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Single Cup Evolution – A Pod Resurgence?

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The View

Education = Choices


Spotlight on China

The Future of Specialty Coffee for China

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Spice up Your Life Catapults

Roaster's Rock

Planning for a Plant Upgrade, (Fixing what you did not plan for in the beginning)


Profiles of Women and Coffee Interview with ChengCheng Su

Communicating Coffee’s Health Benefits

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Clickbait and Coffee: A Problem of Perception

Coffee Service Corner

Single Cup Evolution – A Pod Resurgence?

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Spotlight on China

4 April 2018

THE VIEW Kerri Goodman

Education = Choices


he first quarter of 2018 has been full of inspiring, and valuable learnings from a variety of industry conferences. January was the first ever International Coffee Expo in Pu'er, Yunnan China, an impressive gathering of industry professionals from throughout the world. Speakers included Jose Sette, Executive Director of the ICO, Ric Rhinehart, Executive Director of SCA, David Roche, Executive Director of CQI, Peter Baker, Climate Change Expert, Ted Lingle, Senior Advisor for the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange many several other industry luminaries. Topics focused on the transformation of the Chinese Coffee Industry from one of mediocre quality and little to no incentive for farmers to invest in quality coffee production to one where farmers are educated and empowered to choose the level of quality they wish to produce.

You may wonder why there is an image of a Toyota Corolla and a Lamborghini. Ric Rinehart's innovative and more meaningful definition of “Specialty Coffee” really drove home the point: consumers have different expectations of the product and experience. Coffee is only “specialty” if the consumer experiences a thoroughly quality experience which can only happen if the focus is on quality every step of the way in the journey from seed to cup. Beyond that, the product must presented as an “experience.” In short, specialty = differentiation. As Michael Boyd said to me, “There is a home for every bean.” By giving these farmers tools and education, they are given a powerful choice: to pursue the lower quality, higher volume market (the Corolla) or the higher quality, lower volume specialty market (the Lamborghini). Knowing each buyer has their own expectations, farmers must be given the tools and information needed to make intelligent and informed business decision. Discussions included: • Processing for Quality and Consistency • Financial Security • Using the Relationship Model to Buy/Sell Coffee • The Challenges & Solutions to Coffee Sustainability Around the Globe • Using Marketing to Tell Your Coffee Story • Global Pricing Dynamics & the Connection to Yunnan Pricing It is inspiring to see our industry come together to explore new worlds, seek out new coffees, and go where no one has gone before (sorry non-Trekkies, I could not resist). I encourage all of you who will be attending the SCA Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle this month, check out the portrait country: China.

6 April 2018



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Spotlight on China The Future of Specialty Coffee for China

by Karen Cebreros, Sustainable Coffee Trader, Global Coffee Trading


t is no longer just Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. China has committed to bringing coffee online this year, both organic and conventional.

Traveling to coffee origin countries is a thrilling adventure. Thirty years ago very few specialty coffee professionals enjoyed the unique experience of visiting the farmers in a tropical paradise. No one understood how this magical product was farmed. No one knew it was one of the largest commodities in the world. Now in January 2018, over one hundred international Pu'er from many different consumer and origin countries were invited to Puer in Yunnan China, for the first International Coffee Expo. Can you Imagine? China has only been experimenting with coffee for about one hundred years. Tea, is still the drink of choice but coffee is growing exponentially. China will be featured as the portrait country this year at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle. Ted Lingel, one of the ten pioneers of the SCAA, CQI, the cupping handbook and an ICON of all things specialty, has been working tirelessly in China with Mr. Shuy for the past three years. Mr. Shuy is the Chairman of the Yunnan Coffee Exchange, known as the YCE. They are committed to bringing extraordinary coffee varieties to the world market. Tea and coffee grow well together in China as they do in India. China ranks 9th in the export of green coffee beans. Given the enormous resources available in the land, people, technologies, and determinations we can expect China to rapidly move into the top three in five years. This should be great news for the sustainability of coffee production as long as the varietals are delicious. The specialty industry worries about climate change, who will farm the coffee in the future, the viability of unique varietals standing up to ROYA and other pestilences. Popular buzz words include conscious capitalism, humanity at the origin, equitable trade, direct trade, transparency and the list continues. China has a vision that will answer these and many other questions. Meet Conscious Communism and Regenerative Organic Certification. (ROC) Mr. Shuy, originally from the flower auction in China, has agreed to bring in the new ROC certification written by the Pioneers in organic since 1947, Rodale realized that sustainable is not enough. The word alone is now in the


cont. on page 10 April 2018

China decide what brings the best premium and what does one really need to keep up with market demands while taking good care of the land. In March 2018, a press release announced that ROC will be online in 2019. The big news for our industry is that China has agreed to be the pilot program for ROC in coffee. See for a full directory on how, why and when this new high bar of agriculture will be launched. ROC will tackle issues of eco-positive farm practices, economic justice and animal welfare, all in tandem. There is no time to work in isolated silos. Ongoing improvement is critical for topsoil survival. USDA says: “Soil is a living and life-giving substance, without which we would perish. As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. It can take anywhere from 100 to 500 years for an inch of topsoil to form.” ROC will incorporate the bedrock of US and EU standards and has already been approved by IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Movements. Best practices that exist will be joined with new criteria as well. This should cost less for farmers and expedite the entire process of certifications into a streamlined global movement that all cultures can understand. If it sounds like the sky is falling, it just might be. Coffee has a role to play in educating humanity. China is stepping up to do their best from tree to cup. ROC will provide China’s coffee farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to nourish and sustain the future and its measures will reach beyond the coffee sector. same category as natural and gourmet. Improvement is needed in all areas of agriculture. For decades, consumers have been keeping up with many certifications, trying to balance social justice with a clean planet or saving birds and bees. While navigating the maze of certifications, farmers also must

Please join A SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA AT THE SCA IN BOOTH 827. Meet the newest country to participate in the wonders of specialty coffee and meet the leaders, the IWCA members, and the futurists. You can also sample espresso in a pop-up booth and SAVAYA coffee booth.

