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The Importance of a Low

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Single Serve Options

The New Wave of Coffee to Single Serve



Nama Show listings Producer Profile: Mixed arabica | Myanmar Pyin Oo Lwin | Sithar Coffee Estate

Know Your Materials


Safer Foodservice Packaging Materials

Roaster's Rock

16 At Origin It Takes a Village... And a Mill, a Coffee Board, an Exporter, And...



Getting Profitable

Your Business Fundamentals “Reality-Check”

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A View From All Sides Of The Desk, Again

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Grow Your Business by Becoming an Inbound Organization: Part II


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4 April 2017

Brewers built by the sun.

Since 2016. Wilbur Curtis has. . . CO 2 Emission Saved

1,756,867.63 lbs.

Light Bulbs Powered

3,438,156.3 for a day Equivalent Trees Planted

44,249.07 See us at the SCA BOOTH #1344

THE VIEW Kerri Goodman


s Coffeetalk’s founder and publisher for over 20-years, I am both proud and excited to announce the launch of a new monthly Webinar education and training series via our JavaU Training Center! Beginning in May 2017, CoffeeTalk will produce four complimentary Webinars each month covering the hottest topics in the specialty coffee industry from its editorial calendar and featured columns in the general areas of Current Trends, Products, Technology and Operations.

What was NOT included in our media announcement is some of the background on how the JavaU Training Center came to fruition. I thought my column here would be a great platform to share the story! Back in the early 90’s…before I founded CoffeeTalk Magazine…I developed a product called JavaU Business Basics. At the time, there was this huge specialty coffee craze. Starbucks, SBC and Tulley’s were all vying for major market share while tens of thousands of small entrepreneurs were trying to get in mix by opening a drive through specialty coffee stand, or street corner cart. Before I even got involved too deeply in the industry, I realized there was a huge opportunity for these smaller vendors but that they had ZERO resources on how to start and run as small business! While Specialty Coffee was the trend and the product, what theses early adopters were doing was…opening a small business! JavaU Business Basics had sample business plans, proformas, information on inventory management, site location, customer service, employee management, taxation issues and many other important aspects of running a business, regardless of the product sold. However, the information was all custom tailored to the specialty coffee industry and was a step-by-step “how to guide” on starting and running a specialty coffee stand.

A 20-YEAR JOURNEY HAS LED TO THIS LAUNCH presenting The JavaU Training Center

JavaU Business Basics was so timely that it was contacted by the same “Infomercial” team that managed George Forman’s “Lean, Mean, FatReducing Grilling Machine!” The infomercial for JavaU Business Basics tested well, but had a short run. However, through my marketing and development of that project, I fell in love with the Specialty Coffee Industry. So much so that I felt the industry needed a new voice…one that looked out for the small-business…one that looked out for the entrepreneurs. As the last 20-years has gone by, I felt an urge to go back to the beginning…back to JavaU Business Basics. However, much has changed since then. Technology has continued to develop and we have new tools to teach, educate and train. The JavaU Training Center will launch with a series of educational and training Webinars produced by some of the industry’s smartest and brilliant minds. What a great treasure trove of Subject Matter Experts (SME) and industry thought leaders we have that already contribute to our magazine! The next obvious step is to take them from the 2-dimensional print world to the 3-dimensional, online interactive world of Specialty Coffee! We start with our first four topics in May 2017, but by this time next year, we’ll have a library archive of over 48 best-practice Webinars for our audience to feast on. So, it comes full circle. I launched my career in Specialty Coffee publishing an education and training guide for the small-to-mid sized coffee entrepreneur. Twenty years later, we get to continue, build and grow that legacy using best-of-breed technology and world class content providers. It’s a proud day for sure. One that has both myself and my staff re-energized to deliver the information our customers need to become more efficient, empowered and profitable! Contact me directly if you would like to be part of this new project. We are looking for sponsors and Subject Matter Experts for our ongoing monthly Webinar series! | 206.795.4471

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World of Coffee Europe, Hungexpo Budapest

April 2017

Booth #414

Single Serve Options The New Wave of Coffee to Single Serve

by Tim Widmer


n the 1960’s, the bulk of coffee was produced and sold to the consumers in the form of Robusta coffee, and was the largest part of coffee consumption. By the late 60’s Arabica coffee became the top form of coffee, with coffee houses popping up across the northwest. 1971 is the year Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Starbucks brought the concept of FRESHLY roasted Arabica coffee to Americans. Specialty coffee was then born, and experienced years of explosive growth. Over the following 30 years, the popularity of coffee shops expanded from the west coast to the east coast with roasters refining skills in developing quality coffee. The transition went from can coffee sitting on the shelf to consumers demanding better. With a new generation and the invention of the internet, extensive knowledge of coffee began to grow in particular regions. In this time period of economic growth, two income families demanded greater needs and therefore had to work longer hours. This fueled a fast-paced culture, and the need to eat and drink morning meals on the go. During this 30 year transition into a fast-paced life style, the need for single cup emerged. 17 years ago, Edward Cai, the maker of the iFill Cup™ product line, helped SaraLee and Phillips to introduce the first single coffee (Senseo®) to American homes. At first this concept didn’t take hold, as consumers did not embrace the idea of a single serve filter pack. Shortly after, the system was introduced to the Netherlands and became very popular. The introduction of home K-Cup® by Keurig in 2004 changed the coffee industry into a fast-paced, convenient, “want it now” culture. Single serve coffee has grown to over a $10 billion dollar industry from almost nothing in twelve years and is still growing 20% a year.

into single serve cups. Grocery stores which once had over 20 blends of WB, now only have 20-30 feet of single serve options. With such a vast selection, competitive pricing establishes movement before the freshness date.

K-Cup® has won the hearts of Americans by its convenience, however many Americans have started looking for the single serve that contains freshly roasted coffee. Keurig lacks the freshness factor, as well as showing manufacturing dates to its consumers. These cups are spending a lot of time on shelves. With convenience comes opportunity for other roasters getting

In 2012 Edward Cai was working hard to create quality single serve that was not only convenient to consumers, but sustainable and environmentally conscious. Using Polypropylene allowed the cup to withstand higher temperatures, creating better coffee extraction and more flavor. In early 2014, the iFillCup™ was introduced at the International Housewares Show and SCAA with the concept of working directly with local artisan roasters. The design of iFillCup™ gave roasters the ability to pack fresh grounds within hours of roasting, producing quality coffee to their customer base. These cups meet the LEADS programs qualification; the cup, lid, and filter are all 100% recyclable.

Keurig’s popularity and the consumers’ demand for environmentally conscious products called for new options to combat landfill growth. Polypropylene became a consumer and manufacturer preference for that reason. It is 100% recyclable, does not absorb flavor and can be melted and transformed into other products.

With the introduction of iFillCup™ fresh-filled cups, there is a new market of consumers who want convenient quality coffee. No more need to have coffee produced over a year of production losing freshness. Over the years, freshness has taken a back seat to convenience, but it looks like the desire for quality AND convenience is back. “Freshness” is the new wave of single serve coffee, and indications like “roasted and filled on this date” may appear in grocery stores sooner than we all expected.

8 April 2017


Come visit us at SCA Booth #804 for a live demo.

With the affordable G21 packaging machine. The G21 is a fully-equipped vertical form, fill and seal machine that provides a variety of packages for a wide range of roasters at a competitive price. Visit or call 215.721.4600 to learn more about our flexible packaging solutions tailored to the coffee industry.

