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Fortified by its new plant, Askaynak sets its sights on new objectives


Company Profile Company Profile an equal share joint-venture between the Eczacıbaşı Group and the Lincoln Electric Company Established in 1974, Askaynak is a joint-venture with Lincoln Electric, the world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. The relationship between Askaynak and Lincoln Electric dates back to 1992, when Askaynak became the exclusive distributor in Turkey for Lincoln Electric-branded welding machinery and equipment. In 1998, this agreement was transformed into a full-fledged partnership with Lincoln Electric's acquisition of a 50 percent stake in the company. Through this partnership, Askaynak has developed valuable links with Lincoln Electric's global activities, which include manufacturing operations, joint-ventures and alliances in 21 countries, and a network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 160 countries. Askaynak's strength in the highly competitive Turkish market reflects the accurate positioning of its two main product lines: ASKAYNAK and KOBATEK. ASKAYNAK products primarily comprise stick electrodes and solid GMA and SA welding wires for the manufacturing industry, while the KOBATEK product line mainly carries welding products for protective maintenance and repair welding applications.

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Production Line

Askaynak's new plant in the Taysad Organized Industrial Zone in Kocaeli-TURKEY has a combined production capacity of close to 65 thousand tons of welding electrodes and gas metal arc and submerged arc welding wire.

The plant's technical features, including its low water and energy consumption, advanced safety features and high productivity, are expected to make it a model for other invensments of this kind around the world.

Company Profile

Welding Electrodes: 36.000 tons/year Gas Metal Arc Welding Wire: 24.000 tons/year Submerged Arc Welding Wire: 5.000 tons/year

Production Services Production&&Sales Export Sales Services on-time-deliveries with short and flexible lead times Askaynak's plant and head office, set on 40,000 sqm of land, are located in Kocaeli, an industry-intensive area of Turkey. Askaynak is a leading manufacturer of welding electrodes and wires in Turkey that has proved its success through its strong market standing over the years. Askaynak markets its products under its own brand names, "ASKAYNAK" and "KOBATEK", as well as under the "LINCOLN ELECTRIC" brand and distributes them through a 600 strong nationwide dealer network in the Turkish market. Askaynak also imports high-tech welding machinery, which it markets in Turkey under the "EXPRESSWELD" and "LINCOLN ELECTRIC" brands. Industries worldwide face increased demands for efficient and timely delivery of their products. Askaynak is responding to customers' needs and expectations in this area by providing on-timedeliveries with short and flexible lead times. Askaynak's pioneering spirit makes us open to change and globalization. Being innovative in our operations is a long-standing tradition.

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Export Sales

Askaynak is a leader in welding electrode and wire exports from Turkey, accounting for half of these sales with exports to more than 50 countries around the world. In recent years, Askaynak has increased significantly its sales to markets in the Balkans, Caucasus, North Africa, Russia and Western Europe.

SA Welding Wires and Fluxes

GMA and SA Welding Wires for Welding Automation

Maintenance and Repair Welding Consumables

GMA Welding Wires

Production & Export Sales Services

Coated Electrodes

Quality Assurance System Quality Assurance System quality tests at every stage, from raw material purchases to product packaging Askaynak was the first manufacturer of welding consumables in Turkey to receive ISO 9001 certification, one of the most comprehensive and prestigious international standards for quality systems from RWTĂœV in June 1995. This certification reflects Askaynak's commitment to superior quality and to the enhancement of its operational productivity and efficiency.

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000

All Askaynak products are manufactured to European standards and specifications using top quality, pre-tested and quality approved raw materials. We test all raw materials in our quality assurance and material research laboratories using strict quality control methods to ensure that their chemical compositions meet our standards. Representative samples from each heat are retested for mechanical properties, chemical compositions, weldability, deposit soundness and hardness. We guard our reputation carefully by making sure every product is of the very highest quality. Askaynak derives its strength from its long standing focus on quality, which earned it the prestigious "TĂœSÄ°AD-KalDer Quality Award" for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in 1999.


American Bureau of Shipping

Bureau Veritas

Lloyd's Register of Shipping

Det Norske Veritas

Registro Italiano Navale

Germanischer Lloyd

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

The certificates and approvals we are able to offer are both a guarantee for our clients and proof that we reach the most demanding of technical markets.

