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Technology to Drive Your Profits


Can Mobile Ordering Drive More Reusable Cup Adoption in The USA?


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Enhancing Performance Through Technology

Can Technology Enhance Business Performance- Or Does Man Matter Most?

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Roaster's Rock

The RIGHT Way to Roast

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Getting Profitable


Coordinating the Activities Necessary for Profitability


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Oct 10th

Kenneth Lander | Co-founder & Chief Sustainability Officer Thrive Farmers International Rick Peyser | Senior Relationship Manager, Coffee & Cocoa Lutheran World Relief



The demand for coffee is going up. The number of coffee farmers is going down. Farmers need to earn more to keep growing coffee. The coffee business is about relationships. In this 1-hour webinar we will discuss an innovative coffee supply model that is realigning relationships, incentivizing farmers to keep growing coffee, and empowering coffee drinkers to make a difference in the world.





Technology to Drive Your Profits


Ronny Billemon Pentair Everpure

Oct 31st

Ronny Billemon, Pentair Everpure’s resident coffee and water expert, will discuss the “waves” of the specialty coffee movement and how water management both adapted and improved alongside them. The presentation will review the water filtration technologies associated with each wave, reflect on current as well as future trends in specialty coffee, and the exciting advancements in water management you can expect in support of the segment’s continued growth.

October 2017

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THE VIEW Kerri Goodman


t was close. Our making a difference issue this year featured 17 charitable projects affecting the coffee industry supporting such issues as:

• Children’s Literacy • Climate Monitoring • Youth • Human Trafficking • Creating Economic Opportunity for Women • Cervical and Breast Cancer Prevention at Origin • Cancer Support • Food Sovereignty • Migrant Pickers Medical Care • Women, Water and Access to Credit

It’s that time again for Industry Vendors! Be on the watch for your email to verify your company’s free our 2018 International Vendor Directory. If you’d like to make sure your company is there, don’t wait! Just visit

Each project featured a unique focus to contributing solutions to the complexity of coffee security. Projects were clearly defined as to scope, impact and needed support. Without exception, every project deserves the support of our industry. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the amazing work being done, take a moment and explore the projects at ctmagazine.2017.07 and help change the lives of the many hands that impact the production of our coffee by getting involved. You make the difference! The top three projects were: • Daterra Coffee: The Bean Academy • Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea and Cancer Support Community Central Ohio Grounds for Hope™: Raising Funds for Cancer Support Community • World Vision: Women, Water and Access to Credit And congratulations and our $1,000 donation goes to: World Vision: Women, Water and Access to Credit NGOs travel to Honduras, September 5th to survey needs and organize collaboration to offer clean water, education and access to credit for women to open small businesses.

6 October 2017

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Technology to Drive Your Profits Can Mobile Ordering Drive More Reusable Cup Adoption in The USA?


by Thomas Kneubuehl, EVP, North America, Preoday

mericans love their coffee. They also love the environment. In the US, over half of adults drink at least 1 cup every day and many other countries have even higher rates of coffee consumption. With the desire to drink our coffee on-the-go it’s worthwhile to step back and consider what is happening to all those disposable cups that are used every day to deliver coffee on the go.

Mobile ordering and loyalty technology influences customer behavior and can improve customer adoption of reusable cups. While you can describe much of modern humanity as caffeine addicts, you can equally declare them internet-reliant. In 2016, the USA had close to 265 million internet users. This figure is projected to grow to 288 million in 2021.

A long-term problem that’s growing Many customers assume that disposable coffee cups can be recycled. However, most of the cups are lined with a layer of polyethylene to make the cup waterproof. Unfortunately, because the materials can’t be easily separated, this can make it difficult for the cup to be recycled. Every year coffee drinkers in the US throw away 50 billion disposable coffee cups and, because so few recycling facilities can process them, most end up in landfills.

How can we take advantage of coffee addiction and a very high internet dependency to drive reusable cup adoption? Well, with more than 80 percent of Americans using a smartphone and the nation glued to its screens, mobile and online ordering services used for purchasing food and drink, provide an ideal route through which coffee purveyors can reach and promote the cause while selling more coffee.

