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Daughter carries on dog showing legacy


Bringing the coast to the Hill Country


Dad, Colonel, physician, friend... a real family man. Residing in nearby Boerne, Dr. Smolin became a physician for many of the same reasons his colleagues did: an interest in science and a love for helping people. He is board certiďŹ ed in cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology and he takes every challenge to heart.

HeartDoctors.net 830-896-3730

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A doggone good summer S ummer is usually not my season. I am an October born, cool weather loving gal, and mosquitos are my arch nemeses. However, there are things I am excited about this summer and the later we are into the season the more fun and joy I hope to spread. That being said, nothing says fun and joy more to me than man’s best friends — dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, crazy dogs and calm dogs — no matter the type or breed, all dogs are future friends to be made. For this issue I was able to make a lot of friends and it made my month all the better. From dogs waiting to be adopted, dogs at the daycare, dogs that are happy at home, I got to see a lot of good boys and girls. Special thanks to Freeman-Fritts Animal Shelter and the Kerr County Animal Control office for letting us take pictures of their dogs that are up for adoption for the cover and our adoption page, which you can see on page 16. For our first fashion spread in Culture, thank you so much to Ravished by design for allowing us to model your fantastic clothes; thank you to Pax Coffee and Goods and Turtle Creek Olive Grove for allowing us to shoot on their beautiful locations and thank you to Schreiner Goods

for modeling some of their gorgeous outfits. Additional thanks to everyone who helped during this issue by giving us ideas and letting us into their lives to tell their stories. Inside you can read about Bark Avenue’s owner, Erika Swanson, and her legacy of prestigious dog showing on page 28. For a glimpse at trendy dog gifts, check out our dog gift guide on page 14. Perhaps you’re not much of a dog person — no fear! Summer fun is for all to have and you can read about great summer activities at Hunt’s Mo Ranch on page 38 and about the company bringing fresh seafood from the coast to the Hill Country, Wahoos, on page 34. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own dog here in Kerrville, because my childhood dog, Daisy, is residing with my parents in East Texas, but I do have a tabby cat named Tina. She might not have all the qualities of a dog, but I love her, and hopefully one day I can find a few dog friends for her to play with (not sure if she would love that, but I know I would!) If you’re interested in keeping up with the magazine online, check out our Instagram page @txhillcountry_culture and Facebook at Texas Hill Country Culture. Thanks again and happy reading! — Parastoo Nikravesh

ON THE COVER Photos by Parastoo Nikravesh Cover Model: Peyton Peyton is a labrador reteriever from Freeman-Fritts animal shelter looking for his forever home. Read more about him and other dogs waiting to be rescued on page 16.

Contents 41

Features 28

A LEGACY OF LOVING DOGS Bark Avenue owner reflects on her success in showing dogs


A PLACE FOR PETS Hill Country k9 Club is your dog’s home away from home


TAKING FIDO ON THE GO Tips for taking your dog on all your summer travels


BRINGING HOME THE SHRIMP Local business brings seafood fresh from coast to Hill Country


MORGAN’S WONDERLAND One-of-a-kind amusement park allows all kids to have a good time


TAKING A LEAP OF FUN Mo Ranch in Hunt offer unique outdoor activities



Your Home 41 BACKYARD PARADISE A garden to envy in Bandera


DIY TABLESCAPE Tips to decorate summer parties with flair

Departments 8

GET TO KNOW Dr. Kim Eisenberg

10 WELLNESS Mindful summer practices 12 MUSE Hill Country Arts Foundation 14

GIFT GUIDE Neat gifts for the fur babies

18 TRAVEL Turkish baths

21 FASHION Summer Style 50 SWEET & SAVORY Watermelon 53 UNCORKED St. Tryphon Farm & Vineyard 54

OUT & ABOUT Annual Circle of Service Gala

55 EVENTS July Calendar

*Correction: In the June issue of Texas Hill Country Culture we incorrectly stated in the Your Home section, The House on the Hill, that wildlife lived in the area attracted by the Turtle Creek water source when it was in fact Town Creek and not Turtle Creek.

We’re invested in your health. EXPANDED ENDOCRINOLOGY CARE IN KERRVILLE. Peterson Health is highly invested in the health of our region. That’s why we continue to offer the best care available — which includes specialist Dr. Toni Terry, board-certified endocrinologist, now offering comprehensive endocrinology services right here in Kerrville. From diabetes and thyroid conditions to hormone disorders and obesity, Dr. Toni Terry treats a variety of conditions to help keep our community healthy — while keeping you right where you want to be. Right here at home.

Conditions treated: • Diabetes

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• Male and Female Hormone Disorders

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Toni L. Terry, MD Endocrinologist American Board of Internal Medicine Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Referral Required










Contributors Nancy Foster - 1

Rhonda Wiley-Jones - 2

Nancy Foster has contributed to Texas Hill Country Culture since its beginning. She love to interview and share the stories of the region’s talented people, fascinating places to visit and unique businesses. She believes success is measured when readers tell her they’ve found another place to visit and enjoy. Nancy and her husband, Raymond, have lived in Kerrville for nine years. She heads Foster Tourism Marketing, a company that services clients in four states. She also is a writer for a national inflight magazine.

Rhonda Wiley-Jones of Kerrville published her coming-ofage travel memoir, “At Home in the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away,” which can be found on amazon.com. Her writing has been published in five anthologies and various online publications. She writes about travel, travel writing, and the craft of writing on her blog, RhondaWiley-Jones.com. She conducts travel journal writing workshops locally and in Mexico. Mo-Ranch will host a weekend travel writing retreat Rhonda will lead, “Hemingway & Chardonnay,” October 25-27, 2019. To register, go to Mo-Ranch website.

John and Carol Aceti - 4

Sandra Lane - 6

After encouragement from Dick Holmberg, owner of Singing Water Vineyards, John wrote “Wineries of the Texas Hill Country Plus One Fine Brewery” in December 2016. After visiting 30 wineries in the Hill Country, they are is convinced the area has plenty to offer wine connoisseurs and casual wine enthusiasts. He and wife, Carol, visit area wineries and share the insider tips they learn on their visits.

Sandra Lane is a fourth-generation Texan who has written for newspapers, trade journals and corporate communications. She has written extensively about real estate and mortgage banking as well as high-tech industries. She has a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of North Texas. A native of the Dallas Fort Worth area, she moved to Kerrville in 2013.

Mia Church - 5

Kathy Sears Hall - 3

Mia Church began her career in media at the Phoenix Newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts. Later, she was part of the team at Boston’s first country music station, WBCS, solidifying country into the northeast culture. She is an internationally published photographer, and writer and runs her business, Mia Church Photography. She has two daughters and has lived in the Texas Hill Country for 15 years. She loves the people, the culture, theater, music and community of the Hill Country.

Kathy Sears Hall is a Kerrville native and graduate of Tivy High School. She is a Cooper Institute Personal Trainer and is licensed to teach Pilates and Zumba®. She holds an accounting degree from the University of Texas and spent 27 years in the energy industry. She now enjoys being back home and working with her father, husband, and tremendous staff at The Center for Fitness, a business her mother started over 40 years ago.

Allison Bueché - 7 Allison Bueché is a Hill Country native who is a marketer by day and loves playing with flowers, crafting, puppies, long runs and anything involving wine at night. Read her helpful tips on DIY decorations to spruce up any summer party this season.

Tina Woods - 8 Beginning her television broadcasting career in her home town of Jacksonville, Florida, she continued on to Oklahoma City, San Diego and Los Angeles. In Kerrville she served 11 years heading community relations at Sid Peterson Hospital, followed by 16 years as executive director of the Dietert Center. Now free to pursue writing, travel and fiber art, Tina loves telling stories about the Hill Country’s fascinating people and places.



1. Dr. Kim Eisenberg works at Kerr County Veterinary 9. Dr. Eisenberg pretty much limits her practice to Hospital, 204 Cully Drive, which she founded in 2007.

small animals.

2. She knew at 5 years old she wanted to be a veter- 10. Except for one instance, “We got a call to treat

“ I like being part of the community and helping with furry family members.”


Dr. Eisenberg grew up in Sugar Land, Texas. She received her bachelor’s and DVM degree from Texas A&M.

4. In addition to treating the furry clients in her clinic, she brings Clancy, an Australian Shepherd, to the office with her each day.

5. At the Kerr County Veterinary Hospital, the resident cat, Mo, a big grey cat, is there waiting to greet all who come through.


Back at home, her quarter horse, Rhett, waits for her return each day. “He’s a true gentleman of a horse.” “I love horses and I began my practice in 2002 by treating horses.”


Dr. Eisenberg decided to move here in 2007 because of the slower pace of living and the beautiful environment. “I love the out-of-doors, the rivers and the trails,” she said. “The climate is wonderful, and there is virtually no traffic. It’s just a beautiful area.”

8. She said a common misconception about vets is

that they are in this profession to make a lot of money. I would have chosen a more lucrative profession with less hazards if that were my main objective. My real motivation is to help the animals.”