Flexible Thinking 3005 State Road, Telford, PA 18969-1021 | | 215.721.4600


Producer Profile: Mixed arabica | Myanmar Pyin Oo Lwin | Sithar Coffee Estate

Region Pyin Oo Lwin

About the Farm

The main varietals grown at Sithar are SL34, Catimore and S795 with Coffee Quality Institute’s cup Q-score above 83. Sithar is the largest investor of Mandalay Coffee Group (processing plant and USAID sponsored cupping lab) Sithar promotes women's group in coffee industry of Myanmar and employs industry’s top notch roasting technology from Dietrich. Besides producing coffee on its own plantation (40 acres with 40,000 coffee trees planted), Sithar buys coffees from other smallholders and resells it in domestic markets for coffee shops across Myanmar. The proper picking is paramount for Sithar where only ripe cherries are handpicked in order to preserve the aroma and taste of the terroir. Sithar uses fully washed process with natural and honey process initiated as well to highlight flavors of the origin. Fermentation process is carefully monitored to avoid any undesirable off flavors. After the fact they are naturally sun dried to moisture level of 11-12%. Sithar’s farm natural forest serves as shade protection for coffee trees while only bio-fertilizers are used without any chemical impact.

More Information

Arabica Variety SL34 and Catimor

Altitude (meters) N/A Processing Method washed and natural

Certifications N/A Aroma fruit, citrus

Flavor lime, passion fruit, papaya

Body Tea like



Please Make Sure to Visit these NAMA Exhibitors Aladdin Packaging 1554 (631) 273-4747 One Stop Shop for your single serve coffee products. Filters, Lids, Cups and Filters. See our ad on page 36 Curtis 225 (800) 421-6150 A leader in the industry for over 70 years, the Wilbur Curtis Company is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art specialty coffee and tea brewing equipment. See our ad on page 5 Eastsign Foods/Quzhou Co. Ltd. 1618 Eastsign is specialized in producing Instant Tea Powder with 2000MT annual capacity. Certificated by ISO22000, KOSHER, ORGANIC NOP. Main products are Tea Stick, Tea / Coffee Pod (Single Serve), Pyramid Tea Bag and Coffee Pod Filling and Sealing Machine etc. See our ad on page 23 Follett Corporation (800) 523-9361 Follett ice machines feature chewable, bite-sized ice that adds a new dynamic to drinks. Preparing iced coffees, teas and smoothies has never been easier. See our ad on page 35


Gavina Gourmet Coffee 745 (800) 428-4627 When it comes to superb coffee and exceptional service, Gavina is the preferred coffee partner for retailers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Gavina Coffee: Grounds for Great Partnership. See our ad on page 19, 33 Holiday House Distributing 846 (800) 443-4318 From airpots to cleaners...fittings to filters we truly are your "Single Source Supplier" for your Vending and OCS needs. Contact us today with your order. See our ad on page 29 iFill Cup | United Home Technologies, LLC 1047 (360) 574-7737 iFill Cups™ and the iFill Series™ Filling Machines have revolutionized the way single serve coffee/tea is perceived. Easy to operate, fast, and a superior product. See our ad on page 34 Mondelez International 1236 (855) 202-3913 We Have The Delicious Brands And Passionate People To Help Build Your Business. Our unparalleled portfolio of powerhouse brands, such as OREO, BELVITA, WHEAT THINS, TRIDENT, and SOUR PATCH KIDS have proven customer acceptance. See our ad on page 13

10 April 2017

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc. 212 (800) 387-9398 RealCupTM is a trademark of Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, one of the largest coffee and tea manufacturers in North America. See our ad on page 27, 31 Red Bull North America 455 (310) 393-4647 Red Bull introduces a new beverage concept that allows your customers the chance to create their own beverage. "Red Bull Italian Soda" is highly profitable, easy to execute, grows multiple day parts and provides incremental purchase occasions. See our ad on page 34 Service Ideas, Inc. 444 (800) 328-4493 Service Ideas is a worldwide provider in the service industry. We strive to bring quality products and services to the food, beverage and hospitality markets. See our ad on page 37 Waterlogic 252 (402) 905-2001 Waterlogic is a manufacturer and distributor of POU drinking water purification systems. Our breakthrough Firewall™ technology delivers 99.9999% bacteria free water, guaranteed. See our ad on page 34

Recyclable sustainable innovative

10x better

moisture barrier for maximum protection


30% less greenhouse gas emissions than polystyrene

The better pod choice is


Your beverage brand deserves the best in pod packaging. With a focus on creating innovative and sustainable packaging, Printpack offers a recyclable polypropylene pod. Polypropylene pods provide a 10x better moisture barrier and, when paired with an oxygen barrier, provide exceptional product protection. In addition, the production of polypropylene generates 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than polystyrene. Printpack polypropylene – better for the product, better for the planet. Š 2017 Printpack, Inc.

| 800-451-9985

Know Your Materials Safer Foodservice Packaging Materials


ome coatings used to make paper-based foodservice packaging greaseresistant carry known health risks. Here’s a way to eliminate those—and keep the packaging a recyclable material that’s affordable.

For a long time, food-contact fiber packaging used in foodservice for bags, paper wrappings, paperboard trays, and so on, has been treated to protect it from grease. As seen on CNN and CBS News, it turns out that consumers now need protection from the packaging. Making food service packaging moisture and grease-resistant is an aesthetic imperative for foods with moisture and fat content such as doughnuts, cake slices, sandwiches, french fries, and pizza. Seeing big grease spots on the wrapping or tray can be messy and a turnoff—an unpleasant reminder for consumers of how much fat they're consuming.

by Pan Demetrakakes

As PFOA went, the rest of the PFCs seemingly would follow. Although the FDA allows about 20 PFCs to be used for food-contact packaging, several major chains, including McDonald's and Burger King, have pledged to stop using them. However, a recent study indicates that PFCs are still widely prevalent in foodservice packaging. The study, published Feb. 1 in Environmental Science & Technology Letters, was conducted by researchers from institutions including Notre Dame, Berkeley, the Environmental Working Group, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and more. It is based on an examination of 400 pieces of packaging—wrappers, cups, and paperboard trays and holders—collected at coffeehouses and fast-food restaurants from 27 chains in five U.S. metro areas, including Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, and Burger King. Researchers found that 46% of the wrappers and 20% of the paperboard samples had traces of fluorine, the base chemical of PFCs.

For more than three decades, a frequently-used grease-resistant treatment for paper-based foodservice packaging has consisted of imbuing the fiber with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). This is a family of chemicals based on fluorine that helps paper and paperboard resist moisture and grease without unduly altering its appearance or texture.

The presence of fluorine is not absolute proof that a piece of packaging has been treated with PFCs, but the likelihood is strong, since fluorine does not naturally occur in paper. The researchers followed up by testing 20 of the fluorine-positive samples with a longer, more elaborate procedure that can detect PFCs with certainty. They found that, not only did most of them indeed contain PFCs, but six of them had PFOA, the additive that is supposedly being phased out.

But beginning in the early 2000s, concerns began to be raised over PFCs and health. Studies have shown that PFCs can migrate from food packaging into the food you eat and if ingested, can remain in the human bloodstream for years and expose consumers to risk of cancer, liver and kidney damage, interference with hormone levels, and other potential health problems.

The concern is that, in food-contact packaging like paper wrappers or paperboard clamshells, PFCs will leach into the food. A 2008 FDA study demonstrated that, not only does this happen, but the effect is enhanced by oil and grease—which are disproportionately present in many of the foods packaged in PFC-imbued material. Once fluorine enters the human body, it leaves only gradually; the process can take years. The study in Environmental Science & Technology Letters shows that foodservice end users can’t depend on the packaging supply sector as a whole to remove PFCs. Short of an absolute ban by the FDA, which isn't likely, major packaging suppliers will in all likelihood continue to use PFCs for the foreseeable future. If coffeehouses, restaurants and other foodservice venues want packaging free of PFCs, they have to seek it out.

