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LEAKSNews SPRING 2024 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE INDIANA SECTION AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION INSIDE: AWWA Board selects Heather Collins as the next President-elect P.O. Box 127; Brownsburg, IN 46112 Address Service Requested APRIL 8-11, 2024 INDIANAPOLIS INAWWA 116th ANNUAL CONFERENCE
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P.O. Box 127

Brownsburg, IN 46112

Office: 866-213-2796 Fax: 866-215-5966

2023-2024 Board of Trustees


Jaimie Foreman 317-571-4144

CHAIR ELECT Cathy Lance 574-850-4561


Neal McKee 765-648-6420 ext. 4402


John Crider 260-589-2811

DIRECTOR Chris Harrison 574-377-4563


Larry McIntosh 812-358-3654


Josh Castor 765-602-6721

TRUSTEE – SMALL SYSTEM NORTH Justin Shaffer 260-692-6909

TRUSTEE – NORTHWEST DISTRICT Chris Johnsen 219-221-3916


Chad Plummer 574-274-1736


Paul Dicken 317-710-0097

TRUSTEE – SMALL SYSTEM SOUTH Bill Jones 812-350-1732


Jon Craig 812-296-0103


Linda Sanders 317-753-4319

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Direct from the Director

The Future of Indiana Water

I’m down to my last two articles as Director of the Indiana Section of AWWA and I feel we should talk about the future of Indiana water. I’m not talking about next year or five years from now; let’s look at 25 to 50 years into the future. I know what you are thinking; most of us are trying to survive the growing compliance issues and financial demands put before us daily. Many of us will be retired or no longer on this Earth, but don’t you think it is our responsibility, our duty if you will, to start laying the base of the water industry in the state of Indiana? To be the voice for our natural resource – water.

During the rest of my article, I want to give you, my opinion. Yes, I have an opinion. It is mine. Many of you may support or disagree with my perception of steering and protecting our natural resource – water, but again, this article is to stimulate and engage your perception of the future of water in our state of Indiana. So please, do not hesitate to bring up the topic during our next encounter.

My thoughts to develop a sustainable future for our state’s water resources must be a joint effort with all stakeholders revolving around water governance. Outlining the path for securing a sustainable and affordable approach to managing our natural resources by using innovative technology, shifting to watershed thinking, and monitoring to evaluate the impact upon these watersheds.

Let’s look at 25 to 50 years into the future.

As I finish this article, I hope you are pondering my discussion topic. More importantly, I hope you voice your opinion on the value of water within our state.

Developing a governance framework that encourages collaboration and understands the unique characteristics of each watershed region within the state; then seeks an understanding of the influence of climate impact and economic demands; and fosters strategic partnerships that will encourage proper protection of our water resources. Imagine what can be accomplished with the Indiana Section of AWWA leading the direction.

You may or may not agree with me and that is ok. However, if the largest water advocate in the state does not take the lead in sculpting the future of our natural resource – water. Then who will? Who will influence our state legislature in determining the best course of action to responsibly manage and preserve our vital resource – water?

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From Your Small Systems Trustee


Want To Hear From You

This year is moving along as expected. We have already reached April and it is time for the Annual Conference!

Our small systems are always in need of good training opportunities, just as all of our systems in Indiana are. What are the specific topics you are looking forward to? Or what training opportunities would you like to see? This may sound like a broken record, but without the input of our operators, we do not know what it is specifically you would like to see presented. We are always eager to assist or direct you in the right direction, so that you may find the answers you seek. As you know, we tried something a little different at the December 2023 Water Institute. Our table was set up to allow our operators to ask questions that they would like to hear answered at a round table/ panel exercise during our Annual Conference. We did have some excellent questions submitted and have worked diligently to put this program together for you. Please join us on April 9th in Marriott 1-2, Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. to learn from the expert panel during the Small Systems Forum.

We have another table at the Annual Conference and your questions are greatly appreciated. There are also some very knowledgeable and insightful water professionals volunteering to answer any questions you may have or need help with, on hand during the show. We have another table set up at the Annual Conference to assist with your needs, whatever they may be. We are always here, ready to assist you with whatever we can. These classes are to be beneficial to you, our Indiana operators. We want to have presentations that benefit you. Please, let us know what it is you want to hear about so that we may be of better assistance to you and meet the needs you need to have addressed through the various training opportunities within AWWA and the Indiana Section.


Committee Reports

Nominations Committee

Chris Harrison, Chair

The Nominations Committee – consisting of Director, Chris Harrison; Chair, Jamie Foreman; Past-Chair, John Crider; Northwest Trustee, Chris Johnsen; Northeast Trustee, Chad Plummer; Central Trustee, Paul Dicken; Southwest Trustee, Jon Craig; Southeast Trustee, Linda Sanders; Small & Rural System Trustee North, Justin Shaffer; and Small & Rural System Trustee South, Bill Jones – met to review potential candidates to hold office on the 2024-2025 Board of the Indiana Section AWWA. After careful consideration, we are proud to present and recommend the following slate of Officers for the 2024-2025 Indiana Section AWWA Board of Trustees:

Director (3-year appointment) –

Mr. Ed Nugent, Utility Supply Co. (Ed will accept the Director’s position at AWWA ACE 2024)

Chair – Ms. Cathy Lance, Peerless Midwest

Chair-Elect – Mr. Neal McKee, City of Anderson

Vice Chair – Mr. Chris Johnsen, Michigan City

Secretary-Treasurer –

Mr. Larry McIntosh, Jackson County Water

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer –

Mr. Josh Castor, City of Anderson

Small & Rural Systems Trustee North –

Mr. Justin Shaffer, Town of Monroe

Small & Rural Systems Trustee South –

Mr. Bill Jones, Town of Edinburgh

*Moving to the Past Chair will be Ms. Jaimie Foreman, City of Carmel Utilities

We anticipate a vote on this slate of officers at the Annual Conference Membership Business Meeting to occur on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at approximately 12:25 p.m., during the Membership Lunch at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

(325 W. Maryland Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225).

This meeting will be held in Indiana Ballrooms E-H (located on the first floor). Please try to attend this meeting. Each active member representative or Indiana Section Member will be allowed one vote. Conference registration is not required to attend.

If you would like to be considered for future leadership opportunities, on either the Section or District level, please contact me at

Thank you for participating in this important process –this is what makes the Indiana Section great.