I JULY 2019

some kind of exotic antelope,” she said. “It was a young antelope and it had pneumonia. There was no one else available, so I was the only option.”

11. Dr. Eisenberg’s interests outside the office include

horseback riding (her favorite), ballet at the Kerrville School of Dance and participating in yoga classes.


She gives back by getting college students connected with veterans. “I think it’s good for college students to develop a relationship with someone of a different generation.” She is working on this project with the assistance of Dr. Charles Hueber, Dean of Students at Schreiner University.

13. To those students interested in becoming a veter-

inarian, she offers these thoughts: “Keep an open mind about what aspect of practice you want to go into while you’re going through school,” she said. “Ask yourself, ‘Is this truly my passion?’ And don’t be afraid to pursue this goal.”

14. She said becoming a veterinarian is a good choice

if someone enjoys working with animals and is willing to get through school and do the work. “It’s not easy,” she said, “but there will always be a need for veterinarians. It’s a very honorable profession, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”


Dr. Eisenberg expressed her gratitude in being able to live and work in Kerrville. “It’s the best part of the state,” she said. “I like being part of the community and helping with furry family members.”

Photos: Top photo, Parastoo Nikravesh; dog, getty images

inarian. “It’s a wonderful profession,” she said. “It’s never boring. There is something different each day. I get excited about new developments in technology and also in clinical techniques.”

Experience the East End District in Kerrville, TX

(830) 928-9002

(830) 955-5572

Eat - Sleep - Shop - Repeat

Wilson’s Ice House

(830) 955-5882

(830) 955-9611

All Located on the Corner of Water Street and G Street



he mom t en in

B e in Simply put, meditation is a way of training the mind, similar to the way fitness is used to train the body. The practice of meditation allows us to gain control of our mental processes so that we can use them to our benefit instead of allowing them to cause us distress.

What are the benefits? Studies have shown that consistent meditation practice lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, slows respiration rate, reduces anxiety, and activates



I JULY 2019

s. es

What is meditation?



indfulness. Awareness. Being in the moment. Are these just popular buzzwords or is there something to the practice of meditation? Let’s look at what it is, why it’s getting a lot of attention, and how to try it out:



ss. Awa ne ears Hall ren ul Kathy S

d n ? i Min M u editatio df o Y ... M n

specific brain activities. “A regular meditation practice will teach you how to speak to yourself when you make a mistake, how to greet a stranger, or how to meet adversity. That’s where you’ll see the shift” said Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher and author of Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection.

How long has it been around? East Asian philosophers have studied the science of mind, consciousness and emotions for thousands of years. Hindu texts dating back more than 4,000 years describe meditation. Buddhist monks formalized ritual meditation about 2,500 years ago. And by 200 AD, Christian monks were meditating to draw closer to God.

WELLNESS Why is it popular now? Mediation is becoming mainstream. Often associated with yoga, the practice of meditation has tripled over the last 5 years. The health benefits are becoming more widely recognized and it’s certainly a welcome change to our often overly multi-tasked lives.

How can I do it? There are a variety of styles and techniques available and the key is to find the one that works best for you. Local yoga instructor and therapist Rick Trzcinski recommends that beginners start with Guided Meditation because it provides queues to lead you along the way and keep you focused. Attend a class or use a CD/video at home.

As a beginner, acknowledge the random thoughts that come along the way. Picture those thoughts knocking on the door. Let them in. Visit with them, then let them out the back door. Do the same thing with the next thought. It’s important to address the distractions, otherwise they just get louder. Over time, these distractions become less important and don’t dwell in our minds for as long.

Where can I do it? Trzcinski points out a common misconception that you need to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, but you should go where you are comfortable – sit on the back porch or in your favorite chair. You can meditate while you are fishing or hunting, even washing the dishes. Use all your senses: watch, smell, feel, taste and listen. Focus on one thing — the task at hand.

Simply put, meditation is a way of training the mind, similar to the way fitness is used to train the body.

Concentration Meditation

Photos: Getty Images

Shirley Archer, JD, MA, a health and wellness educator based at Stanford University School of Medicine, notes that: Concentration Meditation is a technique that involves focusing on a single point. This could entail observing your breath, repeating a single word or mantra, staring at a candle flame, listening to a repetitive gong or counting beads on a rosary. Since focusing the mind is challenging, a beginner might meditate for only a few minutes and then work up to longer durations. In this form of meditation, the practitioner simply refocuses his/her awareness on the chosen object of attention each time they notice their mind wandering. Rather than pursuing random thoughts, simply let them go. Through this process, the ability to concentrate improves. Moving Meditation techniques, such as tai chi, chi kung and meditation walks can also be a great way to start.






Theatre: The Smith-Ritch Point Theatre is touted as the oldest continuously running outdoor theatre in Texas and the only outdoor theatre between San Antonio and Austin. The setting, against a backdrop of the Guadalupe River with an overhead canopy of Texas sky, offers excellent viewing from every seat. The family-friendly comedies and musical productions are cast with exceptional local talent and draw a mix of locals, visitors, camp attendees. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, “The Point in Review” on July 6 will feature a special musical presentation drawing on the talents of many past performances.



Art: The Duncan-McAshan Visual Arts Center attracts local and national artists whose exhibitions are showcased in three tastefully appointed galleries. Roseann Thrall, director of visual arts & development, credits so many who have dedicated so much time over the years to its success, including



I JULY 2019

1. Sarah Derousseau, Exec. Dir. of HCAF 2. HCAF overview 3. Theater performance 4. Duncan-McAshan Visual Arts Center Gallery 5. Stonehenge II at HCAF

Al Zirkel and his daughter, Mary, who have been instrumental in its growth for over decades. Throughout the years, hundreds of locals have broadened their cultural sides through workshops, classes and Young Artists Camp. “Many now bring their grandchildren”, Roseann says. “Art education for the young and the old is essential to the human spirit.” Through the generosity of supporters, their permanent collection continues to grow. Shirley Bell, a former visual arts center employee, artist and long time advocate of HCAF, recently donated a collection of prints from the founding members of the Johnson Creek Press. The group, now known as the Johnson Creek Printmakers, formed in 2003 and purchased the first of four original presses that are now used to teach workshops on the classic form of printmaking. This cultural wonderland also will play host to the 43rd Annual Texas Arts and Crafts Fair on Sept. 28-29.

Community Impact: Roslyn Houghton is one of many multigenerational families who has greatly benefited from HCAF programs. Since 1981, the year she appeared in “Fiddler on the Roof,” her very first theatrical role, she has stayed involved through acting and production. Roslyn’s daughter Emily Huber, caught the acting bug from her mom and the duo were cast together in the 1998 production of “Our Town.” Coincidentally, they both started under the tutelage of long-time HCAF theatre director Jim Weismann, and both went on to careers teaching theatre in area schools. They remain involved with HCAF. “What I learned at HCAF became the foundation of what I would do for the rest of my life,” Roslyn said. “It has been gratifying.”

Going forward: “We are always looking for new and exciting productions and programs to educate and entertain our visitors. While we celebrate our 60 years of success, we look forward to introducing art and theatre to new generations. We are a true community organization.”

Photos: Courtesy photos

“Our volunteers are why we are here and how we keep it going. There would be no theatre without actors and crew; no art without artists,” says Sarah Derousseau, executive director of the Hill Country Arts Foundation, now celebrating its 60th year as a regional cultural icon. The origins of HCAF have been well documented – how a few visionaries explored the site of a former roller-skating rink in Ingram and determined the 13.5-acre landscape at the confluence of the Guadalupe River and Johnson Creek to be perfect for an arts center to serve the community. Through many fundraisers, generous donations and a ton of sweat equity, the complex became a reality and opened in 1959. Over the years, it has expanded to now include a 506-seat outdoor theatre, 100-seat indoor theatre, 1900 square foot arts center and numerous workshops. The manicured grounds also attract visitors who specifically come to see and photo massive stone replicas of Stonehenge II and Easter Island.

Subaru’s Ascent to Independence! 2019 Ascent Premium

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Gifts for the canine member of the family

Nutritional products, toys, leashes, collars, shelters, including this tent can be found at Kerrville Ranch & Pet Center, 1900 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas. Go by or visit there website for pet products galore. kerrvilleranchandpet.com

ifetch Automatically launches balls, 10, 25, or 40 feet. Perfect for small, medium, or large dogs. It can be used indoors and outdoors!

iFetchToo Perfect for launching out of the iFetch machine. iFetchtoo balls are nonabrasive on dog teeth.

ThunderShirt Sport Thunderstorm? Fireworks? Dogs get anxious; applies gentle pressure to calm anxiety and over excitement.

mini ThunderCover Silences those noisy dog tags. Readable tag without removing. It is soft silicone.

These products and many more available ant Dogologie • 148 E Main St • Fredericksburg, TX • dogologie.com



I JULY 2019

Mudbuster It has thick, soft, silicone bristles. Add a little water, and insert the muddy paw. After twisting dry the paw, and no more muddy tracks!

