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Horse Show Month Meet Lindsay also: horsin' around, overheard, keswick scene, travel, only in keswick and much more

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hese rolling hills and lush, sprawling vistas, already home to the renowned Keswick Hall and Golf Club, provide a remarkably picturesque setting for the Keswick Estate. Steeped in fascinating history and nestled in the foothills of Virginia’s fabled Blue Ridge Mountains, our real estate offers the opportunity to turn your vacation into a lifestyle and fully enjoy all the Charlottesville region have to offer. Keswick Estate, with only 121 homes and home sites behind its gates, provides the opportunity to live the resort life all year long. Home sites range from two to six acres and are presented for purchase in limited offerings. A theme of classic architectural design, guided by the Design Review Board, pervades the Estate. There is a site for everyone, including those inspired by golf views, lakefront access, and wooded tranquility. Purchasers are encouraged to select their own architect to design the perfect home for their lifestyles and one that will enhance the fabric of the Estate. Located just five miles from Martha Jefferson Hospital, ten miles from the University of Virginia, and less than forty-five minutes from the high end shopping district of Short Pump outside of Richmond, Keswick Estate provides all of the convenience you could ever need with all of the privacy and security of a proper country estate.

Murdoch Matheson


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APRIL 2017


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“Dressing Downton:

Send a “Letter :ottodrthe aehEditor” revO ruof oyKeswick ro efiL kLife ciwsor eKyour fo ”rOverheard otidE eht otto: retteL“ a dneS Keswick Life,7PO 492Box 2 AV32, ,kcKeswick, iwseK ,23VA xoB 22947 OP ,efiL kciwseK or email to: moc.lCharles iamg@efilkcThacher iwsek :ot liaand me ro wife

moved to Keswick in Changing Fashion for Ann Changing Times” 2008 from New York, to be

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near their kids and (now) four grandchildren. He has been an avid fly fisher for the over hit 35 PBS seri Featuring costumes and accessories from years, traveling extensively, at the Virginia Historical Society primarily in pursuit of wily trout. Along with two other anglers, Charlie was a foundhe Virginia Society is pleased to announce that Altria Group er Historical of the Anglers Club of Charlottesville, which aboutthe 65 august members. He is“Dressing a memberDownton: of agreed tohas sponsor VHS’s newest exhibit, Chan the Anglers Club of New York and the Paris Fario Fashion for Changing Times.” Club, and writes regularly for the New York Club’s journal and Classic Angling, a British magazine. The nationally touring exhibit will run from October 2015 through January 2016 Also, he has compiled and published a bibliograwill be shown in the newlybooks. created changing exhibition space, one of the pr phyVHS’s of angling goals of its $38-million “Story of Virginia Campaign.” Suzanne Nash, raised in Lynchburg Virginia, graduatThe exhibition consists of 35 costumes and accessories from the popular ed from Wake Forest UniverMASTERPIECE Classic program. Visitors able to explore the lives of Down sity will and be immediately moved aristocratic inhabitants and their servants during the World War to I period. to Charlottesville, Virginia pursue all sorts of things, inin insurance, “Altria has a long history of supportcluding for the working arts,” said Jack Nelson, Executive marketing and television. The President and Chief Technology Officer, Altria Group, and Board Vice Chairm mother of two teenagers is Virginia Historical Society. “And wecurrently are pleased support theofVirginia Histo the to manufacturer Society as it brings traveling like ‘Dressing Downton’ a lingerie andexhibitions swimsuit design company, the direc-to our hometo This exhibition will a great draw for residents and visitors alike.” tor be of education at Grace Episcopal Church and enjoys freelance writing and theatre in her free time.


“We are excited to have Altria Group sponsor this nationally exhibitio Tony Vanderwarker, raisedtouring in Downton Abbey costumes,” said PaulNew Levengood, and CEO of the Virg England,President spent a couple years at Yale andconnections then servedto Downton Ab Historical Society. “There are many real-life American two years in to thebring Peace Corps and this exhibition complements the VHS mission our history to life. Du where he got bitten both by the late 19th century, and right up to the outbreak of World War I, hundreds of Amer tsetse flies and the writing women visited England and Europe hoping to marry aristocrats. The series chara bug. He went to film school Lady Cora, the Countess of Grantham one such woman.” atisNYU and American made documentaries and a full length film which didn’t sell so he part de- of the $38-mi The exhibition and the two major exhibitions that follow it are cided to try shorter films and went into advertis“Story of Virginia Campaign,” of which more than $31 million has been raised. ing. Fifteen years later, he had his own ad agency in Chicago where he did “Be Like Mike” for Ga“The Story of Virginia designed to help theout, VHSTony better utilize port torade.Campaign” When his is partners bought him of its existing facility. allowtofor thefull display eventook more of the Soci finallyThis had will a chance write time. of It only him fifteen more to finally getand a book pubcollections as well as hosting moreyears and larger events exhibitions. lished. “Who cares?” Tony says, “some writers hit fast, will others take “The longer. just glad200 myyears of Amer Future changingpaydirt exhibitions include ArtI’m of Seating: time has come.” visit www.tonyvanderwarker. Design,” which will feature works by John Henry Belter, George Hunzinger, H com Brothers, Stickley Brothers, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles & Ray Eames, Isamu Nog Mary Morony author of the and Frank Gehry and many more. novel Apron Strings is a Charlottesville native and long “Pro Football Hall of Fame: Gridiron another upcoming VHS chan timeGlory,” resident of Keswick. children adultexhibition, will highlight such storiedRaising objectsfour as the Superto Bowl trophy, a 1917 g hood and her unique perspecball used by Jim Thorpe and the Canton Bulldogs, Tom Dempsey’s famous kic tive on lifejersey, has given her lots shoe created for his half foot, Mean Joe Greene’s and more than 200 other i of food for thought. She now from the sport’s rich history, normally the in ProOrange Football Hall of Fa liveshoused on a at farm Admission to each of these special exhibitions is freeher for Virginia County with husband Historical So members. Ralph Morony, three dogs, two guineas and no cat. Check out Mary’s blog at

or email to: The Altria Group sponsorship of “Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Ti Life,your PO Box 32, Keswick, VA 22947Life and our WeKeswick welcome pitches to Keswick is part of a $250,000 total commitment that also includes support for the installation of a Opinion column – it’s bestLife to send them via email, Send a “Letter to the Editor” of Keswick or your Overheard to: “Story of Virginia” exhibition, which is slated to open in late summer 2015. Altria Grou to Tell it and to keswick life... been a major supporter of the VHS the “Story of Virginia” exhibition since its first iter in 1992, as well as leading the charge for its transformation to an online exhibition in the 2000s. Altria Group’s most recent commitment will help the Virginia Historical Society Virginia’s history relevant, exciting, and accessible to present and future generations. Keswick Life, PO Box 32, Keswick, VA 22947 or email to:

Send a “Letter to the Editor” of Keswick Life or your Overheard to:









Farms & Estates n Long-Term Care n Retirement Plans Charlottesville •

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KESWICK Tell it to..keswick .efil kciw life... sek ot ti lleT

Send a “Letter :ottodrthe aehEditor” revO ruof oyKeswick ro efiL kLife ciwsor eKyour fo ”rOverheard otidE eht otto: retteL“ a dneS Keswick Life,7PO 492Box 2 AV32, ,kcKeswick, iwseK ,23VA xoB 22947 OP ,efiL kciwseK or email to: moc.liamg@efilkciwsek :ot liame ro



Lifestyles in Keswick and its’ environs PO Box 32, Keswick, Virginia 22947 T: 434.242.8033 E: The minds behind Keswick Life: EDITORIAL EDITOR/FOUNDER Winkie Motley CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Colin J. Dougherty COLUMNISTS Tony Vanderwarker, Mary Morony, Suzanne Nash CONTRIBUTORS Charles Thacher PROOF READER Staff Assistant



Long CREATIVE time Keswick resident and accomplished professional horseman, DIRECTOR Colin J. Dougherty Published by a division of Keswick Life Jay Golding, has an interesting new venture. PHOTOGRAPHY Staff Photography

8 ON THE COVER Meet Lindsay We've got the Keswick Horse Show this month, wel-


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Send a “Letter to the Editor” of Keswick Life or your Overheard to:

Tell it to keswick life...

UBOTA BX25D Special Package Deal: 5

APRIL 2017


Here and there... in Keswick Welcome

Keswick faces in other places

The Board of Governors of the Keswick Hunt Club recently voted to hire Paul Wilson as huntsman for the upcoming season. Paul and his wife Yvonne and son Giacomo will arrive in Keswick in early June Paul’s first Huntsman’s position was in Rome. From Rome, he went to North America where he had a brief spell in Pennsylvania, followed by two great seasons at the Hamilton Hunt, and ending up in London where he has been for ten seasons. However, Paul recounts ,” as much fun as hunting coyotes has been in big, open, arable countryside, he yearned to hunt foxes back on grass, which has now come to fruition.”

