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2012 Annual

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2012 Annual

Table of Contents Executive Director’s Message Ted Bishop, President of the PGA of America IGA President’s Message On the Job with PGA Professionals 2012 Indiana PGA Special Award Winners PGA Players of the Year PGA Tournament Recaps IGA President’s Message Gordie Rees Receives the Wagoner Award IGA Players of the Year IGA Tournament Recaps IWGA President’s Message For Our Father, Savich Sisters Represent Father’s Homeland IWGA Players of the Year IWGA Tournament Recaps Evan’s Piece Jack Nicklaus Speaks at IU Supporting The First Tee of Indiana Don “Chip” Essig Inducted Into the Hall of Fame Junior Players of the Year Indiana Golf Foundation Scholarships Junior Champion Recaps 2012 Tournament Highlights Scoreboards 2012 Indiana Golf Foundation Donors Club Champions

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About the IGA-PGA The Indiana Golf Association is the governing body of amateur golf in Indiana as recognized by the United States Golf Association. Included in its responsibilities is administering the oldest and most prestigious golf tournament in the state, the Indiana Amateur Championship. The Indiana Section of the PGA of America is the governing body of professional golfers in Indiana as recognized by the Professional Golfer’s Association. Administering tournaments, including the Indiana Open and Indiana Section Club Professional Championship, providing educational opportunities and assisting with employment matters are just a few of the many ways the Indiana PGA serves the over 500 members and apprentices in the state. In 1972, these two associations joined forces with the common goal to promote golf in Indiana. The IGA-PGA gives Indiana golf the coordinated efforts of both the amateur and professional organizations. The golfers in Indiana are fortunate to have this unique relationship, one of only two in the country. The IGA-PGA also provides a premier handicapping system to its members and member courses. In 1995, the Indiana Women’s Golf Association (IWGA) joined forces with the IGA-PGA to administer the Indiana Women’s State Amateur Championship and work at developing more women’s tournament opportunities and programs. Another main focus of the IGA-PGA is the Indiana Golf Foundation. Formed in 1994, the Foundation’s theme is “Preserving the Past, Investing in the Future” of Indiana golf through developing a new generation of players, while at the same time celebrating the past history and accomplishments of the many who have come before. Since 1987 the Pepsi Indiana Junior Golf Program has been providing professional, competitive tournament opportunities for junior golfers in Indiana. In 2001, the Foundation opened the doors of the Gongaware Indiana Junior Golf Academy to provide a firstclass teaching facility with a dormitory to house 48 campers and state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor teaching facilities. Scholarship assistance is available through the Foundation to attend camp, as well as to graduating high school seniors who wish to pursue a college education.

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Executive Director’s Message The First Tee Expands Reach in Indiana by Mike David Some 18 years ago a movement was underfoot to bring The First Tee to Indianapolis. Meetings were held, committees were formed, a home- site was selected. Talks eventually stalled and the quest to have a First Tee influence in Indianapolis was put on hold. Fast forward to 2009. A First Tee chapter was finally formed in Indianapolis, becoming the third First Tee Chapter in the state of Indiana. The First Tee of Indianapolis did an excellent job of getting The First Tee’s National Schools Program into Indianapolis area schools. Through the NSP program, The First Tee of Indianapolis was reaching over 8,000 kids in 22 IPS elementary schools The future for The First Tee of Indianapolis however was very much in doubt. Due to limited sources of funding and an uncertain financial future, an effort was spearheaded by then First Tee board member Alice Dye, to have the Indianapolis First Tee Chapter come under the Indiana Golf Foundation umbrella. Formed in 1994 with an annual operating budget of $800,000, the Foundation was viewed as the organization that could provide long term sustainability to The First Tee and offer growth opportunities that could potentially reach tens of thousands of kids in Indiana. That process was completed in late 2011. The name and geographic scope of the chapter were changed to The First Tee of Central Indiana and a new plan was developed. Within months of this transition taking place, a new movement was underway to once again expand the reach and scope of The First Tee in Indiana. However long it took to begin offering First Tee programming in Indianapolis, it was now on the fast track to not only reaching central Indiana youth but those interested in golf throughout the state of Indiana. As of December 2012, The First Tee of Indiana now has the ability to offer First Tee

programming to kids from Evansville to South Bend and Terre Haute to Richmond and all communities in between. The mission of The First Tee is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. That mission fit perfectly into the Foundation’s Mission of “Teaching Life Lessons Through the Game of Golf” making the decision to pull The First Tee under the Foundation’s administration an easy one. The First Tee ( is an initiative of the World Golf Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in St. Augustine, Fla., at World Golf Village, home of the World Golf Hall of Fame. More specifically, it is an international youth development organization introducing the game of golf and its inherent values to young people. Through after school and in school programs, it helps to shape the lives of young people from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect and perseverance through the game of golf. And it’s making a difference. Research-proven programs are having a positive impact on participants, their families and their communities.

• 6.5 million participants reached since 1997 • 10,000 volunteers actively engaged

• 5,100 elementary schools offering The First Tee National School Program during the 2012-2013 school year

• 50 U.S. states offering The First Tee programming

• 4 international locations offering The First Tee programming Since its inception in 1997, The First Tee has introduced the game of golf and its values to 4.7 million participants and students in 48 states and five international locations – Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Singapore. There are currently 196 First Tee chapters. The First Tee was founded and is supported by golf’s major organizations, including: • Masters Tournament

• The PGA of America

• PGA Tour

• United States Golf Association (USGA) • Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)

The First Tee curriculum focuses on Nine Core Values that are inherent to the game of golf; Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgment. These Nine Core Values are engrained in The First Tee curriculum making First Tee programs more about turning out well rounded individuals than accomplished golfers. The opportunities for reaching thousands of Indiana youth are numerous. Moving forward, The First Tee of Indiana will look to expand the number of youth it reaches by adding affiliate sites around the state in addition to the programming being offered in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Currently an affiliate site in Richmond is reaching over 2,000 kids through the NSP and another 200 in summer programs. An affiliate site in South Bend/Elkhart (Michiana) has just been added and a NSP will be offered beginning in the fall of 2013. Future plans call for affiliate sites to be added in 2013 in Bloomington, Columbus and Orange and Dubois Counties (South Central). Potential plans for 2014 include expansion into the Evansville, Valparaiso, Terre Haute and Lafayette markets. Within the next two years as many as 40,000 elementary school students could be part of First Tee programs in their elementary schools. The First Tee of Indianapolis accomplished some great things in the first couple of years of existence with the National Schools Program. The goal moving forward is to get The First Tee programs into more schools throughout Indiana and ultimately to look for more on-course opportunities for the kids. By coming under the Foundation umbrella there is tremendous growth potential for The First Tee in Indiana. While it took some time for The First Tee to land in Indianapolis and eventually to become a statewide program, it is now making up for lost time.

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2012 Annual

Todd Firestone Tim Frazier Tony Pancake Mark Inman

Steve Sterrett Steve Paquin Terry Smith Matt Shepherd

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2012 Annual


ONE-ON-ONE with Ted Bishop For only the third time in history, an Indiana PGA Professional will serve as the President of the PGA of America. Ted Bishop, the Director of Golf at The Legends Golf Club in Franklin, Ind., was elected president on November 10 at the 38th Annual PGA Meeting in Baltimore, Md. As President of the largest sports organization in the world, Bishop will oversee the Board of Directors, assist in shaping PGA policy, and represent the Association at various functions. He will serve in this volunteer function for two years when the 39th President will be elected in November 2014 at the PGA Annual Meeting to be held in Indianapolis. Bishop was elected Secretary in 2008 and transitioned into the role of Vice President in 2010. The PGA of America elects a new secretary from its membership every two years. The PGA constitution calls for a Secretary to progress through the offices every two years until they are confirmed as President of the PGA. A Logansport, Ind. native, Bishop grew up playing baseball and basketball. At the urging of his father, Bishop found a summer job in high school working at Rolling Hills GC. He learned the game playing his first round of golf with buddies at a local park, hitting balls from lamp post to lamp post, with the George Fazio 7-iron he bought from a nearby hardware store. An agronomy major at Purdue University, Bishop had plans to become a golf course superintendent. However, Phil Harris Golf Club in Linton, Ind., offered him a dual job as golf professional and superintendent. After some coaxing from PGA Professional Frank Henry, he accepted the job and eventually focused on becoming a PGA member and was elected to membership in 1985.


2012 Annual

We had the opportunity to sit down with Ted and ask him a few questions about his new role as President and his thoughts on some of the PGA’s most pressing issues. What made you decide to run for Secretary in 2006? On a Sunday in January, a good friend of mine, Jim Remy, was visiting for the Colts playoff game. It was the epic game against the Steelers when in the last few seconds, the Colts recovered a fumble and almost ran it back for a touchdown. It was a brutal loss for the Colts. Remy and I were sitting at my house that Sunday night and he said to me, “What are you going to do for the next three weeks now that your football season is over?” I told him, ‘I think I’m going to run for PGA Secretary’. I don’t know what exactly made me think to do it. It was one of those spontaneous decisions that just happened. In 2006 you lost in a close election. How did this loss help prepare you to run again in 2008? It was honestly the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to serve on the Board of Directors for a couple of years. In the first 30 days as President, I was able to be a part of the selection process of the new PGA of America CEO and also had the chance to help select Tom Watson as the 2014 Ryder Cup Captain. If I had been elected in 2006, I never would have been a part of these things, so I have absolutely no regrets. In 2008 and 2009 your platform focused on membership and employment issues. What made you focus on these two issues? The PGA of America exists for its members. At that time, the economy

was really struggling. PGA members were having a hard time with their jobs and their facilities, but in turn, it actually set us up perfectly for where we ended up going with Golf 2.0. We’ve talked about employment for several years, but we never really had a roadmap of how to improve a member’s situation. All of the things we did this year with the playbooks and all the information that we tried to put in the hands of our members, in terms of player development, ways to bring new players to the game, bring women to the game, and get engaged in programs like Get Golf Ready, helped do just that. We have been trying to emphasize to PGA members, that if they’re going to increase their job security and compensation package they have to drive revenue to their facilities. It was nice to see it tie into player development because that’s the key to golf right now. What is the main focus of your current platform as President of the PGA of America? The main focus right now is convincing our PGA members that it is of the utmost importance to track and assemble results of player development so that they can have intelligent conversations with their employer and be able to show the effort they are putting forth. Why do you so strongly support the Get Golf Ready program? In my 35 years of being a part of the game of golf, it is the greatest player development program I’ve ever seen. For $99 a player gets five, 90 minutes lessons from an LPGA or PGA professional. It’s a great value for the player. Also, each session involves an on-course experience, so by the end of the Get Golf Ready program the student has been on the golf course five times, which is totally different than the way we used to teach golf. By exposing players to the golf course and giving them ways to have fun, it stimulates them to come back. Eighty percent of players who go through Get Golf Ready stay in the game. Also, there is a great opportunity for the instructor and player to form a bond, which turns into retention of the student. This generates residual dollars to the facility. It is a program that benefits the student, the golf professional, and the facility. How would you describe the current state of the golf industry? Things are still tough, particularly in the Midwest, but rounds nationwide were up this year, which was partly due to great weather. There are some signs the economy has turned around a bit and everybody seems to be cautiously optimistic.

What are your thoughts on the new rule change which prohibits players from anchoring the club? The PGA of America has spent a lot of time, money, and resources with the implementation of Golf 2.0 and growing the game. The proposed rule change was done to impact competitive golf at the elite level. At the same time, the average PGA of America Professional works with amateur players of all skill sets and it causes us angst to see them have to change their techniques. My biggest concern that I heard 2-3 weeks after this rule change was that the next thing they are considering is distance control and not just at an elite level. If we did anything to curtail distance at the amateur level I think there would be a revolt. One of the first things I did as PGA President of America was to poll my members about Rule 14-b (Anchoring the Club) and 4,228 responded to the survey. Sixty three percent indicated they were opposed to it. Do you think things will ever get to the point where we have two sets of rules; one for elite professionals and one for amateurs? There’s a lot of discussion about this. Right now, this is not an opinion that the USGA is considering. There are a lot of people that feel like bifurcation would make sense now more than ever. Virtually every other sport has a bifurcation of rules. In the early 90s, you helped expand the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame. What does it mean to you to join the Hall of Fame in 2013? Hearing this news meant more to me than anything that happened in November. I got a call from Chip Essig right before getting on an elevator heading up to do an interview with Watson about becoming the 2014 Ryder Cup Captain. I had not experienced an emotional reaction to anything since becoming President, but when I hung up the phone with Chip and was riding up in that elevator, it was like I had this emotional release and I can’t think of any other way to describe it. With the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame located adjacent to the Legends, it’s really special. For me to know that in some small way I had something to do with the Hall of Fame being here, makes it even cooler. And to be inducted with Chris Smith is really special for me. The Smith family is probably the most decorated in Indiana golf history. Todd was my Vice President when I was Indiana Section President and he has always been a great friend. We raised $145,000 at The Legends back in 2009 when Chris lost his wife Beth. It’s just even more meaningful to be involved in an evening with the Smith family.

Dottie Pepper just joined the PGA Board. How will she assist you with reaching out to women and getting more players on the course? We are really excited to have Dottie on the Board of Directors. She just retired from NBC so she has a lot of time to devote to the PGA of America. She will be a tremendous resource, not just in women’s golf, but also in junior golf. We have had a lot of great independent directors, but she brings a whole different perspective. She has great insight on media relations, she was a tour player at the highest level, and she has recently been named an Assistant Captain of the US Solheim Cup Team. The list goes on and on. Dottie was sworn in as an independent director the same day I was elected, November 10, 2012. Three weeks prior, she attended the Northeastern New York PGA Section Meeting, her local PGA Section, because she had never been to a meeting and wanted to see what they were like. This is very indicative of her commitment and what we can expect of her.

2012 Annual


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Indiana Section PGA The Indiana Section PGA is the governing body of professional golfers in Indiana and serves as one of the 41 sections for the Professional Golfers Association of America. The Indiana Section PGA administers tournaments, provides educational opportunities, assists with employment matters and other membership related items for the nearly 600 PGA Members and Apprentices in the state.

Indiana PGA President’s Message By Todd Firestone Dear Indiana PGA Members & Apprentices, Why do we do what we do? This is a question that we all need to ask ourselves as we enter the 2013 golf season. I challenge each of you to have the mentality to become a better golf professional in 2013. The true meaning to long-term success in our business is “building long-term relationships” with our customers, staff, sales reps, and other professionals in our industry. We are in the “feel good” business and I stress the importance of being a better listener this year. It is my own personal goal to become a better listener and learn how to deliver the requests of my customers in the most efficient manner that goes beyond their expectations. We have the opportunity to take golf to another level for the next two years with having our own Ted Bishop as the 38th President of the PGA of America. It is vital that each of us promote the game of golf by participating in the Get Golf Ready programs and the new PGA Junior League. I believe your stock goes up at your facility and it improves your bottom-line if you take care of the women and the kids. I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead our Indiana Section for the next two years and also to the great opportunity in hosting the 39th PGA Annual Meeting in the Fall of 2014 in Indianapolis. We have the best PGA section in the country and I cannot thank all of you enough for all the hard work and dedication that each of you bring to your facility everyday - JOB WELL DONE!

PGA Board Members Todd Firestone, President Tim Frazier, Past President Keith Clark, Vice President Tony Pancake, Secretary Bill Pollert Dan Ross Pat Bayley Kasi Hornback Joel Baumgardner Ryan Ford Nick Marucci Chad Cockerham Chad Ayres

In Golf, Todd Firestone

2012 Annual


On the Job with PGA Professionals The PGA of America has long championed the slogan, “PGA Professionals are the Experts in the Game and Business of Golf.” For most PGA Professionals, this equates to working as a Club Professional, a Teaching Professional, or maybe even in the golf industry as tournament officials or golf administrators. In Indiana, we have found four PGA members who have really thought outside the box for their employment. Whether leading collegiate women, promoting the game to visitors, or serving as a marketing tool for local business, each of these PGA Professionals still prove the slogan true.

practice from 7:30-9:30 a.m. After I attend workouts and practice, I spend the rest of my day doing paperwork, answering emails, going to meetings and recruiting,” Holt said. “If we are on the road at a tournament, our days are around eight hours long. Players warm up for an hour, play their five hour rounds, and then we finish up the day with a two hour practice,” Holt added. As the Assistant Women’s Coach, Kyle Lynne Veltri says her goal is to support and develop the student athletes professionally. Obviously golf is very important to coaches and students, but it comes second to their education. Veltri played college golf at Saint Mary’s University, also in South Bend, Ind., and after graduation worked as an Assistant Golf Professional in West Virginia. Veltri was contacted about the position by the late George L. Thomas, an Indiana Hall of Fame member and the past Men’s Head Coach at Notre Dame, as Veltri used to play for his daughter at Saint Mary’s. “My favorite part of coaching is being around the young ladies,” Veltri said. “They are a wonderful group and keep me young!” BANKER’S HOURS Building relationships with their members and students is an important part of any PGA Professional’s job. While working as the PGA Professional at Dye’s Walk Country Club, one of Mike Comb’s students presented a new opportunity to him.

Susan Holt, left and Kyle Lynne Veltri, right LADY LUCK Susan Holt is no stranger to collegiate golf. A former member of The Ohio State University women’s team, Holt has been a Division I head coach for 23 years and part of the Notre Dame Women’s program for the past seven. A PGA member since 1992, Holt is the current Head Coach for the Irish. “My favorite part about being a coach is when a student-athlete pushes herself to a whole new level,” said Holt. “Watching her mature as a player and a person, while accomplishing things she never thought she could, is very rewarding.” Holt sets team goals that remain consistent from year to year; Finish in the top five in tournaments, average team score under 300, earn a top 25 rank, win the Conference Championship, play in the NCAA finals, and attain the highest GPA of all 26 sports at Notre Dame. In 2012, the team finished 5th in three out of their four tournaments, had a scoring average of 296.4, ranked 14th in country, and held the highest GPA out of any sport at Notre Dame for the past three semesters, with a record 3.77 cumulative GPA this past spring. The team’s success is rooted in their day-to-day hard work. “A typical day begins at 6 a.m. for team workouts, followed by team


2012 Annual

“I was giving golf lessons to the controller of The National Bank of Indianapolis (NBI) and he was telling me how they were having trouble gaining a foothold in the market,” said Combs. NBI realized Mike’s expertise in golf instruction, coupled with his golf contacts, made for a valuable asset for the organization and they created a position for Mike as their Market Manager. “They mentioned to me that they could teach me the banking side of business, but the skills I have learned from being a golf professional could not be easily matched,” Combs said. Combs’ specific role as the Market Manager NBI is to use his contacts and teaching skills to generate business for the bank. “The most important skill I have learned from years of teaching is to listen and observe my clients,” Combs said. “I have to understand what they want and need before I make any suggestions.” His knowledge about the game of golf, as well as his developed skills in business have made him a success at The National Bank of Indianapolis. “I use the skills of communication, quick thinking, organization, and generally a high service mentality,” Combs said. “I would not be able to do my job without the skills I have learned from being a golf professional.”

TRAIL BLAZER It takes a special individual to represent legends of the game. So when The Pete Dye Trail decided to hire a PGA Professional to serve as its Director, Bruce Rearick knew he had a leg-up. As the former head professional at Latrobe Country Club, Rearick reported to owner, and golfing great, Arnold Palmer. “I worked for Mr. Arnold Palmer for a number of years and through him was exposed to different business aspects pertaining to the game of golf,” Rearick said. “I became familiar with hospitality, tournament sales and management services to corporate clients. When I was asked to examine the potential opportunities presented by the Pete Dye Trail, these past experiences served me well.” The Pete Dye Golf Trail consists of seven Indiana courses designed by Pete & Alice Dye including: Mystic Hills GC, The Kampen Course at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex, Plum Creek GC, The Fort GC, Maple Creek GC, Brickyard Crossing GC and The Pete Dye Course at French Lick. Bruce thrives at the Pete Dye Trail and finds it to be similar to his previous jobs in many ways. “I still do my best to serve golfers and the places they play,” Rearick said. “I enjoy the broad scope of the position and the interaction with a variety of people and opportunities.”



INDIANA’S HIDDEN GEM TO BOOK TEE TIMES Call 765.473.6100 or visit

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PURDUE GOLF Ranked America’s 3rd Best College Course by

Open to the public on the campus of Purdue University, we invite you to come and play Ackerman Hills and the Kampen Course, member of the Pete Dye Golf Trail.

Visit for a special offer! “As a person who calls Indiana home, I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to build one of the finest university courses in the country at Purdue.”

Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex 1300 Cherry Lane • West Lafayette, IN 47907

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PGA PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR Dave Harner, French Lick Resort

A tireless advocate for French Lick, Indiana, a role model for Orange County junior golfers and dedicated grass roots PGA Professional, Dave Harner, the Director of Golf at French Lick Resort has been named the 2012 Indiana Section PGA Golf Professional of the Year. Harner has been a mainstay at French Lick Resort for over 30 years. He has seen the resort go from a struggling facility in an out of the way place to a thriving, decorated golf destination. While the accolades roll in, Harner remains firmly committed to his roots in French Lick. He and his wife began the Orange County Junior Golf Foundation 14 years ago in an effort to allow youth in Orange County to experience the game of golf. The Harners believed that golf could play an important role in helping shape the lives and culture of Orange County’s youth. They obtained a USGA grant to help fund start-up costs and provided course access at no cost. Dave saw this as a way that the resort could give back to the local community. “We thought such a program would help make a difference, not only in the short run by allowing kids to play, but that golf would ultimately change their lives by teaching them a sense of honor and fair play they couldn’t get elsewhere,” said Harner. He also served as coach of the Springs Valley Boys Golf Team from 2000 to 2011. His team advanced to the IHSAA Boys Regional in 2009, the first time a Springs Valley Team had accomplished this since 1962. They repeated their feat again in 2010 and 2011. These accomplishments were achieved by a group of original members to the Orange County Junior Golf Association. In addition, he has had 5 members of the Orange County Junior Golf Association go on to play college golf and three of his current Assistant Professionals at French Lick were products of the Orange County Junior Golf Association. He has recently developed a caddy program at the Pete Dye Course and has had a total of 3 Chick Evans Scholarships awarded to date with another 7 applicants being considered for the 2012 Scholarship Awards. In addition to his dedication to the support of junior golf initiatives, Harner has always placed a high value on supporting his fellow PGA Members, apprentices and the Indiana Section PGA. He and French Lick Resort have served as host to numerous Indiana PGA, Indiana Golf Association and Indiana Golf Foundation events. “I am committed to make the French Lick Resort a place to which all PGA Professionals can come, be our guests and get away from the everyday challenges of their own jobs,” says Harner. “Our doors are always open to the PGA Professionals from the Indiana Section.” Harner has worked hard to increase the PGA’s presence in Southern Indiana. He has always tried to hire young men and women from the local area as assistants and he currently has 5 PGA registered apprentices, all of them from within 25 miles of French Lick, all with Indiana roots and all looking to stay in the region. “I hope my fellow professionals view me in a positive way,” stated Harner. “If I had to say what that positive way would be, it would read something like: ‘Here’s a guy who got into the business working at the most menial job in golf. He started at the bottom. He stayed the course, he listened, he learned, he had ambition and respect for those with whom he interacted. He dared to be different. He cared about not only the customer but for the staff around him. He used golf to make a difference and he has always been grateful for the opportunity.’ “ For his overall commitment to all facets of the game of golf, Harner was given the Golf Professional of the Year award which is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a PGA Member. “Golf has never been just a way to earn a living to me,” stated Harner. “Golf has given me so many opportunities to touch people, not only as a face in the golf shop, but as a mentor, community leader, instructor, role model, father figure, or whatever other needs if I have found in my daily travels,” he added.


2012 Annual

TEACHER OF THE YEAR Colby Huffman, Hickory Stick Golf Course

Whether teaching world renowned players, authoring articles or developing teaching aids to improve performance or providing free lessons for inner-city children, Colby Huffman is dedicated to helping people improve their golf game and their overall enjoyment of the game. Huffman, of Hickory Stick Golf Course in Greenwood, Indiana, was named the 2012 Indiana Section PGA Teacher of the Year. Huffman currently serves as Director of Instruction for Essig Golf Performance Academy. While in that role, he has implemented a systematic player development program for all ages and abilities including programs for beginners to professionals, high school teams, junior summer camps and Get Golf Ready clinics. Huffman developed the Essig Golf instructor certification program, which increased revenue by over $27,000 the first year and an additional 20% the following years. “In the past, I have had the honor to teach golf schools with Gary Wiren, Jim Flick, Paul Runyan, Derek Hardy and other leading PGA golf professionals,” stated Don Essig, III. “Colby may be able to diagnose a golfer’s needs quicker than anyone I have seen. He has worked with many of our senior players, both men and women, and has achieved amazing results,” added Essig. While working with Hank Haney, Huffman invented the SwingBand Training System and co-produced an instructional video with Haney that launched worldwide in 2009. Over 10,000 SwingBands have been sold worldwide. In addition to his work at Hickory Stick, Huffman works with the IUPUI Golf Team. Since his arrival at IUPUI, the team has improved 230 spots in the Division 1 rankings since 2009 and 11 IUPUI school records were broken in 2011 alone. Huffman has customized IUPUI’s training program by implementing strategies learned while teaching and/or directing at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, the International Junior Golf Academy and the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy. Huffman has been a “Featured Coach: on the Golf Channel Show, “The School of Golf”, was a “For Your Game” Coach for Golfweek Magazine and Golfweek TV and is currently co-authoring a book with Gary Gilchrist entitled Prepare to Win.

