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October 2017 | Long Island Edition |

Find the Source and the Solution to your Health Issues NOW IN TWO LOCATIONS 66 Commack Rd., Suite 204, Commack, 11725 • (631) 462-0801 100 Manetto Hill Rd., Suite 307, Plainview, 11803 • (516) 299-9313

WE CAN HELP YOU OVERCOME: • Thyroid Imbalance • Heartburn & Reflux • Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s & Colitis • Hormonal Imbalance • Anxiety & Depression • Inflammation • High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol • Digestive Issues • Fatigue • Psoriasis • Thinning Hair/ Weak Nails • Headachs/ Migraines

Dr. David L Pollack Functional Medicine


7 Years


60 Minute

Complimentary Consultation One coupon per person.

Dr. Elyse Tursi

Functional Medicine

631-462-0801 • • 516-299-9313

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Joel Fuhrman, M.D. – "The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes"

Dr. Ben Johnson – "No Ma'amograms!: Radical Rethink on Mammograms"


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The Real Truth About Health FREE 10 DAY CONFERENCE (come for all or any of the days you choose) Over 35 of the world's top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment.

Del Bigtree – Movie "Vaxxed" Brenda Davis, R.D. – "Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Based Nutrition" Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. – "Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Could Save Your Life" Devra Davis, Ph.D., M.P.H. – "Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Is Doing to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family" Andrew Kimbrell – "Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food" Alan Cassels – "Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients" Doug Sisterson – "How to Change Minds About Our Changing Climate: Let Science Do the Talking the Next Time Someone Tries to Tell You...The Climate Isn't Changing"

For more information and to register FOR FREE go to: | 516.921.1417

F E B R U A RY 2 - 1 1

Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., M.D. – "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure"

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. – "There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Revised Edition: The 21-Day+ Holistic Recovery Program"

e politicia industries ns a s wrong witay there’s nothin nd g h our clim ate?


T. Colin Campbell – "The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health"

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N. – "Food Is Medicine: The Scientific Evidence"

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ned 35 World-Renow g: Authors includin

, 2018

Gary Greenberg – "The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry" James Howard Kunstler – "The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century"

Dr. Joanna Moncrieff – “The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs"2017 Hilton Long Island/Huntington | 598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 awakenings 3 October

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by Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., ND

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CHIROPRACTOR How to Find the Best One


by Marlaina Donato


is Not Enough to Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels! by Kristine Blanche, RPA-C, M.D., Ph.D.



Bouncing, Leaping and Lunging Our Way to Bone Health by Kathleen Barnes


FOODS REVIVAL Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods


by Judith Fertig

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Long Island Edition



Kids Calm Themselves with Meditation by April Thompson

Are you being told the unbiased truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment?




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15 Ways to Craft a Circle of Caring by Linda Buzzell


WORKFORCE Why a Job is the Cat’s Meow by Sandra Murphy



The Real Truth About Health FREE 10 DAY CONFERENCE (come for all or any of the days you choose)



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Over 35 of the world's top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment. For more information and to register FOR FREE go to: 516.921.1417

F E B R U A RY 2 - 1 1

, 2018

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747

resourcedirectory awakenings

October 2017


letterfrompublisher “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.” – Former Intel CEO Andy Grove

T contact us Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Kelly McGrath Martinsen Editor Sara Gurgen National Editors Linda Sechrist S. Alison Chabonais Contributing Writers Gina Marie Cronin Elinka Boyle-Rosenbaum Dawn Stonebraker Design & Production Suzzanne Siegel Cover Selection: DNR Martinsen Advertising Sales Carol Leitner To contact Natural Awakenings Long Island Edition: Phone: 516 578 6903 Fax: 516-953-3475

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Long Island Edition

his month’s edition focuses on so many wonderful things: travel, fitness for optimal bone health, and even the novel idea of bringing your cat to work! This October issue also marks my five-year anniversary as publisher of this amazing magazine! I am ever so grateful to those who have been part of this journey, including my Layout Designer Suzzanne; Editor Sara; Calendar Editor Theresa; the guys who help get this information to you, Clem and Bill; and Marketing Director Carol. Without them, these five transformative years would not have occurred for me or for the magazine. I am not being dramatic. You see, October 1, 2012, I launched my very first issue of Natural Awakenings Long Island. I had amazing intentions for the magazine and had invested my hard-earned money so that I could publish it. Some 25 days later, I awoke to one-third of my house destroyed—my entire office in ruins— and my town in shambles, all thanks to Hurricane Sandy who paid an unwelcome visit. Without the help of these people while I was putting my life back together, I would not be writing this letter today and would not have been able to write my first book, A Year of Inspired living, which is on sale now (shameless plug!). Here we are five years later watching a phenomenon of destruction in the form of hurricanes the likes of which we have not seen. As I write this, I pray for my friends in both Texas and Florida, as well as two Natural Awakenings publishers that live in a place I love like a second home, Puerto Rico. When I look back at the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, our great country grew industrially at an unparalleled rate. Simply compare electronics of the ‘70s to electronics of 2017—it is truly mind boggling. Good for us. SUCCESS! Or is it? Don’t get me wrong, success is not something I am against. Complacency, which often comes with success—that may be where we have gotten off track. We are failing as a collective group to protect our planet. Never was this more evident to me than when I watched the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence and ethereal Javier Bardem in the movie Mother! Without giving too much away, I went to the film nervous, thinking I would be seeing a horror film; however, I told myself, “Don’t worry, it’s not real, it’s just a movie,” never realizing the horror depicted onscreen is in fact an allegory depicting a far too horrific reality. We as a society in our successful lives are rapidly exchanging one new item for the next; we are filling up our landfills and burdening the Earth with both our heavy waste and our consumption of her resources, and it is proving to have dire consequences. Humankind must stop the arguing—the left verses right, the religious verses the agnostic, and even discontinue the whole “one life matters” over “another life matters” rhetoric—and must recognize HUMANITY IS WHAT MATTERS. And guess what, humanity? Our grandkids (and their grandkids) are going to need a place to live. We have but one Earth—care for it, foster it, cherish it, and in return, all of the riches can be yours. Limit your consumption of resources, turn off lights, unplug appliances, and simply consume less. Perhaps if we take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of us. It’s that simple. All I ask of you the reader as you delve into this month’s issue is that you remain conscious of your own carbon footprint—well that, and also that you consider bringing your cat to work.

Malama Pono!

Kelly Martinsen, Publisher

Are you being told the unbiased truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment?


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The Real Truth About Health FREE 10 DAY CONFERENCE (come for all or any of the days you choose) Over 35 of the world's top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment. For more information and to register FOR FREE go to: 516.921.1417

F E B R U A RY 2 - 1 1

, 2018

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 awakenings

October 2017


newsbriefs Restorative Teacher Training: Level 1 at Yoga Nanda: Garden City


tarting November 3, from 5 to 9 p.m., Yoga Nanda will host a Restorative Teacher Training led by Muriel Pullizzi at the Garden City location. This 25-hour intensive is open to a limited amount of students, allowing more time for personalized attention. Pullizzi has created this training for the student that wants to dive deeply into the practice of restorative yoga. It is open to current yoga teachers, body workers, therapists, caregivers and holistic practitioners, or anyone that would like to enhance their knowledge of restorative yoga. This training includes a combination of lecture, discussion and practice of restorative asana with variations and modifications, verbal cueing and modalities to enhance your teachings. Completion of this training along with your 200-hour certification will allow you to teach a complete restorative class with confidence and knowledge. You will receive a certification for Level 1 Restorative Training, as well as the ability to apply the training hours to Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. Training incudes complimentary restorative classes from October 27 to November 5. Topics include Understanding Restorative Yoga; the Art, Science and Benefits of a Restorative Practice; Understanding the Nature of the Mind; and so much more. Location: 55 Hilton Ave., in Garden City. For more information about this and other events, visit The teacher training takes place three evenings in a row—Fri., Nov. 3, through Sun., Nov. 5—as well as Sun., Nov. 12, during the day. Call for exact schedule. See ad on page 12.

Holistic Interactive Health and Wellness Expo


holistic interactive health and wellness expo will be taking place on Sunday, October 29, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, in Queens. This informative, interactive expo will serve the community by heightening awareness and dispensing information through vendors and speakers of a holistic as well as Western nature. Mark Krieger, the creator of this expo, is president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Queens; is the founder and president of the Beautiful Memories Gemach (a clothing pantry), located in New Hyde Park; and runs his own nutritional business called Life Begins at 50. Krieger is a well-known community-minded advocate who serves the community with dignity and grace. For more information, call Mark Krieger at 917-703-4694.

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell 8

Long Island Edition

The Student Activist Grant Offers $500 to a Nassau County Teen Deadline for Applications Is November 30


he Student Activist Grant of the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island is available to Nassau County middle school and high school students that want to create a better world. The $500 grant funds a selected student’s project in areas of peace, humanitarian efforts, the environment, disaster relief, or disadvantaged groups. The project can be a fundraiser that connects to an existing organization (such as the Habitat for Humanity) or makes a direct change (such as a neighborhood cleanup or voter registration drive). The grant will give the student seed money to conduct the project. Previous Student Activist Grants have supported safe recycling of medicine containers for clinics in Malawi, building a greenhouse on a high school campus, spring baskets for children in homeless shelters, educating high school students about underage drinking with stickers on pizza boxes, creating an outdoor play area at a homeless shelter, running a bowl-a-thon for Habitat for Humanity, and creating and selling ornaments to raise money for a breast cancer program. Says 2015 grant recipient Matthew Berman, of Roslyn High School, who collected 3,500 pill bottles that were sent to Africa, “I am so grateful for this opportunity that the grant presented me with to turn this plan on paper into a successful and functioning reality.”   The student must be a Nassau County resident, aged 12 to 18, and enrolled in middle school or high school. The application deadline is November 30, with the project to be completed before April 30, 2018.   For more detailed information about the grant and an application, call 516-7417304 or visit (Social Action tab).  

Whole Foods and Natural Awakenings Team up for Pop-Up Wellness Event


atural Awakenings Long Island (NALI) and Whole Foods Jericho partner to bring the best in pop-up wellness on October 16, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. NALI advertisers and staff will be on hand outside the front of the store. Come by to meet the advertisers that bring you amazing content month after month. There will be many advertisers there to share with you the newest in healthy living. Vendors include integrative practitioners, dentists, body sculpting practitioners, health coaches, and more. Location: 2101 Northern Blvd., Manhasset. See ad on page 30.

Are you being told the unbiased truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment?


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Become an Organ Donor


elena Gomez made recent news when she shared via social media that her lupus had damaged her kidneys beyond repair, along with a picture of a friend that has agreed to be a kidney donor for her. The United States has one of the lowest organ donor registration rates on the planet, with New York being one of the lowest states. Remember, it is very simple to sign your organ donor card. Visit and take two minutes to register as an organ donor. Don’t take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here.

The Real Truth About Health FREE 10 DAY CONFERENCE (come for all or any of the days you choose) Over 35 of the world's top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment. For more information and to register FOR FREE go to: 516.921.1417

F E B R U A RY 2 - 1 1

, 2018

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 awakenings

October 2017


newsbriefs Unique Spa and Fitness Center Opens on the North Shore



last Spa & Fitness, the North Shore’s newSpa & est boutique fitness studio and spa is now Fitness open in Great Neck. Blast offers the latest 550 Northern Blvd Great Neck NY fitness classes, including spin, yoga, TRX, Accross From Leonard’s 516-570-6300 barre, Pilates and more, along with both private and group personal training. Blast classes are held in an intimate space and have no more than 15 people, offering clients a personal and private workout experience. Blast offers the only spin class in Long Island where each client receives a personal pair of headphones to hear the music and the instructor at their preferred volume. only with this ad In addition to fitness, Blast offers body spa services, including fascia blasting (a new cutting-edge treatment), massage, and Himalayan salt sauna. Fascia blasting, available exclusively at Blast Spa & Fitness, is a noninvasive body treatment that helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and helps reduce inflammation. Fascia blasting changes the appearance cellulite helps Spin -of Barre - Yoga -and Pilates - Trx -skin Blast Sauna - Salon look more vibrant and toned. In a massage setting,Fasciablaster clients are- Massage treated -by a fascia blasting technician, using the revolutionary “FasciaBlaster” tool to break up fascial adhesions caused by injury, stress and age. Clients can also take a unique group fitness class that incorporates fascia blasting, combining workout and treatment all in one. Blast Spa & Fitness also offers a range of salon services, including blow outs, cut and color.

5 Pack of Classes


Schedule, Booking, Packages & Pricing Available on, or download the Blast Spa Fitness App today

Location: 550 Northern Blvd., in Great Neck. For more information, call 516-570-6300. See ad on page 35.

Confused Girl in the City


onfused Girl is making a big impact in athleisure. Giovanna Silvestre is a perfect example of a millennial female entrepreneur who has created her own success with no money and a dream. She worked part-time jobs and used her following from her blog and social media as a springboard to create a unique product with a powerful message. On her inspiring journey, she met a healer that gave her two crystals. These crystals inspired her to start her own activewear line based on the fundamental healing attributes of these stones. The healing crystals balance yin/yang energy and cultivate courage, creativity and healing. Touched, moved and inspired, Silvestre decided to launch Confused Girl as a start-up. “Our company is founded on and supports the journey of all women with the goal of finding their unique life purpose,” she says. Confused Girl has grown and continues to grow as an activewear line that seamlessly integrates fashion and athleisure, suitable for going to brunch and then to the gym. This summer, Confused Girl was featured in Yoga Magazine, on the cover of the July/August issue of LA Yoga, and was the first fashion start-up to be featured in Silicon Beach Magazine. “You can also find us in Certa Magazine, Yoga Digest, as well as on VH1,” says Silvestre. “Our products are produced ethically, right here in Los Angeles where we are based. For more information, visit 10

Long Island Edition

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., to Speak at NAVEL Expo


ince my first visit to a doctor, I’ve always felt uneasy about the idea of someone doing a check-up to search for potential health issues. But as you well know, our entire system is focused on the management of chronic disease. So all of the bloodwork, scans and tests are used to identify some menace, and hopefully early enough so it can be managed,” says Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D, author of The Cancer Revolution. The goal of the upcoming speaking engagement at the NAVEL Expo is to introduce the public Leigh Erin Connealy to a much more innovative approach to using advances in technology, as well as engaging the more innovative medical professionals to create the structures for human optimization. We don’t need to worry about running out of gas when the tank is full, or that our engine may cease because it’s low on oil. We understand that when the mechanical vehicle has everything it needs to function optimally, we, for the most part, can rest easy that we’ll get to our next destination without much drama. To take this analogy a bit further, a race car has different demands than a vehicle that a family may use to take a leisurely road trip. There, the race crew looks to get the most out of this highoutput machine as possible. And it is that optimization that makes it virtually impervious to breakdown in the less demanding day to day. Connealy is one of the 70 expo presenters who will shift what you believe is possible about the capabilities of the human machine, when precisiontuned and optimized. The NAVEL Expo will be held Nov. 4 at the Sheraton Times Square, in NYC, and Nov. 5 at the Huntington Hilton, on Long Island. For more information, visit See ad on page 24.

