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Dedicated to children with disabilities and to their families

ANNUAL REPORT September 2017Foundation Keren malki - the Malki


The Hebrew term Mesirut Nefesh is generally translated as “Self-Sacrifice”. However, looking at the meaning of the individual words gives a different translation - Dedication (Mesirut) of the Soul (Nefesh). At the Malki Foundation, we see families who, day in and day out, care for their children with disabilities with all their heart and soul. Their lives are filled with obstacles yet they never give up. They believe, as we do, that every child, no matter their abilities, deserves the chance to achieve their potential and have a better quality of life. The Malki Foundation’s founders, Frimet and Arnold Roth, personify “Dedication of the Soul”. Faced with the immense difficulties of caring for their youngest daughter, a child with severe disabilities and then the murder of their beloved oldest daughter, they channeled their grief into helping other families overcome the dysfunctionality they had themselves encountered in Israel’s health and welfare system. Over the last year, we have increased the number of children in our programs: more therapies and more support for families who need it. We have won funding from Israel’s Ministry of Social Welfare, an important recognition of the value of our work. The dedication of families, therapists, staff and supporters has brought us this far. Our dedication to Malki’s memory and to the families of children with serious disabilities continues to inspire us to deliver meaningful and unique support. Please join me in celebrating our accomplishments and the dedication of all our stakeholders by reviewing this annual report and finding a way to show your own dedication to Israel’s children with disabilities. Wishing you a blessed New Year. Debbie Fishman, Executive Director

Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Empowering Families The Malki Foundation’s mission is to empower the parents of children with severe disabilities, allowing them the freedom to choose the paramedical therapies and therapists best suited to their child’s needs.

When families are empowered, children are able to reach their greatest potential Keren malki - the Malki Foundation

Enabling Children The therapies and equipment we provide allow children to acquire vital skills and gain confidence and independence.

Enhancing Lives The Malki Foundation aspires to enhance the quality of life for the entire family. Children can reach milestones and the stress on parents - financial and emotional - is reduced. ANNUAL REPORT 2017

“I am so grateful for the Malki Foundation’s help. They are always here for me, not only with money, but so much more.” Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Dedicated Families The families Keren Malki supports are dedicated to giving their children with special needs the best care possible. For a glimpse into the reality of their lives, meet Chaim, born with epilepsy, autism, and Cerebral Palsy and now seven. His mother recalls a happy baby, the fifth of her six children, who loved playing with his siblings. Then three years ago, his epileptic seizures increased dramatically. This severely impacted Chaim’s life and his family’s. He lost most key gross and fine motor skills and the ability to talk, play and move around. Bringing Chaim to daycare and therapy sessions at the local clinic is now close to impossible because of his fragile medical state and reduced abilities. Paramedical therapies are essential to his well-being but the family’s health care fund will not pay for Chaim to get them at home. Until his mother contacted the Malki Foundation, Chaim spent his days in bed, unable to move unaided. The Malki Foundation’s intervention meant he could access intensive therapies that have already enabled him to recover some gross motor skills with hope for much more to come. Chaim’s mother says she cannot think about trying to cope without the help the Malki Foundation provides. Thousands of Israeli families live a reality similar to Chaim’s. Vital paramedical therapies essential to their gaining and maintaining core skills have simply slipped out of their reach. At the Malki Foundation, we understand this well. It’s the core of our work and we have developed programs and policies that deliver excellent solutions in cost-effective and people-sensitive ways. We make a real difference for children like Chaim and his unstoppable parents. Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Honoring the Life of Lilly Enten The Malki Foundation was recently honored with a generous bequest from the estate of the late Lilly Enten, Melbourne, Australia. A Holocaust survivor and longtime supporter of Israel, most of Mrs Enten’s estate was bequeathed to worthy charitable causes. Aware of her love for swimming which started when she was a girl in Hungary and continued throughout her adult life, the executors of her estate chose to establish the Malki Foundation’s “Lilly and Alexander Enten Memorial Hydrotherapy Fund”. Born October 3, 1918 in Gyor, Hungary, Lilly learnt from her father at a young age the importance of community and charitable work applying those lessons throughout her life. Surviving the horrors of the Holocaust – the only member of her family who did - she studied nursing in Hungary but fled its Communist regime when she saw her opportunity, eventually settling in Australia. There she met her husband, Alexander. They built a new life together and enjoyed travelling throughout Australia and the world. Lilly remained loyal to her family’s tradition, generously supporting Israeli and Jewish charities. After her husband’s death in 1980, Lilly‘s life remained busy and active and included a daily 1,600-meter swim. When she passed away at 96 on July 2, 2015, her estate benefitted a range of worthy Israeli charities. Her bequest to the Malki Foundation will have a substantial impact on the lives of children in Israel with disabilities by providing them with hydrotherapy sessions that are too often unavailable to them via the customary health fund channels. Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


In its 16 years of operation, the Malki Foundation has established a wide donor base in Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. The annual Ezra Charity Bazaars held in memory of Michal Raziel and Malki Roth, attracted

Over 200 participants enjoyed our Third Annual 12 Tribes Kiddush in Melbourne, Australia, where they were treated to 12 gourmet herring dishes paired with twelve of the very finest whiskeys.

Keren malki - the Malki Foundation

hundreds of families and children

for a fun evening of summer entertainment while supporting the work of the Malki Foundation.

