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11/24/15 12:34 PM

A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Thanks to your help, our Alliance of educators, business leaders and community members delivered on the promise of producing world-class public schools. Classroom grants, READY! for Kindergarten, professional development for teachers, and the introduction of a new K-12 writing program are the enrichment programs that made a measurable difference. Assisting all children to be successful readers by the end of third grade was a particular focus. Why reading by third grade? Children learn to read from kindergarten to third grade; after third grade, children must read to learn. If they aren’t reading by the end of third grade, they are at risk of falling behind. Only 33 percent of Idaho’s third graders read at grade level. But here is the remarkable achievement that your support made possible: Over 90 percent of third graders in the Lake Pend Oreille School District are reading at grade level. Take a few minutes and read about the programs to improve grade level reading. Your continued participation is essential to maintain this and other critical milestones for our next generation.

Geraldine Lewis, Panhandle Alliance President

I ask you, if we don’t do this, who will? Geraldine Lewis

Panhandle Alliance for Education Board of Directors and staff for 2015 includes educators, business leaders, parents, and thoughtful citizens. Front row from left: Matt Mire, Amy Longanecker, Julie Reister Keaton, Mindy Cameron, Marcia Wilson, Carol Deaner, Allison Gilmore Second row from left: Kelly Prior, Naticia Litven, Geraldine Lewis, Annie Reeves, Patty Schwartz, Megan Johnson Third row from left: Mel Dick, Brad Williams, Travis Kaul, Karl Dye, Chris Bessler, Andy Platte, Brent Eacret Not present for photo: Lisa Blaese,Wendy Dunn, Tom Puckett, David Slaughter, Joe Williams, Shawn Woodward and Kathleen Mulroy


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Panhandle Alliance for Education | P.O. Box 1675 | Sandpoint, ID 83864 | 208-263-7040 For information contact Marcia Wilson, Executive Director. Or visit our website at: www.PanhandleAlliance.org

11/24/15 12:37 PM

Citizens, businesses and educators building an independent, community-based foundation for public schools.


Our mission is to promote excellence in education and broad-based community support for the Lake Pend Oreille School District. As an independent organization, we will create and sustain an endowment to provide resources in support of effective teaching, learning and school management. On the cover and below: First graders at Northside Elementary School prepare to read to their stuffed puppies. These cute puppies are an integral part of the “Learning with Lucky” reading program and serve as non-judgmental reading partners. Teacher Carolyn Whelan: “Reading out loud is a proven technique to build comprehension, enhance fluency, and help struggling readers improve their accuracy and word recognition abilities.” 100 percent of the students in Mrs. Whelan’s first grade class (non-special needs) passed or exceeded their state mandated fluency standard.


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11/24/15 12:35 PM

Reading by third grade, lifelong success…. From kindergarten to third grade, students learn to read. From fourth grade on, students read to learn. That’s why the Panhandle Alliance for Education supports a variety of programs that help get children reading by the end of third grade. Only 30% of Idaho’s third graders are reading at grade level. In the Lake Pend Oreille School District, over 90% are reading proficiently. Here are the highlights of a few of these opportunities for our families:

BOOKS for Babies Every family of a newborn leaves Bonner General Health with a book, a library card, and an invitation to READY! for Kindergarten.

READY! for Kindergarten Free early childhood literacy workshops for parents of children ages 0-5. Parents learn to play with a purpose and instill a love of learning in their children.

ALL DAY kindergarten – Scholarships so that more students can attend full-day kindergarten at Hope Elementary School. More class time is beneficial to learning.

LEARNING with Lucky

A first grade motivational reading program that encourages oral reading.

SUMMER READING To avoid the summer learning slide, the Kootenai Elementary School library and computer lab are staffed by teachers and volunteers. The library is open several days a week to encourage summer reading.


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11/24/15 12:35 PM

MORE PANHANDLE ALLIANCE accomplishments since inception in 2003 Teacher Grants. More than 570 grants have been awarded since our inception, funding a variety of enrichment programs. Examples include solar cars, lab equipment, musical instruments, robotics, technology, books, and more. Reading Program. All teachers K-12 received a universal re-training on state-of-the art reading methodology. This investment dramatically improved reading scores from the low 80th percentiles to near perfection. Career/College Guidance Counselor and Center. A dedicated counselor ensures that every senior has an opportunity for a career plan and an exciting future. In 2015, 83% of graduates were accepted and planned to enter college, a technical school or the military. READY! for Kindergarten. FREE workshops for parents with children ages 0-5; they learn to “play with a purpose” and prepare children for a lifelong love of learning. 90% of graduates enter kindergarten testing at or above readiness levels. Jeralyn Mire - Awarded Instructional Coaches. These educators assist teachers in enhancing students’ learning experiences, providing professional development for all teachers K-12.