Photos: Top photo, Getty Images; Tent products, Parastoo Nikravesh; Bottom products, Emily Thompson

*Sorry, Scooby is not for sale or adoption.

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Explore, Experience, Educate, & Enjoy Indoor and Outdoor Activities Open Wednesday through Sunday 267 Old San Antonio Highway • Bandera, Texas 830-328-5090 • banderanhm.org NEW ART WING COMING BY DECEMBER 2019.

515 Spur 100 • Kerrville, TX • 830-257-4144 www.freemanfritts.com a non profit organization

The museum will be adding an art collection from the New Spain era (1620-1820). The permanent collection will feature over 200 pieces including paintings, sculptures, furniture, Talavera pottery, antique ivory, and silver pieces. 15



Loki Angus

Peyton 16 


I JULY 2019

Penelope came to us in April of this year in pretty rough shape. She had been hit by a car and received medical care here in our clinic and since has fully recovered! This sweet girl is a 5-monthold lab mix and gets along with everyone she meets. She is ready for a new, loving home today! Loki, a Catahoula mix, was a 2-year-old surrender at the shelter. He is black and white, neutered, good with kids and house trained. This guy is 50 lbs and looking for room to roam and fun to have. Angus is a 9-month-old dachshund mix. This little guy has a huge personality! Just take a seat and this boy with find a happy spot right in your lap with an endless supply of kisses! Peyton, the cover model, is a 5-year-old Labrador retriever. He is a big silly guy with a lot of personality! He loves life, and ... you guessed it! Loves to go for a swim from time to time! Come meet this handsome boy! Our sweet Marley has been with us since 2012 She is an 11-year-old spaniel mix and is good with cats, dogs and wonderful with kids! She makes friends with everyone she meets and especially loves some belly rubs! This male puppy needs a name and a home. He was a stray before coming to us. A Shepard Mix that is approximately 9 lbs and 3 months old, is very playful and the perfect partner in crime for summer fun. He’s energetic, adorable and very soft. Sadie is a 6-year-old beagle mix who came to us in February. This girl can be a little shy at first, but she really loves her people when she gets to know you! She is heartworm-positive, and has started her treatment. So all she needs now is a new family to call her own! Sweet Layla is a 4-year-old, female surrender at the shelter. She is spayed, good with kids and house trained. This 60 lbs, gentle lady is friendly and calm with the makings of a great future companion. Available at Freeman Fritts, 515 Spur 100, Kerrville, Texas, 830-257-4144, freemanfritts.com Available at Kerr County Animal Control & Shelter, 3600 TX-534 Loop, Kerrville, TX, 830-257-3100, co.kerr.tx.us/animal/





Photos: Freeman Fritz, Parastoo Nikravesh; Kerr County Animal Control & Shelter, Courtesy photos; Top photo, Getty Images

nd! b e a hero re s c u e a frie


We’re the Spay/Neuter Experts! 924 N Main

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These spay/neuter packages* include the microchip, rabies vaccination, one booster vaccination, and pain medicine injection:



100 |Dogs $135 |Dogs $175

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call our appoiNtmENt dESk to iNquirE: 830-249-2341


These spay/neuter packages include rabies vaccination, pain medicine injection, and mandatory ear notch: Barn/Porch Cats in carriers, by appointment only $30 Feral Cats in traps, walk-in Mon-Wed* only $25 *Except the 2nd Monday of each month, we are closed for maintenance.

While you’re in Boerne, don’t forget to check out our awesome Thrift Store,

*Limit 2 bottles per table.

RESERVATIONS 830-895-1169 1011 Guadalupe Street H Kerrville, Texas


Go to www.hcaltx.org to learn more or to doNatE today!

115 W Bandera next to Sonic! Hours: tues, thurs-Sat 10am-3pm Proceeds benefit our spay/neuter clinic!

Hill Country Animal League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Come In and Get Everything Pet

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Health Products


Grooming Accessories Grooming Services 1900 Junction Hwy • Kerr ville 830.895.5800 kerr villeranchandpet.com 17


A Traditional Turkish Bath I

lay impatiently on a marble slab waiting for further instructions. I stared at the domed ceiling of stone, shaped like the mosques in Turkey, but punctured with tiny holes of sunlight filtering through bottle glass. I fidgeted and mentally fussed. Finally, I closed my eyes, drew deep breaths, and relaxed into the marble that surprisingly softened, while the pores of my skin opened to release the toxins from days of travel. During an international agriculture business trip with my husband, Lynn Jones, to Turkey’s Süleyman Demirel University in 2008, the International office arranged for a female graduate student to accompany me and negotiate a traditional Turkish bath at a hamam in Isparta. In anticipation, I asked one professor’s wife through her English-speaking daughter what I should know. She said to take towels, my own toiletries and slippers. I arrived prepared, I thought. The manager, however, required I purchase a hand-crocheted mitt with a massage and bath. (To support the local economy?) The manager picked a fuzzy pink one for me. The manager placed me in the hands of a plump woman with short damp hair and a towel tucked around her. I shall call her Cemile. She pointed to herself, then me, waved me upstairs, and led me to a changing room. When I was ready, she led me back through the lobby, where I had first entered, with women lounging wrapped in their personal towels or bathrobes, wet hair hanging down their backs or turbaned on their heads. Cemile heaved open a thick and aged, arched and wooden door, then stepped back to let me pass into an ancient world of marble, steam, and earthy women. The steam clouded my view of



I JULY 2019

“ The pinholes of light in the dome captured my imagination until I let go and relaxed.”

other women through a long corridor and then into a spacious domed room with natural light. The walls and ceiling were gray stone with whiteveined, solid marble slabs for floors, narrow drainage troughs, and bathing stations, like pictures I’d seen of Greeks and Romans. My attendant sanitized one of the marble bathing stalls and a portion of the marble slab in the center of the room with a blue potion and several hot-water rinses. The tools of her trade were my toiletries and mitt; ironically, a plastic bucket and flat-bottomed bowl; of course her powerful hands; and with me, body language. The bucket and bowl were used to rinse the marble slab and me. Then she placed my towel on the marble and motioned me to lie down with the upside down bowl cradling my head. She left me alone in this vast, empty room without language to explain what came next. The pinholes of light in the dome captured my imagination until I let go and relaxed. Moist heat radiated from the marble, generated by fires below, I later learned. After an imperceptible time, Cemile tapped me on the shoulder, gestured to wrap myself in the towel, and to follow. As we approached another room, I heard voices of chattering women reverberating. We arrived in a smaller with fewer stations and slabs. One grandmotherly woman arrived with a little girl clinging to her leg, and gave the child a bath and shampoo. A thirty-something woman, the youngest adult there, passed through in a swimsuit. Everyone was uninhibited in the presence of each other and even me. As Cemile massaged my back, arms and legs, she rummaged through her memory for words in English and asked, “Where – you – come – from?”

Photos: Getty Images

with Rhonda Wiley-Jones

Lake Egirdir is situated in the Isparta province. It is Turkey’s fourth largest lake and second largest freshwater body.

The walls and ceiling were gray stone with white-veined, solid marble slabs for floors, narrow drainage troughs, and bathing stations, like pictures I’d seen of Greeks and Romans.

“United States.” She frowned, not understanding. I tried, “America.” “Ah. America! English?” “Yes, I speak English.” She raised her head from our private conversation and announced to the room of curious women, “America.” A hum of discussion escalated, as they acknowledged my presence among themselves. Cemile turned back and ransacked her memory, “You, teacher?” “Yes, teacher.” “Me teacher, also.” When complete and wrapped in my robe, Cemile took me back to the lobby where she asked, “Cay?” Cay is a Turkish tea. “Yes, cay please.” This must be a cooling off time. She brought me hot tea in a blue Oriental cup; then I added two cubes of sugar from a red Tupperware container and stirred it with a tiny silver teaspoon. Two square beams stood in the middle of the green linoleum floor supporting the oddly shaped and windowless lobby. The women and I sat on fiftiesstyle green plastic banquette seats.

Back in the hararet, again Cemile lathered the crocheted mitt and then me. Her powerful hands worked out tiny kinks, which long days of cramped travel in small vehicles had knotted. When Cemile lathered my head with baby-shampoo, she proceeded to massage my scalp and face. I laughed when I blew soap bubbles out my nose. Then she doused my head with hot water, rinsed, started again. In the end, she alternated rinsing hot and cool water. The pores of my body closed, preparing me to return to the outside world. Unexpectedly and unceremoniously, it was over. I returned to the lobby, relaxed and refreshed. I asked the waiting graduate student if I owed lira for the cup of cay. She translated and the manager said, “No, it is a gift for our guest today.” Body language was inadequate, so I asked the student to tell the manager and masseuse how much I enjoyed the Turkish bath. Then to thank the women in the lobby for sharing their bath experience with me, a foreigner. I looked each one in the eye and nodded my thanks and they replied, “You’re welcome!” in that global language, a hearty smile.


