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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Spring Fireballs

The Bugatti Veyron ss16.4 Rebranding of Juvenile Diabetes

Olympic Fever 2012

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LondonFever 2012 2012 Olympic

Sustainability + McDonald’s: Does This Work? Whaz Zup? (Upcoming Events) Movie Night


We now have a screening room for movie night! Our goal is to have one night of fun each month to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, and new students in a space where great minds work together and think together.

Additional computer stations, access to e-readers for the modern day reader, and top of the line Texas Instrument calculators are now available to Kelly Miller Math students. Additional space has provided room for individual study stations with computer access and computer access to available in our existing computer lab. Our goal is to meet the needs of students who prefer a quiet study space. Assistance in other subjects is available to students by request.


Kids Room

Our inspired voyage begins with a great book and a comfortable place to read. We’ve added a full library to stimulate imaginations. Students have a wide array of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. We offer everything from

Our most exciting addition is the Kid’s Room. Dedicated to our youngest students, the Kid’s Room provides an exciting space for learning. Our special room houses children’s books, crafts, and educational games. Each tool is especially selected to improve learning

We have exciting new amenities this year! An additional 1400 sq. ft of space provides more room for tutoring, creativity, and imaginative fun. Movie Night

Are the Olympics in the Pocket of Big French Fry?

Kelly Miller Math Institute nd 8560 E. 22 Street, #104 Tucson, AZ. 85710 United States


I hope everyone has taken a swim at least once this summer. June’s sweltering heat helped us flow into July’s afternoon monsoon rain and in the blink of an eye August will officially mark the morning bell for first period.

Tolstoy’s Anna Karina to Sideways Stories from Wayside School. We’ve also added reference materials and a selection of biographies for students seeking that perfect book for summaries or term papers.

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Summer 2012

capacity. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the focus while creativity and fun are at the heart of every session. We are committed to excellence in our academic services and student services. Our goal is to provide a place for students to not only improve their math grade but their overall academic expertise. We look forward to all of our students accomplishments in the upcoming academic year. ∞

Spring Fireballs Researched by Alex Gray The Sighting A daytime fireball sparked a wave of head-scratching in San Antonio last week, and a wave of confusion this week. Reports of the sighting streamed in from San Antonio and nearby cities on April 2. "As bright as the sun. ... Trajectory was straight down," stated a Llano, Texas observer. Thousands of people in and around San Antonio, Texas reported seeing what one eyewitness described as a piece of the sun falling from the sky during full daylight

Can we say government cover-up? Better yet, Area 51 all over again? Perhaps the “meteor” was recognized as a space ship or UFO entering earth’s atmosphere! News of the jet contrail video footage immediately caused Cooke to retract his original expert opinion and quickly bow to other expert’s opinion that it was a jet contrail reflecting the glow of the setting sun - apparently based on erroneous footage (of an actual contrail). Something is definitely rotten in the State of Denmark! The Truth Prevails April 13, 2012: Thanks to NASA and the American Meteor Society, the story of the bright, daylight meteor has been verified as true. Incidentally, and surprisingly, there was another fireball visible over New Zealand on the same day, too. According to Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, such events of daylight fireballs are rare, averaging two per year. So, now that the story has been confirmed scientist are asking even more questions about the rare fireball at least one yard across - bright enough

to be seen during daylight. Perhaps I can get some answers about that flying cat I saw the other night blazing across the night sky…hmmm. ∞

The Bugatti Veyron SS 16.4 Tyler Thompson The eye popping, jaw dropping car shown below is the Bugatti Veyron ss 16.4. This car can reach a whopping 278.81 miles per hour! But this car is not for everyone, because it is 1.5 million dollars. The Bugatti has 1,200 horses under the hood and the driver can barely stay in the seat. With this extreme horse power it has been put at the top of the speed list. It is the fastest car in the world! This car is so fast it has to stop at 278.81mph or the tires will blow off the car!

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NASA says there's a consistent uptick in the number of reported fireballs during the spring, compared with other times of year. "There are two peaks: one around February and the other at the end of March and early April. And this remains a mystery," Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. The Stinky Cover Up Unfortunately, local news reporters ran footage of a jet contrail shortly after reporting the meteor sighting. This led many to believe that the contrail was what was seen and thus dismiss the meteor story as a hoax.