The problem of cup waste is one that coffee retailers, quick service restaurants, and live events operators have recognized. Efforts are underway to encourage the adoption of reusable cups, but it is proving difficult to change long-ingrained human behavior. Current efforts to reduce disposable cup use To reduce cup waste, Starbucks, whose customers are known to consume approximately 4 billion cups a year globally, has made attempts to drive change with the launch of a reusable cup priced at $1. The chain also offers customers 10 cents off certain drinks when served in a reusable cup. Many festivals and colleges have also started re-use schemes including the Bonnaroo music and arts festival in Tennessee that sells reusable stainlesssteel beer cups and gives a $1 discount on all refills at beer stands during the event. The University of Washington's campus offers a 25 cent discount to customers who bring their own cup. Despite these early efforts into persuading customers to say goodbye to single-use cups, most are yet to make the switch. This fact leaves us to question if discounts alone don’t help, can we add anything else into the mix to change customer behavior?

The combination of pre-order and pre-pay data provides a rounded view of customer habits and preferences. This seamless gathering of valuable customer data enables the business to create effective loyalty schemes and engage in optimized marketing efforts that influence user behavior. Customers expect businesses to know them more intimately. Such positive experiences generate loyalty, and loyalty can be used to a business’s advantage. Now suppose that advantage happens to be selling and encouraging the use of reusable cups? Imagine the scenario: a cafe encourages a loyal user of its app to sign-up to its reusable cup scheme. That customer then pre-orders their drink, walks in and collects it in a reusable cup. Now, next time, all they need do is swap their used cup for a fresh drink, in a fresh cup. The cafe would take the dirty cup back, clean it, and hand it out with the next pre-order that comes in. It would save the customer time and money and it would dramatically reduce the need for paper cups. Of course, mobile ordering and loyalty is only part of the solution. For the greatest chance of success, it should to be combined with financial or other incentives, such as those being offered by the large coffee chains already described, as well as clear environmental messaging. To do so will prompt consumers to invest in a reusable cup to realize financial benefits and a sense they are helping the environmental benefits. It seems clear to us that, should mobile ordering and loyalty be embedded into food and beverage retailer strategies, rapid growth in reusable cup adoption is both realistic and achievable and this will benefit sales and customer loyalty.

8 October 2017

Enhancing Performance Through Technology Can Technology Enhance Business PerformanceOr Does Man Matter Most?

by Mr. Kamal Bengougam, Eversys SA


oday’s world is in transition, caught between humanization and robotics, a paradigm-shift between man and machine. Who will win this race towards greater efficiency, profitability and will there be de facto, a loser? In theory the role of technology should be to merely free man from standard, repetitive tasks, release him into a world of creativity and greater fulfilment so there should not be any losers in this race, the ultimate win-win. In the coffee industry, the barista is held in high regard, the skilled artist tingling the taste buds of aficionados, transcending the machine with expertise as well as flair. However, beyond the magic of the barista, there remains some searching questions; in the espresso world, the issues have always been the followingconsistency, productivity, connectivity and management information. Technology could intervene and resolve unwanted discrepancies, limit costly downtime and provide real-time data mining. But, will the market embrace evolution or will a revolution halt the irrevocable march of technology? It is a well accepted fact that the grinding of the beans in one of the greatest challenges to product uniformity. As such, a major development has taken place in the form of real-time grinder control and adjustment, the machine reacting to variations in temperature, powder quality/quantity, ensuring an optimal extraction, which in turn promotes a consistent in-cup experience. Extraction Time Control (ETC) is an innovation which provides this consistent quality, paramount to a business's long-time success.

into account the risky business of retail trading, taxes and rents, seasonal fluctuations... the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. So, in view of the above, how does one ‘future-proof ’ their business, make the right decision to promote commercial ‘heaven’, recurring revenue streams with low overheads? A sound value proposition must always deliver connectivity to customers, an experience that is both unique and compelling. And for that, a business will always need people. Furthermore, a business must deliver consistent quality rather than people-generated variances. And, lastly, the delivery of pertinent real-time information. Man and machine can not only co-exist but technology can enhance individual freedom and expression as well as enhancing profit. Rather than usurp humanity it seeks to complement it, create a partnership in which man’s creativity is strengthened, not threatened, through technical efficiencies and competence. The future of both man and machine remains bright.