JUNIOR GOLF LEADER Rick Hemsoth, McMillen, Shoaff and Foster Park Golf Courses Rick Hemsoth, along with Gongaware Junior Golf Academy Director, Roger Lundy, formed what is today known as the Prep Tour. It began as the State Pee Wee Championship at McMillen Park Golf Course. He directs the golf side of a national award winning Lifetime Sports Academy. This academy runs for 7 weeks in the summer and has between 1,600 and 1,800 kids participate in the 56 lessons that are offered. Participants can earn clubs, balls and memberships. The program is free of charge. Hemsoth also directs the Ft. Wayne Junior and Pee Wee Tours. This program includes 20 events all over the city of Ft. Wayne for kids ages 3-18. In addition to receiving the Section Junior Leader Award on two occasions, Hemsoth has also been named as a “Master Golf Teacher” by US Kids Golf. “Choosing to make junior golf a major component in my career that started 28 years ago, has made me a person in the Ft. Wayne area that others look to for advice and support,” says Hemsoth. “This is something that I have always done, to help all in my area understand that juniors are our future,” he added.

Tom Thome of Elcona Country Club in Elkhart, Indiana lists one of his proudest accomplishments as having placed eight of his former assistant golf professionals into head professional positions. For this accomplishment along with his willingness to mentor and share ideas with his fellow PGA Members, he was awarded the Indiana Section PGA 2012 Bill Strausbaugh Award. Thome makes it a point to stay in contact with other local professionals to address numerous topics including tournament operations, membership retention, employee matters, rounds of golf, education and leadership. He believes that during this economic downturn providing support for other professionals has become even more critical. Thome was instrumental in the development of the Indiana Section Assistant Golf Professional of the Year award during his service to the Section Board in 2001 and 2002. He showed his dedication to bettering and serving his fellow PGA Professionals when he served as Education Committee Chairman in 2002. The Bill Strausbaugh Award is presented to those PGA members who by their day-to-day efforts have distinguished themselves in the field of club relations, causing dramatic improvements in employment conditions in their local Section and/or the PGA of America.

HORTON SMITH AWARD Nick Marucci, Pebble Brook Golf Club

The Horton Smith Award is designed to recognize individual golf professionals for their outstanding and continuing contributions to developing and improving education opportunities for the PGA golf professional. The guidelines for this award are: contributions to educational programs and seminars in the Indiana Section, contributions and assistance toward the development of articles which benefit and relate to education, contributions to building the image of both the PGA golf Professional and the Association. As the current co-chair of the Education Committee, Nick Marucci of Pebble Brook Golf Club, has worked hard to offer well rounded programs at the spring and fall meetings and has been selected as the 2012 Indiana Section PGA Horton Smith Award winner. Marucci, a two-term member of the Section Board of Directors, has worked to offer education programs that don’t focus on the standard teaching and merchandising topics. He has added time management, stress management and motivational speakers to the curriculum in an effort to appeal to all Section Members and apprentices. The format for the Indiana PGA Spring Meeting has been recognized nationally as it will promote the new Golf 2.0 initiative. Marucci was instrumental in establishing the format for this upcoming meeting.

ASSISTANT OF THE YEAR Michael Bembenick, Meridian Hills Country Club Michael Bembenick credits his head professional, Jack Barber, with giving him opportunities reserved for the head professional at many facilities. “Jack reminds me to act, think and make decisions like a head professional,” states Bembenick who was named the Indiana Section PGA 2012 Assistant Golf Professional of the Year.

Bembenick is truly involved in all aspects of the Meridian Hills operation including the caddy program, instruction, merchandising and growth of the game programs. He led the training for 43 new caddies from area high schools and successfully secured a “caddie sponsor” that paid for new hats and caddie bibs in 2011. In 2011 he grew his teaching business by over 30%. He developed new innovation for the merchandising operation at Meridian Hills and has implemented Growth of the Game programs including Clinics and Cocktails, a Ladies Ryder Cup Event, Wedges and Wine and a Junior Golf Certification Program.


BILL STRAUSBAUGH AWARD Tom Thome, Elcona Country Club

Public: Kelly Brown, Prairie View Golf Kelly Brown prides herself on making customer service the top priority. She was named the Indiana Section PGA Public Merchandiser of the Year. Brown says that Prairie View uses multiple merchandising philosophies to ensure that they have items with universal appeal. The merchandise is categorized by price and style as well as by golf attire or casual clothing. Men’s and women’s apparel is ordered for all four seasons and shipments of new merchandise is received every two to three weeks so there is always a fresh, new feel to the golf shop. Staff training is a high priority with a focus on customer service, new merchandise, technology upgrades and changes to product lines. The Prairie View philosophy is to be “Your Country Club for the Day”. Surveys are conducted with loyal customers and members to determine exactly what they want to see in the golf shop and the ultimate goal of superior customer service is shown by offering year round gift wrapping, handling special orders and mailing purchases for their customers.

Private: Dan Witt – Sagamore Club

The Indiana Section PGA 2012 Private Merchandiser of the Year award was given to Dan Witt of Sagamore Golf Club in Noblesville, Indiana. Witt focuses on building a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for members and guests of Sagamore. He wants his customers to be comfortable with him and his sales team, the atmosphere of the shop and the price in relationship to the perceived value of the item. Witt and his sales team work to establish personal relationships with their members and Sagamore guests and the merchandising effort is truly a team effort. He developed a “Buyers Club” to give his members an additional option and to keep as much business in house as possible. The participation in the Buyers Club doubled from 2010 to 2011.

Resort: Jan Tellstrom - French Lick Resort

Tellstrom spends the majority of his time at French Lick’s Pete Dye Course, which did $67 per round in 2011. Tellstrom says that the three courses at French Lick are all very distinct and merchandising philosophies vary at each facility. He says that displays are used to match the feel of the individual course and golf shop. The golf shops are re-arranged as much as possible with merchandise moved to keep the shop fresh when repeat guests return. The feel of the Pete Dye Course is more of a private club with rich colors and more upscale vendors. Tellstrom states that the team effort that goes into the merchandising process is a major key to their success.

2012 Annual


Indianapolis’ John DalCorobbo had four second place finishes in 2012, the Indiana PGA Championships, the Callaway Team Championship, the Indiana Open Championship, and the Indianapolis Open Championship. He also had three top ten finishes and two wins. DalCorobbo and Jeff Schultz took the Indiana PGA Four Ball Championship title after defeating Chris Clemens and Brian Brodell 4 and 3 in the final match. DalCorobbo’s most impressive finish was at The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club during the Indiana PGA Profesional Championships. DalCorrobo fired a 3-under-par 69 during his opening round, followed by back-to-back 71s to defeat French Lick’s Adam Marshall by two shots. This win qualified DalCorrobo for the 2013 Professional National Championship, which will be held in Sunriver, Oregon in June. “This is a tremendous honor to be recognized as the most outstanding PGA Professional Player in the Indiana Section,” said DalCorrobo.

Pepsi PGA Player of the Year Point Standings Player

Events Points


John L. DalCorobbo




Brian W. Brodell




Mike M. O'Toole




James A. Ousley




Chad M. Ayres




Adam S. Marshall




Brett A. Melton




Quinn Griffing




Fred J. Mattingly




David Carich




Pepsi PGA Player of the Year Prairie View Golf Club


2012 Annual

Pepsi Senior PGA Player of the Year BILL SCHUMAKER - Crooked Lake GC Bill Schumaker, from Columbia City, Ind., was named the Indiana PGA Senior Player of the Year. Schumaker had four first place finishes in the Senior Division in the following events: The Indiana PGA Senior Open, where he carded a first round 9-under-par 62, followed by an even par 72 to win by eight shots, the Indiana PGA Indianapolis Open, the Indiana PGA Monticello Open, and the Indiana PGA Championships. In his remaining tournaments, he never finished outside of the top ten, making for a very impressive year. “In 1978 I first won this award and here I am today. I have made lifelong friends through the game of golf and am truly honored,” said Schumaker.

Pepsi Senior PGA Player of the Year Point Standings Player

Events Points


Events Points


Bill F. Schumaker 24



Dean C. Prange




Quinn Griffing




Denny Ford




David Carich




Scott Morris




Gary Sowinski




Denny Hepler




Cary Hungate




Jeff Schroeder



PGA Assistant Player of the Year BLAIR SHADDAY - Purgatory GC Blair Shadday, from Fishers Ind. had a tremendous tournament season. Shadday had four top ten finishes and a win at the Indiana PGA Assistant Professional Championship, held at Meridian Hills CC. Shadday started off strong at the Assistants Championship with a 1-under-par 70, followed by a 1-over-par 72, and a 3-over-par 74 on the final day of competition for a three day total of 216. Shadday’s victory at Merdian Hills earned him one of the two qualifying spots to compete in the National Car Rental PGA Assistant Championship, November 1-4, in Port. St. Lucie, Fla. Shadday finished in a tie for 23rd at the National Event.

PGA Assistant Player of the Year Point Standings Player

Events Points


Events Points


Blair Shadday




Michael J. Asbell




Jeff D. Marsh




Andrew B. Stolze




Chris N. Montagano




Eric S. Huther




Jon D. Balyeat




Chris S. Tilbury




Corey C. Potts




Bradley S. Mays



2012 Annual


Conrad Sole Survivor of Indiana Open West Baden, Ind. - The field was bunched together for most of the opening round of the 97th Indiana Open Championship presented by Visit French Lick/West Baden. Tournament rounds alternated between the Donald Ross Course and the Pete Dye Course with the play starting on the Donald Ross Course. Late during the first round, Madison’s Justin Tereshko posted an impressive 4-under par 66. Still 28 players were within five shots of the lead entering the second round. On day two of the Open, Indianapolis’ Jeff Cook fired a second round 69 at The Pete Dye Course to take a one shot lead at the midway point. Cook, a four time Indiana Open Champion, and the Mizuno Tour Rep, was one of only five players to break 70 on the demanding Dye Course layout. “I have no expectations,” said Cook. “I’ve only played four rounds in Indiana this year, and I haven’t played any competitive rounds in two years,” said the 51-year-old former PGA Tour player.

Nine golfers broke par during the third round of the Open. However, none of those sub-par rounds came from anyone in the last three groups of the day. The result was a crowded leaderboard entering Thursday’s final round with 18 golfers within five shots of the lead. While the leaders faltered, Stephen Conrad, of Syracuse, Ind., put together a solid even par performance to move into the final pairing for Thursday’s final round. Conrad, the 2005 Indiana Amateur Champion, had matching nines of 35-35 for his 70 total. “I played solid today,” said Conrad. “I don’t feel like I made any mistakes. I haven’t played in a tournament since January. I placed third last year and it has always been a goal of mine to win the Open. Who wouldn’t want to win this tournament being a Hoosier?” Conrad got off to a fast start in the final round making birdie on holes 3, 4, and 5 to take a commanding three shot lead. “After three birdies I felt like I was on cloud nine,” said Conrad. “It was huge getting early birdies and being patient,” he added. Conrad went on to bogey holes 8, 12 and 16 to fall back to even par. He held on to his slim lead and finished with two pars to secure a two shot victory over Evansville’s Tyler Merkel and Bloomington’s Chase Wright. Conrad was the only player to finish the tournament under par over French Lick’s difficult Ross and Dye Courses. “To be honest, I would not have expected to be in this position,” said the 27 year-old professional. “I pick up a club every once in a while. It’s surreal not playing in any tournaments and winning the Indiana Open.” Merkel fell short of his attempt to add an Open Championship to his Indiana Amateur Championship from earlier in the summer. “I tried to shoot the best number I could today,” said Merkel. “Stephen posted a great score today, hats off to him,” added Merkel. The Ball State junior finished the day with a 1-over-par 73. Wright, who turned professional after graduating from Indiana University in May, finished runner-up for the second consecutive year.

Stephen Conrad, winner of the State Open

Cook distanced himself from the majority of the competition after his tremendous play on the difficult Dye Course and hope to become the first ever five-time Indiana State Open Champion. New Albany’s Blake Watts surprised the field after firing a course record, 63 on the Dye Course during the second round. Watts, a PGA Professional at Audubon Country Club in Louisville, set the record with a nearly flawless round consisting of nine pars and nine birdies. His two day total 138 put him only one shot back heading into the third round.


2012 Annual

“It’s just kind of tough seeing what the winning score was,” said a disappointed Wright. “It was a good learning experience and I get some money out of it too.” Indianapolis’ Jeff Cook, the co-leader entering the final round, posted a 75 to finish in a tie for fourth. A double bogey 6, on the par-4, 11th proved to put him too far behind Conrad to be able to make a run at the title. “I tried to hit a cut shot in there,” said Cook. “But even after making double, I still hung in there.” In addition to Merkel’s runner up finish this week, he also earned low amateur honors.

DalCorobbo, left center and Marshall, right center

DalCorobbo, winner of the Indiana PGA Professional Championship

DalCorobbo Wins Third Indiana PGA Championship Fishers, Ind. – Indianapolis’ John DalCorobbo fired a solid final round 71 to capture his third Indiana Section PGA Professional Championship at The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club. DalCorobbo entered the final round with a narrow one-shot lead over Fort Wayne’s Quinn Griffing.

“I was aiming to the right/middle of the green and my miss is typically to the left right now,” said DalCorobbo about his miscalculated tee shot. “I got a good break after two drops rolled back into the hazard, and I was able to place my ball, which gave me a good lie,” he added.

Griffing got off to a rough start, with three bogeys and a double bogey coming in his first five holes. DalCorobbo, on the other hand, began the day with four straight pars and a birdie on the par-4, fifth hole, giving him an immediate seven-shot lead over Griffing.

DalCorobbo had an outstanding up-and-down for bogey on 17, which was enough to keep his lead.

Meanwhile, Orleans’ Adam Marshall, who began the day just two-shots back, got off to an identical start as DalCorobbo, and proved to be his toughest competition. Heading into the par-5, ninth hole, DalCorobbo sat comfortably at 5-under-par for the tournament. DalCorobbo went on to 3-putt from 20 feet to bogey the hole, and fall back to 4-under-par. Marshall sank his 10-footer for birdie to go to 3-under-par, putting him one-shot out of the lead. With this two-shot swing, the momentum was in Marshall’s favor heading into the back nine. On the par-4, 10th, DalCorobbo missed another short putt for par and fell back to four-under, now tied with Marshall with eight holes to play. “I felt really good through nine holes,” said DalCorobbo, a Teaching Professional at Prairie View Golf Club. “But after I missed a short putt on 9 and again on 10, I admit I was a bit nervous,” he added. On the par-5, 11th hole, there was another two-shot swing, but this time in DalCorobbo’s favor. After DalCorobbo sank a 20-foot birdie putt, Marshall missed his short par attempt, falling back to three-under-par, now two shots behind DalCorobbo, the leader. Both players went on to par holes 12 and 13, birdie hole 14, and par holes 15 and 16. On the 196 yard, par-3, 17th hole, DalCorobbo missed his tee shot left of the green, and with one hard bounce he landed in the lateral water hazard. Marshall hit his iron shot to the center of the green, with a good look at birdie.

He went on to par the par-4, 18th hole, which Marshall bogeyed, giving him a two-shot victory. DalCorobbo finished at 5-under-par, a total of 211 for the tournament. This win marks DalCorobbo’s third at this event, with previous wins coming in ’07 and ’11. “It feels tremendous to win three times,” said DalCorobbo. “After all the anguish and agony that goes into a final round, I feel great to come out on top,” he added. DalCorobbo claimed one of the six qualifying spots to participate in the 2013 Professional National Championship at Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon, which will be held June 23-26. “Qualifying for this tournament gives me added motivation to work hard over the winter,” said DalCorobbo. “I would love to finish in the top 20 at Nationals and get a chance to compete in the 2013 PGA Championship,” he added. Marshall’s runner-up finish also qualified him for the National Championship next June. “This was my first time playing in this event and it feels awesome to qualify for Nationals,” said Marshall. “I knew John would be tough to catch, but overall I was pretty pleased,” he added. Along with DalCorobbo and Marshall, Chad Ayres, Fred Mattingly, Brian Brodell, and David Von Hoffman also qualified for the National Championship. Jim Ousley claimed the first alternate spot, Mike O’Toole, the second, and Quinn Griffing, the third.

2012 Annual


Shadday Heads to Port St. Lucie for Second Year in a Row Shadday, winner of the Indiana PGA Assistant Championship

Indianapolis, Ind. – Fisher’s Blair Shadday defended his title at the Indiana PGA Assistant Championship with a three-round total 216 at Meridian Hills Country Club. Shadday fired a 3-over-par 74 in the final round, giving him a two shot victory over Brownburg’s Andrew Stolze.

“It feels amazing to win today,” said Shadday. “I know the golf course down at Port St. Lucie pretty well so I should be comfortable there. I’ve missed the cut the last two times I played down there, so I would really like to change that this time around,” he added.

“Today went well,” said Shadday, an Assistant Professional at Purgatory Golf Club. “I was a little bit nervous at first and I missed a short putt on one after hitting it to 10 feet. After my birdie on nine I felt more comfortable and started playing better heading into the back.”

Stolze, an Assistant Professional at the Country Club of Indianapolis, finished with a total of 218, claiming the second spot in the Championship at Port St. Lucie.

Despite Shadday’s rough start, with bogeys on holes 1, 3, and 7, he was able to turn it around with back-to-back birdies on holes 9 and 10. Shadday’s victory at Meridian Hills earned him one of the two qualifying spots to compete inthe 36th National Car Rental and Cobra/Puma Golf PGA Assistant National Championship. This win marks Shadday’s third at the Indiana PGA Assistant Championship, with previous wins coming in ’09 and ’11.


2012 Annual

“This is my first time playing in this tournament and even though I didn’t win, second feels pretty good, too,” said Stolze. “Despite the few short putts I missed today, I played pretty well. I’ve never been down to Port St. Lucie, so I’m really excited,” he added. Shadday and Stolze competed at Port St. Lucie November 11-14. Shadday finished in a tie for 23rd. Chris Montagano, an Assistant Professional at Sycamore Hills Country Club, finished third with a three-day total of 220, after firing an impressive 3-under-par 68 in the final round.

Sowinski, winner of the PGA Senior Championship

Sowinski Beats Carich in Extra Holes...Again!!! Wabash, Ind. - Don’t ask Bridgewater Head Professional Dave Carich if lightning can strike twice in the same place. He is a believer. Briar Ridge’s Gary Sowinski knocked off Carich on the second playoff hole to win the 2012 Indiana PGA Senior Championship. Seventeen years ago, Sowinski needed just one playoff hole to beat Carich in the 1995 Indiana PGA Northern Open. In the early stages of the final round it didn’t look as though a playoff would be needed to determine the outcome. Carich, enjoying his second summer as a senior player, built on his opening round 67, adding birdies on Honeywell Golf Courses holes 1, 2 and 4 to move to 7-under-par and take a four shot lead over Sowinski and Ft. Wayne’s Quinn Griffing. “I just had to keep playing and just kept looking at playing the best I could,” said Sowinski of Carich’s early onslaught. After his fast start, Carich began to cool off after a three putt bogey on the par-4, sixth hole and a disappointing bogey on the reachable par-5, eighth hole. Sowinski meanwhile continued to stay close and closed the gap to just one shot with birdies on the 418 yard par-4, ninth hole and the 378 yard par-4, 10th hole. “We made the turn and both of us were 1-under (for the day) and I thought I had a chance,” said Sowinski. Following a Carich three-putt on the par-3, 148 yard 16th hole, the players were tied as they went to the 17th hole. Both players were able to save par after missing the green which took them to 18 still tied. With two birdies on 18, Carich and Sowinksi headed to a playoff rematch. After trading pars on the first playoff hole, Sowinski knocked it on the par-5, 516 yard second hole in two shots and two-putted for the birdie and the victory. For Sowinski, it was his first Indiana PGA victory since the 1996 Southern Open. Sowinski, Carich, Griffing, Anderson Country Club’s Scott Steger and Pleasant Run’s Denny Ford represented Indiana in the National Senior Club Professional Championship October 11-14 in Virginia. Griffing finished in a tie for 57th.

O’Toole looking to stick it close with a wedge

O’Toole Wins Indiana PGA Championships Fort Wayne, Ind. - Noblesville’s Mike O’Toole fired an impressive 3-under-par, 69 at the Indiana PGA Championships at Sycamore Hills Golf Club, and was the only player to break par. “It was one of those rounds where I made a lot of long putts to save par,” said O’Toole. “I made at least three 20-footers, which kept my momentum going.” O’Toole’s round consisted of four birdies, coming on holes four, five, seven, and 18. He only carded one bogey on the par-4, 16th hole. His 3-under-par finish was enough to grab a three shot lead over second place finishers John DalCorobbo and Chad Ayres. “It was a nice win,” said O’Toole. “I played against the best players in the section and we all had to qualify to be here. The competition was about as good as it could have been and it means a lot,” he added.

2012 Annual


Indiana Golf Association The Indiana Golf Association (IGA) is the governing body of amateur golf in Indiana as recognized by the USGA.

IGA Board Members

Included in the responsibilities of the IGA is administering amateur championships for Indiana golfers. The IGA Mid Amateur, Public Links, Senior Amateur, Match Play and State Amateur are a few of those Championship events administered by the IGA.

Mark Inman, President Matt Shepherd, 1st Vice President John Watts, 2nd Vice President Steve Paquin, Secretary Steve Sterrett, Treasurer Ted Stauffer, District 1 Jeff Woodring, District 2 Pete Lanman, District 3 Phil Potter, District 4 Doug Adelsperger, District 5 Jay Dixon, District 6 Skip Runnels, District 7 Matt Herron, District 8 George Fielding, District 9 Carl Heldt, District 10 Tom Jones, District 11 Tom Long, District 12 Andy Burns, At-Large Jeff Chapman, At-Large Steve Poole, At-Large Nick Paul, At-Large

IGA President’s Message By Mark Inman This is my last time to write the President’s message. I wish I could tell you that I have done incredible things and made this organization a hundred times better, but I would be lying. This organization has been strong for years, and will be for years to come. It’s the people involved that make this association the best in the country. Our ability to cooperate with our PGA section and those dedicated professionals makes us strong. Mike David and his staff deserve all of the praise given to them over the years. Our Board of Directors consists of many folks who have been with us for years and who truly care about golf in Indiana. They especially make our State Amateur one of the best. I want to thank each of them for their time and efforts over the years. The officers in line to lead the IGA over the next years are as good a group as anyone could want. I want to especially thank Matt Schmidt for his work as Tournament Director. He continues to find great courses for us and to run events as professionally as anyone anywhere. He has completed our schedule and made registration available earlier than ever. Thanks also to South Bend Country Club for hosting our State Am in 2013. One new development for the IGA is our branching out to run other events. The Big Ten asked us to run their men’s and women’s tournaments at French Lick in 2012, 2013,and 2014. We are running qualifiers for both events and USGA events. These requests are made because of the quality of our staff and volunteers.

Chuck Kerkhove, State Seniors Representative

We hope to maintain our popular one day events even though we have lost our sponsor. We will have four of them this year. We also hope to further support and assist our State Seniors Association which does an amazing job of hosting quality events.

Michelle Smith, IWGA Representative

I would like to congratulate Ted Bishop on becoming President of the PGA of America. His election will give the IGA and Mike David an opportunity to be in the forefront on national issues for the next two years.


2012 Annual

Gordie Rees Receives the Wagoner Award The Clifford E. Wagoner Memorial Award is presented each year to an amateur golfer who possesses outstanding sportsmanship and high character similar to that of Mr. Clifford Wagoner. This year’s recipient is Gordie Rees. Rees is a life-long resident of Albany, Ind. and has worked in Postal Service for the past 34 years. Rees’s commitment to the Indiana Golf Association’s Events, his many successes, and his inspiring personality has earned him this honor. Rees has won 27 Club Championships, the ’98 Indiana Mid-Amateur Championship, the ’99 Indianapolis Amateur Championship, and the 2007 Indiana Senior Open Championship. Rees was also a participant in the USGA Mid-Amateur Championship in 2000, and he has played in the IGA-PGA Challenge Cup four times. “This really means a lot to me,” said Rees. “There were a lot of other guys who were just as deserving as me and I am truly honored. I’ve played in these events for years and have met so many special people. When I am playing well my fellow competitors root for me and I root for them because we like to see each other succeed,” Rees added. During his 2012 season, Rees won the Indiana PGA Monticello Open in the Senior Amateur Division and had five top 10 finishes.

2012 Annual


Noblesville’s Kenny Cook was named the 2012 IGA John K. David Player of the Year. Cook began the 2012 season strong with a first place finish at the Indiana PGA Southern Open at Harrison Lake Country Club. His 3-under-par 69 was enough to win by a two shot margin over Bob Stephens.

