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The Official Journal of the United Supreme Council, 33º AASR, PHA, SJ, U.S.A.

Vol. 2, No.1 Spring 2021

The Black & White Edition

Moving Forward

Corey D. Hawkins,Sr., Esq., 33º


COVID-19 Remembering

IMPACT ON THE RITE P:.S:.G:.C:.Dr. Deary Vaughn, 33º S:.G:.I:.G:.Rep. John Lewis, 33º




Editor-in-Chief Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq., 33° Sovereign Grand Commander Managing Editor Dr. Anthony T. Stafford, 33° Lt. Grand Commander Editorial Board Arvin C. Glass, 33° Grand Chancellor Alonzo Haynes, 33º Grand Minister of State Marvin D. Chambers, 33° Grand Secretary-General, H.E. Staff Editor Dr. L.Ken Collins, II, 33° Assistant Grand Secretary-General, H.E. Staff Writers Dr. Marlon Honeywell, 33° Dave Gillarm, II, 33° Eric Konohia, 33° Patrick Worlds, 33° Staff Photographer Danny West, 33° Dir. Internet Technology Garnett Hall, 33°

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CONTENTS Moving Forward

SGC Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq.................................4

The Broken Sword - Remembering SGC Deary Vaughn Dave Dillarm, II.......................6

Conversations: Grand Master Architect - SGC Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq. Eric Konohia......................................14

Hard Right Over Easy Left

Lt.GC Dr. Anthony T. Stafford.......................22

The Good Shepherd- Honoring the Legacy of Congressman, SGIG John Robert Lewis, 33° Dr. L.Ken Collins, II..................24

Esoteria: Knight of St. Andrews Patrick Worlds............................26

Harmony: The Strength of All Institutions Dr. Marlon Honeywell..........................28

Class Reunions: Getting Your Class Prepped in Advance Malcom Horton...............................32

John Lewis Photograph: The photograph of Congressman John Lewis is utilized under fair use copyright law for educational purposes only. The Commemorative Black & White Edition is a publication in honor of the life’s work of both SGC Dr. Deary Vaughn and SGIG Rep. John Lewis. The Black & White Edition was produced as a means of reflection over their lives and as a cognitive view of the fleeting manner of life, reminiscent of the tasselated floor upon which each Freemason to his first strides towards more Light in Freemasonry. It is a further testament into the burdgeoning leadership of the 11th Sovereign Grand Commander, Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq.

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Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq., 33° Sovereign Grand Commander



Moving Forward! Since our last publication, so much has happended within our country and within this Grand Ole Order. Ongoing issues of domestic terrorism, excessive force, senseless slaying of African-Americans by law enforcement and the pandemic facing the country - COVID-19 have fundamentally changed America’s outlook on life. Our future remains bright, irrespective of the desolate thoughts of men. The true value of the American public and this Grand Ole Order continues to move forward to its ultimate goal of a peaceful society aimed at making itself a more better and perfect union. Last Spring, SGC Dr. Deary Vaughn ordered a cessation of face-to-face meetings for the various bodies of the Scottish Rite. Since my ascension, I have continued it in my administration. My rationale to do so was for the ultimate welfare and safety of our membership. While its impact has slowed face-to-face interactions of our Fraters and Loyal Ladies, it has equally protected our membership, especially those who are of age and those who may have weakened immune systems, but also to protect the organization from unwanton liabilities that could be a detriment to our fiscal and corporate well-being. With the hiatus of Scottish Rite activities, we have found that this time has allowed Fraters the opportunity to begin to study the Scottish Rite on a more personal level. Fraters have found opportunities to utilize social media, identify new reading material and use video software to meet. In December, the United Supreme Council, the M:.W:. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Oklahoma..., even moreso, Prince Hall Freemasonry lost a masonic juggernaut, in Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Deary Vaughn. SGC Vaughn passed on December 15, 2020. On a personal note, I lost a mentor, a friend, a leader and a Masonic father-figure. The void that SGC Vaughn creates in Prince Hall Freemasonry, is one that is more reminiscent of a hole in the fraternity. His keen insight to the organization, personal knowledge of Fraters throughout the jurisdiction and shrewd political prowess will be sorely missed. As I step into my role as Sovereign Grand Commander of this United Supreme Council, I do so with humility at heart, but most importantly, with a new found spirit of safeguarding the fraternity, whose welfare is placed within my care. I have communicated my preliminary plans with the Deputies of the United Supreme Council, but find it befitting to share the strategic plan with you. The cornerstone of my administration is based upon the following theme; Rebuilding the Rite Stone by Stone: Through Remembrance, Revitalization and Recommitment. We must remember whence we’ve come and remember our oaths and obligations to this prestigious organization and to each other and to all mankind. While revitalizing the organization through the use of modern technology, the implementation of innovative ideas, and inclusion, leading to an enhanced member experience. Finally, we must recommit or rededicate ourselves to the principal teachings of the Rite.

As Sovereign Grand Commander, my aim is to develop a culture which is a reflection of Scottish Rite History which is captured within our values of vigilance, service to the RITE and integrity. These core values unify the histories and cultures across all of Freemasonry. They drive a shared purpose by uniting the beliefs and behaviors of all Regular Freemasons, wherever dispersed. My actions going forward to serve the Rite will encom-pass vigilance, integrity and professionalism. Vigilance is how I will ensure the protection of all the real and fiscal assets of the Scottish Rite and enhancing the member experience in the organization. Integrity is my commitment to ensure that the elected and appointed officers of this Unit-ed Supreme Council will carry themselves in the highest and most esteemed manner possible. Meanwhile, any leader asso-ciated with this organization or any of its programs will ensure they that they execute their activities with the highest level of professionalism. This month, the United Supreme Council will launch our reclamation program entitled Back in the Rite Drive (BIRD). The objective of the BIRD Reclamation Program is to reclaim, at a discounted rate, those who were formally on our rolls and have been suspended for nonpayment of dues (NPD). We would love to have you back as a member of this esteemed organization! The BIRD Reclamation Program will remain in effect until October 31, 2021. More information on the BIRD Program can be accessed on the website at: Lastly, the Mission Statement for the United Supreme Council has been updated for the benefit of our membership and it re-flects the longterm goals and objectives of the Rite. “The Mission of the United Supreme Council, 33º, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affili-ation, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America is to serve as the College of Freemasonry for aspiring Master Masons seeking more light in the Scottish Rite; thereby, en-hancing the knowledge base, providing the moral teachings of the Rite and enriching the Brotherhood experience of our members and serving as a benevolent society through the USC Charitable Foundation by providing scholarships for students seeking to obtain college degrees.” As we move forward, it will take each one of us to make this organization a better institution. From our Fraters to Loyal Ladies, it is contingent upon all of us to give our all and ensure that the historical longevity and integrity of Prince Hall Scot-tish Rite Freemasonry and the Order of the Golden Circle will last for years to come! Let us all work together to ensure our mutual success. When asked about the immediate past, we tell them, that’s where it should be left. When asked about what we’re going to do, tell them, “Move Forward!” God bless our United Supreme Council!



The Broken Sword:

The Loss of a Masonic Legend By: Dave Gillarm, II, 33º Staff Writer

“Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” – Sun Tzu When I look at this quote and think about Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Deary Vaughn, it sums up his leadership perfectly. As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force, he served for 33 years and received numerous awards and commendations which attest to his leadership ability. As a Mason he served for 30 years as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Oklahoma Free and Accepted Masons. As a Scottish Rite Mason, he had served in the position of Sovereign Grand Commander for the last 17 years and was its head at the time of his death. Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn’s longevity in various leadership positions was due to his salient leadership skills, his unwavering faith, and his sound personality. Over the next few pages we will explore Sovereign Grand Commander Deary Vaughn’s life.


Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn, affectionately called Mickey, was born on November 21, 1936 in Rocky Mount , Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Mr. Elijah Vaughn and his wife Laura Hines (Vaughn). He was named after his paternal Grandfather and was the 2nd of four children born to this union. His father Elijah, a Tenant Foreman, and his mother Laura, a Washerwoman, were wed on August 5, 1931 in Edgecombe County where they would later go on to raise their family. Deary would later attend Phillips High School in Battleboro, North Carolina where he would graduate in 1955. Battleboro, a former town in Edgecombe County, was incorporated in 1873 as Battle’s Camp. In June 1996 due to growing tensions in the town, the citizens of Battleboro would vote 132-34 to merge into 6

the neighboring city of Rocky Mount . Battleboro would later come to be known as the Battleboro Community in Rocky Mount. At the time, this article was written his high school Alumni Association was unable to locate his senior yearbook but they were able to locate their school’s 1954 yearbook when SGC Vaughn was a Junior. During that year he was part of the Vocational Agriculture Club. After graduating High School in 1955 he chose to serve in the United States Air Force. In this career field he would serve for 33 years. While Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn was stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia, he was initiated, passed, and raised in Pride of Albany Lodge #360 located in Albany, GA. This would be the beginning of a Masonic career that would expand over 50 years.

After being stationed in Georgia, Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn would be stationed at Fort Walton, something incredibly significant would happen in his life. One day a beautiful young lady by the name of Esther Patrice Lee Williams, went to take a picture to obtain a passport. The photographer, a young Deary Vaughn who was a photographer for the Air Force, would take the photo of this young lady who would be his wife for almost the next 5 decades . The two would eventually be stationed in Topeka, Kansas, Europe, and they would come to settle in Muskogee, Oklahoma. While Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn was stationed in Europe, his masonic career skyrocketed. He would demit his membership into the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Oklahoma and become a member of Willie H. Dixon Lodge #143 in Wiesbaden, Germany. In 1976, less than 10 years after becoming a Mason, Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn would be elevated to the 33rd degree on November 1, 1976 in Washington, DC. His class was named after Past Grand Master David Muckle who served as Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most

Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia and he was also one of the founders of the Fish Bowl Football Game . He would later that year be elected to the office of Commander in Chief of Prince Hall Military Consistory #304 located in Frankfurt, Germany. This Consistory was established on June 23, 1963 by Sovereign Grand Commander Jno. G. Lewis of Louisiana. This Consistory would be the only Consistory in Europe for the next 14 years and at the time of SGC Vaughn’s election it boasted a membership of 1,460 members . On December 11, 1976, a portion of the membership of Prince Hall Military Consistory’s membership would leave to help spread Scottish Rite Masonry in Europe by forming Charles A. Spikes Consistory #323 in Kaiserslautern, Germany and again on January 9, 1977 to form Donald H. Coleman Military Consistory #329 in Stuttgart, Germany. After his election to the office of Commander-inChief, he composed an address to his membership: “My Valiant Companions, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for electing me as your Commander in C Chief for the year of 1977. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the staff that you have elected to serve with me. With their help and you the members of the camps earnest and moral support I am sure this will be a fruitful and memorable year. I would also like to attack a problem which I feel exists among us which seems elementary. Yet, I feel it is very complex and serious.



Photo Archived by GIG Dave Gillarm, II. Simply stated it is the failure of fraters to fulfill their potential. The time has come for us to focus our attention on this problem, to share some critical thinking and ideals, to develop some practical solutions, and above all to arouse ourselves to action, not as a fraternity, but as individuals. As each individual, imbued directly or indirectly with the idealism of masonry, constitutes and even widening circle of influence. So does the possibility of improving the social process of human-to-human relationships become more readily attainable. This is the area that lags so desperately behind the widely accelerated pace of scientific and technological developments in our society. This is the area which needs, beyond any doubt, the help of all of us. It has been clearly established that in science and technology we know no limit. Biologically, man has the scientific knowledge and ability to create life, as well as the ability to destroy it. We have been able to put men on the moon, to transmit messages and photographs via satellite communication, to fly incredibly heavy machines at even more incredible altitudes and speeds, to



cast deadly projectiles from one continent to another. The old expression, “the sky is the limit” has been put in jeopardy by our conquest of outer space. What about “inner space”, that space in the hearts and minds of men? Where are we today in our struggle to live in peace with each other; as individuals and with other nations? Can we learn to trust each other, respect the rights of property and privacy, the pursuit of happiness, all free from violence? It is in this area that masonry faces its great challenge and opportunity. By virtue of the age-old tenets, the principles, the charges, and obligations it teaches and endeavors to inculcate in each individual member. Fraters, now that we have had the time to give this problem some thought, I am sure that masonry is on the move, not an aimless move, but a carefully planned directed motion toward the conquest of inner space, a role of leadership toward the fulfillment of our potential.” After leaving Germany, Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn would be stationed at Tinker Air

“As each individual, imbued directly or indirectly with the idealism of masonry, constitutes and even widening circle of influence. So does the possibility of improving the social process of human-to-human relationships become more readily attainable. This is the area that lags so desperately behind the widely accelerated pace of scientific and technological developments in our society. This is the area which needs, beyond any doubt, the help of all of us.”



Force Base in Oklahoma. This is where he would retire in 1988, with the rank of Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt/E-9) after 33 years of service. He would receive many medals and awards, to name a few, such as the United States Air Medal with 14 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Vietnam Service Medal with 3 Bronze Stars. A year prior to his retirement he would be elected to the highest office with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Oklahoma which is the office of the Most Worshipful Grand Master . He would be elected to this position following the death of sitting Grand Master, Most Worshipful Herman E. Duncan. Over the next 30 years as the Grand Master, he would go on to establish numerous Masonic lodges all over the world. His actions would make the MWPHGL of Oklahoma one of the most prestigious Grand Lodges when it comes to military lodges in foreign countries. In 2003, Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn would be elected as the 10th Sovereign Grand Commander of the United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliation. During his time as Sovereign Grand Commander he would see the growth of the Supreme Council and number of candidates for the 33rd degree increase per Orient. As we now face the void that Sovereign Grand Commander Vaughn’s death has created, we can rest assured that our new Sovereign Grand Commander, Illustrious Corey Hawkins of Alabama, will take the reigns and take our Supreme Council to new heights.

His Lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” – Matthew 25:21 “



Resquiat In Pace

Dr. Deary Vaughn, 33º

Sovereign Grand Commander 2003-2020



“Illustrious Deary Vaughn was a fine Sovereign Grand Commander. Do you know what he did? He made me a Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus. I am eternally grateful for this appointment and for his leadership.” – Ill Sollie Mitchell, Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus, Florida

“Illustrious Deary Vaughn was a fin made me a Sovereign Grand Comman his leadership.” – Il

“I knew Deary Vaughn – He was a Friend of Mine My Association with Bro. Deary Vaughn go back 5 decades to the early 70’s when both of us were young asp Our paths crossed frequently, as we journeyed to Frankfurt to attend meeting at the most renowned land of Prince Circa 1978 both of us were elected to leadership positions in the two largest Masonic organizations in Western E tary Consistory #304, and I was the Illustrious Potentate of Aswan Temple #115. It wasn’t long thereafter that Bro. Vaughn saw an opportunity to advance his Masonic career in the Jurisdic George Benjamin Swanson in 1978. And it seemed as though Vaughn catapulted forward and before long he was Bro. Vaughn and his family eventually left Germany and took residence in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where he f Herman Duncan, Vaughn became Grand Master where he served for over thirty years. Bro. Vaughn’s life as a Mason was filled with a genuine calling to serve in the Prince Hall Family. No only w time as President of the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters. But his crowning achievement was his election as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the United Supreme C of his friends called him, dedicated the better part of his adult life to the service of God and Freemasonry. Those w

“I recall when I had the opportunity to speak briefly with SGC Deary Vaugh idle time during the banquet and I reintroduced myself to him as the MWGM Grand Session when I was Grand Junior Warden. We exchanged warm salut SGC Vaughn being very clear with words responded with a smile, “Georgia R respect of Amen on both accounts.”