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Committee Reports

Awards Committee

At last December’s Water Institute, we recognized several individuals for their contributions to their utilities, the Indiana Section, and the water industry.

After reviewing several excellent nominations, the Section recognized individuals in the four Operator of the Year categories.

Donald “DJ” Bennett was recognized as the Small System Water Operator of the Year. DJ has been with Cicero Utilities for 16 years. In January of 2023, he was appointed Chief Operator. Since then, he has excelled in updating policies and procedures and implementing new training programs.

Steve Lechner of Ferdinand was named the Small System Waste Water Operator of the Year. Steve has been with the Town for 32 years. During that time, Steve has been a dedicated servant of the community and utility. In the last two years, he has dedicated much time and energy to training two apprentices and providing them with the tools to succeed.

John Berry, with Citizens Westfield, was named the 2023 Large System Water Operator of the Year. He is the Lead Operator overseeing the operation of three groundwater treatment plants. In the past few years, he has maintained operations during construction projects and updated training and SOPs for the Utility.

Dallen Hodges , of Citizens Westfield, received the 2023 Large System Waste Water Operator of the Year recognition. Dallen is the Lead Operator for the utility and manages all aspects of operations and maintenance. He has implemented efficiency process updates and updated the Utility’s WW training program.

Congratulations and thank you to these water professionals for going above and beyond in their service to their communities, the state, and the drinking water industry.

Larry Haag received the 2023-24 Hoosier Water Award. He is a project Coordinator for Beam, Longest, and Neff. Larry was an integral part of the IRWA AIMEE Committee and has been very active with the Indiana Section MAC. He took the lead in implementing the Section’s Annual Partner/Sponsor Program and personally secured many of the partners. His hard work has been vital to the continued growth of the Section.

I would like to remind each of you that the Section and the Association have many awards to recognize individual contributions and actions. Below are the websites for some of these. If you know of someone who is deserving of recognition, please reach out to the Awards Committee or one of our Trustees.

To learn more please visit or

After reviewing several excellent nominations, the Section recognized individuals in the four Operator of the Year categories.
| SPRING 2024 12

Committee Reports

Philanthropy Committee

Hello fellow Water Professionals!

Welcome to the Spring update on all things happening with your Philanthropy Committee.

All of our philanthropic activities are moving forward. Our key programs; One AWWA Operator Scholarship, Gambold Education Fund, Bezzozi Grant, and INAWWA’s Youth Water Science Education Grant, are in full operation and numerous awards have been made and new applications are being distributed.

Our committee is exploring the redevelopment of our Section’s Operator Scholarship. The goal is to create a more robust and engaging program that benefits operators and enhances their educational experience.

The Board of Trustees and Philanthropy Committee is promoting our Youth Water Science Educational Grant. This grant is available to Indiana Schools, grades three through eight, to teach and promote the water cycle. Educational classes/programs regarding understanding, protecting, and conserving the supply and quality of our natural resources for both drinking water and wastewater purposes. Typical areas of these projects may include topics like:

• Promotes understanding, protecting, and conserving supply as well as quality of water

• Hydrologic cycle

• Water quality impacts

• Treatment of drinking water

• Treatment of wastewater

• Usage of drinking water

• Usage of recycled water

The Indiana Section AWWA plans to award a total of $7,500 of grants in 2024. The intention is to award three grants, each being from a different area of the state. The typical grant is approximately $2,500.

The committee will meet in person at the Section meeting on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:30 a.m. in the Austin/Boston room.

Our committee is looking to expand its membership as well as select a new Chair and Vice Chair. To achieve this lofty goal, we need your involvement and engagement with and on this committee! Everyone needs to bring a friend and get them to become active participants. Participation with and on this committee will serve to enhance our Section’s endeavors to accomplish our goals of helping others throughout Indiana as well as the world achieve clean and safe water.

Participation with and on this committee will serve to enhance our Section’s endeavors to accomplish our goals of helping others throughout Indiana as well as the world achieve clean and safe water.

The committee desires everyone’s engagement so that we may continue our shared goals to educate students, provide additional training to even more operators, and ensure that our waters here at home remain clean and safe as they have for over a century now.

STORMWATER Building community value through innovative engineering solutions SPRING 2024 | 13
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Committee Reports

Source Water Committee

Involving Customers and Community Members in Source Water Protection

Source water protection programs — efforts to reduce the risk of contamination and overuse of upstream groundwater or surface water sources that feed a water plant — are a valuable approach to long-term success. Whether a utility serves 500 customers or 1 million people, and regardless of whether the plant relies on ground or surface water, source water protection plans (beyond the statutory requirements) help to create a sustainable future for the utility. Investing in the plant by adding improved treatment technologies is a reactive approach. Investing time in source water protection is a proactive approach that leverages community members and their actions to protect drinking water. This focus reduces the need for adding expensive or complicated treatments to mitigate toxic or noxious components in the water and/or finding alternative or new sources of water supply.

Source water protection strategies that incorporate a multi-barrier approach are more likely to succeed than ones that focus only on one or two key areas. The components of a successful source water protection program include:

• Make source water protection a high priority.

• Clearly identify and communicate the most critical threats to your source water.

• Partner with your community.

• Build on existing issues and programs. What other efforts are going on that focus on clean water or conservation of water?

• Create a viable action plan that guides and motivates implementation.

• Celebrate successes and look toward the next step. Keep the momentum moving forward. With a few crucial changes in customer messaging, involving the staff in community conservation efforts, talking about the importance of safe drinking water, and partnering with other water professionals (stormwater, wastewater, surveyor and drainage experts), you can take source water protection efforts to the next level immediately without creating a formal plan.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is communication. Sometimes it may seem as though communicating with the public only draws negative attention to the system. Likely, the public only sees communications about bills, service interruptions, boil orders, or uninterpretable Consumer Confidence Reports. If you communicate the value of source water protection, how to get involved, and what you as the water provider is doing, you gain trust from the community

that you are also concerned about providing clean and reliable drinking water. Always make sure to put a positive spin on what you do for the community and show how you are trying to make efforts to reduce costs, bring in financial assistance, protect the environment, or take proactive efforts to provide clean water. Showing that drinking water protection takes us all, involves the community in decision making and gives them a feeling that “we are all in this together.” This is likely the most important of the components listed above and is a first step to working with the community to address source water protection.