Bid On and Off The Market This has been a huge month in Keswick for property activity. Around the area 6350 Twin Brooks Drive, “Twin Brook Farm”, a 4 bed, 3 bath, 2700 sf home on 25 acres is available at $839.9K. 2096 Stonemont Farm, a 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 3422 sf home on 168 acres is available at $1.25M. 1023 Bridlewood Trail, a 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3168 sf home on 12 acres is available at $599K. 6531 Louisa Road, “St. Margarets Farm”, a 6 bedroom, 4 bath, 6500 sf home on 248 acres is $2.550M. 5331 Louisa Road, “Velindre Farm” a 4 bed, 3 bath, 4368 sf home on 37 acres is $949k and 6297 Gordonsville Road, a 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2227 sf home on 15 acres is $775K. In Glenmore 1998 Piper Way with 3 beds, 3 baths and 3533 sf is at 1.050M. 1630 Piper Way with 5 beds, 5.5 baths and 9102 sf is 1.299M. 1538 Kinross Lane with 5 beds, 4.5 baths and 5600 sf is $825K. 3511 Wedgewood Court with 5 beds, 3.5 baths and 3650 sf is $624.6k. 3541 Devon Pines with 5 beds, 4 baths and 4527 sf is $715k. 1831 Westerham Road with 5 beds, 4.5 baths and 5066 sf is $1.1M. 3398 Piperfife Court with 3 beds, 3 baths and 2238 sf is $529k and 3664 Perthshire Court with 5 beds,3.5 baths and 4810 sf is $700k. Reduced is 2684 Paddock Wood Rd, “Paddock Wood Farm”, a 6 bed, 4.5 bath, 4521 sf home down from $1.395M to $1.099M after nearly a year. 5724 Hackingwood Lane with 3 beds, 3 baths, 2599 sf and 32 acres is down from $920k to $825K. There were numerous minor reductions in Glenmore but the highlights are 3570 Turnbridge Lane a 5 bed, 4.5 bath, 4947 sf home is down from $780k to $612K and 1770 Shelbourne Lane , a 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 3541 sf home is down from $619K to $564K.

We love solds! 3410 Carroll Creek Road, a 5 bed, 4.5 bath, 6530 sf homed sold for $1.1M. 4868 Moriah Way, a 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 2523 sf home on 2.5 acres listed at $499.9K sold for $463.6K. 3101 Darby Road, a 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 5015 sf home listed at $1.149M sold for $1.0M. 1545 Elgin Court, a 5 bed,4.5 bath, 5034 sf home listed at $549K sold for $525K. 1521 Bremberton Lane, a 3 bed, 2 bath, 2086 sf home listed at $449K sold for $435K. 1985 Piper Way, a 4 bed,3.5 bath, 4457 sf home listed at $850K sold for $815K and 3250 Sandown Park Road, a 6 bed, 3.5 bath, 4757 sf home listed at $499.9K sold for $463.6K.

There is a lovely 19 century antique corner cabinet at Country House Antiques right here is Cismont. Stop by and visit with Nancy Parsons to see this beauty.Make an offer on this cabinet before June 10th -- proceeds will go to The Grace Church Historic Farm Tour.

pictured above: at the 13th fence at the Maryland Hunt Cup, l-r Justin and Nancy Wiley with David Perdue

Save the Dates The staff and volunteers at TRF at Montpelier are planning some exciting fundraising events this year to help support the off track Thoroughbreds they rescue. Most of these horses do not have the physical ability for a second career in life and so they live out their lives pastured in the green fields of Montpelier. All proceeds of the events go directly to the care and wellbeing of the horses at Montpelier. ‘Breaking Clays and Feeding Horses’ is a TRF Charity Shooting event taking place on June 24. We will be hosting this event at Central Virginia Sporting Clays in Palmyra, Va. Please contact for information or visit Teams of 5 and individuals are invited to participate. There will be instruction for beginners and shooting up to the advanced level. There is also the opportunity to rent a shotgun of your choice. Visit us at the Grace Episcopal Church Farm Tour Farm Fest on June 10. We will be stationed at Peggy Augustus’ Keswick Stables in Keswick, Va. We will have 2 of the TRF horses with us so you can visit and enjoy the horses while you tour Peggy’s lovely farm. The tours start at 9am and finish at 4;00pm. TRF Yard Sale at the Orange Firemen’s Carnival grounds will be held on July 29. If you would like to donate items for the sale please contact Jeanne moon at: Donations are tax deductible. The sale will have horse equipment, household items, hardly used clothing and much more. . In the mean time you may make an appointment with Kim Wilkins, TRF Farm Manager, to come by the TRF at Montpelier farm and visit the horses. Call her at 540748- 7199 or email her at for an appointment. We have 2 new arrivals- ‘Henry’ and ‘Goldie’. Both would love to have visitors and both are so friendly. They are happy to have a new life with TRF. We are hopeful that ‘Henry’ will have a second career after a rest from the rigors of the race track. If you are interested in sponsoring these horses or others at TRF- to make them your own special friend- contact Jeanne at

pictured above: at the World Cup in Omaha. l-r Anne Coles, Greg Schmidt, Meredith McLaughlin, Sydney Keith, Jeff Katz and Jeanne McCusker

Comments “I looked for the back issue, just recently removed from the “news stands”, and didn’t seethe issue online. I would like to share Sharon’s very well-crafted, witty, and factual piece. I delight in reading Keswick Life. Reminds me of my father, who once lived in the Maury School House, and for many years enjoyed friendships with folks in the area...long after he moved to Virginia Beach.Thanks for helping me find this terrific opinion piece.”Best, Mary Johnson “Many thanks for your “Book Review” article and coverage of the March 8th presentation. Had a nice, informed crowd at the James Madison Museum in Orange and am scheduled to present to the Archaeological Society of Virginia in Harrisonburg June 8th. The “Cerutti Mastodon” article that broke in the news yesterday from San Diego, Ca. supports my findings that humans were here much earlier than previously thought. Talked to SMU and the San Diego Natural History Museum today.” Hal Young on the book review of “Stone Revelations” “Loved your little comment in the Overheard section of the latest Keswick Life! All the neighbors are loving us!” Elizabeth Boylen on “painting the yellow fence”




Going Out


Mark your calendars! Save the date! Don’t be late!

What: Keswick Fox Trot When: May 27th Where: Castalia Farm

Calling all dogs and dog lovers! Join the fun and festivities at the 33rd Annual Eastminster Dog Show!

The Keswick Hunt Club invites you to participate in the 4th Annual Keswick Hunt Club Fox Trot on Saturday, May 27.The kids’ races start at 5:00PM with the 5K trail race beginning at 6:00PM. Runners, hikers, and walkers are equally encouraged to participate! After the event, please stick around for the complimentary post-race “Hunt Breakfast” and a wine tasting by Barboursville vineyard!5K Trail Race: a combination of cross-country and trail course with challenging hills. The Kids’ Mile: a cross-country course of about 1 mile. The Kids’ Scramble: a fun run around Castalia’s outdoor riding ring. Registration*: Online registration will close on May 20, 2017 at . 11:55PM. American Express is not accepted.5K Runners/Walkers: $30 before May 21, $35 race dayKids’ Mile & Kids’ Scramble: FREE before May 21, $10 race day (Enter “FREEKID” in the Promo Box)*All 5K participants registered before May 20st, and the first 25 participants registered for either kids race (Kids’ Mile or Kids’ Scramble), will be guaranteed a t-shirt.

What: The Eastminster Dog Show When: Wednesday, May 17th. Registration: 5:30 p.m. Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. . Rain or Shine.

Where: Keswick Hunt Club Horse Show Grounds, 701 Club Drive, Keswick, Va The Eastminster Dog Show is a long-standing community event that benefits the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA. It is free to participate and all dogs must be spayed/ neutered. The Family Class invites both dog and human family members. Musical Chairs is always convivial chaos. The Agility Class offers a simple obstacle course appropriate for kids and dogs of all ages and abilities. The Costume Class encourages creativity and humor. The Best Rescue Class shows off the most amazing adopted dogs and finally The Best in Show is chosen from the winning line-up of all classes. Donations to the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA are encouraged and appreciated. Eastminster is sponsored by The Animal Connection and Keswick Life. Formore information contact Ginny Craven: 434-293-4444 or 305-606-6314

What: Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants When: Saturdays only in April and May, 10am-2pm Where:Tufton Farm The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants is open every Saturday this April! Explore inspiring display gardens of historic and native plants in their full spring glory, then find your favorites and more for sale in the nursery. Knowledgeable nursery staff will be on hand to answer your gardening questions. GPS address: 1293 Tufton Farm, Charlottesville, Virginia .

