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February 2019


publisher’s letter



ately, I have been aware of a new emotion taking space in my life (A LOT OF DAMN SPACE); the emotion is anxiety. I was never an anxious child, not in high school or college. I traveled freely to Europe in my 20s, moved to NYC, fell in love, got married, and started and changed careers throughout my 20s and 30s without so much as a flutter in my stomach. Yet recently, I have found “worry” in every corner. Worry about silly choices—“What backsplash should I have in my kitchen?”—and worry about big choices—“What college will my children attend?”—and more importantly, “Will my children be happy at the colleges they choose?” Worry about the future is NOT the only thing that is making me anxious. Sweet memories of the past have me melancholy, thinking to myself, “Damn you Facebook for all those amazing Kelly Martinsen, memories that pop up on my feed each morning!” I find myself Publisher looking back to a time when my kids were young, and we traveled with new “parent friends” to sports events, cheering our children to victory and building our network, or tribe of friends, larger and larger along the way. I look back not only on memories of good times but also on paths I have taken (and not taken), wondering (read worrying) how things would have been had I, say, stayed in the corporate world and not been as available to my kids (I do sometimes wonder if I loved them to a point of coddling). Looking forward is also a double-edged sword of both excitement at possibilities and fear of wrong choice. Considering what I will do next with my home, which is one child less; my business, which evolves daily; and my need to do more to fulfill my personal desire to share compassion, can be fun as well as pressure-filled. Planning is not a bad thing until it becomes a tad obsessive. I was talking to my friend Kim the other day (my own personal psychiatric nurse practitioner) about feelings of anxiety that I never had before, explaining that perhaps it was from hormones or something. She gave me the simplest piece of advice: “I try not to think about things upcoming [plane trips, colleges, new home] and try not to think back [did I make correct choices on past plane trips, colleges, new home] and try just to think about today.” I swear to God, I have never been hit with a more profound piece of advice (and she didn’t even charge me a copay!!). Simply said, BE HERE NOW. As I say those three words, I literally “exhale” (which is odd because I hadn’t even realized I was holding my breath). It’s definitely not easy; it takes practice being here now at every moment. Since I have begun this process, I find my anxiety is lower, decisions are less difficult and relationships are growing. Mindfulness is a word that people say over and over (and over and over and over), but I don’t think I truly understood what it meant. I think BHN (be here now) is a present. The present is the gift of being present. Starting with this month’s issue, let’s REALLY read it, with no distractions or faraway thoughts, and see how much more we gain from its information by being present with it! I intend for this letter to help you all focus on the present, and, in so doing, that you relieve some anxiety, build some friendships, and enjoy all the positive energy that can be found right here in the (it’s a) present! Malama Pono!


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HOW TO REDUCE for Oral Health PREBIOTICS DECAY-CAUSING You’ve likely heard about probiotics and the abunBACTERIA dance of health benefits that they bring. Not only

do they improve digestion by promoting healthy YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD LATELYaABOUT balance of good gut bacteria, they can boost imTHE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING A munity by inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. HEALTHY PH LEVEL—hence health food store Evidence also shows their efficacy in improving shelves flooding with alkaline waters, alkalosis foods mood andproducts mental health; lowering cholesterol and other that help neutralize the body.and blood pressure; and reducing theimportance severity of of certain You may not have heard how the pH skin conditions. balance starts in the mouth.

If you’ve wondered why one kid who has poor oral So, what exactly are probiotics? hygiene never gets cavities, while your kid who They are living microorganisms that are known for brushes twice a day and sees the dentist their healthisbenefits, in the gut. They biannually plagued particularly with cavity after cavity, the are often found in fermented foods, like culprit is likely pH. A healthy pH for salivayogurt, is in the kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso andthere kom-is a 5.6-7.9 range. If the pH falls to 5.5 or below, bucha. are also taken supplement form, and high riskThey of tooth decay andin cavities, because bacteria thrive in an can even beacidic foundenvironment. in certain toothpastes. What’s more is that acidic saliva can be detrimental When it to comes to toothpaste, however, bennot only oral health, but overall health.the A bacterial efits of probiotics fall away bit. According to Dr. imbalance in the mouth canaresult in type 2 diabetes, Gerry Curatola, unlike the gut, the mouth is not an heart disease, kidney and lung complications, obesity and more. Many don’t knowbacteria. what they environment thatpeople copessimply well with foreign are doing wrong and become frustrated that While the gut is able to effectively utilize thethey abuncan’t or bacteria, their kids’they oralare health in or check, danceget of theirs healthy more less and inert fear the long-term implications. in the mouth. This is where prebiotics come in. Typically, a dentist will treat a cavity directly, but not the bacterial imbalance in the mouth. This is a What are prebiotics? reactive and short-sighted that allows thethat Prebiotics are non-living, solution non-digestible fibers cycle of decay to continue. The CariFree assessment work as a fertilizer for existing healthy bacteria. and elevated pH products directly address the decayPrebioticacids toothpaste fosterbed balance the oral causing that arehelps a feeding for badinbacteria.

microbiome. Dr. Curatola launched the world’s first

® test that gives “The CariFree assessment is aRevitin salivary —a patented prebiotic toothpaste, called an idea of a patient’s oral environment by looking formula of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that

at many different aspects of their biochemistry and DNA,” says Linda Golden, DDS. “We are then able to use the results to design a comprehensive oral protocol that can combat pH-related and other dental issues in a holistic way.” CariFree assessment and pH supports cleaner, whiter teeth; stronger enamel; products are mostly geared toward children, but they better protection againstfor inflammation; can also prove beneficial patients withand dry longmouth, acid reflux, other conditions.the lasting freshdepression, breath, alland while encouraging

growth of beneficial flora.

Non-abrasive and safe to use every day, CariFree elevated pH products are highly effective and Dr. Golden uses hertowealth of cavities knowledge to take out scientifically proven prevent through the guesswork and work with her patients build remineralization. Dr. Golden describes that to patients the hygiene regimen. Shelifestyle, offers Revitin maybest use oral the products that fit their but some patients may prefer to opt for a more pure and toothpaste, among others, to provide a selection natural a holistic she that canapproach. fit varyingBeing lifestyles. As apractitioner, holistic practitiohas extensive and expertise to design a ner, she looksknowledge at the whole customized program.

person and their preferences to set individual“Dentists should be giving not only oral health ized, attainable goals for a guidelines, but nutritional sustainably healthy smile.

and lifestyle as well,” Dr. Golden Dental shares. Wellness Some Golden alternatives to the products Center is located at 444 presented by CariFree Community Dr., Ste. 204, that she suggests to her Manhasset. To learn more, patients include alkaline LINDA J. GOLDEN, D.D.S. call 516-627-8400 or visit water, coconut oil pulling, xylitol, lemon water, ozone and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). She also advises a healthy diet MANHASSET 516 627-8400 444 Community Drive · Suite 204 of alkaline foods, like fruits, legumes MANHATTAN 212 973-9425 and vegetables; and 120 East 56th Street, 12th Floor reducing caffeine Se Habla Español! drinks, alcohol, sugar, Call for more info about our meat and processed services or visit our website foods, which are all GOLDENSMILE.COM highly acidic.

Integrative Holistic Dentistry

February 2019 Advetorial for Dr Golden 3.indd 1

7 4/17/18 2:50 PM

news briefs

Long Island’s Spiritualist, Stacey Gunnard


fter 29 years in the metaphysical retail space, Love’s Harvest Moon and Ohm in the Home, in Sayville, Stacey Gunnard has closed her storefront to devote herself to her passion and purpose: soul work. She is a natural clairvoyant and life student of spirituality, offering all modalities of healing for self-love and awareness. Gunnard has created a private studio, Valhalla Healing Studio, in East Patchogue, and devotes her time to assisting people on their journey of the self to the self. Her approach is zero fluff, as she channels “source” to empower you to wholeness. With more than 30 years of service, her intentions are clear. “I simply deliver the mail; don’t be impressed by my gifts, be impressed by your own ability to unwrap yours,” she says. Gunnard also offers Facebook live videos on her Facebook page, Ohm in the Home, as her spiritual tithing. “When intention meets action, magic is born,” she adds. For more information or to book a session, call 516-906-3155 or email

Unleash Your Power Retreat in Costa Rica This March


wo of Yoga Nanda studios’ most inspirational and influential teachers, Tatiana and Renata, will be leading a small group of yogis on a powerful and healing retreat surrounded by the beaches, wildlife and breathtaking greenery of Costa Rica. The five-day, four-night retreat will be geared toward helping participants develop a deeper, fuller connection with themselves and their environment. Along with the retreat programming, there will be time to explore the landscape, enjoy gourmet organic meals, and take advantage of the option for private sessions. Space is limited to 14 students, so participants can receive an intimate and personalized experience. Deposits can be made online to reserve your spot for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in paradise! Yoga Nanda’s three studios are located in Garden City, Long Beach and Malverne. For complete retreat information, pricing and packages, visit

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. ~Leonardo da Vinci 8

Long Island Edition

Natural Awakenings Publisher Kelly Martinsen Partners with the Publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul for charity


o commemorate the 40th anniversary of HCI, the original publisher of the legendary Chicken Soup for the Soul series, many of its most loved and revered authors have contributed personal stories of lifechanging events in Success Stories from the Heart: Passionate and Caring Stories to Open the Heart and Energize the Spirit to Succeed in Life and Love (HCI Books—February 5, Kelly Martinsen $15.95). Poignant and inspiring from cover to cover, these authors generously share their personal journeys to find truth, the unexpected discoveries they made along the way, and the spiritual renewals they experienced as a result. A brave and mighty volume, Success Stories from the Heart bares their souls and tells the stories of not only their own lives but of the many lives they’ve touched. Each contributing author in this extraordinary book has played a pivotal role in the advancement of mental health services and personal transformation. They coined the phrases; they made the discoveries; and are the vanguards that brought us a deeper understanding of the issues that affect us, our families, our communities, and every one of our relationships. They are the true, indispensable guides and mentors that rescue us from ourselves and each other and that teach us better, more fulfilling ways to live. The Success Stories from the Heart stories chronicle experiences that go beyond the educational realm, past office visits and therapy sessions, and brought them deep into the tender realm of the heart. They are the encounters that blurred the lines and made their work personal, the hopes and tears of their careers, the indelible scars that belie their commitment to do whatever it takes to make a difference. It is this blending of personal and professional life that births wisdom, that connects people, and heals a hurting world. Success Stories from the Heart will inspire you—it’s a celebration of 40 momentous years and a thrilling celebration of life!

PART OF Got BE OUR MONTHLY News News to briefs Share?

IS YOUR FOOD MAKING YOU SICK? Are you suffering from... ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Arthritis? Headaches? Celiac Disease? Sinus Congestion? Acid Reflux? ...or another chronic condition?

Are you confused as to what you should eat

because everything seems to bring you incredible pain?


If you said YES to any of these questions, you may be suffering from FOOD SENSITIVITIES. Some Challenges Identifying Food Sensitivities: ✔ No universal “bad” or “safe” foods; very patient specific ✔ Reactions can be delayed by up to 72 hours ✔ They are dose dependent; small amounts of food may not trigger a reaction whereas large amounts will ✔ Multiple foods can cause symptoms ✔ You cannot feel inflammatory foods as you eat/digest them ✔ Identifying and removing your trigger foods is the only way to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Let us help you get back on track in as little as 2 WEEKS! Call or visit our website for a


Ryan Whitcomb, MS, RD, CLT

Integrative and Functional Dietitian/Nutritionist 9 February 2019 1225 Franklin Ave, Suite 325, Garden City, NY 11530 I 866 321 2035 I

news briefs

25 Years of Natural Awakenings


his year marks the silver anniversary of Natural Awakenings magazine, launched in 1994 by entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman in Naples, Florida. It has become the largest franchise publishing network in the natural health industry; conceived as a local magazine in many different communities, it is now available in more than 70 markets in the U.S. Natural Awakenings is anchored by a national editorial team that explores and anticipates the latest trends in mind, Sharon Bruckman body and spirit. Readership of the print magazines is 2.8 million strong, plus a broad online and digital reach. “We love to empower people to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet,” says Bruckman. “Natural Awakenings has played a significant role in fueling the wellness revolution I saw emerging all those years ago, propelled by the kindred spirits who read, advertise and contribute to our magazines. Our publishers are torchbearers aligned with the vision of a healthier world and the mission to facilitate that transformation.” To learn more about the Natural Awakenings family of publishers and access oodles of articles online, visit or call 239-434-9392.

Natural Awakenings

Mission Statement To empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet. To educate communities on the latest in natural health and sustainability. To connect readers with local wellness resources and events, inspiring them to lead more balanced lives.


Long Island Edition

Planetary Poetry Book Released by Long Island Poet River Ripa


hen you open your heart to connectivity with the Earth, whether that means a walk on a nature trail, a stroll beneath the moonlight, or a sitting-session beside the ocean, you rediscover bliss, compassion, creativity and peace,” says Long Island-born-and-raised poet River Ripa. “We need to move away from loving the Earth being a hippie thing—it’s a human thing. It’s at the innermost of every human being to love Mother Earth.” Of the Earth: Planetary Poetry is a spiritual and imaginative quest into the lessons offered by nature. The collection is inventive, with each poem having its own voice, plus golden threads of Ripa’s muses. Ancient Taoist parables and Hindu River Ripa scripture; Native American prayer and Aboriginal dreamtime; the creativity of Italo Calvino and environmentalism of John Muir all can be felt in her words. “It has been a privilege to put this collection together and take the reader on a journey through the many landscapes—both inner and outer—of this extraordinary existence,” Ripa says. Ripa has been writing poetry as long as she’s been writing her ABCs. She has received accolades from the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association and Philosopher’s Stone Poetry. A free spirit, she follows her heart and her poetry wherever she hears the Earth call. She’s lived in India, Colorado and Peru; she’s rafted through the Grand Canyon, camped in the Australian outback, and hiked through the rainforests of Costa Rica to connect more deeply with the planet. “We are all of the Earth—there is no side to take in that matter,” Ripa says. “By connecting with the Earth, by appreciating the biodiversity of this planet, we connect with and protect the most essential part of our nature.” Ripa currently lives in Lima, Peru, and continues to write every day. Of the Earth: Planetary Poetry is available on Amazon at Amzn. to/2C5wbXS. For more information or to connect, visit Facebook. com/RiverRipa, follow RiverRipa on Instagram, or email

Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow. ~James M. Barrie

Holistic & preventative healthcare to address a wide variety of illnesses and conditions: Anxiety





Weight Gain


Hormone Imbalance


Chronic Pain



Bowel Issues

and much more

“Together we can change the face of medicine.” ~ Kristine Blanche RPA-C PhD

Dr. Kristine Blanche

Functional & Integrative Medicine

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INTEGRATIVE HEALING CENTER NORTHPORT WELLNESS CENTER 220 Fort Salonga Rd. (25A) Northport, NY LINA AT TRINITY CENTRE 115 Broadway, Suite 1800 New York, NY Full Body Scan

Breast and full body screening process that can detect health problems up to 8 years before symptoms may be visible.

February 2019


health briefs

Zinc Combo Fights Aging Diseases When zinc, a trace mineral, is combined with tea, coffee, chocolate and other foods that contain specific antioxidant compounds, it boosts protection against the oxidative stress linked to aging and diseases such as dementia, cancer and heart disease, report researchers from Auburn University, in Alabama, and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany. Zinc activates a plant compound known as hydroquinone, which boosts foods’ antioxidant properties. Hydroquinone alone cannot break down harmful free radicals, but when combined with zinc, a type of enzyme is created that helps prevent damage to organs and tissues. 12

Long Island Edition

Harmful bacteria from the genus Mycobacterium have been shown to linger in showerheads and lead to lung infections through inhalation of steam. University of Colorado researchers analyzed 656 biofilms coating the inside of showerheads sent to them by volunteers throughout the U.S. and Europe, and found twice as much mycobacterium in showerheads from households receiving municipal water than in those receiving well water. Chlorine disinfection

methods were suspected by the researchers. Plastic showerheads had levels that were, on average, two times lower than showerheads made of metal or metal and plastic components. “Hot spots” with high levels of mycobacteria—such as Hawaii, southern California, Florida, the upper Midwest and the mid-Atlantic states—generally overlapped regions where mycobacteriumrelated lung diseases are most prevalent.

