the music industry?

Growing up I was surrounded by music. My mom playing music and being a dancer, my brother playing a music and being a rapper and my sister playing music. So the house was very chaotic. Always music being played. I remember my mom watching an video she had taped of Michael Jackson performing live and she showed me. And I just remember being so mesmerized watching him. I became obsessed with that tape and that’s what really sparked the beginning.

You have a very distinct sound! How would you describe your music? Definitely R&B/Pop music. I’m heavenly influenced from the late 90s R&B and early 2000s Pop music. Down to the Melodie’s and harmonies. I’ve studied so many of my favorites growing up. That now I try my best to combine what’s been instilled in me from what I hear from todays music and how it’s evolved.

Where do your style come from?

What’s crazy is, I’ve been getting so many compliments lately on my style, and I never really thought I had any. Honest to God. But forreal I think growing up, not really having a lot of money. Forced me to put shit together with what I had. Figuring out how to wear the same three pants in different ways. Fast forward years later I think that was a lot practice of finding random pieces and putting them together. I also think it helps when you have somewhat of a vision. Like I know I want to look like a boy band member from 2002 you know ?

The latest project you put out was “Flame” how did that perform for you?

Omg “Flame” exceeded all of my expectations. My singles “Imagine” “Txt’n Me” and “Northside” all were received well but the public and major publications. And then having the “Txt’n Me” debut at No. 7 on the R&B iTunes Charts was wild, literally almost pissed myself. The project charted No. 47 on the R&B album charts and till this day I’m so grateful for that. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that feeling. It was a great year for me.

So todays industry is definitely very different from how it used to be! Do you feel like social media has helped or lowered the bar?

Social media can be so good, but it can also be so bad, I think it’s done both just as equally. For me though social media has helped me find my tribe and my people. I feel like that’s the good side. It can put you in front of so many people. The ugly thing about it is. It also gives people with unpure intentions for the art form a platform.

What can we expect from you the rest of the year?

This is going to be a great year. I’m planning a small tour, an album, more music, more videos, producing my sister Brelia’s project and being apart of that. I want to collab with a lot more of my peers in the community this year. I think that would be a lot of fun.

”I had no idea I would headline not one but two shows at SXSW”.

Your style reminds us of boy bands from the early 00s actually! So you’ve put out a lot of music! Do you feel like you’re an underrated artist? Yay! I got it down! I think at times I can feel very underrated. But I don’t dwell on it at all. I really use it as fuel to propel me forward.

You recently performed at SXSW! You know that’s huge cause a lot of artist don’t really get that opportunity. How was that for you?

OMG! SXSW was life changing honestly, truly blessed for the whole experience. I had no idea I would headline not one but two shows at SXSW. As an artist you dream of performing on certain stages and certain environments and that was definitely a dream come true.

Were you nervous going into it?

Nervous as fuck! But I was also hungry, not for food, but for the opportunity to perform my music and showcase my talent in front of everyone. I definitely attack the stage in the mindset of an athlete.

That’s good! You’ve also have multiple songs with Breila Renee! Are you guys really related? My baby! I was adopted into Brelia’s family when we both were very young through church. Toddlers! Blood couldn’t make us any closer than what we are.

007 | GÁBOR Magazine

LYRICIST MATTERS! CALI M SPEAKS ON BARS, BATTLE RAP, HIS RECENT PROJECT & MUCH MORE! Words by: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography by: @crush.the.goat

008 | GÁBOR Magazine

When it comes to being a lyricist in Hip-Hop let alone a gay lyricist the odds are very crazy we must say! Everything has to be on point from bars to syntax to your delivery! It’s already crazy how overlooked the masculine, hard hitting spitters are but when we think of a great lyricist of the community CalI M definitely comes to mind! He has been on a roll since returning with his highly insane project “ReCALIbrated“ which has also charted on Itunes Hip-Hop/Rap Albums chart! We got in touch with him was able to get how he feel about everything that’s going on in the game! You recently dropped ya project “ReCALIbrated” how has that been for you and what was the recording process like? ReCALIbrated’s recording process was intense. It’s my best work lyrically and on some of these songs I had the time of my life writing and recording… and then there were those songs I wrote out of pure emotion of frustration being that the last quarter preparing this EP, I was going through a breakup.

We listened to the project and we gave it a 5 rainbow rating! We believe that was your best work to date! There’s one song in particular that we just love “Lessons” now “Oochie Wally” is our song! What made you do that?

First of all, I wanna say I’m honored for the 5 rainbows! I thought that was the coolest shit ever. “Lessons” was extremely last minute. Me and President Ward actually was doing another beat but I felt the Oochie Wally sampled beat fit more of the aesthetic I was going for this EP. More serious, more gritty, more bar heavy & hard hitting but also a bop! Shoutout to President Ward. I’ve been a huge fan of his work and it was an honor working with him.

Yeah he’s definitely doing his thing for sure! You are one of the LGBTQ’s most lyrical rappers! Do you feel it’s harder for the ones who really rap vs taking the overly feminine city girl route? Yes and No. Being lyrical gives me the upper hand because it broadens my vocabulary usage when writing and subjects to rap about. I respect the ones who go the feminine route because why the fuck not? I too cut up on songs every once and a while and I love how free I feel when I do it. It doesn’t matter how masc or fem you are, the heteros look at ALL OF US the same.

Do you feel like it’s a good thing that the LGBTQ underground artist now have a publication that’s dedicated for them? Yes, in fact I’m looking forward to seeing more from this publication and others. A lot of us have the talent, the look, the overall package. We’re just not given the chance because of some dumbass stereotype. I know for a fact I’ll outrap 92% of the current mainstream rap roster on any given Sunday, imagine if I was given the same opportunities as the straight rappers? So what do we do? We make our own shit! Proud of this forreal!

What was your reaction to charting on iTunes? How is it knowing people are actually buying your music! Literally every last EP of mine since 2019 has charted top 10 on iTunes and I’m still not used to it. I started out as a battle rapper and I remember someone close to me at the time, told me “stick to battling, you’ll never sound right on a beat” and boy did I show him! This time was even more special because I charted top 20 on the UK iTunes as well. It feels great to know people truly care to the point they bought my music. Very humbling.

Battle rap is definitely doing big things! People are more and more invested into the battles. Do you ever miss it?

I do. I’ve been honestly trying to balance out music and battle rap these last 3 years and for the most part I did okay with that. I’ve actually been in talks to do a battle later this year but we’ll see what it’s hitting for in due time.

Who’s some of your favorite battle rappers?

Ms Hustle, Jaz The Rapper, 40 BARRS, Nu Jerzey Twork, Chess, O’FFICIAL, Couture… honestly I have one too many favorites.

Did you watch Remy Ma’s “Queens Get The Money” card? Yes

Who you think had the best battle that night? We gave it to Ms. Hustle and Couture!

Same! Definitely had the best back and forth and it wasn’t completely one sided like the other battles

We agree! So do you like being an independent artist?

I enjoy being in creative control with no one telling me what to do. Being 100% myself has gotten me this far by myself, so if the opportunity ever present itself where I sign to a major label, I pray to keep my artistic freedom.

Can we expect some visuals this year?

Yes. I plan to drop a visual for “Night Cap” & “Lessons” and I’m also doing videos for some features I have coming out later in the spring.

That’s gonna be dope! Any last words?

Stream #ReCALIbrated for good dick and prosperity!

“Being lyrical gives me the upper hand because it broadens my vocabulary.” 009 | GÁBOR Magazine





These days there aren’t really many duos/groupsin the LGBTQ Underground Community of artist but have you ever laid eyes on a certain group that was just too damn hard? That’s where The Trap Twinz come into play with their hard lyrics and gangsta personalities to match! We would say they remind us of New Orleans legendary group Ghetto Twiinz mixed with Atlanta’s Crime Mob and sprinkled with a lot of Memphis Three 6 Mafia! The group consist of rappers Baxkend Marti and The JuiceATL. Two close friends whom formed a group that takes no shit and is very direct when it comes to any fucking thing. Real definitely recognizes real when it comes to them. How did you guys form The Trap Twinz?

Baxkend Marti: We had mutual friends in the music industry and we both wanted to rap but wasn’t taking it serious. Then, one day after being around each other all the time we decided to take it serious and do it together. We wrote our first song together smoking a blunt in 15 minutes on the same night.

You’ve been dropping singles consistently since the beginning of the year! Would you say their performing the way you guys would like?

The JuiceATL: Yes, certainly! We can use a little more exposure and marketing but locally our music is doing great!

You guys have a hard image so being gay rappers do you think it’ll be harder for you since you’re not taking the feminine approach?

Baxkend Marti: Honestly no, I feel like we are in our own lane doing our own thing and all gays are not feminine or want be girls. That’s also something we want to express and put out there. All homosexuals are not what you see on social media or how they try to paint us. We are just regular guys from the hood at the end of the day that like dudes and comfortable living in our truth.

So we see you guys with a very particular female rapper a lot which is Titty City! How did you meet her? Baxkend Marti: Titty city is very influential in the city. We were actually fans that followed her on social media and after a couple years we actually started hanging out and grew close to the point we are basically family now. We have been through so much together, fights, shootouts you name it and got so much money together in such little time of knowing each other. We all have stripes in each other’s lives.

Who would you both say inspired you individually to want too rap? Baxkend Marti: I always wanted to be in the music industry since a kid. I didn’t have to be front line, main stage or the star but I knew that’s what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be so I would say my life and the life style I want to live. It just came and it was only right. The JuiceATL: I always knew as a child I would be a celebrity or socialite of some sort. I’ve always had a thing for music. I’ve been playing instruments since the 5th grade so I’ve always made music but I also knew I was gay and criticism we get already as beings I just knew I wouldn’t have a shot at it until doors started opening.

What are y’all take on wave of gay rappers right now? Do y’all like the game is going ?

Baxkend Marti: I’m happy for everybody and what they’re doing for the community but it’s still a lot of shade and popularity contest going on. It doesn’t bother us though, we are just waiting on our moment. Honestly feel like the game is just missing us.

Where are you guys from?

Baxkend Marti: I’m originally from TN but I moved to Atl in 2012 then left and came back before New Years of 2017. The JuiceATL: Ga boy! I was born in Dublin, Ga but moved to Atlanta in July 2010. Atlanta basically raised me.

Marti we’ve seen your face on screens before. You were on Sisterhood of Hip-Hop with fellow Atlanta rapper Diamond. We’ve seen you with her a lot but not much recently. Parted ways? Baxkend Marti: Yes! Ways are parted.

Would you guys ever consider reality tv?

Baxkend Marti: Yup..why not? I wish I was on bad boys club because them niggas can’t fight. The JuiceATL: Yes! Exactly!

So we are curious to know do you guys plan to out a EP or full length project ? If so who’s some gay rappers you would like to collab with ! Baxkend Marti: We are finalizing our EP now! We’re following up with an album that’s already being recorded. We got some great producers on our team and would like to collaborate with IGotBarrz, Young KSB, Kalontae Anderson, Bunkey The1 Hemmingw8 and B.Aquarius.

Those are some of the most talented rappers! When can we see a music video happening ? Baxkend Marti: We are currently working on a treatment and shooting soon.

How do you guys believe 2022 will be for you?

Baxkend Marti: 2022 is going to be us pushing, marketing and working so by the end of the year, yall gonna know who the fuck The Trap Twins are! The JuiceATL: One hunnid!

“Y’all gonna know who the fuck The Trap Twins are!” 011 | GÁBOR Magazine

T DOLLAZ Words By: Kevea S. Blayton Photography By: @Michaeldajour

012 | GÁBOR Magazine

Do you wanna play a game with T DOLLAZ? We would hope not cause this rapper ain’t for that bullshit! An artist that cares about his image just as much as the music but what is it about him that has us intrigued to figure him out? He’s never in controversy or negative beef with others but he definitely won’t back down. We love his art and street songs a lot so it was great to chat with someone like him!

We love him too! Now you dropped the project “The Party Tape” in 2020! It featured the single “Roof” with Noel Niks! When can we expect another project ?

We’ve been seeing you grinding out here in these streets! How did you get into doing music?

Definitely agree. The people already love me all over Atlanta, so it’s nothing! My music is fit for a strip club.

Growing up i’ve always been involved with music; from playing the piano, to being in chorus my entire life. Music just always been my best friend. 2018, I was sitting in my WestMar dorm thinking to myself, it’s money to be made out here and the game needs someone like me apart of it. Rapping was never a passion of mine, until I went to the studio and recorded Home. Ever since then, it’s all I think about.

Expect “Crazy Nights” this summer! Nothing but heat.

Any hot features to look out for?

I don’t wanna spoil any surprises, but Noel & I do have a strip club anthem on our hands.

So being in Atlanta, we would believe it’s easy for you to become popular there! Would you agree?

Besides the project what can we expect for the rest of year ? I’m also currently working on shooting a cypher here in Atlanta featuring LGBT artist as well as women. I want to give others to opportunity to showcase their dope talents and also let the audience get visual look and connection with the artists. Very excited about that.

Since it wasn’t a passion of yours at first do you think people look down at you or underestimate what you can do?

I would say that people gave me a lot of love when I dropped “Home” & “No Cap”. My SoundCloud era was pretty fire for someone who was just starting out. I definitely feel underestimated but also appreciated at the same time. Everyone always says to me my music is so different from everyone else, they love my voice, what I say, etc. But, I do feel underestimated sometimes and that’s okay! Just makes me go harder.

We notice you’re one who invest in photoshoots! We love artist who take their craft serious so do you feel music and image go hand & hand ?

Oh definitely! That’s major. I make sure I look like what I’m rapping about. If you calling yourself a bad bitch, make sure you look like one. Besides that, image is everything! It’s what gets people to click on you! If your look is not up to par, no one is going to take you seriously. I put such a big emphasis on look. Like it or not, people judge books by covers.

How do you feel about the gay rap community as a whole cause we know it can be very fake and catty! Have you experienced any of the sort ?

I feel like our community is too worried about clout chasing and dick riding, and not focusing on the music. I keep my circle very tight so I don’t experience much or anything at all. You never hear T Dollaz in beef or anything of the sort. I’m a boss that’s about money. So, if it’s not making me money, it’s not making sense. But, the artists in our community that I do respect are very talented, down to earth individuals.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Playboi Carti, Hook, Chief Keef, Lil Yachty, Gunna, Young Thug, Future, Nicki Minaj, Lil Keed, BabyxSosa, Young Nudy, Pierre Bourne, Kanye West & definitely the wave of Soundcloud Rappers too.

You put out a single called “OUT” with fellow gay rapper JB GOTIT! How did you guys link up for that ? It also made our hot new singles section of the first issue we did!

When I tell you that I love JB so much! I forgot how we initially came together. I do remember I pulled up to his house, we sat down and went through beats. We found the perfect beat and literally sat down and wrote it in his room then recorded what we wrote then a week later, we took it to the studio. Jb has been doing this way longer than me, so I was so open to his ideas and him telling me what could make the song better. Out is definitely one of my favorite songs that I’ve released and i’m so grateful for the performances JB has included me in since our record. Much love to Jb Gotit!