What: Karats & Cocktails When: Thursday, May 18th Where: Keswick Hunt Club The 2016 Karats & Cocktails event will be held on Thursday, May 18, at the Keswick Hunt Club UVA Children’s Hospital is proud to return as the beneficiary of the 2017 Keswick Horse Show, which will run from May 17 – 21st. Now in its 113th year, the Keswick Horse Show is one of the most presitigious horse shows in the country. This year’s Karats & Cocktails event will feature an exclusive trunk

What: Hunt Country Stable Tour When: May 27 & 28th (STABLES OPEN 10AM - 5PM) Where:Upperville, Virginia Don’t miss the Hunt Country Stable Tour this Memorial Day weekend! Experience the charm of Hunt Country life, as well as the the sight and grandeur of some of the finest equestrian facilities known to the world! The tour is widely known and hailed as a weekend not to be missed by all those who experience it. Spend weekendtraveling down winding country roads, viewing horse exhibits and stables. For further information :

What: Virginia Hound Show When: May 27 & 28th Where:Morven Park, Leesburg, Virginia Saturday May 27 (10 am) at the Carriage Museum, Morven Park:Daniel Crane, MFH of the Scarteen Hunt and one of Great Britain's premier sporting artists will speak on how hunting has influenced his work and of hunting experiences in the UK, Ireland and the US. He is the Resident Artistto the this event - all exhibitors welcome. Saturday, May 27 (6pm) Hound Show Cocktail and Dinner under the tent on the lawn at Morven Park below the mansion. Open bar and buffet. $45 per person. 7 pm National Horn Blowing contest. Sunday May 28 ( 7am) Secretary’s tent opens for registration Show begins at 9 am

What: Merriment at Montbello When: Saturday, June 3rd Where: Montebello, Orange, Virginia The inspiration for this year’s gala to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Orange harks back to a magnificent party held at Montebello in June, 1913. Cocktails, Dinner, with a Program and Live Auction will be followed by Dancing featuring music by Flashback. For additional information please contact Mary Lou Seilheimer (540 6724774) or Virginia Wawner (414) 971-9412

show of Elizabeth Locke fine jewelry. 7.


APRIL 2017

503 Faulconer Drive Charlottesville, VA 22903 Office: 434.295.1131 Fax: 434.293.7377

MCLFarm, EAN FAULCONER INC. Estate and Residential Brokers

The right realtor makes all the difference!


Private, landmark country estate on 500+ acres just 4 miles from Downtown and UVA central grounds off bucolic Bloomfield Road. Classic manor home of timeless architecture and design. Completely renovated with many upgrades and elegant formal and informal living spaces featuring 10’ ceilings, 5 bedroom suites, center hall and spacious family room/kitchen. Extensive grounds include professionally designed gardens, pool with pool house, guest cottage, full equestrian facilities and events barn. A unique “one of a kind” offering for our market place. MLS#588698 Andrew Middleditch 434.981.1410

◆ KESWICK ESTATE ◆ Exquisite, 4-bedroom home with premium finishes, paneled study, 1st-floor master suite, home theater, infinity pool, charming guest house, and professionally designed gardens. Short walk to Keswick Hall. MLS#556917 $2,395,000 Steve McLean 434.981.1863

◆ PRIME IVY LOCATION◆ Exceptional home on 5+ acres with barn beams, butternut paneling, wormy chestnut cabinetry, random-width flooring, mahogany deck, new roof and Blue Ridge views. MLS#557362 $1,050,000 Betsy Swett 434.249.2922 (Owner/Agent)

◆ ALICENT FARM ◆ Classic Virginia brick home with slate roof, privately situated on 121 acres, adjoining easement property and 502-acre Mint Springs Park at Blue Ridge Mtns. Great vineyard or grazing property! MLS#559536 $2,250,000 Jim Faulconer 434.981.0076

◆ KESWICK ◆ Attractive Cape Cod with Southwest Mtn. views, on 3 acres in one of the most beautiful sections of Albemarle County. 4 BR, 3.5 BA, large kitchen with dining area, FR, sunroom, and pool. MLS#555617 $720,000 Charlotte Dammann 434.981.1250

◆ GLENMORE ◆ Immaculate, Scottish-style home with 3 BR, 3.5 BA, 1st-floor master suite, great room with fireplace, kitchen with granite counters and 2-car garage on a private, elevated lot. MLS#552301 $595,000 Tim Michel 434.960.1124

◆ KESWICK ◆ Custom home built in 2008 bordering Beaverdam Creek. Four bedrooms, 4 baths, 1st floor master, multi-purpose terrace level family room, 2-car garage. Beautiful rockwork and landscaping. MLS#559093 $649,950 Betsy Swett 434.249.2922 8



Meet Lindsay

The Keswick Horse Show welcomes The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund. as Presenting Sponsor allowing the show to continue its traditions while bringing new and exciting aspects for both spectators and exhibitors. When you hear the name Lindsay Maxwell often the first thought that comes to mind is that she is a successful amateur owner hunter rider. She has ridden many wonderful mounts to earn accolades at indoors, the Winter Equestrian Festival, and Devon. One of her current horses is the superstar, Technicolor. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Maxwell grew up riding. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. While humble about her accolades, her success wasn’t built in one day. The lessons and foundations used for riding have been taught and instilled in her mind since she was little along with the importance of family foundations. The Maxwell family supports philanthropic efforts and believe in paying it forward, which is part of the reason why Lindsay was able to blend her two passions into The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund which was established this year.

“It is important to recognize that we, the current riders, are beneficiaries of so many people’s love, labor and investments,” said Ms. Maxwell. “From our families, to our trainers, grooms, show managers and jump crews, there are so many people work incredibly hard to provide us with this special opportunity. Even more, we should be mindful of the people who came before us who helped create the shows that we are able to enjoy. This is one of the many reasons as to why I am interested in the USEF Heritage Competitions. It is a way to honor those who came before us and recognize their tremendous contributions to our sport.”“Supporting the horse show is supporting your community and Keswick does this as well as anywhere,” said Ms. Maxwell. “One of the great nights on the national horse show circuit is derby night in Keswick. ‘Horse people’ and ‘non-horse people’ turn out in full force, tailgates line the ring and everyone is there to celebrate the community. It’s a very special event, and one that I hope everyone has the chance to experience.”

“The Fund formalizes the values that have been ingrained in me by my family to seek opportunities to make a meaningful impact in our communities,” said Ms. Maxwell. “My family has long been committed to philanthropy and my parents and grandparents alike have set a strong precedent and have been wonderful examples for me.” Prior to starting the Fund, Ms. Maxwell received her undergraduate degree from Sewanee University as well as receiving her graduate degree from Georgetown University. She took a hiatus from riding to go to school and work in entertainment and real estate. A couple of years ago she began to yearn to be back in the saddle and back with the equestrian community. “While I missed my horses, I mostly missed the community and the people,” said Ms. Maxwell. “There is a rare esprit de corps and conviviality found at the barn that is hard to replicate in other aspects of life. As much as I missed riding, I missed the camaraderie of my fellow riders and competitors even more.” The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund was founded in order to assist organizations that promote causes that are significant to Lindsay and that reflect her personal priorities and values: improving the lives of children with special needs, enabling access to educational opportunities and providing care, compassion and protection to animals. Currently, The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund is the presenter for the 113th Annual Keswick Horse Show, which will be held at the historic Keswick Showgrounds from Tuesday, May 16th through Sunday, May 21st, 2017. The Keswick Horse Show is a USEF Heritage Competition that began in 1904 and has been running every year at The Keswick Hunt Club. Keswick is the second oldest horse show in the country.Since inception, The Keswick Horse Show has benefited different charities including Habitat for Humanity, Charlottesville Senior Center, The Boys and Girls Club, SPCA and UVA Children’s Hospital. Over the past 20 years, the horse show has raised close to half a million dollars for its various charities and has attracted some of the most famous horses, trophies, exhibitors and trainers to walk the showgrounds.

Through the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund, Ms. Maxwell’s mission is to give back to the industry that gave her and countless other riders the opportunity to pursue their passion for horses.

pictured above: Lindsay and “Widget” Lindsay was able to blend her two passions, horses and philanthropic efforts into The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund which was established this year. photo credit : Kathy Russell Photography.