“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. ~ Proverbs 27:17 Prince Hall Masonry is an exceptional worldwide organization. It is so because of the exceptional Leaders that have walked its hallowed halls throughout its more than 237-year history. Dr. Deary Vaughn was one such Leader. Many of us owe Dr. Vaughn a debt of appreciation and will be eternally grateful for the lessons we were afforded merely from the opportunity to have witnessed his Masonic Leadership. Masons wherever dispersed across the Globe have suffered a great loss. But his Leadership has left us well prepared for our Masonic future.” – MW Jeffery G. Jones, MWGM of the MWUGL of Florida ne Sovereign Grand Commander. Do you know what he did? He nder Emeritus. I am eternally grateful for this appointment and for

ll Sollie Mitchell, Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus, Florida

piring Prince Hall Masons laboring in the vineyards of Western Europe-he in Germany and I in Holland. e Hall Masonic activity-17 Finkenhofstr. It was there that Vaughn and I became friends. Europe, England and the Middle East. Bro. Vaughn served as Commander-In-Chief of Prince Hall Mili-

ction of Oklahoma. He was first appointed District Deputy Grand Master, following the death of Bro. s an elected officer in the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma. further advanced to the office of Deputy Grand Master. Following the untimely death of Grand Master

was he the Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Oklahoma, he also served for

Council of the 33*, Southern Jurisdiction, United States of America. Deary Vaughn, or ‘Mickey,’ as some who knew him will remember him as a strong leader who saw a need to step up and lead the way.” – Sovereign Grand Inspector General Michael A. Delgado Sr.

hn during our 2019 United Supreme Council meeting in Birmingham, AL. We had some M of Georgia. The last audience I had with him was in 2010 at the MWPHGL of Alabama’s tations and I reiterated to him that I was Raised in 1990 when he was serving as Grand Master. Raised a Grand Master and so did Oklahoma.” We chuckled about it and closed it out with a – MW Corey D. Shackleford Sr., 18 MWGM of the MWPHGL of Georgia.










rand Master ArchitecT



Sov:. Grand Commander

Corey D. Hawkins, Sr., Esq., 33º By:

Eric Konohia, 33º STAFF WRITER

Rebuilding the Rite Stone by Stone: oughRemembrance, Revitalization, and Recommitment The inspiration of this article begins on a typical warm, humid Washington D.C. morning on Monday, August 21, 2017, at the Washington Hilton Hotel. On this specific day, I was attending the Biennial Session of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, with my Deputy for the Orient of D.C. and a few fraters of our Council of Deliberation (COD). When we arrived at the hotel, our group had coffee and loitered in the lobby of the iconic hotel, watching leader after leader from around the globe make their way to the grand ballroom. We eventually made our way into the grand ballroom and marveled at the grandiose set-up for the upcoming program. We exchanged pleasantries with fraters and friends and found a section to be seated. Shortly after receiving the Sovereign Grand Com-

mander (SGC) Ronald Seale, 33°, we watched and listened as Most Worshipful Grand Masters and leaders from every aspect of Freemasonry from around the world processed in and were introduced to the SGC. As Grand Masters were announced, cheering from the room was heard, and occasionally someone shouted the name of the college football team of their respective jurisdiction. The pomp and circumstance and brevity of the day yielded to a moment of levity. Once the dignitaries were seated, SGC Seale asked select leaders in the grand east to approach the microphone and bring remarks on behalf of their specific organization. From a personal level, I was excited at the anticipation to hear my Sovereign Grand Commander, Dr. Deary Vaughn, 33°, bring remarks. As SGC Seale began talking about SGC Vaughn, 33°, he mentioned that SGC Vaughn was not feeling well and



subsequently introduced Sovereign Grand Inspector General (SGIG) Corey D. Hawkins, 33°, who, at the time, was the Illustrious Grand Minister of State for the United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction. SGIG Hawkins was asked to bring remarks in his stead. I watched enthusiastically as SGIG Hawkins approached the microphone. His gate and cadence was that of certainty of the moment. After establishing protocol, he vacated the pomp and circumstance, and confidently exuded the last stanza of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If ”: If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!1

Rather than use this opportunity to dazzle the ballroom room with his eloquence of diction or confound them in his ritualistic prowess, SGIG Hawkins chose to convey to the room that SGC Vaughn called him “The Rookie,” and that if he wanted to keep his job, he better not mess up the moment. He said that was what he intended to do: “Bring greetings and sit down,” and the room laughed. He then took a moment of personal privilege to let the room know the following: “I’m from Alabama, born and bred. I just so happen to be the Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons in the Jurisdiction of Alabama.” He went on to say that when he heard the introductions of the Grand Masters, specifically the introduction of Grand Master Bobby Pitts, Grand Lodge of Alabama, F&AM, he did not hear the traditional “Roll Tide.” He finished by letting everyone know that as the country was rapidly approaching football season, he just knew he would hear at least one “Roll Tide.” He closed by saying, “On behalf of all of the millions of Alabama fans dispersed throughout the globe (pause for effect) ROLL TIDE!” 1 Kipling, Rudyard.“IF”. Poetry Foundation, (lines 25-32) Accessed 1Feb21



Although I never personally met SGIG Hawkins before session, I definitely knew that he was respected and loved by the brothers in Alabama. What I realized from that moment was that SGC Vaughn knew exactly what he was doing by sending SGIG Hawkins on his behalf. Little did I know this would not be the last time that I would witness this for myself. Fast forward to Friday, April 24, 2019, at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. I was accompanying my Deputy to the 138th annual session of the United Supreme Council, 33°, AASR, PHA-NJ, USA. On that day, I arrived early enough to check in and fellowship with all of the Fraters from the Southern Jurisdiction, mostly SGIGs in the lobby of the hotel. It was made abundantly clear that everyone from the Southern Jurisdiction needed to be in the lobby for the arrival of LGC Corey D. Hawkins, who was representing the USC PHA-SJ on behalf of SGC Vaughn. I sat back and observed, which is engrained in my DNA from my vocation and training. BOOM!!!! I knew that there was an impending arrival of our leader. SGIGs started walking toward the entrance of the hotel and formed what appeared to be a human rope to meet and greet a dignitary. I remained where I was because my turn to exchange pleasantries with the LGC would come when it presented itself. As he entered the Downtown Marriott, smartly dressed with his signature bowtie, it was quite apparent that the attorney and the well-dressed Scottish Rite Mason converged on this southern gentleman in what Alan Flusser described in his book, Style and the Man.2 I took a wide scan of the lobby and watched as other people looked, stared and pointed at SGIG Hawkins. It wasn’t just me; they all knew who had just stepped on deck. As he arrived at the center of the lobby where the bar is located, it appeared he was giving instructions and tasks As SGIGs walked up to him, he’d say something, and they’d marched off to carry out his order. As the Southern Jurisdiction sovereigns dispersed, I saw LGC Hawkins was talking to SGIG Robert Glenn, 2 Flusser, Alan, New York, NY., HarperCollins, 1996