Quality Assurance System and Certification

ti Certifica on & Approv als

Askaynak's products have been approved by leading international certification bodies, including:

CoatedCoated Electrodes Electrodes choose high quality products for your welded structures Askaynak offers complete solutions by providing a broad range of high performance, superior quality and cost-effective coated electrodes for different welding requirements and metal types. Askaynak's coated electrodes are specially designed to meet your industry's specific needs, be they welded joints on steel constructions or surface hardfacing applications. Our coated electrodes also offer superior weldability and selfreleasing slag to make the welder's job much easier in all positions. ASKAYNAK's coated electrode range includes: Rutile and basic-type coated electrodes for mild steels Electrodes for high strength, low alloy steels Electrodes for heat and corrosion-resistant stainless steels Electrodes for cast irons Electrodes for non-ferrous metals Electrodes for cutting and gouging Electrodes for hardfacing applications

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The smooth metal transfer and arc stability of Askaynak's covered electrodes provide optimum resistance to hot-cracking, high tensile strength, excellent ductility and toughness for the welding of cast iron, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Stick Electrodes for SMA Welding Applications

ctr Stick Ele odes for SM AW

ASKAYNAK-branded products offer the most complete and advanced product range available.

Welding Wires Welding Wires excellent feedability, smooth and stable arc performance Askaynak produces and distributes high-quality wire solutions for welding applications. Today, our branded copper-coated GMA and SA welding wires are the first choice of welders and welding decision-makers everywhere because of their exceptional consistency, feedability and arc performance. Askaynak uses sound metallurgical principles to ensure that its welding wire offers excellent weld puddle control, first-rate wetting action, straight bead edges and a superior arc performance. The exceptional feeding characteristics of GMA and SA welding wires reduce down-time and provide high operator appeal. Apart from distributing our wire products in world markets under our own trade name, we also satisfy customers' special packaging and labelling requirements. ASKAYNAK's solid wire range includes: Gas Metal Arc welding wires for mild steels Submerged Arc welding wires for mild steels

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Welding Wires for GMA and SA Welding Processes

g Wires for GMA W& din Wel Askaynak branded welding wires are available in a wide spectrum of weights and diameters and a generous range of value and convenience-driven packaging options from 5 kg plastic spools to 250-350 kgs drums.

Packaging Options Packaging Options packaging options designed for your needs Our packaging options aim to provide a perfect fit for your welding operations. Gas Metal Arc welding wires are available in 5 and 15 kg plastic spools, 15 kg basket rims or basket spools and 250 kg ASFIL速 drums. Submerged Arc welding wires are available in 25 kgs basket rims and 320-350 kg ASFIL速 drums. ASFIL速 drum wire systems are bulk wire packages designed specifically for GMA and SA welding wires. These drums decrease the downtime caused by spool change-over and provide a higher degree of accuracy in wire placement at arc start. They are the best solution for fast, efficient and profitable semi-automatic welding applications.

250 kg Drums for GMA Welding Wires

Plastic boxes are our standard packaging for ASKAYNAK-branded coated electrodes for cast iron and all KOBATEK-branded coated electrodes. For all other ASKAYNAK electrodes our standard packaging is shrink cardboard boxes. Special packaging of any kind provided on request

Packaging Optio


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5 kg Plastic Spool (D200) for GMA Welding Wire

15 kg Basket Rim (K300), Basket Spool (KS300 require no adapter) and Plastic Spool (D300) for GMA Welding Wire

Packaging Options Designed for your Needs

25 kg Basket Rim (K435) for SA Welding Wire

"EXPRESSWELD" Welders "EXPRESSWELD" Welders superior invertor technology in MMA welding and plasma cutting low spatter under CO2 gas protection in gas metal arc (GMA) welding Introduced to the welding market for the first time in the year of 2005 with 160 A invertor type MMA welding machine, Expressweld branded welding machines have been developed majorly and today its product range includes nine different models. Air and water cooled GMA welding machines with current value between 250-500 A and inverter type MMA welding machines providing welding current between 160-250 A have been developed by technical specialists of Askaynak and strict supervisions are being performed in overseas manufacturing process. EXPRESSWELD Inverter 161-ULTRA

In accordance with high demands from welding sector, today especially “Expressweld Inverter 161-ULTRA� MMA welding machine has achieved to become most preferred portable welding machine among the welders. EXPRESSWELD product range includes: Invertor type MMA welding machines Welding rectifiers GMA welding machines Invertor type plasma cutting machines

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While Expressweld MasterMIG 250CT enables high quality weld beads especially in spot welding, MasterMIG 350, MasterMIG 420W and MasterMIG 500W GMA welding machines enable welding for low carbon structural steels and stainless steels used in constructions without spatter problem under carbondioxide gas protection.