“If you calling yourself a bad bitch, make sure you look like one”. 013 | GÁBOR Magazine


Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Shotsfrommars_

014 | GÁBOR Magazine

Talking about a artist who shows versatility like no other and can bounce from all type of vibes! Reb3l is a breath of fresh air these days! The grind in him is unforgettable and his love for his craft is undeniably amazing! A true rapper with plenty skills that we are happy to acknowledg. You’ve been out here tearing up the streets left to right! We are so happy to be interviewing you! How have you been & what’s been up? Thank you so much. Sometimes I be feeling under the radar but I appreciate the love y’all have shown me for real. Overall, I’ve been great just tryna stay as busy and consistent as possible. You’ve been on a fucking roll! Do you feel like you’ve been treated as if you’re underrated? Absolutely. I feel like a lot of fellow artists in my community started this thing out a lot differently than I did as far as creating an identity in the social media world which they then use to fuel their music career where as I feel like I’m almost forced to create “viral” moments just to get recognized for what I came in this business to do which was rap. Not to knock anyone else’s journey. I just know I came in this thing to make music. Not become a reality star that happens to make music which is sadly what I feel like the music industry has turned into. So we see this as you’re definitely not a fan of the popularity contest? Hell Nah! I’ve even been known as a “bully” in a sense just cause I don’t mind saying what a lot of others might be afraid to say or challenging anybody I see fit just in the sport of rap. I look at this thing like basketball. Yeah we all could come together for the All-Star Game (features & etc) but at the end of the day we all tryna be Lebron & you can’t be King James unless you going hard every damn opportunity you get whether folks like it or not! We feel you. So you dropped your debut project “Billy” last year! How did that do for you? Truly amazing! My main goal with “Billy” was to prove to myself that I had what it takes to build a full body of work that I would be able to look back at & be proud that this was my intro to the industry. Then to be able to get so many different reviews of how it made people feel & for damn near everybody to have a different favorite song. It really confirmed that this is what I’m meant to do.

We loved your music video to “G.O.A.T.” Tell us about the treatment of the video! “G.O.A.T.” was my favorite song to create so I just knew I wanted the video to have that same element of fun. I was literally on Amazon & I randomly saw the MilkMan hat & the concept just popped up. I wanted it to be day in the life of “Billy The MilkMan”. My partner at the time choreographed the dance scene cause I said I wanted a musical-esque vibe to it as well. Also my videographer (@kiddambition) who is also my producer/engineer is literally the greatest ever. He is always down for whatever crazy idea I come to him with.

Who do you feel about there now being a magazine that caters to underground LGBTQ artist? I think it’s super dope. In a time where the same lanes aren’t open to us as they are to other communities, it’s only right that we create those lanes ourselves. Rather than attempting to conform ourselves just to fit in the mainstream publications or get in to the award shows or be recognized on networks. We literally have what it takes to build our own world & the only way we can do that is supporting those that support us. So again, thank you for real! You’re welcome! Now what’s your take on the gay rap world right now? Do you feel it’s moving in a good direction or could be enhanced ?

I love it. I think it’s so many of us out here working & despite sometimes not being able to agree with HOW they’re working, the gworls are working! I even appreciate what Lil Nas X & Santana are doing as far as just showing the different spectrums & personalities that are in our world. I know we have a lot of work to do still of course, myself included. I just want some of them to just put out more QUALITY work. Don’t use being “independent” or “underground” to excuse yourself from putting out content that can stand up next to the mainstream stuff & hold its own. That’s all ima say. Who influenced your sound? Nicki of course for her penmanship. Big Sean for his flow versatility. Eminem for his animated and unapologetic musicality. So we can’t help but to notice there’s a huge similarity between you and K $tarr aka Carl! Have anyone ever seen you guys in the same room? I am hollering! Not y’all thinking we Miley & Hannah Montana! All ima say is me and K $tarr have enough in common already & you can find out more by going to my YouTube Channel & listen to “Bitter Remix (Narration by K $tarr)”. It’ll tell you ALL you need to know about how “related” we are. Ok! We got you, Where are you from? I was born in Connecticut by way of St. Thomas, where my family is from. However, I’ve been in Gwinnett (Not Atlanta) for the majority of my life. What else do we have to look forward too from forthcoming? Well I’ve got some features coming out soon with some very dope artists. Im doing a visual for “Old School” off of “Billy”with my bro Eli Liberty. Some work with my brother Moody from PTSD. And Lastly, I have a new single dropping very soon called “PHresh” which who’ll be introducing a new era & I am manifesting this song being THE ONE! Any last words? Thank you for this opportunity on this platform. And to anyone reading this, before you go and see me half naked on Twitter or Instagram, go & listen to my music. It’ll hit different.

015 | GÁBOR Magazine



Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: Paris Steward | @Mr.ceo_official Styling By:IVDeAdrian LaRon | @designers_dreamchild VOLUME MARCH 2018 Shot At: Hall Of Fame Studios


RIKO WITH A K Artist To Watch

016 | GÁBOR Magazine

“These days you have to sell a full package, personality and music.”

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Riko With A K photoed by photographer Paris Steward aka @mr.ceo_official at Hall Of Fame Studios wearing Glasses by Quay $65, Leather Harness from Amazon $20, Black T-Shirt from Express $24, H&M Jeans $40 and Giuseppe shoes $750! Styled by DeAdrian LaRon

Riko With A K has definitely made a splashy wave onto the scene! His impeccable grind & hunger keeps us on our toes! Riko With A K to us has without a doubt deserved the title of “Artist To Watch”! We don’t just say this because he’s a cast member on a hit show like Chasing: Atlanta but due to his unforgettable grind like we said once before! Riko to us is the type of artist that knows what he wants and how he’s gonna get it! There ain’t no stopping him and the music is really damn good. An artist that really puts in work and invest into his career the way any musician should. He carry great energy as well. A criminally underrated lyricist who can go bar for bar with the best of these niggas any day of the week. He’s not your average rapper that reps the LGBTQ making the raunchy vulgar type of music but what he brings to the table is more than just right! The new album “Top Talk” drops soon!

How was Riko at the Photoshoot?

Riko arrived to the shoot on time at 10am sharp ready to knock everything out with assistance from entrepreneur Dominique Reedy of Chasing: Atlanta and his stylist DeAdrian LaRon who pulled looks for him. Soon as Riko saw us we were greeted with a huge smile and hug! We then all went into the set at Hall Of Fame Studios where the shoot would take place with celebrity photographer Paris Steward aka @Mr.CEO_official. Riko got dressed as Paris set up his equipment. His first look consisted of Glasses by Quay $65, Leather Harness from Amazon $20, Black T-Shirt from Express $24, H&M Jeans $40 and Giuseppe shoes $750! Followed by a 2nd look which contained Glasses by Gucci $360, T-Shirt from Dillards $35, H&M Pants $25, Gucci Socks $280 and Gucci Shoes $900!

All of which were pulled by DeAdrian LaRon! Riko was a pleasure to watch take pictures by the way. We didn’t expect him to be shy but it was funny. We watched as the music began to play “What These Bitches Want” by DMX ft. Sisqo to “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta Rhymes and “Tha Block Is Hot” by Lil Wayne before Riko suggested he would get into it even more if we played Future’s latest album which we abliged. Riko took some of the most amazing pictures! The way he worked the camera was truly incredible to the point we just knew he was a natural. The hair was definitely laid and done extremely well. That’s one thing we at GÁBOR truly love about him is that long ass hair! The photographer Paris then later suggested we play some of Riko’s music to get it popping as the shoot continued which Riko laughed off until he saw everyone in the room also agreed then let’s just be got all the way with it! Soon as his latest single “Cocky” which features Lil Kendra started playing! It was true motherfucking indeed the game was over! Riko became a savage as he rapped his lyrics while posing! The beast was then unleashed and we saw that unique ass artist come out better than ever. After the shoot was done around 11:30am, we than began to wrap up as he quickly took pictures with our CEO for promo. He told us how great everything was and that he was very appreciative of the shoot and us picking him to do the magazine. One thing we learned was that he is extremely humble and down to earth. He treats everyone with respect and gives props on all things positive as a real one should. We then waited for him to get changed back into his clothes he arrived in so we can chat with him about more things than one in a very good interview that so amazing we don’t where to start! Riko answered every question honestly and truthful with no regrets. 018 | GÁBOR Magazine

So you’re the Artist To Watch in this issue! How does it feel?

Honestly it feels incredible, to be acknowledged for your work is the most rewarding feeling in the world. So I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity

Where are you from for the people who have no clue?

I was born in Miami Florida and raised in Fayetteville, North carolina.

How was growing up for you?

Wow, to reflect. Growing up was hard, my mother was a single mother, she worked her ass off to provide for my sister and I. My father was in prison majority of my young years, so I was taught life lessons through letters. I’m black and Puerto rican, so I grew up around a mix of cultures and religions that ultimately plays a huge role in why I am the way I am today. We didn’t live in the best neighborhoods, we didn’t have the best clothes, newest gadgets, but we had each other, and that sense of love and support helped build my work ethic and priorities.

How long have you been rapping and what was the reason for going for it?

I’ve been rapping for about 7 years now, I started off singing, but that didn’t get me anywhere and honestly, I didn’t have a voice. I was scared to speak up for myself, I was scared to cause issues or problems. But, I got tired of living..silent. I played a beat, and let whatever come out, and there I was just rapping, rhyming, flowing, it was so natural, it was like I found my calling. And since then rap has been a way for me to express what I couldn’t just talking, There’s a certain confidence I have when I rap that allows me to face things I normally wouldn’t be able to.

Who would you list as ya Top 5 favorite MC’s? Wheeeew. Nicki Minaj, Ice Cube, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas and Kendrick Lamar.

So we know you dropped a project called Golden Ticket in 2021! You proud of that one? YES I AM! I was able to take pain and anger and turn it into music! This album gave me purpose, instead of making dumb decisions like fighting, it gave me something to fight for. And thats what I feel when I play it back, that was my goal and mission. I created something out of nothing, and proved I can rap. Being honest I can also hear where I need improvement, things I can work on, and I made it a point to make sure this new album showcased that, growth.

You recently released the single called “Cocky” that features Lil Kendra! How did the song come about?

Well, first off I love Kendra with my whole heart, she is the epitome of REAL, and she is talented like crazy. When I recorded the first version of the single, I used her studio and engineer, so she came to support. When she came she told me how much she loved the track and how it’s one of her favorites, she was free styling to it outside the booth. So when it was time to work on the final version of the song, I just kept thinking about her freestyle, and how much better the song would be with her on it. So I called up Wayne and one thing lead to another.

Do you feel more rappers should collaborate with trans artist? I hate the fact that this is even a question, the division of it all upsets me. Mira, talent is talent. Talent doesn’t have a face, gender, sexual orientation, blood type or skin color. If you have a vibe or sauce i need for a song to pop, I’m coming for that vibe and sauce, nothing else. So yes! Support OUR women!

So we watched you on Chasing Atlanta and we’ll say we feel you come off not like the others. How did you get on the show? That’s an understatement! But I went through the audition process season four. I’ve actually wondered for a while what did the producers see in me, either way i’m grateful for what the opportunity has awarded me.

Were you nervous to meet the cast when you found out you made it ?

What?! HECK YES!!! I knew I was nothing like the cast members of the season before, minus Q. I didn’t know what to expect, will they like me? Will I say the wrong thing? Will they tear my music to shreds. However, I made a promise to myself to always be myself but also be the man that I would need if I was 13. I came into the show closed minded and stuck in my small town ways. There were certain things I wouldn’t say or do because I was afraid to be judged or I didn’t want my focus to be on my sexuality. However from this cast, I learned how to be me fully! Their strength and confidence inspired me to learn myself and get comfortable with me.

What were you doing when you got that call or email saying that you were casted Umm wheeeew. I’m going to be transparent, only because this may help someone who needs to know they aren’t the only one going through it and may need a push. The night before I got the email, I was actually at my lowest part of my life. And I attempted to end my life. When I woke up, I got the email to come to the final casting call. That was god. I went, and it was around the same time as Atlanta pride, and I got my entire life! My eyes opened up!

Do you feel the show has helped you?

Most definitely in many different ways. First it put me in front of eyes that would have taken me much longer to get to. It has granted me opportunities and bookings. It opened the door for me to chase my dreams the way I see fit.

So there’s this thing about the Chasing Atlanta cast that people believe once anyone go on the show they soon become “big headed”. Do you agree?

Yes. There is with certain cast members, but at the same time in certain situations I think what people view as “big headed” it’s really us elevating. For example, I was approached to perform at a festival. I didn’t ask for much, all I stated was I’m not performing unless there’s a soundcheck. Immediately the promoter stated “just cause you on a lil show don’t mean you have to act like that, y’all think y’all the shit”.

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What’s the update on your anticipated project “Top Talk”? We waiting!

Are there any gay rappers you wanna top? Hell yea, but I’ll keep quiet on that for now.

An update. It’s some amazing music, it’s fun! It’s who I am now! My last album was angry and serious. This new album is fun and catchy and a beautiful take on self love. It’s coming really soon, I promise. It’s practically complete, I’m just missing.. something.

So are you really a top?

Haha. I’ve actually never stated my sexual preferences. I’ve let people assume what they wanted to assume. But, I’ll be real … I actually don’t like the labels. I believe pleasure is pleasure. I feel like the labels kind of restricts my optimum pleasure. I feel like I have to act a certain type of way if I say top or bottom, and I’m neither of those. I’m a man comfortable with being a man, that’s comfortable being with a man.

Who’s some producers and artist that’s on the project?

Producers Jerry Mceachin, Monarch G and also JéTwahn of WeWereBorn has produced two tracks in the album. I will be announcing features as it comes closer to release time.

We see you worked with Blake Martin on one of your promo shoots! How was that experience?

It was a beautiful experience, I was intimidated at first because he’s very passionate about his work, and you feel that whenever you shoot with him. His energy is incredible, and the most exciting thing was leaving with great pictures, but I also learned so much! He is amazing!

Riko With A K photoed by @MR.CEO_official at Hall Of Fame Studios in Atlanta, Ga Glasses by Gucci $360, T-Shirt from Dillards $35, H&M Pants $25, Gucci Socks $280 and Gucci Shoes $900! Styled By DeAdrian LaRon

Do you feel like photoshoots and music videos are truly needed in artistry because there are some artist who don’t have any?

How was the Photoshoot experience with GÁBOR?

Are you looking for a deal or want to remain independent?

Do you feel a LGBTQ Hip-Hop publication was needed?

Honestly yes. These days you have to sell a full package, personality and music. Those videos and photo shoots create your “identity” that your fans and supporters can and should identify with.

Ummm, I’m not in a rush for a deal. One day if the numbers and contracts are looking right then yes. But I’m so content with how I’m doing things now. I’m putting in work and getting my name out there so that when it’s time to sign, they are giving me big dog numbers and not these bullshit contracts they trying to hand out these days.

You know, this was a great experience, it made me want to be more comfortable in my skin, to become proud of my body and embrace it. The photgrapher was amazing, a brilliant mind so I definitely enjoyed myself.

Yes! It’s time our people begin to be acknowledged! And it has to start with our people, if we support one another eventually the masses will begin to follow the example! So thank you for doing this! Thank you for acknowledging me and my talent!

Any last words for your fans?