10 April 2018

Spice up Your Life Catapults


s a roaster, I was offended the first few years when people would ask why I did not have Hazelnut or Vanilla flavored coffee. Sometimes they would refuse to even try it without first adding cream and sugar. I would have strongly preferred that they, at least, TRY my coffee unadulterated. Was that too much to ask? I mean really! Then I got over myself. While I have persuaded some flavored-coffee junkies to try my roasts without any additions, and turned them into pure coffee drinkers, there still exists a population that loves their flavored coffees. No matter how much attention we pay to buying the best beans from the best plantations, handcrafted roasting, quality control, creating exciting blends, or showcasing an amazing single origin, blah blah blah…there are always going to be people that prefer their coffee to be flavored. I realized the coffee industry was much broader than just coffee itself. From the beginning it has included other things, such as spices and brew techniques …all in an effort to continually improve the experience of one of the world’s most treasured traditions, to keep it relevant in everchanging times, and keep it that way for nearly a millennium. As coffee professionals, we are already sold on how special coffee itself is. While the continual efforts of proper growing, processing, and roasting techniques will always remain the essential staple of our industry, the quest for coffee shops to stand apart to draw new customers will always be the catapult to make coffee interesting and new to the masses. In other words, we must start with the base of a superior product always, but the creativity and presentation is what keeps our product interesting through the generations. The retail side of the business is mainly responsible for the marketing and presentation of our product to the world. It is vital for them to always be

by Julie Spitzley, Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters

looking for new ways to prepare and present it. They must pay attention to health, food, and social trends, as well as develop new recipes and offer the best brewing techniques. This was even relevant in the very beginning of coffee history. Coffee, as we know it today, was introduced during the era of the Spice Trade. Cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, etc- all were and are simple delicious spices that make you feel at home. In those days, different countries were known for their signature drink, and still are today. Some recipes were pure coffee. Others added spices and creams. Rules existed for some that you must not boil your coffee, others said you must boil your coffee. Some had finer grounds than others. Nowadays, we know what basic processes bring out the best in our black gold. It starts at origin with the growing and processing techniques, then on to the proper roasting style. The retailers find the greatest beans of choice and then are at the helm to create their own unique recipe. Brew style is very important in an effort to showcase the purest form of the bean. Those qualities will draw repeat customers. They do notice, by the way, even the most novice ones. However, what will get them through the door to begin with? Recipes and presentation. Our industry is forever inventive. We are definitely keeping the party going into this new millennium! Customers see advertisements of beautifully presented lusciousness and have no choice but to try it…then get hooked. Hundreds of flavored syrups in bottles, powders in bags, liqueurs, fruit, herbs, and spices exist as coffee drink ingredients. Some are used more than others. With the organic and whole foods trend sweeping our nation, I wonder sometimes if coffee consumers would appreciate a modern twist on the original simple spices that have been with coffee since its inception. Sometimes a step back in time is a step forward. The old becomes new. Something to think about.

12 April 2018

Roasters Rock


by Rocky Rhodes

(Fixing what you did not plan for in the beginning)


emember when the company just started? Everyone was motivated, passionate and the future was exciting. Remember that business plan? It was really conservative because you had no idea how many pounds per week you were going to roast. Capacity to roast was not a thought because you were starting at around 0% and that left 100% unknown. A common mistake / oversight that new roasting businesses make is understanding ALL of the components that go into capacity building. At best, a forward looking business plan calls for leaving a space next to the first roaster to add a second roaster. Double capacity possible! Except it doesn’t really work that way. Now you have to figure out where to put the ‘other stuff ’ that comes along with growing capacity. We will explore Green Handling, Roasting, Roast Coffee Handling, Packaging, Finished Product (and Allied Product) Storage. This article does not explore coffee ’conversion’ such as creating extracts or Ready to Drink products as that is a whole article in itself. Capacity is interesting because it creates the question of defining Small, Medium and Large roasting plants. For the purpose of this article we will use pounds per week as our measurement. Small = 1- 4000 pounds/wk or up to about 200,000/yr Medium = 4001- 20,000/wk or up to about 1,000,000/yr Large = 20,001 + /wk If you are roasting 100 pounds per week, 4000 might seem large! But even so, you need to imagine your company getting to that 4001 range. If you plan now it won’t be a surprise. Green Handling The small roaster is likely getting a lot of single varietal, higher end coffees. As they grow they move to booking out pallets of coffee that make blend components. At this stage you are buying fairly clean coffee and will likely not have anything but a hand truck, pallet jack and some dunnage racks that will keep single bags up off the ground. Shipments come bi-weekly so storage is not a huge amount of space. The medium size roaster is now having to buy a lower grade of coffee in order to watch margins on blends as well as have a consistent supply all year round. This takes us to the need for green cleaning, dust collection, conveyance and silos. This requires air compressors and vacuum systems to run. The plant ceiling height now needs to be about 18’ so the silos can fit and you can start stacking pallets and/or forklifting pallets onto racks. A 3 month on hand supply can take a lot of space and there is usually a loading dock dedicated to receiving green. Green conveyance moves past the hand truck and to an automated system of either pneumatics or a tube conveyance. The discharge from silos will require a weighing system for preparing batches to be roasted. The large roaster looks like a medium roaster but with a different scale and probably has a portion of the warehouse dedicated to green handling, including an ability to fumigate for moths. This area will likely be temperature and humidity controlled and may have to store a 6 month supply of coffee. It is not uncommon to add a green destoning system to clean the foreign matter. The silo system will likely be computerized and integrated into the overall plant operating software control system.