Photo: SGC Corey D. Hawkins, Sr. and LtGC Dr. Anthony T. Stafford in a working session. (Photo Courtesy of Eric Konohia)

33°, and SGIG DannyWest, Illustrious Grand Photographer of the USC. I made my approach, but maintained a respectful distance to at least be observed, but not close enough to hear what was being discussed. LGC Hawkins, 33° saw me in his periphery and glanced toward me. I immediately extended my hand and said, “Good to see you. I am Grand Inspector General Eric Konohia from the Orient of D.C.” He replied, “I know who you are. Good to see you.” Immediately, “If,” by Rudyard Kipling, again came to mind. Additionally, “Walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch” also came to mind, more especially the line which says, “If all men count with you, but none too much”3

When the opportunity came to write this article about the newest SGC, the aforementioned interactions lined up perfectly like stones used to build a temple. In the 12th degree, Grand Master Architect, we bind ourselves to model and follow the character and virtue of those who have preceded us. In the lesson of this degree, Adoniram was appointed to replace the vacancy left by the murder of Grand Master Hiram Abiff. Adoniram was one of the favorites of Grand Master Hiram Abiff and was a man of superior skill and wisdom. As a result, he was often left responsible for overseeing and superintending the entire work of the temple. The wisdom, skill and trust that Grand Master Hiram Abiff had in Adoniram was often communicated to King Solomon by Hiram Abiff. He assured King Solomon that Adoniram would be qualified to fill his position, should anything unexpected happen.4 It is unrealistic to discuss Adoniram’s recommendation by Grand Master Hiram Abiff (GMHA) without discussing the other qualified workmen from the 8th degree – Intendant of the Building. From the 8th degree, we know that GMHA was fond of the young society and taught them the arts and sciences he learned in the East and in Egypt. His favorites among them were Adoniram, Joabert, Stolkin, Selec and Gareb. He

3 Kipling, Rudyard.“IF”. Poetry Foundation (lines 26, 28)

4 Book of the Scottish Rite. “Grand Master Architect Degree”, USC 33°, AASR PHA, SJ USA



told King Solomon that if he were taken away, they Hawkins’ full masonic bio visit https://mwphglofal. would be able to take his place, but remarked that he org/m-w-corey-d-hawkins-sr/). entrusted Adoniram to superintend the whole work.5 What most didn’t realize is how this humble ma“For many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew sonic juggernaut, who has literally presided in the 22:14)6 East in every house in masonry, thinks and what were We have to understand that GMHA’s assurance re- his plans for our United Supreme Council. We would garding Adoniram’s skills were absolute. Adoniram’s not have to wait long to see that he was not going to appointment to replace GMHA would realign the take time to sort things out: On Tuesday January 5, broken pact and the harmony between King Solomon 2021, twenty (20) days after he ascended to the seat as and Hiram King of Tyre. Assurances of Adoniram’s SGC, and in accordance with Article IX, Vacancies in appointment ensured that BEAUTY would once Office, How Filled, Section 1 of the Constitution and again bring balance to wisdom and strength. We General Regulations of the United Supreme Counlearned previously that when those three are present cil, Hawkins made three critical appointments: (1) and agree, the Master’s Word or the essence of God Lieutenant Grand Commander, Anthony T. Stafford is also present. Moreover it should be important to (FL); (2) Grand Minister of State, Alonzo Haynes understand that Adoniram didn’t represent any indi- (SC); and, (3) Convention Coordinator, Shelton Ridvidual component of wisdom, strength and beauty. dick (VA). He represented them all, individual and collectively, Not missing a step, SGC Hawkins immediately unwhen realigned with those who were certain that the veiled his public relations directives under his leadwork would harmoniously continue. ership plan, that saw the United Supreme Council On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, the triune was host, “Understanding Covid-19 Vaccines, Keeping broken with the death of SGC Vaughn, and wisdom our Communities Safe” on the new Facebook Page.9 vacated its place in the United Supreme Council. SGC Hawkins, along with moderators Dr. L.Ken However, Past SGC Vaughn clearly understood what Collins, 33°, Asst. Grand Secretary-General and Dr. Grand Master Hiram Abiff executed to prepare for his Donald Ware, Grand Minister of Health, hosted an untimely passing. Likewise, SGC Vaughn employed informative session with two special guests: the 20th the lesson of this degree and appointed his Adoni- Surgeon General for the United States, Vice Admiral ram, SGIG Hawkins, to continue the vital works of Dr. Jerome M. Adams and SGIG Dr. Oscar Alleyne the United Supreme Council. (Supreme Council – Northern Masonic Jurisdiction) Chief of Programs for the National Association of It was clear that, in the past, Past SGC Vaughn County & City Health Officials. For approximately trusted the upcoming SGC, SGIG Hawkins, with 1.5 hours, SGC Hawkins and the United Supreme overseeing the responsibilities in his absence. It be- Council showed proactive leadership when positively comes abundantly clear when you look further into discussing the benefits associated with the COVID-19 SGC Hawkins’ biography. One shall see that Haw- vaccine. kins’ experience as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge At the conclusion of the Facebook virtual Town of Alabama, F&AM, and his induction as Knight Hall webinar, I asked for an audience with SGC HawYork Grand Cross of Honour in 20117 prepared him kins to facilitate an interview for this article and my for this leadership post. His vast experience, coupled request was granted. I had a few days to prepare for with the tools associated with leadership, are syn- the interview, but I did not want my interview to onymous with the prerequisites Adoniram needed transpire in a traditional staccato question & answer to qualify as a Grand Master Architect. (For SGC format. I wanted to have a conversation with the SGC and formulated my questions to ascertain answers to 5 Book of the Scottish Rite. “Intendant of the Building Degree”, questions that I felt the membership wanted to know. USC 33°, AASR PHA, SJ USA 6 The Bible. King James Version. Accessed January 2, 2021 7 Hawkins Sr., Corey D., MWPHGLAL, https://mwphglofal. org/m-w-corey-d-hawkins-sr/ accessed 8 Feb 21



I called SGC Hawkins at 8:00 p.m. on Monday February 8, 2021 and left a voice message, as he did not answer. It should also be noted that I was told that he

was in the middle of moving into a new residence and would be busy with relocating. However, within two minutes, he called back and apologized for not answering because his neighbor stopped by his house. I assured him that I was aware of his current task and that I would not take up too much of his time. I congratulated him on succeeding Past SGC Vaughn and expressed my condolences on Dr. Vaughn’s death. It immediately became apparent that he pays particular attention to detail (word to the wise), as he listened intently and thanked me for congratulating him and expressing my condolences. When beginning the conversation, I asked him what sparked his interest in Scottish Rite masonry. His response was consistent with other fraters to whom I have spoken with 10+ years in the USC. He said that he was 23 years old at the time. He sought to obtain further Light and a good friend recommended that he join. His friend also told him that there was a lot of knowledge to gain in the AASR to better himself. I asked the SGC whether he felt that the same process which enticed him to join still exists at the Orient-level. He responded, “I don’t, maybe for some. The reality is that we are in a different world now and millennials are not into fraternal organizations like ours. We have to be more visible in the community to draw them to us.” His response was not only poignant but shows that he has been paying close attention to generational changes and to what attracts their attention and interest.