Maxal anatTamor/ chant/

Harmful Bacteria Linked to Certain Showerheads

Immigration to U.S. Lowers Healthy Gut Bacteria People in developing nations have much greater diversity in gut bacteria than Americans, but a University of Minnesota study of U.S. immigrants has found that six to nine months after moving to the U.S. and eating a Western diet, the gut bacteria of those from countries with predominantly non-Western diets changed to match gut bacteria typical of a Western diet, while their gut bacteria became less diverse and less healthy. These effects increased with the duration of U.S. residence and were compounded across generations. The more “Westernized” a woman’s microbiome, the greater her risk of obesity.


Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), a spiky, cucumbershaped fruit, has traditionally been used in Asian countries to lower blood sugar. Now, researchers at Universiti Sains Malaysia report that it can significantly improve symptoms and reduce the pain of knee osteoarthritis. Half of 75 patients were given a placebo and the other half 1,500 milligrams three times a day of a bitter melon supplement. After three months, the bitter melon group had significantly fewer symptoms and less knee pain and analgesic use, as well as lowered body weight, body mass index and fasting blood glucose levels.

Dmitry Bruskov/

Bitter Melon Eases Knee Pain

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a revolutionary leap forward in dental healing and grafting.

Simply put, blood is taken chair-side from your arm and in about 10 minutes, the blood is prepared and processed with absolutely NO CHEMICALS, and it is ready to use immediately to help you HEAL. The PRF plug that is created contains your own growth factors, growth proteins, healing platelet cytokines, and all the important regenerative stem cells. The PRF becomes your own dynamic super biomaterial to biologically stimulate bone and soft tissue repair and regeneration, and to aid and accelerate wound healing. This is one example of the exciting technology offered at Golan Family Dentistry. We strive to integrate traditional dentistry with modern equipment and techniques to enhance the biological experience of dentistry.

We focus on dentistry’s affects not only a specific tooth or area of the mouth but the body as a whole. Through the use of lasers, ozone and computerized dentistry, we hope to improve your dental visits and healing. Biomimetic dentistry is used to restore your teeth in a manner that tries to mimic the mechanical wonder that is a natural tooth. The doctors at Golan Family Dentistry look forward to addressing your dental needs while taking a systemic approach to devise the best customized comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve dental wellness naturally. In the coming months we will be providing you with valuable information to educate and enhance your dental experience.

FREE CONSULTATIONS! 516.627.1687 ~ Biomimetic Restorative Treatment ~ Laser Assisted Fillings ~ Laser Assisted Gum Treatment ~ Crowns in a Day ~ Digital Impressions ~ Sleep Apnea Treatment ~ Ozone Assisted Therapy ~ Laser Pain Relief

GOL N FAMILY DENTISTRY 21st Century Dentistry with a Small Practice Feel

Marshall B. Golan DDS, Howard S. Golan DDS and Jeffrey Etess, DMD 245 Hillside Avenue

Williston Park, NY 11596

February 2019


health briefs

Preventing Food Sensitivities by Ryan Whitcomb, MS, RD, CLT Once these foods are gone, the As a dietitian who works with clients next thing is to reduce your overall that suffer from food sensitivities, exposure to toxins. I don’t I’m often asked what can mean avoid completely be done to prevent them (that’s impossible; toxins in the first place. This is are everywhere) but rea great question, and duce where you can. One although it’s difficult to place where many people answer succinctly, there have constant exposure is are a few steps you can their water supply. take to reduce your risk of Ditch your water developing them … if you filter and opt for a reverse haven’t already developed Ryan Whitcomb, osmosis filtration system. them. MS, RD, CLT Though municipalities fil The most important ter drinking water to some thing to understand is that degree, they typically add chlorine to once food sensitivities are present, disinfect the water—yuck! Store brand the first thing you must do is remove filters help somewhat, but if you want them from your diet completely. Failure to do so will continue whatever the purest water possible, opt for a reverse osmosis filter. You can get symptoms you have.

THE WORLD’S BEST HEMP OIL We use a proprietary, Nano-Emulsified Hemp Oil, which means, PMB Hemp Oil gets into your system faster than any Hemp Oil in the world. Has undetectable levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s non-psychoactive; it’s not marijuana & it doesn’t make you high, it just makes you healthier. NON GMO • SOY FREE • GLUTEN FREE • cGMP

Mention Natural Awakenings and get 10% off hemp oil. | 516.761.3046

countertop, under the sink and wholehouse systems, depending on your needs and budget. When it comes to your diet, eat more fiber. Fiber isn’t just for losing weight or lowering cholesterol, it also traps chemicals and toxins in the body and pulls them out in the stool. Most people get around 12 grams per day, which is not nearly enough. Women need at least 25 grams per day and men need 38 grams, but your fiber needs may vary depending on your medical condition. Don’t overdo it—adding in too much too soon will cause GI (gastrointestinal) upset! Increase water intake during this time to prevent dehydration. Finally, sweat. Sweating is a great way to release toxins stored in the body. How and where you sweat is irrelevant, as long as you do it and do it often. Sweat in the sauna, sweat at hot yoga, or sweat doing any vigorous exercise—just make sure you’re medically cleared to do whatever activity it is you’d like to do. These are just some ideas to help you, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Why one develops food sensitivities has everything to do with the state of their gut, so make sure your gut is in tip-top shape. These tips will help! Source: Ryan Whitcomb, MS, RD, CLT, owner of GUT RXN Nutrition, a private practice where he treats individuals with digestive disorders and chronic inflammation related to food sensitivities. For more information, call 866-321-2035 or visit See ad on page 9.

Open the door to your past, present and future. Specializing in love, affairs of the heart, spiritual coaching and workshops. Psychic Deborah Graham P: (631) 303-0522 643 Commack Rd, Commack, NY 11725




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Overcoming the Pain of Shingles and Genital/Oral Herpes The Latest Answer

From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City… Did You Have Chickenpox or a “Cold Sore”?

eating foods high in a protein called L-arginine, found commonly in nuts and chocolate, among other foods.

Most everyone answers “yes” to this question. If you answered yes, then you have a herpes infection. Both types of viral infections are easily transferred by contact It Can Be Eliminated! with someone that has a current outbreak. You likely may Treatments with antivirals can reduce outbreaks and may have both! alleviate the severity of symptomatic episodes Herpes zoster (HZ), commonly known but will not get rid of the infection. Medical as shingles, is a viral disease characterized ozone is the only medicine known to destroy by a painful skin rash with blisters in a limand rid the body of this horrible infection. ited area on one side of the body, often in a Please don’t believe the commercials stripe. The initial infection causes the illness on television saying you can never get rid of it. chickenpox, which usually occurs in children Though with no promises or guarantees, mediand young adults. Once the chickenpox is cal ozone has been used all over the world to gone, the virus is not eliminated from the treat infections that normally cannot be fixed, body and can go on to cause shingles. HZ is i.e., herpes in all its forms. Medical ozone is a Dr. Howard Robins not the same disease as herpes simplex type gas that when it enters the body intravenously 1 and 2, despite the similar name, though both HZ and acts like “glue” to all viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast and herpes simplex belong to the same viral family. mold. It destroys or inactivates them so the body can HZ becomes dormant in some of our nerve cells remove them completely. without causing any symptoms. Many years after a Most importantly, medical ozone does it without chickenpox infection, the virus may break out of nerve harmful adverse reactions or side effects so typical with cells and cause a viral infection of the skin in the area pharmaceuticals. In more than 50 countries, over 45,000 around the nerve. The virus may spread from one nerve physicians have been using it worldwide for over 70 to another causing a painful rash. Although the rash usu- years to successfully and safely treat diseases such as ally heals within two to four weeks, most people experi- herpes. ence nerve pain for months or years, a condition called So, don’t give up hope and don’t wait! It is absolute“postherpetic neuralgia.” In the past, outbreaks usually ly possible to eliminate herpes from your body. To learn occurred in the elderly, but now it is common for anyone more about medical ozone therapy, visit OzoneUniversity. at any age that is under great stress or has a comprocom or buy a copy of Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medimised immune system. cine, available at, which has testimonials Herpes simplex 1 and 2 cause the oral or genital on its benefits and effectiveness. forms of what we commonly simply call “herpes.” It also spreads in a way similar to the HZ virus. Herpes simplex For more information, call Dr. Howard Robins at 212-581is a viral disease caused by both herpes simplex virus 0101. Robins is considered the foremost clinical expert on type 1 and 2. Oral herpes, the visible symptoms of which the use of ozone in North America, with more than 27 years are often called “cold sores” or “fever blisters,” is an of clinical practice and 265,000 treatments performed. See infection of the face or mouth. Oral herpes is the most ad on Inside Back Cover. common form and genital herpes is the second most common form of infection. However, both types can be MENTION NATURAL AWAKENINGS AND GET $50 OFF found both orally and genitally! YOUR INITIAL CONSULT! Recurrent outbreaks may occur from time to time, especially in times of stress, using alcohol, or when February 2019


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Coming Clean by Steven M. Rachlin, M.D. Today, more and more people experience high incidences of disease, such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. And what of the more subtle manifestations of chemical toxicity, including Steven M. Rachlin, M.D. impaired fertility, smaller birth weights, headaches, loss of mental acuity, or antisocial behavior? So many different toxic effects are linked with the chemicals in our environment that it is no longer possible to neatly characterize them all. However, the ways in which they affect our health are only becoming clearer. Studies show that cadmium, lead and mercury, in addition to many pesticides, may be the underlying causes of serious diseases. Some even think that high levels of mercury could be responsible for some cases of autism.  Yet, millions of people are exposed to heavy metals and other types of chemical toxins that have a direct health impact. Food is a prime source of exposure. But even with the best diet, it’s hard to fend off what you inhale or absorb from the environment around you. For example, if you like sushi, particularly tuna, you will be exposed to methyl mercury.  If we feed our cells helpful nutrients and foods, we can begin to come clean. Nutritional supplements are also helpful for detoxification. Turmeric is rich in curcumin, a phytochemical that works to defuse chemical time bombs and protect your body from toxic chemicals. L-glutamine is an amino acid known to specifically aid in the health and regeneration of the gastrointestinal lining. Chelation treatment, which removes heavy metals from the body through intravenous therapy, can also be beneficial to those with heavy metal toxicity.   Source: Steven M. Rachlin, M.D., of Rachlin Medical Center, located at 927 Willis Ave., in Albertson, has been practicing for more than 30 years. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-873-7773 or visit See ad on page 19.

Do You Have a Slow Metabolism? by Elyse Tursi, DC “Well how many calories should I be eating a day?” “I eat the same as my friend who lost 12 pounds, and I’ve only lost 2 pounds.” Most people think of metabolism and know it has something to do with the number of calories burned over a period of time. If this so-called “metabolism” is fast, you burn a lot of calories. If this so-called “metabolism” is slow, you burn fewer calories. However, metabolism is more complicated than just calories in and calories out. If you find yourself gaining weight, feeling chronically fatigued, having dry skin, brittle nails and reaching for sugar, chances are your metabolism needs a reboot. A slow metabolism is really just a way of saying someone is not able to digest, breakdown and absorb nutrition appropriately. Basically, your body is not able to process the energy from food you intake. The solution to a slow metabolism is not to eat less! Oftentimes, nutritional restriction, aka cutting calories, can further halt an Dr. Elyse Tursi already sluggish metabolism. How do we go about generating more cellular energy to fire up our metabolism? Enzymes! The main job of enzymes is to assist in transferring electrons from cell to cell; think of this process as speeding up our chemical reactions. If you speed up chemical reactions, you are liberating energy from your tissues more effectively. Enzyme replacement therapy is customized for your cells to increase your metabolic rate. Source: Dr. Elyse Tursi, a doctor of chiropractic and nutritionist at Pollack Wellness Institute, located at 100 Manetto Hill Rd., Ste. 307, in Plainview. For more information, call 516-299-9313 or visit See ad on page 35.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched— they must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller 16

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through detoxification.



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Walnut Leaves Improve Diabetic Health In a double-blind study of 40 Type-2 diabetes patients, Iranian researchers gave half of them 200 milligrams of an extract of walnut leaf (Juglans regia) for eight weeks and the other half a placebo. Although the walnut leaf extract had no significant effect on their blood glucose levels or insulin resistance, it significantly lowered systolic blood pressure and body weight in the patients.

Sniffing Dogs Can Detect Malaria After years of worldwide decline, malaria is on a worrisome upswing, but researchers from Durham University, in the UK, have found a quick, noninvasive, low-cost detection method: dogs. Trained to sniff out malaria parasites in socks that West African children wore for one night, the canines correctly identified 70 percent among the infected and 90 percent among the uninfected children. 18

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Ashwagandha, a traditional ayurvedic herb, can significantly improve symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism, a condition that affects many women, a new double-blind clinical study shows. Researchers from India’s Sudbhawana Hospital tested 50 patients that had high circulating thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. For eight weeks, half were given 600 milligrams a day of ashwagandha; the other half were given a placebo. In the treatment group, TSH levels fell by more than 17 percent, T4 levels increased by nearly 20 percent and T3 levels increased by more than 40 percent. “Ashwagandha treatment effectively normalized the serum thyroid indices during the eight-week treatment period in a significant manner,” the report concluded.

Eric Isselee/

Ashwagandha Normalizes Hypothyroid Levels

Practicing gratitude is a healthy habit, yet people often hesitate to write heartfelt thank-you notes to people that have touched their lives. Researchers at the University of Chicago and the University of Texas, in Austin, report that writers underestimate how much people receiving those notes are surprised, happy and appreciative. The researchers also found that the letter writers were unduly concerned about their ability to express their gratitude skillfully. While the writers worried about choosing the right words, the recipients felt happiness simply through the warmth of the gesture.


The Power of Thank-You Notes

Steven M. Rachlin, M.D. is a Medical Doctor specializing in Internal Medicine. He is recognized as a pioneer & top Physician devoting his practice to Alternative & Holistic Medicine. He has been an advocate of natural medicine for over 30 years and is dedicated to the prevention of disease, empowering patients by giving them the tools to obtain optimum health

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At the Rachlin Center our mission is to bring each person to optimum wellbeing and provide strategies for health risks and successful results. Our workups include cardiovascular risk reduction, complete blood work evaluation, and a tailored wellness program. We combine the best of Holistic & Traditional Medicine. Dr. Rachlin is certified in Chelation, (removing heavy metals from the blood). We offer nutritional programs for reversing heart disease. Customized medically supervised vitamin supplementation.

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“In the space of Spirit, all things become possible” Diane Monks, CH, LMSW Ordained Interfaith Minister

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Our IV Vitamin Therapy Drips improve health & wellness and treat acute & chronic medical conditions. Benefits include: improved cellular nutrition with no side effects, stress reduction, increased energy, overall health benefits.