IGA John K. David Player of the Year Point Standings Player

In Cook’s second tournament of the year, the IGA Tournament of Champions, he fired a 2-under-par 69 during his opening round and paired that with a 1-under-par 70 the following day for a second place finish. Cook also participated in this year’s The U.S. Open Sectional Qualifier which was held at The Ohio State University Scarlet Course, the United States Amateur at Cherry Hills Country Club, and the United States Mid-Amateur at Conway Farms Golf Club. “It’s quite an honor. There are so many good players in the state of Indiana, so much talent. It is really special to me to receive this award,” said Cook.


Events Points


Kenny Cook




Tyler Merkel




Todd Palmer




David Mills




Brodie J. Williams




Bob Stephens




Brian Harris




Patrick Rodgers




Scott Pieri




Matt Spicuzza



IGA John K. David Player of the Year 22

2012 Annual


IGA Senior Player of the Year

IGA Senior Player of the Year Point Standings Player

Events Points


Bob Stephens



Indianapolis’ Bob Stephens was named the IGA Senior Player of the Year. Stephens won three tournaments this season including: The Indiana PGA Southern Open in the Senior Division, the IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series, and the IGA Four Ball with partner Joe Hillman.


Terry Werner




Sam Till, Jr




Skip Runnels




Dave F. Williamson



Stephens also had seven top five finishes and three top 10 finishes this season. His low score came at the IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series where he fired an impressive 4-under-par 68.


Ron Carter




John Zitkovic




Mike Bell




Gordie E. Rees



T10 John Parker



T10 Tim Miller



“This is quite an honor and something I never expected to win,” said Stephens.

2012 Annual


Merkel Named 112th Indiana Amateur Champion Carmel, Ind. - With long fescue grass guarding most fairways and strong winds pushing shots off-line, Tyler Merkel’s 3-under-par finish at the Indiana Amateur Championship proved impressive as he defeated the field by three strokes. During the opening round, balls were consistently sucked into the tall grass, and scores continued to come in higher than anticipated. Merkel, a Ball State University golfer, was the first to come in with a solid round of 71, surpassing the morning’s average by eight strokes. “I controlled the flight of my shots well which was important with this wind,” Merkel said. “And I kept it in the fairway which makes this course a lot easier.” As wind continued to pick up for the afternoon groups, Ryan Terry, of Lipscomb University, took an unexpected lead, coming in with a 2-under-par 70. On day two, Terry’s lead did not hold for long, as he was surpassed by the 2012 IGA Tournament of Champions’ winner, Sean Rowen. Rowen was very aware of the many strong collegiate players in the field. “This is the one you want to win,” said Rowen after posting a 4-underpar 68, and looking like a frontrunner heading into day three. Rowen began his third round with a bogey on hole 1, and the day took a downward turn from there. The group to follow proved to be that of Tyler Merkel and Scott Pieri, a former player for Ball State. As the day progressed, Pieri looked confident and consistent, and by hole 12 was 3-under-par. However, on the 13th hole, Pieri incurred a two shot penalty for giving a spectator a ride in his golf cart, setting him back to 1-under-par for the day.

Merkel would maintain a two shot lead through the first 12 holes. Then on the par-5, 13th hole, Pieri played aggressively and went for the green in two from about 250 yards. Merkel chose to play the hole conservatively and laid up down the left hand side. Pieri’s risk paid off when he walked off the green with a birdie to Merkel’s par, putting him within one shot of the lead. Merkel went on to birdie 14 and Pieri was unable to catch him in their final holes. “I had a crazy week,” said Pieri. “I had a triple bogey, two double bogeys, a two shot penalty for giving a spectator a ride in my cart, and a whiff today.” Despite Pieri’s ups and downs, he played very steady for four days, finishing the tournament at even par, 288. After two days of battling Merkel, Pieri was impressed. “Tyler was everything I heard he was,” Pieri said. “I really enjoyed getting to play with him.” Merkel had proven before he can finish tournament well after qualifying for the NCAA Regionals as an individual representing Ball State earlier this year, and finishing third at last year’s Indiana State Open. “It hasn’t hit me yet,” Merkel said after two-putting for the win on hole 18. “It feels awesome, though.” Merkel finished the tournament at 3-under-par 285. Todd Palmer, of Fishers, and Bobby Delagrange, of Westfield, tied for third with a 2-over-par 290.

“That rule has been in place for several years,” said IGA Executive Director, Mike David. “It’s unfortunate that Scott was not aware of the rule. The rule is designed to make the experience of playing in our events more enjoyable. Scott certainly didn’t gain any advantage by giving someone a ride, but a rule is a rule. Hopefully it won’t affect the outcome of the event,” he added. Pieri has not played in many large IGA events, but still he said, “It’s up to me to know the rules and was 100 percent my fault. At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal, but it is a rule.” Despite Pieri’s penalty, he remained in the lead. “I played a solid round of golf,” said Pieri. I drove the ball in play and I putted nicely. I hope to go out and do the same thing tomorrow.” Coming on strong simultaneously was Tyler Merkel, who was even through 16 holes, and his birdie on 17 gave him a share of the lead. It would be an all Ball State final group for the last round of the 2012 Indiana State Amateur. Merkel went out strong in the final round with a birdie on the first hole, which became a two shot lead when combined with Pieri’s opening bogey.

“Tyler was everything I heard he was,” Pieri said. “I really enjoyed getting to play with him.”

Merkel, winner of the State Am.


2012 Annual

Williams Captures IGA Public Links Championship Seymour, Ind.- Brodie Williams’ sizzling play matched the temperature outside as he bettered the elements and the Shadowood Golf Course layout to take home the 2012 Indiana Golf Association Public Links Championship. Williams finished the 36- hole event at 8-under-par. Throughout the day, Williams looked unbeatable, not giving his nearest competitors, Skip Runnels and Jake Groninger any chance to close the gap.

“I just feel like this win is for everybody back home and all the people at the small course where I grew up playing, as well as everyone at Ball State,” said Williams. In addition to Williams’ victory at the IGA Public Links Championship he also qualified earlier in the summer for the USGA Public Links Championship.

Brodie Williams, winner of the IGA Public Links Championship

2012 Annual


Spicuzza looking to find fairway on the ninth hole

Spicuzza Wins First IGA Event Camby, Ind. – Indianapolis’s Matt Spicuzza started off the week with a 1-under-par 71 to claim the number four seed heading into day two at the IGA Match Play Championship at Heartland Crossing Golf Course. Spicuzza knocked out players one by one, including the number two seed, Joe Gasser, on the final day of competition.

Both Spicuzza and Gasser made par on the remaining five holes, which was enough for Spicuzza to keep his 1-up lead and win the match.

Gasser took an early lead after winning the par-3, second hole, but Spicuzza was able to get one back on the par-3, fifth hole, by sinking a 15-foot birdie putt from the fringe.

This win marks Spicuzza’s first at an IGA event.

On the par-4, seventh hole, Spicuzza took his first lead of the day after sinking another birdie putt. Then on the par-4, eighth hole, Gasser sunk a 30-foot birdie putt to square things up. “It was intense and we were back and forth the whole time,” said Spicuzza. “He had me down in the beginning and it could have gone either way at the turn,” he added. Both players made birdie on 10 and par on hole 11. On the par-4, 12th hole, Spicuzza took his second 1-up lead of the day, with another converted birdie putt.


2012 Annual

“The 12th hole was a pivotal point for me,” said Spicuzza. “I went one up and we both played well from there on out.”

Gasser, a senior at Ball State, also had an impressive tournament. Both players finished under par during the final match, but Gasser just fell short. “I actually played pretty well,” said Gasser. “I struggled a little down the stretch and had to grind for halves. It’s a good feeling to finish runner-up, but I am a little disappointed that I didn’t win. Matt played great though, and I couldn’t have asked for a better match.” Spicuzza and Gasser were invited to play in the IGA PGA Challenge Cup on August 2nd.

Till Defeats the Pack at IGA Senior Match Play Championship

West Lafayette, Ind. – Fort Wayne’s Sam Till started off the day with a victory over the number one seed, Dave Williamson, at the IGA Senior Match Play Championship at Ackerman Hills Golf Club. Till defeated Williamson 2&1 to advance to the finals, where he faced Ron Carter, from Monticello. “Yesterday I started striking the ball really well,” said Till. “I continued to do that today for the most part.” Till and Carter were all square through nine holes, and Till went on to birdie the par-4, 11th hole, and the par-5, 14th to go 2-up with four holes to play. On the par-3, 17th, Carter missed the green and failed to get up and down for par, giving Till the win of the hole, as well as the match. “I’ve won the Senior Open and the Indiana MidAmateur,” said Till. “I’ve never won a senior match play event and quite frankly I felt like I was due. Playing in 100 degree heat and winning is very satisfying to me.” This win was Till’s first in an IGA senior amateur tournament.

Sam Till, winner of the IGA Senior Match Play Championship

2012 Annual


Harris, winner of the Mid-Am

Harris Wins Mid-Am in Sudden Death Playoff Muncie, Ind. - Kokomo’s Brian Harris captured his second Indiana Golf Association title in a 2-hole play-off over Valparaiso’s Dave Vlasic. Harris posted the only under par round of the day to erase a four shot deficit.

Vlasic posted a birdie on holes nine, 10, and 11 to take the lead at 2-under-par. The lead was short lived as he added bogeys on holes 12, 16, 17, and 18, putting him back at 2-over-par for the tournament and tied with Harris.

Harris fired an opening round 73 over the 6,400 yard Delaware Country Club layout and was in a tie for 16th place entering Friday’s final round. He found himself seven groups away from the leaders and out of the spotlight.

“I thought I needed to be 4-under to have a chance,” said Harris. “But, it was windy and the course played long. I played pretty steady.”

“It’s the only way I could have won,” said Harris of his position in the field. “If I was in the last (lead) group I would have shot 80.” Vlasic, the 2004 Mid-Amateur Champion, fired an impressive 34 on the front nine, which gave him a share of the lead with Aaron Walters at even par. Harris was just 2 back at 2-over-par. Harris’s birdie on 14, put him to 1-under-par, for the day, and 2-over-par for the tournament. Walters started the back nine with a string of two bogeys and a double bogey and eventually finished in a tie for 3rd, one shot off the pace.


2012 Annual

Both Harris and Vlasic made par the opening playoff hole. Harris drove the ball into the fairway on the par-4, 439 yard, second hole while Vlasic found trouble off the tee in the trees to the left. Vlasic was forced to play his second shot to the right of the green and ended up with a bogey 5. Harris, meanwhile, played his approach to within 20 feet of the hole and two-putted for the victory. It was Harris’ second IGA title to go with his 2010 victory in the IGA Tournament of Champions. The IGA Mid-Amateur is open to Indiana amateur players who are 30 years of age and over.

Werner Wins in Sudden Death Playoff

Werner, studying his putt on the final playoff hole

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Noblesville, Ind. – Dyer’s Terry Werner captured the IGA Senior Amateur Championship in a two-hole sudden death playoff where he defeated Fort Wayne’s John Zitkovic at Harbour Trees Golf Club. Werner, playing two groups behind the leaders, snuck in a 2-underpar 69 during the final round, surprising the field with a one-underpar tournament finish. “Once I got it to 3-under-par for the day I felt like I had a chance,” said Werner. “I had one small hiccup on the back nine, putting myself back at 2-under, but for the most part I felt really comfortable with where I stood.” Meanwhile, Zitkovic got off to a very impressive start in the morning, with four birdies in his opening five holes, to get to 6-under-par for the tournament. Zitkovic looked unbeatable and steady throughout the day until his bogey on the par-3, eighth hole combined with a double bogey on the par-4, ninth hole, brought him back to 3-under-par for the tournament. “I got off to a great start,” said Zitkovic. “I was hitting it close and making a lot of putts.” However, Zitkovic’s bogey on the par-3, 18th hole, gave him a 1-under par finish, forcing a playoff with Werner. Both players bogeyed the par 4, 1st, so they headed to number nine for their second sudden death playoff hole. Zitkovic missed the green left on nine and failed to get up-and-down for par, while Werner stuck it to 10 feet and easily two-putted for par and for the win.

In the Super Senior Amateur, which was also held at Harbour Trees Golf Club that same day, Alan Buell, from Brazil, Ind., took the title after firing a two-day 5-over par 147. The Super Senior Amateur is open to players ages 65 and older.

2012 Annual


Indiana Women’s Golf Association The Indiana Women’s Golf Association (IWGA) is the governing body of women’s golf in Indiana. The IWGA’s primary function is to promote women’s golf in Indiana and offer tournament opportunities for amateur women golfers. Included among the IWGA’s events are the Mid Amatuer, Match Play, Team Championship and Indiana Women’s Amateur Championship.

IWGA President’s Message By Michelle Smith

IWGA Board Members Michelle Smith Aren Howell Frances Walker Kristi Trotter Michelle Gerbasich Tobi Herron Nina Whalen Starr Sanford Susan St. John Walters

It is hard to believe that 2012 is already over and my second year as IWGA President has begun. As I look back at my message from last year, I feel the board did a very good job at achieving the goals set for 2012. We increased entries for our events from more first time participants and we continue to use surveys and emails to enhance our tournament experiences. I am looking forward to 2013 and what our board can bring to women’s golf in Indiana. The 2012 golf season proved to be an uncharacteristic one for Indiana. Most golf courses opened earlier than normal or didn’t close down at all. A friend of mine who is a club assistant said, “We were open more days in January than February when we were closed,” and that was from the Northeast Region of the state. For all of us die-hard golfers, the mild winter weather and early spring helped keep our games in tune, which is why I believe our IWGA events enjoyed some outstanding scores and high participation numbers this season. 2012 was also a season of “firsts”, as in players winning their first state titles. Out of our five events, we had two first time title winners and one double championship title winner. Congratulations to Kristi Cardwell who survived brutal temperatures to win the Women’s Open. I was also honored to have won my first state title at the Mid-Am Championship. This year’s Mid-Am was played at two courses (Champions Pointe and Covered Bridge). Finally, congratulations also goes to Meghan Potee who was a double title winner at the Match Play and State Am Championship. Along with winning the two state titles, Meghan was also awarded the 2012 IWGA Alice O’Neal Dye Player of the Year Award. For 2013 there is an important change to an event on the schedule. We will continue to offer five events, but there is an eligibility change for one. In this year’s State Am Championship, participation will not be based on handicap. As a board, we decided to put in place an “exception” status based on the previous years results. The remaining open spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. The board feels this will encourage more participation from players who may not have registered because of the previous handicap requirements. Please check the website for more information regarding this important change. In closing, myself and the IWGA board members would like to thank all who participated in our 2012 events. We would also like to thank Mike David and all of the Golf Office Staff for their hard work this past season. Thank you to the golf professionals, superintendants, and their staffs for supporting women’s golf and hosting our tournaments. Finally, the IWGA cannot wait to begin the 2013 season.


2012 Annual

FOR OUR FATHER Savich Sisters Represent Father’s Homeland Rade Savich came to the United States when he was 14 years old. It wasn’t until he graduated from Central Michigan University that he first became interested in golf. As he began to develop a passion for the sport, he taught his daughters, Milena and Ariana, how to play. Both girls grew up playing on the Indiana Junior Golf Tour and developed their skills through tournament competition. “The Indiana Junior Golf Tour is extremely well organized and provides a great opportunity for a kid to participate at their level and yet be able to move up to higher levels when they are ready,” Rade said. “The program provided my girls with confidence in themselves and their games, which ultimately led to higher levels of golf as well as college golf.” This summer Rade wanted to take Milena and Ariana to Serbia because they had never met his family. However, since both girls play collegiate golf, he wanted to find a way to make the trip without the girls being away from golf for too long. “I began researching golf tournaments in Europe and I stumbled upon the Serbian Golf Association,” Rade said. “My first impression was, ‘No way do they have golf.’ Upon email exchanges and skyping with the national coach, the relationship was born.” In the end, Milena and Ariana were invited to represent their father’s homeland of Serbia in the Women’s World Amateur Championship in Turkey last September. Before the tournament began, Rade took Milena and Ariana to Serbia to meet his family and the small golf community. In Belegrade, Serbia’s capital, golf is becoming more prominent, especially among the country’s youth, however not as many adults are familiar with the game. “My dad wanted us to help promote golf in smaller countries like Serbia, and get closer to our heritage,” Ariana said. “Playing in this event helped us do both.” Because this was the first time Serbia was represented in the Women’s World Amateur Team Championship, the Savich’s said the support was tremendous. “There was a lot of excitement,” Milena said. “The President of the Serbian Golf Association,

his wife, the secretary, her husband, and our coach, Nebosja Lazic, along with his wife, including all three boys from the men’s team were there to watch us play the final round,” she added. Milena and Ariana represented Serbia well and their backgrounds in college golf prepared them for this event. Milena, 22, began her career at the University of Michigan, where she spent one year. She then transferred to the University of Georgia and graduated this past December. Ariana, 20, is currently a junior at the University of Missouri and is a strong asset to her Division I team. Unlike college golf, the format for the Championship was aggregate best ball. Each team had three participants and two scores were added together daily. Jelena Latinovic, a player from Arkansas State, was the third player selected for Team Serbia. However, a few days prior to competition something came up, preventing Jelena from participating, and leaving Milena and Ariana at a disadvanatage with just two players. “Without our third player, we had to count both of our scores, so there was little room for error,” said Milena. “We were in 20th place after the first round, which was awesome. Even though we didn’t keep that pace, we beat quite a few teams with all three players which was an accomplishment itself.” Milena and Ariana fired daily totals of 150, 158, 160, and a 153 during their final round, with Ariana’s impressive even-par 72 to wrap up the tournament. “Even though I didn’t play as well as I had hoped during the week, I was proud of my come back on the last day,” Ariana said. “Milena and I are each other’s biggest supporters and it was so much fun experiencing this together.” The Savich’s finished 44th out of the 56 teams that participated. “The scores weren’t what made the tournament good or bad though,” Milena said. “Playing on a team with my sister was awesome. We were given a chance to learn about other cultures and it made us both realize how special it is to play this game we love. Golf is the same everywhere and that is the one thing we all had in common.”

2012 Annual


Meghan Potee’s successful season began back in May when she won the IWGA Match Play Championship at Harrison Hills Golf Course in Attica. Potee, from Noblesville, Ind., was seeded sixth after firing a 3-over-par 75 in the opening round qualifier and went on to defeat some of the state’s best players, claiming her first match play win. In early July, Potee finished 7th at the Indiana PGA Women’s Open at Hickory Stick Golf Club in Greenwood after firing a pair of 74s. Later that same month Potee won her first State Amateur Championship and by a seven shot margin, with an opening round, 3-under-par, 69, followed by a 1-over-par, 73, and a final round 1-under-par, 71. Potee has now won all four women’s major tournaments in the state at some point during her career. “That is a really cool accomplishment,” said Potee. “I love Indiana golf because we grow up with all of these girls and it’s really fun getting to play with them.” Potee also qualified for the 2012 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, which she participated in last August. “Being named Player of the Year is a really big honor. I had such a good summer and these tournaments really got me motivated to play well at Kansas this year.”


IWGA Alice O’Neal Dye Player of the Year Player

Events Points


Meghan Potee




Kristi Cardwell




Breanna Patz




Michele Nash




Amy Thompson




Ashley Kees




Kayla Katterhenry




Briana Midkiff




Rachael Diane Pruett




Julie M. Carmichael



IWGA Alice O’Neal Dye Player of the Year 32

2012 Annual

Meghan Potee hits her tee shot on nine at Harrison Hills Golf Course during the final match of the IWGA Match Play Championship

KU Junior Potee Wins Match Play Attica, Ind. – Chilly temperatures during the final round did not stand in the way of two top college golfers competed for the title of IWGA Match Play Champion, May 30- June 1. On day one, 41 women competed at Harrison Hills Golf Course in the stroke play qualifier vying for one of the 16 spots in the match play competition. After earning the 16th and final seed, Amy Thompson, a junior at the University of Indianapolis, knocked out the number one seed, Taylor Gohn, in the morning, and last year’s defending champion, Kristtini Cain, that same afternoon. After her impressive rounds of golf on Thursday, Thompson set a few goals for the final round. “I just want to stay in it tomorrow,” said Thompson. “I need to put myself close and make birdie putts.”

While Thompson was competing, Meghan Potee, a junior at Kansas University, was knocking out players one-by-one. By Friday morning, there were four players left: Amy Thompson, Briana Midkiff, Meghan Potee, and Kristi Cardwell. In the morning match, Thompson’s luck finally ran out. Briana Midkiff, a freshman at the University of Iowa, defeated Thompson 5 & 4, while Meghan Potee defeated Midkiff’s teammate at Iowa, Kristi Cardwell, 3 & 2. Potee and Midkiff advanced to the finals Friday afternoon. Potee birdied the par-3, 17th to go 1-up in the match and halved the 18th for the win.

2012 Annual


Smith Wins IWGA Mid-Amateur Championship

Cole, left and Carmichael, right

Carmichael and Cole Claim Second IWGA Team Championship Title Martinsville, Ind. – Indianapolis’ Julie Carmichael and Noblesville’s Courtney Cole captured their second straight IWGA Team Championship by a single shot at Foxcliff GC in Martinsville. The duo fired a 3-under-par 69 to win by one shot. “We know how to ham and egg it really well,” said Cole. “We were fortunate to have several birdies today which definitely helped.” The team combined for 6 birdies including four in the last five hole stretch, birdieing the sixth, eighth, ninth, and 10th holes. Three teams finished in a tie for second place. For Carmichael, a member of the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame, it was her 10th IWGA title.

ahead of defending champion, Nina Whalen.

Henryville and Sellersburg, Ind. Ft. Wayne’s Michelle Smith outlasted two former Champions to capture her first IWGA title in the MidAmateur Championship. Her 4-over-par 148 total was a shot better than two-time Mid-Amateur Champion, Tobi Herron, and two shots

Smith was the only player in the opening round to better par, firing a 71 at Champions Point Golf Course. All three of the contenders struggled on the opening nine of their final rounds at Covered Bridge. Smith fired a 2-over-par 38 and Herron posted a 37, giving Smith a one shot lead heading to the back nine. A bogey on the par-4, 10th hole, moved Smith into a tie with Herron. The lead was quickly given back to Smith after Herron suffered a double-bogey 6, on 11. Smith would never relinquish the lead. She finished the back nine with a 3-over-par 39, equaling Herron’s back nine, and finishing the Championship one shot ahead. Whalen’s back nine charge came up just short as she carded two birdies and a bogey on the back for a 1-under-par 35. The Indianapolis resident finished third overall and collected the Senior Division Title by 14 shots over Sellersburg’s Susan Peters. The IWGA Mid-Amateur Championship is open to Indiana Women Golfers who are 25 years of age and over. The field was flighted after the first round with the low 12 players making the Championship Flight. Other Flight winners included: First Flight: Lisa Cook, Second Flight: Joan Belschwender, and Third Flight: Denise Werner.

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2012 Annual

Cardwell Wins Her First Major Title Greenwood, Ind. – “I’ve never won one of these bigger tournaments,” said Kristi Cardwell, a senior at The University of Iowa. “I’ve come in second place before in a college tournament after finishing 4-under-par for 54 holes, but never first.” With an impressive 1-under-par 141 finish at Hickory Sticks Golf Club, Cardwell became the 19th winner of the Indiana PGA Women’s Open.

Cardwell went on to par the par-3, fourth hole, but on the par-4, fifth hole she hit her tee shot into the bunker. “I hit my shot out of the bunker to two feet and made the putt for birdie. That string of holes was the highlight of my round,” said Cardwell.

One hundred players endured brutal temperatures and long rounds during the two-day stroke play competition. After day one, Butler University senior, Julia Porter, was at the top of the leader board after firing a 2-under-par 69.

Cardwell was 4-under-par heading to the back nine and her play remained consistent as she made par on holes 10 through 16. However, on the par-3, 17th hole, Cardwell left herself in a tricky spot after landing her tee shot in the right rough with very little green to work with. Calmly, she chipped it close and walked off with what looked like another easy par.

Porter teed off in the last group on day two, along with Carlee Cossell, Rachael Pruett, and Breanna Patz. Porter’s nerves seemed to get the best of her though, as she started with three bogeys on her first three holes, falling out of the lead.

Although she bogeyed her final hole, Cardwell secured herself a 1-underpar finish, which was better than the rest of the field.

Two groups in front of Porter, Kristi Cardwell got off to a very different start.

“Everything was on today,” said Cardwell. Finishing in second place with an even par 142 was Michelle Nash, a former Butler University player.

“My first birdie of the day was on hole three,” said Cardwell. “Yesterday I missed that green completely but today I knocked it to 12 feet and made the putt for birdie.”