Fans, supporters, family, thank you. This journey has been long and hard. I didn’t do it alone, you guys have pushed me and supported me through my toughest times. Thank you for that!!!! New fans, welcome to my crazy world, you won’t be disappointed. Haters, suck my dick. 020 | GÁBOR Magazine

Riko With A K photoed by @MR.CEO_official at Hall Of Fame Studios in Atlanta, Ga Glasses by Gucci $360, T-Shirt from Dillards $35, H&M Pants $25, Gucci Socks $280 and Gucci Shoes $900! Styled By DeAdrian LaRon

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Riko With A K photoed by @MR.CEO_official at Hall Of Fame Studios in Atlanta, Ga Glasses by Gucci $360, T-Shirt from Dillards $35, H&M Pants $25, Gucci Socks $280 and Gucci Shoes $900! Styled By DeAdrian LaRon

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Riko With A K photoed by @MR.CEO_official at Hall Of Fame Studios in Atlanta, Ga Glasses by Gucci $360, T-Shirt from Dillards $35, H&M Pants $25, Gucci Socks $280 and Gucci Shoes $900! Styled By DeAdrian LaRon

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You’ve collaborated with many artist also! Do you feel it’s hard for gay rappers to get along ? No I don’t I actually think it’s easier to get along with other gay rappers because it’s so few of us and we’re all trying to stamp a legacy for ourselves. I will say recently I haven’t gotten along with another gay rapper but I think they have something personally against me that I have nothing to do with. I have a new single dropping titled “BEEF” coming out soon that regardless of us getting along or not I will keep it in the music.

Who’s the other gay rapper? We wanna know cause this is new information to us. “BEEF” drops soon so I’ll let y’all figure it out.

Ok we definitely gonna bounce back after we hear that track. So when are you planning another full length project ?

My next project is titled “H-Town Prince 2: Reclaim the Throne”. It’s a lot of new sounds, more lgbtq+ features and me speaking my mind and protecting my throne. All of my supporters loved the first part of “HTown Prince” so I’m blessing them with part 2 & Part 3 will drop Fall/Winter of 2022.

So we’ve heard a lot about how LGBTQ artist have to keep up this “sex appeal” image to get support from the community! Do you experience body shaming or any of the sort due to being a thicker artist?

Estevan, The God has been putting on for Houston like no other when it comes to gay rappers from there! He’s the first person we think of and that’s not by mistake. The bars he spit are always phenomenal with his catchy hooks and photogenic look in all of his shoots. He’s one of those artist that you gotta watch out for! How did you get your start in the music industry? My aunt was a rap artist in the Houston underground circuit. Her name was “Million Dollar Girl” she was a big inspiration to me an once she brought her Demo CD to my house I knew I wanted to be a rapper. My other aunt which was Million Dollar Girl’s manager at the time became my manager an booked my studio sessions and also booked me to perform at mall events & fashion shows. This was around 2006/2007

Do you feel it’s hard to get a big break in Houston? Yes especially as a gay rapper, I feel Houston consumers can be really lazy and use to the same things. So when you come in different & versatile it can be too much to handle, but I do love the fact that it is groups of people in the Houston area that respect my vision & sound.

Who are some of your biggest influences besides your aunt?

My biggest influences is Lil’Kim from her Notorious KIM era, Pimp C, Mystikal, Destiny’s Child and so many more but a lot of Artist from the south.

You’ve been pretty consistent with your career we must say! Recently you dropped the single “Meat” which we loved! So tell us how that came about ?

Thank you very much. So the concept of “Meat” was suppose to be sexual but after I recorded it and released it, it seems like it’s more about food. I am thick gay rapper so it does go with my brand and it’s a perfect song for the cookouts.

I get body shamed all the time only because people don’t realize how confident I am. Being thick is so in right now so most people that aren’t “Thick” get jealous I guess. I love expressing myself sexually and love rappers like Lil’ Kim & Trina. I grew up admiring that confidence you could put in your music. Sex does sell and being appealing make people want to follow you. So I always thought the two should go together but at the same time have a good balance.

Do you feel like you get overlooked at times or treated underrated ?

Yes I do but that always make me work ten times harder. I feel like eventually the overlooking will be very hard to do because you won’t be able to ignore my greatness.

Where did your stage name from ?

My middle name is really Estevan. Aubrey “Estevan” Williams and I came up with name GUAPO in high school. During Spanish class my teacher was telling us what Bonita meant which is Pretty Woman. Then I asked her “How do you say Pretty Boy?” And she said GUAPO. An I swear a lightbulb when off in my head and my brand became GUAPO that same day.

Would you rather remain independent or sign to a major? Remain independent, have all control over my albums & image but at the same time go into a joint venture with a major label. An I think it’s possible but that’s the only way I can really do my career. I’ll only feel safe doing it that way. What more can we expect from you this year?

More music, more dope moves, hopefully some acting and getting ready to launch some GUAPO Products.

“I feel like eventually the overlooking will be very hard to do because you won’t be able to ignore my greatness.” 027 | GÁBOR Magazine

Young KSB speaks on Retirement, God and happiness. Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @eniarystudios

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FAREWELL TO ONE OF THE REALEST! The true, raw and uncut reasons behind Young KSB’s retirement from music! Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @eniarystudio

Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom devil horn wig by @riquerenard $250, custom black latex body suit/gloves by @Thedesignerdev $200; Patent boots from Dollskill $40 with accessories from Amazon $50


ost know the New Orleans born rapper from his 2019 underground hit “Slob On My Ass” but before all of that came about he was working dead end jobs while trying to pay for studio time in New Orleans dealing with broken promises from people he thought would get him to stardom. “I remember being 15 wanting to be apart of this company back home and nothing ever came about from it so I just kept moving cause clearly there was no room for me and fast forward to now nobody from that team popped”! KSB said as while clearly not caring on set of his Photoshoot. He would then drop 3 videos back to back in the last quarter of 2017 -

”Bodak Yellow” Remix, “This Time Around & “I’m Finna Tell Ya”! KSB looks at hisself in the mirror after getting a touch up and says “You know I was 20 and had high expectations for all three of those videos but nothing went anywhere. This girl I knew named Danni shot them for me for $100 each time! He said while laughing afterwards. They were what I call “Homeboy videos” just not all that and I was really thinking it would blow”. One thing we noticed is how young Young KSB actually is. A lot of people think he’s older due to how he knows about the industry. We wait for him to finish his shoot and as 30 munites passes by he starts to wrap everything up.

We then begin to chat furthermore as he sits down across from us. “So 2018 came about and I was getting frustrated with everything and I couldn’t find a decent engineer so a guy hit me up on Instagram and was like “Kevin Ealy is the man you wanna meet! Here’s his info”. I called and was in the studio the next week! “I recorded my whole first mixtape titled “The Come Up” with Kevin and it was just remixes none too special but I was slowly picking up buzz online and people were loving my remix to “Icy Grl” by Saweetie”! He says while fixing his bracelet on his wrist and looking at his watch. We could tell how comfortable he was with us so that made everything run smooth. 029 | GÁBOR Magazine

“All of that was going on in the midst of me moving to Illinois in the summer of 2018 but to really get down to the get down! dropped my 1st EP “What Was Said” in January of 2019 and it did ok I’ll say cause I was still trying to please the straight community as well. Many people know I was really rapping before Slob On My Ass came about but when I had a convo with someone I knew & they was like “You're not gonna get anywhere unless you please the community you’re apart of”! Just by looking at KSB we could tell that the story was about to get good and we would eventually understand his retirement. “I went to my boy Q. Shunte house to record “Slob On My Ass” and I did that in his closet in the living room. I remember writing it on the way there cause I listened to Three 6 Mafia’s ”Slob On My Knob” then I played La Chat’s “Slob On My Cat” so I was like well it’s time to slob on some ass! So I went into the closet and recorded it in less than 20 minutes. Soon after I was done I put it out the next day then before I knew it I had over 7,000 streams in a week! The most I ever had then people were sending me videos shaking ass to it and it became an ass shaking anthem”. Our editors could see his eyes light up as he weent on with the story. You could really tell he was very excited about it all. We then asked him how did the video go down! “I didn’t know what to do when I thought about a video and I remember my friend Dream at the time was like “Come to Atlanta and do it at my house and we can dance in it etc.“ by that time it was over 30,000 streams deep with the song so I went to Atl and Oliver Twixt shot the video with his IPhone and it was crazy! The next day we put it out and it went viral everywhere with millions of views across the internet”! Then I got a manager etc.That was an not so good experience and I’ll just skip over that”. we then saw the sadness git his face when that came up and it wasn’t good. “I thought I was about to finally get everything I wanted but it all came crashing down and I had

to start over from square one. I left Atlanta and went back home to New Orleans this time. I had to get it out the mud and hustle my way back up. I had no team, manager or anything! I had to get all of my money back up and I pretty much just started recording more music to get back to where I was! That project eventually would be 2020’s EP “Doodie Gábor” which became the first project I had that charted on ITunes and peaked at 76 on the Hip-Hop/Rap Albums chart! My boy Babyfacebud did all the mix and mastering on the songs while AlrightSlash produced the project so I had good backing behind the project for real! I finally felt like my momentum was building back up after I heard it was so called “over” for me. I dropped music videos, did features and was very consistent with everything I was doing. Photoshoots was on point, I filmed a reality show pilot and it was just all seeming good even though I still had bad times”. We quickly began to notice his mood starts to finally come back around as he getting closer to the part of the story he wants to be at. He then continues with the story. “I was falling outta love with music after 2020 to be very honest with you guys. I dropped a few singles in 2021 but I kept praying to god why I wasn’t progressing, how much I hated my life and I just wanted a change quick! I would call friends and tell them how I was over it and wanted better for myself. I been wanted to retire before I even made my announcement. I just feel like god was telling me “I have a lot for you but you aren’t listening to nothing I tell you”. So I felt it was time and I was tired as hell. I was getting embarrased with the Young KSB image. It was never who I really was and I hated having to portray that image due to what blew me up in the first place! So the day I announced my retirement I was so happy cause I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my damn body! I been working on other endeavors like my underwear line Hoochie Papa and some other things I been working on. The music industry was my dream and I feel my dream obviously shitted on me! Many people have hit me up after with encouraging words. I can honestly say I’m happy and very much better with myself and my relationship with god! I pray a lot and talk to him daily”! We then wrapped up the interview with great feelings about him and his future after. We then left the set.

“I had a convo with someone I knew & they was like “You're not gonna get anywhere until you please the community you’re apart of”!

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Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom devil horn wig by @riquerenard $250, custom black latex body suit/gloves by @Thedesignerdev $200; Patent boots from Dollskill $40 with accessories from Amazon $50

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Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom flame tights, gloves & headband set by @Thedesignerdev $200; Patent orange gogo boots from Lightinthebox $44; Waist belt from Amazon $15 and Orange Rockstar wig $20

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Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom flame tights, gloves & headband set by @Thedesignerdev $200; Patent orange gogo boots from Lightinthebox $44; Waist belt from Amazon $15 and Orange Rockstar wig $20

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Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom distressed leather pants/Glove set by @Thedesignerdev $200; Leather platform boots $68; Custom green devil horned mullet wig by @Riquerenard $250

034 | GÁBOR Magazine

Young KSB photoed at Eniary Studios in Miami, FL. Wearing a custom distressed leather pants/Glove set by @Thedesignerdev $200; Leather platform boots $68; Custom green devil horned mullet wig by @Riquerenard $250

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Eye Candy Of The Month rover

SADdle UP! INTERVIEW Ke’Vea S. Blayton IMAGES @Mr.ceo_official

036 | GÁBOR Magazine

“I’ma doggy style type of guy. I love to see that “thang” from the back!“

037 | GÁBOR Magazine


owdy, Partners! This is for all the big boy lovers across the globe who can’t get enough! We at GÁBOR got something to satisfy all of y’all’s insatiable hunger, Mr. Rover Bentley whom is our Eye Candy Of The Month for May/June 2022. So have y’all ever seen a sexy ass Cowboy get interviewed? Well you’re about too. Where are you from born and raised for the people who don’t know? I am from a small town in West Georgia named LaGrange. I was born in Alabama. What’s ya profession? I’m a Human Resource Specialist for the Federal Government. How does it feel to be Eye Candy Of The Month? Honestly, it feels great to have the opportunity because I never viewed myself as eye candy. Do you feel the big boys will be proud someone represented them in a very tasteful way? It’s so important to be represented in spaces where we don’t always get to shine. This was an experience that isn’t only my experience but this is so others can see that they can occupy the same spaces no matter what size. I’m all for body positivity. What’s ya favorite feature about yourself? Physically it would be my eyes. I have very glossy cartoonish eyes with pops of colors. How do you think people will react to the photos once they all have seen them? Anyone who knows me know that I deal with anxiety and this was so out of my comfort zone. The photos came out very sexy and I hope I represented big boys well. Would you feel weird if this solidified you as a new profound sex symbol?

I hate being the center of attention. I’ve always been in the background. Yes, being a sex symbol would be hard to live up to but I placed myself in this position so I think I can handle it. Are you single, talking to someone or in a relationship? I’m single. I’m scared to date at the moment because it’s so exhausting getting to know new people who have huge expectations. How is dating in the gay community for you? I actually haven’t dated in 2 years. I have dated some amazing people and haven’t really had bad experiences. I think it’s important know what you want as well as know yourself so no time is wasted. Are you a freak? If so on a scale from 1-10 what do you rate your freakiness. I am a freak! I love experiencing sex… I mean who doesn’t. I’m definitely like a 8 almost 9. Are you Top, Bottom or Verse? I’m a top, but I have experienced being penetrated before but I love being a top! What’s your favorite position to fuck in? I’ma doggy style type of guy. I love to see that “thang” from the back! Would you rather oral or intercourse more? That’s a no brainer! Intercourse for sure! What’s your favorite place to nut at on a person? On a person…. I like it in a person. I want you to have my baby! Let’s get you pregnant! Make me yo baby daddy! Do you like music on or off? Music isn’t a must. If it is on then it needs to be low. I need to hear everything! What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done? One time in DC, I linked with this guy and we had some great chemistry, we started off doggy style and I was wearing his thing out, the lights were off and we were doing our thing. He had his feet on my check now as we were in missionary. I did the most nastiest thing I’ve ever done, I put his feet in my mouth without ever seeing them. Afterwards I felt so nasty cause I didn’t see his feet. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again (laughs). Who’s your celebrity crush right now? I know most people won’t understand but I think Charlamagne Tha God is one sexy man. What’s the biggest way for a person to turn you on? Intellect is a big turn on for me! Sexually, if a guy knows how to kiss and his moans are a certain way that will take me to heaven. I’m “coming” lord! 038 | GÁBOR Magazine

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Video Vixen Diary

Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton

GLORIA VELEZ: THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! She had the late 90s/early 00s on lock! video vixen is the term we use for the beautiful women who had strong popularity and killer prescence about themselves that dominated Hip-Hop music videos every time they graced the scene! Gloria Velez bursted onto the scene at a very young age as A professional dancer and model dancing for Hip-Hop heavyweights like Uncle Luke. When she was 16 she met Aaron Hall who was 33 and had a son with him whom she gave birth to at 17. She would appear aside Jay-Z driving the whip with him in the passenger seat in the video for Timbaland’s “Lobster & Scrimp” circa 1999. She would hit that jackpot and strike gold when Ja Rule & Irv Gotti would invite her to Brazil for Ja Rule’s debut solo video 1999’s “Holla Holla” which was a big hit and song of the summer. Glo would go on to do that right after 112’s “Anywhere”! The video for “Holla Holla” catapulted her to fame as she strutted on the beach with the infamous black Bikini and fedora combo! We can’t forget the blue sequin dress in the club scene either!