WE TREAT: Metabolic Imbalances, Environmental & Food Allergies, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Leukemia, Nutritional Imbalances, Migraines, Gastric disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormone Imbalances (female/male) Low testosterone, Menopause, Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar Heavy Metal Toxicity, Dementia Parkinson’s, Lyme Disease, Celiac, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Detoxification, Heart disease SOME MODALITIES OFFERED: Complete Metabolic Blood workup, IV & Oral Nutritional Supplementation, Immunotherapy, Allergy workups Alternative Cancer approach, Testosterone Injections, Detoxification Programs, Anti-aging Weight Loss, Chelation Therapy, Medical Cannabis

My mission is to create powerful, personalized plans for healing & wholeness; utilizing a unique combination of resources & modalities. AMETHYST BIOMAT

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Nuts Improve Blood Vessel Health Munching on almonds and walnuts significantly increases blood vessel dilation and reduces artery plaque, say West Virginia University scientists. In a two-day study, 27 overweight volunteers ate 77 grams of almonds (about 2.5 handfuls) along with their lunch one day; on another day, they ate 60 grams of walnuts (about two handfuls) with lunch. Measurements taken four hours after each meal found that both diets significantly increased blood vessel dilation and lowered markers of artery plaque. Both types of nuts also reduced heart rate and systolic blood pressure among the volunteers.

Holy Basil Fights Tooth Infection Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), an Indian herb also known as holy basil, has been proven effective in studies in reducing stress, lowering blood sugar and healing wounds. Now, research from India’s Rishiraj College of Dental Sciences has found that tulsi essential oil, used as a disinfectant, significantly reduced infection levels following root canals of primary molars in a study of 40 children. Although a triple antibiotic cream had better antibiotic properties, the researchers recommended tulsi for longstanding infections and to avoid antibiotic reactions and overuse. 20

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It’s the time of year when Americans set their New Year’s resolutions. Weight loss frequently tops the list of resolutions. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), being overweight raises your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It can also increase risk of high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol and high blood glucose (sugar). According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three American adults have prediabetes, a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough yet to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Ninety percent of those with prediabetes don’t even know they have it. The good news is that prediabetes can be reversed. According to the ADA, you can lower your risk for Type 2 diabetes by 58 percent by losing 7 percent of your body weight (e.g., 14 pounds if you are 200 pounds) and exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week (150 minutes per week). Don’t worry if you can’t get to your ideal body weight—losing even 10 to 15 pounds makes a huge difference. If the goal is to lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise more. When it comes to making changes to improve your lifestyle, setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time) goals is a good way to put a plan in place. Keep a food journal of everything you eat and drink that includes quantity and time of consumption. Chart your exercise routines, such as what activities you do and their duration. Tracking your eating patterns and exercise activities gives you the opportunity to review and assess your daily behaviors and see what changes you can make. Start by adding one change each week. Instead of just trying to “eat better,” be specific. Plan to eat an extra piece of fruit or add a vegetable each day or replace one sugary drink with water. Incorporate one healthy change three to four days each week. Make smaller, attainable goals, and be realistic as to what you can do and give yourself enough time to achieve these goals. This is important so you are not discouraged. Small, consistent changes can make a huge difference over time! Seek help from a qualified health professional. A registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is your best source. An RD or RDN will help you determine measurable and achievable goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them. Source: Lucy Brown Pugliese, MBA, RDN, CDN, Long Island Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics PR chairperson. For more information, visit and click on the “Find a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist” link. See ad on page 41.

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Children and teens that spend more than seven hours a day on screens have twice the risk of being diagnosed with anxiety or depression compared to those that spend one hour a day similarly engaged, concluded a San Diego State University study of more than 40,000 youngsters.

by Lucy Brown Pugliese, MBA, RDN, CDN

Jula Store/

Screen Time Doubles Kids’ Risk of Anxiety and Depression

An RD or RDN Can Help You with Your Weight-Loss Goals

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Benefits of Floatation Therapy

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What Happens When Fluoride Is Removed from Our Tap Water?

water fluoridation year,” and they analyzed the dental claims of 853 children and teenagers aged up to 18 years that received dental care that year. The researchers compared this data with that of 1,052 children and adolescents that received dental care in 2012, five years after the City Assembly of Juneau had by Jonathan Richter, DDS, FAGD voted to stop fluoridation in the community water. Data analysis revealed that, as the study authors If you live in the United States, it is very likely that your write, “The mean number of caries-related protap water is enriched with fluoride, a substance cedures for the 0- to 18-year-old age groups that helps prevent tooth decay and, in some were significantly higher” in the 2012 treatment cases, has been proven to reverse the formation group, when community water no longer conof tooth cavities. Fluoride has been scientifically tained fluoride, than in the 2003 group, before proven to promote the remineralization of teeth the decision to end water fluoridation. by strengthening their enamel and by helping More specifically, “The odds of a child or to fight off the bacteria that causes decay. This adolescent undergoing a dental caries proceis the reason why most types of toothpaste and dure in 2003 was 25.2 percent less than that of a many mouthwash products contain some fluochild or adolescent in [2012],” the study authors Jonathan Richter, ride. However, ingested fluoride tends to accuDDS, FAGD explain. mulate in our bones, which has led some to worry This suggests that the added fluoride did that drinking fluoridated water might increase the risk of various health problems, specifically osteosarcoma, have a protective effect on oral health. Since fluoride occurs naturally in water, community a type of cancer that starts in the bones. water sources for Juneau still contain some of this mineral, These concerns are what led the City Assembly of even after the cessation of artificial fluoridation. However, Juneau, the capital of Alaska, to stop fluoridation in their the research team noted that fluoride naturally occurs in community water since 2007. In a new study that the jourmuch smaller quantities than those that experts consider nal of BMC Oral Health recently published, a research team “optimal for caries prevention.” In fact, fluoride levels in from the College of Health Sciences at Walden University Juneau’s water sources are more than 10 times lower than in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the College of Health at the optimal levels for oral health, which has been proven in the University of Alaska Anchorage have investigated the effects of this decision on the oral health of the young resi- previous research. dents of Juneau. Source: Jonathan Richter, DDS, FAGD, of Cariodontal, located The research team looked at the dental records of at 310 E. Shore Rd., Ste. 101, in Great Neck. For more informaall the children and adolescents in Juneau that accessed tion or to schedule an appointment, call 516-282-0310 or visit dental health services through Medicaid during 2003 and See ad on back cover. 2012. The team deemed 2003 as an “optimal community


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Inflammation—What Is It, and Should I Be Concerned? by Dawn Siglain, ND, LAc What is inflammation? Inflammation is the natural way that your body reacts to an injury or an infection. It is part of being human, and it helps us manage life. It’s important to remember that we need a healthy balance of inflammatory as well as anti-inflammatory responses going on in our bodies. However, there any many aspects of our food, environment and lives that tend to put us at risk for inflammatory states. Let’s walk through this process. There’s external inflammation, which occurs on the outside of your body, and it’s pretty easy to see. You get a cut, it bleeds, it hurts, it gets red, and then it heals. Bravo! Inflammation working in your favor. There’s also internal inflammation, which occurs in the tissues of your body, right down to your organs. This is the inflammation that I want to bring to your attention. Just because you can’t see this type of inflammation doesn’t mean it’s not there—because it could be. If you are

one of the many affected, it robs you of your health. The good news is that it is reversible and you can restore your own health. The sooner you catch the issue of inflammation, the better off you are. Any day is a good day to make a positive change. So remember, it’s never too late! Here are some of the warning signs: n Fatigue n Pain n Feeling of heat n Swelling n Poor circulation in your extremities

Is everyone susceptible to inflammation? Living in this day and age, we can all fall victim to an inflammatory condition. I say this because of poor food quality and toxins flooding our environment from the air we breathe to the water we drink. Chronic inflammation is one of those issues that creeps up slowly and can vary from one individual to the next. Inflammation is a way of warning us that there is something that we are doing in our lives that is causing an inflammatory state. Chronic inflammation is in fact the root cause of disease. By tackling the inflammation, you can ward off a disease that may be lurking in your body just waiting to cause havoc. Go to a doctor you trust and get some testing done. Chronic inflammation is a state of health that needs our attention right now. There are things you can do every day to help ward off inflammatory states. Eating healthy, exercising, meditating, laughing and mild detoxing daily are some ways to fight the battle against inflammation. Find a naturopathic doctor in your area and make an appointment today to reach your optimal state of wellness! Source: Dr. Dawn Siglain, a naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist and reiki practitioner at Inner Source Health, in Huntington. She utilizes both Western and Eastern medicine, including talk therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplementation, cupping and trigger point therapy. For more information, call 631-421-1848 or visit See ad on page 23.

Ma ke a ever y day h e a lthy day! 24

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The Ultimate Detox System by Paula Jennings


he PrimeMyBody Ultimate Detox is an incredibly powerful total body detoxification system with specifically detailed protocols designed to detoxify the liver, eliminate harmful substances from the body, and help ensure you’re living at optimal health and wellness. Our two-step detoxification protocol supports elimination of toxins while minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption. Liver detoxification is essential for proper health, and improperly designed protocols can result in toxin redistribution, rather than elimination. 1. Liver Clear This “bitter” boost keeps drainage pathways open, while a blend of powerful targeted nutraceuticals offers detoxification, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and histamine-controlling support. It includes: • Quercetin and luteolin: These unique flavonoids modulate pro-inflammatory mast cell activity. • DIM (diindolylmethane) for gentle hormone-regulating action, promotion of T-regulatory dominance (immune moderating), and stimulation of Nrf2, our own master antioxidant switch. • R-lipoic acid: A strong Nrf2 up-regulator to increase production of glutathione and facilitate the liver’s excretion of metals. Milk thistle for potent liver protection and bile flow stabilization 2. Mega Binder This toxin catcher is a universal blend of synergistic binders that captures toxins in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, including mycotoxins; cyanotoxins; pesticides; herbicides; endotoxins; endocrine disruptors; inflammatory molecules; toxins found in bile; and heavy metals, including mercury. It includes bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan, and Intestinal Metals Detox (a proprietary thiol-functionalized silica compound with specific affinity for mercury). Acacia gum, a prebiotic fiber, is added for its soothing, fluidizing, healing effect, and aloe vera soothes the gastric mucosa and reduces constipation. Paula Jennings is a PrimeMyBody affiliate business owner. For more information, visit See ad on page 14.

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Fish Revival

Insects around the world are in a crisis, and a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the problem is even more widespread than scientists first believed. In a pristine rain forest in Puerto Rico, the number of invertebrates—including moths, butterflies, spiders and grasshoppers—dropped 60-fold between 1977 and 2013, probably due to a fourdegree rise in average temperature. The lizards, birds and frogs that fed on them also seriously declined. In 2014, an international team of biologists estimated that globally in the past 35 years, the numbers of invertebrates such as beetles and bees had decreased by 45 percent. Another recent study showed a 76 percent decrease in flying insects in the past few decades in German nature preserves. The food web may be being obliterated from the bottom: Insects pollinate three-quarters of our food crops, feed the birds and fish that are also consumed by larger species and are vital to the decomposition that keeps soil healthy and ecosystems running. “Nature’s resilient, but we’re pushing her to such extremes that eventually it will cause a collapse of the system,” Brad Lister, a co-author of the Puerto Rican study, told the New York Times.

Following the removal two years ago of an obsolete dam in Manville, New Jersey, American shad are successfully spawning in the lower section of the Millstone River. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently observed juvenile fish there for the first time since 1845. American shad (Alosa sapidissima) are the largest member of the herring family and are anadromous, as they spend most of their lives in saltwater, but return to freshwater rivers each spring to spawn. They played an important role in American history and economics. New Jersey Department of Emvironmental Protection Commissioner Catherine McCabe says, “This species has an inherent tendency to recolonize once obstacles are removed from its migratory path.” During the Industrial Revolution, rivers were dammed for electric power and lakes, but during the last decade, dam removal has become a new call to action. Besides preventing fish migrations, dams also harm water quality in rivers by blocking water flow, trapping sediment and changing habitats.

Horse Sense

Wild Horses Ride Out the Storm North Carolina’s freeroaming wild horse herds on the Outer Banks have “ridden out” their share of storms. When Hurricane Florence struck the area in 2018, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund of Currituck County, where the herd lives, announced on Facebook, “The horses have lived on this barrier island for 500 years, and they are well-equipped to deal with 26

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rough weather. They know where to go to stay high and dry, and are probably in better shape right now than most of us humans, who are scrambling with final preparations.” Historians believe the herds, which number about 100 horses, descend from those brought to the New World by European explorers. Instincts dating back five centuries compel the

Hein Nouwens/

Sharp Decline Threatens Ecosystem

Shad Return After 174-Year Absence


Bug Apocalypse

Patricia Camerota/

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feral mustangs to either huddle on high ground, butts to the wind, or seek refuge in the maritime forest during storms, say experts. But news has come of a Shackleford Banks horse named Merlin that was fenced in an inundated quarantine site

during the storm, according to the Foundation for Shackleford Horses. Merlin somehow survived, and it “may have involved swimming,” says Margaret Poindexter, president of the foundation that co-manages the herd on National Park Service land.

Bat Cave Rescue

Mind Meld

A cold-loving fungus known as white-nose syndrome (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) originating in Eurasia, where bats evolved to develop immunity to it, began infecting 15 species of hibernating bats in North America in 2006. As the fungus grows over bats’ noses and wings, it disrupts their winter sleep, causing them to expend too much energy and burn up fat they need for winter survival. More than 6 million bats have succumbed to the disease so far. Some species are experiencing near total collapse: Little brown bat populations have been decimated by about 90 percent, while tricolored and northern long-eared bats are suffering losses of around 97 percent. Ecologists thought the fungus might halt at the Rockies, but by 2016 it had made its way to Washington State. A collaboration between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, biologists, ecologists, mycologists, biochemists and other scientists at universities, NGOs and state, federal and tribal agencies have made significant progress in combating the fungus using genomics: Sequencing its genes has allowed them to determine its origin. Plans include treating the caves and mines in which the bats hibernate. It also appears that some species are developing resistance to the fungus or developing coping strategies, like waking up together every night to generate extra group warmth.

Scientists are trying to translate speech-paralyzed patients’ thoughts into speech using brain implants. The technique will potentially provide a brain/computer interface (BCI) to enable people with a spinal cord injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, stroke or other paralyzing conditions to “talk” again. Experts think a system that decodes whether a person is silently saying yes, no, hungry, pain or water is now within reach, thanks to parallel advances in neuroscience, engineering and machine learning. “We think we’re getting enough of an understanding of the brain signals that encode silent speech that we could soon make something practical,” says Brian Pasley, of the University of California, Berkeley. The first BCI read electrical signals in the motor cortex corresponding to the intention to move, and used software to translate the signals into instructions to operate a computer cursor or robotic arm. In 2016, scientists at the University of Pittsburgh went a step further, adding sensors to a mind-controlled robotic arm so it produced sensations of touch.