Breathtaking fresh water lake, suitable for activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, or just a peaceful walk along the lake. There are several fish restaurants to try out. On Thursdays a veggie market takes place around an old castle. Visiting Lake Egirdir is a great way to immerse yourself in the rich culture.


A national park located in southern Turkey in the districts of Isparta Province. KIzIldag Milli Parki is a mountain, but no ordinary mountain, it contains an abundance of trees, making it oxygen rich. You can camp or stay in bungalows. You can fish, or try out some authentic dishes at the numerous restaurants.


Visiting Isparta in the cold months? Check out the Davraz ski resort, located about 26 kilometers away from the city. Enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Egirdir while skiing down the mountain. It is a great place to take the family, with 12 tracks to ski down.


Isparta Turkey is known as “The land of roses” for a reason. In May, tourists come to experience the festival of the roses. Tourists come help the farmers and go to factories to see how the roses are processed. Beauty products such as rose water and rose oil are especially popular, and are amazing for the skin.


Enchanted Princess SM





Kerrville Travel presents

European Group Cruise London to Rome

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The Texas Wine Experience™

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* See your Travel Professional for complete offer details. Pricing, availability, and promotional offers are subject to change without notice, and are being advertised by this travel agency. Certain categories and restrictions apply. Prices based on double occupancy. Ships are of Bermuda Registry.



I JULY 2019

10354 E HWY 290 FREDERICKSBURG, TX 78624 830.997.7470



Photos by Parastoo Nikravesh

Summer Style


Clothes courtesy of Ravished by Design 212 Quinlan St. Kerrville Location: Page 21, Pax Coffee and Goods Page 22, Downtown Kerrville Model: Emily Thompson Clothes: Taupe Linen jumpsuit with red beaded necklace



I JULY 2019

Clothes courtesy of Ravished by Design 212 Quinlan St. Kerrville Location: Flatrock Park Clothes: Multicolored halter top, white distressed jeans, brown leather heels and blue tassel earrings


Clothes courtesy of Schreiner Goods 214 Earl Garrett St. Kerrville Location: Turtle Creek Olive Grove Tasting room Model left: Brenda Bindock Clothes: PierAntonioGaspari Italian black and white jacket. Vince black skirt. White silk halter top Model: Tina Carey Clothes: PierAntonioGaspari Italian sheer striped blouse. Camilla, Australian handdyed skirt with Swarovski crystals

Clothes courtesy of Ravished by Design 212 Quinlan St. Kerrville Location: Turtle Creek Olive Grove Tasting room Clothes: Silk, long-sleeve romper



I JULY 2019

Birds, bees, and butterflies.

Oh, and don't forget the burgers and beer. The Ridge Marketplace is a must-see destination in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Enjoy made-from-scratch classic Southern comfort foods in our cafe, stroll through our enchanting gardens and gift shop, and grab a gluten-free dessert to take home from our bakery. 13439 S. Ranch Road 783 | Kerrville, TX 78028 TheRidgeMarketplace.com

The MuseuM


WesTern ArT

Where the Legend Lives H 14,000 square feet of gallery space H 150 sculptures; 250 paintings H Journey West Children’s Gallery H Museum Store

Ask about our fabulous rental spaces. Open: Tuesday-Saturday H 10AM-4PM

1550 Bandera Hwy. H Kerrville, Texas 78028

830.896.2553 H museumofwesternart.com 25

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Accepting new patients and all insurance, including Medicare and Tricare. Same day appointments.

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DogDays Summer

the of

Sydney, a dog that was up for adoption at Freeman-Fritts animal shelter and clinic, was recently adopted and found her forever home.

A Tradition of Animal Lovers by Mia Church


orget everything you may have inferred about dog shows or the lives and experiences surrounding them. Those who have lived it know full well the rewards, but the rest of us may see “Westminster Dog Show” and take from that what we will. It is beyond what one can imagine by simply watching pretty, perfectly coiffed dogs and their sometimes seemingly

world, was an expert color geneticist and AKC judge until her passing. She brought her daughter into the sport at age 10. Erika excelled quickly in junior showmanship and continues showing to this day with over 100 AKC champions. Champions are a combination of excellence in conformation, obedience, hunting and agility. There are 193 dog breeds recognized by the

After 43 years in grooming I have become a dog whisperer.

haughty handlers. This is a story of a rich, fulfilling life full of travel, culture and connection between humans and animals. Erika Swanson’s mother, Polly Swanson, a renowned professional dog groomer, got her first Cocker, “Shirley,” in 1974, and received an American Kennel Club confirmation. This was the beginning of “Legend Kennels.” She still has lineage all over the



I JULY 2019

AKC. Each has a breed standard to adhere to, from size, movement, coat, head type, temperament and more. True dedicated show breeders strive to breed the best physically and mentally sound dogs in their mind’s eye, while upholding the standard. Erika took so naturally to this sport, she feels it’s in her blood, and raises puppies to either be show dogs or wonderful pets.

Photo: Mia Church


e... how memory lan A gait down dog s

The training of a show dog starts at birth with a tremendous amount of handling and socialization. If they are structurally up to the breed standard, teaching them to gait properly comes easy, as they are genetically adapted to being a show dog. “Show dogs have a great life, contrary to what most people think,” Erika said. Mother and daughter traveled extensively, taking in the sites of the cities they showed in. Walking Boston’s freedom trail, standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, visiting Washington DC, the view from the top of NYC’s World Trade Center, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef are some of her fondest memories. This was invaluable bonding between a mother and daughter, having a common interest and goal. Erika credits her work ethic and talents to their close relationship. “Mom was everything. She taught me business, people skills, perfectionism in grooming, drive, determination, competitiveness, and most importantly to never give up even when no one believes in you. These philosophies have made me a huge success in business, personally and raising my two boys,” Erika said. Today the Swanson family has many animals, dogs, cats, horses and many large Koi fish. Erika is not only involved in the dog showing world, but also the owner of her own business, Bark Avenue Pet and Spa. Previously working as a pet groomer at Kerrville Ranch and Pet, after three years there she realized she wanted to utilize her vast experience with dogs and branch out on her own. This was a life-changing decision and Bark Avenue has grown to a successful and well-known destination for people searching for expert grooming. Erika has increased staff to four employees and an incredible 30 dogs per day. This service is sought out by discerning pet owners in the Hill Country because of the attention to detail, and Erika’s admitted need for perfection, down to precise scissoring and coat conditioning. The people who have trained under Erika have noted they have skills beyond those offered at traditional grooming schools and shops. Her lifelong endeavor has set Bark Avenue above and apart from others. She has a calm, peaceful-yet-effective demeanor that creates a pleasant work environment. Some dogs come in with a bit of anxiety, often from trying to maintain eye contact with the owner, but as soon as Erika starts working with them, even the most nervous seem to feel her love and care for them and relax.

Photos: Courtesy photos

“ Erika Swanson’s mother, Polly Swanson, a renowned professional dog groomer, ... brought her daughter into the sport at age 10.”

K9 Vacation Story by Ariel Lutnesky • Photos by Parastoo Nikravesh

The pups’ ears were flying in excitement as they raced out the back door, ready to play. One after another, the dogs came up to say hi, get a few affectionate pets and run off again to sniff out the territory. Being dog-friendly is a requirement on Julie Weiss’s property. “They’ve got freedom,” said Ashley Brooks, Weiss’s fiancé and business partner. “They zoom in and out, and they know their doggy door pretty (well), so they like to come and do their thing. They know where their beds are.” Weiss owns the Hill Country K9 Club in Center Point, which offers play-oriented dog boarding, pet sitting and day care services, as well as dog pick up and delivery. “We just let them have what dogs like to do, which is sniff around and be with people and explore and relax,” Weiss said. A normal day starts off with letting all of the dogs out — which could include up to 16 dogs, depending on the time of year — for a morning bathroom break. Then they eat breakfast, rest for 30 minutes, and it’s out to play.