Roasting A roasting system has a few standard components; Loader, roaster, destoner, and smoke abatement. The small roaster uses a floor scale, bucket and muscle for loading. The roaster likely has 12 kilo or less capacity per batch. A destoner is often not purchased and roasted coffee is conveyed away by bucket or rolling bin. Smoke abatement is either not required or is done via an electrostatic device or small thermal afterburner. The medium roaster may have a loader right next to the machine and manually feed the green coffee into it or they might have silos discharge to the loader. Roasters are 140 Kilos or less. There is likely more than one roaster which compounds the system requirements for conveyance etc. The destoner discharges into a conveyance system. The afterburner is likely a heavily regulated device and will need to meet strict requirements. A Catalytic Oxidizer is good for this. For large roasters, manual loading is a distant memory. All coffee is cleaned and stored in silos prior to roasting. The roasters are about 280 kilo and there will be more than two or three with room for more. Destoners are on every machine, and the afterburners will put out nothing but hot air. Roast Coffee Handling, Storage and Allied Products This part of plant design gets tricky as there are many ways to grind and package coffee. A Small roaster has a deli scale, a bucket and a scoop. Grinding is done by ‘shop’ grinders with about a 3lb / min capacity. Coffee is rarely degassed as it is being put into bags with one way valves. A manually operated floor sealer is used to seal the final product. Medium roasters now have to have conveyance systems, roller grinders, and silos for degassing. Packaging will be automated and they likely have one machine that does several types of packaging. This is when nitrogen generation onsite should also be considered. Most large companies will have multiple packaging lines thereby multiplying the space requirements. Some machines can do multiple types of packaging but ultimately you have to be able to package as fast as you can roast so multiple lines are needed to avoid bottlenecks. In talking with larger companies, the place where they say they underestimated capacity was at the outbound delivery dock. They ran out of room to store products because they only planned for coffee and forgot syrups, straws etc. They also underestimated to the number of docks needed at one time to load trucks. So when you are imagining your growth in your business plan, don’t stop at roasting capacity! The rest of your plant has to support the volume as well.

Rocky Rhodes is an 18 year coffee veteran, roaster, and Q-Grader Instructor, and his mission now is to transform the coffee supply chain and make sweeping differences in the lives of those that produce the green coffee. Rocky can be reached at rocky@


Photo by Trish Rothgeb

April 2018

Profiles of Women and Coffee Interview with ChengCheng Su

by MJ Engel, Fulbright Student Researcher


hengcheng Su, Coffee Quality Institute’s Asia and China Coordinator, has been instrumental in the development of Chinese coffee. She has written masters theses in both illy’s Research and Innovation Department on sensory science and illy’s Coffee Program on the current status and future prospects of coffee in China, translated 12 Q grader courses for six instructors, and is a Q grader herself. Chengcheng was a lead staff for the first Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo/Forum this past January, and will be one of the leaders to watch as China’s coffee industry grows. What have been the most interesting aspects of your coffee career? The best part of the job for me is working with farmers. I love their smiles. We all know that growing coffee is anything but easy…During my various farm visits in Yunnan, I saw several farms poorly maintained because farmers couldn’t make ends meet. On the other hand, more farmers are putting efforts into making their trees healthier and wet mills cleaner, constructing raised beds, greenhouses, and Western-user-friendly toilets with the belief that pursing quality is the right direction that they should work towards. The Coffee Quality Institute and our partner in China, the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange, have implemented several interesting projects in Yunnan. For instance, we did a post-harvest processing protocol trial on 15 farms in Yunnan during the 2016/2017 harvest to assess the effect of the main processing methods on the cup profile and cup quality of coffee from the region. We started a model farm program last September with the intention to fully bring out the potential of Yunnan coffee and create the showpieces that Yunnan can present to the world to enhance its recognition and reputation. How has the experience of being part of the organizing committee of IWCA China been for you? I always want to do something for coffee growers, many of whom are women. When Ted Lingle asked me in October 2016 if I would like to be the second member of IWCA China and help Julien Shi, owner of Manlao River Coffee, to form China Chapter, I sent him a big yes. Forming a chapter is easier said than done. We have formed an organizing committee with twelve members coming from nine provinces of China working in coffee production, trading, roasting, brewing and training. In August 2017, Puebla, Mexico, I signed the Letter of Intent to form IWCA China at the IWCA Convention on behalf of Julien Shi. The next step is to get the chapter legalized in China, which is a sophisticated administrative procedure that can take over a year to complete. Though difficult, I believe with the help from many warm-hearted coffee friends in China, we can get it done within 2018. How does sustainability factor into your work?