If you would like some additional resources or guidance on adopting a source water protection program, please reach out to someone on the Source Water Protection Committee of the Indiana Section, AWWA; or email our committee chair, Ginger Davis, at

NEW TANKS (270) 826-9000 ext. 2601 EXISTING TANKS (270) 826-9000 ext. 4601 SPRING 2024 | 15

Committee Reports

Golf Committee

Come join us on July 31 for our 28th Annual INAWWA Golf Outing at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Indianapolis.

In addition to our usual contests and games, we’ll again hold our ugly golf shirt contest for prizes.

The 60-team roster will fill up fast so get your registration forms in as soon as possible. For your convenience, online registration and forms are available at>Events>Golf Outing.

Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a 10:00 a.m. shotgun start. Lunch is also provided. Following golf, enjoy our dinner buffet with prizes.

There will be a Water Ball contest, a putting contest, and par 3 prize holes will highlight the event again this year.

We hope to see you there to support the two great causes – the One Indiana Operator Scholarship Fund and Water For People.

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Committee Reports

Safety Committee

As we approach the AWWA Indiana Section Annual Conference, we would like to give operators one last chance to take a spin on the Safety Wheel.

The safety wheel has been around for a few decades and has become quite familiar to those who make the annual trek to the Annual Conference and visit the safety booth. Although it has served a great purpose in helping to educate safety within the water industry, we recognize that there are other methods to engage operators. Please come celebrate with us by spinning the wheel one last time. To update the booth to newer technologies, we will be having an additional drawing. We are encouraging visitors to the booth to complete a survey of what type of safety challenge they would like to have at the booth going forward. We will randomly draw a name from all completed surveys and that person will receive a special prize. We look forward to celebrating the retirement of the safety wheel in April!

We also wanted to make everyone aware of an AWWA award. The Wendell R. Ladue Award is presented annually to recognize distinguished water utility safety programs. Our Section was lucky enough to have one of its utilities win this prestigious national award (Jasper Municipal Water Utility) in 2018. We had no utility apply for the award within our Section this year, but wanted to make sure that members know that they can start gathering data for the next application that will be out in January 2025. There is an application on the website if you need guidance on the type of information needed for the application. Four award classes available are based on the number of employees within the utility. If you are interested in this award and have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Safety Committee. We are more than happy to guide you through the application process.

SPRING 2024 | 17

Committee Reports

Small Systems Committee

The INAWWA Small Systems Committee will conduct a Small System Operator Forum at the Annual Conference in April that will consist of a panel of committee members to address issues for water and wastewater, water distribution, water, and wastewater treatment, maintenance for water and wastewater, laboratory procedures and issues for water and

Committee Reports

MAC Committee

The MAC is getting ready for the 2024 Annual Conference at the Marriott in downtown Indy. Registration is open and filling up quickly. We have over 140 booths registered for the exhibit hall to date and will be full again this year. Many thanks to the exhibiting vendors for making our annual conference one of the best of the AWWA Sections! It is always good to get


a full-line distributor of water and sewer supplies.

Authorized distributor for:

…and many more.

Download our line card at 888-485-7018

wastewater, wastewater collection, etc.

The forum will cover topics important to small systems both water and wastewater. Asset management, water loss, sustainable management, financial management, and available support as well as general compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Ac t will be topics of discussion; followed by a

round table open conversation and Q&A session with representatives to talk about funding, regulatory issues, and day to day operations.

If you have questions that relate to these topics, please join us during the conference on April 9 at 3:45 p.m. in Marriott 1-2 to engage in this enlightening conversation.

together and learn about new products and what is going on in the water industry.

A special thanks to our annual sponsors! The Indiana Section appreciates the dedication our vendors contribute to the IN-AWWA success.

We will have a new reception on Wednesday night this year offsite at the Nevermore! We hope everyone can attend and enjoy some beverages and good times. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference, travel safe!

| SPRING 2024 18

Committee Reports

Young Professionals Committee

We want to thank all of our volunteers who donated to the Anna’s House Adopt-a-Family Program this past Christmas season! We had many gifts to give to the family, and they were beyond surprised. The smiles on their faces as gifts were delivered will not be forgotten. We encourage you to participate this Christmas to experience such great joy and see those wonderful smiles again.

The 2024 INAWWA Young Professionals Committee Sponsorship Program kicked off in January. Your contributions will give YPs opportunities to hold a social event at the INAWWA Annual Conference, fund future networking

events, sponsor a YP to attend the AWWA/ WEF Young Professionals Summit, help college/university students get involved with Student Chapters, and much more. In addition, we offer perks for each level of sponsorship. Please email us if you are interested in being a sponsor!

In collaboration with the IWEA Young Professionals Committee, we will be hosting a social event in early March for those committee members who are local to the Indianapolis area. Any distant YP Committee members are more than welcome to join us. In addition, we will be hosting a Virtual Lunch & Learn, presented by ADS Pipe, in late March.

Committee Reports

Water Utility Council Committee

The Water Utility Council recently transitioned chair positions with Scott Miller from Baker Tilly completing his term and Justin Schneider from Indiana American Water assuming the role. The WUC has also undergone changes in membership over the last year with several members transitioning out of the water utility space or moving to new roles. There is a need for new members representing water utilities. The WUC is looking to add representatives of a wide spectrum, but there is a definite need

for representatives of small municipal systems and rural systems. If you would like to talk about legislative and regulatory policy and think it would be a good fit for you or someone on your team, please reach out to Justin at

The Indiana General Assembly kicked off the legislative session on January 8. The WUC has discussed bills and has been actively working on behalf of the water utilities in Indiana to support sound policy. The session officially ended on March 14 but there has been

We are looking forward to the 2024 INAWWA Annual Conference in Downtown Indianapolis, and hosting a YP Track once again. The INAWWA YP Reception will take place on April 10, 2024, at 6:00 p.m., following the YP Committee meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Lastly, if you are interested in joining or learning more about the Young Professionals Committee and are under 35 years old or have been in the industry for 10 years or less, please reach out to for more information.

a stated goal of ending on March 8. A recap of the session will be provided in the next WUC update.