While there is a personal tie to the horse show, Ms. Maxwell chose to assist the horse show because of its rich history, community and the charities supported. The Keswick Horse Show benefits the UVA Children’s Hospital. Ms. Maxwell chose to be the presenter at Keswick because it cultivates meaningful relationships with local charities. “My initial exposure to the Keswick Horse show was last year with my trainer, Archie Cox,” explained Ms. Maxwell. “He spoke very highly of the show. When I found out that the beneficiary of the show was the UVA Children’s Hospital, the stars perfectly aligned in terms of a great ‘fit’ for the Fund. I hope as a community we continue to value the classic shows where so many of us first gained experience and exposure in our sport.” Family and community are both paramount concepts to Ms. Maxwell. The equestrian community is one that she considers family. It is important to recognize how charity horse shows transcend the sport and serve the greater community. They are more than just equestrian events. These horse shows are celebrations of civic spirit and demonstrate the connected fabric of community.


The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund will ensure that the next generation of young riders will have horse show experiences, similar to hers, that define their childhood. Lindsay stresses the significance of being mindful and taking in all of the moments, appreciating your competitors and honoring those who enable your opportunities. “We focus a lot on show day successes,” said Ms. Maxwell. “As I look back on my riding career, some of my favorite moments were spent at the barn or on a trail ride. It is very important to be aware of these times because they are every bit as precious as the championships.” Ms. Maxwell advises young riders to recognize that while winning the blue ribbon at a horse show is an incredible feeling, the moment fades well before the memories. You must be able to celebrate the success of your fellow riders, as sportsmanship is vital to the sustained success and vitality of the sport. You can be fierce competitors in the ring but great friends watching from outside the rail. “I treasure the memories of showing at charity horse shows and feel obligated as a member of the equestrian community to assure that the same experiences and memories that helped define my childhood would be available to future riders,” recounted Ms. Maxwell. Ms. Maxwell’s ultimate goal for The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund is to extend the same access and opportunities that benefited her as a rider to as many people as possible.


APRIL 2017


On Board

Recent elections add new Keswickians to Hunt Club Board of Governors The Annual Meeting of the Keswick Hunt Club took place in a packed clubhouse on Tuesday, April 11th, with over 230 members in attendance. Retiring from the Board after many years of service were President Tom Estes along with Glenn Ritchey and Melissa Zeller. The club also recognized the service of retiring Jt.-MFHs Andy Lynn and Charlotte Tieken. Presently serving on the Board of Governors are Vice President, Rocky Taylor, Treasurer, Chuck Meehan, and Secretary, Shelley Payne, .Sally Lamb, Mark Sackson, Susie Matheson, Jeff Beshear, Joan Poskey and John Moore. Elected to 3-year terms to the Board of Governors were Kenny Wheeler, Paul Manning, and Peter Taylor. Kenny Wheeler was elected the Keswick Hunt Club Board President along with the returning officers mentioned above. Will Coleman, Mary Kalergis, and Nancy Wiley were elected Jt.-MFH’s. Follows a brief bio on the new members to the Board of Governors.

Paul Manning Paul Manning moved to the Keswick area in 1996 with his wife Diane and their three young children. In the years prior to moving to Virginia, Paul and Diane developed a great love of horses; a passion that they quickly found shared by many individuals and families in this area. After settling into the community, Paul and Diane joined the Keswick Hunt Club, and have been members ever since. Diane has been riding with the Keswick Hunt Club for nearly fifteen years. Paul and Diane now have two farms in the area, Castalia Farm in Keswick and East End Farm located in the Green Springs area of Louisa, where they keep several of the family horses. Among these horses are race horses that they have bred and raised locally, a venture that the Mannings plan to continue for many years to come. Paul and Diane’s daughter Kaitlyn is a seasoned rider, having ridden competitively throughout her school years. She competed in Florida and around the country, primarily showing Hunters and Jumpers. Their sons, Brad and Bryan both graduated from Woodberry Forest and UVA and recently started their clothing company “Two Blind Brothers”. Paul Manning is President and CEO of PBM Capital Group in downtown Charlottesville, and former owner and CEO of PBM Products in Gordonsville. He has recently been elected one of the Governors on the Keswick Hunt Club Board of Directors. pictured above: Paul Manning

Peter Taylor Kenny Wheeler Jr

Peter Taylor and his wife Ann have lived in the Keswick area for 30 years, first at Eldon Farm and then at Ben Coolyn. For many years, Taylor maintained a herd of Black Angus cattle while restoring and expanding the gardens at both farms. Taylor has also been active in land conservation and sat on both the local and corporate boards of the Piedmont Environmental Council. Several projects Taylor spearheaded include preventing a housing development on the land surrounding Grace Church, reducing the speed limit in Keswick and landscaping the propane tank farm near the Keswick Hunt Club.

Kenny Wheeler Jr was born and raised in Keswick, Virginia and has lived there most of his life. Kenny, his wife Ceil, and their two daughters Catherine and SallieMason live at East Belmont Farm in Keswick. East Belmont is their family farm where they raise American Saddlebreds and Angus cattle. The farm is also home to the family Hunters, Jumpers, Fox Hunters, and various other family pets. Ceil is an avid equestrian and runs the family’s horse operations. Their oldest daughter Catherine loves riding American Saddlebreds as well as Hunters/Jumpers and is currently a freshman at University of Kentucky. Sallie-Mason is also heavily involved in equestrian sports and is a freshman at St. Anne’s Belfield. Kenny is President and CEO of Virginia Eagle Distributing Company and Arkansas Distributing Company, a distributor of Anheuser Busch products as well as various imports, regional/local crafts, and non-alcoholic beverages. His hobbies include horses, hunting, and the outdoors. Kenny currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Saddlebred Association, Devon Horse Show, and the Virginia Horse Center. Most recently, Kenny was elected to the Board of Governors of The Keswick Hunt Club and President of the Club where he looks forward to serving the membership and community. pictured above: l-r Catherine,. Kenny, Ceil and Sallie Mason Wheeler

Peter grew up near Wilmington, Delaware and spent most of his career in equity capital markets, private equity coverage and equity syndicate at Wheat, First Securities and First Union. He also is co-owner of Speedball Art Products, a 100 year old company that manufactures fine art and craft materials in Statesville, North Carolina, where he chairs the compensation and audit board committees. He serves as a managing partner of Precision Approach Marketing, a private equity and hedge fund marketing firm in New York City. Taylor graduated from Lawrenceville and UVA. He and Ann have two sons, Peter (26) and Ben (24) He has recently been elected one of the Governors on the Keswick Hunt Club Board of Directors. pictured above: Peter Taylor





Three new Joint Masters of Foxhounds add their names to previous list of twenty-two Recently elected Keswick Hunt Club Joint Masters of Foxhounds ,Will Coleman, Nancy Wiley and Mary Motley Kalergis add their names to the list of past MFH’s. of the historic Hunt Club. Cary Ruffin Randolph was the first MFH elected in 1896 followed by twenty-two ; Julian Morris, Dr. Lee Thurman, E.H.Joslin, John C. Stewart. Mrs. Cary Jackson, A.W. Talcott, George Barkley, W.Haggin Perry, Alexander Rives.Mrs. John S. McIntyre, Donald P. Hostetter, Mrs. Alexander Rives, Roberts Coles, John J. Carle II, Sandy Rives, Franklin Wawner, Hugh C. Motley, Charlotte Tieken, and Andy Lynn. Follows a short personal history on the newly elected Masters of Foxhounds.

Will Coleman Horses have been a major part of Will Coleman’s life since childhood. He was on a pony before he could walk. He has competed to Prix St. George in dressage, Grand Prix in show jumping, and has his colors from the Farmington Hunt Club, Keswick Hunt Club and Piedmont Foxhounds. Will has hunted extensively in this country, as well as in Ireland and England. He has an informed opinion of proper sport and tradition. Will won the North American Field Hunter Championship and the Virginia Field Hunter Championship twice, and, as the winner of last year’s VFHC, he is looking forward to hosting this year ’s event on behalf of the Keswick Hunt Club at his farm, Tivoli, in Somerset. All of his sons, William, Robert, and John, foxhunted in their youth. They warmly recount stories of their mentor, Mrs. Ellie Wood Keith Baxter. The oldest, William, proudly represented the U.S. at the 2012 London Olympics in three day eventing. William believes foxhunting in his youth was hugely important in the evolution of his riding. Will served on the board of the FHC and chaired a committee to revise their bylaws. He has been on the Board of Trustees of the USET Foundation and currently serves on their National Advisory Board. pictured above: Will with Ellie Wood Baxter after winning the 2016 Virginia Field Hunter Championship