Fewer younger generations are willing to do farming as their parents and grandparents do, which will lead to a drop in labor force, thus an increase in labor cost. This issue will become more severe if coffee prices stay

lower than the cost. Farmers can easily switch to other cash crops if coffee cannot bring enough income, but then our coffee business can no longer be sustained. That’s why I believe working hard to produce quality coffee in an environmentally friendly way can possibly solve this issue. If your coffee is good enough, buyers will be willing to pay premiums, meaning farmers will suffer less even when the “C” price drops below the production cost. If the coffee is consistently good and has a unique flavor, farmers will have the right to negotiate on the price. We are continuously working with farmers to help them improve coffee quality and income so they stay in this business. Looking forward, in ten years, where do you hope China will be in the context of the coffee industry? In ten years I’ll be old! I think China will be an indispensable high-quality coffee supplier of the world market by then. I hope that in ten years, consistently good Chinese coffee possessing unique identities and characteristics will be easily accessed, purchased and transported to buyers from all around the world. Each region in Yunnan will have had their own flavor profiles like what Guatemala has today. More importantly, Yunnan farmers can lead a decent life producing coffee. They will have the right to set and negotiate prices with buyers from the globe and will get what they deserve.

April 2018

Communicating Coffee’s Health Benefits Clickbait and Coffee: A Problem of Perception

by William “Bill” Murray, President & CEO, NCA

According to a new section on coffee and health in the 2018 NCDT report: • 69% of consumers report that they do not know about coffee’s benefit on reducing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. • 47% of consumers indicated that ‘coffee reduces risk of heart disease’ topped the list as the top motivating statement to increase coffee consumption. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. • 43% of consumers indicated that health claims about coffee’s preventative benefits would motivate them to drink more coffee. According to the report, “With more than two-thirds claiming limited knowledge on health studies and the strong motivation numbers seen for coffee claims reducing disease risk, it is clear that there is a gap between consumer knowledge and motivation.” cont. on page 20


oday’s consumers are more aware than ever before about how the choices they make impact their health and reflect their ideals. From sustainable ingredients to alternative milks, new values are driving a shift in consumption habits across the board. People are turning to products that make them feel good about their purchase, and promise amplified wellness benefits. This should be great news for the coffee industry, considering the massive amount of independent research on coffee, caffeine, and health. Study after study suggests that moderate coffee consumption may reduce the risk cardiovascular disease, prevent diabetes, and improve liver health (just to name a few). Coffee drinkers even live longer, according to Harvard research – really, what more could you ask for? But this information isn’t reaching consumers – and new market research indicates that concerns about caffeine and health present a key barrier in coffee consumption. “As an industry, there’s a lot of information about the effects of coffee and health. But it hasn’t broken through to the consumers in a mainstream way,” said Michael Edwards, founder of Dig Insights, while presenting the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) 2018 report at the NCA Convention in New Orleans, March 17. “Health and caffeine are closely related, with caffeine being the thing that’s easy to articulate. [Focusing on caffeine consumption] expresses an anxiety about coffee and health: ‘there’s something in the coffee that makes me feel like I should limit my coffee intake.’”

18 April 2018

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Health Benefits

Americans drink 2.1 cups of coffee daily, on a per-capita basis – and potential health benefits have been shown to increase proportionately up to 6 cups a day. A small change in behavior on an individual basis could have a big impact for business – and, more important, public health.

Why isn’t coffee’s health message breaking through? There is more information on coffee, caffeine, and health available than ever before. But for every legitimate study published in a peer-reviewed journal, there are a dozen articles that breathlessly guarantee your breakfast will kill you before noon.

Tapping into consumers’ focus on wellness can also help drive new trends and innovation. For example, the idea of “Coffee Plus” is gaining ground – coffee delivered with additives to expand appeal or add functional benefits. New formats and ready-to-drink options make these beverages accessible and convenient for people on-the-go, positioning coffee as an all-day option.

This environment makes it easy for misleading (or worse) information to spread, fueled by social media and confirmation bias gone viral. Any claim, no matter how absurd, can find validation in some weird corner of the internet. With all the static assaulting our newsfeeds, it’s easy to tune out everything as noise. Despite everything we’ve learned as an industry, coffee’s reputation is still recovering from bad research conducted decades ago, which used unreliable data and did not control for confounding factors (like smoking). And ambiguous messages about coffee, from government regulators to bloggers, are creating even more confusion. For instance, there have been recent headlines about “coffee and cancer” in the context of California’s aggressive Prop. 65 legislation – despite the fact that coffee does not cause cancer, and may even actually prevent some types of cancer (something that has been shown over and again through independent research). In addition, we’re seeing more so-called “sugar taxes” in districts across the country that threaten to group coffee together with artificial and sweetened beverages, potentially deterring coffee consumption on the basis of both perception and price. At the NCA, we believe that accurate, science-based information is necessary for people to make the decision that’s right for them. That’s why we need to talk about coffee as part of a healthy lifestyle (as declared by the most recent U.S. Dietary Guidelines), and find ways to empower the coffee industry to educate consumers.

This is the beginning of a pivotal transformation for our business. While coffee consumption has stayed consistently strong over the past 5 years, the dynamics within the industry has shifted. New beverages, with new benefits, are replacing the traditional drip brew. As consumers continue to look for more innovative options, embracing coffee’s role as part of a healthy lifestyle will help our industry connect with the next generation of coffee drinkers – and maybe even help them live longer, too. Please note that making ‘health claims’ when marketing products is an area that is heavily regulated by the FDA and a thicket of rules and regulations, and NCA members should not make such claims without consulting with legal counsel. William “Bill” Murray, CAE, is President & CEO of the National Coffee Association (NCA), the trade group representing all coffee industry segments.