Planning is also underway for the AWWA fly-in to Washington DC in April. Five members of the Indiana Section will be heading to DC to represent the Indiana Section. It is anticipated that the conversations with the Indiana congressional delegation will focus on PFAS, source water protection, cybersecurity, and affordability. Look for more details on those visits in the next WUC update.

The WUC is looking to add representatives of a wide spectrum, but there is a definite need for representatives of small municipal systems and rural systems.
SPRING 2024 | 19

Committee Reports

Competitions Committee

With the Annual Conference in full swing, we look ahead to ACE24 and the Competitions finale. Congratulations to our Meter Challenge Competition winner as well as our Hydrant Hysteria winners! We had excellent competitions at Water Institute in both of our competition categories. Be sure to cheer these competitors on as they prepare to compete at ACE24 in Anaheim, CA.

The times that were put down in both the Meter Competition as well as Hydrant Hysteria, at Water Institute, are sure to be very competitive times for the competitions at ACE. Looking ahead to ACE, be sure to check the competitions schedule on the website to verify the day or days, you will be competing. The Meter Challenge Competition, which has been held on Monday for the past several

years, has been moved to Tuesday. Hydrant Hysteria will also start on Tuesday. Best of luck to our Section winners, as they advance to the National competitions in June.

We are very excited and looking forward to these Competitions again this Fall at our district meetings. There is always room for new competitors, and we encourage your involvement. Sign up today!

Looking ahead to ACE, be sure to check the competitions schedule on the website to verify the day or days, you will be competing.

Committee Reports

Water Loss Committee

Paul Dicken, Chair & Audi Findley, Vice Chair

The Philanthropy Committee has held monthly virtual meetings during the year. We have been planning for numerous events this year and team members recently presented at the Water Institute in December, conducted Validator Certification Water Loss Audit Training classes in Plainfield and will be hosting a quarterly series of webinars that began on March 6. We will be having several more virtual meetings in the future and

the committee is also planning to present at the Annual Conference in April. The short-term goals that we continue to work on:

• Webinars for May 1 and July 17.

• IFA Educational Support –via examples of policies; operational and billing, code changes.

• Training for utilities – Planning underway for quarterly webinars.

• Future Activity with IDEM –assisting with transitional processes and the Real Loss %.

• Strategic Recruiting to obtain a few more members from the districts that represent the smaller utilities. We are currently at 10 members.

• Prepare for training presentations, workshops, webinars, and conferences.

We will be having several more virtual meetings in the future and the committee is also planning to present at the Annual Conference in April.
| SPRING 2024 20




Marriot Hotel in downtown Indianapolis

Technical sessions are planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning will feature our annual legislative session along with hot breakfast. Many networking opportunities will take place in the evenings both on site at reception Tuesday (Fuller Award presentation) and Wednesday evening and also off site around downtown. Join our Young Professionals on Wednesday night.

A benefit raffle for Water for People will take place again this year. We are taking nominations for the Bonna Burns Excellence in Administration Award and offering IRWA Gambold Education Fund scholarships, as well as the Besozzi Youth Grant.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in Indianapolis!

Location: Indianapolis Marriot Downtown, 350 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

21 SPRING 2024 |

116th INAWWA Annual Conference


** MONDAY, April 8 **

3:00p - 7:00

Registration 1

Exhibitor sign in & set up Non-Registered Attendees - Register

Registration 2

Registered Attendees

** TUESDAY, April 9 **

Exhibits Open: 8:00a - 5:30p

Registration Open: 7:15a

8:00a - 9:35

Opening Ceremonies


Visiting AWWA Dignitary Keynote

9:35 - 10:15 Break - Exhibit Hall Open!

10:15 - 11:45 Sessions

12:00p - 1:30 Lunch

Sponsored by

1:30 - 3:00 Sessions

3:00 - 3:45 Break - Exhibit Hall Open!

3:45 - 5:15 Sessions

5:30 - 6:30 Fuller Reception

Sponsored by

8:00 - 11:00 Utility Supply Co. Party Slippery Noodle


Denver Room

Tuesday - 8:00a - 5:00p & Wednesday - 8:00a - Noon


** WEDNESDAY, April 10 **

Exhibits Open: 8:00a - 3:45p

Registration Open: 7:15a

8:00a - 9:30 Sessions

9:30 - 10:15 Break - Exhibit Hall Open!

10:15 - 11:45 Sessions

12:00p - 1:30 Lunch

Sponsored by

1:30 - 3:00 Sessions

3:00 - 3:45 Break - Exhibit Hall Open!

3:45 Exhibit Hall Tear Down

3:45 - 5:15 Sessions

6:00 - 8:00

Social Cantina Young Professionals Reception

6:00 - 10:00

Conference Connection Reception at Nevermore

Sponsored by

** THURSDAY, April 11 **

Registration Open: 7:15a

8:00 - 8:30 Breakfast

Sponsored by

8:30 - 10:00

Legislative & Regulatory Sessions

Committee Chair for Committee Meeting schedule
| SPRING 2024 22

Indiana Section AWWA 116th Annual Conference 2024 Technical Program

Education/Contact Hour Key: WT- Water Technical CEU; WWG- Wastewater General CEU; WWT- Wastewater Technical CEU; PDH - Engineer Professional Development Hour; V-Validator Room

Marriott 1-2

8:00 am to 8:15 am

8:15 am to 8:45 am

8:45 am to 9:35 am

Marriott 3-4

INAWWA Annual Conference Opening Session

Moderator: Chris Harrison - INAWWA Director

Welcome to INAWWA Annual Conference 2024 Jaimie Foreman, INAWWA Chair, Board of Trustees Opening Ceremony

Visiting AWWA Dignitary, Welcome and Association Updates Joe Jacangelo, AWWA Immediate Past President


Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, at the Midway Point: How to Best Position Your Utility for Incentives, Scott Hadler, Baker Tilly ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0) Opening Session, sponsored by: HWC Engineering

9:35 am to 10:15 am Break – Visit the Exhibit Hall

Room Indiana A-D

10:15 am to 10:45 am

10:45 am to 11:15 am

11:15 am to 11:45 am

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Small Town Tackling Numerous Utility Issues - Town of Monroe Project

Benjamin Schroeder, Wessler Engineering ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Correcting Problems of the Past: The New Lincoln Booster Station

