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Citreon Car Syllable fastest car on they track next too Mclaren?? Citreon car sports driver into stadium !!!!!!! Proffessionalism By : Kalai Massey This is going too be this amazing story for this is they best I repeat car in town by they Irish, and other manufacturers!!!!! Amazing stand point from a distance !!!! it’s like my memory just relapsed in front of they new !!!!!!! Citreon Car!!!!!!it’s called :actuall name : Koida? car name , like a toyato brand names : Hoilshed carplot!!!!!this car citreon called Koida? car name in front of they many outfitter’s from your telling my theories, from your laptop too actuall re- loft, of they car manufacturers , it’s situation at risk with they long U- Hualed material used, so I will ask if they only people!!!!!! Here know a little about that little gadget technology ? from this I was engine specialist entourage too steel fleet model too your hoilshed workload carplot ? who and where it’s actually got too be this amazing technology from they microsofts techno day ? it’s mouse ? what ? it’s a gadget you can carry on with your laptop !!!!!! however!!!!! It’s going too be this memorable moment !!!!! in front of mechanism magazine !!!! so how I would like too mention it’a koida car name from citreon car sales ? advances too ignite this flame for this car KOIDA? Car citreon car !!!!!!This has too be your money lender’s proposition in front of leverage industry of they latest car Citreon KOIDA? Car industries !!!! from this I bought out this cadiallac in storming too memory brain strategy!!!!! For this I will be forming a circle for they Gambino for they latest on they they Grand theft auto news !!!!!! and game out to this drive thru game cube ?? by Kalia massey !!!!!!so I am an hottest exit to they industry ?? so who and what can I provide for you on they least amount !!!!!this amount owing too they companies release lease that company money lenders report !!!!!! however , I will like too introduce too you ? some beach therapy from this I could be this bombshell from this I was, a character from they latest MMVA”s in announcement for this amazing music awards from Toronto , Canada . I will like too share they digits and announcement of they new arrival of they citreon car ( KIODA) Car. I love this money maker tool, so I will look into this music channel surfing in to they text of this ananlog for they digits please : BHP: 12.9 horsepowerage outage, and RADIUS: 6.7/ 8.9. Actually, they length of thye long ride is that of inch from they Mclaren, actually this style will arrange these measurements, for this vehicle KOIDA CAR CITREON vehicle, so who ever said that this act from they next Mclaren / too your vehicle. In they Auto Body Shop, @ e- bay , I am this anchor @ twiiter as your latest protocol , so exactually my thought too make me win, However I find myself upon some great Gatsby news, high anchor sportsmanship, I think ring of they fire of they auto claims of this vehicle citreon car, I am annotating a schedule too program , this car care giver manuel guide in they glove department , I will enjoy this new sportsmanship from this I was asked to re- own this vehicle, from this I was relentlessly in front of they packaging company from this I found, you know @ twitter???so here goes I will look into, my lotus character builder in they latest, a new introduction , too TWITTER/ JITTER!!!! Account on Jibes Yikes / Itunes, Cards from this I will like too look into , my vibe on they account for so I will Engage into member’s parliament, in they government in they Ireland/ Dublin main town / it’s actuall re- loft of they actuall caregiver of they latest game throbe by: Microsoft’s Mashup Itunes/in dutch . I enjoy this caption on they web browser: I welt in they scotch driver in endorser for they chemical call on there: phone call me @ ### (01-(905) 997-5308. ###/ actuall memories/ from yes!!!!!! They portfolio/ exact cultural , inducing calculated characters above / so they

most tropic votee on issuu!!!!!!! It’s going to be they best statistics/ thank you all cars manufacturers!!!!!!!! By; Kalai Massey Kerat millu

Citreon car syllable fastest car on they track next too mclaren  

iam syllable too your act too your car auto industry !!!!!!!

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