“Most dogs will eventually go inside when it’s hot or they’re tired or whatever,” Weiss said. “We always check on them and make sure that they’re doing what they should because some dogs can overdo it. Sometimes it’s really too hot to be outside, sometimes it’s too cold, sometimes it’s rainy.” Making sure the dogs are all friendly and compatible is something that’s really important to Weiss, she said, since all of the dogs play and interact with each other. Dogs are social animals, and so being around them is key to her business. “The last thing (dogs) want to do is be away from people or dogs,” Weiss said. Other kinds of boarding places offer a room or space for the dog to stay. The dogs can go out a few times a day and use the bathroom, but interaction can be limited, Weiss said, even if the place is nice and safe. “I think that most people don’t want them to stay in a little box,” Weiss said. “My dogs would do fine like that over a weekend, (although) they’d be bored.” Many of Weiss’s customers are gone for weeks at a time, so having a place to run and play can be

We just let them have what dogs like to do, which is sniff around and be with people and explore and relax...

healthier, she said. Her return customers’ dogs are often friends with other dogs that they get to see while at her boarding place, too. Even so, dogs can be stressed when away from home, since they’re in an unknown place and not sure where they fit in the picture, Weiss said. “They have to get used to their surroundings, they have to get used to new dogs, so it challenges their brains,” she said. “A lot of it is exhausting. It’s like when you go to a party and you have to talk to people and be nice.” Brooks compared it to what it feels like to go to a summer camp for the first time. “When I was 10 years old, I first went to camp and I didn’t want to leave my mom,” Brooks said. “Next thing I know, I made some buddies at camp and the week went by so fast. It’s the same thing.” That’s why Weiss suggests people bring their dog to a potential boarding place for a test run before dropping them off. “Let the dog see the place,” Weiss said. “If you

Julie Weiss,Co- owner of Hill Country K9 Club with her two furry friends. Courtesy photo

can, let them have a day of daycare so they know that you are going to come back and this is going to be a good thing. They have a positive experience.” An additional service at the Hill Country K9 Club is pick up and drop off of the dogs in their own dog van to take some of the pressure off their guests’ owners. She also said she asks people to bring their dog’s food so that their diet doesn’t change. Some dogs don’t eat the first time they are away from home, so that can be a struggle. If a dog has just gotten through surgery or seriously ill, Weiss said that it is not a good idea to board them in a place like hers. “I’ve had people ask me, ‘Hey, can you watch my dog after surgery? She can’t get out of her crate for (a certain amount of time),’” Weiss said. “That’s tough, because you have a lot of dogs that are active (here).” If boarding is a must, some veterinarians may offer boarding for healing dogs, Weiss added. For more information about the Hill Country K9 Club, go to hck9club.com.



by Carlina Villalpando

After eight years together, my beagle, Jessie, and I have shared many adventures — and some misadventures — on vacation together. We’ve traveled by car and air and ATV. She’s been jeeping in Colorado Mountains and wandering the trendy streets of Chicago’s Wicker Park. There’s seldom a vacation she is not included, but traveling with a pet can be challenging, even with the seasoned four-legged adventurer. We’ve learned a few things together that have helped make our trips fun and convenient.

GEAR UP FOR TRAVEL A well-fitting harness will make walking through crowded areas easier. Some of the best harnesses are sleek, comfortable and equipped with small pockets for holding some of your dog’s gear. Kong, for instance, offers a harness with a built-in dispenser for holding waste bags. When choosing a harness, also make sure it is made of reflective, breathable material.

Some other things to consider are buying pet seat belt, easy-to-pack/collapsable dog bowls and breath-freshening treats – you’ll be glad you remembered after many hours packed in tight-quarters with your pup. Make sure your pet’s collar has an up-to-date ID tag, with current contact information, and to travel with current vet records.

LINE UP NEAR BY DAYCARE As much as you enjoy being with your pup and finding dog-friendly establishments you can explore together, there will invariably be things you and your fellow human travelers will enjoy more without a pup in tow and you’ll want to have plans in place for where you’ll pup will stay. We’ve had success lining up out-of-town doggie daycare through websites like rover.com. Many of the sitters on this site keep pets in their homes, or will come to you. The ones we’ve used in the past allow us to leave Jessie overnight and pick her up for hikes during the day, if our hotel didn’t allow dogs, or would allow us to drop her off for a few hours during the day.

PLAN STOPS AROUND DOG PARKS Dogs are social creatures. Breaking up your road trip with dog parks can provide you and your dog a much-needed place to stretch your legs and burn off some energy. Your pup will get physical and mental stimulation that will keep him in good spirits throughout the trip. One of our best travel experiences was in Santa Fe, NM — an all-around dog-friendly destination — where we stumbled about the Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park. It’s one of the most unique dog parks we’ve ever visited. The park offers winding hiking trails that change elevation, dogs could roam the trails off leash. We enjoyed the beautiful open air scenery and bumping into other pups and their owners on the paths. It wasn’t until much into our stay that we heard about the park, and we would have missed a real treat. Now we’re careful to scout out dog parks along the travel route before mapping out our course.

BE PREPARED TO GET DIRTY The week Jessie spent in southern Colorado goes down as the most baths she’s had in any one week of her life. Our stay at Sky Line Lodge in Platoro was a hound’s dream. She roamed the mountain village, welcoming herself to strangers’ camps and wandering in and out of the lodge freely. She walked with a new confidence and I believe measured each day a success in direct proportion to the amount of mud she returned home carrying. On other travel destinations, we’ve visited selfserve dog bathing stations — often inside of pet stores — that offer waist-high bathing bins, warm water, shampoos, towels and blow drying.

OUTDOOR DINING AT ITS BEST Some of the most memorable vacation experiences revolve around food. There’s no reason you have to leave your dog at home when you dine out. Check out bringfido.com for the most dog-friendly dining destinations around the world. As you can imagine, most of the establishments noted there are restaurants with decks and patios for outdoor dining, but some include dog friendly bars and cafes with indoor options. The best thing about the site is the community of other dog lovers who frequent it and rate each of the restaurants specifically for how welcoming they are to dogs.

AIRLINE TRAVEL If you’re thinking about flying with your pet, you’ll want to visit with your vet to make sure your pet is healthy for flying, and then make sure to check out the pet sections on the specific airline you intend to travel. Each airline differs on requirements for in-cabin and cargo travel, and these specifications are subject to change, so it’s important to visit the airline website before you purchase tickets. Several airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin, as long as they fit weight requirements or are able to stand up and move around in a kennel that can fit beneath the seat in front of you.



to your


Summer means area shrimpers are preparing to make their biggest haul as July 15 kicks off shrimp season on the Gulf Coast, much to the delight of seafood lovers everywhere. There’s no substitute for fresh seafood, and fortunately, Hill Country folks don’t have to drive to the coast to find it. Scott Thibodeaux, owner of Wahoo’s Seafood Company, burns up the highway between Galveston and Kerrville at least twice a week to bring these delicacies from the sea right to local businesses and homes. “Some people thought I was crazy to do this,” Thibodeaux said. “But when my wife and I decided we wanted to move to the Hill Country from Houston, I needed a way to make a living. I’ve been involved in the food and restaurant business for 30 years and noticed there wasn’t any place to get fresh seafood other than the grocery store. I had a friend in the seafood business in Galveston, so decided to give it a try.” Wahoo’s Seafood Company opened in 2012 and has grown to provide fresh fish and shellfish to both the public and area restaurants. Thibodeaux’s suppliers provide fresh-caught fish and shrimp, as well as specialty seafood. One of Wahoo’s best



I JULY 2019

By Tina Woods


from the

sellers is wild Scottish Salmon, flown-in fresh from Scotland to Houston. Thibodeaux buys it whole and fillets the 25 to 30-pound fish to order for many restaurants, as well as local customers. This hard-working couple manages a very hectic schedule, along with a young family. Thursdays you’ll find April Thibodeaux welcoming loyal customers to their store at 909 Sidney Baker Street in Kerrville, which is only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They also sell every Thursday at Fredericksburg’s Farmers Market from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays are for taking special orders. Tuesdays and Fridays find Scott Thibodeaux on the road to Galveston to pick

up seafood to stock the store and supply restaurants from San Antonio to San Angelo. Wednesdays, commercial orders are packaged and delivered. Wahoo’s also provides catering for private parties and special events on the weekends. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding,” Thibodeaux said. “I’m excited to introduce customers to the quality and health benefits of our fresh products.” Wahoo’s biggest restaurant client in Kerrville is The Boat on Junction Highway. Local diners also can enjoy Wahoo’s seafood at the Humble Fork, Wilson’s Ice House and the Hunt Store.

What’s the best way to tell if seafood is fresh?

Photos: Boat background, Getty Images; Food photos, Parastoo Nikravesh

“Use your nose,” Thibodeaux said. “There shouldn’t be any other scent than a fresh, salty, ocean aroma. If you’re looking at a whole fish, the eyes should be moist and clear, not sunken. Also look at the gills, which should be red. A lot of seafood in the grocery store was frozen and thawed, and that can change the appearance, so it’s sometimes hard to tell.” Storage after purchase also is important. “Always ask for your seafood to be packaged with ice,” Thibodeaux said. “The colder you can keep fish and shellfish, the better. When you get it home, remove it from the plastic bag, put it into a container with a lid and into the coldest part of your refrigerator. It needs to have a little air to maintain its freshness, which the container can provide.” Preparing fresh seafood is easy, but use a light hand. The delicate flavors can be overpowered with heavy sauces and seasoning.

