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Oct. 18 - Nov. 11, 2013 St Augustine January 16 - 19, 2014




g/film sunny.or

a vacation from ordinary film


FEATURES AND DOCUMENTARIES ARE CAPPED, Shorts are upper & lower case; listed by country of production ~ by Co-production and/or interest. La Hija ..................116 ARGENTINA FRANCE KURDISTAN 2 + 2 ....................35


STRANGE CASE OF WILHELM REICH, THE .......................96


Game, The ..........122 Landing, The .......116


Frapper Avec Amour ..................126 Passage ..............121


AFRICAN SAFARI 3D.............50 Prrreute ..............117


LION ARK ..............7s


XINGU .................107


DROP OF WATER, A.............................52


BEAUTY AND THE BREAST ................37 Marvelous Girl, The.121 OIL SANDS KARAOKE..............84 UNCLAIMED........103 Whispers of Life ...126


Cocaine Route, The .49 DESTINOS INTERRUMPTIDOS.52 LO AZUL DEL CIELO ....................76


Pura Vida..............115




LOVELESS ZORITSA................78

GIRL ON A BICYCLE.59 JIMMY P. ................69 JOSEPHINE SINGLE & FABULOUS............70 JUST A SIGH .........71 LOVE IS IN THE AIR .19 TOUR DE FORCE .98 Train Bleu, Le .......115 TRUE FRIENDS.....99 UNDER THE FIG TREE.............104 WALKING THE CAMINO.......106


LOVELESS ZORITSA................78


Mozayik ................118


SHADOWS FROM MY PAST................95


The Breadfruit Tree .49




EVERYTHING HERE IS FINE...................54




PRIME MINISTERS, THE........................89


GARIBALDI’S LOVERS.................26 ITALIAN MOVIES...68 OUT OF THE BLUE .85 SALVO ...................91 TUTTI SANTI GIORNI ................100


Memory Sculptors, The.......................120



ROCKET, THE .......90


PIN, THE ................87


BEHIND THE BLUE VEIL.............38


BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH, THE .....40 HIDDEN MOON .....62 Juaritos.................120 PRECOCIOUS... SABINA RIVAS.......88 Reunion ................114 Zero Hour .............116


7 BOXES................94




IMAGINE................65 LOVELESS ZORITSA................78




HALIMA’S PATH.....61 LOVELESS ZORITSA................78 MAMAROSH..........80





FLIFF ON-LOCATION GRAND BAHAMA Tab Hunter ............8-9 ISLAND .......127-131 Ann-Margret .........4-5 ST AUGUSTINE

Special Guests Ed Asner ...............6-7 Jonathan Bird .30, 109 Michael Bolton .....4-5 Pauly Cohen ..........31 William Grefe .........32 Guy Harvey ............29 Finola Hughes .......27 rg/film sunny.o

Anna Paquin ..........11 .......................133-135 Lea Thompson ......10 SUNRISE ........92-93

Hannah Tointon .....12 FAB CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD Jonas Armstrong ..13 EXPOSED..........133 Ben Stassen ..........14 STUDENT FILMS..................135 PARTIES Centerpiece ....26, 150



Not Anymore: Story of Revolution .............38


Cutlass, The .........123


Cold Warrior .........124 GREAT EXPECTATIONS....23 LOVE TOMORROW.77 ONE CHANCE .......21 PHILOMENA..........86 Reflections ...........122 Rose, Mary & Time.115 Shallow.................116 Silent Treatment...122 Stock Exchange ...119 This Way Out........119


16 ACRES..............36 2 JACKS...............102 30-Love ................114 88 Miles To Moscow ...........124 9 Birthdays ...........125 95 Decibels ..........108 Abduction: A Love Story .........114 America Failure....121 “And another is dead”: ...Investigation........96 Another Happy Anniversary ..........114 AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY ..20 BACK TO THE FUTURE.................33 BEHIND THE BLUE VEIL.............38 BET, THE ...............27 Blue World............109 BOYS DON’T CRY.28 BREAK THROUGH .41 Burning House, The.......................123 BY WAY OF HOME .45 Case.....................103

Chairman’s Cruise ..150 Gala.........................34 Nightly/Daily ..........150 Opening Night InsideCover ...........150 Wrap......................150


Board of Directors...138 Entre Nous ............139 Members ...............144 Millennium Club.....139 Staff .......................140 Volunteers .............140

TABLE OF CONTENTS CHASING SHAKESPEARE ....47 CINEMABILITY ......48 Critical Care .........125 Desolate Road......116 Do Not Enter.........116 Drunker Than A Skunk ................117 DOWN & DANGEROUS........51 EXTRAORDINARY .55 Family Business, The.......................125 FAVOR ...................56 Fishing Pono .........75 FLORIDA SUITE ....73 Florida Underground Railroad ................118 Forever.................125 FRAGILE TRUST, A .57 Freefall .................117 FREE RIDE............15 Girls Night Out......125 Goodbye, Sweetheart...........124 Good Friends .......123 Gun ......................120 Heavy ...................115 HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET, THE..63 Human Nature......125 IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO ........64 I’d Rather Be Crazy Than Boring..........114 If I Were A Bell......117 Injuries To Tim Dale...............122 INSOMNIAC, THE..66 Jack & Paul ..........122 Jonathan Bird’s Blue World..............30 Kyle Shea Reel ....124 LAST HIT, THE.......74 LAST VEGAS.........17 Left .......................126 Letters ..................103 Living Canvas.......117 Local Commercial.119 Lovely Treat, A .....114 MAGICAL UNIVERSE.............79 MAKING OF GREAT VOICES SING JOHN DENVER....111


Cinema Paradiso Hollywood........42 – 43 Grand Bahama Schedule ...............130 How to Fest ..........149 Membership...........151 Order Form............152 Parties ...................150 Schedule ...............2-3 St Augustine Schedule ...............133

Mama Needs A Ride...................126 Man of the World, A..9 Melon Head............78 Merkin Penal ........126 ME, YOU & FIVE BUCKS...................81 MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA...............82 NEBRASKA............18 No Small Parts .....108 Oh, I Meant To Tell You.................125 One Spark..............73 Pain Staking.........122 Paper....................124 PERFECT MAN, A .86 POLYESTER ..........11 Recalculating........115 Red Velvet............126 Second Kiss .........123 Side Effects of Barry...................70 Silhouettes............117 Simon Says............95 Sleep: The Movie .125 So Dark ................120 Social Media Anonymous .........123 Sock Monkey Stories..................123 Spooners................41 Sunburn................119 Taking Charge: The Pauly Cohen Story .31 THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP..........32 Tiger Shark Express.29 TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, THE..16 TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE...............101 Upside Down Book, The.......................105 WALKING WITH THE ENEMY ..........25

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Gregory von Hausch

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Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale 1 Convention & Visitors Bureau. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and The Florida Council on Arts & Culture.



7pm FREE RIDE / CP-L p12, 15 8:30 Opening Night Party / Villa de Palma p14


12:45 XINGU / CP-L p107 1pm GIRL ON A BICYCLE / SC p59 1:30 BUONGIORNO PAPA / CP-H Pp85 2pm JOSEPHINE SINGLE & FABULOUS / MP p70 3pm TOUR DE FORCE / CP-L p98 3:15 CinemAbility / SC p48 3:30 TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH / CP-H p11,16 4pm BY WAY OF HOME / MP p45 5pm UNDER THE FIG TREE / Stock Exchg CP-L p104 5:15 FREE RIDE / SC p15 5:30 DOWN & DANGEROUS / CP-H p51 6pm FREE RIDE / MP p15 7pm TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH / CP-L p11,16 7:15 BACK TO THE FUTURE / CP-L outside p13, 33 7:30 FREE RIDE / CP-H p15 7:30 PRECOCIOUS & BRIEF LIFE OF SABINA / SC p88 7:45 CinemAbility / MP p48 9pm FAVOR / CP-L p56 9:30 2 + 2 / CP-H p35 9:45 DOWN & DANGEROUS / MP p51


10am Chairman’s Cruise & Brunch / Caprice p150 12:30 BUONGIORNO PAPA / MP Pp85 1pm EL AMOR NO ES QUE ERA / CP-H p53 1:15 BY WAY OF HOME / CP-L p45 2:30 TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH / MP p11,16 3pm MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA / CP-L p82 3pm TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH / SC p11,16 3:30 JOSEPHINE SINGLE & FABULOUS / CP-H p70 4:15 FAVOR / MP p56 5pm BY WAY OF HOME / SC p45 5:30 TOUR DE FORCE / CP-H p98 6pm LAST VEGAS / CP-L p17 6pm PRECOCIOUS & BRIEF LIFE OF SABINA / MP p88 6:30 FAVOR / SC p56 7:30 BROCHE DEL ORO / CP-H p44 8pm TOUR DE FORCE / MP p98 8pm DOWN & DANGEROUS / CP-L p51



1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – SPUTNIK / CP-H p124 2pm THE FLORIDA SUITE / One Spark / MP p73 3:30 PRECOCIOUS & BRIEF LIFE OF SABINA / CP-H p88 4pm H2indO / MP p60 5pm PSYCH 202 / CP-L p123 5:30 BY WAY OF HOME / CP-H p45 6pm SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM / MP p97 6:30 BEAUTY & THE BREAST / SC p37 7pm JOSEPHINE SINGLE & FABULOUS / CP-L p70

CP-L = Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale CP-H = Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood MP = Muvico Pompano SC = Sunrise Civic Center BH = Bailey Hall



1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – FREAKY DEAKY / CP-H p116 2pm COUPLES / MP p114 3:30 THE MAKING OF GREAT VOICES SING JOHN DENVER / CP-H 4pm BEAUTY & THE BREAST / MP p37 5:30 SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM / CP-L p97 5:30 THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH / CP-H p40 6pm FLORIDA SUITE / One Spark / MP p73 6:30 2 + 2 / SC p35 7pm Aphrodite Jones & BOYS DON’T CRY / CP-L p28 7:30 AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY / MP p20 7:30: Kyle Shea Reel / CP-H p124 8:30 DOWN & DANGEROUS / SC p51




1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – COUPLES / CP-H p114 2pm 16 ACRES / MP p36 3:30 A FRAGILE TRUST / CP-H p57 4pm STRANGE CASE OF WILHELM REICH / MP p96 5:30 2 JACKS / CP-L p102 5:30 SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM / CP-H p97 6pm UNDER THE FIG TREE / MP p104 6:30 THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH / SC p40 7pm AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY / CP-L p20 7:30 LOVE IS IN THE AIR / CP-H p19 8pm 2 + 2 / MP p35 8pm UNDER THE FIG TREE / SC p104


1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – COUPLES: TAKE TOO / CP-H p115 2pm YOU DIRTY RAT / MP p126 3:30 HIDDEN MOON / CP-H p62 4pm MAKING OF GREAT VOICES SING JOHN DENVER / MP p111

5:30 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 8pm 8pm 9pm



11am High School Winners / CP-L p135 1pm BEAUTY & THE BREAST / CP-L p37 1pm MANDELA: A Long Walk To Freedom / MP p22 1:30 TRUE FRIENDS / CP-H p99 3pm MAGICAL UNIVERSE / CP-L p79 3:30 THE BET / CP-H p27 4pm ITALIAN MOVIES / MP p68 4:30 TAKING CHARGE: PAULY COHEN STORY / SC p31 5pm HIDDEN MOON / CP-L p62 5:30 IMAGINE / CP-H p65 6pm THE BET / MP p27 6:30 HOLD FAST TO YOUR DREAMS / SC p118 7pm A PERFECT MAN / CP-L p86 7:30 THE PRIME MINISTERS / CP-H p89 8pm THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET / MP p63 8pm TRUE FRIENDS / SC p99 9pm 2 + 2 / CP-L p35 9:30 H2indO / CP-H p60


11:30 THE FLORIDA SUITE/ One Spark / CP-H p73 12:00 THE PRIME MINISTERS / MP p89 1pm ITALIAN MOVIES / CP-L p68 1:30 PSYCH 101 / CP-H p122 2pm HIDDEN MOON / MP p62 2:30 THE BET / SC p27 3:30 XINGU / CP-H p107 4pm CHASING SHAKESPEARE / CP-L p47 4pm JIMMY P. / MP p69 4:30 MAGICAL UNIVERSE / SC p79 5:30 SEVEN BOXES / CP-H p94 6pm IMAGINE / MP p65 6:30 A FRAGILE TRUST / SC p57 7pm LOVE IS IN THE AIR / CP-L p19 7:30 THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET / CP-H p63 8pm LITTLE ONE / MP p75 9pm THE LAST HIT / CP-L p74


1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – YOU DIRTY RAT / CP-H p126 2pm MO FREAKY DEAKY / MP p120 3:30 CHASING SHAKESPEARE / CP-H p47 4pm ITS JUST BUSINESS / MP p119 4pm SHADOWS FROM MY PAST / CP-H p95 5:30 A FRAGILE TRUST / CP-L p57 5:30 LITTLE ONE / CP-H p75 6pm LION ARK / Checkpost / MP p72 6:30 THE LAST HIT / SC p74 7pm GIRL ON A BICYCLE / CP-L p59 7:30 THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP / CP-H p32 8pm XINGU / MP p107



1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – ITS JUST BUSINESS / CP-H p119 2pm PSYCH 101 / MP p122 3:30 tba CP-H 4pm PSYCH 202 / MP p123 4:30 16 ACRES / SC p36 5:15 SHADOWS FROM MY PAST / CP-L p95 5:30 MAGICAL UNIVERSE / CP-H p79 6pm SUNSHINE SHORTS / MP p125 6:15 XINGU / SC p107 6:45 Tab Hunter Tribute / CP-L p8, 9 7:30 ONE CHANCE / CP-H p21 8pm SEVEN BOXES MP p94 8:15 POLYESTER w/Odorama CP-L p9 8:15 LO AZUL DEL CIELO / SC Pp76




1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – PSYCH 101 / CP-H p122 2pm SHADOWS FROM MY PAST / MP p95 3:30 LION ARK / Checkpost / CP-H p72 4pm COUPLES: TAKE TOO / MP p115 5pm THE PIN / CP-L p87 5:30 A DROP OF WATER / CP-H p52 6pm OIL SANDS KARAOKE / MP p84 6:30 TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH / SC p16 7:30 IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO / CP-L p64 7:30 LOVELESS ZORITSA / Melon Head / CP-H p78 8pm LOVELESS ZORITSA / Melon Head / MP p78 8:45 Splatter-rama / CP-lL FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – PSYCH 202 / CP-H p123 2pm GARAGE SALE / MP p117 3:30 SUNSHINE SHORTS / CP-H p125 4pm A DROP OF WATER / CP-H p52 5:30 LION ARK / Checkpost / CP-L p72 5:30 THE LAST HIT / CP-H p74 6pm CHASING SHAKESPEARE / MP p47 6:30 HIDDEN MOON / SC p62 7:30 TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE / CP-L p101


2pm 3:30 4pm 5:30 5:45

11am THE FLORIDA SUITE/ One Spark / CP-L p73 1pm 7 BOXES MP p94 1pm CinemAbility / CP-L p48 1:30 TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE / CP-H p101 1:30 JUST A SIGH / SC p71 2pm LOVE TOMORROW / MP p77 3pm EXTRAORDINARY / CP-L p109 3:30 JUST A SIGH / CP-H p71 4pm MAMAROSH / MP p80 5pm BLACK BOX / CP-L p39 5:30 DESTINOS INTERRUPTIDOS CP-H 6pm GIRL ON A BICYCLE / MP p59 7pm ONE CHANCE / CP-L p21 7:30 THE ROCKET/ CP-H p90 8pm SALVO / MP p91 8:30 ELAMOR NO ES QUE ERA / SC p53 9pm THE INSOMNIAC / CP-L p66 9:15 LO AZUL DEL CIELO / CP-H p76 9:45 IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO / MP p64

6:30 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:15 8:45

7:30 8pm 8pm 9:15 9:30



1pm 1pm 1:30 2pm

2:30 3pm

3:30 3:45 4:30 5pm 5:30 6:30 6:30 7pm 7:30 8:30 8:45



9:30 JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD / CP-L p30, 109 11am JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD / CP-L p30, 109 1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – IT’S JUST BUSINESS / CP-H p119




1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – YOU DIRTY RAT / CP-H p126 2pm EXTRAORDINARY / M p109 3:30 HIDDEN MOON / CP-H p62 4pm THE PIN / MP p87 4pm KRISSY BELLE / SC p73 5:30 BUONGIORNO PAPA / CP-L p85 5:30 WALKING THE CAMINO / CP-H p106 6pm Simon Says / UPSIDE DOWN BOOK / MP p105 6:30 TUTTI SANTI GIORNI / SC p100 7pm GARIBALDI’S LOVERS / CP-L p26 7:30 THE INSOMNIAC / CP-H p66 8pm BLACK BOX / MP p39 8:30 LO AZUL DEL CIELO / SC p76 8:45 Centerpiece Party / Maxwell Room p150 9pm INTIMATE PARTS / CP-L p67


1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – COUPLES: TAKE TOO / CP-H p115 2pm NO WAY OUT / MP p54 3:30 ME, YOU & FIVE BUCKS / CP-H p81 4pm RUN STINKY RUN / MP p74 5:30 IMAGINE / CP-L p65 5:30 Simon Says / UPSIDE DOWN BOOK / CP-H p105 6pm KRISSY BELLE / MP p73 6:30 A DROP OF WATER / SC p52 7pm GREAT EXPECTATIONS / CP-L p23 7:30 MY SWEET PEPPER LAND / CP-H p83 8pm EVERYTHING HERE IS FINE / SC p54 8pm TUTTI SANTI GIORNI / MP p100


1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – MO FREAKY DEAKY / CP-H p120 2pm ME YOU & 5 BUCKS / MP p81 3:30 THE COCAINE ROUTE / CP-H p49

The Future is Here

What a great way to celebrate our 28th year, lots of celebrities, a plethora of great films, a spectacular Opening Night Extravaganza, the new Chairman’s Gala, and hopefully Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood (pages 42-43). Cinema Paradiso both locations are now utilizing Digital Cinema Projection; Gee, you went to bed last night and when you woke up it was the future! This allows films between these three venues to be shared. With a few exceptions, if a film plays there, it will probably play the other two venues as well. Sunrise benefits when we have HDCam or BluRay. We have added VIP tickets to many Special Screenings. These

3:30 WALKING THE CAMINO / SC p106 4pm tba MP 5:30 SUNSHINE SHORTS / CP-L p125 5:30 RUN STINKY RUN / CP-H p74 6pm THE LAST HIT / MP p74 6:30 Simon Says / UPSIDE DOWN BOOK / SC p105 7pm JIMMY P. / CP-L p69 7:30 GREAT EXPECTATIONS / CP-H p23 8pm EVERYTHING HERE IS FINE / MP p54 8:30 LOVELESS ZORITSA / Melon Head / SC p78 8:45 THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP / CP-L p32


1:30 Lunchtime Shorts – COUPLES / CP-H p114 2pm RUN STINKY RUN / MP p74 3:30 EL AMOR NO ES QUE ERA / CP-H p53 4pm OIL SANDS KARAOKE / MP p84 5:30 “And another is dead”: Sun Sentinel Investigation / CP-L p96 5:30 95 DECIBELS / No Small Parts / CP-H p108 6pm THE COCAINE ROUTE /MP p49 6:30 7 BOXES / SC p94 7pm NEBRASKA / CP-L p18 7pm GARIBALDI’S LOVERS / CP-H p26 8pm GREAT EXPECTATIONS / MP p23 8:30 TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE / SC p101 8:45 EVERYTHING HERE IS FINE / CP-H p54 9:15 BEHIND THE BLUE VEIL / Not Anymore / CP-L p38


11am THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH / CP-L p40 12:30 16 ACRES / SC p36 1pm 95 Decibels / No Small Parts / CP-L p108 1:30 OIL SANDS KARAOKE / CP-H p84 2pm THE PIN / MP p87 2:30 DESTINOS INTERRUPTIDOS SC p52 3pm CELESTIAL WIVES OF MEADOW MARI / CP-L p46 3:30 No Way Out / CP-H p54 4pm tba MP 4:30 STRANGE CASE OF WILHELM REICH / SC p96 5pm TUTTI SANTI GIORNI / CP-L p100 5:30 BEHIND THE BLUE VEIL / Not Anymore / CP-H p38 6pm AFRICAN SAFARI 3D / MP p50

6pm Chairman’s Awards Gala p34 6:30 GREAT EXPECTATIONS / SC p23 7pm BREAK THROUGH / Spooners / CP-L p41 7:30 CELESTIAL WIVES OF MEADOW MARI / CP-H p46 8pm AFRICAN SAFARI 3D / MP p50 8:30 LITTLE ONE / SC p75 9pm H2indO / CP-L p60 9:30 KRISSY BELLE / CP-H p73


Noon BEHIND THE BLUE VEIL / Not Anymore / MP p38 1pm THE UPSIDE DOWN BOOK / Simon Says / CP-L 1pm SPARTACUS / CP-H p57 2pm AFRICAN SAFARI 3D / MP p50 2:30 95 Decibels / No Small Parts / SC p108 3pm LITTLE ONE / CP-L p75 4pm DESTINOS INTERRUPTIDOS / MP p52 4:30 MY SWEET PEPPERLAND / SC p83 5pm WALKING WITH THE ENEMY / CP-L p25 6pm BREAK THROUGH / Spooners / MP p41 6:30 EXTRAORDINARY / SC p55 7pm Wrap Party / CP-L 7:30 H2indO / CP-H p60 7:45 CELESTIAL WIVES OF MEADOW MARI / MP p46 8pm PHILOMENA CP-L p86


(park FREE all day meters and CH Garage)

1pm UNCLAIMED/Case / Letters / CP-L p103 1:30 MY SWEET PEPPERLAND CP-H 2pm AFRICAN SAFARI 3D / MP p50 3pm tba CP-L 3:30 UNCLAIMED/Case / Letters / CP-H p103 4pm WALKING WITH THE ENEMY / MP p25 5pm THE PIN / CP-L p87 5:30 WALKING WITH THE ENEMY / CP-H p256pm .... UNCLAIMED/Case / Letters / MP p103 7pm MAMAROSH / CP-L p80 8pm PHILOMENA CP-L p86 8pm tba MP

will provide access to the pre or post film receptions. I’m proud of the films in this catalog. There is something for everyone. And I’m proud of the catalog itself. Ken Perna who creates the book always does a magnificent job. As much as I want to see each of you toting it from film to film, the best tool may be your smartphone or tablet. Our app contains everything you need to know about FLIFF and the days of this book, like its pages, may be numbered. Also, go to our Facebook Page throughout the day and read the filmmaker comments or post your own. Gregory von Hausch, President & CEO




Ann-Margret, a consummate entertainer, has been nominated twice for an Academy Award, won five Golden Globe Awards, won an Emmy, and received five other Emmy nominations. She is a threetime winner of the “Female Star of the Year” award and has been twice honored as “Outstanding Box Office Star of the Year” by the Theatre Owners of America and was voted “Song and Dance Star of the Year.” Ann-Margret was also nominated for a Grammy for her CD, “God is Love: The Gospel Sessions,” and has just released her second gospel album. Ann-Margret won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama for NBC’s highly rated drama, “Law & Order: SVU” and she received an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nomination as Best Actress in a Movie for Television, starring as the legendary Pamela Harriman in the Lifetime film, “Life of the Party.” She guest starred in a three-part episode of NBC’s award winning series “Third Watch,” as well as the biggest franchise in television, “CSI.” She costarred in the 20th Century Fox film “Taxi” with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon, “Old Dogs” with John Travolta and Robin Williams, “Loss of a Teardrop Diamond” with Bryce Dallas Howard, “All’s Faire in Love” with Christina Ricci and “Lucky” with Colin Hanks and Ari Graynor. She co-starred in the Oliver Stone movie, “Any Given Sunday,” with Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. Her Showtime movie, “Happy Face Murders,” was the highest rated original movie for fifteen months. As a young girl, Ann-Margret was discovered by the legendary George Burns, and since her film debut playing Bette Davis’ daughter in “A Pocketful of Miracles,” Ann-Margret has made over fifty-two films, including such hits as “Cincinnati Kid,” “State Fair,” “Tommy,” “Carnal Knowledge,” “Bye Bye Birdie,” “Viva Las Vegas,” “Stagecoach,” “Grumpy Old Men” and its sequel, “Grumpier Old Men”.


She has co-starred with such luminaries as John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kirk Douglas, Steve McQueen, Burt Reynolds, and Walter Matthau, among others. Her two Academy Award nominations were earned in director Mike Nichols’ famous film, “Carnal Knowledge,” and in the classic Ken Russell rock film, “Tommy.” Her television career has been equally impressive with brilliant dramatic performances and Emmy nominations for “Who Will Love My Children,” “Queen,” “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Ann-Margret recorded the main title song for the DreamWorks Flintstones

movie, “Viva Rock Vegas.” She has also starred in many of her own television specials including “The Ann-Margret Show,” “From Hollywood With Love,” “Dames At Sea,” “When You’re Smiling,” “Ann-Margret Olsson,” “Rhinestone Cowgirl,” “Rockette: A Tribute to Radio City Music Hall” and “Cinderella at the Palace.” Ann-Margret has performed at the White House, received presidential citations for entertaining the U.S. armed forces overseas and was honored by the USO World Board of Governors. She was also named the Swedish American of the Year and gave a royal command performance for the King and Queen of Sweden. As further proof of her popularity, her autobiography, “My Story” reached the New York Times Best Seller List a week after publication. Ann-Margret starred in the $32 million-dollar grossing, coastto-coast production, which toured 39 cities, of “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas,” as well as recording the new cast album. Ann-Margret is the national chairperson for the Myasthenia Gravis Division of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. She lives with her husband, Roger Smith, in Beverly Hills, California.

Ann-Margret will receive The 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday, November 9th Chairman’s Awards Gala at The Westin Diplomat on Hollywood Beach (p34)

Clockwise from Top Left: BYE BYE BIRDIE, with Michael Parks BUS RILEY’S BACK IN TOWN, w/Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau GRUMPY OLD MEN, w/ Peter Firth JOSEPH ANDREWS, w/ Anthony Hopkins MAGIC, w/ Dean Martin MURDERERS ROW, Frank Capra’s POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES, Ken Russell’s TOMMY, w/ Jack Nicholson CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, w/ Gene Hackman TWICE IN A LIFETIME, w/ Elvis VIVA LAS VEGAS, w/Steve McQueen & Tuesday Weld THE CINCINATTI KID, w/ Pat Boone STATE FAIR, w/ Roy Scheider 52 PICKUP.




Versatile, committed, eloquent and talented are all adjectives that describe actor/activist 7-Time Emmy Award winner, Edward Asner. The Indefatigable Mr. Asner starred as the voice of Carl Fredricksen in Pixar's 2009 box-office-hit UP!. The film won Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score -Motion Picture, at the 67th Annual Golden Globe® Awards as well as receiving The Outstanding Animated Film Award at the 82nd Oscars. Most recently, Asner starred opposite Joseph Fiennes and Tom Cavanagh in the Disney feature The Games Maker for release in 2014 and also starred opposite Markie Post in the Lifetime telefilm Papa Noel which air later this year. Asner returned to Broadway in the Fall of 2012 starring in the comedy drama Grace opposite Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon and Kate Arrington. Asner has also been touring the country as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the critically acclaimed one man show FDR for nearly 4 years. Asner has guest starred in numerous series, including a three show arc on the A&E series The Glades, and completed multiple guest star appearances on the CBS primetime series Hawaii Five-O where he reprised his role from 25 years ago; and also did guest spots on TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland with Betty White and the ABC series The Middle starring Patricia Heaton and went on to guest star as Henry Winkler’s father on USA Network’s Royal Pains. Asner starred opposite Carol Kane in the upcoming indie feature film Should've Been Romeo a slice of life drama. Asner also starred in the indie feature Let Go, a comedy drama in which he portrays an ex-con on parole and the comedy Elephant Sighs directed by Ed Simpson. He was also featured in another comedy Not Another B Movie directed by John Wesley Norton. Asner portrayed Warren Buffet in the critically acclaimed HBO telefilm drama Too Big To Fail starring William Hurt, Paul Giamatti, James Woods, Topher Grace and Tony Shalhoub. He starred in the CMT primetime sitcom series Working Class as Hank Krasny, the local butcher. Asner is best known for his comedic and dramatic crossover as the gruff but soft-hearted journalist Lou Grant, the role he originated on the landmark TV news room comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show and continued in the newspaper-set drama Lou Grant, which earned him five Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards. Asner received two more Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for the mini-series Rich Man, Poor Man and Roots. His prolific and much honored acting career demonstrates a consummate ability to transcend the line between comedy and drama.

One of the most honored actors in the history of television; Edward Asner has been the recipient of seven Emmy Awards and 16 nominations, as well as five Golden Globe Awards and served as National President of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms. He was inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame in 1996. Asner received the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2000, presented periodically for distinguished service to the Guild's Hollywood membership. In March 2002, he was again honored by The Guild as the 38th recipient of the prestigious Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment, presented annually to an actor who fosters the highest ideals of the profession. In 2012, Asner was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Garden State Film Festival, and also honored and received the 2nd Annual Betty White Award for Actors and Others for Animals. In addition to his professional versatility, Asner has consistently served and committed himself to the rights of the working performer in addition to advocating for human rights, world peace, environmental preservation and political freedom. A passionate and informed spokesperson for the causes he supports, Asner is a frequent speaker on labor issues and a particular ally for the acting industry's older artists. Some of the many honors he has received throughout his career include the Anne Frank Human Rights Award, The Eugene Debs Award, Organized Labor Publications Humanitarian Award, ACLU's Worker's Right's Committee Award and the National Emergency Civil Liberties Award. Asner has more than 100 TV credits, which include starring in the series Off the Rack, The Bronx Zoo and Thunder Alley. Numerous guest appearances include roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm, ER, Arliss, The Practice and a recurring role on Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Besides commercials and numerous books on tape, he has lent his voice to popular cartoon shows such as The Simpsons, Spiderman and Boondocks. Asner's dozens of motion pictures include They Call Me Mister Tibbs!, Fort Apache the Bronx, JFK, and the European production of Giovanni XXIII - the highest rated television mini-series in the history of Italian TV as well as the box office hit, Elf with Will Farrell and James Caan (last year’s FLIFF Lifetime honoree). Asner has done several Hallmark movies and was nominated for another Emmy for The Christmas Card in addition to his Emmy nominated guest appearance on CSI/NY.

Wednesday, October 23, 7pm Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale


7pm...Ed Asner will perform live onstage, excerpts from his One-Man Show, FDR 7:15...GOOD MEN, 12 minute short film starring Ed Asner and Oscar nominated director Mark Rydell 7:30...Montage of Ed Asner’s Career, compiled and edited by Gordon K. Smith 7:40...Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award 7:50...A MAN OF THE WORLD, 18 minute short film starring Ed Asner FORT LAUDERDALE 8:10...Reception in the Courtyard

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE SHOWTIME EAST COAST PREMIERE Wednesday, Oct 23, 7pm, CP-L WORLD PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: JOHN FINGAL O’DONNELL UNITED STATES PREMIERE A MAN OF THE WORLD FLORIDA PREMIERE GOOD MEN FESTIVAL WINNERS Fingal O’Donnell – John NORTH USA / 2013AMERICA / 18 min / PREMIERE BluRay / English WORLD PREMIERES A young man about to ship off to Vietnam, visits his father to discover how he survived the holocaust in order to find the hope necessary to survive his own.

Writer: Stuart Matranga / Producer: John Fingal O'Donnell, Alain Silver / Exec Producer: Si Litvinoff / Cast: Ed Asner, Anna Lodej, Michael Perri, Denese Jaxon / Contact: John Fingal O’Donnell

John has worked in production for 25 years on movies and tv including, John Huston’s last movie THE DEAD, Buffalo Soldiers, Cheers, St Elmo's Fire, and The Kings of Appletown. He coproduced an annual festival of 15 minute plays for 16 years, and produced a theatre festival about 9/11. John directed The Trail of Scottsboro ,Alabama, a short play for the 2013 NAACP theatre festival.

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE FESTIVAL Connors – Brian WINNERS NORTH PREMIERE USAAMERICA / 2011 / 12 min / English WORLD PREMIERES A drama about two elderly Jewish friends who get into an argument over the controversial circumstances surrounding 9/11.

Producer: Sean Tracey/ Screenplay: Brian Connors / Cinematography: Barry Markowitz ASC / Editor: Alexander Rydell / Cast: Ed Asner & Mark Rydell / Contact:

Top Left clockwise: Posing with his animated character from UP!; w/ James MacArthur HAWAII FIVE-O; as Santa w/Wil Ferrell ELF; as FDR; multiple Emmy winnerLOU GRANT; w/ Mary Tyler Moore & Betty White.


TAB HUNTER Luncheon at Grille 401, 401 East Las Olas Blvd. Tuesday, Oct 29, 11:30am - 1:30pm

★ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT ★ Join Us for an intimate lunch with Tab Hunter at the Grille 401. Tab will sign

autographs and pose for photos. VIP Table is $70 and General Admission $60. www.


A product of Hollywood’s golden age, Tab Hunter became Hollywood’s golden boy. His first starring role, at the tender age of 19, was opposite Linda Darnell in the romantic South Seas adventure Island of Desire. An instant success, Tab went on to star in over 40 major motion pictures, including Battle Cry, The Pleasure of His Company, That Kind of Woman, Gunman’s Walk, They Came to Cordura, Ride the Wild Surf, The Loved One, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, and the Academy Award-nominated Damn Yankees. A few of Tab’s leading ladies include Sophia Loren, Natalie Wood, Gwen Verdon, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Debbie Reynolds, Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer. Multi-talented Tab also enjoyed a very successful recording career that culminated with one of the top records of the rock and roll era. His recording of Young Love zoomed to number one on the charts worldwide (knocking Elvis out of the top spot) where it remained for six weeks. Tab subsequently starred in his own television series for NBC, was nominated for an Emmy for his performance opposite Geraldine Page

in Playhouse 90’s Portrait of a Murderer and has guest starred in dozens of television shows. He also appeared on Broadway with Tallulah Bankhead in Tennessee Williams’s The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore. Tab’s film career took off once again in the 1980s/90s as he starred in such films as John Waters’ Polyester, Grease 2, and the cult comedy-Western Lust in the Dust. Turning to producing, Tab teamed up with Allan Glaser to produce Lust in the Dust and Dark Horse . Tab can now also add best selling author to his list of credits. His recently published autobiography TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL became a national best seller and garnered critical praise from the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, VANITY FAIR, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, NEW YORK POST, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, LARRY KING LIVE, CBS SUNDAY MORNING and dozens more. A documentary feature film is currently in production based on his autobiography and is due for release in 2014.

Left clockwise: w/Natalie Wood THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND; MOVIE LIFE; Tab raises, love and made a movie about horses DARK HORSE (played FLIFF 1992); w/Gwen Verdon DAMN YANKEES; w/Dorothy Malone BATTLE CRY; Teens (& moms!) went gaga over Tab featured weekly on Hollywood mags; Tinzel Towns’ golden boy.


Tab will receive The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Tuesday, October 29 at Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale. The evening begins at 5:30pm with cocktails & hors d’oeuvres in the John Mager Courtyard. At 6:45pm we move into the Cinema for the montage of Tab’s career, onstage interview with film scholar & historian Foster Hirsch, and the Award Presentation.


Tuesday, Oct 29, 6:45pm, CP-L



Sponsored by

George Kress

John Waters USA / 1981 / 86 min / BluRay / English

After making a name for himself with such underground gross-out epics as Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living, director John Waters made a bid for somewhat wider acceptance with this black comedy, which is sedate only by the standards of his previous work. Francine Fishpaw (Divine) is a housewife whose life has become a living hell. Her husband Elmer (David Samson) runs a porno theater (currently showing the classic My Burning Bush) and is having an affair with secretary Sandra (Mink Stole), a vision of sleaze in Bo Derek-style cornrow braids who informs Elmer, "Children would only get in the way of our erotic lifestyle!" Francine has two teenage children, Dexter (Ken King), who likes to sniff glue and stomp on women's feet, and Lulu (Mary Garlington), a brazen slut who hangs out with overage juvenile delinquent Bobo (Stiv Bators) and gleefully anticipates her next abortion. Francine's best friend, Cuddles (Edith Massey), is a slightly insane heiress who is somehow convinced she's a debutante. Francine's life has become so miserable that her dog commits suicide rather than witness it, but a light appears on the horizon -Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter), the handsome and dashing owner of a local drive-in specializing in art films (their current bill is a Margurerite Duras triple feature), with whom Dawn enters into a torrid affair. Subversive on all fronts, Polyester was originally shown in "Odorama" (patrons were given a card with ten scratch-and-sniff patches, to be smelled at key points in the action) and featured a romantic theme song sung by that new hitmaking duo, Deborah Harry and Bill Murray. Mark Deming, ALL MOVIE GUIDE

THE DIRECTOR: John Waters was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1946. For those of you who don't know, Maryland can be a pretty strange place to grow up. Luckily for John, 1960's Baltimore had a few saving graces. Here he would meet the men and women willing to work in front of and behind the camera on his self-written, self-produced and independently financed movies.

Over a period of more than 30 years, Waters has grown from a local boy making cheap, underground movies to a local man making counter-culture Hollywood comedies. But don't be fooled by the veneer - all of his films are shot on location in Baltimore and with very modest budgets. The star power of his post-Hairspray films demonstrate his influence and clout.

Waters writes all his own films, and the basic elements of filth and debauchery still exist in his screenplays just in a more palatable fashion. Also present in many of his films are the plastic sincerity and squashed innocence of late 50's and early 60's Americana: Sweet mothers who make breakfast for a family of four versus cheap girls who have babies in the backs of cars. Of course, he is most well known for breaking boundaries of acceptable filmmaking. Drugs, queers, abortion, religion - nothing is sacred in his field of vision. When asked about it, he says "secretly I think that all my films are politically correct, though they appear not to be. That's because they're made with a sense of joy." And perhaps that is why so many people from all around the world take such joy in his movies.

ODOR-RAMA CARDS!!! Hey Sniff fans! Great News! FLIFF has procured a cache of ODOR-RAMA cards... it’s limited to first come first, odor your tickets now. (Tickets $6, with ODOR-RAMA card $12)


★ CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ★ Anna Paquin’s diverse work in films, television and theater display a range of emotion and a wealth of talent well beyond her years. Paquin currently stars in the HBO drama True Blood. Her performance garnered a Golden Globe Award in 2009 as well as a Golden Globe and SAG nomination in 2010. Paquin will next be seen in Free Ride, which she is producing through her CASM production company. Based on a true story, the film follows Christina (Paquin), an abused single mother in the 1970’s who is caught up in the Florida drug trade. Her production company has also optioned The Pink Hotel by Anna Stothard. In 2014, Paquin will reprise her role as Rogue in the X-Men series’ next installment, Days of Future Past. Additional film credits include Margaret, X-Men trilogy; The Squid and The Whale; 25th Hour; Finding Forester; Almost Famous; Amistad; Buffalo Soldiers; A Walk on the Moon; Fly Away Home; Jane Eyre; The Romantics; and Straight A’s. Paquin also starred in and


photograph: Kevin Scanlon

co-produced Blue State with her brother Andrew, under their banner Paquin Films. The film premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival. Paquin’s other television credits include starring in the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame movie The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler for which she received a 2010 Golden Globe Nomination. In 2007, Anna starred in HBO's original film Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, for which Paquin received both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. On stage, Paquin received a Drama Desk nomination as Best Lead Actress for her stage debut in The Glory of Living for director Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Other stage credits include Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth, After Ashley directed by Terry Kinney and Neil Labute's The Distance from Here. Paquin’s film debut in Jane Campion's The Piano led to her winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of eleven.

Clockwise: Oscar Gold for 11 yr-old Anna; Rogue in X-MEN; Sookie Stackhouse from TRUE BLOOD with Bill Compton, True Life husband, Stephen Moyer; Flora McGrath in THE PIANO; With Dana Delany and Jeff Daniels in FLY AWAY HOME.


Anna will receive the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Career Achievement Award, Friday, October 18, 7pm at Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale prior to the Opening Night Film, FREE RIDE.



Lea Thompson was born 1961 in Minnesota, the youngest of 5 kids. Family lived in the Starlight motel, all the kids sharing a room. Things began to look up when Lea's father got a job in Minneapolis. Lea's parents divorced when she was 6, and her mother decided to maintain the family. Not an easy job considering her mother was alcoholic at the time. But she quit drinking, took a job playing the piano and singing in a bar to support the kids. Ever since Lea was little, she loved to dance. Her first role was a mouse in The Nutcracker. After Lea turned 14, she had performed in more than 45 ballets on stages including Minnesota Dance Theatre, and The Pennsylvania Ballet Company. She won scholarships to The American Ballet Theatre and San Francisco Ballet. At 19, she auditioned for Baryshnikov, who told her she was "a beautiful dancer... but too stocky." At that point, she decided to turn to acting. She began working as a waitress, also making 22 Burger King commercials and a few for Twix. As the average Midwest girl next door, she was perfect for these spots. First film role was in JAWS 3-D (‘83) as a water ski bunny, although she couldn't swim or ski, (still can't!). There she met Dennis Quaid, who became her fiancée/acting coach. Next was ALL THE RIGHT MOVES (‘83) opposite Tom Cruise. The director was so disappointed with her performance, that he almost fired her. From ‘83-84, Lea appeared in "teen" movies RED DAWN, THE WILD LIFE, and GOING UNDERCOVER, and believes these movies would use anyone who could walk and talk! Lea's big break, came from the first BACK TO THE FUTURE (‘85), the year’s biggest hit and Lea was suddenly the most wanted actress. She could have her pick of any role she wanted to take on. She did -and made the worst choice of her life, HOWARD THE DUCK (‘86). Although it was a George Lucas production, the critics panned the movie

and Lea. Afterwards, Howard Deutch offered Lea a part in SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (‘87). She won the Best Young Artist Award. Howard and Lea fell in love and married (calling it off with Dennis first). During this time she filmed THE WIZARD OF LONELINESS (‘88), her first movie as a woman, rather than a youngster. Lea went on to film BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (‘89) and an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" (‘89), BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III (‘90), MONTANA (‘90), and ARTICLE 99 (‘92). Lea then took a break to stay home with her first born, Madeline. In DENNIS THE MENACE (‘93), she says she just played herself, followed by THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (‘93), STOLEN BABIES (‘93), THE LITTLE RASCALS (‘94), and THE SUBSTITUTE WIFE (‘94). In 1994, came her 2nd child, Zoey. Lea then filmed THE UNSPOKEN TRUTH (‘95). She was then given the script of a new NBC sitcom, "Caroline in the City" (‘95). It was probably her best decision, winning People's Choice Award for best actress in a new sitcom. After “Caroline...” Lea filmed THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT (‘96), THE UNKNOWN CYCLIST (‘98), and A WILL OF THEIR OWN (‘98). She guest-starred in "Friends" (’94), and on "The Larry Sanders Show" (‘92). Lea also did some stage work, including starring as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. The show toured and also appeared on Broadway. She then did The Vagina Monologues in L.A. Busy decade with STEALING CHRISTMAS and HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE (‘03), COME AWAY HOME (’05), 10 tricks (’06), CALIFORNIA DREAMING, and HOW TO FIRE YOUR BOSS (’07), SPY SCHOOL, SENIOR SKIP DAY, and EXIT SPEED (’08), ROCK SLYDE, and SPLINTERHEADS (’09), ADVENTURES OF A TEENAGE DRAGON SLAYER (’10), THIN ICE, MAYOR CUPCAKE, J EDGAR (’11), and PING PONG SUMMER (’13). Lea is presently in production with WILD OATS.

Lea Thompson will receive the Career Achievement Award, Saturday, October 19 at Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale followed by THE TROuBLE WITH THE TRuTH (pg16) in which she stars and Executive Produced. Lea will attend her other screenings in Hollywood, Pompano and Sunrise.




Tointon was born to parents Ken and Carol in Essex, England. She and her sister Kara (born 1983) were brought up in Leigh-on-Sea and attended St Michael's School, Leigh, and St Hilda's School, Westcliff-onSea, Essex. Tointon's first appearance on television was in the CBBC hit sitcom Kerching!, where she played Tamsin, the love interest of the main character Taj Lewis. Her next role was in the series Star 2003 where she played the character Billie. Following this, she played Celina Johnson in the British police drama series The Bill. She also portrayed Casey in the horror film The Children. In 2006, she appeared in the television series Murder City, where she played Bethany Williams in the episode "Just Seventeen". She also appeared in Dream Team as Savannah Caskey. She then went on to appear in New Tricks, and had an uncredited part in the film Just My Luck as a concert goer, along with sister Kara. In early 2007, she appeared as Annabelle in Genie in the House, and also played Maxine Brogan in Doctors. Tointon is best known for her appearance on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. She made her first appearance on 30 April 2007, playing Katy Fox, younger sister of Warren Fox. Outside of Hol-


lyoaks, she is close friends with Jamie Lomas (Warren Fox), Chris Fountain (Justin Burton), Roxanne McKee (Louise Summers) and Kent Riley (Zak Ramsey). On 11 November 2008, she appeared in the role of an agoraphobic student named Emma Lewis in Doctors (A separate character to her previous 'Doctors' stint). She also starred in the film The Children - a horror picture which costarred Jeremy Sheffield. It was released in November 2008. In April 2010, Tointon appeared in the Cornetto Enigma TV advertisement. Tointon appeared as Simon's girlfriend Tara, in Series 3 of the Channel 4 sitcom The Inbetweeners. Filming in spring 2010, she appeared from the second episode to the fourth. In March 2012, it was announced that Tointon will star in the forthcoming ITV2 supernatural drama Switch. In July 2012 she played a character called Frog in the E4 series The Midnight Beast episode 4, where she was Dru's girlfriend. She played Kuji in the Sinbad episode titled Kuji. Also in 2012 she played the role of Kiki Delaine in The Hour. Ms. Tointon stars as Hannah Schoen in FLIFF’s Closing Night Film, WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.