Promising Progress Against Disease

Translating Thoughts Into Speech

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working,” says Pollack. The evaluation sees that simple function in real time, during which Pollack will palpate on organs as the body processes food to see where exactly the pain or discomfort is stemming from. He shares that one of the big problems in the holistic world is that people end up on a million supplements—and it either doesn’t work or it backfires. “We are trying to treat every symptom, but what if you by Gina Cronin didn’t have to treat everything—what if you treat two things and that affects everything?” He works to find those primary were healed by just a couple of treatments t its most basic, health is not problems to be as minimalistic as possible to the localized area of pain, others were just an absence of symptoms— in resolving them. On average, his patients not. “What I realized was the others were it’s really a dynamic process of are on no more than three different supplenot experiencing physical pain, they were helping the body reach its optimum funcments. experiencing referral pain tion,” says Dr. David Pollack, Clients often have a bit of a culture from another imbalance in owner of Pollack Wellness shock when they enter Pollack Wellness the body—most commonly Institute, in Commack and Institute, because everyone truly cares. related to the gallbladder Plainview. From the person on the phone, to the or thyroid. When I started Pollack’s family entreating these areas, the pain receptionist, to the nurses and doctors— couraged him to be a doctor everyone is genuinely committed to their ceased,” Pollack says. Every from an early age, but he single organ and gland refers betterment. “People tell me that it’s the first didn’t feel a pull to become time they have ever gotten answers to their itself to another area of the a conventional health pracproblems,” says Pollack. “When they go to body, and Pollack looks at titioner. He connected with Dr. David Pollack a conventional doctor, they’re so excited to this holistically to restore a family member that was receive a diagnosis—but the diagnosis is wellness. a chiropractor, and he saw how happy and not the solution.” On the first visit to fulfilled she was with her career. He decid Pollack describes that it’s Pollack Wellness Institute, ed, without having ever had a chiropractic fun to help people. He has patients have an opporadjustment, that this was the direction for seen his patients feel better tunity to share all health him. He entered chiropractic school, and in ways they didn’t think concerns with Pollack durthe chain reaction was set off from there. possible. “My patients’ ing a 45-minute to one-hour “It was a crazy leap of faith, but it expectations as to what is consultation, which is held was here that I found the entire world of going to happen are lower free of charge. From there, natural healing,” says Pollack. He earned than mine,” he says. “Many they decide on a comprehis doctorate in chiropractic, his master’s people think that they’re hensive wellness program in acupuncture, plus certificates in holistic Dr. Elyse Tursi getting older and are supthat may include everything digestive health and applied kinesiology. posed to feel that way, but there is no age from advanced nutrition and chiropractic “I was determined to learn many different you’re supposed to feel like junk.” to acupuncture, moxibustion and cold laser modalities to come from any angle that the


Complete, Comprehensive, Holistic Care


patient may need.” In his practice, he deals with virtually every area of health—the physical body, internal organs, mental state. He understands that when someone comes in with a symptom, the solution is likely not the same for everyone. For example, he has had many patients come in with neck and shoulder pain. While half of them

therapy. On the second visit, he conducts a two-hour evaluation, during which the patient’s body is checked in real time before and after being given a special food-based drink. “If we simplify what this body does, it’s supposed to take in nutrients, process them, and distribute them—it’s quite incredible insight into how the body is

Pollack Wellness Institute is located at 66 Commack Rd., Ste. 204, in Commack. For more information, call 631-462-0801 or visit Gina Cronin is a writer for Natural Awakenings magazines. To connect, visit See ads on pages 2 and 35.

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. ~Publilius Syrus 28

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RAIO DENTAL A RECENT SUCCESS Airway 10 Year Old Normal Development


Airway 10 Year Old Normal Airway

SDB Airway

SLEEP DISORDERED BREATHING (SDB)/SLEEP APNEA IN CHILDREN There is a Silent Crisis among America’s children involving the following signs and symptoms: ADD/ADHD Lower IQ Bed Wetting Chronic Allergies Difficulty in School Crowded/Crooked Teeth Mouth Breathing/Snoring Dark Circles Under Eyes Restless Sleep Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils Delayed or Stunted Growth Aggressive Behavior Nightmares Daytime Drowsiness

“An Estimated 9 out of 10 Kids Suffer from ONE or MORE of These Symptoms”

Through extensive research it has been found that these signs and symptoms are the result of limited or no breastfeeding, resulting in weak tongue and orofacial muscles. The soft diet and processed foods that all of us eat starting from our infancy contribute to our weakened oral musculature and results in underdeveloped dental arches and jaws. This then leads to mouth breathing and snoring, swollen adenoids and tonsils, a low tongue position, a narrow palate, crooked and crowded teeth, and overbites and overjets. This vicious cascade of events then results in sleep disordered breathing in children and adults. The end product of not getting enough oxygen while sleeping can lead to debilitating symptoms such as nightmares and night terrors, ADD/ADHD, chronic allergies and others listed above.


Contact Us: RAIO DENTAL 1739 North Ocean Ave, Suite D, Medford, NY 11763 631-447-8073 • RAIODENTAL.COM February 2019


Heart of a Woman The Right Choices Keep It Strong by Lisa Marshall


ometime between the salad and the main course at her grandson’s bar mitzvah, Joyce Lenard, then 69, felt a crushing pressure deep within her chest. A tireless go-getter who had worked in Hillary Clinton’s district office when she was a U.S. senator, raised two daughters and recently donated a kidney to one of them, Lenard had spent months painstakingly planning the 100-guest gala, so when the pain came, she ignored it and got on with the party. She even drove herself to her Long Island home that night. “I just assumed I was having indigestion and it would pass,” Lenard recalls. Hours later, her husband rushed her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a rare, often-fatal form of heart attack, takotsubo cardiomyopathy, in which intense stress literally changes the shape of the heart. Thankful to be alive, she has since taken up meditation, cleaned up her diet and now leads a support group for female heart patients of all ages. Like her, many of them never saw it coming. 30

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“Women tend to be the caregivers,” says Lenard. “We take care of our husbands, our families, our friends, our careers, and we often forget about our own health. Then look what happens.” Lenard is among the 44 million U.S. women with cardiovascular disease, an insidious illness that until recently has been erroneously framed as a “man’s disease”. In reality, it is the number one killer of women, responsible for one in three deaths each year, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). By comparison, one in 26 women die of breast cancer. While awareness has risen since 2004, when AHA launched its Go Red for Women campaign, surveys show only 17 percent of women view cardiovascular disease as something that should concern them. It should, experts say, because 80 to 90 percent of cases are avoidable with lifestyle and dietary changes. In some cases, natural remedies can even reverse it. “We have all this sophisticated equipment and all these medications, but when it comes down

Know Risks and Address Them Early

In the late 1990s, researchers discovered women were about as likely as men to be diagnosed with the disease, and far more likely to die from it. “They didn’t have the classic signs and symptoms, so they often went undiagnosed and untreated,” explains Jennifer Mieres, M.D., a cardiology professor at the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, in New York. Along with chest pain, women often suffer fatigue, shortness of breath, indigestion, pain in the neck, back or jaw, nausea or anxiety in the months leading up to a heart attack. In more than half of the cases, according to one recent study in the journal Circulation, doctors fail to recognize these symptoms. Then there is the “not now” factor. “I used to see women all the time who said, ‘I have had these symptoms for months, but I just didn’t have time to take care of it,’” says Mieres, co-author of Heart Smart for Women: Six S.T.E.P.S. in Six Weeks to Heart-Healthy Living. Recent research has also shown that women are uniquely vulnerable to developing heart disease in ways that men don’t share. Taking birth control pills (especially while smoking) can boost risk. Complications during pregnancy such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes can be hard on the heart, increasing vulnerability for years to come. Because estrogen is believed to be cardio-protective, when it wanes during perimenopause and menopause, risk goes up again. “As soon as we hit menopause, our biological milieu starts to change,” says Mieres, noting that “good” cholesterol tends to decrease and “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides tend to increase. Yet, arterial plaque—which can ultimately build up, break loose and cause a heart attack or stroke—starts accumulating as early as age 20, so the earlier women start paying attention, the better.


~Christina Adams, M.D.

to it, the vast majority of cardiovascular disease can be prevented,” says integrative cardiologist Christina Adams, M.D., of the Scripps Women’s Heart Center, in La Jolla, California.


We have all this sophisticated equipment and all these medications, but when it comes down to it, the vast majority of cardiovascular disease can be prevented.


Food Not Meds

Thirty years after the first cholesterol-lowering medication hit the market, so-called statin drugs have become the largest class of medications in the world, with U.S. sales doubling between 2000 and 2010 to reach $20 billion, according to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. While drugs can be appropriate for those already diagnosed with heart disease and at high risk of heart attack or stroke, they are not without serious side effects. Statins can cause chronic muscle pain, memory loss and increased blood sugar, while hypertension drugs can precipitate fainting and kidney damage. For many patients, there’s another way, integrative cardiologists say. Unfortunately, most of the talk about prevention focuses on prescription medications, says Stephen Devries, M.D., executive director of the Chicago-based Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology. “What often gets lost in the discussion are the dietary changes, which can be equally important.” Devries recommends a plant-based Mediterranean diet—low in the saturated fat found in beef, processed meats and cheese—and high in leafy greens, whole grains and the “good” fats found in fatty fish, olive oil and avocados. Specific foods have also been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Nuts, including walnuts, peanuts and almonds, have been shown to lower LDL. One 2017 study of 77,000 female nurses, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found those that ate peanuts or tree nuts (including almonds and cashews) two or more times per week had a 19 percent lower risk of developing heart disease. Those that ate walnuts once a week cut their risk by 23 percent. Dark purple and red fruits contain compounds called anthocyanins that boost production of nitric oxide, and in turn expand blood vessels, improving circulation. Another recent study, published in the journal Circulation, followed 94,000 women for 18 years and found those that ate four servings or more per week of blueberries and strawberries were a third less likely to have a heart attack. Pomegranates are also key for heart health, with recent research published in

the journal Clinical Nutrition showing a daily serving of juice can make platelets less sticky, lower blood pressure and reduce plaque formation. Dark leafy greens like kale and broccoli—which are rich in vitamin K—play an important role in fostering a healthy heart structure, with each serving per week cutting the risk of heart disease by 23 percent, according to the Gaples Institute.

Nurturing the Emotional Heart

No discussion of heart health would be complete without an emphasis on social and emotional health, a critical risk factor which until recently has been largely absent, says Sandeep Jauhar, M.D., director of the Heart Failure Program at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and author of the new book, Heart: A History. But research shows the emotional heart can break, too, as in Lenard’s case. With as many as 90 percent of incidents occurring in women, the condition that landed her in the emergency room often shows up in patients with no signs of obstructed blood vessels or high cholesterol. Rather, factors like financial worries, work stress or the death of or break-up with a loved one can flood the heart with stress hormones, changing its shape to one that resembles a Japanese pot called a takotsubo and weakening it profoundly. “Remarkably, in many cases, once the emotional state returns to normal, so does the heart,” says Jauhar. Longer-term, emotional stress has been shown to lead to platelet aggregation, or stickiness in the blood, which can impact blood flow. Also, constant bombardment by stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol can damage the inner walls of blood vessels, boosting accumulation of plaque. To nurture the metaphorical heart, integrative cardiologists recommend taking time to maintain healthy personal relationships and minimize work stress. As well, exercising five to six days per week for at least 30 minutes and practicing activities like mindfulness meditation or yoga have been shown to lower heart rate. A recent study published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes looked at 201 people with coronary heart disease. It found those that practiced medi-

tation were 50 percent less likely to die or have a heart attack or stroke in the span of five years. Finding quiet spaces to retreat to can also be important. A study published in November by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, found that living and working in chronically noisy environments can boost the risk for heart problems. It is also wise to prioritize sleep (at least seven hours per night), because the lack of it can inflame arteries. The bottom line is that a holistic approach is best, says Jauhar. “If you want to live a long life, don’t smoke, eat well and exercise, but also pay attention to the quality of your relationships and your ability to withstand stress and transcend distress. Those are also a matter of life and death.” Lisa Marshall is a freelance health writer in Boulder, CO. Connect at

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AMAZING EMBRACE The Healing Power of Hugs by April Thompson


These behaviors ugs don’t just feel A Primal Need good; they do also turn down our for Connection good. A simple biological response Mata Amritanandamayi, embrace can boost our to stress and may a 65-year-old Indian spirihealth and mood, connect tual leader better known even improve us spiritually and even help as Amma, has hugged mend society. how our immune tens of millions of people Hugs and other types system works. around the world, earning of affectionate touching her the nickname, “the ~Michael Murphy, can provide numerous hugging saint.” benefits in the face of researcher Amma’s tradition of threats or stress, according hugging people grew organically, from hugto Michael Murphy, Ph.D., a researcher ging someone she noticed in distress, to how with the Laboratory for the Study of she receives massive crowds clamoring for Stress, Immunity and Disease at Carnegie one of her loving, compassionate embraces. Mellon University, in Pittsburgh. “The “A hug is a gesture that reveals the research shows that touch behaviors like spiritual truth that, ‘We are not two—we hugs reduce negative responses to threats are one, ’ ” says Swami Amritaswaruand make people feel happier, more secure pananda, one of Amma’s senior disciples. and more supported.” “In today’s world, where people often feel In a study of 404 adults, Carnegie alienated and lonely, a hug can uplift and Mellon researchers looked at how social support and hugs affected participants’ sus- make us feel reconnected to the people and world around us.” ceptibility to the common cold after being Intention is key to the exchange of exposed to the virus. “People experiencing energy that occurs with a hug, says Amrilots of conflict are more likely to get a cold taswarupananda. “What is important is the when exposed to a virus,” says Murphy. sincerity behind the action—the genuine “But individuals who also tend to receive feeling of love and compassion. A simple lots of hugs appear protected from this adglance or mere touch of the hand can have ditional risk.” 32

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that same power to make us feel whole if that genuine, heartfelt connection is there.” Hugs tap into that fundamental human need to belong, says Murphy. “Hugs and other forms of affectionate touch act as powerful reminders that we belong. “These behaviors also turn down our biological response to stress and may even improve how our immune system works.” For example, researchers think that touching might trigger our body to release oxytocin, a hormone that can reduce fear and improve social bonding, Murphy notes. Hugs and the associated oxytocin release can have powerful ripple effects in the body, decreasing heart rate and levels of stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, along with improving immune function and pain tolerance. Oxytocin can also trigger the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Bridging Divides With a Hug While Murphy cautions that the jury is out on the effects of hugs on strangers, as most research has been done on embraces between loved ones, Ken Nwadike, Jr. has built a national campaign around the concept. Known as the “free hugs guy”, the former competitive runner began offering up hugs during the 2014 Boston Marathon, the year after the deadly bombing. Nwadike has since brought the Free Hugs Project to more divisive spaces, from political rallies to protests, offering hugs to all to spread love and inspire change. The Los Angeles activist’s all-embracing hugs are a symbol of unconditional love, respect and unity at a time when tensions and political divisions are running high. For Nwadike, hugs are a way of de-escalating conflict and mending the human divide. “Communities are divided because of fear, hatred and misunderstanding. Starting the conversation with kindness, rather than hatred, will get us a lot further,” he says. Consent is always important, and not everyone appreciates an unsolicited hug. But like compliments, hugs are free to give and usually well received. As humans, we bear arms that were built not to harm, but to heal. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, of Washington, D.C., at

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healing ways

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

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Soothing Anxious Kids Natural Remedies Restore Calm by Marlaina Donato


Mindful activities ids and teens It’s important to and creative outlets like have always know that anxiety is art, music and dance in had plenty to be highly treatable. a no-pressure environstressed about, such as ment help kids get out of family finances, parental ~Dr. Timothy DiGiacomo “fight-or-flight” mode. bickering, the birth of a “Both parents and kids need to have go-to sibling and other challenges on the home coping skills,” says Rosen. “Meditation and front. Then there are the age-old tensions yoga are safe and work very well.” Kids need of taking school exams and squabbles with to feel a sense of control over their bodies, friends and other classmates. he adds, and mindful breathing techniques Yet with the proliferation of social can make a significant difference in how media and cyber-bullying, kids face obstathey handle stress. cles other generations did not, and chronic So can a regular dose of the great juvenile anxiety has become a pervasive outdoors. Exercise helps boost serotonin mental health issue. However, there are a levels, which decreases anxiety. Timothy number of integrative approaches that can DiGiacomo, Psy.D., clinical director of help heal youthful psyches. “I encourage the Mountain Valley Treatment Center, in kids and parents to focus on skills, versus Plainfield, New Hampshire, emphasizes pills,” says Lawrence Rosen, M.D., founder the value of getting outside. “Connection of The Whole Child Center, in Oradell, to nature, calmness and present-moment New Jersey. “There are several safe and awareness are all benefits.” cost-effective natural options for anxiety.”