Morgan’s Inspiration The Power of Inclusion! By Parastoo Nikravesh

In San Antonio, there’s a theme park unlike any other in South Texas that caters to people with cognitive and physical disabilities. Morgan’s Wonderland, 5223 David Edwards Drive, is a fully wheelchair-accessible park with specific activities and attractions created for those with cognitive and physical disabilities. “I can’t begin to give you a number as to how many lives Morgan’s Wonderland has touched,” said Gordan Hartman, CEO of The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation. “But I believe it’s a big number. Special-needs guests immerse themselves in having fun with family, friends and other park guests, and they surprise and amaze themselves in doing things they thought were not personally possible. Our guests young and older with disabilities can relax and play in an environment devoid of

Gordon Hartman, the founder of Morgan’s Wonderland, with his inspirational daughter, Morgan Hartman

stares or rude comments.” The Hartmans were inspired by their 25-year-old daughter with special needs, Morgan. Her positive attitude despite multiple challenges motivated them to make Morgan’s Wonderland, not only for specialneeds individuals but also for their families, caregivers, friends and the general public. Morgan’s Wonderland opened in spring 2010, and since then, it has welcomed approximately 1.6 million guests from all 50 states and 73 other countries. The park’s 25 attractions including rides, playscapes, gardens and other facilities enable people with cognitive or physical challenges to do the same things as individuals without disabilities and boost their confidence in a safe, colorful, affordable atmosphere of enjoyment. Next-door is Morgan’s Inspiration Island, which

The story behind the park

According to Morgan’s Wonderland website, “The tipping point occurred in 2005 when Gordon observed Morgan wanting to play with other vacationing kids at a hotel swimming pool, but the kids were leery of Morgan and didn’t want to interact with her. Then and there, Gordon resolved to create opportunities and places where those with and without disabilities can come together not only for fun but also for a better understanding of one another.”



I JULY 2019

Special-needs guests immerse themselves in having fun with family, friends and other park guests, and they surprise and amaze themselves in doing things they thought were not personally possible.

opened two years ago as an ultra-accessible splash park. It features five colorful, tropically-themed splash pads, the River Boat Adventure ride and support facilities such as the Wheelchair Valet, where guests can transfer out of their personal wheelchairs into revolutionary waterproof wheelchairs for maximum aquatic fun in the sun. Last Year, TIME Magazine included Morgan’s Inspiration Island

on its list of World’s Greatest Places. Guiding everything that happens at Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island is the potent power of inclusion. Anyone with a physical or cognitive special need is admitted to Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island free of charge.

Jump! Whether it’s scaling a cliff or taking a ride on a zip line, Mo-Ranch knows how to get your adrenaline pumping — all while learning how to work as a team. Jenna Carpenter dives into the details.

Nestled on a 500-acre piece of land in Hunt, Mo-Ranch offers a wide variety of activities, including summer and day camps and an outdoor education program. It’s through the outdoor program, which has been going strong for 25 years, that people get a taste of adventure. “It’s our mission to provide a unique living and learning environment in a Christian community, using a natural outdoor environment for a traditional school setting,” said Breanna Larsen, communications coordinator for Mo-Ranch. “People can experience personal, academic and spiritual growth. You come and feel closer to nature, and based on beliefs, feel closer to God.” The program is offered to schools across the country, and it can be catered to what the individual class’s needs are, Larsen said. “They come for a week, use our curriculum and communication and soft skills to substitute a typical week of school,” she said. But the rope course and rock-climbing adventures are not just for school groups. Summer camps also utilize it.

“ High elements include: riding a zip line, rappelling off a 55-foot high catwalk, swinging on a pendulum called the big gulp, climbing a bell tower and jumping to a trapeze.”

Photos: Courtesy photos

“We want to extend that to as many people as possible,” she said. The camp doesn’t have cell phone service or technology that is readily available, Larsen added. “It’s about getting back to being in nature and being comfortable with that,” she said. “The focus for summer and school groups is getting away from distractions in daily life. They come here and experience themselves again.” The courses are separated into high elements, which test people’s limits, and low elements, which emphasize teamwork. High elements include: riding a zip line, rappelling off a 55-foot high catwalk, swinging on a pendulum called the big gulp, climbing a bell tower and jumping to a trapeze. A fan favorite is the big gulp, Larsen said. But whatever the activity, Mo-Ranch hopes to have a special place in people’s hearts, Larsen said. “When you come here as a camper, we want you to keep coming back as an adult,” she said. It offers spiritual retreats, corporate training, conferences and space for family reunions. “Whatever makes it special to you,” Larsen said. “Everyone has a different connotation when they think of Mo.”




JO ANNE ENGLISH • Broker/Owner 200 Sidney Baker St., South, Ste. 30 “In Riverhills Mall” • 830.285.0190 www.KerrvilleHomeListings.com • englishj777@gmail.com

Photo: Mia Church


Backyard Paradise TROPICAL PARADISE AND HILL COUNTRY COTTAGE AESTHETICS Story by Parastoo Nikravesh, Photos by Mia Church



I JULY 2019


I’ve always loved birds. I also love bees and butterflies. I just love nature ... It’s peaceful.


t’s hard to imagine a backyard more peaceful and simplistically beautiful than that of Bandera’s Bettie Ford’s. Stepping behind her lovely home leads one into a space where tropical paradise and Hill Country cottage aesthetics naturally harmonize in this relaxing, green haven. The sounds of her waterfall flowing into a stone pond, the cool breeze winding through the plants, and of course, the fresh smell greets each visitor with a peaceful hello. Bettie Ford says this place was once just trees but this long process, beginning in the late 1980s when she moved here, has now become her dream space. “It’s all just, you do one thing and then you say, ‘This will be nice too, and this will be nice too.’” Bettie said. “Sometimes I get an idea, but as you can see I’m out of space now, so now it’s just upkeep” Bettie has a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a pond with Koi fish and a waterfall, a kidney-shaped pool,

bird baths, a large array of seating, a screened porch, several plants, an aviary with around 25 parakeets and two dogs: Remy and Sophie. “I love birds. It’s all about the birds,” Bettie said. “Birds need cover, they need food and they need water. So the pond was for the birds, all this cover was for the birds and as you can see I have a few feeders.” According to Bettie, the pool came first and not long after she added the porch and had it screened in to avoid mosquitoes. The aviary wasn’t long after and then the rest came little by little. The aviary is a large enclosed habitat behind the porch with a fountain and shrubbery surrounding the space. Inside are the 25 parakeets Bettie rescued from smaller cages so they’d have some room to fly. She started with six and found them to be the toughest birds to handle weather changes needing just a heat lamp in the colder months.


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“ I am big in admiring. I’ll work and sit back and admire it for hours … It’s paradise to me.”


“I’ve always loved birds. I also love bees and butterflies. I just love nature,” Bettie said. “It’s peaceful. I love the sound of the water, the pond is probably my favorite part, and at times I hate it because if something goes wrong I have to fix it but right now it’s doing good. And that little rock thing is Sophie Island. She likes to go out there and sit on Sophie Island and paw at the fish and swim around and bark and then she sleeps well.” Most of the work is now the upkeep. Hand watering the plants to conserve water, mowing the lawns, feeding the animals, cleaning the aviary, changing the bird baths and more. It’s a lot of work but Bettie says she loves it. “ I have this vision of going out every morning with my watering can and clippers and doing just a little here and there but I am not quite there yet,” Bettie said. For those hoping to recreate this relaxing garden, Bettie says to try it one piece at a time. “Unless you have unlimited funds and can do it all at once, I think it’s best to do it a little at a time like I did,” Bettie said. “And do what you love. I love to be surrounded by things I love like birds and plants and butterflies. I live alone and have two dogs that are like my kids and we just sit out here every evening and admire. I am big in admiring. I’ll work and sit back and admire it for hours … It’s paradise to me. I don’t know if it would be to everybody, but it is to me.”


I JULY 2019

Photos: Pool photo Parastoo Nikravesh; Coy pond Mia Church; “Sophia” Mia Church; “Remy” Parastoo Nikravesh


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Fiesta Tablescape Story and photos by Allison Bueché


hether it’s a formal affair or a backyard summer party, entertain in style with these tablescape tips and ideas! Side note: I am a fresh floral gal, and I have no formal experience whatsoever. All of my floral arrangements have been DIY, and I’ve learned through trial and error over the years. Here are some simple items & tips to make your tablescape ultra-chic!


They’re classic and a must! My personal favorites are taper candles, and I like to use different heights of candle holders for more dimension. Whether it’s taper, pillar or votive candles you go with, you cannot go wrong with adding candlelight to your table.

You can easily turn simple greenery into a gorgeous tabletop garland, and less is more. Eucalyptus is an excellent type of greenery to work with for tablescapes — seeded or silver dollar. Using simple materials like floral tape, floral wire and wire cutters, you can create your own garland at a minimal cost. You may even find you have greenery that would work right in your own backyard! For an unpolished look, you can simply scatter strands of it along the middle of your table instead. I always like a little bit of greenery to tuck in other places — napkins, bud vases, etc.

Invest in a set of neutral go-to items


Having a set of neutral tablecloths and charger plates have been one of the go-to items that I have used over and over for many events. They add a touch of elegance, and you can tie them in with any theme! For your dinner napkin look, you can use a traditional napkin holder, bind them with string or even consider creative ways for napkin folds at each place setting. Pinterest has so many ways to change up the traditional napkin fold for your event.