Not only is effectively communicating coffee’s health benefits an opportunity for companies, it’s an opportunity to move the needle on coffee consumption nationwide.

20 April 2018


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Coffee Service Corner



ell more than a decade ago while writing for Ben Ginsburg’s Vending & OCS magazine, I wrote an article on pods that took the position that operators should delay considering this solution as an alternative to K cups and the Flavia system. My premise was that pod brewing technology had not yet advanced to the level necessary to satisfy the workplace. Newco and Grindmaster were among some of the manufacturers that had developed interesting brewer solutions but a number of operators, including me, felt the brewers at this time were not quite intuitive enough nor that had satisfactorily addressed potential cross contamination issues. Interestingly, another trade magazine around this same time had a feature article advocating the pod for the OCS industry.

KS: Many consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of single-cup, brew by pack products. How does Pod Pack manage their expectations?

I should clarify that for this article, and for most Coffee Service operators, a pod is what is depicted in the image above. Some “cup” manufacturers refer to their cups as “pods”. Not sure why that ever happened.

KS: Are pods used in other channels?

In my recent travels, I am hearing and seeing more operator interest in pods. The interest is driven by advanced brewing systems, quality of the cup, cost per brew and an eco-friendly story. I sought out an old friend and industry associate, Dan Ragan, for more insight into the renewed interest in pods and he obliged. Dan is the National Sales Manager for Pod Pack International based in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The following is our conversation:


by Ken Shea

DR: We continue to work with film manufacturers to provide legitimate options for compostable film. Although, the oxygen barrier is less effective with some biofilms, we continue to look for solutions. Most bio-films have less than 1-year shelf life and as low as 3 months’ shelf, and our current film structure is guaranteed fresh for 1 year. Also, the cost difference for bio-film versus our current film is more than two times higher. However, the current packaging based on weight provides an 87% improvement from other single-cup cartridge systems because the pod is compostable.

DR: The QSR (quick serve restaurant) industry continues to look for ways to improve their coffee programs, particularly for the off-peak time. The most notable success is the Taco Bell coffee program. The goal was to have a high-quality, consistent product from coast-to-coast in all of their stores, and pods provide the solution they were looking for. KS: Dan, thank you for these insights. Your contributions to our industry are greatly appreciated!

KS: Pods have been in the market for 14 years, why the sudden interest from operators?

In closing, the NAMA Show in Las Vegas concluded recently. The booths that featured single cup product and brewer offerings were too numerous to count. Hot and cold brew by pack options as well as several new exhibitors with interesting bean to cup hopper based systems could be found throughout the exhibit hall.

DR: Employers continue to seek improvement in the quality of their coffee offerings to keep employees in the office and not venture out to the coffee shop, so the need for quality has never been more important. Pods offer Golden Cup quality, as well as flexibility for the consumer to customize their drink of choice. At Pod Pack, for 2015, 16 and 17, we have seen growth of 30%, 30%, and 50% respectively. This high growth number has continued through the first quarter of 2018.

There was also a lot of floor chatter regarding cup manufacturers that have competed so successfully against Keurig/GMCR at retail but have made relatively few in-roads in the Coffee Service industry, primarily because of the restrictive KAD agreements that largely prohibit operators from using alternative cups. Will 2018 be the year that we see major operators move some of their business towards the alternative cup manufacturers? Is there an achievable lower price point that could be the catalyst to make this happen?

KS: The single-cup category continues to grow in the OCS industry. Other than convenience and selection what other factors differentiate brew by pack, and pods in particular, from traditional open or batch brew?

From most all operator accounts at the show, times have never been better to be a Coffee Service operator. Employees are wanting and demanding more and better offerings. Offices are subsidizing more amenities than ever. The manufacturing community is giving the operators more solutions, more products and appliances to bring to the accounts.

DR: As a single cup pod manufacturer, we begin by analyzing the bulk density of the product to determine what can fit in a pod to brew the best cup of coffee. Many operators want to know the gram throw of a pod, but that metric is only part of the story. The bulk density of a dark roast may only require 9 grams, whereas a light roast could be 13 grams. Because the bulk density is so different between roasts these two products take up the same amount of space in the pod. The brewers that we recommend pre-infuse the pod and use pressure to push through the coffee bed to provide an optimal brew.

Until next time, thank you! Ken

April 2018

Ken is President of Ken Shea and Associates and also serves as V.P. of Coffee Service for G&J Marketing and Sales


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C2 Imaging/ Identabrew


(888) 872-7200 c2spark. com/beverage-dispenserbranding/ Since 1997 we have provided the beverage industry with IdentaBrew products. From design to installation, we brand your beverage dispensers and retail POP graphics. See our ad on page # 29

Cablevey Conveyors


Cimbria Bratney Company


(641) 673-8451 Cablevey Conveyors' cable & disc technology gently move materials such as coffee and nuts through enclosed tubes without the use of air. Degradation is essentially eliminated. See our ad on page # 23

(515) 270-2417 Bratney provides Cimbria cleaning, and color sorting technology, Concetti packaging and palletizing/depalletizing systems for the coffee industry, and design, engineering and construction services. www.bratney. com See our ad on page # 21

Coffee Holding Company


(800) 458-2233 From one bag to a full truck, Coffee Holding Company provides green coffee solutions to specialty roasters including Daterra Estate, Organic coffees, and Teton Tea. See our ad on page # 15