Mindful Modalities

Sleep and Diet Triggers

Relaxing and engaging the imagination are necessary for healthy brain development and offsetting stress. Downtime in general and specifically limiting screen time is paramount. “Electronic devices can be very overstimulating and can cause or exacerbate anxiety,” says Kristi Kiel, ND, Ph.D., of Lake Superior Natural Health, in Ashland, Wisconsin. “There should be at least a one-toone balance of screen time and outside play.”

Before parents seek any treatment for their child’s anxiety, Kiel stresses the importance of looking at the basics. “When children don’t get enough sleep, their bodies don’t respond as well to stressful situations. School-age children need 10 to12 hours of sleep per night, and teenagers should be getting nine to 10 hours.” Sensitivity to certain foods such as gluten or dairy is also something to consider, says Kiel.


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Rosen concurs. “Artificial dyes and sweeteners can negatively impact mood and focus. More of an issue, though, is nutritional imbalance.” Skipping breakfast or eating mostly carbs can feed anxiety, he notes. “The brain relies on sustainable fuel—a blend of lean proteins, healthy fats—and in some cases, gluten-free, whole grain carbs.” Eating foods high in healthy fat and protein can help minimize blood sugar fluctuations that can trigger symptoms of anxiety in kids. Probiotics and/or cultured and fermented foods can help gut health and promote equilibrium. Omega-3 fats from fish or vegetarian sources are also important additions.

Helpful Supplements

Supplements dosed appropriately for children and teenagers are safe and can offer huge benefits. “Magnesium is good for relaxation, especially anxiety accompanied by muscle tension. B-complex vitamins are also important because they are depleted by stress and help the body to handle stress,” says Kiel. Her herbal recommendations include skullcap, hops and milky oat as teas or glycerin-based extracts. “For teenagers, in addition to these three gentle herbs, I recommend kava kava, which can have a significant calming effect without drowsiness.”

Polyvagal Theory

Research by Stephen Porges, Ph.D., a professor at the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, addresses the importance of the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain through the face and thorax to the abdomen. His polyvagal theory suggests the interconnectedness of emotions, mind and body in both children and adults. This nerve affects all major organs and plays a critical role in anxiety and inflammation. Mindful breathing and using the vocal chords, especially singing, stimulates the vagus nerve and nourishes well-being. Splashing the face with cold water during times of stress also tones this nerve and reduces acute anxiety. DiGiacomo emphasizes that different natural therapies offer hope even for severe cases, advising, “It’s important to know that anxiety is highly treatable.” Marlaina Donato is the author of Multidimensional Aromatherapy. Connect at

Julia Kuznetsova/

healthy kids

Helpful Homeopathy


omeopathic remedies are most effective and long-lasting when they are prescribed by an experienced practitioner that can find a constitutional remedy that matches the child’s symptoms. However, they can also be used effectively on a short-term basis.

n Aconite: for panicky feelings that seem to come out of nowhere, or for anxiety that begins after some type of trauma n Arsenicum: for anxiety about health or fear of germs n Gelsemium: for stage fright and both performance and anticipatory anxiety n Phosphorus: for children that worry about the safety of their parents n Pulsatilla: for children that have a hard time being alone and need lots of reassurance and attention

Dr. Elyse Tursi Nutritional Medicine


Good Green Cleaner are non-toxic, biobased, biodegradable, sustainable, effective and affordable cleaners. Traditional cleaners are known to cause allergies, asthma and hormone disruptors. Not to mention the negative effects on our environment. Good Green Cleaner has reusable bottles and 100% recyclable PODS. Visit us at or to get your set today! Odor Eliminator & All Purpose Cleaner is the first probiotic enzyme cleaner that will naturally clean and eliminate odors at their source. Good bacteria occupies space so bad bacteria like MRSA, E-COLI, Candida and Salmonella can't grow! It's safe on fabrics too! Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser is a FOOD CONTACT SAFE Cleaner Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner is ammonia free and streak free. Bathroom Tub & Tile Cleaner is a mild bio acid cleaner.

At Pollack Wellness Institute, many of our patients have found relief from their chronic symptoms of Hashimoto's, Auto-Immune disease, emotional disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and weight irregularities through our natural techniques and supplements. We accept most insurances for our chiropractic, soft tissue, and acupuncture services!

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I Am Enough Mindful Parenting Begins With Cultivating Our Own Sense of Self-Worth by Allison Murphy


If you’re reading this article, you’re good enough.

ome of us grow up thinking success will come to us if we acquire specific things, such as good grades (if we are students, or parents of students); an impressive title; or a certain type of house. And that’s okay if we don’t lose our sense of who we are to external rewards, thinking, “If things look a certain way, that’s what matters.” When we focus on being good enough on the outside, we can unconsciously prolong the search for self-love and reside in self-loathing. Nothing we buy or use can get us to self-love; it’s simply knowing and feeling that we’re already good enough, because we were born that way. But I get it: “Being enough with yourself ” sometimes doesn’t sound like enough. Take technology, for example. Social

media, if not managed, can allow us to develop the disease of codependency. Each hit on our social media page or posts releases “feel good” hormones that can be addictive. Like alcohol or opioids, they take away that “not good enough” feeling. That’s what drugs are supposed to do—take the pain away. If I were a child today, trying to perform (in school, in sports, in college applications) without a true sense of my own worth or adequate coping skills, I would want that pain to go away too. That’s why some of us turn to certain substances or behaviors—so we don’t have to feel “not good enough.” In my opinion, the larger problem is not the substance or behavior we pick up, but what motivated us to pick it up in the first place. As parents, if we’re not careful, we

can give our children the “I’m not enough” disease. Here’s how it happens: If I’m a parent who doesn’t feel good enough myself, I might use my children as a way to “self-medicate,” to relieve my own sense of inadequacy. I might micromanage their time and activities so much that I take away their ability to make decisions for themselves. I don’t allow them to learn valuable lessons because I don’t want to feel the uncomfortable feelings associated with their decisions and behaviors that go along with making mistakes. That’s because I think what they do and how they do it is a reflection of me. I prevent them from establishing their own sense of self-worth, instead telling them, in essence, “You’re not good enough to make decisions yourself, so I’ll do it.” If we’re not careful, we can grow the disease of perfectionism/codependency through our lifestyle (never mind medicating with technology or drugs), by depending upon things and the approval of others rather than teaching our children how to focus more and rely upon themselves. I know that this is not an easy thing to admit. The good news is that we can also have the opposite effect on our children through mindful living and parenting. I had to take a close look at my own codependent traits (like worrying about what people thought of me, and micromanaging my child’s life) so I could reclaim my lost self. When we no longer abandon ourselves and we know our worth, our bodies gain a vitality and clarity that can reduce or even eliminate physical, emotional and spiritual disease. Allison Murphy, MEd, is a licensed health and science educator, health coach and yoga practitioner who lives in Carmel, NY.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. ~Wayne Dyer


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Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain. ~Unknown

Michelle Andrea Stewart, HEALER Having been blessed with the gift of healing, I am a facilitator LYNBROOK, NY for you to manifest clarity, peace of mind, joy and physical text or call: well-being! Energy healing sessions will energize, inform, and empower you on your unique journey. Learn of the specific messages your own energy body is revealing about your personal path to wellness, and allow me to be the conduit for the powerful healing energy that is available to you!


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Divide into four bowls. For texture and crunch, garnish with roasted pepita or pumpkin seeds.

conscious eating

This whole-grain, gluten-free, no-knead, no-mess bread contains flax, sunflower and chia seeds, hazelnuts, oats, coconut oil and maple syrup as a sweetener. Accompanying soup, it makes for a satisfying meal. This recipe is adapted from “Change Your Life Bread” in D’Anca’s book My New Roots.


Tasty Ways to Boost Heart Health by Avery Mack


s a special meal for Valentine’s Day or any other, many plant-based dishes are so tasty that no one will miss the meat. Low in fat and sugar and high in ingredients that promote heart health, the following recipes are courtesy of Carol D’Anca, a board-certified nutrition practitioner and author of Real Food for Healthy People: A Recipe & Resource Guide, in Highland Park, Illinois.

Start With Soup

Rich in dietary fiber and low in fat, butternut squash with low-salt vegetable broth and spices is an easy-to-make soup loaded with nutrients and flavor. Allow 40 to 45 minutes to roast the squash.

Butternut Squash Soup Yields: Four servings 1 butternut squash, 2-3 lbs, peeled and cut in cubes to equal 4 cups

3 cups low-sodium vegetable broth Dash red pepper flakes Freshly ground black pepper Pepitas or pumpkin seeds for garnish Preheat oven to 425° F. Line a heavy baking pan with parchment paper. Spread squash cubes in a single layer, using two lined pans if needed. Roast for about 40 minutes or until tender when pierced with a fork. Alternate method: Wash the squash. Make several slits to allow for escaping steam. Roast whole in the oven for about 45 minutes or until soft and easy to peel and cut. Transfer the roasted squash to a food processor or heavy-duty blender. Add remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Add additional broth to reach desired consistency.

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, fair trade, non-genetically modified ingredients, BPA-free canned goods and non-bromated flour whenever possible. 38

Long Island Edition

Change Your Life Bread Yields: One loaf 2 cups shelled raw sunflower seeds 1 cup whole flax seeds 1 cup blanched hazelnuts 3 cups rolled oats (use certified gluten-free oats, if needed) 4 Tbsp chia seeds 6 Tbsp psyllium husks Pinch fresh ground coarse salt, preferably Himalayan 2 Tbsp maple syrup 6 Tbsp coconut oil, liquefied at low temperature in a small pan 3 cups water In a loaf pan lined with parchment, combine all dry ingredients, stirring well. Whisk maple syrup and water together in a measuring cup. Add to the dry ingredients and mix until everything is soaked and dough becomes thick. If it’s too thick to stir, add one or two teaspoons of water until it’s manageable. Smooth the top with the back of a spoon.

Brent Hofacker/

Hearty Bread

photo by Stephen Blancett

Let it sit on the counter for at least two hours, or all day or overnight. When the dough retains its shape, even when you pull the sides of the loaf pan or lift the parchment, it’s ready to bake. Preheat oven to 350° F. Place loaf pan in the oven on the middle rack and bake for 20 minutes. Remove bread from loaf pan, place it upside down directly on the rack and bake for another 30 to 40 minutes. Bread is done when it sounds hollow when tapped. Let cool completely before slicing. Store bread in a tightly sealed container for up to five days. Freezes well. For a quick and easy toast, slice before freezing.

The Pleasures of Pasta

photo by Stephen Blancett

Pasta is guilt-free when we use a whole wheat variety that digests more slowly than white flour pasta, avoiding blood sugar spikes, D’Anca says. Gluten-free, grainfree or vegetable pasta can be substituted for whole grain pasta. Fresh asparagus is recommended. If it’s not in season, consider red chard for its bright red and green colors and abundance of vitamins K, A and C. It’s a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron and dietary fiber.

Use red, orange, yellow or a mix of colors 1½ Tbsp fresh thyme leaves 1 lb fresh asparagus, pencil thin is best (if not available, substitute red chard) ¼ cup pitted Kalamata olives ½ cup fresh basil ¼ cup white wine or white wine vinegar Squeeze garlic from its skins into a large skillet. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Cook over medium heat until the mixture is reduced and thickened to a sauce (coulis), about 20 to 30 minutes. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain the pasta well and place back in the pan. Add tomato coulis and olives. Toss well to infuse flavors. Let warm for 2 to 3 minutes. Serve at once.

Savory Side Dish

Chickpeas are a great source of fiber. Bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers, are available in white, orange, green and purple. Lycopene gives red tomatoes their color, may reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Yellow tomatoes have twice as much iron and zinc and higher levels of vitamin B and folate to help red blood cells. Darker tomatoes ranging from purple to black produce higher levels of antioxidants for a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Don’t overlook green tomatoes, which are higher in vitamin K and calcium than reds or yellows.

Roasted Chickpeas with Grilled Vegetables Yields: Serves two, or four if dished over quinoa 12 small mushrooms, sliced 2 ripe tomatoes, quartered 1 red bell pepper, cut in strips 1 yellow pepper, cut in strips 1 red onion, cut into wedges, or 1½ cups leeks, halved lengthwise, cleaned, and cut chiffonade-style About 6 cloves of garlic, peeled 2, 14-oz cans of chickpeas, rinsed and drained 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary Balsamic or white wine vinegar Preheat oven to 400° F. Put mushrooms, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, onion and garlic in a large roasting pan. Roast for about 30 minutes or until the vegetables caramelize.

Whole Grain Pasta with Asparagus and Tomato Coulis

Brightens up life and oatmeal.

Yields: 6 servings for dinner or 8 as a smaller first course.

#Berries #MakesMeWhole

1 lb of your favorite whole grain pasta 3 large cloves garlic, roasted for about 25 minutes in their skins 3 pints cherry or grape tomatoes, halved

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Eating healthy doesn’t mean all salads, all the time. From appetizer to dessert, healthy, easy-to-make, creative and colorful recipes can improve health and add flavor to life. Almond Butter and Raw Cacao Chocolate Truffles Yields: 12 servings

Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, toss and serve warm as is or over quinoa.

1 cup almond meal ½ cup almond butter ¼ cup raw cacao, organic 3 Tbsp grade B maple syrup 1 tsp organic vanilla ¼ cup raw almonds, ground ¼ cup raw cacao nibs, ground Finely ground nuts like walnuts or hazelnuts, shredded coconut or raw cacao for texture and added flavor

Burgers for Lunch

These burgers are good either oven baked or grilled, weather permitting. Offer toppings like baby spinach, salsa, nut cheese, pesto, fig jam, mango or slaw. Apple cider vinegar, dill, celery salt and agave nectar to taste makes a dressing for slaw. Thin slices of Granny Smith or Honey Crisp apples add a tang of tart or hint of sweetness.

Black Bean/Veggie Burger 1 16-oz can of black beans, drained, rinsed well and dried on a paper towel ½ red bell pepper, cut in large pieces 1 medium-size onion, cut in large pieces 1 Tbsp chili powder, mild or hot to taste 3 cloves of garlic, rough chopped 1 tsp black cumin 1 Tbsp ground flax seeds 3 Tbsp water Approximately 1 cup bread crumbs (glutenfree if needed) to act as a binder 4 buns or bread of choice Make a flax “egg” by mixing the ground flax seeds with the water. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes until it thickens to an egg consistency. Place the bell pepper, onion and garlic in a food processor and process until smooth. Remove the mixture and drain in a fine sieve. Too much liquid will make the burgers fall apart.

Place black beans in the food processor and pulse to a thick, sticky consistency. Add the drained red pepper mixture, flax “egg”, cumin and chili spice. Process until lightly mixed. Remove the burger mixture to a bowl. Add bread crumbs until the mix forms into patties. Grill for 5 to 10 minutes, turning once, or bake in a 350° F oven on a parchment-lined baking sheet for about 5 to 10 minutes on each side.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Dessert

“Chocolate desserts usually include loads of sugar and butter, making them a highly processed and saturated-fat food,” says D’Anca. “These treats deliver the good fat of cacao nibs and the antioxidants of raw cacao.”

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food. ~W. C. Fields


Long Island Edition

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix them to a smooth batter. Chill the batter for about 20 minutes. Roll into either bite-sized or larger balls to serve as is or roll in nuts, coconut or cacao for texture and added taste. For more recipes and information about nutrition and heart health provided by D’Anca, visit Avery Mack is a freelance writer in St. Louis, MO. Connect via AveryMack@

AS Food studio/

Remove the pan and turn the vegetables over. Add the chickpeas and rosemary and return to the oven. Roast for another 30 to 45 minutes until the edges of the vegetables start to turn dark and the chickpeas are browning.