Hannah Tointon will receive the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Star On The Horizon at the Chairman’s Awards Gala on Saturday, November 9.



William Jonas Armstrong was born in Dublin, and raised in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 2003. After graduating Armstrong appeared in Quartermaine's Terms at the Royal Theatre in Northampton as Derek Meadle. And in March 2004 he played Henry in The Skin of Our Teeth at the Young Vic theatre in the London Borough of Lambeth. In 2004 he appeared in six episodes of the fourth series of the British television comedy-drama, Teachers on Channel 4, as Anthony Millington. In January 2005 he appeared as Richard in Rutherford & Son at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. Later in 2005 he appeared again on Channel 4 in the crime drama series The Ghost Squad as Pete Maitland. In December 2006 he starred in the two-part crime drama Losing Gemma on ITV. His first major television role came in October 2006 when he played Robin of Locksley, in the BBC's 2006 series based on Robin Hood. During filming of the second series, (which aired in 2007) Armstrong broke a metatarsal bone in his foot during a staged fight scene. Armstrong was a guest panelist on the

BBC comedy panel game show Never Mind the Buzzcocks on 28 February 2007. In August 2008, the BBC confirmed that Armstrong would be leaving Robin Hood at the end of the third season, which aired on 27 June 2009, with him saying that he was "looking for new challenges" and the BBC saying "he'll be desperately missed". The character of Robin was accordingly killed in the final episode, and the show was subsequently not renewed for a fourth series. In 2008 he appeared in the horror film Book of Blood which is based on a short story by Clive Barker. He appeared in Episode 3 of the third series of BBC serial The Street broadcast on 27 July 2009, playing the role of TA soldier Private Nick Calshaw who returns from Afghanistan with a facial disfigurement and a prosthetic hand after being injured by a suicide bomber whom he was unable to shoot. In January 2009 Jonas Armstrong read CBeebies Bedtime stories

on The Bedtime Hour. Mr. Armstrong stars as Elek Cohen in FLIFF’s Closing Night Film, WALKING WITH THE ENEMY.

Jonas Armstrong will receive the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Star On The Horizon at the Chairman’s Awards Gala on Saturday, November 9.



Ben Stassen is a Belgian film producer/director. He founded nWave Pictures , producing highly successful CGI ride films including the groundbreaking Devils Mine. In 1997, Ben Stassen began focusing on large format films usually screened at IMAX theaters, and made some of the most successful large format films to date, including Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun and Alien Adventure. Stassen quickly embraced this new technology, and directed a succession of popular 3-D large format films, such as Encounter in the Third Dimension and Haunted Castle. In 2004, Stassen produced and directed "Wild Safari", the first 3D wildlife film for


the giant screen (Imax). nWave is also the leading producer and distributor of 3D ride films and 4D attraction films with over 30 titles in their library. Stassen's first feature length animated film, Fly Me to the Moon was the first animated film to be designed, created, and released solely in 3-D. nWave announced that its next film would be titled Around the World in 50 Years. It was released in 2010 titled Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage. Stassen was also involved in the production of several movies directed by film director Krsto Papić, most notably "My Uncle's Legacy", the film was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Foreign Film category.

Ben Stassen will receive the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Vision Award at the Chairman’s Awards Gala on Saturday, November 9.


Friday, Oct 18, 7pm, CP-L Saturday, Oct 19, 5:15pm, SC Saturday, Oct 19, 6pm, MP Sun, Oct 19, 7:30pm, CP-H




Sponsored by

Alan Koslow


Shana Betz – USA / 2013 / 83 min / HDCam / English

SINCE 1973


True Crime/Drama 1978: After a string of abusive relationships and dead end jobs, Christina Miller comes to the realization that there’s nothing left for her and her two young daughters, thirteen-year-old MJ and seven-year-old Shell, in blue-collar Ohio. An inviting phone call from her free-spirited friend, Sandy, is all Christina needs to pack up her belongings and load the kids into a Chrysler bound for Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Great weather, a vibrant social scene, and liberal lifestyle are attractive to Christina, and Sandy delivers right away, getting Christina a job cleaning houses in a wealthy neighborhood. But it soon becomes apparent to Christina that the big, empty mansions she is dusting are merely a front for something much bigger.

And that bigger sure looks much better than the way Christina and the kids have been surviving. What lies ahead is a true story of a mom making choices – many, in hindsight could be questionable at best, however, Christina always had making a better life for her kids in the forefront of her thoughts. So hang on to your seats, for the FREE RIDE that lies ahead has many twists, turns and thrilling detours.

Screenplay: Shana Betz / Producers: Susan Dynner, Cerise Hallam Larkin, Anna Paquin / Cinematographer: Quyen Tran / Editor: Danny Daneau / Composer: Jeff Russo / Production Designer: Kirsten Oglesby / Art Director: Annette Breazeale / Principal Cast: Anna Paquin, Cam Gigandet, Drea De Matteo, Liana Liberato, Ava Acres / Contact: THE DIRECTOR: As the Executive Director of the MVPA, the premiere trade association for the music video industry, Shana Executive Produced the annual MVPA Awards where she worked with the top creative minds in the industry. In this period, she also Executive Produced the Director’s Cuts Film Festival, the cutting edge film festival of short films by the top music video directors that soon became the poaching ground for the next big feature director. After leaving the MVPA, Shana produced many short format projects, including The Stranger, which won the Eastman Kodak New Filmmaker Award. She also honed her acting and comedic voice while performing with Tim Robbins’ ensemble, The Actors’ Gang, in LA where she toured the country as the only female in George Orwell’s 1984. In 2009/10, Betz partnered with Robbins to program and produce the WTF?! Festival -- over 40 music, literature and film events with Tenacious D, Gore Vidal, Sarah Silverman, Jackson Browne, Paul Provenza, Ben Gibbard, John Doe and many more.

In 2010, she received a grant to write and direct a film for the Girls! Girls! Girls! Project, an anthology of shorts about women, by women. She then completed the 2011 Film Independent Directors Lab Fellowship with the script, “Free Ride” based on her life story before filming the feature starring Anna Paquin, Drea De Matteo and Cam Gigandet, which will have its World Premiere October 18, 2013 at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.



Saturday, Oct 19, 3:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Oct 19, 7pm, CP-L







Sunday, Oct 20, 2:30pm, MP EAST Sunday, Oct COAST 20, 3pm, SCPREMIERE

WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIER FLORIDA PREMIERE Jim Hemphill FESTIVAL WINNERS USA / 2013 / 96 min / NORTH AMERICA PREMIER Musician Robert (John Shea) WORLD PREMIERES is a perpetual starving artist with low overhead and minimal commitments. When Robert's daughter announces that she's engaged, he advises her against it - his own marriage to Emily (Lea Thompson) didn't last, and he doesn't understand why anyone would want to give up their independence. Yet when Robert and Emily reunite and dredge up old memories and hurts, both discover they have a lot of unresolved issues and that love, marriage and divorce aren't quite as simple as they'd like.

Screenplay: Jim Hemphill / Producers: Daniel Farrands, Thommy Hutson, Lea Thompson / Cinematographer: Roberto Correa / Editor: Michael Benni Pierce / Composer: Sean Schafer Hennessy / Production Designer: C.J. Strawn / Art Director: Christopher Gray / Principal Cast: Lea Thompson, John Shea, Danielle Harris, Keri Lynn Pratt / Contact: Jim Hemphill 310 962 1203

Aqua Lee Realty LLC Ree & Ernie Lee Sponsored by


Sponsored by

Cyndi Boyar


DIRECTOR BIO: Jim Hemphill is an L.A.-based filmmaker who began his career as a critic for publications including Film Quarterly, the Chicago Reader, and American Cinematographer. His directorial debut, BAD REPUTATION, won numerous awards on the horror film festival circuit before its DVD/VOD release through Maverick Entertainment and Warner Bros. His second film as writer-director, THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, received rave reviews from Variety, Roger Ebert, The Village Voice, and The Hollywood Reporter, among other outlets, and will be released on home video in early 2014. In addition to his filmmaking endeavors, Jim interviews cinematographers for the ASC podcast series at and moderates Q&As at the American Cinematheque.


Sunday, Oct 20, 6pm, CP-L







Jon Turteltaub USA / 2013 / DCP / English

Starring four legends like you’ve never seen them before, Last Vegas tells the story of Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam (played by Academy Award®-winners Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline), best friends since childhood. When Billy, the group's sworn bachelor, finally proposes to his thirty-something (of course) girlfriend, the four head to Las Vegas with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realize that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined. The Rat Pack may have once played the Sands and Cirque du Soleil may now rule the Strip, but it’s these four who are taking over Vegas.

Written By: Dan Fogelman / Produced By: Laurence Mark, Amy Baer / Cinematographer: David Hennings / Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh / Production Designer: David J. Bomba / Editor: David Rennie / Principal Cast: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, Roger Bart / Contact: CBS Films Sponsored by

Antje Farber THE DIRECTOR: Jonathan Charles "Jon" Turteltaub (born August 8, 1963) is an American film director and producer. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He is the son of television comedy writer Saul Turteltaub.

He has directed several successful mainstream films for the Walt Disney Studios, including; 3 NINJAS (1992), COOL RUNNINGS (1993), WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995), PHENOMENON (1996), INSTINCT (1999), DISNEY'S THE KID (2000), NATIONAL TREASURE (2004), as well as its 2007 sequel NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS, and THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (2010).

Turteltaub produced the CBS television series, Jericho, and also directed the first three episodes, "Pilot", "Fallout", and "Four Horsemen".

Turteltaub is married to Amy Eldon, the sister of photojournalist Dan Eldon.



Friday, Nov 8, 7pm, CP-L







Alexander Payne – USA / 2013 / 105 min / DCP / English A poor old man living in Montana escapes repeatedly from his house to go to Nebraska to collect a sweepstakes prize he thinks he has won. Frustrated by his increasing dementia, his family debates putting him into a nursing home -- until one of his two sons finally offers to take his father by car, even as he realizes the futility.

En route the father is injured, and the two must rest a few days in the small decaying Nebraska town where the father was born and where, closely observed by the son, he re-encounters his past. (Don’t worry -- it’s a comedy.)

Shot in black and white across four American states, the film blends professional actors with non-actors and mirrors the mood and rhythms of its exotic locations.

The performance by Bruce Dern may go down as the best in his entire filmograpghy. Dern captures an amalgam of irascibility, befuddlement, and attempting to accept his life with a lovable (and perhaps somewhat universal) comedy. Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), often plays the straight man here, but takes his time and underplays the zingers he gets just beautifully in a nuanced performance that is kind and at time sad in accepting reality. Two time Oscar winner, Alexander Payne has added another angle of American to his palate which includes CITIZEN RUTH, ELECTION, ABOUT SCHMIDT, SIDEWAYS and THE DESCENDANTS.

Writer: Bob Nelson / Producer: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa / Cinematographer: Phedon Papamichael / Editor: Kevin Tent / Composer: Mark Orton / Production Designer: J. Dennis Washington / Principal Cast : Bruce Dern, Will Forte, Bob Odenkirk, June Squibb / Contact: Paramount Pictures


THE DIRECTOR: Payne was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Peggy (née Constantine) and George Payne, restaurant owners. He is of Greek descent (his grandfather anglicized the last name from Papadopoulos). He was the youngest of three sons and grew up in the same neighborhood as billionaire Warren Buffett. Payne attended Creighton Preparatory School and later Stanford University, where he double majored in Spanish and History. As a part of his Spanish degree, he studied at the University of Salamanca (Spain) and later he lived a few months in Medellin, Colombia where he published an article about the development and the social changes between 1900 and 1930. Payne got his MFA in 1990 from the UCLA Film School.



Thursday, Oct 24, 7:30pm, CP-H Friday, Oct 25, 8pm, MP Sunday, Oct 27, 7pm, CP-L





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE (AMOUR & TURBULENCES) EAST COAST PREMIERE Alexandre Castagnetti WORLD PREMIERE France / 2013 / 96 min / DCP / UNITED PREMIERE French w/English STATES sub-titles FLORIDA PREMIERE Antoine, an attractive Parisian lawyer living FESTIVAL in New York returnsWINNERS to Paris. Julie, an equally beautiful, young French woman, who NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE finally has found Mr. Right, also flies back to WORLD PREMIERES Paris from New York. What’s the chance they will meet?

Lucky for us, the gods of romantic comedy roll the dice and astoundingly come up with a pair of sevens in this rollicking, sexy, hilarious affair of the heart.

Ludivine Sagnier is the doe-eyed beauty who has had her share of heartbreak. Now, defiant and determined, she knows her future is now. Nicholas Bedos appears to be the prototype bachelor, who despite his best intentions, is always able to produce cloud cover on a sunny day. LOVE IS IN THE AIR is clever, intriguing and always fun. Through flashbacks taking place throughout the seductive City of Lights, we see the different perspectives of their past with comedic clarity. Join us for this charmer as Sagnier and Bedos put the fun back in travel.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Sponsored by

Original Screenplay: Vincent Angell / Screenplay Adaption: Alexandre Castagnetti -, Xavier, Nirina Ralanto, Julien Simonet, Brigitte Bémol, Nicolas Bedos / Producer: Catherine Bozorgan, David Poirot, Julien Ralanto, Mathieu Robinet / Cinematographer: Yannick Ressigeac / Editor: Scott Stevenson / Principal Cast: Ludivine Sagnier, Nicholas Bedos, Jonathan Cohen, Arnaud Ducret, Brigette Catillion, Jackie Berroyer / Contact: Kinology

Sponsored by

Dr Daryl Miller

THE DIRECTOR: Alexandre Castagnetti is a writer, actor director. Along with Clément Marchand, member of the famous duo "La Chanson Du Dimanche". This is his first feature.

Prior to the screening on October 27th, there will be a reception in the Courtyard in honor of French Week. Following will be a presentation by Gael de Maisonneuve the Consul General of France, presenting Fest President Gregory von Hausch with the Chevalier de L'Ordre Des Arts Et Lettres. The honor was awarded to von Hausch in Paris, April of this year.



Tuesday, Oct 22, 8pm, MP Thursday, Oct 24, 7pm, CP-L






John Wells USA / 2013 / 130 min / DCP / English

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY tells the dark, hilarious and deeply touching story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose lives have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Midwest house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them. Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name made its Broadway debut in December 2007 after premiering at Chicago’s legendary Steppenwolf Theatre earlier that year. It continued with a successful international run and was the winner of five Tony Awards in 2008, including Best Play. AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is directed by John Wells (THE COMPANY MEN) and features an all-star cast.

Writer: Tracy Letts / producer: George Clooney, Jean Doumanian, Grant Heslow, Steve TraxlerHarvey Weinstein / Cinematographer: Adriano Goldman / Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla / Production Designer: David Gropman / Editor: Stephen Mirrione / Principal Cast: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, Chris Cooper, Abigail Breslin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliette Lewis, Margo Martindale, Dermot Mulroney, Sam Shepard and Misty Upham / Contact: Erin Lowery, The Weinstein Company Sponsored by

Pat & Sandy McCallum AAA Fire Protection THE DIRECTOR: John Wells is best known for his role as executive producer and showrunner of the television series ER, Third Watch, The West Wing, and Shameless. His company, John Wells Productions, is currently based at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California. Wells is also a labor leader, and was elected president of the Writers Guild of America, West in 2009, after serving a prior term in that office from 1999–2001. Wells was born in Alexandria, Virginia, the son of Marjorie Elizabeth (née Risberg) and Llewellyn Wallace Wells, Jr., an Episcopalian minister. He graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in 1979. A studio theatre at Carnegie Mellon University bears his name. While at CMU, he was one of the earliest actors to work at City Theatre, a prominent fixture of Pittsburgh theatre



Tuesday, Oct 29, 7:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Nov 2, 7pm, CP-L






David Frankel UK / 2013 / DCP / British English

From the director of The Devil Wears Prada, ONE CHANCE is the remarkable and inspirational true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night. Paul became an instant YouTube phenomenon after being chosen by Simon Cowell for 'Britain's Got Talent.' Wowing audiences worldwide with his phenomenal voice, Paul went on to win 'Britain’s Got Talent' and the hearts of millions. Fresh from celebrating his Tony Award-winning Broadway run in 'One Man, Two Guvnors', BAFTA winner James Corden (THE HISTORY BOYS) stars as Paul Potts and is supported by an acclaimed ensemble cast that includes Julie Walters (MAMMA MIA!, CALENDAR GIRLS, BILLY ELLIOT), Mackenzie Crook (THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), Colm Meaney (GET HIM TO THE GREEK), Jemima Rooper (KINKY BOOTS) and rising star Alexandra Roach (THE IRON LADY). Directed by David Frankel (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MARLEY & ME, HOPE SPRINGS) and written by Justin Zackham (THE BUCKET LIST), ONE CHANCE is produced by Mike Menchel, Brad Weston, Kris Thykier (KICK-ASS, THE DEBT, I GIVE IT A YEAR), Simon Cowell, and executive produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

THE DIRECTOR: Frankel was born in New York City. He is the son of Tobia Simone (née Brown) and Max Frankel, a former executive editor of The New York Times and columnist. He won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for his 1996 short film Dear Diary and an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for the pilot episode of Entourage (2004), and has since directed the successful studio films THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006), MARLEY & ME (2008), and HOPE SPRINGS (2012). His birdwatching comedy, The Big Year, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, JoBeth Williams, and Jack Black, was released in October 2011. In 2008 he lived in Coconut Grove. Whereabouts today...unknown.



Saturday, Oct 26, 1pm, MP Sunday, Nov 3, 3:45pm, MP







Justin Chadwick UK / 2013 / 152 min / English

MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is based on South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, which chronicles his early life, coming of age, education and 27 years in prison before becoming President and working to rebuild the country’s once segregated society. Idris Elba stars as Nelson Mandela, Naomie Harris stars as Winnie Mandela, with Justin Chadwick (THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL) directing.

Writer: William Nicholson / Producer: Anant Singh, David. M. Thompson / Cinematographer: Lol Crawley / Composer: Alex Heffes / Production Designer: Johnny Breedt / Editor: Rick Russell / Principal Cast: Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Terry Pheto, Mark Elderkin, Robert Hobbs, Gys de Villiers, Tony Koroge, Theo Landey, Grant Swanby, Adam Neill / Contact: The Weinstein Company

THE DIRECTOR: Justin Chadwick (born 6 December 1968 in Lancashire) is an English actor and television and film director. Chadwick began acting at the age of eleven. He joined Bolton Little Theatre and played Billy Casper in ‘Kes’. He attended Turton High School in Bolton, before graduating from the University of Leicester and in 1991 made his screen debut in LONDON KILLS ME. Additional acting credits include The Loss of Sexual Innocence and appearances in the television dramas HEARTBEAT, DANGERFIELD, DALZIEL AND PASCOE, and others. Chadwick's directorial debut was the 1993 tv movie Family Style starring Ewan McGregor. Chadwick was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special, the Royal Television Society Award for Breakout Performance Behind the Scenes, and the BAFTA Award for Best Direction for Bleak House, which was the Best Drama Serial winner in the British Academy Television Awards 2006.[8] Bleak House was also nominated for two Golden Globes, four Royal Television Society Awards, three Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, three Satellite Awards, and the Television Critics Award.[9] Chadwick's most recent project is THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, shown at the February 2008 Berlin International Film Festival. He was scheduled to start production on screen adaptations of BIRDSONG (released 2012) and JAMAICA INN in 2008. He completed the feature film THE FIRST GRADER starring Naomie Harris which was released on 13 May 2010.


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Friday, Nov 8, 8pm, MP CINEMA Saturday, Nov 9, 6:30pm, SC EAST COAST PREMIERE Wednesday, Nov 7, 7pm, CP-L FEATURE Thursday, Nov 7, &:30pm, CP-H WORLD PREMIERE SPECIAL SCREENING UNITED STATES PREMIERE GREAT EXPECTATIONS FLORIDA PREMIERE Newell – UK / 2013 / 128 FESTIVAL WINNERS Mike min / DCP / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Pip, a 10-year old orphan boy WORLD PREMIERES from a working class family, is SHOWTIMES


surprised one winter's day by an escaped convict who demands tools to remove his chains. Terrified, Pip does as he's asked but the convict is ambushed and thrown back into his dreadful prison ship that border the marshes by Pip's home.

A year later, Pip is employed by eccentric Miss Havisham, a local gentlewoman who has lived in seclusion since being abandoned at the altar 30 years ago. Pip is to act as a companion to Miss Havisham's beautiful 12-year-old ward, Estella. Pip falls in love with her and longs to become a gentleman in order to win her back when he's of age. It's a hopeless fantasy. The children part and Pip becomes an apprentice to his kindly brother-in-law Joe, the village blacksmith.

Ten years later, Pip, now a young man, receives the astonishing news that he has been given a huge fortune by an unnamed benefactor and is required to abandon Joe and his humble country life to be educated as a gentleman in London. Astonishingly, his childish hopes are fulfilled and he can now become the sophisticated young man he hoped to be during his childhood days with Estella.

From its very first appearance in his weekly journal ‘All The Year Round’ in December 1860, Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations has proved an enduring work. After boosting sales of the author’s failing magazine to the 100,000 mark, Great Expectations was published in novel form in 1861, going into its fourth edition within weeks of its first printing.

Screenplay: David Nicholls / Producers: Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Wooley / Editor: Tarique Anwar / Cinematographer: John Mathieson / Production Designer: Jim Clay / Costumes: Beatrix Pazsator / Principal Cast: Jeremy Irvine, Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Ewen Bremer, Sally Hawkins / Contact: Josh Green THE DIRECTOR: Mike Newell has directed everything from a gritty character-driven British TV drama, to major swordand-sorcery Hollywood blockbuster. A Cambridge graduate born in St Albans, Newell got his first break as a Granta TV trainee, working his way to directing BAFTA nominated ‘Ready When You are Mr. McGill’ (‘76). Critical success in feature films came with the acclaimed DANCE WITH A STRANGER (‘85), an unflinching, powerful depiction of the life and death of England’s last woman to be sentenced to hanging. In 1994 the Oscar nomination for his iconic comedy, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL established Newell’s directorial prowess in a wide range of material. DONNY BRASCO (‘97) quickly followed, delivering a striking performance from Pacino, and showcasing Newell’s ability to create electric films with an international appeal. Under Newell's command, HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE, (‘05), considered one of the best films in the series, blended his talent for reaching an international audience with his capacity to visualize decidedly English characters. He even dabbled with new technologies by taking on PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME (‘10) and will next shoot the iconic British writer’s, Ian McEwan, novel ON CHESIL BEACH.



Becker & Poliakoff is proud to sponsor the 28th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, another remarkable performance and production by CEO Gregory von Hausch and his stellar professional staff who make it the best Film Festival in Florida, year in and year out. Congratulations to the FLIFF Board of Directors and volunteer leaders, led by its incomparable Chairman, our very own Alan (the “Koz�) Koslow for making FLIFF’s brand shine brighter and stronger than ever throughout Broward, and with the Grand Opening of Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood, a record breaking year for fundraising and new partnerships in the community.

Way to go FLIFF‌Keep shining on all of us!

SINCE 1973

Contact: Alan Koslow 954.985.4169 • • Administrative Office: 3111 Stirling Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 • Follow us on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.




Sunday, Nov 10, 5pm, CP-L Monday, Nov 11, 4pm, MP Monday, Nov 11, 5:30pm, CP-H






Mark Schmidt USA / 2013 / 119 min / DCP / English

Inspired by a true story, Walking with the Enemy follows the heroic life of a young man swept up in the horrors of WWII. Separated from his family during the German invasion and occupation of Hungary, he is determined to find them and be reunited. Aided by the woman he loves, he disguises himself as a Nazi SS Officer and uncovers the truth of Hitler's 'final solution.' In a race against time to save his family and thousands of others, he embarks on a journey filled with suspense and danger. An unforgettable film of love, war, and sacrifice, Walking with the Enemy is sure to inspire and touch audiences.

Writers: Mark Schmidt, Kenny Golde, Randy Williams, D. Scott Trawick, Christopher Williams, Vaughn Bien III, Richard Lasser / Producers: Mark Schmidt, Randy Williams, D. Scott Trawick, Christopher Williams / Cinematographer: Dean Cundey / Production Designer: Christian Niculescu / Editors: Eric Beason, Richard Nord / Composer: Tim Williams / Sound Editor: Cameron Frankey / Principal Cast: Ben Kingsley, Jonas Armstrong, Hannah Tointon, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Simon Kunz, Simon Dutton, Burn Gorman, Shane Taylor, William Hope / Contact: Randy Williams Liberty Studios Special GueStS: Mark SchMidt, randy WilliaMS, JonaS arMStronG, tiM WilliaMS, dean cundey, hannah tointon Flora Spencer-lonGhurSt

THE DIRECTOR: Mark Schmidt is the Founder and President of Liberty Studios, Inc. in San Diego, California. WALKING WITH THE ENEMY is the premiere feature from Liberty, which will focus on bringing untold true stories to the big screen. THE PRODUCER: WALKING WITH THE ENEMY marks Randy’s first feature as a producer. He is a founding producer of Liberty Studios, Inc. After receiving his degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University, Randy went on to study film marketing and distribution.



Tuesday, Nov 5, 7pm, CP-L Friday, Nov 8, 7pm, CP-H







Silvio Soldini Italy – Switzerland / 2012 / 108 min / DCP / Italian w/English sub-titles

"...A modern tale on contemporary Italy where a love story intertwined with family affairs collides with the materialism of our times." – Camilla de Marco, Cineuropa

GARIBALDI'S LOVERS presents a fizzy ride through a magical vision of metropolitan Italy, while at the same time casting a critical eye on modern life in the city. Widowed plumber Leo is struggling to deal with the growing pains of his two adolescent children, when his life intersects with penniless artist Diana and her eccentric landlord Amanzio. Through a hilarious series of coincidences, they give each other new hope for their futures - and for the city itself, so emblematic of our times.

Writer: Silvio Soldini, Doriana Leondeff, Marco Pettenello / Producer: Lionello Cerri / Cinematographer: Ramiro Civita / Production Designer: Paola Bizzarri / Editor: Carlotta Cristiani / Principal Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastendrei, Serena Pintucci, Michele Maganza, Luca Dirodi, Alba Rohrwacher, Claudia Gerinni, Luca Zingaretti, Guiseppi Battiston, Neri Marcori, Guiseppi Cenderna / Contact: Filmmovement, Rebeca Conget

THE DIRECTOR: Silvio Soldini is an Italian film director. Soldini has received 11 awards in his career as of June 2007 and 14 nominations. His 2007 film Days and Clouds was entered into the 30th Moscow International Film Festival. Born: August 1, 1958 in Milan, Italy Siblings: Giovanni Soldini Awards: David di Donatello for Best Film, David di Donatello for Best Director, David di Donatello for Best ScreenplayNominations: European Film Award for Best Film, European Film Award for Best Screenwriter, European Film Awards Audience Award for Best Director


Following the Nov 5th screening, The Centerpiece Party will take place at The Maxwell Room.


Friday, Oct 25, 7pm, CP-L Saturday, Oct 26, 3:30pm, CP-H Finola Hughes was born in London. Began working professionally on stage at the age of 11, and in Film and Television at the age of 13. She went on to be included in the original cast of ‘Cats’, and ‘Song and Dance’ for Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many TV dance shows such as ‘The Hot Shoe Show’ for the BBC. On moving to America she has starred and costarred in more than 15 movies including STAYIN’ ALIVE, Aspen Extreme and the recent LIKE CRAZY which won Sundance Grand Jury in 2011. Her TV credits include the Television series; ‘Jack’s Place’, ‘Blossom’, ‘Pacific Palisades’, ‘Charmed’, and about 9 made-for-TV movies, plus numerous guest appearances on shows such as ‘LA Law’, ‘Dream On’, ‘Tracey Takes On’ etc. She has starred in the soap dramas ‘General Hospital’ and ‘All my Children’ on and off for 12 yrs. Finola recently directed her first movie, The Bet, which is currently in festivals around the US.




Saturday, Oct 26, 6pm, MP Sunday, Oct 27, 2:30pm SC

Left: SAG Awards; Top General Hospital; Right STAYIN' ALIVE; bottom CATS in London


Finola Hughes – USA / 2013 / 100 min / DCP / English

High school senior Addison Smith lives with his widowed mom, Libby, and paternal grandfather Collier in Santa Barbara. At 18, still practicing to get his driver’s license, Addison has never been one to rush into things – including relationships with girls. Collier, in fact – a bit worried about his grandson’s development – pressures him into a friendly bet: which of them will be the first to seduce a lady. Collier picks Addison’s potential conquests at the high school, as Addison and his buddies pick Collier’s at the retirement facility. As the bet plays itself out in this coming-of-age romantic comedy, Addison’s mom, Libby, is herself just starting to date again, after the death of her husband several years before. What ensues is three generations of a family, all looking for love – sometimes in the right places, sometimes in the wrong ones, sometimes comically, sometimes poignantly. Along the way, they learn, and teach each other, lessons about love, life, maturity, and what it means to grow into adulthood. Screenplay: Annie J. Dahlgren & Christina Eliason / Producers: Christine Fry, James Kahn, Jack Presnal / Cinematographer: Craig Kohlhoff / Editor: Cris Cazor / Composer: Brian Mann / Production Designer: Ron Carter / Art Director: Dana Simpson / Principal Cast: Scott Hagood, Tim T. Whitcomb, Portia Thomas, Mary O’Connor / Contact: Jack Presnal ( / 805-751-5678) twitter@thebetmovie Sponsored by

Janet Leavy Schwartz & Irwin Levenstein


Finola will attend her screenings on October 25, 26 and 27, Introduced by Kin Shriner, who performs with Finola on General Hospital.




Now in her third season, Aphrodite which was made into the ABC TV Jones is the host and co-executive movie Betrayed By Love, starring Paproducer of the hit ID show, True tricia Arquette. Jones’ book, A Perfect Crime with Aphrodite Jones. The seHusband, the story of novelist-turnedries follows Jones, who’s written a murderer, Michael Peterson, became string of best-selling true crime books, the acclaimed Lifetime movie The Stairas she unravels new mysteries lurking case Murders, starring Treat Williams behind cases that shocked America: and produced by Lionsgate TV. O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Jon Jones has also authored the New Benet Ramsey, Phil Spector, and the York Times best seller, Cruel Sacrifice, list goes on. the unspeakable story of four teenage As a best-selling author and invesgirls who committed one of the most tigative journalist, Jones has held an heinous teen murders America has inside seat in the most controversial ever known, The Embrace: A True cases in American history, and has diVampire Story, a strange and cautionversified her workload as an author to ary tale about teen violence in Amerinclude covering famous trials as a ica’s heartland, Red Zone, a behind news commentator. Over the past the scenes account of an infamous decade, Jones has provided her indog mauling in San Francisco, Michael sights on The O’Reilly Factor, The Jackson Conspiracy, which takes on Today Show, Dateline NBC, Piers the media’s role in the court of public Morgan Tonight, Nancy Grace on opinion, and Della’s Web, the story of HLN, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, a suburban Black Widow, soon to be The E! True HOLLYWOOD Story, and featured on the new ID show, Fatal AtInside Edition. tractions. Having begun her career “Most of the killers I deal with are “normal” people who hold Before landing her own as a syndicated columnist for down jobs, raise families, attend church, and smile at weddings. crime series, Jones created United Features Syndicate, It’s frightening to discover that killers can think of a million reasons and hosted a reality TV show Jones eventually published to murder. Often, that keeps me up at night.” Aphrodite Jones called The Justice Hunters, eight best-selling true crime which ran on the USA network books, three of which transin the weeks prior to the 9/11 lated into films. Her book, All She Wanted was transformed into the attacks. Currently, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is produced by Academy Award winning film, Boys Don’t Cry, Peacock Productions, a division of NBC News, which catapulted Hilary Swank to world-wide and will air on the Investigation Discovery fame. Her other books include The FBI Killer, channel in early 2013.


Sponsored by

Kimberely Peirce – USA / 1995 / 118 min / BluRay / English


Tuesday, Oct 22, 7pm, CP-L

Based on actual events. Brandon Teena is the popular new guy in a tiny Nebraska town. He hangs out with the guys, drinking, cussing, and bumper surfing, and he charms the young women, who've never met a more sensitive and considerate young man. Life is good for Brandon, now that he's one of the guys and dating hometown beauty Lana. However, he's forgotten to mention one important detail. It's not that he's wanted in another town for GTA and other assorted crimes, but that Brandon Teena was actually born a woman named Teena Brandon. When his best friends make this discovery, Brandon's life is ripped apart.

ALL SHE WANTED, was the story of Teena Brandon, a woman who passed herself off as a man and had passionate affairs with young women--until she was murdered. Aphrodite Jones's exclusive access to Teena's family, girlfriends, enemies, and convicted killers make this a riveting tale of sexual betrayal and murder. Soon after the book became a best seller, Jones’s story was adapted into the film BOYS DON’T CRY winning an Oscar for Hillary Swank and nomination for Chloe Sevigny.


On Tuesday, October 22, 7pm, Aphrodite will introduce a retrospective screening of the Oscar winning film, BOyS DON’T CRy, adapted from her book, All She Wanted. A reception with Aphrodite follows, see page 150.



Guy Harvey is one of the world's leading marine biologists, painters and conservationists. Guy's art, which depicts marine animals in colorful, real-life images is a recognizable, fast-growing brand. It's how most people know of him, but there is a lot more to know about Guy Harvey. Guy ranks among the most visible, dedicated and committed marine conservationists. His business success has helped fund many research efforts allowing us to learn more - a lot more -- about the marine environment around us. It's a subject he knows quite a bit on his own -- he has a doctorate in the marine sciences. Guy is an accomplished angler and sport fisherman. But he is also an ardent supporter of catch-and-release fishing ethics, and smart fisheries management practices and policies. An avid scuba diver and underwater photographer, Guy's short films, videos and documentaries are meant to share what he learns and sees with the rest of us -- so that together we can all do our part to protect and properly manage the oceans that connect us all together. Yes, it's the art work that people most associate with Guy Harvey. But this art, as well as his many other marine-based endeavors, has a larger purpose: To share his passion for the ocean with the rest of us.




George Schellenger – USA / 2013 / 50 min / BluRay / English

Move over Shark Week, here comes the Tiger Shark Express! Join Guy Harvey and some of the world’s foremost shark experts as they track tiger sharks across oceans, seeing them as never before and changing the way we view these amazing sharks. The film is based on five years’ worth of scientific data drawn from satellite tags and other instruments used to follow the incredible migratory patterns tiger sharks follow across the sea.

Executive Producer: Dr. Guy Harvey / Producer & Writer: George C. Schellenger / Cinematographers: Dr. Guy Harvey, George C. Schellenger, Rick Westphal, Jim Abernethy, Alex Harvey, Dr. Neil Burnie / Contact: Tony Fins Sponsored by


Wednesday, Oct 30, 7pm, Bailey Hall

Producer and Writer Bio: George C. Schellenger is a two-time Emmy award winner with more than 20 years experience in television and content development. He’s worked with leading media and technology brands across the United States from Time Warner to Microsoft (even NASA). At Microsoft, he helped launch At Time-Warner, he consulted for National Geographic, The Weather Channel, CBS, CNN, ABC, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Reuters – even Robin Leach. He’s been an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri‘s School of Journalism and served as Director of Content for the X PRIZE Foundation, working to give away $2MM in a lunarlander prototype competition. He served as a producer for TEDxUSC in 2012. With Dr. Guy Harvey and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, he's produced a series of highly-acclaimed ocean conservation films, making a difference on a global scale. In 2013 he published his first book, Not Because It's Easy, an adventure story paying tribute to Project Apollo. He is a Miami native.

TIGER SHARK EXPRESS plays 7pm Wednesday, October 30, at Bailey Hall on the Broward College campus in Davie. The short documentary, FISHING PONO plays before it, see page 75.


For Showtimes see p109



Jonathan Bird is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer specializing in underwater production. He is the host and producer of Jonathan Bird's Blue World, an educational family-friendly underwater adventure series airing on public television in the USA since 2008. It can also be seen on YouTube or This series has won 8 Emmy Awards and its fourth season will be released in early 2014. As both the director of photography and the host of this series, Jonathan shares his enthusiastic love of the ocean with audiences as he travels the world exploring marine mysteries and learning about the wonders of nature. He has shot and produced over 30 films for broadcast and education. His films have appeared all over the world, on networks such as National Geographic Channel, PBS, ABC, USA Network, Discovery and even the SciFi Channel. Jonathan is the president and founder of Oceanic Research Group, Inc.,, a non-profit environmental organization founded in 1990 to promote conservation of the world’s oceans. He is also an accomplished still photographer and the author of seven books of underwater photography with articles and images published in hundreds of magazines, calendars and books.


Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, a 2013 National Emmy nominated and eight-time New England Emmy award-winning program, takes viewers on an adventurous exploration of the world’s oceans in a series the whole family will enjoy. Filmed across the globe, each episode brings viewers to the edge of their seats as they wait to find out if the mother turtle can drag herself across the beach in the middle of the night to lay her eggs or what lurks behind the next stalagmite in an underwater cave. Jonathan frolics with tiger sharks in the Bahamas, excavates the pirate Blackbeard’s shipwreck alongside underwater archaeologists, dives in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory with astronauts and learns what life is like living in Aquarius Reef Base 50 feet under the surface of the ocean.

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World has aired continuously on public television stations in over 78% of the United States since May 2008. Co-produced by Jonathan Bird Productions and Oceanic Research Group, the series has been shown over 18,000 times in 41 states. Season 4 will be released in 2014 with more exciting adventures.

On the web at, and on DVD, Jonathan Bird’s Blue World has been shown to be a valuable and entertaining tool for science education. Teachers across the country incorporate Jonathan Bird’s Blue World into the classroom to illustrate science and oceanographic concepts that engage viewers using educational resources. With partial support from the National Science Foundation Jonathan Bird’s Blue World also offers STEM focused educational online resources. These materials illustrate topics such as sound, light, osmosis, pH and buoyancy with videos of sperm whales, camouflaged fish, mangroves, coral reefs and sharks.



Thursday, Oct 31, 10am, GBI, Friday, Nov 1, 10am, Canal House, GBI, Monday, Nov 4, 9:30am & 11am, CP-L EvENiNG SCREENiNGS FOR FAMiLiES: Saturday, Nov 2, 5pm, Canal House, Monday, Nov 4, 5pm Reception followed by screening, CP-L



Saturday, Oct 26, 4:30pm, SC Following the screening, The Pauly Cohen Orchestra will take the stage for a performance


Paul Benjamin Cohen was born in Brooklyn, New York on October 4, 1922. At the insistence of his father, a veteran of World War I who picked up a horn in France, Pauly began playing the trumpet at the age of six. In high school, he was awarded a scholarship to study with famed New York Philharmonic first trumpeter Willian Vacchiano. By his mid-teens, Pauly was already working professionally and when he graduated from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, he moved to Manhattan and began his career as a traveling musician. Because of his already burgeoning trumpet abilities, Pauly quickly work in the studios, playing in the orchestra of radio programs. After he finished his nightly assignments on radio, he always made his way to 52nd Street, where he was befriended by Billie Holiday and other noted Jazz legends. An early mentor was Dizzy Gillespie, who he met in the mid-40s when they were both in the trumpet section of the Earl Hines Big Band that included Charlie Parker. Pauly began playing lead trumpet and in just a few years, he built a reputation that found him very much in demand with the most popular big bands of the era. Accordingly, Pauly was on the road and playing lead trumpet with such legends as Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Charlie Barnett. Along with big band gigs, radio and recording sessions, Pauly also played in the pit bands of Broadway shows. He was truly the trumpeter’s trumpeter and a musician of first call. As the music business in New York changed, Pauly began spending more time in Miami, working in the hotel bands that backed singers, in-


cluding Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. There was a thriving Jazz scene in Miami during the 50s and 60s, and Pauly was very involved, playing gigs, jamming, and doing some teaching on the side. In the 70s, Pauly worked his dream gig, playing lead trumpet with the Count Basie Orchestra. The Basie band had a reputation for featuring the best arrangements, and the best players and Pauly fit right in. After leaving Basie, Pauly moved to South Florida in the early 80s. Although he was nearly 70, Pauly had no intention of retiring and he kept working hotel gigs and anything else that came up. But at the same, he realized that there was one thing he had not done during his distinguished career, and that was to lead his own group. And so the Pauly Cohen Orchestra was born, over twenty five years ago. A weekly rehearsal band, the group manages to perform at five or six different concerts a year, recording DVDs and CDs, as well. Filmmaker Bret Primack began documenting Pauly Cohen and his Orchestra just after Pauly turned 88 and last year, Bret created a week of 90th Birthday events that he captured on film. The resulting documentary, Taking Charge – The Pauly Cohen Story, premiered at the Arizona International Film Festival this past April. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Now a resident of Tamarac and beginning his 91st year, Pauly Cohen is still following his dream, still playing the trumpet and still leading his EAST COAST PREMIERE big band. “I’m going to the end. I’m going to play my trumpet until I can’t play my trumpet. And if I can’t play my trumpet, I’m going to lead WORLD PREMIERE my band, even from a chair.”

UNITED STATES PREMIERE TAKING CHARGE – THE PAULY COHEN STORY FLORIDA PREMIERE The Pauly Cohen Story, Bret Primack – USA / 2013 / 43 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS Meet Pauly Cohen, a 90 year old trumpeter still following his big band dream. Pauly is a Jazz NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE elder who graduated from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and within a few years, was working as a big band lead trumpeter with Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Charlie Barnet. His credits WORLD PREMIERES include hundreds of recording sessions, TV and Radio programs, and many many years on the road. Today, Pauly Cohen leads his own big band in South Florida, home to many veterans of the big band era. The film follows Pauly Cohen through a series of 90th Birthday week events including a Master Class with the Studio Big Band at Florida International University, a 90th Birthday Party, a Tribute/Roast and his weekly Big Band rehearsal. Along the way, Pauly reflects on his remarkable life in music, from his early days in the big bands of Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey, to his career peak, lead trumpet with Count Basie during the 70s.

Producers: Richard Dubin, Bret Primack, Michael Ragan, Fred Seibert / Cinematographer & Editor: Bret Primack / Principal Cast: Pauly Cohen / Contact: Bret Primack https://www.faceSponsored by

Cyndi Boyar

Bret “Jazz Video Guy” Primack has created the largest You Tube channel devoted to Jazz; 1100 videos with 22 million views. A graduate of NYU Film School, Bret worked in documentaries before he became a music journalist. With the advent of computer assisted video, and web distribution, Bret returned to filmmaking in 2004. His documentaries and Podcasts include “Orrin Keepnews, Producer,” “The Sonny Rollins Podcast,” and his first feature length documentary “Taking Charge – The Pauly Cohen Story.”



Monday, Oct 28, 7:30pm, CP-H Thursday, Nov 7, 8:45pm, CP-L




They Live for Kicks! Love for Kicks! Kill for Kicks! The Wicked Games Young Sinners Play!” SEE!!! The Devil's Sisters Torture Their Victims by Wrapping Them in Barbed Wire!”

What do these hyberbolic taglines have in common? They were all attached to classic drive-in flicks by Miami-born writer/director/producer William Grefé, respectively THE WILD REBELS, THE NAKED ZOO and THE DEVIL'S SISTERS. From the early 1960's through the '90s, Bill (now a lecturer) was responsible for these and other South Florida B-movies, including STANLEY, MAKO: THE JAWS OF DEATH, IMPULSE, I EAT YOUR SKIN, and perhaps his best-known work, the 1966 cult double bill DEATH CURSE OF TARTU and STING OF DEATH. Along with his SoFla exploitation comrades Herschel Gordon Lewis and Doris Wishman, Bill kept the nation's drive-ins, and later video store shelves, rockin' with bikers, sex, psychos, drugs, zombies and killer animals. Along the way he featured such name stars as William Shatner (IMPULSE), Rita Hayworth (NAKED ZOO), and Don Johnson (CEASE FIRE), and supervised the shark and 'gator scenes in the 007 thriller LIVE AND LET DIE. Relive those drive-in memories with THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP, and please remember to return your speaker to the stand before driving to the exit. by Gordon K. Smith

Ballyhoo Motion Pictures presents


Daniel Griffith – USA / 2013 / 98 min / BluRay / English Featuring interviews with director William Grefé, screenwriter Gary Crutcher, make-up effects artist Doug Hobart, actor Chris Robinson, actor Steve Alaimo, actor John Davis Chandler, actor Bill Marcus, sound mixer Henri Lopez, actor Joe Morrison, camera assistant Randy Grinter, and many more! Featuring a special appearance by William Shatner. Legendary Director and Broward’s own Bill Grefe will introduce his screenings plus take Q&A following the screening.


Monday, Oct 28, 7pm, CP-H and Thursday, Nov 7, 8:45pm, CP-L


Saturday, Oct 19, 7:15pm, On street in front of CP-L






Robert Zemekis - USA / 1985 / 116 min / BluRay Starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Special Guest, LEA THOMPSON

One of the things all teenagers believe is that their parents were never teenagers. Their parents were, perhaps, children once. They are undeniably adults now. But how could they have ever been teenagers, and yet not understand their own children? But "Back to the Future" is even more hopeful: It argues that you can travel back in time to the years when your parents were teenagers, and straighten them out right at the moment when they needed help the most. Lea Thompson (who is here with her fantastic new bittersweet comedy, THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH) will introduce the film. (And Lea will be intro-ed by our resident BTTF aficionado, Kevin Bosch).