High School Counselor of the Year by the Idaho School Counselor Association

Panhandle Alliance Endowment. Since our inception, a portion of revenues are deposited each year into endowment funds. This secure financial strategy ensures that savings are invested wisely to produce cash flow for future educational needs in perpetuity.

Special thanks to Litehouse Foods, Inc. for their sponsorship of the 2015 Litehouse Charity Golf Tournament and the following community sponsors:

Special thanks to our generous 2015 Gala Sponsors:

Special thanks to the following grant funders:

Litehouse Foods, Inc.

Equinox Foundation

Tomlinson Sotheby’s


Trinity at City Beach

Dennis & Phyllis Washington

Lewis & Hawn Excellence in Dentistry

Realm Partners Realty

Slaughter Wholesale Lumber LLC

Mountain West Bank

Idaho Community Foundation

First American Title Company

Columbia Bank

Inland Northwest Community

Realm Partners Realty

Family Health

Unicep Packaging

Lewis & Hawn Excellence in Dentistry

The 219 Lounge

Spires at Schweitzer

Mountain West Bank D.A. Davidson & Co.



We would also like to thank our individual donors who have made this year possible.


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11/24/15 12:35 PM

SHAWN WOODWARD, LPOSD Superintendent Over the last three years, the expectations for what our students should know and be able to do by the end of a given grade level has risen substantially. With higher standards, students are showing us that they can perform to these higher expectations with the proper support. One example of a change that we have made to provide more support to our students and families is the offering of a Full Day Kindergarten Program at five of our seven elementary schools. The results have been phenomenal thus far. With continued partnerships in our community, we hope to expand this offering to all of our schools over the next couple of years.

Distribution of Program Expenses Endowment Contribution $83,060

READY! for Kindergarten $75,314

Annual Grants $75,000

Instructional Coaches $50,000

Total Grants and Programs $283,374

Annual Grants Instructional Coaches READY! for Kindergarten Endowment Contribution 6

PAFE AR-2015v3.indd 6

11/24/15 12:36 PM

Grants Grantsawarded awardedto toteachers teacherssince since our ourinception inceptionin in2003: 2003:

Financial Summary Panhandle Alliance for Education ended the year in strong financial condition. We have worked hard over the last 12 years to build an endowment fund in excess of $3,000,000 that will provide benefits to the Lake Pend Oreille School District into perpetuity. With the loss of Coldwater Creek, Panhandle Alliance has also been fiscally conservative with its funds over the past several years in order to ensure sustainability as the community rebalances. We have entered into 2015/2016 with a Five Year Financial Plan that targets new programs as well as continued support of the READY! for Kindergarten and Teacher Grant Programs. With this plan Panhandle Alliance will increase its revenues, decrease its expenditures and rebalance its Fundraising, Administration and Communication expenditures to less than 30 percent of revenues. We are proud to increase our program expenditures in our next fiscal year to nearly double of this fiscal year.














































42 Teacher Grants in 2014


for the 12 months ending June 30, 2015

REVENUES Fundraising Event Revenue Donation Revenue


Endowment Revenue June 30, 2015

Investment Earnings

ASSETS Cash Net fixed assets TOTAL ASSETS




$135,858 $30,000

$1,052 $508,039





Grants & Programs


37,760 679,467 $717,227



Communication & Education





LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accounts payable and other liabilities

Grant Revenue




$525,462 $(17,423) 7

PAFE AR-2015v3.indd 7

11/24/15 12:36 PM

Credits: Design and editing: Laura Wahl, Keokee Photos: Angela Dial, Little Orange House Photography; Doug Marshall, El Photo Grande and Fiona Hicks, Fionahicks.com

We believe the measure of a great community is the success of its youth.


www.PanhandleAlliance.org PAFE AR-2015v3.indd 8

11/24/15 12:36 PM

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PAFE Annual Report 2015  

Panhandle Alliance for Education 2015 Annual Report This year the focus is on how Panhandle Alliance helps all our children to be successful...

PAFE Annual Report 2015  

Panhandle Alliance for Education 2015 Annual Report This year the focus is on how Panhandle Alliance helps all our children to be successful...

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