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MAY 2013

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C .


Bro. Kerry G. Johnson, Associate Editor to The Sphinx - e-mail:

Alphas enjoyed a festive conference in Buffalo Hundreds of Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. had an eventful time at the 81st Annual Eastern Region Convention in Buffalo, NY. The Kappa Phi Lambda delegates that attended the event will provide more details from the convention. Here are highlights of the 2013 award winners of the various competitions. For the entire list, go online to: n ALPHA MAN OF MERIT (Name / Location / District) Bro. Kevin McAllister Gamma Theta Lambda Chapter (Wilmington, DE); MAAC n ALUMNI BROTHER OF THE YEAR Steven Carter Theta Theta Lambda Chapter (Germany); IAAC n ALUMNI CHAPTER OF THE YEAR Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter (Landover, MD); MAAC n CHARLES H. WESLEY BROTHERHOOD AWARD Nu Theta (ODU) & Alpha Phi Lambda (Norfolk, VA) Chapters; VACAPAF n COLLEGE BROTHER OF THE YEAR Bro. Victor Scotti, Jr., Psi Chapter (Univ. of Penn.); PAAC

Photo provided by Harry Evans, III

n COLLEGE BROTHER OF THE YEAR Alpha Chapter (Cornell University); NYACOA n STEP SHOW CHAMPIONS Delta Chi (Brooklyn College) and Zeta Eta (Southern Metro New York City); NYACOA n BELFORD V. LAWSON ORATORICAL CONTEST Bro. Javaughn Griffin, Sigma Chapter (Boston University/Northeastern University/Bentley College/ Univ. of Massachusetts/Boston College); ONECA n COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS’ BOWL CHAMPIONS Eta Zeta (Bowie State University) and Beta Alpha (Morgan State University) Chapters; MAAC n MISS BLACK AND GOLD PAGEANT (Contestant / District) Yvonne Winbourne, Miss PAAC Eastern Region 2013 Queen (representing the Gamma Nu Chapter, Penn State University, PAAC) * 1st Runner Up (Miss Congeniality) Miss Orisa Henderson, (Howard University) Miss MAAC

62 years in Alpha and still counting During the Eastern Regional Conference Bro. Sean McCaskill (26th Eastern Region Vice President of AΦA) places the 60th Year of Alpha pin on Kappa Phi Lambda, Bro. Cecil G. Christian, Jr. Actually, Bro. Christian has been in the fraternity for 62 years. The Brothers of KPL congratulate Bro. Christian!

Photo by Bro. Dennis G. Kemp, Sr.

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3


IT’S TIME TO GET OUT THE GOLF CLUBS Kappa Phi Lambda Brothers: The chapter is less than a month away from the Seventh Annual Alpha Foundation Golf Classic scheduled for Monday, June 3.

w w w. a l p h a f o u n d a t i o n o f h o w a r d c o u n t y. o r g /

The Alpha Foundation of Howard County, Inc. presents the

7th Annual Golf Classic

If you have not done so already, please e-mail me back if you plan on participating this year. Please let me know if you plan on playing as a single or if you will be bringing as a foursome. The committee is trying to get an approximate head count in order to inform the golf club. Additionally, we need volunteers for the event. If you plan on volunteering, please e-mail me back and I will forward you more details. Sponsorship for the event has been slow. For the brothers that are business owners, please consider the $300 sponsorship package.

Monday, June 3, 2013 The Timbers at Troy Golf Course Elkridge, MD 21075

For those that are employees, please inquire to see if your company would be interested in sponsoring our event. Lastly, if you are unable to participate (either playing or volunteering), please consider a donation to the cause. Donations can be made directly through the tournament website: 

For more info, contact: Bro. Derrick Leak E-mail: Fraternally and thank you in advance, Bro. Derrick Leak E-mail:

NOTES FROM THE PARLIAMENTARIAN From Bro. Cecil G. Christian, Jr. Parliamentarian – Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter

At our May 11, Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter will conduct elections for officers. Listed here are requirements for each candidate and voting Brother. A Brother must be in good financial standing to participate in the election process; and a nominee for an office must agree to his nomination. Absentee ballots, authenticated by the Elections Committee/Finance Officers, are available to brothers in good standing with KPL and AΦA. The election will take place as the last business item at KPL’s May 11 chapter meeting. Absentee ballots must be postmarked to the KPL Chapter mail box (P.O. Box 321, Columbia, MD 21044) no later than Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