NewLife Expo Comes to Hotel New Yorker October 27-29


xhibitors from around the world are expected to participate in New York City’s next NewLife Expo, which returns to the newly renovated Hotel New Yorker (34th and 8th avenues) October 27 through 29. They will be on hand with cutting-edge information, products and services designed to feed the mind, body and spirit, says expo founder and producer Mark Becker. “Crystal Tones will bring their crystal bowls, and Momentum98 will demonstrate their infrared saunas,” he says. “They will join at least a hundred other exhibitors in our marketplace of the future, and we’re adding new exhibitors every day.” Now in its 28th year, the NewLife Expo is America’s longestrunning event focused on holistic enlightenment and rejuvenation, Becker says. “This year’s expo will feature predictions for the next four years and cutting-edge information on anti-aging and vegetarianism.” Featured speakers include Drs. Jane Goldberg, Eric Kaplan, Paul Ling Tai, Luke Cua and Ben Lane. Among the various panel topics will be Strange Universe, Nutrition and Vibrational Healing-Light Language. Judy Satori and Gail Thackray will also join this year’s presenters. “Come to the NewLife Expo, and for as little as $15 a day, you will meet thousands of people who want to feed their minds, enlighten their souls and purify and tonify their bodies,” Becker says. “You might even meet your soul mate.”   For more information, including times and exhibition opportunities, visit or email See ad on page 9.

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Michele Horan


Are you being told the unbiased truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment?


I’m con ern ed about my c sex life

– How do I find the medicines, supple truth about which foods, men and hurt with erects and products help tile dysfunction?

The Real Truth About Health FREE 10 DAY CONFERENCE (come for all or any of the days you choose) Over 35 of the world's top authors are here to tell you the unbiased, accurate, scientifically proven truth about health, nutrition, the food system, the medical system and the environment. For more information and to register FOR FREE go to: 516.921.1417

F E B R U A RY 2 - 1 1

, 2018

Hilton Long Island/Huntington

598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 awakenings

October 2017


newsbriefs One Integrative Is Now a Pollack Wellness Center



r. David L. Pollack, owner and founder of the Pollack Wellness Institute & Weight Loss Center, in Commack, has now expanded to Nassau County, in Plainview. One Integrative Wellness is now a Pollack Wellness Center. His mission is to bring the best and most comprehensive natural health care to all of Long Island. He has been voted by LI Press as the number one alternative doctor, number one Dr. David Pollack nutritionist, and best chiropractor in Long Island, from 2009 through 2016. Pollack specializes in the practice of physical rehabilitation, herbal and nutritional medicine, and stress management. “Our patients seek help with a large variety of health concerns, including hypothyroidism, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, and anti-aging, among others,” says Pollack. One Integrative Wellness is dedicated to helping its patients achieve optimal health. Now part of Pollack Wellness Center, One Integrative Wellness can offer Pollack’s protocol of a functional medicine-based practice that works to uncover the underlying causes of your health concerns. The best part of this approach is that once the cause is discovered, Pollack and his team can treat the cause directly, instead of just treating the symptoms—as is typically done with conventional medicine. “Many of the patients who come to us are still struggling to lose weight, and are dealing with thyroid issues or other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, GERD, inflammation or autoimmune disorders, even after having seen multiple medical doctors and specialists,” says Pollack. “Through our programs, our patients find relief from many symptoms they got accustomed to living with, including bloating, blood sugar imbalances, poor sleep, mental fog, joint pain and fatigue. Many factors, such as food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, unknown infections, or toxic exposure, can affect how your immune system is functioning. When not addressed, these factors can lead to disease.” At One Integrative, the medical team will work with the patient to understand their health history, lifestyle, genetic predispositions, and environmental exposures that could be affecting their overall health. They review with the patient their current symptoms and health goals; send them for specific functional medicine lab testing; and perform a physical examination. Based on all of this information, they discern a good understanding of any underlying health problems. Source: One Integrative Wellness (located at 100 Manetto Hill Rd., Ste. 307, Plainview). For more information, call 516-299-9313. See ad on page 2.


Long Island Edition

A Healthy Smile is


Golden Mercury-Free Dentistry, Part 3


rior articles have discussed extensively how a holistic and mercury-free dental practice help to protect the environment and individuals from the harmful effects of mercury in amalgam fillings. Now we will delve into how the patient can be prepared to achieve optimum results in the process of removing amalgam fillings. For many patients, the immune system is weakened when toxic levels of mercury are found. So many people that have amalgam fillings present in the mouth are regularly releasing mercury fumes as they are bathed with oral fluids and other acidic solutions found in the mouth. The majority of patients can live their lives with these fillings and do just fine. For those patients that have health issues—and the range of these health issues can be endless—it is recommended they see a healthcare practitioner to evaluate their system and toxicity levels before the removal of amalgam fillings. If a patient is found to have high levels of heavy metals, as well as mercury, preparing the body’s immune system is very important before treatment of the unwanted mercury restorations. Having the body at it healthiest encourages faster healing and a quicker return of the equilibrium of the body to the most optimum state. Natural remedies are great in cleansing an immune system ridden with these harmful substances. Algae and aquatic plants are known to be great detoxifiers. These bind firmly to the mercury particles, as well as other heavy metals, and remove them through the gastrointestinal tract. Good examples of algae and aquatic plants include chlorella and spirulina. Vitamin and mineral supplements are also very helpful in improving the immune system. Selenium, for instance, has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to return one’s immune system to the original levels. Vitamin E and B also boost the immune system and accelerate cell regeneration and the healing process. Other changes in the dietary behavior of the patient, such as reduction in sugars and processed foods, further enhance the immune system before and after an amalgam removal. To facilitate this process aimed at achieving optimal health, the holistic dental practitioner may recommend the use of beneficial bacteria or probiotics to improve the overall digestive health of the patient. Holistic practitioners at Golden Dental Wellness Center tailor specific detoxification and chelation programs for particular patients after initial consultation and investigations when working closely with the patients’ healthcare practitioner. This ensures that the best treatment, pre- and postoperatively, is given to all patients that come for amalgam removal procedures.

Summer $300 OFF Whitening Special! Additional $100 Off for Take Home Trays (when done in office)


Dental Wellness Center

LINDA J. GOLDEN, D.D.S. We accept a limited variety of insurances. We provide Care Credit along with Springstone Patient Financing, making your preferred treatment options affordable.

444 Community Drive, Suite 204 Manhasset, NY 11030 516-627-8400 120 East 56th Street, 12th Floor New York, NY 10022 212-973-9425

Call for details of our services or visit our website Se Habla Español! 13 October 2017


newsbriefs Introducing Bell Lifestyle Products New Look Nationwide


ith over 20 years of experience, Bell Lifestyle Products Inc., in South Haven, Michigan, is introducing a new look for its complete line of over 60 natural supplements across 13 health categories. Bell continues to expand its line of products, most recently launching a new, all-in-one bladder and urinary tract support formulation, see page X, and a new line of sports supplements. In addition to rolling out all-new, color-coded packaging to help navigate their product offering, Bell has updated their ecommerce website to allow visitors to more easily shop online or find their local Bell Lifestyle retailer. The Bell Lifestyle website is also host to an extensive library of health and wellness resources including the Bell Wellness Center. The Bell Wellness Center contains hundreds of recipes, infographics and articles on physical, mental, social and nutritional wellness from elected category experts. With new articles being posted weekly there is information for all ages and ailments. Bell Lifestyle Products offers a full money-back guarantee on more than 60 natural health products that are available in more than 7,000 health food stores and pharmacies worldwide. For more information, call 800-333-7995, email, or visit or See ad on page 17.

Wendie Aston IIN Health Coach as seen on News 12 Long Island Naturally

• Fertility Coaching:

Improve egg and sperm quality

• Sway the sex (M/F) “I have long advocated the notion that the time to start eating well for a healthy baby is several years before your child is born! Going Green Before You Conceive will show you exactly how to do this well!” -Christiane Northrup,, M.D. ob/gyn physician and author

with diet and timing

• Hypnobirthing Classes • Green Renovation Consulting: Non-Toxic Nurseries

• Reiki Master

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Road 2 Wellness Tour to Benefit Finding a Cure for Cancer


ature’s Answer CEO Frank D’Amelio Jr. will lead an executive team on a cross-country motorcycle tour to launch the Nature’s Answer Foundation, kick off a new partnership with the American Cancer Society, and raise funds for breast cancer research. Nature’s Answer, one of America’s largest and oldest family-owned manufacturers of nutritional supplements, is proud to announce the formation of the Nature’s Answer Foundation, and in partnership with the American Cancer Society, the launch of its first annual #Road2WellnessTour. Led by D’Amelio, along with a group of New York-based colleagues and supported by like-minded corporate sponsors, the group will ride their motorcycles more than 4,000 miles, raising money through donations from sponsors, sale of promotional items, and from a portion of the total sale proceeds of Nature’s Answer products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In addition, tax-deductible donations to the Nature’s Answer Foundation may also be made through the website. The journey begins on October 1, in Los Angeles, California, with stops in Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Hershey, Pennsylvania; and elsewhere. The tour finishes on October 15, in Long Island at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach. “The effort to support the American Cancer Society and other initiatives, educate people about cancer prevention, and find a cure for cancer is so important to all of us at Nature’s Answer. Many of us unfortunately have firsthand experience in dealing with this terrible disease. We decided to time the launch of the Nature’s Answer Foundation and the cross-country tour with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, capping it off by arriving at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in our own community,” says D’Amelio. For more information, visit See ad on page 15.



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OCTOBER 1-15, 2017 Join us in raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Awareness, and get some cool swag, too!

We won’t stop until breast cancer is in the rear view mirror.



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Nature’s Answer® | Hauppauge, NY


New Research Reveals a Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease


iabetics know that their disease can affect several bodily functions and systems, such as the heart, nervous system and kidneys, but a new study has shown that diabetics are also more prone to developing gum disease. Gum disease affects the gums and bones that hold the teeth in place and can lead to pain and tissue damage. In its early stage, gum disease is referred to as gingivitis and can cause swollen and red gums that may bleed. The more serious stage of the disease is called periodontitis, and this can cause the gums to pull away from the tooth and bone loss. If left untreated, it can even result in tooth loss. Jonathan Richter, DDS A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania proved that there is a link between diabetes and abnormalities in the oral microbiome when they compared the oral microbiome of healthy versus diabetic mice. The research found that the microbiome in the latter were less diverse and therefore less efficient in keeping the gums healthy—more often resulting in bone loss and inflammation.

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Why are diabetics more likely to develop gum disease? The link between diabetes and gum disease can be explained by the fact that many kinds of bacteria found in the mouth flourish on sugars. When diabetes and/ or blood sugar is not under control, the mouth will have higher glucose levels in its fluids, which supports the growth of germs and bacteria and can eventually cause gum disease to develop. To make things worse, the infection itself can also contribute to increased blood sugar levels. For a diabetic, this means diabetes will be even harder to control once the infection has broken out. What are the best ways to avoid it? The link between diabetes and gum disease confirms the importance of a holistic mindset when it comes to overall health. Maintaining good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleaning will help, and is important, but the key thing for a diabetic is to keep blood sugar levels in check to prevent the manifestation of gum disease entirely. This means making significant lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy and balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and eating to make sure blood sugar remains steady and controlled. Source: Jonathan Richter, DDS, FAGD, of Cariodontal (310 E. Shore Rd., Ste. 101, Great Neck). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-2820310 or visit See ad on back cover.

Experience the transformative effects of intuitive energy healing!

Michelle Andrea Stewart Energy Healing “I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. Her healing/intuitive work is priceless.” ~Carol Leitner, MBA

As a Clairvoyant Energy Healer, I am a facilitator for you to LYNBROOK, NY manifest clarity, peace of mind, joy and physical well-being! Energy healing sessions will energize, inform, and empower you 516-665-3351 mobile: 845-706-2152 on your unique journey. Learn of the specific messages your own energy body is revealing about your personal path to wellness, and allow me to be the conduit for the powerful healing energy that is available to you! Free Consultation by Appointment 16

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Exercise for Stronger Knees and Hips


xercise is more than one smart health habit for hip and knee problems; it is often used as an effective treatment. For example, strengthening the muscles around a damaged hip or knee can help support that joint by taking over some of its responsibilities. The hips are a good example and will do less work when supporting the weight of the body if the gluteals, quadriceps, abdominal muscles and hamstrings are stronger.    The proper balance of strength in the muscles is important and keeps the joints in the least painful yet most functional positions. Muscles work in pairs, meaning one relaxes while the opposing muscle contracts. Imbalances in between paired muscles is an invitation to injuries and joint problems. When the quadriceps are tight, the hamstrings can’t fully stretch and may weaken; therefore, exercise the quadriceps and hamstrings equally.   Balancing while strengthening muscles surrounding the knee takes pressure off the joint and decreases the amount of total weight absorbed by the cartilage, ligaments, and meniscus of the joint. Maintaining both stability and strength is important because the knee only moves in a single direction and is called a hinge joint.   The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that works at its best when it has full mobility in addition to strength.    The hip is a much more complicated joint and needs to be exercised in a variety of directions, including rotation, in order to increase overall stability. If the muscles that support the hip joint are strong and allow appropriate mobility, the amount of pressure and wear and tear on the hip joint, as well as the knee joint, decreases.   Source: Dr. Nakul Karkare is an orthopedic surgeon highly specialized in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. Contact him at 212-951-0182 or find out more about him at See ad on page 39. 