One of the most widely used PFCs in packaging and other applications was perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the primary chemical component of Teflon. But PFOA became notorious after studies concluded that it was both highly pervasive—by one estimate, 98% of the U.S. adult population carried it in their bloodstreams—and especially toxic. Eventually, the Food and Drug Administration banned PFOA, along with two other PFCs, from food-contact packaging. 3M Corp. stopped making PFOA in 2002; DuPont and other U.S. manufacturers vowed in 2011 to phase out PFOA production entirely.

This is certainly possible. Grease-resistant packaging materials have been available for at least 10 years. The problem is that they are not all created equal. cont. on page 14

12 April 2017

The THIN SNACK with WIDE APPEAL Help drive on-the-go business with OREO THINS Cookies. The portable take on the cookie they love.

enlarged to show detail

It’s the best of both worlds—an OREO Cookie in a thinner, portable snack. In an easy-grab 4-cookie format customers can take anywhere. From the brand with 95% brand awareness1 that makes the #1 cookie in America2

90% of consumers surveyed who tried OREO THINS would repurchase3

Pack size: 4 cookies Total Calories: 140


GREATNESS 1-855-202-3913 1. Ipsos, brand health tracker, Q3 2014 2. Nielsen, xAOC plus Convenience, latest 52 weeks ending 10/24/15 3. Nielsen, BASES® II, January 2015 ©Mondelēz International group

Packaging Materials There are non-PFC coatings that are applied like their PFC-containing counterparts, but without the PFC will have inferior performance for grease and oil. To use these coatings, you will have to measure whether a lesser performance is acceptable for a given use. In the case of fried or baked goods, the barrier performance may not be sufficient. You will also have to be vigilant to ensure that coatings with PFC are not substituted as these coatings are applied in the same manner using the same equipment. There are packaging materials that can provide the barrier performance without using PFCs. However, to be an optimal solution, it's not enough for packaging material simply to be grease-resistant without using PFCs, says Todd Gasparik, director of business development for Smart Planet Technologies. It has to hit what Gasparik calls “the trifecta”: top-notch performance, recyclability, and affordability. One common alternative for grease resistance is lining the inner surfaces of the packaging with a layer of polyethylene (PE). This is the same method overwhelmingly used in paper cups for coffee and other beverages, to keep the liquid from soaking through the cup. While the PE coating performs well as a barrier, and does not contain PFCs, it fails the recyclability part of the triad. As detailed in the CoffeeTalk article “A Dirty Secret” (March 2017), standard PE coatings make cups and other packaging unrecyclable, because the coating breaks into flakes that clog the recycling equipment. Only a very few recyclers have equipment and processes that can handle packaging with these coatings; the vast majority of them reject this packaging. Another alternative is coating made from polylactic acid (PLA), a polymer derived from plants, usually corn. The primary appeal of PLA is that, unlike standard polymers based on petroleum, PLA is bio-based and compostable.

But PLA as packaging-liner material is problematic for several reasons. It's significantly more expensive than PE, and to get the full benefit of its environmental friendliness—i.e., its compostability—it has to be processed at a large-scale municipal composting center. These are rare in the U.S., and even where they exist, they would have to receive PLA-coated packaging as segregated loads. Compostable coatings provide the same challenges to paper recycling processes as PE. For the consumer bringing their food home, the task of composting packaging is virtually impossible because it would require customers to seek out the few municipal collection points dedicated to composting of packaging—which practically none would be willing to do. However, there is a new coating available that satisfies all three parts of the trifecta. EarthCoating, developed by Smart Planet Technologies, is a packaging coating that has high barrier performance, does not contain PFCs, and is priced comparably to PE. However, EarthCoating is a recyclable material because it’s engineered for compatibility with paper recycling systems and doesn't pose PE's problem of clogging recycling equipment. During the pulping that is the first part of recycling, this coating breaks into flakes that are small enough not to clog filters, and denser to be removed along with dirt and grit. The coating is available to converters who want to use it for all types of foodservice packaging that needs barriers: folding cartons, trays, wrappers, clamshell containers, and more. “There are millions of boxes with EarthCoating on retail shelves now”, Gasparik says. “Applications include frozen seafood cartons, fruit and vegetable trays, takeout boxes, paper cups, and other foodservice packaging applications.” “We're thrilled to have found out about this coating,” says Tamara Sloan, owner of The Mill Coffee & Tea coffeehouse located in Lincoln, Nebraska. “The fact that it can be used as a low-cost, environmentallyfriendly paper barrier material falls right in line with our sustainable packaging initiatives. Whether it be for our paper cups, sandwich wraps or take-out boxes, it makes sense to do the right thing and use EarthCoating for our packaging.” “This new coating gives converters and end users everything they want in a paperboard coating,” Gasparik says. “A safe coating that performs as well as any competing material, that’s costcompetitive, and makes the packaging material as recyclable as office paper or any other kind of bleached paper.”

14 April 2017

Roasters Rock


Rocky Rhodes

And a Mill, a Coffee Board, an Exporter, And...


ur industry has seen some ‘game-changing’ innovations. Every year we raise the bar on how specialty coffee is imported, roasted, blended, and produced at the cup. We are adding value on the consuming end of the supply chain and being rewarded for it. An area that has, unfortunately, been a bit left behind in regard to innovations that create financial rewards is at the production end of the chain. Specifically farms, co-ops, mills and exporters. It is a troubling development and begs the question: WHY IS THIS SO?

innovative approach and looking at the entire region and shifting the model. They are concentrating on a couple of key principles: Quality builds value through higher standards, education and ethics. YCE has built a center of education that provides classes in agronomy, best farm practices, processing experimentation and some general farm business fundamentals. They teach the Q Grader protocols to all levels of the supply chain with a special focus on growers and mills as they are the least served with education. Better efficiencies in the supply chain adds value to the producer. YCE has an innovative trading platform that allows a roaster anywhere in the world to buy micro-lots of coffee from Yunnan with traceability to the producer through an online auction system. You can sit in your roaster and bid on a Q certified lot of coffee in China. You will be able to see all of the farm demographics as well as the story of the producers that you can tell when you sell the coffee. It is in fact the closest most roasters will come to a true direct trade as you are buying direct from the farmer. You are just transacting the sale through the online system.

The coffee industry is infamous in its efforts to take care of the producers and make sure there is a constant supply of specialty coffee. The desire exists. The passion exists. There is unfortunately a big disconnect in knowing what to do, how to do it and how to fund it. Many programs exist, on small scales, which deliver services to where they are needed. Groups like Root Capital have found a way to initiate microfinancing that solves a lot of problems. This is a great solution to specific problems but a larger more comprehensive solution is needed to really change a growing region. One of the main reasons that we roasters have a bit of a challenge is that we are willing to pay more but we don’t know how to get the money to the producer. The system is too complicated and often inefficient so that we get discouraged feeling we can’t actually reward those that deserve it. This is one of the main reasons ‘Direct Trade’ is such an overwhelming proposition.

This comprehensive approach involves many different entities in order to make it work. It takes participation from the village. Sometimes this is harder to get than you would think as people are resistant to change. When you have generational habits it is disruptive to suggest anything else.

To dig a little deeper into solving this problem requires us to have some ‘situational awareness’ of how coffee moves from the farm to the export warehouse. Every community is different, but the job functions remain fairly constant.

To help with education CQI was brought in as an NGO. They are providing education services at the farm as well as providing Q Grader certification courses. This education is instrumental in getting the coffee farmers to understand the true value of their coffee.