ly passed away, there wasn’t really anything for which he wasn’t prepared. He served in the top leadership positions in the York Rite and as the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Alabama for eight years. Then, he profoundly said that Past SGC Vaughn trained him publicly and taught him privately important lessons that a good leader would impart to his successor. Staying intentionally on this topic, I asked what he saw was his biggest hurdle moving forward. He responded that first and foremost, the objective was to gain the trust of his membership. He stated that we are still dealing with the issues from 5-6 years ago, however, he wants to let Scottish Rite Masons know that transparency is paramount under his leadership. SGC Hawkins revealed that he has big things in store for the revitalization of the USC and that there is a place for everyone in this organization. He further revealed the launch of his reclamation initiative, which is entitled the “B.I.R.D. program” (Back in the Rite Drive). The B.I.R.D. program will be launched shortly, if not already at the time this article is published. While discussing this particular subject, the SGC compared his B.I.R.D. program to that of making a decision to purchase a Cadillac versus a Mercedes Benz. The smart consumer (Mason) will buy the one that has the most to offer. I told SGC that his reclamation program would definitely boost morale. It is just what fraters, who strayed away for whatever reason, need to be reclaimed. We also discussed the disconnection between a majority of Sublime Princes on the Orient-level and the United Supreme Council. To the average Sublime Prince, the Council of Administration is a group of leaders of mythological proportions.

I subsequently stated that, from the perspective of many, your masonic career in leadership prepared you to lead this organization. For those who “All politics are local,” I said. With respect to USC, paid close attention, it appears as if you were being we know that this is a top-down, leadership model. It groomed (like Adoniram was groomed by GMHA in is safe to say that the viability and financial strength the 12th Degree). of the USC rests with increasing membership at the Now that you are here, and with all of your leader- orient level. Have you considered or are there any ship experience, is there anything from this vantage plans of engaging these Orients so that even the newpoint that was unexpected or that you didn’t see com- est Sublime Princes feel connected? SGC Hawkins ing? Without hesitation, he responded, “Not yet.” stated that he is putting a new team together, which SGC Hawkins stated that we knew PSGC Vaughn was will inherently reflect changes and strengthen comsick but his death came unexpectedly. He (Hawkins) munications with the Consistories. He wants to dihad no immediate thoughts of replacing him. SGC rectly communicate with the Consistories through Hawkins also thought that PSGC Vaughn would con- email to ensure that messages are received in a timely tinue to serve until he had enough and then pass the fashion. He clarified that he will always maintain a torch. He went on to say that although PSGC sudden- direct line to the Deputies on matters that are not im-



mediately intended for the Consistories. SGC Hawkins said that this is all part of his mantra going forward, “Rebuilding the Rite Stone by Stone: Through Remembrance, Revitalization, and Recommitment.” SGC Hawkins said that we all have to remember why we joined AASR. At the same time, we must rebrand the Rite with a 21st century approach, one which shall, in many cases, communicate directly with the membership. Such a connection can be a strong recruitment tool. He exclaimed, “This will no longer be the status quo!” I was excited when the SGC stated that he recently joined a Zoom meeting with Fraters in Western Europe and that his attendance was accepted with enthusiasm. He knew that many of the Grand Inspectors General did not expect to see the Sovereign Grand Commander on the call. To that end, SGC Hawkins pronounced that he plans to start attending meetings of the Councils of Deliberation (COD). He cautioned me during this interview that he will not be able to make all of them but he has officers that can attend in his stead. This is what he called his “Hands On” approach. He further stated that the only way we can learn the needs of the membership is by showing up. I interjected on this topic and assured him that having a member of the Elected Nine to show up at any COD would be a huge morale boost.

how we needed to protect ourselves as a nation. As such, our 2020 session in Jacksonville, FL was cancelled. Have you considered how we will accommodate the unknown for October, 2021? Without any reluctance SGC Hawkins responded that the USC is planning for a 2021 annual session and that information and registration packets would soon be dispersed. He said that he is a realist and understands that he may have to modify this year’s annual session; although there is certainly a possibility of cancellation, the USC is planning right now as if it will happen. When I asked how education will be transformed under his administration in the next three years, he immediately responded that he will continue with the symposiums at the annual session and add more of them to increase the educational experience. He mentioned that he is also looking into adding virtual educational webinars on a quarterly basis.

I must confess that for about a week, I toiled on whether to broach this next subject. Not because I did not think the SGC had an answer, but rather if this should be an issue dealt with from a Supreme Council level. I looked at my notes, being cognizant that if there was any dead space in our conversation, it would look like I was not prepared. I heard, “IMUA” (ee-moo-ah) the Hawaiian word for “Onward” or “Go for it”. The command my late father would say to me when he thought I was reluctant about someStaying on the topic of his appearance on Zoom thing. The same words King Kamehameha used to with the Fraters in Western Europe, I took the op- charge his warriors when he unified the Hawaiian Isportunity to tell the SGC that his January 5, 2021 lands and so I went for it. Facebook Live town hall “Understanding Covid-19 SGC your ascension into the seat is at a very tuVaccines, Keeping our Communities Safe” was a multuous time in our nation. Racial tension, the panprogressive move out the gate. I asked, “How do we demic, and other issues are prevalent at this time. maintain that momentum?” The SGC stated that the Our country is experiencing what the USC has been USC will have an “active social media” presence movteaching for years under the ideals of Phalakol and ing forward. He stated that our social media presence Pharashkol8. We also know that toleration is one of will inevitably serve as a recruitment tool. He plans the lessons which will move us towards reuniting. to host additional educational webinars on issues like Where, if anywhere, does the USC stand in reuniting financial planning, social justice matters, legal and these divided United States? health issues, which directly impact our membership and the community-at-large. As previously mentioned I was reluctant to ask this question, but I was not surprised when the SGC Speaking of issues affecting our membership and quickly responded. He said that the USC can play a the community-at-large, I transitioned to an immebig role in reuniting our nation. He reminded me diate issue. I mentioned that we are going into our 2nd year of this pandemic. This time last year, scientists 8 Book of the Scottish Rite.” Sublime Prince of the Royal were trying to wrap their minds around the virus and Secret”,USC 33°, AASR PHA, SJ USA.



Photo Courtesy of SGIG Danny West.

that we don’t discriminate against race, creed or religion. He went on to say that we have to set an example to the nation with this same philosophy. In this same vein, he will consider corroborating with SGC James D. Cole to construct a joint statement or webinar to get the message of reunification out to the nation. He further stated that there is no secret that the United Supreme Council and the Supreme Council have Caucasian brothers and members of color who share the same ideals and philosophy. If the nation can see that both organizations can work together, regardless of race or creed, the nation certainly can learn from such a collaboration. Our conversation was coming upon the one-hour mark and I did not want to take any more of the SGC’s precious time, especially during a weeknight. To this end, I closed with this final topic. I asked SGC Hawkins the following: “In 3-6 years, you are visiting an Orient’s COD and you meet a Sublime Prince who has been in AASR for more than 2 years. What do you expect for him to know about the AASR? Without a pause, Hawkins said, “First and foremost, he needs to know about the Oath of Fealty. Additionally, it is difficult for him to point specifically to what information everyone needs to know and to expect everyone to know the same thing because people learn at varying levels.” The SGC reminded me that he was a school teacher before becoming an attorney. He

also emphasized that what he expects one to know is that it is important for every Sublime Prince to regularly attend and play an active part in his consistory and the well-being of his orient. I thanked SGC Hawkins for his time and for being amenable to this interview at the conclusion of our call. Reflecting on the brevity of the moment, I realized that I was privy to his forthcoming plans for the USC, some of which have not yet been shared with the membership. Moreover, this is the essence of the Lodge of Perfection, in which we protect what we learn about ourselves and others as we move toward perfection. Moving toward perfection encompasses those moments where you share the best of what you have to offer to those qualified to keep it confidential in an effort to prepare and better themselves if and when the moment comes. I literally concluded a call with the 21st century’s version of what Adoniram represented in the 12th Degree: SGC Hawkins represents the best in us and, in concert with the ideals of the trowel and the 12th degree, the best among us should rule. The subtitle of this article is the verse from Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen9”. The difference between the called and the chosen is that the “chosen” are the called that waited to be sent.