Sponsored by

Saturday, October 19, 7:15pm, Cinema Paradiso- Lauderdale (Outside on the street). Bring your beach chair! Stella Artois Outside Bar will be open! (Full Bar) 33

The Inaugural FLIFF

Chairman’s Awards Gala Saturday, November 9 6:30 – 11pm The Westin Diplomat – Great Hall

Presenting The Lifetime Achievement Award to


pages 4, 5 The evening begins with Red Carpet arrivals and Cocktails at 6pm. At this time take a peek at the amazing Silent Auction.  At 7:30pm the event moves inside The Great Hall, but don't dismay, if you have selected your targets in the auction, you will be kept apprised of your competitor's moves via your Smartphone and the big screen. A scrumptious dinner prepared by the Award Winning chefs of The Diplomat, followed by the main event, the presentation of our Lifetime Achievement to a talent equally at ease acting, dancing and singing; Ann-Margret.  Also receiving awards will be our Stars on the Horizon, Hannah Tointon and Jonas Armstrong (pgs12, 13) plus our Vision Award to 3D pioneer and industry leader, Ben Stassen (p14). Linda Carter of The Community Foundation of Broward which administers The Mary N Porter Legacy Fund and Miles & Austin Forman of the Forman Family Foundation will also receive honors.

Then to cap it all off, Grammy Award winning artist

Michael Bolton

performs with his seven piece band The event is Black Tie and tickets are $250 non-members and $200 members

Tickets are limited!

Michael Bolton, the multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 53 million albums and singles worldwide, continues to tour the world every year, all while writing, recording and taping for a wide array of projects spanning music, film, television and theater. Known for his soulful voice and poignant lyrics, his timeless style, charm and good looks have also earned him a spot in several “People Magazine’s Sexiest Man” issues, including 2012’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He most recently became a viral sensation for featuring in The Lonely Island’s hugely popular, “Captain Jack Sparrow” video that launched on Saturday Night Live and was performed live on the Emmys. In recognition of his artistic achievements, Michael won 2 Grammys for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance (nominated four times), 6 American


Music Awards, and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a songwriter, he has earned over 24 BMI & ASCAP Awards, including Songwriter of the Year, 9 Million-Air awards, and the Hitmakers Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Michael has been honored with several Humanitarian awards – including the Martin Luther King Award granted by the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.), the Lewis Hine Award from The National Child Labor Committee, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, and the Frances Preston Lifetime Achievement Award. The Michael Bolton Charities, now in its 20th Year of advocating on behalf of women and children at risk.


Saturday, Oct 19, 9:30pm, CP-H Tuesday, Oct 22, 6:30pm, SC




Thursday, Oct 24, 8pm, MP CINEMA EAST COAST Saturday, PREMIERE Oct 26, 9pm, CP-L



When the fun of double dating begins to grow old, Richard and Bettina share a dirty little secret with their friends Diego and Emilia. They live a double life as swingers and would love to share this practice with them. In this hilarious erotic comedy two couples explore their sexual boundaries while juggling their everyday lives with kids and soccer practice. 2+2 received 9 nominations from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina including Best Actor, Best Actresses, Best Supporting Actors, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design. Producer : Alejancro Cacetta, Juan Vera, Juan Pablo Galli / Writer: Daniel Cúparo, Juan Vera / Cast : Adrian Suar, Carla Peterson, Juan Minujin, Julieta Diaz / Contact: Strand Releasing Nathan

Sponsored by

Betsy Cameron & Barry Smith THE DIRECTOR: Diego Kaplan was born in Buenos Aires in 1968. He studied at the National Institute of Cinema (CERC) where he graduated in 1991.

He directed several fictional programs such as the Son o se hacen TV series and the Mosca y Smith en el Once TV mini-series as well as 14 episodes of the Drácula TV mini-series.

In 1997 he directed and produced his own film entitled Sabés nadar?, which was released commercially in 2002, written by Constance Novick with a cast including Laticia Brédice, Juan Cruz Bordeu, Antonio Birabent, Mariana Brisky, and Rita Cortese. In 2010 he directed Igualita a mí led by Adrián Suar and Florencia Bertotti, produced by Patagonik. In 2012 he directed 2+2 (Dos más Dos), a movie starring Carla Peterson, Adrián Suar, Julieta Díaz and Juan Minujín, also produced by Patagonik.



Thursday, Oct 24, 2pm, MP Friday, Oct 25, 5:30pm, CP-L





Tuesday, Oct 29, 4:30pm, SC Wednesday, Oct 30, 5:30pm, CP-H

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Richard Hankin USA / 2012 / 92 min / DCP / English EAST COAST PREMIERE The rebuilding of the World Trade Center is the most arWORLD PREMIERE chitecturally, politically and emotionally complex urban reUNITED STATES PREMIERE newal project in American history. From the beginning, the rebuilding effort has been fraught with controversy, FLORIDA PREMIERE drama, delays and politics. To date, the struggle has enFESTIVAL WINNERS compassed ten years, nineteen government agencies, a NORTH AMERICA dozen projects, and over $20PREMIERE billion and counting. WORLD PREMIERES Aside from the staggering engineering challenges of the

site itself, a major complicating factor is the sheer number of interested parties. Politicians, developers, architects, insurance companies, local residents, and relatives of 9/11 victims all profess a claim to the site and are often in conflict with one another. According to The New York Times, “Where some saw lucrative real estate, others saw a graveyard. Where some saw Rockefeller Center or Lincoln Center or Grand Central Terminal, others saw Gettysburg.” But what was once ground zero is now a frenzied construction site. Three thousand workers are building four of the tallest skyscrapers in America, an iconic – and complicated – train station, a performing arts center and a sacred memorial and museum. What will emerge in downtown Manhattan over the next few years will redefine the city – and the country – for generations.

16 ACRES is the story of how and why this historic project got built. At the heart of the story is the dramatic tension between noblest intentions, the desire of everyone involved to “get it right,” and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of New York City.

As with all great urban projects, from the Pyramids to Rome’s Coliseum to Rockefeller Center, a small group of powerful people will dictate the outcome. With inside access to the project and these key players, 16 ACRES will tell the story behind the headlines.

Screenplay: Matt Kapp / Producers: Mike Marcucci / Cinematographer: Antonio Rossi / Editor: Richard Hankin / Composer: Max Avery Lichtenstein / Featuring: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor George Pataki, Chris Ward, Larry Silverstein, Daniel Libeskind, David Childs, Michael Arad, Janno Lieber, Roland Betts, Rosaleen Tallon / Contact: Mike Marcucci Sponsored by

Anthony Abbate

Professor FAU School of Architecture


THE DIRECTOR: Richard Hankin has worked on documentaries for both theatrical distribution and for HBO, PBS, NBC, ABC, and Showtime. "Home Front," which Hankin directed, produced, wrote and edited, premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival and on the Showtime Network on Veterans Day. Time Magazine named “Home Front” one of the Top Ten films of the year.


“Capturing the Friedmans,” which Hankin co-produced and edited, was on over 150 “Top Ten” lists and won awards, including the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, and an Emmy for Hankin’s editing. The film was nominated for both an Academy Award and an American Cinema Editor’s Award, and was recently honored by the International Documentary Association as one of the best documentaries of all time. He holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University.


Monday, Oct 21, 6:30pm, SC Tuesday, Oct 22, 4pm, MP





Wednesday, Oct 23, 3:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Oct 26, 1pm, CP-L

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Liliana Komorowska WORLD PREMIERE Canada / 2013 / 86 min / BluRay / DCP / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE A first-time documentary filmmaker offers a compelling FLORIDA PREMIERE insight into the devastating reality of breast cancer, as seen through the WINNERS eyes of several female patients helpFESTIVAL ing demystifyAMERICA the disease whilePREMIERE painting poignant and NORTH often humorous intimate portraits of survival. WORLD PREMIERES

The film depicts the process of learning and accepting the terrifying verdict, and details the complexities of every stage of the disease. All interviewed patients have different experiences. Their individual journeys offer many preventive choices, surgical procedures and treatments, making them hope that it’s possible to keep the cancer at bay. Candid and self-effacing, the women bare their souls as well as their scars. Regardless of their social status, looks and age, they manage to dismiss society’s general perception of feminine beauty and adapt to living with their mutilated bodies while still maintaining grace and pride. This film is not only invaluable as a testament to human resilience, but it also proves that it’s possible to blossom in the face of adversity but as the fight continues, the wisdom and beauty within us can help us conquer the beast until we find a cure. Producers: Liliana Komorowska / Cinematographer: Jan Paweł Pełech Van Royko, Stephanie Weber Biron, Tomi Grgicewic, Zacharie Fay, Sébastien Duguay/ Editor: Marie Christine Sarda / Composer: Paweł Lucewicz / Contact: Producer/Director: Liliana Komorowska @BATBmovie Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Liliana Komorowska is an accomplished Polish-Canadian actress turned director and producer leading a successful artistic career in Canada for the past 15 years. She has performed the classics on stage and has been showcased in many award-winning films and TV in Poland, England, the United States and Canada. In 2007, with her company QueenArt Films, she produced her first documentary film, Paradis perdu, Paradis retrouvé and in 2012 Beauty and the Breast, which is also her directorial debut, featured at numerous film festivals worldwide and the recipient of many awards.

FLiFF is proud to partner with Gilda’s Club South Florida. Fifty percent of redeemed Gilda’s Club vouchers will be donated back to the organization. Please visit to print a voucher. 37


Friday, Nov 8, 9:15pm, CP-L Saturday, Nov 9, 5:30pm, CP-H




Saturday, Nov 9, 12:30pm, SC CINEMA EAST COAST PREMIERE Sunday, Nov 10, Noon, MP


UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: ROByN SyMON FLORIDA PREMIERE Robyn Symon – Mali-USA / 2013 / 60 min / FESTIVAL WINNERS DCP / Tamasheq & French w/English subtitles NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Beyond the fabled city of Timbuktu…. WORLD PREMIERES

Mamatal, the son of a Tuareg chief sets out on a journey across the Sahara to save his culture known as the “blue people of the Sahara” before they disappear. But when the North African government of Mali collapses, he finds himself and his people caught up in an international crisis - a battle between Tuareg rebels fighting for independence and Al Qaeda bent on taking over the Sahara to plot future terrorist attacks against the United States and Europe.

This compelling documentary by Emmy winning Producer/Director Robyn Symon (Dir. of Transformation: The Life & Legacy of Werner Erhard) is the first exclusive look behind the international headlines of the crisis in the Sahara and exposes the government corruption and neglect of an indigenous people who just might be the best hope for defeating Islamic radicals in the region.

Producers: Robyn Symon / Cinematographer: Wes Malkin / Editor: Robyn Symon / Composer: Faris Amine, Bilalan Ag Ganta Moussa, Chris Jackson / Featuring: Mamatal Ag Dahmane, Salah Ag Mohamed Alher, Barbara Worley, Hsen Larbi, Rudy Atallah / Contact: Robyn Symon

THE DIRECTOR: Two-time Emmy winning Writer/Producer/Director Robyn Symon, was a Senior Producer at the PBS station WPBT in Miami where she cohosted, wrote and produced the series “Florida!” for The Travel Channel and produced the hit SOUTHEAST PREMIERE pledge special “Boleros: Unforgettable Love Songs.” A former TV news reporter, Symon proEAST COAST PREMIERE duced the national PBS series “Voices of Vision,” hosted by NPR’s Scott Simon about the work of global non-profit groups. In 2007, Symon debuted in the indie arena, directing “Transformation: The Life & Legacy of Werner Erhard” ” about one of the most WORLD PREMIERE controversial cultural figures of our time.


UNITED STATES PREMIER Revolution SHORT DOC FLORIDA PREMIERE Matthew VanDyke – Syria & Turkey / 2013 / 15 min / FESTIVAL WINNERS HDCam / English & Syrian w/English sub-titles NORTH AMERICA PREMIER The story of the Syrian revolution as told WORLD through the experiences of two PREMIERES young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people.

Producers: Matthew VanDyke and Nour Kelze / Cinematographer: Matthew VanDyke / Editor: Ivan Kander / Featuring: Nour Kelze and Omar Hattab (Mowya) / Contact: Matthew VanDyke w w w. s y r i a n r e v o l u t i o n f i l m . c o m w w w. m a t t h e w v a n d y k e . c o m


THE DIRECTOR: A first-time director from Baltimore, MD, Matthew VanDyke was the subject of international press coverage when he fought in the Libyan revolution as an American freedom fighter and soldier in the rebel army. He was captured by Gaddafi’'s forces and spent nearly 6 months as a prisoner of war, before escaping from prison and returning to combat until the end of the war. His first film is about the revolution in Syria.


Saturday, Nov 2, 5pm, CP-L Sunday, Nov 3, 7:30pm, CP-H Tuesday, Nov 5, 8pm, MP






Stephen Cone – USA / 2013 / 84 min / HDCam / English

A strong-willed graduate student in theatre directs a group of fresh-faced undergrads in an adaptation of a gothic 80s young adult novel, a process that alters them all in unexpected ways. The arrival of the book's author only furthers the ensemble's journey into the very personal, very real origins of narrative.

Screenplay: Stephen Cone / Producers: Laura Klein & Stephen Cone / Executive Producers: Jay Knowlton, Thomas Patrick Lane / Cinematographer: Stephanie Dufford / Editor: Stephen Cone / Composer: Heather McIntosh / Production Designer: Caity Birmingham / Art Director: Matt Hyland / Principal Cast: Josephine Decker, Austin Pendleton, Jaclyn Hennell, Alex Weisman, Nick Vidal, Dennis William Grimes, Elaine Ivy Harris, Maggie Suma / Contact: Stephen Cone


Sponsored by

George Kress

THE DIRECTOR: Stephen Cone is a Chicago-based director, writer, actor and educator. He has written, produced and directed several short films and features, including the Outfest award-winning New York Times Critics' Pick The Wise Kids, which also received raves in Variety and from the late Roger Ebert, went on to appear in several year-end lists and get acquired for VOD/DVD by Wolfe Video. In the summer of 2011 Stephen made his Chicago stage acting debut in the World Premiere of Philip Dawkins' The Homosexuals at About Face Theatre in Chicago, for which he was named one of the Seven Hot New Faces of the Chicago Stage by the Chicago Tribune.



Monday, Oct 21, 8pm, MP Tuesday, Oct 22, 5:30pm, CP-H





Thursday, Oct 24, 6:30pm, SC Saturday, Nov 9, 11am, CP-L


Analeine Caly Mayor – Mexico-Canada / 2013 / 91 min / DCP / English

28 th

28 th

13 28

13 28

13 Grand Bahama Island 28th ANNUAL





At first glance, Mica seems a perfectly normal boy. But first glances can often be deceiving... For one, Mica's house is a museum managed by his mom honoring Guillermo Garibai, the legendary Mexican singer. Mica spends most of his time there while his mother is guiding tours to aging fans. But stranger still, Mica smells. He smells like fish. Numerous doctors, his life-long therapist and even his own parents are at a loss. No one wants to be Mica's friend. Girls won't talk to him. Despite the sensitive coaching of his therapies, his life appears pointless, uneventful, doomed. That is, until Laura walks into it.

Producer: Gregory Middleton, Niv Fichman, 13

Stacy Perskie / Cast : Ariadna Gil, Don Mckellar, Douglas Smith, Zoe Kravitz / Contact: Sales 6, Madrid, Spain

International Film Festival


Saturday, Nov 9, 7pm, CP-L Sunday, Nov 10, 6pm, MP





Sponsored by

South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble


Aaron Hosé – USA / 2013 / 61 min / BluRay / English In September 2010, 18 year-old Tyler Clementi took his own life following the online posting of a secret video, made by his roommate, of Tyler’s sexual encounter with another male student. This tragedy and betrayal touched people across the country, but none more intensely than young adults questioning modern sexual mores and how they affect their own sexual identities. Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and equalityrights issues faced by LGBT youth in the United States today. Throughout the creative process, they face the truths about themselves and their families. In the end, they learn the importance of self-acceptance and of overcoming their fears, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Screenplay: Play written by Alex Wall with spoken word poetry by Eden Wetherell / Producers: Aaron Hosé, Brigitte Hosé (co), Vanessa Brewster (co), Don Merritt (executive), Bryce West (executive), Rebecca Roos (associate), Kyle Shelton (associate) / Cinematographer: Aaron Hosé, Dale Fakess, Vanessa Brewster / Editor: Aaron Hosé / Principal Cast: Gabrielle Shulruff, Alex Wall, Austen Edwards, Carson Summers, Eden Wetherell, Meshia Wright / Contact: Aaron Hosé - 407-227-2110 - THE DIRECTOR: Aaron Hosé is an Emmy Award-winning producer and filmmaker who’s been involved in commercial, television, and documentary film production for nearly fifteen years. In 2010 Aaron completed his début feature-length documentary Voices in the Clouds, which he produced and directed in Taiwan. The film has screened and won awards at festivals in the Caribbean, Canada, U.S.A, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. His latest documentary feature, Break Through, is now touring the international film festival circuit. Aaron also serves as programming director of the Aruba International Film Festival, one of the fastest-growing film festivals in the Caribbean region.


Bryan Horch – USA / 2013 / 14 min / HDCam / English

After convincing his husband to retire their beloved, lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping for a new bed. Screenplay: Bryan Horch / Producers: Liz Ellis / Cinematographer: Matt Bucy / Editor: Bryan Horch / Composer: Nathan Berla Shulock / Production Designer: Claire Delsio / Art Director: / Principal Cast: Ben Lerman, Walter Replogle / Contact: Bryan Horch

Bryan Horch has worked as a filmmaker and interactive media designer for over ten years. His work spans topics from reproductive health, LGBTQ issues, human rights and Deaf Culture to comic narrative shorts, music videos and television ads.



In January of 2010, Lisa Liotta of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) contacted me regarding the possibility of creating a cinema in Downtown Hollywood. City Manager (then Assistant Mgr) Cathy Rivenbark-Swanson had formulated a plan that would broker a partnership between the beach hotels and superior lodgings and downtown merchants. An annual contribution of $30,000 for ten years would be given to Cinema Paradiso from the CRA in exchange for 3,000 tickets to the films. These tickets would be given to tourists and visitors staying at the beach hotels. The CRA sponsored trolley would provide transportation and the tourists/visitors would take in a movie, have lunch or dinner, an after movie gelato or frozen yogurt, browse the short, inject commerce into downtown, provide an on-going cultural option to visitors and residents while guaranteeing the life of the cinema. From 2010 – late 2012, the CRA showed us over a dozen different properties. With each site we would evaluate the plausibility of creating a cinema balanced against the renovation costs along with the desire-ability of the location with respect to movie-goers. Finally, we found 2008 Hollywood Boulevard, a centrally located property owned by New York based Jenel Management, that fit all of our needs. We worked with the owner’s agent, Cristina Moinelo of CBA Realty and Joseph Kaller, a Hollywood architect the owners had worked with often. Once we were confident we could make this a reality, Jorge Camejo, Executive Director of the Downtown Hollywood CRA brought the project to his Board. On January 9th of this year, the Board, led by Mayor Peter Bober and unanimously approved by Commissioners Patty Asseff, Kevin D. Biederman, Richard Blattner, Traci L. Callari,


Peter D. Hernandez, and Linda Sherwood, this project received enthusiastic support from the business and residential community as well. Now all that was left was to raise a quarter million dollars, design the space, get engineers on-board, permit, build and have it inspected so we could open by October for FLIFF. No, this was no piece of cake. Led by FLIFF Chairman Alan Koslow, we began monthly fundraisers at downtown restaurants. Our first event at FACE (Kimy & Michel) was just what we needed to capture enthusiasm for the project. That was followed by The Tipsy Boar ( Carmen & Fulvio Sardelli), Sage Oster Bar (Irina Kirshner?) and Lola’s (Robert and Audra Mignola). Businesses also lent great support, including The Westin Diplomat, Marriott Hollywood Beach, Crowne Plaza, Menchie’s Yogurt, The Goodyear Blimp, JetBlue, Hillcrest Golf Course, Island City House (Key West) among others. At those events we were fortunate to have some substantial contributions including Janet Schwartz Leavy ($11,500) who will name our sidewalk cafe after her parents, Joan Shames ($5,000), Laurie Schechter ($2,500), Irv Cohen ($2,500), Irwin Levenstein ($1,500), among many others who donated from $50 - $500 each. Meanwhile, momentum among the business and philanthropic community began taking shape. A major catalyst was the pledge of the Community Foundation of Broward through their Mary N. Porter legacy Fund to commit $150,000 over a four year time-frame, with the caveat of us raising a $1 to $1 match. Jarett Levan of BBX Capital was the first to commit $10,000 and it was immediately matched by NEW YOU Magazine. Things began to look a little stymied as we realized we wanted to be open this October but the grant funds would

not be received in full until 2016. It was now August and rolling, and continues to do so as one of our leading the time was ticking away (in fact we don’t know at the time fundraisers. Gerry Weber was Chair for 2011 – 12, during of this writing if we will open in time!). So into this severely which time the debate over should we or shouldn’t we time sensitive situation, walks Austin Forman. Ironically, occupied not only our scheduled monthly meetings, but when we opened Cinema three to five other Paradiso – Lauderdale, monthly meetings the same set of circumplus hours on conferstances were involved ence calls and email. with a State cultural Doug Solomon, Legal Facilities Grant. The Counsel at that time savior then would spent over a thoucome back to save us sand hours negotiatagain...right Austin and ing the “deal” with the his son Miles were owners and the City. $25,000 sponsors of Alan Koslow was CP-L plus they loaned elected Chair in Deus $75,000 interest cember of last year free to get opened on and since that time, time. This time they we have been nonwill provide over stop on this project. $100,000 in an interest This last paragraph free loan plus donate doesn’t proclaim the $10,000 to the project. end of this effort, but So if you are sitting in rather the beginning. a CP-H seat now, We need your help to reading this...thank raise the remainder of Mary N. Porter and the $150,000. If everyFORT LAUDERDALE Austin Forman. one would do someIt is also approprithing, we can retire our ate to mention other loan, secure our players who played matching grant funds significant roles in and do what you all making CP-H come expect from us... H O L LY WO O D create a Vacation from alive. Betsy Cameron was Chair of FLIFF when the project was born and, as Ordinary Film! Please email if you would always, Betsy with her positive mindset, got the wheels like to become part of the solution. R E L E A S I N G



Sunday, Oct 20, 7:30pm, CP-H Monday, Oct 21, 8pm, SC Sunday, Nov 3, 8:30pm, MP






Raúl Marchand Sánchez Puerto Rico / 2012 / 90 min / DCP / Spanish w/English sub-titles

Friends Rafael, Anselmo and Pablo run away from the strict retirement home where they live, to enjoy a weekend of fun and frolic. Their trip takes them to a beach in Piñones where Rafael's grandson competes in a surfing contest. Together, the four of them have a day filled with laughs, love and camaraderie, in an adventure that unites three generations. Broche de Oro celebrates the power of family and living life to the fullest.

Screenplay: Raúl Marchand Sánchez / Producers: Frances Lausell / Cinematographer: Sonnel Velázquez / Editor: Raúl Marchand Sánchez / Composer: Gerónimo Mercado / Art Director: Joanne Tucci / Principal Cast: Jacobo Morales, Luis Omar O'farrill, Diego de la Texera, Adrián García, Sara Pastor, Carmen Nydia Velázquez, Luis Raúl, Marian Pabón / Contact: Lelimar Blanco 787-728-1400 Do More Productions Sponsored by


THE DIRECTOR: Marchand is a Puerto Rican writer, director and editor whose resumé includes feature films such as Angeles perdidos, Cuerpo del delito and Bala perdida (3rd Place Audience Choice Awards at the 20th Chicago Latino Film Festival). He also directed Atraco a las tres y media and 12 horas – which received a Special Mention for Best Emerging Filmmaker at the 1st Tribeca Film Festival. He has worked on the production of several TV ads for local agencies as well as music videos for leading performers such as Ricky Martin, Ednita Nazario and Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others. He is the author of the documentary series Sueños líquidos for Mexican rock band Maná. In 2007, he directed the comedy Manuela y Manuel, produced by Isla Films and, along with David Tedeschi, co-edited the film El Cantante, directed by León Ichaso. In 2008, he edited the psychological thriller Miente’.



Saturday, Oct 19, 4pm, MP Sunday, Oct 20, 1:15pm, CP-L




Sunday, Oct 20, 5pm, SC INDIE EAST COAST Monday, Oct 21,PREMIERE 5:30pm, CP-H


WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Isaak James WINNERS FESTIVAL USA / 2013 / 82 min / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE After being laid off from her teaching job in WORLD PREMIERES Boston, Brooke moves back home to live with her parents. In the shadow of the dying Occupy Movement, she is but one of the many overeducated and underemployed forced to make such a retreat. Disillusioned and weighed down by the daily monotony of working in her family's restaurant, she struggles to find a way back to her independent, adult life.

When her estranged childhood friend Morgan pays an unexpected visit, old wounds are reopened and Brooke is forced to confront all the thwarted expectations she once had for herself.

Set in a winter on Cape Cod that’s both bleak and beautiful, “By Way of Home” is an intimate portrait of a generation interrupted, a story about family, friendship, love and the ever more elusive American dream.

Screenplay: / Producers: Isaak James, Eva James & Whitney Parshall / Cinematographer: Isaak James / Editor: Isaak James / Principal Cast: Eva James, Whitney Parshall, Beth Hasson, Alain Hasson & Isaak James / Contact: Sponsored by

Larry & Suellen Caplan


THE DIRECTOR: Isaak James is a director, editor, screenwriter, producer and cinematographer. “By Way of Home” is his fourth feature film. Isaak also works commercially as a director and editor, some of his clients include NBC Universal, USA Networks, Ogilvy & Mather and Sotheby’s. Isaak

James is the founder of Last Ditch Pictures (Based in NYC) and a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.



Saturday, Nov 9, 3pm, CP-L Saturday, Nov 9, 7:30pm, CP-H Sunday, Nov 10, 7:45pm, MP





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IntoAction Treatment

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Nebesnye Zheny Lugovykh Mari), WORLD PREMIERE Alexey Fedorchenko Russia / 2012STATES / 106 min / DCP UNITED PREMIERE Russian w/English sub-titles FLORIDA PREMIERE FESTIVAL This is 22 short WINNERS stories about women of Mari. The Mari (Mari: марий, Russian: NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE марийцы), are a Finno-Ugric ethnic WORLD PREMIERES group, who have traditionally lived along the Volga and Kama rivers in Russia. Almost half of Maris today live in the Mari El republic, with significant populations in the Bashkortostan and Tatarstan republics. The Mari people consists of three different groups: the Meadow Mari, who live along the left bank of the Volga, the Mountain Mari, who live along the right bank of the Volga, and Eastern Mari, who live in the Bashkortostan republic.

Meadow Mari are the only ones who keep the communal prayer in the groves, naive honoring priests-karts. Celestial brides and wives of the Meadow Mari are indistinguishable from earthly wives.

Screenplay: Denis Osokin / Producers: Dmitry Vorobyev, Alexey Fedorchenko / Co-Production: Kenpo-Kaliy Company (co-producer Mikhail Shchukin), Red Arrow Film Company (producer Leonid Lebedev) / Cinematographer: Shandor Berkeshy / Editor: Roman Vazhenin / Composer: Andrey Karasev / Production Designer: Zorikto Dorzhiev, Artem Habibulin / Principal Cast: Julia Aug, Yana Esipovich, Vasiliy Domrachev, Daria Ekamasova, Olga Dobrina, Yana Troyanova, Olga Degtyarova, Alexandr Ivashkevich, Yana Sexte / Contact: - Elena Podolskaya, ANT!PODE Sales & Distribution


THE DIRECTOR: Aleksei Fedorchenko was born September 29, 1966 in Sol-Iletsk, in the Orenburg region of Siberia. After engineering studies, he worked on space defense projects in a factory in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg). In 1990, he became official economist then deputy director of the Sverdlovsk State Studio. Since 2000, he has managed the studio's production department, and participated in the production of over 80 films. He has studied dramaturgy at the Russian National Film Institute, and written screenplays for documentaries that were awarded numerous prizes at festivals worldwide. Aleksey is an co-owner, film director and general producer of "29 February " Film Corporation, and currently lives and works in Ekaterinburg.


Sunday, Oct 27, 4pm, CP-L Monday, Oct 28, 3:30pm, CP-H





Friday, Nov 1, 6pm, MP Sunday, Nov 3, 6:30pm, SC

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Norry Niven WORLD / 116 min / HDCam / English USA / 2013PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Chasing Shakespeare is a beautiful, enchantFLORIDA PREMIERE ing, love story about a young Native American woman’s search for her destiny and her widFESTIVAL WINNERS ower husband’s attempts to reunite with her NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE after her death. WORLD PREMIERES

The film recounts the beginning, end and rebirth of a love affair between William and Venus in rural Arkansas. Told in flashback, William, now mourning the passing of his beloved, recalls how his younger self first fell for the Shakespeare-loving Venus, a member of the mystical American Indian Lightning Clan. Though society, circumstance and familial pressures conspire to keep them apart, William finally makes his way to New York City, joining Venus in a traffic-stopping, impromptu performance of the Bard’s The Tempest. In the present, William begins seeing visions of his departed wife – visions his grown son attributes to a declining mental state until son and father share one last miraculous, life- and loveaffirming moment together. Screenplay: James Bird / Producers: Loren Basulto & Norry Niven / Cinematographer: Norry Niven / Editor: Peter Tarter / Composer: Eric Kaye / Production Designer: Geri Schary / Art Director: Stewart Welsh / Principal Cast: Danny Glover, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinale, Chelsea Ricketts, Mike Wade, Ashley Bell, Adriana Mather, Clarence Gilyard Jr. / Contact: Norry Niven / 214-707-0169

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Teri & Brian Pattullo


THE DIRECTOR: Born and raised in Texas, Norry graduated in film from U.T.A. He spent post college years in LA as a director for Hollywood based, The End, cutting his teeth shooting award winning music videos and national commercials. Returning to Texas he started Stone Core Films, arguably the most successful commercial production company in the southwest and has recently launched Three-One-O, a commercial production company in Los Angeles. “Chasing Shakespeare” is Norry’s debut feature.



Saturday, Oct 19, 5:15pm, SC Saturday, Oct 19, 7:45pm, MP Saturday, Nov 2, 1pm, CP-L







From the early days of silent films to present day, from Chaplin to X-Men, disability portrayals are ever changing. This dynamic documentary takes a detailed look at the evolution of "disability" in entertainment. Our in-depth investigation goes behind the scenes to interview Filmmakers, Studio Executives, Film Historians, and Celebrities, as well as utilize vivid clips from Hollywood's most beloved motion pictures and television programs to focus attention on the powerful impact that entertainment and the media can have on society. Do disability portrayals in the media impact society or does the media simply reflect our ever-changing attitudes? In this important documentary we see if media has had a hand in transforming the societal inclusion of the disabled and determine if an enlightened understanding of disability can have a positive impact on the world.

Screenplay: Jenni Gold, Sam Reed / Producers: Jenni Gold, Jeff Maynard / Cinematographer: D.Scott Dobbie / Editor: Chris Lorusso / Composer: Erik Lundmark / Featuring: Ben Affleck, Michael Apted, Adam Arkin, Paris Barclay, Peter Bogdanovich, Beau Bridges, Marc Cherry, Michael D’Amore, Geena Davis, Richard Donner, Peter Farrelly, Fern Field, Rick Finkelstein, Tobias Forrest, Jamie Foxx, Vince Gilligan, Taylor Hackford, Robert David Hall, Janis Hirsch, Xavier Horan, Ken Howard, Helen Hunt, Gale Anne Hurd, Laura Innes, Geri Jewell, James Keach, Phil Keoghan, Randal Kleiser, David L. Lander, Judi Levine, Ben Lewin, Suzanne Lyons, Kyle MacLachlan, William H. Macy, Camryn Manheim, Garry Marshall, Kellie Martin, Benito Martinez, Marlee Matlin, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, RJ Mitte, Danny Murphy, Kim Myers, Stephen Nemeth, Martin Norden, Angela Rockwood, Allen Rucker, Tom Sherak, Teal Sherer, Graeme Sinclair, Gary Sinise, Evan Somers, Tari Hartman Squire, Tom Sullivan, Christopher Templeton, Michael Tollin, Alan Toy, James Troesh, Robert J. Ulrich, Nick Vujicic, Gail Williamson, Danny Woodburn, Anthony E. Zuiker / Contact: Jeff Maynard THE DIRECTOR: Considered a triple threat in the world of entertainment, Jenni Gold’s accomplishments have been featured in publications nationwide including: The LA Times, DGA Magazine, and Quest Magazine. Jenni’s editing and screenwriting skills serve as a foundation for her Directorial efforts which have received multiple awards and have placed her among the best in her field as a Director Member of the Directors Guild of America. Her awards have included a 1st place award at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Fest for her student short film and in a Sunshine Celluloid Award for her first feature.


Ms. Gold is the founder of Gold Pictures, Inc. a development/production entity located in Hollywood, California. In addition to directing the documentary, Jenni is developing a suspense thriller titled ADRENALINE and the family film titled LUCKY.


Thursday, Nov 7, 3:30pm, CP-H Friday, Nov 8, 6pm, MP




SOUTHEAST PREMIERE DOCUMENTARY EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: THIERRy GAyTAN UNITED STATES PREMIERE Thierry Gaytan – Colombia & France / 2013 FLORIDA PREMIERE / 52 min / DigiBeta / English FESTIVAL WINNERS Cocaine Route: A survey of the NORTH AMERICA PREMIEREThe Franco-Colombian journalist Thierry GayWORLD PREMIERES tan during two years of work, is chilling.

He took great risks to make this documentary has just been released in France. The reporter put together a chain of cocaine from producer to consumer. The most impressive part of the film is taking place in Colombia. At the heart of the Andes, farmers cultivate coca discreetly. This area of 8500 km2 is the largest site in the world. In a village worthy of the Far (Wild) West at the foot of the mountains where a farmer transforms drugs: coca leaves, the cleanser, soda, gasoline and cement. In Medellin, the director has an appointment with Lieutenant a big drug dealer. Meeting with armed traffickers of cocaine stuffed and made nervous by the camera is the best time experiencing the film. Truth is stranger than fiction. It also assists the working methods of a French dealer, used to provide an easy Parisian customers...

Screenplay: Thierry Gaytan / Producers: Thierry Gaytan & Pallas Television / Editor: Gary Perrec / Composer Music: Gary Perrec / Contact:

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE THE DIRECTOR: Investigative journalist, he produced documentaries and reports mainly for French television for major programs in prime time. His films are usually broadcast by foreign channels worldwide.



EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDANarayanan PREMIERE Priyamvada India / 2013 / min / DCP / English & w/English sub-titles FESTIVAL22 WINNERS NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE "Development" in 1974 Bombay is the backdrop of Edwin's WORLD PREMIERES quest to save a tree on ancestral family land. What ostensibly seems like a land feud between two brothers , appears to have much more at stake...

Screenplay: Priyamvada Narayanan / Producers: Malcolm Noronha/Jenny Pinto / Cinematographer: Sidharth Kale / Editor: Jabeen Merchant / Composer: Sandeep Pillai / Sound Design: Stephen Gomes Production Designer: Jenny Pinto / Art Director: Arvind Ashok Kumar / Principal Cast: Faisal Rashid, Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Sheeba Chadha, Jayant Gadekar, Pramod Ghosh, Druv Raj Singh, Uday Chandra / Contact: Priya Narayanan (917)- 664-2255 PRIYA is a Psychiatrist by training and works with the mentally ill in Mumbai and San Diego. She worked as an As-

sistant Director on Lagaan andTalaash - both major Bollywood productions. Her first film as a writer/director - this story pays tribute to a hidden gem in Mumbai - a little suburb called Bandra.



Saturday, Nov 9, 6pm, MP Saturday, Nov 9, 8pm, MP





Sunday, Nov 10, 2pm, MP Monday, Nov 11, 2pm, MP

Ben Stassen Belgium / 2013 / 110 min / DCP / English

Take the ride of a lifetime and go on a thrilling safari in exclusive immersive 3D, travelling across Africa from Namibia to the Kilimanjaro.

Wave Pictures invites you on a new and exciting adventure in Africa. Join zoologist Liesl Eichenberger and wildlife filmmaker Tim Liversedge as they explore the Okavango Delta, one of the most spectacular wildlife reserves on earth. The Okavango River originates in the highlands of Angola, but never reaches the sea. Instead, it empties into the Kalahari Desert, irrigating 20,000 square-km of this desolate region.

This thrilling expedition will bring you faceto-face with the most majestic wild animals inhabiting this corner of paradise. You feel as you are in the seat of the open air Range Rover as it treks across the plains. You cannot get any closer than this.

Producer: Michael Fessler, Ben Stassen / Producer: Ben Stassen / Cinematographer: Sean MacLeod Phillips / Editor: Shon Hedges / Featuring: Liesl Eichenberger, Tim Liversedge / Contact: nWave Pictures, Brussels

THE DIRECTOR: Ben Stassen is a Belgian film producer/director. He founded nWave Pictures , producing highly successful CGI ride films including the groundbreaking Devils Mine. In 1997, Ben Stassen began focusing on large format films usually screened at IMAX theaters, and made some of the most successful large format films to date, including Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun and Alien Adventure. Stassen quickly embraced this new technology, and directed a succession of popular 3-D large format films, such as Encounter in the Third Dimension and Haunted Castle.

leading producer and distributor of 3D ride films and 4D attraction films with over 30 titles in their library.

Stassen's first feature length animated film, Fly Me to the Moon was the first animated film to be designed, created, and released solely in 3-D. nWave announced that its next film would be titled Around the World in 50 Years. It was released in 2010 titled Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage. Stassen was also involved in the production of several movies directed by film director Krsto Papić, most notably "My Uncle's Legacy", the film was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Foreign Film category.


Ben Stassen will receive the FLIFF Outstanding Filmmaker Award at the Chairman's Awards Gala Nov 9, for his brilliance in pioneering the 3D innovation of the 21st Century Motion Picture

In 2004, Stassen produced and directed "Wild Safari", the first 3D wildlife film for the giant screen (Imax). nWave is also the


Saturday, Oct 19, 5:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Oct 19, 9:45pm, MP





Sunday, Oct 20, 8pm, CP-L Tuesday, Oct 22, 8:30pm, SC

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Zak Forsman WORLD PREMIERE USA-Mexico / 2013 / 95 min / DCP / English & Spanish PREMIERE w/English sub-titles UNITED STATES FLORIDA PREMIERE Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul FESTIVAL WINNERS Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE to carry a gun. When violent mid-level trafWORLD PREMIERES fickers coerce him into designing a foolproof

plan to bring several kilos of cocaine across the MĂŠxico border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once and for all. But when a sharp-witted woman from his past enlists his help to escape this rival outfit, Paul must confront the man that is hunting him down, and choose between his livelihood as a smuggler and his integrity as a man. Screenplay: Zak Forsman / Producer: Kevin K. Shah / Cinematographer: Addison Brock III / Editor: Jamie Cobb / Composer: Deklun / Principal Cast: John T. Woods, Paulie Rojas, Ross Marquand, Judd Nelson / Contact:


THE DIRECTOR: Let's not pretend someone else is writing this bio. I am an artist-entrepreneur and filmmaker at The Sabi Company. I've been fortunate enough to have my movies play at some fantastic festivals, win a few awards and my latest feature will be distributed worldwide later this year. But nothing has been more rewarding than the friends I've made amongst our casts, crews and fans in the audience. I love making movies and have tried to give back to the indie film community in a variety of ways. In short, I'm having a blast.



Thursday, Oct 31, 5:30pm, CP-H Friday, Nov 1, 4pm, MP Wednesday, Nov 6, 6:30pm, SC






SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE Gus Cantavero UNITED STATES PREMIERE Cambodia / 2013 / 98 min / BluRay / FLORIDA PREMIERE Cambodia has a history of many difficult problems that continue to persist despite years of FESTIVAL WINNERS dollar top-down PREMIERE reform efforts. multi-billion NORTH AMERICA The film chronicles a few Christian organizaWORLD tions led by aPREMIERES Cambodian/American partnership that are trying a new approach from the bottom-up, loving one person at a time.

Still feeling the effects of Pol Pot's genocide, Cambodia is stifled by starvation, demands by corrupt government officials for constant bribes and a booming population of orphans. The UN occupied Cambodia for years and spent billions of dollars to re-organize the government and promote democratic elections. In the end the money was pilfered by corrupt bureaucrats and Hun Sen, a strongarmed dictator, maintained his position.

Film chronicles the efforts of 3 Christian organizations run with Cambodian/American partnerships (Water of Life, Harmony Outreach and World Orphans) that are trying a bottom-up approach, loving one person at a time. Their goal is to rescue a broken society with a new generation of leaders by teaching the principles of accountability, kindness and love. Producers: Gus Cantavero, Damselfly Media / Cinematographer- Editor-Art Director-Contact: Gus Cantavero

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE DESTINOS INTERRUPTIDOS INTERRUPTED DESTINIES UNITED STATES PREMIERE Danny Holguin & Juan Carlos Echeverria FLORIDA PREMIERE USA & Colombia / 2012 / 90 min / BluRay / Spanish w/English sub-titles FESTIVAL WINNERS True story of 2 men that after 26 years, find out that they were switched at birth due NORTH AMERICA PREMIER to an error committed at the hospital. Both men grow up less that 7 miles from each WORLD PREMIERES other. Carlos Mario, raised in an upper class neighborhood in the beautiful city of THE DIRECTOR: Gus Cantavero is a photographer and videographer turned independent filmmaker. Never settling on one medium, he has done stints as a libertarian talk show host and producer of activist videos and live performances to promote peace and a populist world view. Documentary film seemed like the logical next step to take in getting out his message. With years as an independent working artist and always looking to rise to a challenge, he tried his hand at all the key aspects of the production of his debut film, "A Drop of Water" making it almost entirely a solo project.

Cartagena, Colombia. Ramsis is raised in Turbaco an underprivileged village. With their destinies switched, ironically Carlos Mario who grew up in a wealthy society lacks affection from his siblings and suffers the abuse of his alcoholic father. Ramsis lacked materialistic luxuries but is raised by a loving and caring family who single him out as the favorite son. Genetics play a pivotal role in this story. The behavioral traits of the 2 men are completely opposite to the families that raised them for 26 years, but identical to their lost and found biological families. The poetic style of the story comes alive as it evolves around one of the fascinating cities of the Americas.

Producers: Danny Holguin & Juan Carlos Echeverria / Cinematographer: Danny Holguin / Editor: Juan Carlos Echeverria / Composer: Angela Paniza / Contact: Danny Holguin 954-709-8689 SPECIAL GuEST: DANNy HOLGuIN & JuAN CARLOS ECHEVERRIA

SHOWTIMES Saturday, Nov 2, 5:30pm, CP-H • Saturday, Nov 9, 2;30pm, SC •  Sunday, Nov 10, 4pm, MP

THE DIRECTORS: Holguin, holds a Media Arts degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He is the founder director of DHO Studios. The company has produced independent feature films, TV ads and music videos.


Echeverria is a graduate from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cinema. He has written, produced, directed and edited a myriad of projects, including horror flicks, full length features for children, shorts, music videos and commercials.


Sunday, Oct 20, 1pm, CP-H Wednesday, Oct 30, 8pm, MP



Saturday, Nov 2, 3:30pm, SC Friday, Nov 8, 3:30pm, CP-H


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE EL AMOR NO ES LO QUE ERA (Love’s Not What It UsedWORLD To Be) PREMIERE Gabriel Ochoa – Spain / 2013 / UNITED STATES PREMIERE 89 min / DCP / Spanish w/English sub-titles FLORIDA PREMIERE Alex comes acrossWINNERS Lucia’s life, two youngFESTIVAL sters who start discovering each other-the NORTH PREMIERE escape velocityAMERICA will determine their future-. Paz and Jorge see how their relationship is WORLD PREMIERES fading and they don’t know what to do-Hyperbola, whose bodies will never go back to their point of origin-. Albert and Irene meet after some decades of separation-Parabola whose trajectories –it seemed- were not going to join again-. Love´s Not What It Used to Be is the story of the physical law of divergent trajectories.

*Law of divergent trajectories: In the parabola it seems trajectories will never join again, but at some far point, they always get closer to each other. However, the performance of the hyperbola is different: bodies will never go back to their point of origin. The determining factor is the escape velocity, fix value that sets the future trajectory of the object in the future.

Screenplay: Ada Hernández, Gabriel Ochoa, Rafael Cobos / Producers: Tv On Producciones (Paloma Mora) / Cinematographer: Gabriel Guerra / Editor: Vicente Ibáñez / Composer: Julio De La Rosa / Production Designer: Paloma Mora / Art Director: Nacho Ruipérez Y Abdon Alcañiz / Principal Cast: Alberto San Juan, Aida Folch, Nicolás Coronado, Blanca Romero, Petra Martínez Y Carlos Álvaraz-Nóvoa, Con La Colaboracion De Jose Coronado / Contact: TV On Producciones-Paloma Mora. mail:

THE DIRECTOR: Gabriel Ochoa was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1976. He graduated in Hispanic philology, and started as a play writer at university, to continue educating himself as a scriptwriter with teachers the likes of Piti Español, Linda Seger, or Doc Comparato, and as a filmmaker at the Veomax Film School. Since 2001 he works as a television scriptwriter and directed for 4 years the film program Ficcionari (Cartelera Television Award 2009). El amor no es lo que era (Love’s not what it used to be) is his cinematographic debut.



Wednesday, Nov 6, 8pm, SC Thursday, nov 7, 8pm, MP





EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Pourya Azarbaijany – Iran / 2013 / FLORIDA PREMIERE 75 min / BluRay / Farsi w/English FESTIVAL WINNERS sub-titles NORTH AMERICA It is a timePREMIERE of great joy and anticipation. Arghavan, WORLD PREMIERES a young woman of 25, is preparing for her wedding. However, an attack derails those plans. Accusations and insinuations become the norm and Arghavan, who once fought so bravely must fight again for her future. But is strong and brave enough to undo the damage that has been done and face the callous many that are her detractors.

Writer-Producer-Editor: Pourya Azarbaijany / Art Director: Mona Sartoveh / Cinematographer: Majid Mohammadqoli / Music: Hooshyar Kyahyam / Sound: Alireza Alavivan / Principal Cast: Marziyyeh Valipor, Erfan Nazeri, Pantea Sirooz, Nadar Mashayeka, Daryoosh Faezi, Shaqhayeq Rad / Contact: Pourya Azarbaijany

THE DIRECTOR: Born in 1981, Tehran. Graduated BA in Theater, Pourya started his film career with making short films. UNFINISHED STORIES ,his acSOUTHEAST PREMIERE claimed first feature film, premiered at TIFF(Toronto international film festival ) and screened and awarded dozens of festivals across the world. EVERYTHING SOUTHEAST PREMIERE IS FINE HERE, is his second feature film.