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"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take"

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Why You Should Pay Attention to Inflammation


o you remember when you were 15 and fell off your bike landing directly on your knee? You saw a big red gash, felt throbbing pain, and couldn’t even stand up straight to go inside to tell mom what happened. Most of us know that when we hurt ourselves, we create inflammation in our body. What most people are unaware of is that inflammation hurts us too. In fact, inflammation is at the root cause of every disease. Arthritis is inflammation in the joints, and heart disease is inflammation in the heart. We start to care about “systemic inflammation,” Dr. Elyse Tursi meaning wholebody inflammation when we realize we aren’t feeling well. For example, your back hurts, you aren’t sleeping well, and no matter how much you try to lose weight, it just won’t come off. What causes this inflammation? A diet poor in nutrient-dense food; gastrointestinal issues, such as reflux, colitis and IBS (irritable bowl syndrome); hormonal imbalance; and extra body weight are all a few examples of the body being inflamed. If you feel like everything hurts, you have no energy, you can’t lose weight, and you’re bloated all the time, there is inflammation occurring within the body. The good news is that just like we can create inflammation, we can also stop inflammation with the right tools. Source: Dr. Elyse Tursi, of One Integrative Wellness (100 Manetto Hill Rd., Ste. 307, Plainview). For more information, call 516-299-9313. See ad on page 2.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a revolutionary leap forward in dental healing and grafting.

Simply put, blood is taken chair-side from your arm and in about 10 minutes, the blood is prepared and processed with absolutely NO CHEMICALS, and it is ready to use immediately to help you HEAL. The PRF plug that is created contains your own growth factors, growth proteins, healing platelet cytokines, and all the important regenerative stem cells. The PRF becomes your own dynamic super biomaterial to biologically stimulate bone and soft tissue repair and regeneration, and to aid and accelerate wound healing. This is one example of the exciting technology offered at Golan Family Dentistry. We strive to integrate traditional dentistry with modern equipment and techniques to enhance the biological experience of dentistry.

We focus on dentistry’s affects not only a specific tooth or area of the mouth but the body as a whole. Through the use of lasers, ozone and computerized dentistry, we hope to improve your dental visits and healing. Biomimetic dentistry is used to restore your teeth in a manner that tries to mimic the mechanical wonder that is a natural tooth. The doctors at Golan Family Dentistry look forward to addressing your dental needs while taking a systemic approach to devise the best customized comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve dental wellness naturally. In the coming months we will be providing you with valuable information to educate and enhance your dental experience.

FREE CONSULTATIONS! 516.627.1687 ~ Biomimetic Restorative Treatment ~ Laser Assisted Fillings ~ Laser Assisted Gum Treatment ~ Crowns in a Day ~ Digital Impressions ~ Sleep Apnea Treatment ~ Ozone Assisted Therapy ~ Laser Pain Relief

GOL N FAMILY DENTISTRY 21st Century Dentistry with a Small Practice Feel

Marshall B. Golan DDS, Howard S. Golan DDS and Jeffrey Etess, DMD 245 Hillside Avenue

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by Stephanie Jaworowski, MSACN


ne in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. That is a whopping 12 percent of the female population. Even if a person has the predisposed genetics for breast cancer, there are many dietary and lifestyle interventions that can be implemented to prevent its growth. Don’t let genetics stand in your way; take the following precautions to assure that you will live the healthiest life possible. Eat organic: Exposure to environmental pollution drastically increases a person’s risk for developing cancer. Many foods people consume are covered in pesticides and were grown in artificial fertilizers. These pesticides are then being directly placed into our gut, which is where our immune system is regulated. By choosing organic, we can limit the amount of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Reduce alcohol intake: Alcohol consumption increases the amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a person’s body. Prolonged exposure to ROS over time can lead to cancer. It is recommended to limit alcohol consumption to less than one drink per day. Stephanie Jaworowski, MSACN

Eat antioxidants: Antioxidants work to scavenge and eliminate ROS from the body, lowering the risk of cancer development. Vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein, flavonoids and lycopene are all antioxidants commonly found in fruits, vegetables and herbs. Some foods containing high amounts of these antioxidants include goji berries, wild blueberries, pecans, artichokes, elderberries, kidney beans, cranberries, blackberries and cilantro. EVOO and nuts: Studies show that the Mediterranean diet, rich in monounsaturated fat, such as extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) and mixed nuts, reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. A diet rich in saturated fat, for example, dairy, red meat and fried foods, is known to be associated with an increased risk for cancer development. This diet also promotes more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and fish while limiting red meat. Get moving!: It is important to maintain a healthy weight throughout a person’s life. Those that are overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The higher the body mass index, the greater the risk for developing cancer. The Department for Health and Human Services recommends the average person participate in 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity per week, in addition to strength training a minimum of twice per week. Stephanie Jaworowski, MSACN, is a clinical nutritionist at the Integrative Healing Center (located at 560 Northern Blvd., Ste. 109, in Great Neck). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-676-0200 or visit See ad on page 31. 20

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esearchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, followed 108,630 U.S. women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study between 2000 and 2008, comparing their mortality rates with the amount of vegetation around their homes. The researchers also accounted for related risk factors such as age, socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, and smoking behaviors. They concluded that subjects living in the greenest areas had a 12 percent lower mortality rate than those living in the least lush areas during the study period.


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5 Lifestyle Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention R


Steven M. Rachlin, M.D. is a Medical Doctor specializing in Internal Medicine. He is recognized as a pioneer & top Physician devoting his practice to Alternative & Holistic Medicine. He has been an advocate of natural medicine for over 30 years and is dedicated to the prevention of disease, empowering patients by giving them the tools to obtain optimum health

Healing A

at Hand

fter 25 years’ experience in medical practice and research, Dr. Hannah Hershoff decided to leave her lucrative medical doctor career to create healing jewelry. A phone chat with a cousin who took a trip from China totally changed Dr. Hannah’s life. Dr. Hannah learned that the mystical stones from a remote area of Southeast China near her hometown have incredible spiritual healing properties. After extensive research, Dr. Hannah learned that the five natural elements in the stones had served several dynasties of Emperors over thousands of years. This information excited Dr. Hannah enormously and motivated her to test the spiritual healing effects of the stones. A few weeks after wearing Dr. Hannah’s bracelets, three out of four individuals reported they gained confidence, improved their self-image, sensed more connections to loved ones, and experienced a reduction in anxiety. This dramatic positive feedback encouraged Dr. Hannah to leave her medical career and work full time on Sara Yo healing jewelry. Dr. Hannah says, “I am so glad I have made this career change decision, as I truly believe in the power of spiritual healing. I am so happy to do something I am extremely passionate about and I can help more people than I even did before!” For more information, visit

Rachlin Center

Alternative Medicine A Holistic Approach to Better Health

At the Rachlin Center our mission is to bring each person to optimum wellbeing and provide strategies for health risks and successful results. Our workups include cardiovascular risk reduction, complete blood work evaluation, and a tailored wellness program. We combine the best of Holistic & Traditional Medicine. Dr. Rachlin is certified in Chelation, (removing heavy metals from the blood). We offer nutritional programs for reversing heart disease. Customized medically supervised vitamin supplementation.

We are the premier center for IV Therapy on Long Island. Our IV Vitamin Therapy Drips improve health & wellness and treat acute & chronic medical conditions. Benefits include: improved cellular nutrition with no side effects, stress reduction, increased energy, overall health benefits.

WE TREAT: Metabolic Imbalances, Environmental & Food Allergies, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Leukemia, Nutritional Imbalances, Migraines, Gastric disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormone Imbalances (female/male) Low testosterone, Menopause, Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar Heavy Metal Toxicity, Dementia Parkinson’s, Lyme Disease, Celiac, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Heart disease SOME MODALITIES OFFERED: Complete Metabolic Blood workup, IV & Oral Nutritional Supplementation, Immunotherapy, Allergy workups Alternative Cancer approach, Testosterone Injections, Detoxification Programs, Anti-aging Weight Loss, Chelation Therapy Our state of the art Vitamin store is available to all interested in supplementing their nutritional needs. Walk-ins are welcome for nutrition consultations. We carry a complete line of physician quality vitamin supplements, health products, Cardiovascular & health management supplements. We also have supplements for pets.

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Fax: 516 877-7365 STEVEN M. RACHLIN, M.D., P.C. 927 Willis Ave, Albertson NY



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Human Papillomavirus (HPV): From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City…

Do you have HPV infection?

According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), genital human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. There are 40 or more types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of men and women, as well as the throat and mouth! HPV may cause serious health problems, including genital warts and certain cancers. Most people that become infected with HPV don’t even know they have it!

So how do you get HPV?

Anyone that is having or has ever had sex can get HPV. The CDC says that this is true even for people who only have sex with one person in their lifetime! HPV is passed on through genital contact, usually during vaginal and anal sex. What most people don’t know is that HPV may also be passed on during oral sex. Most important to note is that a pregnant woman with genital HPV can pass the HPV on to her baby during delivery.

• Genital warts can be removed by doctors using acid or liquid nitrogen. • Cervical cancer is most treatable when it is diagnosed and treated early. Here surgical scraping or cryosurgery (freezing) is typically used, unfortunately far too often with re-occurrence. • RRP can be treated with surgery or medicines. Curing RRP often requires many treatments or surgeries over a period of years.

What can be done if the normal treatment fails?

There is a safe and proven effective treatment that has been used in Europe for many years and now available here called direct intravenous ozone therapy. This treatment destroys the virus wherever it is living, genitally and/or orally, outside and/ or inside the body. Simply, it is the only treatment that does this and with no pain at all! What hapDr. Howard Robins pens is medical-grade oxygen and ozone gas is safely and painlessly injected by trained professionals into a vein (you can’t get an embolus from oxygen, only from nitrogen gas found in air). The extra “O” in the ozone molecule acts like a “glue,” stealing an electron from While some infections “may go away,” unfortunately, someanything in our body that it can latch onto. Healthy cells times, HPV infections can and will persist and may cause in our body contain natural antioxidants that protect them a variety of very significant and serious health problems. against damage or destruction. Only pathogens, like HPV, Health problems that can be caused by HPV include: are destroyed anywhere they are living. In addition, organic ozonized oils are used either externally and/or internally to • Pain safely and painlessly assist and speed up the eradication of • Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) this horrible infection. • Cervical cancer So, please don’t wait any longer! It’s absolutely pos• Other rare but serious cancers, including genital cancers sible to completely eliminate HPV from your body. To learn and a type of head and neck cancer called oropharyngeal more about medical ozone therapy, visit OzoneUniversity. cancer, which is in the back of the throat and may extend to com or buy a copy of Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medithe base of the tongue and tonsils. cine, available at, which has testimonials on its benefits and effectiveness.

What are the risks from HPV?

Is there a test for HPV, and how is it treated?

HPV tests are available to help screen women age 30 years and older for cervical cancer. These HPV tests are not used to screen men, children or women less than age 30. There is no approved HPV test to detect HPV in the mouth or throat.


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For more information, call Dr. Howard Robins at 212-5810101. Robins is considered the foremost clinical expert on the use of ozone in North America, with more than 24 years of clinical practice and 185,000 treatments performed. See ad on page 55.

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Center of Human Optimization


World’s Experts on prevention, optimal well-being and human optimization.

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globalbriefs Wildlife Wipeout

Wind turbines make cleaner energy, but are dangerous to birds and bats. According to a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, approximately 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats are killed annually by wind turbines, which are providing increased wind power capacity nationwide. At one solar power plant in California, an estimated 3,500 birds died in just the plant’s first year of operation. What would help most is offshore turbines and knowledge about migration routes. The safest place for wind turbines is in the ocean, because songbirds and bats don’t migrate over such waters. On land, many songbirds fly at night and can’t see the wind turbines until it’s too late. Once they’ve discovered the unsafe area, they avoid it. Because migration routes are based on availability of food, water and resting areas, birds are forced to fly around the turbines, adding miles to their trip and the burning of more calories. Estimates of just how many bats are dying each year range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Radar installations help to keep bats away from the deadly blades. Other remedies include slowing the blades at night to reduce collisions, which has proved to reduce overall wildlife deaths by 73 percent. In 2016 the American Wind Energy Association announced voluntary guidelines to halt turbines during low wind speeds, when bats are most active, to reduce bat fatalities by 30 percent. With two more industry changes, bat fatalities could drop 90 percent: feathering, or turning the blades parallel to the wind so the turbines don’t rotate; and higher cut-in speeds so they don’t rotate in light winds.

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American Roots

My mission is to create powerful, personalized plans for healing & wholeness; utilizing a unique combination of resources & modalities.

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Columbus Day Renamed to Honor First Peoples Many people feel that Christopher Columbus is partly responsible for the genocide of Native Americans, and bestowing him a day of celebration adds insult to injury. In a progressive move, the Anadarko City Council, in Oklahoma, unanimously voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day—observed this year on October 9. City employees get the holiday off, and other municipalities in Oklahoma have followed suit.

Fernando Cortes/

J. Marijs/

Wind Turbines Kill Winged Creatures

• Weddings • Memorial Services • Blessings Ceremonies


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WWW.DIANEMONKS.COM Offices in the Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind & Spirit, 2050 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh


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Michelle Novak

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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Eco Sneakers

Biodegradable Reeboks Help Solve Waste Problem

SORT: Give Away, Trash & Save

Remove all clutter, such as toys, newspapers, and yard tools. Pick up after your pets.