2012 Annual


Potee Coasts to State Am Victory Columbus, Ind. – Noblesville’s Meghan Potee began the week with an opening round 69 at Otter Creek Golf Club at the IWGA Women’s State Amateur Championship. Over the course of three days, Potee never wavered from the top of the leader board, posting a 1-over-par 73 on day two and a 1-under-par 71 on the final day of competition. Potee amassed an impressive three day total of 213 and a seven shot victory over Newburgh’s Kayla Katterhenry. “I think the first day was one of my best rounds in a while,” said Potee. “I hit my drives in the fairway and made more birdies than I did in the other two rounds. I hit my driver really solid as well and only missed two greens.” Potee, a junior at The University of Kansas, has now won four events in the state, which include the IHSAA Girls High School State Championship, Women’s State Open, and the IWGA Match Play Championship. “It’s a pretty cool thing and I’m really excited about it,” said Potee. “I’m going to come back next year and try to win one of these tournaments for the second time. I’m pretty proud of my play this week.” Despite Potee’s opening bogey on the par-5, first hole, she was able to finish under par with three birdies on holes 2, 4, and 12. Potee’s only other bogey on her scorecard was on the par-4, 16th hole. After an errant tee shot forced her to punch out from behind a tree, Potee missed the green short and was unable to get up and down. Newburgh’s Kayla Katterhenry fired a 4-over-par 76 on day three, which was enough to claim second place in the Championship Flight. “I feel pretty good with how I played,” said Katterhenry, a senior at Castle High School. “I struggled on the front nine today because of nerves, but I’m proud of the way I fought back and played 2-under on the back nine.” Katterhenry started off the day using a golf cart but dropped it after the sixth hole. “I think dropping the cart and walking helped me with my rhythm,” said Katterhenry. Katterhenry, the 2011 Indiana Girl’s State Junior Champion, finished tied for second at the North-South Junior Championship at Pinehurst, NC with a three-day total of 222. Like Potee, Plainfield’s Breanna Patz, also fired an impressive final round 71 and was one of only four players to break par, moving her into third place for the Championship. Potee had an impressive summer, with two IWGA wins, and qualified for the US Amateur Championship.


2012 Annual

Indiana Golf Foundation

2013 Invitational The Pete Dye Course at French Lick

May 21, 2013 11:00 a.m. Lunch and Registration 12:00 p.m. Shotgun Start (Net Best Ball Event) 5:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception Cost for this year’s event is $350 per person ($250 will be tax deductible)

The Indiana Golf Foundation invites you to join us at the 12th Annual Invitational to benefit The First Tee of Indiana, the Gongaware Junior Golf Academy and scholarship programs. This event is limited to 30 teams of four golfers. Call Cyndi Lawson at (317) 738-9696 for more information.

2012 Annual


Indiana Golf Foundation Foundation Board Members Steve Baker Jack Barber Michael Browning Andy Burns Keith Clark

Established in 1994 as a shared vision of the Indiana Golf Association and the Indiana Section PGA, the Indiana Golf Foundation is dedicated to affording young people the opportunity to learn this most challenging of games and its inherent lessons about life, while preserving the history of golf in Indiana. The activities of the Foundation, which is funded by private and corporate contributions, include the Indiana Junior Tour, the Gongaware Junior Academy, scholarship programs, philanthropic contributions and the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame.

John Cohoat Jim Dahl Robert Elzer

IGF President’s Message

Chip Essig

By Jack Barber

Todd Firestone Kent Frandsen

Dear Indiana Golfer,

Tim Frazier

It is indeed an honor for me to take over as President of the Indiana Golf Foundation. I’m truly looking forward to my three year term and have big shoes to fill in order to replace Steve Baker. Steve did a fantastic job leading the Foundation for the last 12 years. He was instrumental in the construction of the Indiana Golf Office and the Gongaware Junior Golf Academy and it is due in large part to his efforts that the Foundation is debt free.

Mark Inman Joe Mercer Gary Myers Thad Miller Amy Moulton Tony Pancake Steve Paquin Nick Paul Pete Schownir Matt Shepherd Frank Short Curt Simic Terry W. Smith Steve Sterrett Jennifer Tudor John Watts Chuck Welter


2012 Annual

As we look to the future we now need to build a solid reserve fund so that we are able to sustain and grow our many junior golf programs. These are exciting times for Indiana Golf and for the Indiana Golf Foundation as we have recently added The First Tee of Indiana Chapter under the Foundation umbrella. Adding The First Tee of Indiana will give us the potential to reach tens of thousands of kids throughout the state. In addition, we are implementing an outreach program into Boys and Girls Clubs around the state and are introducing the PGA Junior League Golf program to Indiana youth in 2013. We will also continue to offer one of the best Junior Tour programs in the country that will include over 70 events in 2013. Finally, our Academy sessions will reach over 600 kids this coming summer. I encourage you, as a golfer, to support the Indiana Golf Foundation by making a donation that will enable us to continue to offer junior golf programs at affordable prices so that we can introduce the next generation of golfers to this great game. I hope you have a wonderful 2013 golfing season. Sincerely, Jack Barber President, Indiana Golf Foundation PGA Professional, Meridian Hills Country Club

Evan Mathias has truly inspired others through his determination, success, and unfailing persistence both on and off the course. Despite the physical challenges life has thrown his way, Mathias has been playing golf ever since he was given his first set of plastic clubs and has never looked back.

Moore, and 71 amputees participated in the three day tournament, as well as several non-amputees that played in the scramble.

Born with defects in both of his legs, Evan had no ankle joints, was missing one knee, had very few bones in either foot, and no fibulas. When he was 8 years old, he had his first surgery, removing his left foot above the ankle and his right leg above the knee. On January 29, 1997, just one month before his first birthday, Evan received his first pair of prosthetics and said he was walking like it was natural.

“My family and I cannot thank the Foundation enough for what they did,” Evan said. “I was very excited to be able to show my fellow amputees how much I had improved. Playing with some of the best amputee golfers in the United States is a lot of fun and always helps me improve my game.”

“I never really saw myself as disabled,” Mathias, from Portland, Ind., said. “I see myself like any other 16-year-old kid. My parents and family never treated me any differently or allowed me to act any differently from my cousins or friends, so I never thought I was.” When Evan turned 10, he began to take golf more seriously and realized he might have a lot of potential. His mom began researching amputee

Evan received a scholarship from the Indiana Golf Foundation, making it possible for him to participate in this event and attend the Academy.

Evan’s goal was to qualify for the International Cup, a Ryder Cup style tournament, in Lincoln, Neb., next fall. With his 15th place finish, he earned himself a spot in this prestigious event. “It was a great feeling knowing that I accomplished the goal I set out for myself,” Evan said. “There were so many great golfers playing, so attaining this meant a lot to me.”


sports and she came across the National Amputee Golf Association’s (NAGA) website and thought it would be a good fit. In 2006, Evan competed in his first NAGA Tournament in Circleville, Ohio. “After that event I was hooked,” Mathias said. Last summer, Evan attended the Gongaware Junior Golf Academy and worked with Academy Director, Roger Lundy. “Evan was an inspiration to all the campers and staff here that week,” Lundy said. “He was here to improve his golf game and everyone kind of looked at Evan and probably thought, ‘I better not complain,’ because the fact that he never complained about the 100 degree weather every day or that one of his prosthetics was malfunctioning, is testament to what a strong young man he is.” Evan has now played in three National Amputee Tournaments, including the 2012 National Amputee Open, which was held at Brickyard Crossing GC. The tournament was hosted by Indiana PGA Professional Kim

Growing up, Evan participated in several sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. Today, he competes in swimming and tennis, as well as golf on Jay County High School’s teams. “While I still compete in tennis and swimming, golf comes out on top. I don’t really see myself as disabled, but in every other sport I am at a disadvantage,” Evan said. “Golf is a level playing field. I don’t need to be fast, just focused. Golf is so accepting of anyone with or without physical conditions and that is part of what draws me in, and being successful helps too.” After high school, Evan hopes to play college golf, and has already received recruitment letters from several schools. With his continuous hard work, Evan has many good things to come. “Evan is so humble and at no time considers himself to be different,” Lundy said. “He’s a normal 16-year-old kid with a passion for the game of golf and being the best at it. That is what is so impressive.”

2012 Annual


Jack Nicklaus Speaks at IU Supporting The First Tee of Indiana On October 15, 2012, Hall of Fame golfer, architect, and philanthropist Jack Nicklaus served as the inaugural speaker in the Wilson Delta Gamma Lectureship in Values & Ethics at Indiana University in support of The First Tee of Indiana. The Wilson Delta Gamma Lectureship was created last fall by fourtime PGA Tour champion Mark Wilson and his wife, Amy, an alumna and former president of IU’s Delta Gamma chapter. The fully endowed series brings a speaker to campus each year, and follows 20 other Delta Gamma chapters nationwide that have developed such lectureship series. Prior to the lecture, a private dinner with Nicklaus was held at the Student Union, followed by a Question & Answer session with Nicklaus conducted by Mark Wilson. During the Q&A Nicklaus talked about his life on Tour, the importance of his family, and he shared tips on how best to prepare for tournaments. Nicklaus’ list of achievements and his genuine and inspiring demeanor touched all in attendance. After the dinner concluded Inga Hammond, a former Golf Channel reporter, conducted the lectureship portion of the evening. Her first question was one any golf fan was dying to ask: “What did you think about the outcome of the Ryder Cup?” “Well, early Sunday I did an interview with Sky Sport, a European Broadcaster,” Nicklaus said. “I saw the list of pairings and I saw fourand-a-half points I thought the U.S. would win. I knew if they didn’t win those matches, then things would be close. The U.S. played good, but ultimately the Europeans deserved to win.” Nicklaus’ father taught him how to lose gracefully at an early age. Hammond, like most golf fans, was curious as to how he felt about Tiger potentially breaking his record of major wins, 18. “Since Tiger was a little boy, he had my record posted on his closet,” said Nicklaus. “It’s definitely possible Tiger could do it. He’s a great player. But right now, no player on Tour has won five majors, so he would have to win more majors to get to 19 than any player on Tour has currently won. There are a lot of good players out there, but if he does do it, I’ll be the first person to shake his hand.”


2012 Annual

The focus of the lecture was on values and ethics, and since golf is a game where the player is his own referee, Hammond asked Nicklaus if that is what first attracted him to golf. Nicklaus said that the reason he first liked golf was because it is an individual sport and a player’s hard work directly relates to his success. “Golf is the only game where a player is his own official,” said Nicklaus. “There is something really rewarding about finishing a round, winning, and knowing you did everything properly and honestly.” Nicklaus is known to be a family-oriented man. He has been married to wife Barbara for 52 years, is the father of five children, and has 21 grandchildren. When Nicklaus began touring, he and wife Barbara made a rule that they would never go more than 14 days without seeing one another. “That usually meant taking the kids Friday after school to my tournaments. One thing I wanted to make sure of was that my kids knew their father. Family is not a game, it’s your life,” Nicklaus said. Nicklaus went on to share some of his most memorable occasions; the 2003 President’s Cup in South Africa which resulted in a tie, due to an agreement made by Gary Player and Nicklaus; winning The Masters in 1986 at age 46; his loss to Watson at Pebble Beach while vying for his fifth U.S. Open title; and his countless visits to countries around the world designing and building golf courses. “Like my wife says, ‘There is no excuse for not being properly prepared.’ To the students at IU, everywhere you go in the world people are people and people are pretty nice. I’d like to see our country back together again. There’s no excuse for not being properly prepared at IU, I just hope the world is prepared for you.” This great event raised over $68,000 for The First Tee of Indiana. Thanks to all who helped make this such a special night.

Don “Chip” Essig Inducted Into the Hall of Fame In front of family, friends, and colleagues, Don “Chip” Essig IV was inducted into the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame on November 2, 2012, at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Ind. Throughout his life, Chip Essig has excelled in teaching, playing and promoting the game of golf. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Essig grew up playing the former Hoosier Links GC, which his father owned and operated. Upon graduating from Purdue University in 1987, Essig knew he wanted to make golf his career and in 1990 earned his PGA Membership. Since joining the PGA of America, Essig has earned his Master Professional certificate, served on the PGA of America Rules Committee and been granted the organization’s highest honor, Golf Professional of the Year. With his service to the PGA of America and the game of golf, Chip Essig has earned himself a place in the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame. Essig is the co-owner of Essig Golf LCC, a golf course management company that oversees two facilities in the Indianapolis area— Hickory Stick Golf Club in Greenwood, where he serves as the PGA Director of Golf and Club Owner and Heartland Crossing Golf Links in Camby. He is also the co-owner of Essig Golf

Performance Academy, where he has given golf lessons for many years. Essig has been a part of the IGF and IGA-PGA Board, and from 2006 to 2008, he served as the Indiana Section President. For his lifetime devotion to the game of golf, Essig has been recognized in various ways. In 2011, Essig was the recipient of the National Golf Professional of the Year Award, one of only three professionals from the Indiana Section to ever receive this honor. Additionally, Essig was the recipient of the 2011 Indiana Section Golf Professional of the Year Award and the 2002 Indiana PGA Horton Smith Award. Essig also has dedicated his life to gaining an in-depth understanding of the Rules of Golf, and today he is considered to be an expert. In 1998, he was appointed to the PGA Rules Committee, leading him to serve at every PGA Championship since 2001, a Senior PGA Championship, a Masters Championship, three U.S. Senior Open Championships and the 2012 Ryder Cup. Essig also works as a PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop Instructor. In addition to Essig’s numerous professional responsibilities, he also finds time to give back to the community. In 1996, he was asked to host the Indiana State Special Olympics Tournament. Since Essig’s involvement, the program has grown from 50 to over 450 participants a year. In 2003, Essig was selected as Team USA’s Special Olympics Coach and traveled to Ireland for the Special Olympics World Games. Essig and his wife, Stefanie, live in Westfield, and are the parents of daughter Cameron, 6, and son Travis, 4. Essig joins father, Don Essig III as the 92nd inductee into the Indiana Golf Hall of Fame, the third of three father/son pairs.

2012 Annual


2012 Junior Players of the Year

The Pepsi Indiana Junior Golf Program is excited to congratulate the winners of the 2012 Junior Player of the Year awards. Player of the Year accolades were given to one boy and one girl as the overall Pepsi Indiana Junior Golf Program Player of the Year. Additionally, Player of the Year awards were given for the Aquafina Prep Tour and Mountain Dew Junior Tour.

Pepsi Indiana Junior Golf Program Girls Player of the Year MORGAN NADALINE, ANDERSON For the past two years Morgan Nadaline has been named the Pepsi Indiana Junior Girls Player of the Year in addition to a Mountain Dew Junior Tour Player of the Year award in 2009. Morgan’s highlight of the 2012 season was a win at the 62nd Girls State Junior Championship. She started off the tournament claiming the number one seed and medalist honors after firing a 4-over par 76. She went on to win her remaining four matches and claimed the Championship Title. In other Indiana Championships, Morgan added top-5 finishes at the Indiana Section Junior PGA Championship and Oakley Hoosier Junior Championship. On a national level, Morgan again proved her match play prowess by finishing runner-up at the Women’s Western Junior Championship.

Pepsi Indiana Junior Golf Program Boys Player of the Year JOHNNY WATTS, FISHERS Johnny Watts carded four top-5 finishes and two additional top-10’s on the season. Johnny had runner-up finishes at the Northern and Central Junior Masters events and added a 4th place result at the Masters Tour Championship. The total of those events led him to the 2012 Pepsi Max Masters Tour Points Championship. In Championship play, Johnny, had a third place finish in the 16 year old division at the Age Group Championship and top-10’s at the Indiana Section Junior PGA Championship and Oakley Hoosier Junior Championship. Johnny also qualified for match play at the 87th Boys State Junior Championship.


2012 Annual

Mountain Dew Junior Tour Boys Player of the Year NICOLAS OSTERBURG, INDIANAPOLIS 2012 saw Nicolas Osterburg post three total victories, two runnerups and three additional top-four finishes. On the Mountain Dew Junior Tour, Nicolas’ biggest win was in a playoff at the season ending Tour Championship. He also had a win at Ulen CC along with runner-up finishes at Liberty CC and Bloomington CC. His performance in those events led him to the Points Championship in the Boys 13-14 year old division. In Championship play, Nicolas fired a two-day total of 75-76-151 to win the Boys 13 year-old division at the

Aquafina Prep Tour Boys Player of the Year PEYTON SNOEBERGER, WILLIAMSPORT Peyton Snoeberger did not have a finish outside the top-3 at any of his seven Indiana Junior Golf Program events in 2012. His season included five Prep Tour victories, with wins at Forest Park, Cascades, AJ Thatcher, Tipton Municipal and Kokomo American Legion and his only non-win was a third place finish at Chippendale. Those finishes also led Peyton to the Points Championship in the Boys 10-11 division of the Prep Tour. In Championship play, Peyton shot a 2-under par total of 71-71-142 and tied for second in the Boys 11 year old division at the Age Group Championship.

Age Group Championship by an eight shot margin.

Mountain Dew Junior Tour Girls Player of the Year KAYLA ADAMSON, MARION Kayla Adamson’s 2012 Mountain Dew Tour season included four victories and no finishes outside the top-3 in her seven tour events. Kayla’s wins came at the Tour Championship, Etna Acres, Kokomo American Legion and Kokomo CC. Kayla was also the runner-up at Westwood and Bridgewater West and finished third at The Player’s Club. Her win at the Tour Championship also helped her claim the Girls 15-16 Points Championship. In Championship play, Kayla added another victory, this time in the Girls 16 division at the Age Group Championship where she fired 76-71-147 to post a five shot win.

Aquafina Prep Tour Girls Player of the Year KAYLA BENGE, PLAINFIELD Kayla Benge finished 2012 with a perfect Aquafina Prep Tour season, winning all six of the events she entered. Kayla’s wins came at Forest Park, Meadowbrook, Tipton Municipal, Kokomo American Legion and both Dye Course events. Those finishes led her to and easy win of the Girls 12 year-old season Points Championship. In Championship play, Kayla finished T32 and qualified for the second flight at the Girls State Junior Championship, where she was the highest Prep Tour finisher. Kayla was also one of two Prep Tour players to make the cut at the Indiana Section Junior PGA Championship where she finished T23. Kayla also added a third place finish in the Girls 12 division at the Age Group Championship.

2012 Annual


INDIANA GOLF FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS Each spring, seniors from across Indiana apply for college scholarships awarded by the Indiana Golf Foundation and David E. Simon Scholarship Programs. These scholarships encourage and promote the attainment of higher education goals for high school seniors who have actively participated in the game of golf and have excelled academically. Applicants must be nominated in writing by their high school golf coach or a PGA Professional and must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale or a 9.0 or higher on a 12.0 grading scale. Additionally, all applicants must be a member of the Indiana Junior Golf Tour. One recipient will receive the Lynn B. Shonk Memorial Scholarship which was established in 2009. Lynn was a great champion of the Indiana Golf Foundation and its programs. This scholarship was established through the generosity of her husband Bill, children Scott & Sally, and the many family and friends who made gifts in Lynn’s memory.


2012 Annual

GARRETT LOWE Anything can be achieved through hard work and determination, honesty is the best policy, and always make criticism constructive are the top three lessons Garrett Lowe has taken from his golf experience so far. His efforts helped him earn four varsity letters for golf at Southmont High School, as well as two varsity letters for soccer. Garrett attended Boys State and was involved in Business Professionals of America, 4-H, and Boy Scouts. He was an Indiana Junior Golfer, participating in 22 Indiana Junior Golf Tour events and was the Ulen Pepsi Tournament Champion in July 2011. In the fall, Garrett will attend Trine University to pursue a degree in computer engineering and will try out for the men’s golf team.

KENT KRAUS Kent Kraus sees honesty and integrity, courage and confidence, and hard work as the most important values golf has taught him. Through countless hours on the driving range and participation in several Indiana Junior Golf Tour events, Kent earned a spot on the Center Grove golf team. He had three 3rd place and two 2nd place finishes in junior events and was a qualifier for 2011 Boys State. Kent also was a member of Student Council, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a volunteer for community service activities. In addition to athletics, he was on Honor Society for two years, the Spanish Honor Society for three years, and a tutor. This fall Kent will attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology to study chemistry/pre-med in hopes to have a future career as a cardiologist.

AHREN ALEXANDER Refusing to let his peer’s criticism of his passion for golf deter him, Ahren Alexander has grown as a golfer, a friend and an individual. Throughout his time at Westfield High School, Ahren earned four letters for golf and was a member of the school’s cross country and winter track and field teams. He has participated in 53 Indiana Junior Golf Tour events and five other national or regional tournaments. He has had multiple second and third place finishes along with being the 2009 Stony Creek Champion. Additionally, he was involved in DECA, Leo Club, the school’s Radio/TV, “Pass it On” Mentoring, and the National Honor Society. Ahren plans on combining his passion for music, art, and technology by pursuing degrees in music technology and electrical engineering at Northwestern University.

Since its creation in 1996, the Indiana Golf Foundation has awarded 80 high school seniors $160,000 in scholarships. LYNN B. SHONK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP JILLIAN HUNGATE Born into a golf family with a Class A PGA Professional as a father, Jillian Hungate embraced the game of golf at a young age. She participated in junior golf clinics when she was in elementary school, and enrolled in Mountain Dew Junior Tour events as she transitioned into her high school years. In high school she was on the Northwestern High School golf team where she lettered and was Varsity captain for three years. In 2011 she was named Most Valuable Golfer and tied for first as an individual in the ISHAA Sectional Tournament. She has participated in 15 Indiana Junior Golf Tournaments and two other national or regional tournaments while also earning varsity letters in tennis and gymnastics. In addition to athletics, Jillian was a member of student council, chorus and the honor society. She will be attending Purdue University in the fall to study dietetics, nutrition, fitness, and health.

DAVID E. SIMON SCHOLARSHIPS Created by David E. Simon to assist high school seniors who have been employed at an Indiana golf facility to pursue higher education, this scholarship program has awarded over $190,000 to 38 high school students since its inception in 1999.

Applicants must have been employed in some capacity at an Indiana golf facility and must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale or a 9.0 or higher on a 12.0 grading scale. Each recipient of a David E. Simon Scholarship will receive $5,000.





Bradley Clark began working at Highland Lake Golf Course as a volunteer in the summer of 2008 and continued through 2009. During the summer of 2010, he became a part-time employee at the course and has continued working there during the summers. In the past four year, Bradley has learned the importance of taking initiative, working with people, and money management. He was a member of the Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School golf team for four years and earned his varsity letter. Throughout high school, he also played basketball and was involved in chorus, honor society, BPA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and community service activities. Bradley will be attending Grace College this fall and will major in business.

Daymon Osborn has been a caddy for six years and has worked in the bag room for three years at Orchard Ridge Country Club. As a caddy, Daymon learned many things, including providing excellent service, multi-tasking, and perseverance. Daymon attended Homestead High School where he played basketball and football, earning letters in both. He also played baseball and was on the honor society. In the fall he will attend Indiana University to pursue a degree in business.

Joe Crow III has spent his summers caddying at the Pete Dye Golf Course in French Lick since 2009. He has learned time management which he uses during the school year to balance his time between playing golf and his school work. Joe attended Springs Valley Jr./Sr. High School where he maintained a high GPA while staying involved in extracurricular activities. He was a member of the school’s golf and basketball teams, earning letters in both, and also was on the cross country team. Additionally, he was involved in student government, honor society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the White Ribbon Campaign, and band. Joe hopes to attend Johnson University in the fall to pursue an intercultural studies degree with a focus on missions.

After a head injury that resulted in unexplained losses of time, like an absent seizure, Mackenzie Cunningham had to dig deep and concentrate on what she was doing. She recovered and gives credit to her family, friends and teachers for her determination. Mackenzie began working at Zionsville Golf Practice Center in May of 2011. She attended University High School, where she earned letters in golf, basketball and lacrosse. She also was a member of the National Honor Society. In the fall she will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study Aeronautical Engineering.

2012 Annual


Phillips Becomes 87th Boys State Junior Champion West Lafayette, Ind. - Mitchell’s Chad Phillips became the 87th Indiana Boys State Junior Champion after defeating Avon’s Mark Whipple 6 & 4 at Kampen Golf Course in West Lafayette. Once into match play Phillips only saw the 18th hole once and didn’t trail until his semifinal match against Chesterton’s Jack Musgrave. Phillips stood on the 18th tee trailing by one, but was able to save par with a clutch four-foot putt to extend the match into extra holes. He went on to birdie the 19th hole and advance to the Championship, where he faced Whipple.

Morgan Nadaline Named 62nd Girl’s State Junior Champion

After Whipple won the par 5, 6th hole to cut Phillips’ lead to 1-up, Phillips gained control of the Championship Match, winning four of the next five holes to take a commanding 5-up lead that he never relinquished.

Franklin, Ind. – Anderson’s Morgan Nadaline fired a two day total of 148 to take medalist honors by six shots in the opening rounds of competition at the Girl’s State Junior Championship at Hillview Country Club. Nadaline went on to knock-out players one-by-one in the match play portion of competition, including Erin Ingram, whom she defeated in her final match.

“Winning number 10 felt pretty good” said Phillips when asked at what point he thought he had the Championship in his grasp. “At that point I was running on adrenaline.”

“I was definitely nervous because the match was so back and forth,” said Nadaline.

With Phillips dormie on the 14th tee, Whipple hit his tee shot left into the hazard and conceded the match after failing to make a long bogey attempt. 
 This win puts Phillips’ name on the most decorated past champions list in Indiana Junior Golf. “It’s going to be great seeing it (his name) up there every year and knowing it can’t be taken off,” said Phillips. 
 Phillips’ road to the Championship included finishing stroke play at 77-76, a total of 153, and earning the 18th seed in match play. Phillips, a rising senior at Mitchell High School, is also a caddie at the Pete Dye Course at French Lick and pursuing an Evans Scholarship.