EAST COAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE SHOWTIMES Wednesday, Nov 6, 2pm, MP WORLD WORLD PREMIERE CINEMA SHORTS WORLD PREMIERE NO WAY OUT SPECIAL GuEST: Saturday, Nov 9, 3:30pm, CP-H STATES PREMIERE UNITED UNITED STATES PREMIERE SAID FARAJ 1982 FLORIDA PREMIERE THE AMERICAN FAILURE FLORIDA PREMIERE Jeremy Breslau – USA / WINNERS 2013 Ameenah Kaplan – USAWINNERS / FESTIVAL FESTIVAL 10 min / BluRay / English 2012 / 22 min / BluRay / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE AMERICA PREMIERE A blocked NORTH novelist reflects on a pivotal Set in Los Angeles a PREMIERES film that unravWORLD WORLD PREMIERES year in his life, when, as a precocious six-year-old, he struggled for the attention of his bickering parents.

Screenplay: Jeremy Breslau / Producer: Gina Breslau / Co-Producers: Robert L. Brown and Frank Buono / Cinematographer: Frank Buono / Editor: Benjamin Smith / Composer: Beethoven and Jeff Kelly / Production Designer: Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. / Art Director: Rose Youmans / Principal Cast: Jakob Wedel, Kerry Knuppe, Kevin Michael Walsh / Contact: Gina BresSOUTHEAST PREMIERE lau @1982short


EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: WORLD PREMIERE KAREEM MORTIMER Kareem Mortimer – Bahamas / 2012 / 15 UNITED STATES PREMIERE min / DCP / English & Creole FLORIDA PREMIERE Passage centers around a group of FESTIVAL WINNERS Haitians locked in the hold of a fishing vesNORTH AMERICA PREMIERE sel being smuggled through the Bahamas into the United WORLD PREMIERES States. On these vessels

communicable diseases such as dysentery is deadly and if individuals get sick they are thrown overboard. The story is focused of Sandrine, a seventeen year old girl who must hide the fact that her brother Etienne is sick in order to save his life.

Writer: Kareem Mortimer / Producers: Kareem Mortimer, Trevite Willis / Camera: Ian Bloom / Editor: Maria Cataldo / Cast: Stephen Williams / Contact:


els the demise of Carlos Alias, a prestigious lawyer caught in a web of deceit and corruption at the hands of a ruthless international drug cartel.

Screenplay: William S. Stephens, Chriss Anglin, Said Faraj / Producer: Said Faraj / Cinematographer: Malkuth "Mo" Frahm / Editor: M. Shakarchi, Adam E. Winkler / Composer: Marcello De Francisci / Cast: Said Faraj, Hakeem Kae Kazim, Adrienne Wilkinson Contact: SaidFaraj @saidfaraj



Johnny Vong – Canada / 2013 / 14 min / DCP / English

A young paraplegic girl has an encounter with the "boy from her dreams", who moves her in unexpected ways.

Screenplay by: Johnny Vong / Producers: Taylor Gill (coproducer), Bengt Jörgen (executive producer), Johnny Vong (producer) / Cinematographer & Editor: Johnny Vong / Composers: Bjorn Lynne, Dan Phillipson,Yuri Sazonoff / Contact: SPECIAL GuEST: JOHNNy VONG


Friday, Nov 2, 3pm, CP-L Monday, Nov 4, 7:30pm, CP-H




Tuesday, Nov 5, 2pm, MP Sunday, Nov 10, 6:30pm, SC


extraordinary: the stan romanek story

Jon Sumple – USA / 2013 / 80 min / BluRay / English

Stan Romanek is at the center of world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world his story is true. This documentary film takes audiences on a journey through Stan’s past, present and future with one goal in mind: Help the world understand that no one knowingly chooses the challenges Stan and his family have endured. His experiences have forever changed his views on life, religion, science and the essence of humanity. He has been emotionally, physically and psychologically altered during this journey, and so have the people he’s encountered along the way. Simply put, the film illustrates how an ordinary man and his family have been transformed by extraordinary experiences. Some viewers may not believe in life beyond planet Earth when they leave the theatre, but they will surely believe Stan does. The film's intention is not to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, but it does pose the question: What if this is all true? "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" is about one man’s evolution through a life he did not choose and the messages he is driven to deliver to all mankind.

Story by: Jon Sumple & Jack Roth / Producers: Jamie Sernoff, Jon Sumple & Jack Roth / Cinematographers: Jack Roth & Jon Sumple / Editor: Jon Sumple & Patrick Lomantini / Composer: Anton Patzner / Art Director: Patrick Lomantini / Principal Cast: Stan Romanek, Lisa Romanek, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Stanislav O'Jack, Dr. Claude Swanson, Paola Harris / Contact: Jon Sumple, 954-294-7357 SPECIAL GuEST: JON SuMPLE

THE DIRECTOR: Jon Sumple's first film-festival submission -- for FLIFF's Off-the-Wall Video Contest in 1989 — earned two acting awards. He has since developed and directed two television pilots — a reality-based paranormal investigation show "Hauntings" in 1997 with j3FILMS partner Jack Roth and the eco-reality show "Mission:Sustainble" in 2010. "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" is his first long-form documentary film.



Saturday, Oct 19, 9pm, CP-L Sunday, Oct 20, 4pm, MP




Sunday, Oct 20, 6:30pm, SC INDIEEAST COAST Monday, NovPREMIERE 11, 5:30pm, CP-H



wanted: a thriving career, beautiful wife and an affluent lifestyle, all of which is put in jeopardy when Abby, the waitress with whom he's having a casual fling, is accidentally killed. Desperate, he ends up on the doorstep of childhood friend Marvin Croat and asks him for a huge favor: help get rid of the body.

This gruesome circumstance begins a series of events which unravels Kip and Marvin’s lifelong friendship, leading both men to murderous acts neither had ever suspected themselves capable.

Paul Osborne, who returns to FLIFF for a 3rd time, has crafted a finely tuned dark comedy of twists, turns, and eye-opening surprise. In some ways, the film plays homage to A SIMPLE PLAN, but with a comic kick. If you are a fan of suspense, do yourself a FAVOR.

Screenplay: Paul Osborne / Producers: Leslie Wimmer Osborne, Tiffany J. Shuttleworth / Cinematographer: Paul Osborne / Editor: Paul Osborne / Composer: Joe Kraemer / Production Designer: Sean David Christensen / Principal Cast: Blayne Weaver, Patrick Day, Cheryl Nichols, Christina Rose, Rosalie Ward, Alison Martin and Jeffrey Combs / Contact:

Sponsored by

Steven & Kim Naimoli

Paul Osborne previously directed the acclaimed documentary OFFICIAL REJECTION, which chronicled the experiences of independent filmmakers at film festivals. He also wrote and produced the indie feature TEN ‘TIL NOON and is co-president of production company Conspicuous Pictures. In high school, Paul won the Denver’s Gates Planetarium statewide science fiction contest where his short script, THE FINAL EXAM, was produced by the planetarium and played to the public for four straight weeks. Paul went on to attend the University of Miami, majoring in both screenwriting and English, where two of the shorts he wrote and directed each won best picture awards at the university’s “Canes” film festival. He subsequently graduated Cum Laude.


Paul lives with his wife, FAVOR producer Leslie Wimmer Osborne, and their three children in Burbank, California.



Thursday, Oct 24, 3:30pm, CP-H Friday, Oct 25, 6pm, MP



A FRAGILE TRUST tells the shocking story of Jayson Blair, the most infamous serial plagiarist of our time, and how he unleashed the massive scandal that rocked the New York Times and the entire world of journalism. In 2003 Blair was caught plagiarizing and supplementing his own reporting with fabricated details in dozens of stories published in the Times. The daily operations of the Times newsroom became a public spectacle as every major news outlet picked up the story and ran with it. The fact that Blair is African-American was emphasized again and again as accounts of the ‘Blair Affair’ served up sordid details in a soap-opera style tale of deception, drug abuse, racism, mental illness, hierarchy, white guilt, and power struggles inside the hallowed halls of the New York Times. Through the course of the film, we follow Blair as he slowly unravels in the face of mounting pressures and distractions. Starting with his ‘reporting’ of the plagiarized article that ultimately lead to his undoing, we trace the rise and fall of this fascinating young reporter as he clings to his career at the Times even as he is losing his mind. Featuring exclusive interviews with everyone involved, including former Executive Editor Howell Raines and Blair himself, A FRAGILE TRUST is the first film to tell the whole sordid story of the scandal while exploring these deeper themes.

Producers: Samantha Grant / Cinematographer: Singeli Agnew and Samantha Grant / Editor: Richard Levien and Samantha Grant / Composer: Justin Melland / Contact: Samantha Grant @samanthagrant THE DIRECTOR: Samantha Grant creates thought-provoking, character-driven documentaries that are solidly rooted in journalism. Through her company GUSH productions, Sam has created content for clients including MTV, ABC, PBS, CNN, NPR, FRONTLINE, FRONTLINE/World, and Al Jazeera International. In 2007, Sam was named a Carnegie/Knight fellow and in 2011, Sam was named a BAVC MediaMaker Fellow, where she began developing the Educational Game DECISIONS ON DEADLINE as a companion project to A FRAGILE TRUST. When she’s not shooting or producing indie docs, Sam is lecturing at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and Stanford's Knight Fellowship program.





Yuri Grigorovich – Russia / 2013

215 min / DCP / Ballet

The powerful Roman consul Crassus returns to Rome in triumph from his conquest of Thrace. The Thracian king and queen, Spartacus and his wife Phrygia, are captives of the conquering general. As Phrygia is taken away to the harem of concubines kept by Crassus, Spartacus bids her a sorrowful farewell and mourns his captivity. To entertain Crassus and his entourage, Spartacus is sent into the gladiatorial arena and forced to kill a close friend. Horrified, Spartacus incites his fellow captives to rebellion.

While the escaped captives celebrate their freedom, Crassus entertains the Roman patricians with a lavish banquet, including fights between blindfolded gladiators. One of the concubines, the alluring Aegina, seduces the guests to begin an orgy. Spartacus and his comrades disrupt the orgy and rescue the slave women, including Phrygia, who, along with Spartacus, celebrates their escape (to the strains of the familiar “Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia.”)

Aegina discovers the rebels’ camp and sees the lovers Spartacus and Phrygia emerging from their tent in the morning. Aegina sends word to Crassus. His army pursues the rebels, who have succumbed to arguments and in-fighting. The Roman forces discover Spartacus and impale him on their spears. The hero’s closest followers retrieve his body and carry it off as Phrygia mourns her loss.

Sunday, Nov 10, 1pm, CP-H



Monday, Oct 21, 7:30pm, CP-H Wednesday, Oct 23, 6pm, MP Wednesday, Oct 30, 9pm, CP-L




EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE THE GEOGRAPHER DRANK HIS GLOBE AWAY UNITED STATES PREMIERE Geograf Globus Propil), Alexandr Veledinsky FLORIDA PREMIERE Russia / 2012 / 120 min / DCP / Russian w/ FESTIVAL English sub-titles WINNERS NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Young biologist Viktor Sluzhkin, suffering from WORLD PREMIERES lack of money, becomes a teacher of geography in a secondary school in the city of Perm’. At first he has to fight with pupils but he soon becomes their friend, taking them rafting. He quarrels with the Deputy Principal, drinks wine with his friends, tries to get on with his wife and takes his young daughter to the kindergarten. It is just a life… but Aleksey Ivanov wrote this ordinary private story with such recklessness, such tenderness, such acuteness that The Geographer Drank His Globe Away became, as it is often the case with good books, a story about everyone. It is a story about everyone who lost his way in life, about everyone who sometimes felt himself as desperately lonely as Viktor Sluzhkin, about everyone who, despite his solitude and depression, never lost the capacity to feel and to love.

The Geographer Drank His Globe Away is a Russian drama film made in 2013, directed by Alexander Veledinsky, based on the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov. The action of the film, as opposed to the novel, has been transferred from the "dashing nineties" to the present day. The film participated in the XXIV Open Russian Film Festival "Kinotavr" in Sochi and was awarded the main prize. It will be released in Russia during the autumn of 2013.

Writer: Alexandr Veledinsky, Rauf Kubaev, Valeriy Todorovskiy (2008 "Hipsters"), Aleksey Ivanov (Novel) / Producer: Vadim Goryainov (Red Arrow Film Company), Valeriy Todorovskiy (Red Arrow Film Company), Leonid Lebedev (Red Arrow Film Company) / Cast : Konstantin Khabenskiy ("Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" By Tomas Alfredson, "Wanted" By Timur Bekmambetov,"Day Watch, Elena Lyadova ("Elena" By Andrey Zvyagintsev; "Tambourine, Drum" By Aleksei Mizgiryov; "Dreaming Of Space", Aleksandr Robak, Anna Ukolova, Evgenia Brik, Agrippina Steklova ("Koktebel" By Boris Khlebnikov, Aleksey Popogrebskiy, "Once Upon A Time There Was A Woman", Anfisa Chernykh, Anna Sinyakona, Andrey Prytkov, Ilya Ilyinykh, Artyom Orlov, Viktor Uzun / Contact: - Elena Podolskaya, ANT!PODE Sales & Distribution Sponsored by

Sunshine State Academy THE DIRECTOR: Alexander Veledinsky is a writer and director working in Film and Television. THE GEOGRAPHER DRANK HIS GLOBE AWAY is a breakout film earning him awards in Russia and abroad.



Saturday, Oct 19, 1pm, SC Monday, Oct 28, 7pm, CP-L




Friday, Nov 1, 7:30pm, CP-H CINEMA EAST COAST PREMIERE Monday, Nov 4, 4pm, MP


WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE JeremyWINNERS Levin FESTIVAL Germany / France / 2013 / 110 min / DCP / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE English WORLD PREMIERES From the director of “Don Juan De Marco” and the producers of the Academy Award winning movie “The Lives of Others”, comes this charming and fun-filled romantic comedy about Paolo, an Italian living in Paris who is very much in love with his German girl-friend Greta. Just when he has finally proposed to her, he bumps into Cécile, a gorgeous French girl on a bicycle.

A hot blooded Italian to his very core, Paolo can’t get the image of this beauty out of his head and after a round of bad advice given to him by his best friend, Jean-Michel, Paolo attempts to meet Cécile to put an end to his obsession. This quest launches an entirely new relationship filled with surprise and laughs... leading to the ultimate question... Will Love finally conquer all? Writer: Jeremy Leven / Producer: Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann / Cast : Nora Tschirner, Vincenzo Amato, Paddy Considine, Louise Monot, Stephane Debac / Contact: Monterrey Media

Sponsored by

Celeste & John Thornton Sponsored by


THE DIRECTOR: Jeremy Leven is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and novelist. Born 1941 in South Bend, Indiana, Leven lives in Woodbridge, Connecticut, Nantucket, and Paris. Leven was educated at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, Harvard University, the University of Connecticut and Yale University Medical School. While at Harvard he founded a satirical revue called The Proposition that ran for ten years in Cambridge, Massachusetts and off-Broadway.

Leven's first novel, Creator, was published in 1980 and released as a film of the same title in 1985. Leven is a practicing clinical psychologist, a theme incorporated in his second novel, Satan, His Psychotherapy and Cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S., which was published in 1982 and filmed as Crazy as Hell in 2002.

Leven wrote and directed Don Juan DeMarco (1995), wrote and produced Alex & Emma (2003), and wrote the screenplays for The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) and The Notebook (2004). His screenplay for The Time Traveler's Wife was in production in 2007.



Monday, Oct 21, 4pm, MP Saturday, Oct 26, 9:30pm, CP-H





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Saturday, Nov 9, 9pm, CP-L EAST COAST PREMIERE Sunday, Nov 10, 7:30pm, CP-H WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Brent Deal FESTIVAL WINNERS Indonesia - U.S.A. / 2012 / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE 76 min / English WORLD PREMIERES H2indO is an exciting journey to Indonesia with seven of the world's greatest stand up paddlers. Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Slater Trout, Talia (Gangini) Decoite, Chuck Patterson, Dave Boehne & Jamie Mitchell travel to Indonesia on a private boat to stand up paddle Indo's most famous surf breaks. The result is a personal and compelling look at the world's fastest growing sport through the eyes of the sport’s top athletes. The surfing images and underwater photography are breathtaking. The joy, humor and camaraderie are memorable. The story is unexpected and remarkable.

Executive Produced by Elyse Lewin and Chuck Patterson / Writer: : Brent Deal / Camera: Brent Deal, Bryce Lowe-Wright / Featuring: Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Slater Trout, Talia (Gangini) Decoite, Chuck Patterson, Dave Boehne & Jamie Mitchell / Contact:

Sponsored by



THE DIRECTOR: Brent has been directing television commercials for 15 years. H2indO is his first feature film. He was born and raised in San Francisco and attended classes at Loyola Marymount University, graduating in 1991. He got used to surfing without sharks in the water and without a wetsuit in Southern California. He began his career as a camera assistant, progressing to director of photography working on feature films and commercials for Ridley and Tony Scott. He started directing 15 years ago and has done over 100 National commercials for clients including Nike, ESPN, PGA of America, AT&T and Zing toys. When the opportunity to direct H2indO feel into his lap he jumped at the chance and is incredibly proud of what was accomplished in H2indO.


Wednesday, Oct 23, 8pm, MP Friday, Oct 25, 6:30pm, SC



Sunday, Oct 27, 1:30pm, CP-H WORLD CINEMA EAST COAST PREMIERE Wednesday, Oct 30, 5pm, CP-L


Halima’s Path tells the tragic but inspiring story of a grieving, but strong-willed Muslim woman Halima who tries, without success, to find the remains of her son who was killed in the Bosnian War and buried in one of the many mass graves. She realizes that she must track down her estranged niece, who we find carries a mysterious connection to him. After finding her, Halima discovers a horrifying fact from her worst nightmares. With this discovery, the spiral of tragic events from the past would continue in the present, disrupting once again the troubled lives of the characters. Screenplay: Fedja Isovic / Producers: Slobodan Trninic, Arsen Anton Ostojic / Cinematographer: Slobodan Trninic / Editor: Dubravko Slunjski / Composer: Mate Matisic / Production Designer: Ivo Husnjak / Principal Cast: Alma Prica, Olga Pakalovic, Mijo Jurisic, Mustafa Nadarevic, Miraj Grbic, Daria Lorenci Flatz / Contact: Arsen Anton Ostojic,, + 385 98 414 981

THE DIRECTOR: Arsen Anton Ostojic received his BA in film directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia and his MFA in filmmaking from New York University. Before "Halima's Path" he made two multiple-award winning feature films, both Croatian candidates for Oscar ("A Wonderful Night in Split” in 2004 and "No One's Son" in 2008) one theater play ("Billie Holiday" in 2006 for the Croatian National Theater in Split) and several award winning documentaries and short films. He worked on about twenty feature films in Europe and in the United States as an assistant director or production manager. He is a member of the European Film Academy.



Saturday, Oct 26, 5pm, CP-L Sunday, Oct 27, 2pm, MP






Hidden Moon is a very visual, passionate and unique modernday romance about love, ambition and perception, which collide unexpectedly when a young woman chases her lifelong dream.

A mysterious and beautiful young woman walks the center aisle interrupting a funeral service of a very wealthy man from Southern California. No one seems to know her but her beauty attracts the attention of everyone. Her suffering is so profound, it creates the impression she knew the deceased very well. She leaves the funeral without speaking to anyone, in her wake remains a trail of burning questions. The mystery of her identity challenges the tranquility of the man's family - especially his devastated widow. The man's responsible son follows her to Mexico to find out who she is and what her real intentions are.

Music: Luis Bacalov / Costume Design: Naomi Crespo / Art Direction: Lizette Ponce / Editor: Louis Cioffi, A.C.E. / Production Designer: Gloria Carrasco / Director Of Photography: Christopher Chomyn / Executive Producer: Rodrigo Lobo Morales / Co-Producer: Raymundo DíazGonzález / Producer: Antonio Ruiz Arrieta, José Bojórquez / Writer: José Bojórquez, David Howard / Wes Bentley, Ana Serradilla, Johnathon Schaech, Osvaldo De León, Héctor Jiménez, Alejandra Ambrosi, Chandra West, Emily Foxler, Scarlett Chorvat, Olga Segura, Alan Gutiérrez, Jackson Hurst, Adriana Louvier, Riley Voelkel, Patricia Eguía, César Ramos, Angélica María, Linda Gray / Contact: Shoreline Entertainment Brandon Delgado Sponsored by

Marilynn Berry


THE DIRECTOR: Pepe holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in film directing from the University of Southern California USC School of Cinema-Television, a degree in marketing from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. His numerous awards include the Directors Guild of America Student Film Award for directing, the Kodak Award, the Barbara Corday Award, the USC Faculty 546 directing Award, and a Cinema Circulus Award for academic excellence. Additionally, he was recognized with a grant from Columbia TriStar as a promising new talent, and for three consecutive years, the directing award given by the Mexican National Endowment for Culture and the Arts.


Friday, Oct 25, 9pm, CP-L Saturday, Oct 26, 8pm, MP





Sunday, Oct 27, 7:30pm, CP-H Monday, Oct 28, 8pm, SC


Arthur Luhn USA / 2013 / 90 min / BluRay / English

House Across The Street is the story of Amy whose fate couldn’t be much better after moving into a new apartment with a new job for what she hopes is a fresh start on her life. However, it’s not long before she starts to notice strange things happening at the house across the street. By nature a curious girl, Amy is compelled to investigate further. The more she finds out, the closer she gets to the center of the horrific truth that threatens to tear apart her new town and ruin its people. It’s all she can do, to stop her life from falling apart at the same time she tries to unravel the deep evil behind the house across the street in this cerebral psychological thriller.

Screenplay: Arthur Luhn / Producers: Bill McAdams, Jr., Wally Carlson / Cinematographer: Zach Richard, Shawn Greene / Editor: Arthur Luhn / Composer: Munk Duane / Principal Cast: Eric Roberts, Ethan Embry, Alex Rocco, Courtney Gains, and Jessica Sonneborn / Contact: Arthur Luhn Sponsored by

Bonnie Barnett & Dr. Robert Kagan and MRI Scan


THE DIRECTOR: Arthur Luhn discovered making movies at the age of 7 or 8 through being exposed to a 8mm film camera his stepfather had. It was not long before he was wreaking havoc on the family household, making short movies ranging from horror (which left a front screen door destroyed and a fake blood stained ceiling) to comedy (which took up an entire garage, locking out the cars for a long time). After graduating from Boston University with a liberal arts degree, Arthur got off to a furious pace, starting with his first short film, “Destination Eyeth” which was featured on PBS’s “History Through Deaf Eyes” that aired nationwide. He went on to write and direct his first full-length feature, “The Golden Legacy” a year later, This was followed by “Conned” which won for best director and best feature in festivals. Arthur now resides on the south shore in the Greater Boston area and is on work on his fourth feature film, "Five O'Clock Comes Early."



Thursday, Oct 31, 7:30pm, CP-L Friday, Nov 1, 9:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Nov 2, 9:45pm, MP






Liam K. Smith – USA / 2013 / 71 min /

Ian Harvie’s debut stand-up comedy concert film, Superhero, is the culmination of his very personal journey of having been born a girl and later becoming a self-made man. It’s Ian’s facile sense of ease, not just his gender-bending presence that makes his humor groundbreaking; and has lead him to make history on more than one occasion. It’s these very qualities that attracted the notorious Margaret Cho to publicly rave about Ian’s work and have him as her opening act for years. Ian is ‘quite possibly the most unique comic in the country’ says Frontiers Magazine and yet his jokes strike the core of all shared human experiences.

Written/Performed by Ian Harvie / Executive Produced by Margaret Cho / Edited by Jade Carter / Director of Photography: Alex Poppas / Produced by Sarah Martin / Contact: Sponsored by

South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble



THE DIRECTOR: Liam Kyle Sullivan is the director/performer behind, a collection of funny short films created by and starring Liam. In late 2006, Liam's musical comedy video "Shoes" went viral on YouTube, spawning hundreds of fan remakes and launching Liam's character Kelly into internet stardom. Shoes was selected as a viral video to watch by "Entertainment Weekly," was chosen as one of the top 10 videos of 2007 by YouTube, and went on to win the People's Choice Award for "Favorite User-Generated Video" in 2008. Time Magazine listed Shoes in their top 50 YouTube videos of all time. As of this writing, Shoes on YouTube has received over 41 million views.


Friday, Oct 25, 8pm, SC Saturday, Oct 26, 5:30pm, CP-H


Sunday, Oct 27, 6pm, MP CINEMA SOUTHEAST Wednesday, NovPREMIERE 6, 5:30pm, CP-L




Andrzej Jakimowski Poland / 2012 / 105 min / English & Portuguese w/English sub-titles

Ian, a charismatic new spatial orientation instructor, arrives at a topnotch Lisbon school for the visually impaired. He is taking up the position of teacher with blind patients. The head teacher hires Ian under condition that the children will not be exposed to any danger as they learn to move around by themselves.

The new teacher uses unconventional methods. During spatial orientation sessions Ian quickly wins the trust of his students; a small group of children and teenagers of various nationalities. They’ve come to the school, often travelling long distances, in the hope of curing their blindness or arresting their progressive loss of sight. Ian’s techniques intrigue the children and embolden them to explore their surroundings. But more than only teaching them how to move without a white cane, Ian encourages his students to develop their vision of the world. Ian even pushes them sometimes to attempt challenges with an element of risk.

IMAGINE is exceptionally produced and realized by producers Mike Downey and Sam Taylor, who have brought over 20 films to FLIFF for their US premieres.

Produced by Andrzej Jakimowski, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, François d’Artemare, Vladimir Kokh and Julien Auger-Ottavi / Principal Cast: Edward Hogg, Alexandra Maria Lara / Contact: Film & Music Entertainment Sponsored by

Lynn Taylor &  Glenn Friedt THE DIRECTOR: Born in Warsaw, August 17, 1963, Andrzej Jakimowski is a Polish film director, writer and producer, best known for directing the films Squint Your Eyes and Tricks. Among his awards: Polish Academy Award for Best Film, Polish Academy Award for Best Director, Polish Academy Audience Award, Polish Academy Award for Best Screenplay...and nominations Polish Academy Award for Best Film, Polish Academy Award for Best Director, Polish Academy Award for Best Screenplay.



Saturday, Nov 2, 9pm, CP-L Sunday, Nov 3, 6:30pm, MP Tuesday, Nov 5, 7:30pm, CP-H





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Monty Miranda WORLD PREMIERE USA / 2013 / 94 min / HDCam / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE John Figg seems to have it all - a beautiful soon-to-be fiancé, a loving dog, a new proFESTIVAL WINNERS motion, and loyal friends - until the house he NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE inherits gets viciously robbed. Convinced a WORLD PREMIERES robbery will happen again and by someone he knows, John develops a severe case of insomnia.

John goes through a downward spiral, choosing to stay awake until he catches his culprit. Are his neighbors to blame? His friends? His girlfriend? His clients? He has reasons to accuse all and note pads to write out all his irrational - and sometimes rational - convictions.

Screenplay: Eddy Salazar, Peter Kenneth Jones / Producers: Romina / Cinematographer: Jarrett Sexton / Editor: Thomas A Krueger / Composer: Ron Fish / Production Designer: Nathan W Bailey / Art Director: Miguel Montalvo / Principal Cast: Eddy Salazar, Clare Grant, Keith Szarabajka, John Heard, and Danny Trejo / Contact: Eddy Salazar

Sponsored by



THE DIRECTOR: Monty Miranda’s first feature film, "Skills Like This", won the Best Narrative Feature Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival. The film released theatrically on March 20, 2009, and premiered on Starz. Miranda has directed commercials for companies including TiVo, McDonald's and Redbox, as well as the launch promotions for BET Movies. His work has been recognized by the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, BBC's Most Outrageous Commercials, and FOX's World's Funniest Commercials. His award-winning political spots have been featured in the national press.


Sunday, Nov 3, 1:30pm, CP-H Monday, Nov 4, 8pm, MP Tuesday, Nov 5, 9pm, CP-L





EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov Russia / 2013 / 80 min / DCP / FESTIVAL WINNERS Russian w/English sub-titles NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE “Intimate Parts” is an ironic melodrama about WORLD PREMIERES

middle-class Muscovites. Each of them has a personal secret, hidden from others - the “intimate part”. The main character, a scandalous photographer Ivan, juxtaposes himself to others. He is convinced that people are born to be happy; and happiness is freedom to stay true to one’s self. The real question is: how safe is it to let your inner self out?

Screenplay: Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov / Producers: Bakur Bakuradze, Julia Mishkinene, Zaur Bolotaev, Alexandr Plotnikov / Cinematographer: Mart Taniel / Editor: Ru Hasanov / Production Designer: Asia Davydova / Principal Cast: Juriy Kolokolnikov, Julia Aug, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Nikita Tarasov, Kseniya Katalymova, Alexey Chupov, Ekaterina Scheglova, Timur Badalbeyly, Dinara Yankovskaya, Pavel Artemiev, Anastasia Kholodniakova Sponsored by

Crown King Loan & Jewelry

THE DIRECTORS: NATASHA MERKULOVA, screenwriter, director, co-producer Graduated from the Higher Courses of Screenplay writers and Directors. The «Cage» documentary film screenwriter (2003 International American press-club award).The winner of the special jury prize on «Kinoshok» film festival for the «Traumatism» documentary film (2008). The director of the «Daughter» (2009) short feature film that participated in the almanac student works «The New Russians» during the Russian hall of the Cannes Film Festival. Her short films were chosen for the official programs of different international film festivals: «Substance: Jam» (2012) was selected for the Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF 2013) and «Substance: Moloko» - for Dance for Screen New York 2013, Loikka International Dance Film Festival Helsinki 2013, Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 2013.

ALEXEY CHUPOV, screenwriter, director, co-producer Author of the first Russian internet sit-coms «In contact with the classmates» and «All the truth about Eve». Writer of TV-series for Russian federal channels - «Wedding rind», «Suburbs», «Destiny Signs», «Don’t lie to me», «Private School», «Trace» and others. Author of historical documentaries for Russia–1 Channel



Monday, Oct 21, 8pm, SC Friday, Oct 25, 7:30pm, CP-H





Saturday, Oct 26, 4pm, MP Sunday, Oct 27, 1pm, CP-L


Matteo Pellegrini ITALY / 2012 / 99 min / DCP / Italian w/English sub-titles

During the night shift in the TV studios where a famous soap opera is filmed, a group of immigrant cleaners finds the cameras locker door open. One of them has an idea: one of his friends is getting married and it would be a great present to shoot his wedding ceremony. Soon this first experience becomes a real parallel business, that involves one by one, all of them, pushing them to dare more and more...

Writer: Giovanna Mori, Matteo Pellegrini, Paolo Rossi / Producer: Fabrizio Donvito, Marco Cohen, Benedetto Habib, Fabio Massimo Cacciatori, Franco Bevione, Yury Krestinskiy / Cinematography: Umberto Manente / Film Editing: Fabrizio Rossetti / Costume Design: Ornella Campanale / Original Music: Mario Mariani, Ala Bianca / Production Design: Mauro Radaelli / Cast: Aleksei Guskov, Eriq Ebouaney, Anita Kravos, Michele Venitucci, Neil D’souza, Tiziana Catalano, Melanie Gerren, Harvey Virdi, Filippo Timi / Contact: Jef Nuyts IntraMovies, Rome

Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: This is Matteo Pellegrini’s seventh film. He has won two prizes in the past including 1997 Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival Short Film Award; Torino Film Festival’s 1995 Best Short and nominated by the Rome International Film Festival’s Best Film Award in 2012 for ITALIAN MOVIES.



Sunday, Oct 27, 4pm, MP Thursday, Nov 7, 7pm, CP-L





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Arnaud Desplechin EAST COAST PREMIERE France / 2013 / 114 min / DCP / WORLD PREMIERE English UNITED STATES PREMIERE Based on a true story - the development of an FLORIDA PREMIERE extraordinary friendship between a troubled Native American veteran and his maverick FESTIVAL WINNERS French psychoanalyst...starring Benicio del NORTH AMERICA Toro and Mathieu Almaric. PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES At the end of World War II, Jimmy Picard, an American Blackfoot who fought in France, arrives at the renowned Winter Veterans Hospital in Topeka, Kansas. Jimmy suffers from excruciating migraines and sudden losses of sight and hearing, and despite a barrage of tests, his condition mystifies the doctors. Unable to help him and unhappy with their diagnosis of schizophrenia, they decide to seek the help of Georges Devereux, a maverick French anthropologist and analyst.

From their first meeting, the two men begin to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect , as Jimmy realizes the depth of the Frenchman’s immersion in Native American culture. During the course of their daily sessions, Jimmy reveals more and more, describing his dreams and recalling forgotten childhood memories. Damaged, reserved and unfamiliar with the analytic process, he nonetheless opens himself up, allowing Devereux to guide him on the road to healing.

Writer: Arnaud Desplechin Producer: Jennifer Roth (France 2 Cinéma), Pascal Caucheteux (Why Not Productions) / Cast : Benicio Del Toro, Elya Baskin, Gina Mckee, Larry Pine, Mathieu Amalric / Contact: Esther Devos, Wild Bunch

THE DIRECTOR: Desplechin was born in Roubaix. Desplechin studied film directing at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle then at the IDHEC, graduating in 1984. In 1990, Desplechin directed LA VIE DES MORTS. The 54-minute-long film won the Jean Vigo Prize for Short Films, and was shown at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. Desplechin's first feature, THE SENTINEL, premiered in 1992 at Cannes. Desplechin's 1996 film MY SEX LIFE... OR HOW I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT was critically successful. In 2000, Desplechin made his first English-language film, ESTHER KAHN. Three years later, Desplechin made two films PLAYING 'IN THE COMPANY OF MEN': one showing 70% rehearsal footage and 30% of the film itself; and the other with inverse proportions. The next year, he directed KINGS AND QUEEN, which mixed comedy and tragedy to tell the story of two ex-lovers. The film also starred Catherine Deneuve in the role of a psychiatrist. Kings and Queen was nominated for several awards and Amalric won the César Award for Best Actor. However, controversy arose when actress Marianne Denicourt, Desplechin's ex-girlfriend, accused him of revealing elements of her private life in the screenplay. In 2005, she published Mauvais génie ("Evil Genius"), describing her relationship with an unscrupulous film director called "Arnold Duplancher." In 2006 she unsuccessfully sued Desplechin. In 2007, A CHRISTMAS TALE, and was screened in competition at Cannes in 2008. His 2013 film JIMMY PICARD was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival constituting his fifth film selected in the main competition.



Saturday, Oct 19, 2pm, MP Sunday, Oct 20, 3:30pm, CP-H Monday, Oct 21, 7pm, CP-L





EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE FABULOUS UNITED STATES PREMIERE Agnes Obadia – France / 2013 / 88 min / FLORIDA PREMIERE DCP / French w/English sub-titles FESTIVAL WINNERS Josephine hates her job, her big ass, her married boyfriend, her job NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE and can no longer stand the pressure from her parents and perfect WORLD PREMIERES sister, who all think that at 30, it’s high time she found a suitable husband. So when her sister announces her own engagement, things – due to Josephine’s own announcement soon come crashing down. Barely scraping through a series of completely wacky adventures, Josephine at least gains a chance at finding true love, at last… This fun, breezy romp is laughter filled light entertainment. Its a screwball comedy for the new moving, surprising and at times, a bit risqué...JOSEPHINE, SINGLE & FABULOUS is a great date flick or a light afternoon delight.

Based on the Character created by Penelope Bagieu / Producer: Romain Rojtman – Les Films du 24 / Principal Cast: Marilou Berry, Mehdi Nebbou, Bérengère Krief, Charlie Dupont, Alice Pol, Bruno Podalydès / Contact: TF1 International, Paris

THE DIRECTOR: Agnes Obadia has eighteen films to her credit either as actress, director, writer or combination of the three. Sponsored by

Diane Sobo &

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE SIDE EFFECTS FLORIDA PREMIERE OF BARRY Amy French – USA / 2013 / 5 min / DVD / English Plays with FREE RiDE FESTIVAL WINNERS For many* women, Barry can PREMIERE make a difference in just one week! *Side effects of Barry may NORTH AMERICA include weakness in the knees, impaired judgment, loss of friendships, lying, cheating, trips to WORLD Vegas, missingPREMIERES work, and missing money...

Screenplay: John Charles Meyer & Etienne Eckert / Producers: John Charles Meyer & Etienne Eckert / Cinematographer: Seth Johnson / Editor: John Charles Meyer / Composer: John Ballinger / Principal Cast: Etienne Eckert, David Goryl, Nikki McCauley / Contact: Amy French


Amy French is an actress, writer and director of average height from Los Angeles, California. Her directing work began with the Elephant Theatre Company, at the helm of the cult hit 7 Redneck Chearleaders. From there, she wrote and directed an ultra low budget feature film with Executive Producer Norman Lear, a musical comedy called El Súperstar. Amy then became an AFI Directing Workshop for Women fellow, writing and directing her short film Hold For Laughs, which screened at FLIFF 2011. Amy is now directing commercials, most notably the branded web series for the Umami Burger restaurant chain.


Friday, Nov 1, 8pm, MP Saturday, Nov 2, 1:30pm, SC





Saturday, Nov 2, 6:30pm, SC Sunday, Nov 3, 1pm, CP-L


Jerome Bonnell EAST COAST / English & FrenchPREMIERE w/English sub-titles France / 2013 / 104 min / DCP


JUST A SIGH reminds me of a gentle spring shower, where one can feel UNITED STATES PREMIERE anonymously invisible under an umbrella. Love is fleeting and a love affair, unplanned-unforeseen canFLORIDA be a transporting elixir. PREMIERE

FESTIVAL WINNERS Alix is an actress on-location in Calais, a French city overlooking the English Channel, quite close to theNORTH Chunnel thatAMERICA links France toPREMIERE England. The train can take 90 minutes to two hours. Rehearsals and now performance of the WORLD PREMIERES play has been draining, and Alix seizes the opportunity to take a quick jaunt to Paris as an escape from the rigors of the play...a simple get-away between performances.

On the train, an unspoken chemistry evolves between Alix and a quietly sophisticated Englishman. After the train pulls into Paris, they go their separate ways...however, even in the daytime, this City of Lights can shine its romantic magic.

The film stars Gabriel Byrne and Emmanuelle Devos in two softly underplayed performances that will remain with you long after the house lights are reawakened.

Screenwriter: Jérôme Bonnell / Producer: Edouard Weil / Editor: Julie Dupre / Cinematographer :Pascal Lagriffoul / Executive Producer: Edouard Weil / Co-Producer: Scope Pictures (Belgium), Element Pictures (Ireland) / Principal Cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Gabriel Byrne, Gilles Privat, Aurelia Petit, Laurent Capulluto, Francoise Lebrun, Denis Menochet / Contact: François ScippaKohn

THE DIRECTOR: Bonnell was born in Paris in 1977. He has directed five feature films, all of which he has also written.



Monday, Oct 28, 6pm, MP Thursday, Oct 31, 3:30pm, CP-H Friday, Nov 1, 5:30pm, CP-L


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Sponsored by CINEMA EAST COAST PREMIERE DOCUMENTARY WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: TIM PHILLIPS FLORIDA PREMIERE Tim Phillips – Bolivia / 2013 / 98 min / DCP / English FESTIVAL WINNERS More action adventure than traditional documentary, Lion Ark folNORTH AMERICA PREMIERE lows the world's most ambitious and daring animal rescue, with a WORLD PREMIERES narrative meticulously compiled from film, interviews, conversa-


tions and the reactions of participants as events actually unfold.

A shocking undercover investigation leads to a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. But the circuses defy the law. The team behind the investigation return, track down the illegal circuses, which are spread all over the country, and save every animal. The confrontations, heartache and incredible risks the rescue team face are all captured before a joyous finale sees an incredible airlift of 25 lions to freedom in Colorado. A story of bravery, compassion, camaraderie and determination. How a poor but proud country said 'no' to cruelty and how attitudes to animals were changed across an entire continent.

The lions emerge as the real stars and you, surprisingly, find yourself rooting for the most aggressive of them all. An uplifting movie with twists and turns that is still gritty, surprising, informative and pulls no punches. At last a film about serious animal protection and environmental issues that will leave you smiling! Screenplay: Tim Phillips & Jan Creamer / Producers: Tim Phillips & Jan Creamer / Cinematographer: Mark Whatmore / Editor: Tony Pattinson / Composer: Karel Havlicek / Featuring: Jan Creamer; Tim Phillips; Alexis Diaz Limaco; Pat Craig; Ximena Flores; Bob Barker; David Kopp Valdivia; Jorja Fox; Dr. Mel Richardson / Contact: Tim Phillips

THE DIRECTOR: Vice President/co-founder of Animal Defenders International, with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Bogota. His undercover filming has changed laws; has filmed throughout the world, received death threats, been attacked. Aside from Lion Ark, dramatic rescues include seizing an entire circus in Mozambique and returning a chimpanzee from Chile to Africa. Previously ran production company Thinker Ltd. Documentaries include: Toto Goes Home (Artivist Selection Los Angeles & London); Big Cat Rescue; The Ugliest Show on Earth; An Important Role (Creative Excellence US Industrial Film & PREMIERE Television Awards); HMS Dido Under Cordite Skies. LionSOUTHEAST Ark is first feature documentary.


EAST COAST PREMIERE SHORT FILM WORLD PREMIERE Aneel Ahmad – Pakistan / 2013 / 12 min / BluRay / English & Urdu, Pashto w/English sub-titles UNITED STATES PREMIERE On a remote highway in Pakistan, the sandy roadside reverberates with the sound of a sudden gunshot. A lone PREMIERE FLORIDA film crew instinctively hits the ground. As they scramble to their feet, dusting off their western attire, they notice one member of their troupe remains onWINNERS the roadside, holding his stomach. Elsewhere, Roshan Khan and his FESTIVAL son Sheikhu make their way across Pakistan making a routine delivery. From the moment the golden shell tore NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE into British documentary filmmaker Shahid Mehboob, a chain of International events were initiated. WORLD PREMIERES Screenplay: Raees M Khan / Producers: Aneel Ahmad/ Cinematographer& Editor: Aneel Ahmad / Composer: Nainita Desai/ Sound Design: Andy Munroe / Principal Cast: Manjinder Virk, Phil Gwilliam / Contact: Aneel Ahmad @aneelahmad


Ahmad started off making low budget HI8 films with his friends. In 2005 he gained recognition by directing his first short film on a tiny budget of ₤2,500, Waiting For Sunrise. He won the UNICEF award in 2005 for his short documentary Waiting For Sunrise, and also was shortlisted for a Grierson Award for Best Newcomer in 2006. In 2012 his short film BOY IN TREE was long listed for a (BAFTA) British Academy of Film and Television Arts For Best short film.


Monday, Nov 4, 8:45pm, CP-L Tuesday, Nov 5, 4pm, SC



Wednesday, Nov 6, 6pm, MP Saturday, Nov 9, 9:30pm, CP-H

FEATURE EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuESTS: WORLD PREMIERE ALyN DARNAy, Alyn Darnay –STATES USA-Florida PREMIERE / 2013 72 min /BluRay / English CAROLE WOOD+CASTNCREW UNITED KRISSY BELLE, a bubbly ex-cheerleader, trophy wife and complete Southern Belle from Georgia FLORIDA PREMIERE is forced to start life over as a single woman after 15 years of marriage to an extremely wealthy FESTIVAL WINNERS man who enjoyed cheating and lying as his favorite past time. As part of her divorce settlement she gets oneAMERICA of her ex-husband's Florida based companies where Krissy finds herself relocated NORTH PREMIERE right in the middle of Miami’s Latin Community. Without a clue to the language and the odd cultural WORLD surroundings PREMIERES Krissy dives head first into an adventure in “Hispanic culture shock”.

The movie is a fish out of water tale that finds the naïve Krissy in for some very funny misadventures as she bumbles through her newly found life. It’s a modern twist, set to a Salsa Beat. Along with her loyal companion Remington, a strange looking Shitzu dog, the two find themselves in a lot of chaotic situations that only a Southern Miss can create in the hot bed of the Latino district of Miami’s magic city.

Screenplay: Carole Wood / Producers: Carole Wood, Alyn Darnay / Executive Producer; Kevin Wood / Editor: Brian Bayerl / Production Manager: John Hablin / Principal Cast: Carole Wood, Johnathan Christian Fernandez, Izzy Martinez, Andrea Ocampo Haley, Gene J. Picchi, Vivi Pineda, Danny Debs, Remington / Contact: John Delia, Publicist,

THE DIRECTOR: Director Alyn Darnay has been in the filmmaking business for a good portion of his business career. Alyn heads up an awardwinning full service film, video and HD production company specializing in commercials, music videos, features and corporate film productions. He has been recognized a countless number of times as a filmmaker, director, writer and actor over his career by his peers and clients. He earned twenty-three outstanding awards for excellence and was recently named “Director of the Year” by Women in the Arts Miami. His must read book on scriptwriting sold over 10,000 copies. He just completed filming the feature “Hollow Creek” where he played opposite Burt Reynolds.

SHOWTIMES Monday, Oct 21, 2pm, MP • Sunday, Oct 27, 11:30am, CP-H • Saturday, Nov 2, 11am, CP-L


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE ONE SPARK THE WORLD'S Jeff Thompson – USA /PREMIERE 2013 / 41 min / CROWDFUNDING FESTIVAL EAST COAST BluRay / English SHORT DOCUMENTARY WORLD PREMIERE The Florida Suite is a musical, poetic Tony Sarte UNITED STATES PREMIERE film about Andrew Graham, a retired USA / 2012 / 28 FLORIDA lawyer who livesPREMIERE in a log cabin in the min / .mov / English middle of his 13-acre citrus grove. FESTIVAL WINNERS In the spring of Living with him are three friendly dogs NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE 2012, innovative and his 90 year old mother, who is WORLD minds from all over suffering fromPREMIERES Alzheimer's disease.