Gloria would then hop all the way in her bag once the early 00s came about appearing in damn near most of the Who’s who of Hip-Hop & R&B music videos such as Sisqo’s “Thong Song” Remix featuring Foxy Brown, Ghostface Killah’s “Cherchez LaGhost” featuring U-God, Bravehearts “Oochie Wally” featuring Nas, DMX’s “What These Bitches Want” featuring Sisqo and her biggest one and probably the biggest video of the year 2000 Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin“ featuring UGK where you can see Glo steal the whole damn video in that white cowgirl get up with the fur dancing aside the late great Pimp C! She would appear in Jagged Edge’s “Where The Party At” featuring Nelly and Philly Most Wanted’s “Please Don’t Mind” both in 2001 and reach yet another stature as she became XXL’s “Eye Candy Of The Year” for 2000 announced in the Jan/Feb 2001 issue. Over the years she would go on to grace many urban magazine covers and spreads from Smooth to Black Mens to The Source to Vibe to KING which she was apart of the first ever double cover that featured both her and Melyssa Ford which was a huge seller! She would even get featured in XXL again for a fist fight she would have with female rapper Remy Ma in 2004. Gloria was also signed to both Cash Money Records and Rodney Jerkins Darkchild after she left videos and began her rap career dropping her mixtape “ Glory” and various singles.

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Gloria photoed on the set of DMX ”What These Bitches Want” video with legendary video director Hype Williams taking photos of her.

By the time 2005 came Glo was doing shoots and hostings around the world for Playboy and still dominating print media in the urban market. She would return to music videos in 2006 when The Game would drop one of his most controversial tracks “Wouldn’t Get Far” off his 2006 album “Doctor’s Advocate”! A track where he dissed and many video vixens such as Gloria Velez, Vida Guerra and violated Melyssa Ford who along with Vida would not appear in the video but Gloria did and she stole the show as usual being in a video with newer girls who had come on to the scene at the time and let’s just say nobody amounts to Glo when that camera come on and the directors says “Action!” She just can’t be touched when it come to that field! She would also appear in DJ Khaled’s video for his huge 2007 hit “We Taking Over” off of his album “We The Best”! It would be one of the last big budget videos she would partake in but any video with Gloria in it would make you go back and rewatch it over and over again until you just can’t anymore. She’s just that damn good!

She would still do her thing over the years to come and remain relevant for her legendary run as one of Hip-Hop’s most notorious Video Vixens to ever be known. Dubbed the Pamela Anderson/Marilyn Monroe of Hip-Hop vixens in the early 00s Glo was just that and would stop traffic, a crowd, etc. anywhere she was seen and walked passed. These days she‘s on social media mostly Instagram @gloriavelez where post regularly and very informative on many tough topics! She‘s a super I’m of two boys Aaron Hall IV, her oldest son with legendary singer of R&B group Guy Aaron Hall and her youngest son who special needs and great! Both of her sons look exactly like her! Glo also has a podcast called “Just Glo Podcast” where she conducts great interviews and just conversation with many unsung talents from the Hip-Hop world, models, Entrepreneurs, Reality Stars, etc. Every episode is amazing and she even touched on her own life and shared stories about the late great Tupac Shakur who once saved her life at a very dark time that was unbeknownst to her. She even touches on her friendship with the late great Pimp C as well. Gloria will always be stamped a Legend!

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Dreshon Words By:Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Thatgirlcece_

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King Dreshon has been on his grind for years continuing to push the envelope every time he pop out! A very well respected artist by many of his peers that puts on for the community. He’s hit stages with some of The Who’s Who of Hip-Hop and has always proven that he’s definitely here to stay!

You have been doing your thing for years! Do you feel like you’re getting close to where you wanna be? I often ask myself this question a lot & have just realized to take it one day at a time. I feel like I'm moving at a pace that is meant for me and whenever God is ready for me to hit that level I'm dreaming and praying for , then it will happen. I know that time coming up because a lot of things are moving into place for me and I see the vision clearly, and i'm so ready to execute it.

What times do you believe have been some pivotal points in your career?

In addition to being reposted by the various celebrities and starting new rap challenges that have caused me to go viral, I think the most pivotal times in my career will be 2 years ago when I dropped my first professionally produced mixtape "Pretty & Paid" and really started taking rap seriously. I was always trying to take the short route and do it myself but that was not going to cut it. That changed me for the better.

Years ago there wasn’t many gay rappers out now there’s a lot of them making noise! Are you fan of this current wave right now? A fan, not really but I'm supportive of the authentic ones most definitely. There are a lot of girls that are coming in for a come up but that won't last long at all. when we're talking about RAPPERS, it's only really a select few.

We’ve seen you get a lot of support from popular female rappers, how does that make you feel when you see they fuck with you? Oh My! That’s such a great experience. A Lot of the female rappers love them some Dreshon and I love them too. It's hard to get recognition for your craft in the LGBTQ Community. So for me to get so much love from them , its breathtaking. Between being with the City Girls, Kash Doll, Tokyo Jetz , Kamillion, even being reposted by my idol NICKI MINAJ! That was a moment there! So unreal!

Now you get a lot of attention of course from social media and the public so is hard being humble at times? Actually not at all, I’m naturally a humble person and always think I should be farther than what I am. I never tend to let the hype get to my head and make me switch who I really am. I know my talent and what i'm capable of, also knowing where i'm going in life & being humble is always key.

We notice you are very big on your image and aesthetic! So we must know where does the style come from?

I’ve always been an extra, dramatic, bold individual. So I think that is where I developed my style and aesthetic, I like colors and eye-catching fits. I like speaking through what I have on , before I even open my mouth and say a word. Trust me once this paperwork is clear, and that budget is up, you haven't seen nothing yet.

You recently dropped your XXL Cypher freestyle! What made you want to do it? I felt like there was a lot of speculation when it comes to the XXL Cypher anyways and them not having any LGBTQ rappers on there. And then I began to sit back and realize that given the choices and options we have now for selection that's even in the

qualifications to do, wasn't a good representation, in regards to the cypher. A lot of the girls coming up aren't spitting. I had been seeing the blogs trying to push this narrative of the "HOT' gay "rappers" just because of them liking their personality but I’m sorry this is real RAP SHIT. We do bars over here. I'd be damn if the first representation we have for the LGBTQ community would not be no SPITTER. And till this day humbly speaking I haven’t seen one yet who could beat me. So thats how I was feeling, I wanted to show the community what real rap was because it’s getting clear they are forgetting. Be about what’s spat on the mic and not about the hype. Plus I'm tired of waiting on XXL playing me, make that call!

Do you think it’s easier for you since you’re one of the feminine gay rappers? We ask due to hearing all the time the masculine type gets overlooked.

I actually think we have it harder being feminine. Hip Hop is a heterosexually male dominated genre. Masculine boys make it in easier and are accepted more than a feminine gay rapper because it’s easier for them to blend in. We see what Lil Nas X did. The masculine role got him easily through the door and saved him that’s why he didn't even start being his true fem self till after the fact. We can't hide that in the closet or behind the curtains. We stand out and catch the attention. Always being in the limelight is harder than what it’s painted to be. So by far its not easy at all.

You’ve thrown many events that’s packed every single time! Are you ever nervous when it comes to the events, performing, etc.?

Hell yes I am. Because I never know who is gonna show up. So it truly be a surprise for me. And yes I still get nervous but that’s just the human side kicking in. I love performing though. There's no better feeling than performing. It’s such a rush of adrenaline that makes you want to keep coming back for more. So I get nervous, but it turns into anxiousness because I get a sudden drive and thrill when I perform.

Are you looking to remain independent or sign a deal? If things go as planned, I definitely would love to sign a deal that would be great. However a lot of my connects and friends within the industry have advise me to go the independent route.

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But I think either or is fine , because i'm going to make it regardless. So I really have no preference at the moment. I just love what I do.

Do you feel like a lyricist or just a rapper?

Is this a trick question? Of course we know the answer to that. But honestly truly speaking, I see a bit of both in me but hands down a lyricist. I know my bars & punchlines speak for themselves. Any motherfucker can say they rap but what a lyricist does is something that isn't claimed, it speaks for itself, it’s noted. That's what makes people pay attention and listen, and clearly in the long run. And we see they have been listening and still are.

What’s your opinion on the ratchet wave of music that gay rappers make? We’ve heard time after time that everyone is on the same wave with the “City Girl Music“. Do you agree? I’m so glad I got a question like this. Yes it’s a big City Girls trend when it comes to the gays that want to rap. It’s like they all are trying to make this formula to get a hit since they've seen it be successful for the City Girls and it be the same for Santana. Now everyone wants to emulate that formula to work for them, it's like a bad case of monkey see, monkey do. And people fail to realize that it won't work for them if they aren't being original. It’s way easier to jump on a trend than it is to create one. But the respect and longevity of it comes from authenticity! We need to hop back on originality and talent & not the same ole "F Dat N" or "Where the Bag at " Twerk city girl vibe. It’s all starting to sound generic and cause the LGBTQ community to still live in the shadows of the female rappers. Just like the females had to fight for their respect in the industry, my LGBTQ community has to as well. We gotta go 1000x harder for the respect in this industry due to who we are, and what we represent. I still haven’t seen not one other than I that can go toe to toe with Lil Baby, Da Baby, EST Gees and more. That’s what I want to do! We can’t do that if everybody coming out , not spitting, making burnt out songs that all sound the same about running n****s pockets and our coochie being good. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PART ABOUT THE PUNCHLINES? METAPHORS? SIMILE? Shout out my girls JT & Miami, for starting that trend but i think that's what also separates me from this wave as well because we can see the artistry and bars behind me, to know this that real rap shit. I can make people twerk and bop but we also gone get into somethangs when its time for lyricism to come in to play.

What can we expect from you the rest of 2022?

A lot more work and projects are dropping. Pushing my new tape that I dropped APRIL 29th " “THE RULES ARE SIMPLE" which features various artists like Oliver Twixt, Masiah, Jaye Hitz and various other artists. Dropping visuals and features that I've had in the vault for a minute. And Just pushing the Dreshon brand, making myself a household name. Making more connections and just staying true to me. Oh and killing a rap bitch daily.

Any final words ?

Be on the lookout for more Dreshon on the way. It’s time to start this conversation about the new bitch in town. It’s time to take off and wear all green lights and no brakes. I thank you all for the opportunity of even giving me this interview! I appreciate all the love and I can’t wait to see yall at the top!

“I still haven’t seen not one other than I that can go toe to toe with Lil Baby, Da Baby, EST Gees and more”. 046 | GÁBOR Magazine

Dreshon New Album “The Rules Are Simple” Available everywhere! featuring Oliver Twixt, Jaye Hitz, FGG V-Ron and Vixen! 047 | GÁBOR Magazine

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TOPS VS BOTTOMS Daddi Decent gives you the reasons he loves fucking both Tops and Bottoms! Words By:

Ke’Vea S. Blayton

Photography By:

L.O.S. Photography

Daddi Decent has came into the adult film industry and has taken it by storm filming with multiple hot partners! We took it upon ourselves to pick his brain about both Tops and Bottoms to see what it was that he enjoyed about having sex with both positions! We clearly know he‘s verse so who’s a better expert than him right now? He’s the fucking bomb. We like his face, body and he’s an ultimate turn on to all of his fans that jack off to every film he’s put out. Now the Top side to him is very different than the Bottom side but that’s gonna always happen in the lifestyle of being versatile! He gives the best of both worlds and enjoys them just as much! Now these reasons he gave us may not be a shock to some like it may be to others but it’s extremely exciting to say the least. Do any one of you want the ”Daddi Experience“ ? We bet you do!





Feeling Submissive.”I

love feeling submissive at times. It’s something about releasing control and being dominated.”

The Look.”I


Ass. ”I love being in control and being aggressively dominating when I top so ass definitely does matter! I like a nice clean ass although I don’t mind a lil peach fuzz but I prefer shaved/bald ass! It tends to taste better in my opinion and I enjoy a hole that still grips!

that moment in time and depending on the connection with my top I tend to feel protected.”


I like being pounded out and I definitely and I can take any size dick well although I’m not a size queen as long as you know what you’re doing because from time to time I do enjoy my second hole being opened up!“


enjoy the look on their faces when they are in pure ecstasy especially when they underestimate me because of my height. After I beat that second hole up, It’s always the shocked look I get that turns me on even more!”


just love showing my appreciation to bottoms. Being verse I understand all of the preparation it takes to take dick successfully. It’s always my mission to make sure I make all of their sacrifices and cleaning well worth it. I aim to give them the true “Daddi Experience!”


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Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Mouszcka

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The record came out amazing! So you’ve also been dropping music videos too! Which process do you like the most? Photoshoots, music videos or recording ? Thank you so much. Recording and music videos definitely. I like putting the full idea together in music videos and the editing process. Then with recording I just love making music so much. Me and my engineer got this super dope special bond and we be going the fuck in together. Photoshoots my people just making me get into them so I’m experimenting but it’s not my favorite.

Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve from your peers?

I definitely do, I feel like I have a good rapport with everyone. I think I get that respect because I give it. I for real be wanting everybody to win!

Do you see your being a independent artist for a while?

Nah, I don’t. Humbly of course, I know this shit bout to take off. It gotta take off.

Do you ever feel like music is a gamble ?

Absolutely, but so is life, doing drugs, and alcohol. And we willing take that risk everyday. Shit I just added music as another risk to take for me.

Do you write your own rhymes? What made you want to get into the music industry? When I was a kid I really loved Monica and I knew I wanted to be an singer in my heart of hearts. But then I got introduced to Missy Elliot and I knew I wanted to be like the whole package entertainer.

What is it about Missy that inspired you?

The fact that she was so creative with her visuals and her delivery and her clothes. That was the first black “superstar” in my eyes that made me go “I don’t know what this is she’s doing but I want to do it too”.

100%. I don’t play like that at all. I don’t even write for others and they’ve asked, but I feel like no one could ever tell my story or feelings how I could. This pen full of ink. How do you feel about Artist with ghostwriters? I think everyone’s entitled to ask for help. I’ve had a really hard time coming to terms and understanding how people really don’t write their own music. But to each their own. But when the rappers rapping you gotta sit there and just eat ya food.

Where are you from & how was it growing up for you?

I’m from Sanford, Florida born and raised. Growing up in Sanford was actually kind of traumatizing. A lot of my childhood I remember thinking hearing sirens go off was normal. It didn’t affect me but to see a police officer in person was very scary. I was scared of police officers as a child because of everything I saw they did to my community, family, and friends. One thing that really changed my perspective on life was the Trayvon Martin case and we were the same age and that happened in my home town. Sanford. I remember marching with Reverend Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin’s mother with a hoodie on. Growing up in Florida was tough but it made me and gave me character. I’m so proud to be from there.

So it was just announced that you signed with Bugz Gutta’s PYNK Gorilla Entertainment! How did that come about? Yes yes ! So extremely excited ! Bugz had caught wind of some of my new material and showed genuine interest in me, my craft , and where I was trying to go as an artist. We had a meeting & I expressed what I needed and wanted to accomplish and we making it happen. Truly some of the most supportive people I’ve ever gotten the chance to work with. They push me to really become a better artist day by day.