Make beds; clean up dishes; empty waste baskets; vacuum and dust. Clean smudges or marks on walls.

Reebok is introducing a completely compostable sneaker designed to neither harm the environment when created nor potentially clog a landfill when discarded. The shoe’s upper section is made of sustainable organic cotton, while the sole is derived from industrially grown corn, harvested when it’s older and tougher. Even the eyelets are stitched, using no metal or plastic.

Paint & Polish:


Repair or replace anything that looks old or worn, such as fences, door knobs, porch details, or the front door.

Lawn & Gardening:

Keep the lawn well maintained, with all hedges & shrubs trimmed. Remove all dead plants. Decorate with colorful potted plants

Signature Premier Properties | 7952 Jericho Tpke | Woodbury, NY 11797 | 516.496.0300


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Saving Salmon

Court Removes Manmade Barriers A legal challenge in Washington state may require spending nearly $2 billion to restore salmon habitat by removing barriers that block fish migration. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a 2013 ruling ordering the state to fix or replace hundreds of culverts that allow streams to pass beneath roads, but block the salmon. Lorraine Loomis, chair of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, states, “This is a win for salmon, treaty rights and everyone that lives here.” The group represents 21 tribes in western Washington that challenged the state over the culverts in 2001, part of decades-long litigation over tribal fishing rights. She advises, “Fixing fish-blocking culverts under state roads will open up hundreds of miles of habitat and result in more salmon.”

Alexander Raths/

Nothing brightens a home more than a fresh coat of paint, leaving the home looking clean and crisp.

Fast Foodies

A collaborative study published in the journal Pediatrics concludes that toddlers under the age of 2 are more likely to eat French fries than vegetables on any given day; one in four 6-to-11month-olds and one in five 1-year-olds consumed no vegetables at all. This concerning downward trend began more than a decade ago. The percentage of babies and toddlers eating canned or frozen fruits and vegetables declined by 10 percent between 2005 and 2012, and the consumption of dark, leafy greens among those under 2 has halved since 2005. Dr. Annemarie Stroustrup, an associate professor with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, in New York City, says, “You often have to offer a new food to a toddler up to 10 times before they will eat it.”


Toddlers Routinely Reach for French Fries



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ecobrief Global Warming by Doug Sisterson Is global warming just the result of natural cycles, or of cosmic rays bombarding the Earth? Climate change skeptics say “yes” to such questions routinely and loudly. Have you heard the claim that scientists are split on whether humans are affecting the climate? Have you ever wondered if renewable energy is too expensive to replace fossil fuels? Skeptic-inspired misconceptions about climate change such as these are everywhere: in recent statements from leading politicians; in public opinion polls; and in “balanced” news coverage, which often goes out of its way to give equal weight to science and skepticism. As a result of this divergence of messages, the general public is understandably confused. We are regularly confronted with arguments that deny climate change is happening or is a problem; these claims come from many directions, including news reports on TV and radio, newspapers and blogs, and even sometimes in direct conversations with climate-change skeptics. There are indeed things we still don’t know about our planet’s climate and our effect on it, but the basic tenets attacked by skeptics are generally those that the scientific community has established with mountains of evidence. Nearly all skeptic arguments are based on a common error:

cherry-picking pieces of data without seeing the big picture. It’s what lies behind the claim that the glaciers are growing and the idea that the planet isn’t getting warmer. Stepping back, regardless of one’s political or religious perspective, regardless of whether one believes it is happening or not, our planet’s climate is indeed changing, and we are indeed to blame. Effects of climate disruption are already apparent in everything from rising seas to more extreme weather to the fact that native plants once flourishing in our backyards are dying as the local climate zones shift. The responsibility for maintaining the Earth’s climate lies with each of us; while power plants may represent some of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, we are all consumers of the power they produce in one way or another. This isn’t about pointing fingers. It’s about identifying and understanding the problem and, more importantly, taking action to do something about it. Failure to do so puts our children’s future—and that of all subsequent generations—in peril. Doug Sisterson is co-author (with Seth Darling) of the book How to Change Minds About Our Changing Climate and is also an atmospheric researcher at Argonne National Laboratory. He will be speaking at The Real Truth About Health Conference, which will be held Feb. 2-11, 2018, at the Long Island Hilton, in Melville ( See ads on page 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

Healing with Understanding

Dr. Finker compassionately guides all of her patients back onto their path of well being. Services Include:

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Water Is Essential FOR HEALTH

by Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., ND


ater is essential for health, and without adequate water, humans can die within a few days. The infant body is comprised of 75 percent water, and even in old age, the human body is made of 55 percent water. In spite of this, most people do not drink enough water, and dehydration has become a common condition. There are several reasons for this, including misunderstandings about the amount of water that should be consumed daily, the amount of water in foods, and how much “other fluids” count toward the body’s need for water. Additionally, there are no good ways to measure hydration status in the average person. Urinalysis measures recent fluid intake but not hydration status, for example. Under normal circumstances, the best way to measure hydration status is to pay attention to daily intake. Most humans rely on thirst to guide fluid intake, but research shows that thirst is a poor indicator of the need for water, which results in most humans being chronically dehydrated. Aging results in lowered thirst sensation, and research shows that older people drink less water, and all other liquids, following water

deprivation than younger people. The body has very intricate systems that control water balance, regardless of fluid intake. When a person becomes dehydrated, water is moved from inside the cells to extracellular areas. This causes the cells to shrink in size, and then leads to a series of events, which include a signal to drink and also a signal to the kidneys to concentrate waste in smaller amounts of urine. The kidneys can function under less-than-optimal circumstances, as in not enough water intake. But eventually this results in unnecessary wear and tear on the tissues, which can be exacerbated if the individual consumes significant quantities of toxins that are eliminated in urine. Drinking enough water regularly is an important way to protect the kidneys. Drinking more water

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Pamela Popper is a naturopath; an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health; and the executive director of Wellness Forum Health. She will be speaking at The Real Truth About Health Conference, which will be held Feb. 2-11, 2018, at the Long Island Hilton, in Melville ( See ads on pages 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

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instead of other beverages has been shown to reduce the risk of weight gain, particularly in children. In one randomized study conducted in Germany and involving 2,950 children, the children were provided with education about the importance of drinking water, were given water bottles and also given access to drinking fountains with filtered water. The children drank 1.1 more glasses of water per day and their risk of excessive weight gain was reduced by 31 percent. Another common manifestation of dehydration is headache, even migraine headaches, due to dehydration of the brain and reduced total plasma volume. Studies have shown that drinking water can provide pain relief within 30 minutes to three hours, which is a better alternative to taking NSAIDS for pain relief due to the side effects of the drugs. Based on this information, it is advisable for people to drink water regularly rather than relying on thirst as indicators for fluid intake. Americans obtain about 22 percent of water needs from food, while slightly more comes from food in European countries, where the intake of fruits and vegetables is higher. The best way to ensure adequate water intake is to fill water bottles daily. People tend to think they drink more water than they actually do, and as a result remain in a constant state of mild dehydration—not enough to cause an immediate health crisis, but enough to cause chronic and worsening long-term health.

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October 2017




Choosing a Chiropractor How to Find the Best One by Marlaina Donato


hiropractic medicine is known for its non-surgical approach to chronic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions, but also has much more to offer. However, finding the right doctor can be as daunting as shopping for a comfortable pair of shoes. Here, three reputable practitioners talk about securing individualized care and getting the most out of chiropractic.

Address Specific Needs

Clarifying the desired outcome is helpful, because some clients are just looking for a quick fix to reduce pain, while others may be seeking overall better health, lasting wellness and an improved quality of life. “Due to insurance issues, we’ve become known as pain doctors, but that’s not the full extent of chiropractic,” explains Dr. Michelle Robin, owner of Your Wellness Connection and the educational website, in Shawnee, Kansas. “Also, you can see more than one chiropractor, as each has their own strength.” Dr. Michael Aho, of Crosstown Chiropractic, in Chicago, agrees. “Chiropractic care encompasses many 32

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styles, so one of the biggest variables is the type of treatment the doctor uses. Most offices commonly treat neck, mid-back and low back pain. If you have a specific shoulder, knee or foot problem, you may want to find a doctor that frequently treats those issues. If you are pregnant, choose a chiropractor that has experience working with pregnant women.” “There are more than 140 different chiropractic techniques. Some are light touch, while others are aggressive. Some are hands-on and some use instruments for adjusting. It’s important that the doctor’s approach resonates with your nature,” advises Dr. Jackie St.Cyr of the Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, in Houston. Robin advises that sitting in a doctor’s reception room to just observe and trusting our intuition is helpful before moving forward with a consultation.

Ask Questions

First, find out if a chiropractor has embraced either a conventional medical or holistic model, and then delve more deeply to find the right approach and level of care. “Ask how long a doctor

has practiced and their governing philosophy. Do they treat the full spine or focus on the point of pain, and what range of techniques do they apply? You want them to know your spine before they adjust it; make sure they conduct a new patient exam,” suggests St.Cyr. An exam may include a thermography scan and X-rays. Helpful questions include what to expect during the initial visit, recommended frequency of treatment, the desired doctor’s office hours and how treatment might benefit a particular condition. Because most chiropractic offices offer compatible treatments, also ask about complementary modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, heat therapy, and interferential current therapy using minute electrical pulses for deep tissue pain relief.

Be Consistent

“You shouldn’t expect instant results,” says Aho. “You’ll benefit the most if you don’t wait too long after first experiencing symptoms of a problem before starting treatment, and are consistent with your treatment.” Being proactive can foster good results. St.Cyr concurs, stating, “When patients follow their chiropractor’s recommended routine of regular corrective care, they get the best results. Be consistent with visits and do your customized spinal exercises; they’ve been proven to work.” Robin expounds that not following through with homecare is a common pitfall for patients. “Like dental care, you always need to do something for your spine every day, be it stretching, other exercise or good nutrition.” She notes that everyone’s response to chiropractic is different. “Be realistic. If you’ve experienced injuries or accidents, it will take longer, and your healing might look different from that of someone else that is free of injuries and follows a healthier diet. Sometimes people give up on chiropractic instead of finding a chiropractor that is good for them. You wouldn’t give up going to the dentist, and the same should apply to chiropractic care.” Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at

The Sunshine in New York Is

NOT Enough to Optimize Your

Vitamin D Levels! by Kristine Blanche, RPA-C, M.D., Ph.D.

Vitamin D has always been known as the sunshine vitamin, right?


nfortunately, for most people, the sun is not enough anymore. I have been checking vitamin D levels for 10 years in every patient that walks through my door. I have found that over the past several years, I am prescribing five times the amount of vitamin D in most of my patients to get the levels to the therapeutic range of 60 to 80. It used to be enough to tell patients to take 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D in the winter, and then make sure to get 10 minutes of summer sun a few times per week. That, combined with a trip or two to somewhere warm during the winter, was enough. This regimen is no longer enough for most of us New Yorkers. I explain it to my patients this way: When skin is exposed to sunlight, 7-dehydrocholesterol, a hormone in the skin, absorbs UVB radiation and converts it into D3. This is a good thing. We also know that vitamin D3 has diverse properties and numerous important unique biological processes. Now in 2017, even my sun worshipers that spend the winters someplace warm and surf all summer long are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun. Even these bodies need a supplement of vitamin D in pill or liquid form. The amount varies, but for many patients 3,000 to 10,000 IU is necessary for the body to have enough of this vital nutrient. Some of this shortage can be attributed to stress—and we all know that New Yorkers have a lot of stress. But that

does not explain why there has been an increase over the past few years, as New York stress is not a new phenomenon. So why are we seeing this increased need for more vitamin D, even in patients that manage their stress or live in sunny areas, like Florida? Well, I think I have the answer. One day a patient came for a breast thermography, and she had an envious tan in New York in January. Obviously, I asked where she had vacationed, and to my surprise, she said her tanning bed, two times per week religiously for years. I checked her vitamin D, and it was right where it belonged: 70 ng/dl. This was all the more surprising to me because this patient was under a tremendous amount of stress, and did not take any vitamin D. Conventional wisdom, and even my own experiences, had taught me that a tanning bed was never the answer for a healthy person. But it worked. I discussed this conundrum with an environmental engineer from John Hopkins University, and she explained that because of pollution, the UVB rays no longer makes it from the sun to our skin—they are filtered out, so to speak, from the toxins and pollution in our sky. The result for New Yorkers (and for others in highly polluted environments) is troubling because it has become increasingly difficult for the body to get enough vitamin D without taking significant amounts as part of a regular supplement regimen. The other option, of course, is going to a tanning bed twice a week. But as alluring as that may be for some of us, it is not a practical fix for most of us.

Vitamin D is a very important part of living a healthy life and preventing disease. Its benefits are endless, but some of them include: n Cancer prevention n Boosting the immune system function n Manufacturing hormones, like DHEA, progesterone and testosterone n Lowering the risk for autoimmune disease n Preventing the flu
 n Preventing/treating depression and seasonal affective disorder n Pregnant mothers protecting their unborn children You need to be very careful with vitamin D and consult your physician or healthcare professional because there are dangers if too much is taken. My recommended treatment is to check vitamin D 25 OH and vitamin D 125 levels twice a year—once in the fall to help calculate your winter dose, and again in the spring to calculate your summer dose. Vitamin D is an important part of cancer prevention. Numerous studies have shown that healthy levels of vitamin D can help reduce chances of breast, colon and prostate cancer. So what can you do to make sure your body has enough vitamin D? n Ask your doctor to check your vitamin D 25 OH levels. n Keep your vitamin D 25 OH level between 60 to 80 ng/dl. n Actively work to decrease your stress. n Share this information with everyone you love (and those you like, and even those you tolerate!). This month while breast cancer prevention is on everyone’s mind, please get your vitamin D levels checked! It has been proven that therapeutic levels of vitamin D25 OH, between 60 to 90 ng/ dl, affect your body’s ability to prevent breast, prostate and colon cancer. We must do all we can to prevent these cancers and protect our health! Kristine Blanche, RPA-C, Ph.D., M.D., is the owner of Integrative Healing Center, located at 560 Northern Blvd., Ste. 109, in Great Neck. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-6760200 or visit See ad on page 31.