The film is structured to, and takes its name from, Frederick Delius' Florida Suite, a beautiful four-movement tone poem. The theme is nurturing, and the healing power of nature, as Graham takes care of his organic citrus, his dogs, and his mother.

If you love beautiful music, Florida and all the natural images it conjures, dogs, birds, nature...and simply something completely unpretentious and pure...then The Florida Suite is a perfect elixir of Floridian genteel charm.

Screenplay: Jeff Thompson / Producers: Joyce Wilden / Cinematographer: Jeff Thompson / Editor: Jeff Thompson / Composer: Frederick Delius / Principal Cast: Andrew Graham, Pauline Graham / Contact: SPECIAL GuESTS: JEFF THOMPSON, JOyCE WILDEN; JOIN uS FOR COFFEE AND BAGELS ON OCTOBER 21 & 27

THE DIRECTOR: Jeff Thompson was born in Melbourne, Florida, a child of the “space race.” After earning a BA in English at the University of Central Florida, and a Masters Degree in Library Science at Florida State University, be began working in the Brevard County Library system, where he now serves as the Library Services Director.

Jeff, along with wife Joyce Wilden, enjoys hiking, Florida history, studying the German language, and traveling abroad.

the nation converged on Jacksonville, FL for their shot at a $250,000 crowdfund. Experience this first ever crowdfunding festival as it proves that game changers can come from anywhere.

Producer: Kennetic Productions, Inc., Elier Ramos / Executive Producer: Chris Kennelly / Cinematographers: Paul King (Director of Cinematography), Patrick Barry, David Q. Lee, Elier Ramos, Michael Glinski, Chad Dennis / Editor: Tony Starte / Contact: Chris Kennelly, Kennetic Productions, 904.372.8570, SPECIAL GuEST: CHRIS KENNELLy

Director Bio: A veteran of FLIFF, Abigail's Spring (2010) Director, and VEER! (2012) Producer/Editor, Tony returns with his first foray into documentary film. Tony has a true talent of communicating the heart of every project he undertakes. He is a storyteller.



Sunday, Oct 27, 9pm, CP-L Monday, Oct 28, 6:30pm, SC





Friday, Nov 1, 5:30pm, CP-H Thursday, Nov 7, 6pm, MP

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuESTS: MIKE GLIER, LOu PAPPAS AND CAST & CREW WORLD PREMIERE Mike Glier UNITED STATES PREMIERE USA / 2013 / 90 min / BluRay / English FLORIDA PREMIERE Driven by revenge, Simon Carson is an elite killer for the local crime FESTIVAL WINNERS syndicate. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE One day he is sent to dispose of a young girl. He decides to instead WORLD PREMIERES save her. This signals the beginning of a thrilling struggle to stay alive as an odd assortment of hired killers and mercenaries try to hunt them both down and kill them.

Screenplay: Louis Pappas / Producers: Louis Pappas, Mike Glier, Todd Bruno / Cinematographer: Oscar Espino / Editor: Mike Glier Principal Cast: Louis Pappas, Maya Juchtman, Irwin Levenstein / Contact: Mike Glier

THE DIRECTOR: Mike Glier was born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida. He attended the University of Tennessee where he was the Chief Videographer for the Lady Vols. He continued his education at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where he received his degree in Digital Film and Video Production. THE LAST HIT is his feature film debut.

SHOWTIMES Sunday, Nov 3, 8:45pm, CP-L • Wednesday, Nov 6, 4pm, MP • Thursday, Nov 7, 5:30pm, CP-H


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Rose Calhoun is working as a cocktail waitress and happy with her life. Through a series PREMIERE WORLD of weird events, Rose begins emitting a supernatural level of pheromones. To women, PREMIERE STATES UNITED she smells horribly. But to men, her pheromone odor is so sensually intoxicating that the blood rushing from their heads to their groinsFLORIDA causes them toPREMIERE grow instant erections, become amorously faint and lose consciousness. Caught on camera as men collapse WINNERS around her, Rose becomes a viral Internet FESTIVAL sensation, which sends her running for her PREMIERE AMERICA NORTH life and freedom. The Department of Defense wants to turn her into a weapon. The FBI considers her a terrorist threat. The DEA classifies her as a narcotic and forbids WORLD PREMIERESanyone


Neil Golin – Florida / 2013 / 89 min / DVD / English

to snort her. The police want to arrest her as a public nuisance. A cosmetics company wants to duplicate her powerful odor so they can market foolproof aphrodisiacs. Tabloids spread rumors of a passionate relationship with Brad Pitt. Even a White Power Militia wants to use her super-smell to rob banks to finance the overthrow of the government. Everyone is chasing Rose so they can lock her away and do grotesque experiments on her body, which is why it’s Run Stinky Run.

Screenplay: Neil Golin / Producer: Neil Golin / Cinematographer: Victor Milt / Editor: Neil Golin / Composer: Cooper Getschal, Kelly Leavitt, Denny Leroux / Production Designer: Neil Golin / Principal Cast: Jennifer Joy, Erik Bello, Peter Marzilli, Brandi Rudicil, Marybeth Orman / Contact: Neil Golin 561-350-8749


THE DIRECTOR: While living in Los Angeles, aside from working in the business world to pay the bills, Neil Golin participated in the film community by both selling his film and TV scripts and by reading scripts for top studio executives. He moved to Florida for family reasons, planning to stay no longer than 6 months, 17 years ago. As a Senior Citizen, old enough to remember driving to school in a chariot, Neil decided to try making a movie on his own with local talent and the outrageous “Run Stinky Run” is the product of his efforts.


Sunday, Oct 27, 8pm, MP Monday, Oct 28, 5:30pm, CP-H



Saturday, Nov 9, 8:30pm, SC WORLDEAST COAST CINEMA PREMIERESunday, Nov 10, 3pm, CP-L


WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Darrel J. Roodt WINNERS FESTIVAL South Africa / 2012 / 84 min / DCP / English & Zulu w/English sub-titles NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE The story of a 6 year old girl named Vuyelwa who is left for dead in a field near WORLD PREMIERES a township in Johannesburg. She is found by a middle aged woman named Pauline, who rushes her to hospital. After saving her life, it comes to light that the little girl has been raped and her face badly beaten.

While little Vuyelwa is recovering in the hospital neither mother nor father comes forward to claim her and the police are left with an unsolved mystery on their hands. Pauline becomes actively involved in the case and is helped by Detective Morena, a sympathetic cop who is deeply affected by what has happened to this young child.

Screenplay: Darrel J. Roodt / Producers: Anton Ernst, Christianne Bennetto / Cinematographer: Trevor Brown / Editor: Avril Beukes / Composer: Laurent Eykem / Production Designer: Liza Bernard / Art Director: / Principal Cast: Lindiwe Ndlovu, Vuyelwa Msimang, Luzuko Nqetom / Contact: Colette Aguilar THE DIRECTOR: South African film director Darrell James Roodt made an international name for himself with the debut feature 'A Place of Weeping' (1986), a passionate condemnation of apartheid that the New York Times hailed as “remarkable and ground breaking”.

In 1990, he made his first film with American backing, 'Jobman' (1990) which opened The London Film Festival. One of Roodt’s best known films is his adaptation of the anti-apartheid stage musical 'Sarafina!' (1992), starring Whoopi Goldberg which the LA Times called “A stirring, emotional powerful ten. It’s an important inspirational film that shimmers with Oscar gold”.

Darrell Roodt was nominated for an Oscar, for his film 'Yesterday' in 2004. It was acclaimed by Time magazine as “one of the best films of the year.” He has made over twenty features working with Oscar nominated actors such as James Earl Jones, Richard Harris, and Melissa Leo. He has also worked successfully with Oscar nominated composers such as John Barry and Phillip Glass. Darrell has won numerous awards at various festivals throughout the world including a Humanitarian Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2004, as well as the Prime Minister’s prize at the Taormina Film Festival in Italy for his outstanding contribution to English language cinema.

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLDDOCUMENTARY PREMIERE FISHING PONO: LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE SEA UNITED STATES PREMIERE Mary Lambert – Moloka’i Kaua’i, Hawai’i / 2013 / 26 min / BluRay / Pidgin English w/English sub-titles FLORIDA PREMIERE Kauai based filmmaker Teresa Tico brings us FISHING PONO telling the story of Native Hawaiians on the isFESTIVAL WINNERS land of Molokai who are using ancient conservation methods to restore fisheries in the waters of their island. AMERICA Directed by award winning helmer Mary Lambert, FISHINGNORTH PONO's graphic imagesPREMIERE of the commercial exploitation of Pacific fisheries leaves no room for doubt that current practices are unsustainable and will leave WORLD PREMIERES

nothing for future generations. Mr. Poepoe's fishing conservation program on Molokai, based on historical practices, is an inspiring story of how one community turned the tide on a seemingly doomed resource.

Screenplay: Teresa Tico, Mary Lambert, Mauna Kea Trask / Producer: Teresa Tico / Cinematographer: Mike May / Editor: Michelle Harrison / Composer: Jeff Rona, Ken Emerson / Production Designer: Teresa Tico / Art Director: Mary Lambert / Principal Cast: Mauna Kea Trask, Mac Poepoe / Contact: Teresa Tico (808) 639-9080, P.O. Box 1682, Hilo, HI 96721,

THE DIRECTOR: Lambert directed Chris Isaak's first music video "Dancin'" and Janet Jackson's "Nasty" and "Control" music videos. She also directed videos for Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger, The GoGo's, Whitney Houston, Alison Krauss, Live, Mötley Crüe, Sting, Debbie Harry, Tom Tom Club and others. She directed many of Madonna's early videos including "Borderline", "Like a Virgin", "Material Girl", "La Isla Bonita", and "Like a Prayer".

In 1987 she released her debut feature, the stylish and controversial Siesta, starring Ellen Barkin and Jodie Foster. She is known to horror fans for directing the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's novel Pet Sematary and its sequel, Pet Sematary II.

FiSHiNG PONO plays Wednesday, Oct 30, 7pm with TiGER SHARK EXPRESS at Bailey Hall



Tuesday, Oct 29, 8:15pm, SC Friday, Nov 1, 9:15pm, CP-L



Saturday, Nov 2, 9:15pm, CP-H WORLD EAST COAST CINEMA Tuesday, Nov 5, 8:30pm, SC PREMIERE



Camilo is a 23 year-old member of the middle class in Medellin, Colombia. After serving in the army, he returns home eager to make a new life for himself. His relationship with his family is a source of constant conflict, and finally they give him an ultimatum: find a job or move out. He spends most of his time playing in a neighborhood indoor soccer league, and there, in a stroke of luck, his coach Berri offers him an opportunity to make some easy money. For Camilo, however, this new opportunity is morally objectionable and one he initially rejects. In a fateful decision, eventually he concedes and decides to accept the job, thereby involving himself in an uncomfortable, not to mention illegal, situation.

Later on Camilo meets Sol, a young girl studying classical music at the local university. Immediately he becomes infatuated with her, intent on learning everything about her. They fall in love. Eager to shed the ghosts of his past, Camilo forges a new identity for himself but eventually someone returns from his past threatening to untangle Camilo’s web of lies and reveal his true identity to Sol. Can Camilo fight of his ghosts and keep his new life on track?

Screenplay: Juan Alfredo Uribe / Producers: Juan Alfredo Uribe / Cinematographer: Luigi Baquero / Editor: Camilo Mejía & Luigi Baquero / Composer: Peter Golub / Art Director: Angela Tobón / Principal Cast: Aldemar Correa, María Gaviria, Jhon Alex Toro, Ruth Gabriel, Noëlle Schönwald, Carlos Arango, Hedras Urrego / Contact: Laura Puyo @loazuldelcielo


THE DIRECTOR: Colombian director and film producer, graduated from The American Film Institute with a degree in filmmaking from the London International Film School. Uribe has been director of his opera prima “Lo Azul del Cielo”, different short films, documentaries, music videos and TV commercials.


Monday, Oct 28, 9pm, CP-L Wednesday, Oct 30, 7:30pm, CP-H



Saturday, Nov 2, 2pm, MP CINEMA SOUTHEAST Sunday, NovPREMIERE 3, 1pm, SC



Christopher Payne UK / 2012 / 80 min / DCP / English

Set in present day London, LOVE TOMORROW is the story of a former Royal Ballet dancer whose life is turned upside down after receiving devastating news. Wandering the underground in a torment of pain and confusion, a chance encounter with a charismatic Cuban ballet dancer called Oriel offers a temporary distraction. Oriel overlooks her engagement ring and suggests she spends some time with him.

Why she follows this insistent stranger is unclear, and why he tolerates her reserve, mood swings and outright hostility is also unclear. But he is troubled too and as the night lengthens and turns into day, the frustrations, secrets and wounds of both their lives begin to emerge, and a fragile friendship promises to turn into something more profound. Dance is a powerful force throughout the film and its energy allows the dancers to push forward and to build a powerful bond.

Screenplay: Christopher Payne / Producers: Stephanie Moon (Producer), Balletboyz/ Manilla Productions : Micheal Nunn & William Trevitt (Co-Producers) / Cinematographer: Paul Teverini / Editors: Nick Calori & Barry Moen / Composer: Kevin Pollard / Production Designer: Alexandra Walker / Art Director: Jimmy Bumble & Emma Denby / Principal Cast: Cindy Jourdain, Arionel Vargas With Max Brown, Samuel Barnett / Contact: Stephanie Moon (Sjmoon1@Me.Com / +44(0)7802 866795) Or Phil Gorn (Wonderphil Productions / : @lovetomorrow_11 SPECIAL GuEST: ARIONEL VARGAS

THE DIRECTOR: Payne began his film career at Ealing FIlm Studios. He produced PUNCH and associate produced TICHBORNE CLIAMANT, by BAFTA winning director, David Yates. Payne wrote and directed, THE JOLLY BOYS LAST STAND, starring Andy Serkis and Sacha Baron Cohen in a minor role. Since 2000, Payne's screenplays have been developed by the BBC, The Film Council and Slingshot Studios. From 2000 to 2006 he contributed on set reports for

His new film, THE INCUBATORS, the true story of a punk band who get caught up in an attempt to overthrow a foreign government, is scheduled to shoot 2014.




Wednesday, Oct 30, 7pm, CP-L Thursday, Oct 31, 7:30pm, CP-H




Wednesday, Oct 31, 8pm, MP Thursday, Nov 7, 8:30pm, SC

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Christina Hadjicharalambous & WORLD PREMIERE Radoslav Pavkovic UNITED STATES PREMIERE Serbia-Poland-Cyprus-Greece / 2012 / 80 min / DCP / Serbian w/En FLORIDA PREMIERE Her name is Zoritsa, but the raged vilFESTIVAL WINNERS lagers name her “the kiss of death". NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Since her first love got mysteriously drawn in the river, everyone who falls in WORLD PREMIERES love with Zoritsa ends up dead. Set in a Balkan village where superstition still rules life and the impossible still happens every day, Mane, the young city policeman has to find out whether Zoritsa is a serial killer, or just a girl bearing an extraordinary curse. “Loveless Zoritsa” is a dark fairytale with fantastic comedy elements. An enchanting journey into still hard soiled Balkan, where myths are still alive.

Screenplay: Goran Mojsin, Christina Hadjicharalambous / Producer: Radoslav Pavkovic / Co-Producers: Panagiotis Kalakos (Frame By Frame /Cyprus), Panos Karabinis (Pan Entertainment /Greece), Marta Laryssa Plucinska, Pawel Plucinski (Federico Film/Poland) / Cinematographer: Vladan Jankovic / Editor: Marko Glusac / Composer: Dimitris Fritzalas / Production Designer: Aljosa Spajic / Principal Cast: Branislav Trifunovic, Ljuma Penov, Mirjana Karanovic, Nikola Pejakovic, Mihailo Janketic / Contact: Super Films Int. Christina Hadjicharalambous, Dimitrija Tucovica 129/23, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Tel. /Fax: +381 11 3820036, Mobile: +381 64 1618 269 THE DIRECTORS: Christina Hadjicharalambous Born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied Film Directing in Athens, Greece and at FAMU - Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Author of short films like “Oedipus” and “Timeless” screened around the world. Her multi awarded short film “Trip to Venice”, a Cypriot - Greek - Czech co production, was screened in prestigious festivals in Europe, Asia and the USA. Among them Palm Springs/ USA, Clermont Ferrand / France, Flickerfest / Sydney, Shorts Shorts / Tokyo, Leeds / UK and others. Radoslav Pavkovic Born in Belgrade, Serbia. Founder of “Super Films Int.” He studied Film Directing at Film Academies in Belgrade, Serbia and Lodz, Poland. Director of many short films and documentaries among which “Giant, the Most, Gigantic One” and “Radenko & Silvana” achieved a cult status among Belgrade youth. His films were awarded in festivals in Serbia and Poland. Director of popular TV show “TV Maniac” on TV B-92 in Belgrade. "Loveless Zoritsa" is their feature debut as directors and producers.


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE SHORT FLORIDA PREMIERE Andy Fortenbacher – USA / 2012 / 14 min / HDCam / English FESTIVAL WINNERS Gordon is infatuated with Wendy but can’t PREMIERE figure out how to win her over. After receiving some godAMERICA NORTH awful advice that women are turned on by things that scare them, Gordon sets out to take Wendy on the most WORLD terrifying datePREMIERES of her life: a trip into the woods where cannibalistic creatures known as the “Melon Heads” are rumored to live.

Screenplay: Zac Page / Producer: Rob Cristiano / Cinematographer: Craig Harmer / Editor: Andy Fortenbacher / Composer: Duncan Blickenstaff / Production Design: Aaron Bannasch / Cast: Jonathan Spencer, Tracey Walker / Contact: @melonheadmovie


Andy Fortenbacher is currently completing his MFA in directing at Columbia University in New York. Fortenbacher is particularly interested in dark dramas and genres such as suspense, thriller, and comedy and his technical proficiency produces a highly visual and auditory style of filmmaking that enhances his ability to tell his stories.


Saturday, Oct 26, 3pm, CP-L Sunday, Oct 27. 4:30pm, SC





Tuesday, Oct 29, 5:30pm, CP-H Wednesday, Oct 30, 4pm, MP

SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE Jeremy Workman US / 2013 / 77 Min / DCP / English

Filmed for over a decade (using nearly 15 different cameras), MAGICAL UNIVERSE is a wondrous and moving portrait of Al Carbee, an 88 year old outsider artist who spends all his days alone in a labyrinthine house in Maine creating outlandish works of art -mostly featuring Barbie Dolls in complex dioramas. The documentary profiles Carbee's amazing body of work and his relentlessly creative lifestyle. The film is explored through the prism of Al’s life-changing friendship with the film’s director, revealing the astoundingly powerful role of companionship and creativity in the human mind while emphasizing the importance of mutual inspiration. At its core, MAGICAL UNIVERSE is about wonder, friendship, and the transcendent power of creativity. The film culminates with Carbee’s greatest triumph: the day when Carbee's Barbies are briefly revealed to the world.

Producer, Director, Editor - Jeremy Workman / Cinematographer - Jeremy Workman, John Monroe, James Colston, Michael Lisnet / Composer - Karen Altman / Contact: Jeremy Workman 917 399 5900 twitter: @magicalunivfilm Sponsored by

Jeanne O’Grady Fashion Queen Barbie Doll Club Join Us at the Oct 26 & 27th screenings for a special display of BARBiE Dioramas. SPECIAL GuEST: JEREMy WORKMAN

THE DIRECTOR: A two-time alumni of Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, Jeremy Workman's narrative and documentary films have screened at over 60 film festivals in more than 10 countries. His award-winning shorts and documentaries include WHO IS HENRY JAGLOM?, CLAIRE MAKES IT BIG, and ONE TRACK MIND -- all of which can be found on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes. Jeremy is widely known in the industry for his editing work, particularly for movie trailers. He has edited over 100 theatrical trailers for both indie and Hollywood films. He is a two-time Emmy nominee for his editing.



Saturday, Nov 2, 4pm, MP Sunday, Nov 3, 3:30pm, CP-H



Monday, Nov 4, 8:15pm, SC Monday , Nov 11, 7pm, CP-L

FEATURE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Momcilo Mrdakovic FLORIDA PREMIERE Serbia, Germany and Hungary / 2013 / FESTIVAL WINNERS English + Serbian & Hungarian w/English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE sub-titles WORLD PREMIERES Dreamy, middle-age guy Pera is film projectionist and still lives with his mother Mara in Belgrade. Pera is also film aficionado and quite content to be in his mother’s company. In 1999, NATO begins bombing Serbia in hopes of ending the war. Pera and Mara become homeless refugees.

A very surreal journey ensues, and Pera and Mara end up in New York. Pera soon realizes he cannot do his old job anymore, one he loves so much. While he and his mother were trying to survive, the new age of cinema digital projection was born. While musing over some discarded projectors an idea dawns upon our hero, making his mission in life clear as celluloid.

Screenplay: Momčilo Mrdaković / Producers: Fatih Akin, Klaus Maeck, Igor Turčinović, Momčilo Mrdaković / Cinematographers: János Vecsernyés, Dušan Ivanović, Gerard Brigante / Editors: Vessela Martschevski, Nemanja Tasić, Rade Popović / Music: Nicola Piovani / Principal Cast: Bogdan Diklić, Mira Banjac, Bane Vidaković, Anita Mančić / Contact: Momcilo Mrdakovic

THE DIRECTOR: After graduating Belgrade University in Architecture, Momcilo Mrdakovic went on to work in film production. Eventually he became a Second Unit Director/Assistant Director in many projects. One of them was Emir Kusturica’s UNDERGROUND that was awarded with the Golden Palm at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival. Mr. Mrdakovic’s first screenplay ITS ME THE HERO won the Hartley Merrill Screenwriting Competition Award. This award was given in collaboration with The Screen Writers Guild of America. MAMAROSH is his first feature film.



Wednesday, Nov 6, 3:30pm, CP-H Sunday, Nov 7, 7pm, CP-L




Thursday, Nov 7, 2pm, MP INDIE EAST COAST Thursday, PREMIERE Nov 7, 4pm, MP



in his early 30's who dreams of selling his book entitled "7 STEPS OF HEALING THE MALE BROKEN HEART" finds himself still working in restaurants to survive in the Big Apple. Low on cash, he's left with no other choice but to look for a roommate to share his tiny studio. Surprisingly, the first person to answer the ad is his ex and only love of his life Pam, who broke his heart and disappeared without reason and the inspiration behind his book. The Pam he remembered was a youthful spirit with lots of money who is now broke and disheveled. A new story begins and it is up to Charlie to find out why she ran out on him and what's happened to her over the past three years. With a potential new love in his life, he must gather the strength to help Pam get back on her feet without rekindling old feelings.

Screenplay: Jaime Zevallos / Producers: Shahrooz Nateghi, Michelle Gracie, Anthony Gaudioso / Cinematographer: Keith DeCristo / Editor: Karbis Sarafyan / Composer: Shai Shaashua / Production Designer: Dianna Carmel Faulkner / Principal Cast: Angela Sarafyan, Jaime Zevallos, Shahrooz Nateghi, Daniel Chaffin, Michelle Gracie, Tobi Gadison, Michael Elian, Emerald Robinson, Erica Bachelor / Contact: Jaime Zevallos SPECIAL GuESTS: ANGELA SARAFyN JAIME zEVALLOS ERICA BACHELOR

THE DIRECTOR: Jaime Zevallos is an actor, filmmaker, writer, and recently named as one of 2013's 25 most influential Latinos in LA by Latino Leaders Magazine. ME YOU AND FIVE BUCKS, he wrote, directed and starred in premiered at the Long Island Int’l Film Expo. Born in Peru and raised in New York, Jaime began his career on MTV's "Eye Spy Video." He studied at the HB Studio and gained a degree at Queens C. College in Performing Arts and C.W. Post/Long Island University for Filmmaking. Jaime appeared in: ABC's "Off The Map," TNT's "Leverage," "House M.D.," "Southland," and "Sons of Anarchy". He was also in lead in the Michael Eisner project, "Sam Has 7 Friends," nominated for Daytime Emmy Award. Jaime will be seen upcoming show "Basketball Wife" as Robert Montana, a Latin television star. When he is not in front or behind the camera, Jaime can be seen in the LA theater scene. He recently starred in the U.S. Premiere of Armand Gatti's play, "The Imaginary Life of the Street Sweeper August G."



Sunday, Oct 20, 3pm, CP-L




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Dudley Nichols – USA / 1947 / 157 min / DVD / English

Academy Award winning screenwriter Dudley Nichols (THE INFORMER (1935)) also produced four films and directed three, this was the last time he did either; his previous effort in both capacities also featured Rosalind Russell in the title role, SISTER KENNY (1946). For both efforts, the actress received Best Actress Oscar nominations, this being her third of four (unrewarded) nominations for her career. Nichols also wrote the screenplay from the Eugene O'Neill play. In addition to Russell, Michael Redgrave received his only Academy recognition, a Best Actor nomination.

The story is an updated version of the classic Greek tragedy of Agamemnon, the commander who returned from Troy hungry for a renewed life with his spouse only to find that his wife has strayed with a younger man (that could be his own son). She poisons him and then (she and her lover) must suffer the wrath of her own son and daughter, who are then haunted by guilt and their own demons (including near incestuous jealousy) for their vengeful act. In this case, Raymond Massey plays Union General Ezra Mannon who's returned home from the Civil War to his loving daughter Lavinia aka 'Vinnie' (Russell), the titled Electra, with his injured son Orin (Redgrave). Shortly before he's murdered, Ezra learns that wife Christine (Katina Paxinou, looking quite a bit younger and more attractive than she did in her Academy Award winning Best Supporting Actress stint as Pilar in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (1943) is in love with the son of a former Mannon family maid that he'd thrown out of the house for diddling his brother; Leo Genn plays Adam Brant. The drama plays out in three acts: The Homecoming, The Hunted, and The Haunted.

Also in the cast are Kirk Douglas (in his third film) as Peter Niles, who courts Lavinia, Nancy Coleman as his sister Hazel Niles, who's in love with Orin, Henry Hull as the Mannon's 40 year groundskeeper (that does what he's told) Seth Beckwith, Sara Allgood as a landlady, and Thurston Hall as the family doctor named Blake. Additionally, Elisabeth Risdon, Erskine Sanford, and Jimmy Conlin also appear briefly. Courtesy of The Classic Film Guide For its first season in the new opera house at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera commissioned a new American Opera, Mourning Becomes Electra, by Marvin David Levy for the historical event. Following its premiere in 1967, Levy’s opera was so well received by critics and audiences alike that additional performances were given during the Met’s following season as well. After years of neglect, Lyric Opera of Chicago mounted a major revival in 1998, during which Mourning Becomes Electra was acclaimed as a great American masterpiece for its overwhelming dramatic impact and potent score.

Subsequent productions were given by Seattle Opera in 2003 and New York City Opera in 2004. On November 7, 2013, Florida Grand Opera will open its season at the Broward Center with the fourth American production of this riveting work. Based on Eugene O’Neill’s 1931 play of the same name, Mourning Becomes Electra demonstrates just how profoundly O’Neill’s plays transformed the American theater, and its tormented characters provide limitless opportunities for a gifted opera composer like Marvin David Levy. The legendary 1947 film of O’Neill’s play will enhance your operatic experience exponentially!


The Film Festival is proud to partner with The Florida Grand Opera to present this classic film.


Monday, 6pm, MP Wednesday, Nov 7, 7:30pm, CP-H






Sunday, Nov 10, SC Monday, Nov 11,COAST 1:30pm, CP-H EAST PREMIERE


Hiner Saleem – Iraq-Iran-Turkey-France / 2013 / 100 min / DCP / Kurdish w/English sub-titles

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, resolves to accept a position in a godforsaken village at the borders of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. It is a lawless territory, right at the heart of illegal drug, medication and alcohol trafficking. Having arrived in the small village, he refuses to bow down to Aga Azzi, the seriously corrupt tribal chief and absolute ruler of the area. Baran meets Govend, the village school teacher, who is also rejected by the villagers. Like Baran, she represents another law, that of the young and autonomous Kurdish state. Govend is all the more vulnerable as she is not a married woman. Together, Govend and Baran will defy Aga Azzi's power, and help the Turkish Kurd resistance movement.

Screenplay: Hiner Saleem in collaboration with Antoine Lacomblez / Assistant Director: Antoine Chevrollier / Editing: Sophie Reine Clémence Samson Juliette Haubois / Script Supervisor: Véronique Wüthrich / Cinematography: Pascal Auffray / Sound Mix: Miroslav Babic / Art Director: Fehmi Salim / Make-up & Costume: Pauline Batista & Ceylan Remezan / Principal Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Korkmaz Arslan, Suat Usta, Mir Murad Bedirxan, Feyyaz Duman, Tarik Akreyi, Véronique Wüthrich / Contact: Films Boutique Sanam Madjedi THE DIRECTOR: Born March 9th, 1964 in Akré, Iraq, Hiner Saleem had already started shooting scenes for his first film, UN BOUT DE FRONTIÈRE, when he was interrupted by bombardments and prevented from completing the film. Gillo Pontecorvo, however, decided to present this footage in 1992 at the Venice Film Festival as an “unfinished work,” which in turn allowed Mrs. Saleem to raise the financing he needed for his next film, VIVE LA MARIÉE... and the liberation of Kurdistan (Kebab Connection). He then made a drama with autobiographical underpinnings, PASSEURS DE RÊVES (BEYOND OUR DREAMS), followed by VODKA LEMON: awarded Best Film at the Venice Film Festival 2005. His feature film, KILOMETER ZERO, was part of the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival (and later that year played FLIFF). This was followed in 2007 by the release of DOL OU LA VALLÉE DES TAMBOURS. He directed in the film Beneath the rooftops of Paris – earning Michel Piccoli Best Actor prize at Locarno International Film Festival. In 2011 Mr. Saleem shot IF YOU DIE, I’LL KILL YOU.



Wednesday, Oct 31, 6pm, MP Friday, Nov 8, 5:30pm, CP-L Saturday, Nov 9, 1:30pm, CP-H






Charles Wilkinson Canada / 2013 / 82 min / DCP / English

OIL SANDS KARAOKE follows five oil patch workers vying to win a karaoke contest in one of the most controversial places on the planet; Northern Alberta’s infamous Tar Sands. These five characters know they’re at the center of a global controversy and yet they continue to work there. Not only that, but they work long hours every day for extended periods, endure extreme physical hardship, and enjoy very few pleasures. Why? The money. But what motivates a person in this situation to sing karaoke, and to take it seriously? We’ll experience the 6 day/12 hour shifts, the incredible scale of the mines, the drugs, alcohol & gambling, the buried unspoken guilt – as well as the pride in a job well done producing a valued commodity for an appreciative market - all alleviated for a few increasingly magical seconds by the time on stage. OIL SANDS KARAOKE will make us laugh, sing along, and perhaps re-examine our biases.

Screenplay: Charles WIlkinson / Producers: Tina Schliessler, Charles Wilkinson / Executive Producer: Kevin Eastwood / Cinematographer: Charles WIlkinson / Editors: Charles Wilkinson, Tina Schliessler / Music Coordinator: Michael Perlmutter / Featuring: Dan Debrabandere, Chad Ellis, Iceis rain, Jason Sawchuk, Brandy Willier / Contact: Kevin Eastwood twitter@OilSandsKaraoke

THE DIRECTOR: Charles Wilkinson’s diverse body of work includes the documentary features Peace Out and Down Here, the dramatic features MAX and BREACH OF TRUST, the TV movie HEART OF THE STORM and the television series The Highlander. His most recent documentary, Peace Out premiered at Hot Docs where it won the Special Jury Prize for Canadian Documentary and was awarded Most Popular Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival. His previous film before that, Down Here received critical and audience accolades on the international festival circuit (Vancouver, Cleveland, Houston, Venice). Oil Sands Karaoke is his latest film.



Saturday, Oct 19, 1:30pm, CP-H Sunday, Oct 20, 12:30pm, MP





Monday, Oct 21, 8pm, SC Tuesday, Nov 5, 5:30pm, CP-L


Eduardo Leo Italy / 2013 / 109 min / DCP / Italian w/English sub-titles

Andrea is handsome, single and self-assured, with a skyrocketing career in an important agency for product placement. Everything in his life of one-night stands seems to be going great until one day at his door knocks Layla, a decidedly extravagant teenybopper, who claims to be his daughter, conceived during a fleeting, long time ago, summer romance

Writer: Edoardo Leo, Massimiliano Bruno, Herbert Simone Paragnani / Producer: Fulvio Lucisano, Federica Lucisano / Cinematography: Arnaldo Catinari / Film Editing: Patrizio Marone / Costume Design: Valentina Taviani / Original Music: Gianluca Misiti / Production Design: Paki Meduri / Cast: Raoul Bova, Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo, Nicole Grimaudo, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Paola Tiziana Cruciani / Contact: Jef Nuyts, IntraMovies, Rome

Sponsored by

The Joseph Berardinelli Family



Saturday, Oct 26, 7pm, CP-L


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE FEATURE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Kees Van Oostrum FESTIVAL WINNERS Netherlands / 2012 / 95 min / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIER After years of marriage, a man is left by WORLD his wife because of his numerous PREMIERES



affairs. One day, he gets a phone call but it's the wrong number. However, he starts a relationship over the phone with the stranger and it is the most open and honest relationship he has ever had.

Writer: Larry Brand, Peter Elkoff / Producer: Gary Wilkes, Kees Van Oostrum / Cinematographer: Joost van Gelder / Production Designer: Jeanienne Oppewall / Editor: Michiel Reichwein, Cast : Joelle Carter, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Liev Schreiber / Contact: IFC Films

THE DIRECTOR: Kees Van Oostrum, ASC was born and raised in Amsterdam. Van Oostrum went on to study at the Dutch Film Academy with an emphasis on both directing and cinematography. After graduating with Honors he received a scholarship sponsored by the Dutch government which enabled him to enroll the American Film Institute (AFI). That experience broadened his perspective. After graduating from AFI, receiving his MFA in film studies, Van Oostrum has subsequently compiled an eclectic range of some 60 credits, including movies for television and the cinema, and occasional documentaries. He shot the Emmy®-winning documentary The Last Chance, and earned additional Emmy nominations for the telefilms Miss Rose White and Return to Lonesome Dove. His peers chose the latter for the 1994 ASC Outstanding Achievement Award for cinematography in a television movie. Van Oostrum has earned other ASC Award nominations for the television films The Burden of Proof, Medusa’s Child and Spartacus. His diverse body of work includes the history-based feature films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. Most recently Van Oostrum has completed the films Dark Hearts and Copperhead.


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE SHOWTIMES PREMIERE WORLD Sunday, Nov 10, 8pm, CP-L Monday, Nov 11, 8pm, MP PREMIERE UNITED STATES FLORIDA PREMIERE UK / 2013 / 97 min / DCP / English WINNERS FESTIVAL NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent MarPREMIERES WORLD tin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, PHILOMENA fo-

cuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee (Dench), mother to a boy conceived out of wedlock something her Irish-Catholic community didn’t have the highest opinion of and given away for adoption in the United States. In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn’t allow for any sort of inquiry into the son’s whereabouts. After starting a family years later in England and, for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith (Coogan), a BBC reporter with whom she decides to discover her long-lost son. Starring Judi Dench / Contact: The Weinstein Company



Sunday, Nov 3, 4:30pm, SC Monday, Nov 4, 5:30pm, CP-H






Tuesday, Nov 5, 4pm, MP Monday, Nov COAST 11, 5pm, CP-L EAST PREMIERE


Naomi Jaye Canada / 2013 / 85 min / DCP / Yiddish w/English sub-titles

Two young people find love while in hiding during WWII. The boy, now an old man, works as a Shomer, a religious watchman responsible for guarding the souls of the dead before their burial. One night he comes face-to-face with his long lost love when her dead body is wheeled into the morgue where he works. As he is presented with a final chance at redemption, he recalls the brief but intense circumstances of their love affair.

Writer: Naomi Jaye: Producers: Daniel Bekerman, Naomi Jaye / production Designer: Nazgol Goshtasbpour / Editor: Jorge Weisz / Principal Cast: David Fox, Grisha Pasternak, Milda Geicate / Contact: Josh Green THE DIRECTOR: Naomi Jaye’s roots in visual design bring a distinctive design to her work which often focuses on the comedic side of human frailty. She has just completed her first feature film THE PIN – North America’s first Yiddish language film in over seventy years. Naomi has recently optioned Martha Baillie’s Giller Prize nominated novel THE INCIDENT REPORT and is in development on musical feature WAXING POETIC. In addition, she is working on a UAE/Canada project THE COMMON FATHER, a film about a woman’s journey in search of her past from Madrid through Mumbai to Amman. Naomi is also developing a feature documentary: BOLLYWOOD JEW, an outrageous journey exploring her obsession with Indian Culture and Bollywood films. Naomi is a frequent recipient of grants from The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council. It should also be noted that Naomi is the recipient of a bowling trophy engraved with ‘Best Director’ that sits on her mantle.



Luis Mandoki – Mexico / 2012 / 116 min / DCP / Spanish w/English sub-titles

Honduran teenager Sabina Rivas intends to get to the United States, harboring dreams of becoming a famous singer and distancing herself from her former young lover, Jovany, now a vicious gang member. To traverse the Suchiate River (the first stage of the journey to the US) and to dream about a better life is easy. The terrible challenge is to cross Mexico: Sabina is confined on the Mexican-Guatemalan border by the brothel matron, the Mexican Consul, the Mexican and American migratory agents, the drug trafficking networks, the army, the gangs, and her unfortunate reunion with Jovany.

Writer: Diana Cardozo / Producer: Abraham Zabludovsky / Cast: Greisy Mena, Joaquin Cosio / Contact: Brandon at Shoreline Entertainment THE DIRECTOR: Luis Mandoki (born in 1954 in Mexico City) is a Mexican film director working in Mexico and Hollywood. Luis Mandoki studied Fine Arts in Mexico and at the San Francisco Art Institute, the London College of Printing, and the London International Film School. While attending this last institution he directed his first short film Silent Music which won an award at the International Amateur Film Festival of Cannes Film Festival in 1976. Back in Mexico he directed short films and documentaries for the Instituto Nacional Indigenista (the National Institute for the Indigenous), Conacine (National Commission of Film) and the Centro de Produccion de Cortometraje (Center for the Production of Short Films). In 1980 he received an Ariel Award of the Mexican Academy of Film for his short film El secreto. Four years later, his film Motel was selected to represent Mexico in film festivals around the globe.


At the age of 30 he developed, wrote, produced and directed Gaby: A True Story, a movie about the struggles of handicapped Gaby Brimer. This film was nominated for both the Academy and Golden Globe Awards. For the next 15 years he filmed only in English until the critically acclaimed Voces inocentes of 2004. This film gave him a Best Director nomination for the Ariel Award in 2005. The film also received three awards and was nominated for Best Film. The film was selected to represent Mexico for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and had a box-office output of 49.4 million pesos (roughly 4.5 million U.S. dollars) and was seen by 1.5 million people. Luis Mandoki currently resides in Mexico City with his wife, Olivia, and three children Camille, Daniel and Michelle.


Saturday, Oct 26, 7:30pm, CP-H Sunday, Oct 27, Noon, MP





Thursday, Oct 31, 5:30pm, CP-L Sunday, Nov 3, 2:30pm, SC


Richard Trank – Israel, / 2013 / 115 min / DCP / English

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers, takes the audience inside the offices of Israel’s Prime Ministers, through the eyes of an insider, Yehuda Avner, who served as a chief aide, English language note-taker and speechwriter to Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres. Behind the scene stories are brought to life involving Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter. Personalities ranging from Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher and Moshe Dayan to Harry Truman, Anwar Sadat, and Princess Diana appear in The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers. The first of two parts, the documentary focuses on Ambassador Avner’s years working with Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir and then US Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin and reveals new details about the 6 Day War, the development of Israel’s close strategic relationship with the U.S., the fight against terrorism, the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath.

Screenplay: Richard Trank / Producers: Rabbi Marvin Hier, Richard Trank / Cinematographer: Jeffrey Victor / Editor: Nimrod Erez / Principal Voice-overs: Sandra Bullock as Golda Meir, Michael Douglas as Yitzhak Rabin, Leonard Nimoy as Levi Eshkol, Christoph Waltz as Menachem Begin / Contact: Susanne Jacobson 310-720-5092 Richard Trank is an Academy Award winning filmmaker. Trank wrote/directed It Is No Dream, exploring the life of Theodor Herzl, father of the modern of Israel. In 2011, Trank wrote/directed Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny. Narrated by Ben Kingsley, film focused on Churchill’s years in the political wilderness, his early opposition to Adolf Hitler and Nazism. In 2009, Trank wrote/directed the Against The Tide, narrated by Dustin Hoffman. Against The Tide examined the conflict that erupted in the Jewish community in the late 1930'-40's over the best means to rescue the Jews during the Holocaust. In 2007, Trank directed I Have Never Forgotten You, a look at the life of Simon Wiesenthal. Narrated by Nicole Kidman, it featured interviews with longtime associates, government leaders from around the world, friends and family members. In 2006, Trank directed Ever Again, which examined the resurgence of anti-Semitism and its connection to international terrorism. In early 2005, Trank completed Beautiful Music, narrated by Brooke Shields, it told the emotional story of the relationship between an Orthodox Jewish music teacher and her blind and autistic Palestinian student. In 2004, Trank wrote/directed Unlikely Heroes, narrated by Kingsley, chronicling 7 people who defied the Nazis. In 2001, Trank wrote/directed In Search of Peace, Part I: 1948-67, an exploration of the first decades of Israel’s existence, narrated by Michael Douglas and featuring Edward Asner, Anne Bancroft, Richard Dreyfus, and Michael York. In 1997, Trank produced The Long Way Home (Oscar ’98). Narrated by Morgan Freeman, film examined the period between 1945-48, when the survivors of the Holocaust rebuilt their lives and helped to create the state of Israel. For the past two decades, Trank has also served as the Exec Producer for Museum of Tolerance. He will be working in the same capacity in Jerusalem. He was also the Exec Producer for films at The Cell, the Counter Terrorism Learning Lab at Denver’s Museum of Art.



Saturday, Nov 2, 7:30pm, CP-H Sunday, Nov 3, 5pm, CP-L





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Monday, nov 4, 6:30pm, SC EAST COAST PREMIERE Wednesday, Nov 6, 6pm, MP WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Laos / 2013 / 96WINNERS min / Laotian w/English FESTIVAL sub-titles NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Laos: A boy (Ahlo, 10), who is believed to WORLD PREMIERES bring bad luck, is blamed for a string of disasters. When his family loses their home and are forced to move, Ahlo meets the spirited orphan Kia (9) and her eccentric uncle Purple: an ex-soldier with a purple suit, a rice-wine habit and a fetish for James Brown. Struggling to hang on to his father's trust, Ahlo leads his family, Purple and Kia through a land scarred by war in search of a new home. But bad luck seems to follow Ahlo, and in a last plea to prove he's not cursed, Ahlo desperately feels the need to prove himself to his family, village and himself. In one of the fest’s sweetest films, filled with comedy, history, humanity (as well as a lack of humanity)...THE ROCKET is a treasure, eliciting laughter, chills and applause.

Screenwriter: Kim Mordaunt / Producer: Sylvia Wilczynski / Editor: Nick Meyers / Associate Producer: Pauline Phayvanh Phoumindr / Cinematographer: Andrew Commis / Executive Producer: Bridget Ikin, Michael Wrenn, Triphet Rookachat / Composer: Caitlin Yeo / Principal Cast: Sitthiphon Disamoe, Loungnam Kaosainam, Thep Phongam, Bunsri Yindi, Sumrit Warin, Alice Kohavong / Contact: Jason Leaf at Kino Lorber

Sponsored by


THE DIRECTOR: KIM MORDAUNT is a graduate of the University of Technology Sydney and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and has lived and worked throughout Southeast Asia. His latest film, the documentary feature Bomb Harvest, screened at over twenty international festivals to wide acclaim. The Rocket is his fiction feature debut.


Friday, Nov 1, 8pm, SC Saturday, Nov 2, 8pm, MB





Grand Prize Winner of the

2013 Cannes Critics Week

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza EAST COAST PREMIERE Italy / 2013 / 105 min / DCP / Italian w/English sub-titles WORLD PREMIERE Palermo, Sicily. Salvo is in the Finality Business. As a Mafia hitman UNITED STATES PREMIERE he is at the top of his trade. Smart, fearless, fit and lethal, had he FLORIDA been raised in PREMIERE England, he would have undoubtedly have a DoubleO number. FESTIVAL WINNERS NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE The film opens in a quietly unveiling calm...but hang on, which is what you’ll be doing to your seat cushion. WORLD PREMIERES Things get decidedly more explo-

sive very soon. You may not catch on from the get-go what’s happening and that coming discovery is a major element in the suspense.

Without giving too much away, Salvo has to pay a visit to a rival mafioso. When he arrives unannounced at the home, the first person he encounters in the target’s sister. From this early point on, the story unfolds uniquely bold fashion as alliances are formed and former allegiances broken.

Producer: Massimo Cristaldi, Antoine Clermont-Tonerre / Cinematographer: Daniele Cipri / Production Designer: Marco Denticci / Editor: Desidier Rayner / Cast : Saleh Bakri, Sara Serraiocco, Luigi Lo Cascio, Mario Pupella / Contact: Filmmovement

Sponsored by

THE DIRECTORS: Following in the footsteps of Frank Costello and Jean-Pierre Melville and Alain Delon’s Le Samourai, SALVO, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza’s debut film, screened at the Critics’ Week at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The dark comedy set in Sicily has yet to find Italian distribution, and producers Massimo Cristaldi (producer of Cinema Paradiso AND and past FLIFF guest) and Fabrizio Mosca were only able to make the film thanks to French coproduction

“The genre and perspective choices come from the story’s needs,” Grassadonia explained. “The story is born with a mafia killer who commits a brutal crime. This has a connotation which seemed noir to us, and it seemed right for us to bring the spectator into a classic style of narration. But we then introduce an extraordinary element, at which point the characters fall into another story, which means we adapted to this evolution in genre. We asked ourselves: how do you present blindness? It was a formal choice to accept silence within the silence of knowing in such desolate surroundings. It was not simply an exhibition game, but involved a will to deeply follow the depth within the sense of story.”