You need to grow the coffee. Most farms are pretty small. Often there is only generational knowledge about good farming practices. Education is scarce.

The YCE group is a private investment group but they also realized that the Government of China needs to be involved in order to ensure its success. This has created a unique relationship of a private company partnering with a public institution.

You need to pick the coffee. Sometimes it is done by the farmer’s family but very often workers are hired to do the seasonal work. Labor can be hard to get and is expensive if they do multiple pass harvesting instead of just strip picking. Once picked, the coffee gets processed. Very often this is done by another party like a co-operative or a 3rd party mill. At this point usually the farmer is done. They got paid for either their cherry or parchment coffee. Also quite often all traceability is lost as they mix multiple lots to get enough coffee to fill a container. Education at the mill is a little easier to get but small mills often work under that same ‘generational knowledge’. The mill sells the coffee either through or to an exporter. The exporter is being asked by specialty importers to provide stories and traceability to the farm. For the reasons described above it is almost impossible for the importer to do this. Roasters want to get this information and wants to get the ‘story’ of the coffee as that has value at the store level. There is a ‘game changer’ solution being developed in the Yunnan Province of China. It is called the Yunnan Coffee Exchange or YCE. They are taking an


The last piece in the puzzle is YOU! For this to work, roasters need to buy the coffee. The YCE group is just launching their trading platform where you can go and buy ‘directly’ from the producer. In an effort to publicize this, YCE sponsored the Best of Yunnan competition that completed in March. I bag from each of the top 12 coffees from the competition is being sent to Seattle where it will be made available for roasters at the SCA convention. Even this will be unique! It is an online auction running Saturday to Sunday at the conference. You can sign up to bid on a bag or two of coffee at yce. You may even be able to meet the producer! That would be an awesome “Direct Trade”! So it really does take a village, mill, NGO, private and public participation as well as willing roaster to raise the quality. The Yunnan region will be better for it! Rocky Rhodes is an 18 year coffee veteran, roaster, and Q-Grader Instructor, and his mission now is to transform the coffee supply chain and make sweeping differences in the lives of those that produce the green coffee. Rocky can be reached at April 2017

Photo by Trish Rothgeb

Getting Profitable Lesson 5: Your Business Fundamentals “Reality-Check”


o far in this series of articles on profitability, we’ve discussed how to control your cost of goods and how to reduce your other expenses. Unfortunately, for many coffee businesses, savings alone will not result in profitability. If this is your situation, then building sales will be the only solution left to you. We will discuss cost-effective methods for building sales over the next several articles, but before you embark on a sales-building mission, you’ll need to “reality-check” your business fundamentals. After all, it won’t make sense to entice people to visit your business if your drinks, customer service, and store ambience are less than optimal. While achieving profitability in the coffee business will require controlling numerous variables, only three are important to your customers. They are: 1. The quality of the products you serve, 2. The quality of your customer service, and, 3. The appeal of your store ambience. These are the only factors you have control over that can influence customers to return in the future. Remember, you’ll only have one chance to make a good first impression, so you’ll want to make sure that the customers your marketing efforts attract have a great experience and want to come back! First, and most important: understand that people primarily visit your business to purchase a beverage and some food. This is foundation of your business. The items you serve must look good and taste good 100% of the time! Serving superior products begins with sourcing the very best ingredients. As the old saying goes, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Likewise, you can’t make superior coffee drinks using inferior coffees, syrups, and sauces. If you haven’t already, you should contact multiple suppliers of coffees, syrups, sauces, blended drink powders, smoothie purees, and ask them to send you some free samples to taste. If you discover products that are better than what you’re currently using, then switch!

How does the area outside of your store look? Is there trash on your sidewalk, or weeds in your flowerbeds? Sometimes it can be difficult to see all the things that might be in need of attention, simply because you spend so many hours in your store. In reality, you can become “store blind.” To gain a better understanding of what you might be missing, and what customers might be noticing, enlist the help of a trusted friend to do a detailed on-site evaluation. Give them a pad of paper and a pencil, and ask them to walk around your store, inside and out, and write down anything and everything they see that can be improved upon. Be sure to have them go over their notes with you when they have completed their inspection. DO NOT become defensive if you disagree with them, or you feel hurt by some of the things they say. Remember, you asked them to do this, and if they are seeing things that they perceive as “negatives,” then it’s likely that some of your customers are having the same feelings. Being on top of your business fundamentals at all times is imperative! When you feel comfortable that you are at the top of your game in regards to your business fundamentals, then and only then will you be ready to begin your marketing efforts! Ed Arvidson is a 25-year veteran consultant to the Specialty Coffee industry, and President of E&C Consulting. Elements of this article are from his new book, “How to Get Profitable in the Coffee Business.”

Equally important are the drink-making techniques used by you and your employees. 90% of the quality of an espresso beverage can be directly attributed to how it’s prepared. A shot extracted 5 seconds too fast, and milk heated 10° too hot, can be the difference between a delicious and unpalatable beverage. While more and more coffee business owners understand and apply proper drink-making techniques, many still do not. If you have any question as to whether or not you are preparing espresso beverages properly, check out the free 17-minute video, “Sample: Beverage Info” at www. The next area of fundamentals that you need to assess is customer service. People are buying their coffee from you and your employees - human beings - not a vending machine! You and your employees’ daily interactions with customers is a major factor in capturing and retaining them. If they like you and your employees, if the experience of coming to your store leaves them feeling good, you’ll convert consumers into regular, loyal customers. Do you know your customers by name? Do you know anything about their lives? Do you treat them like they are guests visiting your home? Caring about your customers and developing relationships creates a bond that competitors are unlikely to take away from you. Good customer service is also about well executed mechanics; recommending items you think the customer might enjoy, keeping tables, floors, and bathrooms clean, stocking the condiment bar regularly, etc.


by Ed Arvidson

Finally, there is your store ambience. How does your store look to someone who is coming in for the first time? Is it clean and uncluttered? How about the areas behind the counter that your customers can see? Does the paint on your walls need to be touched up in places? Are there cobwebs in the corners? Are carpets or chair cushions soiled or in need of repair? Do point-of-sales marketing materials look new and crisp? Do your windows need cleaning? April 2017



+ 121%




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Coffee Service Corner



or a number of years, I had the honor of writing a Coffee Service column for my good friend and mentor, the late Ben Ginsberg, founder, editor, and publisher of Vending and OCS Magazine. Besides being an industry icon and so much more, Ben was one of the most efficient communicators that I have had the pleasure of knowing.

As Ben and I were pondering subject matter material for an upcoming industry show issue a number of years ago, we lamented on the laborious process of obtaining feedback from our operator and supplier base. I commented that during my years as both a distributor and operator supply chain decision-maker, response from calls I made or emails I sent was much more prompt than the response I was then receiving as an industry consultant. I proceeded to compose an article “A View from All Sides of the Desk”, in which I chronicled the disparity in response time and consistent communication that I experienced as I migrated between buying and selling roles. Today, as I have since experienced several more buy-outs and consequential career “adjustments”, I re-visit the value of prompt, clear, and consistent communication. I look back on three tremendous individuals who were mentors of mine and that shared the common trait of being great communicators. I am convinced that this attribute was a primary building block that helped evolve these men into great leaders. From Ben Ginsberg, Servatron’s Dick Allen, and Heritage Coffee’s Stuart Daw, I offer a distillation of what I observed to be four basic principles of great communicating that each had in common. Recognizing that time is valuable Each of these professionals could communicate volumes with an economy of words. They were all great story tellers and immensely entertaining, but when it got down to business, each would and could deliver a cogent, complete message related to what their need was or what they believed your need was. They could easily migrate from a selling to buying role. Stuart Daw was my first customer call when I was a distributor. He was a vending, coffee service, and honor box operator in Florida. On this initial call, Stuart fully explained what it would take for me to deliver in order for him to consider giving me a share of his business. He suggested that I return in a few weeks with solutions. The first call concluded in less than 20 minutes. The follow-up call lasted an hour and resulted with a “trial” order. He remained a loyal customer for as long as we had the company, growing volume each successive year. An even more significant element of the value of time was that each of these three individuals were always generous in the giving of their time. Each would always find time to nurture an industry novice or engage the veteran. Being Respectful We learn this trait in the sandbox. No need to be mean-spirited in any situation. We will all encounter the occasional boorish rogue. Take the high road, be brief, and move on.