Nadaline, winner of the Indiana Girl’s State Junior Championship

2012 Annual

The match was in Nadaline’s control for most of the day, until the par-4, 15th hole when Ingram was able to square things up. With three holes to play, Nadaline knew she needed to take back the match that was rightfully hers early on. With a birdie the par-5, 17th Nadaline took a 1-up lead, heading into 18. Both players split the fairway on their drives, and laid up to around 100 yards for their third shots on the par-5, 18th. Nadaline knocked her ball to five feet, and Ingram put hers to twenty feet below the hole. With a two-putt par for Ingram, and an easy two-putt for Nadaline, Nadaline finished 1 up through 18 holes. “I’ve known Morgan since I was 10 and I’ve played some of my best rounds with her,” said Ingram, from Richmond. Last year Nadaline was named the Junior Player of the Year. Other winners included: Maggie Rees (1st Flight), Mary Shipley (2nd Flight), Erin Bundy (3rd Flight), Kelly James (4th Flight), Maryn Hamilton (5th Flight).

VanDeventer and Sharp Capture Oakley Hoosier Junior Championship Titles Columbus, Ind. – Hometown favorite Michael VanDeventer captured the title at the Oakley Hoosier Junior Championship today at Otter Creek Golf Course. VanDeventer paired yesterday’s 2-over-par 74 with a 1-over-par 73 today, for an impressive two-day total of 147. “I got off to a great start and was 3-under through five,” said VanDeventer. “I bogeyed four of the last six holes, but still finished strong.” VanDeventer and Noblesville’s Jackson Wright were tied after 36 holes, which forced the two into a sudden death playoff. Both players failed to get up-and-down on hole 10, their first playoff hole, so they headed to the par-5, 18th. Wright hit his third shot to about 20 feet, and VanDeventer stuck it to eight feet. Wright two-putted for par and VanDeventer sunk his birdie putt for the win. “This really means a lot to me,” said VanDeventer. “I’ve never played in this tournament before, but this is my home course. It feels great to win here.” Even though Wright didn’t come out on top, he still feels proud of his runner-up finish. “Michael and I were shot for shot in the playoff,” said Wright. “Even though things didn’t turn out as I had hoped, I feel really proud to come in second.” In the girl’s division, Kendallville’s Katie Sharp took the title after firing a two day total of 156, with a first round 8-overpar 80, and a final round 4-over-par 76. “The wind was ferocious, but for some reason I usually play really well in wind,” said Sharp. “I was swinging the club well, putting well, and I got up-and-down a lot.” Sharp’s round consisted of 12 pars, five bogeys, and one birdie, coming on the par-4, 12th hole. “I certainly wasn’t expecting to win after shooting 80 yesterday but it feels great,” said Sharp. Abigail Gleixner secured her second place finish after firing a two-day total of 157, with a 6-over-par 78 coming in her first round and a 7-over-par 79 in her final round. “I played pretty good today, but I tripled the last hole,” said a disappointed Gleixner. “It still feels good to finish second. I’ve been putting a lot of work into my game so I am happy.”

2012 Annual


2012 TOURNAMENT HIGHLIGHTS Mahurin & Hardison Victorious at Mid-Am Team

Rowen Surprises First Round Leaders

April 22-23, 2012

May 4-5, 2012

Columbus, Ind. - Clarence Hardison and Joe Mahurin of Indianapolis endured brutal conditions and numerous challengers to win the 2012 IGA Mid-Am Team at Otter Creek GC. The team had to brave two days of high winds and tough course conditions to take the first tournament of the 2012 IGA season. It was a well-deserved win for the team that put themselves in a good position after an even par round of 72 in Sunday’s alternate shot format. In Monday’s best ball round, the team only carded a single bogey en-route to a 4-under-par round of 68.

Noblesville, Ind. - Sean Rowen admitted he was a little shaky on his way to an opening round 71 at the Tournament of Champions at Fox Prairie GC.

They started play with four consecutive pars, before making a birdie at the par-5 fifth hole. A bogey at the par-3 eighth gave that shot right back and the team finished the front nine at level par. They quickly made their move on the back nine with a birdie at eleven, followed by back-to-back birdies on holes 13 and 14, and capped off an impressive back nine with a closing birdie on the par-5 18th hole.

“I definitely got more aggressive coming down the stretch,” said Rowen. “I hit driver almost everywhere on the back.”

After the duo posted their 36-hole total of 4-under-par (140) they had a long wait as six teams still remained on the golf course. However, none of the six were able to catch Mahurin and Hardison. The victory was bittersweet for Hardison as it was his last IGA event. While Mahurin and Hardison enjoyed the spoils of victory, the round of the day belonged to John Sean Rowen shoots a Cozart and Eric second round 67 to win the Tournament of Champions. Gessner. The team used a hole-in-one by Cozart on the third hole and an eagle on the par-5, 14th to vault into a tie for second. They were joined by the teams of Todd Palmer and Curt Puckett and Brooks Snyder and Brent Hofman, who all finished the event at 3-underpar.


2012 Annual

“I played in the Mid-Am Team a few weeks ago but this was my first individual tournament of the year,” said Rowen. Rowen shook off the rust quickly in the final round carding a 67 and posting three birdies on the back nine.

The only real difference Rowen saw between his first and second round was just convincing a few more putts to fall into the hole. His lone bogey of the day came at hole 11. After hitting his tee shot into the left rough, Rowen knocked his second shot over the green and could not get up and down for par. This win marks Rowen’s third victory in the last nine months in IGA tournaments. He will defend his Indianapolis Amateur and Mid-Amateur titles later this summer. First round co-leaders Sam Till, Jr. and Terry Werner posted second rounds of 74 and 73, respectively. Till and Werner teamed up last fall to win the 2011 IGA Senior Team Championship. Till, of Fort Wayne, and Werner, Dyer, both shot opening rounds of 68 at the two-day stroke play event. Kenny Cook, Noblesville, who was only one shot out of the lead after the first round, tried to earn his second win of the week by moving to 5-under after 27 holes. Cook, who won the Indiana Section PGA Southern on April 30 at Harrison Lake Country Club in Columbus, Ind., made bogey at the 12th and missed a short par putt at 17 to fall back to 3-under-par for second place.

Schumaker Coasts to Senior Open Title May 9, 2012 South Bend, Ind. - Columbia City’s Bill Schumaker used his opening round 62 and a solid second round performance to coast to the 2012 Indiana Section PGA Senior Open. Matching his age with his first round score, Schumaker fired equal nines of 31-31 over the 6,100 yard South Bend Country Club layout. His flawless round included 9 birdies and 9 pars and gave him an 8 shot lead into the second round. Fifty players played 36 holes on Tuesday as heavy overnight rains forced a four hour delay to Monday’s first round. The second wave of the first round which was originally scheduled for Monday afternoon was moved to Tuesday morning. Aftet the completion of the first round, the field was cut to low 60 players and ties and the second and final round was played Tuesday afternoon. Schumaker added a second round 72 to his opening round and his 8-under-par total was good for an 8 shot victory over runner-up Dave Carich.

hitting his second shot off a tree root. Historically, Ousley plays some of his best golf in the spring. The 2011 winner of the season opening Pepsi/Club Car Tournament Series event and with two top 15 finishes to start 2012, Ousley says he is in his best shape in the spring. “I spend all winter working out with a TPI (Titlesit Performance Institute) instructor in Kokomo so I am in my best shape at the start of the season,” says Ousley. “Once summer hits I get busy at the golf course and there just isn’t the time.” Amateur golfers Connor O’Neal (Carmel) and Brooks Snyder (West Lafayette) shared the first round lead with PGA Member Ryan Ford, Director of Golf at Pleasant Run/Sarah Shank Golf Courses in Indianapolis. All three golfers posted rounds of 68 during the final round. In its 32nd year, the Indianapolis Open is open to any PGA Professional, PGA Apprentice or amateur who resides in the Hoosier state and has a handicap below 6.4. This year’s event was sponsored by Raymond James and Sterling Cut Glass.

Schumaker’s second round was considerably more eventful with 6 birdies, 7 bogeys and just 5 pars. Schumaker denied possibly lacking focus on Tuesday with such a seemingly insurmountable lead. “I’ve never had that big of a lead before”, stated Schumaker. “I enjoy playing the course so I focused on that and hoped that things didn’t go horribly wrong,” he added. Schumaker’s cushion entering the second round was a result of his career best 9-under par 62 on Monday. “It just kind of happened”, said Schumaker of his opening round performance. “I hit very few bad shots and made a lot of 8-10 footers. It was the round of a lifetime.” Schumaker, the owner and head golf professional at Crooked Lake Golf Course, opened the second round much like he ended the first, with a birdie on the 320 yard opening hole. While his string of bogey free holes wouldn’t last, there was never much of a threat to his lead. Schumaker’s closest competitors never were able to apply any pressure to the frontrunner. This victory marked Schumaker’s third Senior Open title with wins in 2000 and 2003, also.

Another Spring Win for Ousley May 14-15, 2012 Noblesville, Ind. – Watching Jim Ousley navigate Harbour Trees Golf Club during the Raymond James Indianapolis Open was watching golf the way it was meant to played. Relaxed and obviously having fun, Ousley pulled away from the field posting a second round 4-under 67 on his way to a three shot victory. Ousley, PGA Golf Professional at Tippecanoe Country Club in Monticello, Ind., shot an opening round 69 but admits it wasn’t easy. “I had no control over where the ball was going yesterday,” said Ousley. “I just scrambled really well. Today I had great control over the ball and hit lots of greens.” The lone bogey on his card appeared at the fifth hole when his tee shot on the par-3 buried in the bunker. Perhaps his most amazing shot of the day came at the ninth hole when he was able to make a birdie after

Jim Ousley hits his tee shot on 18 at Harbour Tree Golf Club during the final round of the Raymond James Indianapolis Open

Ousley Two for Two in May May 24, 2012 Monticello, Ind. - Jim Ousley was sad to see the month of May fall off the calendar. Ousley and amateur partner Scott Pieri fired a blistering 10-under-par 62 at the Indiana PGA Pro-Am to claim victory just nine days after Ousley won the Raymond James Indianapolis Open. “May was a good month,” said Ousely. Ousley and Pieri, a former Indiana PGA Professional, each had an eagle and five birdies at Rock Hollow Golf Club for their first ever team event. “Scott and I have been great friends for years,” said Ousley. “When he was a PGA Professional we always played our tournament practice rounds together on Sunday. We had a blast out there and both really played well.” This is Ousley’s third victory at the Indiana PGA Pro-Am, previous wins in 2000 and 2005, and Pieri’s second victory on the amateur side of the team. He and Denny Hepler, Raccoon Run GC, teamed up to win the event in 2009.

2012 Annual


Dynamic Duo of Runnels and Nichols Capture 2nd IGA Senior Team

Palmer’s two Indiana PGA titles go with his four Indiana Golf Association titles. Those victories came in the 2007 IGA Mid Amateur Championshi, the 2007 Mid Amateur Team Championship, the 2009 Mid Amateur Team Championship, and the 2010 Pepsi Indiana Golf Championship.

June 6 – 7, 2012 Franklin, Ind. - Skip Runnels and Randy Nichols haven’t earned the reputation as one of best playing duos in the state without cause. In the final round of the IGA Senior Team Championship at Hillview Country Club, they kept their reputation intact. Teeing off in the final group with first round leaders Ted Smith and Tim Miller, Runnels and Nichols got off to a fast start with two opening birdies. As the round progressed, Runnels and Nichols kept solid control of their lead. “We knew we were going to have to play well to catch these guys, and our eagle on 7 got things jump started,” said Runnels. Heading into the par-5, 18th hole, Runnels and Nichols had a one shot lead over Smith and Miller. Three out of four men birdied 18, and with a final round 62, Runnels and Nichols continue to be a force to be reckoned with during team events.

O’Toole Claims Northern Open for Third Top Five Finish of the Year June 11, 2012 Culver, Ind- Noblesville’s Mike O’Toole fired an untouchable fiveunder-par 66 at the Indiana PGA Northern Open at Mystic Hills Golf Course. O’Toole, a PGA Professional at Riverside Golf Club, teed off in the morning wave, finishing almost five hours before the afternoon groups, avoiding the strong winds that picked up as the day progressed.

Jeff Schroeder, winner of the Indiana PGA Tournament Series in Fort Wayne

“I putted well for a change,” said O’Toole. “I kept the ball in good areas on the greens, where I knew I could be aggressive with my putts.”

A Long Time Coming

This win marks the third top five finish for O’Toole this year, with a second place finish at the Indiana PGA Indianapolis Open, and a fourth place finish at the Indiana PGA Pro-Am.

Palmer Coasts to Monticello Open Victory July 2, 2012 Monticello, Ind. - Todd Palmer captured the Indiana PGA Monticello Open Championship in a convincing fashion with a four-shot victory over fellow amateurs Jordan Leonard and Drew Imel. Palmer fired identical nines of 32-32 for an 8-under-par 64. The 40-year-old Fishers resident has had success at Tippecanoe Country Club in the past, winning the Monticello Open in his last tournament as a professional in 2005. This was prior to the Indiana Section PGA making the event a sanctioned tournament. “There are four or five holes you have to play conservatively out here”, said Palmer. “Otherwise you have a lot of wedges in your hand. I only missed three greens and I was on the fringe on a couple of those.”


2012 Annual

July 30, 2012 Fort Wayne, Ind. – Avon’s Jeff Schroeder claimed his first section win this afternoon at the Indiana PGA Tournament Series presented by Pepsi/ Club Car at Pine Valley Country Club. Schroeder fired an impressive 2-under-par 68 to share the lead with Monticello’s Jim Ousley. “I got off to a good start,” said Schroeder, who works for the Greg Norman Collection. “I birdied number 2 and I hit every green on the back nine.” After all the scores were in, Schroeder and Ousley were forced into a sudden death playoff to settle the tie. On the par-4, 1st hole, both Schroeder and Ousley found the tree line off the tee, and left themselves with chips just off the back of the green. Ousley hit a decent chip to three feet, giving himself a good look at par. Schroeder’s lie looked like he might have a difficult time getting up-anddown, but his soft touch led to a chip-in birdie and his first section win. “I’ve been a member of the section for 31 years and this is my first win,” said Schroeder. “I hit a good chip and knew it would be close, but definitely had some good luck.”

Griffing Gets a Win August 27, 2012 Peru, Ind. –After firing a 3-under-par 69 at Rock Hollow Golf Club, Quinn Griffing’s first win of the summer seemed possible at the Indiana PGA Tournament Series presented by Pepsi/Club Car. Ryan Ford finished later in the afternoon, tying Griffing and shaking up the leaderboard. The two faced one another head-to-head in a sudden death playoff. Both players parred the par-4, first hole, and bogeyed the par 4, second hole, so they were forced to their third playoff hole. On the par-5, third hole, both Griffing and Ford found the fairway off the tee and were able to go for the green in two. Griffing missed his second shot just right of the green, while Ford missed long and left, and his ball trickled into the hazard. Ford got up-and-down for par, but Griffing got up-and-down for birdie, claiming his first win of the summer. Griffing has been close all season, with two third place finishes coming in April at the Indiana PGA Southern Open and the past week at the Indiana PGA Senior Championship.

Montagano and Foster Take One for the Team September 13-14, 2012 Noblesville, Ind. - Chris Montagano and Ivan Foster began the day just one shot out of the lead at the Indiana PGA Team Championship at Purgatory Golf Club. As the day progressed, Foster’s putter kept getting hotter and the team proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Montagano and Foster posted a two-day total of 129, with an impressive 63 coming in their final round. “We got off to a good start,” said Montagano, the Assistant Professional at Sycamore Hills Golf Club. “We played well on the front nine and Ivan putted great all day.” Their round consisted of eight birdies coming on holes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14, and 16. And Montagano sunk a 55 foot eagle putt on 18 for the win. “We both played pretty well. Our birdie on one today was definitely a highlight for us,” said Foster, the Head Professional at Bridgewater Golf Club. “Our eagle on eighteen didn’t hurt either.” Finishing just two strokes behind was Indianapolis’ John DalCorobbo and Brownburg’s Jeff Schultz.

“I struggled a little bit at the beginning of the summer,” said Griffing, a pro at the Donald Ross Golf Club. “I started playing better at the State Open and hope to finish strong for the rest of the season.” Griffing recently qualified for the third alternate spot in the National Professional Championship next June and has had seven top ten finishes this summer. “A win feels good and I figured that shooting under-par would serve me well on this golf course.”

Montagano and Foster, winners of the Indiana PGA Team Championship at Purgatory GC

2012 Annual


Scoreboards Indiana PGA Tournament Series #1 Presented by Pepsi/Club Car (Midwest Golf & Turf) The Trophy Club, Lebanon , IN April 16, 2012 1 Chris Clemens Southern Dunes GC 2 David Carich The Bridgewater T3 John DalCorobbo Prairie View T3 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake T3 Corey Potts Twin Lakes T3 Mike Liming Youche T7 Jamie Broce Indiana University GC T7 Daniel Witt The Sagamore GC T9 Scott Morris Gray Eagle GC T9 James Ousley Tippecanoe T9 Timothy Holt Juday Creek T9 Jon Hoover Wood Wind GC T9 Quinn Griffing Donald Ross T9 Fred Mattingly Dick's Sporting Goods

72 73  75  75  75  75  77  77  78  78  78  78  78  78 

Indiana PGA Southern Open Sponsored by Mobile Pro Shop Harrison Lake Country Club, Columbus , IN April 30, 2012 1 Kenny Cook (a) Sagamore T2 Chris Clemens Southern Dunes/Depauw Univ. T2 Brian Brodell Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex T4 Ryan Ford Pleasant Run & Sarah Shank T4 Bob Stephens (a) Indianapolis, IN T4 Cary Hungate Green Acres GC T4 John Parker (a) Velpen, IN T8 Tim Frazier Sycamore Hills Golf Club T8 Jamie Broce IU Golf Course T8 Kenneth Chavis (a) Columbus, IN T8 Brett Melton Washington, IN T8 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake GC T8 John DalCorobbo Prairie View Golf Club T8 Fred Mattingly DICK'S SPORTING GOODS Indiana PGA Senior Open South Bend Country Club, South Bend , IN May 7 - 8, 2012 1 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake GC 2 David Carich The Bridgewater Club 3 Bob Stephens (a) Indianapolis, IN T4 Terry Werner (a) Dyer, IN T4 Gary Sowinski Schererville, IN T6 John Zitkovic (a) Fort Wayne, IN T6 Dave Vlasic (a) Valparaiso, IN T6 Mike Bell (a) Indianapolis, IN T6 Quinn Griffing Fort Wayne, IN T10 Dean Prange Indianapolis, IN T10 Denny Ford Indianapolis, IN T10 Jim Anthony (a) Franklin, IN T13 Roger Schmeltz (a) South Bend, IN T13 Ron Carter (a) Monticello, IN 15 Marty Rifkin (a) Fort Wayne, IN T16 Sam Till, Jr (a) Fort Wayne, IN T16 Skip Runnels (a) Richmond, IN 18 Tom Stevens (a) South Bend, IN T19 Jerry McMullen (a) Indianapolis, IN T19 Mike Cline (a) Carmel, IN T21 Todd Sandow North Manchester, IN T21 Craig Scheibert (a) Carmel, IN T21 Craig Hutchinson (a) Lafayette, IN T21 Richard Chin (a) Floyds Knobs, IN T21 Steve Evans (a) Fishers, IN T21 Rob Eger (a) West Lafayette, in T21 Jay Smith (a) Sycamore Hills GC

62 75  72  71  74  70  72  74  74  74  74  75  73  74  71  74  77  74  75  76  74  74  75  76  77  79  80 

Indiana PGA Indianapolis Open Sponsored by Raymond James & Sterling Cut Glass Harbour Trees Golf Club, Noblesville , IN May 14 - 15, 2012 1 James Ousley Monticello, IN Tippecanoe 69 2 Michael Asbell Harbour Trees Harbour Trees 72  Golf Club T3 Steven Hoffman (a) Bloomington, IN Bloomington 71  T3 John DalCorobbo Prairie View Golf Prairie View 72  Club T3 Mike O'Toole Noblesville, IN Riverside 70  T6 Cary Hungate Green Acres GC Green Acres 71 


2012 Annual

69 70  70  71  71  71  71  72  72  72  72  72  72  72 

72 67  71  73  70  75  73  71  71  73  73  72  75  74  78  76  73  77  77  76  79  79  78  77  76  74  73 

E +1  +3  +3  +3  +3  +5  +5  +6  +6  +6  +6  +6  +6 

-3 -2  -2  -1  -1  -1  -1  E  E  E  E  E  E  E 

134 -8  142 E  143 +1  144 +2  144 +2  145 +3  145 +3  145 +3  145 +3  147 +5  147 +5  147 +5  148 +6  148 +6  149 +7  150 +8  150 +8  151 +9  152 +10  152 +10  153 +11  153 +11  153 +11  153 +11  153 +11  153 +11  153 +11 

67 136  -6  67  139  -3  69  140  -2  68  140  -2  70  140  -2  70  141  -1 


Ryan Ford

T8 T8

Preston Smith (a) Connor O'Neal (a) David Carich

Pleasant Run & Sarah Shank Fortville, IN Carmel, IN

Sarah Shank

Anderson Bridgewater Club,The 10 The Bridgewater The Bridgewater Club T11 Andrew Craft Dye's Walk C.C. Dye's Walk CC T11 Brian Garrett Southern DunesSouthern Dunes Golf Course GC T11 Brooks Snyder (a) West Lafayette, Harrison Hills IN GC T14 Dean Prange Indianapolis, IN Golftec T14 Todd Palmer (a) Fishers, IN Prairie View T14 Ryan Myers (a) Columbus, IN Otter Creek GC T14 Marty Rifkin (a) Fort Wayne, IN Sycamore Hills T14 Adam Grant (a) Noblesville, IN The Sagamore GC T14 Justin Werkley Noblesville, IN Harbour Trees T20 Jeff Marsh Fort Wayne, IN Deer Track GC T20 Chuck Helms Wolf Run Golf Wolf Run Club T20 Jack Tanselle (a) Carmel, IN Prairie View Golf Club T20 Ben Hunter (a) Fishers, IN Plum Creek GC T20 Perry Dotson The Players Players Club @ Club Woodland T T20 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake Crooked Lake GC T20 Joe Butto (a) Noblesville, IN Pebble Brook GC- South T20 Christopher Fishers, IN The Hawthorns Wellsand

68 73  141  -1  70  72  142  E  68  74  142  E  71  72  143  +1  72  72  144  +2  71  73  144  +2  68  76  144  +2  73  72  145  +3  74  71  145  +3  72  73  145  +3  72  73  145  +3  75  70  145  +3  71  74  145  +3  73  73  146  +4  73  73  146  +4  74  72  146  +4  72  74  146  +4  73  73  146  +4  74  72  146  +4  71  75  146  +4  70  76  146  +4 

Indiana PGA Pro-Am Sponsored by Sky Caddie Rock Hollow Golf Club, Peru , IN May 24, 2012 1 Ousley/Pieri 2 Balyeat/Mahurin 3 Broce/Gessner T4 O'Toole/Moster T4 Ripberger/Delagrange T6 DalCorobbo/Harris T6 Frazier/Rifkin T6 Foster/Haiflich T6 Montagano/Kelley T6 Stutz/McCord T6 Shadday/Daniels T6 Thome/Windy T6 Ahlers/Neal T6 Schumaker/Schumaker PGA Northern Open Sponsored by Advantage Golf Mystic Hills Golf Club, Culver, IN June 11, 2012 1 Mike O' Toole Riverside GC T2 Preston Smith Fortville, IN T2 Brian Brodell Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex T2 Andrew Eiler (a) Rochester, IN T5 Derek Moore (a) Williamsburg, IN T5 Fred Mattingly DICK'S SPORTING GOODS T5 James Ousley Tippecanoe CC T8 Chris Tilbury Bent Oak GC T8 Tim Frazier Sycamore Hills CC T8 Andy Anderson Brook Hill GC

62 65  66  67  67  69  69  69  69  69  69  69  69  69 

66 68 68 68 69 69 69 70 70 70

Indiana PGA Four Ball The Bridgewater Club, Carmel, IN June 15 - September 26, 2012 Champions: Schultz/DalCorrobo Final Match: Schultz/DalCorrobo def. Clemens and Brodell - 4 and 3 Semi-Final Matches Schultz/DalCorrobo def. Ford/Ford - 6 and 5 Clemens/Brodell def. Schumaker/Smith - 2 and 1 Quarter Final Matches Schultz/DalCorrobo def. Hoover/Helms - 4 and 3 Ford/Ford def. McCormick/Rockwell - 4 and 3 Schumaker/Smith def. Montagano/Foster - 1 up thru 19 holes Clemens/Brodell def. Ayres/Anderson - 4 and 3

