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The Basic Chemistry Behind



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Water Filter Selection for Coffee Machines


The Chemistry of Brewing

The Basic Chemistry Behind Brewing Mind Blowing Coffee

How Gelato Can Increase All Day Menu Sales and Profits


Getting Profitable



Generating More Income from your Existing Customers

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The Chemistry of Brewing

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4 June 2017


Letter to the Editor

Kerri Goodman

stales the coffee before packaging ? This is marketing jargon. This is where the article becomes a sales –pitch and I lose interest. • iFill Cups seem to be a recyclable Kcup compatible cup for roasters to manually fill with their own coffee, thus competing with Keurig. The issue is that iFill Cups face the same challenges as Keurig cups regarding shelf-life, age from roasting, etc.. So, the sales pitch is very off-putting. • iFill Cups cannot guarantee freshness or even local supply, they are simply a different cup composition. • Conclusion: This is a poorly conceived sales promotion disguised as an educational article.


ear Kerri,

In the April 2017 issue of Coffee talk I read the article by Tim Widmer with alarm and then anger. He was blatantly wrong on many topics and did not identify himself as the owner of iFill.

Publisher’s Note: Thank you, Dan, for your feedback on this matter. I appreciate your trust in CoffeeTalk’s editorial quality and absolutely agree with the need to be clear on the intent of articles. I have to accept full responsibility for not having presented the article you referenced as an “Opinion Piece” rather than an educational article. Again, thank you for reaching out and taking the time and effort to share your concerns and keep CoffeeTalk on the path of editorial integrity.

I suggest vetting your authors or creating a peer review committee as the information in this case is wrong, misleading, self-serving and damaging to the reader and your publication. Dan Cox President Coffee Enterprises.

Some specifics: Single Serve Options is his topic. • Nothing about single-serve is new. The subject matter is not new or innovative. • In the 1960’s and today Arabica was still the predominate coffee species in the US, Robusta was slowly being added to grocery coffee in small percentages as a cost savings measure. In the late 1960’s several 100% Arabica coffee brands opened up and have been competing successfully against Folgers and Maxwell House. • Freshly Roasted Coffee is ambiguous and really needs to be defined for the purposes of the article. • The historical reference of roasters refining their skills from west to east is incorrect and has nothing to do with expansion of retail coffee. Retail coffee expansion was a real estate and foodservice operation. • Keurig lack the freshness factor is misleading and ambiguous. Freshness factor needs to be defined. Does anyone really think that Keurig

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June 2017

Water Filter Selection for Coffee Machines by Cang Li, Selecto, Inc.


offee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. As a world commodity, coffee is second only to oil. It is a part of most everyone’s daily routine and helps them get focused for the upcoming day. Roughly 50% of the population, equating to about 150 million Americans, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffee. Of these 150 million coffee drinkers in America, about 30 million of them consume coffee-related beverages on a daily basis.

Activated catalytic carbon treated water: This method produces bettertasting coffee and prevents equipment corrosion from disinfectants. Granular carbon or carbon block filters generally remove bad odor and taste and leave the minerals in treated water. This would be the ideal water for bettertasting coffee and equipment production if the water is soft. However, this technology will not prevent the coffee machine from scale buildup if water is hard.

Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per annum and account for nearly 8% of the $18 billion U.S. coffee market. At about 400 million cups of coffee per day, Americans are the leading consumers of coffee in the world. Currently, there are approximately 24,000 coffee shops across the country but statistics show that there will be over 50,000 coffee shops within the next few years.

Activated catalytic carbon with nano-crystal scale control: Except for the benefits mentioned above for activated catalytic carbon treated water, nanocrystal technology controls scale buildup. The combination of catalytic carbon and nano-crystal scale inhibitors will balance taste with optimal maintenance requirements.

Water quality is becoming increasingly important in making better-tasting coffee as well as protecting the coffee machine. Not only is it the main ingredient of coffee (~99%), but it is also key to bringing out the different flavors of the coffee bean. A perfect cup of coffee can be achieved by controlling the minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and calcium in the water used. Though hard water will generally produce a better-tasting cup of coffee compared to soft water, the minerals in hard water build up faster inside the coffee equipment and cause clogging in the pumps, boilers and valves, leading to higher maintenance costs. Furthermore, disinfectant could rust the metals and damage the parts of the coffee machine and has the potential to adversely affect a coffee bean’s flavor. When considering the balance of coffee taste with maintenance costs for the equipment, the benefits and considerations for various water treatment technologies and products have been summarized below. Polyphosphate/siliphos treated water: This method is mainly for equipment protection and has little to do with better-tasting coffee. It releases polyphosphate to form a thin protective layer on the metallic surfaces of the coffee machine and inhibits scale formation. There is no removal of chlorine/ chloramine from tap water. Reverse osmosis (RO) water: RO treated water is similar to distilled water, and as such is a pure and corrosive water. The water contains no minerals, resulting in a flat-tasting coffee. Although RO water can prevent scale buildup, it will rust the equipment due to its aggressive nature. Since TDS (total dissolved solids) is very low, this may cause the equipment sensor to stop functioning. Blending RO systems have a built-in bypass tubing and a valve to mix incoming water with treated water and provides a mechanism to dial in the precise TDS level. Therefore, blending RO water will make good coffee and provide scale inhibition. However, RO needs electricity and wastes up to 80% of incoming water and thus is not very sustainable. Softened water: This is mainly for equipment protection and has little to do with better tasting coffee. Water softener itself will not remove chlorine/ chloramine. Softening uses ion exchange technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions and introduce sodium ions into treated water. Similar to RO water, softened water will result in a flatter-tasting coffee. However, softened water will protect the equipment by preventing scale buildup.