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation 601 (305) 532-7950 Café de Colombia is more than a beverage: it’s the authenticity and spirit of passionate dedicated growers to produce superior quality from their hands to yours. See our ad on page # 31

Eastsign Int’l Ltd


(847) 719-3000 Since 1987, FETCO® has been one of the leading global manufacturers of commercial coffee and tea equipment. FETCO: Trusted. Reliable. Quality. See our ad on page # 3


(215) 721-4600 Fres-co System USA, Inc., (www. has served leading coffee companies for more than 40 years with high-performance flexible packaging systems and dozens of innovative breakthroughs. See our ad on page # 9

Java Jacket


(800) 208-4128 The Original Green Coffee Sleeve. Comes in 100% Recycled Natural Kraft or White. Can be custom printed with your design. See our ad on page # 13

Plitek 902 (847) 827-6680 PLITEK's complete coffee degassing solutions include: • One-way degassing valves for a range of packaging sizes and types • Semi-automatic and high speed applicator systems • Testing and quality assurance systems • System design, building, installation, service, and support See our ad on page # 17

Shore Measuring Systems


Tightpac America Inc.


(765) 769-3000 Shore Measuring Systems, a division of CTB Inc., manufactures, markets and services commercial grade moisture testers for coffee, tea and cocoa. See our ad on page # 29 (888) 428-4448 Patented coffee closure system that acts exactly the same way as one-way degassing valve, allowing natural gasses to escape without allowing oxygen in. See our ad on page # 26

Vessel Drinkware


(855) 833-7735 oneVessel by Vessel Drinkware provides retailers with high-quality, reusable drinkware featuring lifestyle driven artwork to capture the attention of your customers. Please visit us at www.vesseldrinkware. com, or call (206) 763-0366 See our ad on page # 19

Vita-Mix Corporation


Wilbur Curtis Co., Inc.


(800) 437-4654 Unsurpassed durability. Amazing consistency. And massive horsepower. All blended together in one brand renowned for maximizing productivity on professional countertops. See our ad on page # 11 (800) 421-5150 A leader in the foodservice industry for over 75 years, the Wilbur Curtis Company is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art coffee and tea brewing equipment, including the world-renowned Gemini® and ThermoPro® G4 Brewing Systems, and the Curtis Gold Cup™ single cup coffee brewer. See our ad on page # 7

2025 Eastsign is specialized in producing Instant Tea Powder with 2000MT annual capacity. Certificated by ISO22000, KOSHER, ORGANIC NOP. Main products are Tea Stick, Tea / Coffee Pod (Single Serve), Pyramid Tea Bag and Coffee Pod Filling and Sealing Machine etc. See our ad on page # 19

April 2018


NCA Names Grounds For Health 2018 Coffee Charity of the Year Introducing the National Coffee Association’s Coffee Gives Back Program Showcase and Award


he National Coffee Association U.S.A is proud to name Grounds For Health as the first-ever recipient of the NCA Origin Charity of the Year Award. The 2018 award is generously sponsored by Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee. Two program Finalists – meriting special mention – were Coffeelands Trust, a project of the Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc., and The Coffee Trust. Smallholder farmers across the world, regardless of their crop they farm, face a wide array of challenges – from weather and changing climate, to the infrastructure issues prevalent across developing nations, such as a lack of medical care, schools, and other services. The new NCA Origin Charity of the Year Award aims to bring a spotlight on the organizations working in coffee communities around the world to help those farmers who are challenged by these circumstances. Grounds For Health: Delivering Healthcare to Women Working in Coffee This year’s recipient demonstrates the power of focusing on a problem that has a solution. Grounds for Health addresses one of the most significant disparities in women’s health globally. Cervical cancer is a nearly 100% preventable disease, and yet in the next 15 years it is expected to kill six million women – 90% of whom will live in developing countries. And considering that women do an estimated 70% of the fieldwork on coffee farms globally, providing basic screenings and preventative care can have a huge impact across families, farms, and communities. “Our judges felt that Grounds for Health earned this honor because of their accomplishment, their efficiency, and their commitment to improving the lives of female coffee farmers by addressing women’s health in underserved coffee communities,” said William (Bill) Murray, President & CEO, National Coffee Association. The award was presented at the NCA 2018 Annual Convention in New Orleans on March 16. They attended the Convention as a guest of NCA, and presented their program to the NCA’s leadership during a Board of Directors’ meeting. The NCA website will also feature a link encouraging donations directly to the organization. “We are honored to have been selected as the first winners of the NCA Origin Charity of the Year Award,” said Ellen Starr, Executive Director, Grounds for Health. “Our work in the coffee regions of Latin American and East Africa has been supported in great measure by the coffee industry. This award highlights our shared commitment to providing cervical cancer prevention for women in the coffee lands. Our relationship demonstrates just how much social change can be achieved when an industry fundamentally cares about its people at every step of the supply chain.”