9 The Bible. King James Version. Accessed January 2, 2021



Hard Right Over Easy Left: Remembering the Importance of Leadership During Difficult Times

Dr. Anthony T. Stafford Lt. Grand Commander When enlisting into the military as a new recruit, one of the first leadership lessons given is a presentation on the difference between making ‘Hard Right and Easy Left’ decisions. Hard Right decisions involve using an inherent moral compass to make the best choices for the soldiers who report to us. On the other hand, Easy Left decisions require the physical rigor that a warrior uses to fight in battle or to carry a wounded soldier to safety. Comparing these two leadership ideals involves determining which will make the greatest impact in a given situation: morality or muscle. A great example of a leader who was forced to make such a decision is United States Navy Captain Brett Cozier. A day after Cozier was abruptly removed from his post as commanding officer of the coronavirus-infected aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, a Navy official confirmed that acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly intended for Crozier to be reassigned rather than dismissed from the Navy. Modley relieved Cozier of his command after an alarming letter, written by the captain, sparked the attention of millions, once it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle. The letter was written to request help for several soldiers, who had been infected by coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Modly originally confirmed that Crozier would not be the victim of any type of retaliation. However, in Modley’s opinion, Crozier showed poor judgment by sending his letter to 30 people, but not his immediate supervisor. Moreover, Crozier consciously decided to make a Hard Right evaluation: Protect his crew, some of whom were infected by the COVID-19, even if it meant that he would potentially be relieved of duty at the apex of his career. An image of Captain Cozier may be seen in Figure 1. In my opinion, Crozier made the right decision during



a difficult time: He placed the vitality and health of his men before his personal career. As Scottish Rite Masons, we must endeavor to make similar decisions, thereby, safeguarding the health of our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must practice social distancing, wear protective equipment, and wash our hands continuously, as described by the Center for Disease Control. My expectation is that Sovereign Grand Inspectors General and Grand Inspectors General will lead the way! By doing so, the United Supreme Council and its membership will continue to thrive, under the grace and mercy of God, because we chose to do what was right over what was expedient. Let’s be mindful of the importance of leadership during this difficult time. As an organization, when appropriate, let’s choose the Hard Right over the Easy Left resolutions, just like Captain Cozier. The safety of our membership is always of the utmost importance. GOD SAVE THE CRAFT!

Figure 1: Captain Brett Cozer, USN

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The Good Shepherd by: Dr. L.Ken Collins, II, 33º

Asst. Secretary-General, H.E.



On July 17, 2020, the country learned of the death of Congressman John Robert Lewis, 33º. The man whom the country viewed as the “Conscience of Congress” closed his eyes for the last time, after a brief bout with cancer. Ill. Lewis’s career within the halls of the United States House of Representatives saw him as a Chairman on the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Health. He worked tirelessly on issues impacting what he termed “the least of these”, specifically, Americans that did not have access to health care. One of the most important causes Ill. Lewis championed was the erection and development of the National Museum of African-American History & Culture. In 1988, Congressman Lewis and Congressman Mickey Leland offered legislation for the establishment of a standalone museum on African-American history. Like many issues centered around African-American life, many Members of Congress and the Senate fought the legislation tooth and nail. In 2002, Congressman Lewis would later find an ally of then-Congressman J.C. Watts. His coordination with Congressman Watts was vital towards the legislation moving forward in Congress. Later, in 2003, Senator Sam Brownback authored a companion bill and on December 16, 2003, the Lewis-Brownback legislation was signed by then-President George W. Bush. The legislation was a hallmark to Congressman Lewis’ career and he stated, after the bill’s signing, “When the doors open to the museum, and we go in, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I may shout, I may cry, I may just cry.”

“When the doors open to the museum, and we go in, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” While the public at-large viewed Congressman Lewis as the man who brought the ills of the American South to the television screens of America and brought forth the horrors of racism in America, we as Freemasons saw him in a different light. Ill. John R. Lewis, 33º, was an avid and proud member of Prince Hall Freemasonry. Ill. Lewis heralded the rank and dignity of Sovereign Grand Inspector General - Emeritus for this United Surpeme Council. He was a proud member of H.R. Butler Lodge, No. 23, Atlanta Consistory, No. 24A and the Georgia Council of Deliberation. While the bulk of his membership within our fraternal ranks did not see him grace meetings, his love for the fraternity was seen in his actions in support of its vitality.

Ill. Lewis was a serious fraternity man, he was also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (Sigma Sigma Sigma Graduate Chapter and Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. Ill. Lewis love for fraternal life was glimpsed in his many run-ins with his many fraternity brothers throughout the country. Ill. Lewis was the sponsor of the 2013 Prince Hall Masonic Day on Capitol Hill. When the subject was broached on behalf of Sovereign Grand Commander Dr. Deary Vaughn, 33º, and then Imperial Potentate Homer Buchanan, Ill. Lewis opened the halls of Congress to the Prince Hall Family by hosting the first ever at-site raising, elevation and creation at the United States Capitol.

“What is most important is that organization and its mission survives and not to split up!” As a personal note, before his passing, I was able to see Congressman Lewis and speak with him regarding the Supreme Council. During our discussions he spoke of his disappointment that he had not been able to attend the Supreme Council Sessions, as much as we had liked. We spoke of the current status and future of the United Supreme Council. When we discussed the realities facing the Supreme Council, he was livid of learning of the dissension and treachery that the body faced. He likened the actions taking place within the fraternity to the issues of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He said, “When you have a strong organization, you’re bound to have fights. It is not the fights that are important, neither is who thinks they should be in charge. What is most important is that organization and its mission survives and not to split up!” As we mourn the life and legacy of our Illustrious Frater, we honor a Frater that truly exemplified that concept of the 32º, and the scripture of John 13:15: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” The United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction’s long history of civil rights involvement with the likes of SGIG John Lewis and SGIG Thurgood Marshall is a testimony that the men within our ranks continue to fight for the rights of our fellow man. Ill. Lewis joins the ranks of our heralded Fraters that have gone on to that House not made with Hands, Eternal in Heaven. We salute you and will honor your legacy! May the Grand Architect of the Universe continue to keep your memory in our hearts!




C. Patrick Worlds, 33º Staff Writer

Knight of Saint-Andrews Tolerance of intolerance enables oppression -DaShanne Stokes




n September 11, 2001, approximately nineteen Arab Muslims hijacked four commercial airplanes in the United States. In a brazen act of violence, those terrorists flew two of these planes into the World Trade Center in New York City, one into the Pentagon in Washington, District of Columbia, and the last (Flight 93) crashed in a field, located in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing 33 passengers and 7 crewmembers. Hate crimes against American Muslims have soared to their highest levels in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to data compiled by researchers, the increase seems to be fueled by the terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad and by divisive language of politicians on the campaign trail. Hundreds of cases of harassment based upon immigrant status, race, ethnicity, religion, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) status, and gender have been reported since Election Day, 2016.1 The trend has alarmed hate crime scholars and law-enforcement officials, who have documented hundreds of attacks — including arsons at mosques, assaults, shootings and threats of violence.