Activated catalytic carbon with ion exchange scale control: These are mixed carbon and ion exchange resin bead products specifically designed for coffee, tea, and espresso applications. This technology not only improves taste, but also reduces hardness to inhibit scale buildup. The following chart summarizes the benefits of the various types of water treatment technologies discussed above: Water Treatment

Mineral Removal

Scale Control

Odor/Taste Removal

Disinfectant Removal












Polyphosphate RO






Catalytic Carbon Catalytic Carbon /NanoScale Catalytic Carbon /Resin


Table I: Pros and Cons of Water Treatment for Better Tasting Coffee and Equipment Protection Water quality differs for everyone since U.S. EPA standards only cover water quality at the plant level, but not the distribution system. Before buying a water filter, local water quality needs to be tested in order to determine which type of filter is needed. Disinfectant for chlorine and chloramine are not equal. Chloramine is more difficult to remove as compared to chlorine. A filter for chlorine removal may not necessarily remove chloramine. However, a chloramine filter will always remove chlorine as well. If water is soft (hardness less than 100 ppm), there is no need for a filter to remove hardness/ scale control. In general, most filters can remove sediments/particulates. It is generally best practice to have a filter certified by third-party laboratory. In summary, before buying a water filter for a coffee machine, test the quality of the water used to determine the levels of sediments, disinfectant, hardness, and TDS. When choosing a filter, flow rate, filter efficiency, and filter life are very important for a specific coffee machine. Replacement cartridges should be between 6 – 12 months in order to be cost-effective in regards to maintenance.

8 June 2017


JAVAU TRAINING WEBINAR SERIES for Specialty Coffee Professionals powered by CoffeeTalk Media

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 1:00pm-2:00pm ET

In this 1-hour Webinar, Dan Cox, author of the book "Handling Hot Coffee: Preventing Spills, Burns, and Lawsuits," will share his insights and experience as he delves into industry standards for hot beverage temperatures along with the most current information on burn and spill prevention, product liability, and the history of coffeespill lawsuits.

Join CoffeeTalk Publisher, Kerri Goodman and CoffeeTalk Editor, Libby Smith as they sit down with a small group of their featured columnists in an open discussion on the current general state of the specialty coffee business and how it has changed over the past 20 years. In this 1-hour panel discussion, we'll examine trends moving forward and consider some of the pitfalls the industry needs to deal with in the next 20 years. This will be an open format presentation where users are invited to listen in and ask questions to help shape the direction and topic of discussion!


CoffeeTalk Media

June 6



Dan Cox, Owner & President Coffee Enterprises

June 13th



Want to be more profitable and promote drinks using ingredients already in your café? Signature Drinks-Power Up Your Profits will get your creative drink wheels turning! In this 1-hour Webinar presentation we’ll discuss the tools you need to create and promote signature beverages and see your customer loyalty and profits increase!

For the majority of people staring coffee businesses, finding an existing retail space and remodeling it for their use will be a necessity. Having an efficient ergonomic design will not only help you maximize sales and income, but it will also help reduce employee turnover. In this informative seminar, we will go through the design process, and discuss the bureaucratic requirements that you will likely be required to comply with.


Ed Arvidson, President E&C Consulting Coffee Business School of the Cascades

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 1:00pm-2:00pm ET

Anna Gutierrez, National Sales Consultant Barista Twenty Two

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 1:00pm-2:00pm ET


June 20th

June 27th

The Chemistry of Brewing The Basic Chemistry Behind Brewing Mind Blowing Coffee


n the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad, the main character Walter White is a high school Chemistry teacher who leverages his education to build a meth lab.

As the business grows, Walt needs help and so he seeks to hire a highlyeducated chemist by the name of Gale. At Gale’s job interview the conversation quickly centers around a “pet project” that he has been developing surrounding the perfect extraction of coffee. Walt draws a cup from a spout at the end of series of tubes and vessels only to have his eyes roll back into his head as he moans: “That is the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted...Why the hell are we making meth?” Certainly the pursuit of outstanding coffee is at all levels of the consumer chain and right into the homes of coffee drinkers everywhere. I am constantly asked how to a brew better cup by friends who know my passion for coffee. My answer is always the same, “Brew your coffee with all the knowledge you learned in high school chemistry” What? you didn’t pay attention in high school? Ok, just in case you missed that class, here’s what you need to know. Brewing coffee is the ultimate chemistry experiment, because there are variables that create flavor profiles that appeal to some but not to others. For example, some java drinkers are more traditional: pursuing strong, often bitter jolts in the morning, to confirm that they are introducing caffeine into their systems with the specific intent to “get their day jumping.” On the other hand, there is a trend has recently exploded amongst consumers that brings to the forefront of the palate the subtleties of this timeless crop and the craftsmanship of the roaster that are to be savored and spoken of amongst a growing number of “coffee connoisseurs.” There are a number of socio-economic factors influencing the trend toward the pursuit of a better “coffee experience.” These include: • The increased pace of our lifestyle driving us to fuel ourselves with stimulants • Diminished alcohol consumption in the business environment • New brewing technology and gadgetry • The meteoric rise and evolution of the “Coffee Shop” at retail Savvy retailers have understood this demand at the consumer level and capitalised, with the price of coffee-based beverages skyrocketing. In 2015 mobile payment processor Square released information indicating that the average price collected for a coffee based beverage was $2.70 across the US retail landscape. However, it is important to be aware that while the retail price has been rising, so has the bar on the consumer’s expectations. The result is merchants who don’t pay attention to the experience in the cup are quickly falling behind in the race to reach a more demanding clientele. So exactly how does one best embark on the journey to create a signature cup that will keep consumers loyal? This is an elusive question that is further complicated by considering that coffee is both a personal taste and a living crop.