October 2017


Bouncing, Leaping and Lunging Our Way to Bone Health by Kathleen Barnes

Success in the quest for stronger bones is possible at any age.

Start and Stay Young

“Peak bone strength is reached by the age of 30, so it’s vital for young people to engage in dynamic impact movement through their teen years and 20s,” says Sherri Betz, chair of the American Physical Therapy Association bone health group, a doctor of physical therapy and geriatric-certified specialist with a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. Engaging in sports during our youthful developing years helps build strong, wide and dense bones that will carry us well into old age, literally giving us a firmer base to stand on. It’s paramount to encourage children and young people to be physically active and for us all to continue with athletic activities throughout adulthood to preserve the bone health peak we reach at age 30.

Optimal Bone Exercises

“Adulthood is a perfectly good time to start building and improving bone fitness and health. The outcome is just a little bit less,” says Steven A. Hawkins, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at California Lutheran University, in Thousand Oaks. 34

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“Bone responds to exercise much like muscle,” explains Larry Tucker, Ph.D., professor of exercise sciences at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. “Bone doesn’t grow, per se, but like muscle, it does get denser and stronger according to the stresses and strains put on it.” “The key is to put a heavy load on bones to stimulate them to grow,” Hawkins notes. Standing exercises are recommended, because the bones most likely to benefit from strengthening exercise are 30 targeted leg and hip bones, says Tucker. “Surprising the bone is your best bet,” points out Betz. “Don’t do the same things over and over again at the same time, either repetitive exercises like running or weight lifting or consistent combinations; even high-intensity exercise can diminish the effects.” The most highly recommended exercises involve those that require changing directions, bouncing and leaping—from basketball to lively dances, and even some intense yoga postures. Hopping and jumping are probably the best way to strengthen bones, but must be done in the proper way, according to Tucker and others. Research by Tucker’s

team published in the American Journal of Health Promotion studied the effects of jumping on hip bone density in premenopausal women. It may seem counterintuitive, but Tucker reports that most benefits are gained from jumping as high as possible, resting 30 seconds and repeating up to 10 times twice a day in intervals at least eight hours apart. “If you jump continuously, the exercise loses effectiveness pretty quickly,” he says. Those that enjoy circuit training should do something else during the 30-second rests between repetitions, Tucker advises. Because it’s the jolt of jumping that stimulates bone strength, using a mini-trampoline or another cushioning device to lessen impact on the body won’t increase bone density. Betz cautions against starting a jumping program too quickly. “Proper alignment, balance and body awareness come first,” she says. “Do 20 to 25 heel raises in a row, a full squat with good alignment and a full lunge to ready the body for a jumping program.” Such strengthening safeguards against falling and injury.

Walking Isn’t It

Walking, running, weight training and other repetitive exercises don’t improve bone density, says Hawkins. “Walk and do other repetitive exer-

Yoga for Bones Yoga doesn’t involve bouncing or jumping for the most part, but it can be helpful in maintaining strong bones, says Sherri Betz, a Santa Cruz, California, physical therapist and Pilates and yoga instructor. “Poses, including the tree, chair, warrior, triangle, half moon and sun salute, need to be as dynamic as possible and focus on leg strengthening and spine extension.



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Best Bone Test

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The most common way of testing bone density is a DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan. The result is called a T-score and is one case where a zero is perfect. A score of +1.0 to -1.0 is considered normal. A score between -1.0 and -2.5 is considered osteopenia, or weakened bones. A score lower than -2.5 indicates some level of osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends bone density testing for women and men older than 65 and 70, respectively, and those that are petite, prone to breaking bones or have other risk factors. For more information, visit Tinyurl. com/BoneDensityTest.

cises for cardiovascular health and general fitness. While these might help maintain current bone strength, they won’t improve bone density.” Walking reduced the risk of hip fracture by 41 percent for postmenopausal women walking four hours a week, with fewer falls due to improved strength, balance and other factors per the Journal of the American Medical Association. Numerous studies confirm that exercise of any kind keeps us healthy, but for bone health, the answer is to start weight-bearing exercises early and sustain the practice for a lifetime. Kathleen Barnes is a health writer and author of The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know, with Dr. Robert Thompson. Connect at

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Fermented Foods Revival Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods by Judith Fertig

Colorful jars of fermented Korean kimchee, Indian chutney, German sauerkraut and bottles of kombucha line many grocery store shelves today. We’re in the midst of a fermented food revival.

Grassroots Groundswell

“I grew up in New York City as the grandson of immigrants from Belarus, and sauerkraut and pickles were common foods I always loved, but neither my grandparents nor anyone else I knew made them,” says Sandor Katz. This Woodbury, Tennessee, writer who travels the world giving related workshops is credited with bringing fermented foods back into the limelight. He explains, “I am self-taught and learned to ferment by experimentation. It was that first suc-

cessful batch of sauerkraut that sparked my obsession. I also love eating cheese, beer, chocolate, coffee, yogurt and many other products of fermentation.” Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, the authors of Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes, homestead in Oregon’s Jackson Valley. “A fateful Christmas gift—a ceramic crock full of bubbling, fermenting cabbage under the tree, funky fermenty smell and all,”

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first piqued their interest, Kirsten recalls. “Eventually, we started our own small farmstead fermentation company.” Christopher explains that the combination of salt and shredded or chopped vegetables can launch the production of probiotic lactic acid bacteria that preserves the food and drives off “bad bacteria”. Jennifer McGruther, who lives in the Pacific Northwest, is the author of The Nourished Kitchen cookbook, an offshoot of her blog of the same name. Her first batch of fermented food was yogurt. Now she visits her local farmers’ market every Saturday before spending Sunday prepping foods for the rest of the week. “Traditional foods like fermented vegetables, yogurt or kombucha don’t take long to prepare; they take time to culture, but it’s so rewarding,” she says.

How Much Is Enough?

Fermented foods offer a variety of positive effects on health. “If you’re consuming a diet rich in fermented foods, you’re essentially bathing your GI tract in healthy, food-related organisms,” says food research scientist Robert Hutkins, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Fermented foods with live probiotics can also improve brain function, according to a study in the journal Gastroenterology. Fermented foods are meant to be eaten as condiments, not consumed in large quantities. Overdoing such intake might cause bloating, cramping and other digestion problems. Dr. Leonard Smith, a gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon and medical advisor for the University of Miami Department of Integrative Medicine, recommends “a half-cup of cultured vegetables or two ounces of your favorite probiotic liquid per day to start.” He says it’s possible to eventually work up to having a serving of cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids at every meal, or possibly as a between-meal snack. Christopher Shockey adds, “We don’t see these foods as a ‘medicine’ to be eaten daily because you have to force yourself; instead, we see it as a fun, delicious, easy, healthful addition to mealtime.” Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (

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ence a


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October 2017



Behind the

GMO Deception by Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D.


griculture had its origins about 10 thousand years ago. Throughout most of that period, farmers shared seeds, selected desired phenotypes of plants, and with keen observation and experience sought to understand the environmental factors affecting crop productivity. Through selective breeding, farmers chose plants that were best adapted to their region. By saving seeds of the more desired varieties, they were able to achieve shortened growing seasons, larger fruits or vegetables, enhanced disease resistance, and varieties with higher nutritional value. The birth of botany as a discipline can be traced to ancient Greece. With the discovery in the first half of the 20th century that radiation and chemicals could create mutations (or changes in the DNA code) in plant cells and germ plasm, plant breeders deliberately induced mutations that they hoped would produce more desirable plant varieties. After the discovery of recombinant DNA molecule technology (aka gene transplantation) in the early 1970s, the new field of plant biotechnology was launched less than a decade later. Scientists were now capable of cutting and splicing genes and transferring them from one biological entity to another, thereby crossing broad species barriers. Plant biotechnology made its debut at an international symposium in Miami, Florida, in January 1983. While there have been longstanding controversies between vegetarians and 38

Long Island Edition

omnivores or organic versus conventional farming, rarely has there been a time when food has divided society into two major warring camps. But that is the situation that people now find themselves throughout the world in response to genetically modified food. One camp proclaims that GMOs represent the future of food. They echo the words of Francis Bacon, the 17th-century philosopher and scientist, who more than four hundred years ago in The New Atlantis, prophesied a future of biotechnology: “And we make by art, in the same orchards and gardens, trees and flowers to come earlier or later in their seasons, and to come up and bear more speedily, than by their natural course they do. We make them also by art greater much than their nature; and their fruit greater and sweeter, and of differing tastes, smell, colour, and figure from their nature.” Bacon saw the biotic world around him as providing the feedstock, or starting materials, for recreating plant life on the planet according to human design and utility. In more contemporary terms, the plant germ plasm holds the building blocks for new food crops, just as the chemical elements of the periodic table were the starting material for synthetic chemistry that has brought us plastics, pesticides and nanotechnology.

The Debate

In the view of the modern agricultural Baconians, farms are like factories. Food production must be as efficient as an assembly line. This means that the produc-

ers of food must reduce the uncertainty of inputs and speed up food production to cultivate more crops per given acre, per unit of time, per unit of labor, and per unit of resource input. They proclaim the need for higher food productivity to provide for a growing population of more than 7 billion people on the planet. The opposing camp is comprised largely of food purists; skeptics of industrial, high chemical input farming; critics of agribusiness; and scientists that are not convinced that genetically modified food is as safe and as ecologically sustainable as its proponents claim it to be. They point out that the altruistic promises of GMO proponents have had no relationship with the actual use of genetic engineering techniques in modern agricultural production. In fact, there have been only two commonly applied major innovations in GMO agriculture: 1) crops resistant to herbicide, and 2) crops that contain their own insecticide. Both methods were designed to find synergies with their corporate sponsor’s existing pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer businesses in order to maximize profits. GMO skeptics harken back to the transformation of small-scale agriculture, where crop rotation, agro-ecological diversity, family farming, animal husbandry, taste, freshness, and purity were core values. Their perspective on GMOs can best be characterized by use of the acronym GAUF: Genetically Adulterated Unlabeled Food. Consumers, especially those not on the edge of poverty and famine, are asking more from their food than its price, its plentitude, its perfect geometry, its homogenous color, and its shelf life. They are demanding that their food be grown without the use of poisons, that animal protein not be harvested at the expense of the humane treatment of sentient beings, that agricultural practices not destroy the substrate of the natural ecology (the soil), and that modern agriculture not put an end to agrarian life by turning land-based food production into industrially based cell culture and hydroponics. The fact that Americans have been consuming large amounts of GMO corn and soybeans does not mean that GMO crops are highly desirable nutritionally unless we know that other changes in

the crop have not taken place. One report concludes: “Using the latest molecular analytical methods, GM crops have been shown to have different composition to their non-GM counterparts ... even when the two crops are grown under the same conditions, at the same time and in the same location.” Nine studies have found that GMO soy contains lower amounts of isoflavones; GMO canola contains lower amounts of vitamin E; and GMO insecticidal rice has higher levels of sucrose, mannitol and glutamic acid than its non-GMO counterparts. These are all results consumers should know about. Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D., is Lenore Stern Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning in the School of Arts & Sciences and Adjunct Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine in the School of Medicine at Tufts University. Author of The GMO Deception, he will be speaking at The Real Truth About Health Conference, which will be held Feb. 2-11, 2018, at the Long Island Hilton, in Melville ( See ads on pages 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

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School Om Work

Kids Calm Themselves with Meditation by April Thompson


choolchildren are learning the calming effect of tuning into their minds and bodies through a pioneering program in Baltimore, Maryland, that’s replacing time outs and school detentions with mindful moments. Trained staff—including many former students—teach yoga, mindfulness practices, meditation, centering and breath work that empower kids to

resolve conflicts peacefully. Brothers Atman and Ali Smith and friend Andres Gonzalez founded the nonprofit Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) in 2001 in response to the pressing need to help kids living in challenging urban environments better manage stress, anger and other heightened emotions. Today, the organization is sowing the seeds of mindfulness with

some 7,500 students a week across 18 Baltimore-area schools, usually beginning through daylong, school-wide interventions and afterschool programs supporting targeted populations. Frustrated kids cool off and center themselves through breathing exercises and meditation in the Mindful Moment Room in the HLF flagship Robert W. Coleman Elementary School. “Sometimes when I get mad, I just breathe deep. I picture being in a certain place I like and I just stop being mad… I think of being a bigger person and doing something maybe a wise man would do,” advises one fifth-grade participant. “When we had to take a big test, before I took it and in the middle, I took deep breaths to stay calm and finish the test. When everybody around you is making a lot of noises, you just try to tune them out and be yourself, do your breathing,” says another fifth-grader. The training starts with educators learning mindfulness techniques both to help their students and also manage their own stress in the classroom. “The program was a fantastic experience,” says Lori Gustovson, a teacher at Baltimore’s Lincoln Elementary School. “We integrated the exercises into our daily schedules, helping many students and teachers focus their attention and regulate emotions such as anxiety, anger and frustration. We are a better school because of the time they spent in our classrooms teaching us the beauty of

Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind & Spirit We provide Gentle Chiropractic Care for the whole family in a relaxing, friendly and supportive environment. Chiropractic is a natural, drug-free, safe and effective method to help: Relieve Pain • Heal Your Body • Optimize Your Health Call for a Complimentary Phone Consultation Other services offered at the Center include Acupuncture, Reiki, Nutrition Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and Massage Therapy 40

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Dr. Gina Marino 2050 Wantagh Avenue Wantagh, NY 11793 516-221-3500

These are tools kids can rely on for the rest of their lives, and use them to get back to their center.