“No man hath, or ever had a right to persecute another for his belief; for there cannot be two antagonistic rights, and if one can persecute another because he himself is satisfied that the belief of that other is erroneous, the other has, for the same reason, equally as certain a right to persecute him.”2 In an analogous story in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two men sold themselves into slavery to free a slave, James Burrows, to serve as pastor. Burrows, who led the church from 1832 to 1844, was born a slave in Northampton County, Virginia, according to the history of the church, recounted in a book written by the late Charles H. Brooks, titled, First African Baptist Church. There Brooks states, “He (Burrows) felt that he was called to preach, but his master refused to allow him the privilege.” Brooks also writes, “He (Burrows) then persuaded his master to permit him to come to Philadelphia to earn money to purchase his freedom.” Philadelphia cousins, Samuel and John Bivins, traveled to Virginia to take Burrows’ place in bondage. Meanwhile, Burrows earned the money needed and fulfilled his promise that he would buy the cousins out of captivity. Comparable to Saladin and the imprisoned knight of the 29th degree, the three men demonstrated a profound comradeship and admirable faith of a friend, in a friend.3 The central theme of the 29th degree is toleration. The term tolerance is defined as, “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices different from or conflicting with one’s own.”4 The Knight of St. Andrews degree represents equality and that no one religion holds a monopoly on the truth. He is devoted to charity and practical philanthropy, especially inculcating toleration and discountenancing bitterness and strife.5 Fears, inner prejudices and fundamental differences gives breath to discrimination.

“The ebb and flow of contrary ideas, the shock of opinions, the passions that rule the intellect, determined always by the dreams of the moment, are necessary to the intellectual growth of the people.”6 This degree surrounds an interaction between members of different religions. Saladin and his nobles have captured a knight of the Christian faith. The knight admittedly ignorant of the faith of the nobles assumed they did not follow the One True God. Saladin quickly corrects him with facts from his Volume of Sacred Law (VSL), the Koran. The two determine they both actually serve the same God. Saladin humbly requests initiation into knighthood and is subsequently granted that honor with great humility and tolerance.5 This demonstrates the essence of humanity – brotherly love. In this highest example of tolerance between knight and noble, the chief lesson of the degree is found. Saladin gives the knight two (2) years’ time to collect his ransom and to return on the promise of his word demonstrating a profound respect for the captured knight and his loyalty, dedication, and service to God. Reinforced stereotypes of religions without empirical evidence of truth fuels divisive behaviors, discrimination, and labeling of target groups. It also leads to the belief that people of the same religion react and respond similarly in like circumstances. Studies in the psychology of children and our expectations of them appear to be shaped by our experience with already encountered members of humanity. For example, we expect objects that share obvious perceptible qualities will also share dispositional properties. If an object rattles when shaken, we expect similar items which share the same perceptible profile will rattle as well.7 A person who commits an act of violence and is a member of a specific religion doesn’t mean another person of that same religion will also commit an act of violence. These beliefs are reinforced daily through media reports, politically motivated tactics, and propaganda. The 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, stated, “Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.” This is the non-negotiable standard, of the Knight of Saint Andrews. _____________________________________ 1. Website. hate-crimes-american-muslims-rise.html. Accessed December 18, 2019. 2. Pike, Albert. Morals and Dogma. Supreme Council. 1871 3. Brooks, Charles H. Official History of the First African Baptist Church. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1922. 4. Website. Accessed December 1, 2019. 5. United Supreme Council. Book of the Scottish Rite 4° - 32° Prince Hall Affiliation. The United Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Prince Hall Affiliation) for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. 1946. 6. Pike, Albert. Legenda of the Lodge of Perfection 4° - 14°. Supreme Council. 1921. 7. D. A. Baldwin, E. Markman, and R. Melartin. Infants’ Ability to Draw Inferences about Nonobvious Object Properties: Evidence from Exploratory Play, Child Development, 64. 1993. 8. Website.



HArmony: The Strength of All Institutions... By:

Dr. MArlon Honeywell, 33º STAFF WRITER

Abstract The significance of harmony is emphasized in several facets of speculative masonry, including allegories, signs, symbols, and obligations. Additionally, it has been postulated that employing the concept of equilibrium during life’s experiences may be the secret to learning how to properly construct an internal, immortal temple and to entering the revered gates of the Pardes. Purposely concealed from those unwilling to accept ultimate truth, mystic and earthly clues exist, which support the fact that balance is requisite for spiritual enlightenment and cognitive transformation. As such, this manuscript is written to delineate a few examples which support harmony as the strength of all institutions, since it appears to be divinely present in every aspect of existence. Introduction It is here in my dreams that I stand upon the precipice of an insurmountable mountain of uncertainty, marveling at the exquisite gates of the Pardes,1,2 and wondering whether my earthly inadequacies and former misguided deeds render me inadmissible. Recapitulation of my previous spiritual and physical dissonance composes a story of one who is unworthy and who stands with a substitute password, anxiously knocking at the door and patiently awaiting an answer. Central to this perspective were unseasoned views and behaviors, which were exercised prior to practicing the tenets within masonic obligations and to eventually experiencing a period of enlightenment. For instance, one of my older perceptions was a conviction that the world and people therein should be appraised as slightly flawed, and that most would be unwilling to ponder and enact methods of self-improvement. In hind sight, acceptance of this theory is analogous to favoring the masonic symbolism of the square without considering the spirituality of the compass and akin to describing an impeccable and marvelous view of the world with jaundiced eyes.3,4 More importantly, choosing to alter such conventionalism and antiquated thinking is germane to metaphysical enlightenment, as the Bible proclaims and an old Chinese proverb concurs that a man’s thoughts eventually transform into actions.5,6 While envisioning access to the orchard of wisdom and to the Sephorit2, my dream inevitably fast forwards to a time when I am standing adjacent to the Worshipful Master in Mt. Olive Lodge #5



(Tallahassee, FL) and in possession of a blue staff topped with a radiant, silver sun within a compass and square. I vividly recall hearing the Worshipful Master ask the Senior Warden about his station and duty. The Senior Warden responded with several verses, which terminated with the phrase, “Harmony, the strength of all institutions, most especially this of ours.” Evaluation of this dream encourages an attempt to ascertain whether the latter portion occurred because study of speculative masonry, particularly the Middle Chamber, ensures that initiates inherently recognize the presence of opposing forces and the urgency of establishing harmony within one’s life.3,4 Further analysis also inspires a hypothesis that the relevance of harmony is intentionally inculcated in masonic rituals and symbols. Pertinent hints of such are in plain sight, acknowledged only by those who are willing to affirm ultimate truth. Could it really be that simple? Is it probable that the secret to life and the real watchword for the Pardes1,2 have been in plain view all of this time? Is it really that simple? Harmony Ancient Craft and Scottish Rite Masonry are replete with references to harmony and equilibrium.3,4,7,8 Though generally described as an agreement or concord9, in the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide, Arturo DeHoyos, Grand Historian and Archivist for the Supreme Council, defined harmony as the neutralization of two opposing forces.8 To this end, included in this manuscript are a few examples which illustrate the supernatural presence of balance. Intense scrutiny of the following examples may aid in comprehending the rationale for its deliberate inclusion in fraternal literature and ceremonies. Spirituality Composed from scriptures in the Book of Genesis when the Grand Architect created the universe, the Sephorit or Tree of Life is found in the Kabbalah and typically illustrated using ten spheres.2,10 The spheres are a visual representation of the Divine emanations or speech which caused the unfolding of Creation. Also notably incorporated in this mystical Jewish symbol are three, vertical columns: the two outer columns represent opposite forces (i.e. justice and mercy or male and female) and the

middle column embodies equilibrium. Though the Sephorit exists in several phases and illustrations, contemplation of its intrinsic wisdom encourages adepts to adore harmony and to practice activities which promote its accomplishment. The Sephorit may be seen in FIGURE 1.