Like any good business practice this requires knowledge, insight, a plan, a standard, and constant evolution of the end product.

by Richard Wallace, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Coffea Technologies To achieve this, the basic principles of the coffee brewing chemistry must be understood and considered. There are 4 primary variables that influence the chemistry of coffee. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The amount of ground coffee used to brew/ounce of liquid coffee Water Temperature The Grind Size The Contact Time

Let’s review these as they are true across all brewing methods, and when effectively considered, increase the chances of brewing an outstanding cup of Joe. 1. The amount of Coffee/ Ounce of water: This seems like a no-brainer because more coffee = more taste, right? Not necessarily. In a chart created by the SCAA, we can see that approximately 1.3gms/Oz to 1.9gms /oz intersect the optimum balance and most enjoyable strength for coffee taste. While that doesn’t look like much, it represents a pretty broad window on a very small quantity. 2. Water Temperature: The water temperature needs to be no less than 195 and no greater than 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is complicated by other variables, most notably water quality and altitude. 3. Grind Size: How fine the coffee is ground directly impacts the speed at which the coffee flavor enters the water. The finer the grind the quicker the brew, but hold on, it’s not that simple: too fine a grind, and in some cases you get too much sediment; too coarse and the result is that not enough coffee taste gets blended into the cup. 4. Contact time: This is really where the “rubber hits the road!” Brew time depends on the origin of the bean, the blend, the roast, the grind size, the water temperature, and the coffee/water ratio! Brew too long and the result is “overextraction”, leaving a bitter after-taste; brew too quickly and the resulting cup looks more like pale tea and has a weak flavor. In purely scientific terms this is only the “methodology” of our brewing experiment. What we really need to consider is how to effectively control these variables. The mastery of these variables is the alchemy that turns the little bean into liquid gold. Here’s how the flavor gets into the water. Simply put, 3 distinct primary stages happen in the brewing process: The release from the bean to the cup of the naturally occurring sugars, oils, and astringent flavors that are locked in the bean and transformed in the roasting process. Sugars are released first as they are most water-soluble, followed by natural bean oils that provide the “mouth feel” and subtle flavors, and finally, the more astringent tastes find their way into the cup. The taste profile that appeals to you, your tribe, or the masses is simply the balance of these 3 extractions during the brewing profile. The final piece of the puzzle is the brewing equipment. While there are many different bells and whistles in today’s most common brewers, they basically come down to 3 different approaches.

June 2017

1. Using Gravity to drip the water through the coffee grounds 2. Using Pressure to PUSH the water through the coffee grounds 3. Using a Vacuum to PULL the water through the grounds





Like any science experiment, the taste profile that appeals to you may be created episodically, but be difficult to replicate consistently. This is why my answer is always the same: “Treat your brewing like a grade 9 science experiment.” 1. Start with a targeted outcome 2. Test different parameters for the variables on your chosen equipment 3. Note your data 4. Tweak to your hearts content! When you find the taste profile that brings you to your happy place, enjoy and repeat. This should keep you happy, until of course, routine becomes mundane, but the great news is that you can then explore different beans, origins, or roast styles. Now who said high school chem class was a “total waste of time”? Enjoy your coffee! Richard Wallace is Vice President Sales & Marketing for Coffea Technologies as well as a writer, trainer and strategic consultant specialising in sourcing, equipment and retail applications with Caféquip. He can be reached at or 514 348 1811.

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Impress your guests, protect equipment investment and avoid downtime with our innovative water purification systems. You can count on our advanced media to remove impurities and provide a constant flow of water optimized for the brewing process. Our flexible system design also allows for maximum flexibility as your business and/or water conditions change.

Guest satisfaction Water chemistry balance and removal of impurities •

Bring out true coffee bean and tea leaf flavors

Avoid unpleasant water odor and off-taste

Achieve full coffee aroma

Produce an attractive and lasting crema

Enable sweeteners to distribute uniformly

Improve clarity and appearance of iced tea

Operational efficiency Reduction of contaminants, hardness, scale and corrosion •

Maximize equipment reliability

Optimize brewing equipment operation

Extend pot life and reduce waste

Prevent scale formation on heating elements

Avoid boiler failures and costly maintenance/downtime

Achieve measurable energy efficiencies

Prevents corrosion of parts

Case Study: Proven Results: World’s largest quick service chain A location in the Southwest was experiencing boiler failures in specialty coffee brewers every six months – resulting in lost sales, frustrated employees and repair costs exceeding $1,000 per incident. Our diagnosis: The existing reverse osmosis system was improperly maintained and not functioning. Calcium carbonate scale was precipitating on the boiler, causing over-heating, failure, and interrupted brewing Our solution: Install a Selecto IX system, which required minimal maintenance, protected the boiler, and kept brewing and business going by eliminating failures and downtime Added benefit: Conserved water, as many commercial reverse osmosis systems waste over a gallon of water for every gallon of “good” water produced

Selecto Inc. 3980 Lakefield Court, Suwanee, GA 30024 USA T: 678 475 0799 | 800 635 4017 F: 678 475 9126 | 800 811 7682 Email:

Selecto Modular Filtration Platforms The Selecto SMF platform forms the backbone of our water filtration portfolio. Modularity of the platform allows for extensive flexibility in selecting the optimal treatment solution at given volumes and flow rates.