Mindful Exercises

~Ali Smith paying attention to breath, movement and each other,” she observes. Participating schools have reported fewer fights, better attendance and higher grades, among other benefits, according to Ali Smith, all results backed by independent research. Recent studies in schools from San Francisco to Columbus, Ohio, have shown that teaching kids mindfulness practices can heighten attentiveness, self-control and empathy, while reducing stress, hyperactivity and depression, and improving academic performance. The kids also apply their newfound skills at home. “To take ownership of the practice and understand the benefits, you have to know how to explain it, so we use a reciprocal teaching model,” says Ali. “We teach the kids to say, ‘Mom, Dad, you look stressed; can you take a breather with me?’” Martin, a Lincoln Elementary student, was pleased to report, “I went to my house and taught my mom how to do all the things you guys taught us.” Virginia,

another student, noted, “This morning I got mad at my dad, but then I remembered to breathe, and then I didn’t shout.” Other schools are following suit. Mindful Schools began in 2007 as a single-school program in Oakland, California, and then expanded to support online and in-person courses and a network of mindful educators spanning all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The David Lynch Foundation funds efforts to bring transcendental meditation to underserved kids in classrooms like the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School, in Queens, New York; Wilson High School, in Portland, Oregon; and Wayzata West Middle School, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, among others. Find easy instruction at MindfulnessStarterLesson. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

This meditation exercise is recommended by the Holistic Life Foundation to help kids slow down, relax, de-stress or clear their heads: Sit comfortably with one hand on your belly, with your head, neck and spine in alignment. Breathe through your nose. As you inhale, feel your belly expand and pause for a second. Then, exhale and feel the belly fall. Repeat for 10 breaths.

This mindfulness instruction is excerpted from a starter lesson at

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening in the present moment. It can help calm us when we are angry, sad or frustrated. It can help us notice when we are happy or grateful and also to focus, whether in school or in sports. It’s important to let our bodies be very still. When that happens, it gets very quiet. When we have still and quiet bodies, that’s what we call our mindful bodies. Now, let’s close our eyes and just sit like this for one minute.


October 2017




Storytelling. Humans learn best when seeing and hearing stories. Facts don’t arouse us as much as narratives and full-body experiences do. Bombarding people with facts won’t create desired change. We must be inspired to act on the knowledge.


Elders. Shared history, respect and affection are vital to belonging. Adults coping with a high-stress, industrialized culture might tend to find elders’ stories slow-moving and boring, but they are a critical resource for our collective survival. Beware of the “star from afar” syndrome that posits outsiders as experts, rather than honoring and developing our own community resources, which won’t disappear at the end of an event.

Creating Community 9 15 Ways to Craft a Circle of Caring by Linda Buzzell


n facing up to today’s often degrading environmental, economic, political, social and hyper-individualistic cultural conditions, we instinctively know that survival requires coming together to effect constructive change. Here are proven approaches to community building that work.

1 2

Build a campfire. Whether literal or metaphoric, create a clear, focused attraction that draws people into a circle.

Connect with nature and the seasons. Tying gatherings into what’s happening seasonally with all life forms is a traditionally effective way of fostering community.


Welcome each person. Either designate greeters or go around the circle welcoming and acknowledging each participant before proceeding with the event’s main activity. People that feel seen and known are more likely to stay involved.


Long Island Edition


Provide food and drink. Traditional societies have always taken hospitality seriously. Having people bring items to add to the collective feast is better than catering.

Gifts and sharing. As we focus on creating a sharing society versus a gimme culture, it’s nice to give small gifts such as a plant or garden flower, organic seeds or regifted items to event attendees. It’s a simple way to help everyone feel valued, appreciated and welcomed. The key is keeping events local, simple and created by the community for the community. Many hands make light work, and some of the best community events cost the host little, while everyone involved brings their own chair or blanket, serving ware and potluck dish.




11 12

Ceremony, ritual and the sacred. Deep in our collective human memory lie countless spring and harvest festivals, ceremonial or religious events, meals and celebrations that included a strong sense of passage, initiation and the sacredness of all life. Use one as a springboard to add meaning to a contemporary gathering.

Collective problem solving. People bond into a community when they participate in solving a real-world community problem, helping someone in need or addressing a situation that demands a community solution. Consider using Robert’s Rules of Order or other guidelines for discussions that maintain civility, discourage competitiveness and peacefully resolve conflicts in order to reach consensus.

Shopping. People have been bonding through meeting others in the marketplace since ancient times. Sales or silent auctions are popular when the money paid becomes a gift to the community. A little excitement. Raffles and door prizes add fun as long as any money raised goes into the common coffers as a gift to all. Child care. Children provide a necessary source of untamed energy and entertainment for any gathering. Multigenerational exchanges also help form and shape them through exposure to role models and life education, even if they might not feel engaged at the time.


Transportation. Facilitating carpools and providing transportation for those without cars or unable to walk builds community even before the event starts.

14 15

Dance and body movement. Modern society makes us sit a lot. Physical action connects us in a way nothing else can. Beauty and music. Our eyes and ears are portals to the soul and spirit of the human psyche. Even a simple drum can bond individuals into a coherent group. Community singing can be powerful medicine, as places of worship ever demonstrate. A simple flower on the table or painting on the wall brings powerful archetypal energies to bear as we come together. An outdoor meeting brings nature’s magnificence to our senses, adding extraordinary power to events.

the promise within yourself Therapeutic Groups Arden Fekett include:



Theater For Life, The Art Experience, Journey to Serenity, Sweet Dreams


Offering a unique, creative approach to individual, family, and group

Envision a brighter future!

The bottom line is that any community gathering, organization or event that engages body, mind and spirit has a far greater chance of surviving and thriving. Linda Buzzell is a psychotherapist, ecotherapist, blogger and co-editor of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind. She co-founded a local permaculture guild, and a voluntary simplicity circle which met for 10 years in her local community. Connect at

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Carmel Malone-Quane

917-974-7164 • IFSG Red Ribbon Professional, CPIA- Denise LINN, Interior Design-F.I.T.- Former RN awakenings

October 2017


FELINE WORKFORCE Why a Job is the Cat’s Meow by Sandra Murphy


ome cats started their careers in barns with minimal job opportunities. With updated skills, they now boost office morale, encourage reading, promote products and provide therapy. Community cats even work in private security.

In the Office Millennials, now comprising a third of this country’s stressed-out labor force, according to the Pew Research Center and American Psychological Association, are among those that can benefit from having a cat around. Lowered blood pressure is one result, according to research by psychologist Karen Allen, Ph.D., conducted at the University at Buffalo. Even when comfort breaks are hard to schedule,

insistent cats cannot be ignored. “Pompous Albert, a rejected show cat, works at SafeWise, in Salt Lake City,” relates Sage Singleton, who handles Albert’s Instagram account. “He boosts morale, reduces stress and provides entertainment.” Carlos, a former rescue kitten, greets employees at PetNovations, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, each morning. He’s the star of the corporate Instagram account and blog, and promotes the company’s eco-friendly Cat Genie litterless cat box. Smith’s Ace Hardware and Housewares, in Princeton, New Jersey, has Dusty patrol its 18,000-square-foot facility, often escorting customers along the aisles.

I love cats because

I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. ~Jean Cocteau 44

Long Island Edition

At St. Augustine Health Ministries, in Cleveland, the furry receptionist is Oreo. This black-and-white stray claimed the job by installing herself at the front desk to welcome guests and visit with residents that miss having their own pet.

Therapists At the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, Duke Ellington Morris visits with patients while nurses check vital signs; he’s part of an animal-assisted therapy program through the city’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. With the help of his humans, Jessica and Eric Hagan, of Pennsylvania’s Wolf Creek Township, Draven was certified through a local Love on a Leash chapter that qualifies pet-provided therapy animals. He showed My Cat From Hell host Jackson Galaxy his hospital routine for a segment called “My Cat From Heaven.” Draven regularly visits the Grove City Medical Center, in Pine Township, local nursing homes and service groups.

Literacy Aids “At 18, Cleo, my small, gray cat, retired from therapy visits and missed the attention,” says Michelle Cardosi, a retail clerk in Silt, Colorado. “Kids reading to her at the school library provided a solution that satisfied everyone.” In 2010, the public library in White Settlement, Texas, adopted Browser to remedy a rodent problem. Five years later, the city council cited pending renovations and a potential impact on allergies in backing a motion to oust Browser. Supporters, pointing out that the cat brought children through the doors, successfully petitioned to keep the four-legged employee.




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Private Security Less socially developed feral felines can provide needed services. The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats rescues such cats from Los Angeles shelters. Each is vetted, spayed/neutered and microchipped. “When they’re adopted out in threes, community cats are more likely to stay on the job,� notes founder and headmistress Shawn Simons. “In Southern California, working cats are employed as assistants to brewmasters at the Monkish Brewery to protect the grain and hops and at Saluti Cellars as vintner support in charge of gopher population control,� says Simons. “More traditionally, cats at the Portuguese Bend Riding Club barn discourage mice and make friends with horses and riders.� The school’s Working Cat Program partners with area recycling centers, golf courses, warehouses and industrial parks that could otherwise lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually due to vermin-related structural damage, including gnawed wiring and other potential fire hazards. “Businesses get an all-natural, safe and effective way to control pests and cats live life naturally,� says Simons. Working cats of many stripes are becoming increasingly common. For a business, it’s a money-saver; for a cat, it’s a lifesaver.

Are you curious about your Relationships, Career, or Spiritual Path? Experience a Clairvoyant Reading with

Tori Quisling, M.Ed Clairvoyant Practitioner

“I was impressed and delighted by my reading with Tori Quisling. Her insights were helpful on both a spiritual and psychological level. I strongly recommend her!� —Karen Salmansohn, Bestselling Author

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October 2017


calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 12th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Visit for guidelines and to submit Calendar events (under “advertise” tab).

For only $35 YOUR Calendar Listing can be seen by THOUSANDS!




Chair Yoga – 11am-12pm. Chair yoga is taught as a way to achieve physical and mental fitness. Deer Park Library, 44 Lake Ave. 631-586-3000.

Youthful Aging, Ageless Consciousness through Meditation – 7pm. With Dr. Matthew Raider. South Country Library, 22 Station Rd, Bellport.  631-286-0818.

Jonny Lang – 8pm. Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. More info & tickets: 631-673-7300 or

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3 Meditation for Health, Inner Wealth and Wisdom – 7pm. With John Bednarik. Islip Public Library, 71 Monell Ave, Islip. 631-581-5933. Workshop Series: Crystals & Intuition – 7-8:30pm. With Clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Crystals are living beings brought out of the Earth to share wisdom and amplify energy and healing. We will tune in to the messages from crystals and use them to heal ourselves and give readings to others in the class. We will make a powerful group mandala using the crystals. $40. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 The B-52s – 8pm. Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. More info & tickets: 631-673-7300 or

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6 Food & Habits to Boost Your Energy – 7-8pm. With Liz Smith. Discover simple tweaks to our everyday habits that will help us gain more energy, smarter food choices that are natural energy boosters and some fun and unusual habits to keep your mind and body energized. $25. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7 Spiritual Tour: Ancient Egypt at the Met Museum NYC – 9:30am-1pm. Explore the magic and your past lives of Ancient Egypt with two experienced clairvoyant guides: Tori Quisling and Barbara Biziou. Experience a meditation at the Temple of Dendur and learn about spirits and ancient rituals in the relics of ancient tombs. $145/person. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave, New York. More info & to register: 516-423-1794 or

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 Meditation for Health Wealth and Wisdom – 7pm. With John Bednarik. Sayville Library, 88 Greene Ave, Sayville. 631-589-4440. Workshop Series: Akashic Records – 7-8:30pm. With Clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Each life experience you have in this one and any past life is collected and stored in an etheric storage facility called the Akashic Records or Library. You can learn to access your own Akashic Records and gain information and insights about yourself and your future. $40. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or


Long Island Edition

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 Kid’s Yoga: Ages 8-12 – Fridays, Oct 13-Nov 3. 4:30-5:30pm. With Kristen Petliski. Through postures, breath work and yoga games, kids will cultivate inner and outer strength, reduce stress, and learn positive techniques to help them as they grow in this world. $70/series. Yoga Nanda: Long Beach, 52 E Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808. Autumn Self-Care Women’s Mini-Retreat – 7-9:30pm. With Sharon Hartman and Susan Musto. If you need to relax, destress, and bring some balance into your life, but are short on time, then this is the perfect mini-retreat for you. Learn how to self-care during these autumn months. $55; Save $5, register by Oct 5. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.


savethedate Wellness Day – 10am-2pm. Drop-in or spend the day. Join us for a day filled with information packed mini-presentations. Samples delicious healing foods and beverages available throughout the day in our wellness cafe. Private healing session available for an additional fee. Space limited. Reserve your spot for only $25. Tabor Retreat Center, 60 Anchor Ave, Oceanside. 516-536-3004. Intro to Breastfeeding – 11:30am-12:230pm. With Jeanne Dejak, RN, IBCLC. Helps expecting and new moms build confidence in their natural ability to breastfeed their baby. $25. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 Contemplative Singles – 10am-2pm. Presenter: Joan McGovern. Join other faith-based singles as we explore God’s desire for each of us and discuss our call to action in the ministry of single life. $35 including $15 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit. Lunch included. Held at the Maude Adams House, The Convent of Our Lady of the Cenacle, Ronkonkoma. Info: 631-588-8366, 101 Beginner Basics – 1-2:30pm. With Kathleen Byrne. Breathing exercises and standing poses, including balance poses. There will be a breakdown of each pose with alignment queues suited to each individual along with modifications. $35 by Oct 5, $40/drop-in. Yoga Nanda: Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 Celiac Disease Group Education Session – 12pm. Learn about the disease and how to adjust your lifestyle to live pain free. $75. Integrative Healing Center, 560 Northern Blvd, Great Neck. RSVP: 516-676-0200.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24 Workshop Series: Dreams and the Astral Body – 7-8:30pm. With Clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. You exist in two bodies; a physical and astral or ethereal body. When you are awake you are aware of your physical body and when you sleep you travel in your Astral Body. Your dreams are affected by the vital connection between your physical and astral bodies. We will explore this connection and your ability to direct and remember your dreams for healing and personal insight. $40. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Apnea: A Dentist’s View – 7:30-8:30pm. With the Raphaelson Dental Sleep Center. Patients are treated with an Oral Appliance: an alternative for patients who are unable to tolerate C-PAP therapy. Join us for an informative seminar. Deer Park Library, 44 Lake Ave. 631-586-3000.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 Yngwie Malmsteen – 8pm. “World on Fire Tour 2017.” Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. More info & tickets: 631-673-7300 or


savethedate NEWLIFE Expo – Oct 27-29. In its 28th year, the NEWLIFE expo is an expo of Health, Enlightenment & Conscious Living. Over 100 speakers and exhibitors, including Judy Satori, Gail Thackray and many others. Learn about the latest in alternative healthcare, proper nutrition, and perhaps find your soulmate. Hotel New Yorker, 34th & 8th Aves, New York. Sacred Sound Bath Mini-Workshop – 6:30-8pm. Join Essen Maayan and Rick Batyr on an incredible healing journey into pure sonic landscape accompanied by gong, singing bowls, harmonium and sacred mantra. $28 by Oct 20, $38/drop-in. Yoga Nanda: Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007.