Mary Motley Kalergis

Nancy Wiley Nancy grew up hunting with the Rappahannock Hunt and later with Old Dominion, where her step-father Gus Forbush has been Master for 20 years. Her mother, Sandra Forbush, also loves hunting. She taught Nancy a lot about hunting etiquette and has taught her a lot about horse conformation. Her mother took Nancy out hunting when she was five. Apparently, she was one of these kids who never got cold or wanted to go in. . She loves working with children and creating opportunities for them. She led the founding of St. Thomas’s Preschool in Orange, as well as the establishment of the nature trail at the Boys and Girls Club in Orange. She is currently responsible for the youth program at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Rapidan. With the help of others, she started the Keswick Cubs and will continue teaching juniors about hounds and houndwork. As a board member of the Piedmont Environmental Council, Nancy worked to encourage foxhunters to participate in land conservation agencies. Nancy has a great interest in hound bloodlines and has extensively studied the KHC pedigrees. Nancy and her husband, Justin and children, Lily, Hugh and Georgina are all avid foxhunters.Nancy has served on the Keswick board and as Master, and her interests and abilities work nicely with what JT.masters Will and Mary have to offer. pictured above: l-r Lily, Nancy, Gigi and Hugh Wiley

The first time Mary ever heard hounds speak was at a Keswick hilltopping on a moonlit summer’s night when ‘Old Man’ Coles was hunting his pack in the Southwest Mountains while families enjoyed their picnics in the meadow below. Although she later hunted behind Jake Carle from time to time, she didn’t become a full hunting member of Keswick Hunt Club until her brother, Hugh Motley, became Master in 2000, and she began making up for lost time. Since then Mary has gone out with Keswick two or three days a week, as well as continuing to hunt with Farmington, where she served on the board over the years. Mary loves taking road trips to other hunts whenever the opportunity arises. In recent years she hunted in dozens of states and saw how things were done at hunt clubs all around the country. Perhaps most importantly, she made lasting friendships with Masters and huntsmen throughout the United States. These experiences were documented in photographs and interviews that were published this year by The Derrydale Press in a book entitled Foxhunters Speak: An Oral History

of American Foxhunting.

Although Mary learned a lot working on the book, she owes her love of the sport to her brother Hugh, who believed that, ‘If we’re going to show up, we should be having fun.’ Mary also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Tony Gammell, Noel Twyman, Jennifer Nesbit and Barclay Rives, whose generosity, wisdom and love for the sport has been an inspiration. pictured at left: Mary Motley Kalergis and Hugh Motley


APRIL 2015

APRIL 2017




APRIL 2017


Welcoming to Keswick

Maggie Boylen looking forward to her move to Keswick to open her new showhunter barn Maggie Boylen grew up in a family that revolved around horses. Her family had a farm about an hour north of New York City and her parents both showed in the hunters. They liked to buy young horses and make them up, and they traveled to all the A horse shows in the northeast. My father is one of the top blacksmiths in the area, shoeing horses for McLain Ward and Andre Dignelli of Heritage Farm, and so ever since she was born they followed them and the A circuit wherever it went, ending up in Wellington, Florida every winter. For most of her junior and amateur rider career Maggiewas fortunate to train with Val Renihan and competed successfully in the hunters, equitation and jumpers. Herjunior hunter Poetic won the 2010 USEF Grand Jr Hunter Champion Horse of the Year title, and also earned championships at the National Horse Show, the Washington International Horse Show, Capital Challenge and two Circuit Championships at WEF. She also qualified and competed in the USHJA’s International Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington, Kentucky three times, as well as qualifying and competing in the USEF Medal and Maclay Finals in 2008-2010. Maggie is very excited to be moving to Keswick and starting her own business at Kesmont Farm. She has spent the last few years working for some of the top professionals in the industry, including Stacia Madden of Beacon Hill, Andre Dignelli, Lainie Wimberly, Val Renihan, and most recently Scott Stewart and Ken Berkeley of River’s Edge Farm. She has learned a great deal from these top trainers, and is ready to go out on her own and share her knowledge and skills with the equestrian community of the Charlottesville area. Maggie prides herself on having discovered and brought along all of her own horses to become top winners and would love to help others do the same. She also loves to teach, and feel that she can help beginners as well as advanced riders improve their skills and learn how to become winners. At the new location in Keswick, Maggie plans to run a top A show barn facility, with an emphasis on top horse care, sales and riding instruction. She believes that being successful at the h orse shows is a result of thorough and detailed preparation at home. This will be her emphasis - doing everything right from the ground up, putting in lots of hard work and leaving no detail forgotten.Maggie hopes to have a variety of clients ranging from children and juniors to amateurs and adults, and looks forward to helping future students reach their highest potential, whatever their goals may be. Look forward to meeting Maggie at the upcoming Keswick Horse Show.




LIFE, MAKE IT HAPPEN! The Dreaded Writers’ Block

All have experienced that dreaded dead

in the productive waters whether composing a thank you note or a year-end corporate review. Shucks, half of Keswick has authored at least one book, so I imagine you are aware of the feeling. Writers' block creeps in when least expected like a nighttime burglar. A blank sheet of paper though terrifying is nothing compared to when the muses move out of town for the season. It would not make a wit of difference if I had just finished writing 32,765 words when the stream ceases, advancing to the 32,775th word might as well be the millionth. One of the earmarks of this non-flow state is that not being able to focus on a topic long enough to garner a little enthusiasm about it. Excitement is the single most important factor in driving creativity. If there is no passion, count on no flow. The ethereal aspect of creatively stringing words together is maddening when the direction is elusive. To begin with corralling words into stories is such a delicate balance of intangibles. Sure some rules are required, but the juice is what makes the magic. If I'm not diligent at killing off my babies, I might have fifteen or twenty pages of two paragraphs lying around my desktop. My erroneous thinking is that I can still cobble them together and make something coherent. Don't let the ghosts of aborted brainchildren litter your mind. Ball those


near misses up and throw them away. They are distractions. Sometimes when the imagination engine needs a kick-started, I type for ten minutes or so. I press keys down in no particular order. After awhile, the logical mind either gets bored or decides to turn its attention elsewhere allowing the more creative part of my brain to jump in images begin to appear, a story emerges. This practice works miracles. I am sure there is a very simple explanation for how it is so effective, but you won't find it here. That's fodder for another piece. I use a Pomodoro clock. (An Italian discovered that cutting large projects into manageable sizes made them more achievable developed the Pomodoro Technique. He used a tomato-shaped timer so-called each segment of twentyfive minutes a Pomodoro- Italian for tomato.) Turn the alarm on and write until the beeper goes off. Write about anything but write. A remarkable thing occurs not too dissimilar to random typing. After a while, a story begins to take shape. Ideas drag along others of a similar nature. Before long you are typing something that interests you and with some luck your readers as well. The trick is to keep at it for the entire twenty-five minutes. You can't stop and think. You can't go to the fridge. But you can scribble down a grocery or the words

to Fere Jacques. Don't edit or correct spelling. Don't go back for any reason— this is a forward march sort of deal. After the chime has sounded you can clean up what you wrote, eliminate the chaff and delight with the start of a whole new endeavor. Putting words on paper is the idea not to produce a finished product from the outset. All innovative efforts happen in stages if you try to rush one stage or skip a stage you might be creating more problems down the road. The easiest thing to do is meet the formations. When you are done, you are done. There's little to fix or rewrite, and you won't need to employ all my mind tricks to find your way around the recalcitrant muses. Editing at the right time is a good way to keep your juices on the move. I edit when I lose my focus about a half to three-quarters of the way through. But before I do, I stop and walk around a bit. When I come back, I start from the top. The process of rewriting helps shake out some more thoughts. More times than not I will have achieved my goal amount and can afford to cut out any extraneous words, something I am loathed to do if the process is started too early in the project. Discipline now there is a dirty word. I like to think that all my tricks help in that regard. And they do but only if I use

them. Sometimes lack of zest or words is not the issue at all. What is afoot is laziness. I don't feel like it. This is a good time to take a walk, a nap or a break. Start anew with a new improved dedication to disciplining yourself. Most times when I give myself permission to walk away, I bring new eyes to the project I sit with it. If you've read any of my books, you are aware I am a proponent of controlling your mind by controlling your thoughts. Under no circumstances should you allow the indulgence of saying, I can't do this. Your helpful mind will supply you with a thousand examples of how you won't be able to accomplish your goal. This applies to everything in life not just writing. Most of these tips apply to any problem caused by your creativity coming to a slow crawl or worse. They boil down to faking it until you make and disciplining yourself so that you can use the old bootstraps theory. Writing, like most things imaginative, is a matter of believing you can do it and applying yourself to the task until it's finished. Writer's block is a mindset that only possesses as much power as you give it. My suggestion is not to give any power away. It makes life so much harder when you have to wrestle it back.

Bev Nash Inc.

