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Jung-sun Marble 2014 Collection

originated from Korea

Introduction For the past twenty-five years, Jung-sun Marble has graced the walls and floors of world class sports stadiums, major

municipal buildings, cathedrals, large skyscrapers, universities and private residences. The proven superior quality and natural beauty of Jung-sun Marble have allowed us to serve

each client's design and functional needs and create beautiful, enduring that will be admired for decades to come.

Art works

Lightening interior

Newyork Bakery in Seoul

Intercontinental hotel in Seoul

Art works

Furniture interior

Kitchen Furniture

Office Furniture

Kitchen Furniture & Finishing

Toilet Finishing

Art works

Interior Finishing

the Museum of history

Art works

Interior Finishing

Fountains in Hotel

Lobby Finishing in casino

Interior Finishing in Hotel

Interior Finishing in museum

Key Features Not all marble is the same. In international quality tests, Jung-sun Marble tested exceedingly well against other stone

types in durability, strength, abrasion resistance and absorption rate.

Jung-sun Marble

has nearly double the compression strength of Italian marble, measuring an

astounding compression strength of 120 ~ 1,460 Kg/cm2, compared to the compression strength of 500~800 Kg/cm2 of Italian marble. The overall strength of Jung-sun Marble is close to that of granite, which allows for a wider range of uses. Jung-sun Marble also has a significantly lower water absorption rate compared to Italian Marble, which minimizes. The likelihood of stains or color variations over time One of the defining characteristics of Jung-sun Marble is unique color and designs, which are a natural byproduct of the indigenous minerals present in the Jung-sun mountains. These natural minerals emit beneficial infrared rays that

can absorb and dissolve foreign particles, pollutant, bacteria and heavy metals in the body and can be beneficial to one’s system and overall health.

In comparison tests, Jung-sun Marbles also emitted higher amount of infrared rays than ELVAN, a type of stone Commonly known for its health benefits in Korea. These natural mineral emit beneficial infrared rays that can absorb and dissolve foreign particles, pollutants, bacteria and heavy metals in the body and can be beneficial to one’s immune system and overall health.

Type of Stone SATM Test

Granite Rosa Baveno


Jungsun Stone

Rosa Nule

Rasa San Marco

Perlino Rosato

Density lbs. / cu.ft.






Compressive Strength











Water Absorption

<Table> Comparison Chart of Test Analysis on Various Stone Types

Key Features Limestone which is scattered in the lower part of ground change into hard one which become Jung-sun Marble. Mountainous are account for more than 70% due to geological pressure and compression. This special stone is hardly seen in the world. This stone has the same theory as an earthenware (made of soil) which is burnt several times by high pressure and temperature. So, Jung-sun Marble's strength is higher than imported marble and it absorb water less than imported one. That's why Jung-sun Marble, which has a higher solidity and lower absorptance, is being used in various areas ranging from building interior and exterior materials to lighting stone to electronic goods as it can be cut 2 to 4.1 millimeters. In addition, Jung-sun Marble is diverse and gorgeous in its color and pattern, which allow it display its oriental mystery, elegance and nobleness. Jung-sun Marble's these unique features are the ones that no other stones in the world can match for. Jung-sun Marble's substance is alkalineto human body, has the same substance of Chun-cheon jade considered as one of the best stones in the world and is a stone of high energy, which is beneficial to one's health thanks to its far infrared fray radiation effects. In a quality test conducted a home and abroad, Jung-sun Marble was rated as the best-quality stone in terms of solidity, gravity, change in quality and absorptance categories, which is a great achievement for Korea that has long been regarded as marginal in producing a high-quality stone. Specific Gravity Pocheon stone



Rosa Verona Bianco


1,460 569

2.31 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8

Specific Gravity Compressive Strength Absorption Rate



Jungsun Stone

Absorption Rate (%)

1,626 2.74

Mungyung Stone


Compressive Strength (Kg/cm2)


0.07 0.12

987 600


800 1,000

1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800

0.4 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7

High specific gravity means that stone structure is delicate and hard High compressive strength means that when stone is processed, its brilliance is a far better than others Low rate of absorption means that stone couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t degenerate and become brown due to moisture


Color / Pattern

Mountain (Sepia)

Ocean (Dark blue)

Sunset (Pink)


Oak (Sepia)



Horned Finish

Roller Cut

Split Face Finish

Price & Spec

 Available Size

1,800mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 200mm (T) (The size is subject to change upon client’s requests)

 Price

Unit Price : 302.40 USD / Unit (280.00 USD / m2) Contact us Tel +82.70.7678.7453 Fax +82.2.585.5134

Jungsun marble 2014 collection  

Jungsun Marble 2014 Collection

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