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This production car was made or better yet “born” in Germany; Twenty three world records and counting for its outstanding performance. ∞ Footnote: The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engine grand touring car, developed by German manufacturer Volkswagen Group, and produced by French marque Bugatti. It was first introduced in 2005. The Super Sport version of the Veyron is the fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 431 km/h (268 mph). The original version has a top speed of 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph). It was named Car of the Decade (2000– 2009) by the BBC television program Top Gear. Find your favorite place on a map. Determine the distance between Tucson, AZ and your favorite spot. Now, calculate how many hours it would take for you to make the trip in a top speed Bugatti Veyron. Email your answer to

The Rebranding of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund For more than 40 years, JDRF has been a leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes, through both research funding and advocacy. During that time, we have always talked about a cure as a singular destination: a return to normal physiology. But today, we realize that we are engaged in a process of curing type 1 diabetes - that a cure is not just a destination but also a journey along a path. And we recognize that a part of our mission must be to help those living with type 1 today to live healthier, easier, and safer lives until we arrive at the end of that path. In addition, we understand that the word "juvenile" is no longer descriptive of the disease or those burdened with it. JDRF market research tells us that, today, 85

percent of those in the U.S with type 1 diabetes are adults. We must communicate that JDRF is an organization for ALL ages, and ALL stages of this disease. The JDRF identity was created with these key considerations in mind. We have dropped the formal name "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation" from our identity and will be known simply as JDRF. This better reflects our commitment to work for ALL those with type 1 diabetes. An essential graphic element in the logo design is the inclusion of the "T1D" symbol. Intentionally subordinate to the JDRF name, the symbol reinforces our focus on type 1 diabetes, and moves us toward establishing T1D as identifiable shorthand for this disease. Another unique and recognizable element is the "momentum lines" that frame the JDRF name on top and bottom. This element helps to communicate the energy and urgency with which we are pursuing our mission. Most important, it is reflective of both the progress we've made and the accelerated progress we aim for. The logo works in conjunction with the brand tagline to succinctly communicate who we are: the leader of the type 1 diabetes community, improving lives and curing type 1 diabetes. ∞

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Summer 2012

greatest struggle was against the towering twelve-foot waves and the terribly cold water."* Approximately 300 athletes participated, representing thirteen countries. Olympic Games in London History of the Olympic Games According to legend, the ancient Olympic Games were founded by Heracles (the Roman Hercules), a son of Zeus. Yet the first Olympic Games for which we still have written records were held in 776 BCE (though it is generally believed that the Games had been going on for many years already). At this Olympic Games, a naked runner, Coroebus (a cook from Elis), won the sole event at the Olympics, the stade - a run of approximately 192 meters (210 yards). This made Coroebus the very first Olympic champion in history. 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece The very first modern Olympic Games opened in the first week of April 1896. Since the Greek government had been unable to fund construction of a stadium, a wealthy Greek architect, Georgios Averoff, donated one million drachmas (over $100,000) to restore the Panathenaic Stadium, originally built in 330 BCE, with white marble for the Olympic Games. Pole vaulting, sprints, shot put, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, target shooting, tennis, marathon and gymnastics were all events at the first Olympics. The swimming events were held in the Bay of Zea in the Aegean Sea. Gold medalist, Alfred Hoyos Guttmann described it: "I won ahead of the others with a big lead, but my


The 2012 Olympic Games will make the third time the Olympic Games have been held in London. As America proudly boasts about their world winning athletes it feels as if every company, commercial, and individual is proudly waving their American spirit. The London Olympics have given us great moments in Olympic history. Let’s take walk back time. The first Olympic game held in London was in 1908. The 1908 Olympic Games were originally scheduled to be hosted by Rome, but the 1906 eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused the Games to be relocated to London. These Games were much better organized than the previous regularly scheduled Olympic Games (they were even the first to have an opening ceremony), yet they were marred by politics and nationalism. Britain's recent refusal to give Ireland its independence caused Irish athletes to boycott the Games and caused contestants from the U.S to not dip the American flag to the British royalty during the opening ceremony (a tradition the U.S. continues to this day). It was in the 1908 Olympic Games that the exact distance of a marathon was established as 26 miles and 365 yards. Diving was added to the events for this year. Approximately 2,000 athletes participated, representing 22 countries.