Creating Client Wealth for 25 Years (434) 974-1500 Office (434) 295-3524 Direct

“The Man to Call”

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 355 West Rio Road, Charlottesville Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Introducing Cobham Station Farm in Albemarle County

Our 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, ranch style home, custom built in 2000, sits on 25 acres of beautiful rolling Keswick area farmland. We have around 2,200 sf on the main level with a gourmet kitchen that has cherry cabinetry and granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings in the family room, wood floors in the kitchen and dining area, and a light filled master suite with a jetted tub. There is also a finished walkout basement with a bedroom, bathroom and a den in its 825+/- sf. We have an extensive wrap around screened porch and covered porch with views of the 3 fenced pastures. There is water, shelter and secure fencing for horses currently on the property. The parcel is private with mountain views, around a mile from popular Castle Hill Cider and midway between Keswick and Gordonsville. $839,900


APRIL 2017


Horse Country


Marsh Run

Pig Mountain

Is an extremely private domain in the prized Somerset area of Orange Co. There are 208 acres in pasture and hay with broad views over the Piedmont to the Blue Ridge. The neo-classical four-square style manor dates to 1940. Here character and scale met with a complete renovation with additions designed by Glave & Holmes, Architects. The secondary residence, Old Marsh Run, dates to the early 19th century and is an historic complement to the farm. There are barns and a 2002 stable with 6 stalls and a large foaling stall, wash rack, tack room/office or grooms apartment. In the Keswick Hunt and the Madison-Barbour Rural Historic District near James Madison’s Montpelier. $3,250,000

Here is a wonderful farmhouse of spirited character on 96 acres in Free Union near Farmington Hunt. Dating in part to 1907, this wonderful home was renovated and expanded in 1970 by Frank Folsom Smith, FAIA, and again in 1997 with the assistance of JRH Architects and Upstream Construction. Eastern White Cedar exterior is capped with a copper roof & copper gutters/downspouts. The whimsical tower is Hardi-Shingles. Floors are antique chestnut and/or wide oak. The Kitchen has cherry cabinets, custom walnut island and soapstone countertops. Land is wooded and open with springs & streams, beautiful 27’ deep pond & views to Snow Mountain. Barn & artist’s cabin. $1,250,000

Wolftrap Farm

Somerset Hunt Box

On 115 acres in southern Albemarle and across the road from Fulfillment Farms of 1,919 acres owned by the Wildlife Foundation and available for walking/riding. The main house dates to 1850 and now has a cedar exterior capped with a standing seam metal roof. Here are 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths. The “Cabin” in the side yard serves as a 3rd bedroom with full bath. The 2 BR, 1 1/2 bath tenant house is at the farm entrance. There are 35 stalls (12’X12’ and greater) in 2 stables including a courtyard design stable with tack room, 1/2 bath & laundry. There are 3 riding arenas including a covered 42MX17M. Fenced paddocks are plentiful. Long boundary on bold Wolftrap Creek. $675,000

In the heart of Keswick hunt country, near James Madison’s Montpelier. The custom built brick home of 3 bedrooms & 2.5 bathrooms offers room to grow with a finished third level and walk-out basement. Family room with a wood burning fireplace. Home office. The wide front porch overlooks beautiful views while the huge brick patio behind is perfect for entertaining. Well-designed equestrian facilities on 8 acres include a five-stall stable, brick aisle, tack/feed room, loft & hot water. Shavings bin. Ample turn-around for horse trailers. Private 120x75’ sand riding ring. The detached garage is wired & has a huge loft. Pastures and paddocks are board fenced. Invisible fence. Entry by remote-controlled security gate. $485,000

For more details please call: Joe Samuels 434-981-3322 or Julia Parker Lyman 540-748-1497


Over 100 Years Of Virginia Real Estate Service

Charlottesville u (434) 981-3322 u

COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Land swap.... A major win! Seven years ago, it seemed impossible that this day would ever come. Yet on March 23rd, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville stood alongside state and local government officials, Southwood Mobile Home Park residents, and members of the wider community to celebrate a historic moment-the Biscuit Run Land Exchange. This “land swap” of roughly 20 acres between Habitat and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), is a major win for the entire Charlottesville region. It will not only aid Habitat’s redevelopment of Southwood by providing space to phase the rebuilding effort, but it will also serve as an opportunity for the County to build active use recreational facilities and for the area to realize a multimodal gateway into the future Biscuit Run park. “This is an incredible collective victory for the region,” said Habitat President and CEO Dan Rosensweig. “Affordable housing, trails, connectivity, parks... So many people came together to make this possible.” The saga began in 2007 when owner Jennifer Sue Minor agreed to sell the Southwood property to Habitat, ensuring its 1,500 residents would not be displaced. But without extra land to phase the project, the redevelopment process would prove difficult. Two years ago, Ms. Minor donated another piece of land to Habitat so it could exchange it with DCR for stateowned land adjoining Southwood. The process up to that point, however, was not without its ups and downs. In 2012 the State of Virginia had to pass enabling legislation to make such a land exchange possible and the swap was subject to judicial review to ensure that the state got back land that was as of at least equal market and conservation value. Delegate David Toscano of Virginia’s 57th District was an advocate for the exchange and sponsored the bill that enabled it. At Thursday’s event he spoke of the importance of community and governmental partnerships in bringing this plan to fruition. “There were a lot of things that had to come together to make this happen,” said Del. Toscano. “Every time we thought we had come up with a solution, something would happen. Ultimately, because this idea just makes sense, it was able to happen.” Rex Linville, Co-Chair of the 5th and Avon Community Advisory Committee and a Land Conservation Officer for the Piedmont Environmental Council echoed Delegate. Toscano’s sentiments adding that the future park will provide great connectivity to local attractions-Monticello is just three miles away, the Downtown Mall just four miles, and the park will be close to public transportation options as well.

Important Notice to Albemarle County Voters A dual Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, to nominate the Democratic and Republican candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The names of the Democratic and Republican candidates for those offices will appear on their respective ballots in all Albemarle County voting precincts. Additionally, for Albemarle County voters who live in the 57th House of Delegates District, the Democratic ballot will include a primary election for that office. Per Virginia Code § 24.2-530, voters will be required to choose to vote either the Democratic or Republican ballot; voters may not vote both ballots. Visit and click on “current ballot” to view both the Democratic and Republican ballots for the June 13 election.The Deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday, May 22, 2017. Voters are strongly encouraged to inquire before the registration deadline if they wish to check their voter registration status. Absentee voting for the June 13 dual Primary Election begins on Friday, April 28, 2017.Voters are required to present a form of acceptable photo identification when voting in person. Acceptable forms of photo ID include valid Virginia driver’s licenses; Virginia DMV-issued photo identification cards; U.S. Passports; employer-issued photo ID cards; student ID cards issued by an institution of higher education in Virginia; photo ID cards issued by Virginia, one of its political subdivisions, or the United States; and voter photo ID cards issued by the Virginia Department of Elections. If you are a registered Virginia voter but do not have an acceptable photo ID, free voter photo IDs are processed at all of Virginia’s 133 local general registrars’ offices. For more information, visit: For information on the qualification for voter registration, how to apply for or change voter registration, eligibility on absentee voting, or any additional questions about voting, please visit the Voter Registration website at, or call the office at: 434-972-4173.

New KUBOTA L3901 — Exclusive Package Deal: Only from Beverage Tractor

39 hp Compact Tractor • 4wd, with AG Tires + Front Loader (LA525L) + 5' Rear Cutter Attachment + 6' Rear Blade Attachment + 18' Equipment Trailer + 3,500w Generator *Price in Ad is cash price, includes all available Rebates*

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APRIL 2017





Lovers Lane

Club Drive

Jacklyn Hall

Ken Walt

A country estate set privately in the rolling hills of Somerset, adjacent to Keswick Hunt territory, with mountain & pastoral views. Understated residence constructed 2006 of finest new, reclaimed materials & enhanced by a dramatic 2 bed/2 bath guest house (1,900sf bank barn converted to a guest house w/ stunning results), vaulted nanny/in-law quarters (700sf) over garage, saltwater pool with pool house (1/2 bath, dressing rm), centeraisle barn, equip. shed, regulation dressage arena & multiple paddocks w/ run-in sheds. Every inch turn-key. The 144 acres incl. division right & dramatic 2nd building site. About 1/2 of Adaven is in open, rolling paddocks, hay fields, other 1/2 in massive hardwoods that run up to the last peak in the SW range.

Exquisite, 4-bedroom, stone & stucco home that depicts understated elegance in Keswick Estate. Constructed by Alexander Nicholson, the home offers an expansive, light-filled floor plan with premium finishes & exceptional craftsmanship throughout. 10' ceilings, 2 fireplaces, wood paneled study, master bedroom suite with private balcony, home theater room with oversized theater chairs, climate controlled wine room, infinity pool, and charming guest house with outdoor fireplace. Copper & cedar shake roof, bluestone terraces, pergolas, & professionally designed gardens including lovely stone walls. 2.14-acre lot within walking distance to tennis courts, golf clubhouse, and Keswick hall. Approximately 10 minutes to Downtown Charlottesville.