In March, an inaugural Malki Foundation team proudly jogged, walked and ran in the 2017 Jerusalem Marathon.

more than 800

music-lovers attended Rainbow of Music concerts in Jerusalem and Ra’anana with Ramatayim Men’s choir and special guests. ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Revenue July 2016 – June 2017 USA


Expenses July 2016 – June 2017


Events (Global)







49% Therapies at Home 13% Therapists on Wheels 3% Equipment Lending Unit 15% Development 6% Overheads 14% Program Expenses

Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Dedicated Volunteers

Maya Goldman

A social worker and psychotherapist by training, Maya is a respected pioneer in developing Israel’s family support systems. The founder of Kesher, a ground-breaking information and counseling center for parents of children with special needs, she was awarded the Prime Minister’s Shield of the Child Award and the Zusman-JDC Prize for Excellence in Human Services. Maya became involved in the Malki Foundation right from the start, contributing her unparalleled expertise in understanding the needs of families of children with disabilities. Sixteen years later, Maya remains integrally involved in our work, reviewing applications as a member of the Therapists on Wheels acceptance committee, speaking with parents, conducting periodic case reviews, and serving as special advisor on difficult cases. “When the Malki Foundation was founded, we were so happy that we finally had an address to refer parents whose children were in desperate need of therapies. I am proud to be a member of the Malki Foundation’s professional advisory side and to witness the improvement in well-being of the hundreds of children receiving their services. The Malki Foundation is and continues to be a real blessing for parents of children with disabilities in Israel.” Maya’s services in advising and training organizations and professionals who work with children with disabilities remain in great demand. At the Malki Foundation, we are forever indebted to Maya for her dedication to helping the families of children with disabilities. Thank you, Maya, from the bottom of our hearts. Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


JULY 20 16 JUNE 2-0 17

Therapies at Home


Children Supported

Therapy Hours

Subsidizes the expense of paramedical therapeutic care selected by the child’s family.











Zlata Hersch Memorial Therapists on Wheels Sends paramedical therapists to children who are either house bound, or live in Israel’s remote peripheral communities. Children Supported





Keren malki - the Malki Foundation

Therapy Hours

Occupational Physical Speech


203 146

Distance Travelled

20,962 km ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Dedicated Therapists Lisa Scharf Bringing the benefits of more than two decades as a speech therapist in the US and Israel, Lisa is a pillar of strength in our Zlata Hersch Memorial Therapies on Wheels program. She travels more than 3,000 kilometers a year, delivering therapies to some of our most complicated cases in southern Israel. Awarded a Masters degree in Speech Pathology from Queens College, New York, she specializes in Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC). Lisa works diligently with Ari, a 6 year old boy who has Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia. When Lisa first came into his life, Ari was unable to move or communicate and had trouble swallowing. Another boy in her care, Daniel, is 9 years old with Quadriplegia and unable to speak. Under her care, both boys have learned to use their eyes to communicate basic needs via a computer and their skill sets have grown and continue to grow. Daniel can now ask for a drink or for help in moving from his chair to play games. Ari has improved his eating and can communicate basic needs. In both cases, the government provided the communication devices - but not the therapies needed to use them. For a family living in Israel’s remote development towns, finding a suitable therapist is no small challenge. Lisa’s readiness to travel 130+ kms round-trip in order to work with the boys in their homes has opened up a world of communication previously closed to them. Children like Daniel and Ari are receiving outstanding care with Lisa. We feel so fortunate to have her on our team. Lisa, your dedication to children with severe disabilities is an inspiration! Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Gadalnu b’Zcutech The Malki Foundation was founded to honor the memory of Malka Roth z”l, a beautiful young soul who dedicated her short life to caring for others. Always ready with a warm smile and an encouraging word, she was especially focused on children with special needs like her own youngest sister Haya who suffers from serious health challenges and disabilities. Malki inspired those around her to do kindness for others. She enlisted her friends to be camp counselors for children with special needs and to volunteer for organizations which helped them. One friend, Odeliya, recalls the night she and Malki shared a sleeping bag at a Shabbat over-night. Malki had given her own sleeping bag to a new classmate who hadn’t brought one. Odeliya writes: “That was so characteristic of Malki. She cared about people that no one else even noticed. And she was always happy to give, without thinking twice.” Another friend, Rachel, remembers this of Malki: “Just when each of us was trying to find our place in the world, you showed me true friendship and what it meant to be a mensch, to be dedicated, to always see the good in others. You helped us grow to be the people we are today.” Today, 16 years after her tragic death in a terror attack at the age of fifteen, the Malki Foundation continues Malki’s path, helping children grow to be the best they can be.

Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Malki Roth Z"L

“You helped us grow, to be the people we are today.” Keren malki - the Malki Foundation


Malki Foundation UK Registered Charity No. 1164793 FREEPOST MALKI FOUNDATION 020-3637-4245 |

American Friends of Keren Malki Inc. EIN 26-2251751 PO Box 670849 Flushing, NY 11367 USA 1-888-880-1561 |

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Keren malki - the Malki Foundation

Australian Friends of Keren Malki PO Box 40, 393 Wattletree Road, East Malvern Vic 3145, Australia 0412-382935 | ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Photos: Nir Alon, Mel Brickman, Roth Family | Text: Jennifer Racz, Keren Malki staff

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