Though World War II was over, Europe was still ravaged from the war. When it was announced that the Olympic Games would be resumed, many debated whether it was wise to have a festival when many European countries were in ruins and the people near starvation. To limit the United Kingdom's responsibility to feed all the athletes, it was agreed that the participants would bring their own food. Surplus food was donated to British hospitals. No new facilities were built for these Games, but the Wembley Stadium had survived the war and proved adequate. No Olympic Village was erected; the male athletes were housed at an army camp in Uxbridge and the women housed at Southlands College in dormitories. Germany and Japan, the aggressors of World War II, were not invited to participate. Though there had been much debate as to whether or not to hold the 1948 Olympic Games, the Games turned out to be very popular and a great success. Approximately 4,000 athletes participated, representing 59 countries. Olympic Games of Today: 2012 It's nearly here: the greatest sporting event in the world! London is immensely proud to be hosting the London 2012 Olympics this summer but it's not just happening in London there are venues across the country. The Olympics Games start with the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London on the evening of Friday 27 July. It then runs until Sunday 12 August. ∞

1948 Olympic Games in London, Kingdom

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Are the Olympics in the Pocket of Big French Fry? By Brian Fung Jul 12 2012, 9:24 AM ET No chip for you! That's what irate sports fans must have been thinking when the London 2012 organizing committee (LOCOG) bowed to pressure from U.S. fast food giant McDonald's over who could and couldn't serve chips -- fries, to us Yanks -- on Olympic grounds. As a sponsor of the Games, McDonald's exerts an extraordinary amount of

control over who serves what nosh. So much control, in fact, that other food vendors have been barred from selling french fries as a standalone item. McDonald's, which is expected to serve some 10 percent of all meals at the Games, has a lock on the french-fry business with exclusive rights to sell the stuff to spectators. The only time you'll be permitted to buy deep-fried sticks of potato from non-McDonald's outlets is with fish, as in "fish and chips": see picture at right. LOCOG officials say that what they're trying to do is set up an international food festival. In addition to fast food, the organizing committee plans to serve traditional British fare like Cornish pasties, Yorkshire pudding, and

"bangers," as well as more international items like sushi, salt beef, and goat curry. Which makes it all the more ironic that McDonald's would hold the french fry -- a treat with universal appeal -- under lock and key. What about somebody who wants to sell poutine? Or steak frites? ∞; Brian Fung is an associate editor at The Atlantic. He has written previously for Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, and Talking Points Memo.

Sustainability + McDonald’s: Does This Work? Editorial: Rachel Wilhite In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of media hype over the last couple of weeks on the food served at the 2012 Olympic Games. America has a phenomenal team this year; several countries have now allowed women to participate in the games. With all these positive aspects and firsts why in the world would food be an emphasis? I think I can narrow this down to one word: McDonald’s. Yes, McDonald’s, the mega beast in the global fast food industry. Before we bash McDonald’s let find out how all this talk about food really came to be. In 2009 The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) published a 45 page document of their food vision. Their vision took 18 months of research to thoroughly and decisively examine how to serve and feed over 14 million meals across 40 different locations at the 2012 Olympics. The goal of LOCOG food vision detailed five main areas:

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Summer 2012

- Food safety and hygiene – Choice and balance – Food sourcing and supply chain – Environmental management – Skills and education

emphasizing the richness of British food fare.

cold non-alcoholic beverages at the Games

So how does LOCOG plan on displaying its vast support of

Cadbury A London 2012 domestic Tier 2 sponsor (Official Supporter), Cadbury is the exclusive provider of confectionery and packaged ice cream. Additionally Cadbury have Tier 3 (Official Provider) rights under the Trident brand for chewing gum

Most importantly the LOCOG framed their vision in the concept of sustainability; very important in this day and age. How does LOCOG plan to meet the challenge of sustainability?

Some potential sponsor categories are still being considered or negotiated.”

The Challenge

So let’s pause and reflect on the golden food vision of LOCOG. It appeard to wrapped in a golden halo of greener pastures with the smell of fresh composte. But I’m not sure if these are the cows the committee were going for. Let’s picture that other cow… the cash cow of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. About half way through their document is when we find the cat is let out of the bag.