Jason Hoff, HNTB ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Construction Challenges & Growing Pains with the New Greensburg WTP

Darren Burkhart, HNTB ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Marriott 1-2

Decoding the Lead & Copper Rule Improvements for Water Systems in Indiana

Karen Casteloes, Arcadis ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Citizens' Corrosion Control Study

Preparing for the LCRR & LCRI

Brean Cooper, Citizens Energy Group ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Behind the Curtain of Predictive Modeling for Service Line Inventories

Hannah Myers, Black & Veatch ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Marriott 3-4


Understanding ISO Fire Suppression Rating ScheduleWater Supply Evaluation

Tyler Olsen, Verisk ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Flowing Forward Navigating the Waters of Hydraulic Modeling for Water Utilities

Carl Frey, Egis BLN ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Membership Lunch / Awards Presentation, sponsored by: National Water Services

Lessons Learned from Biosolids Drying

Travis Maupin, Strand Associates ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Synergy Between Solar Energy & Wastewater Treatment Scott Nelson, Telamon Energy ( WT / PDH:0.5; WW: 0.5)

Room Indiana A-D Marriott 1-2 Marriott 3-4 Lincoln


Water Tank & Tower Inspection

Dan Morrow, Maguire Iron ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

Reinventing the Business Case for AMI

Kristine Lavelle, Arcadis ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

Water Loss Presentation 101

Sarah Hudson, Indiana Finance Authority; INAWWA Water

Committee ( WT / PDH:

Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator
& Copper Distribution Wastewater Technical
Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator
Management Plans Lasting
Track 2
Tanks Today AMI Tech Water Loss
to 2:00 pm Asset
LaReau & Amy Mendoza,
Engineers ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)
1.0; WW: 1.0; V: 1.0) 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm Internal Financial Management Ross Hagen, Baker Tilly ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) Cellular Antenna Installation on Water Storage Tanks Aman Anand, Tank Industry Consultants ( WT / PDH: 0.5) Digital Transformation Enables Smart Water Initiatives Jason Riley, Rockwell Automation ( WT / PDH: 0.5) 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm More Than Just Alarming - Modern Monitoring Solutions Help Utilities Optimize Assets with Data Kevin Stock, Streametric ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) Water Storage Tank Maintenance Paul Spitzley, Dixon Engineering ( WT / PDH: 0.5) Trends in the Evolution of AMI Networks & Technology John Reiner, Neptune Tech Group ( WT / PDH: 0.5) Water Loss Round Table Paul Dicken, Indiana Finance Authority; INAWWA Water Loss Committee ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5; V:0.5) Room Texas/Michigan Engineering Ethics Moderator Volunteer Moderator 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Engineering Ethics Jeffrey Kraft, Drewrey, Simmons & Vornheim ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Indiana Statutes of Engineers

Jeffrey Kraft, Drewrey, Simmons & Vornheim ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Track 3 Small Systems Forum Asset Protection IFA Regional Planning

Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator

3:45 pm to 4:15 pm

4:15 pm to 4:45 pm

4:45 pm to 5:15 pm

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Small Systems Forum

Jeremy Hardy, INAWWA Small Systems Committee ( WT / PDH: 1.5; WW: 1.5)

An Overview of the Utility Coordination Process to Protect Existing Assets

Aquil Janwari, Citizens Energy Group ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Central Canal Aqueduct Rehab Reconstruction of a Critical Component of Citizens Water Supply Infrastructure

Paul Johnson, Citizens Energy Group ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Fuller Reception, sponsored by Wessler Engineering & Bastin Logan Water Services

State-wide Roundtable of IFA Regional Planning Groups

Sarah Hudson, Indiana Finance Authority ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

*This schedule is subject to change **All CEUs Pending Approval *** Be sure to Scan the Landing Page QR Code at Registration for most Current info

Education/Contact Hour Key: WT- Water Technical CEU; WWG- Wastewater General CEU; W WT- Wastewater Technical CEU; PDH - Engineer Professional Development Hour; V-Validator

Room Indiana F-G

8:30 am to 9:00 am

9:00 am to 9:30 am


You Bet They Can!

Graham Mattison, Core & Main ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Intelligent Infrastructure Begins with Operational Data Alignment Walking to Basics Before Running to Automation

Audi Findley, Waterly ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Marriott 1-2

Lessons from Maui Hawaii after the Deadliest Wildfire Incident in Modern US History

Andrew Whelton, Purdue ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Dirty Water Importance of Unidirectional Hydrant Flushing Whitney Weidenbenner, RQAW ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)


300,000 Times a Year a Water Main Breaks - Why?

Tom Fraklin, Culy Contracting ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Corrosion Control Methods in Ductile Iron Pipe

Dave Emmerich, US Pipe ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

10:15 am to

3rd Party Asset Management Programs & Custom Solutions

Jeff Witmer,

Drinking Water Utility Roadmap to Comply with the Proposed PFAS Regulation

Amanda Canida, Black & Veatch ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

Clear Choices, Clean Water for Source Water Protection Ginger Davis, INAWWA Source Water Committee ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

How Granular Activated Carbon Became a Lifeline for Two Communities

Jake Meinerding, Jones & Henry Engineers ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Intelligent Infrastructure Water
Distribution Maintenance Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator
Track 1
8:00 am to 8:30 am Water Meters Can't Find Distribution Main Leaks, Can They?
Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall Room Indiana A-D Marriott 1-2 Marriott
Indiana F-G Track 2 Management PFAS Source Water Case Studies Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator
am to 10:15 am
USG Water Solutions ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)
10:45 am to 11:15 am Inflation and Rising Costs: How to Adjust Rates and Changes Alex Hilt, Baker Tilly ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) De-Risking Groundwater Supply Investments in the Age of PFAS Patrick Jurcek & Beronica LeeBrand, INTERA ( WT / PDH: 0.5) Partnering for Source Water with the Nature Conservancy Joe Schmees, The Nature Conservancy ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) 11:15 am to 11:45 am Bond Market Update and Current Trends in Utility Financing Mitchell Eschweiler, Baker Tilly ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) Breaking Down PFAS & the Impact of the USEPA Regulation of Drinking Water Systems Scott Wothke, CDM Smith ( WT / PDH: 0.5) Source Water Protection Road Map William Bloomquist, The White River Alliance ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5) Can Total Productive Maintenance Save Utilities: Examples in Action John Clark, City of Ft Wayne (Retired), Optimum Operations Services ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)
116th Annual Conference 2024 Technical Program Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm Marriott 1-2 Marriott 3-4 Lincoln Tuesday, April 9, 2024 Wednesday, April 10, 2024 Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall 116th ANNUAL CONFERENCE SPRING 2024 | 25
Indiana Section AWWA