Are you inspired by any Florida artist ?

How was it performing at OTA?

Yeah, Trina, XXXtentancion, Plies, Rick Ross one of my favorite rappers of all time. Ace Hood , etc. Jacki fucking O! I hate that people forget her.

We love the Madam Of Miami Jacki-O! So you’ve been buzzing around we must say and we see how consistent you’ve been! Where did the boost to start going this hard come from? Honestly , I don’t know what initially made me start being so consistent I just know I want it. You can tell who wants it the most from their ambition. My ambition got me hungry.

How did the song “Regular Hoe” come about with Sevndeep & Noel Niks? Well initially I wrote “Regular Hoe” about this dude I was dealing with , it’s actually a “diss track” to his friends on some petty shit but the original is with Zaul whom is an extremely talented NY artist and remix with them. Noel my baby, we just click musically I feel like we push each other when we work and Noel loved that song from when it was a demo! I had did another feature with SevnDeep but he had heard my shit and fucked with me heavy. literally heard the record and was like I’m down and since then has been so supportive, and an amazing musical peer.

Performing at OTA was definitely eye opening as hell ! I had a whole different show planned out , with dancers and everything and the day of everything just kind went up in flames lmao. But I am happy how it turned out! I didn’t know if the audience would connect with the songs but they went up bout my performance. And especially “regular hoe”. It was ppl during mic check that was like “omg I heard that song ! I ain’t know that was u”… just great amazing vibes. Performing in front of all them damn legends and OGs.

What can we expect from you the rest of the year?

I’ve got my second project coming out in July, music videos tons of music videos I’ve shot a few for the last project but the new shit we shooting is just so much better & I’ve got a lot of dope features coming and just more work consistent work!

Any last words?

Thank you for having me apart of this! I’m extremely honored, I wish much success to this publication and to everyone involved.

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BUGZ GUTTA After taking a long hiatus from the music scene to focus on himself and other big things behind the scenes, Bugz Gutta is back! The dope lyricist who owns Pynk Gorilla Entertainment has been pushing his pen like before but even better as he recently dropped not one but two new singles a track titled “Galore” alongside the ITunes charting “RAPAPA” featuring the incredible artist who is no other than the amazing Salvie Da Bawdy which made it

to the Latin charts! A first time for Bugz to snatch something like that but he’s no stranger to charting. We caught up with him to see what all has been going on since he last put out any music or a infamous project and he got real candid with us from how he feel about what the industry has become to much more, There‘s some people out there that wants to know how he get the job done. We say leading the pack ain’t easy but someone gotta do it! 053 | GÁBOR Magazine

LEADING THE PACK Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: Ian Tyrone Stephens The self proclaimed Leader Of The Pack has been grinding, hustling and making major moves for years from incredibly insane projects to banging singles and cutthroat features on other artist records! That’s not all Bugz is about though because he’s also a ballroom legend and icon when it comes to that scene as well so if ya didn’t know now you know motherfucker! The husband, philanthropist, entrepreneur and boss ain’t nothing to play with these days or in this lifetime as he’s provided platforms for the LGBTQ community and youth. Bugz runs his record label/management company Pynk Gorilla Entertainment where he holds a very special roster of talented artist under his belt and direction. He’s always humble as well knowing he’s doing amazing things in the underground scene he’s solidified his place and title in this industry.

Photographer: Ian Tyrone Stephens | @ianosphotography Creative Director : Chad Bailey | @iamchadbailey Designer : Gunner Doyle | @eyemjustgunna Assistant: Primo Oricci | @primo_ballerino

Crowns may tilt at times but this King crown will never fall off! Bugz Gutta is the definition of a rider, a protector, a gem and of course a diamond in the rough that will shine in any weather because that’s the energy he brings to everything he do and put his mind to!

Bugz has most definitely set the trail on fire with his new singles! “Galore” and “RAPAPA”! We wouldn’t really call it a comeback because he ain’t never left shit but we all respect anyone who can take a step back for a minute to preprare for a killer season upon us. Lyricist these days always get overlooked in our community for artist who like to do the ratchet wave and one thing about Bugz is that he’s never stopped being who he is to fit the industry standard and that’s always something to look up to no matter what nobody say! The bars he spit are always insane, the beats are as hard hitting as they come and he steps out from time to time to tap into other genres that hold weight! A true lyrical assassin that’s gonna annihilate everything he jump on! He‘s gonna always be someone to keep your eyes on and watch out for, The grind truly don’t stop! We salute in every way possible and the support will always be real. 054 | GÁBOR Magazine

We haven’t heard any music from you in a while! What’s been going on? Well I was mentally at a war. I suffer from bipolar depression and the past year has been the worst ever. I had so many low times. It affected the relationships around me and mentally had me spiraling so I have been doing some repairing and realigning my energy. You do have the 2 singles “Galore” and “Rapapa” ft. Salvie Da Bawdy which recently dropped! How did those come about? Well being that I haven’t released music in so long and I was told I needed to release by management, I wanted to do something different so I wrote “Galore” in February but I was holding off on releasing it because I didn’t know if I was going to do a EP or a single so when The Dembow track came to me I knew exactly who I wanted on it and I like the both of them a lot and couldn’t decide which two stop first so decided to release both. What producers did you work with on these tracks? Ihonestly don’t know where the “Galore” beat came from but “RAPAPA” was made by El Creador Henry this dope Dembow producer. You’re a lyricist and true spitter when it comes to this hip-hop shit so how you feeling about the way everything in the game going? It’s giving great gowns, Beautiful gowns, you don’t have to have talent, just gotta be social media savvy with a gimmick and boom your the best rapper out.

So tell us about Pynk Gorilla Entertainment! We’ve been seeing y’all for the past few years but what’s next? Pynk Gorilla Entertainment is a Indie Label I started with my husband Chad Bailey and my best friend Tia Carta. We are a Family of creatives who support each other and push each other towards reaching their goals. We currently have Rico Cassadine dominating Chasing Atlanta and he also has a EP coming very soon. Tia also has a project coming and we have a collab project with all of us on the label. We just signed a dope artist Jayling and trust me we have a lot coming with him. A lot more things but gotta keep some things a secret for now. Do you think it’s kind of a trap for artist to sign to another artist who still makes music and isn’t retired? I wouldn’t say it’s a trap but I can see how it could be messy. If the manager doesn’t have that business mindset, jealousy, hate ,envy and greed could all easily become a factor. So I think in that situation trust plays the biggest part.

You recently spoke at the Ballroom, We Care Gala. What was that experience like because we know you have an extensive history with the ballroom scene? Yes I am a Icon in the scene, and it’s very important for me to be a example and to share my stories in hopes that I can help the youth. I want to be the person that I wish I had in my life coming into the scene ,someone I could learn from and that I could trust. I want to be that man for the next generations to come. So you tied the knot a year ago to Chad Bailey! How is it finding love in Hip-Hop? Chad is a great man and I’m fortunate enough to have experience what we have .It’s rare in our community. It’s not easy but I think at the end of the day it’s worth it so put the work in & he is a close to perfect as a husband can get so ima ride and die for him.

What was your reaction to seeing your husband Chad as our Eye Candy Of The Month in the last issue? I didn’t know what to expect but when I saw the shoot I was proud. He always delivers and bring the smoke and he isn’t afraid to go for it and his body goes crazy so I was here for it all! It’s been on our mind to ask you, have you ever thought about starting an LGBTQ Battle Rap league in NYC? I actually spoke with a couple rappers a few years back about this and I think it would be a dope idea because there are some really dope LGBTQ battle rappers so let’s put it out there and speak it into existence. We see you’re a host on Brenden Ortiz’s new talk show “The Response” are you excited about that? Yes I’m definitely excited about the Response. I want ppl to get to know me and what better way than to hear my thoughts and views on subjects dealing within our community and just life. I think people are going to really appreciate the show.

So you’re definitely keeping busy and aside from all of that what is next for Bugz Gutta to do in 2022? So I am working on a project so more music is coming but I do have a few shows in development that I think the people will definitely appreciate and I just plan to do my part, stay in my Lane and make moves and continue Leading The Pack.

055 | GÁBOR Magazine

“I want to be the person that I wish I had in my life coming into the scene ,someone I could learn from and that I could trust.”

056 | GÁBOR Magazine

Photographer: Ian Tyrone Stephens | @ianosphotography Creative Director : Chad Bailey | @iamchadbailey Designer : Gunner Doyle | @eyemjustgunna Assistant: Primo Oricci | @primo_ballerino

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058 | GÁBOR Magazine


How was it growing up in Philly?

I believe that I am talented and I remind myself of the ‘parable of

I moved to Philly when I was 10 years old with my family and it

the talents’, all in all, is to not waste your talents. You’re given

was different from what I came from beforehand. I moved from Chester, my hometown, to Philly and it was a different world to explore and that’s exactly what I did. I gained my street smarts here, and became immersed in Philly culture. Of course, from where I’m from you can see so many things, experience so many things, but I’m a proud Philadelphian.

What inspired you to become a singer? I’ve always had this passion to be a singer. I was raised in the church, I was one of the key singers in the choir, my mom is a skillful

them for a reason. Each one of us was set apart for a specific purpose in life — each of us has been given gifts or talents to share and that we can fulfill our purpose in life by doing so.

Do you have a strong support system family wise? I do not have a strong support system with my entire family, though the few that do support me outshine those that don’t. They endorse me in many ways and show their support in many ways that outweighs inconsistent and conditional support. My family and friends are my drive.

singer and my dad is an amazing pianist, so music was engraved in my blood. I wanted to push myself further than anyone in my family has ever done and showcase my talents. The younger me was motivated by making it big for mom because she didn’t have the means or even the confidence to be an established singer, so I took

You put out a project titled “For The Lovers Mixtape” back in 2020! Tell us how the process for that came about? I call the “For The Lovers Mixtape” project my first born. “For The Lovers

on that challenge. At 16, I auditioned for the American Idol, I got

Mixtape” was written from the pure exhaustion of my love life. I feel like I have

pointers from people like Charlie Mack and Yvette Nicole Brown

had way too many heartbreaks and that project was influenced by them. When

and I’ve received private lessons at the Freedom Theater of

I first began working on “For The Lovers Mixtape”, I was using it as an avenue

Philadelphia where some of the big names now studied to help

for expression. I held so many emotions in and was not able to articulate those

perfect their crafts, so I always wanted to be a singer and make

feelings effectively so I used my pen instead. From beginning to end of the

music early on. Now, what inspires me most to become a singer is

album you are sent on an emotional rollercoaster. In the intro track of the

my love for music, my life, my experiences. I want to share my story

album I used a voice memo of my mom speaking her wisdom about people

and my talent with others.

that constantly neglect and devalue you until you become something way

059 | GÁBOR Magazine

above their expectations, in which is what attracts them back, but you have to

My current favorite thing about the industry is that they are opening

be the one to cut those ties and move on to better spaces and faces. That

up the lanes for gay artists and starting to acknowledge the impact

opening was a perfect ingredient to set the tone for “For The Lovers Mixtape”.

that gay creatives have had on the industry for years and years. It is

There is one song that I wrote and I had a difficult time recording, which is

important to have all communities represented in music. In addition,

called “Underwater”. When I wrote that song, not even a few moments before, I

the music industry is most certainly missing the passion behind music

found out that the person I was with at the time cheated on me with his ex, after

like we had in the 90s and before that. People had stories, people

ghosting me for weeks for no justifiable reason at all.

were vulnerable, people had so much more to say. Nowadays, we

You also recently dropped a single titled “This Time”! It gave us a mixture of The Weeknd and Bruno Mars. Do you ever get that comparison ?

get the same stories, we get the same sounds and I blame it on

Yes! I’m compared to The Weeknd and DVSN more than Bruno Mars. Not to


mention, all of those music artists are talented as hell, so that’s a big

Do you consider yourself to be a sex symbol?

compliment to me. To be compared to those, such as The Weeknd and Bruno

I’m not going to lie, being a sex symbol might be one of

Mars is honorable; that means I’m doing something right. It’s also a challenge

my missions.

for me to figure out what I can do to not have my sound compared to them at the same time.

You definitely have a one of a kind image! We sense modeling in your background! How did you become so in tune with a camera? That’s so funny! Well, I do not have any modeling experience, except for

people wanting more from artists in short time spans, the lack of real competition with true talent, and the obsession with social media

When do you plan to release some visuals to go with the songs? I know so many people have been waiting for visuals. I plan on working on my first visual for a single this coming season, so hopefully early summer.

being a token for my college postcards and watching all the seasons of

Are there ever any times you feel overlooked?

America’s Next Top Model. On the other hand, I do have experience in

Of course! I know my music is good and deserves a lot of recognition

photography. I was a photographer at one point in my life, had taken up

and when the time comes, it’ll come. I refuse to allow that to deter

photography as a major in college, interned for celebrity and renowned

me from continuing to create good, quality music. At the end of the

photographers, and worked with some established modeling agencies, so as

day, making music is for myself and releasing it is for others to

you can see, my resume is well diverse when it comes to being creative.

appreciate, even if it’s just one or two people. As long as I touch

Ok so being that you’re a gay artist, do you feel you can find love while being in the music industry?

someone through my music, that’s good enough for me.

“I am love and I am it and it is I.” I have to say that finding love comes easily to me because I am very open to it. I have a healthy appetite for it and am currently in a relationship. I am protective over it as well. Being a Black gay male, period, already makes it hard for gay love to be a successful thing

Who’s your dream collaboration? My dream collaborations are as follows: DVSN, VanJess, Terrell Grice, Maxwell, Snoh Allegra, Sydney Renae, Kehlani, Leslie Odom Jr., Janine, Seven Streeter, Teyana Taylor, and Stevie Wonder. Pretty scattered, but I would like to have my hands in everything!

black gays being in a healthy, working relationship. I’m sure there’s flourishing

When it comes to Philly there’s many legends there! Have you ever met or been embraced by any?

gay relationships happening but for it to be in the media and us having a

I’ve met Boys II Men (which is the only boy band I idolize, because their

model of it, it’s not there. I would love to be the one to carry that torch

voices are unmatchable), Kevin Hart, Allen Iverson, and Quest Love. The

because I love proudly and I wouldn’t mind sharing a glimpse of my happiness

person I really want to meet would be Will Smith.

because we don’t necessarily have a great model of it and it’s rare to see

and loving with others to be inspired by.

Any LGBTQ artist you crushing on right now? There are artists who I “go up for”, because they have true talent and are innovative. Shout out to them!

What’s your current favorite thing about the industry and what do you miss about the industry?

What can we expect from you this year? This year, I have been working a lot in the background and have spent hundreds of hours in the studio in the past two years since my last album, so expect a new album out of me, for sure, and more shows. I have a very special song coming out soon following my release “This Time” called “Right Now” which is featuring SevnDeep and it is most certainly changing the lane for FEAT The Singer. We’re working!