“I agree with what Fabio said, but would like to add that we believe in the screenplay as a starting point and we love cinema genres. In Italy though, it seems like comedy is the only genre possible, while we took the risk to go and find something different. There have been great genre masters, but now there is a demolition and homogenization going on which we are not interested in.”





Sunday, Oct 27, 5:30pm, CP-H Tuesday, Oct 29, 8pm, MP





Saturday, Nov 2, 1pm, CP-L Friday, Nov 8, 6:30pm, SC

Juan Carlos Maneglia & Tana Schémbori Paraguay / 2012 / 105 min / DCP / Spanish w/English sub-titles

It's Friday night in Asuncion, Paraguay and the temperature is sweltering. Víctor, a 17year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy, dreams of becoming famous and covets a fancy TV set in the infamous Mercado 4. He's offered a chance to deliver seven boxes with unknown contents in exchange for a quick US$100. But what sounds like an easy job soon gets complicated. Something in the boxes is highly coveted and Víctor... and his pursuers quickly find themselves caught up in a crime they know nothing about.

"genre-film bliss … The storytelling confidence, unaffected acting, and, above all, a heightened grasp of plotting and logistics on display in 7 Boxes is astonishing." ` TWITCH

"a wild and cunningly plotted chase movie … rollicking entertainment" ~ Variety

Grade: A "'The Fast and the Furious' with wheelbarrows, Paraguayan action-thriller-romance hybrid '7 Boxes' is a rollicking good time at the movies that offers breathtaking action and suspense, humor and appealing characters all in one visually flashy package" - IndieWire

" I'd actually suggest that "7 Boxes" is better [than 'Slumdog Millionaire']; it's got a better sense of real place, of action, of pacing … I felt the same vibe I did from 'Reservoir Dogs' or 'El Mariachi' or 'Primer' … hurtling action and camerawork so deft in the heat of the moment you almost --almost -- don't notice how good it is … it's a thriller with life, heart and excitement coursing through it until you can feel the power of the passion that made the film it sputtering off every frame like sparks from a roaring fire." - MSN

Sponsored by

Steven V. Caster Samoset Real Estate


Principal Cast: Celso Franco, Víctor Sosa, Lali González, Nico García, Paletita, Manuel Portillo, Mario Toñanez, Nelly Dávalos / Contact Shoreline Entertainment,


Monday, Oct 28, 4pm, SC Tuesday, Oct 29, 5:15pm, CP-L Wednesday, Oct 31, 2pm, MP







Gita Weinrauch Kaufman is a writer and teacher in New York who fled Austria with her parents just as the entire family was about to be sent to a concentration camp. More than 50 years later, she returned to Vienna with her husband and co-director, Curt Kaufman, to search for her past and understand the country of her birth. She asks the question: Is present-day Austria truly different from the one she left? As she winds her way through past and present Vienna, Gita speaks to the former US Ambassador to Austria, Ronald Lauder, the now infamous former UN Secretary General, Kurt Waldheim, and many less well-known but no-less-important voices as the film brings other issues to the table: Austrian resistance to the Nazis; collective guilt and blame; and the responsibility of today’s generation for the sins of their parents. By careful combination of the personal and the political, Kurt and Gita Kaufman have added more human voices to the tragedy of the Shoah to make sure it is not forgotten.

Screenplay: Gita Kaufman, Curt Kaufman / Producers: Gita Kaufman, Curt Kaufman, Dieter Pochlatko / Cinematographer: Curt Kaufman / Editor: Curt Kaufman, Michaela Muellner / Asst. Editor: Charley Muellner / Composers: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Markus Poehcinger / Narrator-Interviewer: Gita Kaufman / Contact: Gita Kaufman T: 212 873-9841 F; 212 787-6875 SPECIAL GuEST: GITA KAuFMAN

THE DIRECTORS: Curt Kaufman served as director, co-producer, director of photography, videographer, editor and writer for BRIEFE 1939 – 1941 which was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry Education, Science and Art; directed and coproduced MARY LEAH BANDY (chief film archivist for The Museum of Modern Art), and several educational and industrial films. In addition to his work in video Curt is the co-author of several screenplays including MARIA which was optioned in Hollywood. He co-authored the audio-visual presentation SHADOWS FROM MY PAST, which received the Bruno Kreisky Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Human Rights and is being turned into another documentary.

Gita Kaufman directed and co-produced BRIEFE 1939 – 1941, which was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. She was the researcher, oral historian, translator, production pianist, and music supervisor. Gita co-produced and directed MARY LEAH BANDY (chief film archivist for The Museum of Modern Art), and several educational and industrial films. She is the co-author of several screenplays including MARIA which has been optioned by Kushner Locke. Gita researched the Silurian Award best feature story winning Newsweek cover story, “Kids With Aids’, which appeared throughout the United States and internationally.



Wednesday, Oct 23, 5:30pm, CP-H Thursday, Oct 24, 4pm, MP Saturday, Nov 9, 4:30pm, SC





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EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Austria / 2012 / 111 min / DCP / English FLORIDA PREMIERE & German w/English sub-titles FESTIVAL WINNERS At the end of his life, Wilhelm Reich - psyNORTH AMERICA experimentalPREMIERE scientist searchchiatrist and ing for the fundamentals of life WORLD PREMIERES- finds himself on trial, charged with deception. His dream of liberating human individuality makes him a dangerous opponent of an American system that is striving after 1945 for global hegemony, using all available means. Was it madness to believe in man's liberty or was Reich simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and being a holistic global thinker, accurately observing far-reaching socio-political linkages? Ten years after his mysterious death, his writings, once burnt by the US FDA, become an important source of inspiration for a '68 generation in revolt.

Writer: Antonin Svoboda / Producers: Antonin Svoboda, Franz Novotny, Alexander Glehr, Martin Gschlacht / Camera: Martin Gschlacht / Sound: Odo Grötschnig / Art Dept: Katharina Wöppermann / Costumes: Tanja Hausner / Editor: Oliver Neumann / Original Music: Bernd Jungmair, Stefan Jungmair / Principal Cast: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Julia Jentsch, Jeanette Hain, David Rasche, Birgit Minichmayr, Kenny Doughty, Jamie Sives, Gary Lewis / Contact: Franz Novotny THE DIRECTOR: Born in 1969 in Vienna 1988-90 Studies of theatre and art history since 1991 Studies at Film Academy Vienna (Peter Patzak)



Meet the investigative team at the Sun Sentinel and watch their five-part video series exposing weakness in the law protecting Floridians against sex offenders. The five short videos complemented the Sun Sentinel investigation “Sex Predators Unleashed,” which revealed earlier this year that released sex offenders had committed terrible crimes. The video presentation will be bolstered by a discussion with the Sun Sentinel team, including lead investigative reporter Sally Kestin. Kestin led the team that won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service reporting on the speeding cops series. PANELISTS ARE:

Sally Kestin, the reporter on the project, is a graduate of Northwestern Univ’s Medill School of Journalism and has won more than a dozen national journalism awards for her work, including an investigation uncovering fraud in FEMA disaster aid nationwide. A series by Kestin and John Maines on extreme speeding by off-duty South Fla police officers won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Public Service.

DanaWilliams, reporter & database expert on the project, is a data journalist at the Sun Sentinel. Since 1999, she has worked as an asst city editor, night city editor and bureau chief. She Previously she was an asst city editor at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and city editor of the Pacific Daily News on Guam. She is currently studying info technology at Broward Col-


lege. She has a master’s in criminal justice from Nova Southeastern and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Univ of Missouri.

Mike Slaughter, Sun Sentinel’s director of photography, oversees a staff of 10. Mike worked for 23 years at the Toronto Star as Chief Photographer and as asst photo chief. During his tenure at The Star, Mike covered events ranging from the 1994 Winter Olympics, the Gulf War, Royal visits and the (World Champ) Toronto Blue Jays. Mike is a private pilot and covered anything aviation related at The Star. He was born in London, and grew up in Canada, and now lives in Sunrise.

Mike Stocker has been a SunSentinel photographer, graduated from Univ of Fl in 1986. After a short stint at Hollywood Sun-Tattler, he went to work at The Herald for 9 years. He has covered stories in Haiti, Israel, Latin America,

Africa, and Eastern Europe. He has been honored by the World Press Photo, Overseas Press Club, National Press Photographers Asso, and by the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for Spot News Photography “for his consistently powerful photographs of the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch.

Sarah Dussault is a visual journalist and editor at the Sun Sentinel, and serves as the paper’s first Video Coordinator. She worked as a photojournalist at the Napa Valley Register and in a Texas/Mexico border town at The Brownsville Herald. Videos edited by Dussault have won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Sunshine State Awards and the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors. Dussault is a graduate of San Jose State Univ. Born in LA, raised in Tucson, she currently lives in Oakland Park.


Monday, Oct 21, 6pm, MP Tuesday, Oct 22, 5:30pm, CP-L






Wednesday, 23, 5:30pm, SC EAST PREMIERE Friday, Oct 25,COAST 5:30pm, CP-H


Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar France-USA / 2013 / 95 min / BluRay / English & French w/English sub-titles

Set in New York, Swim Little Fish Swim focuses on the domestic life of Leeward and Mary, a young married couple at a crossroads. Mary is a hardworking nurse determined to turn the couple’s lives around while Leeward is a struggling marginal musician who fancies himself a misunderstood artist and New Age visionary. The two can’t even agree on what to name their three-year old daughter. Enter Lilas, a 19 year-old French artist trying to make it in New York and escape the shadow of her famous painter mother. When the bubbly young woman moves into the couple’s tiny Chinatown apartment, their already fragile balance is upset even further.

Writers-Producers: Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar / Cast: Dustin Guy Defa, Lola Bessis, Brooke Bloom, Olivia Durling Costello, Anne Consigny

THE DIRECTORS: Lola Bessis, who was 21 years old at the time of filming, is a French screenwriter, director, producer and actress who directed her first short when she was 13 years old. After a few months working on several documentaries and TV shows, Lola collaborated with Ruben Amar on the multi-awarded short film, Checkpoint, which was selected at more than 100 renowned festivals around the world. Bessis, who attended UCL in London and NYU and The New School in New York, has also directed several narrative and experimental short films. Ruben Amar is a multiple award-winning French filmmaker. He has written and directed six acclaimed short films shot in London, New York, Paris, Israel and Palestine. His two last shorts A Girl Like You with a Boy Like Me and Checkpoint, have screened at more than 150 international film festivals including ClermontFerrand International Short Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival and San Diego Film Festival.



Saturday, Oct 19, 3pm, CP-L Sunday, Oct 20, 5:30pm, CP-H Oct 20, 8pm, MP


EASTFEATURE COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Laurent Tuel FLORIDA PREMIERE France / 2013 / 98 min / DCP / FESTIVAL WINNERS French w/English sub-titles NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Like millions of others worldwide, 40WORLD PREMIERES year-old François Nouel is a Tour de


France fan. Unbeatable on anything to do with the race, he spends as much time as he can on his bike, to escape from a disappointing everyday existence. At work, he’s restricted to bicycle displays. And things at home are no better: his son thinks he’s a loser and his wife berates him for being a coward. So when his wife discovers on the eve of his holidays that he’s been volunteered to work on the Tour, it’s too much. Then he meets Rémi, a depressive former sports manager who’s also at the end of his rope. Under Remi’s influence, François makes up his mind to live his childhood dream...though dreams can be overwhelmingly filled with road blocks.

But when all seems lost, when there’s nothing left to hope for, François resolves to go on to the bitter end... has his moment finally come?

Screenplay: Romain Protat, Lyes Belaïdouni, Yohan Levy / Cinematography: Gilles Porte / Set Design: Arnaud De Moleron / Costumes: Emmanuelle Youchnovski / Producer: Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier, Nicolas Souhami, Renaud Souhami / Principal Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Bouli Lanners, Ary Abittan, Bruno Lochet, Elodie Bouchez / Contact: Wild Bunch

Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Laurent Tuel (born 1966) is a French film actor, director and writer. In 2007 he was nominated for César Awards for his Jean-Philippe film. Laurent Tuel released his first short film "Céleste" in 1989, when he was 23. He is the author of Le Premier Cercle (2009) film.



Saturday, Oct 26, 1:30pm, CP-H Saturday, Oct 26, 8pm, SC




Traumatised because his father did not tell him the truth about the death of his mother when he was young, 50-something Walter will not tolerate the slightest lie. Walter never lies. And he expects his two best friends, Jacques and Paul, and his 20year-old daughter, Clémence, to be completely truthful as well. Walter takes this attitude an extreme, even leaving his wife because she did not tell him everything. But Walter’s high standards are about to be severely tested when his friends prefer to hide essential parts of their personal lives from him. Writers: François Prevôt-Leygonie, Marie-Pierre Huster, Stephan Archinard / Cast : Gérard Lanvin, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Wladimir Yordanoff, Zabou Breitman / Contact: Elodie DuPont, The Festival Agency, Paris

The Best of Fest Trophy


is created by Uruguayan artist Jesus Sosa and presented by Professor Nelson Pilosof, President of The World Trade Center of Montevideo, for the Best Film at FLIFF on Nov 10 prior to WALKING WITH THE ENEMY / CP–L


H O L LY WO O D 99


Monday, Nov 4, 3:30pm, CP-H Tuesday, Nov 5, 6:30pm, SC





Wednesday, Nov 6, 8pm, MP Saturday, Nov 9, 5pm, CP-L


Paolo Virzì – ITALY / 2012 / 102 min / DCP / Italian w/English sub-titles

Guido is shy, reserved, well-educated. Antonia is restless, touchy and proudly ignorant. He is a night porter who loves ancient languages and saints. She is an aspiring singer and works for a car rental company. They see each other only in the early mornings when Guido returns from work and wakes her with breakfast, and they make love every blessed day.

They are the characters of a fun, romantic love story which unfolds in a complicated metropolis like Rome, with coarse, cheerful, desperate neighbors, and two families of origin which couldn’t be more different. A love that seems indestructible, until the obstinate thought of a child that doesn’t come sets unpredictable consequences in motion.

Writer: Francesco Bruni, Simone Lenzi, Paolo Virzì / Producer: Motorino Amaranto / Cinematography: Vladan Radovic / Film Editing: Cecilia Zanuso / Costume Design: Cristina La Parola / Production Design: Alessandra Mura / Cast: Luca Marinelli, Federica Victoria Caiozzo, Micol Azzurro, Claudio Pallitto, Stefania Felicioli, Franco Gargia, Giovanni La Parola, Mimma Pirrè, Benedetta Barzini, Fabio Gismondi / Contact: Jef Nuyts IntraMovies, Rome Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Paolo Virzi was born in Livorno, Italy in 1964, the son of a police officer in the Carabinieri and a former singer. After spending his early childhood in Turin in the north of Italy, Virzi’s family moved back to Livorno where he grew up in the working class area of “Le Sorgenti”. As a small boy, he started to cultivate his lifelong passion for literature: Mark Twain and Charles Dickens were among his favorite authors and their classic “coming of age” novels would later serve as a model for his future screenplays. As a teenager, Virzi’s versatility was already in evidence as he threw himself into writing, directing and acting in plays for drama companies in Livorno. He formed an artistic partnership with his schoolmate Francesco Bruni, who would later become his trusted co-screenwriter. For a time, Paolo attended Literature and Philosophy classes at Pisa University and shot some short films and a few longer features that have since vanished in the annals of time. He then left Livorno for Rome, where he studied screenwriting at the historic Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia film school, graduating in 1987. His teachers included prestigious film director, Gianni Amelio and the screenwriter of some of the greatest Italian movies of all time, Furio Scarpelli: Scarpelli was to play a crucial role in Virzi’s life, becoming his mentor and his guide, his “maestro” in other words. Paolo co-wrote with Scarpelli the screenplay for “Tempo di Uccidere”, starring Nicolas Cage. Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, he also cowrote the screenplays of Turnè (On Tour) (1990) directed, Condominio (1991). He also worked with the famous Neapolitan writer Raffaele La Capria on a TV movie directed by Alberto Negrin and adapted from the novel Una questione privata (A Private Affair), starring young British actor and star of Room with a View, Rupert Graves.



Friday, Nov 1, 7:30pm, CP-L Saturday, Nov 2, 1:30pm, CP-H






Sunday, Nov 3, 2pm, MP Friday, Nov COAST 8, 8:30pm, SC EAST PREMIERE


Michael Ferrell USA / 2013 / 75 min / DCP / English

Brian doesn't believe in soul mates. Brian's best friend Edward, however, has the perfect girlfriend. After showing a cliché romantic comedy for "film night" at the Jersey City coffee shop where Brian works, everything gets turned upside down. Brian starts dating Ashley, a stand-up comedian and match made in cynical heaven, and Edward’s perfect girlfriend breaks up with him. Brian falls harder and harder for Ashley, but when she suddenly disappears without a trace, Brian enlists the help of his broken-hearted best friend and the imaginary characters from the cliché romantic comedy to find her, only to discover that her relationship status may be more complicated than it seemed.

Screenplay: Michael Ferrell / Producers: Michael Ferrell, Chris Prine, Devin Sanchez / Cinematographer: Paul Rondeau / Editor: Chris Prine / Composer: Chris Prine / Principal Cast: Michael Ferrell, Devin Sanchez, Chris Prine / Contact: Michael Ferrell Sponsored by


THE DIRECTOR: Michael wrote the play Jersey Shore House, produced most recently in L.A. starring Don Stark from That 70's Show and previously in NYC starring Tony Award winner Beth Leavel. Other plays: The Blue Martini (Off-Broadway, NYFringe Festival '06), Life is Short (CenterStageNY), Spring and Jake (Firework Theater), and Delayed Exposition (published: Eldridge Publishing). Michael wrote, co-created, and starred in the web series Stoop Sale, selected for the Independent Television Festival in L.A. and Hard Times, picked up for distribution on the online networks and respectively. Michael trained at I.O. (Chicago), The Barrow Group (NYC), and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.



Thursday, Oct 24, 5:30pm, CP-L Friday, Oct 25, 5:30pm, CP-H






Bernard Rose – USA-UK / 90 min / BluRay / English

Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), renowned filmmaker, returns to LA.Brad, an adoring fan, keen to advance, takes Jack to high-powered industry parties full of potential investors for his next film. Jack is reminded of why he left Hollywood, but entranced by the stunning Diana (Sienna Miller). After a seemingly meaningful encounter, Jack steals himself away to another after party. Tiring of sycophantic financiers and clinging actresses Jack visits studio head Lorenzo, his old nemesis. Jack suggests one last high-stakes poker game, negotiating the conditions of his next film - and bailing out young director Colin, a victim of Lorenzo’s old tricks. Jack wins the hand and reluctantly says goodbye to the sleeping Diana before leaving town forever.

Years later Jack's son – Jack Jr. (Jack Huston), arrives in LA for his directorial debut. Diana (now Jaqueline Bisset) discovers her former lover's son is in town through her daughter Lily. History seems to repeat itself, as Jack pursues Lily, interrupted by a summons from his producer, the vindictive Lorenzo. Jack is introduced to Lorenzo’s girlfriend Laura, who seduces him into getting caught having sex in a car. Jack is fired from the film, returning home with a hard lesson learned.

Based on Tolstoy’s "THE TWO HUSSSARS", this film shows the struggle of a son trying to step out of the shadow of his famous father. Although culture changes, human nature doesn’t and mistakes are repeated. Romantic visions of the past block characters from living authentically in the present, still universal themes today.

Screenplay: Bernard Rose (Story by Leo Tolstoy) / Producers: Julia Verdin / Cinematographer: Bernard Rose / Editor: Matt Dean & Evans Butterworth/ Composer: Anatoliy Mamalyga, Billy Morrison, Iryna Orlova / Production Designer: Bradd Fillmann / Art Director: / Principal Cast: Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisset, Billy Zane / Contact: @Two_Jacks Bernard Rose’s filmmaking career spans 30 years and includes directing and writing credits for films such as the cult horror classic Candyman (1992), Immortal Beloved (1994), and Mr. Nice (2010).

Born in London, Rose started his career on a good note, at the young age of nine when he won the 1975 BBC young filmmakers competition. He went on to work as an assistant for Jim Henson on the Muppet Show and The Dark Crystal. Later, Rose attended The National Film and Television School, where he graduated in 1982. Branching off on his own, Rose became one of the pioneering music video directors in the early days of MTV, shooting promos for “Relax,” Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Roger Waters, and Red Red Wine – UB40.

Rose made the career choice of turning down working for major studios to make his films on digital cameras. In addition to 2 Jacks, Rose has adapted two other Tolstoy works for the screen Anna Karenina (‘97) and Boxing Day (‘12).



Monday, Nov 11, 1pm, CP-L Monday, Nov 11, 3:30pm, CP-H Monday, Nov 11, 6pm, MP


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE INDIE EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuESTS: DOCUMENTARY MICHAEL JORGENSEN BRIAN BAyERL WORLD PREMIERE JOHN RHEE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Michael Jorgensen – Canada / 2013 / 77 min / DCP / English FESTIVAL WINNERS After enduringAMERICA a traumatic childhood and two years in the U.S. Army during NORTH PREMIERE the Vietnam War, Tom made an oath to WORLD PREMIERES spend the rest of his life helping those


in need. Four decades later, the veteran-turned-missionary discovers a mysterious man in Southeast Asia claiming to be an American Special Forces soldier listed as Missing In Action. Shot down in a helicopter sent on a clandestine, Special Operations mission over Laos in 1968, Green Beret John H. Robertson's remains were never recovered. Tom, whose firm belief in the military mantra, “leave no man behind,” can’t turn his back on the man he meets in the jungle of present-day Vietnam…and thus begins his struggle to prove the lost soldier’s identity and reunite him with his family. A deeply moving story of two men whose lives intersect through the burdens of war, Unclaimed offers a compelling reason to revive awareness of the POW/MIA discussion. Have we left some behind?

Writter and Producer: Michael Jorgensen of Myth Merchant Films / Cinematographer: Allan Leader, CSC / Editors: Jonathan Mathew, Nick Zacharkiw / Associate Producers: Allan Leader, Chad Payne, Elizabeth Smith / Composer: Mike Shields / Contact: Elizabeth Smith, Myth Merchant Films -

THE DIRECTOR: Michael Jorgensen is an Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker and founder of Myth Merchant Films, a production company based in Alberta, Canada. Over the past 27 years, his work has been recognized with more than 80 international, national and regional awards for writing, producing, directing and cinematography, including five WCNPA Television Photojournalist of the Year titles. In 1992, Michael was one of the first journalists to enter war-torn Somalia prior to the UN-sanctioned “Operation Restore Hope.” Upon his return, he created a training program for CBC video journalists and continues to train many network producers and television journalists throughout North America. In 1998, Michael was granted unprecedented access inside a classified U.S. Department of Defense weapons competition. Battle of the X-Planes, earned awards for directing, writing, cinematography and an Emmy® Award. Michael joined the faculty at the prestigious Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2012. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE Brian Bayerl – USA-Japan / 2013STATES /12 min / BluRay / English UNITED PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Marine Core Squad Leader Albert Abbatiello unlocks his case of personal artifacts to tell theFESTIVAL story of the battle of Iwo Jima. WINNERS NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Producer: Lyndale Pettus, Don WORLD PREMIERES Abbatiello / Cinematographer:


Mark Moormann / Editor: Brian Bayerl / Production Designer: Billy Schwartz / Cast: Albert Abbatiello / Contact: Greendoor Productions Brian Bayerl


EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE John Rhee – USA / 2013 / 23 min UNITED STATES PREMIERE BluRay / English FLORIDA PREMIERE WW2 1944 - three soldiers, two FESTIVAL WINNERS Rangers and a lost Airborne, gets NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE pinned down by a German sniper. WORLD PREMIERES Depleted of tools and low on ammo, they must set aside their differences and get out of this predicament and make rendezvous point or be left behind.

Screenplay: Jimmy Costanzo, John Rhee / Producer: Preston Clay Reed / Cinematographer: Benji Bakshi / Editor: Riven Aversol / Composer: Doug Bossi / Production Designer: Aaron Higgins / Cast: Chris Conrad, Noah James, Nathanael Theisen / Contact: John Rhee



Saturday, Oct 19, 5pm, CP-L Wednesday, Oct 23, 7:30pm, CP-H





Thursday, Oct 24, 6pm, MP Thursday, Oct 24, 8pm, SC


Anne-Marie Etienne France / 2011 / 93 min / DCP / French w/English sub-titles

Nathalie, Christophe and Joelle are in the middle of an existential crisis. They are gathering around Selma, 95 years old and seriously ill to spend her last summer vacation, in a beautiful family house. They will understand that the one they thought they would help to die will help them to live.



Tuesday, Nov 5, 6pm, MP Wednesday, Nov 6, 5:30pm, CP-H



Thursday, Nov 7, 6:30pm, SC Sunday, Nov 10, 1pm, CP-L


HINDA MANDELL EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE THE UPSIDE DOWN BOOK Matthew White UNITED STATES PREMIERE U.S., Germany, France / 2013 / 51 min / BluRay / English FLORIDA PREMIERE Imagine a book that is so toxic that rigorous hand-washing is required after coming into contact with it. This book inFESTIVAL question is a 1938 copy of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's political WINNERS manifesto. Karen and FredNORTH Mandell of Boston, parents of filmmaker Hinda Mandell, have AMERICA PREMIERE displayed this book upside down on their bookshelf for decades. Fred Mandell's uncle – a Jewish-American soldier – WORLD brought homePREMIERES the book from Germany at the end of World War PMATTHEW WHITE

II. With a bare-bones inscription on the inside cover, the filmmakers – spearheaded by director Matthew White – investigate the power of family lore as they track down the original owners of the Mein Kampf. "The Upside Down Book" seeks to build bridges between two different families nearly 70 years after the end of World War II. Screenplay: Hinda Mandell / Producers: Hinda Mandell / Cinematographer: Matthew White / Editor: Matthew White / Composer: Matthew White / Art Director: Matthew White Contact: Hinda Mandell (413-652-5222)

THE DIRECTOR: Matthew White is the founder of 4th Coast Productions. He is the director, photographer and editor of five films, including “The Upside Down Book” (2013), “Fort Drum: The First 100 Years” (2012), “Little Ditch: The Black River Canal” (2007), “Coming Home Alive” (2005) and “The Quest of Carmen D’Avino” (2000). His work has been televised nationally and on PBS stations throughout New York. “Coming Home Alive” won best human-interest documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2006. White has photographed and edited thousands of TV news stories for Time Warner Cable. His news footage has appeared on CNN, ESPN and the Weather Channel. White is also an avid still photographer, with photos published in USA Today, LA Times, (New PREMIERE SOUTHEAST Jersey) Star-Ledger and the Jewish Daily Forward. He lives in New York State.


EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE CINEMA WORLD DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE UNITED STATES FLORIDA PREMIERE David LyonsWINNERS – Germany, Poland and U.S.A. / 2012 / 44 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL Holocaust survivor Simon Lewenberg, a spry, gentle man at 88, has a story to tell. He will PREMIERE AMERICA NORTH make you laugh and cry and WORLD PREMIERESwonder how he is so kind after all the pain and horror he's seen. SIMON SAYS chronicles the Sunrise Florida resident's tragic journey to hell and back, a tale of tears and triumph. As a young man during World War II, he survived several Nazi labor camps and concentration camps from 1940 to 1945. His family - parents, two brothers and almost 100 aunts, uncles and cousins - all perished. Liberated by British soldiers in May 1945, he fell to the ground to kiss their boots. When they protested and pulled him to his feet, he kissed the chains on the tank.

Producers: David Lyons and Andrew Bishop / Cinematographer: Travis Shortt and Charles McCraken / Editor: Casey Cooper Johnson / Composer: All Songs Written and Performed by Kevin MacLeod / Featuring: Simon Lewenberg / Contact: David Lyons 407-346-1241

THE DIRECTOR: David Lyons, is a multi-award winning producer/director/filmmaker garnering 4 Aurora Awards, 4 Platinum EMPixx awards, 3 Tellys and a Remi amongst others. David is an experienced creator, writer and executive producer of original television and film projects. Alongside his business partner, award winning producer Andrew Bishop, they co-founded Bishop-Lyons Entertainment, and have partnered with some of entertainment's top executives & producers and are in a first look and production deal with ITV STUDIOS AMERICA.



Monday, Nov 4, 2pm, MP Monday, Nov 4, 7pm, CP-L




WALKING THE CAMINO: Six Ways to Santiago

Tuesday, Nov 5, 5:30pm, CP-H Thursday, Nov 7, 3:30pm, SC


Lydia B. Smith – USA-Spain-France / 2013 / 84 min / DCP / English + Spanish w/English sub-titles

Stunning landscapes. Blisters. World-class snorers. Searing sun, freezing rain. Kindness from strangers. Total exhaustion. You will encounter all this on Spain’s ancient 500-mile pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago.

Walking the Camino follows various pilgrims as they attempt to cross an entire country on foot – with only a backpack, boots, and an open mind. Driven by an inexplicable calling and a grand sense of adventure, each pilgrim throws themselves heart-and-soul into their physical trek to Santiago, and their personal journey to themselves. There are as many reasons for walking the Camino as there are people doing it, but no one can predict how the journey will unfold. It is the promise of experiencing something truly extraordinary.

This documentary has been creating a buzz at recent festivals. At the Ashland Independent Film Festival, it sold out all five screenings before any other film. At American Documentary, it won the “Audience Favorite Award”. In Newport Beach, demand was so great, it not only sold out its two scheduled screenings, it was granted three additional screenings and won “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking”. Most recently, the film won “Best Documentary” at both Rainier Independent Film Festival and the Santiago Film Festival in Spain.

Producers: Lydia B. Smith, Sally Bentley, Theresa Coleman, & Annie O'Neil / Cinematographer: Pedro Valenzuela / Editor: Beth K. Segal / Composer: J.J. McGeehan / / Featuring: Annie O'Neil, Tomas Moreno, Samantha Gilbert, Wayne Emde, Anne-Marie Misser and Tatiana Jacquot. / Contact: Chad Westbrook and Lydia Smith Sponsored by

Estelle Fineberg


THE DIRECTOR: Lydia began her documentary career over 24 years ago. She directed, produced, and wrote They’re Just Kids, an educational short on children with disabilities; A Legacy Revealed, a historical documentary; and a 20-minute biography. She was senior producer on CNN’s Soldiers of Peace; co-producer and 2nd unit DP on the CNN documentary The Mystery of the Arctic Rose; 2nd unit DP on PBS's Stand Up; American producer for Chilean TV’sThe Route of the Beringia; DP for Anthony Hopkins Teaches and more. Lydia also has worked as a camera assistant and operator on major motion pictures, commercials, and music videos.



Saturday, Oct 19, 12:45pm, CP-L Sunday, Oct 27, 3:30pm, CP-H





SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Monday, Oct 28, 8pm, MP Tuesday, Oct 29, 6:15pm, SC EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Cao Hamburger FESTIVAL WINNERS Brazil / 2013 / 102 min / DCP / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Portoguese w/English sub-titles WORLD PREMIERES Xingu tells the incredible story of the Villas-Boas brothers and the events leading up to the creation of the Xingu National Park, the first major Indian reservation in Brazil. It salvages a forgotten and dramatic moment in Brazilian history that remains up-to-date and urgent still today.

1940’s. Three young brothers decide to embark on a great adventure. They enlist in the Roncador-Xingu Expedition and head out on a trailblazing mission through Central Brazil. The saga begins with the crossing of the Mortes River after which they soon take over as expedition leaders and become involved in protecting the Indians and their diverse cultures, as seen written in a diary entitled The March West.

On a trip unlike any other in Brazilian history, after innumerous skirmishes, 1500 kilometers of paths cleared, 1000 kilometers of rivers navigated, 19 airstrips cleared, 43 villages visited and 14 tribes contacted, besides the over 200 bouts with malaria, the Villas-Boas brothers manage to create the Xingu National Park in 1961, an ecological park and Indian reservation the size of Belgium and which, at the time, was the largest in the world.

As the Villas-Boas begin their adventure they pass through the territory of the Xavante Indians, a courageous and warrior tribe, without causing any casualties on either side. They soon come upon the Kalapalo Indians, infamous and feared for having supposedly killed English explorer Percy Fawcett. They could never have imagined that it was there that they would suffer one of the biggest tragedies of their lives...

Screenplay: Cao Hamburger, Elena Soarez, Anna Muylaert / Producers: Fernando Meirelles, Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel Berlinck / Cinematographer: Adriano Goldman / Editor: Gustavo Giani / Composer: Beto Villares / Art Director: Cassio Amarante / Principal Cast: JoÄ o Miguel, Felipe Camargo, Caio Blat / Contact: Michael Repsch ( THE DIRECTOR: Cao Hamburger is a Brazilian Director and Screenwriter of movies and TV. He is the creator of one of the most successful children programs in Brazilian history Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum (which Hamburger would also turn into a film). In 2006 his feature film The Year My Parents Went on Vacation debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival in competition for the Golden Bear. Also in 2006 Cao contributed his directorial efforts to the HBO Series Filhos do Carnaval.

Xingu marks his third feature film and it too made its debut at the Berlin Film Festival, where it took third in the Panorama Section.



Friday, Nov 8, 5:30pm, CP-H Saturday, November 9, 1pm, CP-L Sunday, Nov 10, 2:30pm, SC



SOUTHEAST PREMIERE INDIE EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Marilyn Agrelo FESTIVAL WINNERS USA / 2013 / 25 min / BluRay / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE NO SMALL PARTS is an inspiring story about a group of grade WORLD PREMIERES school kids who come together to stage the first musical their school has ever done. They’ve got the drive, but will they be able to put together an ambitious show in just a few weeks? As the students find their voices, NO SMALL PARTS offers a heartwarming look to the importance of keeping theater in schools.

Producers: Rufus Lusk / Cinematographer: Miguel DrakeMcLaughlin / Editor: Penelope Falk / Composer: Paul Brill / Contact: Angela Brown (212.210.8423)

THE DIRECTOR: Marilyn Agrelo’s acclaimed documentary MAD HOT BALLROOM is among the top 20 highest-grossing documentary films of all time. Her current projects include a documentary feature on young filmmakers in Iraq and a history of Feminists in NYC.


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Sponsored by WORLD PREMIERE Dr. Lawrence R. Grobman, Lisa Reznik – STATES USA / 2013 / 28 min / DVD / English M.D. GreaterMiami Audiology UNITED PREMIERE 95 Decibels explores the emotional obstacles parents face when they get an unexpected diagnosis FLORIDA PREMIERE of hearing loss for their child. Parents Erica and Dylan, who have normal hearing, seek the advice of FESTIVAL WINNERS medical professionals as well as parents of other hearing impaired children in coming to terms with the difficult decisions they must make for their deaf daughter. 95 Decibels is based on a true story. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay: Lisa Reznik / Producers: Daniel Meyers, Lisa Reznik, Nancy Schumann / CinematogWORLD PREMIERES

rapher: Johnny Tsang / Editor: Edgewater Pictures / Composer: Cheryl Englehardt / Production Designer: Maureen Bonsignore / Art Director: Alexandra Regazzoni / Cast: Goran Visnijc, Megan Corry, Tyler Hollinger, Emma Catucci, Suzana Nikolic, Krista Amigone, Jared Canfield, Zachary Hernandez, Edward Furs, Michelle Vergara / Contact: Daniel Meyers (973)464-4449

Director Bio: Lisa Reznik, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, studied Journalism at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at New York University and French at the University of Paris, La Sorbonne. She has written two feature-length screenplays, three short screenplays and two stage plays. She has been a journalist and a high school teacher of French and Journalism. Left Bank Bookseller, the first short film Lisa wrote, has been screened at film festivals in the U.S. and Ireland and won the Audience Choice Award in at the NYC Downtown Choice Awards in May 2012. Lisa wrote and directed two shorts that have been produced in 2013: TETE-A-TETE which was filmed in Paris, and 95 Decibels which was filmed in New York and in Summit, NJ.





Banks filming whales underwater, and you won’t believe how close he gets to the whales, and the exceptional behaviors he observes!

Jonathan visits Aquarius Reef Base—the world’s only undersea lab where scientists live in saturation for days or weeks at a time, studying the ocean. It’s an amazing combination of science fiction and undersea adventure!

Coral Reefs

Often referred to as the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are incredibly important to life in shallow tropical oceans. But what exactly is coral? How does it grow? And why is it so important? Jonathan answers these questions and more in this beautifully-shot segment on coral reefs, filmed all over the world from the Caribbean to the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia.

Color and Camouflage

Jonathan explores the myriad ways that animals in the ocean use color and camouflage to protect themselves, hunt and find a mate. The frogfish shows off how it uses camouflage to be nature’s perfect ambush predator!

Shark Biology

Sharks are fish, but they are not like other fish. In this science segment, Jonathan uses examples of sharks filmed all over the world to explain the biology and diversity of sharks, as well as why they are important in ocean ecosystems. This segment is not just great science, but great fun!

Goliath Grouper

The Goliath Grouper is one of the largest bony fish in the world, and this made it the target of intense fishing efforts for many years. After nearly becoming extinct, the fish was afforded legal protection enacted in 1990. Twenty years later, the protection is finally starting to pay off. Jonathan joins famous National Geographic photographer David Doubilet as he visits a shipwreck in Florida where Goliath Groupers gather to spawn every year, and meets dozens of these massive animals! Thursday, Oct 31, 10am, Canal House, Grand Bahama island FREE for GBi Schools Monday, Nov 4, 9:30am, CP-L FREE for Broward County Schools (Public & private)


Bull sharks might looks like plain old reef sharks, but they are the world's most dangerous sharks because Bull sharks are implicated in more attacks on humans than any other shark. Jonathan travels to Mexico to meet a diver who is hand-feeding Bull sharks, and a scientist who is studying them. He gets an intimate look at these animals and the chance to try diving with a chain-mail shark suit..

Humpback Whales

Every year, Humpback whales in the North Atlantic make a long migration down to the Caribbean to have their calves in warm, calm water. Many of these whales go to one particular area called the Silver Banks near the Dominican Republic. Jonathan spends a week in the Silver


In a remote part of Andros Island in the Bahamas is a deep crack in the ground that leads into a beautiful and stunning underwater cave system. Jonathan joins a veteran cave explorer to plumb the crystal clear water in the depths of Stargate Blue Hole. Friday, Nov 1, 10am, Canal House, Grand Bahama island FREE for GBi Schools Monday, Nov 4, 11:15am, CP-L FREE for Broward County Schools (Public & private)

BLUE WORLD III Antarctic Adventure

Jonathan treks all the way to Antarctica to investigate life south of the polar circle. Along the way he dives in the majestic kelp forests of Patagonia, where crabs rule the sea floor. Once he arrives in Antarctica, his adventures continue. He swims with penguins, dives under an iceberg, meets a massive jellyfish 3 feet across, and has an incredible encounter with a Leopard seal, the apex predator of Antarctica. This incredible half-hour show is both fascinating and beautifully shot.

Wounded Warriors

Jonathan travels to Bonaire to meet an exceptional group of injured military veterans who are learning to scuba dive as a form of physical therapy.

Sea Snake Island

Jonathan travels to Manuk, a tiny, uninhabited volcanic island several hundred miles from the nearest populated island in Indonesia on a mission to discover why the waters of this remote place are teeming with thousands of venomous sea snakes! Saturday, Nov 2, 2pm, Canal House, Grand Bahama island Monday, Nov 4, 5:45pm, CP-L (Join us at 5pm for reception in Courtyard)



Classical Music. It’s In Our Nature. Just like all of us, classical music lives and breathes. Make it part of your lifestyle. Tune to Classical South Florida on the radio or online. It’s in your nature.


From New Zealand, purest the waters onearth, comes the



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Tuesday, Oct 22, 2pm, MP Thursday, Oct 24, 1:30pm, CP-H Friday, Nov 8, 1:30pm, CP-H

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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE 30-LOVE Richard E. Stark - USA /WORLD 2013 / 17 min / BluRay / English A comedy about a middle-class married couple who tryPREMIERE to join a ritzy country club that's far beyond their means. To get in, they mustUNITED face an obnoxiously snobby couple in a “friendly” STATES PREMIERE tennis match that deteriorates into an all out class war. FLORIDA PREMIERE Writer & Producer: Richard E. Stark / Cinematographer: Richard E. Stark and Dion Watkins / WINNERS Editor: Bret Cornish and Richard E. Stark FESTIVAL / Composer: Taras Tkachenko / Art Director: Gina Bernstein / Principal Cast: Ludwig Manukian, Jennifer Cooley, Chris Akers, Michelle McGinty / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Contact: Richard Stark (310) 407-9045, WORLD PREMIERES EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: MARCuS WOLF WORLD PREMIERE ABDUCTION: A LOVE STORY Marcus Wolf -USASTATES / 2013 / 6 min /PREMIERE DVD / English UNITED SOUTHEAST On returning from an alien abduction, a bewildered young woman doesPREMIERE not get the welcome home she expected from her oblivious boyfriend. EAST FLORIDA PREMIERE COAST PREMIERE Screenplay & Producers: Marcus Wolf, Scott D. Morrow / Cinematographer & Editor: Marcus Wolf / Composer: Scott D. Morrow / Art Director: JenniferWORLD A.FESTIVAL Wheatley-Wolf /WINNERS Principal Cast: Elizabeth PREMIERE Darby, Matt Wetzel / Contact: Marcus Wolf 703-772-3586 PREMIERE NORTH AMERICA UNITED STATES PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES FLORIDA PREMIERE A LOVELY TREAT Mitch Yapko – USA / 2012 / 10 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS “A Lovely Treat” is a romantic comedy about high expectations, love, and that fine line between reality and fantasy. Tall girl Harriet finds herself on a blind date with a PREMIERE much shorter NORTH AMERICA guy. Will she learn to loosen her expectations and find love in unexpected places? WORLD PREMIERES Screenplay: Jennifer Rosen / Producers: Saralyn Armer, Jennifer Rosen, Mitch Yapko /



Cinematographer: Derek Bauer / Editor: Allen Rueckert, Nick Somers / Composer: Nikki DePasquale / Production Designer: Kat McCargar /Art Director: / Principal Cast: Jennifer Rosen, Nick Somers, Aliza Pearl / Contact: Jennifer Rosen SOUTHEAST PREMIERE


Miranda Bailey USA / 2013 / 20 min / BluRay / English PREMIERE For their 10th anniversary Jeanne and Tom decide toUNITED be daring andSTATES have a menage-a-trois, but things go quickly awry as they discover that sexual adventurousness isn't always smooth sailing.