I had a friend at Standard Coffee Service back in the 1980’s. He closed a lot of great accounts for us including a national restaurant chain. I got to know a number of this group’s decision makers as I participated in their annual golf event. My friend asked that I accompany him on one of his corporate presentations. As we entered the offices, I was shocked at my friend’s behavior. He abruptly announced who he was to a new receptionist, bugged that she did not recognize him, boasting that the company CEO

Ken Shea

was expecting him. When she asked him what company he represented and suggested he complete the sign in form, he became incensed, abruptly turned away then walked down the hallway to the CEO’s office. I remained behind doing my best to console the receptionist and do some damage control. She was in tears. After our call, I challenged my friend on his terrible behavior and he said to me, “She’s nobody. She’ll never last.” Well, she did last. Within six months she became a member of the buying group. A year later she was promoted. Six months after that, she headed up purchasing for the coffee and tea categories... our lines! In less than a year we were fired from the account after a ten year run. My friend was devastated and could not understand why we were canned. While I have no hard evidence that my friend’s boorish behavior led to that event, I can say with certainty that his actions did nothing to help. Listening We have all seen this person in a business meeting, sales presentation, or social gathering. No attention is being given to questions asked or alternative positions being posed, but instead only preparing for his or her next comments and over-talking others. I always enjoyed trade show beverage hour with Ben Ginsberg. He loved participating in robust conversations, especially with gatherings of industry veterans, which often would get quite loud. While some at the table would get louder with each subsequent adult beverage, Ben would continue to listen intently to every comment, compose his retorts accordingly, and own the conversation. It was like watching an athlete perform. But listening was the key. This skill also made Ben a premier panel moderator. There are a number of his events that were recorded by NAMA and NCSA in its day. If you ever have occasion to come across one, take an hour and listen to a master. Be prompt I understand the reality that folks in positions of influence regarding buying decisions are going to have their calls and emails returned more expeditiously than others. I have experienced it. I get it. I also understand that oftentimes there is a delay in response due to travel and other obligations. Additionally, we must sometimes be trained in others’ preferred methods of communication. A former boss of mine did not participate in voice mail activity. It took a day or two when I first began to work for him to figure it out. However, send him an email or text message and a response would come same day most of the time….next day at the latest. Even today, no longer being a part of his billion dollar plus conglomerate, I still receive the same courtesy of promptness. I should add that I make a point to never squander his time with meaningless chatter or I suspect that courtesy might evaporate. Our methods of communicating today continue to evolve. Social media dominates. People sitting across from one another at a social event often spend more time on their electronic devices than they do engaging in real conversation. That’s a new reality. My perspective is that there is always time to provide a response. And I hope that my friends who have read this article have found me to be a timely responder…from all sides of my desks! Ken April 2017

Ken is President of Ken Shea and Associates and also serves as V.P. of Coffee Service for G&J Marketing and Sales

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Connecting to Customers Grow Your Business by Becoming an Inbound Organization: Part II


0 things your website better provide or you will lose me (and maybe a lot of other people) even before we START!

An Inbound Organization starts the buyer journey by creating a website that provides lots of education, kind of like an online portal for actively first attracting then engaging a target audience & persona. One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is thinking that a website is an expense and not an asset. Remember, your company website is your very first impression to most contacts, and communicates your brand message, engages your audience, and should basically be your best salesperson. Too often companies cut corners and don’t use the best tools to accomplish their goals, or refuse to hire the best talent (hint, your geeky nephew might not be the BEST choice) to manage their web presence. Many companies believe that if you build it they will come, so they just set it and forget it. A great website can be within any company’s reach as long as they optimize for user experience. Here are some things you better do if you want to keep me around :-) 1. You can help me, but please don’t give me a sales pitch Get rid of the fluff, marketing-speak nonsense. Saying “we deliver great customer service and are value-added, sustainable, problem solvers” does not help me solve any problem I have and is arcane and mildly annoying. And please don’t fall in love with the design elements du jour and do-dads that make the developer happy. Build it for me, from my perspective, and make your site easy to use with a minimum of distractions. Understand how to reach me through SEO by creating content that matches the topics I search, and when I arrive, please show me how you can help with my problems. When my search is in the form of a question, please answer it quickly. You have 3 seconds. Respect my time, my click, my search. Show me with your site that you know how to do that. 2. Show me how to improve my situation, not just try to cash a check Once you clearly state what you do to help, what problem you solve, what questions you answer, then have some meat on the bones when I click deeper into the site. Understand my path through your site and make sure I arrive at the page with the solution I need. Do it in 5-7 words and prove to me that you are focused and clear in what you do and do not do.


3. Use current design ideas, best practice content management technology, and functionality Show me you know the world has changed and are committed to helping me online. You should have a blog because I like current, frequent,

by Todd Hockenberry

sharable, easy-to-consume, and easy-to-find content delivered to me in the format I want to read. Make sure your site loads quickly and looks great on mobile devices. I shouldn’t need a microscope to read your pages on my phone or have to get a needle to click a tiny link in the drop down menu. 4. Be a bit better than the other 10 competitors of yours that I will find in 30 seconds It is just a fact that I can find any number of competitors just as quickly as I found you. Stand out, be interesting, be unique. Have some character, be fun, be open, be authentic, be original, and be different. What does that look like? I don’t know, I just want it and I know it when I see it. If you think you are like your competitors, and it is hard to differentiate, then guess what? You deserve to be treated like a commodity and I will constantly ask you to give the me the lowest price (if I talk to you at all). 5. Focus on what makes you special and why it is my best interest to care Create great content that is not just about your product. The specs, the technical details, and the features are not what I want to see first. Show me you understand my application, my issues, my situation and create content in different forms to help me: videos, case studies, infographics, articles, testimonials, animated shorts, articles, e-books, checklists, calculators, how to guides, etc. Know me and anticipate the content I want to consume. Use your content to entice me to dig deeper, because that is what I am looking to do. 6. Share lots of cool info for free Give me lots of great content before you make me an offer. If you ask me to convert by filling out a form too soon, then I will refuse. Ask me to fill out a form and exchange my information only after providing me with lots of value and establishing trust. Your catalog is not valuable to me. Your specifications are not that important until the very end of my buying journey, assuming we get there. Help everyone with great content for free and earn the chance to talk with me, if indeed I am a good fit and want to consider a purchase. 7. Give me a great customer experience Make it easy to find stuff, take the next steps, and become engaged with your company. Just because I found you to start with, does not mean I will stick around if you fail to engage me and bring me closer to your company and how you can help me. Each step, touch point, or connection must exceed my expectations. Miss it at any point in the process, and I will drop out. cont. on page 26 April 2017





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Connecting 8. Let me take it for a spin without effort or remorse Find a way to let me take a test drive without a commitment. For online digital and SaaS companies this is pretty standard stuff. What about people that make equipment? How can we demo that? Maybe a demo unit in your factory or a virtual demo video? But we sell a consumable? Think Costco and the guy giving away free samples. Send me a small sample. Sell services? Give me a free assessment or analysis. Find a way to give me a zero-risk and no-cost test. 9. Make it easy to contact you in many ways when I am ready We are all different. I like to talk on the phone; my wife hates the phone. Don’t assume we all want to engage the same way. Let me send email, fill out a form, call on the phone (your phone number on the site better be click to talk since I am probably using my mobile phone), start a chat, send a text. Make it so natural and easy to connect with you that I do so.