-5 -3 -3 -3 -2 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1

-10 -7  -6  -5  -5  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3  -3 

-7 E E +1 +2 +2 +3 +4 +5 +5

Round of 16 Schultz/DalCorrobo def. DuPlessis/Asbel - 4 and 2 Hoover/Helms def. Carich/Abbott - 1 up Ford/Ford def. Marucci/White - 4 and 3 McCormick/Rockwell def. Witt/Mays - 1 up Montagano/Foster def. Ousley/Hungate - 1 up thru 20 holes Schumaker/Smith def. Frazier/Firestone - 1 up Clemens/Brodell def. Zedrick/Ford - 4 and 3 Ayres/Anderson def. Huther/Murray - 3 and 2 Round of 32 Schultz/DalCorbbo had a bye DuPlessis/Asbel def. Adamson/Placido - 5 and 4 Hoover/Helms def. Shadday/Pollert - 1 up Carich/Abbott def. Kinney/Morris - 4 and 3 Ford/Ford had a bye Marucci/White def. Baldwin/Banks - 2 up Witt/Mays def. Werkley/Deakyne - 5 and 4 McCormick/Rockwell def. Nance/O’Toole - 5 and 4 Ousley/Hungate had a bye Montagano/Foster def. Marsh/Knuckles - 1 up Schumaker/Smith def. Balyeat/Potts - 1 up thru 20 holes Frazier/Firestone def. Hunt/Bishop - 4 and 3 Clemens and Brodell had a bye Zedrick/Ford def. Sadler/Grimme - 4 and 2 Ayres/Anderson def. Paquette/Nitowski - 2 and 1 Huther/Murray def. Perkins/Nussbaum - 3 and 2 PGA Monticello Open Sponsored by Mizuno Tippecanoe CC, Monticello, IN July 2, 2012 1 Todd Palmer (a) T2 Jordan Leonard (a) T2 Drew Imel (a) T4 Tobias Baldwin T4 Brad Fellers T6 Brian Garret T6 Mike Liming T6 Chad Ayres T9 Dave Pugh T9 Cary Hungate T9 John Andrews T9 Bill Schumanker T9 Eric Gessner (a) T9 Todd Smith T9 Mickey Belt (a)

Prairie View GC Beechwood GC Timber Ridge GC Golftec Woodwind GC Southern Dunes GC Youche CC Hillcrest GC Mystic Hills GC Green Acres GC IUPUI Athletics Crooked Lake GC Oak Tree GC Rock Hollow GC Tippecanoe CC

French Lick Springs Resort, French Lick IN Presented by Visit French Lick/West Baden Dye and Ross Courses July 9 - 12, 2012 1 Stephen Conrad Syracuse, IN Maxwelton GC T2 Chase Wright Bloomington, IN Bloomington, IN T2 Tyler Merkel (a) Evansville, IN Player's Club at Woodland Trails T4 David Mills (a) Evansville, IN Indiana University GC T4 Jeff Cook Carmel, IN Wolf Run GC 6 Brian Brodell West Birck Boilmaker Lafeyette, IN GC 7 Blake Watts New Albany, Audubon GC IN T8 Andrew Wegeng Avon, IN Prestwick CC (a) T8 John DalCorobbo Indianapolis, IN Prairie View GC T10 Brett Melton Vincennes, IN CC of Old Vincennes T10 Sean Stone (a) Evansville, IN McDonald GC T10 Rusty Mason Morris Park Morris Park CC CC T13 Gary Sowinski Briar Ridge Briar Ridge CC CC T13 C.D. Richmond, IN Richmond Elks Hockersmith CC T13 Adam Marshall French Lick, French Lick IN Springs Resort T13 Justin Tereshko Madison, IN Sunrise GC (a) T17 Andrew Rhodes Noblesville, IN Noblesville, IN T17 Kyle Perry (a) Bloomington, Salt Creek GC IN T17 Quinn Griffing Fort Wayne, Donald Ross GC IN T17 Max Bowling (a) Evansville, IN Heartland Crossing GC T17 Eric Steger Noblesville, IN Pebble Brook GC South

T17 Corey Ziedonis (a) T23 Ben Marvin Egel (a) T23 Rob Knuckles T23 David Carich T23 Dave Pugh

Bloomington, Old Oakland GC 70 71 71 81 293 (+)9 IN Kokomo, IN Chippendale GC 81 69 69 75 294 (+)10 Dick's Dick's Sporting 72 76 70 76 294 (+)10 Sporting Goods Goods The The Bridgewater 70 75 72 77 294 (+)10 Bridgewater Club Club Culver, IN Mystic Hills GC 70 77 70 77 294 (+)10

Indiana PGA Pro Lady Sponsored by Vera Bradley Ulen Country Club, Lebanon, IN July 18, 2012 1 The Sagamore Club 2 Sprig O'Mint GC T4 Crawfordsville CC T4 Dye's Walk CC T4 Ulen CC

64 68 68 69 69 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 71 71 71

-8 -4 -3 -3 -2 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

72 69 70 72 283 -1 72 70 70 73 285 (+)1 71 72 69 73 285 (+)1 73 70 71 72 286 (+)2 68 69 74 75 286 (+)2 73 75 67 73 288 (+)4 75 63 74 77 289 (+)5 68 76 69 77 290 (+)6 71 72 70 77 290 (+)6 71 74 71 75 291 (+)7 74 76 66 75 291 (+)7 70 70 73 78 291 (+)7 74 73 73 72 292 (+)8 68 75 77 72 292 (+)8 68 75 75 74 292 (+)8 66 74 73 79 292 (+)8 77 73 69 74 293 (+)9 72 76 69 76 293 (+)9 69 74 73 77 293 (+)9 68 76 71 78 293 (+)9 72 76 66 79 293 (+)9

-19 -19 -18 -18 -18

Father Son Championship Sponsored by Sterling Cut Glass Woodwind Golf Club July 22, 2012 Overall Champions: Rob/Ryan Knuckles Professional Gross Champions: John/Christian Fairbanks Professional Net Champions: John/Ryan Messner Amatuer Champions: Jeff/Logan McBride Amateur Net Champions: Matt/Joey Cohoat

64 65 61 64 60

Indiana PGA Pro Assistant Sponsored by the Indiana Golf Vendors’ Association Hillcrest G & CC, Batesville, IN July 23, 2012 1 Frazier/Montagano Sycamore Hills GC 2 Hoffman/Cain Victoria National GC 3 Todd/Mikels Winchester GC

-4 -1 E

Indiana PGA Tounrament Series Presented by Pepsi/Club Car (Midwest Golf Turf) Pine Valley Country Club, Fort Wayne, IN July 30, 2012 1 Jeff Schroeder Avon, IN Greg Norman Collection 2 James Ousley Monticello, IN Tippecanoe CC T3 Mike O'Toole Noblesville, IN Riverside GC T3 Kedric Perkins Hillview CC Hillview CC T3 Jeff Marsh Fort Wayne, IN Deer Track GC T3 Denny Hepler Racoon Run GC Racoon Run GC T7 Adam Marshall French Lick, IN French Lick Springs Resort T7 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake GC Crooked Lake GC T7 Chris Tilbury Plymouth, IN Bent Oak GC T7 John Gordon Connersville, IN Liberty CC T7 Ryan Ford Pleasant Run and Sarah Shank GC Sarah Shank

68 68 70 70 70 70 71 71 71 71 71

-2 -2 E E E E (+)1 (+)1 (+)1 (+)1 (+)1

IGA PGA Challenge Cup Sponsored by Greg Norman Brickyard Crossing Golf Club, Indianapolis, IN August 2, 2012 IGA 6.5 8 14.5 PGA 1.5 8 9.5 IGA PGA Senior Challenge Cup Sponsored by Greg Norman Brickyard Crossing Golf Club, Indianapolis, IN August 2, 2012 IGA 1 3.5 4.5 PGA 3 4.5 7.5 Indiana PGA Assistant Championship Presented by National Car Rental & Puma/Cobra Meridian Hills Country Club, Indianapolis, IN August 6 - 7, 2012 1 Blair Shadday Purgatory GC 70 2 Andrew Stolze Country Club of 74 Indianapolis 3 Chris Montagano Sycamore Hills CC 77 4 Eric Huther Sarah Shank GC 76 5 Jared Kohn Country Club of 76 Indianapolis 6 Corey Potts Twin Lakes GC 77 T7 Jeff Schultz Brickyard Crossing GC 74 T7 Brad Mays The Bridgewater Club 75 T7 Michael Asbell Harbour Trees GC 78 T7 Hartley McLeod Donald Ross GC 73

72 69

74 75

216 218

75 74 73

68 72 74

220 (+)7 222 (+)9 223 (+)10

72 78 77 73 73

75 73 73 74 79

224 225 225 225 225

2012 Annual

(+)3 (+)5

(+)11 (+)12 (+)12 (+)12 (+)12


Indiana PGA Professionals Championship Presented by Club Car, Mercedes-Benz, and Omega Supported by Titleist, Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, and The PGA Tour The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club, Fishers, IN August 13 - 14, 2012 QUALIFIERS 1 John DalCorobbo Prairie View GC 69 71 71 211 -5 2 Adam Marshall French Lick Springs Resort 73 69 71 213 -3 3 Chad Ayres Hillcrest Golf & CC 73 71 72 216 E 4 Fred Mattingly Dick's Sporting Goods 72 72 73 217 (+)1 5 Brian Brodell Birck Boilermaker Gc 73 70 75 218 (+)2 6 David Von Hoffman Victoria National GC 70 76 73 219 (+)3 ALTERNATES - IN ORDER T7 Jim Ousley T7 Mike O'Toole T7 Quinn Griffing

Tippecanoe CC Riverside GC Donald Ross GC

72 75 71

71 75 70

77 70 79

Indiana PGA Senior Championship Honeywell GC, Wabash, IN August 23 - 24, 2012 1 Gary Sowinski (playoff) Briar Ridge CC 2 David Carich The Bridgewater Club T3 Denny Helper Raccoon Run GC T3 Quinn Griffing Donald Ross GC 5 Scott Steger Anderson CC T6 Denny Ford Pleasant Run GC T6 Tim Pittenger Albany GC T8 Bill Schumaker Crooked Lake GC T8 Scott Morris Gray Eagle GC T8 Jeff Schroeder Greg Norman Collection

69 67 71 69 71 72 72 73 72 72

69 71 69 71 72 72 72 72 73 73

Indiana PGA Touranment Series #3 Rock Hollow GC, Peru, IN August 27, 2012 1 Quinn Griffing Donald Ross Gc 2 Ryan Ford Sarah Shank GC T3 Tony Louden Whispering Creek GC T3 Gary Sowinski Briar Ridge GC T5 Brian Brodell Birck Boilermaker GC T5 Brad Fellers Wood Wind GC T5 Timothy Holt Juday Creek GC T5 Chris Clemens Southern Dunes GC T5 Mike O'Toole Riverside Golf Academy T5 Chris Montagano Sycamore Hills GC

69 69 71 71 72 72 72 72 72 72

-3 -3 -1 -1 E E E E E E

E-Z-Go Indiana PGA Pro-President 1 Dye's Walk CC T2 Twin Lakes GC T2 Ki-Ann GC T2 Logansport GC T5 Indian Lake CC T5 Windy Hill CC

-8 -5 -5 -5 -4 -4

Indiana PGA Four Man Team Highland G & CC, Indianapolis, IN September 10, 2012 1 Mason/Skillman/Hall/Godsey T2 Lundy/George/Kollada/Ward T2 Blumenherst/Hayden/Hayden/Aufderheide T2 Witt/Mahurin/Cunningham/Witt T5 Nelson/Gordon/Markos/Vinson T5 Foster/Haiflich/Kelham/Schweitzer T5 DuPlessis/Hanley/Hale/Purcell

-11 -9 9 -9 -8 -8 -8

Indiana PGA Team Championship Purgatory GC, Noblesville, IN September 13-Sept. 14, 2012 1 Montagano/Foster 2 DalCorobbo/Schultz T3 Clemens/Shadday T3 Pugh/Hepler T5 Knuckles/Marsh T5 Schumaker/Smith T5 DuPlessis/Hanley/Hale/Purcell

-15 -13 -12 -12 -10 -10 -8

TaylorMade Indiana PGA Pro Am Belterra Casino and Golf Club, Belterra, IN September 18, 2012 1 Foster/Haiflich 2 Schumaker/Schumaker 3 Clemens/Bean T4 Carich/Kitchel T4 O'Toole/Hoffman T5 Schumaker/Smith T5 DuPlessis/Hanley/Hale/Purcell


2012 Annual

-16 -15 -12 -11 -11 -10 -8

220 220 220

(+)4 (+)4 (+)4

138 -4 138 -4 140 -2 140 -2 143 -1 144 E 144 E 145 (+)1 145 (+)1 145 (+)1

Indiana PGA Pro-Superintendent Bloomington CC, Bloomington, IN September 20, 2012 1 Bloomington CC T2 Sarah Shank GC T2 Sagamore Club T4 Riverside GC T4 Briar Ridge CC T5 Schumaker/Smith T5 DuPlessis/Hanley/Hale/Purcell

-8 -4 -4 -3 -3 -10 -8

Indiana PGA Championships Sycamore Hills GC, Fort Wayne, IN September 24, 2012 1 Mike O'Toole Riverside Golf Academy T2 Chad Ayres Hillcrest G & CC T2 John DalCorrobo Prairie View GC 4 John Andrews IUPUI Athletics T5 Tim Frazier Sycamore Hills GC T5 Rob Knuckles Dick's Sporting Goods T5 Ivan Foster Bridewater GC T5 Bradley Mays The Bridgewater Club T5 James Ousley Tippecanoe CC

69 72 72 73 74 74 74 74 74

-3 E E (+)1 (+)2 (+)2 (+)2 (+)2 (+2)

SENIOR DIVISION 1 Bill Schumaker T2 Scott Morris T2 David Carich T2 Quinn Griffing T2 Jack Barber

70 71 71 71 71

-2 -1 -1 -1 -1

Crooked Lake GC Gray Eagle GC The Bridgewater Club Donald Ross GC Meridian Hills CC

Club Car/Shepherd Insurance Las Vegas Pro Am “Paiute Golf Club - Snow Mountain Paiute Golf Club - Wolf” October 4 - 5, 2012 1 Victoria National GC 2 Rozella Ford GC 3 Dick's Sporting Goods 4 Sarah Shank GC T5 Wood Wind GC T5 The Sagamore Club #2

-40 -38 -35 -34 -33 -33

IGA Mid-Am Team Sponsored by Raymond James Otter Creek Golf Club- North/West, Columbus, IN April 22 - 23, 2012 1 Mahurin/Hardison 72 68  140  T2 Cozart/Gessner 75  66  141  T2 Palmer/Puckett 71  70  141  T2 Snyder/Hofman 70  71  141  5 Chesterman/Senk 69  73  142  T6 Smith/Williamson 75  68  143  T6 Rowen/Delagrange 74  69  143  T8 Grant/Gradison 72  72  144  T8 Pieri/Straley 71  73  144  T8 Rifkin/Till, Jr 72  72  144  IGA Tournament of Champions Fox Prairie Golf Course- Original, Noblesville , IN May 4 - 5, 2012 1 Sean Rowen Indianapolis, IN 2 Kenny Cook Sagamore T3 Gordie Rees Albany, IN T3 Dave Williamson Crawfordsville, IN T3 Joe Mahurin Noblesville, IN T6 Skip Runnels Richmond, IN T6 Terry Werner Dyer, IN 8 Sam Till, Jr Fort Wayne, IN 9 Joe Hayden Fort Wayne, IN T10 Brian Spacey Noblesville, IN T10 Eric Brennan Greenwood, IN T10 Tyler Haire Fort Wayne, IN T10 Brooks Snyder West Lafayette, IN

71 69  72  71  72  71  68  68  69  76  75  71  71 

-4 -4 -3  -4 -3  -2 -3  -2 -2  -1 -1  E -1  E E  (+)1 E  (+)1 E  (+)1

67 70  68  69  68  70  73  74  74  68  69  73  73 

138 139  140  140  140  141  141  142  143  144  144  144  144 

IGA McDonalds Stroke Play Series Otter Creek Golf Club- North/West, Columbus, IN May 13, 2012 1 Bob Stephens Indianapolis, IN Brickyard Crossing T2 Dave Williamson Crawfordsville, IN GC of Indiana T2 Mike Kemper Greenwood, IN Wolf Run 4 Justin Wenger Greenwood, IN Otter Creek Golf Club T5 Kyle Perry Bloomington, IN Salt Creek Golf Club T5 Andy Perry Blooomington, IN Bloomington T5 Joe Mahurin Noblesville, IN Prairie View T5 Ryan Myers Columbus, IN Otter Creek GC T9 Coleman Glick Columbus, IN Otter Creek Golf Club

-4 -3  -2  -2  -2  -1  -1  E  +1  +2  +2  +2  +2 

68 69  69  70  71  71  71  71  72 

-4 -3  -3  -2  -1  -1  -1  -1  E 

1 T9

Bob Stephens Craig Rice

Indianapolis, IN Columbus, IN

Brickyard Crossing Shadowood

IGA Four Ball The Legends Golf Club - Middle/Road, Franklin, IN May 18 - 19, 2012 1 Hillman/Stephens 63 65  2 Moore/Harris 67  64  T3 Smith/Bean 69  63  T3 Runnels/Nichols 68  64  T3 Arthur/Myers 66  66  T3 Snyder/Hofman 66  66  7 McMannis/McMannis 67  67  8 Aldrich/Widner 69  66  9 Perry/Perry 71  65  10 Rifkin/Miller, Jr. 69  70 

128 131  132  132  132  132  134  135  136  139 

68 -4  72  E 

-16 -13  -12  -12  -12  -12  -10  -9  -8  -5 

IGA Senior Team Championship Presented by Southworth Development LLC Supported by: Mercedes-Benz, The PGA Tour, and Ortho Northeast Hillview Country Club, Franklin, IN June 6 - 7, 2012 1 Runnels/Nichols 65 62 127 -17 2 Miller/Smith 63 66 129 -15 3 Crouch/McCall 66 67 133 -11 T4 Anthony/Bright 67 69 136 -8 T4 Eger/Hutchinson 69 67 136 -8 T6 Rees/Scheibert 69 68 137 -7 T6 Stephens/Hissam 71 66 137 -7 T8 Pawulich/McMullen 70 68 138 -6 T8 Smeltzer/Frandsen 69 69 138 -6 T8 Sterrett/Norris 69 69 138 -6 Prairie View Golf Club, Carmel, IN Presented by Pepsi/Club Car June 18 - 21, 2012 1 Tyler Merkel Evansville, IN 2 Scott Pieri Fort Wayne, IN T3 Bobby Delagrange Westfield, IN T3 Todd Palmer Fishers, IN 5 David Mills Evansville, IN T6 Skip Runnels Richmond, IN T6 Adam Sumrall South Bend, IN T8 Andrew Wegeng Avon, IN T8 Brandon White Sellersburg, IN T8 Tony Lazzara Carmel, IN 11 Sean Rowen Indinapolis, IN 12 Kyle Cox Fishers, IN T13 Max Bowling Evansville, IN T13 Mike Kemper Greenwood, IN T13 David Frank Floyds Knobs, IN T13 Brooks Snyder West Lafayette, IN T17 McCormick Clouser Bluffton, IN T17 Brad Gehl Carmel, IN 19 Brodie Williams Lapel, IN T20 Corey Ziedonis Bloomington, IN T20 Johnny Strawser Fort Wayne, IN T20 Joe Gasser Muncie, IN T23 Tyler Bale Carmel, IN T23 Bob Stephens Indinapolis, IN IGA Public Links Presented by Cutter & Buck Twin Lakes GC, Carmel, IN August 29, 2012 1 Brodie Williams Lapel, IN T2 Skip Runnels Richmond, IN T2 Jake Groninger Pendleton, IN 4 Kyle Cox Fishers, IN 5 Kenneth Chavis Columbus, IN 6 Ryan Terry Evansville, IN 7 Brady Sappenfield Martinsville, IN 8 Tracy Miller Bremen, IN T9 Brooks Snyder West Lafayette, IN T9 Bill McQueen Mooreseville, IN IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series #2 Sponsored by Golf Buddy Brickyard Crossing, Indianapolis, IN July 15, 2012 1 Michael Williams Highland G & CC 2 Joe Mahurin Prairie View GC T3 Mike Kemper Wolf Run GC T3 Brian Harris Wolf Run GC T3 Bob Stephens Brickyard Crossing 6 Brett Hulse Purgatory GC

71 75 72 72 71 75 77 76 79 79 75 73 73 78 76 77 78 75 78 74 73 72 75 78

74 70 74 73 76 77 71 72 72 71 68 77 77 71 71 72 75 73 68 73 79 72 77 78

70 70 74 74 71 71 72 74 72 70 81 77 76 76 77 75 75 76 75 79 73 79 79 73

66 67 68 69 73 73 72 72 74 74

70 73 70 71 73 69 72 73 72 75 72 70 72 73 74 74 71 75 79 76 77 79 72 74

285 288 290 290 291 292 292 295 295 295 296 297 298 298 298 298 299 299 300 302 302 302 303 303

70 70 69 70 67 68 70 72 71 71

65 68 69 69 69 71

-3 E (+)2 (+)2 (+)3 (+)4 (+)4 (+)7 (+)7 (+)7 (+)8 (+)9 (+)10 (+)10 (+)10 (+)10 (+)11 (+)11 (+)12 (+)14 (+)14 (+)14 (+)15 (+)15

136 137 137 139 140 141 142 144 145 145

-7 -4 -3 -3 -3 -1

IGA Senior Match Play Championship Sponsored by Callaway Purdue University-Ackerman Hills Golf Club, West Lafayette, IN July 16 - 18, 2012 Champion: Sam Till, Fort Wayne, IN Final Match Sam Till def. Ron Carter - 2 and 1 Semi-Final Matches Sam Till def. Dave Williamson - 2 and 1 Ron Carter def. Kent Frandsen - 1 up Quarter-Final Matches Sam Till def. Bob Stephens - 1 up thru 20 holes Dave Williamson def. Skip Runnels - 2 and 1 Kent Frandsen def. Terry Werner - 3 and 2 Ron Carter def. Mike Bell - 5 and 4 Round of 16 Matches Sam Till def. Craig Scheibert - 1 up Dave Williamson def. John Parker - 1 up Skip Runnels def. Jim Anthony - 4 and 3 Bob Stephens def. Steve Sterrett - 2 and 1 Terry Werner def. Greg McCall - 2 and 1 Kent Frandsen def. Doug Crouch - 1 up Mike Bell def. Gordie Rees - 1 up Ron Carter def. Craig Hutchinson - 2 and 1 IGA Match Play Championship Presented by E-Z-Go Heartland Crossing Golf Links, Camby, IN July 24 - 27, 2012 Champion: Matt Spicuzza, Indianapolis, IN Final Match Matt Spicuzza def. Joe Gasser - 1 up Semi-Final Matches Matt Spicuzza def. Seve Duncan - 3 and 2 Joe Gasser def. Robert Gleixner - 3 and 2 Quarter-Final Matches Matt Spicuzza def. Brad Gray - 3 and 2 Seve Duncan def. Brett Widner - 3 and 2 Joe Gasser def. Tyler Keith - 4 and 2 Robert Gleixner def. Brodie Williams - 2 up Round of 16 Matches Matt Spicuzza def. John Finley - 1 up Seve Duncan def. Bob Stephens - 5 and 4 Brett Widner def. Ben Waits - 5 and 4 Brad Gray def. Andrew Eiler - 2 and 1 Joe Gasser def. John Cozart - 6 and 4 Tyler Keith def. Tanner Rabb - 3 and 2 Robert Gleixner def. Brad Gehl - 4 and 3 Brodie Williams def. William Dugger - 4 and 3 Round of 32 Matches Matt Spicuzza def. Derek Kundenreich - 5 and 4 Bob Stephens def. Colton Smith - 6 and 4 Seve Duncan def. Jon Jozefowski - 4 and 2 Ben Waits def. Terek Abdalla - 3 and 2 Brett Widner def. Patrick Kundenreich - 4 and 3 Joh Finnley def. Connor O’Neal - 3 and 1 Brad Gray def. Bill McQueen - 3 and 2 Andrew Eiler def. Drew Day - 2 up Joe Gasser def. Cole Adams - 5 and 4 John Cozart def. Jon Enfield - 1 up Tanner Rabb def. Jack Tanselle - 2 up Tyler Keith def. Ryan Terry - 4 and 3 Robert Gleixner def. Ben Moster - 1 up Brad Gehl def. Joshua Oldham - 2 up William Dugger def. Eric Gessner - 1 up thru 19 holes Brodie Williams def. Wes Phelps - 3 and 2 IGA Indianapolis Amateur Presented by Pepsi Pleasant Run Golf Course, Indianapolis, IN August 4, 2012 1 Wil Pahud (playoff) Carmel, IN 2 Jim Lyon Carmel, IN 3 Brooks Snyder West Lafayette, IN T4 Broden Chapman Moorseville, IN T4 Brett Widner Avon, IN 6 Jake Groninger Pendleton, IN T7 Nicolas Osterburg Indianapolis, IN T7 Mike Finnegan Fishers, IN T7 Bryan Fifer Floyds Knobs, IN T7 Max Gagnier Indianapolis, IN T7 Michael Williams Indianapolis, IN

65 65 66 67 67 68 69 69 69 69 69

2012 Annual

-5 -5 -4 -3 -3 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1


IGA Mid-Amateur Championship Delaware Country Club, Muncie, IN August 9 - 10, 2012 1 Brian Harris (playoff) Kokomo, IN 2 Dave Vlasic Valparaiso, IN T3 Aaron Walters Fort Wayne, IN T3 Dave Williamson Crawfordsville, IN T3 Ron Carter Monticello, IN T6 Tracy Miller Bremen, IN T6 Bob Stephens Indianapolis, IN T6 Terry Werner Dyer, IN T9 Todd Palmer Fishers, IN T9 Terry Stanley Angola, IN