060 | GÁBOR Magazine

061 | GÁBOR Magazine

PHILAYE FILMS A big blessing to the film industry! 062 | GÁBOR Magazine


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Philaye has taken the underground film scene by storm at only 26 years old! A graduate from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Business Administration, he’s been on the grind and accompplishing goals throughout his life. A very positive personality and energy to match his dominating but sincere presence. The acting and film world can be a very hard one to break into but breaking down barriers while climbing the ladder to success

is nothing to him. The hard work and dedication behind what he does definitely shows throughout his beautiful work! The casting is always on point, the scripts get better with each project and the quality of every production just enhances! There‘s no stopping just yet because there’s more goals to accomplish and be set. We’re in for a wild but fun ride on this rollercoaster of a lifetime with Philaye because it’s gonna get better and better so hold on to your seats!

063 | GÁBOR Magazine

What prompted you to getting into the film industry?

I believe a calling was sent to me in my dreams when I was graduating college in 2017. I fell in love with art thanks to some creative organizations in college, and God randomly gave me the intuition that film/TV was the path for me. I didn't know why I knew but I just did. So I trusted the intuition and started moving my life into that direction with the help of my degree in Business/Finance.

How would you describe the industry and the life of a film maker to people who would wanna know?

I would say that it’s very fun because you never know what you're going to get/do next! One of the reasons I wanted to move to this industry from Finance is because I love to have fun, unpredictable and artistically-exciting experiences. The industry is, though, much slower than people may realize. No matter the project, you have to prepare yourself for the extreme patience and resilience required to see your visions through. Projects will be in development for years sometimes, but seeing your art manifest on screen will always be special!

You recently put out the movie “Unhinged” how did that go for you?

It has been great! We haven't yet released the movie to the public, because we’re still inthe film festival stage. We’ve held packed out premieres in 3 cities and were in the Las Vegas Black Film Festival which was dope! Later in 2022, we’ll put the short film onto a streaming platform for the public to watch. The people who have seen it have been really enjoying it, so Robert and I are very happy about that!

Are you ever nervous when starting a new project? My excitement is usually much more extreme than my nervousness when starting a new project. I’m a really optimistic, energetic type of person with any goals or projects I do, so my bigger struggle is being patient since the film/TV industry requires so much patience.

How do you go about casting talent?

Over these years, through social media, casting platforms like Backstage and just networking in the world, I have been building a network of talent to cast. Once I cast someone, I love to work with those actors on future projects, and thankfully they always take my calls when I hit them up about the next project and are excited to dive in!

What are the key things you look for?

I look for people with their own unique knack for making you FEEL deeply with their acting. Sometimes that means effortless comedic timing, sometimes it could mean powerful dramatic delivery, or sometimes it could mean someone with amazing ad-libs. I look for actors who will bring something one-of-a-kind that makes my projects even better than I could've imagined.

You show a lot of love to other artist and creators! Why do you think it’s important to keep a humble state of mind in this industry?

I believe in giving everyone their flowers while they're here, because we truly are stronger together! ESPECIALLY as Black LGBTQ+ artists and creators. The more that we uplift each other and combine forces, the more that we can help increase the Black LGBTQ+ representation seen in entertainment and media. We’re all we got at the end of the day! It’s about remembering the bigger picture and really just giving love to each other.

What went through your mind when you received the news that you got selected for Las Vegas Black Film Festival? I was ecstatic because it's my first time having one of my projects in a film festival, and it was my first time in Vegas too! Health complications with a stomach ulcer and and an overdue ER visit following our film’s screening at the festival kind of ruined/limited my experience unfortunately, but I am so grateful that I did get to attend our screening at the festival and discuss it with other creatives who were raving about it afterwards!

Does it cost a lot of money to produce and create the film projects you do?

So far, the projects I've produced have all been $20,000 or below. Fundraising for every project looks different, especially dependent on whether it's a film or a series/pilot pitch, etc. Our success is bringing larger and larger budgets as we go so I'm excited for what's in store moving forward since things are taking off!

What can everyone expect from the rest of 2022?

People can expect for “The Unhinged” and “Maybe Next Christmas” short films to be available to watch on streaming platforms later this year. We are also in the pitching stage for “The Unhinged” spin-off series, and the second pilot for my futuristic comedy series “Flip Flop” is in the final stages of post-production so we will begin pitching that soon as well. So expect good news for both of those series! We also have a couple feature films in development that people can expect some announcements on this year as we lock some things down. Lastly, I’m VERY excited to finally film my afrofuturistic short film “Lucid Love Dreams” this year! The project has been in development since 2020 and it is a dope ass story! I’m excited for the rest of 2022 & beyond. 064 | GÁBOR Magazine

Philaye photoed by: @Rudysretinas_ in Los Angeles, Ca 065 | GÁBOR Magazine

Films & Pilots by Philaye: 1.

"The Unhinged" short film (2021) Co-Written by, Executive Produced by, and Starring Philaye.


"Maybe Next Christmas" short film (2021) Directed and Executive Produced by Philaye.


"Flip Flop" Comedy Show Pilot (2019 & 2022) Created, Executive Produced, Co-written by & Starring Philaye.


"Black Sex & The City" (2018) Written, Directed, Produced by & Starring Philaye.

Every project has it‘s own different unique feeling to it. You’re getting something new each time and it gets better! The short films are in festive stage but have had premiere screenings. And they'll be released on steaming platforms for the public later in 2022

066 | GÁBOR Magazine

067 | GÁBOR Magazine


Marck Angel Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By:

069 | GÁBOR Magazine

You just dropped your highly anticipated album “SERAPHIM”! Do you feel it’s living up to your expectations? Yes! The response has been crazy! I mean, you never know. You work on something, you put your heart into it and it becomes “you”, it becomes your baby, and you just want everyone to like it, ya know? And when that happens it’s like it bridges that connection and you know you’ve reached people. And it’s a sense of “okay, okay, this is something special Marck… keep going!” I will say a few folks on the team were a little skeptical at first, probably because I’m a “Pop” artist, and we tend to lead with a certain loftiness. I don’t think they understood how I wanted to create a socially conscious album and make it completely danceable. And then on top of that make a film about it. But when they heard the demos of the album and saw some of the raw visuals… they gagged and were all in. And the response from the fans and the community have been awesome. It makes me cry sometimes, but in a good way of course!

How was the creative process working on the album? Long! But on purpose. I really took my time and allowed the piece to speak to me and it honestly created itself. It was a lot of pressure because everyone wanted it out three years ago. I mean, my last project, “AngelDust” was released in 2013,14 and it went bananas… and I toured and promoted it for like 3 years. So, yea… I purposefully took a break to actually live a little and just literally experience life in order to have something fresh and creative to write about. Technically, though, it took me about 3 years to create the project in regards to the album writing and the recording process, but overlapping that was also writing and shooting the film short, creating the choreography, and managing a cast and crew of 25 people! It was crazy and really difficult at times. And then… all in the midst of Covid. However, the true catalyst for the album’s concept was triggered by the Trayvon Martin verdict years ago. Something about that moment hit different. Earth… in particular America, has had a really turbulent cultural shift over the last 8 years or so. All the issues with race, LGBT issues, the environment, guns, political corruption… so many things just went bananas here. And I simply wanted to say something about it and ultimately ended up writing 30-40 songs… 14 making the actual album. So how did you get your start into the music industry? MySpace! I released my first music video for this song I wrote called “Game” on MySpace. It went “viral”, so to speak, cause remember at that time, if you got a 1000 views it was like going viral! And “Game” had like 15,000 views and it caught the attention of some A&R at Atlantic Records, no, they didn’t offer a deal, but they had this online voting contest or something, and “Game” got “Best Indie Video of the Year”. Long story short, a close friend of mine got wind of it and sent the video to Harmonica Sunbeam, a legendary drag performer in New York that had a weekly talent show at this popular club called Escuelita’s. She saw it and invited me on the show. I went and killed the performance. I know that story seems weird, but I say all that to say, that was the night “Marck Angel” became “professional”, because it was the first time I got paid as a performer! Who are some artist that inspired you? I love that question because it’s multi-layered. On one side, of course, immediately Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson all the way around. But vocally, I’ve always gravitated towards the great high tenors of our time… Michael, of course, anything from the Jackson’s. Tevin Campbell, Bobby & El Debarge, Smokey Robinson, Ralph Tresvant, Marvin Gaye, Ron Isley, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Maxwell. I sit and learn and study them all the time. How they use their voices tonally, what kind of runs they do, how they hit their “highs”, how they layer and harmonize their vocals.

They teach me. But the other side is, I’m also a writer and producer, so I’m also inspired heavily by the producers that produce my favorite artists. Jam & Lewis, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, HDH, Gamble & Huff, Timberland, Max Martin. But, I also love the symphony forefathers like Haydn to Beethoven, and Amadeus. All who would have been called the producers of that time. You can hear all their influence in “Seraphim”. I didn’t want to do an album full of two minute, 4 beat looped jingles… I wanted full productions with concept and intros, bridges, crescendos, breakdowns, beat switches, live instrumentation, horns, strings, the works. It’s important to me. Ok so we’ve heard there’s a short film that’s being released in support of the album! Care to give us the scoop? Yes! “Seraphim: A Short Love Story”. It comes out this summer in select theatres and digital platforms. It’s a musical short film that incorporates music videos from the album, all pulled together by acting scenes and a dramatic storyline. The story centers around the characters from my music video “Maybe”. Donta Hensley, reprises his role as my love interest. And Red, who I’ve worked with on my videos for almost 10 years, directed it. We’ve also used the other tracks from the album to score the film. I mean, I grew up being inspired by watching Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation 1814” short film, Michael’s “Moonwalker” movie, Prince’s “Graffiti Bridge” & “Purple Rain” visuals. And I love plays like “West Side Story” and “Romeo & Juliet”, and 90s Black romance dramas like “Love Jones” & “Jason’s Lyric”. You’ll feel all of those vibes in there. I grew up absorbing that stuff, so this is my way of hopefully giving proper homage to what I’ve learned, yet doing it the “Marck Angel” way. You are definitely on fire this year and the tour is about to go down! Are you excited to connect with your fans? Oh yes! Amen! We kick off the tour May 30th, Memorial Day weekend. I’m headlining DC Black Pride’s “Pride by the River” festival. We’re in the midst of reheasals now, and me and Meech, who assists me with choreography, have created a brand new show. It’s a completely high octane, high energy show from beginning to end! Me and the guys are really excited and can’t wait to get on the road. We plan to do DC, New York, LA, ATL and I think 15 dates all together in different cities. It’s gonna be crazy, but we’re so psyched! Social media has become the biggest thing on the planet for exposure! Do you think it helps or hinders the music industry? So funny, I actually wrote a song about it on “Seraphim” called “Showstopper”. It mirrors social media addiction to hard drug addiction. In regards to their destructive vices and fallacies. I’ll say that it does makes it more difficult to pierce through the non-substantive fluff. Things have become so saturated that getting an audience’s attention has become much more of a challenge. And as an artist I want to remain authentic and not submit to mindless, unclassy gimmicks to sell records. But the other side is, with social media my music is able to reach places across the planet. Fans in Africa and Indonesia and all over the world get to see and hear me at a click of a button. And, honestly it isn’t going anywhere, so folks have to stop complaining, and instead, evolve and adapt.

How do you feel about most people stating that they feel talent isn’t important anymore? They’re lying or they don’t have any. True talent breeds longevity. Anyone who has it authentically would never succumb to that philosophy. And I think we’ve seen proof of that, the random TikTok dancer created during Covid has no idea of what it takes to study and train and learn the art of dance. There’s still something to be said about putting in the work and the heart. Going viral is simply about quantity, not impact. Impact takes talent. Impact takes heart. 070 | GÁBOR Magazine

Do you ever feel discouraged by the way the game is played now? No way. I don’t think that way. My take is that every glass ceiling or obstacle or “no”, especially when I’ve done my best, is just getting me closer to figuring out a better way that’s the right way that will work for “me”, and in that… also a big “fuck you” to the asshole who told me “no”. I’ve had so many “no’s”, so many obstacles. This album was so hard to make and release. And I never once thought about giving up. That’s God. And what He has for me, nothing can take it away. And that includes “the game”.

Do you write your own songs? Yes, I do. Just like producing, I typically write my own songs as well. I’ve written since I was 10 and started producing my own tracks when I was 16. For me it’s something I’ve always done, I think a message is best delivered by the person who experienced it first hand, it provides a deeper connection to the listener with them knowing you’ve actually experienced what your singing about.

How is it working with your team? They are the best! They make me cry all the time from their support. Being indie, but also Black & Queer, we don’t have big budgets, yet. So most of their time and talents are given from their hearts. And I love them for it. They believe in me. And we’re a family… with all the craziness. But it’s love. What I will say most importantly is that it’s important for me to employ, commerce and barter within my community. Everyone that’s worked on this project from the PR to the dancers to the producers to the artists, to Red who directed the film short, even the promotional sponsors like Impulse DC and Black Gifted & Whole, are all Queer POCs ranging from pan, to trans, to non-binary. All different shades, sizes and ages. I feel if we aren’t working with each other and taking each other seriously, no one else will. We have to create our own standard. Who are some producers you worked with on the album? Well, I actually produced and engineered 11 of the 14 tracks! I’ve done that for about 90% of my music. But I’m very fortunate this time to have worked with 3 other amazing producers on the album. Swanny River, who I love! He’s a popular house and hip hop DJ out of New York. We’ve worked together for years. I worked on a track he produced a few years ago called “Earth Angel” which won an Out HipHop Award. For “Seraphim” he produced a pop-trap record called “Fvckboy”. We luckily were able to get Fly Young Red on that track! I’m excited about that one. I also worked with a close friend of mine, Brian “B-Dubs” Wilson who produced “Faded”, a track about the joys of 420. LOL. And there’s also Joshua “Jenkster” Jenkins, a DJ and producer from DC that I co-produced “Candid” with, which is a sexy slow jam on the record. I love that record cause it gives me Maxwell vibes.

Any last words? Yes! Please support my album and film and tour! And if you don’t, please find a way to support another out Black Queer artist! We need you! We make great music, we just need our community to come out and support us. “We” have to give each other agency. So yes, stream us, download us, request us at Prides and hetero festivals, show up and simply show love. And… thank you to everyone who has supported me and the project so far!

“That’s God. And what He has for me, nothing can take it away. And that includes “the game”.

071 | GÁBOR Magazine

Ty Mitch ton Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blay Photography By: Ty Mitch

072 | GÁBOR Magazine

How long have you been rapping?

I have been rapping since 2009 around the time Nicki Minaj rolled out “Beam Me Up Scotty”. I’m naturally a singer; “choir boy” they call it, but Nicki Minaj sparked a light and added a new way for me to express myself through music.

Where are you originally from and what was your upbringing like?

I am originally from New Jersey. I was in foster care until the age of three, That’s when my grandmother knew she had a grandson and she took me in, raised me in the church, gave me security, safety and love.

That’s what’s up! So was it rough in Jersey outside of your grandmother’s house?

No I was pretty much sheltered from a lot of stuff musically, some R&B/Hip-Hop classics till this day I still don’t know the words to. I would consider myself a late bloomer although many years later I thought the sheltering was to avoid my sexuality but Mitchie maturity has taught me that it was to keep me safe and out of harms way.

When did you know you were different based on your sexuality? When I was in middle school I dated a Boxer‘s daughter who was extremely aggressive. When in High School I dated a Police Officer’s daughter who also was extremely aggressive. I loved the aggressiveness but sexually was not interested it was only in later years of High School I said “Oh shit you’re gay”.