Productivity is the capacity of a machine to produce an optimum number of consistent products during the operation’s busiest times. And, in order to optimise this number, equipment manufacturers need to minimize downtime, reduce technical issues but also remove waste of motion and time. Elements like boiler capacity, speed of operation…come into play to maximise potential revenues. Having machines built in independent modules eases the burden of repairs as well as downtime. Connectivity enables a business to limit downtime by removing errors through timely prevention rather than costly cure. To be able to diagnose real time malfunctions through telemetry not only provides market intelligence but also minimizes lost opportunities. The customer will demand bespoke management dashboards taking data mining to a new level, giving them real time relevant information pertaining to their business performance, through e’Connect.


However, technology-filled machines cost more initially than manual equivalents, it seems. But what if we counted labour costs, waste, inconsistencies... into this equation and defined ‘true’ costs and therefore profits. Would machine be more expensive than man? In truth, machines represent a one-off cost plus an annual comprehensive maintenance program whereas man has growing income requirements, regardless of business performance. Employees often think that owners are rich and that their sole objective is to keep salaries down. But when you take

Mr. Kamal Bengougam is the Chief Commercial Officer of Eversys SA. Based in Switzerland, Eversys is an espresso system manufacturer, a company with a mission to promote a spirited automation, machines that reflect and encourage in-cup authenticity. Kamal is also an international speaker and writer on various topics ranging from value centred leadership to the delight of creating perfect espressos.

October 2017

Roasters Rock

by Rocky Rhodes



here are two reactions to the title of this article. The first is, “Finally someone is going to tell me the answer!” The other is, “What is this idiot going to claim is the right way?”

This article is specifically going to address both of those reactions from roasters and why they might exist. Hopefully there will be a dose of reality dispensed to all readers about the science and art of our craft. As little as 20 years ago there was no such thing as roaster training. At best there was an operations manual coupled with mentorship from someone already in the industry. Fundamentally you were on your own to get the job done and improve your craft. There was no peer to peer collaboration. It was also just the beginning of cupping standards and green coffee standards for Specialty Coffee. Then the SCAA and more specifically the Roasters Guild addressed the hole in the industry as being an organized education about roasting fundamentals. The Guild started creating classes. Over the years this has snowballed into tons of complex classes that end in certifications. It is a totally different thing to enter the industry today. This has created an interesting dynamic however. Some new roasters are so into the education that they never actually start roasting and developing their own style because they can’t seem to find the answer to how to roast ‘the right way’. With so much education there is a growing feeling that if I don’t learn it all in the classroom I might do it ‘wrong’. The coffee education industry is happy to have these students. They can spend as much as $10,000 apiece to get their education. New classes are being invented all the time. Contributing to the idea of there being a right way is the invention of roasting competitions. Obviously the person that wins is doing it the right way so people are paying good money to learn from the champions. Books are being written now that have contradictory advice on the right way to do things. Only one author can be right. Right? You may also notice that none of the authors actually claim to have the right answers. There is always ‘wiggle room’ like saying “most of the time” or “with the coffees we used”. They know that there are few absolutes in the process of roasting. If this veracious learner describes you, it is time to relax and start roasting! You will learn more by doing than by reading and listening to others' opinions on the right way. Now for the other group of readers that think, “Nobody knows more about roasting than me. I ain't never taking a class!” You have the practical roasting experience and are selling your coffee to happy customers. But in the back of your mind you are thinking you might be able to do better. It is very common for those that self-learn to be nervous about taking a class and finding out you are not ‘doing it right’. It’s like teaching yourself to golf, getting to a low handicap, and then taking a lesson from the golf pro that changes everything that you are doing so you do it their way.