Kristtini Cain def. Carlie Gehlhausen - 5 and 4 Amy Thompson def. Taylor Gohn - 5 and 3 73 71 70 69 69 73 72 69 74 74

69 71 73 74 74 71 72 75 71 71

142 142 143 143 143 144 144 144 145 145

(+)2 (+)2 (+)3 (+)3 (+)3 (+)4 (+)4 (+)4 (+)5 (+)5

IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series #3 Delaware CC, Muncie, IN August 19, 2012 1 John Baldwin Broadmoor CC T2 Brian Harris Wolf Run GC T2 Kyle Cox Maplewood GC T4 Sam Till Jr. Sycamore Hills GC T4 Brett Widner Heartland Crossing Golf Links

66 67 67 69 69

Indiana Amateur Championship Harbour Trees GC, Noblesville, IN August 20 - 21, 2012 1 Terry Werner (playoff) Dyer, IN 2 John Zitkovic Fort Wayne, IN 3 Tim Miller Kokomo, IN 4 Bill Barnes Carmel, IN T5 Peter DeLongchamp Marion, IN T5 Jerry McMullen Indianapolis, IN T7 Bob Stephens Indianapolis, IN T7 Michael Stephens Carmel, IN

72 69 69 73 70 70 73 70

69 72 73 70 74 74 72 75

141 141 142 143 144 144 145 145

-1 -1 E (+)1 (+)2 (+)2 (+)3 (+)3

IGA Super Senior Amateur Championship Harbour Trees GC, Noblesville, IN August 20 - 21, 2012 1 Alan Buell Brazil, IN T2 Jeff Rudolph Kokomo, IN T2 Mark Winski Carmel, IN T4 John Lauri Carmel, IN T4 Joseph Milligan Monticello, IN

73 76 74 71 72

74 73 75 79 78

147 149 149 150 150

(+)5 (+)7 (+)7 (+)8 (+)8

IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series #4 Ackerman Hills GC, West Lafayette, IN September 16, 2012 1 Andrew Frandsen Indianapolis, IN 2 Brian Harris Wolf Run GC T3 Bob Stephens Indianapolis, IN T3 Jon Enfield Goshen, IN T5 John Parker Velpen, IN T5 Tracy Miller Bremen, IN T5 Joshua Oldham Greenwood, IN

66 69 70 70 71 71 71

-5 -2 -1 -1 E E E

IGA McDonald’s Stroke Play Series #5 Purgatory GC, Noblesville, IN September 23, 2012 1 Eric Gessner Avon, IN 2 Mark Inman Zionsville, IN 3 Brian Harris Wolf Run GC T4 Tim Sparks Milan, IN T4 Jordan Dawes Leesburg, IN T4 Bob Stephens Indianapolis, IN T4 Joshua Oldham Greenwood, IN

68 69 71 72 72 72 72

-4 -3 -1 E E E E

IWGA Match Play Championship Harrison Hills GC, Attica, IN May 30 - June 1, 2012 Champion: Meghan Potee Final Match: Meghan Potee def. Briana Midkiff - 1 up Semi-Final Matches Meghan Potee def. Kristi Cardwell - 3 and 2 Briana Midkiff def. Amy Thompson - 5 and 4 Round of 8 Meghan Potee def. Regan Pittard - 4 and 3 Kristi Cardwell def. Jaclyn Schindler - 3 and 2 Briana Midkiff def. Ariana Savich - 3 and 1 Amy Thompson def. Kristtini Cain - 1 up thru 20 holes Round of 16 Meghan Potee def. Anna Gleixner - 2 and 1 Regan Pittard def. Ashley Kees - 3 and 2 Jaclyn Schindler def. Autumn Duke - 2 and 1 Kristi Cardwell def. Julie Carmichael - 2 up Briana Midkiff def. Karli LaGrotte - 5 and 4 Ariana Savich def. Molly Ward - 1 up thru 19 holes


2012 Annual

-4 -3 -3 -1 -1

IWGA Match Play Championship Harrison Hills GC, Attica, IN May 30 - June 1, 2012 1 Carmichael/Cole T2 Cook/Higgins T2 Freese/Ward T2 Whalen/Piepenbrink Trotter 5 Scheidler/Pittard 6 Romero/Harris 7 Krempp/Richardson T8 Benson/Blanchard T8 Smith/Bowman 10 Blumenherst/Dusman

69 70 70 70 71 73 76 77 77 78

-3 -2 -2 -2 -1 (+)1 (+)4 (+)5 (+)5 (+)6

Indiana PGA Women’s Open Hickory Stick GC, Greenwood, IN July 2 - 3, 2012 1 Kristi Cardwell (a) Kokomo, IN 2 Michelle Nash (a) Indianapolis, IN T3 Amber Pasel Indianapolis, IN T3 Rachael Pruett (a) Muncie, IN T5 Kristi O'Brien (a) Fort Wayne, IN T5 Ashley Kees (a) Fort Wayne, IN T5 Carlee Cossell (a) Kokomo, IN T8 Amy Thompson (a) Wakarusa, IN T8 Meghan Potee (a) Noblesville, IN T8 Julia Potee (a) Monrovia, IN T8 Breanna Patz (a) Plainfield, IN 12 Taylor Gohn (a) Columbus, IN T13 Jamie Clark (a) Greencastle, IN T13 Emily Johnson Stonehenge Golf and CC T13 Kamryn Klawitter (a) Munster, IN T16 Natalie Schmett (a) Evansville, IN T16 Tobi Herron (a) Columbus, IN T16 Reece Feducia (a) Terre haute, IN T19 Karli LaGrotte (a) Fishers, IN T19 Jordan Essman (a) Angola, IN T19 Kristtini Cain (a) Marion, IN T22 Meghan Perry (a) Evansville, IN T22 Autumn Duke (a) Fishers, IN Indiana Women’s Amateur Championship Otter Creek Golf Club, Columbus, IN July 18 - 20, 2012 1 Meghan Potee Noblesville, IN 2 Kayla Katterhenry Newburgh, IN 3 Breanna Patz Plainfield, IN T4 Ashley Kees Fort Wayne, IN T4 Michele Nash Indianapolis, IN T6 Kristi Cardwell Kokomo, IN T6 Emily Podzielinski Noblesville, IN 8 Amy Thompson Wakarusa, IN T9 Kaylee Imel Bluffton, IN T9 Taylor Gohn Columbus, IN 11 Lauren Kuss Coffin GC T12 Meghan Perry Evansville, IN T12 Katie Sharp Kendallville, IN T12 Lauren Vogt Auburn, IN T15 Rachael Pruett Muncie, IN T15 Molly Ward Indianapolis, IN T15 Regan Pittard Lafayette, IN T18 Briana Midkiff Carmel, IN T18 Julie Carmichael Indianapolis, IN T20 Autumn Duke Fishers, IN T20 Jamie Clark Greencastle, IN T20 Jordan Essman Angola, IN T23 Kelsey Benson Martinsville, IN T23 Morgan Nadaline Anderson, IN

69 71 77 72 74 77 77 73 73 75 74 77 71 77 79 78 80 75 80 80 80 75 81 74

IWGA Mid-Amateur Championship Champions Pointe Golf Club (Henryville, IN) and Covered Bridge Golf Club (Sellersburg, IN) August 5 - 6, 2012 1 Michelle Smith Fort Wayne, IN 2 Tobi Herron Columbus, IN 3 Nina Whalen Indianaplis, IN 4 Dena Sudhop Zionsville, IN 5 Michelle Gerbasich Fort Wayne, IN 6 Susan Peters Jeffersonville, IN T7 Suzanne Seaton Sellersburg, IN T7 Lisa Cook Noblesville, IN 9 Melanie DeGroff Elkhart, IN T10 Nancy Trimarco Greenfield, IN

73 71 73 71 75 72 70 76 74 69 71 76 77 76 76 79 73 73 79 75 76 77 78

73 73 73 79 74 75 74 77 77 73 79 78 83 76 82 77 75 81 74 79 79 80 79 83

71 73 77 78 85 82 80 88 84 84

68 71 71 73 71 74 76 72 74 79 77 73 73 74 74 72 78 78 73 77 76 76 75

71 76 71 71 74 72 73 75 76 78 75 76 77 78 71 77 77 77 79 76 76 80 77 80

77 76 73 81 75 82 85 77 83 85

141 142 144 144 146 146 146 148 148 148 148 149 150 150 150 151 151 151 152 152 152 153 153

213 220 221 222 222 224 224 225 226 226 228 231 231 231 232 232 232 233 233 235 235 235 237 237

148 149 150 159 160 164 165 165 167 169

-1 E (+)2 (+)2 (+)4 (+)4 (+)4 (+)6 (+)6 (+)6 (+)6 (+)7 (+)8 (+)8 (+)8 (+)9 (+)9 (+)9 (+)10 (+)10 (+)10 (+)11 (+)11

-3 (+)4 (+)5 (+)6 (+)6 (+)8 (+)8 (+)9 (+)10 (+)10 (+)12 (+)15 (+)15 (+)15 (+)16 (+)16 (+)16 (+)17 (+)17 (+)19 (+)19 (+)19 (+)21 (+)21

(+)4 (+)5 (+)6 (+)15 (+)16 (+)20 (+)21 (+)21 (+)23 (+)25

Club Champions CLUB


Albany GC

Tim Gibbs

Bear Slide GC

Mike Stephens

Beechwood GC

Carl Kalinka

Birck Boilermaker Complex Black Squirrel GC

Craig Hutchinson



Gail Green

Kris Kinel

Bloomington CC

Tom Smith -Club Rick Finnigan Champion, Rod Blackburn - Match Play Champion Ryan Utnage Tom Kuhlman

Boonville CC

Ron Nelson

Kathy Graper

Brassie GC

John Kalita

Briar Leaf GC

Gregg Boardman

Briar Ridge CC

Terry Werner

Lou Nowaczyk

Brickyard Crossing

Bob Stephens

Bob Stephens

Bridgewater Club

Todd Benson

Brian McGinley

Mia Montgomery

Bridgewater GC

Spencer Kelham

Broadmoor CC

Larry Landis

Joe Martin

Roxy Evans

Cambridge GC

Matt Monroe

Paul Tichenor

Cascades GC

Kyle Perry

Bob Hasty

Cedar Lake GC

Mark Persons

Chariot Run GC

Ryan Britt

Wayne Sanders

Chippendale GC

Jeff Zimmerman

Jeff Thatcher

Maggie Pridemore

Christiana Creek CC

Dan Hood

Walt Fallon

Chris Dose

Colonial Oaks GC

Rick Carpenter -Club Rick Carpenter Champion, Ryan Schultz - Net Club Champion Mike Bell Larry Nicolet

Stefi Simmons

Dan Aufderheide

Kim Gottwald

Country Club of Indianapolis Coyote Creek GC


Chuck Welter

Sherry Sonneborn

Tanner Shapiro

Donna Howell Sue Eriks Timmy Hildebrand Bailey Clark

Missy Ringler

Mitchel Szazynski Nick Burris

Judy Dehaven

Carter Goodson

Chris Roark-Jones

Marion Elks CC

Andy Varner

McDonald GC

Kevin Wassmer

Meadowbrook GC

Ken Barker

Meridian Hills CC

David Boncosky

Glenn Scolnik

Beth Morton

Morris Park CC

Dave Ricks

Mike Basney

Cathy Doolittle

Oak Grove CC

Tyler Shear

Orchard Ridge CC

Greg Mannia

Otter Creek GC

Kenny Chavis

Pebble Brook GC

Joe Butto

Peru Municipal Golf Course Pine Valley GC

Mike Thayer

Players Club

Weslee Phelps

Plum Creek GC

Sean McNemar

Plymouth CC

Jason Christy

Pond View GC

Greg Lawson

Pottawattomie CC

Steve Mason

Prairie View GC

Joe Mahurin

Prestwick CC

Andrew Wegeng

Purgatory GC

Matt Vonduhn

Quail Crossing GC

Michael Finnin

Raccoon Run GC Rock Hollow GC

Todd Clark

Julie Flores

David Lindsey

Carmern Knowles Tom Milligan

Sue Ekdahl

Carson Stohler

Nancy Cover John Side

Jodi Clark

Patrick Allgeier

Annella Dixon Gary Gibboney

Sue Brady Jan Starr

Fran Hendrickson Katie Stein Star Sanford Greg Steuerwald

Pat Lilly

Dave Wolkins

Don Taylor

Jean Roush

Chuck Bellar

Don Fern

Pam Poff

Rolling Hills CC

Jonathon Wagner

Dave Bates

Glenda Brown

Round Barn GC

Trey Stoll (Gross) and Joe Dague (Net)

Royal Hylands GC

Ted Smith

Don Fenstermaker (Gross) and Brad Good (Net) Ted Smith

Erin Bundy

Crawfordsville CC

Andrew Nunan

Dave Tyner and Jeff Miller Mac Petty

Gloria Petty

Rozella Ford

Caleb Rovenstine

Chuck Simons

Cathy Sincroft

Erin Bundy (Girls),Nate Crittendon (Boys) Noah Wright

Cricket Ridge GC

Jim Goldsmith

Jim Goldsmith

Shirley Meyers

Sagamore Club

Joe Mahurin

Carl Hobbs

Lynne Kelley

Jack Schueler

Crooked Stick GC

Kent Frandsen

Tom Duiser

Karen Bennett

Sand Creek CC

Jeff Ryan

Rick Grassel

Sandra Teal

Dearborn CC

Brian Bushman

Seymour CC

Ben Wisler

Dale Bowman

Deer Track GC

Kevin Irons

Shadowood GC

Travis Thompson

Delaware CC

Tim Kuzma

South Grove GC

Greg Goodrich

Donald Ross GC

Sean Ferguson

Southern Dunes GC

David Burks

Dye's Walk CC

Chris Pfeifle

Sprig O'Mint GC

Tracy Miller

Elcona CC

Pat Mohan

Stone Crest GC

Michael Pillett

Stonehenge G & CC

John Clay

Stony Creek GC

Tyler Bale

Greg Carney

Swan Lake GC

Aaron Cripe

Sycamore Hills GC

Brad Hardin

Bob Dunn, Brian Schmeltz John Wray

Tippecanoe CC

Brad Chesterman

Tippecanoe Lake CC

Jordan Dawes

Tipton GC

Joe Hawkins

Tim Kuzma

Vicki Shockley Katie Brinker

Chris Chocola

Jon Hicks

Ethan Shepard

Evansville CC

Steve Cox

Steve Cox

Melanie DeGroff18 hole Champion, Jean Minne9 hole Champion Shannon Wathen

Fendrich GC

Nick Frazier

Don Shull

Becky Owen

GC of Indiana

Rob Vincent

Grand Oak GC

Matt Starrmann

Green Acres GC

Cary Hungate

Greensburg CC

Buck Giddling

Harbour Trees GC

Vince Drahman

Cathie Mills

Evan Fiscus

Harrison Lake CC

David Lacey

Judy Gayle

Matthew Vorndran

Trophy Club

Brad Baker

Hawks Tail GC

Roger Schwarzkopf

Carla Windisch

Ullen CC

Heartland Crossing GL

Eric Gessner

Ashley McQueen

Valle Vista GC

Helfrich Hills GC

Dave DeLong

Hickory Stick GC

Jeremy Pasel

Hidden Valley GC

Tim Cook

Highland CC

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Lisa Higgins

Highland Lake GC

Ron Murphy

Richard Pugh

Shelley Bragg

Hillcrest G & CC

Jerry Caplinger

Randy Wanstrath

Michelle Garcia

Honeywell GC

Jarrod McKee

Knollwood GC

Joseph Bella

Kirk Aune

Debbie Rosenfeld

Legends GC

Ryan Bethel

Dan Jones

Liberty CC

Eric Orr

Jeff Geres

Links GC

Tom Klinge

Logans Port Golf Club Long Beach CC

Brad Gray-Stroke, Buck Gray-Match David Gray

Ashley Morrison

Mary Kramer Nathan Edwards Megan Giddling Skip Drahman

Phil Martinelli

Paula Tichenor Greg Ponchot

Jackson Williams Sharon Voelker

Steve Jacox

Nick Williams Madison McCreary

Ryleigh Waltz

Peg King

Frank Desantis Janet Zimmer

JJ Shim

Callahan Elzey

Lynda Moryl Butch Morrisett

Lisa Arnold

Jed Kidwell

Jeff Tribbett

Jennifer Tuttle

Wayne Moore

Tom Garner

Valley View GC

Todd Frossard

Roger Dahl

Susie Peters

Victoria National GC

David Brown

Jim Webb

Karen Evans

Warren GC @ Notre Dame Westwood GC

Bradley Smith

Whispering Creek GC

Bradon Moga

Harold Kromer

Wooded View GC

Nick Pappola

Mike Kochert

Woodland CC

Steve Coyne

Steve Coyne

Wendy Klausing

Michael Walters

Woodstock Club

Ken Reese

Stew Baxter

Jody Flynn

Wood Wind GC

Colin O'Neal

Carter Branson, Mary Sellers

Youche CC

Adam Vandercar

John Thro

Nancy Forsythe

Zollner GC

Terry Stanley

Max Gnagy

Patrick Howard and Lucia Bracco

Chris Hufford

Tanner Maxey, Leela Crawford, Jack Miller, Maverick Conaway

Sheila Sergeant Donna Loveless

Sean Haggerty

2012 Annual


Cumulative Giving FOUNDERS


PRESIDENTS ($25,000 - $49,999)

HERITAGE ($10,000 - $24,999)

Jim and Lois Ackerman Anonymous Theodore Boots Michael and Mary Ann Browning Don Byrd Country Club of Indianapolis Crooked Stick Golf Club Thomas and Sara Duiser Don and Patricia Gongaware William Goodwin Jeffrey Gould Indiana Golf Association Indiana Section PGA John W. Anderson Foundation Lilly Endowment Joseph and Marcia Luigs Jack and Alice Lupton Meridian Hills Country Club PGA Foundation David and Jacqueline Simon The Legends Golf Club United States Golf Association


Doug and Cathy Adelsperger Thomas and Catharine Buck K. Douglas and Becky Cook Michael and Elizabeth David Elizabeth Herr Indiana Sports Corporation Jim Mikuta Scholarship Fund David and Anne Knall Paul and Judi Marchand Richard McBroom Richard McCreary Boris E. Meditch Fred and Karen Reams Mag Richards Ames and Judy Shuel SM & P Utility Resources, Inc. Terry and Rebecca Smith Chuck Welter James and Margi Whitehead James and Patricia Wilhelm Earl C. Yestingsmeier


LEGACY ($5,000 - $9,999) These giving clubs represent total giving to the Foundation since it was established in 1994.

2007 U.S. Women’s Amateur Dean Abplanalp Tony and Leslie Altavilla Steve and Mary Baker Jack and Becky Barber Mike and Trish Bell Ted and Cindy Bishop Michael Burks Stan Burton Jerry and Deveta Caplinger Matthew and Janice Cohoat Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe Co. Patrick and Brenda Conroy Tom and Liz Cooprider Joseph Lee Crannell James and Barbara Curtis Nicholas and Ann-Marie Deets John and Marci Dunham Thomas and Lois Dusthimer Robert and Madelyn Dyar Chip and Stefanie Essig Estridge Family Foundations Jim and Sherry Ferriell Denny and Bonnie Ford Lee R. Ford Bill Fox Randy and Jenifer Foxworthy Kent and Charlotte Frandsen D.P. and Kelly French

Darroll and Frances French Friddle Foundation, Inc. Gary and Joanne Gant Tony George Greenberg Traurig, LLP Jeff and Nancy Greenberg Walter and Janet Gross Phil Hardwick Greg and Lauri Havill Trey and Cheryl Holland Boyd and Alice Hovde Humana, Inc. Ray and Carolyn Humke IGA-PGA Jim and Meg Irsay Jerry and Georgeann Jackson Phil Kenney David and Barbara Kirr Ladies Professional Golf Association Kurt and Linda Mahrdt Ralph and Alice Mayerstein Michael and Margy McCormick Jeff Milam Curt and Mary Miller John M. Miller William Mitchell Gary and Janet Myers Andy and Gina Neher Bill Nolting Norman Family Charitable Foundation Tony and Libby Pancake Joe and Tracey Perkins Edward Peyronnin Precision Rings Incorporated PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Tom and Bonnie Reilly Rifkin Family Foundation Richard and Chrisoula Rifkin Richard and Kanda Rink Thomas and Judy Rush Ron Russ Timothy and Sandra Sacheck Steve Sanner Scott and Becky Seger Matt and Jerlyn Shepherd Curtis Simic Melvin Simon Chris Smith Todd and Claire Smith Stephen and Betty Sterrett Douglas W. Stewart William and Lynda Stoops Ted Sturges T & W Corporation T.J.F. Golf, Inc. The Golf Club of Indiana Classic Golf Tournament The Jones Family Foundation Tippecanoe Lake Country Club David and Jennifer Tudor Bo Van Pelt Wadsworth Golf Construction Company John and Pattie Weyreter Pete Wojtowicz John Wright John J. Zachary, Jr. Mr. Darell E. Zink, Jr.


Coffin Golf Club Jay S. Crannell Bill and Janet Daniels Larry and Marcia Davidson Douglas Golf Course Duke Realty Pete and Alice Dye Eli Lilly III Robert and Joy Elzer Ed Espey Tim and Susan Frazier Friedman Cup Memorial Golf Tournament Mac Fritz Jay and Liz Gehl HH Gregg John Holton, Jr. David and Kasi Hornback Rick Hovde Indiana State Seniors Golf Association Indiana University Foundation Indiana Women’s Golf Association Indianapolis Colts, Inc Lori Koury Stephen and Susan Kraabel Peter Lanman Cyndi Lawson Bill Lester Eli and Deborah Lilly John and Janice McCarroll William T. McClain Paul and Sara Nash Jerry and Pat Nelson Larry and Joan Nicolet Pepsi Americas Pleasant Run Golf Course Pottawattomie Country Club Mickey and Diana Powell Eugene Pullium Fred Ramser Ronald McDonald House Charities Frank and Nancy Russell Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation Sahm Golf Course Sarah Shank Golf Course Bill and Cathy Schumaker Tom Shepherd Shiel Sexton Company Inc. William and Laura Shonk Stephen H. Simon John and Anne Smeltzer South Grove Golf Course Southern Dunes Golf Course Stephen A. Stitle The Community Foundation of Jackson County The John H. Schnatter Family Foundation, Inc. The Warren Golf Course at Notre Dame Tom and Suzi Thome Three Amigos Foundation Gwendolyn Tierney Victoria National GC Gary and Ginger Winder Winding River Golf Course Women’s Golf Association of Metropolitan Indianapolis Larry and Linda Zilm

A. Wayne Place Charitable Trust Annoymous Dale and Susan Barrett Stewart and Londa Bick Bobick’s Golf, Inc. C. Harvey Bradley Keith and Dawn Bratton Brickyard Foundation Julie M. Carmichael Clay United Methodist Church

Based on gifts received between January 1 - December 31, 2012


2012 Annual

Indiana Golf Foundation 2012 Donors $10,000 and up

John W. Anderson Foundation Lilly Endowment Jim Mikuta Scholarship Fund Lee R. Ford Bo Van Pelt

$5,000 - $9,999

Coffin Golf Club Jay S. Crannell Crooked Stick Golf Club Douglas Golf Course Randy and Jenifer Foxworthy Jeffrey Gould Indiana University Foundation William T. McClain Gary and Janet Myers Andy and Gina Neher Pleasant Run Golf Course Precision Rings Incorporated Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation Sahm Golf Course Sarah Shank Golf Course South Grove Golf Course Gary and Ginger Winder Winding River Golf Course

$1,000 - $4,999

Dean Abplanalp Jim and Lois Ackerman Rohit Bawa Christopher V. Beavers Best Beers, Inc Blue Golf William and Joyce Boncosky Ron Bray C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Matthew and Janice Cohoat Mike Cramer Jim and Christina Dahl Christopher P. Davey Michael and Elizabeth David Jack and Debra Edelman Ernst & Young, LLP Peter Galletly Jack Hammond Indiana University School of Journalism Indiana State Seniors Golf Association Bob Kevoian Tom Kinder Garry and Cheryl Kleer Douglas and Donna Kuhn Cyndi Lawson Dave and Amy Moulton Paul and Sara Nash Winfield and Nancy Padgett Preferred Medical Claim Solutions, LLC Richard and Chrisoula Rifkin Scott and Becky Seger Jack and Karen Shaw Matt and Jerlyn Shepherd William and Laura Shonk John and Anne Smeltzer Stephen and Betty Sterrett Walmart Chuck Welter Alan and Carol White Earl C. Yestingsmeier

$500 - $999

B & F Plastics, Inc. James L. Baker Matt and Marie Brookshire J. Jeffrey Brown Dr. Gary Brown Christopher and Jamie Brummett Charley Bryant Bryant Leasing Terry and Kelly Bunch Julie M. Carmichael Daniel and Judith Carmichael Jon and Karla Carrico Coffin Family Foundation John T. Cohoat K. Douglas and Becky Cook William V. Drew Thomas and Sara Duiser Patrick and Jayne Eacho Jim and Susan Eshcoff

Harrington-Hoch Insurance, Inc. Randy and Judith Holt Ed Hughes Mark Inman J.M. Hutton & Co., Inc. Buren and Donna Jones James and Amy Karozos Lloyd and Arlene Koester Michael Kuehl Peter Lanman Greg and Dianna Lawson Michael and Margy McCormick Joseph and Kathryn Mercer Thad and Paige Miller Dan Morguson Nottingham Automotive Group, Inc. Tony and Libby Pancake F. Wesley Peik J. Michael and Nancy Perez Recycling Center, Inc. Tom and Bonnie Reilly Matt Scherer Pete and Susan Schownir Brad and Teresa Smarrelli Shawn Staton Ted Sturges Kyle S. Tierney Clarence Titus Tony’s Car Sales, Inc. Sam and Sandy Witherby Donald A. Wolf Jack Zinser


Austin Aardema Charles Aardema Jeffrey and Lynn Abrams Thomas and Phyllis Alberts All Pest Exterminating, Inc. Jim Anthony Kenneth Appel Wooden & Mclaughlin LLP Mr. Chad M. Ayres Barry Baker Steve and Mary Baker Michael and Mary Ellen Ball Douglas and Andrea Banning Shirley J. Banta Jack and Becky Barber Dale and Susan Barrett Fleurette M. Benckart Dale and Maureen Berry Paul A. Bessler Best One Tire & Service of Richmond, Inc. Richard and Kathleen Beuter Ted and Cindy Bishop Dr. Charles Blair Tapper Bruce Boje Duane and Wendy Borcherding Torrin Bottrell Craig Bowden Boys & Girls Club of Franklin Brewer Broadcasting Corporation Beau & Vera Brunnemer James and Luella Brunnemer Richard and Kendra Bryant BSN Sports, Inc. Paul Buening Zach and Mary Susan Buhner and Family Bruce and Elizabeth Burch Brian L. Burdick Enos S. Burkhart Derrick and Celeste Burks Keith W. Burks Stephen F. Burns Joni Cagle Philip and Brigitt Caito Darwin E. Call Jerry and Deveta Caplinger Caregan Transport John and Sandra Carmichael Morton Carmichael Ronald and Marjorie Carmichael Carroll Electric, Inc. Dave Carter Chris Casenhiser Albert and Ronda Cassady Jim Cassell Ronald and Gayle Cate Cates’ Auto Service, Inc.