At the meeting, the floor will be opened for additional nominations to each office. Immediately following the closing of the nomination process, Brothers will vote. There will not be any proxy voting. Voting will be by secret ballot. Nominated Brothers as of May 9, 2013 q President......................................... Norris T. Jennings

q Historian ..................................... Charles I. Stokes, III

q Vice President................................ Opel T. Jones

q Associate Editor to The Sphinx... Kerry G. Johnson

q Recording Secretary....................... Sean Brooks

q Sergeant-at-Arms......................... Evan Jones

q Corresponding Secretary............... John Taylor

q Director of Education Activities .q Brandon Barrett q William Watson

q Financial Secretary........................ Lionel J. Perron q Treasurer........................................ James Craig Bailey q Director of Membership Intake..... Brandon Tilghman q Chaplain (open)............................._________________

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Please join me on May 10 while I’m interviewed On the Air with That Literary Lady hosted by Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant.

Birth announcement from L. Jones family On September 25, 2012, Bro. Lawrence Jones and his wife, Theresa, welcomed into the world, their daughter Brielle Lauryn. Kappa Phi Lambda wishes him and his family well with the adorable new edition to the family.

Flyer designed by Bro. Jossan Robinson

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3


From The Sphinx Archives Reprinted from the national edition of The Sphinx magazine; submitted by Bro. Kenneth M. Jennings, Jr.

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A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3


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From The Sphinx archives

Alpha Achievers to be mentioned on local organization’s web site Submitted by Bro. David H. Barrett Chairman Alpha Foundation of Howard County, Inc.

The Alpha Achievers will be featured on the Horizon Foundation’s web site and annual report. At the recent Harambee Conference held at Howard Community College, more than 100 African American high school young men gathered in the spirit of the event’s name – a Swahili word that means “all put together.” The conference encourages academic, personal growth and leadership development. For the past two years, the conference has also encouraged healthy drink choices. “Because of our knowledge of the harmful effects of sugary drinks, we decided to do away with soda and just offer water,” said Saundra Barrett, who plans the annual conference. The “no sugary drinks” decision was triggered by a presentation from the Horizon Foundation’s Chief Program Officer Glenn Schneider that showed how sugar in drinks delivers empty calories and ends up as fat, leading to a greater risk of obesity-related illnesses. Despite the possibility that the high school students might prefer sodas, sweetened teas or lemonade, “they drank the water and I didn’t hear anybody complain,” Barrett said. “In fact, when the students learned how much sugar is in soda, they said ‘I had no idea! I’m stopping that right now.’ It was an eye opener.”

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PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT FROM Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. / Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3


You’re Invited!   To     The  Alpha  Achievers  of  Hammond  High’s     Senior  Recogni=on,  Pot  Luck,  and     Quarter  4  Induc=on  Ceremony     Extravaganza!  

Date: 5/14/2013   Loca=on:  Hammond  HS,  Media  Center   Time:  6:30pm   Please  RSVP  with  the  dish  you  will   bringing  to    

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3


Please Join

Howard County Council Member

Calvin Ball for a lively discussion on how we can continue to make Howard County and our State vibrant, safe and successful!

Thursday, May 16, 2013 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm The Stanford Grill 8900 Stanford Blvd, Columbia, MD 21045

$20.14 General Admission


$14 Students and Seniors ___

For more information and to RSVP please call 410- 570-1123 or email Coach $ 1,500____ Team Captain $1,000____ MVP $750____ First String $500___

Together… we will keep the Ball Moving!

Please make checks payable to: “The Calvin Ball Team” 9512 Wandering Way, Columbia, MD 21045 Authority: The Calvin Ball Team, Nina Basu, Treasurer 9512 Wandering Way, Columbia, MD 21045

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3




FITNESS Presented by Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball

Saturday, June 1, 2013 10am - 2pm Howard High School 8700 Old Annapolis Road Ellicott City, MD WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!


Blood pressure, BMI, Kidneys, Dental, Spinal and much more! Join us for the 5th Annual Howard County Men’s Health & Fitness Fest on Saturday June 1st — doors open at 10am! �here will be live music, �tness demos, information on prostate health, resources from health and �tness professionals, and opportunities to train with our �tness e�perts. Come dressed to play! Also, be sure to take advantage of the FREE health screenings and enjoy some delicious, healthy food samples. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

Community Blood Drive 10am – 2pm

A L P H A P H I A L P H A F R AT E R N I T Y, I N C . • T H E K P L S P H I N X • M AY 2 0 1 3




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