Above: FIGURE 1

Architecture Richard Cassaro, a renowned masonic author and symbolist, contends that some architecture in antiquity and many state and federal buildings have structurally embedded references to harmony.11 For example, built by operative masons between the 12th and 16th centuries, several gothic cathedrals have entrances consisting of three vertical doors. Remarkably hidden from the profane, the symbolism of the two outer entrances denotes the presence of contrasting forces within the world and the middle door—which is slightly larger—portrays the necessity of attaining balance. Moreover, entry to these architectural marvels should serve as a constant reminder that equilibrium is one of the laws of nature. As such, learning to attain harmony shall forever govern spiritual aptitude and affect our earthly existence. An image of an entrance to a gothic cathedral may be seen in FIGURE 2.



Above: FIGURE 2

Science The laws of physics confirm that the earth’s magnetic field deflects solar winds, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the protective ozone layer. The magnetic field is comprised of two constituents: a solid inner core, made primarily of iron, and a liquid outer core, which includes nickel, iron, and other metals. Continuous rotation of the earth and the Coriolis force cause the inner, solid core to spin on an easterly course; and the outer liquid core to rotate in the opposite direction.12 What is more, opposite flow of the solid and liquid cores eventually harmonizes to generate a powerful, magnetic field, which protects the entire planet from the toxic rays of the sun. Art Painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century, The Last Supper shows the final meal shared between Jesus of Nazareth and his twelve disciples.13 In the portrait, Da Vinci sketches the confusion that occurred when Jesus announced that he would soon be betrayed by one in his midst. Though Da Vinci could have detailed the apostles’ reactions in a number of ways, he chose to depict them in four equidistant triads: Intermingled within each triad are three disciples, two of which imply the presence of conflicting forces, while the middle disciple exemplifies harmony. Additionally, though commonly overlooked, there are three windows behind Jesus, which bear close resemblance to the size and connotation of the entrance seen in gothic cathedrals.11 These windows also visually portray the gravity of and need for symmetry. The Last Supper may be seen in FIGURE 3.



Above: FIGURE 3

Symbolism The fleur-de-lys is a decorative symbol that appeared on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries. It is especially associated with the French monarchy in a historical context and continues to appear in the official crest of the King of Spain. Developed by the Egyptians or Babylonians, the fleur-de-lys emblazoned the French explorer’s flag when Nouvelle Orleans was founded in 1717; beautified Mardi Gras Ball invitations in the 1820’s; edged silver brooches in the 1890’s; decorated marble facades in the 1920’s; and now graces the football helmets of the New Orleans Saints.14 Symbolically, the Fleur-de-lys appears to possess three leaves—two on the outer corners and one in the middle—which illustrate opposing forces and balance, respectively. The Fleur-de-lys may be seen in FIGURE 4. Nature Though discredited by some, the Gaia proposition, developed by James Lovelock, explains the stability of nature based upon the fact that its ecology acts in a coordinated system.15 Lovelock purports that control of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, predator and prey existence, salt in the ocean, and global surface temperature are examples of a self-regulated, homeostatic process on earth. According to the principle, all life forms are in constant balance because they exist as a part of a single, living planetary being called Gaia.16 In 2006, Rachelle Farrell, acclaimed musician and artist, dedicated a song to the Gaia principle on her third album, Individuality: Can I Be Me?.17 A stark conservationist of the environment, Farrell’s lyrics gives credence to nature’s resources and promises better relations between man and the macrocosm. Religion In the King James version of the Bible, several scriptures allude to the importance of balance in life.18 A few of the more relevant verses to this article include: 1. Ecclesiastes 7:16: Do not be excessively righteous and do not be overly wise; Why should you ruin yourself? 2. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8: There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under the heaven – A time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to tear down and a time to build up; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance; a time to throw stones and a time to gather stones; a time to embrace and a time to shun embracing; a time to search and a time to give up as lost; a time to keep and a time to throw away; a time to tear apart and a time to sew to gether; a time to be silent and a time to speak; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.



3. Proverbs 11:1: A false balance is an abom ination to the LORD, but just weight is his delight. 4. Matthew 20:16: So the first shall be last, and the last shall be first; for many are called but few are chosen. Since the bible cites explicit examples of how equilibrium must be achieved, we should govern ourselves accordingly;3,4 and study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman needeth not be ashamed, rightfully dividing the word of truth.18 Emotion and Logic Ancient Greek philosophers believed emotion to be an irrational phenomenon that interfered with higher order thinking and reason. In Phaedrus, Plato described emotion and reason as two horses which pull us in opposite directions.19 Emotion has a long history of being construed as a psychological manifestation which disturbs rational thought and behavior.20 Since emotion has powerful leverage on daily decisions, overcoming this traditional model requires one to learn how to balance rationality with feeling or “the head” with “the heart.”21 Though difficult at times, balancing logic with emotion generally requires self-control, an appropriate amount of time for clear and concise thought, a lack of ego, and management of social pressures.22, 23, 24

Above: FIGURE 4



Philosophy Known as Thoth, the Egyptian deity who kept Divine records and served as a mediator, Hermes Trismegistus confirmed that all philosophy in the universe is based upon seven cosmic laws. It is even believed that Hermes transcribed these laws on Emerald tablets so that man would be aware of and follow them.25 Most of his sacred rules are based upon the principle of balance. Case in point, the Principle of Cause and Effect or Karma states that each cause has an effect and each effect has a cause. In essence, each action, positive or negative, requires energy and that same energy must be balanced and return to its original source. Music When considering the splendor and complexity of compositions, musical balance is achieved when the relative level of two or more instruments, voices or sounds blends well.27 Since several instruments generate a more dominant sound, special consideration must be devoted to facilitating impactful and harmonic music. Additionally, synchronization may also be heard when tonal qualities are converged, such as combining light- and dark-sounding instruments, or the strength in the sound of a section (i.e. flutes, saxophones, percussion, etc.) mesh. In essence, musical balance may only be achieved when everyone plays at a predestined, specified level or when strength, volume, and tone are cogitated. Conclusion Though a plethora of other examples exist, the illustrations above were strategically chosen to focus on the fact that harmony is omnipresent and a celestial component of the universe. It is for these reasons that I assert that, from time immemorial, sages and builders alike embraced equanimity and reinforced the consequences of an unbalanced life through their work. Further, in an effort to inform future generations, symbols associated with balance were encrypted intentionally in paintings, architecture, and literature, decipherable only by those who choose to humble themselves, pray or meditate, and study nature, science, literature, history, and spirituality. Therefore, after much internal debate and numerous assessments of my dream, remembering the importance of balance and carefully employing calculated thought and actions should enable one to interpret covert Masonic clues and to discover the one true password for entrance into the Pardes.2,3,4,8,10,11,18,25 Finally, to provide a sensible and simple synopsis of the universality of balance, consider one last question: How may joy and happiness be appreciated without having first experienced some form of pain? So Mote It Be.

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