David and Marcia Claerbout Robert Clark Anita Clavell Brent and Sarah Claymon James J. Cline Brad Cohen Ben Cole The Community Foundation of Jackson County Daniel and Deborah Conkle Patrick and Brenda Conroy Kasey Corbett Roger and Nancy Cornett Country Side Golf Club Thomas and Nancy Crandall Creative Roots Design Group Michael Crowley Dennis and Kristina Cultice Mark Dabagia David Dalton David and Kay Daly Ryan Daugherty Ashely and Ted Davidson Larry and Marcia Davidson DDS Match L.G. and Kathy Deck Edward and Judy Deiwert Joe & Nan DelPrince Demao Solutions Vincent and Judy Desmond Andrew and Julia Detherage Rolando Dirindin Jay Dixon Sterling and Melinda Doster Perry Dotson John Duffy Thomas and Pamela Dugan Marc and Rhonda Duning Thomas and Lois Dusthimer Pete Dye Earlham College Arthur and Jan Eby Charles R. Echt, M.D. Chris and Stephanie Eckerle Michael Eckerle Edward Jones Lee and Cindy Elzemeyer David and Kathy English Forrest and Frances English Esmond’s Shoes, Inc. Esmonds Shoes Don and Josie Essig Chip and Stefanie Essig Lance and Mary Jo Estep David and Lorna Estes Dr. Richard Evanseck Robert Falk Famous Foods of Richmond, Inc. Michael Fenoglio Bob and Susie Ferrell Finance System of Richmond, Inc. Todd and Jennie Firestone First National Bank Charlie Fitzgerald Edward and Nancy Fitzgerald Paul Flatley James and Martha Flickinger Greg Foerg Mike Foley Ryan and Carrie Ford Kent and Charlotte Frandsen Eric and Jan Fredbeck Phillip and Cynthia French Ezra and Linda Friedlander James and Mary Jane Gallagher Tony Gambaiani Brian and Kristie Geitner Gerald and Joan Gerard Eric and Paula Getzin Coleman Gibbs A. Frank Gleaves Ray Goddard Golf 365 Robert C. Goodrich John Gordon James Gothard Robert and Melody Grand Howard J. Graninger Jeff and Nancy Greenberg Charles and Linnda Grimes Walter and Janet Gross Bob and Jennifer Hall Mr. Robert E. Hall

Based on gifts received between January 1 - December 31, 2012

Richard and Lisa Hall Robert Hancock Ed Handren Dave & LaDonna Hanson ILCC Day Ladies Golf League Marvin and Eileen Hanson Gregory and Linda Hardin Dave and Lisa Harner Brian Harruff James and Lois Hatfield Larry Hays Larry and Amy Heid David Herig Matthew C. Herron Tobi Herron Dr. Kenneth S. Hicks Jeffrey and Lisa Higgins Tim and Joni Hirons Michael and Corinne Hodges Matt and Patricia Holda Trey and Cheryl Holland Tim Hornung Mike Horton Thomas W. Hosking Richard Houston Boyd and Alice Hovde Janet G. Howsam John and Nancy Hunter Imperial, McClain & Associates Indianapolis Bar Association Kyle and Beth Ingram Don Jacklich Jerry and Georgeann Jackson Mr. Gerald L. Jacobson and Christine Pasquinelli Jeffrey Jarecki Richard Jeffers Lou R. Jenkins Jensen Family Joe’s Gutter Service Bill Johnson Thomas and Deborah Johnson Carol Ann and Douglas Johnston Ben and Gretchen Jones Bruce E. Jones DDS Jones Complete Carpet Care John and Lori Juerling Joseph and Beverly Kack Kenneth and Linda Kaczmarek Ted Kehagias Luke and Sally Kenley James and Nancy Kenney Fred and Helen Kepler Mike and Patti Kern Timothy and Kelly King Steven M. Kirsh Dr. Jennifer Kittle Thomas and Rita Koerner Garth and Billie Kovener Stephen and Susan Kraabel Bob Krietenstein Jim and Denise Krol Paul and Lana Kruse Robert and Patricia Kruse Edwin and Esther Ksiezopolski Julia Lacy Larry Landis John Lee Robert D. Lee The Legends Golf Club Anthony and Beth Ann Lennen Jason and Allison LePage John and Christine Lewis Paul and Pat Lingle H. James and Tami Litten Lodin Invitational Father & Son Golf Outing Thomas E. Long Tom Long Tom Long John A. Lowenstine, C.P.A. Ralph H. Lusher Mancino’s of Richmond Lindley Mann Manpower of Richmond Tony Marlin Mark D. Mattingly Matt Maudlin Buffy & Alice Mayerstein David and Jennifer McAtee Paul E. McAuliffe Ryan and Rosalie McBride Susan McCully David McDaniel

George McGinsie Rodney and Annette McMullen Derrick McNeely Boris E. Meditch Thomas and Margaret Meeks Chip A. Mehaffey Meijer Owen and Christine Melton Duane Mercer Greg and Pamela Merchanthouse Mercurio’s Pizza Meridian Hills Country Club Meyers Mechanical Corporation Michael D. Miller Insurance Agency, Inc. Richard and Karen Mills Bob and Bonnie Moberly Tony Mobley Glade Montgomery Karen Montgomery George E. Moon Gary Moore Mowell Construction, LLC Jeff and Amy Mullin Richard and Chrisann Mullin David and Megan Musgrave James and Susan Naus Jerry and Pat Nelson Paul and Teresa Nelson Donald C. Newman Philip and Susan Nicely Larry and Joan Nicolet Bill Nolting Mark Nottingham Mary Beth and Dick Oakes Frank S. Oreovicz Tom Ott Chris and Shelley Padgett Brian and Margot Pahud Paragon Management Associates Inc Jillian Parker John and Sheila Parker Lewis A. Parker Parr Richey Obremskey & Morton Patriot Sales Toby Pearcy Mark Pearl Richard and Cynthia Peck John and Deanne Peer Roland Pereira Troy Perkins Peytonville Enterprises, LLC Elliott Phillips John Pielemeier Julian and Joan Piercefield Frank and Doreen Plohr Mike Pluckebaum William F. Pollert J. Steven Porter Winston and Rosemary Powell Bill Powers Bob Poynter Garry and Patricia Pratt Earl B. Pulse Qualitronics, Inc. Real Estate by Duning, Inc. Red Front Inn, Inc. Gordon Rees Reitz Family Tom Reynolds Stephen and Kathy Riggs Mr. James L. Rine Richard and Kanda Rink Jim Ripperger Thomas G. Risen Richard and Karen Roberts Ms. Lindsey Rolston Rosen Family Daniel and Alice Ross Daniel and Luci Ross Sahm Ladies Golf League Brian and Carol Saine Christine Sammons Edward and Christine Sammons Gary and Phyllis Schahet Charles Schnatter William Schomburg Gerald and Phyllis Schreiber Alan Schulte Tim and Linda Schultz Michael and Keeter Sechrist Shadowood Golf LLC William and Therese Sharkey Ron Shewman

Brian Short Harry Short Ames and Judy Shuel Curtis Simic Jeffrey and Kathleen Smith Michelle Smith Michelle Smith Mr. Jay G. Smith Todd and Claire Smith Rodney Snyder John A. Soltan Douglas and Diane Spaulding David P. Sproat Susan St. John-Walters Richard H. Stackhouse Scott and Carol Starbuck Ted Stauffer Stevens Wire Products, Inc. Randall and Kay Stoll William and Lynda Stoops Gregg Strellis James and Jere Sturges Jack Tanselle Alfred and Doris Tassaro Jerry Taylor Sam Taylor Robert and Emily Thacker That Look Styling Salon The Coney Island George and Barbara Thomas Mark and Sherry Thomas Catherine Thompson Thor Construction Company Thorough Check Home Inspection LLC Rich and Julie Tiller Chris & Sue Tobin Jeff Todd Randolph and Nancy Trimarco David and Jennifer Tudor James and Marilyn Tutorow John Van Valer William Van Valer Jesse Vetrano John and Brenda Wallace Wallace Heating and Air, Inc. Kevin and Susan Ward Bob and Annette Warfel Christopher and Traci Warren Stanley Warren John and Gail Watts Wayne Bank and Trust Co. Dana C. Weigle Charles and Kim Welker Charles R. Wells III Mr. William R. Welter West End Bank Daniel R. Whipple, M.D. Alan White E.G. and Sharon White James and Margi Whitehead John and Janice Williams Ted Williams Stephen Williamson Steven Wilson Laurie Winther_ILCC Jeffrey and Susan Woodring John Wray Kenneth and Suzanne Wright The Wyatts Kenneth and Wendy Yerkes Robert Younger Charles and Nancy Zimmerman Zini’s, Inc. Fuzzy and Diane Zoeller S. Gregory and Constance Zubek

Up to $99

Gilmore Abplanalp Dr. J.J. Abrams Amanda Acres Ernest R. Adams Timothy Adams Steven W. Adamson Larry and Carol Adelman Michael W. Ahlers Todd and Kyle Alexander C. William and Susan Allen Paul A. Altherr John F. Andrews Billy Applegate Glenda Armstrong

All annual donors over $500 are members of the Hoosier Golfers’ Society.

2012 Annual


Indiana Golf Foundation 2012 Donors Keith Arnett John and Janet Arnold Harold and Jane Atkins Thomas and Joy Atkinson Gary Ayers Richard and Lori Badry Marvin Bailey Daniel R. Baker Jimmie Bales, D.D.S. Daniel Ballard Dale Balta Robert L. Barlow II John K. Barry Ben and Janet Barstow Samuel J. Bartley David and Deborah Bastin Janice Baumberger Phil Behme R. and Linda Belding Michael and Wendy Bennett Jim Benton Jim Bertch Robert and Wanda Beyer Jack and Lora Bodi Jackson R. Bogan, Jr. Sean Bolduc Jean Bomben Fred W. Bonfils William and Donna Bonifield Jeff Bostic Phil Bostock Susan F. Bottorff Clay and Brenda Bourne Adele Bowden-Purlee Thomas and Caryl Bowers C. Christopher and Janet Brandt James and Beverly Brew Michael and Ann Brilley John and Christie Brinkman Melaney Brockman Steve Brown Stephen and Diane Brown Lorri Brune James and Robin Buchenberger Joe Buis David Bundy Jennifer Burk Todd and Carol Burklow Doug /J.D. Burney Mr. Geoffrey C. Burns Matthew Cain Joseph D. Calderon David & Cindy Callender Chris Calvin Kim Calvin Mr. Paul R. Cannaley Nina V. Carr Steve and Debbie Catton Seung-Woo Cha Marino Cha David and Mary Chambers Chris and Sarah Chocola Roger and Mary Clark Imia L. Clark Jason G. Clark Anthony and Carol Ann Clecak David Clendening Jeffrey and Debra Cline HSE Lady Royals Golf Sandy Close and Rick Hockett Cheryl Cockrum Rodney and Sarah Cole Fred Coleman John and Karen Collisson Michael and Lynn Combs Rodger and Barb Cottrell Couto family Patricia and W. Dean Cox Tom and Nancy Cox R. Steven Cox Dan Crafton James and Beverly Cristee J. David and Jeaninne Criswell Kenneth and Sharron Crowder Eric M. Cunningham William and Michelle Cuthbert Roland L. Cutler Merle and Alyce Dahl Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dapp W.B. and Alice Davenport Steven David Nathan Davidson

Stephen and Vicki Dawson Michelle Dearing Todd and Noelle DeHaven Glen and Mary Lou DeHaven Louis DelFabro Ron and Vicki DeMao Bill Dent Doug and Lisa Derringer Daryl and Rejane Detmer James C. DeWitt, Jr. Don and Sondra Dicken Timothy Diedrich The Leo Dierckman Family Curtis and Anne Dillman Gary and Kathleen Downey Scott and Nicole Downing Michael Droese Chad Dutz Dennis and Constance Dwyer Ron Dyer Phillip and Stacey Eads Dede & Jim Eaton Brett Egelske Henry Ehlebracht Cathy Elliott Thomas Elliott Forrest Ellis Dave Epperson Mary E. Etzler Claudia Evans John and Melissa Fairbanks Randy Fairman Bill Fama Leo S. Farrell Reece Feducia Barbara and Rick Ferguson George and Jo Ellen Fielding Dr. Donald C. Findlay Mark W. Fine David and Lindsey Flaherty Jenny Floyd James Formas Andrew Fortner Tucker & Murphy Fortner Carl and Linda Fowler Richard S. French Robert J. Fritsch David and Jean Fronek Mary Funkhouser Manish B. Gandhi Brian M. Garrett Gerald and Joan Gentry Michael E. Gery Mark and Debbie Gessinger George and Malinda Gilbert Raymond and Diane Giles Rex and Kara Gingerich John G. Giolitto Andrew J. Gladden Larry Glaze Matthew and Raygan Golitko Doris Joanne Goodwin Thomas and Mary Gorseline Mike J. Gould Gradex, Inc. Joseph and Andrea Granda John and Amy Griffin Forrest M. Grissom Pete Grubnich, D.D.S. Tim and Beth Guilfoy Jack and Lois Gumbert Mary K. Gynn Cheryl Hamilton Kenneth H. Hamilton Julie Hand Donald Hand Brad and Holly Hardin Daniel and Beverly Harlan Brent and Linda Hartman Dana Hayden Charles and Marian Helms Jon and Maleah Helton Kimball and Helen Henderson Patrick G. Herrod Matt and Tobi Herron Bryce E. Higginbottom Jay and Mary Highley Dan and Deb Hillenburg Max and Phyllis Hinkle DEB HIRE & SCOTT JARGO Mr. John L. Hitch Frederick and Janet Hohlt

Jeff Hollings Chris Hoover Stephen and Pamela Horne Thomas J. Hovanec Chris Howe Aren Howell Straiger Robert Howsam Colby Huffman Brett M. Hulse Christian B. Huntington Sally Hutton Indian Lake Country Club Indiana Supreme Court Justices Kip and Cindy Ingram Tony B. Jacklin Jeffrey Jacob Mark and Anne Jester Kelley Jewell Mark Johnson Steven and Patricia Johnson Sean Jones Jack and Lynn Jones Leon E. Jones Brian and Tammy Jones Howard and Beverly Jones Thomas Jones Justin Jordan Joseph Juday AJ Jurgens David and Connie Juskow Kent and Edna Kaeppler Tabatha Kantz John and Ann Kartholl Steve and Luanne Katterhenry Brian and Robin Kavanaugh Gary and Judi Keaffaber Bradley and Jacquelyn Kees Thomas and Sally Keith Jon and Mary Kelley Tom Kennedy Adam Keown B. Charles Kerkhove Ashley Kimes Benjamin and Laura Kimmerling Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. King Julie King Seth King Delores King-Hudson Thomas and Susan Kirk Michael Kirkwood lauren kirkwood Robert D. Kissell Ted Kitchel Dr. Joni Kluth Kent Knorr John Knox Richard Kocerha Matthew and Tracy Kocks Michael and Juanita Komlanc Melissa Krempp Ryan and Carrie Lambert James and Carolyn Landis John and Cynthia Lauri Vince and Lisa Lazar Anthony C. Lazzara David Leakey Mark Leaser Jill and Brad Leighty Thomas and Kathryn Leslie Richard and Barbara Leventhal Sam Leverett Edward and Susie Levy David Link Sydney and Jeanine Loomis Michael and Tamara Love Samuel W. Lower Scott Luc Will and Heather Ludwig James MacDonald Stu Magee Wayne Mahn Tom and Suzanna Maled Don, Anne, Luke and Margaret Manning Gregory N. Marshall Dr. William L. Mason Terry and Tonya Massey Mr. Fred J. Mathias Bill Mattingly III Brooke May Jack C. Mayhugh Stefanie Mazur

Ken and Karen McComb Jim and Marilyn McCormick Roberta McCormick Mark and Connie McDaniel Joe and Alice McFadden James and Catherine McFarland Eugene and Nancy McGarvey, Jr. Lloyd and Julie McGlincy J. Robert and Jeanne McGrath OLMC Golf Team Ted McGrew Donald and Katrina McKinney John McMillen Kevin McMullen Prentice and Judy McNeely Richard and Susan Meacham Payton E. Meeks Kent and Nancy Meihofer Joe Mercer Charlie Mercer John and Pamela Messner Ronald and Angela Migedt David and Lynn Milburn Bill and Kathleen Miller Steve Miller Mary Jane Miller Zach Miller Anne Miller Charles and Katherine Miller Thomas Miller Joseph Milligan Edith Millikan Chandler S. Mitchell J.P Mitchell John Mohr Victor E. Mondary, Jr. Charles Mong, IV John P. Morgan, M.D. Mr. Lee R. Morrow, Jr. John and Elizabeth Morton Jane Moss Jack Moulton Khamphet Munnicha Jake Murphy Raymond W. Nicholson, M.D. Lee Ann & Shawn Nilsson Eric and Diane Noble The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation Steven Nord Thomas and Ruth Anne Nunamaker Gregory and Teena O’Connor Patrick and Suzanne O’Connor Bruce and Karen Oliver Douglas R. O’Neal Peter and Deborah Oren Don and Kim Orr Tim and Amy Orr William F. Paddack Anabelle Pancake Trent Pancake Stephen and Joyce Paquin Kihong Park Dr. George Parks Don Patton Donna and Eric Pedersen Kathy Peele Kedric Perkins Sharon R. Pfaff John and Patricia Pfister Cameron and Kathleen Piercefield Jeffrey M. Pittard Francis Ouimet Regan M. Pittard Mark Plecker Kent and Mary Ann Plummer Phillip and Jimita Potter Lawrence D. Powers Matt Powers and Kathryn Dolan Steve and Joyce Prevo Jason Price Jeff Price Christopher and Deborah Pruett Edward G. Prusz David and Heather Pugh Vicki Purdy Leslie Reed John Reed William and Jane Rees William P. Reidy Bill G. Rendall Stacey Rice

Craig Rice Bryan Richardson Thomas and Susan Ridge Larry and Judith Riebsomer Peter and Carmela Riggle Dave Robinson Martha Jo Rose Dan Ross Jarrett P. Rowe Skip and Teresa Runnels Susan Ryder Donald Sambol Thomas and Melody Sandlin Steve Sanner Mrs. Sema R. Sapper Michael Schaefer Bruce Schenker Doug and Lisa Schnick Bill Schnick Scott and Stephanie Schultz Scott and Sandy Schuster John W. Schwarz Edward Scrivnor David and Mary Scudder Joshua Segaran Dr. and Mrs. Steven Seward Richard W. Sharp Ronald and Mary Sharpe Jeffery and Karen Sheets Frank Shera Michael L. Shinn C. Wesley and Ann Shook Stephen C. Shupert Michael L. Simms Gary and Kimberly Sims Carl and Stacy Singer Matt Skiles Jack E. Skillman Joseph and Ruthanne Slamka Tim Smart Keith and Teresa Smith Kelsey L. Smith Dean and Lori Smith David Smith Katherine E. Smith Damon and Deborah Soper John and Virginia Sparks Mrs. Herbert C. Spencer Cynthia Spencer William and Wilma Spencer Matt Spicuzza Larry and Sharon Sprowl Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stanley Joseph and Loran Steinmetz Robert Stephens Donald and Tamara Stevens Mike Stewart Larry and Cheryl Stillson David and Melinda Stirsman Bob/Shirley Stocksdale Michael Stohler and Michelle Brown-Stohler John and Kathleen Stretch John and Jane Ann Stroup Norman and Sue Stuart Jon and Theresa Stutz James and Sydney Suiter Jim Sunday Richard and Sally Sunkel Brayton W. Swan Dr. Rodney Swantko Shane Sweeney Kevin & Camille Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Tanselle Ronald R. Terrell Testerman Family Gregg S. Theobald, Esq. Mel and Debbie Thomas David and Glenda Thomas Gary, Tricia, Elyse and Ethan Timpe Mike Tomlin Brad Tomlinson Mike Toussant Mike and Becky Traxler Adam Treibic Gerald and Barbara Trolz William and Sandra Turnbull Aaron Uribe Paul Van Dokkenburg Blair R. Vandivier Charles and Sara Beth Vaughan

Richard and Betty Veleta Vigren Family Reinold and Shirley Von Fange Mr. Donald J. Wahle Mr. Richard Walker Joe & Kristi Walker Susan Walker Carson L. Wattenbarger Wechsler Family Andrew G. Weisheit Terence D. Werner R.W. and M.A. Wheeler Brett and Sheena Widner Kent and Alice Williams Mark Winski Clem and Jan Witteried Barclay Wong Allan and Anita Woodward Paul and Lynn Woodworth Michael Powell and Kent Workman Kent Workman Candice V. Worland Robert A. Wright A.B. and Nancy Wright Robert A. Wymer Marlaya Wyncott Thomas and Norma Yaggy David and Dorinda York Chanice Young Charlene Zachary Patrick W. Zachary Anthony Zachman Ms. Jennifer Zimmerman Russell and Amy Zimpelman

Based on gifts received between January 1 - December 31, 2012


2012 Annual

Play Legendary Golf | Nothing can compare to the golf experience at French Lick Resort. Beautiful scenery and championship courses provide a golf getaway that will exceed your every expectation! • The Pete Dye Course at French Lick • The Donald Ross Course at French Lick • Sultan’s Run Golf Club • Valley Links Golf Course French Lick Resort is the host site of the Big Ten Men’s and Women’s Golf Championships April 2013 and LPGA Legends Tour September 2013.

888-936-9360 •

Must be 21 years to enter the casino. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-9-WITH-IT!

2012 Annual


Indiana Golf Foundation P.O. Box 516 Franklin, IN 46131 (800) 779-7271 Published Irregularly


Stay & Play Packages

Sultan’s Run Golf Club

812-481-1888 Top 25 Course 355 3rd Ave. Jasper, IN 47546 in Indiana! PACKAGES STARTING AROUND


(includes 1 room & 2 rounds)

ain r T t s i r u To

Jasper Municipal Golf Course

812-482-3344 2000 Hospitality Dr. Jasper, IN 47546

One of the Best Municipal Courses PACKAGES STARTING in Indiana! AROUND


(includes 1 room & 2 rounds)

other MUST SEE attractions in Dubois County


PING 800-968-4578

Spirit of Jasper Train Schedule May 19 June 1 June 8 June 15 June 16 June 22 June 29 June 30 July 6 July 13 July 20 July 27 July 28 Aug. 1 Aug. 6 Aug. 7 Aug. 10 Aug. 24 Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. wknds

Old Jasper 1/2 hr Rides Ride & Dine French Lick Express Ride & Dine Sunday Ride & Dine French Lick Express Ride & Dine Sunday Ride & Dine Ride & Dine Ride & Dine French Lick Express Cowboy Ride & Dine Sunday Ride & Dine Ride & Dine Strassenfest 1 hr Rides Strassenfest 1 hr Rides French Lick Express French Lick Express Ride & Dine Ride & Dine French Lick Express Ride & Dine Fall Foliage Ride & Dines

2012 Indiana Golf Annual Magazine  
2012 Indiana Golf Annual Magazine