by National Coffee Association

Special Mention: 2018 Award Finalists Due to the outstanding quality of this year’s applicants, the NCA recognized two Award finalists: Coffeelands Trust, a project of the Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc. to support coffee farmers and their families who have been impacted by landmines and conflict. The Coffee Trust, an organization that helps empower indigenous coffee farmers to improve their agricultural practices, diversify their incomes, and grow/raise healthy food for their families. About the NCA Coffee Gives Back Program The National Coffee Association developed the NCA Coffee Gives Back Program to recognize the work of organizations to support coffee communities at origin. The Program is comprised of the NCA Coffee Gives Back Charity Showcase, the NCA Origin of the Year Award, and the annual Day of Service at the NCA Annual Convention. The NCA Charity Showcase is a new online portal intended to highlight the range of initiatives from coffee charities at origin. The platform is intended to connect nonprofits with consumers and companies, encourage conversation, and inspire new ideas. Working together, the coffee industry can create meaningful positive change through increasingly effective and insightful initiatives. “As the industry leader, NCA felt that it was important to honor, support and help spread the word - about the incredible work being done by so many to help coffee communities worldwide,” said Murray. NCA membership is not a prerequisite for participation in the Coffee Gives Back Program. The deadline for the 2019 NCA Origin Charity of the Year Award will be set for September. Applications for the NCA Coffee Gives Back Showcase are accepted on a rolling basis. About the National Coffee Association The National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc. (NCA), established in 1911, is the leading trade organization for the coffee industry in the United States. The NCA is the only trade association that serves all segments of the U.S. coffee industry, including traditional and specialty companies. A majority of NCA membership, which accounts for over 90% of U.S. coffee commerce, is comprised of small and mid-sized companies and includes growers, roasters, retailers, importer/exporters, wholesaler/suppliers, and allied industry businesses. Visit to learn more.



BREWING EQUIPMENT SMART INNOVATION See the complete Brewista® product line up at SCA Booth #2506


Delight your taste buds with our delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Frappes!


Jim Dumpert 818.268.6727 SoCal, NM, AZ, NV




IdentaBrew has engineered merchandising packages We offer the largest selection Java Jacket provides the best Mike Stone for many of today’s popular of vacuum sealed containers in 925.381.1035 insulation of all sleeves on the frozen beverage machines. the world! We have developed market. Protects customers Your merchandising kit a patented vacuum open and NorCal, OR, WA, ID, AK, HI, MT can incorporate nearly any from hot or cold to-go close system that acts exactly machine surface. Contact us Red Bull introduces a new the same way as a one-way beverages, and provides a beverage concept that allows today to discover all available degassing valve, allowing more grippable surface than your customers the chance to options for your specific make natural gasses to escape create their own beverage. and model. other coffee sleeves. without allowing oxygen "Red Bull Italian Soda" is in. Perfect for Coffee & Tea, highly profitable, easy to Contact: Carol Andrews guaranteeing freshness & execute, grows multiple day carol.andrews@c2imaging. flavor. Simplicity that works. parts and provides incremental com purchase occasions. Direct: (253) 893-1132 April 2018

BREWISTA WWW.MYBREWISTA.COM Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Brewista designs, engineers, manufactures the finest brewed beverage equipment available. Visit us online at or at major coffee industry tradeshows. Contact for more information

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introducing the

ratio : scale Winner of the Best New Product Award at Baltimore Coffee Fest 2018! *Applies to MSRP only. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Discount expires 5/15/2018, 11:59pm MDT. *The BrewistaÂŽ Ratio Scale is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by RATIO Coffee or its holding company Ratio LLC.

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NewsBites World Happiness Report 2018 It is for those at illycaffè of particular interest that a focus of this year’s World Happiness Report is Latin America: Andrea Illy and his family have worked hand in hand with coffee growers in Latin America for nearly 40 years, helping them raise the quality of their output, earn higher prices for their achievements and build sustainable enterprises. Indeed, more than twothirds of the beans that comprise the illy blend are sourced from this part of the world. Working with Latin America’s coffee growers, illycaffè has always been pleasantly surprised by the passion Latin American's put into their daily work and their respect for the harmony between people and nature. The reasons why are revealed clearly in this year's 2018 World Happiness Report. To view the full report, visit www.happinesscouncil. org. Vitamix Commercial Offers Its First Aerating Container Vitamix® Commercial presents the Aerating Container – a product with the ability to finesse delicate blends and expand menu capabilities. The container’s innovative disc blade delivers an easy way to create new textures in the kitchen and behind the bar. Compatible with most Vitamix Commercial blenders, including The Quiet One®, Blending Station® Advance®, Vita-Prep® and Vita-Prep® 3, the Aerating Container is ideal for creating dense and pourable culinary foams, flavored whipped cream, mousse, infusions and emulsions with minimal splashing. Available in a 32-ounce size, the Aerating Container offers BPA-Free Eastman Tritan® copolyester and double-sealed bearings for strength and durability. It also provides the flexibility to deliver a variety of different textures. For more information about the Vitamix Commercial Aerating Container, visit or call 1-800-4DRINK4.


BEST Camera Sorter in the Market: Xeltron’s XV Model. High Production, Small Footprint, Excellent Sort XELTRON®, world leader in color sorters, presents its most advanced CAMERA model. It has the BEST price/volume/footprint ratio option