• Contains patented Hollow Carbon technology media

• Contain mixed-bed of Hollow Carbon™ media + Ion Exchange Resin

• Reduces particulate, chlorine, organics and other chemicals

• Reduces particulate, chlorine, organics and other chemicals plus hardness & TDS

• Food-grade polyphosphate inhibits scale formation in brewers

• Easily extendable to increase capacity

• Simple & effective 4 stage purification process

• NSF certified to validate performance

• Precision blend valve to dial-in desired water quality • Wall mounted for sanitation and easy cartridge change outs



Low: 3-12 grains


High: 50,000-200,000 gallons


Hollow Carbon™ Technology 100% Carbon

High: 6-20 grains Low: 1,700-16,100 gallons

Mixed Bed of Hollow Carbon™ Media and Ion Exchange Resin

How Gelato Can Increase All Day Menu Sales and Profits by John Babila, President North & Central America & Mexico, Carpigiani USA, An Ali Group Company


mericans already have a passion for coffee, and introducing gelato in a coffee shop environment could be very profitable. In part one, we discussed the difference between ice cream and gelato, and how artisan gelato is a healthier version with less fat content, that is made fresh daily with endless possibilities of fresh ingredients. As a coffee shop owner, why should you care about adding gelato? By adding artisan gelato or even simple affogato drinks, you can dramatically increase profits and generate more all-day menu sales. You can also put your artistic abilities to use in a way that generates repeat traffic and customer goodwill. How? Visually stunning gelato bars generate traffic and repeat business. When a customer leaves your shop with a gelato bar in hand, it becomes a walking billboard, which means later-day traffic, afternoon snacks, and evening desserts will increase. Plus, return on investment is critical in any foodservice operation. We can look at this from two angles. First, say you want to ease into the gelato/coffee combination. We would recommend the Carpigiani Soft & Go to create soft serve gelato that can be made from your fresh-ingredient recipe or from

Gelato Bar Profit Analysis



Approx investment cost



Retail Price Less total cost

Profit approx per serving




Average cost (4oz.) serving (cup & spoon included)

$4.10 $0.60



Servings per day

Approx investment cost


Approx cost of gelato bar


Softserve Profit Analysis


Profit Profit per month per year




Retail Price Less total cost

$2.00 $0.32

Profit approx per serving


Servings per day


Profit Profit per month per year





















prepared mixes provided by companies like PreGel. When you combine soft serve gelato with espresso, you end up with an affogato, very popular in Italy and a refreshing afternoon or after dinner drink. For even bigger returns, the second concept would add gelato bars to the menu. With three pieces of equipment (A Mister Art, a Fantastick Blast Freezer, and a display case), you can produce bars fresh daily and prepare them in advance, or in front of the customer by dipping in coatings and covering with any number of toppings. The result is edible artwork that is only limited by the artisan’s imagination. The combination of irresistible flavors and artistic flair will keep your customers coming back for more. Now that you have the capacity to produce gelato bars with a four-week shelf life, you can also take this show on the road. Weddings, festivals, farmers’ markets, rallies, concession stands… all are options now with one employee and a very good cooler. With either option, the return is amazing. Take a look at the chart for a more comprehensive study on the return you can achieve by adding just soft gelato to your menu. What’s the upside potential when making gelato bars? With the Mr. Art Plus, Blast Freezer, Display Case and just 21 square feet, it’s possible to produce up to 768 gelato bars per day. With a cost of just 60 cents each and with a retail of $3.50 at 40 bars sold per day, the annual revenue is $51,100. The equipment would be paid for in under a year. If you’re in a high-traffic area or more affluent neighborhood, your return on investment could be accelerated. Besides artistic flair, your customers will appreciate that it’s artisan gelato: less fat, smoother texture, better mouth-feel and available in unlimited flavor combinations. For instance, you can infuse the bars with energy drinks, alcohol, your best coffee flavor, fresh local fruit, vitamins, and much more. For the true craft coffee locations, adding gelato can have a positive impact on your bottom line. June 2017

We invite you to check out our programs: 1





Getting Profitable Lesson 6: Building Sales – Part 2: Generating More Income from your Existing Customers