Well rest easy. You will find that there is always a way to improve on what you do. Some things you might learn in the class will reaffirm what you are doing and others will challenge you. If you keep an open mind as you read roasting books and take classes you will grow as a roaster getting a more refined style that is unique to you. So if there is no ‘right way’ to roast, how do we measure if we are improving our craft? That is really the interesting question. Perhaps there is a right way to learn! Measuring Changes in Craft Education stretches your thinking about roast development. It often does not make the real world connection to the question, “So what?” Does learning this improve the cup quality? Will it help you sell more coffee? Will your existing customers even notice the change? There is a saying in the industry that puts all of this in perspective: THE TRUTH IS IN THE CUP. Let’s explore how this could help us see the benefit of changes we make to our roasting based on the education we receive. In order to be an exceptional roaster you, or a team around you, must be exceptional cuppers. This means that you have worked at the cupping table consistently enough to be calibrated to yourself. In other words, you can answer the question, “Can I even tell if my change made a difference and if so, what was the change?” If you can’t, then your first education should be to build your skill and confidence in cupping. It is your evaluation tool. If you don’t have confidence in the tool it would be like an architect not confident using a ruler. Now when you hear somebody’s new theory on how to roast you can decide for yourself by trying it. Set up experiments to prove or disprove the theory. Make small changes of one variable at a time and cup the results. This will make you a better roaster because you will have your own personal experience and not some author’s or teacher’s word. So what is right? There is a theory of needing to dehydrate the bean to start Millard reactions. There is another theory to leave the moisture in as long as possible to get better heat penetration and elongate the Millard reactions. Do your own testing and the truth will be in the cup. To recap: If you are a perfectionist student, you probably have learned enough from the book and it is now time to go roast. If you poo-poo roasting education as silly and you only truly learn from doing then it is probably time to pick up a book, take a class and hear some opposing viewpoints. You will find your own RIGHT way to roast! Rocky Rhodes is an 18 year coffee veteran, roaster, and Q-Grader Instructor, and his mission now is to transform the coffee supply chain and make sweeping differences in the lives of those that produce the green coffee. Rocky can be reached at rocky@ Photo by Trish Rothgeb

12 October 2017






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14 October 2017


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Getting Profitable Lesson 8: Coordinating the Activities Necessary for Profitability


n this final article about “how to get profitable in the coffee business,” we will examine how to plan, monitor, and keep control of the tasks and activities that will increase your business profitability. When I managed restaurants decades ago for national and regional chains, moving the business forward was a monthly goal and expectation. My regional manager used to say, “your business is either growing, or regressing, there is no such thing as a plateau!” Monthly goals always included actions to reduce costs and build sales. Beyond profitbuilding activities, tasks might have also included actions related to needed store maintenance, refining or creating operational systems, and providing enhanced employee training and education. We’ve discussed many of those tasks in the articles over the last year, so if you’ve been following this series, assembling a list of “things to do” shouldn’t be difficult. However, remembering all the things on your list, and administering them until they are completed, can prove to be challenging. Good ideas and admirable intentions are just that; ideas and intentions. It is not until you write them down on paper, assign someone to be responsible for their completion, set a time table, and create a system to monitor and measure progress, that your ideas and intentions will become a viable plan. Let’s assume that the activities for the first month of your profit-building mission might include actions like the following: 1. Mandate that all cashiers verbally promote and upsell to all customers. For example: A. If a customer does not specify a size when they order a beverage, never ask “what size drink would you like.” Instead, always ask, “would you like a big one?” B. Suggest a specific food item to complement the beverage that the customer has ordered. 2. Distribute to-go menus with an attached coupon to surrounding businesses and households. 3. Complete the first 3-items on the “needed store maintenance” list. 4. Teach food prep cooks how to analyze the daily consumption of panini and salads, and how to set production “pars.” After you’ve set your objectives for the month, I suggest that you write each one down on a planning sheet. This sheet should include lines to fill in the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


What is the task to be performed? Who will be responsible for completing that task? How should the task be executed? Where will the task take place? When should the task be started and completed by? What will be the incentive or compensation to the person performing the task? 7. Who will be responsible for providing education, support, and monitoring the progress of the execution of that task?