There’s nothing that makes someone feel more special than arriving at a dinner party and seeing their name assigned to a seat or a custom menu card at their place setting. Use place cards to add an interesting and personalized design element to your table, and think outside the box! You can use a variety of elements to label each person’s spot: attaching cards to dinner napkins, fruits, flower buds — the sky is the limit! Even consider using a metallic gold marker to label their name on a simple and inexpensive element such as a leaf.


Fresh floral Making smaller floral arrangements is a great way to spread the love on the table while also not having to use a ton of flowers. Also, keep your centerpieces short enough for your guests to see


over. Bonus: use glass cups or whatever simple vessels you have around as an alternative to vases. Get creative!


I JULY 2019

Mix & match Don’t feel like everything has to match perfectly! Play with different metals, pops of colors, textures, heights and sizes.

The ShuTTer FacTory, Inc. InterIor ShutterS, BlIndS & ShadeS

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Changing habitual behaviors Habits are learned behaviors which develop over time. Often your conscious mind believes it is under control until one day you try to resist a habitual behavior such as smoking and realize that you cannot help but do it. During hypnosis we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind to make a change in these behaviors. The little voice which is usually saying “do it, just a little won’t hurt” quiets down. Through hypnosis, you can begin to use the same strength of mind that has kept you doing something, to keep you FROM doing it. As we work together, you develop the ability to change your behavior. Visit our Web site and see the many habits that can be changed through hypnosis.

104 Homestead Dr. • Kerrville, TX • 830-792-1138

sheehanearlyhypnosis.com 49

There’s no time like a hot summer picnic to



Water melon

I JULY 2019

using the summer classic watermelon!


let your patriotic spirit show


Red, White and Blue Watermelon Parfait 1 cup blueberries 1 container (6 ounces) Greek yogurt (vanilla, lemon or coconut) 1 cup watermelon, plus three pieces diced watermelon whipped cream, for serving In pint canning jar, layer blueberries, yogurt and 1 cup watermelon. Top with whipped cream and garnish with three diced watermelon pieces. Note: To make ahead or make thicker, drain Greek yogurt on paper towels to absorb some liquid.

Watermelon-Infused Water

A simple fruit-infused water can give your summer event an instant upgrade in no time at all. Add extra dimension and complexity to the flavor by adding some of your favorite herbs like basil and mint. 2 cups watermelon balls or cubes 1 cup other fruit, such as berries herbs, such as basil or mint Place watermelon, fruit and herbs in pitcher and cover with water. For best flavor, allow to chill in refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving.

Patriotic Charcuterie Board 1/2 medium seedless watermelon, cut into wedges 1/2 cup fresh raspberries 1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries 10 strawberries (dipped in white chocolate, if desired) 5 ounces fresh goat cheese 1/2 cup toasted, salted cashews 2 ounces cured meats like prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, salami, soppressata, sausage or pepperoni 1 Honeycrisp apple, cored and sliced lemon juice and fresh basil leaves On large board or platter, arrange watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cheese, cashews, meat and apples. Drizzle fruit with lemon juice. Garnish with basil leaves before serving.

Photos: Metro Creative Connection

Flag Kebab Cake 1 12 1 1

pint fresh, washed blackberries wooden skewers seedless watermelon, flesh cut into 1-inch cubes angel food cake, cut into 1-inch cubes (white part only) dips, such as yogurt, chocolate, caramel or marshmallow (optional)

Thread five blackberries on each of five skewers, followed by alternating watermelon and cake cubes. On remaining skewers, alternate watermelon and cake so first and last cubes are watermelon. Place skewers on platter; fruit and cake will create stars and stripes when lined properly. Serve with dips, if desired.


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Advanced Oral Surgery of Kerrville

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I JULY 2019

719 Water Street Kerrville, TX 830-257-8317


St. Tryphon Farm & Vineyard ST. TRYPHON WOULD BE PROUD. Story and photos by John and Carol Aceti


he words “minimally interventionist” would be a challenge to the vocabulary of any oenophile, but in the case of St. Tryphon Farm and Vineyards, it sounds just right. This farm and vineyard is south of Sisterdale on Wasp Creek Rd in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The drive offers scenic, lush, green hills as far as the eye can see. Husband-and-wife owners Silouan Bradford and Mary Elizabeth are dedicated to making as little impact as they can on the soil, and the grapes while producing and bottling fine wines. Mary Elizabeth has her own business and works from home. Silouan had been in the wine distribution business for 12 years. He traveled all over the states and Europe managing an inventory of 12,000 wines. He decided that it was time for him to work from home also. Their home is on the property. He has processed, aged and bottled his wines from estate grapes and from the Texas High Plains since 2016. The wine-tasting room opened with a great celebration on Feb. 1, 2018, which by no coincidence is the feast day of Saint Tryphon.

“ Silouan traveled all over the states and Europe managing an inventory of 12,000 wines.”

The estate wine 2017 “Flower & Bee” Blanc Du Bois, is a wild, white wine rich in tropical fruits and a native creaminess. Its elegant acidity maintains a fresh brightness. The 2018 “Impetuous” Petilliant Naturel is an ancient style; a bottled, then fermented, unfiltered white. It is a sparkling wine, named by Silouan for its boldness and courage with a note of idiocy as well as mystery. It is a favorite summer selection. Another summer favorite recently introduced is the rosé 2018 “Bird in Hand,” which was hand-harvested and bottled on the estate. It is 100 percent Mourvedre that is crisp, bright with light cherry notes. Their bestseller is the red 2017 “Far Afield” Mourvedre from Farmhouse Vineyards in the Texas High Plains. It is described as wild-fermented, juicy and lively with notes of forest floor, dark cherry and cinnamon. Saint Tryphon Farm and Vineyards was voted one of the top three Texas Wineries by San Antonio Reader’s Choice and one of the top five Texas wineries by the Texas Wine & Trail. Saint Tryphon Farm and Vineyards wines are served and sold to 13 stores and restaurants in the area.

Who is Saint Tryphon?

An often-asked question by patrons is, “Who is Saint Tryphon?” (pronounced tri fón). According to Silouan, he is the patron saint of vineyards, birds and gardeners. He is venerated in the Catholic and Greek Orthodox traditions. He was a goat herder who lived in what is now Turkey and was martyred in 250 AD at age 16 for his Christian faith. An iconic painting of Saint Tryphon by artist Rimi Yang of Santa Monica, California, is prominently displayed in the tasting room. With vibrant and bold colors, Saint Tryphon is riding a horse with reins in one hand and a bird in the other.



Annual Circle of Service Gala The annual fundraiser dinner event was held at the Salvation Army Krock Center in Kerrville on May 16. The event included live music and a silent auction. Photos by Samuel Beavers






1) Maria and Mr. B Becerril 2) Rosmary and Carlose Leach 3) Darlene Watkins, Craig and Linda Leslie, Carol Talpey, Carolin Done 4) Ana Roman and Annaa Russel 5) Brenda Thompson and Robbie Crocker



I JULY 2019




TU-SA, 10 am - 4 pm Museum of Western Art, 1550 Bandera Hwy. 830-896-2553. museumofwesternart.com


TU-SA, 10 am - 4 pm The nation’s finest gourd artists compete in a variety of categories. Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett St. 830-895-2911. kacckerrville.com

TH, 10 am - 4 pm Starting with a 10 am Parade and flowing into a scrumptious Bar-B-Q lunch in the Park while listening to live music. There’s something for everyone with face painting, games, arts and crafts and more. The Event then moves on to more live music and entertainment. Comfort Park

TH, 8 pm Sponsored by the Boerne Fire Department Free The fireworks show will start a little after dark and can be viewed in many places around Boerne, but the best place is Boerne City Park 106 City Park Rd Boerne, TX 78006




Space is Limited Scholarships Available fredericksburgtheater.org



F, 8 pm / SA, 4 pm


F, 8 pm / SA, 4 pm


JULY 27 A TRIBUTE TO FLEETWOOD MAC featuring WORLD TURNING F, 8 pm / SA, 4 pm Rockbox Theater rockboxtheater.com

TH, Noon-10 pm; beer garden opens at 2pm. Enjoy food, vendor booths, family fun, bounce houses, and face painting. Entertain yourselves and the kids with Louise Hays Parks very own Splashpad, playgrounds, or cool off in the Guadalupe River. Live music kicks off at 5pm (bands TBA) and a free concert featuring Robert Earl Keen at 8pm. Free family fun and the largest fireworks display in the Texas Hill Country at 9:30pm. Louise Hays Park, 202 Thompson Dr. 830-2578233. kerrvilles4th.org

TH, 10 am - 5 pm Salsa judging at 10:30 am and chili judging at 2 pm $5 for 8 samples of chili. Wine tasting and live music.CASI-sanctioned event. Proceeds will benefit the Fredericksburg Food Pantry. Becker Vineyards 464 Becker Farms Rd