hile an important aspect of building sales is attracting consumers who have never visited your coffee business before, for this article, we will concentrate on how to influence your existing customers to buy more and visit more often. After all, it can take a while to attract new customers, but you can increase your sales by 10 or 15% starting tomorrow by cultivating additional purchases from those who already come into your store on a regular basis. When it comes to increasing in-store sales and visits, the person standing behind your cash register wields the most power and influence. This is your “quarterback” of sales, and as we all know, it’s hard to win with a terrible quarterback. You need cashiers who are self-confident extraverts. You need them to be “marketing associates;” salespersons first, order-takers and cashiers second. Seemingly insignificant statements or questions, verbalized by your cashiers to customers, can have a significant effect on sales. For example, if a customer orders a drink, but doesn’t specify a size, never ask: “What size would you like?” Instead, you should always ask: “Would you like a big one?” The number of customers who will simply follow your lead and respond, “Sure, a big one sounds great,” will amaze you. If asking this question can influence 1 out of every 3 customers to increase their drink size, yielding an extra 50¢ in revenue, and you serve 200 customers per day, this adds up to an extra $33 dollars a day, $990 per month, $11,800 per year! Next, your cashier should suggest a food item that will be complementary to the beverage ordered by every customer. “Would you like a warm chocolate croissant to go with your cappuccino?” or “Would you like a freshly-baked blueberry scone to go with your hot tea?” Too often cashiers think that they are suggestive-selling if they merely ask: “Would you like something else to go with that?” What is “something else?” I’ve ordered lemon poppy-seed muffins, almond croissants, cinnamon rolls… but I’ve never ordered “something else.” The item your cashier suggests should be specific, something they believe in; something they like. Your cashier needs to paint a verbally enticing description: “Would you like a warm, gooey, cinnamon roll?” vs. “Would you like a cinnamon roll?” (You get the idea.) Revenue from suggestive-selling can also be expanded by recognizing other sales opportunities. Depending upon the time of the day, the following statements can drive extra sales: “Don’t forget, we have great gourmet grilled sandwiches, salads, and soups for lunch!” “Need a dozen chocolate chips cookies to take back to the folks in your office?” “Need a couple of desserts to take home for after dinner tonight?” “Hey, Thursday afternoon we are having a wine tasting from 5 to 6:30, be sure to come check it out, you won’t want to miss it!” Also, at the end of each transaction, don’t miss the opportunity to implant a subconscious message into the mind of your customer by saying: “Thanks a lot, we’ll see you tomorrow!” The message being: you will come back; this will become part of your regular routine.


So, how do you get your cashiers to do these things without failure, you ask? Stand behind them for an entire shift or two, and “chime-in” if your cashier forgets what to say. For example, if your cashier asks a customer “What size drink would you like,” you should simply shout out, “or would you like a big one?” Just tell your cashier that you are there to help them remember what to say, and that you will remain there until they ask these things 100% of the time. Believe me, the discomfort of having you breathing over their shoulders and correcting them every time they forget will motivate them to get with the program, if only to get rid of you! This is a battle of wills, and your cashier must be willing to help you build sales. If they resist, you’ll need to let them know you may be forced to replace them if they won’t do what you ask.

by Ed Arvidson

In addition to the marketing efforts of your cashiers, there are other things you should do to help increase in-store sales. Impulse-purchase merchandise should be displayed adjacent to the customer’s path-of-travel to the cashier, so that it will tempt them to buy something. This includes items like packaged candies and nuts, 1 lb. bags of coffee beans, travel mugs, pastries, etc. Printed advertising should be located at the point of purchase (cash register) and on your tabletops. Clear plastic table tents work great for this, because they keep your advertising materials looking clean and crisp, and you can easily change advertisements depending upon the time of day. For example, in the morning, insert an advertisement promoting your lunch panini, soups, and salads. At lunchtime, use an ad promoting your ready-to-eat daily dinner specials that customers can pick up on their way home. In the evening, advertise your wines, beers, and appetizers. Finally, if you have a TV in your store, connect it to the computer in your office, set up a series of ads in “Power Point,” and automate a continuous slide show. A series of slides promoting your products, specials, meal offerings, and events can market to your customers when you or your cashier don’t have time, or perhaps forget to do so. Increasing the sales and visits of your existing clientele isn’t difficult with a little employee training and supervision. The effect it will have on your bottom line makes it well worth doing! Ed Arvidson is a 25-year veteran consultant to the Specialty Coffee industry, and President of E&C Consulting. Elements of this article are from his new book, “How to Get Profitable in the Coffee Business.”

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June 2017

Roasters Rock


by Rocky Rhodes

Finding a New Market Just Past your Blind Spot.


s specialty roasters we tend to live in a bubble. We put our craft first, being proud of our product second, and somewhere down the line it would be nice if it turned a profit as well. Our coffee being served to others represents the best we can do at the time with the beans at hand. We will always strive to improve and are willing to try new things that might make the coffee even better, or at least more interesting. If this is our bubble, it is a fine place to be! Many of us specialty roasters also have a hard time believing that there are other ways to produce coffee than those in our bubble. ‘Out there’, they have greed as their motivation and producing profits at any cost is their craft. The coffee sucks ‘out there’ because nobody cares about it the way we do. It is COMMERCIAL COFFEE!!! {gasp, scream, wheeze, faint} According to, many of us have a blind spot: BLIND SPOT: "The blind spot is a defense mechanism which prevents the recognition of one's true feelings because, in recognizing them, all the more they would become painful and persistent." For us, we don’t want to even taste a commercial or canned coffee because there is a slight chance that we might like it and then we would feel dirty, ashamed, and start doubting our skills mean anything at all. Ask yourself this question: If you picked a commercial canned coffee as preferable to your own coffee in a blind taste test would you A) Be fascinated by the result and tell your friends and customers, B) Ask the tester to reset the experiment because they MUST have set it up wrong C) Ignore it ever happened or D) Try to justify ‘specialty coffee’ as being sometimes off because of differences in micro lots, etc., but that those occasional differences is what makes it so special. Well, ‘out there’ never ceases to amaze! If you can stretch yourself for a moment to look into and through your blind spot, there is something honest and terrifying that is being done, and you would be fascinated to see it. Let’s call it ‘Specialty – Commercial’ coffee so we can get a frame of reference. NEW MARKET SEGMENTATION: Specialty-Commercial coffee is a craft of producing the best possible cup of coffee while constraining the variables using green coffee at extremely low cost and high supply, that must be repeatable without variance over a product lifespan of years, and have mass market appeal without being dishonest about contents. This market segment can both amaze and disappoint at times, but for the first time, this very real segment is stealing back some of the ‘specialty’ segment by offering varying price levels based on differing quality levels, and further triangulating with a variable we don’t really think about: CONVENIENCE. It turns out that the specialty coffee movement is blazing the hard trail of ever-improving quality. Our customers reward us by coming into our shops and buying a pound of coffee now and then. It keeps us going. The quality makes it sustainable. But when that customer leaves our shop, they are in the ‘real world’ of coffee, where they are buying coffee at breakfast houses and making coffee at home when they don’t want to go out. Who is satisfying their needs at those places? The Specialty-Commercial guys.