“Our challenge is to make sure that the catering enhances the experience for everyone and, in doing so, makes a significant contribution to the delivery of a sustainable Games.” - LOCOG The Vision “Our vision aims to seize the opportunity to use the transformational power of the Games to celebrate and promote the variety and quality of British regional food; to inspire lasting, positive and sustainable change in the event, catering and hospitality sectors; and to contribute to the growing public agenda on healthy living.” - LOCOG As the first organizing committee to publish a food vision, you can begin to see why this concept may be under some scrutiny. The LOCOG proposed a somewhat novel idea in an era “Go Green”where sustainability is drastically needed. However, they may have bit off more than they can chew based on the first major media blip. The food vision talks a lot about supporting local farmers and providing organic choices through the purchase of locally owned organic food products. As well there’s a focus on supporting local food service businesses by


sustainability concepts for 2012 Olypic

the Games?

The Problem “The Games could not take place without sponsors. They play a huge role in supporting the Games and promoting sport, way beyond the core provisions of their service or product categories.” - LOCOG Meet the sponsors McDonald’s A Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement since 1964, McDonald’s is the exclusive branded retail restaurant at the Games

Don’t get me wrong. I love McDonald’s and I pray to Coca-Cola (Coke) at least twice a day. I’m also suffering from all the ailments that crappy food and sugary drink can bring you. Well, if nothing else, perhaps this food vision will give pause to thought… is the gobal food vision truly fresh and organic or more like preserved and carbonated? ∞ nts/locog-publications/foodvision.pdf

Coca-Cola A Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement since 1928, Coca Cola is the exclusive provider of hot and

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Olympic Fun Facts

Food at London 2012 - the Challenge

       

31 competition venues 955 competition sessions 160,000 workforce 23,900 athletes and team officials 20,600 broadcasters and press 4,800 Olympic and Paralympic Family 9 million ticket sales 14 million meals

What Do they Need... Food Quantities Needed in the London Olympic Village 2012:         

25,000 loaves of bread 232 tons of potatoes More than 82 tons of seafood 31 tons of poultry items More than 100 tons of meat 75,000 litres of milk 19 tons of eggs 21 tons of cheese More than 330 tons of fruit and vegetables



7/25/12 Summer Movie Night 8/1/12 – 8/15/12 Back to School Back to Class 9/12 Fall Open House 9/3/12 Labor Day Holiday 9/16/12 – 9/17/12 Rosh Hashanah Holiday 9/22/12 Happy Fall! 9/25/12 – 9/26/12 Yom Kippur Holiday 10/8/12 Columbus Day 10/31/12 A Happy Haunted Surprise

Happy Birthday July Babies! Amber Haifley Hunter Jones

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Summer 2012

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superior to their humble ancestors, stronger, more

PG-13 Wednesday July 25, 2012 7-9 pm New Screening Room!

intelligent and different to us as we are to earthworms. Some scientists might not realize this, but over a 1000 year time, the human species will split resulting in

Witness the mind-bending chronicle of

extinction of the weaker.

great power gone awry. When three

For the very same reason, laws prevent us from

ordinary high school friends make an

going too far but who bars

extraordinary discovery, they acquire

our imagination? Yes of

amazing abilities beyond their

course we desire to see

understanding. They can move objects

mutants and since we got

with their minds, crush cars at will, and

brains, we can picturize

even fly. But as their strengths grow, so

them so here are the 10 feasible features everyone

do their darker sides. When harmless

would like to see in a

pranks give way to more dangerous

superhuman genetically

escapades, their lives spin recklessly

engineered mutant. I

out of control, leading to an explosive,

repeat feasible which

high-flying climax that will leave you breathless!

10 Traits we’d want to have in a Superhuman Mutant

any living thing in any living world could be brought into human beings. It has its benefits like protecting people from genetically inherited illnesses but it doesn’t stop there, we are basically playing with evolution at a million times faster rate. With this not only the physical characteristics of human can be changed but also the

mental characteristics. We already

It is possible to isolate genes of

know of certain genes to cause to

various human characteristics. Its mind boggling to say that any biological property that exists in

means don’t tell me to put “laser eyes”, there should be an existent gene for that trait present somewhere in universe and known to us to insert that in the mutant we are going to create. ∞ Check the rest of this article at Please get your parent’s approval before visiting this site.

think in a certain way. The problem is there is no boundary between overcoming disease and providing enhancements. Such highly evolved super humans will be far

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Summer 2012


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