Jacklyn Hall is a 457 acre farm located in the Somerset area of Madison County with long frontage on the Rapidan River. The 1820’s clapboard house has extensive views of the Southwest and Blue Ridge Mountains. Property includes a working feedlot for cattle and the land is a mix of productive crop land, fertile pasture and some hardwoods. Other improvements include a tenant house, cattle barn and a large equipment barn.The property is considered to be some of the best arable soil in the area and is currently being farmed by one of the top local farmers.

Kenwalt Farm is a productive working farm of 722 acres in the Somerset area of Madison County, near James Madison's Montpelier. Compelling views of rolling country, water, andmountains contribute to this remarkable property's character and beauty. The land is divided between deep pasture and cultivation, including more than 100 acres of prime bottom land where the Rapidan River runs along the entire mile-plus southern boundary. There are approximately 200 acres of marketable timber. Improvements include wellmaintained agricultural buildings, a restorable 1900's farmhouse, a tenant house, and miles of livestock fencing. With seven tax map parcels and three access points, Kenwalt Farm is an outstanding candidate for a conservation easement.

For further information contact : Steve McLean 434-981-1863

For further information contact : Justin Wiley 540 -672 -3903

For further information contact : Julia Lyman . 540 -748-1497





Barnfield Drive


The Tavern


For further information contact : Loring Woodriff 434-466-2992

Long after other homes have crumbled, the stone walls of ARCOURT will remaina testament to the quarried natural stone and superb quality construction used to create this one of a kind estate. Spacious (over 5800 finished sq. ft.) French-inspired custom residence on 22 private acres in Keswick Hunt Country, completely fenced for horses, 3-stall stable, guest quarters, with shop/garage underneath. Interior of residence features an open floor plan, with large rooms, high ceilings, tall windows, and heated stone floors. There is a main-level master suite, second bedroom or study on the first floor, two more bedrooms and two baths on the second level.

A Rare Find in Keswick! Cobham Cottage Remodeled in 2013 features Simplicity, Elegance & Comfort. 3400sf with 4 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths. Large Master Suite with Fireplace. Sophisticated Country Kitchen. Unique Living Spaces and Rustic Chic Living Room. Large SunPorch overlooks Garden. Wooden Floors and 11ft Ceilings. Charming Garden Shed with Raised Beds. Mature Landscaping. Garden Vignettes for Outdoor Enjoyment. Mountain Views. Energy Efficient Systems & Mechanicals. Built in 1936 as the Cobham General Store and Post Office.

For further information contact Jim Faulconer 434.295.1131

For further information contact : Duke and Sharon Merrick 434.951.5160

For further information contact : Julia Lyman. 540. 748-1497





Once a Colonial-era tavern, today this charming pied à terre enjoys a private setting overlooking Barboursville Vineyard. Completely updated with three bedrooms, two and one-half baths including a sumptuous master suite. Ample outdoor living space includes porches and a Zen garden with koi.


Beautifully appointed Cape Cod situated on a private lot surrounded by wooded green space. This move in ready home boasts 10' & vaulted ceilings on the main level, renovated Chef’s Kitchen 2-Story Great room with wood-burning fireplace Opens to a breakfast area Main Living Office/Library with French doors and built ins. 1st & 2nd Fl. Master Suites. spacious walk-out lower living with Wine Cellar, craft rm, storage/den/man cave & more! Sprinkle system. Fullyfenced rear yard. Lovely landscape. . Discounted club membership available one year home warranty provided! For further information contact : Byrd Abbott. 434.951.5104



APRIL 2017

ON OnSTAGE Stage Summer Concerts

Music Icon is coming to Charlottesville An American music icon is coming to Charlottesville in June to hold a benefit concert for the Charlottesville Free Clinic. Sheryl Crow will be performing at the Sprint Pavilion on June 20., 7:00 pm at the Sprint Pavilion. Along with her music, Crow is known for supporting several charities, including City of Hope, Stand Up to Cancer, The World Food Program, Feeding America, and the Special Olympics among others. A nine-time Grammy Award recipient, Sheryl Crow is an American music icon. Her eight studio albums have sold 35 million copies worldwide; seven of them charted in the Top 10 and five were certified for Multi-Platinum sales. Sheryl is known as well for her passionate support of multiple charities, including City Of Hope, Stand Up To Cancer, The World Food Program, Feeding America, Adopt A Classroom, the TJ Martell Foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, MusiCares, the Special Olympics and many other worthy causes. Her brand new album and first for Warner Bros. Records, Be Myself, will be released spring 2017 The .Charlottesville Free Clinic provides access to medical care, dental care, and prescription medications for the uninsured adults and their families living in the greater Charlottesville/Albemarle community.


National Sporting Library and Museum Boast Open Late Summer Concert Series for Third Year The National Sporting Library & Museum is pleased to announce the return of Open Late, a free summer concert series that takes place the last Friday of the month May to August from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The event series, in its third year, features regional performers, craft beers, local wine from Greenhill Winery & Vineyards, and concessions from Hammerdown Barbeque. Attendees are encouraged to stroll through the fine art Museum during the concerts.

by Keswick resident Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox

“Everyone is invited to relax on our campus lawn and picnic with friends and family. We’ve planned these events with young families in mind and with the hope that those passing through Middleburg heading east or west after work will join us,” explains Melanie Mathewes, Executive Director of the National Sporting Library & Museum.

An autobiography/ biography of Jefferson’s first 31 years, in journal format, supplemented with authentic quotes and historical text. Over 60 photos, many rare. Soft cover $20. 5-disc audio book $25

The Open Late series was created in 2015 as a community event to provide area residents a unique opportunity to explore the art exhibitions and collections on view in the Museum. “Knowing everyone has busy schedules during the day, we thought staying open late would give people a chance to come and visit,” says Mathewes. Improvements in 2017 include professional sound production, and a tent in the performance area to shield musicians from the summer sun. Open Late is a free, public event sponsored in part by the Town of Middleburg, the Virginia Commission for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Picnics are welcome and a cash bar will be available - no outside alcohol is permitted on the premises. The events will be held rain or shine.

. Visit Author’s table at Grace Church Farm Festival, June 10, Saturday, 10am-4pm, to purchase

Open Late Calendar:

May 26 Partner: Middleburg Charter School, Foxcroft School Musicians: The After Party Band June 30 Partner: Virginia Tech Alumni Association Musicians: Bryan Shepherd Band July 28 Partner: Blue Ridge Wildlife Center Musicians: Silver Tones Swing Band August 25 Partner: Highland School, George Mason Alumni Assoc, Sky Meadows State Park Musicians: Piedmont Symphony Orchestra The National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) is located in Middleburg, Virginia, the heart of beautiful hunt country. Founded in 1954, the renowned research Library, and fine art Museum highlight the rich heritage and tradition of country pursuits. Angling, horsemanship, shooting, steeplechasing, foxhunting, flat racing, polo, coaching, and wildlife are among the subjects one can explore in the organization’s general stacks, rare book holdings, archives, and art collection. The NSLM offers a wide variety of educational programs, exhibitions, and family activities throughout the year, and is open to researchers and the general public. While there is no admission fee to the Library, the Museum charges $10 for adults, $8 for youths (age 13-18), and $8 for seniors. NSLM members and children age 12 and under are free. Library & Museum hours are Wednesday-Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. KESWICK LIFE




The Third Century Capital Campaign University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan recently announced the appointment of Peter M. Grant II, a twotime University of Virginia graduate and stalwart supporter of the University, to chair UVA’s next capital campaign.The campaign will be the most ambitious and comprehensive in University history, generating resources to help sustain excellence, achieve strategic goals, and further elevate the role of UVA as a preeminent national and global institution of higher education. “We are profoundly grateful that Peter Grant has agreed to serve as chair of the campaign,” Sullivan said. “This campaign will help UVA support and sustain its tradition of excellence as it enters its third century, and we are fortunate to have such a distinguished, experienced and dedicated leader to galvanize our efforts in planning and executing the campaign.” An Albemarle County resident, Grant is a founding partner of Anchormarck Holdings LLC, a Charlottesville private equity firm. He also is director and former chairman of Global Impact, a humanitarian support organization that provides comprehensive philanthropic and organizational services for an alliance of more than 100 international charities.“The opportunity to be involved in a volunteer leadership capacity in a campaign that should have a tremendous impact on the future of the University of Virginia for its third century is truly humbling,” Grant said. “I am excited and energized by the challenge and the opportunity ahead.” As chair, Grant will play the key organizational and leadership role in building and maintaining momentum during the capital campaign. The chair directs overall efforts in support of the Third Century Campaign, represents the University publicly, and plays an active role in strengthening relationships that could yield both inaugural and transformative gifts.“Peter Grant has contributed in countless ways to the University of Virginia. He embodies the spirit of giving back,” said John A. Griffin, chair of the Board of Visitors Advancement Committee. “We are grateful both for his previous engagements and for his willingness to embrace this role at a critically important juncture in UVA’s history.”