10. Be nice, be human, B2H Don’t bombard me with spam-like follow up emails, or ask for just 15 minutes of my time to review how great the product is, or assume I am ready to talk to a salesperson just because I downloaded an e-book. When we do talk, when I am ready, be pleasant, be happy, be nice, be non-aggressive, and be focused on my needs, not your sales quota. I am human, different, unique, special. Treat me that way with your website; because after all, your site is all I know about your company until I decide to learn more and engage with you. My experience with your site is all you have to persuade, convince, and move me to act. Get it wrong and there will be no further conversation and you will never see me again.

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April 2017

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Connecting To Our Planet Birds Offer a Connection to Tens of Millions of Coffee Drinkers


t’s spring migration time, and America’s most beautiful birds are flying home. This dazzling songbird rainbow includes lemon yellow warblers, cherry red tanagers, and eye-popping orange orioles that are completing epic migrations – some flying over 5,000 miles each year between their breeding grounds in U.S. and Canada and wintering areas in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. As a member of the coffee industry, you are no passive bystander to this impressive natural phenomenon. Your coffee-sourcing decisions make you an active participant, because at least 42 species of these migrants, including many of America’s most beloved birds, like Baltimore Orioles, are coming from coffee farms. But not just any coffee farm will do. Migratory birds thrive in farms where coffee is grown under tall trees (“shade-coffee”) that provide them critical habitat and food resources. The research my students and I have done in Venezuela and Colombia shows that many migratory birds, from Canada Warblers to Rose-breasted Grosbeaks to Summer Tanagers, can thrive on shade-coffee farms. Shade-coffee promotes overwinter survival and good body condition, which means these healthy birds are more likely to survive their long flight back to North America to nest and contribute offspring to the next generation of birds. And many of these populations need more offspring. Because more than half of the migratory species known to winter on coffee farms are declining significantly. Birdwatchers as a Market Opportunity This connection between birds and coffee represents a powerful market opportunity given that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there are 46 million birdwatchers in the U.S.. If 57 percent of Americans drink

by Amanda D. Rodewald

coffee daily (according to the National Coffee Association), there could be as many as 26 million Americans who care about birds and coffee, or about 17% of the U.S. coffee market. This demographic is willing to put their money to work for birds. Birdwatchers purchase and maintain birdfeeders, travel to farflung places to watch birds, and support conservation organizations. Birdwatchers get involved because they know that bird populations are declining globally.

Blackburnian Warbler in a shadecoffee farm in Colombia. Photo credit: Guillermo Santos

Drivers of migratory bird declines include deforestation and loss of wintering habitats, including shade-coffee farms. Although coffee was grown under a forest canopy when the Dutch introduced it to the New World in the 1700s, many farms have since been “modernized” and converted from shade- to sungrown coffee. When that happens, trees are cleared and coffee is planted in a row-crop monoculture like an Iowa cornfield. More than 60 percent of shadecoffee farms in Colombia were converted to sun-coffee between 1970-1990, and today over 75 percent of Colombia’s mountain forests are gone. cont. on page 32

Amanda Rodewald holding a Mourning Warbler captured as part of her research. Photo credit: Guillermo Santos

28 April 2017


Birds But importantly, coffee can be part of the conservation solution. Many specialty coffees are grown under trees—not for altruism, but to improve the specialty grade. Nespresso is paying farmers in Antioquia, Colombia to plant canopy trees to ensure that quality coffee is produced sustainably. “The nutrients administered by the trees give the coffee a unique fragrance,” says Francisco Javier Velazquez Budelo, administrator for the De los Andes Cooperativa that sells to Nespresso. “It gives the coffee more taste, more force.”


A Sustainability Signal for Millennials Many companies, like Nespresso, want to brand their coffee as having high marks for taste and sustainability. This branding is particularly important for millennials (18 to 40 year-olds)— the most promising growth segment of the coffee market who cite sustainability as a key driver of their coffee-purchasing decisions. Millennials Blackburnian Warbler in a coffee bush are the demographic most likely to purchase on a shade-coffee farm in Colombia. gourmet coffee beverages. And market research Photo credit: Guillermo Santos by commercial coffee roaster S&D Coffee & Tea found that “sustainability” was the most attractive Remember this: when it comes to coffee and birds, everything counts. I brand attribute among millennials. According to always tell coffee drinkers, if you can buy Bird Friendly coffee of the highest the report, the “vast majority of millennials” are willing to pay a premium for standards, do it. But don’t give up if you can’t; just make the best choices you sustainable coffee. can with birds and the environment in mind. There’s a catch though. Only 22 percent of millennials in S&D’s survey knew The same advice applies to farmers, importers, or any company that buys and what “sustainability” meant when it comes to coffee. sells coffee. Source Bird Friendly if you can, or Rainforest Alliance—or get creative. If you’re sourcing coffee directly from a farm or cooperative, work Admittedly, sustainability can be a tricky word. But that’s where birds come with them to improve in—as a sustainability indicator for the lucrative millennial market. The trees their habitat for birds. on coffee farms that support birds also prevent soil erosion, conserve water, Then hire a local supply chemical-free fertilizer (in the form of fallen leaves), and buffer against biologist to catalogue a warming climate. What is good for the birds is good for the environment, the birds found on more broadly. these farms. In many places in Colombia Combine coffee-drinking millennials with coffee-drinking birdwatchers, and or Guatemala or the market potential for coffee from farms that host migratory birds swells to throughout Latin more than 50 million Americans—more than a third of the entire U.S. coffee America, it’s easy to market. find a local birding guide or scientist Adding Birds to your Marketing Mix who will conduct a How can coffee sellers include birds in their marketing plans? The easiest bird survey for you. way is to purchase coffee certified as “Bird Friendly” by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Bird Friendly coffee has the most stringent Then share the environmental standards, but it can be difficult to find with only 0.1 percent results of your bird of coffee sales in the U.S. Yet the potential is much greater because only 10 survey to connect percent of the 12 million pounds of coffee that qualify for Bird Friendly your customers certification is actually labelled as such. Interested retailers and roasters can with the birds. Tell request the label from them the story of importers. how their morning cup of coffee makes Even outside of Bird a difference in the Friendly certification, Mourning Warbler on a shade-coffee lives of the beautiful, buyers can still farm in Colombia. brightly colored support migratory Photo credit: Guillermo Santos birds that light up birds by purchasing spring and summer Rainforest-Alliance in the northern hemisphere. Explain how the same coffee farms that host certified coffee. Even our migratory warblers and orioles in winter also support the livelihoods of though Rainforest coffee-growing families and local communities, ensure healthy environments, Alliance’s shade and mitigate climate change. standards aren’t as stringent as Bird The pathway of those migratory songbirds returning to North America marks Friendly, some shade not only the way home, but also a way forward to product differentiation and is always better than sustainability for coffee companies. The market potential is there for those none for birds. I’ve willing to connect with tens of millions of coffee-drinking millennials and found that coffee bird lovers. farms with as little as 25 percent shade canopy can support Amanda Rodewald is the Garvin Professor and director of conservation science large flocks of at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, faculty fellow at Cornell University's Atkinson migratory birds. Black-and-white Warbler in a coffee bush Center for a Sustainable Future, and a Public Voices fellow. (Colombians call it 'cebrita'). Photo credit: Guillermo Santos April 2017


The Importance of a Low Residual Oxygen Level in Coffee Packaging by John Paneseny, CEO Rovema NA


ith coffee being one of the most popular beverages in the world, roasters across the globe must meet the growing demand for supplying the highest quality coffee to their customers. The biggest criteria for a delicious, high quality cup of coffee is maintaining the freshness of the roast and its shelf life to ensure unsurpassed quality long after the packaged coffee leaves a roaster’s facility. One of the worst enemies of a fresh coffee roast is oxygen. You and I can’t survive long without it, but the presence of oxygen is a killer for a cup of java. Oxygen (oxidation) in coffee packaging can quickly degrade the quality of a roast or grind that will ultimately rob the alluring aroma and taste from our morning ritual.