Have you had good experiences after knowing you were gay?

All of my experiences after knowing my sexuality have been good because being true to yourself is the only way to help your happiness blossom but one experience took me for a loop and kind of depressed me for a minute. I found out that I had a brother and in my sophomore year of High School I met him and the first question he asked me was “Are you gay because I’m not doing this anymore”? I first asked him “Who are you I don’t even know you”? and then asked him why he said “because I’m not doing this anymore”, come to find out his foster parents were gay so he wanted nothing to do with them, me or our late mother.

Wow that’s crazy! So to switch to a lighter note where did you get your sense of style?

I have no idea, it took me a while to tap into the way I now express myself through clothes. I never really thought I was sexy growing up but as I got older and bloomed and got out more networking, partying, fucking I said “Damn, You’re a bad bitch so you got to look like one”. Picture this, if there is a room full of people in sweats and you come in with a three-piece suit everybody in the room wants to know who the fuck is that. I go by two core rules nobody will have what I have on in the party and if you look like a celebrity then they’ll treat you like one. In addition ladies good dick will make you dress down so get you some.

How’s your love life lately?

Love… in this industry love comes later. The beginning stages of music artistry can be vacant of personal activities when it comes to entertaining another human being. You have to be constantly devoted and focused on your craft, vision and purpose. Now that I think about it that’s why none of my past relationships have worked because I was more focused on them than my craft and my craft made me happy but I was making them happy and me being separated from my craft made me unhappy. Self happiness is first if you do not have self happiness there is no way you can give happiness to someone else

So you’ve been dropping freestyles and remixes for a while. You also have dropped projects! Where are the music videos?

Everybody has their own artistic journey and for me I wanted people to respect me as a lyricist before a sexual item so that’s why the videos haven’t been produced in addition I also have been doing everything alone and so finding organic talent and help for videography has been a hiccup. I do have a single that I want a video to and when I do get into the right relationship with a videographer my videos from there are going to give.

Ok so we know you’re in Jersey and we also know that the LGBTQ Management/Record company Pynk Gorilla Entertainment is in New York. Have you ever considered working with them?

Yes, we have had talks of me working with them and producing some videos but timing is everything and you can’t force the universe to do something in your time it will all work out in the end This is a process that I’m not throwing in the microwave.

So who are some of your inspirations? Anybody who is brave enough to put their feelings and experiences into artistic form to be critiqued, ridiculed, dismissed and defamed is an inspiration of mine. So what can we expect from you this year? New music, videos, photos and outfits! Your always going to get MITCHYCON!

Any last words?

My “Eye Candy Of The Month” spread is going to carry… OK bye! Mwahhh!

“Anybody who is brave enough to put their feelings and experiences into artistic form to be critiqued ridiculed dismissed and defamed is an inspiration of mine”.

073 | GÁBOR Magazine

I1Kendal Words By: Ke’Vea. S. Blayton Photography By: @killumantii

074 | GÁBOR Magazine

Where are you from?

I’m from East St. Louis, Illinois.

Have you always been someone that’s been into music heavy? Yes, since I was 13 years old.

You are a well known person on social media! How did that come about?

Yes i’m very well know all over social media. It all started when I got off of work and sat in the car right before I had to go to school and I wrote my very first freestyle. I spent hours recording it, messing up my flows and bars! I was to the point where I was like you know what forget it! I tried one last time and did it perfectly after that I posted it on YouTube. It got over 100k views within 24hours! After that I kept going, I created an instagram account and from YouTube all support came to my instagram.

You have a very “in your face” type of image! Do you think that sets you apart or will hold you back? Yes I am the definition of “in your face”! You have no choice but to see me! When I walk in a room all eyes are on me rather I’m dressed up or dressed down, wig or fresh cut I feel this helps my career alot because I’m just different. Rather it’s men complementing my hairline or women complementing my wigs and makeup it’s all good. It definitely sets me apart from everybody else due to the fact I’m self taught when it comes to makeup, hair and clothes I do it all so if I want to be barbie I can make it happen or If i want to be ken I can also make it happen.

Who would you say you look up too in the industry? I definitely look up to Asian Doll and Nicki Minaj. I love a lot of other artist but that’s who I look up to.

Feminine gay rappers are the one who get the most attention! What’s your take on the fem vs masc aesthetic?

I feel like both gets attention due to the fact I do both. I try to switch it up sometimes but most females love someone who can do both. I don’t know why but I noticed that it does something to them. I love being fem but most days I don’t look it and I get the most complimenting. Some are rude but I know they have good intentions.

Do you feel it’s important to write your own rhymes? Yes! I’ve looked up to Nicki Minaj for so long she makes me feel like we have to write our own music or we will get over looked. It’s more of a respect thing for me in HipHop maybe if you’re a singer “ok” but I feel a rapper should always write their own music. How’s your relationship with Gutta K?

Everything is good thats my sissypop I hope to see her soon.

Can we see you doing anything reality tv like soon? Funny you asked me, yes coming soon.

What more can we expect from you this you this year? You can definitely expect to see more music and videos from me. You can also expect different looks and different iconic sounds. xoxo DOLL.

“I’ve looked up to Nicki Minaj for so long she makes me feel like we have to write our own music or we will get over looked.“ 075 | GÁBOR Magazine

Billiam B Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Axmmxa

076 | GÁBOR Magazine

How did you get into making music? Music has always been a big part of my life! My father played the Congos in a gogo band with Chuck Brown, a DC legend when I was growing up. So I was always around music and night life going to the clubs as a kid on my moms hip. But it was really when I was in college and I realize how much I hated it and how much I wanted to pursue entertainment and there was no degree I needed for that so ever since then I’ve been chasing this dream. I moved from atl back to DC for a bit to come up with a game plan to get to New York and moved to New York with $1200 and I had been there for seven years living the New York City dream but not having any luck struggling financially and not having any money to pursue music the way I really wanted to, So I move back to Dc 2 years ago really locked in dedicated all my time energy to getting my self heard just tryna grind and here we are today. How did you survive in NYC for all of those years ? GOD! Ok, I hustled my ass off! I worked in the beauty industry as a freelance makeup artist with Chanel all over the city Saks fifth Avenue, the Soho Atelier, Roosevelt Field Mall, I’d be in Long Island at Macy’s on 34th street to name a few spots I also was an account executive for the brand FOREO So I would go in Sephora and ulta and train their beauty advisors on our product give them coaching for the stores, Also make sure we’re hitting our sales goals. I also freelance for YSL cosmetics for a bit. When it was good it was good but when it was bad it was bad in between jobs I would buy, sell and Trade clothes at places like beacons closet I will go to the thrift store where you can buy clothes by the pound and because I used to work at Beacons Closet I knew what they were looking for so I would go get all the shit I knew they’d buy and resell it at the store. I was hitting licks and used to work at Saks! I used to wear clothes out of there and sell them to my homeboys. I use to have a girl come into Beacons Closet with bags of miscellaneous shit and make sure that I got them at the buying counter and fill out their vouchers and have them cash them out and meet me outside and her and I would split it even! I was wilding but I wasn’t gonna go without. Wow that’s a story. So your style is very much hot as hell! Where do it come from? Awww thanks I appreciate that! Fashion is my first passion growing up in the DMV we used to have what was called a Catwalk Classic and teens count they were fashion show competitions where the high schools in the area would battle against each other and you were judged on things like style , walk , originality, theme, stuff like that choreography. The high school I attended was Frederick Douglass high school and we were the best at it so I was always a fashion show coordinator. I would help the girls with their runway walks but my friends Corin and Tyler and I really put the whole entire fashion show together and when it came down to getting wardrobe we would always shop at a thrift store. so I learned style from thrifting, learning how to play with patterns, learning how to put what fabrics with what, and what colors compliment each other it really created a space for me to play with fashion and be who I wanted to be when I got dressed up. I love the expensive Italian designers and the finer things but take me to a thrift store any And I will come out looking like 1 million damn dollars!

How you feel about the wave that the LGBTQ artist are paving right now? I absolutely love it! I mean it’s to the point where it’s everywhere you look and I feel like we’re on the brink of a whole new genre of music that’s my goal. To really create our own lane our own sub genre of hiphop where we are free to do us and tell our stories. It’s time, I think the world is ready I see a lot of guys out here with potential and I think that if we all just continue to support each other and music as long as we have outlets like you Gabor magazine, places like OTA in New York to perform and be ourselves we can break the mold. Now I do feel like because The game has been waiting for this lane to open they are accepting anything and I don’t like that. Because I love hip-hop I have studied the grades I sit and take my time and write thoughtful lyrics and I want to rap with the best of the best and I don’t want people to start to categorize gay rappers as gimmicky or “type cast” is assuming we are all like just Saucy Santana cause that’s not the case it’s niggas out here really pushing they pens, rapping! You recently put out the single & video for “100 Barz”! How did that come about? How it came about I wrote “100 Barz” on the airplane back from Jamaica it was a freestyle and I only had maybe the first 4 or 5 stanzas and I did something I never do which is go to the studio without the song completely finished and I just went in and I vibed. I didn’t think about it too much and for Christmas my boyfriend now fiancée gave me a VHS tape with a Videographer‘s contact information and said “This is who is gonna do your video and all you gotta do is pick a date.” So “100 Barz” was really a Christmas gift.

So you’re engaged? Do you feel love in Hip-Hop is real?

077 | GÁBOR Magazine

Oh absolutely! I think there’s love in everything if you allow it space to be there. Because of my fiancé I am able to go so hard after my dream and he goes hard for my music like it’s his own so there’s definitely love in hip-hop.

So when are you planning to drop an official project ? It’s so funny that you ask that because I was just having a conversation with a friend and I was saying how I feel like I just dropped an album. This summer I will Be dropping my project and I’m super excited about it! I can’t wait to show what I’ve been working so diligently on to the ppl.. give em something new and fresh. So have you ever had help writing your raps? NO. I help other write their raps. I pride myself of being able to write all of my own music however sometimes I do struggle with coming up with catchy hooks or choruses so at some point I would like to work with people like Esther Dean,Missy Elliott, and Chris brown on some catchy stuff.

So have you experienced any bullshit along your way while doing music? Where do you wanna begin ? Yeah but it’s part of the game it comes with the territory my biggest advice is to always have your paperwork tight. Keep your team a tight bunch full of people who wanna do the work to see you win with everything you do. Keep a paper trail because people in this business do alot of talking, i’ve had engineers hold my music hostage, wild crazy shit but it adds character so it’s nothing I can’t handle. Do you ever feel you can’t trust people in the industry? You have to trust people as far as you can see them. In general in life I don’t put anything past anyone but you gotta really find out what peoples intentions are and just know everybody wants something to a degree. What more can we expect from you this year? The unexpected! You can expect consistency, you can expect authenticity, you can’t expect nothing but the best from me because I only perform at 1000%. I will only give my tribe what they give me and the best of them. 100 bars has set the bar so high that I look forward to topping that performance with my next single which you’ll be getting on my birthday shhhh don’t tell anyone! Any last words? I definitely want to say thank you so much to Gabor magazine for this opportunity to share a little bit about myself, my music and 100 Barz I’m super honored. To all of the gay artists like myself with a dream reading this just know that our time is now!!! And thee only thing that can stop us is us!

“You can’t expect nothing but the best from me because I only perform at 1000%”. 078 | GÁBOR Magazine



JayLing, Queen Machet, Noel Niks, Justin Wes and Isaiah Burden. 079 | GÁBOR Magazine

Kalontae Anderson Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By:@Isettrendsx

080 | GÁBOR Magazine

Kalontae Anderson is one of those artist that you gotta watch! You never know what’s coming and his hard work definitely shows throughout his efforts. We got to chat with him a little bit about a couple things! How did you get involved in rap?

The honest truth is I went to jail in 2018, so when I was in jail we used to have rap battles for commissary.

That gotta be some funny shit to see! Did you lose sometimes ?

Yes at first but I found my voice really quickly.

What did you get locked up for ? Next question love.

So you dropped the single “Tik Tok”. Did it do what you expected ?

Surprisingly my single “TIKTOK” did more than what I was expecting.

Care to go in depth?

My single “TikTok” is doing better than my EP “Cold Boy Winter” I recently dropped this month in March but I am excited because I haven’t dropped a song in five months so I know my fans was waiting for it.

So sometimes it’s extremely hard for independent artist but now we’re in a era where social media can be a blessing or curse! Do you feel it’s helped you a lot? Yes it helps me because I can be able to have my music heard across the world.

So you mention that the single “TikTok” is doing better than the EP! Do you feel like the EP isn’t living up to what your expectations were? Yeah, I just feel like it wasn’t giving what it needed being my first EP but as a new artist I know I have the potential to be versatile & I’m going to prove that to my fans.

So how’s the LGBTQ rap scene in Ohio where you’re from?

It’s a drought over here I don’t hear nobody making no noise.

Ok, now we do know you have a special relationship with a certain LGBTQ rapper that is none other than Bammie. How’s it being with another artist? Next question love.

Any last words?

I will be dropping a Music video for “TikTok” pretty soon I really want to say thank you so much for including me to your magazine I really appreciate it.

Photography by: @kriss_the_enigma

”The honest truth is I went to jail in 2018, so when I was in jail we used to have rap battles for commissary”.

081 | GÁBOR Magazine

Ty Valentino Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Vontoussaint

082 | GÁBOR Magazine

THE RICH AUNTIE Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Vontoussaint

How had everything been since dropping “The Rich Auntie”? Life Has Been Very Busy. From Video Shoots, To Features, To Interviews Plus A Full Work Schedule. I’ve Been Managing It But It Takes A Lot To Present “Ty Valentino” To The World.

I Love Chad! Working on the “Keep It Cute” was a great experience. It was my first big production for a video & Chad made sure I was comfortable. The Video came out amazing. His Accent Gives Me Life.

You’ve been having a ball as we can see! Tell us how it was filming “Real life & Philanthropy” was it a good move? Filming “Real Life” Has Been A Rollercoaster Of Emotions. When I Originally Signed On I Didn’t Know What To Expect But With The Season Over With And Now Airing, I’m Just Happy For Experience & For The Fans I’ve Gained. Yes It Was A Great Move. To Be Seen & Reach People You Haven’t Before Is Always A Great Move For A Artist.

Do you feel you are an underrated artist? No I Don’t. I Feel Like I’m still A New Artist. I believe my reach is growing daily. I Love slow climb. I’m a Pot roast not a TV Dinner.

We saw you worked with Chad Bailey on your video for “Keep It Cute”! What was the experience like?

How was it making “Play Me Again”? Long! The Version of the song that’s available for streaming now is the 5th version of the original song. Verse Changes. Adding Artist. Taking Off Artist. So Many Recording Sessions. But I’m So Proud if the finish Product. I Love My “PMA” Brothers. Do you think people are gravitating towards the Ty Valentino brand?

083 | GÁBOR Magazine

Yes! Everyday I Get A New Opportunity & I can only thank God For That. We saw cast members on your show try to out you for doing sex work! What’s your take on that ? I felt it was so poorly done. In my music I already discussed my past. Refer To “Pay Me” (2020) or “Keep It Cute” (2021). But I understood that the girls needed a storyline. I’m just glad I was a topic cause it’s so easy to get lost in this world. Everyone Has A Pass.