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Indiana Section AWWA 116th Annual Conference 2024 Technical Program

Lunch in the Exhibit Hall, sponsored by: American Structurepoint

Room Indiana A-D Indiana F-G Marriott 3-4

Track 3 Lead Compliance AMR / AMI Wastewater 2

Moderators Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator

1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

2:00 pm to 2:30 pm

2:30 pm to 3:00 pm

3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Digital Tools Accelerating LCRR Compliance Da Yu, Trinnex ( WT/ PDH: 0.5)

Building an Effective Lead Service Line Replacement Program in Indiana Erica Walker, Arcadis ( WT/ PDH: 0.5)

The Latest in Lead Service Line Replacement Design and Construction

Tom Nagle, Robinson Engineering ( WT/ PDH: 0.5)

Go Beyond Meter Reading: Maximize the Potential of Your Metering Data Gustavo Jiminez, Neptune Tech Group ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

Meter Discussion AMI / AMR - Expert Panel Ben Christiansen, Utility Supply ( WT / PDH: 1.0)

Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generation: A Safe & Cost Effective Solution for Disinfection

Tom Caulfield, PSI Water Technologies ( WT / PDH / WW: 1.0)

Digital Twin in Action How it Helps with CSO Management Da Yu, Trinnex ( WT / WW: 0.5)

Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall

Room Indiana F-G Marriott 1-2 Marriott 3-4

3:45 pm to 4:15 pm

4:15 pm to 4:45 pm

4:45 pm to 5:15 pm

PVC Pressure Pipe 101 Materials & Best Practices Angie Bidlack, Westlake Pipe & Fittings ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Engineering and Constructing the Largest SBR in the State Derek Davidson, F.A. Wilhelm; Nicholas Dezelan, City of Greenfield ( WT / PDH: 0.5 / WW: 0.5)

Young Professionals & Water Well Drilling in Indiana

Katelynn Shail, Peerless Midwest ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

Improving Communication Through Technology

Teddy Deahl, Bowen Engineering ( WT / PDH: 0.5)

A Gen Z'ers Perspective

Carbon, the GOAT of Water Treatment

John Dailey, Brenntag ( WT / PDH: 0.5; WW: 0.5)

Automate Work Order Processes

Using Smart Phone

Christopher Kercher, SPMR ( WT / PDH: 1.0; WW: 1.0)

Track 4 Pipes & Plants Young Professionals At the Plant Moderators Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator Volunteer Moderator
pm to 10:00 pm Catch the Free Shuttle to our Reception at Nevermore, hosted with Peerless Midwest; M.E. Simpson Co.; and Wessler Engineering
schedule is subject to change **All CEUs Pending Approval *** Be sure to Scan the Landing Page QR Code at Registration for most Current info Education/Contact Hour Key: WT- Water Technical CEU; WWG- Wastewater General CEU; WWT- Wastewater Technical CEU; PDH - Engineer Professional Development Hour Room Marriott Ballroom 7-10 8:00 am to 8:30 am Breakfast sponsored by: Commonwealth Engineers Track Legislation and Water Moderator Justin Schnieder, Chair INAWWA Water Utility Council 8:30 am to 10:00 am Regulatory & Legislative Update Recap of Indiana Finance Authority Funding & Opportunities for 2024 Jim McGoff, COO & Director of Environmental Programs, Indiana Finance Authority 2024 State Legislative Session and DC Update Justin Schnieder, Director of Consumer Affairs, Indiana American Water Bridget O’Connor, Senior Manager, Government and External Affairs, Citizens Energy Group Source of Supply Planning and Consideration Speakers Yet to be Finalized as of Publication ( WT / PDH: 1.5; WW: 1.5) *This schedule is subject to change **All CEUs Pending Approval *** Be sure to Scan the Landing Page QR Code at Registration for most Current info Wednesday, April 10, 2024 Thursday, April 11, 2024
the Water Industry Ryan Gansemer, HNTB ( WT / PDH: 0.5) 6:00

Indiana Section AWWA thanks our … 2024 ANNUAL CONFERENCE SPONSORS whose generosity helps support INAWWA in its mission of service to Indiana’s water and wastewater utilities throughout the year.


RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS Learn more on Connect with us Protecting our natural environment and water resources while powering our world for future generations Arcadis locations 111 West Berry Street, Suite 211 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 +1 260 424 0401 55 Monument Circle, Suite 300B Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 +1 317 231 6500 Arcadis. Improving quality of life. FULL-SERVICE ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING FIRM OUR UTILITY INFRASTRUCTURE EXPERTS SPECIALIZE IN WASTEWATER STORMWATER DRINKING WATER NATURAL GAS | SPRING 2024 28

Recipients must have been employed for 25 years or more in some phase of production or distribution in the waterworks field, servicing the citizens of Indiana. Although service does not need to be in an uninterrupted span or one community, it must have been with Indiana Waterworks.

Service in the Armed Forces of our country is counted as time employed if the employee left the waterworks field for military duty and returned immediately after that period of duty.

An employee whose time has been divided among several utilities (i.e., water, gas, electric) must have devoted at least 75% of his/her time to the waterworks department unless he did all the work in the water department that was to do.

Employees of the Department of Environmental Management, consulting engineers, manufacturers’ representatives, or others not directly employed by a community water department are not eligible for the award. Included among those eligible would-be superintendents or operators directly responsible for water supplies and treatment plants of state institutions who meet all other requirements as stated herein, and water utility office personnel and other related jobs; e.g., meter readers.

Recipients are nominated by their respective superintendents. The superintendent submits to the Indiana Section AWWA John N. Hurty Service Award Committee the name of the

John N. Hurty Awards are due every year on June 1. Please turn in your nominees that have been in the industry for 25 years +. These awards are a great reminder to celebrate and congratulate our colleagues. We will present the John Hurty Awards at your Fall District Meetings. Please continue to check back on our website to find out when your district meeting will be held.Please send the employee’s name, employee start date, and which year pin is due (25, 30, 35, 40, 45, etc) to:

employee, date of employment, years of employment (including interruptions in service, if any, with specific dates of separation and return to duty, date of birth, utility and IN Section AWWA district), positions occupied during the years of service and position currently held. If years of service within the waterworks field included more than one water department, list all utilities with dates of service to each utility.