Painting Night – 7-9pm. An experienced artist, Marely Corniel, will guide you step by step through a beautiful piece. All guests need to arrive with is an open mind and leave with a 16x20 framed masterpiece. Theme: Halloween. Bring own favorite beverage. $35. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.

ongoingevents full moon



Full Moon Trance Dance – Held every month on or around the full moon. Moving meditation led by Elyce, live jams by Transmorpheous & Outhouse, at beautiful outdoor settings & studios in Nassau & Suffolk. $25. Bring a veggie dish or snack to share. More info:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 9am. All levels. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

Yoga Nidra – 1-2pm. With Sharon Hartman. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is the practice of sleeping with awareness. Come release stress and experience this beautiful practice. $20. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29 102 Beyond Basics – 1-2:30pm. With Kathleen Byrne. Sun salutations and vinyasa (a step-by-step introduction of a set of poses flowing from one to another), seated poses and review of 101 Basics (breath, standing and balance poses). $35 by Oct 19, $40/drop-in. Yoga Nanda: Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007. Grief Workshop: Love Never Dies – 1:304pm. A workshop and healing opportunity to have time to honor our grief and how we are experiencing it even several years after a loss. Presenter: Paul Alexander, LCSW. $35. Cenacle Retreat Center, Ronkonkoma. Info: 631-588-8366, Deep Bliss Experience – 4-6pm. With Kristen Petliski. Slow and juicy asana practice leading into mantra practice which leads to silence and sets us up for a long meditation and savasana. $20 by Oct 20, $25/drop-in. Yoga Nanda: Long Beach, 52 E Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808.

planahead NOVEMBER Fertility Boost Workshop – With Author, fertility and birth coach, Wendie Aston-Green on the Scene Wellness & Fertility. Learn how following a fertility diet, and going green can boost your fertility. Bonus: Learn how to sway the sex with diet and timing. $50/2-hor workshop. More info: 917-495-8821 or

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3 Restorative Teacher Training: Level 1 – Nov 3-5 & 12. Led by Muriel Pullizzi. 25-hr intensive. Includes a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice of restorative asana with variations and modifications and more. Yoga Nanda: Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007.


savethedate Awaken Wellness Fair – 10am-5pm. Awaken to your best self. Speakers, healers, vendors and readers. Over 100+ exhibitors, 1,000 guests. Exhibitor spots available. Double Tree Hotel, 455 S Broadway, Tarrytown.

daily 20-Hr Clairvoyant Training Program: Learn to See – Tori Quisling, M.Ed, Clairvoyant Practitioner, offers a 20-hr weekly course in learning to use clairvoyance in your life. By the end of the course, you will be able to meditate “Find Your Space,” give readings and work with your own Healing Guide. Customized program, begin when ready. Discounts when you join with a friend. $1,575 (when paid in full). NY Center for Clairvoyant Development, 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. 516-423-1794. 21-Day Detox – Lose weight, boost energy, de-stress, learn what you need to know for a life time of healthy cleansing. Includes: 21-day life botanica formula; pH strips; cleanse tool kit & recipes; 3 1-hr detox modules; 3 1-hr stress relief modules. RSVP: 516676-0200. 300-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – An ongoing training allowing for open enrollment and flexibility in attaining 300-hr certification and continuing education credits all year long. Open to yoga teachers who have completed their 200hr teacher training at a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Clairvoyant Development Classes – With Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant Practitioner. Learn powerful intuitive tools that completely change their life. Classes include personal training in small groups in meditation, healing and balancing the aura and chakras through work with a personal healing guide and readings. Also learn about dreams, the Akashic Records, mediumship, and an array of metaphysical topics. Classes ongoing. More info: 516-423-1794 or Hypnobirthing Class Now Forming – With author, fertility and birth coach, Wendie Aston-Green on the Scene Wellness & Fertility. Learn to birth with confidence and ease, learn deep relaxation to eliminate fear that causes tension and thus pain. Group Class $450. Private class available. Carle Place Studio. More info: 917-495-8821 or

monthly Carol’s Holistic “Show and Tell” and Educational Networking Events – Monthly meetings both day and night in Westbury and Port Washington. Display your products, share your services. Learn how to grow a prosperous practice/business. Get and give referrals. For details, Carol Leitner: 516-242-8270 or

Aerial Yoga Flow – 9:30-10:30am. With Eugene Feis. Explore a variety of asanas, inversions, and deep stretches to increase body awareness, trust, and flexibility with the use of aerial hammocks. Yoga Nanda Long Beach, 52 East Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808. “Crawlers” (and Pre-Crawlers) – 3-3:45pm. $30/ class, $140/5-wk series. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-944-9642. Register: Yin Yoga – 5:30-6:45pm. Also Mon, 8:15-9:30pm. A series of floor poses held for a longer duration of time in order to lengthen the connective tissues of the body. This helps us maintain a healthy range of motion in our joints and allows for the flow of energy. This practice is a great counter to the more active practices especially for athletes or those working through injuries. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-944-9642.

monday Gentle and Moderate Kripalu Yoga/Stretch/ Strengthening Classes – Mon-Sat. With or without Thai Yoga Assisted Stretching. Intro class $20 or $30 with assisted stretching. Plainview, Port Washington, Roslyn & Great Neck. Carol: 516-242-8270 or Ashtanga Yoga: Mysore – 6-9am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Theraputic Flow – 9:30-10:45am. With Rita Trieger This curative practice combines yoga therapy techniques with vinyasa flow and restorative poses to help ease stiff or strained muscles and encourage healing on both the physical and emotional plane. Specific attention is paid to easing low back, hips and hamstrings. All levels welcome. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Gentle Yoga for Healthy Aging – 10-11:15am. Also Wed. Stretch and breathe while learning about key muscles involved in the postures and how we can engage them to create a deeper and more stable practice. Using yoga we will maintain strength and flexibility, along with dignity and grace. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-9449642. Breathe, Flow and Meditate – 5pm. Also Wed. This open level class is the perfect blend of asana, pranayama and meditation. Be guided through a mini-yoga asana practice designed to provide the physical space needed to sit comfortably during guided meditation practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.


October 2017


classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FEED CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS FREE WHOLE FOODS FOR 4 YEARS. Clinically-proven, wonderful product and income opportunity. Free fruits, vegetables and berries in capsules or chewies for children and young adults for 4 years if adult orders product. Great way to supplement your income while keeping people optimally healthy! Carol Leitner, MBA, Health Care Admin. at or 516-242-8270. SPREAD YOUR WINGS - Add a Rejuvenation Studio to your EXISTING beauty, fitness, or health/ wellness business. Bring in new customers, gain revenue from several sources, and your customers will love it!  For more information, check out:

EXPOS AND FAIRS THE HEALTH & WELLNESS NETWORK OF COMMERCE is Hosting a Health and Wellness Expo in Plainview LI on Sun, Sep. 24th, 2017 Btw 10a-4p. For more details on how you can Exhibit or Attend Visit or call 917-515-6803.

FOR RENT WORKSPACE SHARE (Lynbrook) - Wellness Suite: calming, cozy, clean, great energy. Individual, group and bodywork space available. All current co-tenants are positive and earnest individuals AKA pleasant to be around.  Self-employed wellness workers, holistic and likeminded healers please contact 917-774-0456. 

HEALTH CARE/WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS SPACE AVAILABLE for rent on hourly basis in Rockville Centre. Holistic environment perfect for practitioners, massages, acupuncture, nutritional counseling or life coach. Front desk support included. Space for small classes. 516-203-7442.

HELP WANTED SEEKING 2-3 INDIVIDUALS to join holistic minded team. Must be motivated, entrepreneurial spirit with good communication skills. Will train. Call for interview a Pamela 516-624-2332.

OPPORTUNITY ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL looking for a career in natural health? NuSpecies is a natural health company. providing holistic services and high quality nutritional formulas. Please visit nuspecies. com/careers. ARE YOU INTO HEALTHY LIVING? How would you like to take this passion, make it your purpose & create a path to prosperity? Learn more

SERVICES LEARN ABOUT YOUR OWN PSYCHIC ABILITIES – Tori Quisling, with over 20 years experience, can teach you to use your own intuitive abilities to heal yourself and communicate with others. By the end of the course, students can meditate, work with healing guides and perform a psychic reading. Group and custom classes offered. Please see or call 516-423-1794.

SPACE AVAILABLE ROOM FOR RENT with kitchen and bath, in sunny apartment in Western Nassau. Great commute to NYC and bridges. Beautiful Pool Club. Kind, responsible, clean. Lynn 516-242-8270. SPACE AVAILABLE FOR RENT in busy upscale long-established Woodbury yoga studio for holistic health practitioners, such as massage, nutritionist, or personal trainer. Call 516-682-9642 or email WELLNESS CENTER SPACE AVAILABLE: Want to start your own holistic healing practice? Come join us in practicing mind-body healing. Located in Oyster Bay.

Breast Cancer Support Group – 6-7:30pm. Women who have had breast cancer will have the opportunity to meet in this group. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Support for Caregivers of People with Breast Cancer – 6-7:30pm. Any person who is experiencing the stress and anxiety of caring for a loved one with breast cancer should attend this group. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Pilates for Beginner – 6:30-7:30pm. Also Tues, 9:15am. A free trial by appointment. Come join the therapeutic-grade of Pilates class. Small group setting so you can get personal attention. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516-330-8998. Big Kids Yoga – 7:15-8:15pm. Ages 11-14. Promotes physical health, self-confidence, awareness, and mental focus in a safe and lighthearted environment. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Free Teleclass: Essential Oils – 7:30pm. 1st Mon. Learn all about how essential oils can support the systems of the body. Different topic each month: athletics, adrenal fatigue, kids, pets, menopause. More info & registration: Tai Chi & Qigong – 7:50-8:50pm. Good for recovery from injury, physical limitation, mind-body connection. Benefits of circulation, strengthen, balance and stress reduction. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko:  516-330-8998. YinYoga – 8:15-9:30pm. See Sun listing. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-944-9642.

tuesday Vinyasa Flow – 9:30am. Basics. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Yin Yoga – 9:30am. A practice in which asanas (poses) are held for extended periods to increase flexibility and juice up the joints and ligaments, releasing energetic blockages that may be holding you back in your yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. YogiBaby – 11am. For mom and baby (newborn to active crawler). Regain strength and tone while bonding with your baby. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Baby & Me (Infants & Crawlers) – 11am-12pm. 6-wk series. Mommies and/or daddies practice with their babies, as well as on their own, using yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques in a nurturing environment. We explore being fully present with each and every moment. $108/series (1 make-up class per 6-wk series); $20/drop-in. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. Registration required: 516-632-9626.


Long Island Edition


Author and Natural Awakenings Long Island Publisher Kelly Martinsen will be having a book kickoff at Barnes & Noble in Carle Place on December 2nd, between 3 and 6 Martinsen, will be signing all books (must be purchased that day) and during that time will also present a 1 hour workshop on Journaling. Call Barnes & Noble for more information (516-741-9850).