How was your upbringing ? Great. I grew up the only child. My Parents have been together since 1994. I was born in 1996. Being gay, black, and coming from the “hood” my life has been a full out movie but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I Love my parents for allowing me to be street & book educated. Are you feeling where the LGBTQ artist are headed right now? I’m so happy we are being seen. I love the expressions and freedom we possess now. We headed to the top. So do you think that it was time for a gay rap magazine publication? Yes, Definitely. I Think It’s wild that it took this long but in the day and age we in it makes perfect sense. I know it was needed.

What can we expect from you the rest of the year? Visuals. Performances. Features. With The Guidance of My New Manager (Jeremy Jaeger) nothing is off limits. Auntie Ain’t going no where anytime soon. I’m ready to give the world all of my artistry. Plus More Reality. Any last words for the people? In a sea of lost hoes, Remember you’re a valuable tight hole. Keep It Cute, Sis.

084 | GÁBOR Magazine

Lawrence D.

Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Sean.Vito

085 | GÁBOR Magazine

Where are you from for people who don’t know? I was born and raised in the heart of Nashville, TN.

How did you get your start in music? I got my start in music and singing in church and an after school music program called W.O. Smith where I studied voice at a young age. From there I did productions with the Nashville Opera and other musical theater outlets.

Who would you say are your musical inspirations? My biggest inspiration is Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross, Jade Novah, The Weeknd, and Sam smith. These artist and vocalist really have impacted me and the way I express not only my artistry but also who I am as a person.

You put your single last year titled “This Feeling” how did the song come about? “This Feeling” came about in the studio with my producer and three of my friends. We were going through some tracks and we stumbled upon a track that he produced. I instantly started singing the hook and I knew right then this was gonna be the song that I wanted everybody to hear. It was truly electrifying and it reminded me of old 80’s movies I used to watch with my parents. So I wanted to write a song that reflected that.

Do you write your own music? Yes I do. I write my music. Sometimes, I also do co-writes with my close friends who are also artist when I have writers block in the middle of me writing the song, but mostly yes Im writing my own music.

Are you currently working any new material for this year? Yes I am. I am currently in the studio multiple times a week writing a recording like crazy working on my debut album and I cant wait for everyone one to hear.

Who are some other artist you are looking to work with? Honestly to tell you the truth the only artist I would love to collaborate with is Jade Novah. I love her sound, her music, comedy and her whole vibe is just amazing and genuine. She’s definitely one of my strongest inspirations. I would love to work with her one day.

Any last words?

Who do people mostly compare you to when they hear you sing?

Love your self first and always love what you do. “

I get compared to The Weeknd and Sam Smith a lot . I

You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as

take it as a compliment. I think that’s a good mash up.

Will we be getting music videos from you? Yes someday everybody will see a more visual side of me. Right now I just wanna release dope music and Im ok with that for now.

Do you work with a team or everything is solo? Everything right now is really me at the moment. I do everything purely independently.

You have a single called “Wanna Be” with 219AM! How did y’all get together for that? Wanna Be came about literally from me just listening to different beats. I found a beat that I liked from the producer Def Starz. I came up with the hook and wanted to tell a story about not being committal and not keeping up with your word. Whether it’s in relationships or in your own personal life with goals and dreams that you have. I wrote this song with my friends Ian Osborne, Bella Nop , Corey T. and 2:19am who is a feature on the single.

well take a chance on doing what you love” Jim Carrey.

“I get compared to The Weeknd and Sam Smith a lot. I take it as a compliment. I think that’s a good mash up.”

What all can we truly expect from you before 2022 is over? What you can expect from Lawrence D. Is more music, more content, consistency and more art.

086 | GÁBOR Magazine

Hommeboy Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton photography: @Fernando_decillis

087 | GÁBOR Magazine

What would you say was the reason you wanted to become a musician? Music has always been my heart and biggest passion. I’ve been rapping and writing my own songs since I was 8 years old- wrote my first whole song with three verses and a mean hook and chorus. Fast forward 20 years later, and I’m 10,000 hours in and counting. And I play the guitar and piano now, too. I grew up seeing my dad write every day because he is also a songwriter and rapper. Go back one more generation, and my grandfather was the lead vocalist and guitar player in a rhythm and blues band (that actually went on tour). So, it was always in my blood to write and entertain. I always loved music, and I always loved school. English / Language Arts was my favorite subject, and I loved learning new words and mastering wordplay. I used to rap on the morning announcements in elementary school. I was known for it by my teachers and peers. I was even in a viral video in high school that paid for part of my college dorm (at Georgia State University). But I realized at a really young age that I can use my smarts and my music to change the world and make an impact.

How did you go about developing your image?

I think developing my image came with just getting to know myself. Being fully comfortable in my skin, in my style, and in my vibe. My image is just me and a reflection of my environment. Growing up in Atlanta - a boiling hub of culture and beautiful, electric and eclectic blackness and queerness - was really icing on the cake for my dreams of pursuing music and being my most realized version of myself. I also grew up around all kinds of people, which influenced the music I listened to and absorbed. My style and sound has always been “alternative” though.

You were featured in Atlanta Magazine! Tell us about that?

It was cool to put on for my city in that way. I love Atlanta. It was one of the first issues where they were highlighting local artists and in full color. I wore this vintage Coca-Cola crop top sweater, some red Adidas pants, and my ex’s flame biker boots. And it was in print so that was dope! I picked up a copy of the magazine at Whole Foods, and it was surreal to see it in person. My favorite magazine I’ve been in was Neu Neu Mag - a black-owned publication based in NYC. They were the first to believe in me and put me in a print magazine. Azealia Banks and Caleb McLaughlin (from Stranger Things) were the cover stars of that issue.

You have a video that you dropped titled “This One” which gives a very much so historic type of vibe! How was the creative process?

Yes! “This One” is the first video single from my upcoming EP, “Era of Good Feelings”. The process of creating the music was very intuitive. you The song is only a minute and thirty seconds, so it's a good appetizer for what’s to come. But I always see and hear more than just the music when creating projects, so my EP “Era of Good Feelings” is a concept album and a whole short film. Every song will have a video, and I’m creating a whole universe around the project. To know where you’re going you must know where you come from, right? So, for “This One” I traveled back to the ‘70s, from my costuming to set design. We even shot the video on the same street as MLK Jr.’s birth house in Atlanta. And my first single from the project, “What We Want (WWW)” came out last year, and it’s a 90’s punk vibe. We’re working on the video for that one now. And the videos for the rest of the music is still in the works and being painted and breathed to life as we speak. But I don’t want to give away too many secrets just yet. But in short, I am the past, present, and the future. And we’ve always been here. There’s also a mental health initiative tied in, so I’m excited to peel back all of the layers of this project and see it all come into full fruition.

Do you feel it’s hard for you as an independent artist to get far these days?

I don’t. I feel that we have the least challenges of any era of artists. It’s the best time to be one. I mean, we have the Internet. We have all the resources, and access to every song that was ever made before us. Record labels are truly just the glue that connects the music to the people, but if you make enough noise - you can do that on your own. And we’re seeing it all happen live with some of the biggest stars in the world. I am proudly independent. No labels, just love. I am very much an underdog right now, but I’m focused on longevity more than the instamoment so only time can tell those things.

How was your upbringing ?

I had a very happy childhood. I have a very supportive family. I’m really close with my parents, and I have an older sister too, so that was always fun. I loved being the spoiled little brother. My family moved us from New Jersey to metro-Atlanta when I was in Kindergarten. I grew up in the suburbs around all kinds of people. I always loved books and school. I played basketball when I was younger because I felt like I had to, until I realized I like art and music way more than sports. My dad was a rapper too, so growing up, I always saw him writing. He would play everything from Madonna to Krs-One around me, and that definitely influenced me.

How would you describe your fanbase? Do you cater to all crowds? My fanbase looks like all my homies. They are reflections of me. The army is small and mighty, but everything is growing really organically - and I love that. I make music for all people. Gay, straight, black folk, white folk, trans folk, yellow, blue. The Christian and the atheist. The elderly and the young folk. Songs for women. Songs for men. I genuinely love people, so I’m excited to see the base keep building and meet all the homies around the world. I feel like the world needs a Hommeboy right now.

Do you feel like talent is being overlooked these days for bullshit? Hmm. I don’t think so. I feel like everything is happening organically and in divine timing. I am very much an underdog, but I’m focused on longevity more than the insta-moment so that has been challenging because only time can tell those things. Really, it’s just quality control. There’s so many distractions. With everything being so Tik-Tok viral, and insta-focused it seems like the art of music can be lost. But, I think it’s about having a tunnel vision on your personal goals and bigger vision. We are what we think, eat, and speak. We are as big as we think we are. Madonna used to walk around before she was famous telling everyone she met that she was going to be the biggest artist in the world one day. The universe will find the greats and give them the platform. But either way, it’s all fun and exciting right now, and I’m grateful to be a tiny piece of it all, contributing my voice.

What do you feel sets you apart from other artist that’s grinding just as hard?

What sets me apart is that I’m not grinding. I’m flowing. I’m attracting. I work very hard, yes. But I am favored. I have praying parents and grandparents. And I’m a born star. This is written in the stars, and it’s just a matter of time. We all have and a calling here, and this is mine. Oh, and I also have the same birthday as Rihanna and Kurt Cobain, so there’s that too. But above all, I want people to feel like they have a homie, a friend, in me. I want to take a second to encourage all artists to prioritize their mental health above all things. There’s a lot going on in the world, and artists are so empathic that we have to protect our energy and peace, and learn to transmute pain into something beautiful, good, and true to share with the world. I’m challenging myself to do so with the “Era of Good Feelings”.

What more can we expect from you this year?

More videos. More music. More energy. More love. I want to be a household name this decade, so this is just the beginning.

088 | GÁBOR Magazine

Hommeboy photoed by professional photographer Fernando Decillis

089 | GÁBOR Magazine



090 | GÁBOR Magazine

DRINKS 2 GET LIT! Words by: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @mrshamoozoo

Thurzday began bartending at 22 and now at 24 years old he’s on his way to an empire! Drinks aren’t sold separately but are included in Thurzday‘s VIP packages! Thurzday says he started his own business because of how competitive the bartending scene is. He graduated from ABC Bartending School in Atlanta and since nobody would hire him due to experience he began his own company which grants him the pleasure in booking himself at his own sold out events.

”SINCE IT WAS REALLY HARD TO GET A JOB BARTENDING WITH NO EXPERIENCE I HAD TO DO MY OWN THING.” Bartending brings joy because he loves to make people feel good! A person having good energy is always a plus for any environment where guest are having fun, enjoying a drink of his and everything is flowing positive. “I want people to feel like I feel! I always feel like a VIP. I want them to feel fabulous, I want them to feel glamorous and know that all the bad bitches in the room is having a good time.”

091 | GÁBOR Magazine


The Fountain Of Youth Secret recipe.


Sex In The City Vodka, Cucumber, Strawberry and Lemon.


Material Girl Tequila, Rum, Sour Apple, Pineapple and Lime.

092 | GÁBOR Magazine

Thurzday photoed by photographer @mrshamoozoo at one of his events serving his guest which included rapper Noel Niks, Chasing ATL cast members Dominique Reedy and Troy plus many others.

093 | GÁBOR Magazine

Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: Kalontae Anderson

094 | GÁBOR Magazine

UNEXPECTED: Album May 13th 2022




ammie has come a super long way since his debut in music a few years back! We got into his debut album and listened to every track that was presented. We will start by saying that the production was great and the quality was amazing. The track “Big B” ft. JayLing was insane and incredibly fire. Both artist brought their A-Game for the collab. The 2nd track on the album “Ain’t One” is another single that we liked by Bammie when it was first released. The punchlines was on point and we give him that voice! The rap voice is a keeper. Now “BBM” with Queen Machet & Noel Niks is a solid ass track for people who like that ratchet club banging type of music that get lit! Noel’s comedic behavior in the intro set the tone and Machet slid all over the beat as of life depended on it! The rent was motherfucking due! “Body” was the sensual love song of the album that was Ciara “Body Party” sampled while “Cupid’s Revenge” feat Justin Wes we wasn’t really feeling so much. The hook threw the whole song off. “All Night” the SWV inspired track the verses were good but this was another where the hook could’ve been better. We think Bammie should’ve sung the hook and it would’ve popped even more but nontheless we liked it. The last three tracks of the project “Hold Me”, “Bad Dream” and “Game Over” was the perfect tracks to end the project! The messages in them all was so good! We feel the guard came down for real and it was just raw in all of them. 095 | GÁBOR Magazine

Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: R.E.D.

096 | GÁBOR Magazine

SERAPHIM: Album February 22nd 2022




arck Angel is one artist we see as someone who should’ve been popped a long time ago. Marck has been on the grind for years tearing it up with his thought out music so his latest album ”Seraphim” was one we just had to check out and review! The intro track “Up” straight out the gate we got the great Michael Jackson vibes! Y’all this not a damn lie at all because if y’all listen to that shit it’s like you’re listening to Michael Jackson. The voice and the song are like super MJ vibes! A fire ass track at that! We played the whole album out in its entirety! There was not one skip! Marck touched on damn near so many topics on each song that it’s a shame this shit ain’t Grammy Nominated! This Pop/R&B album is fucking incredible! The features that he has on each record all complimented the track in a great way and they all fit the songs that they were apart of. We can say nothing on this album sounded out of place or like it shouldn’t have been there. The songwriting was really good as well. The messages that were being said all had strong meanings behind them and validated a lot that’s going on in the world right now. Michael Jackson would be very proud of this album! It was like a fucking masterpiece and we truly think this project should be getting way more attention than it’s already getting. Marck did his fucking thing on this and it’s a complete, amazing body of work. The 14 track LP is one that we can put down in not only LGBTQ history but the world. Someone huge needs to take notice of this fucking project cause it damn deserves a huge push but knowing the topics that was touched on would probably be too conscious for most taste. 097 | GÁBOR Magazine

Words By: Ke’Vea S. Blayton Photography By: @Thatgirlcece_ Edited By: Dreshon

098 | GÁBOR Magazine


April 26th 2022




reshon has been hustling in this scene for a minute and doing everything he gotta fucking do to get to where he knows he truly belong in the industry! This project we dove into and began to

listen and right off the bat we were feeling the opening track “ I’m That One”. You always wanna start your projects off with a strong opener to get everyone’s attention. The next 3 tracks “Issa Bop”, “Wildin Out” and “Baby Mama Coochie” in our opinion all sound the same and the flow don’t really change. We would say that those mid compared to the opening track. As we got deeper into the 14 track LP we soon found overselves not skipping anything. Every single track after “Baby Mama Coochie” was most certainly fire. The features were all by great artist some very lyrical and some that’s underrated to a fault. Our faves from this project would be “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” , “Don’t Stop Don’t Miss” featuring Jaye Hitz, “The Rules Are Simple” and definitely “Back The Fuck Up (Freestyle)! We do think the others were great but those are the ones towards the end that Dreshon really shined and got down on in our opinion and that’s how we saw it.

099 | GÁBOR Magazine

Photographer: Ian Tyrone Stephens | @ianosphotography Creative Director : Chad Bailey | @iamchadbailey Designer : Gunner Doyle | @eyemjustgunna Assistant: Primo Oricci | @primo_ballerino

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