by Ed Arvidson

Answering the above-mentioned questions for each profitability objective, will help ensure that things are getting done. You can certainly record, review, and update this info on your computer, but I think printing it out and posting it to the wall in your office over your desk, is far more effective. Why you ask? Documents on your computer can be easily overlooked, however, if they are posted on the wall, where they will be staring you in the face, they’ll be harder to forget about or ignore. I think an important factor contributing to the successful completion of your tasks, is inquiring about the progress being made before the due date for completion has arrived. For example, if you have assigned an employee the task of distributing to-go menus and coupons to a specific area of your marketing map, then you should ask them about their progress halfway through the month, or at very least, a week before it is scheduled to be completed. If they are lagging behind on their distribution efforts, or worse yet, haven’t even started, you’ll have a chance to reinforce your expectations, and provide some additional motivation. After all, you will want to set them up for success, not failure! Checking to see how they are doing, and letting them know you are depending upon them to get the task done, will give them a chance to be successful in completing their assigned mission. I’ve found that the vast majority of business objectives can be broken-down into one of four categories: internal marketing, external marketing, store maintenance, and operational improvements. I suggest you print out tasks using a different color font for each category. This will allow you to easily assess which category each store objective is targeted for. Once you have determined all of your objectives for a month, and write them down on planning sheets, you’ll only need to read them every day, and keep them in the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily activities. The objective is to accomplish all your goals by the end of the month, and then continue those actions, while adding new goals each and every month. Moving your business from losses to profitability will most likely require that multiple actions be performed consistently over a period of time. If you don’t accomplish everything that you had planned on doing during a month, that’s OK, just complete those unfinished actions the following month. The key to success is persistence and consistency. If you did not get a chance to read all the articles that were included in this series over the past year, or if you just desire more detailed information, check out my e-book, “How to get Profitable in the Coffee Business,” at www. Good luck! Ed Arvidson is a 25-year veteran consultant to the Specialty Coffee industry, and President of E&C Consulting.

October 2017

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ike Tompkins is a renowned expert in the Coffee Service Industry whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. In addition to his international consulting business, Coffee Products Associates, Mike has been a familiar face at NAMA’s trade shows, developing and presenting educational material around all aspects of our favorite beverage, coffee. KS: As I interact with groups and associations such as IBWA and Blind Merchants Association as well as independent vending companies looking to grow their OCS business, top to bottom coffee service education is being sought by many. How is your approach and content evolving through your valuable educational work at NAMA? MT: When Larry Eils and I first attempted to pick up the stitches of NCSA coffee education from Leo Fante, we focused primarily on the basics of coffee brewing that Leo and I had both learned at SCAA. I expanded the curriculum to include a very general overview of four links in the global coffee supply chain, and Folgers' sponsorship enabled Dean Gilland, Roger Stewart and I to execute the QCCP concept for NAMA. Then I added four coffee sensory exercises to the program in an attempt to give equal access to everyone who wants to learn how to share a deeper understanding and enthusiasm for what makes coffee such a great cultural necessity. Finally, I have attempted to squeeze all that into a four hour presentation, so that anyone can succeed and wear their NAMA Certified Coffee Specialist designation with justifiable pride. KS: In your interaction with operators, what is being reported about the direction of single cup brewer placements, both brew-by-pack and the hopper based systems? MT: The migration from proprietary capsule systems to open systems is already maturing. However, many service companies have continued to leverage their market shares to build mutually beneficial proprietary and co-branded programs relationships with international brands. We have also seen growth in high volume single-cup systems that deliver liquid coffee concentrate in combination with solubles to add value where the fastest volume is essential to food service. However, if our estimation of bean-to-cup market penetration is at all close, that platform represents the fastest growing segment of coffee delivery systems this past year. It may appear to some that grinding whole coffee beans to make one cup of fresh coffee is some kind of new phenomenon, but it appears to me that Starbucks and other market movers have intelligently adapted the ingenious technology invented 1965 by Alan King in Montreal and developed by Filterfresh for the world over the decades since. KS: I had the pleasure of being introduced to Shogo Yoshida and Jeff Knapp of Fuji Electric recently. I was interested in hearing of their efforts to enter the U.S. market with their bean-to-cup brewers. Can you share their experience abroad? MT: Fuji Electric Company, Ltd, which is headquartered in Tokyo, has a long history of supplying coffee and other beverage vending machines, and they are now participating in the North American market. Their capacity to engineer and manufacture bean-to-cup coffee systems is impressive. But when you consider that Fuji Electric globally employs 26,000 people in an impressively diversified array of industries, and that their food service division controls a fair amount of the vending machine market in Japan and China, you can imagine their potential to scale well beyond their first effort in coffee systems.