Screenplay: Miranda Bailey / Producers: Amanda Marshall, Gabriel Geer, Max McKenzie / Cinematographer: Arlene Muller / Editor: Andrea Maxwell /FESTIVAL Composer: CraigWINNERS Richey / Production DeSOUTHEAST PREMIERE signer: Saima Sharoff / Principal Cast: Nikki Deloach, Hayes MacArthur, Rebecca Ocampo / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Contact: @ambushent EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES


WORLD PREMIERE I'D RATHER BE CRAZY THAN BORING UNITED STATES PREMIER Maritza De Quesada - USA / 2013 / 8 min / DigiBeta / English FLORIDA PREMIERE Lola, a mentally ill young artist, finds inspiration for her art from her imaginary world but her boyfriend Alex, is trying to cure her making her loose her magical world. FESTIVAL WINNERS Screenplay: Maritza De Quesada / Producer: Arisley Gonzalez / Cinematographer: Sherman NORTH AMERICA PREMIE Johnson / Editor: Maritza De Quesada / Composer: Luli De Otto / Art Director: Kimberly Rose / Cast: Diana Vilskaya, Augusto Valverde, Angela Espinosa / Contact: Maritza De Quesada marWORLD PREMIERES SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE REUNION Caddie Hastings & Ben Kopke -WORLD USA-MexicoPREMIERE / 2013 / 15 min / BluRay / English Reunion is the story of that person you carry with you. It’s the story of a first love, a time and place and lives not led. UNITED STATES PREMIERE A man and woman meet and fall in love while abroad. Later, now living in a city, the feelings FLORIDA PREMIERE are there but it’s not the same. Told through a visit years after relationship’s end, REUNION FESTIVAL WINNERS is the story of this man and woman in love, together and apart. Screenplay: Dave Mahony / Producers: Ben Kopke, Caddie Hastings, Jim Gilbane, Meghan Scott NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE / Cinematographer: Cat Deakins / Editor: Jim Gilbane / Composer: Mac Quayle / Cast: Agam Darshi, Juan Riedinger / Contact: WORLD Ben Kopke, 310.699.8383 or PREMIERES





Friday, Oct 25, 1:30pm, CP-h Wednesday, Oct 31, 4pm, MP Wednesday, Nov 6, 1;30pm, CP-H

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EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE After a drunken one night stand, a thirty-something guySTATES tries to the leave the morning after UNITED PREMIERE but decides to stay and redeem himself when he learns something. FLORIDA PREMIERE Screenplay: Kim Noonan / Producers: Johnny Derango, Chuck Church, Kim Noonan / Cinematographer: Johnny Derango / Editor: Chuck Church / Cast: David Dastmalchian & Helen FESTIVAL WINNERS Sadler / Contact: Kim Noonan @ 323.365.9315 RunningDragSOUTHEAST PREMIERE NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE @Noonan_Kim WORLD PREMIERES EAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: Pura Vida CHRIS SHIMOJIMA WORLD PREMIERE Chris Shimojima– Costa Rica / 2013 / 12 min / HDCam / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE Based on a recurring dream filmmaker Chris Shimojima had for years. Max travels to Costa Rica to bring back the girl that got away, but he finds her wearing a mysterious gray mask FESTIVAL WINNERS and seemingly above human desire. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay-Producer-Camera-Editor: Chris Shimojima / Composer: Barbara DeBiasi / PrinCOAST PREMIERE cipal Cast: David Melissaratos, Anita Anthonj /EAST Contact: Chris Shimojima chris.shimoWORLD PREMIERES WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE RECALCULATING Peter Bean & Erick Claux Bertini – USA / 2013 / FESTIVAL 6 min / BluRay / WINNERS English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE A technology addicted man, lonely in the big city has only one friend: his phone. And when PREMIERES it wants to take him on a turn-by-turn adventure toWORLD find love, he quickly learns that sometimes Kim Noonan – USA / 2013 / 8 min / DVD / English

love needs directions. Screenplay: Peter Bean / Producers: Peter BeanSOUTHEAST & Erick Claux / Cinematographer: Erick PREMIERE Claux Bertini / Editor: Peter Bean / Composer: Erick Claux Bertini / Production Designer: COAST PREMIERE Peter Bean / Principal Cast: Yuri Lowenthal, TaraEAST Platt, & Jennifer Weaver / Contact: Peter Bean PREMIERE pastory

UNITED STATES PREMIERE ROSE, MARY AND TIME FLORIDA PREMIERE Hardeep Giani – UK / 2013 / 38 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Rose, Mary and Time is a story of second chances in life. It looks at the concept of Kismet. Is our life plan already written? WORLD PREMIERES

Writer & Producer: Hardeep Giani / Exec Producer: Michael Steel / Cinematographer: David Symmons / Editor: Tracy Joss / Composer: Nick Norton-Smith / Art Director: Arif Mahmood / Principal Cast: Zak Lee, Bhasker Patel, Isla Lindsay, Lizzie Worsdell, Larry Lamb, Mark Carlisle, Norma Dixit, Adrian Kabba, Joseph Wilcox, Harriet Stewart, Mouse / Contact:


Stephanie Assimacopoulo – France / 2012 / 18 min / HDCam / French w/English sub-titles

Paris - Gare de Lyon. Hélie then behaves as a true bounder, Séléna, evermore in love, yet still wants to pick up the pieces. At the bar of The Blue Train, where they stop to have a last drink, neither one cannot imagine what will happen... Writer & Producer: Stephanie Assimacopoulo / Cinematographer: Antoine Carpentier / Editor: Rodolphe Molla / Composer: Thierry Fauchard / Principal Cast: Daniel Duval, Camille Figuereo, Etienne Fague / Contact: 115





Tuesday, Oct 22, 1:30pm, CP-H Wednesday, Oct 23, 2pm, MP

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Marwan Abderrazzaq USA / 2013 / 19 min / English A couple on their way to start a new life and run into car trouble on a desolate road somewhere in Texas. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Screenplay: Bill Bant / Producers: Minagawa Takeshi, Marwan Abderrazzaq and Philippe EAST COAST PREMIERE Paquet / Cinematographer: Reinhart "Ray" Peschke / Editor: Mark Linthicum / Composer: Akira Yamaoka / Production Designer: Brendon Kelly / Principal Cast: Sasha Jackson, WORLD PREMIERE Jason Masek / Contact: Marwan Abderrazzaq

UNITED STATES PREMIERE DO NOT ENTER FLORIDA PREMIERE Daniel Blanco – Venezuela & USA / 2013 / 11 min / BluRay FESTIVAL WINNERS James arrives to paint an apartment while its owners are away. They've left simple instructions - help NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE yourself to food and drink, just don't enter the sealed room. James's curiosity gets the best of him, and he ends up discovering something beyond his wildest dreams... but with dire consequences. WORLD PREMIERES SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Screenplay: Daniel Blanco / Producers: Clo Banco, Daniel Blanco / Cinematographer & Editor: Daniel Blanco / Composer: Daniel Imana / Production Designer: Clo Blanco / Principal Cast: Bruce Simpkins / EAST COAST PREMIERE Contact:

WORLD PREMIERE THE LANDING UNITED STATES PREMIERE Josh Tanner –Australia / 2013 / 18 min / DCP / English FLORIDA PREMIERE A man returns to the midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth FESTIVAL WINNERS the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960. Screenplay: Josh Tanner and Jade van der Lei / Producers: JadePREMIERE van der Lei / CinematogNORTH AMERICA SOUTHEAST PREMIERE rapher: Jason Hargreaves ACS / Editor: Derryn Watts / Composer: Guy Gross / Production WORLD PREMIERES Designer: Charlie Shelley / Principal Cast: HenryEAST Nixon, David Roberts, Tom Usher / ConCOAST PREMIERE tact: Jade van der Lei +61 403 742 266 www.thelandingWORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE SHALLOW FLORIDA PREMIERE William Bridges – UK / 2012 / 17 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL A newly elected legislator on a getaway in the district runs into WINNERS some bumps on the road and must make some ground breaking decisions. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay: William Bridges / Producers: Ben Pullen / Cinematographer: Mattias Nyberg WORLD PREMIERES / Editor: Christopher White / Composer: Edward Farmer / Production Designer: Antonia Lowe / Art Director: Antonia Lowe / Principal Cast: Dan Stevens, Emily Bruni, Amelia Beney / Contact: Ben Pulllen



Dan Carrillo Levy – USA-Mexico / 2013 / 7 min / BluRay / English Lorenzo and Paula are traveling on a straight road that seems to lead nowhere through a vast, empty desert. Their own personal paths instantaneously split, but they are still intertwined by this sudden and resounding event. What happens as they stall on this lonely highway will not only challenge the two lovers relationship, but it will also create a moral struggle SOUTHEAST PREMIERE within that could change them personally, forever. Screenplay: Guillermo Arriaga / Producers: Dan Carrillo Levy, Will Kamp, Santiago Garcia EAST COAST PREMIERE Galvan, Marcos Cline, Diego Del Rio Toca / Cinematographer: Will Kamp / Editor: Luis Carballar / Composer: Sergio Vallin / Production Designer: Dan Carrillo / / Principal Cast: Jaime WORLD PREMIERE Camil and Camilla Belle / Contact: Dan Carrillo Levy

UNITED STATES PREMIERE LA HIJA FLORIDA PREMIERE Jazmín Rada – Spain - Argentina / 2012 / 5 min / .mov / Spanish FESTIVAL Fátima wants to play, but her father is too busy. She WINNERS has imagination and some special balloons... NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Writer & Producer: Jazmín Rada / Cinematographer: Pablo Parra / Editor: César Custodio PREMIERES / Composer: Fernando Velázquez / ArtWORLD Director: Mariela Rípodas / Principal Cast: Lucas SPECIAL GuEST: JAzMIN RADA


Escariz; Bianca Domingues; Camila Burgos; Margarita López / Contact: T:+34911156514 Olmo, 20 4to. dcha 28012 Madrid-Spain





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Bill Plympton – USA / 2013 / 4 min / BluRay / English An adaptation of Walt Curtis's poem, "The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk, or So He Thought.", about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk. Producer: Bill and Sandrine Plympton / Production Manager: Desirée Stavracos / Editor: Ilana Schwartz, Kevin Palmer, Sandrine Plympton / Digital Compositing: Maryam Hajouni / SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Music: Jonathan Rosen / Sound Design: Weston Fonger / Voice Actor: Walt Curtis / Comtact: Plymptoons Studio) 153 W. 27th St. #1005 New York, NY 10001 Phone (212) 741-0322

EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE IF I WERE A BELL Sherese Robinson Lee – USA / 2012 / 21 min / DVD / English FLORIDA PREMIERE A romantic story of two brothers unexpectedly caught in a passionate love triangle with a sexy female FESTIVAL rapper. This sensual tale of love and betrayal is told through WINNERS vivid provocative rhyme. Contact: Sherese Robinson Lee NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE LIVING CANVAS Ronnie Cramer - USA / 2013 / 7 min / DVD / English titles (no dialogue) WORLD PREMIERE Living Canvas is a documentation of Xcentricity Gallery's farewell exhibition (body painting). UNITED STATES PREMIERE Artists: Sophia Rose, Bobby MaGee Lopez, Jay Bautista, Brian Dunning. Models: Michelle Wolff, Jaci Nudell, Katie Delmasso, KaitlinFLORIDA Mitchell. MusicPREMIERE by Ronnie Cramer. Producer- Cinematographer- Editor- Composer: Ronnie Cramer / Principal Cast: Sophia FESTIVAL WINNERS Rose, Michelle Wolff / Contact: Ronnie Cramer PREMIERE ing%20Canvas/index.htm NORTH AMERICA EAST COASTPREMIERE PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES WORLD PREMIERE PRRREÜTE Thierry de Coster – Belgium / 2013 / 5 min / DCP / Silent UNITED STATES PREMIERE On a bench, located in a distant and unknown planet, begins a courtship between two characters out of time, accompanied by a hen and a red glove. FLORIDA PREMIERE Screenplay: None / Producers: Sokan and Hélios / Cinematographer: Colas de Maubeuge FESTIVAL / Editor: Fanny Bergmann / Composer: Miguel Moreda / PrincipalWINNERS Cast: Stéphanie Van Vyve, Steve Driesen / Contact: Thierry de Coster, NORTHPREMIERE AMERICA PREMIERE SOUTHEAST PREMIERES SILHOUETTES EAST WORLD COAST PREMIERE Akil DuPont – Florida / 2013 / 31 min / BluRay / English WORLD PREMIERE A tragic adoption from an orphanage in the 1930's separates childhood sweethearts Charles - a painter that sees the world through silhouettes, from STATES his love Sylvia.PREMIERE When they reconnect UNITED 15 years later, Sylvia reveals her engagement to a man that she can't love. A determined FLORIDA PREMIERE Charles sets out to remind Sylvia about a side of herself that she lost so long ago. Writer & Producer: Akil DuPont / Cinematographer: Joe EnsleyWINNERS / Editor: Akil DuPont / Composer: FESTIVAL Andre Forbes / Production Designer: Harmony Rutland / Principal Cast: Mykel Shannon Jenkins, NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE PREMIERE Tamara Goodwin, Ken Wester, Malik Thomas, KalilahSOUTHEAST Taite / Contact: Akil DuPont akidee@comWORLD PREMIERES EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE FREEFALL Samuel and Luke Willis – USA / 2013 / 9 min / HDCam / English UNITED STATES While attempting to spend an idyllic day with her daughter, Lucy's mother becomesPREMIERE distracted by phone calls. Left to her own devices, Lucy slips into an FLORIDA alternate realm, where dance is the only lanPREMIERE guage, with two mysterious lovers and the outside forces that threaten to disturb their idyllic utopia. Screenplay: Samuel Willis / Producers: Luke Willis, Margaret Mitchell / WINNERS Cinematographer: Frazer FESTIVAL Bradshaw / Editor: Matt O'Donnell / Composer: Shannon Rugani / Choreographer: Luke Willis / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Costume Designer: Jamielyn Duggan / Art Director: Laura Lahti / Sound Designer: Dessiree McFarland / Lead VFX Artist: Abraham Dieckman / Principal Cast: Luciana Rehm, Pauli Magierek, WORLD PREMIERES Kristina Lind, Sean Bennett / Contact: Luke Willis, 717-385-0878, @willistalking




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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE BEAUTY THE UNSEEN WORLD PREMIERE / BluRay / English Gabriel de Urioste – USA / 2013 / 11 min UNITED STATES PREMIER - the painter Sam Adoquei A day inside the studio of Ghanaian-born FLORIDA PREMIERE SOUTHEAST PREMIERE wishis share to order in first time the artist has allowed to be filmed FESTIVAL WINNERS EAST COAST PREMIERE dom, artistic philosophy and the inspiration that has helped many creNORTH AMERICA PREMIE WORLD PREMIERE ative dreamers find their path. MOZAYIK Jon Bougher WORLD PREMIERES Producer & Editor: Gabriel de Urioste / Cinematographer: Tim Wu / Haiti / 2013 / 31 min / DVD / Haitian Creole w/EnglishSTATES sub-titles PREMIERE UNITED / Mozayik is the story of Augustin Mona in FLORIDA his fight against the forced Composer: Dan Negovan, Julian Casablancas & Simon Taufique PREMIERE Featuring: Sam Adoquei / Contact: Gabriel de Urioste eviction of his tent camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, years after an earth- FESTIVAL WINNERS quake devastated the country. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Producers/Cinematographer/Editor: Jon Bougher / THE DIRECTOR: Gabriel de Urioste (Texas) studied WORLD Composer: Thomas Bensdorp / Contact: Jon Bougher PREMIERES film and television production at New York

THE DIRECTOR: Jon Bougher is a documentary filmmaker based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While living in Haiti, he has taught documentary filmmaking to young Haitian students with the organization Haiti Reporters.

sity's Tisch School of the Arts and at the prestigious FAMU film school in Prague, Czech Republic before working as a freelance filmmaker. In addition to writing and directing numerous short films, Gabriel has of projects in positions also collaborated on dozens SOUTHEAST PREMIERE such as editor and producer.

EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE SUNSHINE CELLULOID SHORT DOCUMENTARY UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA CROSSROADS: Florida's Underground Railroad FLORIDA PREMIERE James Bullock, USA/ Florida and South Carolina / 2012 FESTIVAL WINNERS / 30 min / BluRay / English NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE This film is about the underground railroad heading South WORLD PREMIERES to Spanish Florida prior to the railroad heading north to Ohio, PA,, and Canada. This production was partially filmed during the 6th Annual National Park Service Underground Railroad Conference held in St. Augustine in 2012.

Produced by: The Florida Channel / Executive Director: Beth Swetzer / Contact: Derek Boyd Hankerson: Director, Writer and Producer of Freedom Road Productions


Editors Note: Hold Fast To Your Dreams is the opening line of DREAMS, a short poem by Langston Hughes.




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THE FAMILY BUSINESS Donald Reynolds USA / 2012 / 5 min / MOV / English


A young woman must decide whether to pursue her own dreams and goals or to go into... EAST COAST PREMIERE The Family Business.

WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE LOCAL COMMERCIAL Richard Dobbs – USA / 2012 / 21 min / BluRayFESTIVAL / English WINNERS Veteran director, Vin John, expects this “local” commercial gig to be a piece of cake –– but NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE he finds himself utterly alone on the set from hell, stepping on one land mine after another WORLD PREMIERES until he’s finally face-to-face with the monster that’s been chasing him for years. Contact: Don Reynolds

Screenplay: Richard Dobbs, Didi Dobbs, Richard Walsh / Producers: Charles Miller, Liam O’brien, Marty Lang / Cinematographer: Scott Ramsey / Editor: Alex Sauerbrunn / Composer: Michael Andrew Cooney / Production Designer: Ray Fisher / Art Director: Jonathan Tessler / Principal Cast: John Ratzenberger, Frank Converse, Mark Graham, Didi Dobbs, Richard Walsh, Liam O’brien, Gary Ploski, Emily SOUTHEAST Morse, Dylan Shepard / Contact: Richard PREMIERE Dobbs – Richard@Mompopfilms.Com 917-837-7515

EAST COAST PREMIERE STOCK EXCHANGE WORLD PREMIERE Stéphane Everaert & Frédéric Mosbeux UNITED STATES PREMIERE Belgium / 2013 / 12 min / BluRay / French w/English sub-titles PREMIERE Kris wants his daughter back. He pays the ransomFLORIDA to Kostas. Unfortunately, the after-sales services of this dubious kidnapping company is a catastrophe and finding the little girl seems FESTIVAL WINNERS to be next to impossible NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Writers & Producers: Stéphane Everaert & Frédéric Mosbeux / Cinematographer: Aldo Piscina / Editor: Stéphane Everaert / Composer: Stéphane Everaert / Production WORLD PREMIERES SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Designer: Stéphane Everaert & Frédéric Mosbeux / Principal Cast: Michel Nabokoff, Frédéric EAST Mosbeux, Bruce Ellison, Caroline Donnelly, Jan DebskiCOAST / Contact:PREMIERE Stéphane Everaert : or Frédéric Mosbeux : Frédé WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: SUNBURN JAyCE BARTOK FLORIDA PREMIERE Jayce Bartok – USA / 25 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS A young man looking to make his mark in reality TV gets a job at a network only to find himNORTH AMERICA PREMIERE self morally conflicted when he picks a new couple for the popular franchise, The Manhattan Social Club. How far will Kevin go to secure hisWORLD place in network television? PREMIERES

Screenplay: Jayce Bartok / Producers: Patrick Morris, Tiffany Bartok, Patricia Beaury / Cinematographer: Andres Karu / Editor: Andres Karu / Composer: Aaron Meicht / Production Designer: Steven Grise / Principal Cast: Jack Falahee, Damian Young, Kate White / Contact: Tiffany Bartok 917.216.2628 @vinylfoote

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE THIS WAY OUT EAST COAST PREMIERE Staten Cousins-Roe – UK / 19 min / HDCam / EnglishPREMIERE WORLD Minnie and Maude struggle to keep Minnie’s Euthanasia Center afloat, but competition and STATES government bureaucracy threaten to endUNITED it all… until the two come upPREMIERE with a plan to find people who really want to die, but don’t yet know it. Sometimes people need FLORIDA PREMIEREa helping push. Screenplay: Staten Cousins-Roe / Producers: Staten Cousins-Roe, Poppy Roe, Giles AlderFESTIVAL WINNERS son / Cinematographer: James Layton / Editor: Esther Gimenez / Composer: Laurence Love Greed / Production Designer: Solrun Jonsdottir / Principal Cast: PoppyPREMIERE Roe, Katie Brayben, NORTH AMERICA Sarah Ball, Chris Gilling, Adam Venus / Contact: Staten Cousins-Roe - telephone +44(0)7789 PREMIERES 887844





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Spencer Gillis – USA / 2012 / 18 min / DCP / English

A terrifying break-in prompts Roy to buy a handgun to protect his family, but the power he feels carrying the weapon leads down a path that may have tragic consequences. Screenplay: Spencer Gillis / Producers:SOUTHEAST Nicole Cosgrove, Mariela Comitini/ Cinematographer: PREMIERE Ludovic Littee / Editor: Adam Brown, Erin Casper / Composer: Mark Degli Antoni / Principal COAST Cast: Gabe Fazio, Eleanor HutchinsEAST / Contact: SpencerPREMIERE Gillis @shortfilmgun, @spencer_gillis WORLD PREMIERE

UNITED STATES PREMIERE JUARITOS FLORIDA PREMIERE HF Crum – USA – Mexico / 2012 / 12FESTIVAL min / DCP / Spanish w/English sub-titles WINNERS A drug cartel's reign of terror in Juarez, Mexico forces a reclusive young narcoblogger out NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE of the shadows and into the fight. Screenplay & Editor: HF Crum / Producers: RickSOUTHEAST Walker / Cinematographer: Dan Haas / WORLD PREMIERES PREMIERE Composer: Sherri Chung / Production Designer: Chris Brinson / Principal Cast: Gilbert Chayrez-Chavarria, Prida Moreza, David SaucedoEAST / Contact:COAST HF Crum --PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE MELON HEAD FLORIDA PREMIERE Andy Fortenbacher – USA / 2012 / 14 min / HDCam / English WINNERS FESTIVAL Gordon is infatuated with Wendy but can’t figure out how to win her over. After receiving NORTH AMERICA some god-awful advice that women are turned on by things that scare them, PREMIERE Gordon sets out to take Wendy on the most terrifying date of her life: a trip into the woods where canniWORLD PREMIERES balistic creatures known as the “Melon Heads” are rumored to live. Screenplay: Zac Page / Producer: Rob Cristiano / Cinematographer: Craig Harmer / Editor: Andy Fortenbacher / Composer: Duncan Blickenstaff / Production Design: Aaron Bannasch / Cast: Jonathan Spencer, Tracey Walker / Contact: @melonheadmovie


Ken Ochiai – Japan / 2013 / 17 min / BluRay / Japanese w/English subtitles The wife of a wealthy man hires memory erasing agents to erase the memory of the young lover with whom he is having an affair, but soon realizes that the young lover will stop at nothing to keep the man's love for her alive. Screenplay: Ken Ochiai, Nir Studnitski / Producers: Kei Suwa, Kazuyoshi Yoshizawa, SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Tomokazu Hori / Cinematographer: Michael Dwyer / Editor: Narihiko Kawano / Composer: PREMIERE Nobuko Toda / Production Designer: Yuka Nakano EAST / PrincipalCOAST Cast: Denden, Shunsuke Daito / Contact: Ken Ochiai PREMIERE muya @ PhotosynthEnt

UNITED STATES PREMIERE SO DARK FLORIDA PREMIERE Al Lougher – Florida / 2013 / 28 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS An avid Twilight fan takes the late Miami Metro Rail train home and strikes up a conversation AMERICA PREMIERE about vampires with a total stranger. Who is this NORTH person? Come along for the ride as fiction soon turns into a brutal reality! WORLD PREMIERES


Screenplay: James Williams / Producers: Al Lougher, Keri Maletto, Jon-James Hodson / Cinematographer: Milan Spasić / Editor: Al Lougher / Composer: Zaalen Tallis / Sound Design: Michael Damon / Special FX: Stephen Knox / Production Designer/Art Director: Xavier Cortes /Principal Cast: Jeremy Palko, Melanie Crim, Keri Maletto, Julie Kendall, Todd Bruno, Wil Jackson, Derek Ford, John Fell / Contact: Al Lougher. Tel: 561-306-6483.


Tuesday, Oct 22, 3:30 CP-H Wednesday, Oct 23, 8pm SC




Thursday, Oct 24, 4pm, MP Sunday, Nov 3, 3pm CP-L


Kenneth Shapiro - USA / 2013 / 89 min / DCP / English

John Denver and opera fans alike have something to look forward to this summer. Legendary music producer, Milt Okun along with composer Lee Holdridge are bringing some of the most famous names in opera to John Denver’s famous hit songs: “Great Voices Sing John Denver”. It was Milt Okun’s wife Rosemary Okun’s idea to have opera singers sing some of John’s greatest hits. Kenneth Shapiro's film goes behind the scenes to discover why each artist chose the song that they sing and what John Denver's music did to each artist. He even captures the essence of their actual recording sessions.

There was no question in Milt’s mind that in order to get the ball rolling he needed the good graces and support of Plácido Domingo. “The instant I mentioned the idea to Plácido, he said yes.” Milt says, “He and John had such a warm relationship. I remember the time when we were recording ‘Perhaps Love’ in 1981 with such fondness. They hit it off immediately and just loved working together.”

Elisa Justice, who co-produced the album worked closely with the agents in getting the singers that were requested on board, while coordinating their schedules to get them in the studio. Elisa also brought in singers that had not been thought of, adding enormous variety to the project.

With Plácido leading the way, the CD was bound to have any singer that they wanted. The result is a wonderful album comprised of opera stars of all voices and several generations.

Screenplay: Kennth Shapiro / Producers: Elisa Justice, Kenneth Shapiro, Mark Shimmel, Milton Okun, Peter Primont, Rosemary Okun / Cinematographer: Matt Bass / Editor: David W. Foster / Composer: Lee Holdridge / Featuring: Placido Domingo, Placido Domingo, Jr, Barbara Padilla, Daniel Montenegro, Daniella de Niese, Denyce Graves, Dolora Zajick, Matthew Polenzani, Patricia Racette, Nathan Gunn, Rene Pape, Rod Gilfry, Shenyang Shenyang / Contact: Kenneth Shapiro @SingJohnDenver Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: One of today’s most multitalented producer/directors, Kenneth Shapiro possesses a diverse background. Kenneth is in post-production for a new opera called Dulce Rosa based on a short story by Isabel Allende and conducted by Plácido Domingo. His credits include an impressive cross section of programs such as LIVE-AID, The Academy Awards, The Grammy Awards, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Hope for Haiti, as well as serving as a director for five years on the number-one CBS hit comedy series, Everybody Loves Raymond





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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE PSYCH 101 EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE THE GAME Larelle Bossi – Australia / 2012 / 11 min / DVD / English Oscar Wilde - True friends stab you in the front. UNITED STATES PREMIERE Two old men have met weekly at the local gardens FLORIDA to do more thanPREMIERE just sacrifice their pawns, battle their knights and protect their thrown. For over forty years, these foes battle out their ideas, problems, curiosities and memories upon the same FESTIVAL chessboard. And WINNERS every Monday afternoon, they share a whiskey with the person they careSOUTHEAST about most in thePREMIERE world - their best friend. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay:Larelle Bossi & Darian Szyszka / Producers: Darian Szyszka / Cinematographer: David Hawkins / Editor: Samantha Timmerman / Composer: Daniel Nixon PREMIERE /PREMIERES Production Designer: Larelle EAST COAST WORLD Bossi / Principal Cast: John Flaus & Alan Hopgood / Contact: Larelle Bossi

WORLD PREMIERE THE INJURIES TO TIM DALE UNITED STATES PREMIERE H.W. Moss – USA / 2013 / 14 min / DVD / English SPECIAL GuEST: HARRy MOSS FLORIDA PREMIERE A chance encounter on a commuter train brings back the memory of an unfortunate childFESTIVAL WINNERS hood incident. But memory is such a fickle thing and an eyewitness is often the worst witness as demonstrated in this short film. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Writer: H.W. Moss / Produced by: Richard Devera, H. W. Moss / Cinematographer: Richard Devera WORLD PREMIERES Narrated by: Robert Bohle / Original Music: “Harmony” by Faraway Sirens / Principal Cast: Harry Moss,

PREMIERE Zachary Maschal, London Lombana, Pierson Babich / SOUTHEAST Contact: : Harry Moss (415) 282-9067

EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE JACK AND PAUL Jayce Bartok – USA / 2013 / 15 min / BluRay / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE Based on the award-winning play, Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore, Jack & Paul is a short film about a therapist, Jack, and his patient, Paul; both are trying to make a phone call to FLORIDA PREMIERE SOUTHEAST PREMIERE save their romantic relationships. Starring Jayce Bartok and Jeff Pucillo, and made in collaboration with producer Robert Hawk. FESTIVAL WINNERS EAST PREMIERE Screenplay: Thomas Moore / Producers: Tiffany Bartok,COAST Robert Hawk / Cinematographer: Andres Karu / Editor: Sarah Kuck / Composer: Mark McAdamAMERICA / Production Designer: Julia NORTH PREMIERE WORLD Rosner / Principal Cast: Jayce Bartok, Jeff Pucillo / Contact:PREMIERE Tiffany Bartok tiffany@vinylWORLD PREMIERES 917.216.2628 @vinylfoote UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: PAIN STAKING ADOLFO MARTINEz FLORIDA PREMIERE Adolfo Martinez Perez – USA / 2012 / 11 min / BluRay / English WINNERS It was a wonderful day, the sun shone, the birdsFESTIVAL chirped... until the best-friend-asking-for-afavor from hell showed up. What starts as social drama about cancer quicklyPREMIERE slips towards NORTH AMERICA over the top, surreal dramedy. If you feel uncomfortable laughing at no laughing matter, we did our job: your discomfort is our pleasure. WORLD PREMIERES SPECIAL GuEST: JAyCE BARTOK

Screenplay: Adolfo Martinez Perez / Producer: Linda L. Miller / Cinematographer: Sherri Kauk / Editor: Adolfo Martinez Perez / Composer: Roque Baños / Production Designer: Carol Strober / Cast: Christopher Neiman, Chris Warner / Contact: Adolfo Martinez Perez 323 436 7541 or 323 240 8408!/pages/Pain-Staking

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE REFLECTIONS Ashley Pegg – UK / 2013 / 12 min / DVD / English WORLD PREMIERE When Mark has to confront the girl who attacked his son, so she can apologize, he has to take a good look at himself – and it doesn't look good. UNITED STATES PREMIERE Screenplay: Sarah Woolner. Producers: Ashley Pegg and Ajay Rai. Cinematographer: Chloë Thomson. Editor: Bálint Tusor. ProductionFLORIDA Designer: Eléonore Cremonese. Cast: Neal Barry, PREMIERE SOUTHEAST Joanne Adams, Oliver Parsons, Jessica Plummer, Simon PREMIERE Chadwick. / Contact: Ashley Pegg FESTIVAL WINNERS EAST COAST PREMIERE NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES SILENT TREATMENT UNITED STATES PREMIERE Mark Lobatto – UK / 2013 / 9 min / BluRay / English PREMIERE FLORIDA In a bleak, stagnant waiting area, where time stands still and odd characters sink with gloom, two FESTIVAL WINNERS strangers are compelled to connect. An encounter where actions really speak louder than words. Screenplay: Mark Lobatto / Producers: Roxanne Holman (Producer), Mark Lobatto (Executive NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Producer) / Cinematographer: Eben Bolter / Editor: Dave Silver / Composer: Justine Barker / PREMIERES Production Designer: Chloe James / WORLD Cast: Lily James, Bart Edwards / Contact: Mark Lobatto, 122, +44 (0) 78410 24222 @SilentTreatmen1




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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE PSYCH 202 EAST COAST PREMIERE THE BURNING HOUSE WORLD PREMIERE Scott Ross and Karl Beyer – USA / 2013 / 17 min UNITED / DCP / English STATES PREMIERE A fictional parody of a real-life blog (, this short comedy tells the story PREMIERE of a cursed young hipster who is forced to flee FLORIDA his home and survive on the streets of Philadelphia using nothing but an armload of vintage and designer knick-knacks. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE FESTIVAL WINNERS Screenplay: Karl Beyer and Scott Ross / Cinematographer: Drew Saracco / Composer: Evan Younger EAST NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE / Principal Cast: Sean Close, Amanda Blank, Rose COAST Luardo, MariePREMIERE Laure, Michael Broussard / Contact: @scottandkarl WORLD PREMIERES WORLD PREMIERE THE CUTLASS UNITED STATES PREMIERE Darisha Beresford – Trinidad and Tobago / 2013 / 12 min PREMIERE / BluRay / English FLORIDA Based on true events, THE CUTLASS is a dramatic thriller set in the jungles of Trinidad and tells the WINNERS story of a young woman who falls into theFESTIVAL grasp of a dangerous sociopath. She finds herself isolated and mustering the courage to emotionally battle the unsettled mind of her abductor. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay: Teneille Newallo / Producers: Darisha Beresford, Teneille Newallo, Drew Umland, Luke PaddingWORLD PREMIERES ton, Brent Webster / Cinematographer: Ian Bloom / Editor: Drew Umland / Art Director: Drew Umland / Principal Cast: Lisa Hirschmann & Arnold Goindhan / Contact: Darisha Beresford: (305) 984-1375, SOUTHEAST PREMIERE



Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield – USA / 2013 / 10 min / DCP / English WORLD PREMIERE Billy, a grocery bagger with cerebral palsy, has no problem using others’ sympathy to get his way. Unlike Del, his coworker with Williams Syndrome, he avoids genuine relationships. UNITED STATES PREMIERE However, when Billy becomes obsessed with a waitress, he must confront his delusions and the aftermath of his manipulative behavior. SOUTHEAST PREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE

Screenplay: Jonathan Sykes, Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield / Producers: Jonathan Sykes, Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield, Jaye Sarah Davidson / Cinematographer: Kyle Bart Reid / Editor: D. Van McLean / EAST COAST PREMIERE FESTIVAL WINNERS Production Designer: Caroline Russell / Principal Cast: Trey Anderson, Caroline Hebert, Kara NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Jackson, Aaron Killian, Joel Walker / Contact: Jerod Ra’Del Hollyfield WORLD PREMIERE @goodfriendsfilm

WORLD PREMIERES UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: SECOND KISS ROBBIE NORRIS FLORIDA PREMIERE Robbie Norris – USA / 2013 / 9 min / HDCam / English A drunken hookup turns disastrous as childhoodFESTIVAL crushes HeatherWINNERS and Jeff are forced to endure the morning after with her family. NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Screenplay: Robbie Norris / Producers: Mary Beth Minthorn and Grayson Ross / CinematograPREMIERES pher: Matt Mitchell / Editor: Jacob LaMendola andWORLD Vincent Welch / Production Designer: Laura Miller / Principal Cast: Bobby Olsen, Caitlin Mehner, Helen Rogers, Amy Young and Janice Mann / Contact: Robbie Norris


Jason Berger – USA / 2012 / 6 min / DVD / English Social Media Anonymous is a short satire about how addicted we are to various forms of social media. Set in a support group for social media abusers, the short pokes fun at the problems that arise from posting too much on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Screenplay: Cindy Kaplan & Mike Rainey / Producers: Corey Moss, Peter Principato, Paul Young, Jason Berger, Amy Laslett, Mark Marraccini, Tiffany Moore / Cinematographer: Topher Osborn / Editor: Monet Malek / Cast: Billy Merritt, Christen Sussin, Googey Gress, Lindsey Gort, Rachel SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Germaine / Contact: @thekidsatplay

EAST COAST PREMIERE SOCK MONKEY STORIES WORLD PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: MARCuS WOLF Marcus Wolf – USA / 2013 / 18 min / DVD / EnglishUNITED STATES PREMIERE Three intrepid sock monkeys must search for a loved one who has disappeared. On their PREMIERE difficult journey, they overcome obstacles and meetFLORIDA strange and magical sock monkeys from faraway lands. A delightful children’s dramedy. FESTIVAL WINNERS Screenplay: Marcus Wolf / Producers: Marcus Wolf, Jennifer A. Wheatley-Wolf (assoc. prod.), NORTH AMERICA Editor: Marcus Wolf / Principal Cast: Patrick Ian McConnell, Mollie Wheatley, ScottPREMIERE D. Morrow, Sherry Audette Morrow, Jennifer A. Wheatley-Wolf / WORLD Contact: Marcus Wolf PREMIERES 123




Monday, Oct 21, 1:30pm, CP-H Wednesday, Oct 23, 4pm, MP

Sponsored by

Lunchtime Shorts, Mon - Friday, 1:30pm, Oct 21 - Nov 8 at Cinema SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Paradiso-Hollywood. Lunch downtown or buy a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (from any location) on any of EAST those dates then take your receipt that COAST PREMIERE day to CP-H and get in FREE to Lunchtime Shorts.

WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE 88 MILES TO MOSCOW FLORIDA PREMIERE Karen Glienke – USA / 2012 / 20 min / BluRay /FESTIVAL English WINNERS 15-year-old Niki gets more than she bargained for when she sneaks off a train for a quick NORTH AMERICA smoke, stumbling into an offbeat adventure involving her ex-con dad, troubledPREMIERE mom, and a young Russian garbage man. WORLD PREMIERES SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Screenplay-Editor-Designer: Karen Glienke / Producers: Karen Glienke, Priscilla Barnes / EAST COAST PREMIERE Cinematographer: Topher Osborn / Art Director: Vanessa Rojas / Principal Cast: Brynn Samms, Priscilla Barnes, Roman Marshanski, James MacPherson / Contact: Karen Glienke WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE COLD WARRIOR FLORIDA PREMIERE Emily Greenwood – UK / 2012 / 19 min / DCP FESTIVAL / English WINNERS A young Romanian gymnast questions her dreams of championship glory when she discovNORTH AMERICA PREMIERE ers she is part of a shady government doping program for her to win at any cost. Screenplay: Emily Greenwood / Producers: TomWORLD Wood, Alastair Clark,PREMIERE Rachel Robey / CinPREMIERES SOUTHEAST ematographer: Brian Fawcett / Editor: Chris Dickens and Jo-Anne Dixon / Composer: Cyrille EAST Aufort / Production Designer: Blair Barnette/ Principal Cast:COAST Eloise Littell,PREMIERE Laurence Mitchell, Wolf Kahler / Contact: Emily Greenwood WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE GOODBYE, SWEETHEART FLORIDA PREMIERE Olenka Denysenko – USA / 2012 / 14 min / DVDFESTIVAL / English WINNERS Elsa finds herself in an impossible situation when her ruthless mob boss husband Mr. White NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE has her brother murdered. Pressured to turn against him by Detective Moore, Elsa must decide between playing the role of the loyal wife and standing byPREMIERES her husband or ratting him WORLD


out and possibly enduring her brother's fate. Screenplay: Olenka Denysenko / Producers: Olenka Denysenko, Patrick T. Rousseau, Noah Workman / Cinematographer: Glen Mordeci / Editor: George Manatos/ Composer: Amanda Rose Smith / Production Designer: Bianca Siu Davies / Principal Cast: Mascha Mareen, Paul Hickert, Erik Parillo / Contact: Olenka Denysenko 917-459-0310,


Ivan Kraljevic – USA / 2012 / 23 min / BluRay / English Mashka, a Russian woman in search of the American dream, escapes from her life in a Brooklyn massage parlor only to find herself alone in Venice Beach, California without money or passport. A chain of fateful events forces her into an agonizing decision. What would you do for Paper? Screenplay: Elena Talan / Producers: Daniel Shultz / Cinematographer: TJ Hellmuth / Editor: Knar Kitabjian / Composer: Joel Douek / Production Designer: Melisa Myers / Art Director: Kyle Kannenberg / Principal Cast: Elena Talan, Matthew Kevin Anderson / Contact: Elena Talan @papermovie2013



Los Angeles based Director, Producer, and 1st AD. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Received a BFA in film production with an emphasis in directing from Chapman University. Obsessed with walkie talkies. Tuesday, Oct 22, 7:30pm, CP-H


Tuesday, Oct 29, 6pm, MP Friday, Nov 1, 3:30pm, CP-H Thursday, Nov 7, 5:30pm, CP-L

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE SUNSHINE CELLULOIDEAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE SHORTS UNITED STATES PREMIERE CRITICAL CARE FLORIDA PREMIERE Frank Eberling – 2013 / 15 min / BluRay / English SPECIAL GuESTS: FESTIVAL WINNERS TINA PFEIFFER, FRANK EBERLING A mother’s fear of aging. Screenplay: Bara Swain / Producer: Tina Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Pflims / Editor: Aaron Wells / Composer: NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Cooper Getschal / Cinematographer: David Grant, Aaron Wells / Principal Cast: Tina Pfeiffer and WORLD PREMIERES Adele Zin...Special appearance: David Aesum and Debbie Dailey / Contact: Tina Pfeiffer EAST COAST PREMIERE 772-577-102

WORLD PREMIERE 9 BIRTHDAYS Juana M. Frias – USA / 2013 / 9 min / BluRay / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE A young boy copes in silence with moving day for the family. He struggles with leaving behind the place FLORIDA PREMIERE where memories reside. He finds solace in a stranger who quells his fears. Screenplay: Juana M. Frias / Producers: Jorge ChavezSOUTHEAST and Juana M. Frias / Cinematographer: Kevin PREMIERE FESTIVAL WINNERS J. Burroughs / Editor: Juana M. Frias / Composer: Robert Syvret / Principal Cast: Joseph Morgan, Jorge Chavez / Contact: Juana M. Frias EAST COAST PREMIERE NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE PREMIERES WORLD PREMIERE FOREVER Rick Santese – U.S.A. / 2013 / 10 min / DVD / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: RICK SANTESE An old man sits alone on a bus stop bench. His eyes betray a long hidden sadness as he viewsFLORIDA the world around him with disdain. PREMIERE As passengers arrive, a wordless encounter with a little girl reveals cracks in the old man's facade. A parting gift from the girl in the form of a fortune cookie implies an eternal connection. FESTIVAL WINNERS Screenplay: Rick Santese / Producers: Shar K Fromhoff, Rose Warner, Rick Santese / CineAMERICA PREMIERE matographer: Fernando Barron / Editor: Abner Victor /NORTH Composer: Rick Santese, Michael Waxman / Cast: Alan Myles Heyman, Hannah Skinner, Rose Warner, Amy Simon, Scott Getz, Pamella WORLD PREMIERES Gil, Marina Catalan, Clarissa Humm, Alex Higgins, Maja Nile / Contact: Artists Network International, LLC Rick Santese 954-682-4403

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Dale Frohman –

USA / 2013 / 11 min / DVD / English Empowered by overcoming a would-be mugger, two girls set out on a Robin Hood style Girls Night Out adventure. They take from the bad and pay back his debt to society…but the punishment doesn’t stop there. The girls ensure that others will also teach our mugger some lessons he won’t soon forget.

PREMIEREDiWriters - Producers: Carl Truesdell, Dale Frohman /SOUTHEAST Cinematographer-Editor-Composer-Art rector: Dale Frohman / Cast: Ansley Gordon, Amanda Powell, J. Benedict Larmore / Contact: spiEAST COAST PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: JOE PISCIOTTA

HUMAN NATURE Joe Pisciotta –


USAUNITED / 2013 / 8 min / DVD / Russian & English STATES PREMIERE Human nature. Thinking, feeling, acting. What it means to be human. Evolutionary psychologists argue that much of human behavior is the output of psychological FLORIDA PREMIERE adaptations that evolved to solve recurring problems in human ancestral environments. Now, FESTIVAL WINNERS what determines or constrains us, well...that's what makes us human.

Screenplay: Joe Pisciotta / Producer: madridSTREETfilms / Cinematographer & Editor: Joe PisNORTH AMERICA PREMIERE ciotta / Composer: Music By Kevin Macleod Music By Self Defense / Principal Cast: Tamila Bilalova, Armila Goukaeva, Masha Silberberg, WORLD Robert Kan PREMIERES / Contact: Joe Pisciotta SPECIAL GuEST: HARRy LuPO

“OH, I MEANT TO TELL YOU..." Harry Lupu –USA / 2013 / 12 min / DVD / English Two lives are altered when a former racing greyhound is adopted by a retired man. Both the man and the dog experience a life changing loving relationship that neither one expected.

Screenplay & Producer: Harry Lupu / Cinematographers: Rick Santese, Harry Lupu / Editors: Rick Santese, Harry Lupu / Production Designer: Harry Lupu / Principal Cast: Harry Lupu, AJ, Big John, Linda S. Dunbar-Orgain, Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, Gigi, Fern Katz, Bruce Heath Brucio, SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Maria Salgado, Christina Glasnovich / Contact: Harry Lupu

EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERE SLEEP: The Movie Keary T. Cunningham – Florida / 2013 / 15 min / BluRay / English UNITED STATES PREMIERE In 1977, two men set out in the Everglades, searching for something that could change their lives. Sam feels he’s missing the piece of his past that died with his father. Joey is sure it FLORIDA PREMIERE must be valuable and he expects a piece of it. Screenplay: Keary T. Cunningham, Jake Brown, Joel DaSilva, Neliza WINNERS Drew / Producers: Keary T. FESTIVAL Cunningham, Joel DaSilva, Assistant Producers: Neliza Drew / Cinematographer: Zack Hughes / Editors: Keary T. Cunningham, Zack Hughes / Composer: Kevin Kage, Joel DaSilva / Production NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Designer: Julius Gregorio / Art Director: Donna Peplin / Principal Cast: Jake Brown, Jay Gutierrez, Joel DaSilva, Brian Rossy, Ashok Verma / Contact: Keary T. Cunningham / Contact: Keary T. WORLD PREMIERES Cunningham @sleepthefilm SPECIAL GuEST: KEARy CuNNINHAM





Friday, Oct 25, 2pm, MP Monday. Oct 28, 1:30pm, CP-H Tuesday, Nov 5, 1:30pm, CP-H

Sponsored by

Lunchtime Shorts, Mon - Friday, 1:30pm, Oct 21 - Nov 8 at Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood. Lunch downtown or buy a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (from any location) on any SOUTHEAST of those dates - thenPREMIERE take your receipt that day to CP-H and get in FREE to Lunchtime Shorts.

EAST COAST PREMIERE YOU DIRTY RAT WORLD PREMIERE FRAPPER AVEC AMOUR UNITED STATES PREMIERE Nathaniel Prince Lewis – The Bahamas / 2013FLORIDA / 11 min / DCPPREMIERE / English Camille is sent to Freeport, Bahamas to kill a hit. When she gets there, she discovers it's her FESTIVAL WINNERS mob boss ex-husband and during their encounter, she gets more than she bargained for. P. Lewis,AMERICA Danny O'Brien / Cinematographer Screenplay: Nathaniel P. Lewis / Producers: Nathaniel NORTH PREMIERE / Editor: Philip Marche / Composer: Sophia Lightbourne / 1st Assistant Director / Art Director: WORLD PREMIERES Anthea Bullard / Principal Cast: Nathaniel P. Lewis, Alexis Hicks, Meredith O'Connor, Tony Lowe, Alex Davis, Shareka Hanna / Contact: 1.242.352.8332 SOUTHEAST PREMIERE GuEST: LEFT SPECIAL NATHANIEL LEWIS EAST COAST PREMIERE de la Vega – U.S.A. / 2012 / 8 min / BluRay / English A prostitute and con-man attempt to breakWORLD into a carSOUTHEAST for aPREMIERE score that will change both their lives. PREMIERE Screenplay: Kat Espaillat / Story: Kat Espaillat and de la Vega / Producers: de la Vega / CinematogUNITED STATES PREMIERE rapher: Glen David Miller / Editor: Marta Bonet de Gispert / Sound Design: Dessiree McFarland / EAST COAST PREMIERE Make Up Artist: Danielle Baum / Principal Cast: Kat Espaillat,PREMIERE Seth Burnham / Contact: de la Vega FLORIDA - WORLD @delaVegaii PREMIERE FESTIVAL WINNERS UNITED STATES PREMIERE SPECIAL GuEST: MATT FLORIO NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE MAMA NEEDS A RIDE FLORIDA PREMIERE WORLD PREMIERES Matt Florio – USA / 2013 / 19 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS Franky and Elmo are the Don's go-to-guys. So it is only fitting that the would trust them with AMERICA PREMIERE a very important job: pick up his mother and takeNORTH her out to run errands. Unfortunately for SOUTHEAST PREMIERE them, she is not nearly as nice as the Don says she is. WORLD PREMIERES Screenplay: Matt Florio / Producers: Matt Florio, Frank Angelcyk / Cinematographer: Frank Angelcyk EAST PREMIERE / Editor: Jeremy C. Hansen / Composer: Walter Schick / ArtCOAST Director: Mike Florio / Principal Cast: Steve DiGennaro, Matthew O'Connor, Jane Brown, Mike Marino / Contact: Matt Florio matWORLD PREMIERE, UNITED STATES PREMIERE MERKIN PENAL FLORIDA PREMIERE Mitch Rouse – USA / 2012 / 23 min / BluRay / English FESTIVAL WINNERS Merkin Penal shows the ins and outs of a typical fictional prison which houses characters NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE played by some excellent comedians and improvisers. Like "OZ" but even funnier. Screenplay: David Pasquesi, Mitch Rouse / Producers: WORLD David Pasquesi,PREMIERES Mitch Rouse, Jay Legget, Troy Hauschild / Cinematographer: Ken Fisher / Editor: Troy Hauschild / Composer: Giancarlo Pasquesi / Principal Cast: David Pasquesi, Mitch Rouse, Jay Leggett, Joel Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, Peter MacKenzie, Ken Campbell, Pete Hulne, Mike Coleman, TJ Jagodowski, / Contact: David Pasquesi


Aude Cuenod – U.S.A / 2012 / 17 min / DCP / English Two former classmates come together for the first time five years after a crime which scandalized the college they attended, and each is carrying secrets from that long-ago incident that could change both of their lives unalterably.