Your customers don’t tell you because they are your friends. They don’t want you to be disappointed in them for ‘cheating on you.’ Secretly they wished that you made this ‘convenience choice’ coffee so they could buy it from you. Now you have some decisions to make! Are you willing to compromise quality for price? Are you willing to put your coffee into some kind of pod, K-Cup, or other pre-ground single-serve delivery method? What about finding a nice Robusta that can add a solid base coffee flavor to a blend and lower the overall cost? For many, they are jumping back into their specialty bubble right now. That is fine! It’s safe and warm in there and the coffee tastes better. But some are thinking, “What if…” For those folks, read on! There are machines to do almost anything when it comes to unique packaging. There are also companies that will co-pack for you if you want to try it before you buy it. You, however, are going to have to start thinking of your coffee outside of the one dimension of QUALITY and into the three dimensions of Quality, Price, and Convenience. It won’t feel natural, but you can do it. Remember, your customers are already buying and using this stuff, and they would rather buy it from you. For those that fear offering this line of products will diminish their brand, do a different or augmented brand that is your price-conscious, convenient brand. It should augment your core brand and people will know they still have the high-quality choice. The real funny part about this is where YOUR loyalties are going to go with the coffee. You may end up liking this singleserve segment! Here is a business question for you that will illustrate the point: Which would you rather sell? A) 10lbs of coffee at $15/lb with 66% Gross Margin -- this generates about 480 cups of coffee B) 10 cases of 48 single serve at $40/case with 33% Gross Margin – this generates about 480 cups of coffee Remember, rent is paid with Gross Margin Dollars, not Gross Margin Percentage. A=$100 GMD B=$132GMD and it is the same quantity of coffee. The kicker is that you will probably end up selling 10x of the single serve to your same exact customers, AND they will still buy a pound of The Good Stuff for their special coffee moments. It is an amazing coffee world out here just outside the specialty bubble if you can see through the blind spot! Rocky Rhodes is an 18 year coffee veteran, roaster, and Q-Grader Instructor, and his mission now is to transform the coffee supply chain and make sweeping differences in the lives of those that produce the green coffee. Rocky can be reached at rocky@ Photo by Trish Rothgeb


Optimize Your Business 5 Ways to Optimize your Coffeehouse for Sustainability


hether you’re an avid environmentalist, or are simply looking to improve your bottom line, being conscientious and strategic about the resources your business utilizes can help you save money, decrease waste, and turn your business into a model of responsible operation that your community will be proud to support. Here are 5 easy ways how: 1) Serve the Right Beans As you probably know, high-quality coffee begins on the farm. Choose carefully-sourced beans from farms using sustainable and ethical growing methods to ensure that you are serving the richest and most satisfying brew, both in the cup and in the conscience. Not only will your customers recognize the difference in taste, they will connect with the story, and will appreciate the opportunity to support something larger with their daily joe. 2) Think Outside the Cup Over 15 billion paper coffee cups are sent to US landfills each year. Paper cups, food trays, folding cartons, paper bags and more, are all posing an environmental threat that is currently challenging the coffee industry to step up their game. The primary option for paper packaging contains polyethylene, a plastic-based compound applied for barrier protection, making it incompatible with paper recycling systems. Considering this, many coffeehouses have opted for compostable alternatives, marketed by supply chains as a “green” solution. While compost-ability seems ideal, the reality is that these compostable alternatives are also destined for the landfill, since these solutions typically cannot be composted in a home composter, and few counties offer collection for compostable packaging. I recommend looking beyond what your supply chain may be pushing, and seeking out paper cups and packaging that are engineered specifically for recyclability. Check with your local municipality or visit to find out what recycling services for packaging are available within your community. If a closed-loop collection program is required, you can visit to learn about a new app which facilitates easy closed-loop collections and may be able to support you in starting your own.

free of dairy, wheat, and sugar, and they will be happy to recommend their favorites, as well as provide samples for you to try. 5) Inform and Empower The key to transforming your employees from cost to resource is all about how you engage them in your business. To do this, make sure your employees are fluent in your company’s mission statement, message, and the tangible steps being taken to accomplish your goals. Providing a meaningful context for your business gives your team a sense of purpose in their work, and can empower them to take ownership of their role through fostering a sense of accountability. Setting and clearly conveying company goals for reduction of waste and teaching efficient usage of resources such as water, coffee beans, milks, and paper products, models responsible business practices which will ultimately save you money. One easy way to step up your company’s positive impact is to adopt a business model like that of Doing Good Works, based out of Santa Ana, CA (, who diverts a small portion of their profits on each sale to a cause; DGW’s chosen cause is the empowerment of foster youth. Their company’s success is demonstrating the viability of this business model for turning a profit while making positive change, and beckons us to ask: why wouldn’t we? About the author: Jessica is a freelance Sustainability Consultant with over 7 years consulting in sustainable industries, 4 years as a coffee professional, and is a certified Permaculture specialist.