by Ken Shea

KS: Considering Fuji Electric’s Food and Beverage Division’s success in the Japanese and other Asian markets, Is their primary target market in America within the OCS industry or beyond? MT: The folks I have met at Fuji Electric are well versed in the cultural differences between various global markets. Although they are already well established as suppliers of industrial power generation equipment in North America, they are diligently pursuing a clear understanding of the food service markets in the Americas in order to adapt their engineering and manufacturing capacity for sales and service of food service systems here. So my opinion is, “Yes,” OCS initially, because adaptation of bean-to-cup systems has already begun in this market; and “Yes,” beyond as coffee roasting companies and service operators morph the currently narrow adaptation to meet the needs of other market segments like micro-markets, managed food service, convenience stores and eventually (possibly) retail coffee stores. But that is only my opinion. KS: From a bean to cup machine brewing technology perspective, what is the biggest impact factor on beverage quality? MT: Although I take my coffee-geek status seriously, I am much more interested in a remark I heard recently from Corporate Coffee Systems’ CEO David Henchel, “It’s all well and good to talk coffee science, but our customers don’t know extraction percentage from concentration or any of that. So, we have decided that a new bean-to-cup system must make a “material difference” in our customer’s perception of the flavor of our coffee.” A material difference. What an opportunity for local coffee roasters who are already making a material difference in coffee culture. Local roaster/retailers like Starbucks and Peets began years ago disrupting the distribution relationships of established brands by initially creating strong local followings for their coffee preparation techniques. Now a third wave of fanatical coffee roasters evangelizes their devotees by lovingly preparing their carefully selected, craft-roasted coffees. So proud are they of their devotion to perfection that many will not even talk to an OCS operator, having settled decidedly that we cannot love their coffee like they love their coffee. So, it seems to me, that a greatly material difference might be accomplished by enabling the satisfaction of these high standards with a truly proficient delivery system. That requires demonstrable consistency, and measurable consistency will be the benchmark for automated coffee systems. KS: For today’s progressive operators, what are you seeing outside of the coffee category creating expanded opportunities to “build the ticket”? MT: Employment showcases like Google, Apple and Microsoft are no longer found only on the west coast. Amazon and others will need to attract and hold tens of thousands of new employees across the country with benefits not yet explored in many parts of the county. But they will probably use the west coast model of indulgence for healthy and hip authenticity in food items. And new coffees, too! KS: To your point, there will be some new snack and drink product presentation options for the office being shown at CTW in Dallas. Mike, I appreciate the time you have taken to share your thoughts with me and our CoffeeTalk readership. Until next time - Ken

18 October 2017

Ken is President of Ken Shea and Associates and also serves as V.P. of Coffee Service for G&J Marketing and Sales


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Coffee Enterprises Announcement We are pleased to announce a streamlining of our company operations and communications. All business, technical, and consulting services are now consolidated using the Coffee Enterprises company name. All our webpages will now redirect automatically to www. Our goal is to better serve our clients and the coffee & tea industries more effectively by communicating with one voice. Our emails have been updated to, however our prior email addresses for @coffeeanalysts, @ coffee-ent, and @coffee-ed will still work and will be delivered to us. We have consolidated our webpages together to coordinate all our capabilities in one place. Our new social media: CoffeeEnterprises, twitter. com/CoffeeEnterpriz & www. Our Skype is now: Coffee Enterprises. Thank you for your continued support.

the twin head CGC is a true “open source” machine where either grounds or pillow packs can be used to create a profitable coffee program. And now Curtis offers the CGC1. This single head model provides versatile brewing either by the cup or in larger brews for peak service periods. The CGC1 accommodates both the patented CGC brew cone with siphon technology and the traditional brew basket for batch brewing up to 64 oz at a time. Both units brew to the SCA “Golden Cup” standards and give operators precise control over crucial brewing variables. Powerful G4 digital controls offer an instinctive touch screen and icon-driven interface. A standard USB port allows for convenient firmware updates and recipe sharing/programming. Quick navigation to temperature, time, pre-infusion, pulsing and more allow for finely tuned, exacting programing. Built-in, self-diagnostics provide recommendations to ensure consistent, reliable performance. 800-421-6150.