CLASSIC GEORGIAN ESTATE ON 55 ACRES 12 Miles to Charlottesville

Grant earned his bachelor of arts degree in government in 1978, and returned for an MBA from the Darden School of Business in 1986. During his 30-year career since, Grant has excelled in areas including investment banking, private equity and venture investing. He also has continued to give back to the University, both in philanthropic gifts and in volunteer service. He and his wife, Colleen, have contributed in multiple ways across Grounds. Areas benefitting from the Grants’ generosity have included the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, the College of Arts & Sciences, Darden, the Health System, UVA Athletics and the recently completed Rotunda restoration project. Peter Grant currently serves on multiple boards, including the Bicentennial Commission, Darden Foundation Board and College Foundation Board, and is a member of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Board of Directors. His previous volunteer contributions have included service to the Alumni Association Board of Managers, Council of Foundations, Jefferson Trust and others. Colleen Grant serves on the UVA Cancer Center Board, and their daughter, Jennings, is currently a trustee of the Jefferson Trust.

Upper Bundoran - $2,595,000 ]

“Chairing the Third Century Capital Campaign is the most critical volunteer effort to ensure the University achieves its ambitions for the third century, and we are extraordinarily grateful and appreciative of Peter’s willingness to serve in this capacity,” said Frank M. “Rusty” Conner III, the incoming rector. “I have known Peter since our undergraduate days and there is not a better or more dedicated person to lead this effort.”

A Classic Georgian Revival home situated on 55 pristine acres. Commanding hilltop views from almost every window. Located within the 2300 acre Bundoran Farm Development , one of the East Coast’s premier conservation developments. This 7 bedroom home features a grand stairwell, gourmet kitchen, huge master suite with jetted tub & steambath, 6 fireplaces & much, much more. Also includes a 3 car detached garage with guest quarters. Mature specimen trees, large boxwoods, & formal garden all help to make a visit to Upper Bundoran unforgettable. Bundoran Farm offers 15 miles of bridle & walking trails

The campaign quiet phase begins this fall, with a public launch projected in 2019.Vice President for Advancement Mark Luellen said he looks forward to continuing to work closely with Grant, whom he described as one of the University’s unsung heroes and most dedicated supporters.

For further information Kent Ivey 434-260-1040


APRIL 2017


from in and around Keswick... William Warner Wood William Warner Wood, 55, of Albemarle County died on April 19, 2017, at his home. The son of David J. Wood Jr. and Helen "Mickie" Wood of Charlottesville, he is also survived by his wife, Annamaria Tironi Wood; her sister, Emma and husband, Michael Cummings; his sisters, Beverly Hereford and husband, Frank, Peggy McConnell, Colston WoodHanshaw and husband, Whitt; his brother, David J. Wood III and his wife, Tracey, and many beloved nieces and nephews. Warner attended St. Anne's Belfield School and graduated from Western Albemarle High School and was a graduate of the Chapman's School of Seamanship in Stuart, Florida. He spent many happy hours sailing in the Chesapeake Bay, the Caribbean and Virgin Island waters with family and friends. He was loved by his many friends and family for his wonderful sense of humor and kindness to others. He loved the mountains and lands of Virginia and was never happier than when he was camping or sailing with his Anna and their two labs, Holly and Isabelle. He was an avid reader.

A Memorial Service was held , on Friday April 28th at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Ivy, Va. In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA, P.O. Box 7047, Charlottesville, VA 22906.

Robert J "Bobby" Burke Bobby Burke passed away April 15 at his home in Upperville, VA. His funeral was held on Monday, April 24th, at the Trinity Church in Upperville, Virginia Bobby Burke stories are legendary. Stories told by his friends, family, and his 5 ex-wives are recounted with peals of laughter and good-old-boy respect for antics only someone like Bobby could get away with. A true Virginia gentleman, he never told these stories himself, just listened with a half smile and glint in his eye. Bobby. Men respected him and women adored him. Robert J. Burke was a classic horseman in every sense of the word. It has been said that no one has a better eye for horses than Bobby Burke. Burke, a native of Cambridge, MA, learned to ride from two greats of the sport: Danny Shea who put

Bobby on his first jumper, Little Squire, and Mickey Walsh who was enshrined in the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 1995. In the 1940s, Burke excelled in the hunter ring, gaining countless wins and championships. In 1950, he made his debut in the show jumper ring with Fitzrada in Leesburg, VA. Burke and Fitzrada finished their maiden event with a championship, which was soon followed by other major victories. Burke became a familiar sight in the winner’s circle aboard such legendary jumpers as Black Velvet, Grey Velvet, Golden Chance and Saxon Wood. Burke also claimed top honors in numerous Jumper Stakes on Defense, Safari Joe, Royal Knight and Bell Hop. In 1957, Burke swept the Jumper Championships at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden and the Chicago Stockyards. He dominated the Royal Winter Fair Jumper Stake in Toronto, placing first aboard Black Velvet, second on Bell Hop, third with Saxon Wood and fifth on Grey Velvet. In 1967, Burke was the trainer and rider of Act I at the Bonus Point Stake at Fairfield, CT. Act I captured top honors in the Stake and Burke was named leading rider. Act I went on in 1967 to win the Grandprix of Cleveland and then the

American Gold Cup in 1970. Burke also selected and trained Blue Plum, a mount later purchased by Bertram Firestone who in turn placed the talented horse with the United States Equestrian Team. As a rider, Burke’s trademark was his marvelous touch on the reins. His hands were impeccable, and young horses in particular responded to them magnificently. In addition to his show jumping success, Burke amassed more than fifty hunter championships at Devon, Harrisburg, Washington, Madison Square Garden and

You can’t always be there. But we can.

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Justin H. Wiley

Peter A. Wiley


434.422.2090 503 Faulconer Drive, Suite 6 • Charlottesville, VA 22903






132A East Main Street • Orange, VA 22960

MLS#560527 • $2,550,000

MLS#558491 • $1,250,000

ST. MARGARET’S FARM – Available for the first time since 1967, this 248 +/- acre estate, with wonderful views of the South West Ridge, is located in the Keswick Hunt area of Albemarle County. The 1919 ca 5,700 sq ft Colonial Revival home has a well laid out floor plan, with great flow on the first floor, 4 bedrooms on the 2nd floor, 2 additional bedrooms on the third floor with a total of 4.5 bathrooms. The property has numerous dependencies and farm buildings, including an 18th-century tenant house. The land, roughly half open and half in hardwood, is currently grazed by cattle with perimeter and cross fencing. Numerous springs and streams and a healthy, stocked pond also enhance this estate.

SCOTTSVILLE FARM – A beautiful, medium-sized horse farm or retreat 14 miles from town. The turn-of-the-century farmhouse is well-sited in the center of 77 acres of fenced pasture and fields, with a beautiful stable, large pond and trails. The farm offers privacy and views and is adjacent to over 1500 acres of protected farmland. A 6-stall center aisle barn with power, hot and cold water, bathroom, tack room, wash stall and shavings storage is positioned near the large outdoor ring.

Justin H. Wiley – 434.981.5528

Peter A. Wiley – 434.422.2090

MLS# 496117 • Price Upon Request

MLS# 558245 • $375,000

FINDOWRIE – Considered the earliest, unaltered house in Albemarle County. The house has many interesting architectural features including a chimney pent with shelves between the chimneys. The house sits on 150 +/- acres, which are completely private. Also available with smaller acreage.

WESLEY CHAPEL ROAD – 120 acres of well-managed hardwoods with miles of trails in the Free Union area. This

Justin H. Wiley – 434.981.5528

Peter A. Wiley – 434.422.2090

MLS# 541546 • $5,225,000

well priced recreational land has numerous building sites with views of the Blue Ridge and the Ragged Mountains. Level building site for a cabin with stunning views. Close to Charlottesville.

MLS# 540442 • $129,000

BABSON FARM – 736 acre farm located in the Somerset area of Madison County with long frontage on the Rapidan River. The 1820’s clapboard house has extensive views of the Southwest and Blue Ridge Mountains. Property includes a working feedlot for cattle and the land is a mix of productive crop land, fertile pasture and some hardwoods. Other improvements include, the 1850 Mummau House, two tenant houses, cattle barn and a large equipment barn.

SIMMONS GAP – A wooded site with towering hardwoods and a year around stream. Minutes to Hollymeade shopping and the airport. An excellent value. Additional acreage is available.

Justin H. Wiley – 434.981.5528

Peter A. Wiley – 434.422.2090

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