3) Let your Grounds Grow Coffeehouses experience an astonishing amount of waste in the form of coffee grounds, and boy does it build up quickly. Instead of sending those grounds to the landfill, take a page out of Orange County-based Kean Coffee’s book and offer them up to your local community. Spent grounds and bean chaff are desirable to anyone with a green thumb, since these organic by-products can be used in compost, and as nutrient-enriching supplements for the soil of anything with roots. Signage in your coffeehouse can help to get the word out, but social media is your best bet to tell your community that you’ve got resources to spare. For inspiration, look at the waste-model of EcoGrounds in Sacramento, CA, who diverts their chaff waste to be repurposed into food pellets for livestock. Scientists are even exploring ways to convert spent coffee grounds into biofuel, but until that option is widely accessible, getting those grounds into the hands of local nurseries, gardening groups, environmental centers, and farms is the best way to convert those greenhouse gases into green energy.


by Jessica Goldman

4) Embrace the Alternatives As Bob Dylan once said, “times they are a-changin”, and although he wasn’t referring to a large-scale peaked interest in healthy foods, he was correct in his assessment. And as times change, businesses must remain flexible and informed on what these changes ask of them, lest they risk falling behind. Offering at least 1-2 alternatives to the top 3 most substituted items, dairy, sugar, and wheat, proves to serve a wider demographic of customers, the size of which is only increasing. From 2009 to 2015, the world-wide sales of non-dairy milk alternatives more than doubled, indicating a rapidly-growing demand. To lock this demographic in, take your non-dairy alternative a step further than soy. Opting for almond, coconut, or macadamia milks will show your customers that you not only respect their dietary preferences, but that you care to elevate their experience. Inquire with your vendors about items

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Pentair® Foodservice Introduces Everpure® Conserv® 75E High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Systems For Espresso Applications

Finally, the purity of reverse osmosis water with the technology to inhibit both scale and corrosion in espresso equipment. Irreversible corrosion and damaging scale are real and potentially costly concerns for users trying to protect their equipment investments. That is why Pentair is pleased to announce its new Everpure Conserv 75E High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, which solves those problems specifically by offering true corrosion protection as well as scale inhibition in espresso equipment. This compact high performance system features filtered and RO water blending capability, which allows users to tailor water to a custom water quality specification, creating the right balance of minerals for both equipment protection and optimal beverage taste. Plus, the proprietary, high efficiency RO membrane accomplishes this while delivering a 50% water savings compared to competing conventional RO technologies. Visit our website at foodservice. or contact us at 800.942.1153 for additional information. Quality, Flavor And Consistency… It’s Hard to Beat The Innovative Curtis® Thermopro™ Brewing System With advanced Generation Four (G4) technology and state-of-the-art servers, Curtis ThermoPro® brews Golden Cup quality coffee instantly and easily. Not only does it provide precise control over all critical brewing functions, it keeps coffee quality and flavor consistently delicious. The ThermoPro brews gourmet coffee into 1 gallon high-tech ThermoPro vacuum-insulated, stainless steel servers that offer unsurpassed heat retention and keep coffee fresh and at the perfect serving temperature. This type of system is ideal for restaurants, hotel lobbies, C-Stores, or applications where several different coffee roasts need to be merchandised. Available in both striking

sky white and black finishes and in single or twin brew head models, the innovative design delivers user-friendly operation. Color-coded buttons and an intuitive LCD display with scroll-through programming provide easyto-use digital control. For further information, visit www.

symbol of high-quality, lovable art. For further information, visit ROBERT WILSON “THE DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON. EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF IS TRUE” May 10th through July 16th - 10 am to 6 pm. Magazzini del Sale - Zattere Dorsoduro 262, Venice.