October 2017


Breast Health Series – Thru Oct. 12-1:30pm. Learn about different lifestyle interventions to prevent the growth of breast cancer. Series will focus on a new topic weekly. Free. Integrative Healing Center, 560 Northern Blvd, Great Neck. RSVP: 516-676-0200. Journey to Serenity – 4:15pm. Music, art, writing, guided meditation and tea. For more info: 516-655-0573 or Prenatal Yoga – 6pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Young Women’s Breast Cancer Support Group: Under 40 – 6-7:30pm. Support group focuses on the unique needs and concerns of women under 40 who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Aerial Silks 101 – 7:30-8:30pm. With Marie Duca. Small classes and step-by-step instruction introduce the basics of aerial yoga: connecting to the core, getting a balanced stretch and having fun. Yoga Nanda Long Beach, 52 East Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808.

wednesday Ananda Sweat – 10-11:15am. With Agustin McCarthy. Vinyasa class that uses a creative and dynamic approach to asana to open the body, build heat and sweat. Yoga Nanda Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007.  Gentle Yoga for Healthy Aging – 10-11:15am. See Mon listing. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-944-9642. Knit and Chat: Breast Cancer Survivors – 11:30am-1pm. Last Wed. Spend time working on a project while chatting with other breast cancer survivors. Bring your knitting or crochet project or make a scarf to donate to someone currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Chair Yoga – 12pm. Adapts yoga positions through creative use of a chair. Most of the class is done seated in a chair or using it as support. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Breathe, Flow and Meditate – 5pm. See Mon listing. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Theater for Life – 6pm, teens; 7:15pm, adults. A therapeutic group, an experience in dramatic storytelling in supportive community. For more info: 516-655-0573 or

Clairvoyant Development Series: Level 1 – 6:308pm. Tori Quisling, M.Ed, graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and featured expert in the New York Daily News, will train on using own psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience). By the end of 8 wks, students will meditate, have awareness of psychic abilities and perform a reading. Workbook/CD. Customized programs also available. $125/class; $975/8wk course. NY Center for Clairvoyant Development, 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. 516-423-1794. Prenatal Yoga – 7:15pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

thursday Radiance Sutras Meditation – 7:15-7:45am. With Elyce Neuhauser. A meditation practice based on Lorin Roche’s The Radiance Sutras, a poetic translation of an ancient yogic text offering 112 living meditation practices. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Power Hour Flow – 9:15-10:15am. With Renata Langner. Open level vinyasa class focusing on detoxing and opening the body, mind, and spirit in one sweaty, fun-filled hour. Prior yoga experience recommended. Yoga Nanda Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007. Vinyasa Flow: Level 1/Basics – 6pm. All levels. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Teen Grief Support Group – 7pm. 2nd Thurs. With Jennifer Plunkett. For teens, ages 13-17, dealing with the loss of someone close to them. First time attendees must first speak with Jennifer prior to their first group. A social media component between monthly meetings will be part of the program. Free. COPE House, Field 6A, Eisenhower Park, East Meadow. 516-484-4993. Support Group for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Disease – 7-8pm. 1st & 3rd Thurs. Meet with other women who are surviving metastatic breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga – 9:30am. Gentle asana and restorative postures supported by props allow gravity and flow of breath to release the body and encourage deep relaxation. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group – 10-11:30am. When a person first hears they are diagnosed with breast cancer they have a million questions, fears, and are looking for support. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Spring Buddhaful Baby & Me – 12-12:45pm. Ages 5 wks-crawling. $30/class, $110/4-wk series. Om Sweet Om Yoga, 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington. 516-944-9642. Register: Community Yoga: Donation-Based – 4-5pm. A vinyasa flow class that will stretch the body and clear the mind. All donations collected each month go to supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation & Flying Frogs Yoga. Donate what you can. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Prenatal Yoga – 5:30-6:30pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

saturday Pre-Natal Yoga – 9am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

Holistic Moms Network – 7:30pm. 1st Thurs. Join us for our monthly meeting to connect on natural living and mindful parenting. Nassau County, LI North Shore Chapter. Oyster Bay Community Center. More info: 516-674-4114 or Meditation/Restorative Yoga – 7:30pm. Guided meditation and restorative asana for all levels; various meditation techniques taught and reviewed. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

Family Yoga – 1pm. Children and family members do yoga together. It is fun mind, body development, bonding together. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516-330-8998.

~Maya Angelou Long Island Edition


Yin Yoga – 9-10:15am. A practice in which asanas (poses) are held for extended periods to increase flexibility and juice up the joints and ligaments, releasing energetic blockages that may be holding you back in your yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. 50

Gentle Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief – 7:308:45pm. Come to relax and relief your stress. Gentle stretch and yoga pose with flow the energy, peace and calm for meditation. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516330-8998.

communityresourcedirectory Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our commmunity. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, visit for guidelines and to submit entries (under “advertise” tab.}


Dr. Gina Marino • Wantagh 516-221-3500 • Dr. Marino utilizes a combination of gentle chiropractic spinal adjustments, Reiki and bodywork to reduce pain, lessen the effects of stress on your system, restore flexibility and ensure optimum vitality. See ad on page 40.


Locations in Smithtown and Garden City 516-640-5322 • Private, safe, comfortable. Lose weight, gain energy, improve skin and sleep, and help reduce the risk of disease. Spa-like atmosphere. Feel completely relaxed. Pre-Post cleanse nutrients provided. See ad on page 23.


Steven M. Rachlin, MD, PC 927 Willis Ave, Albertson, NY 11507 (30 mins from Manhattan) 516-873-7773

Dr. Steven M. Rachlin is a recognized pioneer in alternative and integrative medicine and has been practicing in New York City and Long Island for over 30 years. In his state-of-the-art facility he offers the best of holistic and traditional medicine. He treats cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, hormone imbalances, low testosterone, diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalances, fibromyalgia, food and inhalant allergies, celiac and heavy metal toxicity. Some of his treatments include, IV Vitamin Therapy, Chelation Therapy, complete blood work evaluations, immunotherapy and nutritional counseling. See ad on page 21.

POLLACK WELLNESS INSTITUTE 66 Commack Rd, Commack NY 631-462-0801 Pollack

Dr. David L Pollack specializes in functional nutrition which is the science of helping repair and restore the body naturally without the use of drugs and surgery. Many of his clients were frustrated with their past health care; conventional or holistic. Most seek help with their thyroid, weight loss, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances including infertility, menstrual & Low T. We accept those with or without diagnosis, complex and simple disorders. Most insurance policies accepted for many services. See ad on inside front cover.


Essentially Powerful Worldwide 516-624-2332


516-817-8781 Feng Shui is a combination of knowledge, experience, and insight gathered over thousands of years to promote balance and prosperity. Anahid Naldjian is a certified practitioner and is available for residential or business consultations. Free 15-minute consultation with ad.



A Place for Dental Wellness Jonathan Richter DDS, FAGD Specializing in Periodontics and Implantology Periodontal Prosthesis and Fixed Prosthodontics 310 E Shore Rd, Great Neck 516-282-0310 We welcome you to come in for a comprehensive exam of teeth, gums, early detection, and oral health problems. We offer the following services: holistic dental care, mercury-free dentistry, TMJ disorder and treatment, treatment for sleep disorders, Invisalign and orthodontics, dental implant, sleep apnea. Payment plans available. See ad on back cover.


444 Community Dr, Ste 204, Manhasset 516-627-8400 • A practice that cares for you like family. The philosophy of our dental wellness center is a wholebody approach working closely with your healthcare practitioners that you already have a relationship with. The practice incorporates the teaching of Huggins, IOAMT, and much more. See ad on page 13.


Your wholesale and retail resource for Young Living Essential Oils. Free workshops, trainings, and support in use and application of pure therapeuticgrade EOs. Opportunity to grow your own distributorship if desired. Your guide to vibrant health, emotional freedom, abundant living. See ad on page 18.

For $67 a month Your Business Directory Listing Could Be



Diane is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified in Past Life Regression by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD and the Weiss Institute and is also a Certified Hypnotist.  Diane offers spiritually based work which combines a variety of healing modalities to offer personalized plans for healing, support, personal growth and transformation. Divine Directions’s mission is  to bless your body, mind & heart with deep peace, ease and comfort; to create safe spaces for you to heal and release stress and old patterns that keep you stuck in suffering; and to inspire you to embrace your full potential as a wondrous being of light and beauty. See ad on page 25.


Healer, Spiritual Counselor Lynbrook, NY 516-665-3351 Clairvoyant and clairaudient Healer, Michelle channels powerful healing energy while providing clear insight for your path to wellness. Free phone consultations for new clients. See ad on page 16.


October 2017



560 Northern Blvd, Ste 109, Great Neck 516-676-0200 Specializing in detoxification and preventative health care. We are fully present in your visit so you feel safe, appreciated and heard. See ad on page 31.


516-423-1794 • Tori Quisling, MEd, offers Clairvoyant Readings, Psychic Development classes. Over 20 years experience, training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Tori assists you in deep spiritual answers, past lives, relationships and energy balance. See ad on page 45.


11 Stewart Ave, Huntington, NY 11743 631-547-4100 Come visit our relaxing medically supervised facility for a Vitamin Drip. Improve your energy levels, immune health, and enhance your overall appearance.




Bellmore 516-765-3272 • Utilizing Naturopathic Medicine to help her patients feel better naturally. Many illnesses can be treated by nutrition, botanicals, and nutraceuticals. Dr. Finker provides personalized health care solutions for her patients. See ad on page 28.


ARDEN FEKETT, MPS, LCAT 516-655-0573

Arden has extensive training and experience as a humanistic and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and is a licensed creative arts therapist. She works with individuals, couples, and families; adults, children and teens. She offers various therapeutic group experiences including theater for life. All levels of psychiatric and life challenges, creativity development, relationship healing and enrichment. See ad on page 43.


66 Commack Rd, Ste 204, Commack 631-462-0801 • Dr. David L Pollack specializes in functional nutrition which is the science of helping repair and restore the body naturally without the use of drugs and surgery. Many of his clients were frustrated with their past health care; conventional or holistic. Most seek help with their thyroid, weight loss, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances including infertility, menstrual & Low T. We accept those with or without diagnosis, complex and simple disorders. Most insurance policies accepted for many services. See ad on inside front cover.

SCHOOLS PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL OF LONG ISLAND 1425 Merrick Ave, Merrick 516-868-6835 •

K-8 private school. Morning yoga, meditation, healthy and vegetarian eating. Individualized reading, writing, math. Volunteering and service; earning by doing. Rich in culture and diversity. Reasonable tuition. See ad on page 43.




The Healing Center 200 W 57th St, Ste 807 New York 212-581-0101 If you have a disease or condition that you haven’t been able to get rid of, Ozone Therapy will most likely be the answer, even for people that have suffered for years and have lost all hope. If you are questioning if your condition can be treated, call or email Dr. Robins. See ad on page 55.

140 Cove Road, Oyster Bay 516-721-4216 Everveda’s mission is to restore and rejuvenate the lives of those who seek better health. Tucked away from the chaos of the outside world, our sacred grounds are home to many healing practices such as ayurvedic spa treatments, reiki, abhyanga, shirodhara, svedana, and facials to name a few. If you are looking for a community to heal and grow with, EverVeda is your home away from home! See ad on page 39.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus 52


Long Island Edition

1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury 516-682-YOGA Two beautiful, peaceful studios provide the perfect environment for the union of body and soul. 50+ classes per week in a variety of yoga styles and levels from beginner to energetic, strengthening warm vinyasa yoga. We also offer kids, pre- and post-natal yoga (yogi baby), restorative yoga, yoga for fertility, Pilates and barre. See ad on page 23.


361b Atlantic Ave, Freeport 516-632-9626 Family yoga studio specializing in vinyasa yoga, prenatal, restorative, kids’ yoga, mommy & me, private/semi-private, kids’ parties and workshops. Special donation-based community yoga classes offered Fridays at 4pm. Open 7 days a week offering a full range of classes in two studios and private changing/ nursing area. Come feel the Flow. See ad on page 31.

OM SWEET OM YOGA 12 Irma Ave, Port Washington 516-944-9642

Be embraced by the warmth of community and be celebrated for who you truly are. Your home away from home; your refuge in a busy life. Here your body is strengthened and soothed while your spirit is nurtured. See ad on page 45.

We Focus on What’s Best for Your Business and the Environment Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

For more info about our services visit our website at Pulse.Tech

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October 2017


Publish One of the Nation’s Leading Healthy Living Magazines Natural Awakenings Magazine

is ranked 5th Nationally in Cision’s® 2016 Top 10 Health & Fitness Magazines list 1. 2. 3. 4.

Spry Living – 8,907,303 Shape – 2,521,203 Men’s Health – 1,852,715 Prevention – 1,539,872

5. Natural Awakenings – 1,536,365

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Women’s Health – 1,511,791 Weight Watchers Magazine – 1,126,168 Dr. Oz The Good Life – 870,524 Vim & Vigor – 789,000 Experience Life – 700,000

Cision® is the world’s leading source of media research. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter.

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Turn Your Passion Into A Business

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can empower yourself and others to create a healthier world while working from your home earning an income doing something you love! No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

• Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home-Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training

For more information, visit or call 239-530-1377 *Natural Awakenings recently received the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.


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Contact us about acquiring an existing publication FOR SALE highlighted in RED* Natural Awakenings publishes in over 80 markets across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (listed below).

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ANATOMY OF A DENTAL IMPLANT What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a permanent solution to missing teeth. It is designed to substitute the root of a missing tooth acting as anchor for a new crown or set of replacement teeth. The placement of an implant occurs in three stages: Stage one: Insertion The implant is inserted into the bone Stage two: Uncovering A small incision uncovers the head of the implant in order to place a healing cap or abutment. Stage three: Impression In order to create a post and crown or denture, impressions must be taken. To be considered as a candidate for dental implants you must have sufficient bone to support the implant. Your periodontist can easily assess whether bone deficiency is present. In the event that the location of the implant is bone deficient your periodontist can choose to perform one of many safe and effective way to achieve bone density at that location (i.e. bone graft)

Why should I consider dental implants? A missing tooth can negatively impact your general health and that of your other teeth. Missing teeth decrease the ability to chew and it can allow other teeth to be lost, tipped or crowded. Implants improve comfort and provide easier eating and improved speech. Missing teeth can also affect your self-esteem due to poor appearance. Our office is committed to provide you with a treatment plan using metal free zirconium implants, which can help improve your beautiful smile naturally.

Oral Systemic Holistic Dentistry where we match your health goals to that of your beautiful smile, as well as:

Jonathan Richter D.D.S., F.A.G.D. is a noted dentist with dual dental degree in periodontics, prosthetics and dental implantology, who provides comprehensive holistic dentistry to preserve your natural teeth. He is one of the select few dual-specialists in the tri-state area. Dr. Richter places heavy emphasis on the prevention through wellness and holistic approaches. His main focus is the effects that preventative dentistry can have on the patient’s overall well being. His knowledge of the systemic medical and dental inter-relationships allows him to devise the best treatment plan for each individual patient.

•A personalized oral systemic and natural dental care for the entire family •A friendly staff dual trained to embrace each patient’s biochemical makeup •Mercury free fillings •Digital X-Rays •Custom preventative programs to coordinate with your medical and integrative doctor

310 East Shore Road Suite 101 Great Neck, NY 11023

(516) 282 0310



Have an emergency? We have a dentist on call 24/7



WWW.CARIODONTAL.COM North Shore Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, P.C.

(516) 331 1989

October Natural Awakenings Long Island  

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