A John N. Hurty Service Award certificate, signed by the Governor and the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Management, and a lapel

pin are given to all eligible recipients at the American Water Works Association Fall District Meetings. An advanced lapel pin is given to those eligible for each additional five-year period of service. For example, a certificate and pin are given for the first 25-year period, followed by a 30-, 35-, 40-, 45-year, etc. button as earned thereafter. If the employee’s name was not turned in until the individual had served 31 years, the individual would receive a certificate showing the date and his/her 31 years of service but receive only a 30-year pin. In four years, the individual would receive a 35-year pin.

Conditions Governing the
Never Take risks wiTh whaT you’re made of 260-563-3171 Ford Meter Box will never compromise the quality of our brass products or alloy because communities around the world depend on them for reliable delivery of clean water. Ford’s underground services endure for generations because of what they’re made of. made SPRING 2024 | 29
Presentation of
John N. Hurty Service Award

George E. Booth Co. offers a variety of solutions that cover all your process and control needs. Whether you need help from our UL - listed panel shop, SCADA support, calibration technicians or assistance sizing and selecting the correct instruments and valves, we have a complete team of engineers ready to assist.



DUCTILE IRON. A pipe isn’t just about moving water from here to there. It also needs to safeguard generations to come. Our ductile iron pipes are made from more than 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable at the end of its service life. AMERICAN iron pipe is more than the superior long-term choice. Our pipe delivers toughness, superior performance, and lower life-cycle costs, which means AMERICAN also delivers on an ironclad promise to the future.

offer a blend of classroom and
training on our
full-scale, working process skid
online instrumentation and controls.
A2LA Accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 Certifications 24/7 Emergency Service Available An authorized partner of
multifaceted, state-of-the-art Instrumentation Training. Our courses
Process Training Unit, a
We Offer Training
Service Technicians Custom Valve Assembly
System Integration
Trap Audits Loop Checks & Verification
Panel Fabrication Lab/Factory Calibration Site Start-up/Commissioning Industrial/Control Valve Maintenance Our Services A M E R I C A N - U S A . C O M 1 - 2 0 5 - 3 2 5 - 7 7 0 1

Agency Updates

AWWA Board selects Heather Collins as the next President-elect

Heather Collins, a 32-year member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Assistant Chief of Operations with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles, is AWWA’s next President-elect.

“I was excited,” she said of hearing her name announced during the January 13 AWWA Board election. “It’s something I’ve been envisioning for myself and my goals. It was just an honor to hear my name and have the opportunity to be in this volunteer leadership position.”

Collins’ term as President-elect begins this June after AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE24). Her term as President begins in June 2025 following that of current President-elect Cheryl Porter, who is Chief Operating Officer of water and field services at Great Lakes Water Authority in Detroit. Porter’s term as President begins following ACE24 in Anaheim, California, when she’ll be handed the gavel by current AWWA President Pat Kerr.

Collins currently sits on AWWA’s Board of Directors and is a member of the Water Utility Council. She previously served as an AWWA Vice President and a member of the Technical and Educational Council. She has been an active member of the California/Nevada Section since joining in 1992.

She holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from Loyola Marymount University and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona.

In addition to advancing Association initiatives like Water 2050 and the 2030 Strategic Plan, Collins plans to focus her efforts on strengthening public trust, connecting with untapped stakeholders within and outside the water sector,

and helping younger professionals realize how diverse and fulfilling a water sector career can be.

“I really want to focus on building that public trust,” Collins said. “I think there’s greater space in the collective to have a unified or uniform voice together to raise this. It’s a really interesting time with water in the media and in the public. Everyone is starting to pay more attention to water and think about water in so many ways.”

“It’s a really interesting time with water in the media and in the public. Everyone is starting to pay more attention to water and think about water in so many ways.”
SPRING 2024 | 31
RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS IS THE “USUAL WAY” STRESSING YOU OUT? Kokosing is a leader in using Indiana’s other procurement codes to solve challenges of schedule, phasings, sophisticated technology, and sensitive environments. Serving All Of Indiana Matt Coridal , LEED AP 317-866-1167 | SPRING 2024 32

ACE24 Registration Now Open

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) presents an opportunity to help transform water’s future on June 10-13 during its 2024 Annual Conference & Expo (ACE24) in Anaheim, California.

Water is the world’s most vital resource. There is no replacement. At ACE, we come together to discuss and plan for the serious issues that will transform the future of water. Together, we will make an impact that will determine the trajectory of our planet. Attend ACE and collectively, we will transform the future of water.

Early registration for the 143rd annual event is available through April 20, with more than 10,000 attendees expected to come together to learn, collaborate, and explore the latest solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the water sector.

ACE24 highlights include:

• Hundreds of educational sessions covering the latest in water information, solutions, and best practices.

• An expansive exhibit hall showcasing the newest water sector solutions and innovations.

• An Innovation Hub highlighting cutting-edge advancements.

• Pre-conference workshops and facility tours for hands-on learning experiences.

• Numerous networking events to connect with peers and sector leaders.

• Exciting competitions and thoughtprovoking keynotes.

• A job and career fair for professionals seeking new opportunities.

• The opportunity to earn AWWA Certificates of Completion.

Co-hosted by the California-Nevada Section of the AWWA, this year’s conference is themed, “Transforming Our Water Future,” focusing on challenges and innovative solutions in the water sector. The theme will be reflected throughout the conference, from educational sessions to workshops and keynote events.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the US Safe Drinking Water Act, a landmark legislation that has significantly improved the quality of drinking water for millions of Americans. ACE24 will celebrate this milestone with special events and sessions highlighting the Act’s impact and ongoing efforts to ensure safe and reliable water for all.

Participants can register for the conference at

As well as registration options and fees for members, non-members, pre-conference workshops, tours, public officials, and registration category inclusions.