Screenplay: Aude Cuenod / Producers: Tyler Byrne, Richard Peete, Matt Parker (executive producer) / Cinematographer: Zoë White / Editor: Carmen Morrow / Composer: Phill Boucher / Production Designer: Mimi Bai / Principal Cast: Robyn Rikoon, Christina Brucato, Bill Brouty / Contact: Aude Cuenod (773)718-1087


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE WHISPERS OF LIFE EAST COAST PREMIERE Florian Halbedl – Canada / 2013 / 11 min / BluRay / English WORLD PREMIERE In this magical story about the interdependence of imagination and survival, Tom, a gay teenager, is threatened by a bully’s homophobic words. As Tom sits in angst on his park UNITED STATES PREMIERE bench, a stranger named Charles suddenly appears next to him. Charles strikes up a conversation with Tom that forever alters theFLORIDA course of his future and life. PREMIERE Screenplay: Florian Halbedl / Producers: Joshua M. Ferguson / Cinematographer: George FESTIVAL Campbell / Editor: Mike Banas / Composer: Craig RicheyWINNERS / Production Designer: Joshua M. Ferguson / Principal Cast: Travis Nelson, Patrick Gilmore, Aaron Rota, Veronica Jeske / NORTH AMERICA PREMIERE Contact: WORLD PREMIERES PLAyS with PSyCH 202 page 123














































Thursday, October 31st

10am JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD Program I Special Guest Jonathan Bird (pgs 30 & 109) Canal House This is a free event and Jonathan will be here to answer your questions in person.

7pm The Opening Night Film, Under the Stars at Taino Beach. The event is free to everyone. Want to add a touch of Bahamian magic to the evening? Feel free to dress in the spirit of Junkanoo. The Fish Fry is open throughout the evening. (all programs Nov 1-3 take place at Canal House)

Friday, November 1st

10am JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD Program II, Special Guest Jonathan Bird (pgs 30 & 109) 1pm Mr. Florida Film, William Grefe recounts stories of Indie Filmmaking (p32) 2pm LITTLE ONE (p75) 4pm Short n Funny, a collection of hilarious films 128

7:30 BROCHE DEL ORO, Special Guest Raul Marchand (p44) 9pm THEY CAME FROM THE SWAMP, Special Guest William Grefe (p32)

Saturday, November 2

11am Writing For The Screen, with actor, director & writer Jayce Bartok 1pm JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD Program III, Special Guest Jonathan Bird (pgs 30 & 109) 1:30pm Distribution, What’s That All About, with distributor Jere Rae-Mansfield 2pm CHASING SHAKESPEARE, Special Guest Norry Niven (p47) 4:30 THE GIRL ON THE BICYCLE, Special Guest Jere Rae-Mansfield (p59) 7pm FREE RIDE, Special Guest Shana Betz (p15)

Sunday, November 3 1pm THE ROCKET (p90)


October 27- 30, 2011


November 1



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It is our great pleasure to be a sponsor of the 3rd Annual St. Augustine Film Festival presented by Flagler College. As lovers of film and all aspects of the art of filmmaking, we are exited to once again further enrich not only the Film Studies Program at Flagler, but also, the cultural fabric of this community through the presentation of this Film Festival January 17 - 20.

As long time supporters of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, which is now in its 28th year, it was our desire to provide a similar type of Film Festival experience for the St. Augustine area. We would like to thank Gregory von Hausch, CEO of FLIFF, Flagler College, and the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners for providing the support necessary to allow this Film Festival to continue in our community.

May the films you view make you laugh, cry, ponder, feel anger and joy . We hope you have your imagination challenged and leave the festival wanting more. Our many thanks to you for your support. Now sit back and enjoy and then spread the word about this very special celebration of film.

Reel regards, Barbara & Arnold Grevior, Founding Sponsor The Arnold & Barbara Grevior Fund for Film Studies VENUES

Dear Film Lover, January is here and that means its a great time to spend a long weekend in the dark watching these amazing films. I had the opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival last May and host a party in honor of St Augustine Film Festival. The people I met were so excited to learn of our beautiful city and that we now had a film festival. I saw amazing films and witnessed what a film festival can mean to a community both culturally and economically.

Welcome to the St. Augustine Film Festival presented by Flagler College. Once again, we are partnering with the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and appreciate the continued support from the Arnold and Barbara Grevior Fund for Film Studies. This year’s program builds on the breadth of last year’s diverse and vibrant selection of films and activities. We I look forward to meeting each of you over trust you will enjoy this weekend the course of the four day fest. Your on our campus. thoughts are especially valuable as we Sincerely, look toward the longtime future of creating President William T. Abare, Jr. a world class cinema event. Bon festivale! Heather Smart

Gamache-Koger Theatre 50 Sevilla Street in the Flagler College Student Center Lewis Auditorium 14 Granada Street immediately west of Lightner Museum Lightner Museum 75 King Street

PARTIES Opening Night is Thursday, January 16. The film in Lewis Auditorium begins at

SCHEDULE Thursday, Jan 16

7pm Opening Film at Lewis Auditorium 8:30 Opening Night Party at Lightner Museum

Friday, Jan 17

Noon Film Gamache Koger 2pm Film Gamache-Koger 4pm Film Gamache-Koger 6pm Film Gamache-Koger 8pm Film Lewis Auditorium 9:30 Party tba

7pm and will be out by 8:45pm. Just stroll across the street to the magnificent Lightner Museum. Your party ticket gets you free private access to the museum. Up top on the ballroom floor, a glass of wine and soft acoustical music will enhance your leisure stroll amongst the museum’s treasures. Peer over into Florida’s first inside pool below and you’ll see the great buffet that awaits you. $35 includes film

Saturday, Jan 18

Saturday Night will serve as our Closing Soiree...once again, just across the street to the Lightner, this time in the White Room for heavy hors d’oeuvres and music. $35 includes film

Sunday, Jan 19

Friday Night is a surprise in waiting...we’re not at liberty to divulge the location...but fun is promised! After the 7pm film at Lewis Auditorium, your chariot awaits! $25 includes film

Sunday Night is the staff’s time to relax and breathe...but come along as we reminisce over the past four magical days.

Individual film tickets are $8 General Adm; $5 Seniors and $3 with Flagler ID.

1pm Film Gamache-Koger 3pm Film Gamache-Koger 5pm Film Gamache-Koger 7pm Film Lewis Auditorium 8:30 Party White Room 1pm 3pm 5pm 7pm

Film Film Film Film

Gamache-Koger Gamache-Koger Gamache-Koger Lewis Auditorium

A FAST Pass is the best way to enjoy all the films and parties with no hassle. Passes are just $60 for General Public; $40 with a Flagler College ID.

To purchase tickets log on to Questions email

Carolyn Smith Bonnie Cameron

Kelley Cottrell





International Film Festival

BROWARD 18 FEATURING: 2315 North Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062



★ STUDENT FILMS ★ SHORT NARRATIVE Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale HITMAN HIMMIE: Origin, Brian Lowe TREASURE, Bens Hilaire Boston University THE DRESS, Alvaro Congosto

Brooks Institute FILM SANCTUARY, Nick Funk

Chapman University ALOKI, Toby Wosskow EL CAMELEON, Israel Gutirrez

Columbia College, Chicago BLACKBIRD, Andrew Dena

Columbia University, New York THE EXIT ROOM, Todd Wiseman LITTLE SHADOW, Toby Fell-Holden MELON HEAD, Andy Fortenbacher WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE, Oded Naaman

Florida State University ARIA, Tav Murphy LEMONOPOLIS, Josh Cartwright MAGPIE, Kelsey Middleton

Indian River State College, Port St Lucie A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE, Kenrick Thomas Long Island University EIDOS, Louis D’Arpa

New York University BETWEEN SINS, Carlos Miller FORT APACHE, Addison Mehr THE ORGANIZER, Susan Hippen VISIBLE, Max Pham WOMAN I, Nicholas Biagetti Northwestern University FINDING MELODY, Ryan Naylor

Ryerson University – Toronto BRIDGES, Nicole Bond LORAINE, Daniel Sarkissian Savannah College of Art & Design DESERT PLACES, Karl Kotheimer Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

I DID IT FOR LOVE, Quinn Spicker O ANGEL OF GOD, David Manuel

Hunter College BEN: IN THE MIND’S EYE, Iva Radivojevic

University of California – Los Angeles STRINGS, Crystal Us

Lynn University THE STORM, Vito Trupiano

University of Buffalo CAPTOR OF THE SOUL, Jeremy Cournyea

University of North Floida STRINGS, Henna Bakshi & Andy Leverett

University of South Florida GUILT, Zoe Deleon

University of Southern California CHICKEN SUIT, AK Hoffman University of Wisconsin TABLE FOR TWO, Gerardo de la Teja

LONG NARRATIVE De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde, Philippines THE WAITING ROOM, Mary Monique Brodit

Kyiv National Shevchenko University, Ukraine OPENING E2-E4, Nikita Kolchev

Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles BUTTERFLY DREAM, Venkat Krishnan

Miami Dade College THE VIOLINIST, Pablo Nicolas Raganato

New York University SURINAM GOLD, Paulo Enrique Testolini

Robert Morris University DOWNSTREAM, John Marshall

Rochester Institute of Technology PINK SLIP, Marie Massuh

University of British Columbia FEINT, Alice Deegan

University of Louisiana – Lafayette ABOUT THE MONEY, Albert Eady DOCUMENTARY Florida State University RAISING THE TITANIC, Alex Mitchell

Indian River State College RISE ABOVE, Kenrick Thomas

Miami Dade College SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, Joey De Santino New York University REPORTING ON THE NEW YORK TIMES: The NY Times & The Holocaust, Emily Harrold Royal Holloway – University of London MOTORBIKE MIDWIFE, Masumi Higashi

Sapir College, Israel HOLYLAND, Anna Somershaf Sedona Film School SWEET, SEXY OCEAN, Alexander Finden University of Arizona INTO THE BLACK, Dae Hyun Song ANIMATION Ashbury University CHARGED, Nathaniel Winckler

Bates College SEA COMPASS, Will Reber

National School of Film & TV, Beaconsfield, UK JAMON, Irina Lopez Rochester Institute of Technology HANDI & V, Fenway Fan School of Visual Arts – New York MIRAGE, Iker Maidagan MOOSEDATE.COM, Sam B. Friedman University of Colorado – Denver THE NINETY NINES, Howard Cook


American Heritage School KILLER APP, Elizabeth Herrick

Brophy College Prep, AZ HOWLING DOGS, Reed Bard

Calvary Christian Academy, Fort Lauderdale EMPTY COLORS, Jose Ordonez THE END OF THE BEGINNING, Trevor Viner MASQUERADE, Jose Ordonez OLD FRIENDS, Andrew Davis Citadel High, Nova Scotia A PURRFECT PAIR, Gwyneth Christofel

Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich CT FROM FARM TO TABLE, Gabrielle Giacomo Design Architecture Senior High, Dash FL MOLTING, Juan Matos & Paloma Izquierdo

Downtown Community Television Center, New York BLANK CANVAS, Raymund Grosvenor MEMORIES OF SUPERWOMAN, Khadija Charles PROGRESS/RUN, Melvin Cheng WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS, Jasmine Barclay WOAH!, Kelvin Rodriguez YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, Joelee Cummings Filmbites Youth Film School LOSING THOMAS ELDRIDGE, Tim Green Florida Film Institute GONE, Camilla Cordoves & Carolina Gonzales SILENCE, Ruelle Fludd & Fern Pollock VANISHED, Jeffthe Sebea &Joel Landa

Gulf Breeze High, Gulf Breeze FL GULF BREEZE: Small Town, Big Heart, Clay Bloodworth Home Schooled NOT ONE OF US, Justine Maeur

Interlake High, Bellvue, WA THE PAINTED GIRL, Ben Kadie

LaSalle High, Pasadena CA THE FARM, Malone Lumarda PARADIGM, Stephen Boyer

Laurel Springs School, Ojai CA A QUEST FOR PEACE: Nonviolence Among Religions, Matthew J. Evans Nova High, Davie FL COLORFUL THINKING, Alex Moore Palo Alto High School PET PERSPECTIVES, Jack Brook Pinecrest School THE DOGMATIC, Lance Oppenheim QUICKSAND, Lance Oppenheim

Upper Canada College High, Toronto EXISTENCE, Patrick Lee University School of Nova Southeastern University A BIG MISTAKE, Adrian Casas CREATING RENT, Dylan Skorish EROSION, Alex Moore LIFENET4FAMILEIS, Amanda Groll and Tejika Baweja MEMORIES ON THE HOLOCAUST, Alex Perczek and Dilraj Cambow STILL ON MY MIND, Josh Masimore and Adrian Casas Westminister Academy EDUCATION: America’s Challenge, James Roldan

Youth Performing Arts School, du Pont Manuel High, Louisville KY WRITING THE BIG ONE, Evan St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Ontario AWAKEN, Adam Madrzyk



The history of FLIFF and Cinema Paradiso has a litany of Hollywood has become a reality. We are thrilled to be able landmark years. In 1986 a handful of people put together a offer matinees all week long as well as our evening shows. For plan to establish a film festival in Broward County...and they our audiences who have cherished Cinema Paradiso – Lauddid! In 1989 the Fest added monthly events. By 1991, the erdale for sixteen years, fear not. CP-L will always be our flagFLIFF became truly international and grew from the original ship theatre. However, with funding never assured and 7 days to 16 days and nearly 100 films. In 1992, Gale Butler corporate dollars trending down, it is fiscally wise to cultivate created Entre Nous (with Ginny Miller its first Chair!). We and nurture new sources of earned monies whenever possible. moved into The Vinnette Carroll Theatre (now Cinema ParThat being said, I couldn’t be more excited about FLIFF, CinAlan Koslow adiso) in 1998 and renovated it in 2002. In 1999 we were ema Paradiso and the excitement, enthusiasm and dollars we Becker & Poliakoff named the “Longest Film Festival in the World”, by Guiness will inject into Downtown Hollywood and the Beach. World Records. Our outreach out grew South Florida in 2007 with I thank the Board, Entre Nous, Bonnie & Greg and their staff for their programming taken to Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Saint diligence and hard work in achieving this dream. I continue to salute Augustine, Daytona Beach and by 2010 to Grand Bahama Island. The Millennium Club for their on-going efforts to keep CP-L shining with Now, in 2013, thanks to the efforts of The Hollywood Community Re- new improvements. And most of all our audiences for their generous development Agency and the leadership of Mayor Peter Bober and support financially and emotionally during this campaign. Commissioners Patty Asseff, Kevin D. Biederman, Richard Blatner, Traci Now, take a breath, sit back and enjoy our 28th Annual Fort LaudCallari, Linda Sherwood and Peter D. Hernandez, Cinema Paradiso – erdale International Film’ve earned it!

MISSION STATEMENT Bringing people together year round, using Cinema to educate and inspire while showcasing the best in filmmaking. VISION STATEMENT From independent and world cinema to documentaries and student films, the diversity of work spotlighted by over 25 years of festivals and events will continue to make a significant cultural and economic impact on the communities of South Florida.


Chair Elect

Legal Counsel

Chair Emeritus

Film Commissioner

Exec At Large

President & CEO

Ginny Miller

FORT LAUDERDALE Betsy Cameron Douglas P. Solomon Ree Fritz-Cole

Cara Ebert Cameron, P.A.

Law Offices Douglas Paul Solomon

Marilynn Berry

Lawrence P. Caplan

Aqua Lee Realty, LLC

Miller Construction Co.

Noelle Stevenson

Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward Office of Film & Entertainment

Diane Sobo

Gregory von Hausch

Rob Davis

Antje Farber

Estelle Fineberg

Neal Hecker

Steven D. Caster



Judy Erickson Miles A. Forman II Westin Diplomat

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Steven Naimoli Credit Bureau Services


Brenda Bachelor

Toni K. Napolitano

Chairperson Entre Nous Keller Williams Reality Professionals

Anne Hotte

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

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Dr. Robert Kagan George Kress RPh

MRI Scan Center

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Celeste Sandra Simiele McCallum Dr. Daryl Miller Locante-Thorson AAA Fire Protection

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Taking a Jewel of a Theater and polishing the edges...

John Mager, a FLIFF member created the Millennium Club in 2006. Since that time we have raised thousands of dollars to upgrade Cinema Paradiso. Thanks John!

Janet Pam Tom & Maryrose Dr. Jules Milan & Elliot Cynthia & Dane John Mager Sally & John Cantor ★ Hancock ★ ★★★★ Boisseau ★★ Schwartz ★★ O'Hara ★ Mullane ★★ Oaklander ★Coni Uselac ★★★

Estelle Betsy Cameron & Fineberg ★★ Barry Smith ★★

Beatriz & Lynn Taylor & Diane Sobo ★★ Brian and Susan Marilyn Kramer ★ Al Miniaci ★★★ Glenn Friedt ★★ Brown ★★★


Pat & Sandy McCallum ★

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Jerry &  Dr. Daryl William Kohn ★ Mae Silver ★★ Mark Wilton ★ Nicole Gray ★★ Miller ★★★★ 139 Not pictured:

Each ★ indicates a $1,000 contribution

Dr. Charles & Lisa Evans


Bonnie Leigh Adams Senior Program Director

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Historian and On-stage Interviewer

Jeanne O’Grady Concessions Mgr

Carmen AlmeidaBeiggart Harriette Altman Miriam Y. Avello Sandra Balestracci Elisa K. Ball Anne Baron Natalie Batiste Shawn Becker Suzie Bleus Michele Boland Regina Bonney Bruce Bornstein Mariela Borrello Della Bramow Barry Brazer Paula Brooks

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To Gregory, Bonnie and the Fabulous Team at FLIFF 2013



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German Fuenmayor Angela Galland Barby Garber Bobbe Gates Shannon Gillespie Sofie Gilot Sandra Glass Wendy Gladstone Sandra Glass Sandy Goldstein Betina Goodlett Susan Green Donna Greene Joyce Bacon Griffin Justine Griffin Tod Grossman Numas Guerra

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Simone Loftman Cynthia Long Harry Lupu Brenda Mabbitt Karen Maiorano Kevin Marker Jose Marquez Danielle McIntosh Donna Meents Gracie Mendoza Sandra Miller Maria Miranda Rafael Monterrey Chad Moulder Patricia Muhlerwirth Terry Murphy Sandra Murray Scott Naar Cliff Nelson Lee Neuman Nhi (Nikki) Ngo Joan O’Rourke Michele Olefson Joanna Orrego Pat Pacoe Rocio Paipa Carole Patterson Linda Patterson Susan Pendleton Tom Pitcock Leona Previlma Sarah Prieto Pepper Prigal Candace Ramcharitar Claudia Ritter Ellen Robinson

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FLIFF On-Location: Sunrise Coordinator

Judy Rollman Carol Romano Tom Ryan David Sanborn Aliza Schechet Eileen Schneider Lorranie Schramm Jeffrey Schuster Caroline Seabright Marina Sebesta Arman Seth Claudia Borden Sherman Alexandra (Alex) Silver Peter Singer Art Smith Helen Smith Edward Sprague Georgie Stark Barbara Sutton Aldo Tedeschi Pamela Tobolowsky Tiffany Topor Noralee Traylor Anita Truettner Jose Vazquez Walco Visser Michael Wagoner Wendy Weber Ken Wensel Gertrude Wolpin Pete Zambito Carlos Zapata

FOUNDiNG SPONSOR BROWARD CULTURAL COUNCiL To the members and audiences of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, now in its 28th year, presents films from all over the world, from 38 countries on the five continents. Filmmakers from the beaches of Costa Rica to the war-torn streets of Syria, from Belgium, Croatia, Haiti, Japan, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Kurdistan, Lithuania, Laos, plus Festival favorites from France, Italy, Spain and Argentina just to name a few, culminate in true global style; making Fort Lauderdale a hub of international import in culture, arts, filmmaking and diplomacy. Quickly becoming a known entity towards a strong cultural landscape within a community that supports and attracts artists, FLIFF is today an integral part of successful regional planning. It has been proven that a community rich in arts and culture offers a competitive edge for enticing investment and tourism, as well as creating jobs and economic prosperity.

With Broward County centrally-located from a South Florida regional perspective, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival holds its place strategically for merit and excellence; and works consistently toward growth as a major contributor to our cultural community, its economic impact and evolving global relationships. See you at the films!


Deborah Bolster Kerr Chair Broward Cultural Council


M Mary ary N. P Porter orter LLegacy egacy FFund und of the C Community ommunity FFoundation oundation of Br Broward oward

TThe he Mary Porter und Mary N. P orter LLegacy egacy FFund of the C Community ommunity FFoundation oundation of Br Broward oward

PLATiNUM rg/film sunny.o

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rg/film sunny.o

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Forman Family Foundation David & Francie Horvitz Family Foundation

FAST PASS Members enjoy the ambience and pleasure of the Whole Food Festival Cafe.


Kanbar Foundation

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John Mager Brian Brown Brian Pattullo


SUPPORTiNG zola Keller AAA Fire Protection Costumes Etc Jan Mitchell & Associates




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28th Annual

200 films from 40 countries Longest Film Festival in the World 28th ANNUAL

FLIFF On-Location: Hollywood Weston Sunrise Pompano Delray Beach Daytona Beach St Augustine Jacksonville Tallahassee Grand Bahama Island Guiness World Records

take a vacation from ordinary film 28th ANNUAL

Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and The Florida Council on Arts & Culture.


Lori Abadessa Anthony Abbate Jaye Abbate Richard Adamick Belinda Alfaro Jorge O. Begue Cynthia Benchick Regina Bonney Rita Cassady Carole Chancy Jennifer Conover Ted Conover Ann Cullen Ana Del Alamo Elena Del Alamo M.E. Depalma Sally Dieguez Jose Dow Tom Ehrhardt Gigi Fiducia Julia Fraser Kathy Freeman David Freeman Carolyn Gilson Chris Gilson Jodi Gruverman Joan Handelsman Frank Hildebrandt Kathleen Ireland

Betty Lakey Smith Pierre Lapter Francine Lapter Karen Lennon Guest Lennon Arthur Lewis John Leyden Maria E. Leyva-Begue Arthur Mackey Jr Tami McClung Alan McClung Nuccia Mccormick Barbara Mendelsohn Patrick Murphy Jessica Olefson Carol Plask Ann Poe Ronald Raymond Kast Robert Adele S. Rose Anne Ruskin Kathleen Ryan Dr. Howard Schellenberg Elaine Schumacher Carl Schumacher Dr. Martin B. Silverstein Cherie Silverstein Helen Smith


Art Smith Anthony Snyder Georgie Stark Kelley Stewart Joelle M. Triollet Albina Troshechkina Brenda Tyminski Thomas Valentine Josias Valero Steve Welsch Jill Younis George Zuber Hanna Zukoski


Julie Altschuler Scott Altschuler Suzzette Dawes Guest Dawes Lisa Dennison Barry Deutsch Brenda Franco Tom Gallaher Donna Greene Greg Greene Beth Holland Raymond Lavoie Nancy Messing Gerri Miccio LindaPatterson

Polynesian Proud Productions Polynesian Proud Productions Perry Silver Barry Tunick Susan Tunick


Sharon Baird Peggy Behar John Benitez Jenique Burgos Ivar Fandel Mona Fandel Numas Guerra Guest Guerra Ronnie Halpern Al Jennings Richard Kazares Mary T. Kazares Ann Landry Terry Murphy Dr. Jules Oaklander Marilyn Painter Christine Saitta Guest Saitta Susan Saks Jeff Sandler

Debbie Sandler Marta Scheiner Allen Scheiner Gerald Schilian Eileen Schneider Karen Trzesniowski Deborah Watarz Stefan C.Weiss, MD Rose White Robert White


Kip Alexander Ruth Barry Alan Bickwid Lauren Birnhak Ray Brasted Carol Call Sheila Chatfield Doreen Egger Arlette Ehrlich Rhoda Emerick Bonnie Everhart Connie Folz Theo Folz Debra Gable Barbara Grevior Arnold Grevior Diana Hammerstein Cynthia Hancock


28th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and the

4th Annual St. Augustine Film Festival


Dane Hancock Karen Jones Ellen Kirby Marilyn Kramer Susan Lazarus Ted MacDonald Liannette Marquez Jackie Matuseski Susan McCloskey Claudette Moritz Pamela O'Hara Guest O'Hara Barbara Phillips Susana Sanders Phoebe Satlin Shelly Satlin Guest Schein Shirley Shrut Mae Silver Brenda Stacy Robert Stacy Alfredo Tamburrino Phyllis Teitler Steve Wetzler Guest Wetzler Enid Wolf-Schein

Membership list reflects all as of August 15th excluding Production Assistants and Students




During this past year, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival launched a new series entitled Classic Hollywood: EXPOSED! Hosted by our own resident reservoir of revealing rumor, Rob Davis (see below!), the series brought to light behind the scenes drama of Hollywood celebrities. Sponsored by Funding Arts Broward (FAB!), the 2013 Series included:


Remembered...Saturday, February 23, 7pm... The first of a two episode series with a tribute to the man many consider to be the world's greatest entertainer, the one and only..Al Jolson, whose career spanned 50 years of American Music history. Jolson influenced performers as Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Jackie Wilson and Jerry Lee Lewis all who mentioned him as an inspiration. The event began with an outdoor reception and book signing, with Jolson's daughter in-law, Victoria Jolson, on the Paradiso Patio. Victoria's autobiography, the award-winning best seller Beneath the Laughter, follows her career from a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall to the Royal National Theatre to Carnegie Hall to Nashville and finally to Beverly Hills, as wife of the son of the Al Jolson. Victoria was a popular vocalist with the Glenn Miller Band, the first American solo performer at London's Royal National Theatre (where she was honored by President Jimmy Carter) and performed as the solo command performance at Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee. The Tribute to Al Jolson featured rare film clips and little known facts about his life as an entertainer presented by Victoria and host of the evening, Chuck Prentiss, "Broadway's Ambassador to the World,"


...Sunday, May 19, 5:30pm... By popular demand, America’s Greatest Entertainer came back to Cinema Paradiso. Hosted by Charles Prentiss, this concluding episode in this two-part series with completely new show with clips never seen before.


By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There... Tuesday, May 28, 6pm... He was at the top of his game with 116 movies to his credit, including major roles in HEAT, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, BLACKHAWK DOWN, POINT BREAK and WYATT EARP...but dark days loomed ahead. Rob Davis presented a montage of Tom’s career and then interviewed him live onstage.

Rob Davis Marketing Coor for Sarratt Cinema and Great Performances at Vanderbilt; Coordinator for Talking Pictures Discussion Series, Vanderbilt Univ, 1989-91; ArtsLine Creator & Mgr for Tennessee Performing Arts Ctr, 1991-92; Marketing & Development Assoc., Tennessee Performing Arts Ctr, 199293; Public Affairs Dir. for Schmidt College of Arts & Letters, Florida Atlantic Univ (FAU), 1993-95; Marketing Dir. for FAU Festival Rep Summer Theatre Series at the Broward Center, 1996-97; Asst Dir. and Visiting Artist/Writer Programmer, Schmidt Ctr for Comparative Studies, FAU, 1996-98; Research Consultant to "Doris Day: It's Magic" for A& E Biography, 1999; Asst., Assoc. and Dir of the DeSantis Center for Motion Picture Industry Studies, FAU, 1998-10; Assoc. Programmer, FLIFF, 2010; Interim Dir., FLIFF, 2011; coor of 1999 annual conference of Society for Cinema Studies (SCS) and co-

PROGRAM IV: SALLY KELLERMAN: Sings, Dances & Recounts...

Wednesday, July 17, 6pm... Sally Kellerman is perhaps best known for her role in Robert Altman’s MASH, as Hotlips O’Houlihan for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Sally had 58 films including THE BOSTON STRANGLER, BREWSTER MCCLOUD, A LITTLE ROMANCE, SLITHER and LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS. What you may not have known...Sally is a triple threat as actress, singer and dancer. She was interviewed by New York film historian and author, Foster Hirsch. Following the on-stage presentation, Sally was in the Courtyard where she will posed for photos and autographed copies of her book, READ MY LIPS.


Tuesday, Aug 20, 7pm... Caroline Breder-Watts has worked in the Palm Beach County arts community for the past 25 years, joined Rob Davis for a reflective look back on one of Hollywood’s most storied stars. Clips and behind the scenes stories kept the evening enlightening.


Tuesday, Aug 27, 7pm We celebrated the centennial of composer Jerome Moross with an on-stage interview with Susanna Moross Tarjan, the composer's daughter, followed by a screening of The Big Country which featured Moross Oscar-nominated score, a composition that has influenced Western film scores ever since. As an orchestrator in Hollywood, Jerome Moross worked for Warner Bros and Samuel Goldwyn and his work can be heard in such classic films as The Drive by Night, Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop's Wife and The Best Years of Our Lives. As a film score composer, in addition to The Big Country, some of his other scores include Huckleberry Finn, The Jayhawkers, Rachel, Rachel, Five Finger Exercise, The Proud Rebel, and Otto Preminger’s The Cardinal. In addition to his prolific work for film and television, Moross also composed for Broadway and the concert hall. Rob Davis discussed Moross's career with the composer's daughter followed by a screening of The Big Country, the 1958 classic directed by William Wyler.

director of 2009 Conference in Motion Picture Industry Studies; speaker at Alfred Hitchcock Centennial Conference, NYU, 1999; UK Conference on American Cinema, Univ. of London, 2003; moderated panel and spoke at SCS Conference, London, 2005; author of over a dozen articles and 3 book chapters on film & arts topics/personalities. Rob is in charge of Major Gifts for Classical South Florida, his FLIFF duties pertain to writing program notes, collaborating on special projects involving celebrities and/or classic film and providing his key insight on stage. FAB has come aboard again to sponsor three events in 2014. Stay tuned for details!










Always Enjoy Responsibly. ©2013 Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A., Stella Artois® Beer, Imported by Import Brands Alliance, St. Louis, MO

Brand: Stella Artois Item #:PSA201310411 Job/Order #: 254647

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Publication: Ft. Lauderdale

Trim: 7.375" x 4.875" Bleed: none Live: 7.125" x 4.625"


In addition to try out our new free app for iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets. Go to the APP Store and search FLIFF Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Cinema Paradiso now provides free, in between films (not during!), check out what’s coming up at FLIFF.


Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale (CP-L): October 18 – November 11 Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood (CP-H): October 19 – November 11 Sunrise Civic Center (SC): October 19, - November 10 Muvico Pompano (MP): October 19 – November 11 Bailey Hall (BH): October 30 Outdoor Cinema at Cinema Paradiso: October 19 Your FLIFF Fast Pass accepted at all venues.


FREE RIDE Opening Night Film & Anna Paquin Award: CP-L Oct 18 Opening Night Party: Villa De Palma Oct 18 TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH & Lea Thompson Award: CP-L Oct 19 Outdoor BACK TO THE FUTURE: CP-L Oct 19 Chairman’s Cruise & Brunch: The Caprice: Oct 20 Aphrodite Jones BOYS DON’T CRY & Party: CP-L Oct 22 Ed Asner Performance & Award: CP-L, Oct 23 TAKING CHARGE: Pauly Cohen Story + live PC Orchestra: SC Oct 26 French Week LOVE IS IN THE AIR & Party: CP-L Oct 27 GIRL ON A BIKE AfterParty: Solita’s Oct 28 Tab Hunter Award & Party: CP-L Oct 29 Grand Bahama Film Fest Cruise departs Palm Bch: Oct 29 Grand Bahama Island Junkanoo Party –Taino Beach: Oct 31 Centerpiece Party – Maxwell Room: Nov 5 Chairman’s Awards Gala + AnnMargret Award & Michael Bolton: Westin Diplomat: Nov 8 Wrap Party: CP-L Nov 10


If you know where you’re going… and you know what film(s) you want to see – then go online or call us at 525-FILM and order them in advance… don’t have a credit card, no problemo, we still take cash and you can buy them at the door. Then get yourself and your moviegoing chums on down to the theatre about 15 minutes before showtime, and voila! You are FLIFFing!



Regular screenings: $6 FLIFF Members, $8 for Seniors or Students, $10 General Admission Special Screenings $10 - $25 depending upon the event Many include pre or post receptions Opening Night Gala: $85 Members, $100 Non-member in advance; $125 at the door everyone Chairman’s Cruise: $65 members $75 Non-member Centerpiece Party: $20 Members, $25 General Admission Chairman’s Awards Gala: $200 Members; $250 Non-Members Wrap Party: $25 Members, $30 General Admission FAST Passes: $395 Members, $450 Non-Members includes all films October 19 – Nov 11.


If you're serious about movies... then you'll seriously want to consider the FLIFF Fast Pass, a photo ID card you wear around your neck...a ticket to ease. Why is it so wonderful? The FP is your perfect FLIFF companion as it allows you to access all film screenings without standing in the ticket line. No need to carry cash or to worry about special screenings. No need to stand in line to enter auditorium. FAST Pass includes all screenings (Oct 20 – Nov 11, 2013), Opening Party, Centerpiece and Wrap Party. Does not include the Opening Film (Oct 18), Festival Cafe and Awards Gala. FLIFF Members: $395 ~ Non-Members: $450


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The shopping cart on is operated by Eventbrite.


Opening Night Party (Oct 18) at Villa de Palma is Black Tie and/or 20’s vintage apparel all in the theme of The Great Gatsby. If you are not dressed as described, you will be roughed up at the door and turned away.

The Chairman’s Brunch & Cruise is tres casual, if its warm, dress cool...white is always nice.

The Chairman’s Awards Gala (Nov 9) at Westin Diplomat is also a time to look like you can afford the $250 ticket price.

Elsewhere, dress up, dress down…whatever you like to do, just be comfortable and you’ll feel fine.


Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale: FREE everyday in the Courthouse Parking Garage (Mon – Fri beginning at 5:30pm; Sat & Sun-

day all day). Enter the garage via SE 5th Avenue (immediately west of Cinema Paradiso)...You can also park for free at any street meter surrounding Cinema Paradiso all day on Sundays. Please know, the Meter Maids are ravenous. We suggest the garage which, to them, is like sunlight to a vampire.

Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood: Park FREE for three hours on the street during the day. After 8pm, parking on the street is free. So, if you park at 5pm on the street, you are free all night! Great for taking advantage of all the bistros. There are also two large public garages within 5 mins walk at just $1/hour.

Sunrise Civic Center and Muvico Pompano: Park for FREE




take US 1 south through the tunnel. Turn right at SE 7th Street (1st light after tunnel). Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to). Go to stop sign. H O L Paradiso L Y W OisOacross D Cinema the street on your right. The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left.


take US 1 north. Turn left at SE 7th Street (last light before tunnel). Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to). Go to stop sign. Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right. FORT LAUDERDALE The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left.


which is 2 ½ blocks west of Young Circle. From Ft Lauderdale on the east side, take US 1 south, turn right on to Hollywood Blvd and park wherever you want. CPHRisEonL the side E Asouth S I N G of Hwd Blvd, directly across the street from SunTrust (which has paid parking after bank hours).


located on the northwest corner of Copans Road & Federal Highway.


is located on the south side of Oakland Park Blvd between Nob Hill Road & Hiatus.


from East Broward…take I-595 west to Davie Road. Exit South on Davie Road (the only way you can go. Go approximately ¾ of a mile…Bailey Hall on your right.

RULES Not a lot of them…pretty

simple: 1) Turn off your cellphones during the film. 2) Don’t even text in the theatre during the film…its annoying. 3) Can’t abide by those two…please just stay home and watch television. 4) Also no videotaping during film (everyone knows that). 5) Be courteous to other members of the audience…and sure, while we’re at it, what the hay, the staff too!


Box-office 954-525-FILM (3456) Administration 954-760-9898 Email web


Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival (mailing only) 1314 East Las Olas Blvd #007 Ft Laud. FL 33301-2334 (954) 760-9898


503 SE 6th Street Ft Lauderdale FL 33301 (954) 525-FILM (3456)

CINEMA PARADISOHOLLYWOOD...OCT 19 – NOV 11 2008 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood 33019


2315 N. Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach, FL 33062 (954) 946-6008


10610 West Oakland Pk Boulevard Sunrise, FL 33351 (954) 747-4600

VILLA DE PALMA...OPENING NIGHT PARTY OCT 18 600 Isle of Palms, Ft Lauderdale 33316

THE CAPRICE/GALLERY ONE... CHAIRMAN’S CRUISE OCT 20 2670 E Sunrise Blvd Ft Lauderdale 33304

THE MAXWELL ROOM... CENTERPIECE PARTY NOV 5 10 S New River Drive East Ft Lauderdale 33301



All parties at Cinema Paradiso unless otherwise noted in blue. Most parties are included and exclusive to those with tickets to associated film.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 8:30pm OPENING NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA villa de Palma, Fort Lauderdale – Steve Savor welcomes you to his magnificent mansion on the water for a Great Gatsby Party. Open Bar by Premier Beverages & sumptuous food. Black Tie or 20’s Vintage apparel mandatory.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 12:30pm Enjoy a complimentary Kaipir-

inha with your ticket to XINGU. 5:30pm Following the 4pm screening of BY WAY OF HOME at Muvico Pompano, join the director and stars of BY WAY OF HOME for a New England Reception with the scent of apple cider & apple pies.

6pm: Lea Thompson pre-film reception in John Mager Courtyard. Complimentary salad bar buffet for THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH. 8:45: After the film, BLUE MOON FiSH COMPANy offers a free drink plus discounts on their menu.


The Caprice 5:30pm: Wine, Cheese, Crudite with Director/Writer Paul Osborne of FAVOR, at Sunrise Civic Ctr 7:30pm FREE, Whisky Sour provided by THE FAT TROUT Whisky with DOWN & DANGEROUS ticket.


8:30pm SOLiTA LAS OLAS Italian Restaurant After party for JOSEPHINE SINGLE & FABULOUS with complimentary hors d’oeuvres.


8:30pm Following BOYS DON’T CRY, VIP Ticket holders meet Aphrodite Jones in The Courtyard for LVP Sangria, a light, refreshing sangria made from Lisa Vanderpump's signature recipe. LVP "pink" or "red" sangria is ready to be served straight from the bottle over ice. Also served with tapas

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23 8:15pm: Following the Lifetime Achievement Ceremony for Ed Asner, join Ed in the Courtyard for an all American food extravaganza.


part of the unique music experience from THE ATLAS COMPLEX BAND live on stage.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 8:30pm Following the screening of THE BET,

7:45pm, prior to the 9pm U.S. Premiere of LOVE TOMORROW, join Arionel Vargas, star of the film and internationally recognized ballet artist in the Courtyard for lovable canapes.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 8:15pm Following his Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony, join TAB HUNTER in the Courtyard for a reception in his honor.


SPECIAL. Radio-Active Records presents a Horror night full of surprises, drink specials & the movie DAWN OF THE DEAD. All tickets $5 8:45pm Following his screening, join LGBT comedian Ian Harvie in the Courtyard for a Halloween Party celebrating IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO!

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 9pm Ticket Holders, following the 7:30pm screening of TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE, join the filmmakers in the Courtyard for a sandwich bar with million toppings.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 10am Prior to the 11am screening of FLORIDA SUITE, meet us in the Courtyard Mimosas & bagels to enjoy during the screening of this musical non/dialog film. 6:30pm Following the 5pm screening of BLACK BOX, join the filmmakers in the Courtyard for a pizza party. 10:30pm Following the 9pm screening of THE INSOMNIAC, join the filmmakers for a Meet & Greet and complimentary PASSION XO cocktails.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 4pm Prior to the 5pm screening of THE

ROCKET, meet us in the Courtyard for An Asian Treat celebrating the cuisine of Laos. 6pm Prior to the 7pm screening of ME, YOU & FIVE BUCKS, meet the filmmakers while enjoying 5 delicious treats served in the courtyard. 7:45pm Prior to the 8:45pm World Premiere of RUN STINKY RUN, join the filmmakers in the Courtyard for Happy Hour & snacks.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 5pm Prior to the 5:45pm screening of

JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD, meet us in the Courtyard for a reception in honor of Jonathan Bird. 8:30pm Following the 7pm screening of WALKING THE CAMINO, join the filmmaker in the Courtyard for ricas Spanish empanadas. 10:15pm Join our Krissy Belle party for ticket holders. Home style Southern Cooking meets Hot Latin Flair Appetizers from Exquisite Catering by Robert. Brown Forman will feature two complimentary signature drinks one for the sweet and one for the spice. Contemporary style guitarist Bob Folse will play the Spanish guitar and Southern Banjo for your entertainment.

join actress/director Finola Hughes for a Meet & Greet in the Courtyard. 10:30pm Following the World Premiere of THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET, join the director and star for a Champagne Reception in the Courtyard.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5 7:45pm Following the 7pm Florida Premiere

Free pizza in Courtyard! 2:30pm After the movie BEAUTY & THE BREAST get your free PINK cupcake served in the courtyard.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6 7pm After the movie IMAGINE join us

FLORIDA SUITE, come early to Cinema Paradiso – HOLLyWOOD for coffee & bagels to enjoy during the screening of this musical non/dialog film.

TUTTI SANTI GIORNI, meet the filmmakers in the Courtyard for an Antipasti buffet.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 26 Noon- Following High School Winner,

of GARIBALDI’S LOVERS, stroll down the Riverwalk to the Maxwell Room for the Centerpiece party featuring a great buffet and FLIFF’s wonderful wandering minstrel, Ed Horowitz. A separate ticket is required.

for some complimentary Portuguese delights served in the courtyard.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 10:30am, Prior to the 11:30am screening of

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7 6pm Prior to the 7pm screening of

3pm, Prior to the 4pm screening of CHASING SHAKESPEARE, join the filmmaker in the Courtyard for English tea & pastries.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9 2:15pm Ticket Holders, following the

6pm, Prior to LOVE IS IN THE AIR, join the French Consul General in the Courtyard for Joie de Vivre.

10:30pm Prior to the World Premiere of THE LAST HIT, join the filmmakers for BBQ Chicken Wings & Things.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 28 6pm, prior to the 7pm screening of THE

GIRL ON THE BICYCLE, join us early in the Courtyard for baguettes et fromage and perhaps, an Italian song or two! an Italian song by Tenor Rolando Polo 150

1pm screening of 95 DECIBELS & NO SMALL PARTS, join the cochlear specialists in the Courtyard for a Sundae party. 6pm The Chairman’s Awards Gala at Westin Diplomat with Special Guest ANN-MARGRET and live entertainment by Michael Bolton and his band (see page 34).

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10 7pm Wrap Party at Cinema Paradiso MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11

$1 Hot dogs all day!!! FREE for veterans.

Join Us year-Round at Cinema Paradiso

Each year we guarantee Free member screenings. In addition to movies at Cinema Paradiso, we have concerts, comedy, theatre, cabaret, corporate meetings, community fundraisers, and educational outings for the children of Broward County. Your membership insures our eternal flickering light. Members NEVER pay a processing fee for advanced online or telephone orders. Superstar

45% Discount on CP tickets

45% Discount on FLIFF tickets

Discounts on Parties & Special Events Free Monthly Film

No Processing Fee on Orders $1 off popcorn

Free Admission to Super Bowl Party Participation in BAMM

Special Free Screenings

Members ONLY advance tickets Membership Card

Admission To Culture Club Festival Poster

Recognition in Festival Catalog

Free Admission to Centerpiece Party

Free Admission to Academy Award Party Select Party Admission

Free Admission to Kentucky Derby Party Free Admission to Golden Globe Party 10% off on theatre rentals

Free Admission to Wrap Party

Free Admission to Cinema A La Mode

Free Admission Poster Unveiling Party Free Admission to Valentine's Party

FAST Pass good for all FLIFF Films

Free Admission Chairman's Brunch & Cruise Free Amission Opening Night Film & Gala Free Admission to Festival CafĂŠ Free Admission to all CP Films

Free Admission to Hollywood EXPOSED Free Admission to all FLIFF Films

Free Admission to all Courtyard Parties


Executive Producer $450/$825



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Membership Levels Producer



Production Assistant $90/$145




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *




* * * * * * * * * *

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Ticket Order & Membership Form

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CINEMA PARADISO: $6 FLIFF Members, $8 seniors & students, $10 general admission except “Special Screenings”

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Email: ________________________________________

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There are no exchanges or refunds. Call 954-760-9898 ext 111 and learn how your group can raise money selling FLIFF tickets!

MEMBERSHIP CHECK ONE: (Add to $ total above) ❑ FLIFF $35 – Student 25 years or younger with valid ID: $35 Non-Students 18-30 year old: $60 ❑ Production Assistant $ 90 ❑ Production Team (Couples) $145 ❑ Director $150 / Director Team $250

❑ Producer $280 / Producer Team $495 ❑ Executive Producer $450 ❑ Executive Producer Team $825 ❑ Superstar $825 / Superstar Team $1400 New member: ❑ yes Renewal: ❑ yes

Memberships fees are non-refundable. Badges must be presented at events for admission or benefits. Memberships are good for 365 days from date of processing. Mailing Address


1314 East Las Olas Blvd., #007 • Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 954.760.9099 fax •

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2013 Catalog  

200 films from 40 countries! • The Entire Guide to the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival; complete with photos, film descriptions...