Overview Of The Aroma Perm Gas Flushing System

Fresh coffee is great coffee and the proper packaging is so important for freshness! So How Do We Keep Oxygen, The “Coffee Killer” Out Of The Package To Ensure Freshness And Customer Satisfaction? The most popular method is Modified Atmospheric Packaging (M.A.P.) or Nitrogen gas flushing. Nitrogen gas flushing is simply a method of introducing inert nitrogen gas into the bag during the packaging process. As the odorless, inert Nitrogen is flushed into the package, oxygen is displaced allowing the coffee to keep its freshness with a longer shelf life to preserve its quality. If you do your research, you will find that numerous taste tests have been conducted to prove a Nitrogen flushed bag of coffee brewed several days or weeks after packaging retained its delicious just roasted taste, freshness, and quality compared to a bag that was not flushed. The proof is there, Nitrogen gas flushing is essential to coffee packaging. Now that you know how important gas flushing is, let’s talk numbers. What is the ideal residual oxygen level to ensure quality, freshness, and increased shelf life to keep your customers happy and returning for more? Tests have shown oxygen levels above 5% can cause significant oxidation and effect the coffee’s freshness and quality within days of packaging; therefore, the minimum recommendation is no more than a 3% residual oxygen level. Many roasters that strive on high quality and customer satisfaction seem to be more stringent. This roaster will push for lower levels to protect their coffee’s flavor and freshness for an extended amount of time; especially ground coffee that is more sensitive to oxygen degradation. Being able to achieve lower than the minimum recommendation will open the door for more opportunities to a contract/private label roaster. More often than not, when bidding on a contract, especially with the “big guys”, the required residual oxygen level must be consistently 2% or below. Having the ability to achieve this level could be the difference of getting a lucrative contract or not. You might be asking yourself, “How do I achieve these low residual oxygen levels with my vertical, form, fill and seal machine?” When a coffee customer requires a residual oxygen level of 2% or less, Rovema recommends a special closed system, this being our Aroma Perm Gas Flushing System. The special Aroma Perm Gas Flushing System was originally developed to meet the stringent oxygen levels for the infant milk powder industry. With its success, our coffee customers can also reap the benefits of this system to obtain unsurpassed residual oxygen levels. Integrated into our vertical bagger, the proven Rovema Aroma Perm Gas Flushing system is a closed system that features inlets ports and control valves to flush nitrogen into the auger hopper, forming tube, and optional horizontal cross feeder. The system also has a control valve to flush nitrogen into a customer’s supplied storage bin above the auger if applicable. The system features a compensation balloon that creates a closed system to prevent air from entering or leaving the hopper. Rovema has several coffee customers achieving residual oxygen levels around the .08% level with the Aroma Perm system to meet the most stringent requirements.


Once you have achieved the “perfect” bag with gas flushing, it is important to monitor and test oxygen levels in the package for quality control/assurance. There are a couple of devices that can be used to ensure the appropriate levels of oxygen are being achieved. The most common device is a bench top head space analyzer used to measure oxygen levels in a sealed bag that is randomly taken off the packaging line and tested by Quality Control. cont. on page 34 April 2017

Celebrating half a century of roasting excellence in the U.S.A. Our 50th anniversary means a lot to us, for many reasons. Our story started over a century ago in the mountains of southern Cuba and blossomed in Los Angeles in 1967. Today, we carry on the dream of our grandfather—to make sure everyone has a great cup of coffee.

Come visit us at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo, Booth #831 @gavinacoffeeco • © 2017 F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Our superpower? Providing efficient solutions through technical innovation. When it comes to providing turnkey packaging line solutions for the food industry, one name soars above the rest...Rovema. Our reputation for superior engineering, reliability and innovation is unmatched across the globe. In fact, many industry “firsts” were developed under our roof. Unlike the competition, the Rovema team has deep expertise in machine technology, food products and packaging materials. Isn’t it time to put that power to work for you?

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Packaging The alternative to the bench top head space analyzer is an on-line analyzer that continuously monitors oxygen levels during packaging and it is part of the packaging machine system. The on-line analyzer makes sure the MAP system is always working properly to keep your coffee fresh. The on-line analyzer can also automatically regulate the gas flow and ensure oxygen levels stay at a predetermined amount.

John is a packaging industry veteran with over 30 years of experience. He started his career in machinery sales with an engineering degree and moved into management after earning his MBA. He is known for his success in growing businesses with an unwavering focus on the customer.

Happy roasting and here is to keeping it fresh!!

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Java Jacket provides the best insulation of all sleeves on the market. Protects customers from hot or cold to-go beverages, and provides a more grippable surface than other coffee sleeves.


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The original Airscape® coffee and food storage canister with patented lid actively forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods, to keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too! QUALITY CONTROL

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TIGHTPAC AMERICA, INC. 888.428.4448 We offer the largest selection of vacuum sealed containers in the world! We have developed a patented vacuum open and close system that acts exactly the same way as a oneway degassing valve, allowing natural gasses to escape without allowing oxygen in. Perfect for Coffee & Tea, guaranteeing freshness & flavor. Simplicity that works.

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Best Coffee Bean Storage Container Gets Facelift With New Color, Retail Label & Brand Logo Planetary Design, an innovative designer and leader in insulated French Press coffee makers, drinkware and AIRSCAPE® coffee and food storage containers has given its AIRSCAPE® stainless steel container a new face lift in multiple ways including new more impactful, less wasteful packaging, an updated AIRSCAPE® logo, and new color, Turquoise, to be added to the line of stainless steel containers. AIRSCAPE coffee and food storage containers have become the coffee connoisseur’s #1 choice to keep coffee fresher longer. The patented inner lid allows air to be pushed out of the storage container and locked out to keep beans fresher, longer. The AIRSCAPE® line includes Stainless Steel, Glass and PET containers. Planetary Design will be exhibiting its new look AIRSCAPE® containers and its complete single and multiserve line of French Press coffee makers and drinkware at the upcoming Specialty Coffee Expo, Booth #901.


Rovema GmbH. Our operation in Atlanta is the North America sales and service presence for all of Rovema’s engineered vertical form/fill/seal and end-of-line packaging solutions.