Attendees should note that, unlike previous years, ACE24 will run from pre-conference workshops on Monday, June 10, through Thursday, June 13, instead of Sunday through Wednesday. More conference details, including the educational program, will be released in the coming months.

RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS water wastewater stormwater support services Proudly providing Fluid thinking to Indiana communities from our offices in Fort Wayne, IN • Carmel, IN • Cincinnati, OH 260-440-8301 get 1-800-359-3570 8824 Union Mills Drive, Camby, IN 46113 Best Water Water Solutions Unlimited has been in business for over 30 years mastering water treatment and troubleshooting to assure the best quality water for your town. ✔ On-site testing and treatment for drinking water ✔ On-site testing and treatment for wastewater ✔ Industrial commodities ✔ Disinfection by-products solutions ✔ Agricultural chemicals ✔ Corrosion control studies All of our water specialists are trained to work with you to develop a water program that works best for your system! | SPRING 2024 34

Upcoming Events & Activities

Please visit our website – – for details and registration information. Water and Wastewater Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are to be approved by IDEM. Well, Driller and Pump Installer hours are to be approved by IDNR, as applicable. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for engineers are available, as applicable. Other events are being planned, so please check our website regularly, or call our office at 866-213-2796 for updates.


May 9

May 16

May 17

June 26

Southeast District Spring Meeting –Batesville

Northeast District Spring Meeting –Butler

Northwest District Spring Meeting –White Hawk Country Club – Crown Point

Northeast District Meeting –Fort Wayne Tin Caps Baseball Game

Spring 2024 District meetings are still being finalized. A few have been scheduled – see above at our Upcoming District Event Listing.

Please contact Megan Fleming at 317-446-4237/ to host an event or suggest a topic for a workshop.

RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS Office locations: IN, KY, TN, & WV 9001 N. Wesleyan Road, Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46268 | (317) 347-3650 To view open positions, visit SPRING 2024 | 35
RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS Through AWWA members’ collective knowledge, our Government Affairs office informs decision makers on legislative and regulatory issues. We support effective measures that protect public health by advocating for sensible laws, regulations, programs and policies. We Make Water Policy A Priority Together We Protect Public Health DENVER • WASHINGTON, DC • INDIA Join AWWA today and benefit from our advocacy for your future. WITH CUSTOMER SELF-SERVICE The more they can see, the more they can save. Help customers conserve precious water with a self-serve solution: the Neptune® My360™ consumer portal. They can view their consumption anytime, from anywhere, and make decisions that save water and money. | SPRING 2024 36

Advertiser Product & Service Center

NewsLeaks is made possible by the companies below who convey their important messages on our pages. We thank them for their support of INAWWA and its publication and encourage you to contact them when making your purchasing decisions. To make it easier to contact these companies, we have included the page number of their advertisement, their phone number, and, where applicable, their website. You can also go to the electronic version of NewsLeaks at and access direct links to any of these companies.

COMPANY PAGE TELEPHONE WEBSITE AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe 30 205-325-7701 American Structurepoint, Inc. 28 317-547-5580 Arcadis U.S., Inc. 28 317-231-6500 AUMA Actuators, Inc. 8 724-743-2862 Bastin-Logan Water Services 10 317-738-4577 Baxter & Woodman, Inc. 13 815-459-1260 Brenntag Mid-South 16 812-454-4658 Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. 32 317-888-1177 Core & Main 14 317-545-6088 Curry & Associates, Inc. 8 317-745-6995 Dixon Engineering, Inc. 28 616-374-3221 Dresser Utility Solutions 38 800-521-1114 Egis Group 17 317-849-5832 E.J. Prescott 2 800-357-2447 Ford Meter Box Company 29 260-563-3171 George E. Booth Co., Inc. 30 317-247-0100 GRW Engineers, Inc. 35 317-347-3650 Hawkins 4 877-418-3330 HWC Engineering 14 317-347-3663 Induron Protective Coatings 9 205-324-9584 Integra Clear Co 7 800-322-6646 Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd. 34 419-473-9611 Kokosing Industrial, Inc. 32 317-891-1136 Lewis Municipal Sales 38 317-606-0554 M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. 6 800-255-1521 Mission Communications, LLC 4 877-993-1911 National Water Services, LLC 8 812-723-2108 Neptune Technology Group Inc. 36 800-633-8754 Ortman Drilling & Water Services 11 765-459-4125 Peerless-Midwest, Inc. 40 574-254-9050 Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group Inc. 15 270-826-9000 S & K Equipment Company, Inc. 3 812-886-0245 Strand Associates, Inc. 38 812-372-9911 Triad Associates, Inc. 38 317-377-5230 USG Water Solutions 39 855-526-4413 Waller's, Inc. 18 888-485-7018 Water Solutions Unlimited, Inc. 34 800-359-3570 Wessler Engineering 31 317-788-4551 SPRING 2024 | 37
RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENTS 12 Locations Nationwide Excellence in Engineering SM 812.372.9911 Multidisciplinary firm serving public and private sectors “Proudly Serving Indiana Municipalities since 1975!” Providing specialty tools and equipment for water and wastewater professionals since 1999. Let us help you find the right tools for your project today! | SPRING 2024 38






Proven Expertise Delivered Locally An ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company Jeff Witmer | Chad Johnson 855-526-4413 Contact Your Local Water System Consultant -
Quality in Distribution Systems
water mixers
removal systems
residual control systems
& concrete tanks |
Asset Management steel
treatment plants pipes | meters
Metering Services
Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
| managed
smart meters
services performance guarantees

Celebrating 50 Years of Better Water

Peerless Midwest was founded in 1973 in a small shop in the then small community of Granger Indiana. We opened the doors with just 11 employees, a few pieces of equipment, and a belief that a commitment to utilizing the latest technologies would best serve our customers, and us, in the long run.

Fifty years later, we’re employeeowned (since 2021), and find ourselves employing over 100 water supply and repair professionals working out of 6 offices in 4 states. We’ll be forever appreciative of our success, and thankful to the special relationships we’ve enjoyed with our customers and employees that helped make it possible.

Water Supply Services

• Well Drilling

• Well & Pump Repair and Rehabilitation

• Water Treatment

• SCADA and Controls

• Hydrogeological Services

Mishawaka, IN Tipton, IN Ionia, MI Eastern MI 574.254.9050 317.896,2987 616.527.0050 810.215.1295
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