2017 U.S. AeroPress Championship Results Zach Perkins The Curtis Gold Cup® Brewers … Perfect Coffee of Transplant Coffee for Single Cup or Batch Company Brewing won the 2017 U.S AeroPress The Curtis Championship on September Gold Cup 6th after a night of hot Brewer, competition in Seattle, WA. a single Over two dozen competitors cup unit from around the U.S. brewed that brews coffee using AeroPress coffee perfect makers for a rotating panel of coffee, every time. With statestar judges. The judges agreed of-the-art components and that Perkins consistently revolutionary G4 technology,





brewed the best-tasting cup. Coffee Supreme and La Marzocco hosted the event at La Marzocco's KEXP cafe location, where the beautiful space and humorous decor kept the energy level high. A party atmosphere prevailed with hot dog and taco food trucks, craft beer, and dancing with the giant cardboard cutout hands symbolic of the WAC. Perkins also won a ticket to Seoul, South Korea to compete in the 2017 World AeroPress Championship to be held in November. The World AeroPress Championship, now in its tenth year, is a grassroots event which has grown to over 50 national competitions worldwide. Please visit, Klatch Coffee Wins Golden Bean Award Three Consecutive Years Klatch Coffee, Southern California’s specialty coffee roasters, has just placed in the top 3, out of 830 entries, for its third year in a row at the Golden Bean North America Competition, which is a first for the competition. Just in time for National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, coffee enthusiasts can score the award-winning Golden Bean Espresso both online and in-store to taste the decadence for themselves. A nationally recognized coffee roaster and retailer in Southern California since 1993, Klatch Coffee has been honored with several awards over the years including the 2009 Micro Roasters of the Year and its



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• 2 liters of dairy free milk in minutes • Use only nuts, seeds, or grains and water • Excellent frothability • No overnight soaking or straining • Commercially rated

Cold Brew and Espresso hold the “America’s Best” title in the 2016 Anaheim Coffee Fest competition. For more information, please visit www. or follow Klatch Coffee on Instagram @ klatchroasting or Facebook @ KlatchCoffee.

Karen has spearheaded the successful launch of six IWCA microfinance programs at origin: Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador, with Honduras in progress for an $800,000.00 fundraiser partnering with Rotary International and World Vision.

ELAN, Earth’s Choice, and Women In Coffee Founder Karen Cebreros joins Global Coffee Trading team Founder and CEO of Elan Organic Coffees and Earth's Choice Organic, Karen Cebreros, is now a part of the Global Coffee Trading team. Recognized as a pioneer in the global certified organic and sustainability movements, Karen also cofounded the IIWCA (International Women’s Coffee Alliance) in 2003, and will introduce women’s direct-trade green coffee to Global’s national client base. With 27 years of experience at the cupping table, Karen has been involved in cuppings and served as a judge for five Rainforest Alliance certified coffee evaluation programs around the world, including Cup of Excellence judging. Karen helped found the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Sustainability Committee. Recently,







Java Jacket provides the best We offer the largest selection iFill’s Pre-Assembled Cups and insulation of all sleeves on the of vacuum sealed containers in Filling Machines are a turnkey market. Protects customers the world! We have developed solution that revolutionized from hot or cold to-go a patented vacuum open and the production and packaging beverages, and provides a close system that acts exactly of single serve coffee and tea. more grippable surface than the same way as a one-way Roast, Fill and Deliver the other coffee sleeves. degassing valve, allowing Freshest Single Serve on the natural gasses to escape Market. without allowing oxygen in. Perfect for Coffee & Tea, guaranteeing freshness & flavor. Simplicity that works. October 2017

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Thank You to those who joined us on National Coffee Day in supporting a better future for coffee farmers and their families

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October 4-5

Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2017, Geneva Switzerland

October 5-6

SCA Spain Roasting Championship, Barcelona Spain

October 6

Fundacion iecafe Encuentros Cafeteros, Barcelona Spain

October 7

II Cup Tasters Championship, Barcelona Spain

October 13-15

Coffee Fest Portland, Portland OR USA

October 13-15

New York Coffee Festival, New York NY USA

October 16-18

Foodservice Immersion, Chicago, IL USA

October 20-24

Host Milano, Milan, Italy

October 23-28

Gather Coffee Company Q-Grader Training & Exam, Charleston SC USA

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October 25-27

The Brazil Cafe Expo - International Coffee Week 2017, Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, Brazil

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November 6-8

NAMA Coffee Tea & Water, Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas, USA

November 9-12

Seoul World Barista Championship, Seoul, South Korea

November 16-18

5th World Tea & Coffee Expo 2017, Mumbai India

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November 22-25

1st ASEAN Coffee Industry Development Conference 2018, Chiang Mai Thailand

December 14-16

Dubai International Coffee and Tea Festival, Dubai UAE

October 2017

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October 2017  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...

October 2017  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...