Everyone needs Nutrition Advice


but not just from Anybody:

Did you know that there is no Licensure for a Nutritionist in New York? New York is only one of a few states that do not require a license to dispense nutrition information and advice to the public. What this means is that anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist in NY state. Licensing dietitians and nutritionists assures the public that individuals disseminating nutrition advice have the appropriate education and experience. Licensure laws protect the public from unscrupulous and unqualified individuals who would portray themselves as nutrition experts. Seek a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) or Registered Dietitian (RD) for trusted, accurate, and evidence based nutrition information; RD’s/RDNs are the experts. RD’s/RDN's have the highest level of nutrition education and training established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. They hold a Bachelor’s degree and/ or Master’s Degree, completed 1,200 hours of supervised practice through a highly competitive dietetic internship program and passed a national examination.

Go to to “Find an Dietitian” near you.

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February 28 - March 2, 2019 13th Annual Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference West Palm Beach, FL (561) 749-0084

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fit body

with strength-building, core-focused styles such as vinyasa or power flow.



by Marlaina Donato

hether skiing on Preparing your training. Winter fitness prep fresh powder body should be on classes offer ideal benefits, but on a mountain simple walking or running up top of your list of slope, ice skating or snowand down stairs can also do vacation details. wonders. “Stairs are the closest shoeing, winter recreation offers new opportunities to thing to a hill, and you can get ~Linda Scholl get in shape and a specialcreative with stairs—skipping ized focus for fitness. a stair or hopping. It also has a cardio com “Preparing your body should be on top ponent which helps you adjust to the altitude of your list of vacation details,” says physical of a ski destination,” says Scholl. therapist Linda Scholl, of the University of Maggie Lehrian, owner of Roots Utah Orthopaedic Center. Her ski fitness Yoga Studio, in Hawley, Pennsylvania, classes in Salt Lake City focus on developing attests to yoga’s benefits for conditioning, four muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes “The standing sequences in yoga practice, and core. “Ideally, you should take six to eight especially hatha yoga, are tremendously weeks to prepare for a ski vacation, but three effective at increasing balance and strength weeks’ prep is better than nothing,” she says. in the legs and glutes needed for crossThat also goes for most winter pursuits. country and downhill skiing, skating and Sean Sewell, founder of Mountain snow shoeing.” Fitness School, in Denver, concurs. “People She recommends adding 30 minutes tend to think that these sports are mostly of cardio, such as walking or running, three quad-dominant, but it’s not necessarily the times a week to a balanced yoga practice case. I believe the body works as a unit, and that includes components of strengthis therefore only as strong as its weakest building and stretching. Yoga fosters link, so all muscle groups are important in concentration and endurance and offers the big picture.” unrealized benefits. “Breathwork can be extremely helpful when traveling to higher Winter-Ready Workouts altitudes,” says Lehrian. Yoga also scores Lunges, single-leg dead lifts and lateral-mohigh for attaining a confident, healthy tion exercises are all well-suited for tailored beach body for a winter Caribbean getaway, 42

Long Island Edition

Experts agree that the body’s core muscle groups are not only key in getting fit, but play a major role in preventing common injuries. “The core should always be activated during heavy exercises. This keeps the back safe and allows for better power output,” says Sewell. “The core is not just the abdominal muscles. I like to think of the core as an area from the shoulders to the knees and both the front and back of the body.” Proper alignment is paramount. “Skiing involves absorbing a lot of force. It’s literally controlling a fall downhill, so leg alignment is everything,” says Scholl. This applies to many winter sports—including skiing, hockey and ice skating— to avoid injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, which stabilizes the knee.

Body Basics Being winter-ready also means eating well and staying hydrated, both on and off the slopes. “Eat well and take recovery seriously,” says Sewell. “If you are serious about performance and recovery, then do not skip out on eating.” Scholl recommends drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol before hitting the slopes and consuming a good balance of protein and carbohydrates, especially postworkout or after a day of skiing.

Perks of Winter Sports Choosing a winter sport is ideal to help combat cold weather blues and the all-toocommon winter rut. As a bonus, skiing and snowboarding burn a surprisingly high number of calories. In essence, getting outside just makes winter more enjoyable. “Whether it is a solo powder day or a mellow spring day, being in the mountains is empowering and rejuvenating,” says Sewell. Scholl agrees. “It’s important to stay active, regardless of how cold it is outside. Enjoy winter and where you are.” Marlaina Donato is the author of Multidimensional Aromatherapy and several other books. Connect at


Avoiding Injury

Resolve to Hike in the Rain by Roger Dubin


he holidays are over. January is in the books. Some of us made New Year’s resolutions. If we did, then there is a good chance that healthy practices were a part of them. Eat better, exercise more, meditate, get outside and experience nature, become more spiritual, be a better parent, spend less time connected to our phones and other devices—these are just a few of the popular ones. But there is one activity that can help with all of them, and that’s hiking. My suggestion will come as no surprise to any of you that know me or have read my previous columns. I hike about three times a week, and this practice has improved my mental and physical health tremendously. Last year, I also became a volunteer trail supervisor in Harriman Bear Mountain State Park, fulfilling one of my other resolutions from the year before: Find a way to give back. Among other duties, my supervisor responsibilities require me to hike each of my 55 miles of trails at least once a year. Last July, I found myself with a little time to check some trails. It was a hot day, with occasional showers forecast for the afternoon. I didn’t mind the prospect of rain on a hot day, but because of the potential storms, I picked a lower elevation in a more protected section of the park. As predicted, we did get some rain and sporadic thunder. But the day was hot and the rain provided relief from the heat. The occasional thunder in the distance made for an exciting soundtrack. Being out there in the wet sparkling woods, enjoying a wondrous hike, made me want to hike in the rain more often. It reminded me of the joy my children experienced jumping in puddles when they were younger. Just as I was having this euphoric thought, what did I hear through the trees? The magical sound of children’s laughter, coming from a group of about 15 kids and their counselors cavorting in one of the park’s shelters.  

A couple of counselors spotted me as I approached, and they immediately came to greet me, putting themselves between the kids and me. I was very impressed with the friendliness, the professionalism and also the cautiousness of the counselors. I had encountered another camp group a week earlier and was a little surprised by the lackadaisical supervision of those campers. This particular group was from the nearby Nature Place Day Camp. After I introduced myself as a New York-New Jersey Trail Conference volunteer supervisor, I explained that I was also writing an article on hiking with children. So under the watchful eyes of the counselors, I got to speak a little with some of the older kids. They were clearly thrilled to be there, to have nature and the outdoors as part of their lives. And not a single one of them was looking down at a tablet or cell phone. So how does this all fit into my theme of Resolve to Hike? It’s very simple. If you want to get healthy, have fun and enjoy some magic, don’t forget your mother—Mother Nature. Don’t let a little rain in the forecast put you off. And if you want to do something wonderful for your kids, send them to a nature camp, where they can develop skills and have experiences that will last a lifetime. Roger Dubin is marketing director for Natural Awakenings. Contact him at or on Instagram @MrNaturalNYC.

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SRI Approaches and Outcomes


How to Align Money With Values


by April Thompson

ow we spend our money is important, but how and where we save it matters just as much. Today’s financial marketplace offers diverse options for values-based investing and banking, regardless of interests or assets. Sustainable, responsible and impact investing is rapidly expanding. Professionally managed assets in the U.S. using socially responsible investment (SRI) strategies grew from $8.7 trillion to $12 trillion in the last two years, according to a 2018 report by the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. This represents 26 percent—about one in four dollars—of all U.S. assets under professional management.

The Big Bank Break-Up While large numbers of investors are moving their money responsibly, changing bank accounts can still feel difficult to many people, says Fran Teplitz, executive co-director of the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Green America, which works to promote a more sustainable economy. To make the sometimes intimidating bank-changing process a little easier, Green America’s Get a Better Bank campaign at breaks it down into bite-sized steps. “Educate yourself 44

Long Island Edition

on the issues with the conventional banking industry, from Wall Street speculation to predatory lending practices,” says Teplitz. People don’t need to sacrifice banking needs for their values. Reflect upon what’s important in a financial institution, and then shop around for the right fit. Credit unions and community development banks that lend in local and underserved communities are often great choices, says Teplitz. Green America’s Get a Better Bank database is a great starting point for responsible banking options.

Investing for the Future For longer-term investing, there are more vehicles available to responsibly assist investors toward their financial and social goals. While responsible investing once meant simply screening out “sin stocks”, like tobacco, guns and gambling, which were available only to investors able to make a large minimum deposit, today there are values-based funds to suit every cause and income level. “Socially responsible investing has come a long way since it got off the ground in this country during the apartheid divestiture movement in the 1980s,” says Gary Matthews, an investment advisor and CEO of SRI Investing LLC, headquartered in New York City.

Fossil fuel-free portfolios are trending, Matthews notes—which Green America encourages. While acknowledging the ever-fluctuating price of oil, Matthews says he’s seen diversified portfolios that eliminate oil, coal and natural gas do better at times than those that include them. A subset of SRI investments, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing focuses less on what sector a company is in than on how they conduct their business. The way companies treat their employees and respond to climate change are factors that may have a positive influence on financial performance. Robo-advisors, a recent arrival in the SRI sector, are online investment services that automate money management. Robo-advisor companies make it easier for people to invest and leverage technology to keep fees down, although they usually do not offer in-depth impact research on the companies within the financial products they offer, according to Amberjae Freeman, of the portfolio management team for Swell Investing LLC, an impact investment company in Santa Monica, California. Swell evaluates thousands of companies to build diversified portfolios of businesses aligned with at least one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Like most SRI firms, Swell offers retirement IRAs (individual retirement accounts), as well as more liquid brokerage accounts, with a minimum initial deposit of $50. While the array of investment options can be daunting, investors should aim for progress, rather than perfection, in their portfolios. As the money and impact in a portfolio grows, so does an investor’s confidence and knowledge. April Thompson is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. Connect at

Vector Goddess/

Countering some investor concerns about underperforming SRI funds, there is a growing body of evidence to show that money that does good can also do well. The firm Nuveen TIAA Investments assessed the leading SRI equity indexes over the long term and “found no statistical difference in returns compared to broad market benchmarks,” nor any additional risks, according to a 2017 report Responsible Investing: Delivering Competitive Performance.

green living

Awaken Beauty. Awaken Compassion. Awaken Your Spirit. Over 60 extraordinary authors tell the stories of their lives. Kelly Martinsen, Dave Pelzer, Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, Raymond Francis . . . each one of the contributing authors in this powerful book has played a pivotal role in the advancement of personal transformation. They are the true, indispensable guides and mentors who rescue us and teach us better, more fulfilling ways to live. They are the vanguards who bring us a deeper understanding of the issues that affect us, our families, our communities, and every one of our relationships. In this extraordinary book, the authors take you deep into the tender realm of the heart and share the encounters that left the indelible scars of their commitment to do whatever it takes to make a difference. These stories hold the wisdom that connects and heals us. Success Stories from the Heart will directly benefit these charities: • Equine-Assisted Therapies of South Florida, Inc. The Life Issues Publisher and Palm Beach • Kids in Distress of Broward Health Communications, Inc. ® Counties (KID) • Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA)

Let this celebration of 40 momentous years inspire you! AVAILABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK FROM YOUR FAVORITE BOOKSELLER!

The Life Issues Publisher Health Communications, Inc.


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natural pet

Essential Oils for Pets How to Use Them Safely by Sandra Murphy

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Long Island Edition

One thing I’d say is, learn spray the exam room ssential oils are derived from all you can before using with lavender between appointments to calm plant-based oils around pets. anxious clients. sources, leading people Sally Morgan, ~Gary Richter, integrative to equate natural with safe; but that’s not always veterinarian and founder of a physical therapist and advanced certithe case. Knowing how Ultimate Pet Nutrition fied practitioner of the and when to use oils is gentle animal bodywork therapy known vital, according to Gary Richter, DVM, an integrative veterinarian and medical director as Tellington TTouch, sees clients in her of Holistic Veterinary Care, in Oakland, Northampton, Massachusetts, office. “I California. A veterinarian trained in the use put a drop of a peace and calming blend of essential oils understands the properties or lavender on the carpet or a pillow,” she of each oil, along with its proper dilution and says. “It relaxes the animal and dissipates application, a subject not generally taught the smells of previous clients. I don’t use in traditional veterinary schools; holistic diffusers. The odor can be too strong for medicine requires additional training. their sensitive noses. There’s also a danger With proper use under professional it could spill and be licked up.” guidance, essential oils can be part of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer larger treatment plan, says Richter. Cats Knowledge Assessed Kim Paciotti, owner of are generally more sensitive to oils because Training Canines, LLC, based in Statesville, they don’t metabolize medicine as effiNorth Carolina, finds the scent of green apciently as dogs, he notes. “As one professor ples relieves anxiety and soothes upset tumused to tell our veterinary class, ‘Cats are mies for dogs and puppies that suffer from not small dogs, so they can’t be treated as if motion sickness. “Cotton balls placed inside they are’—always good to remember.” a small container clipped to the outside of their crates deliver the smell,” she says. “They Soothing Effects don’t have direct contact, but still reap the Just as chamomile tea relaxes humans, anxbenefits, allowing the dogs to self-medicate ious dogs find its scent calming. Some vets by sniffing when they feel the need.”

Susan Schmitz/

Helpful Resources 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center: 855-764-7661 Kimberley Wallace, founder of kW Sustainable Brands, in San Diego, burns organic, sweet basil-scented candles for their antiviral, antibacterial properties. Her pugs love the smell. “Our rescue pug has mast cell tumors which compromise her immune system. I do my due diligence to buy all-natural products whenever I can.”

Proceed With Caution Pure essential oils are far too strong to use undiluted, Richter says. Age, physical condition and species are so varied that guessing which oil and how to use it can be dangerous to the pet. “Skin irritation like a hot spot or rash is a relatively minor problem that could benefit from the right essential oil. An open wound requires a veterinary visit,” he says. “Some oils aren’t recommended unless under veterinary guidance. Reactions can range from mere annoyance to toxicity.”

Wintergreen, melaleuca, pennyroyal, tea tree and pine oils cause the most reported problems for dogs, according to Peppermint, cloves, cinnamon and oregano oil also can be quite strong and require educated use, says Richter. An uneven gait, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling and weakness can be symptoms of toxicity, requiring immediate veterinary care to prevent damage to the central nervous system or organ failure. In its fragrance and taste, plants have defense mechanisms to ward off destructive insects or to attract bees and butterflies. Those same properties can help people and animals. The plant’s natural compounds can ward off fungi, bacteria, parasites or inflammation. However, just reading a label isn’t enough to know which oils will work best for these problems. “The Animal Desk Reference II: Essential Oils for Animals, Second Edition, by Melissa Shelton, is a reader-friendly guide,” says Richter. “I touch on the subject in my book The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats, but for deeper study, I recommend Shelton’s book.” “One thing I’d say is, learn all you can before using oils around pets,” Richter says. “There’s not a one-size-fits-all formula for dilution for safe use. There are too many variables with oils and animals.” Be more than a well-meaning pet lover—also be well-educated. Sandra Murphy is a freelance writer in St. Louis, MO. Connect at

An oasis of wellness on Long Island... Ayurveda can heal: • Chronic disease (Diabetes, Hypertension, migraines) • Anxiety/depression/insomnia • Hormonal Imbalances (Menopausal symptoms, PCOS) • Digestive issues (IBS, GERD) • Auto immune disorders (Chron’s disease, etc.) • Skin problems (excema, psoriasis, cystic acne) With herbal medicines, correct nutrition and lifestyle protocols, EverVeda can put you back on the path to optimum health!

• Consultations • Body therapies • Customized retreats + Yoga, Reiki, workshops and more!