JULY4 FOURTH OF JULY PARADE TH, 10 am Main Street, Fredericksburg


EVENTS JULY 5 FIRST FRIDAY WINE SHARE F, 6-7:30pm A fun way to discover new wines and people. Please bring no more than one bottle of wine per every two people. Singles may feel free to bring a bottle every other month. Bring your own wine glass. This could be a conversation starter in itself. Different location each month. 830-896-6600 Stephen. firstfridaywineshare.com

JULY 5, 12, 19, 26 KERRVILLE FARMERS MARKET - DOWNTOWN F, 4-7pm The Kerrville Farmers Market is a producers only market offering a variety of locally sourced produce, meat, eggs, bread, cheese, beer, wine, and more. AC Schreiner House, 529 Water St. kerrvillefarmersmarket.com


JULY 5 MOVIES IN THE PARK – “TBA” F, 9pm Fun for the whole family. Load up the car and bring the kids, blankets, chairs, and flashlights for a free evening outside at the movies. Bottled water, sodas, and candy are available for purchase. Free popcorn. Kerrville Municipal Pool, 601 Olympic Dr. 830-257-7300. kerrvilletx.gov

JULY 6 CONCERT IN THE CAVE -TERRI HENDRIX WITH LLOYD MAINES SA, 7:30 pm. $30 until 5 PM day of show,$35 at the Door. A return performance by Terri Hendrix w/Lloyd Maines in the Cave Without a Name Throne Room - Two Texan stars plus cave acoustics promises to be a most memorable evening of great entertainment. Terri Hendrix is a classicallytrained singer, Grammy Award winning songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from San Marcos. She performs Americana, folk, pop, country, blues, and jazz. Lloyd Maines is a Grammy Award Winning producer, session player, musician, and Austin City Limits Hall of Fame member. 325 Kreutzberg Rd, Boerne, TX

Th, 1 pm to 5 pm Free Family Fun Live Music - Lucken Pong Washer Pitchin’ & More in Luckenbach Texas luckenbachtexas.com



I JULY 2019

JULY 6 21ST ANNUAL OPEN CAR & MOTORCYCLE SHOW SA, 9am-4pm Open car & motorcycle show with trophies awarded for all categories. Veteran recognition, food trucks, vendors and live music featuring The Time Bandits. Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main St. 830-792-4044. dietertcenter.org

JULY 6, 13, 20, 27 FARMER’S MARKET 8 am - 12 pm One of the oldest farmers markets in Texas. You will find fresh, locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits, homemade canned jellies, jams, preserves, homebaked breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, freerange eggs, handmade soaps and other body care products, herbs, trees & plants, macrame plant hangers, and compost! Comfort Park on TX-27

JULY 13-14 KERRVILLE OPEN PRO RODEO F-SA, 8pm Full rodeo to include bareback & saddle bronc riding, calf roping, team roping, ladies barrel racing, bull riding, calf scramble & mutton busting for the kids. Family fun entertainment. Kerr County Hill Country Youth Event Center, 3785 Hwy 27. 830-997-1864. lmrodeo.com

JULY 13 EXTRA SPECIAL AT BENDING BRANCH WINERY SA, 2 pm - 5 pm Come see us on the patio at Bending Branch Winery in Comfort! Good wine, good music, great time Bending Branch Winery, 142 Lindner Branch Trail Comfort Texas 78013

JULY 13-14 HILL COUNTRY GUN & KNIFE SHOW SA, 9am-5pm, SU 9am-4pm Sale of guns, knives, coins, cutting boards, ammo and more. All proceeds go to local area veterans. Hill Country Veterans Center, 411 Meadowview. 830-3153101. Doehill6679@gmail.com

EVENTS JULY 13-14 KERRVILLE SUMMER MARKET SA, 10am-5pm, SU 11am-4pm 4th annual event. Vendors from all over the state and beyond come to present their art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, gourmet food, gift items, and so much more for you to shop and enjoy. Inn of the Hills Hotel & Conference Center, 1001 Junction Hwy. 888-225-3427. texasmarketguide.com

JULY 13-14 BOERNE MARKET DAYS SA, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Main Plaza comes alive with great shopping in an outdoor setting. boernemarketdays.com

JULY 14 TEXAS TOO HOT SU, $10. MUST be registered by June 15th if you want a t shirt. First 400 to register will receive a custom Texas Too Hot race Cap. Catered smoked sausages, fresh snacks and ice cold Shiner Beer will be served as part of your race entry 1 City Lake Road Boerne, TX US 78006

JULY 19 CONCERTS IN THE PARK SERIES F, 6:30pm Free and open to the public. Bring your lawn chairs. Food and refreshments available for purchase. Louise Hays Park, 202 Thompson Dr. 830-257-7300. kerrvilletx.gov

JULY 19-20 FREDERICKSBURG TRADE DAYS www.fbgtradedays.com

JULY 20 NIGHT IN OLD FREDERICKSBURG/ CASI CHILI COOK-OFF SA, Gates open at 11 am Post time for horse racing is 1 pm General Admission $8 per person until 6 pm.After 6 pm dance tickets are $15 per person. Celebrate a Night in Old Fredericksburg at the Gillespie County Fairgrounds! Live music by Chris Rybak and Moe Bandy, a 42 domino tournament, washer pitching contest, goat roping event, and CASI Chili Cook-off. 530 Fair Drive

JULY 20-21 TEXAS GUN & KNIFE SHOW SA, 9am-5pm, SU 10am-4pm New & used guns, knives, gold/silver coins, jewelry, camping gear, military supplies & several businesses under one roof. Kerr County Hill Country Youth Event Center, 3785 Hwy. 27. 830-285-0575. texasgunandknifeshows.com

JULY 21 PAINTING WITH PIZAZZ SU, 2-4pm Create a personalized, one-of-a-kind wine glass to treasure and keep. Enjoy a glass of wine, chocolate treats, and lots of fun while creating your personal masterpiece. Kerrville Hills Winery, 3 600 Fredericksburg Rd. 830-895-4233. kerrvillehillswinery.com

JULY 23-26 74TH ANNUAL HEART OF THE HILLS GOLF TOURNAMENT TU-F, Times vary. Golfers from around the country and state compete in our annual 72-hole tournament. Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course, 1 Country Club Ln. 830-895-1027. hohkerr.com

JULY 26 MOVIES IN THE PARK – “TBA” F, 9pm Fun for the whole family. Load up the car and bring the kids, blankets, chairs, and flashlights for a free evening outside at the movies. Bottled water, sodas, and candy are available for purchase. Free popcorn. Kerrville Schreiner Park, 2385 Bandera Hwy. 830-257-7300. kerrvilletx.gov

JULY 26-28 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR. F-SA, 7:30pm, SU 2:30pm Playhouse 2000 Summer Musical Camp presents “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” Cailloux Theater, 910 Main St. 830-896-9393. caillouxtheater.com

JULY 27 16TH ANNUAL UGRA RIVER CLEAN UP SA, 8am-Noon Community event to remove trash from the Guadalupe River and raise awareness about the problem of litter in the community. Flat Rock Lake Park, 3840 Riverside Dr. 830-896-5445. ugra.org


Chop House Dining in The Trophy Room Special limited menu event Only available for the first 24 people

Comanche Trace Restaurant Home Delivery Service Tuesday - Friday 5 PM - 8 PM

-Club Members OnlyReservations Required

Community Delivery - Club Members OnlyDelivery Service Fee - $5.00

Call (830) 895-8500 ext. 237 to reserve your seat

Call (830) 895-8500 ext. 249 to order now

Comanche Trace Membership has something for everyone! Golf



• Championship 27 hole Golf Course • Tiffsport Bermuda Tee Boxes & Fairways • Bentgrass Greens • 1,100 sq. ft. Golf Pro Shop • 15 acre Practice & Teaching Facility with Chipping & Putting areas • Annual MGA, LGA, and Lady 9’ers golf events & tournaments • Texas Hill Country Couple’s Invitational Golf Tournament • Numerous & diversified Men’s & Ladies’ Golf Groups

• Monthly “Member Mixer” • Mah Jongg Club • Bridge Club • Book Club • Texas 42 Dominos Club • Kid Comanche Summer Camps • Family Movie Nights • Uncorked Wine Dinners • Untapped Brew Club • Quarterly Trivia, Bingo, & Karaoke Nights • Additional fun-filled Member and Family Events, including Special Holiday Buffets, Chop House Dinners, Food Delivery, & more!

• Tennis & Pickleball Courts • Swimming pool & hot tub • Fitness Center with weights & cardio machines • 4+ miles of crushed granite walking trails • 8 acre private river park • Stocked Catch & Release fishing lake • Yoga, Feldenkrais, and Pilates

Gena Teer, Membership Director - gteer@comanchetrace.com | (830) 895-8500 ext. 224 Trent Schiek, Clubhouse Manager - tschiek@comanchetrace.com | (830) 895-8500 ext. 237 3074 Bandera Highway, Kerrville, Texas 78028 • (830) 895-8500 • info@comanchetrace.com • www.ComancheTrace.com