Welding and Cutting Machines

Welding Machin GMA es


“ KOBATEK ” Products “ KOBATEK ” Products the answer to your maintenance problems Askaynak has also created a wide variety of special electrodes for all welding operations under the KOBATEK brand. KOBATEK products provide the most complete and advanced product range available. With total solutions that enhance welding performance and wear resistance, KOBATEK products help to minimize maintenance periods, spare-parts inventories and production losses and increase plant efficiency. KOBATEK product range includes: Electrodes for cast iron and high-alloy steels Electrodes for non-ferrous metals Electrodes for hardfacing applications Flux-cored wires for hardfacing applications GMA welding wires and GTA welding rods for aluminum and its alloys, stainless and corrosion-resistant steels Flux-coated and bare brazing alloys Micro-powder alloys for metal-spraying and surfacing applications

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abl e

Protective Maintenanace and Repair Welding

Welding Consum Kobatek range of coated electrodes for repair and protective maintenance provides solutions to even the most difficult of welding problems while at the same time guaranteeing maximum safety margins and consistently excellent product quality.

"STARWELD" Products "STARWELD" Products economy, quality and optimum performance in welding industry Introduced to the welding market in the year of 2001 with Starweld brand, stainless steel MIG and TIG welding wires have started to be widely used in a short time period in facilities performing welded manufacturing. In the course of time Starweld product range has extended and today especially stainless steel and aluminum welding wires being in the first place, Starweld branded flux cored welding wires used in shipyards for the purpose of assembling became a brand in demand. Starweld products create an ideal balance between quality and cost issues and also enable manufacturers to work without sacrificing welding performance while decreasing manufacturing costs within manufacturing process. STARWELD product range includes: GMA welding wires and GTA welding rods for aluminum and its alloys GMA welding wires and TMA welding rods for stainless and corrosion-resistant steels Flux-cored wires for hardfacing applications Carbon-arc electrodes for cutting and gouging Tungsten TIG electrodes

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Welding Wires - Tungsten TIG Electrodes - Carbon Arc Electrodes

ds MIG Wires and TIG Ro Starweld branded stainless steel MIG wires are spooled on 12.5 kg plastic spools and aluminum MIG wires are spooled on 7 kg plastic spools. TIG welding rods are packed in 5 kg capacity boxes for both product ranges. As for flux-cored welding wires they are introduced to the market on 15 kg plastic spools.

"ASKAYNAK" Abrasives "ASKAYNAK" Abrasives high performance, long service life in grinding and cutting procedures Serving with wide range of product in welding industry Kaynak TekniÄ&#x;i Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ĺž. develops its variety of products every year and precisely maintains its activities to put every kind of demanded products in high quality into use of industry within specified period. In line with this objective; Askaynak branded abrasives which consist of wide range of product and are an integral part of welding applications have been on the market since 2011. Mounted Points

Especially in grinding metal based materials; three different grinding disks consisting of "Performance", "Enduro" and "Extra" models and enabling selection opportunity to the operator between long service life and grinding speed parameter and so Askaynak has led the abrasive market. ASKAYNAK ABRASIVES product range includes: Resin bonded abrasives Flex cut-off and grinding wheels Coated abrasives Flap discs, fibre discs, flap wheels Vitrified bonded abrasives NK and SCG bench grinding wheels Saw sharpening wheels, EKR/EKW cup wheels Mounted points

Askaynak branded flex cut-off and flex grinding wheels with handles are manufactured as per OSA (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) norm. Products having OSA quality seals are accepted as reliable in terms of quality all around the world.

Resin Bonded Abrasives, Coated and Vitrified Bonded Abrasives

Cut-Off & Grinding Flex Wh

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NON-COPPER COATED GMA WELDING WIRE for MANUAL, MECHANIZED and ROBOTIC WELDING AS SG2-Extra Superior welding performance Trouble-free wire feeding Low fume emission Extremely low overall spatter Non-Copper Coated Welding Wire


AS SG2-Extra, non-copper coated gas metal arc welding wire provide higher productivity, improved weld quality, a cleaner work environment and reduced overall welding costs.

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