in the market, achieving a cleaner accepted grain and a rejection with less good grain in a single pass. Each tray sorts up to 3 ton/hour, for a sorting capacity of 2.2 to 9 ton/hour, covering the needs of the small, medium and large producers. Series of 4 and 5 trays also available at request, sorting up to 15 ton/h. The XV model uses the latest generation in-line scanning CAMERAS and the latest generation in PCB and electronic components. Xeltron’s XV-CCD priority software is the most USER-FRIENDLY in the market, designed to be programmed with minimal technical training, Its cutting edge industrial parts lower the probability of failure, reducing idle time and lowering annual maintenance costs, increasing the hours of continuous operation. OPTIMIZE your PROFITS by accelerating your RETURN in investment. For further information, contact New Ghirardelli® Vanilla & Sea Salt Caramel Sauces – Captivate The Senses Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s Professional Products Division introduces NEW Ghirardelli Vanilla Sauce and Sea Salt Caramel Sauce — two on-trend flavors perfect for elevating your drinks, desserts and more. Experience the difference of real vanilla in new Ghirardelli Vanilla Sauce, featuring no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Decadent vanilla flavor and a rich mouth feel make it perfect for creating the ultimate vanilla latte and other specialty beverages. Elevate your everything with new Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Sauce. From shakes and frappés to ice cream and frozen yogurt — perfectly balanced sweet and salty flavors add elegance to all of your wonderful creations. For more information on our products, to receive samples or to learn more about the Made With Ghirardelli program, call us at 800.877.9338 or email professionalproducts@

Several Prizes Awarded in Competitions at Coffee Fest Baltimore Coffee Fest Baltimore hosted several competitions March 16-18. Lance Hedrick took first place in the Latte Art World Championship Open. Second place - Ujae Lee; third place Ryan Lim. America’s Best Espresso Competition: First place - Little Amps Coffee Roasters; second place - Elixr Coffee Roasters; third place - Open Seas Coffee. America’s Best Cold Brew Competition: First - Piper and Leaf; second - Pour’n Coffee; third - Ceremony Coffee Roasters. Nitro: First - Red Rooster Coffee Roaster; second - Flight Coffee; third - Commonwealth Joe. New Product Showcase, Best New Product, Consumable: First – Caskai, Sparkling Cascara Infusion; second– Waffatopia, Caramel Waffaccino; third – Kerry Foodservice - DaVinci Gourmet, Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Best New Product, NonConsumable: First – Brewista, Ratio Scale; second – Klean Kanteen, Klean Coat; third – Fifty/Fifty, 12 oz. bottle. Waffatopia also won the The People’s Choice “Best of Fest” award. Vice President Sales Introducing Newco's Flavor shot dispenser that increases sales and consumption all day long. Hot or cold, the flavor shot can enhance your water, coffee, tea or soda drink program. Conveniently dose the exact amount of 10 individual flavors made of all natural, 100% unsweetened ingredients. Let your customers choose the sweetener they prefer while eliminating waste and ensuring consistent drink quality. The flavor Shot from Newco is the perfect companion for your beverage program. For more information, visit New Book by Rocky Rhodes Rocky’s new book, Profile Practicum, is now available for purchase. Rich in graphics, charts, cupping notes, and profile tables, Rocky profiles coffees from 11 unique origins and demonstrates the process in great detail. This book is not fluff, it is hard data and solid evidence for the serious professional roaster. Ted Lingle said, “For anyone on the career path to become a “Roast Master,” and April 2018

particularly for anyone entering or thinking about entering the career path to becoming a “Roast Master,” this new guide on profile roasting is a must have, must read, and ‘must study’ roadmap to success.” To get your copy of “Profiling Practicum” by Rocky Rhodes visit gear/products/profiling-bookkit?variant=6478238482459 and buy it today. Melitta North America Debuts New Heritage Series PourOver™ Coffeemaker and Artisan Sets Melitta, a brand well-recognized for exceptional quality in all aspects of coffee and coffee preparation, has announced the release of their all new Heritage Series Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker and Artisan Sets. These unique and stylish products build upon last year’s release of the Signature Series Pour-Over™ designed to celebrate Melitta’s rich and flavorful history. The vintageinspired Heritage Series Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker Sets include a 20oz carafe and Pour-Over™ cone. The set features a single drip hole designed to promote optimal water flow for a consistent brew that is never bitter. They will be available in an assortment of colors, including pink, white, yellow and blue. The full line of Pour-Over™ coffeemakers, coffee and paper filters are available at retailers nationwide as well as online. For more information, visit Rook Coffee’s Newly Certified Q Graders Rook Coffee is proud to announce that Head of Production, Alex Bahamonde, and Online & Quality Control Manager, Mike Ward, are now certified Q Graders. The Rook Coffee Team is excited to have two Q Graders on staff which further demonstrates the company’s dedication to seeking and offering the highest quality coffees available . Their skills will be incredibly important as the company adds new retail locations and expands into the wholesale market. “As we continue to grow Rook, our commitment to quality and consistency remains paramount. Having two certified Q Graders on our team is just a portion of vast measures we are taking to achieve the highest quality standards across the company,” explains Rook’s Co-Founder Shawn Kingsley.

Add a Scoop Supplement-Boosts TM

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IdentaBrew® CoffeeCoats are the tried-and-true industry standard wrap solution for your beverage brand. From independent brands to hospitality chains, we’ve got your hardware covered.

Fast, Accurate Results! An Update from Origin

Asociación Chajulense, the local, fair trade, organic coffee association and our program partners in the Roya Recovery and Agricultural Development Project, have now taken complete control over the program, and we will continue to serve as advisors to the project. This is excellent news. Self-managed development means our programs are led by the communities themselves, empowering farmers and reducing reliance on outside assistance.

Local challenges, local solutions

With SHORE Moisture Testers measure moisture content to: > Choose the correct roasting profile > Avoid shrink and quality issues > Save energy Moisture test calibrations available: > Green coffee > Ground roast > Naturally dried coffee

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INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...

April 2018  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...