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Clairvoyance & Seeing the Future – 7-8:30pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Learn to create a vision or “mock-up” for your upcoming year. Learn a series of clairvoyant exercises to see and remove the blocks from what you want to create. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or

Positive Self Talk – 4pm. Pamper yourself. Melt into zero gravity chairs and meditate to soul-inspiring positive affirmations with Dr. Dawn Siglain. Montauk Salt Cave, 169 New York Ave, Huntington. Register: 631-923-3030.

Living a Life of Calm, Compassion & Spiritual Wellness: Less Stress, More Success – Tuesdays, Feb 5-26. 7-9pm. With Andrew Vidich, PhD. Meditation is a means by which we can realize true success. Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, 79 County Line Rd, Amityville. Register: 631822-7979,, Amityville.

Communicate with Your Angels & Spirit Guides – 7-8:30pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Your angels and spirit guides are here to guide and support you. Learn to communicate with them in a fun and playful way and get the support and guidance you seek. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Tori@

Family Yoga Class – 10:30-11:30am. With Taylor Harrison-Boyle. Explore a variety of yoga poses, partner poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness activities while incorporating games, songs, storytelling, imagination and fun. Kids ages 5-11. $20/1 adult & 1 child; $10 each additional child/adult. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7 Tyler Farr – 8pm. With special guest Sam Grow. Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. 631-673-7300.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Chinese New Year Celebration – 5-6:30pm. Join us to celebrate: Year of The Pig. Learn about Chinese customs, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. Demonstrations and refreshments. Free. Inner Source Health, 11 Stewart Ave, Huntington. 631-421-1848.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Creating a Healthy Lifestyle for Body, Mind & Soul: The Path to Inner Transformation MiniRetreat – 9:30am-3:30pm. Speaker: Andrew Vidich, PhD. Treat yourself to some special time to nourish body, mind and spirit. Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, 79 County Line Rd, Amityville. Register: 631-822-7979,, sos. org/location/Amityville. Adore Your Body Yoga – 2-5pm. With Erica Mather. Explore your reaction to the concept of “adoring the body,” evaluating where you are on an ever-evolving journey of self-acceptance, taking the body as the touchstone for understanding your progress. $70. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Thai Massage – 4:30-6:30pm. With Eugene Feis. Learn traditional Thai massage techniques to use your body to help gently open and stretch your partner’s body. Explore the energy of compassionate touch. $45/single, $75/couple. Yoga Nanda: Long Beach, 52 E Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Essential Oils and the Third Eye: Genie in the Bottle – 11am-1pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Essential oils are highly volatile, concentrated essences of aromatic plants. We will use essential oils in the workshop to receive messages from spirit. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Tori@


Long Island Edition


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 DoTerra Oils Study Session – 6:45-7:45pm. With Leah Hartofelis. Discuss the benefits of using oils in our home or office to replace chemical and pharmaceutical products. Free. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – 7pm. “The Upside Down Flowers Tour” with special guests: Flor & Grizfolk. Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. 631-673-7300.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 The Aura – 7-8:30pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Explore the energy that surrounds you in a playful interactive workshop including meditation, visualization and spiritual communication. All levels. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Tori@

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 Dane Cook – Feb 20 & 21. 7:30pm. Tell It Like It Is Tour. Paramount, 370 New York Ave, Huntington. 631-673-7300.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Bodywork and Dessert: The Lunar Side of AcroYoga – 6-8pm. With Hannah Goodman. This workshop will cover the lunar side of acroyoga, which is a combination of therapeutics and Thai massage. Everybody encouraged to bring a yummy (healthy) dessert for after the bodywork portion. $30/person, $50/couple. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 13th Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Cancer (CAM) Therapies Conference – Feb 26-Mar 2. Theme: Many Paths to Wellness, 2019 concept is Immunotherapy from a Natural Perspective. $279 including 3 organic meals, all-day organic food/snacks, giveaway items and great networking. West Palm Beach, FL. cancer-therapies-conference. Psychometry – 7-8:30pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Learn to do a reading for someone by holding an object in our non-dominant hand or by directing our hand chakras to an object at a distance. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Tori@

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Foods to Beat the Winter Blues – 7pm. Lift your spirits with Dr. Dawn. Your vitamin levels, neurotransmitters and hormones could’ve taken a dip this winter. Supplement yourself naturally. Wild By Nature, 369 W Main St, Huntington. 631-421-1848.

plan ahead TUESDAY, MARCH 5 Past Lives – 7-8:30pm. With clairvoyant, Tori Quisling. Through meditation and visualization we will explore our own past lives for personal healing and deep insights. $40/in-person, online. 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. Register: 516-423-1794 or Living a Life of Calm, Compassion & Spiritual Wellness: Less Stress, More Success – Tuesdays, Mar 5-26. 7:30-9pm. With Andrew Vidich, PhD. In the second part of this series, we continue to perfect our meditation practice, explore the factors that help us experience greater calm, joy and inner peace, learn to let go of what is not working in our lives, and embrace a healthy and spiritually rich lifestyle. Newcomers welcome. Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, 79 County Line Rd, Amityville. Register: 631-822-7979,, sos. org/location/Amityville.

There’s no use doing a kindness if you do it a day too late. ~Charles Kingsley

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WORKSPACE SHARE (Lynbrook) - Wellness Suite: calming, cozy, clean, great energy. Individual, group and bodywork space available. All current co-tenants are positive and earnest individuals AKA pleasant to be around.  Self-employed wellness workers, holistic and likeminded healers please contact 917-774-0456. 

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SERVICES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FREE WHOLE FOODS FOR 4 YEARS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS. Clinicallyproven, wonderful product and income opportunity. Free fruits, vegetables and berries in capsules or chewies for children and young adults for 4 years if adult orders product. Great way to supplement your income while keeping people optimally healthy! Carol Leitner, MBA, Health Care Admin. at or 516-242-8270. HOLISTIC/SPIRITUAL HEALERS - hourly or monthly suite is for rent in East Meadow. There’s abundant parking, an on-site receptionist, sink in room, Bose sound system and security. Call 516851-1219 to inquire. 

HEALTH CARE/WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS SPACE AVAILABLE for rent on hourly basis in Rockville Centre. Holistic environment perfect for practitioners, massages, acupuncture, nutritional counseling or life coach. Front desk support included. Space for small classes. 516-203-7442. SPACE AVAILABLE For rent on hourly basis in North western Nassau. For holistic practitioners of all types. Space for small classes. 516-242-8270.

CONTEMPORARY FAMILY CARE provides screened nannies, housekeepers, companions. Will travel. Weekend care. Part-time, full-time. Live in or out. Special occasion helpers available too. 718 -949-9233. LEARN ABOUT YOUR OWN PSYCHIC ABILITIES – Tori Quisling, with over 20 years experience, can teach you to use your own intuitive abilities to heal yourself and communicate with others. By the end of the course, students can meditate, work with healing guides and perform a psychic reading. Group and custom classes offered. Please see or call 516-423-1794.


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TAROT AND PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES – Nicole L. Cromer, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Using Tarot as a therapeutic tool we can access the depths and activate your fullest potential. 631-438-1300. Instagram and Twitter: @DocTarot.

SPACE AVAILABLE in a newly-renovated massage suite. Prime location: Commack, NY. Clean and calming atmosphere. Prefer a self-employed wellness worker such as Esthetician, lymphatic drainage, other specialty. Contact 631-600-1123.  

SEEKING 2-3 INDIVIDUALS to join holistic minded team. Must be motivated, entrepreneurial spirit with good communication skills. Will train. Call for interview a Pamela 516-624-2332.

SPACE AVAILABLE FOR RENT in busy upscale long-established Woodbury yoga studio for holistic health practitioners, such as massage, nutritionist, or personal trainer. Call 516-682-9642 or email



Why don’t we use antibiotics to treat sinusitis anymore? Because they make the problem WORSE.

Try the products recommended by ENT specialists! Sinus Relief – eliminate bacteria & fungus Sinus Support – relax, moisturize & heal damaged nasal tissues Congestion Relief – clear congestion & relax inflamed membranes Super Neti Juice – deep antimicrobial cleaning Herbal Neti Soother – soothe & restore the sinus tissues


Order online at or call 800-991-7088

with coupon code SINUS20

We get calls every day from sinus sufferers like you thanking us for bringing them our fine products. Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers proclaim, “I can breathe again”. Check-out our website & see all of the wonderful products that we offer to help you maintain your health naturally. Here at Nature’s Rite, we’re ridding the world of sinusitis… one nose at a time. Why don’t we heal yours next?

February 2019


ongoing events


full moon Full Moon Trance Dance – Held every month on or around the full moon. Moving meditation led by Elyce, live jams by Transmorpheous & Outhouse, at beautiful outdoor settings & studios in Nassau & Suffolk. $25. Bring a veggie dish or snack to share. More info:

Carol’s Holistic “Show and Tell” and Educational Networking Events – Monthly meetings both day and night in Westbury and Port Washington. Display your products, share your services. Learn how to grow a prosperous practice/business. Get and give referrals. For details, Carol Leitner: 516242-8270 or

sunday Vinyasa Flow Yoga – 9am. All levels. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

daily 300-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – An ongoing training allowing for open enrollment and flexibility in attaining 300-hr certification and continuing education credits all year long. Open to yoga teachers who have completed their 200hr teacher training at a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Clairvoyant Development Classes – With Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant Practitioner. Learn powerful intuitive tools that completely change their life. Classes include personal training in small groups in meditation, healing and balancing the aura and chakras through work with a personal healing guide and readings. Also learn about dreams, the Akashic Records, mediumship, and an array of metaphysical topics. Classes ongoing. More info: 516-423-1794 or Hypnosis Sessions – With Diane Monks, Certified Hypnotist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor & Educator as well as a Licensed Social Worker. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to support individuals in making changes and ultimately, leading lives of fulfillment, purpose and balance. More info & to schedule: 516 826-5859 or Prenatal Yoga Classes – Designed to offer expecting moms the tools needed to be mentally, spiritually and physically fit during their journeys to motherhood. Breathe N Flow Yoga: 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188. For schedule: Psychic Mediumship Development Course – Tori Quisling, M.Ed, Clairvoyant Practitioner, offers a weekly course in learning to use clairvoyance in your life. By the end of the course, you will be able to meditate “Find Your Space,” give readings and work with your own Healing Guide. Customized program, begin when ready. Discounts when you join with a friend. NY Center for Clairvoyant Development, 150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington. 516-423-1794.

Beginner Yoga Series – 10:30am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

monday Gentle Stretch and Strengthening Class for Athletes, Dancers and All – Mon-Sat, am & pm. Also chair yoga and self-massage for all. Plainview, Port Washington, Manhasset & Great Neck. Carol: 516-242-8270 or Vinyasa Flow – 9:30am. All levels. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Therapeutics Flow – 9:30-10:45am. With Rita Trieger This curative practice combines yoga therapy techniques with vinyasa flow and restorative poses to help ease stiff or strained muscles and encourage healing on both the physical and emotional plane. Specific attention is paid to easing low back, hips and hamstrings. All levels welcome. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Breathe, Flow and Meditate – 5pm. Also Wed. This open level class is the perfect blend of asana, pranayama and meditation. Be guided through a mini-yoga asana practice designed to provide the physical space needed to sit comfortably during guided meditation practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Breast Cancer Support Group – 6-7:30pm. Women who have had breast cancer will have the opportunity to meet in this group. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Support for Caregivers of People with Breast Cancer – 6-7:30pm. Any person who is experiencing the stress and anxiety of caring for a loved one with breast cancer should attend this group. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077.

Pilates for Beginner – 6:30-7:30pm. Also Tues, 9:15am. A free trial by appointment. Come join the therapeutic-grade of Pilates class. Small group setting so you can get personal attention. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516-330-8998. Free Teleclass: Essential Oils – 7:30pm. 1st Mon. Learn all about how essential oils can support the systems of the body. Different topic each month: athletics, adrenal fatigue, kids, pets, menopause. More info & registration: Tai Chi & Qigong – 7:50-8:50pm. Good for recovery from injury, physical limitation, mind-body connection. Benefits of circulation, strengthen, balance and stress reduction. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko:  516-330-8998. Sound Healing – 8:30pm. Instruments such as the voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, and percussive instruments are used in sound healing sessions. The vibrations and sound waves from these instruments induce a deep meditative and peaceful state. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 2882 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. 516-544-2188.

tuesday Yin Yoga – 9:30am. A practice in which asanas (poses) are held for extended periods to increase flexibility and juice up the joints and ligaments, releasing energetic blockages that may be holding you back in your yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. YogiBaby – 11am. For mom and baby (newborn to active crawler). Regain strength and tone while bonding with your baby. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Prenatal Yoga – 6pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Young Women’s Breast Cancer Support Group: Under 40 – 6-7:30pm. Support group focuses on the unique needs and concerns of women under 40 who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Pilates – 7pm. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642.

wednesday Gentle Stretch and Strengthening Class for All – 10, 11:30am, 7:30pm. Also Sat, 11:30am. Long Island Circle of Life Center, 164 Center Ln, Levittown. Carol: 516-242-8270 or

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. ~Colin Powell 50

Long Island Edition

Knit and Chat: Breast Cancer Survivors – 11:30am-1pm. Last Wed. Spend time working on a project while chatting with other breast cancer survivors. Bring your knitting or crochet project or make a scarf to donate to someone currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Chair Yoga – 12pm. Adapts yoga positions through creative use of a chair. Most of the class is done seated in a chair or using it as support. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Breathe, Flow and Meditate – 5pm. See Mon listing. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Theater for Life – 6pm, teens; 7:15pm, adults. A therapeutic group, an experience in dramatic storytelling in supportive community. For more info: 516-655-0573 or Meditation & Reiki Circle – 7pm. Rest and restore with a reiki healing and guided meditation. Receive a Reiju (energetic blessing) from Reiki Master Donna Arigo. We incorporate crystals and essential oils into our healings, and end with oracle readings. All levels welcome. $25. Celebrations, 529 Bedford Ave, Bellmore. Text/call to RSVP, Donna Arigo: 516-721-1156. Lotus Flow – 7-8:15pm. With Kristen Petliski. A creative and energetic vinyasa class. Build strength, flexibility, and flow with grace in this crowd favorite at its new time. Yoga Nanda: Long Beach, 52 E Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-889-0808. Prenatal Yoga – 7:15pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Meditation & Reiki Circle – 7:30pm. Rest and restore with a reiki healing and guided meditation with Parita Shah and Donna Arigo. We incorporate crystals and essential oils into our healings, and end the night with oracle readings. All levels welcome. $25. Celebrations, 529 Bedford Ave, Bellmore. Text/call to RSVP, Parita: 516-522-0865. Hatha Yoga – 7:30-8:45pm. With Christina Diaz. This open level class will foster the body by offering creative variations in addition to breaking down asanas for a firm understanding of the pose and how it can be accessible for you. Yoga Nanda: Malverne, 30 Church St, Malverne. 516-284-6690.

thursday MySore Style – 9:30am. Absolute Yoga, 1 G u i l l e s L n , Wo o d b u r y. 5 1 6 - 6 8 2 - 9 6 4 2 . Gentle Flow/Restorative Yoga – 11am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Sound Healing – 12:15pm. Instruments such as the voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, and percussive instruments are used in sound healing sessions. The vibrations and sound waves from these instruments induce a deep meditative and peaceful state. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

Vinyasa Flow – 6pm. All levels. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Teen Grief Support Group – 7pm. 2nd Thurs. With Jennifer Plunkett. For teens, ages 13-17, dealing with the loss of someone close to them. First time attendees must first speak with Jennifer prior to their first group. A social media component between monthly meetings will be part of the program. Free. COPE House, Field 6A, Eisenhower Park, East Meadow. 516-484-4993. Support Group for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer Disease – 7-8pm. 1st & 3rd Thurs. Meet with other women who are surviving metastatic breast cancer. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Holistic Moms Network – 7:30pm. 1st Thurs. Join us for our monthly meeting to connect on natural living and mindful parenting. Nassau County, LI North Shore Chapter. Oyster Bay Community Center. More info: 516-674-4114 or Gentle Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief – 7:30-8:45pm. Come to relax and relief your stress. Gentle stretch and yoga pose with flow the energy, peace and calm for meditation. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516-330-8998. Hatha, Yin and Restore – 7:30-8:45pm. With Susan Brotter. A peaceful balance to your more active yoga practice. Increase fluidity and flexibility through traditional yin postures and end with relaxing restorative poses. Yoga Nanda: Malverne, 30 Church St, Malverne. 516-284-6690. Reiki Circle – 7:45-8:45pm. Drop-in for a guided meditation and reiki healing with Parita Shah and Lisa Dooley. In this healing we will realign our chakras and discover our inner joy. Please bring a yoga mat. $22. North Shore Yoga, 24 Skillman St, Roslyn. Text/call to RSVP, Parita: 516-522-0865.

friday Restorative Yoga – 9:30am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Group – 10-11:30am. When a person first hears they are diagnosed with breast cancer they have a million questions, fears, and are looking for support. Free. Adelphi University School of Social Work, Garden City. For info & to register, Erin Nau: 516-877-4314 or the Breast Cancer Hotline, 800-877-8077. Community Yoga: Donation-Based – 4-5pm. A vinyasa flow class that will stretch the body and clear the mind. All donations collected each month go to supporting United We Ohm. Donate what you can. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Asana Academy – 5-6pm. With Olivia Beaton. High school and college students receive a 25% discounted rate with student ID. Weave some yoga practice into your weekly study routine. Open to all. Yoga Nanda: Garden City, 55 Hilton Ave, Garden City. 516-307-9007.