Partner of Zingerman’s Coffee Company, has been intimately involved with the entire production process of the latest harvest. He has overseen every step from planting to final sorting. The result of such efforts are some of the finest micro-lots and four of the best coffees from Hacienda Miramonte and Costa Rica that Steve has ever experienced in Grey Fox Pottery New Study Demonstrates all his years in the industry. Recently Partnered With Lasting Impact of Zingerman's Coffee Company's 41 North Coffee Technoserve’s Work with commitment to involvement in Grey Fox Coffee Farmers a majority of the life cycle of the Pottery recently The impact of beans has also been integral to partnered TechnoServe’s building a sustainable producerwith 41 North Coffee roaster relationship. This type Coffee who Initiative with of collaboration, they believe, just celebrated smallholder is the future for the industry their grand opening on May farmers in Rwanda and Ethiopia and the maybe foundation of 7th. Located on the quaint has persisted five years after the fourth wave of coffee. For main street of downtown the project’s completion. After more information, visit www. Wendell, North Carolina, working with the program to 41 North Coffee shop serves improve their crop productivity, locally roasted beans from business skills and market IWCA Announces its 5th Stockton Graham and offers linkages, farmers continue to International Convention a fresh and inviting space enjoy gains both in coffee yields Every year the for the community to gather. and prices, the study found. The day puts the Our handmade mugs were an evaluation, whose long-term spotlight on integral part of the new retail nature is somewhat unusual issues related sales for the business and were in international development, to gender also used as raffle prizes during was funded by the Horace equality and the grand opening events W. Goldsmith Foundation. empowerment, which included face painting At the conclusion of the and this year’s and bouncy houses, a true project, the improved yields IWCA Convention's theme community event! We are proud and higher prices catalyzed is particularly relevant to to work with entrepreneurs by these changes resulted in a technical and vocational all over the U.S., like Gabby 62-percent income increase for education and training. Dara of 41 North Coffee, with participating farmers in Rwanda Equal access for all to quality dreams of making their town a and a 21-percent income education, skills acquisition, better place to live and play. For increase for those in Ethiopia. and technical training are product information, contact “Long-term evaluations like this essential to promoting women’s one are crucial for measuring participation in the Coffee the true impact of development supply chain market. As stated The Robert Wilson interventions,” said Charles by UN Women: The world of Exhibition In Venice Slaughter, Managing Director work is changing, and with Dedicated To The 25th of the Goldsmith Foundation. significant implications for Anniversary Of Illy Art “With this validation of lasting women. On one hand, we have Collection impact, we are hopeful that the globalization, technological Coinciding with kinds of methods applied in and digital revolution and the the Biennale 2017, TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative opportunities they bring, and the Robert Wilson will be scaled up in future on the other hand, the growing exhibition titled development work.” The full informality of labor, unstable ‘THE DISH RAN report is available at www. livelihoods and incomes, new AWAY WITH fiscal and trade policies and THE SPOON environmental impacts—all of everything you can think of is Groundbreaking which must be addressed in the true’ will open on the 10th of Partnership Sets New context of women’s economic May at the Magazzini del Sale Standard for Quality and empowerment. IWCA's in Venice. It is dedicated to the Sustainability in Specialty Convention is bringing together 25th anniversary of the illy Art Coffee Industry international leaders, industry Collection, the series of cups The experts, to one place for 3 that illycaffè has been issuing collaboration days to discuss the significant since 1992 in cooperation between implications for women in the with well-known international Zingerman’s changing world of coffee. For contemporary artists. After Coffee Company and Hacienda more information, visit www. 25 years, the Collection has Miramonte in Costa Rica’s become an iconic, vast series of Naranjo Region sets a new artistic objects for everyday use benchmark for producerPacific Coast Coffee on which hundreds of leading roaster partnerships, furthering Association 86th Annual contemporary creatives left their what it means to contribute to Convention mark, contributing to making quality and sustainability in Sept. 14-16, 2017, Santa the original illy espresso cup the specialty coffee industry. Barbara, California. Hugging an immediately-recognizable Steve Mangigian, Managing Santa Barbara’s coast in the

picturesque environs of Southern California, the Bacara Resort and Spa is a perfect place to get away, and be together. The PCCA chooses such settings so their members cannot only enjoy educational speakers, meetings, cocktail hours, exquisite meals, golf and croquet, but also each other’s company in spectacular outdoor settings. It’s “Work hard, Play hard” for this West Coast based trade association that realizes good business can mean making good friends. "If you want to see a major coffee buyer at the other coffee association conventions you will need an appointment and fight a thousand other attendees for a few minutes of their time. As a member of the PCCA, all you have to do is tap them on the shoulder.” -Pete Rogers, Rogers Family Coffee. For more information, contact, 925-335-2428. Introducing the Compostable Compo Cup UPAC2 Inc. has addressed one of the of the most contentious consumer issues of our time with the design, development of environmentally friendly K-Cups for the popular Keurig style home brewing coffee makers. UPAC2'S "Compo Cup" cup and filter mechanism are made from biopolymers designed to enable consumer products to meet strict product compostability standards and that are fully derived from plant-based annual resources. Cal Krupa, the company's CEO and Founder, stated that, by the fall of 2017, UPAC2 will have its Compo Cup and filter mechanism certified compostable by an independent lab to assure compliance with the ASTM 6400 composting standard. First-generation K-Cups currently in use are made with multi-layers of plastic, making the cups very difficult to recycle, and impossible to compost. UPAC2 Inc. is based in Minnesota with a manufacturing facility in Rogers MN. The company develops, manufactures, and markets cost-effective food packaging. For more information, email



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“For the past 15 years, Mr. Hays has been instrumental in providing engineering technical, process, and project management expertise in support of Caribou Coffee's business. Lee's experience and knowledge have been paramount to our success... projects are completed within time deadlines and financial targets...his team approach and working style mesh well with our internal Group.” Paul Turek, Vice President Supply Chain, Caribou Coffee Co. Inc.

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Minneapolis, MN (612) 767-7407 Our signature mugs are handcrafted by a talented team of artisans dedicated to each mug from the design concept to the moment you fill it for the first time. Perfect for in store use and retail.


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Please Make Sure to Visit these Coffee Fest Exhibitors Brewista 807 (307) 222-6086 As a collaboration of engineers, designers, coffee aficionados and roasters with decades of experience, Brewista designs, manufactures and distributes the finest brewed beverage products available. See our ad on page 20 Coffee Holding Company 604 (800) 458-2233 From one bag to a full truck, Coffee Holding Company provides green coffee solutions to specialty roasters including exclusive Daterra Estate and Organic Certified coffees. See our ad on page 3

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INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...

June 2017  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...