The 26th Ernesto Illy Brazil Award Has Winners From Three Regions in Minas Gerais São Paulo, March 16, 2017 - Minas Gerais (Brazil) demonstrated the excellence of its specialty coffees at the 26th Ernesto Illy Brazil Award for Quality Coffee for Espresso. Arabica beans from three different regions within the state were recognized as the best of the 2016/2017 crop by the illycaffè prize, which elected CBI Agropecuária, from Chapada de Minas; Juliana Armelin, from Cerrado Mineiro and Rafael Marques de Araújo, from Matas de Minas as champions in the national producers’ category. The three winners will compete for the 2nd International Ernesto Illy Coffee Quality Award for Espresso, in October, in New York (NY). Winner of the 25th edition, Juliana, owner of the Terra Alta plantation in Ibiá, was once again recognized as one of the producers of the best coffees in the country, now in its second year supplying Rovema NA shares Coffee coffee for illycaffè. Rafael, from the Córrego da Serra Webinar presented by plantation in Manhuaçu CEO John Panaseny and CBI Agropecuária from Norcross, Fazenda Tecad, in Minas Novas, GA. Rovema were also among the winners, NA shares its as first-time participants in informative the competition. For more webinar “Coffee Packaging information, e-mail: brunop@ After the K Cup.” Presented / estevaor@ by CEO John Panaseny and located on the Rovema website coffee-packaging-webinar, this AIRSCAPE™ Bucket Insert presentation offers insight into Turns A Basic Bucket Into An Oxygen & Moisturethe latest trends in the coffee industry. This webinar discusses Free Preservation the history of the K-Cup and its Container Turn any emergence as a top movement ordinary in to the coffee industry. bucket into Other points of interest are a valuable the review of the current state airtight and oxygen & moistureof coffee packaging, trends free storage preservation in coffee packaging for retail unit. Great for preserving and and institutional packaging, protecting so many different machine and packaging considerations and implications, items, no matter how full the bucket. The patented inner and what’s new in coffee lid, made with food grade packaging. Rovema NA is a wholly owned subsidiary of

plastic and rubber, is pushed into the bucket and forces out practically all the oxygen inside as it reaches the contents. Not only does it prevent oxygen and moisture from entering the bucket, but it also serves as a pest-proof barrier, protecting the contents from just about anything imaginable. Use for a multitude of storage options including protecting coffee beans prior to roasting, preventing moisture from damaging valuable hops in a commercial micro-brewery, stopping mice from invading grass seed bags in a barn, and even using as “dry” storage during a rafting trip. The list of possible uses is nearly endless. Let us know “What’s in Your Bucket?” at planetarydesign. com.

New Waterlogic WL290 High Capacity Bottleless Cooler Waterlogic brings you the quality you have come to expect, now with high volume cold water. The new WL290 features a recirculating cold water system that passes by an in-tank ultraviolet light multiple times every hour to maintain the microbiological purity of the water. The smart design of the WL290 also includes a GAC filter inside the cold reservoir to provide ongoing protection from taste and odors. This premium dispenser is recommended where cold water is in high demand. The built-in diagnostics and indicator lights give you total confidence the Brewista Nutramilk Makes purification and filtration Fresh Nut Milk and Nut systems are working properly Butter In 12 Minutes Or to give you the freshest, bestLess! tasting water. Also, all key parts Brewista of the machine are infused NutraMilk with a silver additive called Nut Processor. BioCote® to provide an effective The patented barrier against microbes like Brewista NutraMilk is the bacteria and mold. The WL290 first device of its kind, making is the perfect solution when fresh nut butter and nut milk cold water is paramount. For from virtually any type of nut more information, email lisa. in less time than it takes to vanwyngarden@waterlogicusa. brew a pot of coffee! Using com. only fresh nuts and water users can make wholesome, healthy Xeltron's New XV Camera nut milk on demand without Sorter High Volume, the need for emulsifiers and Small Footprint, Best Sort additives. Simply add nuts, press Xeltron “BUTTER” and the NutraMilk introduces its makes delicious nut butter. HIGH-Volume Add water and press “MIX”, Camera Scan the NutraMilk creates up to 2 Sorting Machine liters of the freshest nut milk to the market, possible. One last press of the fulfilling our “DISPENSE” button finishes the clients’ needs for process, all in under 12 minutes. high volume, small footprint Slated to be on store shelves in late 2017, the NutraMilk is the perfect product for coffee shops that want to set themselves apart from the crowd and for health conscious people that simply want to make nut milk at home. For more information, visit www.

April 2017

and quality sorting machines. The XV Camera model comes in 1, 2 and 3 trays, sorting from 2.2 to 9 tons per hours, offering High Volume and a Small Footprint, maintaining the best sort available in the market. Our Inline Scan Cameras are the latest generation in the market. Our high velocity PCB boards are cutting edge technology. Industrial touch screen with dynamic user friendly Interface with. Xeltron designs its sorters prioritizing on accuracy for the best sort possible, robustness to endure hostile environments, and ease of operation to be operated with minimum technical training. With over 43 years of coffee sorting experience on the market, Xeltron offers solutions to your sorting needs. Our Sales and Technical Representatives over the world offer the qualified and prompt service you deserve. For more information, visit Curtis Turns On The Heat With Its New G3 5 Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser With its slender base and featurepacked design, the Curtis G3 Five Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser with Aeration is the perfect source for your operation. This versatile unit dispenses all the hot water needed thanks to an automatic refill system for hot water on demand — with a programmable temperature range between 140°F to 210°F. cont. on page 38

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Newsbites It also features an automatic aeration setting to help improve tea extraction and flavor. The G3 Narrow Hot Water Dispenser couldn’t be easier to use. It includes a large LED display with a water temperature indicator, color-coded buttons and ready lights for all functions. Curtis’ famed G3 Digital Control Module lets staff easily regulate temperature and aeration. Onboard diagnostics continuously sense water level and temperature for simpler operation while common parts and a side-access maintenance door make servicing the unit a snap. For more information, 800/421-6150

Single Serve Cup Supplies Aladdin Packaging can produce printed roll stock in various widths and substrates. We can handle anything from simple one-color to highly complex 10-color process jobs. Our capabilities range from 3" webs up to 52" webs, and our rolls can be single ply, 2-ply or 3-ply, depending on our customers' requirements. Aladdin Packaging can produce printed roll stock in various widths and substrates. We can handle anything from simple one-color to highly complex

10-color process jobs. Our capabilities range from 3" webs up to 52" webs, and our rolls can be single ply, 2-ply or 3-ply, depending on our customers' requirements. Pouch bags come in two varieties: lay-flat or stand-up pouches. All pouch bags can be 2-ply or 3-ply laminated structures, and either variety can be finished as a 2-side sealed or 3-side sealed pouch. Generally, 3-side sealed pouches are more durable. Stand-up pouches are used by manufacturers that need their products to be structured for a vertical position – either for shelf visibility or for support-free usage. The added zipper/reseal

feature can be incorporated into either type of pouch bag. For more information, visit abec@ We Have Cascara! Walker Coffee Trading is happy to announce a new product offering: Cascara! This tisane is produced by drying and processing the coffee cherry, normally discarded during the process of harvesting. By re-purposing what was once thought to be a waste product, coffee farmers are finding new methods to supplement their incomes,

especially in the face of environmental concerns that have impacted coffee yields. We are sourcing our cascara directly from Francisca and Oscar Chacon’s famed Finca Las Lajas on Volcan Pass, Costa Rica. The tea is prepared like any fruit tisane. It is naturally sweet with flavors of apple and cherry and makes a great iced tea. Our QC Lab manager Heather suggests throwing in a little orange zest and cinnamon for a little extra zing in your cup. Our cascara tea ships in 46 kilo grainpro bags (101.41lbs) with limited availability from The Annex and Dupuy, Houston. For more information, visit walkercoffee. com.

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April 2017  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...

April 2017  

INFORMATION IS POWER - Do you know as much as your competition? Do NOT give them the competitive advantage! CoffeeTalk makes it easy to stay...