YinYang Yoga Fusion – 5-6:15pm. Every 2nd Fri is Sound Healing instead of yoga. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko: 516-330-8998. Prenatal Yoga – 5:30-6:30pm. Designed to bring together a community of expecting mothers to share in the benefits of a specialized yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626.

saturday Pre-Natal Yoga – 9am. Absolute Yoga, 1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury. 516-682-9642. Yin Yoga – 9-10:15am. A practice in which asanas (poses) are held for extended periods to increase flexibility and juice up the joints and ligaments, releasing energetic blockages that may be holding you back in your yoga practice. Breathe N Flow Yoga, 361B Atlantic Ave, Freeport. 516-632-9626. Soothe, Ground and Surrender: A Traditional Hatha Practice – 9:30-10:45am. With Gary Pleger. An open level class emphasizing the natural properties of grounding through connection to Mother Earth. Yoga Nanda: Malverne, 30 Church St, Malverne. 516-284-6690. Align and Flow – 11am-12:15pm. With Stephanie Anne Ervin. We will work towards a peak posture or target a specific body part to gain better understanding of ourselves through physical practice. Yoga Nanda: Malverne, 30 Church St, Malverne. 516-284-6690. Gentle Stretch and Strengthening Class for All – 11:30am. See Wed listing. Long Island Circle of Life Center, 164 Center Ln, Levittown. Carol: 516-242-8270 or Family Yoga – 1pm. Children and family members do yoga together. It is fun mind, body development, bonding together. Harmony Yoga & Dance, 3050 Merrick Rd, Wantagh. For more details, Mariko:  516-330-8998.

The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you never know if they are genuine. ~Abraham Lincoln

February 2019


community resource guide


Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our commmunity. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, visit for guidelines and to submit entries (under “advertise” tab.}

CHIROPRACTOR CENTER FOR THE ALIGNMENT OF BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Dr. Gina Marino • Wantagh 516-221-3500 • Dr. Marino utilizes a combination of gentle chiropractic spinal adjustments, Reiki and bodywork to reduce pain, lessen the effects of stress on your system, restore flexibility and ensure optimum vitality. See ad on page 33.


POLLACK WELLNESS INSTITUTE 66 Commack Rd, Commack NY 631-462-0801

Dr. David L Pollack specializes in functional nutrition which is the science of helping repair and restore the body naturally without the use of drugs and surgery. Many of his clients were frustrated with their past health care; conventional or holistic. Most seek help with their thyroid, weight loss, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances including infertility, menstrual & Low T. We accept those with or without diagnosis, complex and simple disorders. Most insurance policies accepted for many services. See ad on inside front cover.

444 Community Dr, Ste 204, Manhasset 516-627-8400 • A practice that cares for you like family. The philosophy of our dental wellness center is a wholebody approach working closely with your healthcare practitioners that you already have a relationship with. The practice incorporates the teaching of Huggins, IOAMT, and much more. See ad on page 7.


50 Broadway, Greenlawn, NY 11740 631-316-1816 What is made by nature is always going to be better than what is artificially made. This is why at Nature’s Dental the conservation of your natural tooth structure—the Biomimetic approach to dentistry—is at the core of our minimally invasive practice philosophy. See ad on page 25.



Locations in Smithtown and Garden City 516-640-5322 • Private, safe, comfortable. Lose weight, gain energy, improve skin and sleep, and help reduce the risk of disease. Spa-like atmosphere. Feel completely relaxed. Pre-Post cleanse nutrients provided. See ad on page 17.


Steven M. Rachlin, MD, PC 927 Willis Ave, Albertson, NY 11507 (30 mins from Manhattan) 516-873-7773

Dr. Steven M. Rachlin is a recognized pioneer in alternative and integrative medicine and has been practicing in New York City and Long Island for over 30 years. In his state-of-the-art facility he offers the best of holistic and traditional medicine. He treats cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, hormone imbalances, low testosterone, diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalances, fibromyalgia, food and inhalant allergies, celiac and heavy metal toxicity. Some of his treatments include, IV Vitamin Therapy, Chelation Therapy, complete blood work evaluations, immunotherapy and nutritional counseling. See ad on page 19.


Essentially Powerful Worldwide 516-624-2332 Your wholesale and retail resource for Young Living Essential Oils. Free workshops, trainings, and support in use and application of pure therapeuticgrade EOs. Opportunity to grow your own distributorship if desired. Your guide to vibrant health, emotional freedom, abundant living. See ad on page 24.


A Place for Dental Wellness Jonathan Richter DDS, FAGD Specializing in Periodontics and Implantology Periodontal Prosthesis and Fixed Prosthodontics 310 E Shore Rd, Great Neck 516-282-0310 We welcome you to come in for a comprehensive exam of teeth, gums, early detection, and oral health problems. We offer the following services: holistic dental care, mercury-free dentistry, TMJ disorder and treatment, treatment for sleep disorders, Invisalign and orthodontics, dental implant, sleep apnea. Payment plans available. See ad on back cover.

Healer Long Beach, Lynbrook and NYC, NY call or textL 845-706-2152 Michelle has been blessed with the gift of healing. Experience transformative healing energy and insight for your personal well-being. Each session is unique to the needs of the individual. See ad on page 37.


560 Northern Blvd, Ste 109, Great Neck 516-676-0200 Specializing in detoxification and preventative health care. We are fully present in your visit so you feel safe, appreciated and heard. See ad on page 11.


Bellmore 516-765-3272 • Utilizing Naturopathic Medicine to help her patients feel better naturally. Many illnesses can be treated by nutrition, botanicals, and nutraceuticals. Dr. Finker provides personalized health care solutions for her patients. See ad on page 27.

Believe in something larger than yourself... get involved in the big ideas of your time. ~Barbara Bush 52

Long Island Edition


66 Commack Rd, Ste 204, Commack 631-462-0801 Dr. David L Pollack specializes in functional nutrition which is the science of helping repair and restore the body naturally without the use of drugs and surgery. Many of his clients were frustrated with their past health care; conventional or holistic. Most seek help with their thyroid, weight loss, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances including infertility, menstrual & Low T. We accept those with or without diagnosis, complex and simple disorders. Most insurance policies accepted for many services. See ad on inside front cover.


The Healing Center 200 W 57th St, Ste 807 New York 212-581-0101 If you have a disease or condition that you haven’t been able to get rid of, Ozone Therapy will most likely be the answer, even for people that have suffered for years and have lost all hope. If you are questioning if your condition can be treated, call or email Dr. Robins. See ad on page 55.




516-423-1794 • Tori Quisling, MEd, offers Clairvoyant Readings, Psychic Development classes. Over 20 years experience, training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Tori assists you in deep spiritual answers, past lives, relationships and energy balance. See ad on page 37.


140 Cove Road, Oyster Bay 516-721-4216 Everveda’s mission is to restore and rejuvenate the lives of those who seek better health. Tucked away from the chaos of the outside world, our sacred grounds are home to many healing practices such as ayurvedic spa treatments, reiki, abhyanga, shirodhara, svedana, and facials to name a few. If you are looking for a community to heal and grow with, EverVeda is your home away from home! See ad on page 47.


1 Guilles Ln, Woodbury 516-682-YOGA Two beautiful, peaceful studios provide the perfect environment for the union of body and soul. 50+ classes per week in a variety of yoga styles and levels from beginner to energetic, strengthening warm vinyasa yoga. We also offer kids, pre- and post-natal yoga (yogi baby), restorative yoga, yoga for fertility, Pilates and barre. See ad on page 43.


361b Atlantic Ave, Freeport 516-632-9626 Family yoga studio specializing in vinyasa yoga, prenatal, restorative, kids’ yoga, mommy & me, private/semi-private, kids’ parties and workshops. Special donation-based community yoga classes offered Fridays at 4pm. Open 7 days a week offering a full range of classes in two studios and private changing/nursing area. Come feel the Flow. See ad on page 37.

Are you creative, driven and passionate about healthy living? Inspire others to make choices that benefit themselves and the world around them by becoming a Natural Awakenings publisher.

Learn more today:

239-530-1377 516-578-6903

This is a meaningful home-based business opportunity that provides extensive training and ongoing support. No previous publishing experience is required. February 2019


Copper device stops a cold naturally last holidays,” she said. “The kids had colds going around, but not me.” Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if used just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had in years.” Copper may even stop flu if used earNew research: Copper stops colds if used early. ly and for several days. Lab technicians ew research shows you can went away completely.” It worked again placed 25 million live flu viruses on a stop a cold in its tracks if you CopperZap. No viruses were found alive every time he felt a cold coming on and take one simple step with a soon after. he hasn’t had a cold since. new device when you first feel a cold People have used it on cold sores He asked relatives and friends to try coming on. and say it can completely prevent ugly it. They said it worked for them, too, so Colds start when cold viruses get in outbreaks. You can also rub it gently he patented CopperZap™ and put it on your nose. Viruses multiply fast. If you on wounds, cuts, or lesions to combat the market. don’t stop them early, they spread in infections. Soon hundreds of people had tried it your airways and cause misery. The handle is curved and finely texand given feedback. Nearly 100% said But scientists have found a quick tured to improve the copper stops way to kill a virus. Touch it with copper. colds if used withcontact. It kills in 3 hours after the Researchers at labs and universities germs picked up first sign. Even up agree, copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills on fingers and microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, to 2 days, if they hands to protect still get the cold it just by touch. you and your That’s why ancient Greeks and Egyp- is milder and they family. tians used copper to purify water and feel better. Copper even heal wounds. They didn’t know about Users wrote kills deadly germs Sinus trouble, stuffiness, cold sores. that have become viruses and bacteria, but now we do. things like, “It Scientists say the high conductance stopped my cold right away,” and “Is it resistant to antibiotics. If you are near of copper disrupts the electrical balsupposed to work that fast?” sick people, a moment of handling it ance in a microbe cell, destroying it in Pat McAllister, age 70, received one may keep serious infection away. It may seconds. as a gift and called it “one of the best even save a life. Tests by the Environmental Protecpresents ever. This little jewel really The EPA says copper still works tion Agency (EPA) show germs die fast works.” Now thousands of users have even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of on copper. Some hospitals tried copper stopped getting colds. different disease germs so it can prevent for surfaces like faucets and doorknobs. People often use CopperZap preserious or even fatal illness. ventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci This cut the spread of MRSA and other CopperZap is made in the U.S. of used to get colds after crowded flights. illnesses by over half, and saved lives. pure copper. It has a 90-day full money Though skeptical, she tried it several The strong scientific evidence gave back guarantee when used as directed times a day on travel days for 2 months. inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When to stop a cold. It is $69.95. Get $10 off he felt a cold coming on he fashioned “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” each CopperZap with code NATA8. a smooth copper probe and rubbed it Businesswoman Rosaleen says when Go to or call people are sick around her she uses Cop- toll-free 1-888-411-6114. gently in his nose for 60 seconds. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold perZap morning and night. “It saved me Buy once, use forever.



Long Island Edition

When all else has failed,

DIV OZONE THERAPY may be your only hope and the answer!

Dr. Howard Robins has been helping people using Ozone Therapy for over 27 years and is considered by many to be the foremost clinical expert in North America on Bio-oxidative Therapies for the SAFE treatment of diseases and illness with over 265,000 treatments performed. DIV Ozone Therapy has successfully treated Herpes I and II, HIV, all forms of Hepatitis, Diabetic ulcers/neuropathy, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Candidiasis, MS, RA, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Shingles, Acne, Psoriasis, HPV and now RSD/CRPS just to name a few diseases and conditions.

The Toxin Destroyer


All Toxins, Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast and Parasites are

Destroyed by Ozone Therapy, Safely! Please call and speak to Dr. Robins to find out more about this amazing treatment and/or go to DR. HOWARD ROBINS

The Healing Center The World Leader in Bio-oxidative Therapies


50 OFF



212-581-0101 February 2019



Upcycle your extracted teeth

A tooth extraction is one of the most performed procedure by dentists all over the world and throughout history. Currently, extracted teeth are considered to be a biological waste. But what if there is a way that we can upcycle extracted teeth by creating an autologous bone grafting material. This material can then be placed at the site of extraction in order to avoid the bone trauma that can be caused by extracting a tooth. Low bone density at the extraction site can have long lasting effects in the esthetic, phonetic and function of your teeth. Using the Smart Dentin Grinder from KometaBio we are able to utilize extracted teeth and convert them into bacteria-free autologous dentin material to be use for immediate bone grafting in about 15- 20 minutes. The extracted tooth goes through a process of cleaning, grinding, demineralization and sterilization in order to be an effective graft material which is biocompatible with the patient and has a low chance of rejection. Why does it work? Dentin is virtually identical to bone in composition and proven to be an ideal grafting material. Bone and dentin undergo a process of fusion (ankylosis) rather than resorption. This process creates stronger and longer lasting density at the extraction site.

Oral Systemic Holistic Dentistry where we match your health goals to that of your beautiful smile, as well as: •A personalized oral systemic and natural dental care for the entire family •A friendly staff dual trained to embrace each patient’s biochemical makeup •Mercury free fillings •Digital X-Rays •Custom preventative programs to coordinate with your medical and integrative doctor

310 East Shore Road Suite 101 Great Neck, NY 11023

Before Bone Graft using extracted tooth

After Graft w/ Zircomium implant

Jonathan Richter D.D.S., F.A.G.D. is a noted dentist with dual dental degree in periodontics, prosthetics and dental implantology, who provides comprehensive holistic dentistry to preserve your natural teeth. He is one of the select few dual-specialists in the tri-state area. Dr. Richter places heavy emphasis on the prevention through wellness and holistic approaches. His main focus is the effects that preventative dentistry can have on the patient’s overall well being. His knowledge of the systemic medical and dental inter-relationships allows him to devise the best treatment plan for each individual patient.

Have an emergency? We have a dentist on call 24/7

(516) 282 0310

(516) 331 1989

WWW.CARIODONTAL.COM North Shore Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, P.C.

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